Snuggles and Tears Chapter 68

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This is another hard one, but it is pretty much self contained.

It is very long because I didn’t want to make you wait to find out what happens with Becky.

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Chapter 68

Rick followed the clerk through the halls, eager to see his little girl. He couldn’t imagine how hard this had been on Becky. To be pulled from the only home you’ve ever know, and told that you can’t go back, it had to have been devastating.

The clerk stopped at a door and knocked gently before opening it. Rick entered the room and saw his daughter. She was sitting in a chair at the conference table, her head resting in her hands. Rick could see that she had been crying, her eyes red from the tears.

“Becky?” he said softly.

Becky snapped her head around and looked at her father. When he started to approach her, she backed away with fresh tears falling to her cheeks. She didn’t say a word to him.

Rick saw her reaction and felt like someone had just hit him in the groin with a baseball bat, it hurt that bad. All he could do is gasp for air and try to keep on his feet.

Mrs. Kelsey saw Rick’s reaction and said “Mr. Avery? Can I talk to you outside for a moment?”.

Rick just nodded his head, tears stinging his eyes, and followed Mrs. Kelsey out the door.

Once she closed the door, she told him “Mr. Avery, I’ve been caring for foster children for twenty years. I wanted you to know that the reaction you just saw isn’t unusual in children that have been taken from their home. She’s had her sense of trust shaken, Mr. Avery, and it will take some time to get things back to where they belong.”.

“God, how do I help her?” he asked her with a pleading expression.

“You just be patient. She has to take the steps, you can’t do it for her. If she pulls away, you allow her to. Trust me, when she’s ready, she’ll come to you.” Mrs. Kelsey explained.

“Thank you.” Rick told her and opened the door. He went back inside the room and this time, he walked down the other side of the table, keeping it between them. He sat down across from Becky, looked at her and asked “Are you OK Pumpkin?”.

Becky, not looking at him, nodded her head.

Rick could see that she was lying. He wouldn’t push her to tell him what was wrong though, because he thought it might make things worse. He resolved to just sit there with his hands folded on the table and wait and see what happened.

Twenty of the longest minutes of his life went by as not a word was spoken by his daughter. He was about to break the silence when the door opened, and Sharon entered the room.

Becky jumped up from her chair and flew to her mother. “Mommy! I’m sorry!” she said crying loudly as she latched on to her mother and wouldn’t let go.

“What’s wrong Baby?” Sharon said seeing her daughter in pain. She looked at Rick and couldn’t believe what she saw. His expression was haunted.

“I tried, Mommy, I tried to help Billy! I’m sorry! I couldn’t make it better! She took his binky and I tried to make her give it back, but she wouldn’t!” Becky wailed, sobbing every other word.

Crying herself now, Sharon got down on one knee and pulled her daughter back so she could see her face. She was surprised at how difficult that was. “This isn’t your fault Baby, I promise. This isn’t your fault, you understand?” she told her daughter as she held her face with both hands so Becky had to look at her.

“I tried, Mommy.” Becky said softly, tears running freely down her cheeks.

“I know, Baby, I know you did, and I’m proud of you for trying to protect you brother. But you need to understand, you couldn’t have done anything to help him. That lady wasn’t going to allow it. This wasn’t your fault Sweety, I mean it.” Sharon told her with a sincere expression.

Becky pulled closer to her Mommy and hugged her tight, crying hard for a good five minutes. During this time, Sharon just held her close, telling her over and over again “It’s going to be alright, Baby. It’s going to be OK.” as she rocked her gently on her feet.

Several minutes later, Becky started to calm down. “I need you to go home with your daddy, Sweetheart. I need to go see Billy at the hospital. If he wakes up all alone, it will terrify him and that could hurt him.” Sharon told her.

“Is he going to be OK?” Becky asked, fear in her voice.

“Yes, he’ll be OK, Baby. I just need to make sure he knows he isn’t all alone, OK?” Sharon answered.

Becky had just been all alone for several hours and couldn’t dream of making her brother go through that. “OK.” she told her Mommy.

Sharon stood and asked Rick “Are you OK, Honey?”.

Rick stood up, put his best poker face on and said “I’m fine, I’ll take her home, go find out what’s going on at the hospital.”.

Sharon knew he was lying to her, but needed to get over to see her little boy. She was determined that she would get to the bottom of this, but it would have to wait until tomorrow. Peter had stressed that if Billy woke up when she wasn’t there, bad things could happen in his brain.

She walked over and gave Rick a hug and a quick kiss and said “I’ll call you in a little while Honey. I love you.”.

“I love you. Take good care of him, please.” Rick said, his eyes tearing once again.

Sharon squeezed his hand and told him “I will. We’ll get through this Hon, I promise.”.

It took all Rick had to control his emotions at that moment, he simply nodded his head briskly and held his hand out to Becky.

Sharon turned to kiss Becky quickly and told her “I love you Baby, I’ll see you tomorrow, I promise.”.

Becky kissed her Mommy saying “I love you too. Give Billy a hug and kiss for me.”.

“I will.” Sharon said as she walked out the door.

Rick continued to hold his hand out to his daughter. She very tentatively walked toward him and took his hand, and they made their way to the exit.

The ride home was silent. Rick couldn’t understand what the problem was. Becky didn’t seem to have a problem hugging her Mommy, but wouldn’t make physical contact with him unless she absolutely had to. Mrs. Kelsey’s advice made sense, so he resolved to let her make the first move.

When they pulled into the driveway, Rick told her “You’re home Pumpkin.”.

Becky sat for a moment in the car with tears flowing. She was home. “It doesn’t look any different, but it sure feels different” she thought. She just nodded her head and opened the door. Becky pulled back from her father when he offered his hand again.

Rick didn’t know if he could get through this. Every rejection by Becky felt the same, a fresh wound to his heart that hurt worse than any pain he had ever known.

When they got inside, Becky went straight to her room and closed the door. Rick, not knowing what else to do, picked up the phone and called Phillis.

When she answered the phone, Rick said “Mom,” having trouble controlling his emotions.

“What is it Rick? What’s wrong?” Phillis asked.

“Becky. She won’t come near me, she won’t talk to me. I don’t know what’s wrong.” he managed to get out before he couldn’t hold his feelings in anymore.

“I’ll be right there, just hold on Honey, I’ll be right there.” Phillis said with a thick voice.

“Thanks Mom.” he said in a whisper.

“I’m leaving now, I’ll see you in ten minutes.” she told him.

“OK.” Rick said and hung up the phone.

When the doorbell rang, Rick heard sobbing from Becky’s bedroom. He ran to the door to let Phyllis in, and immediately they both went to Becky’s bedroom. Knocking on the door, Phyllis said “Becky, it’s Grandma, I’m coming in Honey.” and opened the door.

Becky was standing by her bed. The sheets were half in her hand and half still on the bed. When they looked at Becky, they noticed that her pants were soaked.

“I’m sorry!” Becky said as she burst into tears.

Phillis went straight to her and pulled the sheets out of her hand, dropped them to the floor, hugged her close and told her “It’s alright Honey. It’s alright. You’ve had a horrible day and anyone would have that problem if they had been through what you have today.”.

Becky just clung to her Grandmother, crying hard.

“How about I get you in a nice relaxing bath, would that be OK?” Phillis asked her.

Becky, still sobbing, just nodded her head.

Phillis picked Becky up and carried her toward the door. “I’ll bring you some clothes.” Rick told her as she passed.

“Thank you. She just needs some time to rest.” she replied.

Rick pulled the sheets the rest of the way off of the mattress. He saw then that the bed was wet. “God, please let her be OK.” he prayed. Taking the sheets to the laundry room, he put them in the washer and started it working.

Getting a set of sheets from the linen closet, Rick returned to the bedroom, quickly flipped the mattress over and made the bed up. That done, he gathered some pajamas, socks and a pair of Becky’s underpants from her dresser and brought them to the bathroom. Not wanting to interrupt, he laid them on the floor outside the bathroom door.

Phillis sat on the edge of the tub as she undressed Becky. The thing that struck her was Becky was quite content to let her undress her like a small child. She didn’t react at all as Phillis pulled her wet panties down and told her to step out of them.

Phillis picked her bare body up and gently set her in the tub, telling her “Sit down for me Sweety.”.

Becky sat down in the soapy water, watching the water fill the tub. She didn’t attempt to pick up the soap or the washcloth and clean herself.

Phillis asked “Do you want me to wash you Honey?”.

Becky just slowly nodded her head.

Slowly and gently, Phillis washed her granddaughter with the soapy washcloth, trying to help her to relax. When it came time to wash her bottom, Phillis didn’t know what to do, so she asked “Can you get up on your knees for me Sweety? I need to wash your bottom.” hoping that Becky would object and take the washcloth from her. When her granddaughter just got on her knees, Phillis really started to worry.

Becky took no notice as Phillis cleaned her, and sat back down when her grandmother told her she was done with her bottom.

Taking a cup from the counter, she told Becky “I’m going to wash your hair Sweety.”.

Becky, without responding, laid her head back.

Pretty soon Becky’s hair was clean and Phillis helped her to lay back and told her to just soak for a little while. When she opened the bathroom door, she saw the clothes Rick had placed on the floor. She picked them up and put them on the vanity and left the bathroom, closing the door behind her.

Finding Rick she said “I don’t know what’s wrong, but there is something serious bothering her. She just let me undress her and bathe her like a little child. She didn’t even say a word when I washed her bottom.”.

Rick, not knowing what else to do, said “Just stay with her Mom, help her any way you can. I’m afraid if I go near her, I’ll make it worse.”.

Phillis hugged him and said “We’ll figure it out.”.

“I hope so.” Rick replied with anguish clearly showing on his face.

Phillis, not wanting to leave Becky alone for too long, went back to the bathroom. Becky was right where she had left her, laying still under the water. After four or five minutes, Phillis told her that it was time to get out of the bath.

Becky stood up and allowed her grandmother to spray warm water over her to rinse any soap off of her skin. Once that was done her grandma wrapped her in a towel and lifted her over the side of the tub, setting her on the rug.

Phillis dried Becky from head to toe, held her panties out for her and pulled them up once she wordlessly stepped into them. Once Phillis dressed her in her pajamas, she carried her to her bedroom and set her on her bed. Sitting down, Phillis began to brush Becky’s hair. Once all of the tangles were brushed out, she asked “Do you want some dinner Sweety?”.

“No.” Becky said softly.

“OK, how about some milk then. I need you to at least drink something for me, OK?” Phillis told her.

“OK.” she replied.

Phillis left the room and came back with a tall glass of milk. “I need you to drink all of this.” she told Becky.

Becky took the glass from her hand and started drinking. A few minutes later, the glass was empty.

Phillis took the glass, set it on the dresser and pulled the covers back on Becky’s bed. “Climb on in, Baby. I think you need some rest.”.

Becky got into the bed and slid her feet under the covers. Phillis laid down next to her, holding her close. A short time later, Becky was sound asleep.

After waiting a few minutes, Phillis got out of the bed, gently covered Becky, and left the room. Seeing Rick at the kitchen table, she said “She’s asleep.”.

“Good. I just wish she’d talk about it.” he told her.

“I understand. You’ve got to wait until she’s ready though. It won’t do any good to try to force her to talk.” she explained.

“I know, but the waiting and the look in her eyes is killing me Mom.” he said as tears came again.

“I know Honey, but you have to be patient. It’ll come. And when it does, you just make sure you drop everything to be there to listen, understand?” she told him.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be there.” he answered. “Do you want to stay tonight? I can sleep in the den.” he added.

“Sure.” she said knowing he was wanting the company.

“Thanks Mom.”.

It was two AM when she started screaming for her daddy. Rick jumped out of bed and ran to Becky’s room. Pulling the covers back, he picked her up and pulled her close. When his hand touched her bottom, he knew she’d wet again. “I’m here, Baby.” he told her. “I’m here.” as he held her close.

A moment later when she woke up fully, she pushed away from him and said “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wet.” bursting into tears and scrambling to get down out of his arms.

Rick set her down on her feet telling her “It’s OK Pumpkin, no one is going to get mad at you for having an accident, I promise.”.

Phillis came into the room just then and Becky ran to her, wrapping her arms around her waist as she cried. “Alright Honey, let’s get you some dry clothes and you can sleep with me.” Phillis told her as she moved her toward the dresser.

Rick started stripping the bed as they walked out of the room.“This doesn’t make any sense.” he thought. Once the sheets were washing, he went to his room to check on Becky. She was laying snuggled with her grandma, sound asleep again. He walked to the side of the bed, leaned down and gently kissed her forehead.

Returning to the den, he went back to bed. He lay there staring at the ceiling, until the clock read six. Giving up on getting any sleep, he got up and got ready for work. Dressed, he went to get the paper and sat down to drink a cup of coffee before heading to the office. As he drained the cup, he laid the paper down, got his coat, and made the drive to the office.


Becky woke up and looked around. She remembered where she was, and blushed when she remembered why. She couldn’t believe she’d wet the bed, twice. Seeing that Grandma was still asleep, she quietly got out of bed and went to the kitchen to get some cereal. After preparing the cornflakes, she sat down and began to eat. Reaching out, she pulled the paper over closer and began to read the front page.

Becky was only halfway through the article when the tears began falling. Unable to tear her eyes from the page, she read through, beginning to cry quietly. When she finished the article, she jumped up from the table and grabbed the telephone. Dialing her daddy’s cell phone, she cried as she waited for him to answer. When she heard his voice mail, she hung up the phone and called his office number. His secretary answered the phone on the second ring.

“Is my daddy there?” Becky cried.

Karen, Rick’s secretary asked “Who is this Honey?” feeling for the little girl crying on the phone.

“It’s Becky Avery, can I talk to my daddy please?” Becky answered crying harder now.

Phillis came into the kitchen then. She had heard Becky crying and asking for her daddy. When Phillis tried to talk to Becky, she moved away and listened intently to the phone.

“Hold on one second Sweety.” Karen said and put her hand over her mouthpiece. “Mr. Kent?” she called out to the owner of the company, as he was walking toward her.

“Yes?” Paul Kent answered.

“Rick Avery’s daughter is on the phone, and the poor girl is in tears. Can you see if he can come out of the meeting in the conference room for a minute?” Karen asked.

“Yes. Let me see the phone.” he said reaching out and taking it from her hand. “Becky, this is Mr. Kent, your daddy’s boss. Is something wrong?” .

“Where’s Daddy?” Becky asked sobbing now.

“I tell you what Sweety, I’m going to go tell your daddy to call you right away, OK?” Paul told her.

“OK, but please hurry.” she cried.

“I will, I promise Honey. You just hang up the phone and answer when it rings alright?” he said past the lump forming in his throat.

“OK. Thank you.” Becky said and hung up the phone.

Paul handed the phone to Karen and quickly headed to the conference room. He opened the door and said “I hate to interrupt this meeting, but it will have to be rescheduled. Rick, can you come with me right now please?”.

Rick, in the middle of a presentation to a client, turned to them and said “I apologize, but evidently an emergency has come up. Please call Karen and let her know when you would like me to come to your offices.” and he left the room.

As Rick approached Paul he said “What’s going on Paul?”.

“Rick, I read the paper this morning, what the hell are you doing here?” he asked. Before Rick could even get one word out, he continued “You should be home with your children. After what you all have been through, you don’t belong here, you belong with your family.”.

“I had a meeting today, and I…” Rick started.

Paul interrupted him by saying “No meeting is more important than your family. GO HOME! Don’t come back here until I call you, do you understand?”.

“But Paul, I don’t have enough leave to go now and take the trip…” Rick started to answer.

“You let me worry about the leave. You worry about your little girl. She just called here crying her little eyes out asking to talk to her daddy.” Paul said.

“She called?” Rick asked, his expression changing instantly.

“Yes, call her on your way out the door. Don’t make me fire your ass. It would only be a pain in the ass to have to hire you back on Monday.” he said, trying to be stern, but unable to hold back a smile.

Rick shook his hand and thanked him. He quickly pulled his cell phone from his pocket and dialed the house. Becky answered the phone with “Daddy?” her crying clearly audible over the phone.

“What’s wrong Baby?” he asked, as tears stung his eyes.

“Come home Daddy. Come home, please.” Becky cried.

“I’m on my way Baby. I’ll be there as soon as I can.” he told her, not able to keep the tears from falling.

“Promise?” she asked through her tears.

“I promise, I’m going out the door right now Baby.” he answered.

“OK, Grandma wants to talk to you.” she told him.

“OK Baby, you just hold on until I get there OK?”.

“OK.” she cried and handed the phone off.

“Rick?” Phillis asked.

“Yeah.” he answered, unable to keep his voice steady.

“Are you on your way?” she asked, her voice thick with emotion.

“Yeah.” was all he trusted himself to get out.

“OK, be careful.” she told him.

“OK.” he said and hung up the phone.

He could barely see through his tears as he made the quick trip home. He pulled into the driveway and had just gotten out of the car when Becky came racing out of the house toward him crying “Daddyyyyy”.

Immediately dropping to his knees, he held his arms out to her just as she reached him. Pulling her into a tight embrace, he said “I’m here Baby, I’m here.” as he lost control of his emotions completely.

Father and daughter stood on the front lawn sobbing in each other’s arms. Neither one able to say anything for several minutes.

Phillis stood watching, tears flowing freely as she saw her granddaughter finally open up.

They both finally calmed down long enough for Rick to ask “What’s wrong Baby?”.

That was all he had to ask and the wall Becky had put up between them finally crumbled. “I read it Daddy! I read what they did! He lied! He told me you sent me away! I’m sorry I believed him! I’m so sorry Daddy!” she said through her tears.

“Baby…” Rick started, unable to continue through his sobs for a moment. “who…who told you I sent you away?” he asked.

“The policeman that took me away from here.” she cried.

Pulling back from her, he said “Look at me Baby.” and waited until she was looking him in the eye. “Sweety, I love you. I could never send you away, do you hear me? Never.”.

Sobbing heavily now, she said “I’m sorry Daddy! I couldn’t help it, I didn’t know.”.

Pulling her close now, Rick held her tight, just rocking her back and forth. “It’s alright Baby, you didn’t know.” he said and kissed her gently on her forehead. Standing up, he carried her into the house sitting on his left hip. She clung to his neck with an iron grip.

When Rick closed the door, he tried to set her down on her feet.

“NO!” she cried, her sobbing increasing.

Pulling her close again, he said “Alright Pumpkin, you can stay right here. I won’t put you down, I promise.”.

Becky’s crying settled down when she head that. She clung to Daddy tightly. She didn’t want to let go.

A moment later, the doorbell rang. Becky grabbed tightly to her Daddy and started trembling. Rick’s left hand, resting on Becky’s bottom, felt a warm wetness spread across her pajamas.

It occurred to him then, that Becky had wet last night when the doorbell rang. “Jesus! She thinks she’s going to be taken again.” he thought as fresh tears struck him. He was hurting for this trembling little girl.

When Rick moved toward the door, Becky started screaming. He quickly moved back and headed down the hall to his bedroom. Sitting on the bed, he just rocked her gently as he explained. “Listen to me Sweety. No one is going to take you away from here again. Do you understand?”. When he didn’t get a response, he decided to just let her sit and rock for a while. He would explain it later.

“Mom?” Rick called out.

“Yeah?” Phillis answered as she came running down the hall.

“Who was at the door?” he asked.

“A neighbor wanting to speak with Sharon to make sure everything was alright.” she answered.

Just then the doorbell rang again. Becky cringed and cried louder.

“Do me a favor, go to the kitchen and get the hammer out of the top right drawer and smash that damn button until it sits on the lawn.” he said.

“Rick, I can’t…” she started, and saw Becky cringe again when the doorbell rang a second time.

“Please!” Rick said, feeling Becky tremble in his arms. “Smash the damn thing.”.

“It’s OK Baby, It’s alright.” He said. “Daddy’s here, and I’m not going anywhere. I’m gonna hold you for the rest of the day Baby.”.

Becky’s crying settled down and she stopped trembling when she heard Daddy tell her that.

“I’m going to be with you all the rest of this week Sweety, all day. I promise.” he said.

“Really?” she asked fearfully.

“Really. I’m not gonna let you out of my sight Baby, not even for a minute.” he answered.

“Thank you Daddy.” she whimpered.

“I love you Baby. I love you so much.” he said with a thick voice.

“I love you too Daddy, I’m so sorry I wouldn’t hug you.” she cried.

Biting back a sob, he replied “It’s OK Baby, you’re hugging me now, that’s all that matters.”.

Phillis came back in the room. She looked to Rick and asked “Why did you want me to do that?”.

“Because every time that bell rang, she would tremble. Last night when she wet, you rang the doorbell. When she heard it ring a few minutes ago, she wet her pants. She’s scared to death their going to take her away again.” he said in tears.

Tears stung her eyes as Phillis placed a reassuring hand on Becky’s back and told her “No one is going to take you Baby, no one.”.

Rick tried to move Becky back, but she cried “No!” and clung tightly to his neck.

“Baby, we have to get you out of those wet pants. I’m going to need you to stand up for me.” he explained, hurting for this terrified little girl.

“No Daddy, please.” she cried.

“Jesus, I’m so sorry you had to go through this Baby, I’m so sorry.” Rick managed before breaking down and sobbing.

“Stay right there, I’ll be right back.” Phillis said and left the room.

Rick just rocked Becky gently, trying to get his emotions under control.

Phillis returned to the room. She had baby wipes in one hand and a pair of clean panties in another. Setting the items down, she told Becky “Baby, I’m going to pull your pants and underpants off, that way you don’t have to let go of Daddy. I need you to put your feet on the floor for me.”. When Becky shook her head no, Phillis explained “You don’t have to leg go of Daddy Honey, you just hold on tight and put your feet down for me. It’ll be OK Sweety, I promise.”

When Rick felt Becky move her legs to stand, he just leaned forward, not letting go of her. When Becky’s feet touched the floor, Phillis said “That’s a good girl.”. Grasping her wet pants and underpants, Phillis gently slid them down until they hit the floor. “Now I need you to step out of them for me.” she told Becky.

Becky picked up one foot and her grandmother pulled the wet clothes clear. A second later, Phillis had them free. “That’s a good girl, I’m going to wipe your bottom clean Sweety, and then I’ll lift your feet to put clean panties on you OK?”.

Becky nodded and the said “I’m sorry I wet Daddy, I didn’t mean to, it just happened.”.

“It’s OK Baby, I know why it happened. Don’t worry about it.” he reassured her. “If you need to go to the potty Sweety, you just tell me and I will take you in there.” Rick told her. When he felt her tense up, he added “I will stay with you in the bathroom if you want me to Honey, I said I wasn’t going to let you leave my side, and I meant it Sweetheart.”. He felt Becky relax immediately when he said that.

After wiping her clean, Phillis lifted her left foot, sliding it into her underpants. Once the other foot was in, she pulled them up in place.

Becky, feeling her panties on, pulled closer to Daddy.

Rick, feeling that she wanted to be closer, pulled her back up into his lap. “It will be OK Baby, I promise you.” he told her as he held her close. Turning, he kissed her gently and asked “How about you and I take a nap?”.

Becky just nodded her head.

Rick stood, pulled the covers back, and sat down on the bed. Becky still hadn’t eased up on her grip on his neck. “I need you to let go of my neck Baby.”. When he felt her shake her head no, he said “You’re going to have to trust me Sweetheart, I’m not going anywhere. Please, I won’t move away, just let go of my neck so I can get you settled.”.

Becky, whimpering softly, slowly released her hold on Daddy’s neck.

Rick just held her there for a moment. “OK Sweety, I’m going to lay you down, and I’m going to lay down next to you OK?”.

Becky nodded.

Rick picked her up, and slid her over so she was sitting in the middle of the bed. “Slide your feet under Honey.” he said.

Becky pushed her feet under the covers and looked fearfully to Daddy.

Rick took his jacket and tie off, unbuttoned the top two buttons on his shirt and swung his legs over onto the bed, sliding his feet under the covers next to Becky’s. He laid down and Becky immediately laid down, scooting right up against him. Pulling the covers up, he pulled her closer so she was laying in the crook of his shoulder, her head on his chest. “It’ll be alright Baby, I promise.” he told her as he patted her bottom gently.

Within two minutes, Becky was sound asleep. Rick was thankful that she felt safe enough to sleep. He was so glad to be able to hold her again. He didn’t exactly know how he was going to manage this over the next couple of days, but he hoped he could get her to relax and not be so afraid. “It will take time.” he thought. Turning his head, he kissed her gently and whispered “I love you little girl, and I swear, no one will ever hurt you like that again.”.


Snuggles and Tears Chapter 68

BB great as always!!
Still too short.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 68

Others may well disagree with me on this, but that cop is sub-animal.

There is no way that a human being could knowingly lie and say that a childs’ parent had sent her away.

That is just torture for the love of it.

That is not doing ones job. He should have kept his worthless mouth shut.

This chapter actually makes me numb with anger.

At least for once, the media actually did something right, and Becky was able to read the truth.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 68

BB another great chapter.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 68

No, I agree.

I’ll disagree here, (not that I have to with you personally, your post just makes my comment easier), this chapter actually helped me, and in a way, made me happy.

It was emotional, and it was bad what occured to Becky and Billy… but it was also very real. That’s what would happen to a child in Becky’s situation, and it was really sweet to read how Rick handled everything. I’m pretty sure Sharon will do the same thing with Billy, and it will be equally emotional and fulfulling to read.

Again, true. Your dislike of the media aside, I don’t think they had a choice in this matter. Any federal investigation that arrests just about every authority figure in a child welfare office is going to make front-page news in a town or city.

Great chapter as always, and I eagerly await more now that my two weeks vacation has begun. :slight_smile:

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 68

You are right, BB, this was another hard chapter to read!! I feel so bad for Becky & Rick, & what was done to them!! Please, get this back happy soon, ok!!

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 68

Thanks for your feedback All!

This was very difficult to get down. In fact, I really screwed up several places with simple sentence structure, and had to spend an hour fixing it last night. That’s why it didn’t get posted until 2:30AM ET.

I definately agree with you on that!

You have the reason wrong here, but you will find out shortly that the reason is just as ingorant and malicious.

The next chapter will be the hardest to get through for both you and I of this entire story. I just want you folks to understand.

I promise Icey, this will get better soon, just not the next chapter.

Thank you All for your patience with this turn of events. I am trying to get this done as soon as possible, and on to much happier parts. This section haunts me, and until I get through it, everything else is suffering (work, family life, etc.). This has been helpful in many ways to put down in writing. I hope it has been an engaging experience for all of you.



Snuggles and Tears Chapter 68

I understand how Becky feels, I had pretty much the same thing happen to me when I was a child. BB you are doing a great job with this story. I did find a small mistake though.

“Baby, I’m going to pull your pants and underpants off, that way you don’t have to let go of Daddy. I need you to put your feet on the floor for me.”. When Becky shook her head no, Phillis explained “You don’t have to leg go of Daddy Honey, you just hold on tight and put your feet down for me. It’ll be OK Sweety, I promise.”

"You don’t have to let go - instead of "You don’t have to leg go.
Just a small mistake.

Great job and keep it coming

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 68

I agree wimsett,

I I were to ever meet an animal officer like that they would not like the

outcome of our conversation officer of the law or not.

I would ensure their life was much more difficult.

as always BB, a wonderful emotional chapter.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 68

If the next chapter is any harder to read than this was, I might not get through it. Very real, very emotional. I have to agree with Icey: please make this happy again!

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 68

From what we have read in this chapter, and from what BB has said, I can see that the next chapter really will be the worst, as it is most likely going to deal with Billy’s reaction to all of this.

At this stage no one really knows what set backs billy has suffered, as at this point he is still unconcious.

Its going to be worse because when he does wake up, he is not going to be able to talk about his experience like Becky was.

I can’t say that I am really looking forward to reading the chapter, though I will do so as I want to see what happens.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 68

I can’t wait for chapter 69 to see what happens with Billy.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 68

i was brokern , and crying like the baby i’m . I like it was so hard it made me fell what Becky was feeling