Sides of the Mind Chapter 1

Hi all. Been awhile since I last posted a story. Well here I am with something new and all. Hope you like it.

Sides of the Mind
Chapter 1: Closing of the superego

The psychiatrist looked at the girl. Llania, a Brazilian girl with green eyes and black hair. She is his patient. The dusty room hung behind them like a canvas. Surreal. Dr. Marty looked down on her s she lay on the sofa. “Being a teenager is a tough part of life. Depression comes with the territory naturally.”

“Depressed, not suicidal.” She said melancholy.

“What do you want me to do?”

“Make it better.”

“How spoiled. Do you think pills make things better?”

“Isn’t that all you do. Give placebos saying they make you happy.”

“That’s a rather cruel generalization of my profession.”

“Sorry.” She apologized.

“So let’s just go over it. Tell me what happened.”

“Well… I was having a … special night. My mother came in. She ordered me to take it off and then she searched my room and burned all my special things.”

“So she burned your baby items?”

“It’s embarrassing still to hear it like that, and I still have some stuff left…” She said curling up.

“It is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed of. In the comfort of your own room you simply chose to put on a diaper and pretend you were a baby. That is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s your mother that is acting immaturely.”

“Yah, but that’s how it is. She works hard to keep our big house and she comes at me about how I don’t appreciate it.”

“Your father and little sister do they know?”

“No. They have their life and I have mine. That’s how it is since the divorce.”

“Why didn’t you go with your father?”

“I was so passive. I wanted to, but my mother got in the way and before I knew it, I was there.”

“She wants to keep her daughter.”

“For what reason?” She asked.

“That is her reason.”

“But, what do I do? I can’t be like that. Being like a baby. That’s the only way I can deal with the depression.”

“You have no problems, it’s your mind that is creating the box around you.”

“That’s mean doctor. I’m my own problems fault.”

“I’m not payed to be nice.”

“So what can I do?”

“I have a special hypno-therapy tape. To put it simply, it will make it easier to do what you want and stand up for yourself. It will ease your depression. It’s still in the trial stage, but it might do some good.”

“Sure doctor.”

“It’s not good to be so passive.”

“I understand doctor.”

Dr. Marty gave Llania a tape. “Listen to this tonight. That’s it.”

“Thanks doctor.” Llania took the tapes and left the office. Her mother sat in the dreary waiting room.

“Did he fix your head yet?”


“This isn’t cheap. You know that right?”

“I know.” She said.

That night she put on a headset. She isn’t new to this. Before she used the tapes to keep herself happy. They worked. Worked being a past-tense word. She put in the tape, and fell asleep.

The next day she got up. She felt the need to dress up as a baby. ‘Just do it. What do I have to lose?’ She stripped. She turned and paced toward her closet. Inside she withdrew the appropriate items. A diaper, a pacifier, a onesie. She donned the garbs that where not foreign in any way for her. She lay on her bed and sucked the pacifier. Expelling the world round her for a fantasy one.

Her mother came in. “Llania- What are you doing!?” Her mother came in to wake her up for a special business breakfast. She took her daughter to meeting and such hoping she would pick up on the trade. However. “Take that off right now!” Llania didn’t pay attention to her. She stayed in bed as she lie in her imaginary world. “Llania!” Llania continued to suck on the pacifier, mimicking baby coos. “Llania!” The mother came and tugged on the girl. She continued the stay with the baby play. “Llania! Snap out of it right now!”

“No, I don’t want to.” She said with the pacifier in her mouth. The mother was dumbstruck.

“Change yourself to appropriate attire right now!” Llania did nothing. She lied their playing in the imaginary world. Llania just played and laughed as she emptied her bladder.

“I’m wet.” She said to her mom, as if to taunt her. Her mother left. “Someone change me.” She asked the air.

Sides of the Mind Chapter 1

It could’ve red a little slower, but it sounds interesting enough. I’ve definitely never seen that name with a double L before.

Sides of the Mind Chapter 1

A good start. I look forward to seeing if it goes anywhere