Silicon Valley: Diaper Demotion - Part 1 of 2

Hey everyone! This story was inspired by Season 4 of “Silicon Valley”. It contains diapers, wetting, messing, humiliation and some sexual content. I hope you enjoy! This is my first story in a while. Comments/feedback welcome.

Silicon Valley: Diaper Demotion- Part I

Monica wheeled the shopping cart down the isle of the posh Palo Alto grocery store. Richard walked beside her nervously twiddling his thumbs.

“What is it, Richard?” she said. “You’ve been fidgeting this entire time.”

“I-I-I’m just worried about our funding, Monica. To build my new version of the decentralized internet, I’m going to need massive compute power from AWS to run my compression algorithm. We’re burning cash too fast to gain critical mass…”

“Richard, we’ve been over this. You can scale your network once you prove out the concept with real users.”

Richard pulled on the drawstrings of his hoodie. “I-I just think that one more round of funding from Raviga would solve this problem…”

“I’ve already stuck my neck out for Pied Piper more than once. I just got in trouble with Laurie, because I took your side at the board meeting. As punishment, she moved my office down the hall next to the men’s bathroom. What could be more degrading for a senior associate like me?”

Monica picked up an orange from the produce isle and examined it. Richard eyed her. She looked fit and glowing in her green athletic top and gray yoga pants. He had always had a crush on Monica, but she typically dated successful VC’s, not floundering founders like him.

“Please Monica, what if you approved the funding yourself and didn’t tell Laurie about it for now?”

Monica held her hand to her forehead. “Ok, fine! I’m doing this because it’s the right business decision. But I swear this is it. I can double down on our investment in Pied Piper, but only temporarily. You have to start generating revenue.”

“Thank you!” Richard said. “You won’t regret this. There’s one other thing. D-d-o you want to have a drink with me sometime?”

Monica scoffed. “Richard…you know I don’t date founders. And frankly…well…you’re a little too immature for me. You’ve got to start getting a handle on your emotions in these crisis situations.”

Richard’s elation over the funding was quickly replaced with the sting of rejection. He had finally gathered the confidence to ask her out, only to be told he was too “immature”. He was already insecure about his dorky mannerisms and gangly appearance; comments like this only made it worse.

Just then, a frenzied Instacart shopper elbowed him out of the way to grab some oranges. Richard stumbled and went sprawling on the floor. Monica turned to see him lying there and was at the first shocked, then couldn’t hide a giggle. Richard just stared up at the ceiling, his face glowing red.


Back at the Raviga offices, Monica sat at her desk typing intently on her laptop. She wore a red top with a low cut neckline and a sleek gray business skirt. She had just completing the painstaking process to transfer Pied Piper’s supplemental funding, when she heard a knock on her door.

It was her hated rival, Ed Chen. Ed excelled at sucking up to her boss Laurie and had taken her old office when she was moved down the hall as a penalty for disloyalty to her boss.

“What do you want, Ed? I’m busy.”

Ed smirked. “Laurie wants to see you in her office. She found out that you transferred more funding to Pied Piper, and she’s through the roof.”

Monica flushed. She knew this had been a risk, but she had thought she would have more time to build her business case and sell it to her boss. Laurie was already lacking empathy, but she could be downright vindictive when angry. All Monica could do was maintain her composure and confidently state her case for how this would benefit Raviga in the long run.

She followed Ed down the hall, feeling like a student being called to the principal’s office. She had to remind herself that she was a successful venture capitalist at the top of her game, not some schoolgirl.

She walked into Laurie’s office and found her boss seated at her desk. “Ah, come in, Ms. Hall.” She said in her usual clipped, robotic manner. If she was angry, Monica couldn’t tell at all except from a slight twitch in her eyebrow.

“Look, Laurie, I can explain. I should have asked your approval but…”

Laurie cut her off. "No explanation necessary. I told you that under no circumstances were we to grant additional funding to Pied Piper. We’re already over-invested in network startups. You’ve let your emotions and friendship with Richard Hendriks cloud your judgement.

“I’m afraid this is the last straw. Ed has kept me in the loop on your activities and I have had enough. Moving your office was meant to teach you a lesson, but you obviously need a more severe penalty. Your behavior has been quite…childish,” she said in her icy cold demeanor.

Monica scrunched up her face. “Are you firing me?”

“No, more like giving you a new role. Ed and I have determined that you can be useful to help us launch one of the other companies in our portfolio. At the same time, this should teach you to act your age.”

“What are you talking about? I’m a senior associate and I don’t have to take any assignment I don’t want.”

“You’ll understand soon enough. Allow me to introduce our latest venture partners.”

Laurie’s office door swung open and in walked Gavin Belson, former CEO of Hooli, and a young Asian woman who Monica didn’t recognize.

“Ms. Hall, I believe you know know Mr. Belson. And meet Amy Lee, the founder of Crinkle.”

Monica’s jaw hung open. "What is Gavin Belson doing here? And why does Crinkle sound familiar?

"Let me answer the first one,” Gavin said. “Crinkle is a hot new Augmented Reality startup. Ed here signed a VC deal with them and introduced them to me. Since I was ousted from Hooli thanks to your friends at Pied Piper, I’ve become an angel investor and invested in Crinkle for both business and personal reasons. Amy, why don’t you give Monica the pitch for Crinkle?”

"Our idea is simple. I graduated from Stanford with a degree in computer science, but I hated Silicon Valley, so I moved away and become an elementary school teacher. After a few months, I got fed up with the children acting rude and disruptive all the time and wished they could be controlled as easily as the computers I was used to programming.

That’s when I had the idea for an app that could be used to discipline children. Our new app is going to make waves in the consumer and education markets." Amy beamed.

“But what does it actually do?” Monica said.

"Crinkle is an augmented reality app that gives the user total control over someone’s age and maturity level. It was designed for parents of rebellious teenage and grade school children, but it can also be used on misbehaving adults. It does no physical harm, but causes extremely embarrassing experiences that prevent future misbehavior.

“The reason you’ve heard of us is that I pitched you my idea a year ago, and you laughed at us. I’m sure you don’t even remember, given how many start ups you’ve rejected and dreams you’ve crushed. Since Ed picked up your leftovers and offered us funding, our app has really come to fruition. Why don’t I give you a demo!” Amy retrieved her iPad and another device from her laptop bag.

“Crinkle uses an innovative wearable device to pair with its subject. It’s very thin and light. Here, take a closer look.”

Before Monica could react, Amy had fastened a thin pink collar around her neck. It looked almost like a cute necklace with a small bow in the front and instantly made her feel different. Monica tried to tug it off, but it seemed secure. She tried to leave, but she found that her feet were planted to the floor.

"Now, since you are wearing our Crinkle Collar, you are now paired with the Crinkle app on my tablet. We’re still in beta, but we already have a very robust set of features.” Amy tapped the Crinkle app on her iPad home screen. The icon was an illustration of some thick white underwear.

“The Crinkle app has four separate tabs for fully customizable punishment: Age, Clothing, Accessories, and Behavior.”

"Age let’s you decide how much to regress the subject. It ranges from 1 to 10 years old. For example, you may have a 17-year old daughter who is partying too hard and decide to give her a time out as an 8-year old with an early bedtime. Age can be changed at any time as a reward for good behavior or punishment for bad behavior.”

“Laurie, how old should we make Monica for this demo?”

“Well, given her recent behavior? Let’s say 3 years old, a toilet trainer.” a smirk broke through Laurie’s poker face.

“Ok, got it. Now watch this.” On the screen of her iPad, there was a full length picture of Monica. On top of it was her current age, 28. Amy used two fingers and made a pinch-to-zoom gesture on the touch screen. The picture of Monica shrank in size and the age number decrease until it read three years.

Monica watched this happen but saw no other change. She breathed a sigh of relief. “Looks like you still have some bugs. Your crazy app isn’t working.”

"It’s working just fine. Setting your age just configures the other tabs. Since your virtual age is now 3 years old, the app now gives me smart suggestions for appropriate clothing, behaviors, and other options for a little girl your age.

"Let’s start with clothing.”

She tapped on the second tab and an array of toddler clothing appeared on the screen next to the picture of Monica.

“Let’s get our VC in training into some more appropriate underwear. How about a pair of bright pink pull-ups?” She selected an icon and dragged and dropped it onto the picture of Monica. As soon as she did, Monica’s skirt and panties receded up her legs and formed a pair of pink training panties with Disney princess patterns on them. She felt a thick layer of padding around the crotch, no doubt designed to contain any accidents. The thought of “accidents” made her blush.

“We’ll keep the rest of her outfit simple for now.” Amy dragged a pink toddler t-shirt that said “Mommy’s Little Princess” on the front onto Monica’s chest. In front of their eyes, Monica’s designer blouse shrank into an extra tight t-shirt that hugged her breasts and barely came down to her belly button. With a couple more taps, Monica’s high heels changed into sparkly pink Velcro sneakers. As a final humiliating touch, a sparkly pink tiara appeared on top of her head, nestled in her wavy brown hair.

Monica saw her reflection in the glass wall of Laurie’s office. She no longer saw a sophisticated Stanford grad. She now looked like an overgrown toddler in Disney plastic panties. She reached down and felt the pull ups. They crinkled beneath her hand and felt totally real. The plastic material covered her whole ass and felt so different from her normal silk thong underwear. This didn’t seem possible. “This can’t be real!” she said. "It’s like magic.”

"People said that about the original iPhone,” Amy smiled. “This is our patented Augmented Reality technology. It uses holographic projection to map virtual objects onto you or your environment, creating a new form of user-controlled reality.“

"Okay, so it changed my clothes. It’s embarrassing, but I’m still not impressed.”

“Just wait. Now let me show you the Behavior tab." She tapped the icon at the bottom of the screen and another grid of icons appeared. They were cute and cartoony emoji, including a thumb, a faucet, a teardrop, a potty and dozens of others. She could only guess at what they did.

“I think you need to work on your user interface,” she said nervously, hoping to maintain some of her professional composure in this awkward situation.

“Oh, it’s really quite intuitive. For example, I’ll just tap on the thumb icon here and…”

Monica immediately began sucking her thumb. Her cheeks moved in and out and she made loud sucking noises. Her face turned deep red at this infantile behavior, happening against her will.

"What you’re now experiencing is the microchip in the collar. It emits a signal that alters your brain waves and makes you obey any command that you are given through the app. Isn’t this fun? Let’s try another one.”

“Since you’re wearing pull ups, you must be a potty trainer. As your first little punishment, why don’t you make wee wee in the potty for us?"

Monica blushed deeply at this suggestion. Amy then went to the Accessories tabs and selected a toddler’s pink training potty. It appeared on the floor via augmented reality just like her pulls ups had.

"Now, what are you waiting for? Make us proud and show us what a big girl you can be! Who knows, if you do well, I might even upgrade you to cotton panties.” Amy tapped another icon under behaviors.

Monica immediately toddled over and sat down on the potty. She had to squat with her knees almost to her chin. But instead of pulling down her pants, she began peeing right in her pull-ups. The pee began as a slow dribble and then turned into a steady stream that completely soaked her training pants.

The Disney princesses became smudged, starting from her crotch and slowly moving up all the way to her waistband. After an endless two minutes, she finally finished and sat on the potty looking embarrassed and dumbfounded, her tiara adorably askew. Amy put her hand over her mouth to stifle a giggle.

“Silly girl, you went pee pee in your pull-ups and not the potty. I can see you haven’t quite gotten the hang of this yet. That’s ok. Some three year olds lag behind in their potty training.”

Monica sat on the potty in her squishy wet pull up. It had soaked through and was leaking into the potty below. Each drop rang out loudly from the hollow plastic. All of a sudden she really did feel like a naughty three year old.

“I hope you all enjoyed the quick demo,” said Amy, smiling. “Now let’s move on to the hands-on portion. Who wants to try their hand at training Little Ms. Hall?"

All hands in the room went up, but Amy ended up handing the iPad to Ed. He licked his lips. “Wow. I’ve been wanting to try this on you since I first heard about Crinkle. I can’t wait to bring big bad Monica down to size.”

“Hm, let’s see. Based on your little accident, I don’t think you’re ready for pull ups yet. In fact, you don’t seem mature enough to be a three year old…" Ed adjusted the age setting. With a quick pinch, he reduced Monica’s virtual age to 2 years old.

Monica was horrified. Not only had she lost her adulthood. She had already failed at being a toddler and was being demoted to babyhood. It was too much for the formerly independent career woman to process. She had to get out of this somehow.

“Ed, I know we’ve had our differences,” Monica pleaded, “but you can’t do this to me. I’m an Associate Partner. Not some helpless plaything. You should stop this before you get in trouble. It’s not legal. You’re not even going to impress Laurie by punishing me.”

“That’s our Monica,” he sneered. “Always talking back. From now on, why don’t you talk like the silly baby you are?“ He pressed a speech balloon icon under Behaviors.

"Noooo what you do! I not a siwwy baby. You a big meanie. Thith is thtupid.” Monica snapped her mouth shut and turned crimson, floored by how babyish her speech sounded.

“Now, Baby Monica," he snickered, "you’ve proved you can’t handle pull ups, so you are going back into diapers. Your potty privileges have been revoked. It’s time to get your wet pull ups changed for thick pampers that you can’t soak through.”

He browsed the underwear section and selected a puffy diaper with Sesame Street characters on it. Still sitting on the potty, her wet training panties ballooned into a thick bulky diaper.

Even sitting down, it pushed her legs farther apart. She stared down at the diaper cross-eyed, unable to believe what she saw. Monica Hall, the powerful VC, had been demoted back down to diapers.

“As much as I like your little t-shirt, I think our big baby needs something a bit cuter.” He started swiping at her clothing and the t-shirt blossomed into a pink fairy dress. The top was a soft baby cotton again stretched tight across her breasts, confining and flattening them.

The skirt, which was one piece with the top, was pink and frilly with ribbons around the edges. It only came down to her waist, leaving her bulging diaper on full display. Staring down at the top, she saw it had a picture of Elmo on the front and the words "Diaper Me Elmo” in bubble letters.

Finally, Ed changed put her hair in ribboned pigtails and forced a tight baby bonnet over her head, completing the transformation.

Everyone cooed and fussed over her. “Nice work, Ed,” said Laurie. “She is quite adorable.” Ed beamed at the praise.

Monica was made to stand up from the potty, which then vanished in a pixelated cloud. She once again saw her reflection in the glass windows of Laurie’s office.

If she had looked babyish before, she now looked totally helpless. Her diapered butt was massive and shiny, making her bow legged and comically bottom heavy. Unlike the training panties, the diapers were padded all around the hips and crinkled loudly with any movement. The baby fairy dress did nothing to hide her bulging pampers and in fact emphasized them. But it was the bonnet that really drove home that she was no longer a proud adult, but a helpless baby.

She turned red and began to pout, crossing her arms in front on her. While this made her look even more immature, it at least covered up the embarrassing words on her chest.

Ed just smiled. “Aw, why so sad, baby girl? I think you need to have some fun. How about some playtime. Daddy knows just the thing.”

He opened the Accessories tab and tapped an icon that looked like a swing. A baby bouncer appeared with Monica trapped inside. It had a blue plastic seat and suspended her just off the floor. He then tapped behaviors. “Bounce, baby!” he said.

Monica found herself bouncing up and down erratically, her arms and legs flailing. Her legs jerked like a toddler’s each time she reached the floor, propelling her back up. Soon her hair was a mess and her face was flushed. Everyone laughed at the ridiculous sight.

“Are you having fun yet, baby?” Ed teased. "I know you were all pouty about doing a whoopsy and being put back in diapers, but it’s really for your own good. Potty training was obviously stressing you out, so the diapers will take away the pressure. Now you don’t have to worry about making it to the bathroom - you can just go potty right in your pants. “

“Speaking of which,” smirked Ed, “I’m sure there’s something else all this bouncing is making you have to do. Does Monica need to make a stinky?” He pressed another behavior command.

Suddenly, Monica felt her tummy rumbling. With a loud fart, she began pushing a big load into the back of her diaper. Her eyes shot wide open as she felt the poop squeezing out of her. Unable to stop, she farted in rhythm with the bouncer and pushed out more poop with each bounce. The hard plastic seat mushed the poop all around her bottom, and the smell began to fill the room. Shame washed over her as she continued to bounce while helplessly pooping herself in front of her boss and her rival.

Then she began to pee as well. Coming in big long spurts as she bounced, her pee quickly soaked the padding and turned the fresh load in her pants into a soupy mess. The bouncing was now unbearable.

“Puh-pwease…” Monica said in her infantile speech. “Me want to get out. Make it thtop!”

“Not yet,” said Ed. “There’s one more thing you need to do for me. Cry, baby. Cry like a little baby who needs her stinky diapies changed.” He tapped another button.

Monica began to cry like a baby. Her eyes teared up and she began to pout with trembling lips. This then became short sobs. “Eh-heh. Eh-heh”. Soon it became a big babyish wail, so over the top it was almost cartoonish.

“Uh-waaaaa-waaaa—waaaa.” She brought her fists to her eyes like an infant. Tears rolled down her cheeks and her makeup was running. She felt so little, stupid and helpless throwing a tantrum over her poopy diaper in a baby bouncer. The bonnet flopped mockingly up and down and her diapers squished loudly.

“Aw, Monica’s a crybaby,” said Gavin. “The Crybaby of the Valley.” They all snickered.

“Ok, Crybaby Monica. Tell Daddy that you need your diaper changed,” said Ed.

Monica swallowed her last remaining pride. "P-pwease change me…” she choked out between sobs.


"B-because I went poo poo and pee pee.” She sobbed.

"You went poo poo and pee pee where? In the potty, or in your diaper?”

“In my diapoo,”

"Yes, you made a big stinky in your diaper, baby. Now tell me again what you want me to do to you.”

“P-pwease change me, Daddy! I went p-poo poo and p-pee pee in my diapies! Me all 'tinky and squishy! Pwease, Daddy, change my messy diapieeeeee,“ cried the 28 year-old, breaking into a fresh round of tears.

“Listen to yourself. What are you? A grown up or a baby?“

"I just a widdle cwybaby in a poopy diapoo,” she croaked, turning bright red at speaking these words to her rival.

“Now we’re finally on the same page,” he chuckled. “Ok, Baby Monica, I’ll change your little diaper for you. And then Laurie can tell you your fate.”

He made a few taps and the bouncer disappeared and she was left sitting on the floor in her wet and messy diaper. She was relieved but still crying softly. He tapped on accessories again and an oversized pacifier appeared in her mouth. She stopped crying and sucked on her paci. He tapped again and her messy diaper was replaced with a clean one. This diaper was even thicker than the last one and had little poop emojis and the words “Big Pooper” on it.

“Thank you, Ed and Amy, for a great demo,” said Laurie. “I found that quite pleasurable to watch.”

"Now, Monica, it’s time we tell you about your new role. You are going to help us promote Crinkle by being its public face. You’re perfect for the role because everyone in the Valley will enjoy seeing you disciplined. We’ll schedule public appearances for you to give similar demos, starting with the Crinkle launch event at TechCrunch Disrupt next week.”

Until then, you can have your adult clothes and status back, but you will remain in diapers. You will have to ask permission to use the potty, and have me or one of your associates supervise as you conduct your business. Any attempt to remove your own diapers will result in you using them immediately and posting pictures of yourself doing so on Instagram. Understood?”

Monica nodded sadly. If this had been just a warm up, she could barely imagine the humiliation she would suffer at TechCrunch and in the weeks to come.

“Oh, and one final thing,” Laurie said. She tapped an icon and a pink Barbie big wheel appeared. “I need you to ride this around the office and apologize to every one of our partners and associates for being such a rude little girl. And then wet yourself in front of each one.” Monica began to sob again as she was forced to climb on the tricycle in her crinkling baby pampers.

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