Snuggles and Tears Chapter 44

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Chapter 44

Sharon sat with Billy for a short while as he continued to nurse in his sleep. When he stopped suckling, she carefully stood, cradling him, and moved to the crib. Laying him down on his back, she managed to change his messy diaper without waking him up. Covering him with a blanket, she made sure Pooh was close, lifted the cribside and left Billy nursing intermittently on his binky.

She knew she needed to see to a few things. While the time she spent snuggling him had cut into time available to get everything situated, she didn’t regret the choice she’d made at all. This was the first time she had been alone with him when he was aware of everything around him, since Christmas day. She was thankful for the opportunity to help him express himself and understand that she knew how he felt.

Rick walked into the kitchen as Sharon was organizing the formula that April had given them to tide them over. “Hi Hon, how’s Billy doing?” he asked as he set several bags on the kitchen counter.

“He’s fine, sound asleep.” She answered.

“I didn’t realize how much room thirty days worth of his formula would take up. I’ll be back in a sec with more.” Rick told her as he headed back out to the car.

Becky came in carrying two bags and set them down with the others. “Hi Mom.” she offered.

Sharon turned, walked to Becky and gave her a hug. “Hi Sweety, how are you doing?” she asked.

“I’m fine. Is Billy asleep?” she replied.

“Yes, he went down about an hour ago and he’ll probably sleep for another hour.” Sharon answered.

“Oh.” Becky said with disappointment clear on her face.

Sharon was glad to see her disappointment. She had been worried how Becky would handle his coming home. “Can you do something for me?” Sharon asked her.

“Sure mom, what?”.

Sharon, putting on her best overwhelmed expression, said “Well, when he wakes up can you hold him and give him his bottle for me? I’ve still got a lot to do right now, and it would be a big help if you could do that.”.

With a big smile, Becky answered “Sure. I’ll be glad to help.”.

Hugging her tightly for a second, Sharon told her “Thanks Sweety. I knew I could count on you.” with a smile. “This will help get things off on the right foot.” she thought.

Rick came back in with another load of bags. Pulling something from one of the bags, he handed it to Sharon. “This is what they gave me. Do they look like the right thing?” he asked.

The bag he handed her was smaller than the ones in the hospital. The label on it had Billy’s name and some other stuff that Sharon didn’t understand. Below that it said 360 ML. Thinking back, remembering that an ounce had 30 milliliters in it, she calculated that it would be twelve ounces. She also noticed it said refrigerate after opening. At the bottom it said 1 of 360. “These will be a lot easier to use.” she thought. Doing the math, there was one for each feeding at two hour intervals. “Yes, this is perfect. They gave us one for every feeding.” she answered. Handing the bag back to Rick, she asked “Can you take six of these and hang them from the coat rack in our room? I’ll move it into the nursery after Billy wakes up.”.

“Sure.” Rick answered. It hadn’t occurred to him to use a coat rack in place of an IV pole. He had figured she would use the cloth strap to hold them around her neck.

Sharon picked up six more of them and brought them to the livingroom, setting them on the end table next to the recliner. As Rick came back from their bedroom she asked “Do you mind if I use your chair for a while? It’ll be better because it rocks.”

Rick smiled. “Sure Hon. I think we might want to get a rocker for out here.” he answered, knowing she would like that.

“That might not be a bad idea.” She replied. She knew he liked to sit in the recliner to watch the news every night.

“I tell you what, let me see what’s on sale. If I can find one similar to the one in Billy’s nursery, will that be alright?” he asked with a hopeful expression.

“Boy, he really doesn’t want to give up his chair.” she thought, smiling. “Sure, that would be perfect.” she approved as she moved to give him a quick kiss.

Rick made his way to his computer to find out who had what on sale. He really didn’t want to give up his recliner and if he found a rocker that would match the livingroom, for a reasonable price, he would see about going to get it now.

Sharon cleared a shelf in the pantry, found an empty box that would fit, and put the other three hundred and forty eight bags of formula in the box. Next came the tubing. There was one set of tubing for every bag. Those found their way into a box beside the formula. Taking a dozen sets, she put six in the livingroom with the formula there, and poked a hole through the center of each of the remaining packages, pushing them on the six hooks of the coat rack.

Going out to the garage, she brought in two small waste baskets and washed them out in the laundry sink. After drying them, she put one in the livingroom, and one with the coat rack.

When she was on her way back to the kitchen, she heard Rick call her name softly. Walking into his home office, she saw he had a glider with ottoman displayed on the screen.

“How about this one?” Rick asked gesturing to the screen.

Looking closely at the glider, Sharon saw it didn’t have good padding on the arms. “Honey, if Billy was the size of a normal infant, that would be perfect, but because he’s going to be resting his legs on the arm of the chair, it needs to have well cushioned arms. What else did you find.” she answered being careful not to hurt her husband’s feelings.

“I didn’t think about that.” He said sheepishly, clicked the mouse twice and offered “How about this one then.”.

The chair he showed her was much better. The fabric matched the livingroom furniture, and the light colored wood fit in with the end tables. Seeing the price though, Sharon asked “Are you sure we can afford that?”, it was about three hundred dollars.

“Honey, the way I look at it, we saved about two grand with what Mom picked up, so we should be able to splurge a little on this. Besides, I feel bad that your mom put all of that out, and if this makes it easier on both you and Billy, then I’m fine with the numbers.” Rick explained.

“Well if your sure, it’s perfect.” she answered with a smile.

Rick realized he had an opportunity here to satisfy his curiosity. “One last question Hon, How long are you going to nurse him? If you plan on stopping in the next month, I don’t know if we need to buy a rocker.” he asked, leaving things vague on purpose.

Sharon thought about it for a moment. She still had trouble admitting that she didn’t want to stop nursing Billy any time soon. Blushing, she said “I am certain he won’t be done in a month.” and after a few seconds, gave up and added “It will probably be closer to a year if he progresses as I think he will.” as she avoided Rick’s gaze.

Rick, appreciating her honesty, stood and embraced her. “Good.” was all he said as he hugged her tight. He was glad she was able to admit that to him. It would help her come to terms with it. “God knows there are going to be folks that will give her a hard time about it.” he thought as he remembered rude people complaining when Billy was a year old.

Pulling back from him, Sharon asked “Are you alright with it?”, genuinely wanting to know if he saw her any differently knowing she wanted to nurse their nine year old.

Smiling, he said “Yes, I certainly am. It’s necessary now, and I think it helps both of you. I just wanted you to tell me what you were thinking. I do want to make sure you know that some folks are not going to understand. I do, but they may give you a hard time, probably more than they did when he was little.”

"In Terry’s words, " 'Fuck ‘em’ " she told him softly as she smiled, trying to make sure the kids didn’t hear her.

Rick burst out laughing. He rarely heard her use profanity, and that was usually when she was really mad. Hearing her use that expression while smiling just sounded so ludicrous, he couldn’t stop laughing.

“Well, that’s how I feel.” Sharon managed to get out as she laughed with him.

Rick, wiping tears from his eyes, settled down to chuckling. “I think you will be just fine Honey.” he said giving her a hug. After a moment, he pulled back and asked “Do you want me to go get the glider now? They have them in stock.”.

Sharon couldn’t help it, “Sure Hon, I know you don’t want to lose your seat.” she answered with a smile.

“I’ll be back in a little while. Do you want me to take Becky?” he inquired.

“No, she’s going to help me for a bit.” Sharon replied.

“Alright, I’ll see you in a bit.” he told her as he gave her a quick kiss, then left the room.


Snuggles and Tears Chapter 44

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 44

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 44

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