Snuggles and Tears Chapter 59

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Chapter 59

Chuck and Nancy Allen sat at the dinner table with their two boys. The two parents were discussing the day when Nancy decided to fill Chuck in on Billy’s situation and the boys behavior at McDonald’s. Needless to say, he was not happy with their behavior, more so with Ricky than Joey. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be right to punish one and not the other.

“I believe going to bed early will do for starters as far as punishment is concerned.” Chuck told his wife.

“You’re right. I think after dinner would be good. As far as the rest, I’ll talk with you about it once they go to bed.” Nancy told him.

Ricky froze for a moment, a fried chicken leg in his mouth, as fear gripped him. Thoughts of what his mom would do instantly made him less hungry. Knowing how his dad felt about cleaning his plate, he forced himself to finish the meal as the conversation moved on to other things.

When dinner was finished, Nancy had both boys help clean the table and load the dishwasher. Once this was finished, she took Joey up to get him bathed and ready for bed.

Ricky sat in the livingroom enduring the news. His father had told him he was to sit there and be quiet until it was time for him to take a shower.

Nancy came into the livingroom with Joey toddling alongside, the Pamper he wore making him waddle as he walked. He had never been able to stay dry at night, so night diapers were just a part of life to him. As long as he didn’t have to go out where anyone would see him, it was alright. While he really wanted to be able to stay dry at night, he took heart in the fact that his brother had outgrown his bedwetting and he just knew that eventually, he would too.

When his mom told him to go take his shower, and brush his teeth, anxiety gripped Ricky. Not wanting to make her angry, he got up immediately and went to do as she said. Twenty minutes later, his hair still damp, he went back down to the livingroom.

When Nancy saw Ricky enter the room, she said “OK boys, I want you to go to bed now. I’ll be up in a bit to say good night.”.

Both boys said good night to their dad and headed back upstairs. Each went to their room and climbed into bed, waiting for their mom to say good night.

When Nancy entered Joey’s room, she sat down on the bed and asked “Do you know why you’re going to bed early?”.

Nodding his head, but not looking at her, Joey said “Because I was mean to Billy.”.

“That’s right Sweety. I know your sorry Honey, but you still need to be punished.” she said as she hugged him and kissed him good night. “Sleep tight Sweetheart.” she told Joey as she got up and left the room.

When his mom entered his room, Ricky’s heart started beating faster as fear made it’s presence known. He didn’t know what she was going to do. When his mom sat down and asked him if he knew why he was being punished, he answered “Yes, I made fun of Billy.”

“Yes, you did, and that was a really terrible thing to do to him.” Nancy told him.

“I’m sorry Mom, I won’t do it again, I promise.” he pleaded.

“Honey, I really don’t think you’re sorry, I think you’re just trying to avoid punishment by telling me you are.” Nancy explained. When he looked away and blushed, she knew she’d hit the mark. “Just go to sleep. We’ll deal with this tomorrow.” she told him as she kissed his cheek.

When his mom got up and left, Ricky was surprised. He was almost certain she would make him wear one of the diapers she took from Billy’s mom. Happy that he didn’t have to endure the embarrassment of having his mom put a diaper on him, he fell asleep soon after.

Ricky woke up the next morning when his door was opened. Looking up he saw his mom enter and close the door behind her. When she turned around, he saw the diaper in her hand and started to panic. “Mom no! Please don’t punish me by making me wear that!” he exclaimed as tears stung his eyes.

She approached his bed and sat down. “This isn’t a punishment Ricky. If I was going to punish you by making you wear a diaper, I would have put one on you last night. I want you to just be quiet, and do as your told. If you wake your brother up, I’m going to be very angry and things will get a lot worse for you.” she told him as she pulled the covers completely off of him.

When she reached for his pajama pants, Ricky grabbed the waistband trying to keep her from taking them off. “If you don’t just lay still and do as your told, I’m going to spank your bottom and this will happen anyway. It’s your choice, what’s it going to be?” she asked.

Ricky knew that tone. That was the tone that said cooperate or face the consequences. Reluctantly, he moved his hands away from his pajamas. “Mom, please don’t do this, I’m not a baby.” he said quietly through his tears.

As she pulled both his pajamas and his underpants down, she told him softly “I know you’re not a baby. If I thought you were a baby I would be talking to you like one. Just relax and let me get you dressed.”.

Ricky lay there quietly crying as his mom lifted his ankles and slid the diaper underneath him. Pulling it up, she taped it in place. He was thankful she didn’t use baby powder like she did with Joey at night.

“Now, lay still. Don’t move.” Nancy told her son as she got up and went to his dresser. She pulled out a t-shirt, a pair of sweatpants, a sweatshirt, and socks. Moving to his closet, she rummaged through a box until she found the shorts she was looking for. They were white, made of thin material.

When she turned around, she noticed Ricky was laying just as she’d left him. She was really glad he wasn’t fighting her. She felt bad for him, because she remembered what this felt like.

As she approached the bed, Ricky started to reach for his pajama shirt to take it off. “No.” she told him as she took his hands from the shirt. “I’ll do it. You just lay there and listen Son. I’m going to tell you a true story, and I want you to listen carefully.” as she pulled his shirt up to remove it. When Ricky went to pull his arms out of the sleeves she stopped him and said “Stop. Let me do it all, when I’m done with the story, you’ll understand.”.

Ricky just relaxed his arms and continued to cry. He felt ridiculous having his mom get him dressed.

Nancy was very gentle as she took his shirt off and began to dress her son. “There was a little girl, about nine years old.” she started. "The girl was at a park, one of her friends was having a birthday party. She was having fun playing the games, and running the races with all of the other kids. She even took first place in one of the races. She was so proud of herself for having won that race, she ran to her mom and excitedly asked if she’d seen her win. Her mom assured her that she was watching when she won and hugged her and told how proud she was of her.

A little while later, she saw a car pull into the parking lot. She saw several adults get out of the car, and one went to open the trunk and pulled a strange chair out, it had wheels on it. The little girl had never seen a wheelchair before, so she didn’t know what to make of it. A moment later, a big man reached into the back of the car, and when he stood back up and turned around, the little girl saw he was holding a girl in his arms about the same age as she was. She watched as the man put the girl down in the wheelchair. A minute later, they were pushing the girls chair toward one of the credenzas near the table with the birthday presents on it." Nancy explained as she pulled the white shorts up over Ricky’s diaper.

As she put a sock on Ricky’s left foot, Nancy continued with "The little girl watched as Penny, that was the girl’s name that was in the wheelchair, with great difficulty, put a present on the table with all of the others. She noticed Penny had a hard time making her hands work. As she watched Penny, she saw she was timid, not saying much to the other girls around her. Wanting to be nice, the little girl went over to talk with Penny. It took a little while, but before long she and several other girls had Penny talking about dresses and Barbie and all of the other things little girls like to talk about.

The party went on and soon it was time to open the presents. Tracy, the birthday girl, opened all of her presents and had fun chatting with everyone. A short while later, the little girl was sitting on the ground with everyone in a circle talking, and Penny started grimacing in pain. When everyone asked what was the matter, she told them that her shoe was hurting her. They suggested she take her shoes off, and that might help. Penny waved to her mom and asked if she could take her shoes off for her. Penny’s mom didn’t look happy about the idea, but when Penny started to cry, she told her she would take them off.".

Nancy was pushing Ricky’s arm through the sleeve of his sweatshirt as she continued telling the story. "When Penny’s mom took her shoe off, several of the girls giggled. Penny’s foot was shaped very odd and turned outward toward the wheel of her chair. When Penny’s mom took the other shoe off, both misshapen feet pointed out at a wide angle. The little girl didn’t know that the shoes kept Penny’s feet pointing where they are supposed to. The little girl didn’t notice some of the adults move closer to the circle, especially her mom. She didn’t know why, but she suddenly thought it would be funny to point to Penny and tell her she looked like a duck and said ‘Quack Quack!’.

Penny had been alright when the girls giggled at her one foot, but burst into tears when the little girl said what she did. That made Penny’s mom very upset, and the little girl’s mom very angry. The little girl was taken home right then, not allowed to play with her toys and had to go to bed early that night.

The next morning when the little girl’s mom woke her up, her mom picked her up out of her bed and sat her in a wheelchair that looked very much like Penny’s but it was bigger. Her mom told her that under no circumstances was she to get out of that chair for any reason for the rest of the day. That scared the little girl because she had to go to the bathroom. She told her mom so, and as she was wheeled to the bathroom door, her mom told her that when she needed to go, she had to ask her mom, and her mom would take her into the bathroom. Her mom lifted her from the chair and laid her down on the floor. Her mom then pulled her pants and underpants down, picked her up and sat her on the toilet. The little girl asked her mom to give her some privacy, but her mom told her that Penny didn’t get privacy when she had to use the toilet, because she couldn’t use her hands well and needed help. By then, the little girl couldn’t hold it anymore and went in the toilet. She sat there embarrassed that her mom was watching her use the bathroom. She got a lot more embarrassed when her mom leaned her forward and wiped her bottom for her. She started crying and asked why her mom didn’t let her do it herself. Her mom explained that for the day, she was going to only be able to do the things that Penny could do. That way when she saw something she didn’t understand, she might think about asking questions, instead of making fun of people." Nancy explained.

She was sitting on the bed next to Ricky. She had finished dressing him. Looking him right in the eye, she said “I had a very miserable day that day Honey, it was one of the most difficult days of my life.” with moist eyes.

Ricky finally understood that his mom had been the little girl. That scared him. His tears started again and he begged “Please don’t make me be a baby Mom!” as he cried.

“I’m not, Honey. I am however going to limit what you can do to those things Billy can do. This will only be as long as we’re at his house, it won’t last all day, I promise. You need to appreciate just how difficult things are for him. Then maybe the next time you get into a situation like yesterday, you’ll think before you tease.” she told him. Then lifting him up and sitting him in her lap, she hugged him and said “This is not a punishment Ricky, it’s something that you need to learn. I’m not going to treat you as a baby, or talk to you that way either. You’re not a baby Son, your ten years old.”.

“Then why do I have to wear a diaper?” Ricky asked through his tears.

“Because Billy has to. He can’t control his body. You heard his mom, he spends a lot of time as a baby, but there are times when he’s a nine year old with the physical abilities of a baby. That’s what I want you to understand. I want you to experience what it is like to not be able to do the things that you take for granted right now. Like being able to get up and get your own drink for example. From right now, until we get home, you will do only what Billy can do, which means I will carry you out to the car and into Billy’s house, for example.” Nancy explained.

“Mom, please don’t do this.” he cried.

“Sorry Honey, this needs to happen. If you fight me on this, not only will the results be the same, but you will have a very sore bottom as well, understand?” she asked.

Ricky just nodded his head. At least she wasn’t treating him and talking to him like he was a baby. He didn’t think he could stand that.

“Now, I need you to stop crying, because I don’t want you to call attention to yourself when I take you out to the car.”

Ricky thought about that, and got control of his emotions. The last thing he wanted was for someone to see him when he was wearing a diaper, being carried like a toddler to the car.

Nancy told him “Good.” as she wiped his face dry with his pajama top. She had almost said ‘good boy’ but she was purposefully trying not to use any language that made it sound like she saw Ricky as a baby. Sharon had made that suggestion on the phone last night, and it made perfect sense.

She moved him off her lap, laying him down. Standing up, she lifted him under his arms and set him on her hip, her hand holding his bottom. Feeling him squirm, trying to get her to take her hand off his diapered butt, she said “Sorry Ricky, there is really no other way to support your weight without holding your bottom.” and left his bedroom.

Ricky saw his dad sitting at the table as he was carried into the kitchen. He really hoped his mom would just leave and get this over with.

Chuck stood up and walked to his son. “Look at me Ricky.” he said. When his son raised his eyes to look at him, he told Ricky softly “Please, learn from this.” and kissed his son on the forehead. Then he picked up his coffee and left the kitchen.

Ricky was so thankful that his dad hadn’t said anything to make him feel bad, that tears welled up in his eyes.

Nancy got her keys and her purse and carried Ricky to the car. Opening the back door, she sat him on the seat and buckled his seatbelt. Getting in, she started the car and slowly backed out of the driveway.

No sooner had they pulled out of the driveway, then Ricky really needed to Pee. Ricky was not stupid, he knew it was futile to ask his mom to use the bathroom. Even so, he had to, he couldn’t just go in the diaper. “Mom?” he said, barely able to keep from crying.

When Nancy looked in the rear view mirror, she knew what the problem was. One of the reasons she had diapered him first, was she wanted to make sure he needed to go. She felt bad that this would be difficult for him, but she really felt strongly that he needed to learn this lesson. “You know what my answer will be, so don’t ask me Honey.”.

Ricky was not happy, but he was grateful that she answered him the way she did. Somehow it would have been a lot worse if he’d asked her and he had to hear her tell him no. They moved over a speed bump in the development and he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold it long. On the next speed bump, his bladder let go despite his attempts to prevent it. As the warmth spread through the front of his diaper, he started to cry quietly.

“Oh Honey,” she said as she saw his tears. “it’s OK, I expected that to happen. It doesn’t make you a baby, it makes you a boy who couldn’t control his bladder, just like Billy.” God she felt terrible. Seeing the anguish on his face tore at her heart.

On the other side of town, Sharon was checking Billy’s diaper. It was just damp. “Good.” she thought. This would allow both boys to need changing at the same time. She picked Billy up and said “Sweety, I need to ask you to do something for me, OK?” as she watched for a sign that he understood. When he kicked his legs, she was relieved. “I want you to be a big boy for me for a while. Ricky is coming over to spend some time here, and he is going to need to see what it looks like when a nine year old has the physical ability of a baby.” she told him. When she saw the fear in his eyes, she said “Sweety, no. He’s not going to make fun of you I promise. In fact, he’s going to be wearing a diaper just like you are. His mommy wants to teach him what it’s like for you, and I’d like you to help by trying to stay focused. If you can’t, then you can’t, and I’ll understand, but I just want you to try. Can you do that for me?”.

Billy gestured yes. He felt relieved when she said he would be wearing a diaper. That was what Ricky had teased him about. He didn’t understand what this was all about, but he was willing to help his mommy.

“One more thing Sweety, I was wondering if you could be without your binky while he’s here?” when she saw Billy start to cry, she quickly added “It won’t be long Baby, I promise. No more than two hours, and if you really, really need it, you can ask me for it, and I’ll give it to you. Will that be OK?” she asked.

Billy took a lot longer, but he finally kicked his legs.

Sharon gave him the binky and said “Here Baby, nurse on it until they get here.” and sat down in the rocker, cuddling Billy close. “I’m so proud of you, you’re trying to help.” she told him.

He nuzzled against his didee as he nursed the pacifier. He knew it would be hard, but he would try to go without his binky.

“Baby, there will come a time this morning when Mrs. Allen will ask you a question. When she does, no matter how you feel, I want you to answer no. You’ll know which question I mean when you feel me squeeze your leg like this.” Sharon explained as she gripped his thigh.

Billy kicked out to let her know that he understood. He had no idea what she was talking about, but if she wanted him to say no, then he would say no.

Ten minutes later, the doorbell rang. Sharon gently pulled Billy’s binky from his mouth telling him “I’m going to put this in my pocket. If you need it Baby, I have it right here.”

That made Billy feel a lot better.

Holding Billy in her arms, Sharon answered the door a moment later. She saw Nancy standing on the stoop holding Ricky on her hip. “Hi you two, come on in. Sorry it took so long to get to the door, I was back in Billy’s room.” she said as Nancy walked into the house.

“That’s quite alright.” she replied and then told Ricky “Say hello Honey.”

Timidly, Ricky said “Hi Mrs. Avery, Hi Billy.”.

Billy, wanting to be nice, smiled at Ricky.

“Let’s go into the livingroom where we can sit down.” Sharon said as she moved out of the entryway.

Before they could sit down, Nancy said “Is there somewhere I could change him?”.

Ricky thought he would die with that statement. It took all he had to keep from crying.

Sharon said “Sure, how about the couch, I have to change Billy anyway. I’ll take him back to his room and you just holler when you’re done.”. Pointing to the end table, she added “there are wipes and a pad over there.”.

“Thanks.” Nancy said as she picked up the changing pad and laid it on the couch. She grabbed the tub of wipes and a dry diaper and laid Ricky on the changing pad.

“Mom, why did you have to do this now?” Ricky whispered on the verge of tears.

“Because if I didn’t the diaper your wearing might leak. Do you want wet spots on your pants?” Nancy answered.

“But did you have to tell her?” he continued.

“Didn’t she tell us in McDonald’s that Billy needed to be changed? Didn’t she just tell us that he needed to be changed? You’re not going through anything different than Billy is right now.” she explained as she pulled his sweatpants and shorts down to his ankles.

Ricky might have fought her when she pulled his pants down, but he really did want to get out of the wet diaper. He didn’t like the way that felt at all. He laid perfectly still as she untaped the diaper, lifted him off of it, wiped him clean and then set him back down on the dry diaper. His face was bright red as she cleaned his front and then taped the diaper in place.

Nancy made sure to change him as quickly and efficiently as possible. She stayed quiet because she wanted to avoid the possibility that she would say something that would make him think she saw him as a baby. She knew it had to be dreadfully embarrassing for him to be changed by his mom. Once she got his pants back up where they belonged she called out to Sharon to let her know they were done. “Stay right where you are.” she told him. She quickly put the changing pad and the wipes back where she got them from and returned to the couch.

Ricky lay on the couch, just thankful that his mom hadn’t said anything when she change him. If she had talked baby talk to him, he would have died of humiliation.

A minute later, Sharon brought Billy back into the livingroom. She noticed Nancy still holding the diaper she had change Ricky out of. “Go ahead and put that in the trash can behind the couch. I’ll take care of it later.” she told Nancy.

Nancy looked over the back of the couch, located the trash can and dropped the wet diaper into it. Turning around, she pulled Ricky into her lap, holding him so he was facing away from her.

Looking down at his crotch, Ricky saw that the diaper wasn’t obvious. He looked then to Billy. His diaper was obvious, because of the sleeper he was wearing. Not only that, he was wearing a bib that was obviously wet. This made Ricky think about the humiliations that Billy no doubt had to endure every day. That was a sobering thought. He actually found himself feeling bad for him.

Sharon stood up and said “Billy needs to spend a little while on his tummy. It helps strengthen his arms and his neck.”. She took the cloth diaper from her shoulder, laid it down, and then laid Billy down so his head was laying on it.

Billy pushed up with his arms and soon had his head off the floor, looking around.

Nancy picked Ricky up and laid him down on his stomach a short distance from Billy, but so they were face to face. “Stay on your stomach.” she told him.

Sharon got up and left the room. She didn’t know if Nancy was right about this, but she got a bottle of milk, and two bottles of juice from the fridge, prepared a bottle of formula and brought them out to the livingroom, putting them on the coffee table. She knew it wouldn’t be long before Billy was hungry. Before she sat down, she went to the box of toys and got a ball out. Laying it down in front of Ricky, she said “See if he can roll it back to you. I don’t know if he can or not, but it’s worth a try.”.

Ricky not knowing what else to say, said “Thank you.” and gently rolled the ball in billy’s direction.

Billy, working hard at it, managed to lift one hand off the floor long enough to bat the ball away from him. Seeing his success as the ball rolled back toward Ricky, he couldn’t help but giggle wildly.

Ricky couldn’t help but laugh as he watched Billy giggle, and he rolled the ball gently away from him again.

More laughter filled the room as Billy managed to send it away from him again.

Ricky was laughing his butt off now. Billy’s laughter was that contagious.

Nancy watched as Ricky interacted with Billy. She laughed with them and told Sharon quietly “This is exactly what I hoped would happen.”.

Sharon smiled and said “This is good for both of them. Billy’s never been able to do that before.”.

That made Nancy’s smile bigger. “I thought you were just telling him that.”

“No. I’m so proud of Billy, he’s really working hard to get things back. He gave me a kiss yesterday and I couldn’t help but cry.” Sharon told her.

“Awww…that’s great.” Nancy replied.

“Are you sure about the bottles?” Sharon whispered.

“Yeah, I think that will definitely get his attention.” Nancy answered.

Ten minutes later, Billy looked to his mommy and said “Numma Mommy.” and managed to keep from crying despite the very uncomfortable feeling in his tummy.

Sharon immediately got up and retrieved him from the floor. Sitting down with him, she offered him the nipple of his formula bottle and told him in a whisper “I need you to drink from your ba-ba this time Sweety. You can have Nummies next time, I promise.”.

Billy was surprised, but it seemed to be important to Mommy so he started nursing his formula.

While Sharon was whispering to Billy, Nancy was picking Ricky up off the floor and moving to the couch. Sitting down, she held him just like Sharon did. At the angle they were at Ricky could see Billy nursing on his bottle. She picked up the bottle of milk and told him “Listen to me Ricky. You are going to drink this bottle. Look at Billy. He’s drinking from a bottle because he can’t eat food or he will choke on it. See how dark that liquid is he’s drinking? It’s a special formula that will help him get better. Now, If you fight me on this, I’ll make you drink the formula. This bottle has milk in it, and you like milk so you can decide which one you want to drink, but you will drink one or the other.” and she moved the nipple to his mouth.

Ricky started to cry. He didn’t want to drink from a baby bottle. He knew though, that his mom meant business and he opened his mouth when the nipple touched his lips. Tears ran down his face as he worked to figure out how to make the nipple work. It didn’t take long before he was getting the milk from the bottle.

“That formula is all Billy eats, did you know that? It must be terrible to have to drink the same thing for your meals every day, don’t you think?” she asked him.

Ricky couldn’t help but feel bad for Billy. He couldn’t imagine having to do this for all of his food, and he liked a variety of foods so it would be horrible to have to eat the same thing all the time. He nodded his head as he continued to drink.

“You’ve been good this morning, doing what I tell you, and I appreciate it Son. You get through this, and I promise, you won’t ever have to go through it again.” Nancy told him.

Ricky was very glad to hear that. He was also glad he hadn’t fought her about any of this. He thought about what had happened this morning and realized it made it a lot easier to cooperate once he saw Billy doing pretty much the same things. Having to drink from a baby bottle was humiliating, but not near as much when someone your own age is sitting across from you doing the same thing. In fact, Ricky nursed a bit harder on the nipple to be sure that he wasn’t left doing this on his own when Billy finished.

Nancy put the bottle down when Ricky emptied it. Sitting him up, she just held him. She didn’t want to torture him by burping him. She hoped he would do it on his own.

Ricky successfully belched a second later.

Billy stopped nursing and giggled when he saw it happen.

Ricky couldn’t help it, he laughed too and said “Excuse me.”.

Nancy chuckled and said “Now you know why Billy needs to be burped. You swallowed a lot of air when you drank from that bottle. He can’t do what you just did. He has to have help.” as she laid him down again.

Ricky didn’t understand why she laid him down until he saw the bottle of juice. Rather than take a chance on screwing things up, he just took the nipple and began drinking.

Nancy knew the next part would be the hardest for her son, but it was also the thing that would teach him the most. She knew her son, and knew he was as regular as a clock. Looking at the time, she knew it wouldn’t be long. She had timed things so he would need to go before he left here. She saw him squirm a bit and leaned down right near his ear and whispered “This is the last part of it Ricky, we won’t leave here until you go.”.

He looked up at her with tears in his eyes. He couldn’t believe she was going to make him poop in the diaper. The determination on her face erased any hope of avoiding it. The cramps in his belly were getting worse, and he knew it wouldn’t be long before he couldn’t stop it. Nursing on the bottle as fast as he could, he tried to empty it so he wouldn’t be drinking from a baby bottle when he went. That would destroy him. He was thankful when his mom pulled the nipple from his mouth and sat him up.

Nancy felt for him, she really did. For that reason, she shifted him so he faced her with a knee on either side of her, so his bottom wasn’t sitting on anything and whispered “Just go now. That way it’s my fault, not yours.”.

Ricky looked at her gratefully through tear filled eyes and then hugged her as he let go and filled the seat of his diaper. The feeling was truly horrible. He sat there letting the process finish as tears slowly hit his cheeks. Finally, he was done and pulled back a little so he could see his mom.

Nancy felt so bad for her son. The look on his face begged her to change him right this second. She was wondering if she had made a serious mistake, when they both heard “Did you go poopy Sweetheart?”.

Both Nancy’s and her son’s head whipped around at the same time to look at Sharon. When Sharon said “It’s OK, I’ll change you in just a little bit, we need to make sure you’re all done.” to Billy, they understood that she wasn’t talking to Ricky.

Sharon noticed both of them looking at her and said “I’m sorry, he’s messy.”. Seeing the look on Ricky’s face, she knew that Billy wasn’t the only one.

Ricky saw the understanding look in Sharon’s eyes and started to cry. When he thought she asked him if he went poopy, he wanted to curl up and die. It occurred to him then, just how he had made Billy feel at McDonald’s. He felt horrible, uglier than Methuselah inside. His crying making it almost unintelligible, he looked at Billy and said “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry I made fun of you, I won’t ever do it again, I promise Billy.”.

When Billy saw how upset Ricky was, he started crying too. He didn’t even get a chance to ask Mommy, before she offered him his binky. Nursing on it, tears continuing to fall, he felt so bad for Ricky.

Nancy heard the sincerity in his voice. She was so glad he’d learned what she needed to teach him, but felt bad that he had to go through this. Ricky just sat crying in her lap when she turned to Sharon and asked “Can he understand me?”.

Billy kicked his legs just as Sharon said “That means yes. Moving his arms means no.”.

Nancy looked at Billy and said “Billy, you’re the one that Ricky hurt yesterday. It’s up to you what happens to him now. Do you want me to keep him in diapers for the day?” hoping Billy said no.

Billy immediately started to cry harder as he pushed his arms out. He couldn’t do that no matter what Ricky had done to him. He liked being a baby, he loved his diapers and his binky and cuddling with his mommy. Ricky didn’t have that.

Sharon didn’t even get a chance to squeeze Billy leg, before he answered. She was so proud of him it made her smile. She was so happy that her little boy couldn’t bring himself to make things any worse for Ricky.

When Ricky saw Billy respond, he was so relieved it was incredible. Before he knew it, he found himself getting off his mom’s lap and walking toward Billy.

Sharon saw Ricky come toward her and sat Billy up facing away from her so Ricky could see him.

For a split second, Ricky regretted getting up. The messy diaper on his bottom felt awful as he moved. Remembering that Billy was in a similar situation, he shoved the regret aside and went to him. He couldn’t figure out what to say and stood for a second looking Billy in the eye. When Billy put his arms out wide, he didn’t think, he just hugged him. A second later, with Billy’s arms wrapped around his neck, in a teary voice, he said “Thank you.”.

Both Nancy and Sharon sat with tears stinging their eyes, glad to see that this worked out well. After a couple of moments, when the boys separated, Nancy got up from the couch, turned Ricky around and hugged him. A moment later, she said “Let’s get you out of that diaper Honey, and into underpants where you belong.”.


Snuggles and Tears Chapter 59

Thank you for another wonderful chapter.

It was the correct thing to do by using the last chapter to have Sharon tell her husband about the teasing that had been done and the suggested punishment.

I still feel though, that all the chapters should be as long if not longer than this one. :slight_smile:

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 59

Still too short!!!
A super great chapter!!!

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 59

That was a very emotional chapter. Was very good though.

Somehow I don’t think Ricky and Billy are finished with eachother, though. Seems like that relationship could grow a bit more as time goes on.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 59

Wow, what an emotional & well detailed chapter, BB!! Great job!!

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 59

An emotional chapter BB.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 59

Ok, you got me. I was tearing up as I finished this chapter. I withdraw any reservations I had about how you could pull this off. I’ve never seen it gone better.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 59

Thank you all for your kind words.

This was a hard one.

And Tommy, I definately understand, as I’ve done the same thing before. Saw what looked to be predictable and cliche, only to occasionally be surprised when I read further, glad that I did.

I really appreciate all of your feedback folks.

Thank you,