Snuggles and Tears Chapter 119

Hi Folks,

I wanted to apologize to you all for how the last chapter turned out. I’m trying to get the technical end of things right, without losing the story. Unfortunately, I failed miserably with chapter 118.

Hopefully, while this is still a little short, the story is there as it should be.

This should have been part of the last chapter with more emotional content in what I posted.



Chapter 119

Sharon looked first to Becky’s leg, and then to Rick. When he glanced away, she asked, “That bad huh? Well, it was inevitable.”

Rick was grateful. She was letting him know that it was okay. He had reacted quickly to her hitting, not thinking about it. Her behavior wasn’t unusual for a toddler, but he wanted to make sure she understood that lashing out physically wasn’t acceptable. God forbid Becky get angry with Billy and hit him. He was in no position to defend himself, or to get away from her. After all, Becky wasn’t a two year old and could hurt him.

He had only just sat down when Donald came to the table. Becky hugged him for a moment and then returned to his lap, snuggling up close. “There’s my good girl,” he told her with several gentle pats to her diaper. The smile she gave him told him she was okay.

When Sharon held Billy out to Donald, he took the little boy in his arms. Rick watched the content expression on Billy’s face as he snuggled close. Looking to Sharon, he saw she was smiling at her little boy. He chuckled when she looked at him and asked, “What?”

“You’re beautiful, you know that?”

He chuckled again when she blushed a deep crimson and turned to look at Billy, still smiling. Becky snuggled closer and began nursing her binky. He started patting her bottom in a slow rhythm, and couldn’t keep from thinking that he had to be the luckiest man alive.

Two minutes later, Daisy came to the table next to theirs. He asked Becky, “Who’s that?”

She lifted her head and looked over his shoulder before saying, “Daithy!”

“Oh! I forgot.” he teased.

“You’re thilly Daddy!” she told him with a giggle and a warm hug.

“I am?” he asked with a tickle to her side.

“Yeth!” she answered, laughing hard now.

“I see,” he replied with a kiss to her nose.

She hugged him tight for a second before getting down to give Daisy a big hug.

A few minutes later, Goofy made his way to the table and both kids giggled again and again at his silly antics. He was walking a silly walk while flailing his arms all around as if he was going to topple right over. When he finally got to the table, he made an exaggerated bow to Rick and Becky, turned and did the same to Billy and Sharon. All of them were laughing then.
Billy reached out both arms and said, “Hugth Goofy.”
Sharon stood and laid Billy against Goofy’s chest, letting go once he was safe in Goofy’s arms. Rick watched his son smiling as this very funny character snuggled him close. Thirty seconds later Goofy waved to Sharon and tickled Billy before handing him back to his mommy. The sound of Billy’s big, baby laughs could be heard throughout the room.

Becky got off of Rick’s lap and toddled over for a hug. She looked surprised when music started playing from nearby speakers, and Goofy took her hand in his, put his other hand on her shoulder and began dancing with her. Rick tried not to laugh too loudly as he watched his little girl trying to keep up with Goofy’s long stride while dodging his big feet. It didn’t help that Goofy was moving like a man being electrocuted or that Becky was waddling with a thick diaper on her bottom; this made it impossible for them to move together and had everyone near them laughing.

Rick doubled over a moment later as Goofy tried to dip Becky, and had to get down on one knee to do it. When he tipped her backward, her feet went out from under her, and she landed on her diapered bottom right on top of Goofy’s big foot. At first Rick was concerned and started to get up, but when Becky started laughing hard, he sat back laughing with her.

A moment later, Goofy lifted her gently to her feet and then proceeded to walk around with an exaggerated limp, occasionally pretending to almost fall. When Becky looked like she was going to cry, he quickly walked over to her and picked her up in a hug. Rick knew Becky thought she’d hurt Goofy, and was glad that Goofy was paying attention when she got upset. After a long hug, Goofy took Becky’s hand again, held her bottom with his other hand and began to dance around. This had Becky laughing big, belly laughs as he twirled her back and forth. Two minutes later, he set Becky in Rick’s lap, gave her a kiss and moved to the next table.

“Goofy’s silly, isn’t he Baby?” Rick asked his little girl as he held her close.

“Uh huh,” she responded, giggling.

“That was priceless,” Sharon told Rick.

“Yes, I love to see her laugh,” he replied with a kiss to Becky’s forehead. The waitress brought Becky’s bottle then, and he laid her across his lap. He chuckled as she smiled at him when he offered her the nipple. “There you go Baby Girl.”

“I wub you Daddy,” she told him, the love in her eyes was clear as day as she began nursing. He felt his heart swell three times it’s size then.

“I love you too Sweety,” he offered as he kissed her gently on her forehead.

Becky was almost finished with her bottle when the music came on again. A cast member approached the table and told Sharon softly, “Goofy’s going to dance around the dining room. He leads all of the kids in a parade. Please, carry Billy around the oval.”

Rick heard this and said, “We’ll carry them.”

Sharon gave him a nervous look and he told her, “Just have fun,” with a smirk.

The cast member handed Billy a brightly painted maraca. “Can you shake that for me Baby?” she asked.

Sharon laughed and said, “Oh, don’t worry, he can definitely shake it.”

Billy moved his hand in an uncoordinated motion, making the instrument make noise. He giggle when he heard it, and kept moving his arm.

Becky sat up then in Rick’s lap. He could see she wanted a maraca too. She smiled a big smile when the cast member handed one to her. She didn’t wait to be asked, and shook the instrument making a rhythmic sound. “There you go Sweetheart, you’re a natural,” the cast member encouraged. “He’ll be out in just a minute,” she told Rick.

The sound of beads hitting the inside of the wooden maracas could be heard sporadically throughout the restaurant as they were handed out. A moment later, the sound of African music could be heard over the speakers, and Goofy made his entrance.

Rick got up, just as Goofy and the group of children and parents following him passed. Becky and Billy both giggled wildly as Goofy did a silly dance along the route. Rick decided that this was one of those times that you just have to forget about decorum, and let it all out. A second later, he was imitating Goofy’s wild motions while holding Becky on his hip. This alternated between throwing his arms out at odd angles and kicking his legs out in front of him, all in rhythm to the music. Looking at Becky, he saw she was almost beside herself as she laughed at him. When he turned to find his wife, he saw she and Billy were both laughing hysterically, and Sharon had tears rolling down her cheeks.

By the time they got back to their table, both kids were giggling non-stop. Rick sat down and laughed as he said, “I haven’t danced like that in years.”

Sharon laughed even harder, and barely managed to say, “Honey…I don’t think I’ve EVER seen you dance like that.”

Rick continued to chuckle as he snuggled Becky close. He knew he had looked like an idiot, but seeing the fun the kids and Sharon had watching as he imitated Goofy caused him not to care. It had been a while since they all had a good laugh, and he was quite happy to be able to make it happen.

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 119

Beautiful… just beautiful.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 119

Cute as always. :slight_smile:

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 119

BB simply beautiful.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 119

A beautiful story BB. Keep it up.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 119

:smiley: Yes BB its seems more like you ….and we have a consensus that “IT’S BEAUTIFUL”

BIG smiles :smiley:

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 119

Thanks Folks,

I really appreciate the support.

Chapter 118 is a good example of what happens when a writer attempts to force it, rather than let the story tell itself.

In this chapter, I think I found the balance between strong technical writing, and bringing the characters to life.

Thank you all for taking the time to encourage, it means a lot to me.


Great job, I love this story but is this the last chapter where the rest is under another name?

I for some reason feel like there were a few more chapters past this, but I’d have to go back and re-read to be certain. They used to be on his website. No one has ever really confirmed it, but it’s pretty certain that he passed away from health issues.

He definitely passed away. At least from what I heard.

Whether he wrote more or where it was posted I don’t know. He came and went before I made an account here, I’m pretty sure.

oh i’m so sorry i didn’t know. I did something wrong again I’m really sorry

No, you’re fine. :slight_smile:

According to what @Penguin told me, there were no other chapters that aren’t here for this one. The only story that had additional chapers on his site was Amazing Grace and those chapters weren’t publicly posted so she refuses to import them or let me do so.

It should be noted that @Leah (and thus later @Penguin) hosted his site so she would know if anything was posted there and not here. :slight_smile:

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