Snuggles and Tears Chapter 71

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Chapter 71

It was a long night for Sharon. She only allowed herself to doze for short periods, waking up every twenty or thirty minutes to make sure Billy was OK, or to offer him a nipple to nurse.

Terry came in periodically throughout the night to check on Billy and give him more of the medicine to help him sleep.

About six in the morning, Sharon decided it was time to help him understand what actually happened. She lay in the bed with Billy snuggled close to her. She thought about how she would approach trying to help him understand how she actually felt, and what she wanted from him. She knew it wouldn’t be long before Billy woke up.

She knew she would have to push him to do some things right away, like taking his pacifier. That was the first, and most important hurdle to get over. It was his biggest source of comfort, and he had to be able to take it without fear of being taken away.

When he finally moved his little hand toward his face, she quickly put his binky in his mouth. He lay for a while nursing on it with his eyes closed, his head on her chest. In his sleepy state, his face showed nothing but serene bliss at the feeling of nursing his binky.

A few moments later, he opened his eyes, and she was ready. As soon as she saw his eyes open, she moved her hand to hold his binky where it was with two fingers, to prevent him from spitting it out.

Billy slowly became aware that he was snuggling with Mommy. When he felt the nipple of his binky in his mouth he began nursing comfortably on it. It took a moment for him to wake up enough to remember what all had happened, and when he did, fear struck him like an ice pick in the pit of his stomach. He opened his eyes and immediately tried to spit the binky out.

He felt Mommy’s fingers prevent him from pushing it out of his mouth. Tears flowed from his eyes and he began to cry. Mommy wiggled the binky, and he reflexively started to nurse on it, silencing his cries, only a moment later trying to push it out again.

Sharon moved the binky and when she saw Billy nurse on it, she knew how to take care of this most important step. He tried to push it out again and she wiggled it again, stimulating his upper pallet. The second he started nursing again she told him “Baby, I want you to nurse your binky.” leaving the thought simple and by itself.

When he tried again to spit it out, she repeated the process, wiggling it, and then repeating the message. After two more cycles of this, she noticed, the next time he nursed on it, he nursed twice as long before trying to spit it out. This allowed her to tell him “That’s my good baby boy, you nurse you’re binky for Mommy. Yes, snuggle close and enjoy that binky Baby.”. She saw confusion replace the fear in his eyes. She knew he didn’t understand why she would want him to do this.

Billy looked up at Mommy, and was totally confused. Why would Mommy tell him she wanted him to nurse his binky? And even more confusing, she told him he was a good boy for doing it.

Sharon, taking advantage of his confusion, said “You are such a good baby boy. I want you to listen to me Baby. I need to tell you some things and I really need you to hear me.”.

Billy was suddenly frightened. He just knew she was going to tell him he had to go away, and the thought terrified him, causing him to cry.

Sharon put her left hand firmly on his diapered bottom, pulling him closer and holding him tightly against her, using her arm to press his tummy against her. She wanted him to feel it clearly, and have no question that she was holding him tightly. Wiggling his binky again, she interrupted his cries and as soon as he reflexively started nursing again, she told him “You’re not going anywhere Baby Boy and neither am I, I promise Baby, I promise.”, with a determined expression on her face.

Billy heard that and looked up at her again, confusion again replacing his fear.

“Baby, I’m going to explain what happened and if you look away, I’ll stop. Once you look at me, I’ll start again. That way, if things get too scary, you can stop me Sweetheart.” She told him still holding him tightly.

Billy immediately broke his gaze with Mommy. He was already frightened.

“No Baby, look at me.” She said softly but firmly.

He slowly brought his gaze back to hers.

“I didn’t send you away Baby Boy, I could never do that Honey.” She said with tears stinging her eyes.

Billy immediately started crying again. He distinctly remembered mommy handing him to a lady and telling him he had to go with her.

Moving his binky again, she waited until he started to nurse again. “I know that’s how it looked Baby, but you couldn’t hear what we were talking about. The lady that took you told me that I was either going to hand you to her, or she was going to have the police officer that was with her take you from me.” Sharon explained. “I was scared that you would get hurt Baby, that’s why I handed you to Elena.” She added.

Billy looked fearfully into Mommy’s eyes. It didn’t take long for him to understand that Mommy was telling him the truth, and he started to cry long, hard sobs, while telling her “I’m sorry Mommy, I’m sorry.” Wanting her to know that he didn’t mean to think she would be mean and send him away.

Sharon saw him start to cry, and she bit back a sob. When he started talking, making unintelligible sounds other than ‘Mommy’, she couldn’t hold her emotions in anymore. She could see in Billy’s eyes that he was telling her he was sorry.

“It’s OK Baby, it’s OK, I understand Baby.” She said as she cried. After several moments, she told Billy “Listen Baby.”, and waited for him to look at her and quiet his crying. When he did so, she continued “I love you Baby Boy. I love you just like you are. Don’t you ever worry about taking your binky, or…” her crying interrupting her for a moment, “or nursing at Mommy’s booby, or any of the other things babies love to do. You ARE my baby boy. I insist that you have the things that a baby does, like your binky. I’m going to take my fingers off your binky now, and it will make me very upset if you spit it out Baby, you need your binky.” She told him and then removed her fingers from the shield of the pacifier in his mouth.

Waiting a moment to make sure that he would not spit it out, she continued. “Someone did a very bad thing and told the authorities that I was forcing you to dress and act like a baby. That would be a terrible thing to do to a child Honey, so they came and took both you and Becky away from Daddy and me.”

Billy was completely confused now. Why would anyone say that mommy was forcing him to be a baby? He wanted to be a baby.

Sharon was thankful for his further confusion, it allowed her to continue. “Yesterday afternoon, there was a hearing, and the judge saw that you weren’t being forced to be a baby, but that you needed to be cared for like a baby, and needed the same things a baby needs. She immediately returned you and Becky to Daddy and I. Becky is at home right now with Daddy.” She explained.

“You’re in the hospital because you got sick when you got so upset, Baby. You’re fine Sweetheart, but they need to keep an eye on you for a little bit and then we can go home, I promise.” Sharon was waiting to see what his reaction was.

Billy took a few moments, nursing rapidly on his binky, to process this information. When he finally understood what had happened, fear struck him again and he reached his arm around Mommy’s and pulled it tight against him.

Sharon was waiting for that to happen. She knew once he understood that she hadn’t given him away, but someone took him from her against her wishes, that he would become fearful that someone would do it again. She saw the terrified look in his eyes as he looked around the room to make sure no one was near them. “It’s OK Baby, there’s just you and me here, no one else, I promise. No one is going to take you from me Baby, I promise you, no one.”

Billy couldn’t help it, he was scared. The problem was now he knew that Mommy couldn’t prevent someone from taking him from her. This scared the hell out of him, and the fear stimulated his bowels and he messed his diaper. Still not completely accepting that Mommy wanted him to be her baby boy, he looked to her with frightened eyes and said “I’m sorry! I couldn’t help it!”

Sharon, tears falling to her cheeks, continued to hold his diapered bottom as the mess pushed into it. She wanted him to understand it was OK. While she hadn’t understood his words, she had no problem understand the pleading look for forgiveness in his eyes and told him “Please Baby, don’t apologize, you didn’t do anything wrong.” Thinking quickly, she looked directly at him and said “Baby, push for me.”, with a sweet smile. “Push the poopy out for Mommy. Make a big poopy in your dipey for Mommy, Baby.” She said, reducing the force of her hand on his diaper.

Billy looked at her fearfully so she told him “Come on Baby Boy; push the poopy out for me. You want to make Mommy happy don’t you?”, trying to hurry him so he would do it before his body finished the process completely.

Billy understood that. He definitely wanted to make Mommy happy, so he took a deep breath, and pushed hard to make more poopy come out of his bottom. With a red face, he let the breath out once the poopy stopped coming out, and looked to Mommy with a scared expression.

“That’s a good Baby Boy!” Sharon told him as she bent down and kissed him on his cheek. Again pressing her hand on his messy bottom, she said “You made a big poopy for Mommy!” with a big smile. “You make me sooooo happy Baby!” she added.

Billy, not completely understanding, but glad that she wasn’t upset with him, smiled a very tentative, small smile. He couldn’t help himself, her smile was so wonderful.

Sharon was so glad to see the smile on his face; her eyes teared again before she could control them. Trying to cover it up, she pulled Billy’s head close, and told him “You’re my good baby boy, yes you are. Such a good baby, you made big poopies just like I asked you to, I’m so proud of you.” She could feel his tension easing and was very happy to see encouraging him to go had worked. By changing Billy’s messing from something he had no control over, to having him push and force it, not only did he see she wanted him to go poopy in his diaper, but it made her very happy when he did so.

Billy was surprise when Mommy said she was proud of him. That made him feel wonderful. “Mommy’s proud of me!” he thought, as his smile grew bigger around his binky. “Mommy’s happy I made big poopies.” Was the second thought to go through his mind. The third thought was the one that started the healing process. “It’s OK to go poopy, Mommy said so.”

Sharon just held him close, occasionally gently patting his messy bottom to help him understand that this was what she expected of him. When she pulled back to make sure he was OK, he looked at her and said “Poopy” with a big smile. She couldn’t help it, she laughed loud and hard. Not wanting to scare him, she reached down and tickled his tummy, making him giggle and squeal again and again.

“That’s my little poopy giggle butt.” She said between tickles. Then she asked him “Are you going to go poopy in your dipey from now on Baby? Or do I have to TICKLE YOU?!?!” laughing all the while.

After two loud squeals, Billy told Mommy “Yeth!” three times between giggling fits before she stopped tickling him and snuggled him close. He didn’t hesitate to start nursing his binky when Mommy offered it this time.

Sharon knew he was moving in the right direction. She knew he had a long way to go yet when he looked anxiously around the room before closing his eyes and nuzzling her chest. “I love you so much Baby Boy.” She told him as she kissed him gently on the forehead and began to rock slowly back and forth.


Snuggles and Tears Chapter 71

Awww! I really needed that after all this :slight_smile:

So sweet and adorable.

Excellent chapter as always.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 71

That’s true Dark Angel.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 71

both the kids need to heal. it was good

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 71

Nicely written, as always. I’m happy the healing is beginning, and I hope it continues. I know there have to be some bumps along the way, but please nothing as bad as the previous chapters.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 71

Thanks All for the feedback.

I promise Tommy, nothing else in this story will be as bad as what you’ve read in 65-68. That was the worst of it.

There will be some difficult moments, but all in all it will be much better from here. :smiley:



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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 71

I agree with that, DarkAngel!!

BB, you say there will be some difficult moments, as long as they are nothing like what came before, I’ll be ok with it!! But please, nothing like that again!! I was crying while reading it, so please, no more like that, ok!!