Snuggles and Tears Chapter 72

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Chapter 72

Sharon snuggled him for several minutes. She knew the hardest part for him was next. She would have to lay him down to change his messy diaper. She reached over to the beside table and got the wipes, baby powder and a clean diaper and laid them next to her on the bed.

“Look at me Baby.” she said softly.

Billy looked up into Mommy’s eyes and smiled at her.

Sharon looked into his big brown eyes and felt such hurt for him. Even when he smiled at her, she could see the fear in his eyes, in the background. Steeling herself, she plunged ahead by telling him “Baby, I need to change your dipey. Mommy can’t leave you a stinker butt for long or you’ll have big owwies on your bottom.”. When Billy didn’t react, she explained further “I’m going to need to lay you down Sweety,” and didn’t even get to finish before Billy clung to her tightly and started to cry.

Billy loved seeing mommy smile at him. It made him all warm inside. When Mommy told him she needed to change his dipey, he didn’t think anything of it. She had changed his dipey lots of times. When she told him she needed to lay him down, he got really scared and started to cry. He didn’t want Mommy to let go of him.

Sharon held him closer for a moment and just let him express his fear. It occurred to her that she might be able to distract him if she did this right. Sitting straight up with her knees out all the way, touching the bed, and her bare feet just inches apart, she told Billy “Baby, It’ll be OK, I promise. I’m going to lay you down, but I’m not going to let go of you, I promise. You have to trust Mommy Sweety, I won’t let anything happen to you.” and he calmed a bit.

She gently pulled him away from her body and he began to cry. It wasn’t a frantic cry, so she laid him down gently on his back with his head resting on her bare feet. Keeping her hands firmly on either side of his chest, she said “See Baby, it’s alright.” trying to comfort his fears. A second later, she started wiggling her toes, gently touching his head with them and said very sweetly “Do you feel Mommy’s toes? Huh Baby? Do you feel Mommy tickling your head with her toes?” smiling as she talked.

Billy turned his head trying to find out where the sensations were coming from. When he saw Mommy’s legs on either side of him, he felt better.

Sharon slowly moved her left hand down his chest and his tummy, keeping a firm pressure, and then over his diaper and down his right leg until she had his foot in her hand. Grasping his toes, she wiggled them with her hand saying “Mommy’s got your toes Baby.” with a big smile and then wiggled her toes and told him “And Baby, you’ve got my toes.”

Billy couldn’t help smiling at Mommy. “Mommy’s bein’ silly.” he thought.

When Sharon saw the smile, she took it one more step and brought his little foot to her mouth and pretended to eat it up while making eating sounds. This made Billy wiggle and squeal with laughter. “I’m gonna eat my baby all up.” she said and did it again, bringing big, baby laughs from her little boy. Watching him closely, she repeated gobbling his little foot, and when he laughed this time, she took her other hand off his chest, bringing it to grasp his other foot.

Seeing Billy’s reaction to all of this, especially how easy it was to distract him, she knew then that Peter was right. The nine year old wasn’t there anymore. She was looking at a three or four year old little boy, laughing his little diapered butt off. His mannerisms, his expressions all fit what you would expect from a three or four year old. The only thing that was different was his lack of coordination and muscle control.

Pulling his feet and legs wide apart, she leaned down and gobbled his tummy, causing even bigger laughter. She was laughing with him now, it was just impossible not to. When she saw he was reaching his limit of stimulation, she caressed his chest for a moment and said “OK Baby, you rest for a minute while Mommy makes your stinker butt all clean.” and picked his binky up from where it landed when he dropped it from laughing, and offered it to him.

As Billy nursed his binky, Sharon started changing his messy diaper. Pretty soon, she had the mess cleaned up and slid a clean diaper under his bottom. Holding him up of the bed for a bit, she took her time caressing his warm clean bottom with soft baby powder. Taking care to work it into every crease. Setting him down gently, she pulled his little legs apart and began applying powder to his front. Once he was well coated, she gently and firmly pulled the clean diaper up between his legs. Billy sighed a gentle sigh and closed his eyes as she taped the soft diaper closed. That told her he was doing better with being a baby. She wasted no time in gently picking him up and cuddling him close, patting his soft diaper. He just snuggled down and nursed his binky. “That’s it Baby Boy, mommy loves snuggling you so much.” she said softly.

This is what Sharon loved about diaper changing time. It was time to spend one-on-one with her baby, that had so much potential to be special. She knew it was easy to get caught up in a hurry, and just get it done, but resolved to spend more time making it special when she changed him, especially now.

Peter sat in the monitoring room, watching Sharon. He was surprised when she quickly changed a frightened Billy into a happy little boy smiling as he told Mommy he went Poopy. That was real genius. She had taken a situation where he had no control, and gave the control back to him, and that made all the difference.

He had noticed Billy’s expressions and mannerisms as Sharon tried to explain what happened. He looked confused through the whole explanation. The confusion didn’t abate until she had asked him if he wanted to make Mommy happy. Peter saw any confusion evaporate then, as Billy had no problem understanding that concept. He definitely wasn’t nine anymore, that was certain. Peter put him at three or four. He would have to remember that when he interacted with Billy.

Seeing Sharon playing with Billy, distracting him from his fear was a wonderful sight. He laughed along with them as Sharon gobbled up Billy’s tummy. Seeing Billy sigh with pleasure and close his eyes as Mommy pulled his diaper up and taped it snug, showed that there shouldn’t be too many problems left with him taking his baby things like his blankie.

Billy’s fear of separation was acute now, and that had to be dealt with very slowly in Peter’s opinion. Billy had handled laying down well from Peter’s perspective, but Peter didn’t think that would be even remotely possible if they were in a room with anyone else right now. He believed it would take some time before that was even a consideration.

He watched Sharon pick Billy up and snuggle him close then. Billy was content, being held so close by his mommy.

Peter decided he would see how Billy dealt with someone coming in that he knew. He got up and left the surveillance room and entered the first door of the isolation room. When he got through the second door, he saw Billy start to cry. Moving slowly, he approached them and stopped three paces from Sharon.

Sharon told Billy “It’s OK Baby, this is your doctor. You remember Peter don’t you?” she asked.

Billy taking a long look at Peter’s face, did remember him.

Peter figured he would help by making an exaggerated expression and saying “I’m such a doofus! I remember Billy!”

Billy smiled because Peter was silly. He remembered he liked Peter. Concentrating, Billy said “Pee-tah” and smiled.

“That’s right Baby Boy!” Peter said with a smile.

Sharon said “Very good Baby!” and gave Billy a kiss on the cheek. “Hey Sweety, I think you need to lay down for a bit.” as she sat down on the bed. She wanted to nurse him. This was yet another thing that needed to happen that hadn’t when he was awake since last night. She was going to force this one. She laid him on his side, and Billy immediately tensed up. “It’s alright Baby, I promise. Mommy wants you to have Nummies.” she said with a big smile.

She gently Pulled his binky from his mouth, saying “It’s alright Baby, I’ll give you your binky as soon as your done having Nummies, I promise.” as she set it out of his sight. Sharon then raised her shirt up, positioning Billy so his mouth was inches from her nipple.

Billy started to cry hard. He wanted his binky back. “Bink.” he said several times with a forlorn cry.

Sharon was very close to relenting, but steeled herself and told him “Come on Baby, nursey for Mommy. I love it when you nursey.”

Billy lay with Mommy’s nipple directly in his line of sight. The smell of her milk was making him salivate, and he drooled slightly. He was torn. He wanted Nummies in the worst way, but the fear was still there.

Sharon left him to cry for a bit as she patted his diaper. “It’ll be alright if you nursey Baby, I promise.” she told him lovingly.

With each bit of encouragement, his resolve had been weakening. Mommy saying it would be alright was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Billy pushed his head forward, his mouth wide open, and latched onto Mommy. Billy tasted Mommy’s sweet milk and couldn’t help but nurse hungrily. It felt so good to have Mommy’s nipple in his mouth!

Sharon felt some of his anxiety dissipate, but he was still anxious, so she picked up his blankie, and making sure not to cover his eyes or his ear, gently caressed his face with the soft blanket. “That’s my good baby boy. Nursey for Mommy. You make Mommy so happy when you nursey. You like Nummies, don’t you Sweetheart?” she asked. Sharon didn’t really expect an answer, but Billy nodded his head slightly. That surprised both Sharon and Peter.

“That’s it, fill that tummy. Fill it all up, and Mommy will get the piggies out.” she said with a smile as she gazed down into his brown eyes. “I love you so much Baby Boy.” she said for the umteenth time that day. She watched his eyes get heavy. With the filling of his tummy, her gently rubbing his cheek with the soft blanket, and being so close to Mommy, he couldn’t hold out and drifted slowly off to sleep.

Peter said softly “You know, I’ve been watching Mommies and their babies for twenty years, and I can honestly say I’ve never seen a Mommy more in love with her baby than you are.” with a smile.

Sharon smiled back, not knowing what to say.

“God must have picked you special for that little boy.” he told her.

“Why?” she asked.

“Because I watched you turn his terrible fears into big smiles and big, baby laughs today, and that, my dear, is a miracle.”.

Sharon couldn’t help it when she began to cry. “Thank you Peter.” she said with a thick voice.


Snuggles and Tears Chapter 72

Another wonderful chapter.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 72

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 72

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 72

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