Snuggles and Tears Chapter 115

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This was a long time coming. I apologize for the wait, but unfortunately, it’s just not possible for me to write with folks here distracting me.

That’s the main thing that went wrong with 114. I tried to write this in pieces and it comes out disjointed with the flow all screwed up.

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Chapter 115

It was the next evening, after a fun day in the park that Sharon said something she really regretted. She was sitting with Rick and the kids in the livingroom after dinner. Billy was nursing and Becky was drinking a bottle in Rick’s lap.

“I think when we get home I’ll start looking for a diaper service.” Sharon told Rick. When Becky immediately began crying, she sat puzzled at why she would have a problem with that.

“What’s wrong Sweety?” Rick asked.

Becky was devastated. She hadn’t even considered that they would have to eventually go home. The thought brought the fear back and she clung to Daddy, crying. “I don’ wanna go!” she wailed.

At first Rick thought she didn’t want to leave all the fun, but as she clung tightly to him, he understood that she just didn’t want to go home. Disney was safe, home wasn’t. “Sweety, we have to go home. We can’t stay here forever, this is a hotel.” he tried to explain as he held her tightly to try to comfort her.

“But I don’ wanna.” Becky sobbed. It was safe here and people were nice to her. At home, she would be afraid again.

Rick understood then that now wasn’t the time to try to get her to see she’d be fine at home. She was tired after a busy day in Disney, and he needed to find away to get her to stop thinking about it. “Here Baby, let me hold it.” he told her as he took her bottle in his hand. He began patting her diaper in a steady rhythm, hoping she’d go to sleep.

Sharon felt awful then. She wished she hadn’t said anything at all about home. She knew that Becky would need to come to terms with this, but not at seven thirty at night after a strenuous day of activities. Fortunately, the two kids had gotten used to each other crying, so Billy continued to nurse, half asleep, seemingly oblivious to Becky’s outburst.

Becky continued to cry until Daddy began rocking her gently as he patted her bottom. She concentrated on the feel of the nipple in her mouth and Daddy’s hand on her dipey. It didn’t take long until she was settled down.

“I’m sorry.” Sharon offered. “I really didn’t expect that.” she added with an apologetic look.

“Hey, I didn’t either.” Rick replied softly, not wanting to rouse Becky.

“I think we’re going to need help with how to handle this. I have no idea how best to help her see that we need to go home.” Sharon whispered.

“I’m at a loss.” Rick answered quietly. He hated the fact that no matter how many times Becky spent laughing and enjoying herself, it always seemed to come back to the fear. As he considered this, he looked at Billy. He didn’t think it was near as difficult for him as it had been for Becky. His issue had been more about how he saw himself. Once he understood that others saw a little child when they looked at him, he was secure that no one would take him away.

Becky’s situation was a bit different. She had been pulled from her home because of something that had absolutely nothing to do with her. Fortunately, they hadn’t seen any indication that she was blaming her brother, or his needs, for what happened.

As he looked back down at his little girl, he couldn’t imagine how hard this would be if she hadn’t found a way to feel safe. Feeling the bottle move with the rhythm of her nursing, he was more than glad that it offered her comfort. “I’ll call Craig tomorrow and see what he thinks.” he told Sharon.


She opened the door, but before she could even say hello, a police officer picked her up and carried her toward a patrol car in the driveway. Becky was so shocked at being picked up by this very strong man, she hadn’t even attempted to say anything until he sat her in the back of the cruiser. “What are you doing?” she cried, unable to keep her emotions under control anymore. When the policeman closed the door and began walking around to the front of the car, she attempted to open the door, only to find that there was no handle on the inside.

Becky began crying in earnest then. When he got in the driver’s seat, she cried loudly “Let me out! I want to see my Daddy!”

The officer turned to Becky with a grimace, looked her straight in the eye and said “You can’t see your Daddy. We’re taking you to another home where they’ll take care of you.” without any hint of compassion.

“I WANT TO SEE MY DADDY!!” Becky screamed at the top of her lungs. When the officer put his hands to his head, but didn’t respond, she began screaming it again and again.

After the fifth earsplitting outburst, the officer quickly turned back toward Becky with a look of intense anger on his face and yelled “BE QUIET!!!”

This frightened her into sobbing softly. “You’re Daddy called us and told us to come get you Becky. He doesn’t want you anymore.” he told her, purposefully using her name to add credence to his words. His head was pounding and her screaming certainly didn’t make it any better. He just wanted to shut her up and would tell her anything to make that happen. “You’re not going to live here anymore, so just be quiet.”

“That’s not true!” she exclaimed.

“Oh really?” he asked sarcastically. “Then why are you sitting here in a police car little girl?” he continued.

Becky sat sobbing heavily now. She had no idea why Mom didn’t come out and let her out of the car. Could Daddy have told her not to? Did he really not want her? She knew he got upset with some of the things she did now and again, but she didn’t think he didn’t want her.

When Becky saw the lady carrying Billy in her arms, she cried even harder. Mom wasn’t coming out.


Rick woke at midnight to Becky crying her eyes out. He immediately pulled her close to him saying “What’s wrong Baby?” but got no answer.

When she cried a soft “Daddy.”, he sat up and pulled her into his arms. He noticed she was crying harder now, but still had her eyes closed.

Sharon opened her eyes the second she heard Becky crying. Seeing Rick holding her, she felt much better.

“Becky?” Rick called. When she didn’t answer this time, he shook her gently and called her name again.

Becky opened her eyes, felt Daddy holding her close and began to sob loudly. It had seemed so real that she thought she was back in the police car. “Daddyyyy.” she cried, clinging to him as she trembled.

Rick held her tightly. He began rocking her and patting her wet bottom in an effort to comfort her. She’d obviously had a nightmare and knew there wasn’t much he could do but tell her “It’s alright Baby, Daddy’s here.” repeatedly as he rocked her.

Becky didn’t like that dream at all! She’d had it before, and wished it would go away forever. Hearing Daddy’s comforting words and feeling his hand on her dipey, she slowly calmed to sniffles as she nursed her binky. The longer she nursed, the better she felt. She wasn’t the big girl in the dream, she was a baby girl. They had taken the big girl from her home. “I’m NOT a big girl so that wasn’t me.” she thought, feeling much better. The sensation of the thick bundle of wet cloth between her legs, keeping her knees from coming together, helped her to relax.

Rick didn’t know why, but Becky just all of a sudden relaxed. She reached out, picked up her bottle and began nursing. Within three minutes, she was back asleep.

Sharon lay there with Billy cuddled close. He had come awake at Becky’s crying, but snuggled up to Mommy and went back to sleep. She looked over to Becky and wondered if the nightmare had anything to do with home. Again, she wished she’d kept her thoughts to herself about the diaper service.


Sharon opened her eyes and looked at the clock. It was seven twenty in the morning. When she turned her head, she noticed that Becky and her stuffed Minnie were not in the bed. Rick lay asleep, turned away from the center of the bed. She reached over and tapped his shoulder. “Rick? Where’s Becky?” she asked.

Rick came awake instantly upon hearing Sharon’s question. He turned, looked at the spot where Becky would be laying and was immediately on his feet moving toward the livingroom. He opened the bedroom door, stepped out when he saw her sitting on the floor, nursing her binky as she played with the Little People Dance 'N Twirl Palace. “Hi Pumpkin.” he said softly.

“Hi Daddy.” Becky said with a big smile.

“What are you doing out here?” he asked.

“Pwayin’” she answered sweetly.

“I see. Sweety, I need you to understand that you’re not supposed to leave the bedroom until either Mommy or Daddy wake up. We don’t want you wandering around by yourself.” he explained in a firm tone.

Becky looked at Daddy and said “My ba ba wath empty.” with tears forming. She didn’t want Daddy to be upset with her.

Rick picked her up and held her close. “I know Baby, it’s OK. From now on though, don’t get out of bed without either Daddy or Mommy being awake. If you want another ba ba, just wake Daddy or Mommy up and ask.” he told her with a kiss.

“OK.” she replied.

“Now, I think you need a dry dipey Baby Girl. You’re swimming in those baby pants.” he said with a pat to her very wet butt.

With a giggle, Becky said “You can’t thwim in baby panth Daddy, deir too thmall!”

Rick chuckled and asked “I was being silly huh?”

“Yeth.” she answered as she cuddled closer.

She had taken what he said literally as most toddlers would, he noticed. As he moved to the diaper bag to get a change ready for her, he asked “Did you have a nightmare last night?” wanting to see if she remembered it.

Becky looked puzzled and answered “I don’ think tho.”

Rick quickly told her “Oh, I must have been dreaming then.” with a tickle to her tummy. He didn’t want to push it, so distracted her.

Becky giggled when Daddy tickled her. She loved Daddy so much. He tickled her lots and liked to make her laugh. She spit her binky out and started drinking he ba ba when Daddy laid her down on the floor.

Rick was thankful when he pulled her plastic pants off. If Becky had been wearing a disposable, the carpet would have gotten wet. The cloth diapers had absorbed all of it though. He agreed with his wife that they would need to look for a diaper service when they got home. The cloth did a much better job, and the kids seemed to like them much better.

He quickly had the pins removed, and the very wet diapers off her bottom. As he wiped her skin clean of pee, he wondered if they could get a child lock for the bedroom door. This way, there wouldn’t be an issue if she didn’t stay in bed. He lifted her ankles and wiped the urine from the diaper pad before sliding fresh diapers in a wrap under her bottom. The powder was next and he said “Puff puff” as he sprinkled it on her skin in time with his words. The smile she gave him made the extra effort worth it and was followed by a very content sigh as he rubbed the soft powder onto her skin. He set her down and pulled the diaper up between her legs, securing the Velcro closures so the diaper fit snug against her tummy.

“There Baby Girl, all dry now.” he told her with a pat to her diaper.

“Thank you Daddy.” she said with a sweet smile.

Rick picked her up and brought her back to her toys. “You play with your toys Baby, I’m gonna clean up.” he told her with a kiss as he sat her on the floor.

“OK.” she answered as she picked up the princess figurine and put her on the horse.

Rick picked up the wet diapers and baby pants, taking them back into the bedroom to the diaper pail. “Are you getting up now?” he asked Sharon.

“I can” she told him.

“I just figured I’d get a shower now and then get Becky dressed. I don’t want to leave her out there by herself. Would you rather I just brought her and her toys in here?” he asked.

With a blush, Sharon said “Sure, that way I can grab a little more sleep.”

“Alright, I’ll tell her to play quietly then.” he said with a smile.

Sharon felt bad, but she still was having to wake up roughly every three hours to nurse Billy. Add the nightmare that Becky had last night, and her sleep had been very broken up. “Thank you.” she replied.

Rick went back out and told Becky “Sweety, I want you to bring the toys in the bedroom and play with them on the floor in there. You need to be very quiet though, because Mommy and Billy are still sleeping.”

“Why can’t I thtay hewe?” she asked.

“Because Daddy needs to take a shower and I don’t want you out here by yourself.” he answered as he lifted her to her feet. He thought she looked so cute dressed in just her t-shirt and her diaper.

Once Becky had made several trips to the bedroom, dropping parts of the toy with each trip, she settled down to playing quietly.

Sharon tried to sleep, but the music that the castle made as Becky played made it impossible. She lay there listening as Becky softly prattled on, happily playing with her toys.

It wasn’t long before Billy was awake and wanting to eat. When he finished, Sharon took both kids out to the livingroom, leaving them sitting on the floor playing with their toys. The similarities between them was astounding to Sharon. She had to smile as she listened when Becky sounded the same as Billy, both talking to the toys as they played.

The one thing that made this harder was that Sharon felt overjoyed when Billy just let go and enjoyed being a toddler, but she couldn’t feel the same way about Becky. She knew that Becky’s regression was a form of escape. They had to help her find a way to deal with what happened so she didn’t feel a need to escape. Sharon made sure that she responded to Becky as if she were a toddler, because she didn’t want to make things worse. She would have to ask Craig about this when he came to see her.

In the mean time, she got up and retrieved a fresh bottle from the fridge, and handed it to Becky saying “Here Baby Girl, drink your ba ba.” knowing they would have another hot and active day today.

Becky smiled at Mommy as she spit her binky out and began nursing her ba ba. She loved the feeling of the nipple as she drank. It made her feel safe. She wiggled her butt on the carpet, enjoying the feeling of the thick cloth wrapping her bottom. A moment later when she felt warmth spread against her sensitive bottom, she couldn’t help but giggle. She really loved being a baby girl.

Sharon smiled as Becky giggled. She saw the little dance that Becky did in her diaper and thought it was cute. She was glad that she liked the cloth diapers so much. Seeing how happy Becky was, she didn’t know how they were ever going to get her back into big girl panties.

It wasn’t long before Rick was out of the shower and dressed for the day. He sat in the bedroom as he dialed the phone. A few minutes later, he came into the livingroom and told Sharon “He’ll be here at three. We need to make sure we get back here by one for her nap.” in a soft whisper.

“Alright” she replied.

With that, they began dressing the kids for the day. It wasn’t long before both kids were in the stroller and they were headed through the lobby of the hotel, on their way to breakfast.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 115

Another excellent chapter BB. I hope Craig can help Becky see home isn’t a bad place to be.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 115

Nice as always but still too short!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 115

I hope that cop had a complaint filed against him and isn’t working anymore.

Coming from a criminal justice background, that’s just unacceptable on nearly every level in existence.

Still a good chapter, and gives insight into Becky’s thought process. Though I will go on record saying that that was more than a little unsettling.

Becky’s toddler mannerisms were a nice bright spot though. It was cute :slight_smile:

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 115

Becky’s toddler mannerisms were a nice bright spot though. It was cute :slight_smile:

Yes I love how you capture the actions and emotions of babies and give them to Billy and Becky. It really makes for a cute, clear picture of how much of a baby both the kids have become. It really is very beautiful. :smiley:

Your a tease BB. You have kinda left it on a cliff hanger, leaving us wanting more then we usually do…… Dats naughty :stuck_out_tongue:

Good chapter BB it was insightful. You linked this chapter well with a previouse one where the kids were taken. That really binds the story together even more. I think thats rare for an author to bring forth a part of a story from the past… Very good :smiley:

lets seeee, hmmmm I think this deserves a 9.3 and my new rating as well which I think will always be 5 gold stars


Snuggles and Tears Chapter 115

I’m glad you explained the policeman’s behavior finally, BB. It was a minor point which has long been nagging at me. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why he would be so gratuitously cruel to a little girl being torn from her family. Who knew he was just a big jerk trying to silence a crying child?

I’ve also been wondering about Becky’s reaction to leaving Disney and how her parents are going to cope with it. I’m happy to see you addressing that too.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 115

Hi Folks,

Thanks for the kind feedback!

I hope that cop had a complaint filed against him and isn’t working anymore.

At this point, we’ve seen that Becky is the only one other than the officer himself that knows about this conversation.

I’m glad you explained the policeman’s behavior finally, BB. It was a minor point which has long been nagging at me. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why he would be so gratuitously cruel to a little girl being torn from her family. Who knew he was just a big jerk trying to silence a crying child?

Tommy, I don’t know if you remember, but a while back (in my comment after chapter 68 ), I said:

winmsett wrote:
That is just torture for the love of it.

You have the reason wrong here, but you will find out shortly that the reason is just as ingorant and malicious.

At that time, I was going to explain what happened, but decided to wait until they were in Disney. It would “bind the story together” as Littlebunny put it.

Thanks Lb for your kind words! :slight_smile:


Snuggles and Tears Chapter 115

Tommy, I don’t know if you remember, but a while back (in my comment after chapter 68 ), I said:

winmsett wrote:
That is just torture for the love of it.

You have the reason wrong here, but you will find out shortly that the reason is just as ingorant and malicious.

At that time, I was going to explain what happened, but decided to wait until they were in Disney. It would “bind the story together” as Littlebunny put it.


I remember. I thought maybe you had forgotten.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 115

Man, that police officer was a big time jerk!! Grrr, that makes me mad to see someone who is sworn to “protect & serve” not do any of that & instead, do the opposite!!

BB, I hope once the Avery family gets back home, the town rallies around them & helps them begin to heal!! But I’ll wait on that, I just want to see them have fun & enjoy Disney!!

Keep up the great work you are doing on this story!! Good job, BB!!

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 115

Icey you don’t know police officers. Every police officer I’ve ever ran into has been nothing less than a complete asshole.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 115

Very well done Chapter BB! the only thing that bothered me was how messed up that officer was. nevertheless, thumbs up my friend :smiley:

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 115

I do know them well, both my dad & granddad are former police officers, my dad being a former MP with the Army!! I have a blue line in my family!! Also, in my job, I work around them everyday & although there are a handful of non-people friendly ones, many more are very nice & very helpful!! So to see one like the one in this chapter, makes me both mad & sad!!

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 115

I can’t wait for Snuggles and Tears Chapter 116 to be posted for I can read it.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 115

Thanks Folks for posting.

I know it’s been a bit since I put a chapter up, but i’ve been wrestling with the archive for a little bit and then taking some time with the family for a couple of days.

I’ve also been trying to figure out how to make this contest work well with Someguy. We’ve been hashing out the details, trying to come up with something that works for everyone.

I promise I’ll get back to this very soon, but it’ll be a couple of days. I have to make a long drive for a customer tomorrow and won’t be back until tomorrow night.

Rest assured, once all of this is taken care of, I’ll be back to posting every couple of days.

Besides, it puts the spotlight on other folks for a bit, which I think is a good thing. Need to get more new writers posting! :slight_smile:



Snuggles and Tears Chapter 115

Okay, we’ll be waiting paatiently for Chapter 116 BB.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 115

Hey BB, just checking in on you getting us a new chapter or chapters up? I know life gets in the way, no rush, just wanting to know or get an update from you, ok!!

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 115

Hi Icey,

While what I explained a few days ago is accurate, there’s another reason I haven’t been posting any new work.

While I think I can tell a story pretty well, I couldn’t write well. If you looked at all of the entries in the story of the year contest, almost every one of them was written much better than mine. I’m referring to punctuation and grammar.

I’ve been taking some time to learn proper grammar, for one. For example, there are more than a hundred adverbs used in chapter thirty-nine with approximately 5,200 words.

This is atrocious by some folks standards, especially the folks that matter to me, publishers.

I stopped counting at thirty when I was looking for passive sentences; again, something that publishers don’t want to see.

Yet another example is the lack of anything but commas in my work. I could count the number of semicolons used in the entire 115 chapters on one hand. I had to get better at this.

This is where the bulk of my time has been spent for the last two weeks. Trust me, when I get the next chapter up, you’ll be glad I spent this time, because the story will read a whole lot better.



Snuggles and Tears Chapter 115

I can’t say I have noticed anything wrong with your grammar or punctuation BB, although I don’t know much about it, I just know what I like to read and all your chapters have flowed well and are an easy enjoyable read.

I think you’re being a bit pedantic BB.

Although wanting to raise your writing standard is admirable…just know we’re waiting patiently BB….and…

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: Can you stop being admirable and just throw us one of your badly punctuated and horribly written chapters :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


Snuggles and Tears Chapter 115

BB I agree with littlebunny!!!
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 115

I also agree with littlebunny and richbaby.