Snuggles and Tears Chapter 110

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Chapter 110

On her way out to the livingroom, Sharon saw April standing in the kitchen area, making coffee. Wanting to get things started, she walked over to April and gently lifted Billy so April could take him in her arms.

Billy fussed when Mommy pulled him from her warm body. He felt much better a second later when Aunt April cuddled him close, rocking him gently. He loved Aunt April, she was gentle and loving.

April winked to Sharon, laid her cheek against Billy’s soft face, and whispered into his little ear “Happy Birthday Baby.” with two gentle pats to his diaper.

Billy pulled his head back and looked at Aunt April with a big smile. Then snuggling back down, he said “I wub you.” enjoying the hug.

“Awwww…you’re such a sweet baby boy.” April told him with a kiss to his cheek. “I love you too Baby.”

Billy understood then. Mommy wasn’t the only one that was going to treat him like he felt inside. That thought made him feel warm all over. Here he was wearing nothing but a dipey, nursing his binky and Mommy and Aunt April made him feel like that’s exactly the way it was supposed to be. The thought made him smile.

Sharon left Billy in April’s tender care while she went to get clothes for him. April chuckled as she told Billy “I know somebody that was one very giggly baby boy this morning.” as she tickled his tummy.

Billy squirmed with a giggle at her wiggly fingers, his shaky limbs flailing wildly. He still wasn’t used to that, and felt like he was going to fall. With a frightened squeak, he clung tightly to Aunt April.

“It’s OK Sweety, I’ve got you.” April told him as she held him tightly against her. After a moment, she felt him relax in her embrace.

Sharon came back over and said “OK Baby, let’s get you dressed for today.” and took Billy from April, carrying him over to the couch. She laid him down as she would a toddler, picked up a t-shirt and gently pulled it over his head.

Billy couldn’t help smiling as Mommy pushed his hands through the short sleeves one at a time, just like he was a baby. The more he thought about it though, the more he realized that he probably couldn’t make his hands go through on his own. This thought kept him smiling as Mommy picked up his ankle and pushed a slipper onto his foot. He giggled when he saw Pooh Bear looking up at him from the top of his toes.

Sharon smiled as she saw Billy wiggle his foot making Pooh move around. Hearing him giggle, she was glad she had decided to put the slippers on him. When Tigger was on the other foot, she finished dressing him by attaching a pacifier clip to his t-shirt and securing it to his binky. “Alright Little Boy, you’re all set now.” she told him with a kiss as she picked him up and held him so he could look over her shoulder.

Billy was surprised when Mommy told him he was all dressed. He asked worriedly “Panth?”

Sharon didn’t know if Billy would be concerned about having his diaper on display, but knew she would have to nip that in the bud right now. Placing her hands under his arms, she pulled him back and lifted him up so that his t-shirt rode up above his diaper and his belly button was exposed. “Uh Oh! Somebody’s trying to act like a big boy.” she said as she pushed her mouth against his tummy and made yet another raspberry. This caused Billy to squeal in laughter. “I told you Baby Boy!” she quipped as she did it again. Billy was squirming terribly and Sharon had to use her elbows to trap his diapered bottom against her chest as she blew one more raspberry on his tummy.

Billy didn’t know why, but his tummy was just so ticklish! He squealed with big, baby laughs each time Mommy blew on his tummy.

Sharon pulled him close to her and asked “Are you done trying to be a big boy?” with a chuckle.

Billy nodded his head. He really didn’t like the idea of parading around in just a dipey, but he didn’t want to be tickled anymore.

“OK. Mommy decides what her baby boy wears. Little boys don’t decide Sweetheart.” she told him. “Besides, it’s hot outside and babies don’t wear pants when it’s hot.” she added. Cathy had warned her that he might have a problem with this. His intelligence made it so he knew that it wasn’t normal for someone nine years old to be dressed as he was. That was what part of today was all about, getting him to understand that he wasn’t going to be nine anymore.

Billy was torn now. He loved that Mommy was treating him just like a baby, but was scared that people would laugh at him. This brought tears to his eyes.

“Listen Baby, I want you to understand something very clearly, right now.” Sharon told him firmly, “I won’t hide you away Sweety, that would be a terrible thing to do to you. I know you’re scared that someone will laugh at you,” she said as she took his chin in her hand and gently forced him to look at her, “and I can guarantee that at some point, somebody will.”

Billy cried “Nooo.” in a little forlorn voice as tears fell. He really didn’t want to be laughed at.

Sharon said “Sweety, there are people out there that are not nice, that like to make others feel bad about who they are. They’ll laugh at you because your hands don’t work right, or you can’t keep your pants clean or dry.” with a pat to his diaper.

“Or because you’re missing a toe.” April said as she slipped her slipper off and showed Billy that she had no big toe on her left foot.

“Or because you needed braces on your feet when you were six.” Peter added as he turned his feet inward and nodded.

“Ow cauthe I wan’ my binky.” Becky said as Daddy tapped her side, letting her know to speak up now.

Billy definitely understood that one. He hadn’t thought about his binky.

“There’s nothing any of us can do to stop it, Little Fella,” Rick told him, “but I promise you, one of us will be there to pick you up and give you hugs, and when you have someone that loves you snuggling you close, mean people really don’t matter anymore.” as he leaned in and kissed his son’s forehead.

Billy turned his head and laid it against Mommy’s chest. As he snuggled close, he understood that Daddy was right. As long as he had Mommy to snuggle everything would be alright. He settled down to nursing his binky.

Sharon patted his diaper as she held him close. She was sure this would come up again before this day was over, but had confidence that Billy would get through it. With a gentle kiss to his cheek, She asked “Are you ready to go bye bye now?” in a sweet voice.

Billy couldn’t help smiling again. It just felt so very good when Mommy talked to him like that. He nodded his head and said “Bye bye.”

“There’s my happy baby.” she told him with a smile. She knew exactly how to get his attention now. Every time she talked to him as she would a baby, he responded with a smile. As Rick set Becky down on her feet, Sharon handed Billy to him. “Give Daddy hugs and kisses bye bye Sweetheart.” she told him.

Billy hugged Daddy tight and then turned and, because he was feeling small, put his lips against Daddy’s cheek and opened his mouth wide, giving Daddy baby kisses.

Both April and Sharon said “Awwww…” at the same time.

Rick kissed his little boy and said “I love you very much Baby Boy.” as he hugged him close.

A second later, Billy heard “Where’s my hugs.” as Uncle Peter stepped into his line of sight. He reached his shaky arms out to Uncle Peter and hugged him tight, giving another baby kiss.

“You have fun this morning Little Boy.” Peter said as he kissed Billy’s cheek. He then handed Billy off to April.

When Billy snuggled down close, April said “You’re such a good baby boy.” and kissed his cheek, then added “Yes you are.” as she rubbed her nose against his.

Billy giggled and kissed Aunt April saying “bye bye.”

“Bye bye Sweety. You be a good boy for Mommy, OK?” she told him as she handed him back to April.

“OK.” Billy said with a smile.

Sharon knelt down then in front of Becky. She saw Billy looking at his sister with a curious expression. Not wanting to deal with any questions, she said “Give Becky hugs Baby.” as she set his bottom on her knee, holding him under his arms.

Billy saw Becky standing with a very short skirt on that showed off her dipey. He didn’t understand why Becky was dressed that way. With her binky and her pigtails, she looked more like a baby than his big sister. He remembered seeing her that way before, but never asked Mommy why. He was just about to ask when Mommy told him to give her hugs. He put his arms out and hugged her and felt her hug him tight. It felt good, and he remembered Becky snuggling him at night night time.

“Bye bye.” Becky told her brother with a smile as she gave a toddler wave by opening and closing her hand.

Billy smiled back and replied “bye bye Becky.”

Sharon kissed Becky and told her “I’ll see you just after lunch Sweety.” and picked Billy up, turned him and held him so he could look over her shoulder. She felt him lay his face down on the soft didee on her shoulder.

A minute later, Sharon had the diaper bag slung over her shoulder, and was walking down the fourteen flights of stairs as she began talking to Billy. “Sweety, I don’t know if you noticed, but we left your blankie in your bed.” she informed him. When she heard him start to fuss, she said “It’s OK Baby, I want you to only take your blankie at bedtime from now on. That didee you’re laying your face on is a lot smaller and I’d like you to carry that instead.”

Billy started to cry when Mommy told him he couldn’t have his blankie. When she said he could carry a didee, he felt a bit better. After all, his didee’s were really soft and he loved them. Laying his face down, he nuzzled against the soft cloth diaper and decided it would be OK. A thought occurred to him and he lifted his head and fearfully asked “Pooh?”

“Look down in the diaper bag Baby, your Pooh is right there where it belongs.” Sharon reassured him. She wouldn’t dream of leaving Pooh Bear in his bed.

Billy looked down and saw Pooh’s head sticking up out of the dipey bag and his fear disappeared. Feeling huge relief, he said “Tank you.” as he laid his head back down.

“Oh, Sweety, just like your binky, Mommy will let you decide when you’re ready to put Pooh Bear away, OK?” she explained with several gentle pats to his diaper.

“OK.” he answered.

“We’re taking the stairs Baby, because I know you hate the elevator. We’re almost all the way down now.” she told him. She felt Billy hug her tighter for a second and knew right then that all the stairs were worth it.

When they stepped through the stairwell door, Billy saw Miss Lisa standing there next to a stroller. She looked directly at him and said “Happy Birthday Baby.” with a big smile. Billy couldn’t help but smile back. He wondered how she knew that it was his special birthday.

“Good Morning.” Sharon told her with a smile.

“Good morning, are you two ready?” Lisa asked with a smile.

“We sure are. Thank you for helping with this Lisa, I really can’t thank you enough.”

“Oh, don’t mention it, and by the way, there are a couple of things that have been added to today’s itinerary.” Lisa informed her softly.

“What do you mean?” Sharon asked worriedly. There had been a long talk about this with Rick, Peter and April. She didn’t want anything to interfere.

“Oh, It’ll be fine I promise. I’ve just changed a few details.” Lisa explained. When she saw a doubtful expression on Sharon’s face, she said “I talked with Peter last night and made sure the changes wouldn’t interfere. I need you to know though, the folks here at Disney feel terrible about what happened at The Crystal Palace, and wanted to make amends.”

“So that’s what this is all about.” Sharon thought. They were concerned about a law suit no doubt. “They’re worried we’ll take them to court.” Sharon stated.

Lisa looked at her and said “Yes.”

“You can trust me when I tell you, that won’t happen.” Sharon told her. While she might be able to win some huge settlement, she would never feel right about that.

“Listen,” Lisa whispered as she leaned in close. “Just let them do for Billy. It will appease their concerns, and he’ll love it.”

Sharon thought about that, still not liking the concept of letting them think a suit was a possibility. The more she thought about it, the more she felt Lisa was right, it wouldn’t hurt. “Alright fine.” she said with resignation.

“Good. Now, this,” Lisa said as she pulled a big round button out of a bag and proceeded to pin it to Billy’s shirt, “will help everyone know that you are a very special little boy.”

Sharon looked at the button and saw that it had Happy Birthday printed in bright colors, and under that someone had written ‘2 years old’. She smiled a big smile at that. She noticed a gold star and a baby’s pacifier sticker stuck on the outside edge.

Lisa smiled when she saw Sharon looking closer at the button. “Shall we go?” she asked, refusing to provide any more information.

“Sure.” Sharon said as she approached the stroller.

“Why don’t you carry him for now. You’ll understand in a moment.” Lisa told her.

Sharon, not sure she was comfortable with all of the secrecy, said “Alright.” and shifted Billy to her hip, firmly holding his diapered bottom. She followed Lisa as she rolled the stroller up a hall and through a door into the lobby.

Billy became anxious now. Here he was sitting on Mommy’s hip wearing nothing but a dipey on his bottom. He laid his head against her neck, hiding his face as he nursed his binky. He was startled a moment later when a woman smiled at him and said “Happy Birthday Baby.”

Sharon smiled when she saw Billy’s reaction to that. He had been trying to hide from all the people in the lobby, but smiled when the nice lady wished him a happy birthday. She followed as Lisa took several more steps and another woman said exactly the same thing, only this time, she took Billy’s hand and stuck a round Pooh Bear sticker on the back.

“There.” the woman told Billy. “You have a magical day.” she added with a big smile.

Billy looked at the back of his hand and held it up for Mommy to see and said “Yook Mommy, Pooh.” with a giggle.

“Yes, Baby. Wasn’t that nice of her?” Sharon asked him, trying to draw him out.

“Uh huh.” Billy said, not even noticing when Sharon shifted him a bit to make it harder for him to hide.

By the fourth time that one of the staff had said “Happy Birthday.” to Billy and called him ‘Baby’, he was holding his head up looking around as he nursed his binky.

Sharon smiled as she figured out that that was exactly why Lisa had put what she did on that button. Turning to Lisa she whispered “It’s the binky sticker, isn’t it?” with curiosity.

“Yes. That sticker tells the staff that he’s just a baby no matter what his size is and they respond to him that way.” Lisa answered.

“You people are really incredible. What is the star for?” she asked.

“You’re going to have to wait and see for that.” Lisa told her with a wink.

When they got outside, they made the short walk to The Magic Kingdom and stood in line to get in. As they stood waiting, a woman smiled as she looked at Billy’s button and said “Wow, he’s awfully big to be two.”

Sharon, without missing a beat said “Yes, he has a hormone problem.”

“He’s going to be a big boy some day.” the woman said just before telling Billy “Happy Birthday.”

Sharon thought about those words and smiled as she thought “He’ll be a big boy someday, but not today.”

Billy smiled around his binky at the nice lady and said “Tank you.”

“Listen to you. You’re such a good boy.” She told him. “I wish I could get mine to be that polite, and they’re eight and ten.” she told Sharon.

Sharon looked at Billy and smiled. She kissed his cheek and said “That’s my good boy. Yes you are, Mommy’s good baby boy.” in a sweet voice.

Billy looked at Mommy with a smile, despite his fear that the woman would laugh at him. When he didn’t hear anyone laugh, he giggled and snuggled close to Mommy.

“Awww…he’s precious.” the woman said.

“Yes he is.” Sharon answered.

Pretty soon they made their way into Disney proper. They had just come through the tunnel when Lisa walked them up the stairs and to the train station atop Town Hall.

Sharon got up on the train and sat down, sitting Billy in her lap. Lisa hefted his stroller into the car and took a seat herself. When the whistle blew, as he had before, Billy said “Whoo Whoo.” and made several folks around them laugh.

The first challenge came when the train moved through the first tunnel. It was very short, but it got dark and Billy cried “Mommy?” fearfully as they passed into it.

Sharon turned him around, holding him close and said “It’s alright Baby, it’s just a tunnel.” as she patted his diaper to calm him. That did the trick as he settled down to nurse his binky. Unfortunately, his cry called the attention of two boys, eleven and twelve years old, and they began laughing at what looked like a four or five year old wearing a diaper and nursing a binky as Mommy patted his bottom.

Billy hearing kids laughing, turned and saw them looking at him. Try as he might, he couldn’t control his emotions and began to cry.

Sharon looked at the two young teens and asked “Can you please just let him be?” and hugged Billy close as she rocked him gently.

Thankfully, the boys found something else to entertain them, and Sharon managed to calm Billy down. Five minutes later, they got off the train at the second stop. Sharon noticed that Billy was a bit more subdued, and she didn’t quite know what to do about it. She wasn’t worried a minute later when they walked by Donald’s Boat and Billy pointed with a shaky arm and said “Boat Mommy!” trembling with excitement. “It’s no wonder he wants to go back there, it’s the only thing he’s done here.” she thought.

“I see it Baby, but we can’t go to the boat right now.” Sharon told him.

“Pweathe Mommy, I wanna go.” Billy cried, broken hearted as big tears splashed to his cheeks.

“Oh Baby,” Sharon said as she gently wiped his didee against his face. “We’ll go, I promise, just not right now. We have somewhere we need to go.” she explained. She knew for certain that they had done the right thing by putting him at a two year old level. That was certainly a two year old’s behavior.

Sharon was a bit miffed when Lisa didn’t stop to give her a moment to soothe him, until they turned a corner and she saw where Lisa was going. “Look Baby, who’s that?” she asked, trying to see if distracting Billy would work.

Billy turned his tearful face around to look where Mommy was pointing and excitedly exclaimed “Pooh!”, his tears forgotten.

“That’s right!” she said with a smile. “My God he went from crying to big smiles in an instant!” she thought.

They were headed right for The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh. Lisa led them to the cast member manning the entrance and spoke a few whispered words before Sharon managed to catch up. “Hi Baby.” the lady told Billy. “Do you like Winnie the Pooh?” she asked.

Billy reaching toward the diaper bag, told Mommy “Pooh Mommy.” and when Mommy put Pooh in his arms he turned and smiled as he hugged Pooh, saying “I wub Pooh.”

“Awww…I bet Pooh loves you too doesn’t he?” she asked.

Billy nodded his head with a big smile. Sharon couldn’t help smiling at that. She saw his outlook changing a little at a time. This morning’s talk had made a huge impact on him. Little by little, the little boy that was trying to be a big boy to please Mommy and Daddy was slowly being replaced by a very excitable two year old. Sharon knew that it would take some time to work all of the wrinkles out, but she hoped that by the end of this day, he would stop trying to be something he’s not, a nine year old boy.

“Alright, follow me.” the lady said with a smile. She led them around through the handicapped entrance, and that sidestepped the huge line, making Sharon feel a bit uncomfortable. She didn’t feel right cutting in front of all of these people. They walked up a ramp and the lady asked them to wait at a yellow line for a moment as she approached the gentleman that was running the ride. When she came back, she looked at Billy and said “Sweety, that nice man right there will have you on the ride in just a moment, OK?”

“OK.” Billy answered with a smile.

She turned to go down the ramp and at the last second turned back to say “And Baby, Happy Birthday.” with a smile.

Billy giggled then and said “Tank you.”

A few seconds later Billy was occupying himself by looking at what looked like story book pages mounted on the walls. He would point to each character and say their name. “Tiggew Mommy.” he said happily.

“I see Baby, and who’s that?” she asked, pointing to another.

“Oww” he said sounding so cute.

“Yes, and that?”


“That’s right. And how about that one?” she asked.

With a giggle he said “Pooh Mommy.” looking at her as if she was silly.

“Oh, I forgot.” Sharon told him

Just then, the attendant approached them and asked “how are you little fella?”

Billy shyly said “Good.” as he laid his forehead against Mommy’s cheek.

“Well that’s good.” he told Billy. Looking at Sharon, he asked “Is he afraid of lightening?”

“Yes, why?” she asked.

“There’s a small area that is made to resemble it with noise and strobes. I just thought I’d warn you ahead of time.” He told her.

Lisa spoke up then with “I can let her know just before it comes up.”

“Good.” he said. “I’ll have a car for you in just a moment.” he told them and returned to the control panel.

Sharon wasn’t so sure it was a good idea now. She didn’t want to scare the poor baby, especially on a ride with his favorite characters. Looking to Lisa, she asked “Is he going to be alright with that?” worry clearly evident in her voice.

“He should be fine. A huge number of kids go through here every day, most of them between two and six. If you’re worried, then when I let you know, cover his ears. That should make it a lot easier.” Lisa explained.

Sharon saw a car shaped like an oblong honey pot come out with two small children in it. They were smiling and didn’t look fearful at all. That calmed her concerns a great deal. That car stopped right in front of them and the family got out. The attendant was back at their side saying “OK, in you go.” and ushered Sharon and Billy into the front seat of the car while Lisa sat in the back seat. Sharon imagined that the car would seat four adults quite comfortably. Just before he walked away, the attendant said “Have fun little fella.”

They made their way to the entrance where another story page hung that pictured Pooh holding a balloon. Billy pointed and said “Pooh hath a bawwoon.” with a smile.

“I see that.” Sharon told him. As they made their way through the entrance, she asked “Who’s that?”

Billy saw piglet holding on to a broom handle, flying around in a circle with his feet high in the air. “Pigwet.” he answered.

“And what’s Pooh doing Baby?” she asked

Billy turned to his right and he saw Pooh holding on to a balloon, drifting through the air. “He’th fwyin’.” Billy answered with a giggle.

Sharon saw he was thoroughly entranced now. Caught up in his favorite characters come to life.

“Eeyowe!” Billy squealed, pointing awkwardly.

Sharon, having fun now, gasped and asked “Is that rabbit?” as she pointed.

“Uh huh!” Billy said with another huge giggle.

“And who’s that?” she asked as she pointed further ahead.

“Woo!” Billy answered, thoroughly enjoying this.

“And what’s Roo’s Mommy’s name?” Sharon asked.

“Kanga.” he answered looking around for her before he noticed Kanga standing under a tree.“Dewe she ith!” he exclaimed with a big laugh.

They turned a corner and entered a wooden house that creaked to and fro in the imaginary wind. “Oww’s houthe!” Billy squealed.

“That’s right Baby, and the wind is blowing and making it rattle huh? It’s the blustery day.” Sharon told him.

That made Billy giggle some more. He remembered that from Mommy reading to him. When they moved to the next section, Billy snuggled closer to Mommy. It was dark in here, and he didn’t like that so much.

Sharon held him against her, gently caressing his tummy. Thinking quickly, she took the didee off her shoulder and put it in his hand.

Billy felt the soft didee in his hand and brought it up to hold against his cheek. He loved the feeling of the soft cloth. It was just enough to distract him until he saw Tigger appear to bounce up through some bushes. “Tiggew Mommy!” Billy said, his fear forgotten. When Tigger dropped down below the bushes again, Billy looked around and squealed when he spotted Tigger bouncing on his tail further along the ride. “Dewe he ith!” Billy told her.

“Yes Baby, Bouncing on his tail.” she replied. This caused Billy to start making a bouncing motion in her lap that had her chuckling. “Are you Tigger?” she asked.

Billy giggled and said “No Mommy, Tigggews wight dewe.” pointing to Tigger as he moved by on their right.

They moved around the corner and she asked “Right where Baby?”

Billy craned his neck back and forth, but couldn’t see Tigger anymore. Just when he was about to say ‘I don’t know’, He pointed and said “Wight Dewe!” with another squeal of laughter as Tigger rose up behind a bush.

A second later they passed by a branch and Tigger dropped into sight hanging upside down. Billy laughed so much this time, he couldn’t say a word. Sharon found herself laughing along with him, he sounded so cute.

As they turned a corner, Billy laughed uproariously again as he pointed at Pooh dressed in his night shirt and hat, laying flat on his back with Tigger sitting on his enormous tummy. “Pounth!” Billy said gleefully.

Sharon laughed and watched as Billy had a wonderful time. She hadn’t seen him have this much fun in a very long time. He was letting go and being the two year old, and it warmed her heart to see it. He was oblivious to her gentle kiss as he saw Pooh again, this time sleeping.

“Night night Pooh.” he said sweetly.

Sharon was trying not to interfere, but couldn’t hold back an “Awww…” and heard Lisa mimic the same from the back seat.

For the next minute, you could hear the music from Winnie the Pooh where they sing about Hefalumps and Woozles. As they passed through, Billy would point and exclaim “Hfawump!” or “Woozw!” at each one he saw.

Fortunately, he was oblivious to Lisa’s tap on Sharon’s shoulder and her telling Sharon “It’s right at the end of this.”

Sharon told Billy “It’s gonna get loud Baby, I want to cover your ears.” and placed her hands over his ears just in time.

Billy didn’t hear the loud thunder noise, but he did see the flashing lights and that startled him. To his credit, he didn’t cry, but turned his face toward Mommy.

A second later, she uncovered his ears and gasped as she said “Look, their holding on to Piglet.” with astonishment.

That was enough to get Billy’s attention and the lightening was forgotten. He gasped around his binky and sat staring wide eyed at all of the hundred acre wood characters stretched out in a line, holding on to each other, floating in the water, with Piglet at the end.

They turned another corner, and the whole area was lit up in bright colors, All the Hundred Acre characters were at a table (except Tigger who just had to be bouncing on the table) having cake in celebration of saving Piglet from Floody Place Falls. Further along, Pooh’s upper body is sticking out of a hunny tree, the hunny all over his face.

Sharon trying to prepare Billy for the end of this ride, said “Yaaaay. They saved Piglet.” clapping his hands together for him.

Billy joined in with “Yaaay!” happy to add to the occasion.

“There’s the end Baby.” Sharon told him, hoping she could avoid tears.

Billy didn’t want the ride to be over. He looked at Mommy and said “More?” in a forlorn voice.

Lisa, not wanting to see him get upset after having so much fun asked “Do you want to go again Baby?”

Billy, with a huge smile on his face, said “Yeah!” with a giggle.

“OK, but this is the last time Baby. Understand?” she asked.

“OK.” Billy answered.

“We’re only going to go one more time Sweety.” Sharon told him.

“One mowe time.” he said with a smile.

When the car came around the corner, Lisa held her finger up and twirled it in a circle. The attendant nodded and pushed a button and the car continued right on by to go through again.

Sharon was happy to see that Billy was no less excited this time as he was the first. She managed to cover his ears at just the right time again, and Billy got right back into the ride just as he had on the first run. When the end came this time, Sharon clapped again and then said “All done Baby.”

Billy didn’t want to get out. He asked “One mowe time?”

“No Baby, we have to go do some other really fun things. You don’t want to miss any of the other fun do you?” Sharon asked.

Billy heard that and wondered what Mommy was talking about. His curiosity was enough to prevent tears when Mommy carried him from the car and down the ramp. “Bye bye Pooh.” he said sweetly to the big Pooh Bear that sat above the front of the ride as he hugged his stuffed Pooh close.

Sharon snuggled him close as she carried him along beside Lisa. Fortunately, she didn’t have to carry the diaper bag because it sat in the stroller. When she looked at her watch, she told Lisa softly “He’ll be hungry soon.”

“Perfect.” Lisa said as she led them directly across from Pooh’s ride to Pooh’s Playful Spot. When they got there, she led Sharon around to a bench that didn’t face the attractions and would offer her some privacy.

Sharon sat down, and only then did she wonder at the wisdom of leaving the blankie behind. It was way to hot to cover him anyway. She asked Billy “Do you want Nummies Baby?”

Billy immediately said “Nummieth Mommy.” as he nodded his head.

“Alright Baby, come here.” Sharon said as she laid him down and turned him toward her. She laid the cloth diaper over her breast and lifted her shirt enough to offer him her nipple. As soon as he began suckling, she laid the diaper over his face, covering her nipple. Billy brought a shaky arm up and pushed the diaper off his face, laying his little fist on her breast. “Oh well, so much for privacy.” she thought as she left the diaper where it was. She took solace in the fact she wasn’t sitting in a crowded area.

“I’m going to give you some privacy, and take care of a couple of things. I’ll be back in thirty minutes.” Lisa offered.

“OK, we should be done by then.” Sharon replied. When Lisa walked away, Sharon looked down at Billy. He was nursing contentedly with his eyes closed. “Hey Baby.” Sharon said. When he opened his eye and looked at her, she smiled and asked “Are you still big?”

Billy smiled and said “Yeth Mommy.” around her nipple.

“That’s my good baby boy.” she told him. Placing her hand on his diaper, she began patting gently in a slow rhythm. “Do you like to nursey when your big?” she asked. She didn’t want to interfere with something that was so important to him.

“Mmmm Hmmm.” he told her as he continued to suckle.

“Good, I’m glad Baby. I love it when you nursey. It brings you so close to Mommy and that make me very happy.” she told him with a gentle kiss to his cheek.

It didn’t take long to get him fed and burped, and not unexpectedly, he was a very sleepy baby just after. Sharon put her mouth right next to his ear and said softly “Baby, I want you to do something for me now. I want you to be little for you nap.”

Billy pulled his head back, opened his sleepy eyes and smiled a big sleepy smile at Mommy.

“That’s right Baby, you’re going to be little when you take your naps and when you go night night. Mommy wants you to be a little baby when you sleep.” she explained.

Yawning a big yawn, he closed his eyes and nursed his binky as he made the change. It was odd though, it didn’t feel all that different this time. His mouth was more sensitive, and some of his other sensations were different, but he didn’t feel a huge change like he had before.

Sharon sat rocking him gently as she pat his bottom. “That’s it my sleepy baby, you go night night. Mommy will be right here holding you close.” she told him with a soft kiss to his forehead.

Billy drifted off with memories of Pooh and Tigger drifting through his thoughts, the feel of his binky as he nursed and the comfort of knowing that Mommy held him in her arms.

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 110

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 110

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