Well, it only a matter of time before I come back to a ABDL Story forum.

I’m Croc, many will know me from the Daily Diaper’s story time forum.

I am here to write and give joy to members and readers of this forum, from my FREE work.

I am not here to give opinions or cause trouble - by my opinions.

Once I figure out how to use this forum, I’ll be uploading new and old written material.

Thank you.

Re: ‘Snap!’

I hope you’ve learned how to take criticism since DD banned you, because you will get it unfiltered here, and the dramatic flounces in response won’t fly on this forum. Rest assured Renko and Kita deal swiftly with badly behaved posters.

Re: ‘Snap!’

Please use a standard font color. This was incredibly hard to read without highlighting.

Re: ‘Snap!’

I love how people forget about Wingz, the second most active admin here at the moment :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, you’re not the only one to express such concerns. I’ve got dozens of PMs from other DD users that are also members here expressing concerns so I’m going to just say this: Croc, if you decide you can’t handle how things are done here, then please ask Purged_User, Wingz, or myself to remove your posts and your account.

Re: ‘Snap!’

Kita: Did you get an email from me about this user? I sent it about 4 hours ago. It’s related to why all his posts are currently locked.

Re: ‘Snap!’

I’ll send you a PM real quick with the executive summary.