Simon (Chapter 6-7)

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Chapter 6
I woke up in a toddler bed. It was pretty much the same one I had in my apartment except that it was much bigger. Only it wasn’t the bed that was bigger, it was me that was smaller. I was almost getting impatient with myself by the time I had gone through that thought routine for the third time in as many days, like a sub part of my brain was going ‘yeah, yeah, skip to the end where we remember everything and realize that yes, it really is happening’.
But I had grounds for confusion. I had fallen asleep in the car, not a bed. I shrugged off the duvet, noting the Paw Patrol print with approval. I slid my legs off the bed and stood. I was wearing the same white T-shirt from the day before and a diaper. I looked around the room. The walls were plain white but there were block letters in primary colors that spelled my name. There was a closet door in one wall and against another there was a dresser that clearly also served as a changing table, with a padded mat on top and a decorated container that looked empty, though I could only just see the top of it. A third wall had a neat row of toy bins, looking forlorn and empty. The final wall held only a door, which was ajar.
I took a step towards the door and paused as a flow of pee started. I found myself stopped in mid stride until I was done. Not that I planned it that way, just that when my pee started to flow I seemed unable to keep moving.
I went to the door and opened it wider. The hallway was bright with a large window at the far end. I was stood in one of two doorways. I turned the other way and saw the hallway opened out into what looked like a living room.
Two comfortable looking soft off white couches and a giant TV on the wall. Off the living room was an open kitchen and in the kitchen the tall (to me) figure of Mary.
“Mommy!” I hadn’t realized that I had been so worried until I got hit with the relief of seeing her.
“You’re awake!” She walked rapidly towards me and picked me up, hugging me and spinning around. “Welcome home!”
“For now anyway. Do you like your room?”
“I love it.”
“Let me show you the rest of the place. This is the kitchen, obviously.” She walked around, holding me on her hip. “This is the bathroom, which you will need to use for baths, but not much else.” She teased me. “We’ll get plenty of cool bath toys for you to play with. This is my room, and of course you already saw your room. I can’t wait to fill the toy bins with you!” We went towards the other end of the house, past the kitchen. “The front yard is out this way, it’s not fenced so you don’t get to play there without me.” She opened and closed the front door to show me.
“And this is the back yard.” She opened the living room blinds to show me a large fenced back yard complete with a pretty cool looking playset. “You do get to play here.” She took me to the last unopened door off the living room. “And this is the powder room, which you won’t need at all, except maybe to wash your hands.”
“How long have I been asleep?”
“We got here around eight. It’s twelve now. I carried you inside and put you to bed but you didn’t stir, not even when I changed your diaper.”
“Oh.” I found that slightly embarrassing, I hoped I hadn’t pooped again. Somehow Mary read my mind.
“Don’t worry, you weren’t stinky. Not that I would mind if you were. Now, how about we get you dressed? We have some shopping to do, and we need to go register you at your new day care. Apparently it is time critical.” She explained, clearly repeating something Simon must have said.
“Why?” Not that it mattered to me, but I was curious.
“Learn, Laugh, Play will just have received the news that one of their members of staff will not be returning to them. I intend for Mary to take the position.” It must have been Simon talking, but ‘he’ was using a female, slightly robotic sounding voice., that sounded oddly familiar.”
“Simon?” I asked.
“That’s his Alexa voice, it’s so he can talk to us when other people are here if necessary.”
“Oh, yeah, Amazon Alexa. Is that still a thing?”
“Just about, for us normal people anyway.” Mary told me. “We’re not all super high tech.”
“It may be necessary so I thought it best to prepare you for the eventuality.” Simon’s normal voice resumed.
“What if they don’t offer the job to Mary, or even mention the vacancy?”
“Government mandated ratio’s demand that the position be filled as quickly as possible. The possibility that the vacancy not be mentioned is slim, and Mary is supremely qualified. But I do have backup plans in place to cover that eventuality.”
“You are? Supremely qualified, I mean. Not that I am questioning your child care abilities, obviously, I think you’re perfect. You just never mentioned anything about your past.”
“Yes, I am actually. I just completed a thesis on the long term effect of detachment parenting in preschoolers. I’m about to be awarded my PhD.”
“Wow! Impressive.” I was seriously impressed. “How did you manage that so young? And, um, what is detachment parenting?”
“It was in vogue about thirty years ago, still is in some places. It places the emphasis in child rearing on developing the independence of the child. In its more extreme forms it sees any support or encouragement as a disservice to the child, as the core philosophy as that children become self reliant and self sufficient as early as possible.” Her tone clearly conveyed what she thought of the idea. “It came about mostly as a harsh reaction to the so called precious flower generation that was perceived to have reared a generation of narcissist. Sorry, I didn’t mean to get worked up about it, but it’s a bit of a sore point with me.”
“Were your parents like that?”
“No, I’m an orphan.”
“I’m sowwy.”
“Not your fault.” She gave me a sad smile.” Actually, that’s not quite true, but it’s easier than saying I was abandoned.”
“God, that’s awful. Who in their right mind would abandon you?”
“I know right? Anyway, I spent most of my childhood in foster homes. One in particular. They were well meaning enough, but they really bought into the detachment parents theory. I was a little older by then, and pretty self reliant already. My foster parents were not bad people, but they took in foster kids as a business essentially. They didn’t do much in the way of other work and this allowed them to get by. There were a lot of other kids. Some were really broken and they were crying out for loving. The needed someone to care for them more than physically. And I needed to be needed. I still need to be needed.”
I was quiet after that. I sensed that Mary wasn’t looking for conversation or discussion right then. Instead I wrapped my arms around her neck and laid my head on her shoulder. She gave me a squeeze and rubbed my head.
She walked me back into my room and put me down on my bed. “Okay, son. I washed your overalls and dried them.”
I laughed. “You called me son.” She had emphasized the word to make sure I didn’t miss it.
“You noticed.” She said sarcastically. “But you didn’t notice that you called me mommy earlier.” She said suddenly leaning forward and poking me playfully in the ribs.
“No I didn’t!”
“Totally did!”
“I would have noticed.”
“Simon?” Mary appealed for help.

“Mommy!” A little boy’s voice shouted with a mixture of joy and relief.
“You’re awake!” Mary’s voice.

“See!” Mary stuck her tongue out at me.
I stuck mine out right back at her. She laughed. “Come on then, let’s get you dressed. And I should probably change you first too. Lie back.”
I did as she said and she grabbed a new diaper from her backpack. She had changed me three times so far, but I had only been aware of two of them. So the process was still novel to me and filled me with a warm glow.
Mary quickly untapped the diaper I had on and pulled it out from under me. “Not very wet at all.” She commented as she unfolded the new diaper. “Lift up.” I lifted my legs to the point where my bottom was off the bed and felt the fresh diaper being slipped under me. “Okay.” Mary adjusted the new diaper and I lowered my legs back down. She guided my knees apart so she could fold it over and tape it up. She fed my legs into the overalls from the day before, now cleaned. “Up you get.” She helped me onto my feet and fastened the straps over my shoulders. “There’s a mirror on the inside of the closet door if you like?”
I realized that I didn’t really have a clear picture of what I looked like now. I walked over to the closet and opened it, luxuriating in the feeling of my fresh diaper hugging my hips like a soft gentle blanket under my overalls. The closet was empty except for the mirror. I saw just a glimpse initially, like I had caught sight of a little boy out of the corner of my eye. My brain did not associate the image with my own self yet. I turned to face the mirror head on.
I don’t know how long I stood there. I was totally overwhelmed. I had been carrying around a mental fantasy image of what ‘little’ Kit looked like since I was a teenager, refining it over time. I was looking at him right now. I had a mop of slightly unruly blond hair that tumbled over my forehead with a hint of a curl. My face round was framed by two piercingly blue eyes and a little button nose atop pouty lips that promised mischief and loving in equal proportion. With my white T-shirt and denim overalls I looked ready for boyish action. I felt the urge to pick this little boy up and hug him and laughed at the thought.
“You okay?”
“Uhuh.” I turned away from my image. Mary was waiting patiently with a smile on her face.
“Ready? We need to get you some clothes.”
“Yeah. But do you have any money? I mean we can’t use our old bank accounts can we?” I was thinking of the elaborate precautionary measures Simon had made us take leaving the lab. And that made me think of all the evidence we must have left behind there.
“I’m worried about that lab, we must have left all kinds of DNA and stuff?”
“I don’t know, fingerprints, evidence.”
“You do not need to be concerned.” Simon interjected. “By the time the authorities arrived there was nothing left to find. A small but intense fire destroyed everything.”
“But they’ll know we left by that tunnel, they could pick us up on cameras?” Mary suggested.
“They could if they knew there was a tunnel there. As far as they know that door opened up into a storage closet. As soon as we left the passage was sealed off by a large and pretty immovable concrete slab. And should they find it, and check the cameras they would find a single young man on the images, who try as they might, they would not be able to trace, as he doesn’t exist.”
“What about our accounts?”
“They don’t exist anymore either. Neither do your old selves. You already have your new birth certificates, and Mary you have your new license.”
“Yes, Mary Caring.”
“Very appropriate.” I commented.
“And that would make you Kit Caring.”
I giggled a little. “I like it.”
“I need to give you a middle name. So I can shout it when you’re in trouble.” She teased.
“There is a key ring hanging under the shelf of the closet. Mary, you need to take it to the First Commerce Bank on Main Street. It will open a safety deposit box. Everything else you need for your new life in inside. All genuine too. After that I need you to go to the Learn, Laugh, Play. You need to be there by two o’clock. Study the documents in the safety deposit box first. I can’t talk to you in that building so you’ll be on your own. If they don’t mention the vacant position I want you to bring up your experience working in child care. Don’t mention the PhD. You don’t have it. It would have made you over qualified.”
“I worked hard for that!”
“Don’t worry. When this is all over I can give you three PhDs.”
“I only want the one I earned.”
“You have a BSc in early child education, which you earned by going to school part time, whilst supporting yourself and your son.” Simon explained. “Now, the building is secured. The day care is only for the use of federal employees who work in it.”
“Then how come Kit gets a place?”
“Administrative error. You called to ask if they had any vacancies and misunderstood when they asked if you worked in the building.”
“But they’ll find out.”
“Yes, but you will have met the director, and if all goes to plan she will offer you a job in the daycare. Which is in the building.”
“Okay, but my past doesn’t really fit in with this house, and car. How can I afford all of this?” Mary objected.
“Mary caring was awarded a settlement of three hundred thousand dollars by the city of New York after struck by a police office driving recklessly in pursuit of a stolen car. The officer had alcohol in his bloodstream.”
“Three hundred grand? Wouldn’t that be verifiable.
“Yes, but it really happened. Except the victim was named Mary Daring. Though that is not what the public records indicate now.”
“Very clever!” I said appreciatively.
“Yes, I know. You owe another thirty thousand on this house, but the car is yours free and clear. You have five thousand in the bank in savings, but you need a steady job before too long.”
“You really have thought of everything.” Mary said.
“Yes, I know. After the day care you will have time to go shopping.”

Chapter 6
The safety deposit box contained all of the things Simon promised. Degree certificates for Mary, hospital records for me, even some photos, purportedly of me as a baby with Mary. Simon was quite the genius with photoshop apparently. I was puzzled as to how he managed to place all of the things we needed in the locations he directed us to. I mean surely only people could do that. I resolved to find out when I had the opportunity.
“I hope they don’t check these references, though if they did no doubt Simon would have that covered too.” Mary was leafing through some of the documents.
“I hope they don’t ask any awkward questions about your experience.”
“I did work in daycare Kit. I know what I’m doing.”
“Are you ready for this? It’s kind of an interview for you too.” She asked me.
“Do not forget you are only four years old Kit.” Simon’s voice came in my head.
“I know!”
“Know what?” Mary was puzzled.
“Talking to Simon.” I explained. “He spoke in my head.”
“Time to go.” Simon spoke through the car radio this time.
The building was fairly ordinary for a city office building. Blue dark anonymous glass. Big gold lettering over the entrance announced it to be ‘Federal Administrative Organization Center’, which said precisely nothing.
There was a pretty anonymous looking security booth at the entrance but they were thorough.
“Can I help you?”
“Yes, I have an appointment at Learn, Laugh, Play.” Mary told the guard.
He checked her driving license against a list on his clipboard and handed her a pre-prepared laminated temporary ID card. “Display this at all times. The staircase in right in front of you. Go straight there, and straight come straight back.”
They ran Mary’s backpack through an X-ray machine and we both had to walk through a metal detector. The building was kind of stark and imposing. All marble and formality. It didn’t bode well for a friendly day care. But as soon as we got down the stairs that all changed. There was a brightly painted doorway with the words Learn, Laugh, Play in primary colored letters. Mary opened the door.
We were in a hallway with wood paneling up to Mary’s waist height and topped with glass. I couldn’t see through the glass but I could hear the sound of children playing and laughing.
“Can I help you?”
“Yes I’m Mary Caring. I have an appointment, about my son, Kit.”
“Yes! Nice to meet you. Come this way, let’s talk in my office and then we can give you the grand tour. My name is Miss Kelly, and I’m the director.” She held out her hand for Mary to shake. “And you must be Kit.” She knelt down and offered me her hand too. I giggled and shook it a bit shyly. I knew I had to act four, but it was coming pretty naturally and I wasn’t particularly acting.
We went into a comfy office with a big sofa against one wall and a desk at the other end. Mary sat on the sofa and pulled me up next to her so that I was sitting with my legs straight out in front of me and my feet barely reaching the edge.
“So, we have a place in our pre-K room, which is where Kit would go.” She was looking through some paperwork, presumably something Simon had prepared and sent. “I’m sorry, but I don’t see here what department you work in.” Miss Kelly seemed puzzled.
“Here, in the building.”
“Oh, we just moved here. I don’t have a job yet. I’m looking for one actually. I just finished my BSc in early childhood education. I studied part time while working while working at Little People, Big Smiles in New York.”
“Um, well, there seems to have been some kind of mix up. This center is only for building employees. It’s a federal building you see.”
“Oh, I didn’t realize.”
“Yes, it’s a wonder you managed to get an appointment actually. I wonder how…But, actually, we might…”
“We just lost one of our teachers. She had an opportunity to follow her dream and head up a day care center on a cruise ship but she had to leave right away. Just today in fact. So we are in need of an experienced teacher right now. Would you be interested in interviewing for the position? I mean if, and of course there are no guarantees, but if you were to work here then Kit would be eligible for a place too.”
“Really? Well, that’s…that would be amazing!” Mary gushed.
“We’d need to see all your documentation of course, but at least we can do the interview part now. If you like I can have Miss Cameron take Kit and show him around while we talk?”
‘Would you like that sweetie, go and play with some other girls and boys?”
I shook my head and pushed myself closer to her on the couch.
“It’ll be fun! And I bet they have lot’s of fun toys and stuff.” Mary cajoled me.
Miss Kelly stood up from her desk and indicated we should follow her.
“You will love Miss Cameron.” She said brightly to me. “Her room is right over here. Let’s go have a look shall we?”
The room was bright and felt airy despite being in a basement. They had installed some kind of lightboxes along the wall screened with curtains that really gave the impression that if you just edged the curtain out of the way you’d be looking out over a green lawn or some such. I would later find out that there were actual posters of such scenes behind the curtains to reinforce the effects.
“Miss Cameron? This is Kit, he might be joining us here. I need to talk with his mom for a little while, do you mind if he joins your class for half an hour?”
“Why of course not! Welcome Kit. We’re very glad to meet you.” She welcomed us. “Class, this is Kit. He’s visiting us today. Let’s all make him feel very welcome. Michael, can you show Kit where the blocks are? I bet you too could build a pretty big tower of you work together.”
“Yeah! Come on Kit, the blocks are over here.” Michael took my arm and pulled me towards the side of the room where there were several shelves stacked with toy bins. “We’re going to have circle time in about five minutes, so see how high you can build before then okay?”
“Kay.” Michael didn’t look back and continued to pull on my arm. I wanted to look around the room and explore but I wasn’t sure what a genuine four year old would do. Michael was a little shorter than me, in fact pretty much all of the kids in the room were. He had short brown hair and was wearing cargo shorts and a Star Wars T-shirt. I was drawn to him immediately. The other kids in the room seemed friendly enough but they were quite intimidating to me. It was the perspective thing again. Preschoolers were supposed to be small. They still were of course, but my brain was telling me they were all six foot tall, the height I still was in my head.
Having a bunch of six foot high clumsy, energetic preschoolers sharing my space was scary. .Some of that must have shown on my face because Miss Cameron came over to check on me and knelt down to be on my level.
“So Kit, how old are you? I’m going to guess ten?” she said with deliberate exaggeration.
“No, I four.” I found myself responding to her with a smile.
“Four? Well that’s a coincidence. Michael is four too. Aren’t you Michael. In fact, he just had his birthday.”
“I had my birfday too.” A girl came over to join us, wanting to get in on the attention.
“Yes, Katie. I remember.”
“I gots my birfday soon. It’s in one months.” A sweet looking blond boy joined us too. He was probably the smallest of the kids in the class but he was clearly boisterous judging by the band aids on both knees and the smudges of dirt on his lightly freckled face.
“Two months actually Drew.” Miss Cameron corrected him. “When’s your birthday Kit?”
“Um, It was soon. I means not long. I had it already.” I deliberately struggled to explain. I did not know when my supposed birthday was so figured I should be vague.
I felt something warm and smooth being put in my hand. Michael was giving me a rectangular block.
“You put it like this.” He told me, showing where he already laid one down. “Go on.”
I put the block down as indicated and Michael put a new one on top. I grabbed another from the toy bin and added it to the pile. To my surprise I found myself totally engaged in the task right up until I felt a burst of pressure from my bladder. My instinct was to try and hold it. I had a flash back to feeling embarrassment standing in a preschool classroom with wet pants. I wasn’t able to hold my pee back at all though, and the next second I was in full flow. I didn’t realize I had stopped moving with a block midway to the growing tower and in a slightly hunched over posture but Miss Cameron did and she knew what it meant immediately.
“Oh, dear. Too many distractions.” She bustled over to me. My pee had stopped as quickly as it started by the time she got to me and I straightened up, super aware of the concentrated warmth between my legs.
“Oh. I thought…” Miss Cameron saw that my pants were dry and was confused. To make matters worse I felt myself starting to poop. Once again I had no control over the process. I had no choice but to squat a little and push. I don’t know how long it took for me to fill my pants but it felt like minutes, perhaps because I was hyper aware of Miss Cameron and Michael and Drew all watching me. And I knew the pose I was in was unmistakable, and that I was holding my breath, and that my face was scrunched up. But I couldn’t do anything about it. My poop was being compressed and squished against my bottom as it fought for space inside my diaper and then just as suddenly as it started, I was done. I stood straight once more and took a breath.
“Kit went poopy.” Drew announced. “In his pants. He hadded an accident.”
I think Miss Cameron suspected I had a diaper on because she reached out and gave my bottom as gently squeeze and this did the same in the front of my overalls.
“Alright kids, time for circle. Everyone put away the toys they were playing with. Come on, clean up, clean up…”
The class joined in with the chorus of everybody clean up and once they were busy Miss Cameron knelt by me once more.
“Kit, you have a diaper on don’t you?”
“Uhuh.” I figured I had best play dumb.
“Okay, well I will have to get your mommy to come and change you, because you’re not one of our students. I’ll get someone to take you to her okay? It will just take a moment.”
“Okay.” The thought that I was standing with an actual toddler sized poopy diaper on under my overalls was giving me a warm comforting feeling. It was tinged with slight embarrassment but as Mary said, no one was likely to blame me.
“Okay then.” She went over to the doorway and called into hallway. “Can anyone come into the Puppy room for a minute?”
I heard a muffled reply that I couldn’t make out and Miss Cameron responding with an okay. “Miss Hardy will take you to your mommy is just a minute.”
There was a lot of repetition in the way she talked to me, but I was starting to figure that was normal and part of her professional training. The other kids had finished putting toys away by now and were gathering in a circle.
“Come sit here Kit.” Michael called me.
I ran over and fell into position. I knew exactly what I was doing and almost laughed at the totally babyish feeling of my poopy being squished and flattened against my bottom. I felt it oozing solidly between my cheeks as I shifted my weight forward. I don’t know why it made me feel so good, but I felt wrapped in a confusing and contradictory feeling of comforting vulnerability. I could tell that Miss Cameron had wanted to prevent me from sitting but now that it was too late she wasn’t going to say anything.
“Alright, who can name this shape for me?” Miss Cameron held out a card with a red circle printed on it. Most of the class had there hands up so I joined in.
“Kit, why don’t you tell us.”
“That’s right!”
“And it’s red.” Katie shouted out.
“Yes Katie, but wait your turn.”
We went through a few more shapes and colors. You’d think it would be boring as hell but something about my new physiology allowed me to lose myself in the activity and I was annoyed when we were interrupted by another young lady coming into the room.
“Did you need me Miss Cameron?” she asked.
“Yes, thank you Miss Hardy. Kit here is vising us today.” She indicated where I was sitting. Miss Hardy gave me a wave and a smile. “His mommy is meeting with Miss Kelly. Can you go to Miss Kelly’s office and let Kit’s mom know that he had, um, that he has a poopy diaper? Explain to her that we can’t do it as he’s not enrolled here yet. He’s not complaining about it, but I thought she should know.”
I rather suspected that Miss Cameron was also trying to make sure that Miss Kelly knew I was wearing diapers. Miss Cameron resumed the circle time activities. This time I remained apart from them and instead was amused to see how enthusiastic all the kids were in their responses. I looked around the circle, I was starting to put names to faces.
Closest to Miss Cameron was Allie. She was a little chubby but had an infectious smile and kept talking to her neighbor and being shushed. Next to her was Claire. Tall and skinny with stripy leggings and a white T-shirt. She was very serious and kept shushing Allie. There were two boys I hadn’t yet got names for but they looked like brothers. Not identical but same round faces, same short blond hair, same overalls. Next to them were a trio of girls. Emilie, Julie and Allison. They seemed well behaved and were quick to answer questions. They were obviously pals. Then there was Michael and me. On the other side of me was Drew and next to him Katie.
Miss Cameron was good at making sure that everyone was participating, even those who perhaps didn’t want to.
I shifted position, folding one foot under my bottom in way that seemed natural and comfortable to me, but that would have been painful before by transformation. As I shifted my weight down onto my foot the mess in my pants was squished around more and I caught a renewed whiff of my poopy diaper smell. I noticed Michael wrinkling his noise next to me but he made no comment.
“Hey Sweetie.” Mary’s voice coming from the doorway made me look around.
“Mommy!” I stood and ran to her. She picked me up and hugged me to her.
“Oh, you stink! Pew!” she exaggeratedly scrunched up her face.
Miss Kelly had come into the room behind her. “Let me show you to the baby changing room.” She smiled at me. “And you take care of his diaper.”
“Are you sure it won’t be a problem, his not being potty trained?” Mary asked. Clearly a continuation of a previous conversation.
“Not since he has a medical diagnosis no. He won’t be the only late trainer.”
“That’s great. I was so afraid that no one would take him.”
“With a medical diagnosis you wouldn’t have any trouble. Except if a center couldn’t meet the legal requirement for having children in diapers in the classes. You have to have a sink in the room where the child will be. In here.” She had led us back down the hallway we had come in through and into a room opposite the preschooler room. This room held kids a little younger that the pre-k class I had been sitting with. “This is the Kitten room where our older toddlers are, the two and three-year old’s. Mostly two-year old’s this time of year.” She explained, “As the school year just started. There are two more rooms, the Lambs are the infants and we have the Kits.” She gave me a grin, “Who unlike you, are just one year old! Did you know that a Kit is the name for a baby fox?”
I shook my head, staying a little behind Mary and not entirely acting shy.
“Well, let’s hope it doesn’t cause too much confusion when you come here!” she joked. When she looked away I caught Mary’s eye and she nodded to confirm what I had inferred. I felt a surge of excitement, both because the plan was working, but also the idea of being in Miss Cameron’s class. “This is the changing room for the Kittens. It’s the closest one to the Puppy room I’m afraid. But I’m sure Kit won’t be needing it for too much longer. I bet you can’t wait to wear big boy underwear huh?” she said to me in a bright voice. I just looked back at her blankly like I had no idea what she was talking about.
“Thank you, Miss Kelly. I really appreciate this. I came for to see about enrolling Kit when it turns out he wasn’t even eligible, but end up with a job, that makes him eligible. It’s like it was meant to be!” Mary gushed.
“Well, we need to check your references first, and you need to complete the background checks. And we need to Kit’s immunization records. But, yes, I’m thrilled too. I started off the day wondering how I was going to find someone at short notice and in you walked. I’ll leave you to it. Why don’t you check back by my office on your way out and I’ll give you the paperwork for the background checks. If you go do your fingerprint check today we should get the results by Wednesday and you could start on Thursday.”
“That sounds great.”
Miss Kelly left us alone but left the door open. We could hear the hubbub of the toddler class and they could obviously hear us too.
“Alrighty then stinky, let’s get you changed.” Mary jollied me along. “Look, they have a ladder up to the changing able, isn’t that neat? Go on, climb up.”
“Hi.” Another woman stuck her head in through the doorway. “I’m Miss Porter. I teach the Kittens. I just wanted to make sure you knew to use the paper. On the changing table.” She pointed at a roll of paper similar to that at a doctor’s office. “It’s a legal requirement for daycares.” She explained.
“Yes, thanks. I’m familiar with the regulations.”
“Just making sure.” She smiled and gave me a wave before leaving.
Mary pulled a length of paper out onto the padded changing mat. It was almost big enough to be a bed. “Down you go.” She encouraged me.
I lay down on the mat and let Mary take over. I let my mind drift pleasantly as she removed my overalls and pulled them down and off. She untapped my diaper and folded it down. “Pew!” she said in a playful tone. She wiped most of the mess off of me using the wet front part of the diaper and then used one hand to grab both my ankles and lifted them towards my head. She held me there are she used a couple of soft moist wipes to clean me up. From my vantage point I could tilt my head sideways and look into the toddler room. There was a little boy in the doorway just standing there with a look of concentration on his face as he watched me being changed. I realized he must be pooping in his diaper and giggled a little.
“What are you laughing at Mr.? Does that tickle?” Mary was in the process of making sure she had cleaned thoroughly between my bottom cheeks.
“Tickles.” I agreed, rather than explain.
She finished cleaning and lowered me down onto a fresh diaper which she quickly folded and fastened. “Right, all clean. Let’s get your overalls back on.”
After that she supported me as I climbed back down to the ground and we went back towards Miss Kelly’s office.
“Nice to meet you.” Mary called out to Miss Porter on the way out.
“You too.”


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