Snuggles and Tears Chapter 54

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Chapter 54

The three parents carried the kids out to the livingroom. Each sat down cuddling their respective children close.

“This is wonderful. I’m so happy to see he’s making steps forward.” Rachael told her sister.

“Yes, I was worried how long this would take.” Sharon said.

“I have a feeling, because of the way nerves work, that this will come in small leaps. It may take a while before you see the next one.” Rachael warned her.

“Really?” Sharon asked. Part of her was concerned it would take a long time, years, before he got back to where he belonged. Another part of her hoped it wasn’t too quick, as she really loved having her baby boy to nurse and care for.

“Yeah, I think it will take a while. Besides, while he made a big leap today physically, his jealousy shows there is no change in his emotional state. It would be a lot harder for him with good coordination and the emotional control of a baby.” Rachael explained.

“Wow, I hadn’t even considered what it would be like for him if his emotional state didn’t change.” Rick offered.

“Is it possible that that won’t get better?” Sharon asked with concern.

“It’s possible. I think it’s highly unlikely, but it is possible.” Rachael answered.

All three of them sat quietly contemplating what life would be like for Billy if he had to go through the rest of his life with the emotional feelings of a baby. The thought was sobering.

Becky looked at the clock on the wall and said “Mom, I forgot, I was supposed to ask you if I could go over to Stacey’s.”

Sharon considered this. After having essentially forced Becky to mess a diaper this morning, she was more than willing to let her do something special. “How long are going to be over there?” Sharon asked.

“I don’t know, we didn’t talk about that.” Becky answered.

“I tell you what, since you’ve been such a good kid today, why don’t you ask if you can stay the night. Then you two can take your time showing each other what you got for Christmas.” Sharon said with a smile.

“Can I really?” Becky asked excitedly. Her mom didn’t often let her stay over at friends houses, so this was a surprise.

Sharon then immediately said “That is, unless your daddy has a problem with it.”.

Becky looked to her daddy. Rick sat a moment and said “Hmmm…I don’t know, I was hoping Becky could help me change the oil on the car.” with a somber look.

“Yuck!” Becky said with a grossed out expression.

When Rick saw she was really worried he would make her get greasy, he relented. Standing her up, swatting her on her butt, he said “Go have fun Pumpkin.” with a smile.

She gave him a quick hug and kiss and then went to her mom. Hugging her tight, she whispered “I did that to myself this morning Mom, it wasn’t your fault. Thank you for helping me though.” as she kissed her mom on the cheek and went to call Stacey.

Sharon was very surprised and very proud of her daughter. Tears stung her eyes as she watched Becky disappear down the hall.

“Is something wrong Honey?” Rick asked worriedly.

Sharon thought about the big step Becky just made, pulled Billy a little closer and said “No Hon, everything’s just right.” blinking tears from her eyes as she smiled at him.

When both Rick and Rachael looked at her with extreme curiosity, she quickly and quietly relayed what Becky had whispered. Both of them worked to keep their eyes dry as Becky came back saying that she could stay the night with a packed overnight bag in hand.

Clearing his throat several times, Rick said “You want me to drive you over there Pumpkin? It will allow you to take more stuff to show Stacey.”.

Becky smiled as she looked at her mom. She knew her mom had told her dad what she said. “That would be great Daddy. I’ll get some more things together.” she exclaimed as she turned around and hurried back to her room.

Three minutes later, Rick and Becky left the house, several bags in tow.

Billy started to fuss a moment later. Sharon wasn’t sure what the problem was, and started to reach to check his diaper when he said “Numma Mommy.”.

She hadn’t known if he would be able to say ‘Nummies’ and now she understood he couldn’t. “OK Baby, lets get that tummy full.” as she laid him on his side, lifted her shirt, bared her nipple and offered it to him.

Billy took the nipple and started nursing hungrily the moment he tasted Mommy’s milk. The sensation was so wonderful, he couldn’t hold his concentration and surrendered to the infantile sensations that felt so good.

Sharon was watching him, and saw the expression in his eyes change and become unfocused. He sighed a blissful sigh and curled his hand up in a ball, nursing contentedly.

A moment later, Bobby, seeing Billy nursing said “Nummies Mommy.”.

Rachael looked at Bobby and told him “If you want Nummies, you have to take a nap afterwards Baby.” making sure he understood that this was for bedtime and naptime only.

With tears in his little eyes, he repeated himself.

Sharon watched Rachael lift her shirt, release the clasp of the nursing bra she was wearing, and bring Bobby to her breast. Seconds later, both boys were nursing away at their mommy’s nipple.

“I see you planned for this.” Sharon said smiling.

“Yes, I’ve been letting him nurse at bed time, nap time and sometimes in the mornings when he wakes up. I knew this would be an issue when we came here, so it was better to get him used to playing by the rules before it happened.” Rachael explained.

“He looks like he really enjoys nursing.” Sharon commented.

“Yes, I think it’s made it easier. He’s settled down a bit since I started nursing him.” She answered.

Thinking a moment, Sharon asked “Is he getting anything?”.

“Yes, not much, but I am producing a small amount. I imagine it will increase as time goes on.” Rachael said with a smile.

“You like being able to feed him, don’t you.” Sharon said with a knowing smile.

“Yes.” Rachael answered with a blush. “Why is it that people make you feel like this is wrong?” she asked.

“I don’t know, but I understand what you mean.” Sharon answered.

“How long are you going to nurse Billy?” Rachael asked.

Sharon thought for a second. “I was thinking that I would nurse him exclusively as long as he needs his formula. Once that need disappears, then I’ll do what you’re doing now, switch to the bottle and nurse him at bedtime, naptime and in the mornings. I’ll let Billy decide from then when he wants to stop nursing altogether.” she answered.

“That sounds like a good plan to me.” Rachael offered with a smile. She too loved the closeness of nursing her little boy. She had felt foolish when she encouraged him to suckle at her breast for the first time in a year. But when he laid down and started nursing, she remembered the close bond that nursing produced. By the second day, she noticed he was a lot less fussy, and in a better mood. She new then that she would continue this for a while.

Sharon had to laugh when they both picked up their boys to put them on their shoulder. She noticed Billy push his fist in his mouth as she patted his back. Pretty soon, he burped loudly and giggled. She patted him until he burped twice more and then laid him down to nurse on the other side with the tube in place.

As Rachael laid Bobby down to nurse her other breast, she asked “Do you regret stopping at a year?” with a speculative expression.

“Yes, just like you do.” Sharon answered her with a smile.

With a small smile, Rachael said “You know, the more I think about it, the more I believe it wouldn’t be a bad thing to let him nurse when he wants to.”.

“There’s no reason why a two year old can’t be breastfed.” Sharon said. “Heck even a three year old, from my point of view.”.

“You’re right. I think I’ll throw the rules out the window.” Rachael replied smiling as she looked down at Bobby.

Pretty soon, both boys were sound asleep, still attached to their mommy’s breast.

At first Sharon was going to put Billy in his crib, but after thinking about it, she decided to just let him nap in her lap.

Rick came back in the house just then and saw both boys sound asleep, nipple in mouth. He smiled at how cute it looked. “You two look a little busy, want me to get some coffee?” he asked.

“You are such a good man, yes please.” Sharon said.

“Me too please.” Rachael said with a smile.

When Rick went to the kitchen, Rachael said “It’s official, you need to keep him.” with a laugh.

“Oh, don’t you fret, he’s not going anywhere.” Sharon replied chuckling.

When Rick came back in, Sharon broke Billy’s seal on her nipple and gave him his binky. After shifting him so he was more comfortable, she took a sip of coffee. When she looked up she realized Rachael had done the same thing.

Rick, chuckling, said “You know, watching you two is like watching twins.”.

They both laughed at that.

After spending about two hours chatting quietly, Bobby sat up in his mommy’s lap, yawned a big yawn and hugged her close, nursing his binky.

Billy stirred a few moments later and Sharon sat him up to hold him close, his face laying on his didee as he nursed his binky.

Pretty soon, Bobby got down from his Mommy’s lap and started looking around the room. Rachael noticed his diaper sagging a bit and said “Hey Baby, let’s get you a dry diaper and then we’ll get some toys out so you can play.”.

Bobby, hearing her say she would get him toys came quickly back to the couch.

“Hold on, I’ll go get some diapers and wipes, where is his diaper bag?” Rick offered.

“It’s in the entryway. Thanks Big Brother.” she said with a smile.

“No problem.” he answered as he got up to get diapering supplies.

Diaper changes complete, Sharon asked Rick to get the playpen out of the closet. Once he set it up, she laid Billy on his tummy, making sure he had his binky in his mouth and his keys at hand.

Sharon watched as Billy raised his head up off the pad, and looked around the room. When he saw her, he giggled and said “Mommy.” with a smile, as a small amount of drool escaped his mouth. She knew for certain that he was seeing the world through a little baby’s eyes at that moment and still he said her name. This made her very happy because it told her that any gains he made were not tied to his concentration. “Hi Baby.” she said as she spread a didee on the pad under his head, so it would absorb the drool.

“Do you have bibs?” Rachael asked as she pulled one from Bobby’s diaper bag.

“I think we have one. But on his tummy, I don’t think a bib will help.” she answered.

“Here, I carry three or four all the time. With Bobby nursing, I won’t need two of these.” Rachael said as she handed two bibs to Sharon.

“Thank you, I’ll need to go shopping for some I guess. I’ll get these back to you once I get some.” Sharon replied as she moved to the playpen and secured a bib around Billy’s neck. Sitting back down, she noticed the bib had ‘I love my Mommy’ printed on it. That made her laugh.

“He’s precious Shar.” Rachael said laughing with her sister. “Hey, why don’t we go shopping after he gets his next nap. After all, half the fun with having a baby is showing off how cute they are.” she suggested with a big smile.

Sharon was tempted. She hadn’t been anywhere but the hospital or home for days. “I don’t know Rach, I don’t have any idea what our finances look like right now, Rick and I haven’t had time to go over that.” she answered.

“I’ll buy. Then there’s no problem.” Rachael countered.

“No, you won’t.” Rick said. “Honey, if you need some things for Billy, then go get them. We’re alright.” he told his wife.

“Spoil sport.” Rachael said and stuck her tongue out at him.

Rick made a funny face at her and they all burst out laughing. “I’ll only go on one condition.” Sharon said to her sister.

“What?” she asked.

“If you’re prepared to nurse Bobby while we’re out.” Sharon answered with a mischievous smile. She knew Rick was telling her to go because he felt bad. She could wait to go shopping for a little while. She figured her condition would stop this discussion cold.

“Deal.” Rachael said after a moment of serious contemplation. The thought of nursing Bobby while they were out made her a little anxious, but she figured it would come up sooner or later.

“What stores are you going to?” Rick asked.

“Probably Walmart and Babies R Us.” Rachael answered before Sharon had a chance.

Rick took a moment to write in his checkbook and tore first one, then another check from the book. Handing Sharon both of them, he said “If you go over that, you’ll need to put it on the Visa Hon.”.

“Honey, I was just going to get bibs.” Sharon objected as she stared at the two checks. The one to Walmart was made out for two hundred dollars, and the one to Babies R Us for three hundred dollars.

“Sharon, we both know you’re going to get in there and want to buy more than just bibs. I wrote them so that you had to take this one time and indulge yourself Sweetheart.” Rick said, giving her a quick kiss.

Rachael being nosy looked at the two checks and said “If she goes over that, I’ll cover it. It’ll be my fault anyway.” and then stuck her tongue out at him.

“Fine!” Rick said.

“Fine!” Rachael responded. Then both of them laughed and she went to him and gave him a big hug. “Thanks Big Brother, she needs to get out.” she said before she pulled away.

“I know, that’s why I wrote them for the amount I did. It will take a little while for her to decide on what she wants that way.” he said with a smile.

Sharon looked at Bobby and waved her hand in front of her face and asked “Can you see me? Am I invisible?” with a smile.

Bobby said “Yeah.” and burst into giggles.

Edging closer to him slowly, Sharon said “That’s right Baby, I’m the invisible TICKLE MONSTER!” and grabbed him, tickling his tummy.

Bobby squealed loudly and started giggling his head off.

The squeal startled Billy and his arms flew out from underneath him to the sides and his legs straightened just before he started crying loudly.

Rick quickly picked him up saying “It’s OK Baby, It’s alright. Mommy and Bobby are just making lots of noise.” as he rocked Billy gently. His nose told him Billy had messed his diaper. When he got Billy calmed down, nursing his binky he turned to Sharon and said “Poor Baby, you scared the you-know-what out of him, literally. You get to clean up after YOUR mess.” with a chuckle.

Taking Billy into her arms Sharon said “I’m sorry Baby, I didn’t mean to scare you.” as she kissed him and cuddled him close. “Lets go get your stinker butt all clean.” she added as she made her way to the nursery.

When Sharon came back to the living room with Billy smelling like fresh baby powder, she asked Rachael “Hey, how about we don’t wait?” with a smile. “Billy can nap in his carseat, in the shopping basket. I’d rather not be out late, he will need a bath later.” she added.

Rachael could see that she was excited to go shopping. Smiling she said “Sure, give me a minute to get Billy’s car seat switched to the van.”.

Rick said “I’ll do the carseat, you two get what you need together. By the way, I meant to ask you this before, which would be better, Billy facing forward or backward?”.

Sharon looked to Rachael.

Rachael considered this for a moment, and said “I think, because of his weaker neck muscles, it would be better if we faced him backward. Can his carseat be positioned that way?”.

“Yes it can. It was expensive because it grows with him. We had to get one that would because he was so small for so long.” Sharon answered.

“OK, backwards it is.” Rick said as he went out.

“This will be better anyway.” Rachael said. “It will allow the two boys to look directly at each other. That way, they can entertain each other.” she added.

Sharon looked worried. She really wanted to sit back with Billy.

“You can’t sit back with him, I’m folding the seats down so we can bring the stuff home. Sharon, he’ll be fine, I promise. I still have an old mirror that Bobby used to use. We can place it so he can see you.” she said. After a seconds pause, she added “And so you can see him, worry wart.” with a smile.

Sharon smiled. She couldn’t help it, she wanted to be sure he was OK. “OK. Sorry Rach, after everything he’s been through, I can’t help it.” she said apologetically.

Rachael became serious, put her arm around Sharon’s shoulders and told her “Hey, it’s OK. I’d be the same way. If you really want to, we can work it out so you can sit next to him.”.

“No, as long as I can see him and reach him I’ll be fine.” Sharon replied. “Thanks for understanding.” she added with a smile.

A few minutes later, diaper bags packed, the two sisters made their way to the van with their little ones. Sharon saw that Rick knew her well, and had put Billy’s seat where she could reach him easily. After both boys were buckled in, Sharon gave Rick a kiss and said “Thank you Sweety, I really appreciate you encouraging this.”.

“You said it yourself Hon, it won’t do you or Billy any good to be a hermit. Have fun. Get some cute stuff.” he said with a smile.

“Thank you.” she said again and got in the front passenger seat.

Rachael ran quickly over to Rick, gave him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek and said “I really can’t think of a better man for my sister than you Big Brother. Thank you.” and quickly got into the van.

Rick didn’t know if he’d ever gotten a better compliment in his life. Smiling, he waved as they pulled away.


Snuggles and Tears Chapter 54

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 54

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 54

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 54

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 54

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 54

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