Snuggles and Tears Chapter 58

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Origionally this chapter was supposed to be about the following morning. I noticed however that I had left a couple of details out and needed to correct that.

Chaper 59 will cover Nancy coming in the morning.

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Chapter 58

When Sharon finished nursing and changing Billy, she carried him back out to the livingroom. Bobby was still sleeping in the playpen, and Sharon didn’t want to wake him, so she took Billy into the kitchen. “Sit with Daddy for a bit while I put your chair together Baby.” Sharon told him, as she handed him to Rick.

“Did you sleep well, little boy?” Rick asked as he cradled Billy in his arms.

Billy smiled around his binky and answered “Yeah, and I woke up hungry and Mommy gave me Nummies.”.

Rick understood the words ‘Mommy’ and ‘Nummies’ but the rest were unintelligible. Understanding Billy was trying to tell him that he had been fed, Rick replied “So your tummy is nice and full, huh.” with a smile.

Billy giggled when he realized what he actually said and that Daddy was still able to figure out what he was trying to tell him.

Sharon was able to quickly assemble Billy’s Rocker, but when she put the bar that the toys hung from on it, she knew it would get in the way of Billy sitting in it. Seeing that Rick was watching her, she said “I bet the extensions for the mat would work with this too.” and headed toward the closet where she had put the play mat.

When she returned to the rocker, she saw that the extensions would work out perfectly. “Can you put him in his seat?” she asked Rick.

“Let’s get you comfortable, little fella.” Rick said as he got up and gently laid Billy in the reclining chair. Bringing the crotch strap of the harness up between Billy’s legs, he attached the two side straps to the device, and adjusted it so Billy couldn’t shift down in the chair as he moved.

Sharon adjusted the seat back so that Billy was sitting up a bit, and then put the bar with the toys on it in place.

Rachael couldn’t help but marvel at how small Billy was. Seeing him in a seat designed for infants and toddlers put it in perspective for her, and she knew that it would only be a year or so before Bobby was the same height as Billy. Having seen him in his carseat, she knew he was smaller than normal, but the bulk of the carseat gave the illusion that he was bigger than he really was. This rocker not being bulky at all, resembled an infant’s bouncer in many ways, and accentuated his short stature. “I’d say he fits it fine.” she told Sharon.

“Yes, it’s perfect.” Sharon responded.

Billy had a big smile on his face as he looked from Mommy to Daddy and then to Rachael. He was up where he could see everything, instead of laying on the floor.

“You like your new seat, don’t you Sweetheart?” Sharon asked him.

Billy kicked his legs to tell her yes. When he did so, the rocker started to move a bit, back and forth. This surprised him and fear showed in his eyes.

“It’s supposed to rock, Baby. It’s OK.” his mommy told him. “Here, watch.” Sharon said as she started rocking the chair with her hand.

After the initial shock wore off, Billy smiled again. He loved to rock, it was soothing. When it occurred to him that he would be able to make the chair move by kicking his legs, he giggled wildly.

“I think someone is happy with his new chair.” Rick stated with a chuckle.

“I believe you’re right, but there’s one more piece to add.” Sharon said as she reached up and slid the bar with the toys in place.

Billy looked at the toys hanging down in front of him. He reached out to one and managed to bat it, and the toy made a rattling sound. With concentration, he hit the other two, one at a time. The middle one made no sound at all, and the one on his right was a rattle just like the first. He looked at Mommy with a bit of a bored expression.

“Hmmm…I see you’re not impressed Honey. I tell you what,” Sharon said as she took the bar off. “I’ll figure out a way to put the toys from your play mat on this bar. I know you like them.” she finished as she put the bar on the table.

Rick left the room while Sharon was talking and came back with a set of Billy’s keys. Putting them in Billy’s hand, he watched as Billy spit his pacifier out, and brought them to his mouth.

A moment later, Billy was seeing the world as an infant does. He would suck on a key for a moment, then giggle and kick his legs and that would make the chair rock a bit, which would produce more giggles from him. All the while, drool was steadily flowing from his chin to his bib.

“Lets see about now.” Sharon said as she put the toy bar back in place.

Billy, seeing the toys, reached an unsteady hand out and hit one of the rattles. The sound made him squeal with laughter. He repeated this several times, giggling repeatedly. As he reached the next time, he actually managed to get his hand wrapped around the middle toy, and as he pulled on it, a light music played. This provided another round of giggles and a big smile.

“My God, he’s precious.” Rachael said with a laugh.

“Yes, he really is.” Rick replied, as he sat watching his little boy play.

Sharon was grateful to see Billy happily playing with the toys. His reaction to the seat made the trip worth it, even with the difficulty Billy had endured at McDonald’s.

Rachael looked at the clock and said “Oh my, I need to get home. I hate to wake Bobby, but we need to go or dinner won’t be ready until eight.”.

Sharon stood and hugged her sister. “Thank you for pushing me to go today. It was a lot of fun Rach. Seeing how happy he is in that seat, I’m grateful.” she said appreciatively.

“It was fun, and I really enjoyed spending the day with you. We need to go more often.” Rachael told her with a smile.

“We will, I promise.” Sharon told her as she released her.

After she helped Rachael get Bobby and his things into the van, Sharon went back inside to get the things she bought today put away.

Billy continued to play as Mommy went in and out of the kitchen. Before long, he was getting sleepy.

Rick saw Billy yawn and went over to lower the back of the chair a bit to make it more comfortable for Billy to sleep. Giving Billy his pacifier, Rick move him closer to the table, sat back down and went back to reading the paper as he used his foot to rock Billy gently back and forth.

Sharon came back to the kitchen and saw Billy sound asleep, Rick rocking him in his seat. “That was probably the best purchase I made today.” she said with a smile.

“I think you’re right. I think this will see a lot of use over the coming months.” Rick replied. “Tell me, can you sew a Velcro loop to the sleeve of Billy’s sleepers?” he asked.

“I can, why?” she asked perplexed.

“I think for a while, it might be a good idea to put his keys where he always has access to them.” Rick answered.

“You know, that’s a good idea. If he’d had them at McDonald’s today, we might have avoided a difficult situation for him.” Sharon approved.

When Rick asked what happened, Sharon spent a few minutes explaining the incident at the restaurant, and the conversation she had with Billy in his room.

“Ricky actually teased him? I know it wouldn’t be unusual for him to laugh, but teasing is different.”. Rick said with concern.

“Yes, I felt bad when I said what I did, because poor Joey felt so bad when he understood what happened to Billy. The thing that struck me was, Ricky didn’t apologize until his mom threated with a diaper the second time.” she explained.

“I’ve been to cookouts and events with Chuck and his boys many times and Ricky never behaved that way, what’s gotten into him?” Rick wondered out loud.

“I don’t know, but they’re coming over in the morning. Nancy wants them to understand what it’s like for Billy and I think they may not like it. She intimated that some time in a diaper would be involved.” Sharon answered.

“Hmmm…I don’t think embarrassing them will help in this situation. I hope she understands that.” Rick offered.

“I don’t know, I’ll call her in a little while and see what she has in mind. I don’t want Billy to have to endure an uncomfortable situation either.” she decided.

“Good idea.” Rick told his wife.

A little while later, Rick was busy in his office and Sharon sat in the kitchen sewing small loops of Velcro to six of Billy’s sleepers. Once she got into a rhythm and it didn’t require her undivided attention she called Nancy. They spoke for a half hour or so and Sharon felt a lot better about the coming morning.

When they sat down to dinner, Rick asked Sharon if she had called. “I spoke with her a little while ago. Don’t worry Hon, they’ll all be fine.” she told him.


Snuggles and Tears Chapter 58

Another wonderful part BB.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 58

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 58

You big tease, leaving it like that.

Just read the last two chapters. I actually thought it might start to get tedious, and bogged down with too much detail, but you haven’t let me down yet. Good job.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 58

Nice cliffhanger, BB!! Makes me want to read the next chapter even more, good job!!