Snuggles and Tears Chapter 51

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Chapter 51

Becky slowly came awake, remembering she was in her parent’s bed. Opening her eyes, she saw Billy’s head, level with her shoulder. She moved to lean on her elbow, putting her head on her hand, so she could look down on him as he slept.

“He looks so cute, just like a baby.” she said softly. Moving her hand from his chest, she placed it on his diapered bottom. Squeezing gently, she felt that his diaper was wet. She smiled as she considered that Billy had been so adamant that he wasn’t a baby just several days ago, and now, here he was sound asleep with his binky in his mouth, wearing a wet diaper.

“I wonder what it’s like?” she asked herself, not realizing she said it aloud. She’d never had any desire to be anything but who she was, but right at that moment, she wondered what it would be like to wear a diaper, or be treated like a baby. She felt silly having these thoughts. It was curiosity more than anything else.

Seeing a spare binky, she picked it up and looked closely at it. Looking to see that her parents weren’t anywhere around, she put the bulb of the pacifier in her mouth and started sucking on it. After thirty seconds, she could see no reason why Billy would be so attached to his binky. She laid the pacifier back where she had found it, and looked to the stack of four diapers on the headboard.

Picking up one of the diapers, she smiled as she saw Pooh Bear blazoned clearly on the center of the back. The sight of Billy held by their mother, Pooh centered on his bottom came back to her. Curiosity getting the better of her, she opened the diaper, feeling the soft material inside. She had to know.

Reaching under the covers, she pulled her nightgown up to her chest, hooked her fingers in the waistband of her panties and pulled them off. Lifting her bottom, she centered her butt on the diaper and pulled the diaper up between her legs. She pulled the first tape free of the back, and applied it to the front. It was a tight fit, but not uncomfortable. A second later, she taped the other side.


Rick and Sharon sat enjoying a quiet breakfast together. They didn’t often get time alone, especially since Billy had come home from the hospital.

“How was work yesterday? I didn’t get a chance to ask you.” Sharon offered.

“It was OK. All of the folks there wanted to know how Billy was doing.” he answered. “It’s funny, they all acted like he was in such a terrible situation. They kept telling me how sorry they were. I see Billy, see how happy he is right now, and the two just don’t go together.” he added.

“I definitely understand. How do you get across to people that this is not a catastrophic disaster in Billy’s life? For most children I guess it would be, but not for him. He’s getting a second chance at what he needed and from my point of view, that’s a miracle.” Sharon responded.

Rick was about to respond when they both heard Becky, over the monitor, say how cute Billy looked. Both of them smiled at that statement. A look of surprise replaced the smiles when she spoke about her wonder at what it was like.

Sharon, having sat and listened to Billy nursing at his binky, was even more surprised when she heard noise up near the monitor, and then heard the unmistakable sound of someone nursing on a pacifier. This sound continued for a half a minute or so, and then Sharon heard it stop and the binky being put back up on the headboard.

The familiar sound of a diaper being spread open came next. Then covers moving, the muffled motion of their bed, and a diaper tape being pulled open followed. Sharon knew then that Becky was putting a diaper on. She sat a moment, figuring out how to handle this.

“I’ll be back in a little while, let me handle this.” She told Rick as she got up and headed toward their room.

No sooner did Becky get the diaper in place, she heard steps coming down the hallway. “Oh no!” she thought. How could she be so stupid, she didn’t know what had gotten into her. She didn’t want to be a baby. But here she was laying in her parent’s bed with a diaper on, and one of her parents was coming down the hall. She realized her panties were on the covers and quickly put them underneath and pulled her nightgown down and the covers up to her chest. Closing her eyes, she acted like she was asleep.

Sharon walked into the bedroom and glanced at Billy sound asleep. Looking to Becky, she noticed the telltale movement of eyelids that all kids have when they try to feign sleep. Moving to the bed, she sat down next to Becky, and gently began pulling the covers down.

Becky was about to panic, how would she explain this? “Isn’t Billy so cute? And by the way, I just wondered what a diaper would feel like so I put one on.” she thought to her self. Yeah, that made perfect sense.

“Lift your nightgown Sweety.” Sharon told Becky.

When Becky, tears forming, tried to speak, Sharon put he finger to Becky’s lips and said gently “Lift your nightgown.”.

Becky slowly pulled her nightgown up until the diaper was completely in view.

“Hmmm…” Sharon said. “I imagine it was a lot harder to put on yourself. That explains why the tapes are not even.” she added. Reaching for another diaper and the baby powder, she told Becky softly “Hush, I don’t want you to wake your brother.”.

Pulling the tapes on Becky’s diaper, she tapped her thigh and said “Lift up Sweety.”.

Becky, not knowing what else to do, lifted her bottom off the diaper. When her mom pulled the diaper out from under her, she started to lay back down, but Sharon said “Stay up a second.”.

Becky watched as her mom sprinkled powder on the new diaper, ran her hand over the powder and reached for her bottom. She blushed furiously as her mom continued to powder her bottom, making sure all of the creases were coated. She lay down on the diaper when her mom put downward pressure on her hip. A more intense blushing followed as her mom powdered her front, coating all of the creases there. She wished she hadn’t even thought about putting a diaper on. When Sharon pulled the diaper up and fastened it, Becky had tears running down both cheeks.

Sharon pulled Becky toward her and gave her a hug. “I’s OK to be curious Sweety. It’s not OK to lie. By pretending you were asleep, you were lying to me.” she explained as she purposely, firmly patted Becky’s diapered bottom.

“I’m sorry Mom, I don’t want to wear this.” Becky said softly.

Pulling back from Becky, “Don’t want to wear what?” Sharon asked, wanting to hear Becky say it.

“I don’t want to wear a diaper.” Becky said with a red face.

“Well Sweety, why did you put one on then?” Sharon asked.

Becky really didn’t have any idea. “I was just curious what it was like. Now that I know, I want to take it off.” she answered.

“Not yet Honey, not until it’s wet.” Sharon told her. When Becky began to object, Sharon continued with “For two reasons, first, you need to understand what it feels like so you can understand why your brother fusses when he wants to be changed. And two, you need to understand that there are consequences for everything we do. Some of them are good, and some are bad, but there are always consequences. I promise, when the diaper is wet enough, I’ll take it off and you can go back to wearing panties.”.

“But Mom…” Becky started.

Sharon gave her ‘that look’ and said “No buts young lady. You wanted to know what a diaper feels like, and that’s OK, You’re going to know what a wet diaper feels like. One other thing Becky, you can’t put your brother’s binky in your mouth and then just put it back on the headboard. Which one did you take?” she asked.

Becky, even more embarrassed, reached out and picked up one of two pacifiers that lay on the headboard.

Sharon thought for a moment about having her nurse on the pacifier, but dismissed it. She didn’t want to make it harder on her daughter than it already was. “Billy could get really sick if he nursed on this after you did Sweety.” Sharon told her.

“I…I didn’t know that, I’m sorry.” Becky said through tears. The last thing she wanted to do was hurt Billy.

“I want you to take this to the kitchen, put it on the counter, and sit down at the table for breakfast.” Sharon told her.

Becky looked horrified. “I don’t want Daddy to know.” she said, fresh tears falling from her eyes.

“Sweety, it’s OK, Daddy already knows. See that?” Sharon said pointing to the baby monitor. “We heard you take the binky, and then put the diaper on. He can hear what we’re saying right now Honey.” she added. Seeing how hard this was on Becky, she held her close, this time not going anywhere near her diaper. After a moment she explained “Daddy will love you even if you were curious about how a diaper feels, I promise.”. Getting up from the bed, she pulled Becky to her feet, turned her toward the door, and just for the heck of it, swatted her diapered butt as she said “Go on, I’ll be there in just a second.”.

Sharon couldn’t help smiling as she watched Becky waddle a bit as she made her way slowly to the end of the hall.

Becky’s first thought as she made her way slowly toward the kitchen, holding a binky in her hand, was “This is all Billy’s fault. If he didn’t want to be a baby, then I wouldn’t have been curious.” as anger flared. Two seconds later, an unfamiliar shift occurred in her mind, and she thought “No. It’s not his fault, I did this. He needs to wear diapers right now.” as the anger faded and was replaced with a feeling of guilt. As unusual as it was, it took being diapered, carrying a binky down the hall to make Becky’s first jump toward adulthood, taking responsibility for her own actions.

As Becky turned the corner, she saw her father sitting at the table. He motioned for her to come to him. Like a death row inmate walking the last mile, she slowly made her way to him.

He surprised her when he picked her up and sat her facing him in his lap. Seeing the binky, he took it from her, and put it to her mouth. Reluctantly, she took it as tears made their way down her cheeks. “Do you want us to treat you like a baby too?” Rick asked her as he hugged her and patted her diapered bottom.

“No Daddy.” she answered him around the binky.

“Are you sure Pumpkin?” he asked, knowing the answer, but wanting to make sure she knew it.

“Yeth Daddy.” she said, sounding like a toddler.

“OK Honey, take the binky and put it on the counter and come sit down for breakfast.” he told her after giving her a kiss on the forehead.

She got down off his lap and put the binky on the counter. She was glad to be rid of it. She felt silly with it in her mouth, especially in front of her daddy. She sat down in the chair and noticed it was like sitting on a cushion. The diaper wasn’t uncomfortable, far from it, but it represented everything she didn’t want. She wanted to get older, being able to stay up later and do more things. The fact that she could even wear the diaper bothered her. It meant that she wasn’t quite as big as she thought.

Sharon came in the kitchen at that point, sitting down with Billy in her lap. A second later, Billy was hungrily nursing at her breast as the rest of them talked.

Thirty minutes later, breakfast was over, and Sharon asked Becky if she would rinse the dishes and put them in the dishwasher. Becky, not wanting to make her mom mad, got up and started rinsing the dishes. This had a serious effect on her need to pee. She had gone when she got up, but after drinking a good amount of juice with breakfast, her bladder was telling her it needed to empty. Seeing an opportunity to get out of the diaper, she reluctantly stood very still for a moment, relaxing her muscles and a small amount of pee flowed into the diaper.

Sharon was watching as Becky became still. She had purposefully asked Becky to do the dished because it would force her to put her hands in warm water. This would make it easier for her to wet her diaper. She had thought Becky would have more of a problem wetting, but then it occurred to her that she might have just wet a little to get the diaper off.

Becky quickly finished getting the dishes in the dishwasher and walked over to her mom. “Mom, can I take it off now?” she asked.

Sharon knew this was going to be hard on Becky, but said “Lift up your nightgown Sweety.”.

With a red face, Becky lifted her gown until the diaper was on display. She blushed even more when her mom reached between her legs and squeezed the diaper, trying to see just how wet it was.

“Your diaper is barely damp, Sweety. You’ll have to wait until it’s a good deal wetter than it is.” Sharon said as she pulled Becky’s nightgown downward, letting her know to cover back up.

‘Your diaper’ Becky heard. That made her face even more red. She knew to argue wouldn’t make it any different, so she let her nightgown fall to her shins as new tears fell.

“Why don’t you go watch TV in the livingroom for a while.” her mom said softly.

“OK.” she said through her tears, and waddled out to the livingroom to try and get lost in a TV show and forget about the diaper.

It was about an hour later that the doorbell rang. Becky froze. “Oh my God, what if someone sees me?” she thought.

Sharon came quickly into the livingroom and told Becky “Quick, go to your room Sweety. It wasn’t my intention to have anyone see you like this. I’ll be in to check on you in a little while.”.

Becky, giving her mom a thankful smile, got up and hurried to her bedroom, closing the door. A moment later, she heard her Aunt Rachael talking. “That was too close!” she thought. She knew her aunt would have pulled her into a big hug, no doubt feeling the diaper. It occurred to her then that her mom wasn’t trying to embarrass her. If she was she would have made her stay out in the livingroom.

Sharon welcomed Rachael and Bobby into the house. Bobby gave her a big hug, and a big, wet, drool laden kiss.

“Where is everyone?” Rachael asked as she and Sharon sat down in the livingroom.

“Billy’s sleeping in his crib, and Becky is napping in her room.” Sharon lied. She really didn’t want Becky embarrassed.

“Oh. Well how is Billy?” Rachael asked.

Sharon spent a while explaining everything that had happened in the last couple of days.

Meanwhile, Becky was in a difficult spot. Three minutes after she had gone to her room, she felt the need to go. The problem was, she had to poop. She knew there was no way she could get her mom’s attention without her aunt wanting a hug.

The minutes ticked by, her mom still out talking as the need for Becky to go became intense. There was no way she could leave the bedroom without seeing her aunt, and there wasn’t any way she could take the diaper off and go because there was no place to go.

Several minutes later, she had no choice, she stood up and let the mess out into the diaper. As she did, her bladder emptied and the diaper became swollen with pee as well as the seat filled with a mess. Because the diaper was so snug, there wasn’t a lot of room inside, so the mess spread over her bottom. She stood crying when it was all done. Not knowing what else to do, she lay on her stomach on her bed, crying softly into her pillow.

Sharon had gotten up to go get coffee, when it occurred to her that she should go check on Becky. “Can you get the coffee? I need to check on Becky, she wasn’t feeling so good earlier.” Sharon asked.

“You want me to take a look at her?” Rachael asked.

“No. I’m sure she’s fine, I just want to make sure.” Sharon said. The last thing Sharon wanted was for Rachael to see Becky right now.

“OK, I’ll be out here.” Rachael said as she got up to get coffee from the kitchen. Looking around, she noticed there was nothing that Bobby could get into and then she smiled as she remembered they had to baby proof the house for Billy now.

Sharon made her way down the hall and knocked softly on Becky’s door, opened it and went inside. The minute she got inside the room, she knew what had happened. Her nose told her Becky had messed her diaper. She wondered why for a second until it occurred to her, Becky probably didn’t have any choice. She felt horrible, having forced this to happen.

Becky turned her face toward Sharon and said “I’m sorry Mommy.” with tears running down her face.

Sharon moved quickly to the side of the bed and placing a gentle hand on Becky’s back, said “No Sweety, this is not your fault, it’s mine. I am so sorry, it didn’t occur to me that you might have to go poopy.” as her eyes burned with tears at what she’d made her daughter endure. Without thinking, she pulled Becky up off the bed, and sitting down hugged her close. Before she thought about it, she had her hand pressed against Becky’s messy bottom.

“Mommy, please it feels awful.” Becky told her.

Realizing what happened, she didn’t know what else to do but say “I’m sorry Honey, it’s an old habit.”. After a moment, she stood and told Becky “Wait right here, I’ll be right back, I promise.”.

Becky stood where she was, really hating how her messy diaper felt. A moment later, Sharon came back in the room, several things in hand.

Sharon spread the changing pad on the bed and said “Let’s get you cleaned up Sweety.” as she took Becky’s nightgown off, picked Becky up and laid her on her back with her butt centered on the changing pad.

Becky winced as her wieght pressed her bottom against the mess. It felt terrible. “Hurry Mommy.” she said through new tears.

“It’s OK Honey, I’ll have you cleaned up in a jiffy, I promise.” Sharon said. “And Sweety,” she told her daughter, looking her in the eye, “I promise, no more diapers.”.

Becky’s relief was visible as she cried. She had been afraid that her mom would make her wear one because she messed her self.

Sharon, as she untaped the diaper and worked to get Becky clean, said “There is one good thing that came of this Sweety. Now you know exactly why Billy will get upset when he’s messy. It’s not very comfortable is it Sweety?” she asked.

“No Mommy, It’s terrible.” Becky answered.

“I know Hon, Lift your legs for me.” Sharon said. When Becky lifted her legs, Sharon pushed them back even further so she could get to all of the mess on Becky’s bottom.

Becky felt incredibly humiliated. Here she was eleven years old having her Mommy clean her poopy bottom.

Just then Sharon told her “It can’t feel too good having your mom clean you up like this, can it? I want you to think about that when the day comes for you to watch Billy and you have a friend over. Can you imagine how you’d feel if I brought you out to the living room or brought your aunt in here while I changed you?”.

Becky thought about that and was so thankful that her mom was not mean. “I’d die.” she said.

“Yes, I’ll bet. But you need to think about that when you need to change Billy. He is nine Sweety and won’t be a baby forever. Can you imagine how he would feel two years from now if you brought a friend over that had watched you change his wet or messy diapers?” Sharon asked. She was trying to give Becky something else to think about beside the fact she was being changed out of a poopy diaper.

“I didn’t even think about that.” Becky said. She thought then that she would have to be careful. She would have to think about how her actions would affect her brother when she was caring for him.

Just then, Sharon pulled the messy diaper out from under Becky’s bottom, and wiped the last of the mess off her bottom. Picking Becky up, she put her on her feet and wiped her bottom one more time. “OK, get your nightgown on, and then grab some clean panties and go take a shower Sweety. I’ll take care of the rest.” Sharon told her. Then reaching over, she pulled her close, and gave her a kiss on her wet cheek and said “I’m sorry Honey, I really am. This was my fault.”.

Becky gave her a kiss and replied “It’s OK Mom, I’m alright. Thanks for helping.”.


Snuggles and Tears Chapter 51


I sorta saw that coming, but not handled quite that way.

Nicely done. Kept it cute, but managed to do it with as much realism as I’d expect from this story.

Excellent job as always :slight_smile:

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 51

I saw it too but BB handled it great.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 51

Thanks you two.

Yes this was somewhat predictable as kids are naturally curious.

The events (the fact that a sibling was curious and ended up in a messy diaper because someone was over) are factual, the details are mine.

Most of this again came from stories told to me.



Snuggles and Tears Chapter 51

Well done BB, with your usual style and grace. Becky learned some valuable lessons about lying, consequences and how her actions could affect those she loves. Good stuff!

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 51

Yep, BB, another great chapter!! Becky will now be a better big sis after that!! Great job on this!!

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 51

BB you handle it great.