Snuggles and Tears Chapter 63

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Chapter 63

Sharon took Billy into the livingroom. She laid him down for a moment in the playpen, putting a set of his keys in his hand. Going to the closet, she pulled the play mat out and started putting it together. Bobby came over to see what she was doing and she told him “Hi Sweetheart, this is Billy’s toy, he wants to play for a little while.”.

Bobby, looked at the mat she was assembling and then looked at the toy airplane in his hand. Perplexed, he looked to Sharon and asked “Biwwy pway?”, his pacifier making him sound cute.

Sharon answered “Yes, Billy wants to play, but he can’t play with your toys Sweety, they will hurt him.”.

“Owwie?” Bobby replied trying to understand.

“Yes Honey, your toys will give Billy an owwie.” she confirmed.

That seemed to answer the question for Bobby and he toddled off, sat down and played with the Little People set his parents brought with.

Sharon, finished with putting the mat together, carried it to the playpen, picked Billy up and set him on the floor for a second while placing the mat inside. Then, picked Billy up and laid him in the mat, placing the toy bar over top of him. Within two minutes, Billy was happily kicking his feet to make sounds and watching a glowing ladybug change colors as soft music played. Sharon went to the kitchen to let them know she would be in the livingroom keeping an eye on Billy and Bobby to make sure Bobby didn’t give Billy any of his toys.

Returning to the livingroom, she sat down and watched as her little boy played. It was wonderful to watch him laugh and giggle as he made the toys make sound with his hands and feet. He was just so very happy when he let go. She wished she could either prevent him from focusing until he could do more physically, or find a way to make the toys that were safe seem appealing to him.

Frank came in and sat down on the couch, watching Billy play. “He’s really happy right now.” he said.

“Yes, I just wish I could keep him happy like this. If he’d been like this earlier, the tantrum would never have happened and he wouldn’t feel bad about the mark on my cheek.” Sharon told him.

“Did you give him his keys?” Frank asked.

“Yes, I wanted him to look at these toys with wonder, otherwise I was afraid he’d get bored.” Sharon explained.

“There might be another way to make that happen.” he offered.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“Well it seems to me stimulating his mouth seems to make it more difficult for him to concentrate. Why not find something that you can put on his binky that will do the same thing. God knows he doesn’t want to be without his binky, so you will never have a problem getting him to take it.” he said with a chuckle.

“That never even occurred to me.” Sharon said with a smile. “What would I use though?”.

“I’m not sure. You may want to try several things that stimulate his sense of taste and smell. I don’t know of anything that will stimulate texture that you can put on his pacifier that won’t hurt him.” Frank said.

“Alum would probably be the first thing I would try.” Rachael said as she came and sat down. She had overheard their conversation.

“Really, do you think it would work?” Sharon asked.

“No way to know without trying.” she answered.

Frank asked “What is alum?” with a puzzled look.

“It’s a very sour substance that is used to treat canker sores, among other things.” she answered. “It would definitely overpower his sense of taste.” she added.

“I have some in the medicine cabinet, I just might try that.” Sharon said thoughtfully.

“I would only put a very small amount on his binky though, it’s VERY sour.” she said.

Pretty soon, dinner was ready, and everyone went to the table. Sharon held Billy laying in her lap so when he cried for her breast, it would be easy to just turn him and let him nurse.

Rachael had put Bobby in a highchair that they had brought with them. Bobby was consumed with filling his tummy at the moment.

The conversation was light, and everyone enjoyed the benefits of having family close. Fifteen minutes into the meal, Billy made his hunger known, and was contentedly nursing his dinner from Mommy’s breast.

Sharon watched him suckling for a moment, then looked around the table at each of the people that were dear to her.

She looked first at Becky as she talked animatedly with her grandmother, while eating her dinner. She had grown a great deal over the last week. While Sharon expected there would be small reverses to that growth, she had taken some very big steps on her way to adulthood in the last few days. She would be grateful, she knew, for Becky’s help with Billy in the future.

Next she looked to her mother. Mom had supported her through all of the decisions she had made thus far. It was comforting to know that she was there to help guide her when she felt unsure.

Rachael was next, and she was laughing at the moment, at something Bobby had said. She and her sister had always been close. Sharon didn’t know if she could ever thank Rachael enough for handling Billy’s emergency as she did, or for her guidance at the hospital. Their relationship was very special and Sharon hoped to share many, many days with this special woman.

Frank sat beside Rachael and shared in his son’s humorous comment. Frank had always been fairly quiet, only offering something when he thought it would really be helpful. Sharon was really fond of this gentle giant. While he didn’t offer advice often, what he did was worth the wait.

That brought her to Rick. Here was the anchor in her life. The one constant in the universe that kept things from really seeming out of control. He was her husband, her best friend, and her soul mate. She felt extremely lucky that she had found a man such as him to love her. While she knew no one was perfect, Rick came about as close as she ever thought possible.

Her gaze turned back to Billy where it started. This little boy that she had been so close to for so long, and then had grown apart from. Now, they were as close as she ever thought possible again and she thanked God for that. She vowed never to let them grow apart again. This baby boy took her love and care and returned it ten fold in the form of warm snuggles, big, baby laughs and precious smiles. The giggles and joy he showed her as a result of her care, made her feel warm all over and want to laugh and cry at the same time.

The last week or so had been frightening, confusing, wonderful and heartwarming. It had shown her that what had at first seemed to be unusual and scary, could be wonderful and make her heart sing. Knowing that she had all of these special people around her to help smooth out the bumps in the road ahead, made her look forward to the journey.

Later on that night as the clock read eleven fifty nine, Rick held Becky snuggled close and Sharon cuddled Billy. Sharon was staring into those big, beautiful brown eyes a minute later as everyone said “Happy New Year.”. “Happy new year Baby. Besides many days of snuggles and giggles, you’ve got lots of wonders ahead. Crawling, your first taste of food, and your first steps.” she said with a smile. “And Mommy will hold your little hand through all of it.” she added as she leaned down and offered him a kiss.

Billy pressed his mouth on Mommy’s and opened it, giving her baby kisses. With a mommy like her, he looked forward to the new year.

Rick moved closer, and gave his wife a kiss and held them all in a hug. “Happy New Year.” he said with a satisfied smile.


Snuggles and Tears Chapter 63

Another good chapter, however yet again I seem to be the one that finds the errors.

This paragraph seems to be missing a word at the end of it:

That seemed to answer the question for Bobby and he toddled off, sat down and played with the Little People set his parents brought with.

Also this paragraph seems to be missing a word as it has made me read and re-read it, though it may just be my imagination on this one ( should it not have an a before sound?):

It was wonderful to watch him laugh and giggle as he made the toys make sound with his hands and feet.

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 63

no but sound should be plural

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 63

Another wonderful chapter.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 63

This has the flavor of an ending chapter. If so, well done story on all counts. If not. and I personally hope not, then I look forward to seeing where these people go from here.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 63

Good chapter.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 63

BB, yet again another wonderful chapter!! Well done!!

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 63

This was actually intended to be as written. It’s perhaps uncommon, but is legitimate to leave the pronoun off the end of that sentence, as in:

He brought it with.


The only mistake he made was to bring it with.

The pronoun is assumed.

I’ve been wracking my brain to remember a good example of it, but at the moment I cannot quote a specific book.

This was a simple typo. Someguy had it right, there should have been an ‘s’ at the end of sound.



Snuggles and Tears Chapter 63

Yes Tommy, it had that tone. I was trying to convey what alot of people go through at the end of a year. They give thought to where they are and how they got there. Sometimes it’s only the recent past they look at, as it relates to the future, as in this chapter.

Rest assured though, this is by no means the end of the story.

Thank you all for your feedback,


Snuggles and Tears Chapter 63

I have not seen it done before, even though I have read many books throughout my life.

It just seems odd to me.

It may well have been something that I learnt at school many years ago, but forgot.

I’m against what the said about putting alum on his binky. He nine and needs to get back slowing the process is only going to effect him in the future. Yes bond build with him so there won’t be a distance between him and his mom. But if you take away the only thing he has to comuncate then how can he focus on things?