Snuggles and Tears Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

Rick had been afraid. He hadn’t wanted to admit it, but when he saw Sharon smiling as she held Billy close in the doorway to their room, he’d seen a unit, a mommy and her baby. He felt like he was a homeless, hungry street urchin standing with his nose to the glass watching the restaurant diners enjoying their dinner, knowing he was going home hungry.

When Billy had reached out to him, wanting his assurance that it was OK, he saw that Billy needed him, not the same way he needed his mommy, but just as special. The realization had sheared through his control like an arrow from a bow.

Sitting by while his little boy poured his heart out was the hardest thing he ever had to do. He had felt just like Becky did, he wanted it to stop. And as Rick’s father had always told him, “You do what needs to be done, and you pay the price later.”. His sobbing now was the price for comforting his little girl.

Billy couldn’t help but join his daddy as his father cried. This was different than in the bathroom though, this was good. At first he’d been afraid when Rick started crying, but then Daddy said it was OK. It wasn’t terrible to want to be a baby. Daddy said so, and if Daddy said it, it had to be so. He snuggled closer as Rick settled down, both content to hold on to each other.

At that point, Rick opened his eyes and saw Becky’s tear streaked face as she sat in her mother’s lap. He shifted Billy to his right hip, and held out his left arm, making room for his little girl.

Sharon gently urged Becky off of her lap and watched as her daughter snuggled up between his long arm and his ribs, wrapping her arms around his waist. Sharon marveled at just how big this man she loved was. With Rick holding him, Billy definitely looked every bit a toddler, especially the way he was dressed. She moved from the bed to wrap her arms around all of them at once. “This is nice” she thought as Billy laid his head on her shoulder and Becky snuggled up to her right side.

Sharon looked at the clock on her nightstand. The green digits told her it was 8:14. Grabbing the box of tissues, she pulled out two and handed them to Becky and asked her “Can you do me a favor Sweety?”.

“What?” Becky responded between blows of her nose.

“Can you take Billy’s ba-ba and go fill it up with juice for me? I need to change his dipey.” Sharon explained.

“Sure Mom! I can get his ba-ba for you.” she replied with a smile. Becky caught her mom’s use of the toddler term for his bottle and purposely repeated it. She thought it was so cute!

Billy had watched his sister closely after his mommy had asked. He didn’t know if Becky would tease him or not. She had been acting a bit strangely the last day or so.

“Knock when it’s ready and I’ll let you know when you can come in OK?” Sharon told her.

“OK Mom.” Becky replied as she headed toward the kitchen.

“Honey, can you please go make something quick for breakfast for the three of us?” Sharon asked Rick.

“The three of us?” He replied as his right eyebrow move upward in puzzlement.

“I think we’ll stick with bottles for Billy this morning. His tummy’s upset and he’ll need fluid from all those tears.” she answered.

"That’s why you’re the mommy, " he said smiling. “I’ll take care of it.”.

It was both wonderful and scary for Billy to see his family interact like this. No one had asked his opinion, nor even acknowledged that he was sitting right there on his daddy’s hip. “They’re treating me just like a baby” he thought. “Mommy’s even using baby talk.” he finished musing, fighting not to giggle.

Sharon reached out to Billy telling him “Come on Baby, let’s get your dipey changed.”.

Billy responded with a smile and held his arms out for his mommy.

As Rick removed his hand from Billy’s bottom, he rubbed his fingers together and with a bit of a grimace told Sharon “He needs it, he leaked.”

Sharon saw the smile immediately disappear as Billy turned red and let his eyes fall to the floor saying “Sorry.” in a sad voice.

She reached up under his chin and gently forced his head up as she told him “Look at me Sweety.”.

When Billy slowly moved his gaze up to look her in the eye, she said “Baby, this isn’t your fault, it’s mine. Don’t apologize for doing what I expected you to do.” kissing his forehead she continued. “In fact, you won’t be using the potty at all today. Today, you are my little baby boy.” she finished with a smile.

“Big tears and big smile.” Sharon thought as Billy’s eyes overflowed again and a loving smile covered the better part of half of his face. “He’s happy,” she thought as she pulled him close, intentionally placing her hand firmly on his damp bottom to show him she wasn’t upset. “really happy.” she finished.

After a moment Rick said “Don’t worry little fella, Daddy never did like changing dipey’s” with a smile and a kiss to Billy’s forehead. It bothered him that something that simple had upset Billy. “I’ll need to be more careful.” he thought to himself as he headed out of the room closing the door behind him, “One minute he’s a baby, and the next a scared little boy.”.

Shifting Billy to her hip, Sharon moved toward her bed. Reaching down with her left hand she picked up the changing pad and spread it flat. Lifting Billy under both arms first up, and then down, she settled him squarely on the pad. Spying the pacifier laying on the bed, she picked it up and placed the nipple at his lips. Smiling Billy took the binky and started rhythmically sucking on it. “He’s just so precious!” she couldn’t help thinking.

Reaching to his neck, Sharon said “OK pee butt, let’s get you changed.” while holding him in place as she moved the zipper down the sleeper, tickling him every few inches. Billy squealed around the binky every time she paused to tickle. He settled down, nursing as Sharon removed first his feet and then his arms from the wet sleeper. She sat him up, pulling the sleeper down toward his sodden diaper. Laying him back down, she lifted his feet until his bottom was up off the pajamas and pulled them free, dropping them on the floor next to the bed.

Placing her hand on the front of the soaking wet diaper, noticing it was cool to the touch, Sharon said “I’m sorry Baby, that can’t feel very good.” as Billy shuddered with a chill. “Mommy will get you all warm and dry in a second.”. Grabbing a clean diaper, she opened it flat on the bed, picked up the baby powder and lightly coated the length of it. The tapes of the wet one on Billy’s bottom were gently pulled back, and his legs pushed apart. After warming two wipes with her breath, she reached down, pulled the front of the diaper down and wiped his front, carefully getting all of the creases.

Billy suddenly reached down, squeezed his little penis and with an anxious expression exclaimed “I gotta pee!”. She thought quickly and lifted him off the bed by his arms, rushed him to her bathroom, sitting him on the toilet seat just in time. “Oh my God he looks cute!” she thought as he held himself on the toilet seat with his hands behind him, one on each side and a pacifier in his mouth.

Normally neither of the kids used Rick and Sharon’s bathroom. Becky wasn’t allowed in there because she would get into her mom’s makeup. Billy didn’t use it because the toilet seat was too big for him to comfortably sit on it. With Rick as big as he was, they had put a larger toilet in their bathroom.

Billy blushed as, no sooner did she get him on the seat, the sound of pee hitting the water filled the bathroom. His Mommy hadn’t been in the bathroom with him in more than three years when he relieved himself, now here she was standing over him as he went potty. What made it worse is his legs and hands were the only part of him on the seat.

“Don’t worry Sweety, all babies need to go pee pee when they have their dipey changed.” Sharon gently explained. “This is the only time your going to use the potty today Baby.” she told him with a warm smile. “I didn’t want you to be wet any longer, or I would have just put you back in a dipey to go pee pee.”.

Mommy talking to him like to a toddler made him feel better. Billy could sense she liked taking care of him this way. “I lub you Mommy.” he said, the binky making his words sound sweet.

“I love you too! Baby boy.” she said as she picked him up and pulled him close, her warm hand cradling his little bare behind.

Back to the diaper pad the went, Sharon laying him down centered on the fresh diaper. Pulling the front up between his legs, she taped it closed and pulling a wipe from the container, proceeded to clean his hands. With that done, she picked up the baby powder and sprinkled some in her hand then rubbed both her hands together.

Billy sighed contentedly as her warm hands began to massage the soft sweet smelling powder into his tender skin. Sharon turned him over on his tummy and continued her loving caresses. As she continued to knead the tension from his little back, Billy sleepily asked her “What happens tomorrow?”.

Sharon hadn’t figured that out yet. She knew what she wanted to do, but hadn’t had a chance to talk with Rick about it. “I don’t know Baby.” she started to answer him. Before she could finish, she felt his body tense and saw the fear move across his face like a brushfire. She quickly but gently turned him over and cradled him in her arms. Patting his soft diaper, she told him “You’re afraid we won’t let you do this again, aren’t you Baby.” His tears were the only answer she needed. “Your wrong Sweety.” she told him as he cried. “It’s up to you tomorrow. If you want to be a baby boy tomorrow and the next day and the day after that, it’s OK. I promise Baby.” she had made the promise without talking to Rick, but she would deal with that. Watching her baby boy’s reaction to her voicing his fear for him had decided it for her.

“He needs this.” she thought, gently rocking him until he settled down, nursing his binky.


Snuggles and Tears Chapter 11

A solid chapter tonight. Not as gut-wrenching as the last few, but we probably needed a break from all that emotional release. Still looking forward to more of this!

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 11

Thank you!

And yes, I thought it would be a good idea to let things settle down a bit. Too much and we become immune, and God forbid I ever get to a point when a hurting child doesn’t pull at my heart strings.


Snuggles and Tears Chapter 11

Another great chapter, you are doing such a great job with this story!!

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 11

Another wonderful chapter, Keep it up BB :smiley:

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 11

Thank you all so much for your support!

tonight: the ground rules and Becky’s questions.


Snuggles and Tears Chapter 11

:smiley: … yes a nice slow down from the emotional high… I see big ups and downs in the future and we are all the better for it.

perfect 9.2/10 :smiley:


I’m loving this.

Hi there. I’m a little confused but I can’t seem to find the rest of the story. I’ve done a search for the phrase snuggles and tears and I find chapters going up to 106 but this is only chapter 11? Is there a thread with all of the chapters in a row so I can read it from the beginning and catch up? Thanks for the help, I find this new layout particularly challenging with my screen reader.

No, there isn’t. There was but the author deleted that thread himself before he disappeared, so no such thread exists nor will one be made as we have to assume he had a reason for not wanting such a thread to exist.