Snuggles and Tears Chapter 107

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Chapter 107

Becky opened her eyes as she felt her binky pulled from her mouth. She smiled as Daddy pushed the nipple of her ba ba in between her lips.

“Good Morning Baby Girl.” Rick told her with a smile.

“Mownin’ Daddy.” she replied sweetly before nursing thirstily at the ba ba. She loved her ba ba so much. It just felt so good to nurse. Shifting, she snuggled closer to Daddy, laying her head on his chest. She smiled again as she felt Daddy pat her wet bottom gently.

“We have to get up in a little bit and go pick up Mommy and your baby brother.” Rick told her.

Becky was glad that Mommy and Billy would be leaving the hospital today. She hadn’t liked coming back here and leaving them there yesterday. Although, Daddy did make it lots of fun by taking her to see Cinderella dance at the castle. She was so pretty and she sung nice too.

When Becky nuzzled her face against his chest, Rick knew she wasn’t ready to get up yet. He’d give her a few more minutes to finish her morning bottle and then get her up and dressed for the day.

He lay thinking about the conversation he had last evening with Sharon. He’d said a silent prayer thanking God, when Sharon explained that they didn’t need to worry about Billy going back into the hospital because he got really upset.

He was shocked when she told him that she threatened to withhold babying from Billy if he didn’t try to do the exercises that they wanted him to do. He completely agreed with her, but was surprised that she not only came up with it, but would support that idea. He had thought eventually, he would have to gently push her to let him grow up when it became time. Now, he wasn’t concerned about that anymore. She had shown clearly that she would do what was best for their son.

As he felt Becky’s diaper become warm, he considered what was best for her. He had some ideas on how to encourage her to want to move forward, but had no intention of acting on them before they were home for a little while.

When they had been out yesterday at The Magic Kingdom, Becky had shown an interest in a model of the castle and asked if she could have it. The model was one you build, and definitely wasn’t for toddlers. He had taken Craig’s advice and told her “That’s not for babies Sweety, that’s for big girls.” and watched her reaction. She had pouted for a moment and then fear showed clearly on her face. She turned from the model and told him “Uppy Daddy.” and snuggled in his arms nursing her binky. About thirty seconds later she’d said “Ba ba Daddy.” and contentedly nursed her bottle as he carried her from the store, her interest in big girl things forgotten.

It was clear that she wasn’t close to ready to take any steps forward. He would wait patiently, he knew it would come. Eventually, the lure of a toy or an activity would be strong enough once they helped her deal with the fear, and she would take the first step forward. With any luck, it wouldn’t take long for her to find her way.

When Rick heard the tell tale sound of air being sucked through a nipple, he tickled his daughter, and was rewarded with squeals of laughter. “It’s time to get up giggle butt.” he told her with a laugh.

Becky, still giggling said “Not yet Daddy.”

Rick tickled her again and said “I’m gonna tickle you until you tell me OK.” and repeatedly danced his fingers along her ribs.

Becky was breathless with laughter and finally managed to say “OK! OK!”

Giving her a kiss to the forehead, he told her “Alright Baby, let’s get your pee butt changed.” and gathered the supplies on the bed.

Becky lay nursing her binky as Daddy pulled her pee pee wet dipey open and began wiping her front clean. She picked up Minnie and began talking to her, dismissing the cleaning process from her thoughts.

Rick couldn’t help but smile as Becky prattled on about watching Cinderella sing and dance to her stuffed friend. He picked her bottom up off the bed and slid the wet diaper away, replacing it with a pre-powdered dry one. Again he smiled as she stopped talking, closed her eyes and sighed a blissful sigh once he began applying powder to her bottom. With a smile, he picked up the cannister of powder and said “Puff…Puff.” as he shook powder between her legs in time with his words. He quickly smoothed the powder over her front and pulled the thick diaper up between her legs and taped it snugly across her tummy. With a gentle pat to the front of her diaper, he said “There, all clean and dry now Baby Girl.”

Becky smiled a big smile at Daddy. Then, as if a switch was flipped, she scrambled to her knees and hugged him tight saying “I wub you thoooo much Daddy!” sounding cute with her binky.

“I love you too Baby Girl!” he told her warmly with a pat to her diaper. He rocked her gently back and forth for a minute before giving her a firm pat to her bottom and saying “Alright, let’s get you dressed.”

It didn’t take long before Becky’s teeth were brushed and her hair was in two cute pig tails. She wore a pink t-shirt that had “Daddy’s little girl.” printed on it, and a short skirt that showed her diaper off, leaving no question that she was a toddler. Rick took her into the livingroom area and sat her on the floor. “I want you to play with your toys while I take a quick shower Baby. Don’t move from this spot, understand?”

“Yeth Daddy.” she told him and picked up one of her dolls.

Rick took her empty bottle into the kitchen and got a full juice bottle from the fridge. He placed it on the floor next to her and headed to the bathroom to get ready.

April woke up when she heard Rick tell Becky to play. She saw that Peter was already gone, having left for the hospital. She got out of bed and made her way to the livingroom.

Becky heard her Aunt and Uncle’s door open and looked up. As soon as she saw Aunt April, she said “Aunt Apwiw!”, scrambled to her feet and dashed over to give her a big hug.

April smiled a warm smile and picked Becky up in a warm embrace. She really loved this little girl. She was so sweet and just needed lots of hugs. “Good morning Baby.” she said.

“Mornin’” Becky replied from her shoulder.

With a pat to her diaper, April asked “Are you ready to go get your baby brother and your Mommy?”

“Uh huh. I don’ wike it when dey dere.” Becky said feeling little.

“I know Baby, but guess what?” April asked.

Becky, sitting back so she could see her Aunt, said “What?”

“They won’t have to go back anymore Sweety. Billy won’t get sick anymore if he gets really upset. He’ll just need lots of hugs.” April answered.

With a big smile and an excited squirm Becky said “Weawwy?!”

“Really Baby.” April told her with a kiss.

“Yaaaay! I mith my Mommy.” Becky explained with a sad expression.

“I know you do Baby, but she had to be there so Billy wasn’t scared. You don’t want Billy scared do you?” April asked.

“No.” Becky said firmly. She hated being scared and definitely didn’t want her baby brother to have to feel that way.

With a tickle to Becky’s tummy, April said “And besides, Mommy will be with us today when we go see Mickey.”

Becky squealed with laughter and then said “Yeth!”

“Alright,” April said as she carried Becky over to her toys, “you play for a bit while I make some coffee and get dressed. Be a good girl now.” as she kissed her on her forehead.

Becky turned to her dolls and began talking to them as she played. April smiled as she glanced over and saw her acting every bit the cute little toddler.

Sharon laid Billy on his back in the crib. She released the tapes on his Pamper and pulled it back, not surprised by the mess that greeted her. She diligently wiped the mess clean, taking care to get every crease as she cleaned his bottom. 

She noticed Billy whimper as she pushed his legs back to wipe his bottom. "I know Baby, you're sore this morning. Mommy will see if we can't get you some medicine to make it all better." she told him. She quickly had him in a clean dry diaper and cuddled close. Walking out to the nurses station, she saw Peter and asked if they could get Billy some Motrin for his sore muscles.

"He's getting all he can have Sharon. The Toradol is it. If we gave him anything else, it could really damage his liver. I can't imagine how sore he'd be if that wasn't in his system." Peter explained.

"Oh, I didn't know that." She told him.

"Please don't give him anything for the next month without asking me first." Peter said with a smile.

"Alright, I can do that." she replied. Just then she saw Francine walking toward them. Billy saw her and fussed the moment he caught site of her.

"It's alright little boy, we're not going to be doing any exercises today." Francine assured him.

Billy was happy to hear that. His arms, legs and tummy muscles hurt. He settled down to nursing his binky.

Sharon made her way back to Billy's room with Francine right behind. She laid Billy down when they got back to the crib.

"OK, we're going to stretch those muscles little boy, It'll hurt a little when we start, but I promise, they'll feel much better than they do now, when we're done." Francine told him. 

As she took his arm and started moving it through it's full range of motion, Billy started to cry. She felt him pull against her for just a second before the pain was too great and he just relaxed the arm. "I know Baby, I know. It'll get better I promise." she told him as she continued working the arm. All through the process she explained what she was doing to Sharon and why. When she finished with his left arm, she told Sharon "OK, now you do the right one."

Sharon went through the same process, feeling bad that she was making Billy cry. When she was finished, she noticed he could move the arm much easier and without fussing. Looking at him she said "See, now it doesn't hurt so much, does it Baby?"

Billy was surprised that Mommy was right. He could move both his arms without pain now. He smiled at Mommy and said "No."

She kissed his cheek and told him "I love you Baby. I won't let anyone cause you pain unless there's a really good reason for it Sweety, like making you feel better."

They each did a leg, Sharon following Francine's example and before long, Billy had no more pain in his legs.

Next, Francine said "This sounds strange, but I want to let his legs hang, it'll stretch the tummy muscles and make them feel better." as she picked Billy up and held him by his underarms with his legs hanging down. Again he cried because of the pain. This was worse than his arms though, and he had big tears falling. "I know Baby, but it'll be over in a little bit, I promise." she told him. The longer she held him, the less he cried. When she finally laid him down in the crib, he settled down to nursing his binky, the pain gone.

Francine turned and picked Billy's Pooh bear up off the bed and brought it to where he could see it. "I want you to take Pooh from me Sweety." she told him.

Billy reached up and managed to grasp Pooh's arm, but when he went to pull Pooh close, he lost his grip. Miss Francine hadn't let him go. This frustrated Billy and he began to cry.

"Come on, if you want to snuggle with Pooh, you'll need to try harder than that." she told him.

This made Billy angry and on the second try he managed to grip Pooh with both hands and with a great effort, pulled him to his chest.

"That's it!" Francine said. "There you go. I knew you could do it Sweety." she added with a kiss to his forehead.

Billy refused to look at her, she was mean.

"Awww, I know you didn't like that Baby, but you need to see what you can do if you put your mind to it. If I hadn't made you try again, then you wouldn't have seen how strong you really are, would you?" she asked.

When Billy didn't answer her, Sharon said firmly "Answer Miss Francine Billy, and apologize for being rude little boy."

Billy looked at Miss Francine and said "I'm sowwy." with tears in his eyes. He hoped that Mommy wouldn't make him be a big boy because he was rude. "no, I wouldn't" he told her respectfully.

Francine then asked him "If you don't know what you can do, then how can you get better?"

Billy thought about that for a moment and felt terrible. He looked at her and said "I can't" and then immediately said again "I'm sowwy."

Francine picked him up, Pooh Bear and all and hugged him close. "It's alright Sweety, you'll get there."

Sharon told Billy "That's a good boy."

Billy felt better then. Mommy wouldn't tell him he was a good boy and then make him stay big.

"Alright, I want you to take this ring, and have Billy do the same exercises we did yesterday, trying to grasp it. You saw how far he can push, but watch carefully, because with every day, it will get better. It might be only by one attempt, but it will improve. You need to adjust to keep challenging him. That's the only way the arms are going to get stronger." Francine explained as she laid the plastic ring on the crib mattress. 

"Alright, how often do we do that?" Sharon asked.

"Twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening." she answered. "I want you to do something else for me as well, but I need to go get a bottle. I'll be right back." she added as she laid Billy down in the crib.

Sharon stood gently caressing his leg as she said "We'll get though this Baby, I promise."

When Francine came back, she took Billy's hands and put them on either side of a baby bottle "Hold this and drink it for me Baby." she told him.

Billy spit his binky out and began nursing on the bottle. His hands were shaking and made it harder for him to keep the bottle up where he could get the juice from the nipple.

"I want you to give him a bottle like this BEFORE you nurse him. Only put three ounces of juice in it to start with. Don't feed him until he drinks the juice gone. I know it seems mean, but it's really not. It will force him to get better control of his hands. He has to hold the bottle up so he can drink the juice." She explained. "That will strengthen the arms and train his muscles for better control. When he's able to drink the three ounces, make it four, and then five and so on until he can hold it long enough to drink six without laying the bottle down. Make sure it's just clear juice in the bottle because we don't want to interfere with his appetite."

Billy's arms were tiring as he nursed. He was getting frustrated because he would get the bottle up where he could nurse the juice from it and then his arms would tire and he'd set it down again. It took five minutes for him to drink the three ounces.

When he finally finished the juice, Sharon asked Francine "Is there anything else you want to do with him?"

"No, that should be enough to get him started." she answered.

Picking Billy up, Sharon asked "Do you want Nummies Baby Boy?"

Billy smiled and said "Yeth." immediately. He hadn't eaten since Mommy woke him to change his messy dipey.

"Alright Baby, come here." Sharon said as she picked him up and sat down in one of the two chairs, offering Billy her nipple. She watched as he instantly started nursing. She patted his diaper in a steady rhythm, wanting him to know that she was pleased with his performance this morning. Talking quietly, she asked Francine "Did he do alright with the bottle?" curiously. She had no idea what he should be able to do where that was concerned.

"He did fine. Better than I expected. Most children won't finish the first time. They get so frustrated, they give up. He's definitely doing better than most." she answered with a smile.

"I imagine it has something to do with snuggling." Sharon said with a chuckle.

"Yes, I agree. I will say though, you need to give him one day off a week. And you might consider making sure there's lots of snuggling time during that day if he's doing what you expect of him." she explained.

"OK. That makes sense." Sharon replied.

"Another thing." Francine offered "You may want to have him spend some time being cuddled when he's not little. If you make the big boy time all work and no fun, then he'll begin to resent it."

Sharon felt foolish. Of course she was right. She would have to figure out a way to make that happen. "You're right of course, thank you for pointing that out."

It was Ten before Billy received his last dose of Toradol and was discharged from the hospital. Sharon sat in a wheelchair holding him cradled in her lap. "Thank you Gary for all of your help with this." she told him.

Gary smiled and said "I was my pleasure Sharon. If you have any problems, don't hesitate to call me."

"I won't. Although I imagine it'll be Peter that makes the call. He'll be with us until we go home." she replied.

"Good enough." he said and the nurse started wheeling them toward the exit.

"How about we get some lunch in The Magic Kingdom. Then it should be nap time for a little girl we both know." Peter suggested.

"That would be great. I didn't get a chance to eat this morning." Sharon said sheepishly.

"Tsk tsk." Peter told her wagging a finger at her. "We're going to have to start pushing you to eat young lady."

Sharon laughed. "Alright, alright. I promise I'll do better from now on." she told him.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 107

Good chapter :slight_smile:

Though I think Billy deserves a sizable reward for going through all that nod nod

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 107

YAY :smiley:

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I think I would have cried if I couldn’t have a toy I wanted. Becky must really want to stay a baby girl.

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 107

A very big reward!!!

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 107

A very big reward!!!

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 107

I can’t wait to see Becky and Billy back in the park having fun without having bad things happen to them.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 107

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 107

I can’t wait for Snuggles and Tears Chapter 108 to come out to read it to find out whet Becky and Billy did in Disneyland in that chapter.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 107

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 107

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