Short Story: Thomas the Tummy Bear

This story is random and very short and is primarily a fairy tale I created for a gift Karasu got me. You can critique it but I probably won’t read it, this is just something fun and random I did for the hell of it.

Anyways, onto the tale of Thomas the Tummy Bear-

Once upon a time, In one of the four apparent corners of a spherical Earth lived a little girl. Her name was Jackie, and Jackie’s most favorite toy in the whole wide world is her stuffed teddy bear Thomas. Thomas is a completely one-of-a-kind teddy bear who was given to Jackie by her best friend, and even though Jackie has many stuffed animals, Thomas is one of two that she will never sleep without.

Thomas has a small Velcro pouch, and inside that Velcro pouch is a pack of a mysterious clear gel. This gel, when heated, has the power to cure any stomach pain known to man. She could have just an upset tummy from eating too much, heartburn, why she could even have a full blown gastric disease but no pain is too strong for Thomas the Tummy Bear. But it isn’t just the pouch that makes him so unique, why anyone could find a stuffed animal very similar to Thomas with a Velcro pouch and inside that pouch a pack of mysterious pain relieving gel; there is something so much more to Thomas than meets the eye.

You see, Thomas was not sewn up in a factory somewhere in the world likely impoverished. Thomas wasn’t hand made by Jackie’s friend. No, Thomas comes from a far away land, far from earth and far from this solar system. Thomas comes from a planet full of wondrous entities such as himself. This planet is full of wonderful, mystical, magical creatures of all kinds and varieties; enough to make any studier of animals and creatures the richest man or woman on Earth. There are the fearsome creatures like Dragons and Ogres and even the most powerful and evil creature in the universe, Talon, a gargantuan bird made entirely of fire and wind.

But there are the friendlier creatures, fairies and unicorns; ents and fauns, trees and tree people of enormous size and intelligence. There are even humans on this world, these are the wizards of this planet. Harnessing vast amounts of the magic of the world in the palm of their hands.

One day, the wizards invented a new material that supposedly has the power to cure all diseases and even bring people back from death. This material was still being developed though, it wasn’t even solid yet. And once Talon heard of it, he used every ounce of strength he had to make sure it was never finished.

The wizards scrambled as the hurricane of Talon approached their enclave, trying to save their mixture in any way possible. They quickly created several small objects all with varying shapes of animals they’ve seen in their lifetime, and hid the material inside these stuffed animals, in tiny pouches to ensure their safety. The wizards sent thousands of these stuffed animals out into space in all sorts of directions, hoping it’d go somewhere safe and hidden from the claws of Talon.

The only stuffed animal to survive was Thomas the Tummy Bear who landed on Earth fifty years later, and was picked up by an inventor. The inventor examined the gel like material inside and found out about it’s healing capabilities, and soon began to work to copy that gel.

Knowing nothing about magic, he was never able to completely copy every little detail about the gel, and the closer he got, the further away he seemed to get as well. Eventually, he gave up, and settled for the stuffed animals he created as mild pain relievers to sell and market off of just to secure his retirement.

He tossed away the original Thomas the Tummy Bear, and lived quite handsomely for the remainder of his life. The original bear was found weeks later by Jackie’s best friend, and her best friend gave it to Jackie as a gift and she loved it, and still does. In fact, she almost never lets it out of her sight. Little did Jackie or her friend know, though, this bear was the single greatest creation by man to ever befall Earth. At least the wizards know it’s in good, loving hands.

~The End.