Slowness (UPDATE 01/27/2011 9:18pm)

Stefan and I are aware of the slowness some of you are experiencing and we are working to track it down and rectify as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, as it only affects some users, and neither of us is personally affected it is making troubleshooting the problem difficult. Beginning at 9:00pm CST and going until until 9:15pm CST we will be doing a live packet capture of the connection between us and two of the worst affected users. This will cause a small slow down for everyone, so if you are not already experiencing the slowness, please do not report any slowness you experience during that time period unless it continues well after it.

Either Stefan or I will update this post with more information after we have a time to analyze the data from that live capture.

EDIT: Good News, we finally figured out the source of the problem. The site will be offline for a few minutes around 12:00am while the cache, web, and database services are restarted to flush some bad information and to load new configurations that will help prevent this problem in the future :slight_smile: