Short Story - Chance or Fate

Disclaimer: This story is the creative property of Nighthawk (me) and is not to be posted or archived without my permission. This is a short work, and may or may not be further explored in the future, so enjoy this slice of bliss, if you please, and as always, please read responsibly.

Some say that things happen for a reason, that it was fate. Others say that things are entirely by chance, with no guiding force behind them dictating the procession. Either way, Nathan wasn’t sure what to do about his present situation. He certainly hadn’t planned it, and if it was a random collection of events, well, then he was just plain out of luck. He had three problems at present. Problem 1 was the fact that he was wearing a diaper. Problem 2 was the fact that the diaper was wet. And problem 3 was the fact that someone else knew he was both wearing a diaper and that it was wet. The fact that this person was a particularly attractive girl didn’t even bear contemplation at this juncture. Death was almost preferable to this epic humiliation. Almost.

Why was Nathan wearing a diaper in the first place? An excellent question. Nathan is a closet infantilist, at least when one uses the general term. More specifically, he is what is known as a diaper lover. There are adult babies as well, but Nathan wasn’t quite interested in becoming one of those. He just liked diapers. He liked wearing them. He even liked wetting in them. Why? He wasn’t certain. What he did know is that he liked it. That was where the development of the logic ceased. Why go farther when what you have is good enough? Of course, one would think that a bustling college campus is probably the worst place ever in the history of the world to have such a closet lifestyle, and that would probably be correct. Nathan was also aware of this fact—he was a member of a few Internet forums, those fountains of experience and information—which was why he didn’t live on campus. Just near it. That was close enough.

He had his own apartment, which he maintained through his own part time work, and helping donations from his parents. This particular school was not near home, but it had the programs and methods of education that Nathan wanted. So him and his parents had worked it out; it was cheaper for him to save up the summer before, sign a one-year lease, and work part time to cover rent, utilities, and whatever else. His folks helped out by sending him a monthly check for X amount of money that he used to supplement his expenses however he needed to. It beat paying room, board, and meals for a dorm room.

Right now, though, he’d trade it all back, every last dime, great class, excellent professor, and friend he’d made just to get out of his present predicament. A classmate of his, an attractive young woman about his age by the name of Sarah had caught on to the fact that he was wearing a diaper. How? Well, to put it bluntly, she’d seen the waistband, and having been no farther than two feet from poor Nathan when he’d bent over to collect his dropped cell phone, and recognized it for what it was immediately. She’d seen pictures of girls who had rushed for sororities and had to wear comical outfits that included diapers for one reason or another. What had happened next would later amaze them both, but right now there was no room for amazement. Just shock and awe—and sheer terror—for Nathan, and determination and a current control of the situation for Sarah.

Once she’d realized that Nathan was wearing a diaper, she’d immediately tailed him ever so casually to a point where he was alone and confronted him about it. Nathan had been caught flat-footed and totally unprepared for the interrogative Sarah. He could only stammer out affirmations to all of her questions. Are you wearing a diaper? Is it wet? Why are you wearing it? At that point he’d nearly broken down, but Sarah was swift. She took him by the hand and dragged him along. Along the way she’d learned that he lived in an apartment not far from where she lived—but rather than living alone in a tiny little apartment, she lived in a more spacious place with several friends, or at least people who could be relied upon to provide their part of the rent every month. So getting from campus proper to the row of apartment buildings was easy.

It was also easy for Sarah to get Nathan to unlock his apartment and admit them both; neither could deny that she unquestionably had the upper hand. The question of why she was doing this hadn’t come up yet. Once they were in the apartment itself, Sarah wasted little time. She commanded Nathan to get a clean diaper and his changing supplies and he wordlessly complied. He brought her what was probably the most humiliating diaper he could have possessed right at that moment: a medium Bambino from a case of the same that he’d bought recently, having budgeted for a month to make sure he could make the credit card payment. It wasn’t that he couldn’t afford the diapers in the first place; it was that he paid for several things with his card. Books. Supplies. Food. Clothes. Whatever else he needed that he couldn’t pay cash for at that particular moment. Eighty dollars for a case of diapers was steep, but he went for it. Now he regretted it immensely.

“Awe, isn’t that cute? These have got to be the biggest baby diapers I have ever seen,” Sarah said while she examined the disposable garment. Nathan just stood in the middle of the room mutely, wondering what Sarah was going to do next. “Lie down, ‘baby.’ You need your diaper changed, I bet.”


“Now!” Sarah commanded. “You already told me your diaper is wet. I have babysitting experiences, and wet diapers need to be replaced with dry diapers otherwise you get a rash. Now do it.”

Nathan was too embarrassed to resist. So he did what he was told, not quite believing what was happening. Truth be told, he didn’t want to believe it. But, like any other diaper lover, he’d entertained the fantasy of being diapered and having his diapers changed by someone else, specifically an attractive young woman. Sarah fit that description, certainly, but Nathan had never expected it would actually happen. Now it was.

Drawing on her babysitting experience, Sarah had begun by undoing and pulling down Nathan’s pants. Revealing the diaper and its used condition caused her to giggle, and Nathan to blush with further humiliation. He was on the verge of tears, and Sarah wasn’t helping by teasing him. “Just relax, baby. It will all be over soon,” she soothed as she reached for the tapes and ripped them open. Nathan felt like he was going to die when she opened the diaper and started cleaning him with a wipe, this one sized for adults, rather than a regular baby wipe. He’d tried baby wipes. They were too small. The big ones that were becoming more and more common for adult care were more the mark, even if they did lack the babyish scent.

Continuing with the diaper change, Sarah pushed back on the bottoms of Nathan’s thighs just behind his knees to lift his rear up so she could slide the clean diaper underneath him. She hadn’t bothered with lotion or powder—Nathan had neither, anyway. Expertly—again, drawing on her babysitting experience—she had the diaper up between his legs and taped down securely, and the deed was done. She even pulled his pants up and refastened them for him, treating him like a child on reflex. Once that was done she finished rolling up his old diaper and closing it before she stood up and threw it away.

Nathan was getting slowly to his feet, replaying in his mind what had just happened while Sarah washed her hands in his sink. She came back after drying her hands and then the real barrage began. “You didn’t answer me earlier. Why do you wear them?” she asked, almost demanded. Then her expression softened. “You don’t… need them, do you?”

Nathan shook his head. “No, Sarah, I… well, I like them.”

She was incredulous. “Are you serious?”

Reality was setting back in. “I know, I know, it’s weird, okay? I’ve known that for a long time. I don’t care. I just… I like them. Besides, what’s so bad about wearing diapers in the first place? It’s just another kind of underwear. You girls wear pads and tampons, after all.”

Her cheeks colored just a little. “Yes, but that’s different.”

Nathan shrugged. “Still serves the same purpose. Fluid absorption and retention, right? Yeah, I know you can’t really control that, and you have to wear something for it, whether you like it or not. I get that.” He shrugged again, more helplessly than anything else. “I like to wear diapers because… well, I can, and I want to. I don’t know how to explain it any better than that.” He was wise not to mention that there was a whole niche industry dedicated to adults wearing and using diapers recreationally, or for lifestyle purposes such as adult babies, or for people who had a medical reason to wear diapers, and needed or wanted supporting products. However, Sarah was wise enough to ask the 64,000-dollar question.

“So what’s with the baby print all across the front of it?”

Nathan blanched. “Uh… well…” This time he had to come clean. “There’s a company that makes adult diapers with these prints on them.”

“You mean… more people than just you like to wear diapers? For fun?” Sarah was in a state of disbelief, only made worse when Nathan nodded. “Why?” she asked. “I don’t get it. Why would you want to wear diapers? Babies wear diapers. Old people who can’t walk or whatever wear diapers. Why you? You’re young. You’re healthy. It doesn’t make sense.”

Nathan saw an opening and he went for it. “Does it have to?” That brought Sarah up short and he pressed home his attack. “Not everything in this world makes sense, you know. Take the fact that practically ten minutes ago you found out that I wear diapers. Two minutes ago you literally changed my diaper like I was actually a baby. That doesn’t make any sense to me. Why did you do it?”

Now it was Sarah’s turn to stammer and grope for words. In a different situation, Nathan might have been gratified by her momentary discomfiture. “I don’t know. I saw it—I mean, I knew what it was because of the sorority rushes; a lot of the girls wore those stupid little outfits and diapers over them for some reason or another. I never found out; never cared to find out, actually.” Nathan waited and there was a delicate shift in the initiative from her to him. Sarah picked up the silence by continuing the explanation. “I guess I just… reacted like I was still a babysitter. I changed a lot of diapers over the summer, so… it was a knee-jerk reaction. See the diaper, check the diaper, change the diaper. It just happened to be you wearing the diaper.”

“That’s it?” Nathan asked, arching an eyebrow, partially in disbelief, partially because her explanation seemed to good to be true.

She nodded. “Yeah… well,” she hesitated a moment and then went on. “I wanted to know why you were wearing it. It was this huge explosion of curiosity. I mean, how many other guys your age do you know who wear diapers?”

Nathan shrugged. “You’ve got me there, I guess.” He wasn’t about to explain to Sarah that there were literally hundreds of thousands of guys his age or in his age bracket who wore diapers or wanted to wear diapers or be diapered worldwide. And it was at this point that the full impact of what Sarah had experienced hit home, and an air of awkwardness permeated the room.

“Um… I think should get going, Nathan. Look—I’m sorry I like… well, I’m sorry I embarrassed you,” she said. “I mean, you probably weren’t looking to get your diaper changed, right?”

“Yeah, that’s true,” he said with a rueful chuckle. He wasn’t about to miss a golden opportunity. “Hey uh…”

Sarah had been turning to leave. She turned back. “Yeah?”

Nathan about lost his nerve and said nevermind. Instead, he threw caution to the wind and asked, “Would you uh… like to try one?”

Sarah flushed scarlet. “What?” she asked, not sure if she’d heard him right.

“A diaper,” he said, recovering himself and forcing away his own discomfort. “I mean, maybe it’ll clear some things up for you.”

Turning back to Nathan fully, Sarah crossed her arms and gave him a look. “You just want to see me in a diaper.”

He grinned. “Well yeah, but I also think it’s only fair. You saw me in mine—a lot more than that, actually. I’m not asking to change you or anything.”

Sarah admitted to herself that he had a point. “Promise me you won’t tell anyone?” she asked in a low voice.

“I won’t tell if you won’t,” he said.

“Deal,” she said and stepped away from the door. Nathan disappeared for a moment and came back with a diaper for her. Sarah took it and looked at it. It suddenly seemed a whole lot bigger than she had originally thought, especially now that it was for her. She felt daunted. She was used to diapering others, not herself. She looked at Nathan and made her decision. Fair was fair, right? “Could you, uh… help me?”

Now it was Nathan flushing scarlet. “Uh… sure. I mean… you’re okay with it?”

Committed to her decision, Sarah stepped into the middle of the apartment’s floor and sat down. “Yeah I am,” she stated, and lay back.

“Well… okay,” Nathan said and knelt down before her. Nervously he reached for her pants, and his cheeks about burst into flames. Sarah’s were close to doing the same, so she kept chanting ‘fair is fair, fair is fair,’ over and over and over in her mind to keep herself from screaming and running from the room as she felt her pants being pulled down. Her panties went next and Sarah almost reached down to pull them back up. For his part, Nathan was doing his best to be a gentleman, but he couldn’t help but look as he pushed Sarah’s legs up and back the same as she had done to him so he could put the diaper under her bottom. He let her legs come down and he hastily pulled the diaper up between them and at first he fumbled with the tapes, but he took a breath, and then methodically affixed each one to the front and the job was done. By common accord, Sarah stayed down until Nathan pulled her pants up and refastened them.

They both stood up slowly and both were hugely embarrassed by the whole ordeal. Sarah was having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that she was wearing a diaper, the fact that it was comfortable, and the fact that a boy had just put her into it—and she had let him. She was glad she had opted for loose pants today. Otherwise she’d have been in a world of trouble trying to conceal that she was diapered. “Not that bad, is it?” Nathan asked. She shook her head no.

“It could be worse,” she allowed, a sop to her own ego, but a weak one at that.

“Wanna grab some lunch?” Nathan asked, sensing that a change in the environment would be a good thing. “There’s a Jimmy John’s, right down the street from here…”

“Yeah, sounds good. Jimmy John’s sounds… uh… good,” she stammered, and both beat a retreat from the apartment so hasty they nearly wedged each other in the doorway. They shared a nervous laugh at that and walked along more companionably. Sarah was walking slow because of the diaper, but she had to admit to herself that it wasn’t terrible. Even though her diaper said ‘BABY’ all over the front, she certainly didn’t feel like one. Who knows, she thought to herself. Maybe I’ll like them as much as he does. Yeah. When pigs fly. But her resistance was weakening. After all, they were just another kind of underwear.

For his part, Nathan felt like he was living in the fantasy of one of the other forum members. He was in diapers, he had had his diaper changed, and then he’d gotten to diaper a girl. So it was like… three different fantasies all combined into one, and it was glorious. Except for all the hideous embarrassment. Maybe that would pass with time, he thought. Maybe. If Sarah could change his diaper, and then handle being diapered, surely the sky was the limit on possibilities from here. Wasn’t it?

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Short Story - Chance or Fate

Good Story, Nighthawk

Short Story - Chance or Fate

I liked it. It was well written, and, most importantly, entertaining.

My only problem is that is seemed to me like Sarah gave in to being diapered a little more quickly than would be likely, given that a minute before she had been questioning why any healthy person would want to wear them.

Short Story - Chance or Fate

Thanks Nighthawk for the great story.

I disagree with this point. I found Sarah letting herself be diapered a logical extension of the discussion of why she acting why she did to Nathan. To me the whole story was built on the idea that sometimes people don’t why they do what they do. So while Sarah’s actions at the end are a twist, the twist is believable

Short Story - Chance or Fate

Well done.
(tips hat)

Short Story - Chance or Fate

Other than a couple of grammer errors(that I won’t mention beyond suggesting a good proofreading) an excellent work of fiction.
keep it coming, please

Short Story - Chance or Fate

Nice to see you posting again Nighthawk, you’ve been too quiet!! Was worried!!

Nice story, will be looking foward to part 2!!

Short Story - Chance or Fate

Actually (not that I’m one to ever discourage good writing) this story might be better off left as is, for the imagination of the reader to run free with it. Another chapter, a “sequel”, would take a lot of that “It’s all up to fate now” feeling that I get from it. That said, this is an excellent story, and I expected no less.

Short Story - Chance or Fate

Thanks Nighthawk for the great story.

I disagree with this point. I found Sarah letting herself be diapered a logical extension of the discussion of why she acting why she did to Nathan. To me the whole story was built on the idea that sometimes people don’t why they do what they do. So while Sarah’s actions at the end are a twist, the twist is believable[/quote]

I agree that it was logical in relation to the story for her to accept it, and you’re right, the story was built on people not knowing why they act as they do, but it still seems that it was slightly too swift of an acceptance to me.
Perhaps it is just me, but it seems like it would take slightly longer to accept after her questioning why a sane, healthy person would want to wear them. It just seems like it would take more time for her illogical desire to override her rational thought.

Oh, and sidenote: I would love to see a sequel to this story.

Short Story - Chance or Fate

Excellent work once again, sir. Another beautiful installment. salutes