Snuggles and Tears Chapter 103

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Chapter 103

It was six in the morning when Sharon heard the door open and opened her eyes. She turned to see who had entered and smiled when she saw Rick. “Hi Honey.” she offered.

“How’d Billy do last night?” Rick asked as he kissed her gently.

“It was interesting last evening, we’d be talking and then all of a sudden he’d stop, start nursing his binky and nuzzled closer. When I’d look into his eyes, I saw he’d changed. Took some getting used to I’ll tell you.” she explained. “The night was easier. He would wake up and fuss for my breast one time, then just latch on without a sound the next.”

“Well, hopefully things will settle out a bit more today.” Rick replied.

Peter entered the hospital room a moment later. “How’s our patient doing this morning?” he asked Sharon.

“He’s still asleep.” she answered with a glance to Billy. He was attached to her breast with his little hand balled up right next to his nose.

“We’re going to do another MRI this morning to see what’s changed. I’ll be back in a couple of minutes with a sedative. We scheduled it really early so it wouldn’t interfere with Pooh coming.” Peter explained.

Rick remembered then that Sharon had told him about her conversations with Lisa. That brought another thought to mind and he told Sharon “I wanted to talk with you about Becky.”

“What about Becky?” she asked with a concerned tone.

“Well Honey, I don’t know how long she’s going to be satisfied with sitting in a hospital room. She was starting to get a little antsy, and I really can’t blame her.” he answered.

“What do you want to do?” she asked, not sure of the best way to handle it.

Peter spoke up then. “I think this is going to resolve itself. The Hospital Administrator had a conversation with Gary last evening. Becky will have to be discharged tomorrow morning. There’s no medical reason to keep her here.” he told them.

“Well, I guess that’s that then.” Rick said, not sure he liked being thirty minutes from his wife and son.

Sharon saw the concern on his face. “It’ll be better for Becky if she’s back at the hotel. Beside, you can take her down to Disney and let her have a good time.” she replied.

“I don’t want to take her into Disney without you and Billy there. This is supposed to be a family vacation, remember?” he asked.

With a sigh, Sharon answered “It was, yes when we originally planned to come here. Now, it’s a bit more than that Honey. We’re trying to get the kids to have fun, and forget about everything that’s happened. Just because Billy can’t participate doesn’t mean that Becky can’t enjoy herself while she has the opportunity.”

“I know, but somehow, it just doesn’t feel right.” he told her.

“Listen, you’ve got to put your feelings aside here. Becky won’t care that Billy can’t go, she’ll still enjoy herself. I don’t blame you for not wanting to be there when Billy’s here, but you’re going to have to let that go for right now. With any luck, we’ll be with you in the parks before too many days have passed.” she replied.

Rick looked at things for a second. What she was saying was true. He glanced at Billy and watched as his mouth started working against Sharon’s nipple again. The reality was, Billy wouldn’t care where he was right now, as long as it was with his mommy. Becky, however, wanted to get up and play. She always had lots of energy, and right now she wanted to get out and expend some of it. Keeping her in a hospital bed when she wasn’t sick was near torture. “Alright, I’ll take her tomorrow.” he answered softly.

“Make sure she has a good time Honey, she’s earned it with everything she’s been through.” Sharon told him with a warm smile.

“I will.” Rick answered. “You just make sure you let me know if anything changes.” he added.

Sharon smiled and said “I promise, you’ll know.”

“In the mean time, why don’t you ask one of the nurses to show you where the play room is. That should help for today. When Pooh and Tigger get here, we’ll bring them in here first, but then take the kids to the playroom and let all the other children enjoy them as well.” Peter offered.

“Thanks, I will. She should be able to burn up some energy in there.” Rick answered with a smile.

“Alright, I’ll be back with medicine for him so we can get the films done.” Peter said just before he left the room.

“I’ll go get Becky fed then.” Rick told Sharon.

“Alright, unless you want to wait just a few minutes, and then I’ll feed her. Billy will be out for a while.” Sharon offered.

“Yeah, she’d probably enjoy that.” he answered.

“Alright, it’s just after six. What time will her food come?” Sharon asked.

“Right around seven.” he answered.

“Good.” Sharon stated with a relived expression. “Then I have time to take a quick shower.” she added with a smile.

“Alright, I’ll see you at Becky’s room then.” he told her with a kiss and headed off down the hall.

Becky sat in her highchair smiling as she looked into Mommy’s eyes. She loved it when Mommy played with her, and the airplane game was fun. She felt her dipey get warm and wiggled her bottom, enjoying the comfortable sensation.

Sharon watched her daughter as she did a little dance in the seat of her highchair. At first she thought that Becky was starting to get bored. When she saw the telltale sign of fresh wetness on her diaper, she understood what was happening. With a smile, she picked up the spoon with another helping of oatmeal on it, flew it around slowly through the air as she said “Here come the airplane, open up the hanger Sweety.” and made an airplane noise.

The light in Becky’s eyes as she did this made her chuckle. She truly was a toddler now, not one indication could be found of her eleven year old daughter. Once Becky had taken a bite and swallowed the oatmeal, she smiled a big smile and said “Do again!” with a giggle.

And so it went, Becky giggling and Mommy flying her breakfast to land gently in her mouth. This cycle repeated itself until Becky had finished her food, and it was time to clean her hands and face. When Becky saw the washcloth, she turned her face and said “No!” with a pout.

“Come on Baby Girl, we need to get you all cleaned up so you can go see what toys they have in the playroom.” Sharon enticed her.

“Maybe Becky doesn’t want to go to the playroom.” Rick suggested to his wife with a gleam in his eye.

Becky quickly turned to face Mommy and said “No! Wanna pway Mommy! Wanna pway!” as she pushed her face forward and held her hands out to be cleaned, kicking her legs excitedly.

Sharon chuckled again as she began wiping stray particles of oatmeal from Becky’s face. A minute later, Becky was all clean and ready to get up. Handing her a bottle of milk, Sharon said “Here Baby, drink your ba ba for a little bit, and then Mommy will change your dipey and you can go play.”

Hearing that she was in fact going to be able to go to the playroom, Becky squealed, took her ba ba from Mommy’s hand and quickly began nursing it. She sat as still as she could while Mommy took the tray from the highchair and released the retaining strap. She smiled a big smile around her ba ba when Mommy told her she was a good girl for sitting so still. Becky giggle when Mommy picked her up from the highchair and she let out a large burp. “Goodness!” Sharon said with a smile. “You had piggies all the way down in your toes!” she said as she tickled Becky’s toes on her right foot.

This brought squeals and laughter as Becky squirmed trying to get away from Mommy’s persistent fingers. It became a wrestling match punctuated with laughter as Mommy laid her on the bed and continued to tickle her. Becky was soon breathless with giggles, squirming everywhere.

Sharon loved this. Seeing Becky having such a good time make her heart swell. The tickling would help expend some energy as well, and perhaps make the rest of the day easier on Rick. When she heard a slight whimper, Sharon gently picked Becky up and cradled her in her lap. She picked up the dropped bottle from the bed and held it for Becky as she gazed into her little girl’s eyes. “That’s it Sweety, snuggle with Mommy for a little bit.” she said and then kissed her on the tip of her nose and said “I love you sooo much Baby.”

With a smile, Becky answered “I wub you Mommy!” with the typical exuberance of a toddler, and then resumed nursing her ba ba.

After cuddling her for a bit, Sharon said “Alright Baby, hold your ba ba for me while I change your dipey. You’re Mommy’s little pee butt.”

Sharon watched Becky as she lay before her. Through the process of taking her wet diaper off, Becky made no attempt to help. She was quite content to lay and let Mommy do for her. Sharon suspected this was due to the fear. So long as Becky needed to be cared for by being changed, fed, or held, Sharon suspected the fear would be held at bay. When Becky felt the powder being smoothed onto her bottom, she sighed and closed her eyes. Sharon couldn’t help but smile at being able to provide such comfort to her child.

It wasn’t long before Becky was freshly diapered and ready to go. She handed her ba ba to Daddy, and pushed the nipple of her binky into her mouth, the ring rhythmically moving as she nursed. Mommy took one hand and Daddy took the other, as she waddled her way toward the door. She was excited now! She had never been to the playroom! Looking to Mommy she asked “Awe dere dolls?”

“I don’t know Baby. We’ll have to just go down there and see.” Sharon said with a smile.

April walked behind them, smiling as she watched Becky toddle down the hall, her gown gapping at the back, showing her well diapered bottom wagging back and forth as she walked. She loved Becky dearly and hoped that she would get through this process without any lasting problems. The toddler she saw before her was happy, loving and affectionate. She just hoped the eleven year old would be the same when all was said and done.

They came to the doors of the playroom and Becky pulled at Mommy and Daddy’s hands, trying to hurry them in. As the door was opened, Becky’s eyes became big as saucers. Sharon saw a huge assortment of toys everywhere she looked. From blocks and large leggos for toddlers or older children with poor dexterity, to boardgames and even a dollhouse in a corner, complete with little figurines in the shape of Mommy, Daddy and Baby.

Wanting to see what Becky would do, Rick released her hand, kissed her forehead and said “Well find something to play with Baby.” with a gentle pat to her diaper.

When Sharon tried to let go of Becky’s hand, she held on and looked up at Mommy. “What’s the matter Baby?” Sharon asked.

Becky tentatively asked “You go too?”

Sharon feeling for her little girl, said “OK Sweety, you lead the way.” with a warm smile. She could see that Becky wanted to play, but was scared to go off by her self.

Becky smiled when Mommy didn’t make her go by herself. She led Mommy over toward the blocks. She hadn’t noticed before, but there were three huge bins full of blocks. Seeing how many there were, she forgot about being scared and made a bee line straight to one of the bins. Within a few moments, she was sitting with her legs wide apart, at least thirty blocks between them on the mat.

Rick saw the door open and a little girl entered with her Mommy. She looked to be five or six years old, and had an IV in her arm with a board taped behind her left elbow so she couldn’t bend her arm. He saw her mother lead her by the hand into the middle of the room. When she released her hand, the little girl stood watching Becky for a few seconds, then moved in her direction.

The little girl walked up to Becky, peered at the diaper peeking out from under her hospital gown, sat down across from her, and asked “Are you a baby?” in a curious tone.

Sharon saw her mother blush and start to say something when she placed her hand gently on the womans shoulder and shook her head slightly. The woman looked at her for a second and then smiled.

“Uh huh.” Becky answered without a care as she continued to put the large leggos together.

“What’s your name?” the little girl asked.

“Becky.” she answered looking up.

“Hi Becky, I’m Cherry.” the little girl told her as she picked up a couple of the blocks and put them together.

“Hi Chewwy.” Becky said around her binky and then began to giggle.

“What?” the girl asked as she started giggling herself.

“I wike chewwy.” Becky said and giggled some more.

Sharon thought she might have to make Becky apologize for poking fun at Cherry’s name, when Cherry began laughing uproariously. Pretty soon both girls were laying on the floor giggling away. The adults moved back from the two girls and began talking.

“Hi, I’m Sharon, and this is Rick my husband. We’re Becky’s parents.”

“Hi Sharon, I’m Helen, Cherry’s Mommy.”

Sharon gestured to April and said “And this is Becky’s Aunt April.”

“Hi.” April told Helen.

“I apologize for Cherry, she’s a bit forward at times.” Helen told them.

“Oh, don’t worry about it. I didn’t mean to just reach out and put my hand on you, but I really wanted to see how that conversation would go.” Sharon replied.

“It’s no problem, I understand.” Helen responded. “So are you all here for Disney?” she asked.

“Yes, unfortunately, our son is in ICU at the moment and Becky wasn’t feeling so good.” Sharon answered.

“Awww…I hope he’s alright.” Helen replied with sincerity.

“He’s doing better today.” she answered. “Are you here for Disney too?” she asked, wanting to avoid specifics about Billy. After all, what could she really tell Helen? Things were too up in the air just now.

“Well, we were. Unfortunately, Cherry got sick.” Helen answered.

With an understanding expression, Sharon said “Aww…that’s got to be hard for her.”

Helen smiled and explained “She was having a good time for a couple of days and developed a high fever. It’s gone now, but they want to watch her for another day. She was heartbroken that she wouldn’t be able to go back to the parks, but, what can you do?”

Rick, with a gleam in his eye, said quietly “Hmmm…I have it on good authority that a big yellow fuzzy fella that likes honey will be stopping by today around one, and he’ll be bringing a striped orange friend with him.”

“Really?” Helen asked as her face lit up. “That would make her day.”

“Yep. Their going to the ICU first and then here. I don’t know how long they’ll be here, but it should be fun.” Rick assured her.

“Speaking of the ICU, I’m sure Billy is back upstairs now, so I should head back over there.” Sharon told them. “It was nice meeting you Helen.” she added.

“Yes, nice meeting you as well, good luck with Billy.” she answered.

“Thank you.” she replied and turned to kiss Rick. “I’ll see you in a while.” she told him.

“Alright, let me know what you find out.” he told her as she headed toward Becky.

“I will.” she answered, then kissed Becky on the forehead and told her “You have fun playing Sweetheart, I have to go see your brother. Be a good girl for Daddy OK?”

“OK.” Becky answered, not taking her attention from the toys.

A few minutes later, Sharon entered the PICU, heading toward Billy’s room. She was half way there when Peter met her. “How is he?” she asked.

“He’s doing fine, still asleep.” Peter told her. “The films show a steady shift at the same rate as yesterday. The way it’s going, it should be done by morning.”

“Well that’s good news.” She said.

“Yes, by day after tomorrow, I think the shifting should be done. Where he’s at then is where I think he’ll stay until time works it’s magic.” Peter explained.

“Let’s hope so.” Sharon told him. “How long should he be asleep?” she asked.

“Probably another thirty minutes or so.”

“OK, I’ll go sit with him then. God forbid he wake up early.” she said seriously.

“Good idea.” Peter agreed.

Fifteen minutes later, Billy stirred in Sharon’s arms. She was never so glad she had been early in her life. She hated to think what would happen if he had woken up before she returned. He would have been terrified.

As he opened his eyes and looked at her, Sharon noticed immediately that Billy was alert and aware. “How are you little boy?” she asked.

Billy smiled at Mommy. He knew he shouldn’t still call her Mommy, but he loved the sound of it. As he snuggled closer, he couldn’t help but sigh comfortably around his binky. That’s another thing he knew he shouldn’t have, but he didn’t care. It felt good and made him feel better. Looking at Mommy, he pulled his binky out with a shaky hand and asked “Mommy, is this alright?” with a worried expression.

Sharon having an idea of what he was asking, wanted him to be a bit more specific, so asked “Is what alright Sweety?” as she gently patted his diapered bottom.

Billy, holding up his binky in a shaking arm, said “This, and the rest.”

Sharon thought a second on how best to handle this before simply saying “Yes.” without any trace of ambiguity in her voice.

Billy smiled then as he took his binky again. He thought about it and felt wonderful inside. Mommy didn’t try to explain, she didn’t ask what he meant, she just said yes. It was a simple and complete answer that didn’t need anything else.

Sharon saw his reaction and knew she had handled that perfectly. “Do you have any questions about any of this?” she asked as she gently tapped his binky.

Billy looked at her, smiled bigger around his binky and said “No.” before closing his eyes and snuggling closer.

Sharon watched him with a smile of her own. As she watched closely, his body language changed. She saw him go from the nine year old to a toddler. When he opened his eyes and looked at her, she saw the one year old baby looking back at her.

Looking at her, Billy said “Wub you.” with the carefree giggle of a baby.

Sharon looked at him curiously for a moment. “I love you too Baby. Can you change back?” she asked as the ramifications of what just happened occurred to her. To her surprise, he closed his eyes and things changed again. When he opened them again, her nine year old was looking at her. “I want you to stay like you are for a bit.” she said quickly. “Uncle Peter needs to talk to you.” she added as she saw Peter outside the room and quickly waved him in.

Peter saw Sharon wave and quickly was at the bedside. Before he could say anything, Sharon asked Billy “Can you change back again for me Sweety?”.

Peter watched Billy close his eyes. Before his eyes, he saw Billy change. The normal stress seen on a nine year old’s face melted away. His arms pulled in close to his chest, and his hands formed fists with their thumbs held in by the fingers. His mouth began nursing his pacifier rhythmically as he opened his eyes. Peter saw the innocent gaze of a baby looking at him.

Looking at Sharon, he asked “How many times has he done this?”

“Just before I called you in here, he did a full cycle.” she answered. “Billy can you change back now?”

Peter watched again as Billy made the change. When Billy opened his eyes, Peter asked him “Can you tell me what that feels like?”

Billy took his binky out and asked “What what feels like?”

Peter smiled and said “The process of changing like you just did. Does it hurt? Or feel at all uncomfortable?”

“No. It’s like going to sleep and waking up.” Billy answered.

“OK, do you remember everything from before when you do that?” Peter asked fascinated.


“Do you feel different?”


“What feels different when you become little like that?” Peter asked.

“I don’t know. I just feel little.” Billy answered.

“What do you mean?”

Billy thought for a second, then answered “Like before, letting go.”

“OK, I tell you what I want you to do for me. I’m going to have someone come see you as you are right now. They’re going to ask you some questions. Can you answer them honestly for me Billy?” Peter asked.

“Sure Uncle Peter. Is it important?”

“Yes, very important.” Peter told him with a pat to his leg. Seeing how wet Billy was, he said “You’re mom is going to change you while I go make a phone call. They’ll be in in just a bit.”

“Alright.” Billy replied and took his binky again.

As Peter left, Sharon said “Alright little boy, lets get you a dry bottom.” with a smile.

Billy smiled at Mommy. He loved it when she changed his dipey.

It didn’t take long to get him into a dry diaper and cuddled back into her arms. No sooner did she get situated, then a young woman of about twenty five came in holding a clipboard. “Hi Mrs. Avery, my name is Felicia, and I need to talk with Billy for a bit.”

“Hi Felicia, you can call me Sharon. Billy, say hi.” she prompted him.


“Hi Billy, I’m going to ask you a series of questions and I need you to answer them for me OK?” Felicia asked.


She started asking questions and recording Billy’s responses on the clipboard she carried. The questions all dealt with how Billy felt about different things. “Would you cry if I took your binky for a minute?”, “Is your diaper wet?”, and many others. It took thirty or forty minutes to get through the list, and finally she said “Thank you Billy, you did a great job.” and then left the room.

Sharon had sat and listened through the whole process, learning some things she didn’t know, like Billy was concerned that he couldn’t keep his diaper dry even if he wanted to. She hadn’t even considered that he would be worried about that. She had just accepted that it was a fact of life for the foreseeable future. Thinking about it a moment, she understood. It wasn’t her body that was not following her commands and that made it different for her.

A little bit later, Peter came back in and asked Billy “Can you talk to one more person for me? They’re going to ask you questions again just like last time, but this time, I want you to change for me before they come in. I want you to stay little the whole time they’re here, can you do that?”

“OK.” Billy answered. He didn’t understand what the big deal was, but if it was important to Uncle Peter, then he’d do it.

This time when the questions were asked, it was done by a young man and the questions were written for a toddler. Throughout the questioning, the gentleman was kind and occasionally silly, making Billy giggle. When he was done, he tickled Billy’s tummy and said good bye.

Peter came back in a little bit after, and asked Sharon to lay Billy down on the bed. He did a complete physical exam, including reflexes and muscle tone checks, recording everything as he went. When he was finished, he asked Billy “Can you become big for me?” and was rewarded with the change. He immediately repeated the same exact exam, noting these observations. When he was done, he asked Billy “Do you think Mommy could come outside the room to talk with me for a little bit?” and immediately saw Billy’s start to cry. “I tell you what. How about, we sit and talk in here instead, OK?”

Billy settled down to nursing his binky. He really didn’t want Mommy going anywhere. He watched as Uncle Peter uncovered his IV.

“I need to give you some medicine Billy, it might make you sleepy, but that’s fine, just go to sleep.” Peter told him as he injected a sedative. Then leaned close to Sharon and whispered “Call Rick for me and ask him to come over here will you?”

Sharon gave him a startled expression and asked “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing that I can see. Please call Rick though, we need to talk.” Peter clarified.

As Billy was drifting off to sleep, Sharon made the call. Three minutes later, Rick entered the room. “What’s wrong?” he asked with concern.

Peter waved him to sit on the bed and said “I don’t think there’s a problem, but I need to do a special kind of scan to make sure. If what I think is going on is actually happening, then Billy is done adjusting. It shouldn’t take long to do, but unfortunately, I need him awake to do it. We essentially have to scan him before and after he ‘becomes little’” Peter explained.

Sharon quickly explained that Billy seemed to have the ability to change at will from the nine year old to the one year old. “It’s not a simple perception change.” Peter explained. “His reflexes, his muscle tone, everything changes. It’s actually startling.”

“Why did you say unfortunately?” Sharon asked.

“Because it will be no small affair to get a one year old to do the scan without screaming.” Peter explained.

“We’ll need April there. She was great the last time, and should make it possible.” Sharon explained.

“Alright, then Rick, can you please ask her to come down here? I’m going to have Gary set this up. We’ll do both scans back to back so this shouldn’t take more than two hours.” Peter told them.

“OK, I’ll be with Becky then. Please keep me informed.” Rick told them.

“You have my word on it.” Peter told him solemnly.

Peter was right, it took two hours and a lot of cuddling to get the scans done. When they got upstairs, April rolled Sharon into Billy’s room in a wheelchair and she transfered to the bed. She was nursing Billy now as he had cried in hunger on the way up.

They had done the first set of scans with him as a nine year old, and the second as a toddler. Sharon had just offered him her nipple when it was done, and he stayed as he was, not changing back.

Ten minutes later, Peter watched from outside the room as Billy continued to nurse. Poking his head in, he asked quietly “Let me know when he drifts off to sleep. I really don’t want to give him any more sedative if I don’t have to.”

“I’ll wave.” Sharon whispered back. As Peter went back to the nurses station, she looked down at Billy, wondering what all the hubub was about. Whatever it was, he had both Peter and Gary very excited.

It took thirty minutes longer for Billy to finally go to sleep and Sharon was able to signal Peter. He came in the room along with Gary and Rick. Rick sat down next to his wife on the bed, wondering what all the excitement was.

“OK, what’s going on?” Rick asked quietly.

Peter looked at him and said “When I did his exam earlier, every sign I saw of the first one, was of a nine year old boy. Every sign I saw of the second, was of a one year old.”

“How can that be?” Rick asked puzzled.

“That’s what I thought. It shouldn’t be possible.” Peter said smiling. “Until I saw the scans. When the cyst was removed, I told you that he would be able to regenerate new brain cells. What I didn’t count on was his body essentially constructing a whole different set of pathways. When you see Billy as the nine year old, he’s using one, when he’s the baby, he’s using the other. It’s clear on the scans.” Peter told them.

“We thought he was shifting because of the scarring. We were wrong. He’s switching from one set of pathways to another, it’s the only difference on the scan.” Gary added.

“So what does this mean?” Sharon asked.

“It means he can switch at will as you saw. The fact that he can remember what’s going on tells me it’s just how the systems are connected that are affected.” Peter told them. Seeing they were still not understanding, he said “It means he’s probably where he’s going to be at from this point forward.”

“His perceptions are different between the two states, let’s call them nine and little, because he’s accessing the same areas two different ways.” Gary explained.

That made sense to Sharon. “So he won’t shift around anymore like yesterday.” she said.

“Right.” Peter answered.

“Why was he switching today?” She asked.

“I suspect that he feels more comfortable right now as the toddler, considering his emotional level hasn’t appeared to change.” Peter answered.

“OK, that makes sense. So what do we do now?” she asked.

“Well, first of all, it means that Billy will be able to continue his schoolwork from right where he left off. That was one of my major concerns. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think he’ll be able to go to a regular classroom setting, but he should be able to do the work if he’s taught in a special setting. I was originally concerned he would just have to wait until his situation caught up, but that’s not the case now.” Peter said with a smile.

That was the best news they had gotten so far. Sharon smiled a big smile when she heard that. She didn’t care if Billy needed to be taught in a special classroom, all she wanted was for him to be able to learn the material he needed to become whatever it was he wanted to be.

“Now, you’ve seen he can change at will. It may take some getting used to, but I suspect for a little while, he’ll stay little. I advise you to encourage him to spend time being nine every day. The body doesn’t maintain something it doesn’t use, and he’ll be stuck little if he doesn’t and have to wait for things to mature.” Peter explained.

“How does this affect the tremors?” Rick asked.

“It doesn’t.” Peter answered. “I’m sorry, time is the only thing that will help the tremors, if it does at all. But listen, he’ll need some adaptive equipment, but he’ll be able to use a computer and that will broaden his horizons considerably. Especially for a kid as bright a Billy.”

While the news wasn’t what they wanted to hear, Peter did put it into perspective for them. Sharon considered this. No he wouldn’t be able to feed himself, but he could learn to operate a computer. Knowing Billy, he would find a way to make it interesting. Sharon looked down at her little boy, still attached to her breast. “This is going to be interesting.” she thought. He’ll be going to fourth grade next year and coming home to nurse.

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 103

Wow. This was unexpected. To have Billy control his shifts changes everything. “Interesting” is the least that can be said!

Becky still concerns me. She may seem happy now, but deep down she must still be traumatized by events. I hope she makes a complete recovery soon.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 103

That was really cool :slight_smile:

Good chapter, and it’s nice that we seem to be getting a little closer to the light at the end of the tunnel and getting some progress in the right direction.

Nice job :smiley:

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 103


Snuggles and Tears Chapter 103

Very good chapter BB :smiley:

You wrote that Billy wont be able to feed himself but can he have real food now?

I can see now, that he can mentally be 9yrs old and slightly be 9yrs physically as well, that he will have to be encouraged to grow up and not stay the baby he loves to be. This will bring interesting times. I guess the same would go for Becky too. They could be potty trained together :stuck_out_tongue:

9.1/10 moving along nicely

keep it coming BB


Snuggles and Tears Chapter 103

I agree with littlebunny. Keep up your great work BB.

Snuggles and Tears Chapter 103

Yes, I definitely agree with that. This will make some things much easier and other much more difficult.

You’re right about this. Unfortunately, as Craig stated, there’s nothing that can be done until they get home.

Thanks DA, we’re almost out.

I’ll answer this question in the next chapter.

Billy’s in a unique situation. Intellectually, he knows what should be, but emotionally, he doesn’t care. This is the source of all of the blushing and the question of “Is this alright?”

The emotional immaturity is also why he cries at the drop of a hat when something scares or upsets him.

It would be terrible not to encourage Billy to grow. While he loves being a baby boy, to allow him to stay that way forever would be child abuse from my point of view. The question becomes, when should they start? Both Sharon and Rick have expressed a belief that they will leave that up to Billy.

Becky needs to be where she’s at for the moment. It will help her get where she needs to be in the long run.

Thanks folks for taking the time to offer feedback, I really appreciate it.