Shrink - An ABDL fiction

Chapter 1: Alley

I have lived a pretty normal life. I’ve done well in school, made friends, had relationships that burned as hot as the sun, just like everyone else. The one thing that sets me apart from the masses is my insatiable addiction to wearing diapers. It’s not a new thing to me, it wasn’t something that came about when I started having sexual feelings, it’s been a part of me for most of my life and I’ve known of its existence for a very long time. Diapers to me are a tool to relax, destress, forget about the burdens and responsibilities of the real world. I really like having a gateway to doing such things in a way that doesn’t hurt me or the people around me.

It was a somewhat foggy spring morning, there was still some slush on the roads because we were hardly displaced from winter. I was late for class, not entirely uncommon because I had a commute that takes almost an hour by foot and without another way to get there it was inevitable that something would delay my arrival to class. They don’t usually worry about the lack of a student since there are hundreds and taking attendance isn’t a thing in University, but we always cover something brand new each day there is a lecture. We cover something that is a part of the established curriculum. I was late for calculus, a class that I wasn’t a particular star in, so it just made the burden of being late even worse.

I had to make a shortcut somewhere, so I cut behind a building in the downtown core, hoping to find a field at the end of a maze of alleyways. As I cut in, a man in a trench coat was behind me, I felt uneasy but tried to brush off his existence but when I heard his footsteps getting closer I knew I had to pick up mine just in case he wasn’t of the nice random-stranger-in-a-trench variety. I started a jog, but so did he. At this point I knew he was following me, so I started a sprint. Without being able to check my phone for which alleys to go through I ended up at a dead end. Not good. My eyes dart around looking for a way up or a way out, neither exists. I could try to attack him but this guy was easily half a foot taller than me and I wouldn’t want to make him think I pose a threat if he kidnapped me.

He just stood there, still and silent as if he was waiting for me to make a move or say something. I backed up to the wall in the alley and he stood a few feet into it, effectively blocking the only foot route out.

“What do you want?” I said to the man, he looked as if he was one of the generic from the movies and sitcoms people who would flash his genitals when you walk down an unfamiliar alley. But they hide around the corner, and I’ve never heard of these people chasing others just to accomplish that.

“I don’t want anything from you, I’m here to give you a gift” the man replied. He produced a needle from his jacket. Now I’ve seen some movies, and I knew that these things were that kinds of things that a killer or kidnapper would use to knock you out cold for days on end.

He made a bizarre high pitch whistle, a few seconds afterwards two men his size came from the left side of the entrance to the alley. I knew then I had to try something to get out of there. I make a dash towards the right side and hope they don’t react quickly enough. That didn’t work, one of the henchmen caught my left foot and sent me head over heels flying and landing on my back. It took the wind right out of me, not a pleasant feeling.

I wheezed trying to catch my breath, the two men came up to me and restrained my arms and legs. I couldn’t yell for help; my lungs didn’t have it in them.
“Trust me, you’ll be happier with this”. He said it with an almost pleasant tone. One that you’d expect from a father talking to his son when he was about to feed him Buckley’s cough medicine. He slid the needle into my left arm and squeezed the plunger. In seconds my eyes became blurry and the men took their arms off me. There was a loud ringing in my head which made it difficult to hold a thought for long. As I struggled to get on my hands and knees I looked up and saw them walking away and around the corner.

“Wa-wait, what did you”. I couldn’t finish my sentence before I fell over. Everything went black.

(chapter 2 to be posted soon)

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You taking my shtick bub? I live in Canada! No comment on the story yet but I just had to assert dominance.

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Wow, that’s actually funny.
Didn’t know you had existed here since I put “StoryTimefromCanada” as my first name attempt. I’ve read stories here but haven’t engaged as member of the community yet.

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Oh dear, this looks entertaining.

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At least we’ve got a replacement lined up if one decides to leave… :laugh:

It’s too early in the story to say anything, yet. It’s well written so far. It’s short but it’s an intro so that’s excusable. Not quite sucked in but nothing’s scaring me away. Keep it up.

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Well, not really, since it was titled Chapter 1 even though it’s barely 800 words, and it featured an info dump that turned me off almost immediately.

To the author - I can’t say this enough. Even though you’re writing in first person and intent on breaking the fourth wall (been guilty of it myself, and one of my most beloved but yet unfinished stories features this move at the outset), you still have to make me CARE. I don’t want to know about the protagonist’s “why I like diapers” or how “normal” the protagonist is. I want you to put me in a scene that makes me give a damn about the protagonist. Talk to me about your quirks (or lack thereof) later, make me care first.

Hell, I’d love, just once, to see a story on this board start directly with something about an AB (or TB) getting FOUND OUT in public and deal with the aftermath of it. At least then there’s a REASON to tell me about why the protagonist likes diapers in the first chapter.

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I get that. In hindsight I should’ve separated the first paragraph as a section before the first chapter started. I get chapters should be longer but I’m still struggling to keep a scene for any more than that length. It’ll get better with experience.
But the fact that he’s ABDL will need to be known for when it pops up later. That stuff injected into him contributes to the ABDL theme and it doesn’t tie into the story until he ends up at home and wraps his waist.

That’s where the interesting happens.

I might just make another story and work with the writing that I have for a second chapter and work it into becoming an actual novel and take a more direct approach to this story.