Snuggles and Tears Chapter 13

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This is not as long as I had planned, but didn’t need to be as it’s tying up a few loose ends and setting the stage for the rest of the morning.

I will be working on 14 throughout the evening.



Chapter 13

Billy lay comfortably in his sisters lap, lulled by the rocking of the chair as it gently moved back and forth under Becky’s power. “This must be what heaven’s like.” he thought as he considered that the three most important people in his little world were taking great pains to make him feel just like a baby. He couldn’t imagine any other thing bringing him this much happiness. “Thank you God,” he thought, “I’m sorry I didn’t have patience.” he finished his prayer. Becky and Sharon were chatting back and forth. Lost in the wonders of toddlerhood, he wasn’t paying attention.

They were discussing how cute Billy would look in short-alls when Rick poked his head in the door, seeing Billy laying in Becky’s lap, he said “You folks get lost? Breakfast is ready.” with an understanding smile.

“Oh! Sorry Hon, I guess we kind of got caught up here.” Sharon said sheepishly, standing up from the bed looking embarrassed and reaching for the twin to the sleeper she had taken off of Billy earlier.

Quickly laying it out on the bed, she moved to lift Billy from his sister’s lap. Settling him down on the soft garment, without thinking, she reached to his diaper and stuck two fingers down the front of it. Seeing Billy blush furiously as she pulled her hand away to put his feet into his sleeper, she lovingly told him “Just checking Baby.”.

Becky laughed, she couldn’t help it, but quickly realizing that it might hurt Billy’s feelings, she slapped her hand over her mouth.

Billy saw the fear in her eyes. “She’s afraid she hurt my feelings.” he thought in wonder. This was definitely a new development in their relationship! While he had felt embarrassed when his mommy checked to see if he was wet, he had to admit it was funny. Looking directly at his sister, he giggled. This instantly had everyone laughing, with his parents both breathing an inward sigh of relief, as Becky relaxed.

In seconds, Sharon’s experienced hands had him dressed in his baby blue sleeper and settled on his feet. Without thinking about it, Billy reached up and place his little hand in hers. Holding his hand out in front of her, gently urging him to walk toward the door, she told the kids “Go on into the kitchen and sit down for breakfast, we’ll be there in just a sec.”

Billy quickly looked up at his mommy, not let going of her hand. He felt silly, but he really didn’t want to be away from her and tried not to let it show. He didn’t know why he wanted her near, he just did. “It’s OK Sweety, I’ll be right there.” Sharon told him with a comforting smile, and a warm pat on the cheek as she saw the anxiety he was trying to hide.

When Billy didn’t move, Becky moved to the bed and pick up his binky and blankie. Placing the binky in his mouth, she reached out and took his hand from Sharon telling him “Come on Bug-a-boo, it’s alright, you can sit with me 'til she comes back.” handed him his blankie and slowly led him out the door.

Billy was such a precious sight it made heart heart ache! As he slowly toddled down the hall, his diaper puffed the seat of the sleeper out a bit in the back and made him waddle like a two year old. His left hand holding his sister’s, the other dragging his blankie, he kept looking back at her as if to say “Please don’t send me away.”, while furiously nursing his binky.

When Sharon’s eyes watered, Rick told her chuckling softly “I warned you about those big brown eyes.”, as he pictured himself standing before Billy, handing him his wallet, his keys, anything just to make those sad eyes happy again.

She laughed so she wouldn’t cry as she hugged her husband. She knew she was going to have to find something to combat those kryptonite like eyes to protect her mommy super powers or she would lose control of the situation. “That would not be good for any of us.” she thought.

“Yes, you did.” she acknowledged with a smile.

“This isn’t going to end today, is it?” he asker her.

“No…I don’t think it is.” she answered softly. “I don’t really want it to.” she added.

“I kind of figured that.” Rick offered with a smile. “As long as he doesn’t get hurt…” he started and then quickly added “and I know you won’t do anything to hurt him,” seeing the surprised expression on her face, “if you’re both happy, I’m fine with that.”

Sharon was grateful to have a husband like Rick. Through this process, she discovered she had a weakness where Billy was concerned. “If he didn’t look so darned cute, this wouldn’t be a problem.” she thought. She knew if something fell into that blindspot, Rick would see it and let her know.

When they both walked into the kitchen, Becky was sitting at the kitchen table. She had pulled one of the chairs out so they both could comfortably sit on it. Billy sat directly facing his sister with one knee on either side of her, snuggled up with his head on her chest, and his arms pulled in close. Becky, resting her chin against his forehead, softly hummed a soothing tune, while gently patting his bottom.

Billy was very grateful that his sister was trying to comfort him. It scared him that he felt this way. It wasn’t reasonable for a nine year old to want to cry for his mommy the minute she was away from him. Just as he was considering this, Mommy came around the corner. Billy couldn’t help himself, he immediately raised his arms to her and said “Mommy!” with a relieved smile.

Sharon, thankful to be the one to be able to cause that smile, moved quickly to him, tickled his tummy and said “you want uppy?”. Then lifted him off of Becky’s lap and sat him down on her left leg as she took her seat.

Rick, having grabbed the bottle on the way out of the bedroom, refilled it, then placed it on the table in front of Billy. Next, he took a plate and put what he knew his wife would want on it and placed it alongside the bottle.

“Thank you.” Sharon told Rick.

“Tank ooo.” Billy remembered after his mommy’s example. They had to chuckle at the way he sounded with his binky in his mouth.

“You’re welcome madame, you’re welcome young master.” Rick said imitating an old English butler after placing a folded paper towel over his forearm. “Will there be anything else madame?” he continued the charade.

“Not now, Avery, perhaps later.” she answered with a suggestive look in her eye that was lost on the kids.

Very good madame.” Rick replied with a comical bow that had the whole bunch of them roaring with laughter.

“I love you.” Sharon told her husband with a wide smile.

“I know, and thank God for that!” he said leaning forward, placing his hand over hers.

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 13

I have the feeling this story could be wrapped up soon. I’m not sure how much longer it can go on without becoming repetetive. It’s still very, very good and I’d hate to see it spoiled even a little bit by over-staying its welcome. Of course, I could be wrong, and you still have a lot to say about these people. In which case I’ll devour every word!

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 13

Tommy has point, it may end at chapter 100 as it’s such a good story!
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 13

Good indeed :slight_smile:

And while I’m not the author (and not trying to give him ideas), it stands to reason that this story has room to go on for a while. They haven’t even opened presents yet, or seen relatives, or Billy and Becky have to go back to school, etc, etc, etc.

Could go a long way, and I will await every chapter eagerly.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 13

Short & sweet, BB!! You have put out another great chapter here & await the next one, that I am sure I will enjoy as well!!

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 13

This story need little more . What happens when bobby visit and Dose stay like he is for the rest year? good story

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 13

Rest assured, we’re not quite halfway there as far as being finished is concerned.

I didn’t like having to post this one with so little happening, but more than anything else, it starts giving you info your going to need later. (trying not to give anything away here :wink: )

As far as being repetative, I too started to become concerned about this as there are only so many ways to describe the same actions. Also, at first when I wrote Billy’s thought :

“This must be what heaven’s like.”

I remembered that was the same thing that his mommy said earlier. Thinking about it further, it didn’t seem so unusual that they should have the same viewpoint from two different perspectives, so I left it as it was.

Thank you All for your Feed back on this!