Silly February challenge

OK people, February is long, cold and boring so it’s time to get silly. Here’s the challenge: I want to know what your secret superhero (or super villain) identity is? What powers do you have? What name do you use? And what does your costume look like. There are tons of free superhero templates if you don’t want to draw everything from scratch. (or you could use a program like Heromachine.)

Edit: Clawdia used her superpowers to make this link that should help those who don’t know what powers they might have:

Re: Silly February challenge

Super Villain!

Mistress Incontinenta

powers- removing peoples’ potty training and the ability to diaper a baby faster than lightening. Oh, and precognition- seeing the future, water control (pun intended) and ensnaring missiles with shrink wrap guns so naughty babies can’t get away. Oh, and a horde of robo nanny minions!

Re: Silly February challenge

My superhero is Alter Ego. He is the former apprentice of a sorcerer, but he left because it was just too boring and too much focus on being responsible. Over the years, he has learned how to read minds, change his body to look like pretty much anybody else and controlling people’s emotions. (Instilling these artificial emotions is so tricky that he can only do this three times a day.) In addition, he has a pet imp that can create very convincing illusions. These powers have suited Alter ego well since he has a penchant for going where he’s not supposed to.