Short Story; Fight. By:long_Rifle

Fight  By:Long_Rifle

Try for another horror story:

The constant muted sound of plastic crinkling seemed to fill the air as a young woman walked down a well lit hallway.  Several groups of people stopped what they were doing and stared down at her, some of them in fear, but it seemed like disgust was the major emotion evident. They were mostly way taller, but every so often a much smaller person stared out from the crowds.

Another much taller woman followed just behind her, a small metal clipboard in hand.  “The door to the right hun.” she said and waited while the shorter woman walked inside and sat down in front of a table.  She waited patiently while the taller woman took the seat behind it.  She wiggled her butt on the chair, causing a soft flurry of plastic crinkles again.  The taller woman cleared her throat and set her hands on the desk while looking across at the other woman, “Sara, do you know why we’re here?” It was business.  It was a question that everyone already knew the answer to.

Sara smiled and nodded, “Yeah. The entire family and the woman that kidnapped me suddenly died when they ate dinner that had a wild poisonous mushroom in it.”  she swung her feet as she said it.  Oblivious to the pain death would cause.  More then that she sounded pleased about it.

“And only you survived?”

Sara laughed, “Well they said I was too young for solid food, so they fed me a bottle just before they sat down to eat.  It’s the same bullshit since day one, after the bullshit adoption.” she was enjoying every second of the conversation.

The taller woman didn’t seem amused.  “Do you think this is funny? Three kids and two parents dead, what did the kids do?  What did the little do to you that died?”  she picked up the chart and looked down at it to keep from staring at the smiling diapered woman in front of her.

Her smile faltered for only an instant before coming back, “Jack was on baby food.  He only ate the stew after I told him what was in it.  After all the monsters were dead.  He wanted to die.  It was better then living life as an overgrown doll for you Amazon fucks.” She hunched her shoulders, ”At least that’s what he said.”

“And you didn’t want to eat it?  You wanted to keep going?  Maybe do it again?” The words were strained.  She had been the one to give the Smiths her file.  She had approved the forced adoption.  The dead mother had sat at the same desk and talked about what she wanted to do to Sara, and Taylor had cautioned her against a full regression immediately.  “What can she do?” she had said.  “Let her enjoy the trip all the way town.  It’s so much fun to see them lose the fight and accept their proper place.”

Sara shook her head, “Nah, I figure New Beginnings or something for me.  I just wanted to see your face when I told you about how she frantically tried to clear her kids throat before her own started to close.” Sara took a deep breath and continued when she saw Taylor looking at her.  “Dad dropped dead, I think he coughed once,  but the kids... they whined and gagged while their brains died from lack of oxygen.  Their mother was the last.  She looked at me, right at me.  She looked so confused.  Then I smiled and she knew.  She tried to move towards me but it was too late.  She belly flopped onto the table and slid off onto the floor next to her kids.”  Sara laughed, “She pissed herself, died in a puddle of her own piss!  I think she soaked her precious kids too.”

Taylor felt like crying.  “You’re a mass murderer!  You killed a whole family.  Just because they adopted you?  You’re sick!”

Sara leaned forward onto the desk, “How many futures have you killed?  How many littles have you regressed?  How many have you turned into wet lumps for amazons to coddle?”

“You’ll be wiped for this!  Newborn!  You won’t even remember your name!” she screamed as she said it.  Her anger finally overriding everything else.

Sara lifted her shirt and stared at the ring of plastic poking out above the waistband of her pants, “You took everything from me.  You left me sitting in a diaper that I can’t keep from pissing or shitting.  You took everything.” she looked back up at Taylor’s eyes, “Who Care’s if you take the rest?  The last thing I’ll think of is the gagging as that giant cunt and her family turned blue.  That’s all I need bitch.”

Taylor was trying not to lose control, she could end it now.  They had all they needed.  “I can strap you down and have you piss everything into that diaper.  But I think you need to know how bad it could have been little lady.  The Smiths-“

“You think you know how bad it is?” Sara said with a shake of her head.

Taylor let herself smile, “Oh I’ve watched dozens of littles get adjusted.  They’ve all sat in a chair just like yours, hell I bet yours still smells like piss after all the accidents I’ve seen in it.”

Sara kept shaking her head, “You think that means you know what it’s like?  What it feels like to have everything taken and being turned into some assholes toy?  You killed them when you took my life.  I hope you think of her dead face, and kids every day of the rest of your life.  I hope you do find out what it’s-“

Taylor lunged.  Straight across the desk and wrapped her large hands around the smaller girls throat. She squeezed as hard as she could and held tight.  The look of surprise slowly faded into a grotesque smile, that finally went limp and sagged when the rest of the body did as well.

It was three weeks later, with Taylor strapped into a hard plastic chair that she suddenly understood Sara had got exactly what she wanted.  She tried to stop it, to explain the entire situation.  “We can’t let her win!” she thought to herself.  Even as the drugs took effect and she started to piss away the extra mass her body was quickly losing.  She was forced to look into the mirror across from her and watch as she slowly sank into the chair, growing smaller and smaller until she was several inches shorter then Sara herself had been.

The straps holding her down automatically adjusted, keeping her up and sitting.  She looked to her right, at the lights.  The red one clicked off as she watched, then the amber one fired up.  Taylor felt it.  The warmth of a thousand hugs across her entire body.  She tensed.  Something she had seen dozens of times before from littles.  But had never expected to be sitting there and having it done to her.  “Are they laughing at me now too?” she wondered as she stared at the glass, trying to look through the metal coating on it.

She smelled it before she felt anything.  Then heard the popping and  burbling as shit poured on of her.  At the same time her tensed muscles went slack and her head seemed to flop forward in the restraints.  Even then the clear bin was in her view.  As well as the heat lamp above it.  She knew as it clicked on the yellow light would go out and the green one would light up.

“A wipe, and a fresh diaper before they roll me out and stick me on some random woman’s tit.” Taylor thought.  She closed her eyes and tried not to start crying as she thought back to the pictures from the dining room, and the smile on Sara’s face.  A smile that she knew wasn’t just an accident.  Taylor was done.  Her case was settled and she was already gagged before Sara’s body had been tossed into the recycler.  The rest of the time had been spent prepping her chemically for what they were going to do to her.  “For life.  I’m some diapered freak little for life.” she thought.

That’s when the tears started,  and they didn’t stop until she fell asleep in her new mothers arms, engorged nipple in her mouth, and messy diaper around her waist.  

Fixed it. That was a learning curve.

Have fun reading!

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Wow… That’s uh… Dark.

I’ve read most of the stories on the LRarchive, so i definitely understand it (Including a certain story where someone turns into go halfway through >.<), and it definitely funtions well as a horror story!


Thank you. As of late it’s difficult to actually write anything and finish it. My mind pulls me in so many directions that’s it’s hard to keep the tiller stationary long enough to get to any good parts.

It’s always nice to read comments. Thank you for using your first post on me and my story. I hope I’ll be able to post more here eventually.

Have a great year!


Well, whatever you put out, it’s A-grade, as always!

Nice to see you’re doing well.

This is definitely the Long Rifle story one would expect to see. Incredibly DARK. I really enjoyed it though. Sorry to hear you are having trouble putting stories out. I remember some aresome stories you have written.

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At least I put some out over the years. Glad you liked it. It’s hearing from the people that enjoyed something I made that brings a smile to my twisted and evil face. I’m not saying I’m a Sith, but I’m not, not saying it either.

Hopefully I can write more soon.

Im not usually a fan of dark stories, but i find that i absolutely love when diaper dimension stories are dark. Mostly because i think that almost every diaper dimension story the author writes it light with dark edges as it is irl i suppose. However with the diaper dimension it’s technically dark, but the author tells a story about one part that, while is a bit dark, it ends pretty decently in the light. If the author had decided to write about a different Little in the same world there’s a huge chance it would be dark story. Most stories written about Littles that turn out okay are basically people talking or writting about something good which from the outside looks like it’s a mostly good place when in reality your information is focused on the good. So reading these dark diaper dimension stories makes me feel like im getting to see behind the curtain to see how it really is.