Snuggles and Tears Chapter 69

Hi Folks,

This is, by far, the hardest thing I have ever done. Please bear with me as this is hard to get through.

I promise, it gets better from here.



Chapter 69

Before Sharon left the courtroom to go see Becky the Judge had explained that she needed to come to her chambers before she left.

The judge also asked Peter to come to her office while Sharon saw her child.

“Dr. Richardson, when you first came in my office,” the judge began as they entered her chambers. “you told me that Billy was in critical condition, on a ventilator, but when you first spoke with Mrs. Avery, you told her he’s fine and just needed medication. Please tell me that you didn’t lie to me.” she finished with a stern tone.

“No, Your Honor, I didn’t lie to you, I lied to Sharon.” he answered honestly.

“Why?” she asked.

“If I hadn’t, she would never have made it through the hearing Your Honor. I thought it was important for her, and for Becky that this be finished.” Peter explained.

“Perhaps you’re right. That poor girl didn’t need to wait any longer to see her parents again.” the judge replied.

“That was my feeling exactly.” he responded.

“Peter, I would like you to do something for me. I want you to write a letter, on your letterhead, outlining exactly what care Billy needs. Be sure to put contact information on it. That way, we can prevent this from ever happening again. Please see that his parents get at least four notarized copies as soon as possible, and file a copy with the county clerks’ office. That way the information is available as a matter of public record.” she explained.

“That’s an excellent idea, Your Honor. I will see that the letter is filed as soon as possible and the Avery’s will have several copies before Billy leaves the hospital.” Peter promised.

“Also, please take this.” the judge said as she handed Peter an envelope. “Essentially, it tells anyone that reads it, that if they attempt to take custody of either of the Avery children, they had better be DAMN sure that they have good reason, or they will be spending time in my jail. That copy needs to be put in his medical record so there is no confusion at the hospital.” she explained firmly.

“Thank you Your Honor, this will go a long way to calming any fears the Avery’s have of anything like this happening again.” Peter told her.

“I will see that Mrs. Avery has several copies before she leaves here. Now if you will excuse me, I need to take care of something before Mrs. Avery returns. Please don’t let her leave here without speaking with me.” she told him.

“I’ll make sure to wait out in the hall until you two have spoken.” he promised.

“I appreciate it.” she said as she stood up behind her desk.

“No problem Your Honor.” Peter said as he turned to leave her office.

“And Peter,” the judge added.

“Yes?” he replied as he turned in the doorway.

“Thank you again.” she said. “You saved a family today, and who knows how many others further down the road.” she added.

“It was my pleasure.” Peter said with a smile then turned and left the office, closing the door behind him.

Peter stood in the hall outside of the judges chambers, waiting for Sharon, when his phone rang.

“Hello?” he answered.

“Peter, it’s April.”.

“What’s going on?” Peter asked quickly, fearing something was wrong.

“Billy’s starting to move around. What do you want me to do?” she asked.

“Call Dr. Clarke and ask her to look at him, and if it appears that he’s waking up, tell her I said to give him Versed. I don’t want that poor baby waking up without his mommy there. Call her now, and ask her to come see him as soon as possible.” Peter instructed.

“OK, I’ll make the call now.” she replied.

“Great. Thanks April, I couldn’t have done this without you.” Peter said gratefully.

“I’m glad to help. I’ll see you when you get here.” she told him.

“It shouldn’t be long now, about half an hour.” he said.

“Alright, see you then.” April responded and hung up the phone.

“How is Becky?” Peter asked Sharon as she made her way toward him from the other end of the hall.

“Oh Peter,” Sharon said, her voice breaking. “she blames herself for what happened to Billy. I tried to tell her that it wasn’t her fault, but I don’t think she believed it.”.

“Unfortunately, it’s not unusual Sharon. Don’t worry, Rick will take care of her, I’m sure of it.” he told her.

“That’s the other thing, he looks as if he lost a child.” she said before she remembered that Peter had indeed lost his son to cancer. Bursting into tears she said “I’m so sorry Peter, I didn’t mean…”.

Peter interrupted her with “Sharon, don’t worry about it.” as he put a comforting hand on her shoulder. “You didn’t hurt my feelings, just try to relax, OK? You’ve had a hell of a day, and I can handle a slip of the tongue.” he added with a smile. He was worried about her emotional state. He had yet to explain what Billy’s actual condition was to her.

That made Sharon feel better. “He’s right, this has been a terrible day” she thought. The one redeeming thing that had happened, is they had gotten their children back. She just hoped the kids were OK after all that had happened. She would have to talk with Cathy about this and see if she had any ideas that would make it easier on the kids.

“What are we supposed to do now?” Sharon asked Peter.

“We’re waiting for Judge Kramer to return, and then you’ll need to speak with her. After that, we go to the hospital.” he explained.

A clerk came out of the judge’s office then and called Sharon to come inside. She walked in through the door and saw the judge standing over by the couch where she and her husband had watched the video from. She no longer wore her robe of office, but a conservative business suit with a cream colored shirt. What struck Sharon most, was the fact that the judge’s eyes were red like she’d been crying.

“Come in, Sharon.” the judge said softly. “Please, have a seat.” she added as she waved to the couch.

“Thank you, Your Honor.” Sharon said as she approached the couch.

“Francine, please.” the judge told her kindly.

“OK Francine.” Sharon responded with a smile.

Sharon noticed Francine winced when she looked at her. She had no idea what the problem was, but something was bothering the judge.

“Sharon, I really want to apologize to you.” Francine told her with a thick voice as tears started falling.

Sharon reached out her hand and gently laid it on her shoulder. “What’s wrong?” she asked.

Trying to keep her voice under control, the judge paused a moment and then said with a tearful voice “I’m the one that signed the order to take the children Sharon.”.

Sharon didn’t know what to say. She couldn’t imagine that this woman did so knowing what was going on, so she said “Look, I would bet my house that you were lied to just like everyone else Francine.”.

Francine looked up from the floor. The last thing she had expected to hear from Sharon was that. She had expected to be berated, screamed at or even slapped, but never in her wildest dreams did she ever expect Sharon to tell her it wasn’t her fault. Crying, she said “When Becky sat here in my office and told me what was really going on, I felt so bad, I hurt so much for that little girl. I did something I’m not supposed to do, I promised that little girl that she would go home today.” she explained through her tears. “She got up and hugged me tight and cried her little eyes out, saying ‘thank you’ over and over.”.

Sharon was crying now. The thought of Becky scared to death she wouldn’t see her daddy again made Sharon hurt more than she had ever imaged she could. “She’s blaming herself for not being able to protect Billy in the car.” she told Francine.

“Unfortunately, that’s not uncommon.” Francine said. “Look, I just wanted to say I’m sorry and to tell you that the system usually does work, but sometimes we see a fiasco like this that makes me wonder what the hell I’m doing this for.”.

Sharon looked straight at her and said “No.” with a firm tone. “I thank God you were the judge on that bench today. I saw justice done today for what happened to my children. That was more important…” her voice breaking at that moment, “than you can ever know. I feel much better knowing that no other families will be ripped apart because two ‘good old boys’ sit in an office somewhere and trade favors.” she finished, tears streaming down both cheeks.

Francine moved toward her, held her arms out and gave her a hug saying “Thank you.” crying softly. “I don’t know how yet, but I WILL find a way to make up for a small part of the hurt I caused your two children.”.

Sharon hugged her back, not knowing how to respond to that. She was spared the need for an answer when Francine backed away and reached to the desk, picked up a thick envelope and handed it to her.

“These are five copies of a letter I had my clerk draw up. They contain clear instructions that NO ONE is to take custody of your children without first contacting me unless they want to spend time in jail.” Francine explained.

“Thank you so much. I have to admit, I was worried whether we would ever have to deal with this type of thing again.” Sharon said through grateful tears.

“I’ve asked Peter to get you several notarized copies of a letter specifically dictating what Billy’s needs are so there is no confusion from this point forward about what that baby needs.” Francine told her. “Sharon, nurse him…” her crying interrupting her for a moment, “cuddle him and hold him close. And please, please give him a hug for me and tell him I’m so sorry, so sorry.” she added.

Sharon took Francine’s hand and told her “I will. I promise, I will.” knowing that it was important to the judge.

“Can you please ask Peter to come in here for a moment? I need to speak privately with him for just a moment and then you need to go see that baby.” Francine said as she dabbed at her eyes with a tissue.

“Sure.” Sharon said as she stood. “Francine, thank you. You did a good thing today.” she added.

“I know, I just wish it hadn’t been preceded by a very bad thing.” the judge told her.

“They’ll be alright. I know in my heart, it will be OK.” Sharon said.

“I hope so. Thank you for coming in to speak with me.” Francine told her.

“My pleasure.” Sharon replied and went out into the hallway to get Peter.

Four minutes later, Peter came out of the judges office and told Sharon “Let’s go see how Billy’s doing.”.

Sharon was curious what that meeting entailed, but would never but into Peter’s affairs.

As they drove the short distance to the hospital, Peter quietly said “Sharon, I wasn’t entirely honest with you in the judges chambers earlier.”.

Sharon had no idea what he was talking about. “What do you mean?” she asked.

“When Billy came into the ER, he was breathing with very shallow, rapid breaths and his heart rate was very fast. There’s swelling in his brain and he’s on a ventilator. I want you to know before you see him.” he said.

“Peter?!? Oh my God?!? Why didn’t you tell me?” Sharon cried.

“Because you would never have been able to get through the hearing Sharon. Billy is unconscious, but Becky is not. Becky needed to get back to her daddy. Sitting in Billy’s room might make you feel better, but it would have forced Becky to wait. Did you really want that to happen?” he asked her.

Sharon almost answered immediately, but thought for a second about it and got a hold of herself. “You’re right, I could never have sat in that courtroom knowing that he was on a ventilator. IS Rachael with him?” she asked.

“Yes she is. I honestly think he will come out of this, in fact, April called me a little bit ago and told me he was starting to move around. I told her to get Dr. Clarke to sedate him. I don’t want him waking up without you there.” Peter explained.

“What happened?” she asked feeling a bit better after hearing that.

“From what I understand, when Elena Thompson took his binky away, he started screaming. This went on for some time and then suddenly stopped. The scans showed inflammation around the surgery site, and his spinal tap pressure was really high. I believe the stress was the cause of all of this. The screaming caused the pressure to rise inside his head and that’s what put him out.” Peter told her.

“The poor baby.” she said crying now. “He was so attached to his binky, he became frantic when I took it from him for six seconds. I can’t imagine what his reaction would be to what happened.”.

“We are taking steps to make sure he never has to go through that again. The letter that Judge Kramer gave you is one of them, and the one I’ll give you before Billy goes home will be another.” he said. “It will spell out EXACTLY what Billy needs and why. There will NEVER be another question as to why you’re nursing him, or why he has a pacifier.”.

Sharon said “Alright.” as Peter pulled into his parking space at the hospital. They got out of the car and hurried into the hospital and took the stairs to the PICU.

Dr. Clarke was standing at the nurses station when Peter and Sharon entered. “How is he?” Peter asked.

Dr. Clarke didn’t even have to ask who Peter meant. “He’s doing much better. We took him off the ventilator, and his vitals are all normal now. He’s sedated at the moment, but was moving around earlier. I think if you gave him Narcan to counteract the sedative, he would probably wake up. I wouldn’t give a full dose Peter, if he gets upset, he may end up back on the vent again.” she told him.

“Thank you!” Peter told her, and headed toward the isolation room with Sharon right behind.

When they got to the window, Sharon started crying immediately when she laid eyes on him.

Peter stopped her and said “Sharon, I need you to be strong for me. If he sees you really upset, he’s going to think something is very wrong, and that could cause problems.”

Sharon asked “Why is he in a room like this?” as she wiped her eyes and tried to get control of her emotions.

“To be honest, it was the only way I could prevent the Social Services people from having any contact with him. Because he’s on steroids, and that inhibits his immune system, I can justify putting him in an isolation room. He’ll need to stay in there for the rest of the time he’s here so there are no questions about whether he needed it.” Peter explained. “It also means that anyone entering, but you, will need to put a gown and gloves on.” he added.

“Why not me?” she asked, trying to concentrate on anything but Billy’s condition.

“Because it wouldn’t make sense for you to gown up when you will be nursing him.” Peter explained.

April noticed Sharon and tapped Rachael on the shoulder, pointing to Sharon. Rachael went to the intercom and pressed the button. “Hi Shar, how’s Becky?” she asked with concern.

“She’s on her way home right now with Rick. How is Billy?”.

“He’s doing a lot better.” Rachael informed her.

“We’ll be right in.” Peter told Rachael and started to wash his hands at the sink.

Sharon joined him, taking care to wash thoroughly.

When she was done, Peter said “Just go through the door. After it closes, the second one will open and you can go to him.”.

Sharon stepped toward the first door and it slid open. She walked into the space between them, and it slid shut. A second later, the inner door opened and she entered the room.

When she approached the crib, that’s when she noticed Billy had his Pooh Bear, his blankie and a pacifier in his mouth. He lay there sound asleep. She leaned in and gave him a gentle kiss on his cheek. He had only been away from her for several hours, but it seemed like it had been days. She wanted so much to pick him up and cuddle him close, never letting him go. Taking his little hand in hers, she couldn’t help herself, she leaned down and kissed him again and said softly “Hi Baby, Mommy missed you so much.” as tears stung her eyes.

When Peter entered the room, she tried to get control of her tears. She turned to him and asked “How did he get his Pooh Bear and blankie? And I thought you said they took his binky.”.

April, smiling, answered “Peter had someone go to the store and pick up a bear, blanket and pacifiers just like the ones he had before.”.

Sharon lost the battle with her tears as she looked at him, and crying softly, said “Thank you.”.

Peter, blinking back tears himself, said “It was the least I could do for him.”.

Sharon approached Peter and gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek. “You are such a good man Peter Richardson.” she said.

He smiled and said “Thank you, now let’s see if we can wake Billy up.”.

April approached them and said “I have Narcan ready and I also have Versed if things get out of hand.”.

“Good, lets get started.” he told April as he moved toward the crib. Stopping, he said “Sharon, it’s possible that when we give this to him, nothing will happen. I’m hoping he’ll wake up, but I don’t know. Also, I want you to be aware that things may be different than they were. I’m not sure exactly what the relapse may have done to his functional ability.”.

That scared Sharon. God knows it was hard enough for Billy before. How hard would it be if he lost more function? She stepped to the crib and took his hand in hers.

Peter stepped to the other side of the crib and connected a syringe to the IV port on the inside of his left elbow. Slowly, he pushed the plunger on the syringe until approximately half of the medicine had been administered.

Sharon felt Billy’s hand reflexively grip hers. She leaned in so she would be directly in his line of sight when he opened his eyes. A moment later, she saw Billy’s eyes open. He looked at her for a moment, and started nursing on his binky. Two seconds later, it was as if a switch was flipped, his eyes got wide with fear, he spit the binky out and started crying. She saw him try to tell her something, repeating it several times with a pleading expression. The only words she could make out were ‘Mom’ and ‘big’, but he repeated both with every attempt.

Sharon told him “It’s OK Sweety, calm down, it’s alright. I’m right here.” as she rubbed his chest with her palm.

That seemed to calm him somewhat. She reached over and picked up his binky and brought it to his mouth. He turned his head away from it and said very clearly “No!” crying again and repeating his earlier attempt to tell her something. She heard the words ‘big’ and ‘go’, but this time Billy started to pull at the restraints, trying to move his hands toward his tummy. She didn’t understand why he was calling her Mom instead of Mommy. “Is he unable to say the whole word?” she thought fearful of what was wrong.

Peter, trying to understand what was going on said to Sharon “hold on a sec.”. Turning to Billy, he said “Hold on Billy, I’ll take them off. Settle down.”.

Billy stopped pulling and let Peter untie his right hand. As soon as it was free, Billy reached over with an unsteady arm and pushed Pooh Bear away from him. He then started pushing the blankie on his chest down, with repeated wild, uncoordinated movements, until he couldn’t push it any further.

Sharon didn’t understand what was happening at all. She stood speechless, trying to digest what he was trying to tell them. When she saw the frightened, pleading expression on his face, she picked his blankie up and tried to bring it to his face, saying “Don’t you want your blankie Baby?” as tears stung her eyes, seeing how scared her baby was.

Billy pushed the blanket away, his brow furrowed in concentration for a moment, and slowly he managed to say “Big…boy…pwomith.” and cried huge sobs, looking at her with a desperate expression.

Sharon, finally understanding what the problem was, grabbed for the strap holding Billy’s left arm while crying “No! No! No! No!..No Baby!..No!” between hard sobs, continuing to mouth those words, and shake her head, as she ran out of breath.

Peter, not understanding, reached over and released the strap as April disconnected the IV tubing from Billy’s elbow.

Sharon, picking Billy up, pulled him in to a tight embrace, still sobbing, and dropped to her knees on the floor, rocking him back and forth. “No Baby!…No!” she said again when she finally got a breath.

Rachael frightened that her sister was going to have a nervous breakdown, said “Sharon?!?! What is it?” grasping her shoulder hard.

The pain, getting Sharon’s attention, allowed her to collect herself enough to say “He thinks I sent him away because I didn’t want him to be a baby anymore!!!” through anguished sobs. Taking a breath, she added "He’s been saying “I’ll be a big boy, I promise, please don’t go!” as she lost control again and cried huge sobs while rocking him back and forth. The pain she felt for her baby boy was so great she thought her heart would explode.

She understood now why he had spit his binky out and then refused to take it. He thought she had sent him away, like a broken toy, to be fixed and then maybe she’d want him again. He had been willing to get rid of his binky, his bear and his blankie so she would take him back.

Every one of them was in tears now, hurting for this poor tortured baby boy. Peter, tears streaming, put his hand on Billy’s back, unable to say a word for his sobbing.

Rachael wrapped her arms around Sharon’s shoulders to encompass Billy as she cried.

April moved to Peter and hugged him as she sobbed her hurt for that poor child.

Sharon understood now why he had been so afraid when she offered the blanket. He probably thought she wanted to see if he would take it, and if he did, she would leave him. Forcing her to get control of her self, she tried to pull Billy back so she could talk to him, and Billy kicked his legs, wrapped his arms around her neck tightly and started screaming.

Peter heard the first scream and dashed to the tray with the syringes on it, grabbed the sedative and instantly was at Sharon’s side, injecting the medicine very slowly into Billy’s IV.

Sharon held her baby tight, not even attempting to move him, telling him tearfully “I’ve got you Baby, I’m not going to let you go, I promise Baby Boy, I promise.”.

As the medicine took effect, Billy stopped screaming and just cried long hard sobs, saying “Mommy” over and over again.

Sharon Rocked him, holding him in place as his grip lessened. She told him “Mommy’s here Baby Boy, Mommy’s got you and you’re not going anywhere. I’m not going to let you go for anything Baby, I promise. You just snuggle Baby, you just snuggle.” as she cried. It hurt so much feeling how terrified her baby was.

Peter told Sharon “I’ll be right back, don’t move.” and left the room. A moment later, he was pushing a regular bed through the door, and told April “Push the crib against the wall.”.

Sharon held Billy tightly and stood up. When he started crying harder, she said “It’s OK Baby, I’m just getting up so they can bring a bed in.” tears continuing to come. “I’m sorry Baby, I’m so sorry.” she said, wanting Billy to understand that she really felt for him.

Peter pulled the covers back on the bed and told her “Lay down, just hold him. Nurse him if you can get him to cooperate, but what ever you do, don’t let go of him. He’s terrified you’ll leave him.” through his tears.

Sharon sat down on the bed, telling Billy “Baby, Mommy wants you to lay down with her. I’m going to shift you, don’t be afraid Baby, I’m not letting you go.” as she slowly laid down, shifting him so his head was at her chest level, his arms held in close at his sides. Looking at Rachael, she said “Rach, cut my shirt off. I want him close. The bra too.”.

Rachael pulled scissors from her pocket and began cutting along the right side of her shirt until the two halves separated. Quickly moving to her other side, she had the shirt cut in ten seconds.

Sharon told Billy “Baby, I promise…” a sob interrupting her. “I promise, I’m not going to let you go, but I need to lift you up Sweety so I can take my shirt off.” When she went to lift him, he cried loudly.

Rachael quickly pulled the front of both the shirt and the bra from her sister, and April, thinking quickly, lifted Billy’s soaked diaper off of Sharon’s lower abdomen and slid a folded blanket, to absorb any pee that might leak, underneath him before setting him back down.

Sharon asked for a pillow and when they handed it to her, she placed it beside her and shifted Billy’s head onto it, allowing him to comfortably access her nipple. When she offered him the nipple, Billy cried and pulled his head back, trembling from head to toe.

“No Baby, it’s OK, nurse, please!” Sharon said, crying hard now. “No one is going to take you, I promise.” understanding that the last time he nursed, he was taken away from her.

April, thinking about it for a second reached up under Billy’s waist and pulled first one tape and then the other, and pulled the soaked diaper out from underneath him. Using a wipe, she cleaned his bottom thoroughly and then grabbed the baby powder from the shelf. “Sharon, hold your hand out.” she said through her tears.

Sharon held her right hand out and April shook powder onto her palm. Moving it to his bare bottom, she began gently caressing the powder onto the tender skin of his bare behind.

Billy laid there terrified that if he took Mommy’s nipple, someone would take him away. It was pure torture to see the nipple only inches from his face and not be able to nurse on it. He cried and cried as he lay there, feeling someone pull his diaper off and then wipe his bottom with a baby wipe.

His resistance shattered when he felt Mommy gently rubbing his bare bottom. He couldn’t help it, he needed to feel her nipple in his mouth. Whimpering, he latched on to her nipple and sucked for all he was worth. The sweet milk he tasted stimulated his hunger and his nursing increased in intensity, as he fiercely tried to stem the pain in his tummy, and the hurt from not knowing if Mommy would send him away because he couldn’t help wanting to suckle. Tears streamed from his little eyes as he felt the comfort of Mommy’s nipple and released the pent up pain from earlier.

The narcotics in his system made him sleepy, but he tried hard not to go to sleep, afraid he would wake up to find Mommy gone. The close comfort of nursing along with Mommy’s gentle hand caressing his bottom made it impossible to keep his eyes open, and he slowly drifted off to sleep, nursing Mommy’s milk steadily as he slept.

When Sharon felt a warm wetness spread across her tummy she asked April “Can you cover him? He just wet and I don’t want him to get cold.”.

April grabbed two blankets, put them together and covered them both, telling her “Don’t worry about it if he makes a mess Honey, I’ll clean you both up. I don’t want you to move a muscle. That poor baby needs to just lay right there. And if you need to use the bathroom Hon, I’ll bring a bedpan.”.

Sharon wasn’t fond of the idea of using a bed pan, but April was right. Billy needed to stay right where he was. She wouldn’t move him unless she had to. If it meant that she would have to use a bedpan and go through the indignity of having someone else wipe her bottom for her, then so be it. It was a very small price to pay to make her baby boy feel safe.

Peter told her “Sharon, I want you to nurse him as much as you can for the foreseeable future. Don’t worry about a schedule right now, just encourage him to nurse as often as possible. We need to make him feel secure that he won’t be taken away because he nurses, or wants his binky.” with a thick voice.

Rachael place a hand on Sharon’s forehead and gently stroked it as Sharon started to sob quietly again. “I know Honey, I know.” she told her sister, crying along with her.

“He’s so scared. Jesus, he’s so scared.” Sharon cried.

“I know, and we’ll help him feel safe again Honey. You’ll see, it’ll be alright.” Rachael said hoping to God she was right.

Crying harder, Sharon said “I hurt for him Rach, I hurt so bad for him.” her sobbing increasing.

“I know Honey, I do too.” Rachael said sobbing now. She just bent down and placed her head next to her sister’s, kissing her cheek and crying with her.

Peter held April again, both crying for this little baby boy and his mommy.

Closing her eyes, Sharon just cried as she continued to gently caress his soft bottom with her hand. She vowed right then that she wouldn’t let him out of her arms for the next several days, longer if need be. It would be difficult to get things done, but she didn’t care.

With all of the stress of the day, Sharon was asleep before she knew what happened. Rachael gently moved away from her, hoping she would sleep for a while. She approached Peter and hugged him tight, saying “Thank you so much for all you’ve done for them.” as fresh tears clouded her vision.

Peter just held on to her, saying “I had no choice…” as he cried. “I had no choice.” he repeated and gave up on trying to express how sorry he was for all that Billy had been through.


Snuggles and Tears Chapter 69

This is another tear jeeker. Becky and Billy won’t let Rick and Sharon out of their sight for some time.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 69

This was wonderful in the long run, it shows how much love some people have for others.
I do hope the story changes for a happier and more pleasent theme for a while, though.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 69

I can see why this chapter was extremly hard for you BB, having to write that down and essentially re-live the whole ordeal again.

It was good to see that the Judge was able to correct her mistake, even though she really was without any blame at all. She had to make a decision given the facts without ever seeing the people in the order.

There are some truely amazing and caring Doctors around, and BB you and your family were fortunate enough to get one of them.

I really hope that you are able to heal from writing this chapter.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 69

WOW is all I can say BB

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 69

Yeah, that was pretty hard. Wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, though.

The hardest part of all is just waiting for that next chapter :wink:

Great as always :slight_smile:

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 69

I guess I have a different perspective. This was the hardest one for me to write, and while I cannot read 68 without tears, I cannot get through this one in one piece, I have to read it in sections.

Thanks wimsett, while this was very hard to do, it helps once it’s done.

I promise all of you, you will see things improve quickly where this is concerned. While there will be difficult moments, you won’t see a whole chapter that shows anything like these last three or four.

Thanks Everyone for your feedback,

I really appreciate everything you take the time to write.


Snuggles and Tears Chapter 69

BB, you are a wonderful writer and if this is based on your past then my heart goes out to you. I have worked with children taken from their families by Child protective services and I have seen the pain and hurt first hand. May you heal as quickly as you can.

Jayme Ann

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 69


Snuggles and Tears Chapter 69

After this, BB, things need to get better!! I don’t know how much more of this I can take!! I will stay with you & read anything you write, because I love this story, but please, get it happy again, ok!!

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 69

Jayme Ann,

Thank you very much for your encouragement, and for your concern.

I really appreciate it.


I promise, no more like this one. Everything gets better from here. It won’t be long, (and I hate to give anything away :wink: ) that Billy and Becky will find themselves immersed in the wonders of Disney World.

Before anybody tells me that Disney World didn’t exist in 1975, we actually went to DisneyLand in California. The reason I chose Disney World for this story, is it’s one of my favorite places in the whole wide world.



Snuggles and Tears Chapter 69

I can’t wait to see what happens with Becky and Billy from now on.