Snuggles and Tears Chapter 57

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Chapter 57

Getting to the restrooms, Sharon saw that the family restroom was being cleaned. Not wanting to delay getting to the next store, she grabbed a diaper, the wipes, and a changing pad from the diaper bag, and asked Rachael “Can you change Bobby after I’m done with Billy? We won’t be able to do it at the same time anyway.”.

“Sure, we’ll wait here.” she answered.

Sharon picked Billy up and headed into the ladies room. She saw a diaper deck on the wall, and lowered it down so she could spread the changing pad out. Once this was done, she laid Billy down gently and unzipped his sleeper, pulling his feet from the legs of the garment. She had just opened the diaper and used the front to wipe some of the mess off his bottom while she pushed back on his legs to give her better access, when a woman came in with a little girl that looked to be three or four years old.

“Yuck!” the little girl said as she saw Billy’s messy bottom.

“Hush Sweety, that’s not nice.” her mom told her.

Sharon quickly finished up and had him in a clean diaper as the two came out of a stall.

“Wash your hands” the girl’s mother told her as she moved with her to the sink. They both had finished washing and the mom came to get paper towels to dry their hands with, when she looked down to see Billy smiling at his mommy just as Sharon got his sleeper zipped up. “He’s adorable.” She said with a smile. “How old is he?”.

Sharon smiled, thought quickly and responded with “He’s three.” hoping she wouldn’t regret this little white lie.

“Such a big boy.” the woman observed. “Boys are always harder to potty train aren’t they?”.

“You don’t know the half of it.” Sharon thought. “Yes, they are.” she answered with a smile.

“Have a good day.” the woman offered and ushered her little girl out of the restroom.

Sharon disposed of the messy diaper and washed her hands. Gathering everything together, she picked Billy up and went back out to the basket. She decided to hold him while Rachael and Bobby were in the restroom.

When Rachael came back from changing Bobby, he said “Ba-ba Mommy.”. Rachael sat him in the basket seat, reached down and picked up a bottle of juice and handed it to him saying “Here Sweety, here’s your ba-ba.”. Bobby started nursing on the nipple immediately. “Is there anything else you wanted from here?” she asked Sharon.

“Now that I think about it, yes. I need another wipe warmer for my room. I think it will be a little while before he sleeps the whole night in his crib.” Sharon answered as she laid Billy back in his carseat.

“They’re probably cheaper here than at Babies R Us.” Rachael offered.

They set off toward the baby department, found an identical warmer to the one Sharon had at home, and then made their way to the checkout. The total was just over the two hundred dollars that Rick had written the check for, so Rachael asked the cashier to allow her to pay the difference with her Visa card.

It wasn’t long before Sharon was laying Billy in a basket at Babies R Us. As she stood back up, Billy yawned a huge yawn, dropping his binky. Before he could say anything, she had it back at his lips. He took the pacifier and closed his eyes. She was glad she had brought his Pooh Bear in with her this time, as she placed it in the seat with him.

Billy nuzzled the soft stuffed animal two or three times and drifted off to sleep nursing his binky.

Sharon didn’t think she would see anyone here that she knew, because besides Rachael, she didn’t know any mom’s with little ones. That made this part of the trip a lot less stressful, and she enjoyed herself as they browsed the different areas of the store.

Coming to the toy department, Rachael put a Little People toy in the cart for Bobby, seeing as how he’d been such a good boy all day.

Sharon looked at the toy for a moment, and told her sister “I think I’m going to pick up a few of those for Billy while I’m here. I don’t think he’ll be able to play with them right now, but he’ll need them later.”.

“I don’t know that it would be safe for him to play with them now, but eventually, he’ll be very happy to have them.” Rachael responded.

“The problem is, most of the stuff we got him for Christmas, he can’t use and won’t be able to for some time. I figured it might be good to have some on hand for when he takes the next step forward.”.

Rachael thought about that for a moment, and advised.“It might be a while before he gets any better Shar, you’re probably better off getting things he can play with now, worry about these when he can play with them.”

“Your right of course. Wishful thinking I guess.” Sharon said sheepishly.

“Hey Sis, he’ll get there when he’s ready, but I do believe he’ll get there.” her sister offered encouragingly.

“I hope so.” Sharon sighed. “I guess we stick with zero to three months then for now.” she added.

They were moving through the baby toys, and Sharon put several sets of stacking toys in the basket. They were relatively cheap and he could put them in his mouth without danger. As they turned the corner, she pointed and said “Look at that.” as she examined an infant to toddler rocker. “Do you think he would fit well in that?” she asked.

“It looks big enough for him, what was his last weight at the hospital?” Rachael asked her.

“Thirty six and a half pounds. He’d lost a little weight with the surgery.” Sharon answered.

“Well, it won’t offer much room to grow, but with any luck, he’ll be able to sit up by himself before he goes over forty pounds. That’s the weight limit on the box.” Rachael explained as she pointed to the description.

Reading the box a bit more, Sharon stated “It’s just that most of his time is spent either on the floor, in his crib, or on my lap. This would allow him to sit up a bit more while he plays with the toys attached. He could also watch a DVD while sitting in this.”. After another moment of thought, she decided to buy it and took the box off the shelf. Looking at the basket, there was no room for the rocker.

“Let me get another basket, I don’t think you’re done yet.” Rachael said with a smile.

She started to walk away and Bobby said “Mommy?” with a worried look on his face.

Rachael came back to the basket and picked Bobby up, setting him on her hip. He giggled and nodded when she asked “You want to come with Mommy?”, and they made their way toward the front of the store. A moment later, Rachael approached Sharon pushing a second basket with Bobby in the child seat, and Sharon put the rocker in the new basket.

Moving to the center of the store, Sharon was surprised at how many items she could find here in size 5T. She put a set of overalls with a train on the bib in the basket and two shirt and pant sets with Pooh Bear on them followed shortly afterward.

“This is just so much better.” she said. “I really love shopping for him now.” she added with a huge smile.

Rachael chuckled and then said “Uh oh.”

Bobby repeated her with a giggle.

This made Sharon laugh as she asked “What?”.

“Rick’s gonna blame me when you go crazy with clothes.” Rachael answered.

“Very funny.” Sharon told her sister and stuck her tongue out at her for the second or third time that day. “Mom bought sleepers, but she didn’t buy much of anything else.” she explained.

“I know, I was just teasing you. It’s my job, they pay me to do it. Not a lot, mind you, but they do pay me.” Rachael told her with a laugh.

“Ernie!” Bobby said excitedly as he pointed at a shirt with the Sesame Street character on the chest.

“That’s cute Baby.” his mommy told him as she looked for a 2T, found it and put it in the basket.

Bobby giggled and clapped his hands when he saw it there.

Before long, they were ready to check out. As the checkout lady scanned the items, Sharon kept an eye on the total. When all of the items for Billy had been scanned, the total was two hundred and forty three dollars.

Rachael told the cashier “Hold on a second, I’ll be right back.”. She came back a moment later with three other outfits that Sharon had liked, but put back because she was worried about the total. Handing them to the cashier, she said “That should do it.”.

When the total came to Three hundred and two dollars and change, Rachael went to reach for her purse. Sharon told her in no uncertain terms “Don’t even think about it.” as she opened her wallet and gave the cashier three more dollars.

Billy didn’t even stir as Sharon lifted his carseat from the basket and lowered it onto its base in the van. Rachael put Bobby in his carseat and after buckling him in, she told him “Sweety, let Billy sleep OK? You need to play with this and leave him alone for now.” as she gave him one of the smaller toys she had picked up on the trip.

Forty minutes later, they pulled into Sharon’s driveway. Looking back at Billy and Bobby, she saw both of them were asleep. “Let’s get them inside and we can come back out for the stuff.” Sharon said.

“OK, I’ll put Bobby in the playpen.” Rachael agreed.

Sharon gently lifted Billy out of his carseat, making sure to grab his blankie and his Pooh Bear. He fussed a moment, and went back to sleep. She carried him back to his nursery and laid him down in his crib. Gently as she could, she took his coat off, and covered him with his blankie, with Pooh close at hand.

As she came out to the livingroom, Rachael was covering Bobby in the playpen.

It only took ten minutes or so to get the things out of the van and in the house and Billy’s carseat back where it belonged.

Rick came in to the kitchen where they had sat down for a cup of coffee and asked “How’d it go?”.

Sharon got up and hugged him close, kissed him and said “It went great. Thank you so much Honey. I used to dread going shopping for Billy, but this was fun.”.

“I imagine so, you don’t have to worry about Billy complaining they look like baby clothes.” Rick said.

“Exactly.” she replied.

They spent the next hour showing Rick what they bought. He wasn’t particularly interested in the details, but listened attentively because it made Sharon so happy.

When Sharon heard Billy fuss over the monitor, she got up and went to get him.

When he saw her, Billy said “Numma.”. This is the first time that Billy remembered waking up hungry.

He was crying loudly by the time Sharon got settled in the rocking chair by his crib. She offered him her breast and he quickly quieted down, nursing. She noticed he was watching her as he suckled, and she smiled down at him and said “I got you some things today Baby. Some really cute clothes, and some toys, and a seat you can sit and rock in.”.

His hunger prevented him from doing anything but nursing, but he kicked his legs to let Mommy know he understood her.

Sharon saw anxiety in his expression. She didn’t know what exactly was causing it. “What’s wrong Baby?”.

It made Billy feel good to know that Mommy knew something was bothering him without him needing to tell her.

Sharon was about to ask if he was upset about what she got when it occurred to her that this was probably the first time he was alert and aware since Nancy’s boys teased him. “Oh Baby, your upset about Ricky and Joey, aren’t you?” she asked him.

The only thing that stopped him from crying loudly was the comfort of Mommy’s nipple. Even that didn’t prevent tears from leaving his eyes and making their way to her breast, to be absorbed by the underside of her bra. He kicked his legs several times to let Mommy know how much that upset him.

Sharon picked up a didee and gently wiped his tears from his eye and nose. She leaned down and kissed him softly on his cheek and said “Sweety, I wish I could have prevented that from happening, but there was no way. Sometimes kids can be really mean.” as she patted his diaper to try and comfort him. “Sweetheart, your my baby now, there’s nothing you or I or anyone else can do to change that. There will be those that won’t care, or try to understand what happened and why you are the way you are now. I’m going to do my best to try to protect you from that, but I won’t be able to prevent every uncomfortable situation from happening. There are going to be times that this will be difficult, but I’ll be here to hold you and I promise to have a didee handy to wipe your tears and make the owwie go bye bye.” she said with a warm smile.

Billy smiled around her nipple. He couldn’t help it. He loved that she talked to him like a toddler. It just felt so good. Part of him just wanted to let go and stay a little baby from now on. The other part really loved how she treated him like a baby even when she knew he was able to think like a nine year old. That part understood that she was working hard to make him feel just like her baby boy. He liked both, he realized, just at different times.

He didn’t remember events when he was an infant, but he did remember feelings. He had lots of wonderful feelings from the last few days that had no specific events he could recall. Being an infant allowed him to feel wonderful when there wasn’t any way for him to entertain himself and he got bored.

As a nine year old, he loved not remembering going to sleep, but waking up in his crib with his binky and his blankie, his dipey warm and squishy and Pooh where he could nuzzle. Opening his eyes, seeing the crib bars around him made him feel safe and secure. Knowing all he had to do was cry and Mommy would come make it better, made him feel loved and cared for in such an intense way it scared him at times.

Sharon watched his eyes closely. She knew he was working something out, she could almost see the thoughts running in his eyes. She hoped what she told him made him better able to deal with this type of thing if, no, when it happened again, because she knew it would happen again.

She sat Billy up to burp him, his face laying on his didee. She noticed he was drooling a lot now and was thankful they’d gone shopping today. She would need to put an extra cloth diaper under his head when she laid him down from now on, or he would soak the crib sheets. “Look at you Baby, you’re Mommy’s little dribble butt, yes you are.” she told him in a sweet voice, smiling, as she waited for him to burp.

Billy giggled as Mommy talked. He wished he could tell her just how good it felt when she talked that way. A moment later he gave her a good sized burp and giggled again.

“There’s the piggies! There they are!” she said as she tickled his tummy, making him squeal.

“I know you love it when I treat you this way.” Sharon said with a laugh. “Do you know why I treat you like that?” she asked him.

Billy thought a second, but couldn’t figure out what she was getting at.

“You do like it when I talk to you like that don’t you?” she asked when he didn’t respond, to make sure she was right, and to be sure he was still aware.

Billy kicked his legs multiple times and giggled.

Shifting him so she was holding his face right in front of hers, she told him “I do that because I love you Baby, just because I love you.” and leaned forward to give him a gentle kiss to his forehead.

She pulled back and saw little tears fall from his eyes as he smiled a big smile.

Billy needed to show her he loved her. He focused his concentration as completely as he could, leaned forward and put his mouth against her chin and opened it. It was the closest thing he could manage to a kiss.

“Awww…” Sharon said, tears now wetting her cheeks as she smiled at him. “You gave Mommy baby kisses.”. Pulling him in close she hugged him tight, kissing his forehead and said “Mommy loves your baby kisses Sweety, more than anything else in this world.”


Snuggles and Tears Chapter 57

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 57

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 57

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