Snuggles and Tears Chapter 45

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Sharon went back to the kitchen. She needed to get things ready so Becky could have some quality time with her baby brother. Pulling a bottle and nipple from the cabinet, she picked up a bag of formula, inverted it and pulled the ring completely off as April had shown her. This allowed her to empty the bag into the bottle. Screwing the nipple on, she set it on the counter, ready for Billy when he woke up.

Heading to the livingroom, she made sure there was a didee, a binky, and a set of Billy’s baby keys on the arm of the couch. Becky had seen Billy as a toddler, but never as an infant. It would be easier on him if Sharon encouraged him to regress into his infantile mindset for this feeding.

Heading to Becky’s room, She knocked gently on the door and opened it. Becky was laying on her bed, watching TV. “Hey Sweety, can you come out to the livingroom please?” she asked.

“Sure.” was all that Becky offered as she picked up the remote and turned the TV off. Getting up, she headed out of the room, following her mom.

“Sit down Honey, I want to explain a couple of things to you.” Sharon told her daughter. As Becky sat on the couch, Sharon started with “The main thing I want you to understand is, Billy isn’t like he was on Christmas day. He’s an infant now. He can’t control any of his muscles, to include his mouth. He can nurse, but that’s about all. When he talks, it comes out as baby noises.”.

“He can’t even talk?” Becky asked, fear in her eyes.

“No, he can’t. It’s alright though Honey, he’s getting better, but it’s going to take a long time before he will be back the way he was before this started. You need to know that he can’t hold his head up, so you have to hold it for him. You’re going to give him his ba-ba in a little bit, but about halfway through, he’ll need to be burped.”

Becky giggled at the thought of burping her nine year old brother, and immediately felt bad for having thought it was funny. “Sorry Mom.” she said softly.

“I understand, it takes some getting used to.” She reassured Becky. “but when you burp him, your going to need to set him up and hold him against you with his head over your shoulder. Remember to support his head as you sit him up.”. Sharon saw Becky getting anxious.

“Are you sure you want me to do this?” Becky asked with fear in her eyes. “I don’t want to hurt him.” she added.

“I’m sure you’ll be just fine. If you want, I’ll sit with you the first time. That way, if you need to ask something, I can help.” Sharon explained. She was trying to let the decision for her to be with them the first time appear to be Becky’s. While she loved her daughter dearly, she wouldn’t leave her alone with Billy until she was satisfied she could take care of him.

“Yeah, that would be good.” Becky offered with relief plain on her face.

"No problem Sweety. Remember, we aren’t born with the knowledge of how to care for a baby, that’s why we have mom’s to help us through the first times, like our fist feeding, our first diaper change and many others. " She said reassuringly.

Becky smiled, knowing her mom would help her to care for Billy without hurting him.

Almost on cue, Billy’s baby noises sounded over the baby monitor clipped to Sharon’s pocket. “He sounds so cute!” Becky exclaimed.

“Yes, he does. Come with me.” she said taking Becky’s hand and leading her toward Billy’s nursery. Putting her finger to her lips, Sharon signaled for Becky to be quiet.

As they neared the door, they both saw Billy talking animatedly to Pooh Bear, occasionally giggling and moving his limbs wildly. Sharon was surprised to see Billy had hold of his blankie, and while his arms were waving erratically through the air, he kept his hold on the blanket through the process, never dropping it. Every time he relaxed his arm, the blankie would cover Pooh, Billy would watch the blanket for a second, then move his arms again and giggle when Pooh became visible again.

The sight Becky saw was so cute, she had to clamp her hand over her mouth to keep from laughing out loud. Here was this boy that looked like her brother, acting just like a little baby boy, right down to the baby talk and glee filled giggles.

Sharon was overjoyed! Billy’s ability to keep his grip on the blanket was the first real step forward she had seen. The thought made her so happy, tears clouded her vision. This was a definite sign that things would get better. Logically, her head told her that this was a tiny step forward, but her heart told her she should be proud of her baby boy. Motioning quietly to Becky, she pointed to the first button on the remote for the crib toy, hanging on the doorknob.

Becky reached out and pushed the button her mom indicated. The reward for that action was wonderful to her as she saw him shift his focus from the blankie to the mobile, spinning over the top of him.

Billy heard the mobile start to play music, and brought his hands up over his head, then down quickly to his sides, giggling wildly as he saw Pooh and his friends moving above him.

Sharon pointed to the second button, and Becky push it.

Billy saw the colors appear on the ceiling, started kicking his legs and flailing his arms again and again, as he let out repeated big, baby laughs at the fascinating spectacle he was witnessing above him.

“He looks so sweet!” Sharon thought as she watched. Leaning in close to Becky’s ear, she said “I want you to go in while I stay out here. I want to see how he reacts to you. Remember Sweety, this isn’t your nine year old brother acting, he’s just a little baby.”. Sharon smiled as she figured out what he was doing earlier. Just as Becky started to move away, she added “If you want to play with him, try peek-a-boo with his blankie. That’s what he was doing with Pooh Bear.”.

Becky smiled when she thought about it. That’s exactly what he’d been doing. She was curious to see how he would react when she tried it with him. Slowly moving into the room, she tried not to distract Billy from the colors. She only got half way to the crib when he turned his head, smiled at her and giggled. Walking the rest of the way to the crib, “Hi Bug-a-boo.” she said sweetly.

Billy smiled bigger and kicked his arms and legs, giggling again.

Becky lowered the cribside, leaned down over him and kissed him gently on his forehead. “Are you having fun?” She asked with a big smile. “Let’s play for a while.” she told him as she picked up his blanket. Spreading it, she gently laid it over his face, covering his eyes.

Billy, not knowing where she went, flailed his arms and the blanket came off his face to reveal his sister’s smiling face. He smiled upon seeing her, but giggled his little diapered but off when he heard her say “Peek-a-boo!”.

Becky couldn’t help laughing with Billy, his little baby laugh was just that infectious. Picking up the blanket, she covered his face again. Knowing what he would do, she did better this time and said “Peek-a-boo!” just as he uncovered his eyes and she was rewarded with more big, baby laughs.

Sharon meanwhile was chuckling out in the hall, trying not to pull his attention from Becky. The look on Becky’s face was priceless. Billy had stolen his sister’s heart with the first big smile. The laughter completed the bond, and it made Sharon’s heart swell to watch it.

Becky, meanwhile was thoroughly enjoying playing with her brother. “He’s just so adorable!” she thought as he giggled wildly yet again as he reappeared from beneath his blanket. Gone was the guarded expression she remembered when she would try to play with him just a month ago. In it’s place was pure joy at her silly antics. She had never felt so close to Billy as she did right then. She would do anything to keep him happy.

After several more rounds of Peek-a boo, Becky could see he was getting tired of the game. She reached over and picked up his binky and gave it to him, watching as he immediately started nursing it. She watched as his eyes moved from one thing to another, not staying in one place for more than six seconds. She picked up his bear and laid it on his chest, bringing his arms to cross over it.

Billy felt the soft bear against his face, closed his eyes and nuzzled against it as he brought his arms closer. It felt so wonderfully soft!

Becky smiled and said “You love your Pooh Bear, don’t you Baby.”.

Sharon picked that moment to come into the room. “Hi Baby” she said softly as she gently caressed his head.

Billy saw Mommy and smiled a sweet smile.

Sharon told Becky “I think it’s time for your first lesson in changing a baby.” with a smile.

Becky couldn’t help smiling back. She was going to be able to help take care of him, and not by just giving him a bottle.

Sharon went to the changing table and retrieved a fresh diaper, the baby powder and several wipes. Holding the dry diaper out, she said “Squeeze this.”.

Becky, not understanding, reached over and pinched the diaper between her fingers.

“Now be gentle, boys aren’t built like girls and you could hurt him if you pinch too hard, but pinch his diaper down between his legs.” Sharon directed her.

Becky, gently taking hold of Billy’s knee, moved it toward her, to spread his legs, and grasped the crotch of his diaper between her forefinger and her thumb giving it a gentle squeeze. Understanding showed on her face as she said “It’s squishy.”.

“It won’t take long before you figure out just how squishy it can get before it leaks pee onto his clothes. Then you’ll know when to change his diaper to prevent leaks. Lean down, putting your face next to his diaper and sniff. You’ll know instantly if he’s messy.” Sharon instructed.

Becky leaned down and did as her mother told her. Standing straight, she said “He’s not stinky.” with a smile.

“That’s good, it will be easier if he’s just wet the first time you change him.” Sharon explained. “You can change him right here in the crib this time, there’s more room. Start by picking his head and shoulders up and sliding them away and around so his feet are toward you.”.

Becky, gently slid her hand under Billy’s head, down to the space between his shoulder blades and slowly swung him around. “Like that?” she asked her mom.

“Yes, just like that. Now, have you ever watched Aunt Rachael change Bobby?”.

“Maybe once, but not recently.” Becky answered.

“This is going to be a bit more interesting then.” Sharon thought to herself. Charging right in, she said “OK, the first thing you do, is lay out the fresh diaper and coat it with powder. Just sprinkle powder the whole length of the diaper.”.

Becky took the clean diaper and spread it out as flat as it would go on the crib, smiling when she saw pooh bear on the front. “He probably likes these.” she thought. Taking the powder, she twisted the top, and turned it over to sprinkle the powder when a big puff of it came out in a cloud.

“It happens to everyone Sweety. Just put the powder aside and bring the front and the back of the diaper together again, it will spread the powder between them.” Sharon said reassuringly.

Becky did as her mother directed and when she opened it, the powder was on both sides. Smiling, she laid it on the mattress and looked to her mother for the next step.

“Hold his diaper in place, and pull the tapes off the front, pulling the sides down out of the way, but leave the diaper covering him.” Sharon told her, hoping that Billy wouldn’t pick this time to give Becky a shower. When Becky had done this, she said “Perfect. Now, before we go further, I want you to understand it’s not unusual for a baby boy to pee when they’re getting changed. Be prepared to cover his pee pee quickly if he starts to wet. And Sweety, if he pees on you, don’t get upset, it washes out.” She explained with a smile.

Becky looked like she wasn’t so sure she was up to this. “He’s gonna pee on me?” she thought to herself.

“You’ll be fine, I promise. Get one of the wipes, and pull the diaper back, laying it down on the bed.” Sharon told her.

Gingerly Becky pulled his diaper back. When she uncovered his little penis, she was fascinated. She hadn’t really ever seen a boy this close before. “Is this how all boys look?” she asked her mom.

“Yes, they all pretty much look the same.” Sharon explained. “Use the one of the wipes to clean his pee pee and the small sac below it, it’s called the scrotum. Be gentle as it’s just as sensitive as yours or my private area. Be sure to wipe between any creases of skin or he may get diaper rash, and that would make for one cranky baby.”.

Becky began gently wiping the area, moving to clean the whole area in front covered by his diaper.

“Now, take his ankles in one hand like this.” Sharon said as she reached over and grasped both billy’s feet in one hand. Lowering them to the bed, she watched Becky imitate her movement and said “Lift up until his bottom is off the diaper, and hold him there.”. As Becky did Sharon continued with “Pull the wet diaper out from under him, and then slide the dry one in it’s place. That’s right. Now, lightly slide your palm through the powder on the diaper. You want to rub some on his bottom, making sure you get powder in the creases.”.

Becky coated her hand, then started gently caressing it into her brothers bottom. Billy chose that moment to smile at her and coo. Smiling, she made sure his creases were covered and laid his bottom down.

“Very good.” Sharon told her. “Do the same with his front now.”.

Billy giggled as Becky gently smoothed the powder into his skin.

“Alright, use a wipe to clean the powder off your hand, and pull the diaper up and tape it closed. It needs to be snug or it will leak, but not tight enough to make him uncomfortable, and try to get the tapes roughly in the same place on each side or it will be lopsided and gap at one leg.” Sharon explained.

Becky followed her directions and quickly had Billy diapered. Smiling down at him, she said “There you go Bug-a-boo, you’re all nice and dry.” in a sweet voice. When he smiled, she added “Yes you are! You’re just a comfy baby!” and laughed with him as he giggled at her.

“You’ve done great Sweety, I’m proud of you.” Sharon told Becky.

“Really? I was nervous.” Becky replied with a big smile.

“You did a good job. Do you think you can carry him to the livingroom?” she asked her daughter.

“Sure. He’s not really that big.” Becky answered. She went to reach for him and Sharon stopped her.

“You’re right he’s not, but it’s a bit different when he can’t help. Hold on, I’ll give him to you.” she explained. Rolling Billy over so he was on his tummy, she went to pick him up, but Billy chose that instant to pick his head up and look around. Sharon was so surprised, she stood there with her arms out and her mouth open.

Billy’s head was wobbling a bit, but he had both arms out in front of him on the crib mattress, pushing up so his head and chest were off the bed.

Sharon recovered from her surprise and said “Look at you Baby!” with a big smile.

“What do you mean?” Becky asked perplexed.

“Honey, he couldn’t do this yesterday. He’s getting better.” Sharon told her.

“Oh!” Becky exclaimed with a smile.

Billy turned his head and smiled at Mommy.

Sharon could see his head and arms shaking more and more as the seconds passed. She reached out and picked him up, her hands under his arms. Turning, she moved closer to Becky. “Support his bottom with one hand, and use your other arm to hold him to you while holding his head with your hand.” she told her daughter as she slowly let Becky bear his weight.

Becky had one hand firmly holding his diaper, and the other arm up his back with her hand on his head as it lay on her shoulder.

“Are you alright with his weight?”.

“Yeah, I’ve got him.” Becky answered.

Sharon knew she had to have a good hold on him otherwise he would be fussing. She knew babies hate to feel like their not held securely. “OK, lets go to the livingroom.” she said as she led the way out of the nursery.

A moment later, Becky was holding him, laying across her lap with his head in the crook of her arm. Taking Billy’s bottle from her mom, she held the nipple to his lips saying “Here Bug-a-boo, drink your ba-ba.”.

Billy felt the nipple brush his lips and instinctively opened his mouth. Within seconds he was nursing hard on the nipple.

“You love your ba-ba don’t you Bug-a-boo.” Becky cooed. She watched his eyes as he nursed. She hadn’t known what to make of his desire to be a baby, but seeing him now, it seemed it was just a natural thing to change his diaper and feed him a bottle. Leaning down, she kissed him softly on his cheek and said “I love you baby brother.”.

She was OK with this, it felt right. If it took a year for him to get back to where he should be, it was fine with her. “Besides, I want to dress him up in baby clothes.” she thought smiling to herself.


Snuggles and Tears Chapter 45

As you can see if you reread this, I edited 44 and split it into 44 and 45. I wish I had done so before posting it, but oh well.

Splitting it makes it alot easier to take in what I was trying to get across.



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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 45

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 45

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