Should you have access to the Donor's Lounge but don't?

If you should have access to the donor’s lounge whether via special terms or because you have an active subcription and yo don’t see it, please send me a message and I will get fixed for you.

I currently don’t have access to the necessary records from vBulletin to add everyone that way, but I am manually processing the recurring donations information from PayPal to try and get everyone added as best I can. :slight_smile:

If your PayPal email matches your board email you should be added in the next 48 hours. If it does not, you will need to message me privately with the email address on your PayPal account so I can properly map them and grant you access.

At this time everyone I could match up by email from PayPal (or I knew the usernames already) should now have access if their monthly donations are active OR if they were a special case.

If you fall into the latter group and don’t have access please let me know ASAP.