snuggles and Tears Chapter 108

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Chapter 108

Sharon opened her eyes as Billy began nursing again in his sleep. She loved the closeness it brought. Pulling his small body closer to her, she began patting his little wet bottom.

Her thoughts moved to yesterday afternoon. It was a wonderful time at The Crystal Palace. They spent two hours there, both the kids enjoying Pooh and his friends. Becky had loved getting up and dancing around the big oval as the music played. She had gotten upset when she couldn’t hold the small banner like she had before, but settled down when Tigger took her hand and led her around the restaurant.

Billy traveled the oval in Pooh’s arms, waving his shaky arms as they went, giggling all the way. That had been wonderful. He showed no ill effects from what had happened, and Sharon was grateful. She’d been worried how it would go, until Billy giggled wildly the moment he saw Pooh, and immediately put his arms up with an excited “Uppy Pooh!”

They had planned to take Becky back to the hotel to take her nap, but Sharon sat contemplating how best to make up for the time she had spent away from her, and decided that she would send Billy with Rick for the afternoon. He hadn’t been away from her for more than a few minutes, but she was confident that he would be alright with his daddy.

Sharon looked Billy in the eye and said "Baby, I really need you to listen to me."

Billy looked at Mommy with an anxious expression. She had asked him to be a big boy for a little bit. Lately, that usually wasn't a pleasant thing.

"I want you to spend some time with Daddy this afternoon." She told him gently. She wasn't surprised when she saw the tears start.

"No Mommy! I be good!" Billy said immediately through his tears as he gripped her tightly.

"Listen Baby." she told him. When he looked at her again she asked "What makes you think you haven't been good Sweetheart? You've been a very good boy." she explained with a kiss to his cheek.

"Den why can't I go wif you?" he asked tearfully.

His sad expression and his question in a little forlorn voice almost defeated her resolve. "Sweety, I've spent a lot of time with you this last week, haven't I?" she asked. When Billy nodded his head as he nursed his binky, she continued "Well, Becky has been really missing Mommy. Wouldn't you really miss Mommy if I spent a week with Becky?"

Billy thought about this as he glanced over at his sister snuggled up with Daddy drinking her ba ba. He loved his sister, but he really didn't want to be away from Mommy. "But I get scawed." he cried.

"I know Baby, but I promise, Daddy can make it all better. He's really good at cuddles, you know that." she told him with a smile.

Billy had to admit that Mommy was right. Daddy was good at cuddles, and he did make it all better when she wasn't there.

"And besides, you'll be little so it'll be easier won't it?" she asked.

Billy smiled around his binky and nodded his head. He didn't think about that. It was always easier when he was little.

"Alright," Sharon told him as she reached over and pulled his bottle from the diaper bag. "Here Baby, drink your ba ba, and then Mommy will give you Nummies." she said as she guided both of his hands to the bottle. She watched as he worked to keep the bottle upright to get the juice from it. It took a few minutes, but eventually, he drank it all. "OK, where's my little baby boy?" she asked with a warm smile.

Billy smiled at Mommy as she took his ba ba. He closed his eyes and made the switch. When he opened his eyes and saw her, he couldn't help but giggle.

"There he is!" Sharon said with a tickle to Billy's tummy. "There's my baby boy!"

Billy squealed as Mommy tickled him. He loved Mommy so much! He couldn't get enough of her! When she laid him down and pulled him to her breast, he felt like he was home, like he was right where he should be. The feel of her warm nipple in his very sensitive mouth caused warm sensations to envelop his whole body. This is where he belonged. It just felt so right.

Sharon cuddled him a little closer, gently patting his soft diaper in a slow rhythm. She loved the way he snuggled so close, wanting as much contact with her as possible as he nursed. She rocked him gently back and forth as he filled his tummy from her breast. Too quickly, it was time to burp him. She gently lifted him to lay his head on a soft didee and began patting his back. It didn't take long for Billy to release air from his tummy. She used the didee to wipe the small amount of milk that trailed down his chin and laid him back down to nurse on the other side. 

All too soon, Billy was burped again and he snuggled in her arms, nursing his binky. She brushed her finger across his cheek a couple of times as she said "Wake up Baby, it's time for you to go with Daddy."

Billy opened his sleepy eyes and looked at Mommy. He smiled as she smiled at him.

"I love you Baby Boy, and I'll see you in a little while. You be a good boy for your Daddy OK?" she asked with several kisses to his cheeks.

Billy smiled at Mommy when she pulled back from him. "Wub you." he told her sounding so sweet.

"Alright, let's get you snuggled down in Daddy's arms then sleepy boy." she told him as she stood and walked to where Rick and Becky sat. "He'll be fine." she told Rick.

"Good." Rick answered before taking Billy in his arms and telling him "Come her Little Boy. Daddy wants some snuggle time." and cuddling him close. He rocked Billy gently as he stood waiting for Becky and Sharon to make their way off together. Billy was sound asleep before Sharon even walked away.

"We'll see you this evening." she told him with a kiss.

"We'll meet you back at the room, have fun." he replied. Looking at Becky, he said "You be a good girl for Mommy OK?"

"I wiww Daddy, I pwomith." Becky told him sincerely.

"Alright, we'll be off then." he said as he started toward main street. Peter and April were going to meet him at the town hall.

Sharon looked down at Becky and smiled as Becky yawned a big yawn. "OK sleepy girl, I think we're going right over there." she said as she pointed to an area across main street where there were tables with umbrellas that would allow her to sit out of the sun. Taking Becky's hand, she led her over until they stood at a table. She sat down, put the diaper bag on the ground next to her, pulled Becky's bottle out of one of the end pockets and then pulled her daughter into her lap. As she laid Becky down, she exchanged Becky's binky for her bottle. "Alright Baby Girl, Mommy wants you to drink your ba ba and take your nap."

Becky smiled at Mommy with a surprised expression and asked "Wight hewe?"

"Yes, Baby, right here in Mommy's lap." she said as she started patting her diaper.

Becky closed her eyes and snuggled closer. She liked this! She was getting to snuggle and nap in Mommy's arms just like Billy did. That made her feel so warm and happy inside, she opened her eyes as tears formed.

"I know Baby, you missed Mommy." Sharon told her. "Mommy missed you too." she added as she began rocking gently back and forth. It didn't take long for Becky to settle down and drift off to a comfortable sleep. A moment later, Sharon exchange Becky's binky for her bottle. Sitting back, she relaxed and watched her little girl sleep.

"She looks comfy." A woman's voice said.

Sharon looked over and saw a lady and her child sitting at the table next to them. The little girl looked to be two and was napping in a stroller. "Yes, she certainly does." Sharon said as she looked back at Becky and couldn't keep from smiling at her. "She's just such a good girl." she added.

"How old is she?" the woman asked.

"Physically, eleven. But the rest of her is two." Sharon said without hesitation. She felt good because she didn't hesitate or say that apologetically.

"So is Emily here." the woman told her.

Sharon smiled at her then. She was grateful that the woman had understood and rather than tell her 'I'm sorry' she compared Becky to her little girl. Not physically, but the part that mattered. "Hi, I'm Sharon, and this baby girl is Becky." she told her.

"Hi Sharon, I'm Laura. Are you and Becky here alone?" she asked.

"No. My husband and my son are taking some time together, just like we are." Sharon answered. "We're supposed to meet this evening."

With a warm smile, she said "Awww…that's sweet."

"I've been at the hospital with her brother for several days and I figured it was time for Becky and I to spend some time together." Sharon explained.

"That's wonderful." Laura told her. "She seems to be quite happy to nap in Mommy's arms."

"Yes, she certainly liked the idea."

Just then Becky stirred and said "Ba ba Mommy." without even opening her eyes.

Sharon picked up a bottle of juice from the diaper bag and replaced her binky with it and resumed rocking. "Shhhhh…" Sharon said as she rocked, and Becky settled down to nursing in her sleep. When she looked up at Laura, the woman was smiling at the two of them.

"She's so sweet." Laura told her.

"Thank you." Sharon said softly. She didn't say anything for a little bit to let her little girl get completely back to sleep. After a couple of minutes, she began talking with Laura again, and the two continued to chat until Emily woke up.

"Well hello sleepy head." Laura said as she handed Emily a bottle.

Taking the bottle and quickly spitting her binky out, Emily began nursing as she stared at Sharon and Becky.

Sharon smiled and said "Well hi Sweety." in a warm voice.

Emily smiled shyly around her bottle, reaching out for Mommy's hand.

Just then Becky stirred. She opened her eyes and smiled at Mommy. When Mommy gave her her ba ba, she was grateful and began nursing. She turned and noticed Emily and Laura.

Sharon shifted her in her lap so she could more easily see Emily, and noticed that Becky was very wet. "I think we need to go change your dipey Baby Girl." she said with a pat to her wet bottom.

Becky giggled and smiled at Mommy. "Pee pee wet!" she said with another giggle.

"Yes you are!" Sharon replied with a tickle to her tummy.

This caused Becky to squeal and giggle as she squirmed. She turned to look as Emily began giggling.

"Say hi to Emily Baby." Sharon told her.

"Hi." Becky said around her ba ba.

Emily smiled and opened and closed her hand, waving hi. Becky did the same, giggling as she did. Soon they were both giggling.

"How about we take them both to the baby center and get them changed?" Laura asked as she stood.

"That's a good idea." Sharon answered and got to her feet. She picked up the diaper bag and put Becky on her hip, patting her diaper as she said "Let's go get you all dry and comfy Sweetheart." with a smile. At first she thought that holding Becky would be harder, but all of the time with Billy in her arms had made her stronger. She had absolutely no problem carrying her little girl. This made her very happy because she wanted to treat Becky just like she did Billy, she thought it would make Becky very happy.

On the way there, Becky and Emily began prattling back and forth about all kinds of things. This induced bouts of giggling and during one particularly intense laughing fit, Sharon felt the back of Becky's diaper swell suddenly. She looked to Becky and asked "Are you going poopy Baby?"

Becky looked at Mommy and then down at her dipey. It was then that she felt more poopy push out of her bottom. She looked back up at Mommy as her tummy contracted in a push, and with a grunt said "Poopy."

"Alright Baby, I guess we'll wait a few minutes until you're all done." Sharon told her with a smile, making sure to shift her hand from the center of her bottom so she wouldn't have to work so hard to go.

Emily giggled then as she watched Becky mess her diaper. This started another round of laughter and Sharon smiled as she watched her daughter enjoying the company of her new friend.

Laura saw a vendor that sold ice cream and asked Sharon "Can she have what I see?" trying not to be obvious.

Sharon thought "Why not?", nodded to Laura and asked Becky quietly "Would you like some ice cream Baby?"

Of course Becky, not giving any thought to discretion, said "Pweath Mommy?!? Ithe Cweam!!" almost beside herself.

"OK, OK. Settle down Baby Girl. We'll get you some ice cream." Sharon said with a laugh. They went to the vendor and Laura and Sharon decided to split an ice cream sandwich between the two girls. Once they had the ice cream, they moved to a nearby bench and Sharon sat Becky down, curious to see if she would fuss about her messy diaper. She showed no sign at all that she was even aware that she was poopy.

Pulling a bib from the diaper bag, she put it on Becky as she exclaimed "Cindewewwa!" with a giggle. "Wook Emiwy!" she said as she pointed to the bib on her chest.

Emily giggled, then looked down to see what was on the bib that her Mommy was putting on her. "Minnie!" she exclaimed with glee.

A moment later, both girls were fully engrossed in the ice cream sandwiches. Pretty soon, they both had chocolate covered faces. Once the sandwiches were gone, Sharon said "Alright, I think it's time to get you all clean, stinker butt."

This brought giggles from both girls and the two women stood and made the short walk to the baby center. When they entered, the woman behind the counter recognized Becky from the other evening and said "Well hi Baby Girl, how are you?"

Sharon smiled at the woman as Becky said "Good! I had Ithe Cweam!" with a big smile.

"I see that!" the woman said and then told the parents "Come back and I'll show you where you can get them changed and cleaned up." with a chuckle. As Laura picked Emily up, the woman said "And how are you Sweety?" with a tickle to her tummy, starting another round of giggles for the girls.

Sharon sat Becky down on the changing table, and decided she would clean her face and hands first. While she had wiped her hands fairly clean before they came in here, she had left her face until she could lay her down comfortably. "Let's lay you down Baby Girl." Sharon said as she shifted her. 

Pulling the wipes from the diaper bag, she began wiping her hands, and then her face clean. Predictably, Becky didn't like getting her face wiped clean and began to fuss. "It's alright Sweety, I'm almost done." Sharon told her.

Becky lay crying. She didn't like when Mommy cleaned her face. She tried to turn away, but Mommy held her chin. When her face was clean, she went back to nursing her binky and looking at Minnie. She loved Minnie very much. She was soft and cuddly, and she listened very well when Becky wanted to talk.

Sharon noticed that Becky was completely oblivious as she gently wiped the mess from her skin. She had gotten it all up between her legs and coated her pee pee with it. Diligently cleaning every crease, she listened as Becky continued to chat to Minnie.

Becky was definitely all toddler now. There wasn't a single thing she'd done today to indicate otherwise. The thought frightened Sharon as she continued to wipe her bottom. Would she be able to 'integrate' as Craig had suggested? Or would she remain split, sometimes a toddler, sometimes an eleven year old. Sharon suspected that no matter how this turned out, there would be a period of time when she would switch, much like Billy had done. Only time would tell.

Pushing the worry away, she decided she would deal with that when she got home. "All clean." Sharon told Becky with a warm smile, as she wiped the last of the poop of her bottom. She was rewarded with a giggle as Becky looked at her. "My baby's all clean." Sharon said as she tickled Becky's tummy and was startled as Becky streamed pee into the air as she squealed.

Thinking quickly, she covered Becky with a wipe, watching the small puddle form on the changing table. It appeared that Becky had no warning at all, she just went pee. When Sharon saw that the wet spot wasn't large, she considered that Becky's bladder must be getting smaller from not having to hold her pee. This was another issue that would need to be dealt with. Becky would need to be potty trained all over again. "How do you potty train an eleven year old?" she thought to herself. Again she pushed the worries away. "It won't do any good to try and figure this out now." she told herself silently, "I need Cathy's help for this."

"OK pee butt, let's get your dipey on." Sharon told her with a chuckle after using a diaper doubler to absorb the pee she'd wet on the changing table. With experienced hands, she had Becky's bottom up off the table and a powdered diaper with two doublers under her. Taking her time, she gently smoothed the soft powder onto Becky's bottom.

"Dat feews good." Becky told Mommy.

"I'm glad Baby Girl. I know you love puff puff on you bottom." Sharon replied.

Becky sighed a pleasant sigh as Mommy continued to caress the soft powder on to her sensitive behind. When Mommy put puff puff on her pee pee, and then pulled her dipey up, she closed her eyes and nursed her binky, feeling heavenly. Mommy surprised her by picking her up a couple of moments later and laying her head on her shoulder as she patted her freshly powdered bottom. Becky couldn't think of anything else to do but say "I wub you Mommy." and hug her tightly.

"And I love you Baby Girl. You're the sweetest baby girl in the whole wide world." Sharon told her with more gentle pats to her diaper. She smiled as Becky just snuggled down closer.

A few minutes later, she was standing with Becky outside saying her goodbyes to Laura and Emily. They had to go to meet her mother and father. Sharon thanked her for her company this afternoon and told her she hoped they could meet again.

Before she left, Laura had suggested that Becky would enjoy the merry-go-round and the Dumbo ride as well as a couple of others, so Sharon was about to go head in that direction when she had an idea. Heading back into the baby care center, she asked the woman there "Is there someplace close that I can rent a stroller?"

"Well, you need to go back out through the tunnel where you entered The Magic Kingdom and on your left is the place to rent them." she explained.

"Thank you very much." Sharon told her with a smile. It would be a lot easier if she didn't have to carry Becky everywhere, and she didn't think it would be a good idea to have her walking all over the place with a thick diaper on her bottom. "God forbid she get diaper rash." Sharon thought as she headed to the front.

The stroller was not a collapsible one, but made of a hard plastic that covered the child. It looked like the fifty that Sharon had already seen today, and she was thankful that they put 'Avery' on a placard on the back, hanging from the push handle. 

As she put Becky in the seat, she secured her with the safety strap to make sure she couldn't get out. She didn't need to use the strap to hold Becky's skirt up because the stroller had a low seat made for smaller children, that forced Becky to bend her knees, and she let her legs fall to the sides which left her entire diapered crotch on display. With the diaper bag hanging from the back, Sharon was soon pushing Becky along Main Street as she clung to Minnie, nursing a juice bottle. One look at Becky, and there would be no doubt that she was a special toddler.

Becky had such a wonderful time during the rest of the afternoon, she was all smiles. When Mommy had picked her up out of the stroller and pointed to the carousel, Becky had squealed in excitement. As she sat on the horsey riding up and down, her thick dipey giving her a very comfortable seat, she giggled repeatedly, thoroughly entranced.

When Sharon had lifted her onto the horse, Becky had looked to her and said fearfully "Hold on tight Mommy.", scared that she would fall.

"Don't worry Baby, I won't let you fall." Sharon had reassured her with a gentle kiss. When the ride started to move, she made sure Becky could clearly feel she had a firm hold on her. It didn't take long before she was laughing and squealing as the horse moved up and down.

When the ride slowed to a stop, Becky started to cry when Sharon went to lift her off the horse. "It's all done Baby." Sharon tried to explain. 

The Cast Member that ran the ride saved the day when he came over and asked Becky "Would you like to ride one more time?"

Becky answered with a tearful nod, half hiding behind Mommy's shoulder.

"Alright, but you have to promise that you won't cry when it's time to get off, OK?" he asked her.

Again Becky nodded, but this time smiling around her binky. She giggled when Mommy took her place, holding her securely. Once again she was delighted as the ride moved faster and faster, the horsey moving up and down. True to her promise, Becky didn't cry this time when mommy pulled her down off the horsey and into a hug.

"Tell the horsey bye bye Sweety." Sharon told her warmly as she walked toward the stroller.

"Bye bye horsey!" Becky said loudly, wanting to make sure the horsey heard her.

Sharon smiled as she heard several ladies near them say "Awww…isn't she so cute."

Becky was happy to get back into the stroller because she hadn't been happy when Mommy said she had to leave Minnie there. She hugged Minnie tightly as she excitedly told Minnie all about the horsey.

Dumbo was next, and they stood in line for twenty minutes until finally, the Cast Member ushered them to one of the ride cars. It was shaped like Dumbo with his big ears out flat, flying through the air. Sharon lifted Becky into the car, slid in herself and then pulled Becky into her lap, putting her daughter's legs on either side of hers to keep her from sliding off.

Sharon wasn't quite sure how this was going to go. This ride went up and down, and she didn't know how comfortable Becky was going to be with that in her current frame of mind. She knew her fears were completely unfounded when the ride started moving. "You move the lever Baby, it'll make the Dumbo go up and down." she had explained. Little did she know, Becky had ABSOLUTELY no problem going up and down. In fact, if Becky had changed directions any more wildly, Sharon was certain that she would have lost her lunch! All the while, Becky was squealing with glee.

Sharon was never more glad to get on solid ground in her life! Becky giggled repeatedly as Sharon continually swallowed, trying to make sure her food stayed where it belonged. It occurred to her that there was a reason that Rick always went on the rides at the carnival with Becky, and Sharon always stayed with Billy. Billy would have been terrified by Dumbo.

When she finally got Becky buckled into the stroller, she was looking for something they could do next that wouldn't challenge her stomach. Spying a booth nearby, she smiled to herself and made a beeline to it. When she got there, she squatted down in front of the stroller and asked Becky "Would you like to get your face painted Baby?" hoping she would.

With an excited giggle, Becky said "Sure!"

"Alright, come on then." Sharon said as she unbuckled her daughter and picked her up. As she approached the booth, she asked "Do you take a room key for payment?", remembering she didn't have any cash or credit cards with her.

"Sure we do Ma'am." the lady said with a smile.

Sharon quickly handed her room card over, and sat on the stool indicated by the lady. "Thank God." she thought. She wouldn't have to brave another ride for a bit.

Seeing Becky's binky and diaper, the lady said "Hi Baby, what would you like painted on your face?"

Becky shyly replied "I don' know."

"How about a very pretty butterfly?" she asked.

That got a smile from Becky. She appeared to think about it and then nodded her head as she nursed.

"OK, look at this paper and point to the butterfly that's the prettiest." the lady instructed Becky.

She looked over the ones there and asked Mommy "Dith one?" as she pointed to a pink, yellow and purple butterfly. It had a tiny body and big wings.

"If that's the one you want Baby." Sharon told her with a smile.

Turning to the lady, she said firmly "Dith one." still pointing to the same picture.

"I think she might need you to take your binky out Baby." Sharon informed her.

"No, you can keep your binky, but when I tell you to, I want you to keep it really still. Can you do that for me?"

Becky nodded her head as she said "I pwomith." with a solemn expression.

"Alright, let's get started Baby." the woman told her and put a hand gently on the top of her head as she began painting. After a few strokes of the brush, the woman told her "You are being such a good girl holding real still for me." with a warm smile.

Becky smiled a big smile at that. She like this nice lady. As she sat still, she felt her dipey get warm and that made her feel good and helped with the boredom of sitting in one place.

Sharon was smiling as she watched this talented woman paint her little girl's face. She was good. When it came time, she told Becky to keep her binky really still and began painting the pacifier.

It didn't take much longer, and Becky was very happy when the lady told her they were all done. When she turned to look in the mirror, she smiled big as she saw that the nice lady had painted her binky and her cheeks. She nursed her binky and giggled wildly.

Sharon had to laugh as well. Looking to the woman, she said "You are very talented. The butterfly looks like it's flying when she nurses."

With a smile, the woman said "It's a technique I learned here at Disney. The white pacifier makes it better though, it doesn't interfere with the colors."

Becky turned from the mirror and said "Tank you!!" with a big smile.

"You're welcome Baby, now you have lots of fun OK?" the lady told her.


"Have any suggestions about where to go from here?" Sharon asked, and then whispered "Tame rides."

With a chuckle, the lady said "Go right up that way to It's a Small World." and then turned to Becky and asked "Do you like dolls?"

"Yeth! I wub Dowws!" Becky answered nodding vigorously.

Chuckling, the lady replied "Then you'll love It's a Small World."

"OK, thank you very much." Sharon said with a grateful expression, her stomach was really grateful.

Three minutes later, as Sharon held Becky, moving through the cue, a woman looked at Becky curiously for a second, glance down at her diapered bottom and then smile at her. "She's precious." the woman said to Sharon. "With her pacifier moving, it looks like the butterfly is flying."

"I know, the lady at the booth was very talented." she told the woman and then turned to Becky and said "And you were Mommy's very good baby girl for sitting still." with three pats to her diaper.

Becky smiled. It made her feel so good when Mommy said she was a good girl.

Before long, Sharon was stepping into a boat, sitting Becky in her lap. The boat began moving then, and Becky grabbed Mommy's arms tightly. It didn't take a moment for her to completely forget about the boat when they moved into the next area and she saw dolls dancing to the music up above and in front of them. Pretty soon Becky was clapping her hands and singing to "It's a small world". The song repeated over and over again all through the ride, in five different languages.

By the time the boat stopped and Sharon got up to get off, she was glad to leave the music behind. It was one of those things that gets into your head and then will drive you crazy for the rest of the day. As she sat Becky in her stroller, she could see her still clapping and singing the song. "Oh well, it could be worse." Sharon thought with a sigh.

And so they were off to the next ride as Becky continued to sing and clap.

Pretty soon it was time to eat dinner. Lisa had made dinner reservations for all of them at the Liberty Tree Tavern and Sharon told Becky "It's time to eat Dinner Baby Girl, we need to go meet Daddy at the restaurant."

"Yummy." Becky replied. While Becky wanted to keep going on rides, she was hungry. She also wanted badly to see Daddy and tell him about all the wonderful things she did today.

Sharon soon found Rick, Billy, Lisa, Peter and April out in front of the restaurant. She was glad she had used the safety strap on the stroller, because she could see Becky trying to get out before she was even close to Rick.

Becky wanted out of the stroller right now. She started to cry because no matter how she tried, she couldn't get the strap undone.

"Settle down Baby Girl, I'll let you out now." Sharon told her as she came around the front.

"I can' get out Mommy." Becky cried, not even hearing what Mommy said.

"I know Baby," she told her daughter as she released the buckle that was out of Becky's reach. Picking her up, she said "You're not supposed to get out until Mommy or Daddy let you out. It's alright Baby." as she hugged her close, rocking her back and forth with a rhythmic pat to her bottom. "Shhhhhh…." she told her, continuing to rock. Thirty seconds later, Becky was snuggling quietly with Mommy, enjoying the snuggle.

Rick came up to them then and asked "Everything alright?"

"Yeah, she just got upset because she couldn't get out of the stroller until I let her out. It think she really wanted to see Daddy." Sharon explained with a smile.

"Awww…you look very happy snuggling with Mommy Baby." he told Becky.

Sharon was surprised when Becky nodded her head against her shoulder. That told her more than anything else that she had done the right thing by spending the day with Becky. "Alright Baby Girl, you stay with Mommy for dinner, OK?"

Again Becky nodded as she nursed her binky. She was comfy snuggling with Mommy. She really didn't want to get down. Not only that, seeing Billy sleeping in Daddy's arms made her a bit jealous of the attention he gets from Mommy. This time she wanted to be fed by Mommy.

Rick saw Becky eying Billy and thought that he saw the jealousy monster rearing it's ugly head. Moving so Becky couldn't see him, he nodded toward Becky and mouthed the word 'jealous' to Sharon.

"That's what I thought." she told him.

"Billy just ate ten minutes ago, so he's fine." Rick told her.

"Perfect." Sharon replied as she put her cheek against Becky's forehead and resumed patting her diaper.

They were ushered to a table five minutes later. Becky was very happy when Mommy sat her in her lap and tied a bib around her neck in preparation to feed her. She began telling Daddy all about Dumbo and the other rides she went on, as well as getting her face painted.

The restaurant was done in a family style with plates of turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and vegetables set on the table. They passed the plates around and soon Sharon was spooning mashed potatoes into Becky's mouth. The satisfied smile Becky showed at having Mommy feed her told Sharon that she needed to do this more often.

It wasn't long before Becky's tummy was full and her waitress brought her bottle back to the table. She laid comfortably in Mommy's lap as she nursed, hugging Minnie.

Sharon finished eating and settled back to relax as she held Becky close. Becky smiled around the nipple as she took the bottle in her hand, holding it as she nursed. "Drink your Nummies all gone Baby." Sharon said with a gentle kiss to Becky's cheek.

Becky felt so good as she closed her eyes and concentrated on the feeling of suckling the nipple. When Mommy started patting her dipey, she couldn't have felt more loved at that moment.

The next thing Becky knew, she was laying in bed with her bottom held in the air, Mommy wiping her clean. She noticed she already had her pajama shirt on.

"Hi sleepy head. Mommy's getting your dipey changed for bed Baby." Sharon told her.

Becky picked up her ba ba and began nursing. She closed her eyes and sighed as Mommy began putting puff puff on her bottom. When her dipey was all snug on her bottom, she turned over on her side. She felt Mommy lift her arm and put Minnie where she could hug her. She pulled Minnie close then as Mommy covered her up and began patting her dipey.

"I love you Baby Girl." Sharon told her as she pat her bottom. "You snuggle with Minnie and have sweet baby dreams Sweetheart. Mommy will be right here until you go night night." she added and then gave her a soft kiss to her forehead.

"Night night Mommy." Becky said sleepily. It had been a wonderful day with Mommy. She drifted off to sleep as Mommy patted, with Minnie held close and the wonderful feeling of her ba ba as she nursed.

Billy had done well with his daddy yesterday. They had gone to some of the shops, but didn’t do a lot while she and Becky were having fun.

Sharon had called Cathy last night and spent more than an hour on the phone talking about both kids. Cathy helped her to figure out how to handle a lot of this, and one of the things was what to do about Billy and preventing him from resenting being big.

That’s what today was going to be about for Sharon and Billy. She was going to do the same with Billy that she had done yesterday with Becky. Spend a day with him that didn’t involve hospitals or needles or anything like that. This day was going to be Billy’s day off, and it was going to be special. “Very special” she thought as she kissed his forehead gently.

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snuggles and Tears Chapter 108

I’m tired, so I don’t really have words to describe that at the moment…

But… it was indeed very long, it was cute, and I enjoyed reading it.

That is all.

snuggles and Tears Chapter 108

A solid chapter BB, a perfect change of pace. :slight_smile:

It was a nice length too.

The 3 bits I liked best are…
That becky went pee on the change able and didn’t know it.
Becky wanting another ride on the merry go round. Truely something a toddler would cry about.
and Becky wanting out of her stroller and realising she couldn’t.
oh and the talk about sharon being worried about potty training, it makes you think about the future as well as the present.


snuggles and Tears Chapter 108

I agree with littlebunny. Keep it up BB.

Re: snuggles and Tears Chapter 108

I remember this ride. A perfect description, and now I can’t get that damn song out of my head! Make it stop!