Snuggles and Tears Chapter 117 (finally!)

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Chapter 117

Lisa pointed at a shop and said, “You can get a t-shirt for Billy in there.”

“Great, I’ll be back in just a minute,” Sharon replied and headed toward the store. She had thought about putting Billy in the stroller, but decided against it. She was enjoying having him close. Looking at her watch, she was glad that he would be getting hungry soon, and looked forward to feeling him nurse.

It only took a minute to find what she was looking for. She held up the t-shirt so Billy could see it and asked, “Do you like this one, Baby?”

Billy had been distracted by a TV playing ‘The Little Mermaid’, and turned to look at what his mommy was showing him. “Pooh!” he said excitedly as he pointed a shaking arm at the picture of Pooh Bear on the t-shirt.

“That’s right, Baby. You’re gonna have Pooh Bear on your tummy.” Sharon explained with a tickle. She had to chuckle when he laughed big, baby laughs. “Let’s go pay for it, so Mommy can put it on you.”

Two minutes later, she sat on a bench outside. Billy giggled as Sharon tickled his neck while pulling the t-shirt over his head. More laughter followed when she pushed his arms through the short sleeves, tickling him under the arms each time. She smiled when she saw the shirt just reached the top of his diaper. It was a 4T, so was just a little short. Without thinking about it, she pushed two fingers down inside the front of his diaper and found that it was very wet. “All right pee butt, we need to get you a dry dipey.”

It didn’t occur to Sharon until she had his diaper open, and his bottom in the air, that Billy might not want to be changed right out in the open like that. When he smiled up at her as she wiped his bottom with the nice cool baby wipe, she didn’t worry about it anymore. Reaching under him, she slid the wet diaper and wrap out, and replaced it with fresh ones. Billy smiled again as she laid his bare bottom on the soft diapers. “You love these dipeys, don’t you, Baby?”


“Well that’s good Sweety, because you’re going to be wearing them for a long time.” she explained with a smile. She laughed as he giggled at that bit of good news. When she finished wiping his front off, the baby powder was next. She sprinkled it liberally, and then began smoothing it onto his skin. The contented sigh he gave her when she pulled the thick cloth diapers up between his legs made her smile. The wrap made it much easier, as she closed the diaper snuggly against his tummy. “There you go Baby, all nice and dry.”

“Comfy,” Billy offered with a giggle.

“Yes, all nice and comfy.” Sharon wrapped the wet cloth in the wrap, picked Billy up and headed back to where the others waited.

Becky smiled when she saw Billy. “He’s cute!” her tone nothing like a toddler.

Sharon and Rick exchanged glances then. Rick looked at Becky and saw he was looking at his eleven year old daughter. It wasn’t a second later, he saw Becky’s whole demeanor change and her expression became that of a toddler.

He looked at Lisa and said, “I think the first thing we need to do is to get someone a dry bottom,” as he patted Becky’s diaper. He had been surprised when Becky had changed so drastically, and hadn’t thought that they would see the eleven year old so soon. He felt better though, knowing that the daughter he knew was still there, just lurking below the toddler.

“All right, that means the Baby Care Center is first. It’s on the way,” she replied. “It’s a little ways from here; you might want to put the kids in the stroller.”

“In you go, Sweety,” he said as he approached the stroller and lowered Becky into the seat. He noticed Sharon didn’t put Billy in the stroller and looked at her with a questioning expression.

“I’ll carry him. He’s a bit clingy right now.”

Rick smiled at that. He knew his wife well, and was almost certain that it wasn’t Billy that was clingy. A moment later, they began making their way toward the Baby Care Center.

Rick followed Lisa as they started walking. He pushed his daughter along, watching both her and where he was going. He could see the toddler now, her eyes wide with wonder, as she craned her neck first one way and then the other trying to take in everything around her. Her binky moved rhythmically through the process. Seeing Becky smile when she spied birds to her right among the bushes, he asked, “What do you see Baby?”

“Birdieth Daddy,” she replied without taking her eyes off of a big white bird that looked somewhat like a crane.

He slowed down, but didn’t want to stop because that would make them late for breakfast.

With a gasp, Becky exclaimed, “Yook!” and pointed up ahead at a huge tree. The tree looked to have hundreds of carvings in the trunk.

“I see Sweety. The tree is pretty huh?”

“Uh huh.” she responded, her head nodding with a toddlers enthusiasm.

Rick heard Billy giggle and turned to see him looking at a small bird sitting on a branch not three feet from him. A second later Sharon said, “No Baby, no touchy,” and grasped his hand just as he started to reach out toward the bird. “It would bite you Sweety and give you big owwies.”

Billy began to fuss, and Sharon kissed his forehead. “Do you want owwies?” she asked him.

He answered with a tearful “No.”

“Then look at the pretty birds, but don’t touch,” she replied. Glancing around, she asked Billy, “Whose that?”

Billy turned to look, and before he could answer, Becky squealed, “Rafiki!”

Rick smiled when Billy quickly forgot the bird and giggled as he waved toddler style at the character that stood among a group of children signing autographs. Both children laughed as Rafiki looked up and waved in their direction.

Lisa spoke up then. “We’ll see Rafiki in a little while, but right now, we need to go see Donald and Mickey.”

Billy immediately exclaimed, “Mickem!” with a giggle.

Rick couldn’t help laughing at both of the kid’s excitement.

A minute later the Baby Care Center appeared ahead. Rick told Sharon, “Why don’t you take Billy to the restaurant; I don’t want to be late for our reservation.”

“All right. Are you sure you can find it?”

With a sigh, Rick answered, “Yes. I know I’m a guy and all, but I’ll ask if I can’t find it.”

“You mean if you get lost.”

“Hey! Be nice,” he told her.

“Okay, we’ll see you there then,” she replied with a chuckle and gave him a quick kiss. She smiled as he headed toward the Baby Care Center shaking his head.

Lisa led the way as Sharon held Billy close. They crossed a second bridge and entered ‘Africa’. The buildings were made of pale stone with metal roofing and she was struck with how authentic the area looked. When she saw the sign for Tusker House, she smiled. The waiting area was covered so they didn’t have to sit in the sun.

“Wait here at one of the tables. I’ll let them know that you’re here,” Lisa explained, and headed away.

Sharon took a seat at a table just to the right of the entrance. She had just settled Billy when he said “Nummieth Mommy.”

“Alright Baby, let’s get that tummy all full,” she replied and laid him across her lap. A second later, he latched onto her nipple and began suckling. She watched as he nursed, caught up in the sensations of his rhythmic sucking. She smiled down at him as the feeling of closeness permeated her entire being. “I love you so much little boy,” she whispered, thankful for this moment. She didn’t care that he hadn’t heard her, she knew for certain that he felt the love she had for him. When he opened his eyes and looked up at her, his smile made her chuckle. When he resumed nursing, she wanted to beg him to never stop wanting this. It made her feel so very wonderful and complete.

Ten minutes later, it occurred to her that Rick had the diaper bag with him, and Billy’s formula with it. She offered Billy her other breast and decided then that she would insist that they take his stroller with them wherever they went. She was even more determined when Billy messed his diaper a moment later.

“Good morning,” the lady behind the desk said when they entered the Baby Care Center.

“Good morning, someone needs a dry diaper,” Rick replied.

“Come on back,” she told him and led them to a changing area.

Rick had the diaper pad down in a second and laid Becky down, centering her bottom on the pad. He smiled as she hugged her Minnie close and nursed her pacifier while he opened her diaper wrap. Becky’s bottom was in the air a second later as Rick wiped her clean. Several swipes later, she was resting on soft cloth, her legs wide apart. It didn’t take long for him to have her completely clean and powder smoothed onto her sensitive skin. When he pulled the thick cloth diapers up between her legs, she gave a predictable sigh of contentment.

Becky looked up at him and sighed, “I wub you Daddy.”

Rick’s arms were moving to hug her close before he even thought about it. When he had her snuggled against his chest, his lips against her forehead, he replied, “And I love you Baby, sooooo much,” with several gentle pats to her dry diaper, as he rocked her slowly back and forth.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 117 (finally!)

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 117 (finally!)

I couldn’t wait to read this chapter! As sweet as ever, BB. I was happy to see 11 year old Becky poke her head out for a moment.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 117 (finally!)

With any luck, things will get back to normal here and you’ll see at least three chapters a week.

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 117 (finally!)

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 117 (finally!)

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 117 (finally!)

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 117 (finally!)

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 117 (finally!)

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