She Won't Change (plus some info about me)


Hey all, just joined the site and will start posting my stories here. I have 2 completed stories already on Pastebin and one currently in progress, all of which I will post links to at the end of this spiel.

So just a little bit about me in case anyone’s interested. I’ve had a diaper fetish for as long as I can remember, even before I hit puberty (not exactly a “fetish” before that point, but diapers just always grabbed my attention.) I first discovered that I’m not a complete freak when I was about 12 or 13 and entered into the wonderful world of the ABDL internet community, where I lurked for about 4 years. I’ve been writing actual stories for this community since March of this year. I fiddled with some concepts here and there for about half a year prior, and before that I was too paranoid that any content I submit to the internet could somehow be traced back to me. I’m always looking for ways that I can improve my stories, so I think this sight will be a good fit for me.

Okay. Now that that’s over with, here are the Pastebin links to my stories. Like I said, I’ll start posting them as threads here shortly.

She Won’t Change:

The following is the first two chapters of She Won’t Change. It’s the first full-length story I’ve ever written for the ABDL community and mostly of my own design. In a nutshell, it involves a teenage brat getting diapered by a magical witch. Nobody can see the diaper but her, unless she admits to someone else that she is wearing one. But that’s not all; she is forced to wear the same diaper until someone else changes her. Not recommended for those squeamish about messing stories.


“Sara! Mrs. Harling called, she’s on the phone for you.”

Sara was lying on her bed texting her boyfriend Eric when she heard her mom calling for her. Her short, petite body was resting comfortably while her deep blue eyes stared intently at the words on the smartphone. Her long, brunette hair was strewn down over her narrow shoulders and reached her perky breasts, which had finally blossomed after years of remaining quite flat. While the boys seemed all too pleased with this development, her parents were worried that it was affecting her schoolwork. Now 18 and a senior in high school, she was barely passing through her courses with C’s on her report cards, replacing the once-proud A’s. Ever since her breasts had come in, she leaned on several boyfriends for support and lost motivation in her schoolwork. She had also started to lose interest in her job as a babysitter, and now only did it every once in a while. After all, a girl with a boyfriend doesn’t need money.

As it turned out, the woman on the phone, Mrs. Harling, was calling to ask Sara to babysit. Sara dragged herself out of her bed and trudged down the stairs to take the phone from her mother’s waiting hand. “Hello?” She said.

“Hi Sara, this is Mrs. Harling. I need to run a few errands today and I was hoping you could look after my son Matt for a few hours.”

Sara did not feel like interrupting her Sunday with babysitting a stupid little kid. And besides, Mrs. Harling was weird. Like, really weird. She always seemed to have some kind of book with her, written in some foreign language, and she wore some kind of strange black gown most of the time. The fact that she could even find someone to have a kid with was nothing short of shocking. Of course, her husband had died years ago due to unknown causes. A lot of people think that Mrs. Harling had something to do with his death since they had been fighting a lot, but there was no evidence linking her to his death. It looked as if he had simply stopped breathing.

“Oh, um…” Sara began. She tried to think of an excuse to get herself out of babysitting. “Sorry, I’m buried in homework today.”

“Are you sure?” replied Mrs. Harling. “You could bring your homework here and do it, if you want. Tell you what, I’ll pay you $100 to watch Matt for the next 5 hours.”

Wow, Sara thought, talk about desperate. That’s $20 an hour! “Well, I guess so,” she finally resigned.

“Oh good! Be at my house at about 3:00. You know where it is, right?”

You mean the big, dark house perched on a hill looming over the rest of the neighborhood? Sara thought sarcastically. “Yes, I know where it is.”

“Alrighty then, I’ll see you at 3!”

Sara arrived at the giant, dark house an hour later, at 3:00. She pulled up the cracked, neglected driveway and parked in front of the garage, which hadn’t been opened in years. Just as she was about to knock on the door, it opened to Mrs. Harling’s never-aging face. Although she was probably in her thirties, not a single wrinkle could be seen anywhere. It was eerie, as though she had the fountain of youth in her backyard. Although she was about the same size and build as Sara, her bright green, piercing eyes made her seem to tower over anyone she looked at. As always she presented herself in her black, flowing gown that she loved to wear. “Ah, so good to see you!” she said. “Please come in!”

As they walked through the halls, Sara heard Mrs. Harling’s voice somewhere in the distance. She was more focused on the rows upon rows of books lining the seemingly endless supply of bookshelves. She could see distinctly the title of each book, although she couldn’t read whatever strange language they were written in. Not a single book had a speck of dust on it, and every one seemed to be new and unopened, as the bindings were still in-tact and the covers looked quite glossy. As they ascended a staircase, still more books lines the walls even along the stairs.

“…so just make sure you take care of that while I’m gone, ok?”

Sara stared dumbly at Mrs. Harling for a moment, then responded, “Oh yeah, sure.” She then dared to ask, “So what’s with all the books? Are you like, a collector or something?”

Mrs. Harling gave her a devious glance, and her eyes seemed to twinkle as she responded, “Of sorts. But these books are a bit more than a hobby, darling.” And she left it at that.

They approached a door sticking out between two bookshelves. “He’s right through this door playing with his toys,” Mrs. Harling said. Inside was a child’s room, filled with baby toys, and in the middle of it a small, 18-month-old baby boy suckling on a bottle of milk. Oh shoot, Sara thought. I didn’t think he’d be this young! Wait, how long has it been since her husband died?

“Gee Mrs. Harling, I thought he’d be a bit older tha-”

“Ok, well I have to get going. You two have fun together!” And with that, Mrs. Harling left.

Sara walked into the room and smelled something foul. Oh gosh, not that. Anything but that, she thought. She decided she would wait until later to change him though; after all, he would probably go again soon anyway. She spotted the couch in the room and went to lie down on it. She whipped out her cell phone and started texting her boyfriend again. Matt played around with the toys for a while, but eventually started crying. Sara, however, ignored it. The crying eventually subsided, although frequent whimpers emanated from across the room.

An hour passed, then two. Sara was getting bored and Eric was starting to act like a dick, so she decided to take a nap. I’ll change the kid when I wake up, she thought.

At 8:10, Mrs. Harling reentered the house without much of a commotion. She walked upstairs and immediately noticed the pungent odor coming from Matt’s room. She opened the door to find her babysitter asleep on the couch and Matt in an overused diaper, whimpering in the middle of the floor whilst trying desperately to suck more milk from inside his dry bottle. For a moment, the mother could only stare in shock and outrage at the scene before her. She wanted to strangle that little priss; how could she do that to her sweet baby?! She started for the couch and was just about to begin screaming at the sleeping girl, until she stopped herself. No, I’ve got a better idea, she thought. She turned and left the room, making her way down the hall until she came to a particular bookshelf, and pulled a bright pink book from its place. She entered the room once more, stood in front of the out-cold Sara, opened the book, and began chanting: “Akamaris solaro dhejiho…tomaris palera dhejiho…sintaris wontaro dhejiho……”


Sara came to slowly, at first not remembering where she was. She felt a pillow between her legs and started to pull at it. But she realized momentarily that it was not a pillow, as whatever it was was wrapped firmly around her waist. Her eyes jolted open to the sight of a thick diaper replacing her thong. “WHAT THE FU- MFFHMF!”

Mrs. Harling quickly covered the girl’s mouth to stifle her surprised scream, but Sara continued to yell muffled obscenities from underneath the woman’s hand. “Shut up, you little hussy, and I’ll explain what’s going on!”

Sara finally came to her senses and quieted down, and Mrs. Harling removed her hand. “What the hell is this?!” she yelled indignantly.

“I would think that a babysitter would know a diaper when she sees one,” Mrs. Harling replied hotly.

“Well WHY am I wearing it?”

“I’ll tell you. I made you a generous offer to come to my house and take care of my darling Matthew while I ran to pick up some groceries and take care of some financial business. I gave you specific instructions to keep him clean and fed, and maybe play with him or read him a story. Instead, I find you knocked out on the couch, leaving my poor baby to stew in his own juices and give him an ungodly rash while he desperately tries to suck milk out of a desert-dry bottle. I was so infuriated that I couldn’t think straight, and nearly slapped the eyeliner off of your pretty little eyes. But when I came to my senses, I realized that I need to punish you properly; you know, the whole “eye for an eye” deal. At first, I considered turning you into my second little baby, so that you would be totally dependent on me to feed and change you. But that would’ve been too easy; and besides, I’ve done that too many times already. No, I decided on something much more fitting for your little mishap. See that diaper you’ve got on? Well get comfortable, because it’s not going anywhere for a looong time. You’ll be forced to remain in that diaper until the spell wears off. Just like you did to Matt-”

“Woah woah, stop right there,” Sara said. “Spell? What the hell are you talking about? Are you crazy? I knew there was something off about you, but seriously, if you expect me to buy into all that voodoo shit, you got another think coming.”

“Oh yes, I didn’t mention that important tid-bit did I? Well you see darling, I’m what you mortals call a witch. I’m exactly 1,372 years old to date, which explains my vast assortment of books that I’ve collected from all around this world and others. Each one contains a different set of incantations which, if performed just right, will allow me to manipulate any existing entity that I choose, in whatever way I choose. And you, through your own neglectful, self-righteous actions, have fallen victim to the Infinity Diaper spell. That means that until the spell wears off, you will be forced to remain in the very diaper you now wear.”

“That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard!” Sara said incredulously. “I’m taking this thing off right now.”

“Go on dear, I won’t look.” Mrs. Harling turned her head away, and Sara began tugging at the straps. But no matter how hard she pulled, no matter how much effort she mustered, the diaper remained firmly attached to her waist. It almost seemed as if her skin had been sewn to the opening of the diaper, as it would not be opened even the slightest bit. She started to panic, and looked around frantically for something to cut off the garment. She picked up some toy scissors on the ground, which looked barely sharp enough to do the job. But as the scissors approached the padding, it suddenly hardened in the exact spot that Sara threatened to penetrate, and would not give way. Only then did she realize that she truly was stuck in this diaper. She didn’t know how any of this was happening, but she still did not believe the crazy lady’s story.

“Are you through wasting time?” Mrs. Harling asked. She received a helpless stare in return. “Good. Then allow me to finish explaining. Nobody but you and I can see the diaper; to any other mortal, it simply looks like undergarments. Nor will they be able to smell your waste, or notice any strange way it may make you walk. They will be totally ignorant to the fact that you are wearing it, or that you have used it. The spell will not wear off within any definite time period. Only when you have truly repented your misdoing will it fade away. There is, however, one way to change out of the diaper that you now wear. If you inform somebody of your situation - that is, tell them that you are wearing a diaper and that you need a change - then he or she will be able to see your diaper and remove it. However, once it has been removed and you have been cleaned, another diaper will take its place. The person will still be aware that you are wearing and using it, and still be able to change you. But until the spell wears off, you will not be totally free of your situation. You may choose not to believe what I am telling you, but that will not change anything. Any questions?” Sara could only stare at the woman. “Alright then. Collect your pants and go home.”

Sara saw her yoga pants laying on the floor. Slowly, she stood up and began to pull them on. The diaper bulged out quite noticeably, and Sara was still not confident that only she could see it, despite Mrs. Harling’s words. Nonetheless, she waddled her way to the door. As she was exiting, she turned around suddenly and said, “Wait a minute, where’s my $100?”

“Wow, this spell will last even longer than I thought,” Mrs. Harling said with a smirk. She slammed the door in the Sara’s face, leaving her in shock and anger. But, too tired to retaliate, she waddled awkwardly to her car, and started for home.


As she pulled into the driveway, Sara couldn’t stop thinking about everything that had just occurred. It all seemed like a dream, but the bulk between her legs was a constant reality check. She adamantly denied that that freak was actually a witch, although she was still working on an explanation for the indestructible diaper. She had a bit of difficulty getting out of her car, but got her bearings and waddled to the front door. She didn’t see how it was possible that nobody would be able to see the obvious bulge on her skin-tight yoga pants, so she slowly opened the front door and peered around before entering. She closed the door just as slowly behind her, and began tiptoeing to the stairs. But just as she was about to reach the first step, she heard her mom’s voice:

“Honey, is that you?”

Damn, Sara thought, that woman could hear a pin drop on a carpet. “Yeah, just going upstairs Mom.”

“Well, come and eat first, your dinner is getting cold.”

“Um…” Sara muttered. “I’m not really hungry right now.”

“Really? Are you feeling okay?”

“Yeah, I just need to go lay down for a bit.”

“Come here sweetie, let me take your temperature.”

“No Mom, just let me go lay down.”

“Sara, if you’re sick I need to know so that the rest of us don’t catch it. Now please come here.”

God, she’s annoying, Sara thought. I just want to lay the fuck down. “GOD, fine,” she moaned. All Sara could do now was hope that that crazy Mrs. Harling really was a witch, but the odds of that in her mind were a million to zero.

As she stepped into the kitchen, her mom looked her over while she stood helpless. Go on, ask me what the hell I’m wearing. Ask me why the hell I’m wearing it. “You don’t look very sick to me” was all her mother said. It took Sara a good minute to absorb the fact that her mother really couldn’t see what she was wearing underneath her pants. She sat down as her mom stuck a thermometer in her mouth, and she was slowly coming to the realization that Mrs. Harling had been telling the truth. But if she was right about everything so far, that could only mean that Sara really WAS stuck in the diaper until the spell broke. She was starting to wish that her mother could see the diaper, but her teenage pride held her back from spilling the whole story.

“Well, your temperature’s normal,” her mom said. “I guess you don’t have to eat if you don’t want to, but let me know if you start feeling worse, okay?”

“Okay, sure thing,” she said. “I just need something to drink is all.” She grabbed a bottle of water and headed towards her room. But after ascending the steps, a light voice twittered toward her ear.

“Hey Sara, how was babysitting?” God, her little sister was such a little goody-two-shoes. Bethany had been a pain in Sara’s backside ever since she was conceived. Before then, Sara was the only child and basked in the never-ending attention she received from her parents. Then suddenly, “Surprise! You have a baby sister!” And the glory days were over as quickly as they had begun. Her sister outshined her in everything: grades, athletics, manners, hell even her boobs came in before Sara’s did! And perhaps the worst part of it all, the very thing she hated most about her sister, was that there was nothing to hate. Not a single negative fiber was in the girl’s body, as she seemed to love everyone and everything. And it tore Sara apart.

“Fine, please leave me alone,” Sara said in response. She continued to her room and slammed the door shut. She really was thirsty, and gulped down the water quickly. Afterwards, she took off her pants and inspected her diaper, poking and squeezing it, still in partial disbelief. She hoped that she really was dreaming, and would wake up on the couch back at Mrs. Harling’s place. But it was too real to be a dream.

With the clocks approaching 10:00 PM, Sara was quite tired. But along with her exhaustion, she began feeling a familiar urge: she had to pee. She slipped some pajama bottoms on and walked quickly toward the bathroom. Closing the door behind her, she made one last, desperate attempt to pull the bulky diaper from her body. But just as before, not a single tear or opening could be made in the material. With the toilet in sight, her need grew desperate, and she resigned to her fate. She sat on the toilet and released, feeling instant relief as the warm liquid ejected into the waiting diaper. She heard a muffled “hisssss” as the urine hit the padding, and she began feeling the warmth of her own juices spread across her crotch. She couldn’t help but place a hand on the front, making the diaper squish slightly as she did so. When she was finished, the diaper had gained a bit of weight and bulk, but not too noticeably so. Still, she was having trouble coming to terms with what had just occurred. I can’t believe I just pissed myself like a fucking two-year-old, she thought. She pulled her pj bottoms back over the now-used diaper, and avoided looking at herself in the mirror as she passed. She lay awake for a long time in her bed, trying to forget the events of the day and the dampness between her legs. Eventually, she fell into a half-awake, half-asleep state as she waited eagerly for morning, hoping it would bring an end to her nightmare. Unfortunately for her, this was far from the case.


“No… Stop! Get away!” A giant baby chased her through the hallway as she ran for her life. The behemoth had a toothless grin on its face and drool dripping down its chin, and it was crawling straight toward Sara. As she ran, piles of books spilled out of the shelves on either side of her, threatening to slow her progress. Her foot found one of the books, and as she stumbled forward, she did not hit the ground, but a giant hand. As the monster baby lifted her toward his face, the head suddenly transformed into a familiar female face. It began laughing menacingly at her, and when Sara looked down, she could see that she was naked except for a huge padding between her legs. A crowd began to form below her, pointing and laughing. Embarrassed and scared senseless, she tried to yell out for help, but only baby noises and gurgles escaped her lips. Suddenly, the monster released its grip, and she began to fall miles down toward the ground. She was just about to meet her death when-

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! The smart phone awoke Sara with a start. After a brief moment of coming back to reality, she reached for it and silenced it. She felt a cold dampness between her legs, and as she reached down to check, her hand met the squishy padding, flooding back the memories of the day before. She removed her blanket and looked, wishing that it had only been a part of the nightmare from which she just awoke. She shivered a bit due to the cold liquid, and began wondering how she would ever make it through school like this. She thought about playing the sick card, but her parents had recently quit buying that shtick. She could skip school, but that might warrant a call home asking why she was absent. Well, she thought, Mom couldn’t see it, so I guess it can’t be too bad. She pulled on a clean pair of yoga pants, then reconsidered, and decided to wear a blue skirt instead. Even if other people couldn’t see it, she would feel more comfortable not being able to see it herself. She pulled on a white shirt and looked herself over in the mirror. I look like I’m in a damn private school uniform, she thought. But she was unwilling to take the chance of anyone seeing what she was wearing underneath, so she stuck with the outfit.

After fixing her hair and putting on makeup, Sara waddled downstairs and received an approving comment from her mom: “You look very nice today, honey!” Bethany, sitting at the table, also complimented her attire: “Wow! You do look nice! And look, we match!” She was right. Bethany had on a similar blue skirt with a white shirt. Oh God, Sara thought, I must really look like a loser. If only she had some sweatpants or something to wear. But unfortunately, the skirt was the only thing in her wardrobe that would cover her shame.

She ate a bowl of cereal in silence, and felt that familiar pang in her side telling her to relieve herself. Well, I might as well go here, she thought. But try as she might, she couldn’t get her body to release her urine where she sat at the dining room table. Every time she came close, her potty training kicked in and held the flood back. Damn it, why is this so hard? Just fucking pee! She tried closing her eyes and imagining herself sitting on the toilet in the bathroom. Then, very slowly, a bit of pee dribbled out. The rest soon followed in a huge rush, and her crotch and butt were once again drenched in the warmth of her own urine. The diaper gained a bit of bulk once more. Well, at least it’s not cold anymore, Sara thought. She finished eating and headed for the door, purse in hand and book bag on back.

“Honey,” her mom called, “would you like me to pack you some food?”

“No thanks Mom, I got money.”

“Are you sure? I could make you a sandwich or-”

“NO MOM I HAVE MONEY!” She slammed the door on her way out. God, that bitch is annoying. Sara waddled over to her car, and as she sat, the warmth from her pee pressed into her skin. This is going to be a long day, Sara thought.

“…So we’re going to continue our work on derivatives today. Now we have already learned the formula stating that the derivative is equal to the limit as “a” approaches “x” of the function of “x” minus the function of “a” divided by the quantity of “x” minus “a”….”

Sara had her notebook in front of her, but was just doodling and not paying attention. She had received some looks waddling into school, all of which implied, “What the hell is she wearing?” Or at least, she thought they did. Her boyfriend Eric, who sat behind her in class, leaned forward and whispered, “Are you wearing panties under that skirt?”

“Cut it out you horny bastard,” Sara whispered back. “Of course I am.” Although Sara hated his sexual comments, she was used to them by now. She first fell for Eric because he was the star pitcher on the baseball team. His tall, lean body was complimented by medium length black hair, a razor-thin chin strap, dark brown eyes, and a tan body. After Sara found out that his parents were rich entrepreneurs, she put out for him to secure their relationship. Eric rewarded her with shopping sprees and fancy dinners. As long as she kept up the sex, he kept up the money, and thus the relationship blossomed. In reality, she hated Eric’s personality. Whenever he talked to her, she was his sex object. He never hit her, but often threatened to when she didn’t feel like doing something sexual. Of course, Sara was no better. She would often cry, complain, and threaten to leave Eric if he didn’t pay up.

The teacher was still facing the board. “Well, you know,” Eric said quietly, “I was thinking about taking you to the mall later if you do me a little favor.”

“No Eric, I don’t feel like it.”

“Come on babe, you can buy whatever you want.”

Sara thought, and considered that it would be a good opportunity to buy some decent clothes that would cover her diaper. “Okay, fine,” she said. “What do you want?”

“How about a little hand action?”

“Fine, after class.”

“No, I need it now.”

“Eric, come on. Just keep it in your pants for 30 minutes.”

“Do it now or the deal’s off.”

He proceeded to unzip his jeans and stick his boner out through the fly hole. She glanced at it nervously, then back at the teacher, who was still babbling and writing on the board. “Okay, fine. Do you at least have some tissues so I can wipe my hand off afterwards?”

“Yeah, I got some in my bag. Now hurry up before the teacher turns around.”

Sara looked once more at the teacher and around the class. A couple of boys had taken notice, but they simply watched and kept quiet. Still facing the front of the room, Sara reached behind and grasped Eric’s erect penis. She moved her hand up and down, feeling it twitch a bit in her closed hand. “Yeah, that’s good. Nngh, keep going. A little faster now. Come on, put your pinky into it. Come on, almost done. Yeah, yeah- HNNNNGH….” Eric’s dick erupted with semen, covering Sara’s hand. Finally satisfied, he pulled it back into his jeans and zipped up the fly. “That was great,” he said quietly. “I’m definitely taking you to the mall after school.”

“Great Eric. Now where are my tissues?” Sara responded.

“Oh, um… Lemme check my bag.” He shuffled around in his bag for a bit, but didn’t seem to be searching very hard. “Sorry, I guess I don’t really have any.”

“What?!” Sara said incredulously. “Well what do you expect me to do? I’ve got your cum all over my hand.”

“I don’t fucking know,” Eric retorted. “Just go get a tissue up front.”

“Are you crazy? The teacher will see me.”

“So tell him you sneezed.”

Sara sighed. “Fine.” She gathered herself, and stood up from the desk, feeling once again the familiar bulk between her thighs. She began walking towards the front of the room, quietly as possible. Just as she was reaching for a tissue on the teacher’s desk, he turned around.

“What are you doing up, Sara?”

“Oh, I just sneezed.”

“Next time, please ask before leaving your seat.”

“Okay, sure thing.”

“That looks awfully discolored… Are you feeling okay?”

“Yeah, feeling fine, just need a tissue is all.” She heard some chuckles from behind, as the whole class now knew what she had done. Humiliated, she reached for a tissue and wiped off her hand. She threw it away and waddled back to her seat, now red in the face. “Never again,” she whispered angrily to Eric.

The rest of the day proceeded without a hitch. Word had gotten around what Sara did during math, and she received some accusing stares. But because she already had a kind of whore-ish reputation, it was quickly forgotten about. She had wet herself again in 6th period, adding once more to the bulk of the diaper. And now, a new pressure was beginning to form in her stomach region. She had not even thought about the fact that she would have to do that too, but now the reality hit her like a ton of bricks. She was determined to hold it off for as long as possible.

After 7th period, school finally ended. Sara found Eric waiting in his cherry-red 2012 corvette, and he beeped the horn loudly for her, much to her irritation. “Damn it, cut it out!” she yelled. The car ride was uneventful, although Eric asked for road head on the way. Sara told him to go fuck himself, and he insisted that he was just kidding.

They arrived at the mall, and she led Eric straight to an Old Navy where she hoped to find some sweatpants. Eric noticed the difference in taste that she was showing, but said nothing as he continued texting a different girl. Sara used Eric’s credit card to stock up on sweatpants and skirts that were at least in decent fashion. But between stores, out of nowhere, a major cramp hit her lower intestine. She doubled over and grasped her stomach in pain. Eric did not take notice. They continued walking as Sara prayed for the pain to subside, but it only grew worse. She could feel it building up inside her; she had not gone #2 since the day before yesterday, whereas she usually went every day. She stopped in the middle of the floor, and Eric turned to face her. “What the fuck are you doing?” he said.

“Sorry,” Sara responded, “Just a stomach ache, it’ll pass- UGH!!” A huge wave of pain washed over her, and she felt the turd trying to work its way out of her. “I need to go to the restroom, I’ll be right back.” She made a mad dash for the nearest restroom, but it was hard to run with the diaper on, and the nearest restroom was practically across the mall. About halfway there, the pain became too great. She doubled over once more and fell to her knees. She placed her hands on the floor, and her body refused to hold the waste any longer. Against her will, her body gave a great big push - and out it came. The poop was semi-soft and squished between her butt and the diaper as it flowed out unrelentingly. She groaned as it worked its way both forward and backward between her thighs, nearly reaching her vagina. The monstrosity continued to slither out of her for a full minute, and onlookers stopped to witness the spectacle. Some were worried; others were simply interested.

When the full load had finally found its resting place in her diaper, she slowly looked up to see a small crowd surrounding her. One elderly man walked up to her, asking, “Are you okay miss? Do you need me to call an ambulance?”

She looked at him and said, “No thanks, I’m fine. Just a stomach ache is all.” She slowly stood up, feeling the full weight of her crime as she did so. She began waddling toward the restroom, feeling the mess squish between her thighs as she went, and the onlookers began to disperse. She was still trying to come to terms with what had just occurred. Did I really just shit myself, on the mall floor, in front of everyone? She reached a hand behind her, and confirmed that there was a new, squishy substance resting on her butt. She began to grow angry at herself. What the fuck is wrong with me? I just shit myself in a crowded mall. What the fucking hell!! Her face grew hot red as she approached the restroom; but realizing that there was no longer a need to enter, she turned around and headed back toward Eric.

“Geez, the hell took so long?” he said, irritated. “I didn’t think girls even had to shit.”

“Shut up, Eric. Just shut up and take me home.”

“Okay, fine, don’t get your panties all tied in a knot.” This remark only furthered Sara’s frustration.

She waddled her way out to the car, and was apprehensive to sit down. Eric put her new clothes in the back and got in the driver’s seat. “Well come on, what are you waiting for?” Eric said.

Sara gathered herself and slowly, tenderly, began to sit in the passenger seat. She felt the squish of her mess against her butt as the diaper made contact with the seat, and it gurgled a bit as she rested her full weight. She nearly gagged with disgust.

“What, you got something up your ass or something?” Eric laughed at his own joke.

“Just take me home Eric,” Sara responded, irritated.

“Okay, okay.” They didn’t speak the rest of the way.

The rest of the night was uneventful. Although Sara was forced to inhale the toxic gas of her own feces, the rest of her family didn’t take notice. Bethany even commented that she seemed to smell nice, and asked what perfume she was wearing. Just as the witch had foretold, everyone was ignorant. Sara began coming to terms with her punishment: Even though she hated the smell and the feeling between her legs, at least she alone knew what was going on. But that night, a new feeling emerged; an itching, tingling sensation within the confines of the diaper. Although she didn’t realize it yet, she was beginning to succumb to diaper rash.


A crystal ball sat on a round table in a dark room. The witch pronounced some incantations over it, and suddenly it shined brightly. After a moment, the 72" high-definition plasma screen on the far wall flicked into view. It was connected to the ball by several wires, and showed a picture identical to the one seen on the ball, only bigger and clearer. Mrs. Jenna Harling silently praised her own ingenuity. Finally, she thought, I won’t have to squint at that little ball anymore.

The screen displayed an 18 year old girl kneeling on the floor of a mall. She seemed to be in pain, but nothing noticeable was happening. Mrs. Harling pressed a button on her remote, removing the girl’s clothing and revealing a large diaper underneath. Now she could hear the squish and crackle of the girl’s defecation, and giggled happily.

“Don’t you think she’s had enough?” a voice next to her asked.

“Are you kidding? Have you seen the way this girl behaves? Just this morning she yelled at her mother for offering to make a sandwich. No, this one’s got a long way to go.”

“She’s 18. If she wants to ruin her life then I say let her.”

“But while she ruins her life, she also hurts those around her. I mean, look what she did to you! Her selfish neglect gave you a terrible rash.”

“Well, that’s true.” Matthew rubbed his baby bottom with a tiny hand. “But what if she ends up enjoying herself, like what happened to me?”

“Please, Matthew. Does it look like she’s enjoying herself?” On the screen, the girl’s face was now red with shame as she sat in her mess in the red corvette.

“Well I hated this at first, you know. Totally dependent on you, feeling completely powerless and worthless… But once I accepted the punishment, I started to make the best of it. Pretty soon, I didn’t even want to change back. You take care of everything for me while I get amusement out of the simplest toys. Who knows? Maybe she’ll find somebody to change her and realize that her situation isn’t so bad.”

“That’s all fine and good, Matt. But the most important thing is that you learned your lesson. You were so controlling and manipulative as my husband, and it affected the lives of everyone around you, including mine. By turning you into a baby, I humbled you. I stripped you of any power you might have had, and it changed you for the better. Whether or not this girl grows to enjoy her predicament is irrelevant. She must learn that the world does not revolve around her. Until then, she will be stuck in her own mess. Speaking of which…” She sniffed the air and looked at the infant accusingly, and he blushed and giggled.

Sara’s diaper grew thicker and heavier with each passing day. She now had 5 whole days’ worth of urine and feces trapped firmly inside the padding, which was now stained a brownish-yellow color. She began to fear that the diaper would leak or burst, but it only continued to expand. It now reached out several inches forward and backward, and drooped down past the halfway point of her thighs. Walking became a chore, as the diaper now seemed heavy as a bag of bricks. She continued to wear sweatpants and skirts, although she knew that nobody could see the padding. These clothes helped keep the mess from rubbing too much against her skin, whereas the yoga pants squished it tightly against her. Showering wasn’t a problem; when she stepped under the running water, she found out, the diaper repelled it away from itself. As for the smell, it grew worse each time she used her diaper. Just as it would wear off a bit, she would pee again, renewing the smell of rotting shit. She tried several perfumes including Poo Pourri, all to no avail. Even though nobody else could smell it, she was forced to suffer through it. But the worst part, which topped the smell, the weight and the texture combined, was the rash. Her crotch and butt now itched nonstop, and occasionally started to burn. The only way to relieve the pain was to grind the diaper against her hand or a hard surface, but this only provided partial relief for no more than a few minutes. Because of the constant grinding, the mess spread everywhere within her diaper, covering her waist and crotch from front to back. She feared she would develop a vaginal infection, but no symptoms indicating such an infection had occurred yet. She wished that the spell would wear off, as with each passing day she grew more desperate for a change.

She had told Eric to leave her alone for a few days, and he grudgingly complied. But on Friday, he gave into his primordial urges and called Sara after school.

Sara had been lying on her bed, watching TV and occasionally poking the ever-growing diaper, when she heard her phone ring. Seeing it was Eric, she ignored it, but he persisted and called twice more. Finally, she surrendered and answered. “Yeah.”

“Hey, I know you haven’t been feeling too great the past few days, but I was wondering if you wanted to go somewhere tonight. I could take you to a movie if you want, and we can hang at my place afterwards.”

Sara thought about it, and decided that she needed to take her mind off her situation. “Sure, that sounds fun,” she responded.

“Great, I’ll pick you up in a few hours. What movie do you want to see?”

“Surprise me.”

“Alright. See ya.”

She hung up the phone and went back to her viewing. Just then, Bethany walked in. “Hey Sara, I was wondering if you could read over my paper real quick. I just need to know if it sounds good. I mean, if it’s not too much trouble.”

Sara glared at her. “So I guess knocking is a thing of the past?” Not that she cared that much. She was just constantly irritated at her sister.

Bethany blushed, “Oh, sorry! I’ll remember to next time. But could you read my paper please? It’s only a page long-”

“Look Bethany,” Sara cut her off. “When I was your age, I didn’t have an older sister to help me with my papers. Dad was always at work, and Mom couldn’t help me worth a shit. So just go do your own damn paper and leave me alone.”

Bethany drooped her head and scuffled quickly to the door, embarrassed by her intrusion. Sara watched her leave. She felt a small pang of guilt, but reminded herself that she shouldn’t have to do other people’s work. Just then, Sara’s rash worked up and stung her harshly. This lasted for several minutes, with Sara trying to massage the pain away. It eventually subsided, but Sara was sweating with the effort of keeping her yelps of pain silent. God, I hope this spell wears off soon, she thought.

She started thinking of potential candidates to change her diaper. She immediately ruled out anyone in her family, as she would never entrust them with such a secret. Eric was too much of a jerk and would probably break up with her straightaway. She had some friends at school, but they all gossip and she would never live it down. She eventually came up empty. She wanted to go back to that witch’s house and beat her down until she removed the spell, but Sara was afraid of her power. Still, she had to try something.

Sara pulled up the familiar cracked driveway. As she climbed out of her car, the squishy mess slopped down in her diaper, and she worked her way to the giant front door. She took a deep breath and was about to knock, when the door suddenly opened. She was greeted by the familiar, ageless face of Mrs. Harling. “Hello, darling! I’ve been expecting you. Please, come right in.” Sara stepped through the doorway. “So I see your diaper is filling out quite nicely.” Sara blushed. “Oh, just teasing dear! Come right this way, I’ll make you some tea.” The two made their way past several bookshelves - with Sara showing significant effort - until they came to a small room, complete with a couch, a large TV, and a small table with a strange, glowing ball in the center. Mrs. Harling opened a brown book from a nearby shelf and muttered some nonsense. Then, out of nowhere, two small cups of tea appeared on the table. “Please, have a seat dear. Make yourself comfortable. Well, as comfortable as you can get anyhow.” Sara rested her padded rear on the couch and felt the contents shift around her butt and between her legs. She picked up the tea and sipped it precariously. As she did so, she felt a familiar warmth spread over her crotch, and the smell of urine-saturated feces filled the air. “Well, I’d say you’ve made yourself quite comfortable,” Mrs. Harling said accusingly. Sara blushed again.

“Look Mrs. Harling, I’m here because I-”

“Oh, you don’t think I know why you’re here? We’ve been over this young lady, I’m not lifting the spell until you’ve learned your lesson.”

“But I HAVE! I won’t ever neglect a baby again, I swear on my life.”

“Oh, goodness.” The witch pinched her brow in frustration. “It’s more than just that, Sara. Have you even been paying attention to your actions over the past few days? Yelling at your family, using your boyfriend for money, and showing complete disregard for anyone but yourself?”

“Hey! I wouldn’t have to yell at my family if they weren’t so irritating. And I do not ‘use’ Eric, I-” she stopped short, realizing what Mrs. Harling had just said to her. “Wait a minute. How do you know what’s been going on the past few days?”

Mrs. Harling picked up a remote and flicked the TV on. She pushed a button, and a slideshow of short clips from the past few days formed on the screen. Sara watched in disgust, reliving each terrible moment that flashed before her. The single difference was that she was only wearing her diaper. Even her top was fully exposed, and she looked like a giant baby. She watched herself giving Eric a hand job during class, shitting her diaper on the mall floor, yelling at her mother and sister, rubbing her diaper in a desperate attempt at relief from the rash…

“YOU’VE BEEN SPYING ON ME?!” Sara was beyond angry. She dropped her tea cup to the floor, which shattered on contact, and lunged at the witch sitting beside her. But Mrs. Harling was too quick and stood up, dodging Sara’s attack.

Mrs. Harling pointed her finger at the girl and yelled, “Bindarus Shackalo!” Suddenly, Sara was strapped to the couch by heavy chains, her arms pinned to her sides. She struggled for release, but her efforts were worthless against the metal. “Let me go you bitch! I’ll call the fucking cops-”

“Ziparandulus!” Suddenly, a zipper appeared on the right side of Sara’s mouth, and Mrs. Harling pulled it to the left. Sara was left yelling muffled threats as her chained body writhed in anger.

Mrs. Harling looked on, amused at her efforts. “Now just look at the mess you’ve caused for yourself this time. When will you ever learn?” She left the girl raging on the couch as she left the room. She returned with yet another book, this one black with red writing. She opened to a page and muttered, “Cruciando padulia punoto.” A thin, wooden paddle appeared floating beside her. She looked at it, and a devious grin flashed across her face. “Punish her.”

The paddle complied with all due speed. It floated toward Sara and began slapping her padded, messy ass. The diaper provided little cushion, as the swings came down on her with a force harder than a strong man could muster. Sara cried out against her zipped lips, and tears began welling up in her eyes. The paddling combined with the rash was too much for the girl to handle, and she began shivering with pain as the paddle came down again and again with blinding speed. She couldn’t keep track of how many times she had been hit; she could only focus on the sharp, incredible pain it caused her. Every second that passed seemed like an hour, and every minute a year. Just as she thought she couldn’t take anymore, she heard the words, “That’s enough.” The paddle ceased and remained motionless above Sara’s behind. Sara was now shaking, her face red from the pain and covered in tears. Her ass was on the cusp of being totally numb, but the paddle had stopped just in time, leaving her with a pain that felt like a thousand sharp teeth digging into her skin. Mrs. Harling walked to the front of the helpless, messy girl and glared down at her. “Let this be a lesson, sweetie. Don’t EVER mess with a witch.”

At the snap of her finger, the chains binding Sara were released and her mouth was free to open, although she kept it shut. She slowly pulled herself to a sitting position, and her lip quivered from the lasting pain on her ass. “Now you listen to me, young lady. Your attitude has caused pain to those around you: your friends, your family, and even those you don’t know. You take what you have for granted, and you never consider anyone else’s feelings but your own. You use your boyfriend for money just as much as he uses you for sex, and it has led to an unhealthy, empty relationship. You’ve been slacking on your schoolwork and seem to have no direction in your life. I’ve given you an easy option to change that diaper by simply informing someone of your situation, but your pride has kept you from doing so. You may not realize it now, but I am trying to help you. And until you change your ways, you won’t be changing that diaper.”

Sara sat in the movie theater with Eric beside her. Her ass still felt like pins and needles, and she occasionally tried rubbing her diaper to relieve some of the pain. She was barely paying attention to the idiotic comedy that Eric had chosen; she couldn’t quit thinking about what had occurred with Mrs. Harling. She occasionally heard Eric burst out laughing at a fart gag or sexual insult and feigned laughter. She started seriously considering her relationship with him. Was Mrs. Harling right? Was this an empty relationship built on sex and money? She had to find out if there was something deeper. The popcorn was starting to get to her, and she leaned to the side to defecate once more. She was starting to get used to simply going whenever she needed to.

The movie finally ended, and they headed back to Eric’s oversized house. They headed up to his room and lay together, with Eric occasionally fondling Sara’s boobs. “Hey Sara, you know there’s a sale going on at the mall tomorrow. Was thinking of maybe taking you there, if you do me a favor…”

As he reached toward Sara’s vagina, her stomach dropped. What would happen if he tried to touch her diaper? She grabbed his hand and tried to pull it away, but he was too strong for her. He reached under her sweatpants, and his hand slid straight through the diaper as if it weren’t there. It also phased straight through the poop, and began rubbing Sara’s clit. Sara stared in bewilderment: How is this possible? He can’t see it OR touch it? After a bit of toying, he removed his hand from her pants, and it came out clean. He ripped off his shirt and started unzipping his jeans. He pulled a condom out of the pocket and unwrapped it. Soon, he was lying naked on his bed with Sara next to him, his cock fully erect and the condom securely in place. “Come on babe,” he said. “It won’t bite, unless you want it to.”

Sara followed suit and began taking off her shirt. She unhooked her bra, and then slowly started removing her pants. She was standing in full view of Eric with only a huge, filthy diaper on, but he saw only her smooth undercarriage. She climbed on top of him and moved into kneeling position, lowering her diapered bottom onto his rock-hard dick. It phased right through the diaper and went straight into her vagina. As she moved up and down, she felt the diaper move with her, mushing and slapping against the bed as it phased straight through Eric’s unsuspecting pelvis. For reasons she couldn’t quite understand, she found it incredibly erotic. She and Eric moaned in unison as she started moving her hips faster. Her face turned bright red as she closed her eyes in pleasure. She picked up her pace even more, bouncing quickly against Eric’s body and feeling the huge diaper squish against her crotch with each motion. Soon, it became too much, and she quickly reached orgasm, moaning and twitching in absolute bliss. Her mind was jello, and as Eric’s climax followed shortly after, she collapsed on top of his muscular body.

“Man,” Eric, remarked, breathing heavily, “You were really into it this time. That was the best sex I’ve ever had!”

This comment brought Sara’s mind back to reality. She stayed silent for a moment, lying on top of Eric as she tried to form the right words in her head. Finally, she said, “Eric, do you love me?”

Eric looked at her weirdly. “Of course I love you, babe.”

“No, seriously Eric. Do you love me, or do you love the sex?”

“Well, I love both. But I love you more.” He kissed Sara on the cheek.

“Okay Eric. Why do you love me?”

“Because… You’re smart, pretty, funny…”

“Anything specific and not just cliche?”

“Why are you asking me this?”

Sara took a deep breath. “Eric, there’s something I want to tell you.”

Re: She Won’t Change (plus some info about me)


A boy walked through the halls of the high school. His eyes, which at one time were bright and ambitious, had now faded into a sad tiredness. His short-trimmed, brown hair was unkempt, and his skin had paled from a sickness of depression. He was largely unnoticed throughout the school, and if one mentioned his name, he or she would be likely to receive a confused “Who is that?” in response.

John Hoffman was the only child of Emily and Steve Hoffman. His conception was quite unexpected, as the couple had planned to live a childless marriage. The two strongly considered an abortion, but decided that adoption was the better option. But when little John was born, Emily couldn’t bring herself to give up the precious child, much to Steve’s dismay. As time went on, Steve learned to love the child as he did his wife, though he constantly reminded himself that his life of freedom was over.

John proved to be an exceptionally bright child, excelling past his classmates in grade school. He was a free spirit, always looking for something new to discover. He was looked up to by his peers and enjoyed helping them when they needed it. But all of that soon changed.

Emily and John were as close as a mother and son could be. She was his inspiration, and everything he did was for her. But on April 23, 2007, shortly after John’s 12th birthday, Emily Hoffman succumbed to breast cancer. As Emily’s body was buried under the earth, so too was John’s spirit. His thirst for knowledge left him, and he was stranded in a world of darkness and depression. His father was of no comfort, as he became an alcoholic shortly thereafter. John’s grades suffered and he isolated himself from his former classmates. Then one day, during his sophomore year, he saw her.

16-year-old Sara Thatcher caught his eye like a shining star in miles of darkness. Her body was still thin and undeveloped, but her large blue eyes sparkled and hypnotized him as she glanced briefly in his direction. As she walked away, he felt the spark reignite within him. Some aura emanated from her that was irresistible to John. He didn’t know how or why, but he knew that he had to talk to her.

He approached Sara at her locker. “Um, hi there,” he mumbled.

“Hi,” Sara said politely.

“My name’s Hon Joff- em, John Hoffman. What’s yours? I mean, your name?”

“Sara Thatcher. Nice to meet you John.”

“Um, yeah! You too. So um, I was wondering if maybe you wanted to do something later. I mean, if your schedule is free and everything.”

Sara hesitated. “Oh, sorry. I’ve got plans with some friends later on. And um, I’m really not looking for a relationship right now.”

“Oh no, I totally get it. Yeah, that’s cool, that’s um… It’s all good.” There was an awkward silence. “So I guess I’ll see you later, Sara.”

“Okay, see ya.”

John walked away defeated, but not broken. The newly-ignited light in his heart faded, but remained even so. He still hoped that one day, he would have his chance to prove his love to Sara.

“So let me see if I got this right. A magical witch from around the block asked you to babysit her kid. You did a crap job, and she whipped out some kind of magic voodoo to lock you in an invisible diaper that only you can see. And you’ve been pissing and shitting in the diaper ever since.”

Sara knew how stupid it must have sounded, but she spilled the whole story for Eric, hoping desperately that he would love her enough to accept and change her. She stood silent, and gave a quick nod of her head to confirm Eric’s statement.

“Well Sara, that’s definitely a good story. You should be an author; I’m sure people from all over the world would love to read about that.” Sara was about to protest, when suddenly Eric shut his eyes in pain. “Oww! What the fuck! I think something got in my eyes!” He rubbed them for a few moments, then sniffed the air. “What the fuck is that smell?” As his eyes recovered from the burning sensation, Sara came into view in front of him. But instead of being naked as she was before, a large, brown-yellow, squishy-looking object surrounded her waist. It reached down nearly to her knees and protruded several inches in the front and back. Eric could only stare in shock at the spectacle before him. He said nothing, his mouth agape while his brain tried to formulate words to express his feelings.

Sara’s face became beet red. She looked toward the floor in shame, unable to meet Eric’s astounded eyes. Then, still studying her feet, she brought herself to ask the question, the one that would forever secure her fate with Eric: “Will… Will you change me, Eric?”

Sara’s voice brought Eric back to himself. Surprised as he was about the truth of the matter, it did not suppress his absolute disgust. “Are you fucking kidding me?? That has got to be the most disgusting fucking thing I have ever seen in my entire life. You smell like a regurgitated dead skunk for Christ’s sake. You had sex - you had FUCKING SEX with me in that thing. And you ENJOYED it!! What kind of gross fucking freakshow are you? You know what? I don’t need this. Get the FUCK out of my house. And don’t bother calling or texting me ever again. I’ll change my fucking number if you do.”

Sara felt the bitter shame of rejection as she pulled on her sweatpants over the enormous bulk. Eric watched her waddle to the door, holding his nose as she did so. She made her way down the stairs where Eric’s mom met her. “What’s wrong, Sara? Do you need a ride home?”

Sara accepted, saying, “Yes, please. Eric is too tired to drive.”

As another week passed, Sara relived the shame of that Friday night each time she saw Eric. Now that the diaper was plainly visible to him, he moved his seat in math class as far as possible from Sara, both to avoid the stench and to stress the fact that they were no longer together. Eric realized the truth in what Sara had said, and knew that even if he informed anyone of what was going on with her, they would think he was crazy. Not that he wanted to anyway; even if they did believe him, it would ruin his reputation.

Sara still could not work up the guts to tell anyone about her predicament, including her family. Hence, she suffered through the whole next week in the same diaper. It now reached some inches past her knees, and was loaded front to back with thick poop. The first week’s load had already started crusting and drying against her skin, only adding to the severe pain of the rash. She could only walk in short bursts now, as the diaper weighed over 40 pounds, and the growing bulk continued to impair her ability to walk. She was also beginning to lose her ability to hold her waste, as her body was now accustomed to letting go whenever she needed. All she could think about was getting a change, so much so that even her breakup with Eric was thrown to the back of her mind. She missed being able to close her legs and sit without something mushing against her. She missed being able to clean her nether regions, and yearned for the healing touch of soap and water. She missed the fresh air, as she was constantly forced to inhale the toxic fumes of her mess. That Friday, when she awoke from another painful sleep, she swore to herself that that day, she would find someone to change her diaper.

John was collecting his things from his locker when he heard some gossip from across the hall. He caught glimpses of “Sara” and “breakup.” He approached the chatting group and listened in.

“Yeah, I think it’s good that he finally got rid of that whore.”

“I heard Sara’s the one that broke up with him.”

“Are you kidding? She was mooching off Eric and he got fed up with it. That’s what happened.”

"I dunno, maybe Eric has some ‘shortcomings.’

“Nah, there’s no way. Anyone could’ve seen this coming from a mile away. Eric’s too good for her.”

John’s heart felt like it was about to burst through his chest. This was his chance; his one, shining moment to finally prove himself to Sara.

The bell rang, and John made his way toward class. As the teachers babbled, he could only think about what he would say to Sara. Hours passed like decades as he eagerly awaited lunch period.

Finally, the lunch bell rang. Eric rushed to the hall near Sara’s locker. He saw her emerge from the crowd of people in the hallway, and he basked for a moment in her beauty. Then, he inhaled deeply, released, and began walking toward her.

Sara saw the pale figure approach her. Oh God, what does he want? she thought. I gotta sit down somewhere before my legs give out. She felt the diaper threaten to pull her to the ground.

“Um… Hey Sara. Long time no see, right?”

“Yeah, except I see you every day here at school.”

“Oh yeah, right. Good one, ehehehe… So, I heard about what happened with Eric. Real sorry about that.”

“Oh what, you hear to catch me on the rebound?” Sara’s legs started shaking under the immense weight of the diaper. Oh man, hurry this up, she thought.

“No, no. Nothing like that. I just wanted to see if there was anything I could do to, you know, make you feel better. I’m sure it’s not easy going through a breakup and… Hey, are you okay?”

Sara began sweating and her legs shook more violently, threatening to give way. “Yeah, I’m fine. Just gotta sit down somewhere…” Sara started walking away, but her knees could take no more, and they buckled under the weight of her own mess. She started falling to the ground, but John reacted quickly. He lunged forward and reached out his arms, catching Sara in a hugging position from behind.

“Come on,” John said, worried. “We gotta get you to the nurse.” He put Sara’s arm around his neck and dragged her limp body across the hall to the nurse’s office, while other students looked on. Sara was still half conscious, and looked at John’s face as he carried her. She knew then that he was the one.

Sara was sent home for the day, but gave John her number in the nurse’s office. They arranged for a date the following day: a simple picnic in the park. Sara was forced to suffer through another night of rash pains and mushy wetness, but she knew that this torture would be over soon.

That Saturday afternoon, John picked up Sara in his old Toyota Camry, and they drove to the park together. He had packed a generous amount of food for them to eat while they talked. They sat at the picnic table as John started up some conversation. It was awkward at first like most dates, but picked up quickly. Sara chattered about her life, family, friends, schoolwork, interest, etc. while releasing a bit of urine here and there. John listened intently, and commented on Sara’s mention of her little sister. “She seems like a nice sister to me,” he told her.

“Well I guess, but she’s so annoying. Like, it seems like she’s better than me at everything. And she’s such a goody-two-shoes. I’ve never seen her get angry in her life; like, who does that?”

“Well, how is that a bad thing? At least she’s not an annoying brat like a lot of siblings are.”

Sara pondered this for a minute. “Yeah, I guess that’s true…”

An hour passed, then two, without the couple taking notice. Eventually, John started packing up the picnic materials. “Well, I guess we’d better get going. I’ll drop you off at your house, if you want.”

“Actually, John…” Sara paused for a moment. “Could I come home with you?”

John smiled, and his eyes lit up. “Sure, why not?”

John’s house was nothing to look at. His dad worked hard and paid the bills, but couldn’t do much else. He was passed out in his bed when John and Sara entered.

Sara looked around. “Where are your parents? Will they care that I’m here?”

John said, “Oh, my dad’s probably sleeping. He won’t care.”

“What about your mom?”

John hesitated at the question. “My mom passed away a few years ago.”

Sara’s stomach dropped. “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry.”

“No no, it’s okay. You had no way of knowing. Come on, I’ll take you to my room.”

John’s small room consisted of a single twin mattress, a dresser against the wall, and a small TV. “I know it isn’t much, but here it is.”

“Oh it’s fine,” Sara responded. She sat on the bed, feeling the gargantuan diaper squish as she did so. “So, how did your mother die, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“She passed away when I was 12. She had breast cancer, and her body just shut down on her. It wasn’t a painful death, and she actually looked peaceful when she went. But enough about that. Want to watch a movie or something?”

“Sure, I’d like that,” Sara replied.

They watched a romance movie together, with Sara huddled closely against John’s body. The diaper phased through his body, just as it had done with Eric’s. They watched silently, but it was not an awkward silence this time, as each felt comfortable against the other’s body.

The movie ended, and the two remained where they sat. John had been working up the courage to speak what he felt, and finally said it for Sara.

“Sara, I know we just had our first date, but I feel a really special connection between us. You’re such a beautiful girl, both inside and out. I know that you have a kind of dirty reputation through the school, but inside of you I know that there is a pure soul and a good heart.”

Sara stared intently, clinging to his every word.

“I could never quite explain it, but there’s something about your presence that lights a spark inside me. I’ve felt it since the first time I ever laid eyes on you. I guess what I’m trying to say, Sara, is… I love you.”

Tears welled up in Sara’s eyes. “I love you too, John.” They lay silent for a moment, then Sara said, “Hey John?”

“Yes, Sara?”

“There’s something I need to tell you. I don’t know how you’ll feel about me after this, but I hope you can still say you love me.”

“You can tell me anything, Sara.”

And so Sara explained the whole story, starting from the phone call she received from Mrs. Harling and leading up to the spell. She explained that she was currently wearing a 2-week-old diaper that he couldn’t see or feel, and that the only way to change it was to have someone else do it for her. John simply stared at her, absorbing the words, not sure what to think. Then suddenly, his eyes began to sting, and he rubbed them furiously. The next time he inhaled, the scent of rotting urine and feces reached his nostrils like a punch to the face. He suddenly felt something squishing against his leg, and when he opened his eyes, he found Sara’s story to be true. The diaper now reached near the midpoint of her calves and extended nearly a foot in front of her waist. He slowly reached a hand toward it and squished it, just to confirm the reality. After a moment, Sara asked the question. “John… Will you please change me?”

“…Sure. Yeah, of course I will.”

John led Sara to the bathroom. As John was about to remove the tapes of her diaper, Sara stopped him short. She squatted, and audibly added one last load to the diaper. John looked on, amused at the scene. Finally, John ripped the tapes. It fell to the tub with a loud THUD, and he and Sara struggled to lift it out onto the bathroom floor. Sara’s entire waist area was still caked in dried shit. John turned on the shower head and instructed Sara to lay down in the tub. She complied, and took off her shirt and bra to lay down. John pretended not to notice and aimed the shower head at her butt and crotch. The hot water stung Sara because of the rash, but she endured it as John began to massage her with soapy water. Despite the pain, she was in total bliss as the curing soap and water cleaned her messy undercarriage. The dried feces began falling off like scabs, revealing a bright red pair of cheeks underneath. Finally, after an hour of cleaning, she stood up, relieved and quite satisfied. She used a towel to dry off, and when she finished, another diaper appeared between her legs. It wrapped itself up around Sara and taped shut, as tightly as the one before had been. John watched all of this in amazement, now fully understanding Sara’s predicament.

The two lugged the 45 lb diaper to the trash can outside. After ensuring the bathroom was completely clean, the two settled down once again on John’s bed. Sara had on only her white T-shirt and the diaper.

“You know,” said John, “you look really cute like that.”

Sara blushed and smiled. “Thanks, I guess.” She cuddled up closer against John, hugging his chest with her arms, and in that position, the two fell into a deep, satisfying sleep.


On the TV, an 18-year-old boy and a diapered girl of the same age cuddled together on a twin mattress. Tears welled up in Mrs. Harling’s eyes, and she reached for a tissue on the table in front of her.

“Oh come on,” the infant Matt scoffed from the witch’s lap. “You’re acting like a bigger baby than me.”

Mrs. Harling sniffled as she tried to collect herself. “I know, I’m sorry. They’re just so cute together, I can’t help it.”

“Yes, I’ll admit they make a cute couple. But now you have a problem. She got her change, she doesn’t seem to mind the diaper very much, and she is still the same old brat. What now?”

“Haven’t you gotten the metaphor yet? Sara has finally found somebody that will ‘change’ her. This John of hers has a heart of gold. As time goes on and she reveals her darker side to him, he will rectify her behavior. He’ll be her model, the source of goodness that finally draws out the kind, gentle soul hidden underneath layers of bitterness and materialism. And if she refuses to change herself, then John will refuse to change her - I mean, literally change her diaper. He wouldn’t be able to stand her lasting negativity, and eventually abandon her. Then Sara would be right back to where she started: spending her days wallowing in her own mess.”

“Wow, you really thought this through when you cast that spell on her.”

“Yes, I did. Of course, I also wanted to see how big her diaper would get before she finally got it changed. Can you imagine two whole weeks without a change? She was nearly dragging that thing across the floor!”

“Yep, it was a massive load alright. And I’d say she got her just desserts with that rash. Hell, I couldn’t even last a few hours like that! Gotta give her points for endurance.” He leaned back against Mrs. Harling and suckled on a bottle. After a moment of silence he said, “You know, it’s fun being a baby and all, but I wish I had someone to play with. Sometimes it just feels like the same old song and dance, ya know?”

Mrs. Harling considered what Matt had said. “You know what? You’re right, Matthew. I think I’ll find you a little playmate soon enough.”

John woke up at 8:30 AM. Sara was still fast asleep in his arms. He felt her diaper, and noticed that she had wet in her sleep. He also noted her thighs, which were still a blistering red from the rash. He carefully got out of bed, so as not to disturb the sleeping girl. He threw on some jeans and a T-shirt and grabbed the keys to his car. He caught sight of his dad, red-eyed and scruffy, making his morning coffee. He wore a wrinkled white button-up shirt with a loose blue tie and black dress pants. He glanced briefly at John and asked, “Where the hell you going?”

“I gotta run to the pharmacy real quick. I brought a girl home last night and she needs some medicine; she’s not feeling too great.”

“Whatever, I gotta get going soon so I won’t be here when you get back. You better keep that dick of yours under control or you’ll end up in the same place I did.”

“Nothing happened Dad, we just watched a movie and went to sleep, that’s all.”

His dad sipped his coffee and said nothing else. John walked out the door and started his car. When he arrived at the pharmacy a few minutes later, he picked up some diaper rash cream, along with baby powder and wipes. The older cashier lady checked him out with a bare expression, but mumbled to herself as he left, “Damn kids just can’t keep their pants on anymore.”

Sara woke up to the sound of a door slamming shut. As she adjusted to her surroundings, she remembered where she was from the night before. Her rash was itching and burning all the way down to her knees, but it wasn’t nearly as bad now that that filthy diaper was off of her. She closed her legs with a relieved feeling, and noticed that she had wet herself in her sleep. When did I start doing that? she thought. Her previous diaper had been so massively filled that any nighttime wetting would have gone unnoticed.

Matt walked into the room carrying his bag of supplies. “Morning, Sara. Want me to change you out of that thing?”

Sara yawned and stretched. “Yes please,” she said with a smile.

Sara put up her legs as John untaped the diaper and opened it, revealing Sara’s bright red crotch and butt. He payed no mind to her private parts, as his only objective was to heal the blistering skin. He took the rash cream and applied it generously up and down her legs and wherever it was red. Sara felt the cool cream relieve the pain significantly. John then applied the powder, which summoned a large white cloud in the process. Sara inhaled deeply; the scent of fresh powder was a heavenly alternative to the fumes she had been suffering just the day before. As John finished, he wrapped up the wet diaper and threw it away in the kitchen. When he returned, Sara already had a replacement diaper snug around her waist. John looked at her for a moment, dazzled by her stunning beauty. The diaper complimented her graceful, mature figure, adding an element of innocence to the picture. John thought she looked beautiful before, but the padding added to the portrait significantly. He was a bit disappointed when she began pulling on her pants, hiding the centerpiece from view.

“Well,” started Sara, “I guess we’d better get going.”

The two walked out to the car. As they were driving, Sara mentioned, “I never told my parents where I was last night; my dad will probably kill me.”

“Couldn’t they call you?”

“They probably did. My phone is dead though.”

“Well that’s not good. You should probably tell them where you are if they’re going to get worried. Here, use my phone to call them.” He handed his flip phone to Sara, and she dialed the home number.

“Hey Dad, it’s Sara… No I went over to a friend’s house… Yes I know, my phone’s dead… Dad come on, don’t be like that… Well I’m fine! God, quit worrying so much!… Okay… Yeah… Yeah I understand… Love you too.” She hung up the phone and handed it back to John. “He said next time this happens I’m grounded for a month.”

“Well, at least he cares about where you are. My dad doesn’t give a shit.”

“Seriously? You’re lucky, I hate it when my parents won’t quit bothering me about where I am.”

Suddenly, John felt a pang of irritation. “Did you just call me lucky?”

“Yeah, it’d be great having parents who let you go where you want whenever you want to.”

John slammed on the breaks and pulled to the side of the road. He pointed his finger accusingly at the girl beside him. “Let me tell you something. There is NOTHING lucky about having a dad like mine. He works all day and comes home drunk at night. He does nothing but work, drink and sleep, and doesn’t give a damn about me. If I turned up dead, he would probably just say, ‘Well, that’s one less mouth to feed.’ So I’ll say this once, Sara: YOU’RE the lucky one. Your parents love you enough to care about whether you’re safe or in danger. I used to have a parent like that, Sara, but she’s gone, and she left me with a sorry excuse for a man to provide for me.”

When he had finished with his fury, Sara sat with her mouth shut and her eyes down. She knew that she had been put in her place, and hung her head in shame. John, realizing how he had made Sara feel, began to apologize. “I’m sorry, Sara. I didn’t mean to explode on you like that-”

“No, you’re right John. I deserved that. There’s nothing lucky about what you have to go through. I hope you’ll forgive me.”

The two were quiet the last few minutes of the car ride. When they pulled into Sara’s driveway, John got out of the car and walked over to Sara. He grabbed her shoulders, and embraced her. “No hard feelings, okay?”

Sara choked back tears. “Okay,” she whispered. She wanted him to hold her like that forever. She felt safe in his arms; with him, the world just seemed right. But he released her in a few moments, got back in his car, and drove off. Sara watched as he left, longing for his presence when he was out of sight. She had too many ex-boyfriends to count, but for the first time, Sara could truly say that she was in love.

When Sara walked in the door, she was greeted with a hug from Bethany. “I missed you,” she said.

Sara retracted a bit, but grudgingly returned the favor. “Yeah, missed you too,” she muttered, rolling her eyes.

“Hey, you wanna come see what I drew for art class? I need your criticism so I can make it better. The art teacher said so.”

“Hmm, I don’t know. I got some homework I’ve… gotta…” Sara looked over at the couch, where her father greeted her with a death stare from above his newspaper. “Okay, I guess I can make time.”

Bethany led the way up to her room. On the desk sat a picture of a beautifully-drawn horse, anatomically correct and shaded to perfection. Bethany loved horses; in fact, her entire room was horse-themed. The sheets on the bed showed a horse grazing in the field, and a stuffed horse sat on the pillows, which looked like hay bales. Along the center of the wall all the way around the room, a strip displayed a pattern of running horses. Beth’s parents thought it was cute, but Sara saw it as an unhealthy obsession. She almost gagged when she saw the picture-perfect horse on the white piece of paper. “It’s good,” Sara commented, “But why is it always horses with you?”

Bethany suddenly put on a dreamy tone. “Horses are the majestic creatures of the prairies. Their muscular bodies are complimented by a gentle nature, and for centuries they’ve helped humans-”

“Okay,” Sara cut her off. “Sorry I asked.”

“So… Any helpful criticism? My teacher said to write down at least three things we can improve on.”

Sara looked, but the picture was flawless. Why didn’t Beth just bullshit it and write down three random things? “Umm… I don’t know. I guess perception, depth, and uh… dimensions.”

Beth giggled sweetly. “You’re so funny! You know those are all basically the same thing.”

“Look, I don’t have time for this. I gotta go do my own work.”

“Wait, seriously. I need criticisms on this, please. I’m thinking I maybe could’ve done a better job on the nostrils. They look a little big, don’t you think?”

“Well, if you know what’s wrong with it then why do you need me?”

Bethany was disheartened. “Sorry, I just wanted your opinion on it.”

Sara could see she hurt Beth’s feelings, and sighed heavily. “Okay, I’m sorry Beth. Let me look at it again… Yeah, you’re right about the nostrils, they could be a little smaller. And uh… Some more shading on the legs would help define the muscles more, I think.”

“Oh yeah, you’re right! What else?”

“Hmm… Shouldn’t the eyes be just a bit more to the side of his face?”

“That’s it! I KNEW there was something wrong with the eyes. Thanks Sara!” She hugged her older sister once more, and Sara accepted it. As she walked out of the room, she couldn’t help but feel a little lighter on the inside, and she smiled.

The next day at school, Sara walked in with her diaper sagging a bit from the day before. She had wet herself several times and messed once since John had changed her, but the powder and lotion did their job and protected Sara from further inflammation. She smelled a bit, but after her 2-week period of no changes, she barely noticed it.

In math period, Eric noticed that the room didn’t smell nearly as bad as the week before. He glanced at Sara, and saw that there was no longer an enormous mass outlined against her pants. He didn’t want to care, but he was curious. Who had changed her?

During lunch period, he approached Sara at her locker. “Hey.”

“Um… Hey, Eric. I didn’t realize we were on speaking terms again.”

“I see you’re out of that disgusting tub of shit. Who finally bit the bullet for you?”

“Why do you care?”

Eric raised his eyebrows innocently. “No reason. Just curious is all.”

“Well, it’s none of your business. You made yourself pretty clear when you said you didn’t want to speak to me again, but obviously that isn’t the case. So why don’t you just hurry along to the lunch room, hm? I’m sure you have better things to do than talk to this ‘freakshow.’” Sara shut her locker and walked away victoriously.

Eric’s curiosity was now through the roof. He followed from a distance and watched her enter the cafeteria. He saw her approach a lone boy at a table and hug him. Who the hell is that? he thought. The pair chatted for a bit, then the boy sniffed the air and asked her a question. She nodded and looked down at her pants, and the two walked away. There’s no way, Eric thought. That little prick is changing her? Once again, Eric tried not to care as he walked casually to his usual seat next to his baseball buddies. But the thought of the couple lingered in his mind for quite some time afterward.

Meanwhile, John and Sara walked to the family restroom next to the gym. But when they pulled on the door, it was locked. “Occupied!” they heard from the other side.

“Ah, well,” John said. “That probably wouldn’t have been the best idea anyway. If somebody saw us both walking out of there, we’d be screwed. There’s no privacy here; you’ll just have to wait till after school.”

Damn it, Sara thought. “That’s alright. Hey, I think I’ve mastered waiting for changes.” She giggled at her own joke, and John gave an embarrassed chuckle.

“Yeah, I bet so. Well, just meet me at my car after school. I’ll change you at my place and drop you off at home. Wanna go get some lunch?”

“Sure, I’m starved.” The two walked back to the cafeteria side by side, and held hands along the way.

Eric had a new girl in his bed that night. They started stripping their clothes as they kissed, but the girl noticed that Eric wasn’t up yet. “What’s wrong? Not excited to see me?”

“Just hang on a minute.” Eric focused hard on the nude girl’s upper body, but for some reason he couldn’t bring himself to arousal. What’s going on? he thought. This has never happened before.

“Here, let me help you,” the girl said seductively as she reached for his limp penis.

“No, just get dressed. I’m not feeling it tonight. I’ll drive you home.”

“Okay, suit yourself.” Eric watched as she pulled her shirt back on. When it came down over her, the girl’s face had taken on the appearance of Sara’s.

“WHAT THE-” Eric rubbed his eyes furiously.

“What happened?” the girl asked, suddenly worried.

When Eric looked back, the girl’s face had changed back to normal. “Nothing, I’m fine. Just got something in my eye is all. Get your stuff, I’ll drive you home.”

For the rest of the night, Eric could not stop thinking about Sara. The image of her face had frozen in his mind and haunted him like a specter. She appeared in a dream, her upper body bare and an overloaded diaper drooping from her waist down to her ankles. And as she stood still, an eerie shadow cast from her body and her face was dimly lit. “…Sara?” he asked. The figure remained silent. He reached out to touch her, but on contact, she dissipated into a shadow on the ground, spreading out, surrounding him in darkness. He heard her words echo: “Will you change me?” repeated over and over, overlapping and playing at different frequencies. Then the noise stopped. And suddenly, he was engulfed in flames, as he heard his own distorted voice: “WHAT KIND OF GROSS FUCKING FREAKSHOW ARE YOU?!”

He awoke with a start, wondering what had happened to him. He had never been so worked up over a girl in his life. Yet here he was, lying in a pool of his own sweat, unable to take Sara off of his mind. He couldn’t understand it, but he wanted her. He wanted her more than anything he had ever wanted in his life. He grew enraged at the thought of that boy hugging her. Hugging HIS woman. And he would be damned if he let that scrawny little fuck steal what was his.


For the second time that week, Eric approached Sara at her locker. “Hey, Sara. How’s it going?”

Sara turned around to face him, rolling her eyes as she did so. “What now?”

“Look, I’ve been thinking about what happened that night between us. I just want to let you know that I forgive you.”

“No Eric, it’s too late-” she stopped short. “Wait. You ‘forgive’ me?”

“Yeah. I know that you didn’t WANT to show me what was going on, but you just got so desperate that you fell into a moment of weakness and selfishly asked me to-”

Sara put up her hand to silence him. “I revealed something to you that not even my family knows about. You said you loved me, but when I made myself vulnerable to you and asked for your help, you denied me. You insulted me and told me never to speak to you again. So I’m just confused as to who should be forgiving who here.”

“Look, you put me in a really difficult situation. I mean, did you even consider what I felt like when you suddenly looked like… like that? I’m not gonna totally let myself off the hook; I know it wasn’t the best choice of words but-”

“You mean words like ‘freakshow?’”

“IT WAS A KNEE-JERK REACTION! God, how did you expect me to act? You’re the one that got yourself into that situation in the first place!”

“If you’re trying to take me back, I have to say you’re doing a really lousy job.”

Eric inhaled deeply, calming himself. “Look. I saw the guy you’re with. I don’t know who he is, or what you see in him. But I promise if you come back to me, I’ll do whatever you want. I’ll take you to the mall, we can go to the movies or skating or bowling, I’ll even change you if you ask. Just please be my girlfriend again.”

“For your information, his name is John. His parents aren’t rich like yours are, but he cared enough about me to help me when I needed it most. You had your chance and you blew it, so you can just go fuck yourself.” And for the second time that week, Sara walked away victoriously.

The rest of the week passed by uneventfully. Eric seemed to keep his distance, and John changed Sara every evening after school. They did homework together, John helping Sara when she needed it. Then, John would drive her home.

When Saturday came, Sara and John went to the movie theater together. Sara made sure to update her status on Facebook, telling everyone that she would be seeing “Catching Fire.” The theater was relatively empty when the two walked in, as most people had already seen the movie.

While Sara had her toilet right underneath her, John was not so fortunate. “Hey,” he whispered, “I gotta go to the restroom real quick.”

“Are you kidding? This is the best part.”

“I’ll be right back.” John got up and left.

Just then, a figure in a jacket moved from the row behind Sara to the seat directly next to her. Sara noticed after a moment, and turned to him.

“Sorry sir, this seat is-” she suddenly stopped, and made out the familiar face of Eric staring menacingly at her. He moved back his jacket a bit, revealing a small pistol pointed directly at Sara through the clothing. “Come with me,” he whispered.

Sara’s heart dropped to her stomach, and she stood fearfully up from her seat. They walked side by side out of the theater, the gun pointed at Sara through the jacket. She didn’t dare try signalling for help, and simply walked rigidly with his hand gripping her wrist.

John left the restroom and returned to the theater to find Sara missing. Confused, he walked out of the theater to check the parking lot. Maybe she had just left her phone in the car or something. But as he walked out, he saw Sara getting into the passenger seat of a red corvette with a boy that he recognized as Eric. Sara had told John about their recent encounters, so he knew that something weird was up. He realized he wouldn’t be able to reach the car before they drove away, so he rushed to his own and followed behind them at a safe distance.

Meanwhile, Eric kept the gun pointed at Sara with his left hand while he drove with his right.

“Why are you doing this?” Sara asked.

“I tried to be nice to you, Sara. I told you you could come back with me, and we could start dating again. I would’ve done anything for you. How could you refuse that?”

“I already told you why, Eric.” She glanced at the spot underneath the jacket where the weapon was hidden.

“Yeah? Well I’ve made up my mind. I’m taking you back whether you like it or not. Don’t you understand that I NEED you, Sara? I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you ever since that John guy stole you from me.”

“That’s called jealousy, Eric.”

“I am not ‘jealous’ of John. I just wanted you to be my girlfriend again. I mean, what does he have that I don’t?” Sara stayed quiet, fearing how he would respond to her answer. “Well?!” he yelled.

“He cares about me, Eric. You know that we haven’t had sex one single time since we’ve been together? He’s not just using me like you did. And I’m not using him for money, like I did to you. Our relationship was material-based, Eric, and neither one of us cared about the other’s feelings. It was half my fault. But I realized my mistake and moved on. Why do you suddenly need me so badly?”

“I don’t know. I couldn’t explain it if I tried.”

“I think you ARE just jealous.”

“SHUT THE FUCK UP!” Sara jumped and peed a little at Eric’s sudden outburst, fearing for her life. But his anger subsided, and he said, “I’m not jealous of that pale bastard. So don’t fucking say it again.”

Eric pulled the corvette to a deserted parking lot in front of an old warehouse. He led Sara inside, still pointing the gun at her underneath his jacket. He shut the large door behind them. The building was nearly empty except for some trash here and there, and the only light came in dimly from the windows bordering the top of the wall. Eric now pulled the gun out of his jacket and held it by his side.

“Take off your clothes.” Sara hesitated. Eric pointed the gun at her. “I SAID TAKE OFF YOUR FUCKING CLOTHES!”

Sara complied, her stomach turning and her lips quivering with fear, feeling like she was going to vomit at any minute. Soon, she was standing in just her diaper, which drooped a bit from previous wettings. Eric dropped the gun to the floor, approached Sara, and reached for the tapes. The diaper fell to the ground, and Sara was left naked. “We’ve done this a million times before, Sara. Just think of it as reliving old memories. Now get on the ground.” Sara slowly lowered herself onto the ground as Eric began removing his clothes.

Just then, the door of the warehouse opened. John appeared in the doorway, and both Eric and Sara turned to look. John saw them on the ground together, Eric’s bare penis about to penetrate the defenseless girl. “Sara, what-” John stopped himself short as he saw the pistol laying in the middle of the floor. He realized what was happening, and made a mad dash for it. Eric, still naked, scrambled to his feet and followed suit, and the two dove for the weapon as Sara looked on in terror. They both grabbed the gun at the same time, gripping it with both hands. John released one hand and socked Eric in his left eye. Eric grunted, feeling his eye swell up, and released his grip on the gun. John stumbled backward, gun in hand, realizing he had won the engagement. But Eric was quick to recover and lunged forward once more, knocking Eric to the ground as the gun slid away from the two. John, now on his back underneath Eric, reached up and punched once more, this time in the jaw. But Eric was unfazed, and began delivering a series of punishing blows to John’s face. John thrashed about trying to free himself, but his body was unfit for fighting an athlete of Eric’s caliber. He soon lied half-conscious on the ground, his face and head throbbing in pain and covered in blue and purple bruises. He was bleeding heavily from his lip and nose, and he breathed with significant effort.

Sara, now diapered once more, started moving toward the gun while Eric wailed on John. She tried running quickly toward it, but Eric took notice. He jumped up off of John and beat her to it, shoving her to the floor. He picked up the gun and aimed it directly at John’s discolored head. Sara screamed in protest from the floor.

Just then, a bright light flashed through the room, blinding the three teens. A gust of wind blew over them, and as their sight recovered, a female figure in a black garment appeared before them. Mrs. Harling stood in the center of the floor, a purple book in her hand. She pointed at Eric’s weapon and yelled, “Relenquia!” Suddenly, the pistol flew out of his hand to the wall behind him.

“What the-” Eric began. He turned and ran for it, but the witch pointed her finger at his feet and yelled, “Coordino Enfrakurum!” John stumbled and fell to the floor, and was unable to stand back up. “Bindarus Shackalo!” Chains reached out from the ground and bound Eric’s body, leaving him squirming for freedom.

“Mrs. Harling!” Sara had never been happier to see someone in her life. She ran over and hugged her, and the witch returned the favor.

“I saw you were in trouble. Bet you’re not so angry about my spying now, huh?”

Sara paid no mind to her comment. “You gotta help John, he’s really hurt!” They rushed toward the boy’s semiconscious body. Mrs. Harling touched his face. “His nose is broken, but that’s the worst of it. Other than that it’s just bruises. I’ll take us all back to my house.” She opened her book and mumbled a bit for a few minutes, turning the page once in the process.

Sara knelt down beside John and held his head. “Don’t worry, John. You’re gonna be okay.” John’s breath came in heavily through his half-closed mouth, and his swollen eyes were closed. Soon, another blinding light flashed through the room, forcing all of the members to shut their eyes. When they looked again, they were in the middle of dimly lit room. A small bed was on the side, and a couple of bookshelves stood against the walls. Mrs. Harling and Sara lifted John into the bed. Eric was still bound by chains to the floor, and he yelled, “Where is this? What the fuck is-”

“Zipparandulus!” Mrs. Harling yelled as she pointed at Eric’s mouth. She walked over and pulled the zipper across Eric’s lips, sealing them and muffling his speech. She then pulled out a red book from a nearby shelf. “I’ll say some incantations over him. These healing spells take a few days to work, but it’s still faster than if we just let him heal naturally.” She began muttering nonsense, and Sara found her clothes near one of the walls. She pulled them on and walked back over to John, stroking his hair as Mrs. Harling performed the healing spells.

After about 30 minutes, Mrs. Harling concluded her incantations. John awoke and opened his eyes, inquiring where they were. Sara explained everything to him from the moment when Mrs. Harling appeared at the warehouse. He sat up slowly, feeling his head hurt a bit, and got to his feet.

“Well,” John said, “thanks for your help, Mrs. Harling. I’d be dead if it weren’t for you.”

“You’re quite welcome, dear. I transported your car from the warehouse to my driveway out front. The door is just down this hallway and to the left. Now you be sure to rest up; the healing spells work faster that way.”

“What are you gonna do with him?” Sara asked, pointing at the mumbling, squirming Eric.

“Oh, don’t worry. I have something extra special planned for him.”

Eric woke up to the sight of spinning toy ballerinas overhead. He looked around, and saw that he was in a very long bed surrounded by pink bars. He felt a bulk between his legs, and looked down to investigate. He saw a white diaper with cartoon designs. He opened his mouth to scream obscenities, but all that came out were gurgles and and whines. A cloaked figure approached from a door across the room, the same one that had appeared to him at the warehouse. “Oh good, you’re awake. Come on now, we have to get you dressed. I have someone very special for you to meet.” As she approached, he noticed that she was much larger than he was. She put on him a pink onesie and a matching bonnet. She lifted him out of the bed, and as they passed by a mirror in the room, he saw the woman carrying not his regular teenage body, but an infant’s body. He cried out in shock at the sight of himself. “Oh hush,” the woman said to him.

They walked to a room filled with baby toys, and Eric saw a lone baby in the center of the floor. “Matt, I want you to meet your new playmate, Erika!”

Erika? Eric thought. As the woman set him down in front of the smiling baby, he reached down to touch the front of his diaper, and felt an absence on his crotch. He started crying in utter horror as he came to the realization that he was now a helpless, diapered, baby girl.

Re: She Won’t Change (plus some info about me)


School was now nearing its final weeks, and Sara could finally relax now that Eric was out of the way. Apparently, he had signed up for early graduation and completed his exams so that he could fulfill his life-long secret dream of joining the Peace Corps. Sara figured that this was a bit less than accurate and would soon find out, to her unending amusement, that Mrs. Harling had recently adopted the adorable baby Erika.

Sara introduced John to her various groups of friends, which of course was awkward at first; John wasn’t used to social interaction. But as time went on and his face became more familiar, he established himself as a well-liked figure around the school. People found him to be insightful, and often came to him for help and advice. The boys began inviting him to baseball games, movie nights, and other get-togethers. John delighted in his newfound position among his peers.

One Saturday night, in early May, a boy was throwing a huge end-of-the-year party. His parents were out of town, and there was sure to be plenty of booze to go around. The boy invited nearly everyone in the senior class, including Sara and John. Knowing the implications, John was a bit apprehensive. But after some convincing from Sara, he caved and agreed to go with her.

Sara told her parents that she was going to John’s house to hang out. They informed her that she was to return home promptly at midnight, and that she knew the consequences if she didn’t. John picked her up outside her house, and they arrived at the party around 9:00. Nothing too crazy was occurring; they entered and received some warm greetings while walking through the hall. Loud pop music blasted on the radio and some couples were dancing together in the middle of the living room, some holding red solo cups filled with alcohol. John noticed the various bottles sitting on the counters and tables, and grew tense. He turned to Sara saying, “Please don’t drink too much. I don’t want you getting in trouble with your parents.”

“It’s fine, John.” She smiled at him. “Relax a little and have some fun.”

John maintained his tone. “Well, just don’t let it get out of control, okay?”

“Yeah, whatever.” Sara headed eagerly for the ice bin filled with Bud Light and grabbed one, popping it open. As she drank, John shook his head, wishing they hadn’t come.

“John! How ya doin’ man?” The voice came from John’s left, and he turned to see the relaxed, smiling face of one of his recently-acquired friends.

“Hey Tim,” John replied in a friendly tone. “Doing good, how you been?”

“Hey, just partyin’ up man! You should come to the basement; that’s where all the good shit is.”

It was then that John noticed Tim’s red eyes and funny smell. “Um… I think I’m good.”

“Look dude, you don’t gotta take it if you don’t wanna. No pressure man, the guys downstairs just wanna see ya.” He brushed the long, raggedy hair from his bloodshot eyes.

Not wanting to be the buzz kill of the party, John said, “Alright, I’ll come with you. But lemme just-” He motioned toward Sara as Tim grabbed his hand.

“Come on,” Tim said, “you’re gonna love it down there. This is where the real party’s at.”

John looked back at Sara as he was dragged to the stairway leading to the basement. She was still chugging thirstily from the bottle. He called out, “Hey Sara! I’ll be right back; remember what I said, okay?”

Sara swallowed and looked to him. “Yeah, sure John.” There was a hint of sarcasm in her voice as she went back to her bottle.

The smell of freshly-lit joints overwhelmed John as they descended into the basement. The room was lit by dimming lights turned less than halfway on, and the smoke made the light even less effective. John made out about a dozen people sitting in various locations, some on the floor and some on the furniture. A pair on the couch was sharing a joint, while a small group on the floor in front of them passed a bong around. Empty chip bags and cereal boxes littered the floor.

One large, bearded teen stood up and walked over to them. “Hey John! Good to see ya, bro!” John cringed as the chubby stoner pulled him into a bear hug.

“Yeah, hey Chuck.” The boy maintained his position for a while, then released at last.

As John looked tensely around the room, Chuck said, “Hey Tim, where’s the snacks bro? We’re running dry down here!”

Tim got a surprised look on his face, as if having an epiphany. “Oh yeah! That’s why I went upstairs! Hey Johnny, gotta ditch ya for a little bit. Be right back with some pretzels.”

Tim walked back up the stairs and passed the living room, where Sara was dancing by herself, beer bottle still in hand. “Man, I LOVE this song!” she exclaimed as she moved her diapered hips to the beat of the music. Some boys were starting to take notice, and a small crowd formed to watch.

“Hey Sara,” one said, “wanna try some’a this?” He held up a brown bottle of whisky.

Sara looked over at the bottle being held in the air. She stopped moving and scratched her head, saying, “Um, I dunno. John told me not to drink too much and I already had-”

“Here, just a sip won’t kill ya.” The boy poured a small trickle into a red cup and held it out for her. She hesitated, but started walking over. “Sure, but just a sip,” she warned.

Meanwhile, John was trying to politely find a way back upstairs. “Hey Chuck, this looks really fun and I’d love to stay down here, but Sara is upstairs and I should probably get back to her.”

“Hey man,” Chuck responded easily, “Sara’s a big girl. Just relax and let her do her thing. Look, I want ya to see somethin’.” He led John over to the circle passing the bong around. He pointed at it saying, “You look tense, bro. This stuff right here? This will cool your nerves. Why don’tcha try a little and see what you think?”

The person holding the bong noticed John and happily held it out to him. John held up his hands. “I’m good, guys. I don’t need any of that; I gotta drive Sara home tonight.”

One girl in the circle said, “Oh c’mon. It’s not like you’re getting drunk. Just a little high is all.”

Tim came back down the stairs carrying several bags of pretzels and, seeing what was going on, walked over to the group. “Damn, Chuck, what’re you doin’? I told him he didn’t have to try this stuff if he didn’t wanna.”

Chuck looked back at him. “But he did wanna try it, right John?” The two stoners both looked at John.

“Look, I’d rather not. I gotta get back upstairs.” As he made his way anxiously up the stairs, he could hear Tim accusing Chuck of scaring him off.

He entered the living room and saw a group of boys crowding the room. Sara stood on the coffee table in the center, dancing wildly, nearly falling off at one point from dizziness. As John watched, he saw his girlfriend take her shirt off and unhook her bra. The whole room watched the girl’s boobs bounce up and down as she continued her wild dance routine. The boys began hooting and hollering, and John made his way quickly to the center of the crowd.

“Sara!” he yelled furiously. “Sara, get the hell down from there!”

Sara looked down at John, faintly aware that she was in trouble. She tried to lower herself down but found it impossible in her current state of inebriation. John grabbed her hands and lowered her down, putting her bra and shirt back on. The crowd, disappointed at the interruption, started to disperse.

John glared at the drunken girl. “Damn it Sara, I told you not to drink too much! Can’t you just control yourself?”

Sara tried to focus her vision on the boy in front of her, and as his words started registering in her head, she came up with a response. She muttered, “You know what I think about that?” She then turned around and stuck her butt out at John, farting and shitting herself loudly. John could do nothing but watch as the seat of her diaper, visible through her yoga pants, started inflating with wet feces. As she finished, she fell butt first on the floor, squishing the mess and laughing herself insane. She started attracting some curious looks, and John picked her up, putting her arm over his shoulder. He was incredibly angry with her, but knew that the joke had been the alcohol talking. Now, all he wanted was to take her home and let her sleep off her drunkenness.

He helped her to the car and put her in the passenger seat where she immediately fell asleep, mouth agape. He then drove to his house, where he picked up Sara and carried her inside with some difficulty. He laid her down on his bed and started changing her soggy, filled diaper. He wiped her butt tenderly, making sure it was completely clear of the mess. Angry as he was, he didn’t want her rash to return. After throwing the diaper away, he pulled the covers over Sara and laid her on her side. He then brought some sheets over to the couch in the living room, where he slept for the night.

Sara awoke the next morning to the ringing of her cell phone. Her head felt about to burst, and as she sat up, she felt sickness take her over. She rushed to the bathroom and vomited into the toilet, her head spinning with the effort. As she finished retching, she once again turned her attention to the ringing phone in the bedroom. She walked back towards it and picked it up, and saw that it was was her father. “Oh, shit,” she whispered. A wave of terror flooded over her body, and she felt like throwing up again. She answered and put the phone slowly to her ear, cautiously saying the word, “Hello?”

“God, Sara! Where the hell are you? Are you okay?” Her dad’s voice boomed over the line, and Sara felt her head about to split in two from the noise.

“Yeah,” she responded. “I’m fine, just not so loud please. John drove me home last night so I’m at his place.”

“What do you mean he drove you home? You told me you would be at his house all night!”

Sara realized what she had said, and her stomach turned. “Um… Well, we just went out to a McDonald’s real quick-”

“Why does your voice sound raspy?”

“Yeah, just um… Just some allergies or something I think.”

“Listen to me, young lady. Your mother has been up all night worried sick about you. I called you 10 times to see where you were and nearly ended up calling the cops. Now you get your ass home right now before I drive over there and kick it home.” The phone clicked as her dad hung up. Sara rushed over to where John laid on the couch and shook him awake.

“John!” she said anxiously. “John, wake up! You gotta take me home, now!”

As John stirred, he opened his eyes and looked up at the girl. “Why, what happened…” he said, still half asleep.

“I didn’t call my parents last night. They’re gonna kill me if you don’t take me home now!”

John suddenly recalled the events of the previous night, and sat up. “You’re lucky I don’t make you walk home after what happened last night. What were you thinking?? I TOLD you not to drink too much; you made a fool out of yourself in front of everyone!”

“John,” Sara cried, “We don’t have time for this right now! Get your keys and let’s go!”

John reluctantly complied and went for his keys, which were sitting on the kitchen table. As they hurried out to the car, John continued his rant: “Do you even remember what you did last night? Do you know how stupid you looked?” He sat in the car and turned the key in the ignition.

Sara said in protest, “John, you’re not the boss of me, okay? No, I don’t remember everything that happened last night, but I do remember that I had a great time! What did you do, sit in the corner like a loser?”

John pulled out of the driveway and started for Sara’s house. “Well I’ll tell you what I DIDN’T do: I didn’t take off my shirt in front of everyone and start dancing like some kind of animal!”

“Oh, so now I’m an animal? Nice to know how you really feel about me!”

“Sara, that’s NOT how I feel about you! That ISN’T you! You were a totally different person last night because you didn’t listen to me when I told you not to drink so damn much!”

“Look John, I’m about to get yelled at by my parents so I don’t need to hear it from you too. Please just be quiet, my head really hurts.”

John was about to say something else, but realized she was right. He would let her parents deal with her when they got home.

They pulled into the driveway, and Sara left without so much as a goodbye. John was equally silent as he turned around and headed back toward his own house, leaving Sara to face her father’s wrath.

As she walked through the front door, her mother ran up to her. “Oh, thank God! My baby’s okay!” She hugged Sara, then sniffed the clothes she was wearing. “What’s that smell?” she asked.

Just then, Sara’s father came into view. He walked toward her, his aging face full of fury. “Didn’t I tell you to come home last night at midnight? You didn’t even call or anything!” As he drew nearer, he too caught Sara’s strange scent. “Is that… whisky?”

Sara was speechless. She opened her mouth, trying to find words, but none came to her. Her father got close and sniffed once more.

“That is whisky! What the fuck were you doing drinking whisky?” Then, the truth came crashing down on him like a boulder. “Did you go to a party last night?”

Sara denied it. “No, I-”

“God damn it, Sara, I swear if you lie to me I’ll kick you out of the fucking house!”

Sara sighed, knowing she was caught. She said softly, “Yes, I was at a party.” Trying to save face, she quickly added, “But it was just a small one! Some guy got out a little whisky and we all had a little, that’s it!”

Her father was incredulous. “You’re still lying to me, aren’t you? You didn’t call because you were too damn drunk, is that it? Well, I don’t want you hanging out with that John kid ever again! He’s a bad influence on you; ever since you met him-”

“NO!” Sara felt tears forming in her eyes, and she finally spilled the whole story. “John had nothing to do with it, I MADE him come with me! He told me not to drink, but I didn’t listen! He saw that I was drunk and acting stupid so he carried me to his car and drove me home and put me in his bed while he slept on the couch. That’s what happened, I swear!” Tears now streamed down her face, which was red with guilt. Bethany watched all of this from the top of the stairs, covering her mouth, not quite able to believe what her sister was saying.

Her father, finally satisfied that he had the truth, took a deep breath. “Okay, Sara. We had this discussion once before, and I warned you that if you didn’t call us to tell us where you were, I would ground you for a month. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do.”

Sara’s heart sunk. “No…”

“Yes. That means no leaving the house except for school, not even to see your boyfriend. When summer comes, you can’t leave the house at all. And since you won’t be leaving the house, you won’t be needing your cellphone either.” He held out his hand. Sara reached into her pocket slowly, pulling out her phone and setting it in her father’s waiting palm. “I’ll give it to you before you leave for school every morning, and you give it directly back to me or your mother when you come home. Do you understand?”

Sara nodded, unable to form words in her current state of self-pity.

“Good. You’re lucky I don’t ground you for the whole summer.” With that, he turned and walked away into the kitchen. Sara trudged up the stairs, and she saw Bethany scurry to her room and shut the door. As she continued making her way to her room, the terrifying reality of her punishment slowly began sinking in: if she couldn’t see John, there would be nobody to change her diaper.


Mrs. Harling watched the large screen as Sara received her punishment. “Oh my,” she said approvingly. “What a surprising turn of events!”

Matthew was sitting in his high chair at the side of the couch, shoveling mush into his mouth and all over his face. He took a break for a moment to ask, “How?”

The witch kept her eyes on the screen, watching eagerly. She explained, “If Sara is grounded for a month and can’t see John, then she’ll have nobody to change her diaper. Unless, of course, she tells someone in her family her little secret.”

Matthew was confused. He asked, “Can’t he just change her at school?”

The witch thought for a moment. “Well, he can certainly try. But even if he manages to accomplish that, the school year ends on Monday next week. That will still be 20 days without a change! Can you even imagine?” Her eyes suddenly lit up, and her voice got surprisingly high as she finished speaking.

Matt looked worriedly at his caretaker. “You sure seem awfully excited about that…”

Mrs. Harling cleared her throat and collected herself. “Sorry. You know I can sometimes get caught up in my work, dear.”

Matt replied, “Well, I find it disgusting, to say the least. And the rash…” He shuddered at the thought.

“Don’t worry, when I first cast the spell I made sure to give her immunities to some nasty infections. The rash will spread and get more painful with time, but that will be the worst of it.” A moment of silence passed between the two, then Mrs. Harling changed the subject. “So how is your new little playmate?”

“Oh, Erika?” Matthew shrugged. “She’s okay, I guess. Still pretty mad about this whole thing, what you did to her and all. But I think she’ll get over it. Hey, maybe she’ll even want to stay this way forever like I did.”

Mrs. Harling was skeptical. “I highly doubt that. Her pride is too great; she’ll bound out the door the minute I lift the spell.”

“Maybe not,” Matt smiled. “You thought the same thing about me, you know.”

For the remainder of the day, Sara could think of nothing but the inevitable fate that surely awaited her. She thought back to the 40 pound diaper that she had so recently had to suffer through, and loathed the thought of going through it again. Matt could probably change her at school, but even that did not solve her problem, as that would leave another 20 days of messy diapered torture. She paced her room, thinking desperately of ways out of her situation. Maybe John could sneak in the house somehow? No, that would never work. The first floor was nearly always occupied by her mother, and there was no way that John could get into the window of her room on the 2nd floor without the neighbors noticing. But what if everyone were out of the house? No, the chances of that were slim to none, and in all likelihood would not leave a gap of time large enough for John to drive over and change her. After coming up short of a solution, she could only hope that John had some kind of answer.

The next day at school, Sara entered with her diaper bulging a bit from the previous day’s load. She searched frantically for John, and found him at a nearby locker, speaking to one of his new friends. As John saw Sara approach, he waved his friend away and walked in her direction. They met in the middle of the hallway and started talking as they walked.

“So,” John said, amused. “I didn’t hear from you yesterday. Parents take your phone?”

“Yeah,” Sara responded, “but it gets a lot worse.” She then told John about her month-long grounding period.

John absorbed this information and responded, “Well, I can’t say you didn’t have it coming. After all, they did warn you.”

Sara was ready to burst with frustration. “Don’t you realize what this means? If I can’t see you, there’s no way I’ll be able to get changed!”

John thought for a moment. “Well, you could always tell someone in your family-”

“No.” Sara became adamant. “No, that’s off the table. There is no way either of my parents - or my sister, God forbid - is going to change me.”

John could think of no other solution. “Well, I don’t know what to tell you. I’ll try to think of something. In the meantime-” the bell for class rang, cutting him short. He resumed, “In the meantime just try not to think about it. I’ll see you at lunch, okay?”

As the two parted ways, Sara scrambled her brain trying to think of some way out of her horrible situation. She felt the squishy feeling underneath her intensify with the thought of what she would have to endure. The teachers droned on nonsensically as she thought of nothing but her current situation.

The bell finally rang for lunch, and Sara rushed off to meet John in the lunch room. John said, “Let’s go try the bathroom next to the gym again so I can change you.”

They approached the door, which was thankfully unlocked, and walked in, making sure nobody saw them do so. John locked the handle as Sara removed her pants and lied on the floor, prepared for her change. But as John reached to unfasten the tapes, a rattle on the doorknob interrupted his progress. The two froze, then heard a knock on the door. John yelled, “Occupied!” hoping to steer whoever it was away.

Then, the familiar voice of the janitor responded. “Well hurry up in there, I gotta repair the toilet.”

Now the two knew they were in trouble. The janitor wouldn’t leave until they both came out, and he would surely report them for sexual misconduct on school grounds. Sara sat up quickly and looked frantically at John, her eyes wide with fear, waiting for a solution. John looked around the room, seeing no immediate answer. Then, he laid eyes on the large, wheeled trash can in the corner. It was filled about halfway with toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, and other various trash. He pointed first at Sara, then at the trash can, motioning for her to get in. Sara looked behind her at the can, then back at John, giving him a look that said, “Are you being serious right now?” Once again, John pointed from her to the can, mouthing the words “get in.”

Sara got slowly to her feet and replaced her pants. She then walked over to the can, looking grotesquely at its contents. After one more look back at John, she placed one foot in, then the other. She then sat down inside, her knees tucked against her chest, and felt the trash pile over her. The smell of other people’s bodily materials mixed together with her own, and she felt wet spots and moisture from the various disposable paper products piled against her. It was with great effort that she held on to her breakfast.

John piled some toilet paper and paper towels on top to more effectively cover Sara’s head. After she was out of sight, he rolled the trash can to the door and opened it. The elderly, white-bearded janitor stood to the side, giving John a curious look. “Just what do you think you’re doing with that trash can?”

John had already thought this through and responded, “Oh, I got punished earlier today and I have to empty out all the trash cans in the school.”

The janitor still looked unconvinced. “I’ve seen students have to pick up trash in the cafeteria, but never empty out trash bins. Plus, I usually do that at the end of the day.”

John simply shrugged, keeping his composure. “Don’t ask me why, that’s just what I was told to do.”

The janitor shrugged in reply. “Alrighty then.” He put an “Out of Order” sign on the restroom door, then entered, shutting the door behind him. John rolled the can towards the dumpster near the cafeteria, receiving some funny looks as he passed. When questioned, he simply said it was a punishment for class misconduct.

They finally reached the dumpster outside the cafeteria, and John rolled the can behind the dumpster and out of view of the building windows. He told Sara to get out and she did so, covered in wet and messy toilet paper and tissues. She started tearing them off of her body, gagging as she did so.

“Well…” John said. “I can’t think of any other place to change you. We certainly can’t do it out here, and everywhere inside the school has people running around.” He paused, taking a deep breath, and said the words that Sara had been dreading. “I can’t change you here at school. Unless we can figure something else out, you’re stuck in that thing for a month.”

Sara sat through the rest of her classes, unable to believe her predicament. 14 days was bad enough, and 20 is just downright cruel. But 30?? How would she ever survive this? She thought she could feel the rash already starting to return as she still sat in her mess from the day before. She desperately wished that John would’ve at least changed her before they left the restroom, but the janitor had put them both into panic mode.

The school day ended, and Sara drove home defeated. She felt a familiar warmth spread across her crotch as she unknowingly released more urine. Her ability to contain her pee was now thoroughly diminished, and she was starting to lose control over her bowels as well. She longed for the days before she met that horrible witch. Why was she so stupid? Why didn’t she just take care of the kid like she was supposed to? Then she wouldn’t be in any of this mess!

She pulled into the driveway and walked in the door, looking at her phone as she went. 2:59 PM. She was to be home every day by 3:00 or else risk extending her punishment. And since school ended at 2:45, that meant straight home. There was no possible way that John could change her after school without risking Sara’s late return.

Sara walked through the door and passed her mom, placing the phone in her outreached hand as she went. She walked straight up to her room and sat on the bed, frustrated and broken. As she sat, she felt the mess squish underneath her, reminding her she needed to poop again. She laid down on the bed and simply let it flow out of her. It came out more easily every time, and sometimes without Sara’s permission. It added to the current mess already piled inside, doubling the mass. Sara looked down and watched it exit her body as her diaper expanded and adjusted to the new load. She turned on her TV and stared blankly at whatever nonsense appeared in front of her.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. “Who is it?” Sara called, annoyed.

“It’s Beth…” The sweet, innocent voice fluttered from the other side of the door. “I just wanna talk to you for a second.”

Sara was in no mood to deal with her sister. “God,” she groaned, “not now Beth.”

“Please? It’s important.”

Her insistence was unusual, so Sara finally submitted and invited her in. “What do you want?” she asked arrogantly.

“Look…” Bethany started. “I just want you to know that even though you went to a party and had alcohol, that doesn’t make you a bad person.”

Sara interjected. “Beth, I don’t need this right now. You’re not Mom. Please go away.”

“But Sara, don’t you know how bad alcohol is for you? It can cause liver cancer and-”

“What did I just say? I don’t need to hear a fucking speech from you.”

“Look, I know you don’t want to hear this but it’s true! Alcohol does all kinds of horrible things to your body, and when you’re drunk, you don’t know what you’re doing! And you may hurt people around you or even yourself! And another thing is that if you drink too much, you can get addicted.” She continued listing out risk factors of alcohol, going on and on for what seemed like hours to Sara. Something was brewing inside her, something that had been pent up ever since the day Beth had been born, the day the spotlight had been stolen from her. She felt the anger fill her body to the brim, and she closed her eyes and gritted her teeth, trying to keep it contained. But it was no use; the results of the immense frustration caused by her sister over the years was about to come bursting out.

“SHUT UP! SHUT THE FUCK UP! What the hell is wrong with you?? Or a better question, what ISN’T wrong with you?! Why do you have to be such a perfect little goody-two-shoes all the time? Why are you always clinging to me trying to get me to talk to you or do things with you? Don’t you have anything better to do with your time? God, ever since you were born Mom and Dad have done nothing but given you every bit of their attention. Well what about me? What happens to Sara when Bethany comes crawling into the world? I’ll tell you what: I get pushed to the side. ‘MAKE WAY FOR THE GREAT AND PERFECT LITTLE BETHANY, EVERYONE!’ GOD you are such a nuisance! And you never get mad or argue with anyone about ANYTHING! Who the hell does that?! You are an unnatural, detestable little bitch, and I wish you were never fucking BORN!”

Sara sat huffing and puffing as her speech concluded. She had exhausted all her energy, and now felt a strange mixture of anger, dizziness, and satisfaction. Bethany listened to the entire rage, tears reaching her eyes as Sara tore the poor girl’s heart open. Her lip quivered, and she covered her eyes and ran out of the room, sniffling loudly as she went. The satisfaction started to fade from Sara and was replaced with the wrenching feeling of guilt. Oh God, why did I do that? she thought. She felt like punching herself repeatedly for saying such things to her feeble little sister, and started to realize that she had been no better to Beth than Eric had been to her.

After a few minutes, she got up, feeling her mess slosh between her legs. She walked over to Bethany’s room, where the sobbing girl was drowning face-down in her own tears. “…Beth?” Sara received no response. “Beth, I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to explode on you; I just had a bad day at school.” She cringed at her own horrible excuse.

Beth turned over and sat up on her bed, her tear-stained face a deep red and her short, brown hair slightly disheveled. She sniffled, “Why did you say those things to me? Is that really what I am to you, just some obstacle getting in the way of your life?”

For the first time in her life, Sara noticed a slight anger on Bethany’s face, mixed in with her misery. Sara walked over to the bed. “No, that’s not what you are to me. You’re my sister, and I love you.”

“Well then why did you say all those horrible things about me?”

Sara was silent for a moment. She then took a deep breath, and explained herself. “Look, Beth… Before you were born, I was the only child. Mom and Dad didn’t have anyone else to pay attention to, and I loved their attention. I loved it so much that when you came, I refused to believe that we could share it. I just wanted you to disappear. I was… Well, I was jealous of you. You were always smarter than me, and nicer. People just seemed to like you better. So tonight, I just lost it. You were going on about how I should be safer with alcohol, and I just couldn’t take it anymore. It was wrong of me to do that, and I really am sorry.”

Bethany wiped her face and considered all this. After a minute she said, “It’s okay. I think it’s good that you got it all out of your system. It’s not healthy to hold in your feelings like that, you know?”

Normally, Sara would’ve been annoyed at such a comment. But she let it roll off her shoulders. After another moment of silence, Sara said, “I got an idea. How about when my grounding is over, I drive you to the mall and we can spend the whole day together?”

Bethany looked at Sara and smiled. “Yeah,” she responded, “that would be fun.” The two pulled each other into a hug, and Bethany said, “I love you, Sara.”

Sara replied, “I love you too, Beth.” And for the first time in her life, she meant it/


The remainder of the school week crawled slowly by as Sara began once again to adjust to the feeling of a constantly-filling diaper. The singular difference was that this time around, she hardly noticed when she was going. The only indications that she was urinating were the sudden warmth and the added weight, and most of her pooping occurred without any effort on her part. John could only watch as the diaper grew by the day, as neither he nor Sara was willing to run the risk of being caught in the act of changing at school. John racked his brain for days but came up with nothing; the predicament was air-tight.

At home, Sara attempted to bond with her sister, mainly because it was the only thing that could take her mind off the growing sack of shit around her waste. They watched a lot of TV together, and found out they liked some of the same shows. Bethany showed Sara a collection of her artwork, most of it involving horses. Sara helped Bethany learn how to apply various kinds of makeup, and told her which kinds to use and when. Sara still found her a pretty annoying, but got used to it as time went on.

The diaper grew steadily as it did before, reaching farther and farther down her thighs and a couple inches forward and back as the week progressed. The familiar tingling had started anew as she felt the oncoming of diaper rash crawl over her skin, which was still slightly scabbed from her last rash. Her walking became more deliberate as the diaper ballooned outward. At least when summer comes I won’t have to walk much, she thought.

Over the weekend, Sara’s mother asked her to run to the grocery store with her, since she wouldn’t be going anywhere anyway. Sara realized that this could be her opportunity to get John to change her. All she had to do was convince her mom to let her go by herself.

Sara put on the most innocent face possible and said, “You know Mom, you look awfully tired. I could just go by myself, if you want.”

Her mom considered this for a moment. “Well, I am pretty tired… But you’re being punished, and I can’t allow you to drive the car by yourself.”

Sara now felt desperation, but remained calm. “It’s just the groceries, Mom. I promise I won’t go anywhere else.”

Just then, Sara’s dad came out of his room, speaking on the phone. “Well, I guess just tell them to file it away for now, I’ll swing by the office tomorrow… Yeah… Alright, see ya.” He pushed a button and hung up, then saw the conversation taking place in the living room. “What’re you guys talking about?”

“Well,” Sara’s mom said, “Sara offered to pick up the groceries for me so that I won’t have to.”

His response was immediate and firm: “Nope. Not happening. I can’t give you that level of trust yet, Sara. Just go with her and help her.”

Sara’s hopes were once again shot down. She grudgingly put on her shoes and followed her mother out to the car, her diaper squishing and sloshing between her with ever step. She sat down in the passenger seat of her mom’s car and felt the diaper reach forward as the mess squelched and popped underneath her.

“Well,” her mother said, starting the car. “How was your last full week of high school?”

“Fine, Mom.” Sara’s arms were crossed and she looked out the window.

“Have you been thinking about what you’re going to study in college?” She pulled the car out of the driveway and started driving


“Well, you should probably start figuring that out. College is coming up fast and you should at least have an idea of what you want to do.”

“I’ll just major in finance or something and see where it goes from there.”

“Well, that’s fine, but I just don’t see a lot of passion in that.”

“Why does there have to be passion? I go to college, get out, and make money. That’s how it works.”

Her mom could tell by Sara’s tone that she was annoyed. “I’m only saying that for your sake, sweetie. Your father thought the same thing growing up and now he wishes he’d just tried something different. There’s an old saying, Sara: If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Sara remained uninterested. “That’s great Mom, thanks for the life lesson.”

Now her mother took on an irritated tone. “Sara, I don’t think I’ve ever seen any drive or passion out of you to do anything. What DO you like to do?”

“I don’t know. If I had it my way, I’d get a rich husband and be a stay-at-home mom like you. That’s one way to never work a day in your life.” This last bit was dripping with sarcasm.

Her mom was now clearly frustrated. “Oh, so you think being a stay-at-home mom is easy? Do you have any idea what it’s like to wake up several times in the middle of the night to a screaming baby? Or to get puked, pooped and peed on on a regular basis? To clean up the countless messes a child makes in a single day? To keep a child entertained? To get a child to go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning? To keep a child from getting himself hurt or killed? Well let me tell you something, Sara: Your dad has an 8 hour job for 5 days a week. Mine is 24/7. You may think I have the easy part, but all your dad has to do is pay for you and your sister to eat.”

The rest of the car ride passed in silence as Sara turned this over in her mind. Just looking back on her babysitting experiences, she had to admit that her mom had a point: those kids could be tough at times. She was just happy to go home after 4 or 5 hours of watching the little demons and making sure they didn’t kill themselves. Still, it didn’t seem as bad as sitting at a desk all day taking phone calls from uptight customers.

They pulled into a parking place and Sara stepped out of the car, letting the diaper droop down once more. She still couldn’t believe that she had to suffer through another 23 days of this disgusting torture. Of course her mom had to park in the back of the parking lot, forcing her to lug the 20 pounds of waste the full 100 yards to the front door. She was fairly tired already, but knew she had a lot more walking to do before she could finally sit again. Her mother usually took a good 2 hours to shop at the store.

Sara waddled beside her mom, who was rolling the grocery cart, and put things in it periodically when instructed. They walked up each aisle and back through the next, her mom inspecting each item in the shelves as though looking for some kind of fatal error on the packaging. About an hour into their shopping, Sara’s legs were beginning to burn from bearing the weight of her padding. She asked, “Hey mom, can we go soon?”

Her mom didn’t look away from the shelves as she replied, “In a little bit, honey.”

Sara groaned. In mom speak, “a little bit” could mean any time between 5 minutes and 2 days.

Her mom, hearing her frustration, made her an offer. “Do you want something from here, Sara?”

“No, I’m fine, I just wanna leave.”

“Why are you so eager? It’s not like you can go anywhere anyways.”

“Mom, I’m just tired. Can we please hurry this up?”

“Sara, what is your hurry to get out of here? I’m enjoying the time we’re spending together.”

“Well, I’m not. I just wanna go home and sleep.”

Her mother was visibly saddened by this news and quickened her pace. The two were out of the store in the next 15 minutes, and after another long trek across the parking lot, Sara could finally sit back in her mess and rest her legs. When her mom finished loading the groceries into the car, she sat next to Sara and started for home.

About halfway back she asked Sara, “Why don’t you like spending time with me anymore? You used to love coming to the store with me.”

Sara looked back defiantly. “Because Mom, I’m an adult now.”

“Well, what does that change?”

“It means I don’t need you babying me anymore. I could’ve gone to the store myself.”

“Sara, just because you’re grown up doesn’t mean we can’t spend time together. I still go to Grandma’s house just to talk to her, and I’m more than twice your age.”

“Mom, I have friends now. I have a life outside the house.”

“Well, you also have a life inside the house that you’re failing miserably at. You got yourself grounded for a month because you lied to me and your father, and couldn’t even call us to tell us where you were. Just because you have friends doesn’t change the fact that you still have a family.”

Sara remained firm in her stance, although just a twinge of guilt ate at her the rest of the way home. Upon pulling into the driveway, hey both stood up out of the car, and Sara’s mother walked over to her daughter.

“Sara, I love you. You father and sister both love you. But sometimes, I get the feeling you don’t love us. Why not, Sara?”

“Mom, that’s ridiculous. Of course I love you guys. You just…” She looked away from her mother’s eyes. “…get annoying sometimes, is all.”

“Well of course we do. Everyone does. But that’s no excuse for the way you’ve been treating us. How do you think I feel, that my own daughter, the one I raised from birth, seems to detest me? It hurts, Sara. It really hurts.” Her voice shook a little.

Sara now felt like a total jerk. “Geez, Mom… I didn’t know… Of course I love you guys.”

“Then show me, Sara. Start treating us with some level of respect. Tell us where you’re going and how long you’ll be gone. Talk to us when we want to talk. At least pretend to be interested in what’s going on with us.”

“…Okay, Mom.”

The two pulled each other into a hug, then started taking groceries out of the car and into the house. It was still the middle of the day when they finished, but Sara felt like she had just completed a full-blown workout with the weight she had been carrying, which had increased another half pound in the hour and 30 minutes they had been gone. So she went promptly to her room, lay down on her bed, and took a long, squishy, and slightly itchy nap.


“Okay Erika, it’s been one month. So as promised, I’ll give you your speech back. But if you say anything naughty I’ll take it right back. Understand?”

The infant girl in the high chair nodded her head at Mrs. Harling, who was standing over her while she spoke. She took out a light blue book and read aloud the otherworldly inscriptions on the page before her. Suddenly, Erika felt like a hand that had been gripping her throat for the past month had just released itself, and she took a deep breath as she began speaking.

“He… Hello?” Her voice was light and childish, like that of a little girl. “Well it’s about da-” she received a stern look from the witch, and changed her wording. “I mean… Thank you, Mommy.”

Mrs. Harling smiled. “That’s more like it. Maybe there’s hope for you yet. It seems like you’re starting to settle into your new lifestyle. I saw you enjoying yourself quite a bit playing with Matt.”

The baby blushed in embarrassment. She crossed her arms and attempted to defend what was left of her dignity. “I was not! I hate being like this. I get mush every day for every meal, I have nothing to play with but those stupid blocks and rattles, I can’t hold my shi- um, my poop for more than a minute, and the only two people I have to talk to is you and that man/baby/whatever it is. I just want you to change me back so I can go home.”

Mrs. Harling turned to the kitchen counter and removed a bottle from the cabinet. She began filling it with formula as she responded, “Well, you should be happy that I got to you before you made the tragic mistake of murdering that poor boy. Now your only punishment is to be babied for a little while, rather than being locked in prison for years and years.”

“I’d rather be anywhere but here,” Erika said defiantly.

“Well, then you obviously haven’t been to prison before.” The witch finished filling the bottle and picked it up. She closed her eyes and focused her energy, heating the bottle in her hand. When she finished, she turned back to the infant girl. “Now drink up, and I’ll burp you afterwards. Then you can go play with Matt for a little while before your nap time.”

Erika grudgingly took the bottle and shoved it in her mouth. She tried not to enjoy the funny-tasting liquid, but it was growing on her like an addiction. She was afraid of what she might start liking next.

On Monday, Sara said her final goodbyes to many of her friends that would be leaving for college. She also met up with John once more at the end of the day to see if he had any final suggestions regarding a change. She was wearing sweatpants, but the diaper had grown beyond the point of hiding. It quite noticeably bulged in front and back, and caused the crotch to be displaced farther down her thighs than normal. Unfortunately, John had no answer for her. As far as he could tell, she was stuck until her grounding was over. Sara expected no different, but was still discouraged that her final attempt at freedom had fallen away from her.

As promised, Sara was confined to the house for the three weeks following her release from school. She had no phone, so her only sources of entertainment were the TV and her sister. She spent a lot of time with her sister, discussing school and boys and other such subjects. They drew and colored some pictures together, and when they got bored of that, they played card games or watched TV. Sara also began spending more time with her mother. They talked more about Sara’s college and future plans, and Sara began formulating ideas for what she wanted to do.

All the while, her diaper grew, much to her discontent. Every day added at least another 2 pounds to the horrible, noxious mixture of urine and feces. As fate would have it, she also came down with a case of the runs, and for two whole days her bowels continuously pumped out wet, mushy diarrhea. This generously added to the diaper’s girth, so that by the end of 2 weeks, her diaper was even more full than it had been from her last punishment. Standing up, it was only an inch away from the floor, and extended more than a foot in both the front and back. At the end of this 2-week period, Sara decided to step on the scale in her bathroom, just out of sheer curiosity. She had been about 120 pounds the last time she weighed herself. The scale now read 168. This number left the girl in total disbelief, but she also felt sort of impressed and strangely proud of such a feat. She wondered, almost with anticipation, how much the diaper would weigh by the end of her month-long punishment.

As before, the rash continued to worsen, and Sara was almost constantly rubbing the padding to relieve the itching and pain. She had to avoid doing this in front of her family, however, because she realized it would look like she was rubbing herself. So, whenever she was speaking with Beth or her parents, she had to suffer through the agonizing itch and bite of the rash until she could finally seclude herself and relieve the horrible sensation.

After three weeks, the diaper began to slide across the ground whenever Sara walked. Every trip to another room was a workout, and left her sweating and panting. Her mother began to worry a bit, but Sara attributed it to the summer heat. This was partially true, as the heat was another factor that intensified Sara’s suffering. The entire area inside the diaper constantly felt like an oven, and the sweat from her crotch and legs was absorbed into the padding, adding yet another substance to the toxic concoction. The smell of sweat, shit, and piss all rolled into one and suffocated Sara every moment of the day. No amount of perfume or deodorant could overpower the terrible stench, and Sara felt sick every once in a while because of it. Ironically, this only irritated her stomach further, causing her to excrete even more diarrhea.

It was about this time that Sara’s mother grew seriously worried about her daughter’s condition. She called the doctor to come over, and he examined Sara while she lay sweating in her bed. Laying down, the diaper jutted upwards a full 2 feet and reached forward to the very edge of the bed, nearly hanging off. Sara found it impossible to close her legs, and they were at a constant 90 degree angle. The doctor, who could not see the diaper or the rash, attributed the sickness to a bacteria and prescribed some antibiotics, explaining that she should be healed in the next week or so. During that time, Sara remained in her bed while Beth and her mother brought her food and drinks. She accepted them gratefully, though her appetite was minimal. She left the antibiotics on her nightstand and threw one away every day, knowing full well that her sickness was no bacteria.

Remaining in her bed at least spared Sara the need to carry the horrendous load strapped to her waist, and helped her recover considerably. She was still nauseous due to the smell, but opening her windows and turning her fans on helped alleviate it a bit. What still could not be controlled was the rash. Sara had given up on rubbing, as it now only made her skin hurt worse. She tried taking her mind off of it by watching TV or surfing the web, but neither helped. She counted as the minutes passed by slowly, and began to wonder if she should just give in and tell her parents about the diaper. But she kept reminding herself that she had made it this far already. In just a few more days, she would finally be free.

A week later, Sara’s dad entered her room where Sara still lay. He held Sara’s phone in his hand. “Well, your punishment is finally over Sara. I hoped you’ve learned a little lesson about lying to us and not minding what we say.” He handed her the phone, and she smiled gratefully.

“Yeah, I did.” Her voice was still a bit hoarse from sickness. “I’m real sorry about that. It was really stupid of me to go to that party in the first place.”

“Well, it’s good that you realize that. I trust you’ll remember that going into college.”

Sara reached up and hugged her father. “Love you, Dad.”

Her father received the hug happily. “I love you too, sweetheart.” They released each other, then her father said, “Oh yeah, John’s waiting out front for you. I don’t know if you’re feeling well enough but-”

Sara jumped at this news, her eyes lighting up. John could finally change her out of this damn thing! “I’ll be right down!” she responded eagerly.

Her dad left the room and Sara stood up, allowing the diaper to sag to the floor. As when she was laying down, her legs were still spread at a right angle, and she realized that she would have to walk like that all the way to John’s car. The diaper was stained a deep brown-yellow, and dragged behind her several feet as she walked through the hallway. She had given up on sweatpants and now wore a skirt as she walked. The load was almost too much for the girl to handle, but the sheer will to get changed urged her onward. She couldn’t help but make a quick stop in the bathroom to step on the scale. She had to lift her diaper up with her hands and set it down on top of the scale before stepping on it herself. She watched the numbers roll by and finally stop at 235. Holy shit! she thought. Disgusting as it was, she also found it incredible. Who would’ve thought that a person could produce 115 pounds of liquid and waste in just a month?

After staring in awe at the numbers for a few moments, she continued her trip down the stairs. She heard the diaper thump loudly behind her with each step as she made her way down steadily. Finally she reached the front door and looked out to the car where John was waiting. She dragged her massive diaper all the way over and greeted him at his window. His eyes were wide with amazement at the scene before him, as he saw the diaper drop down well below her knee-length skirt and to the ground.

“So…” he started. “How was the grounding?”

Sara could only smile at the life-saving sight of John’s face. “Terrible,” she said, still smiling. “Now take me to your place and change me out of this thing.”

Sara walked to the passenger side and manually lifted her diaper in before sitting down. It reached all the way out to the glove box and squished against it, flattening the front. The bottom sagged down off the seat and to the floor, and Sara could hardly find room for her legs in the mess. John smelled Sara’s terrible odor and opened the windows. The car ride seemed especially long as the rash continued to eat at Sara’s skin, but they eventually made it. John assisted Sara out of the car, helping to lift her mess out after her, and they walked slowly together towards the front door, Sara’s arm wrapped around John’s shoulders due to exhaustion. They made their way to the bathroom, as they had done previously, and Sara stepped into the bathtub, lifting her diaper over the edge.

“You don’t know how much I need this, John.” Her voice was filled with tired relief as John finally reached for the tapes and unstrapped the diaper. The front and back fell to the floor of the tub, but it did not make much noise as the bulk of the padding was already resting on the floor. Its sheer thickness caused it to still almost touch Sara’s crotch even after the tapes were undone and it was laying flat in the tub. The two struggled significantly to lift it out of the tub, but eventually accomplished it without causing too much mess. John instructed Sara to lay down in the tub as she had done before, and Sara complied, taking off her top and bra before doing so. At last, the soothing soap and water made contact with Sara’s red, chaffed skin, and burned significantly as it cleaned her. The drying mess came off in large chunks as John continued to scrub, and he found it necessary to force some of it down the drain using the wooden handle of a nearby plunger.

After an hour, Sara was finally clean. John dried her tender skin gently with a towel and began applying lotion and powder, which felt heavenly to Sara. Shortly after, a new diaper appeared and strapped onto Sara’s waist as it had done numerous times before. Finally, she could stand up and close her legs normally. Free of the terrible burden, she hugged John tightly for a long time. “Thank you, John. Thank you so much.”

After the two managed to drag the enormous diaper out to the garbage can, they settled down on John’s bed as they had done two months ago. They looked each other in the eye, each feeling total and absolute love for the other, and locked lips in a long and wonderful kiss.

For the third time, Sara pulled up the neglected driveway. She didn’t even bother knocking this time, as she knew the witch would answer before her hand reached the door.

Mrs. Harling seemed all too happy to see her. “Come in come in, dear! I see you’re finally free of that horribly filled diaper of yours. Oh, what fun that must have been!”

“Yeah, LOADS of fun.” Sara meant this to be sarcastic but realized the accidental joke, and the two shared a long laugh together as they made their way through the book-filled hallway.

They reached the room in which Sara’s ordeal had first begun. Matt and Erika sat in the middle of the floor, and looked over at the entering girl.

“Sara?!” Erika cried.

Sara was shocked. “Wait a minute, that baby can talk? How does she know my name?”

Mrs. Harling responded, “Oh! I almost forgot! Sara, meet my newly adopted daughter, Erika!”

Erika? Sara thought. She looked again at the baby girl, who appeared very uncomfortable in her presence. Sara started coming to a realization. “Wait a minute… Is that…”

“Eric?” the witch intervened. “Not anymore! Like I said, she’s my cute widdle baby girl now!”

Sara stared in disbelief. Then, she laughed. And she laughed some more, louder and higher. Her laughs became shrieks of joy as she fell to the floor, unable to contain herself. The very irony of it all! The strong, handsome jerk transformed into a helpless baby girl was too much for Sara to handle. She laughed so much that she cried, and tears streamed down her face as her fists pounded the ground.

Erika’s face grew deep red from embarrassment and shame. Matthew looked on in amusement, and Mrs. Harling started to look worried. “Alrighty, I think it’s Erika’s nap time.” She walked over to the girl and picked her up, escorting her quickly out of the room. Sara’s laughter finally began to subside as the witch reentered.

“I’m sorry,” she said, breathing heavily. “I’m sorry.”

“That’s alright dear, I understand that that must have been rather… unexpected for you. But on to the reason I called you over. As you know, I’ve been watching your behavior, and I must say that you have transformed yourself over the past few months. You are now good friends with your sister and show decent respect for your mother and father. I believe that you have truly come to repent your old, irresponsible behavior. All that is left is for you to apologize to Matt.”

Sara was a bit confused. “He’s just a baby. How is he gonna understand what I’m saying?”

She heard a little boy’s voice from behind her. “I’ll understand you just fine.” She turned around and looked at the baby, astonished.

“Did that baby just…”

“Oh, that’s a story for another time, dear. Now go on.”

Sara walked over and knelt down next to the small boy. “Hey Matt. I’m really sorry about what I did to you the day I babysat you. It was really irresponsible and selfish, and I wasn’t thinking about your best interest. I swear that I’ll never ignore a baby’s needs again, or anyone’s for that matter. Because let’s face it, other people are just as important as I am.”

Just then, a gust of wind blew through the room. Sara felt her diaper loosen a bit, and she reached down to touch it. She now noticed a gap between the opening of the diaper and her waist. She tried undoing one of the tapes, and it came off successfully. The spell had finally been lifted.

Sara redid the tape and stood up. She walked over to Mrs. Harling and looked at her seriously. “This was the worst punishment I’ve ever been through, and I hope I never have to go through anything as terrible as this again. But without it, I would never have found John or gotten as close to my family as I am now.” She pulled the witch into a hug. “Thank you so much, Mrs. Harling.”

Mrs. Harling hugged her back. “You’re welcome, Sara. I’m glad you finally changed your attitude for the better.” They released each other, and Mrs. Harling began speaking again. “Now, you’ve probably undone your potty training quite a bit in this time period, but not to worry. I have some spells that can-”

“Oh,” Sara cut her off, “that’s alright, Mrs. Harling. I think I actually like wearing these diapers. It’s really convenient, and John says they look cute on me.”

A bit confused, Mrs. Harling shrugged her shoulders. “Alright, suit yourself dear. But your diaper is now visible to everyone.”

“That’s alright,” Sara said. “I can keep them hidden pretty well under my clothes. And besides, who cares if someone finds out?”

Mrs. Harling was pleased. “Ah, that horrible teen pride of yours is finally gone. You’ve made great progress, Sara.”

After a moment, Sara asked, “So… What is the deal with the talking baby?”

Re: She Won’t Change (plus some info about me)


Sara studied finances in college, as she had planned. But she did it with a goal in mind. When she graduated, she bought the property where the abandoned warehouse was and turned it into a daycare. It was a huge success, as parents from all over the city wanted their children to be left in the loving arms of Mrs. Hoffman.

Bethany grew up to study biology and became a veterinarian, specializing in the care of injured racehorses. She visited her sister periodically, and the two loved to get together and let their children play with each other. Bethany did eventually find out about Sara’s diapers by accident after walking in on her being changed by John. But after the initial surprise, she found it quite adorable.

John went on to become a successful psychiatrist, and assisted Sara in running her daycare. The two lived happily together, and had two little girls. The older one was named Emily, and the younger one Jenna. Both were potty trained, but Sara gave them the choice to stay in diapers if they wanted to. Emily refused the offer, while Jenna accepted it gladly.

The Hoffman family often went to visit Auntie Jenna and her two adorable children. Erika had fully settled into his new lifestyle as Matt had before him, and found it quite comfortable and convenient. She no longer had an attitude problem and got along well with Matt. Sara still found the whole thing hilarious.

John and Sara proudly watched their children develop and grow older. They kept their grades up, for the most part, and respected their parents’ wishes. Fights would often break out, but with some help from Auntie Jenna, a resolution was soon reached.

Sara often thought back to the first day she had met Mrs. Harling, and laughed a bit at the ridiculous punishment she had been given. She questioned the witch a few times as to why the nature of her punishments had to do with diapers and babies, but Mrs. Harling always put it off for another time. Nevertheless, Sara was always thankful for the lesson that Mrs. Harling had given her, as it had led her to be a successful, respectable, and happy woman with a loving family.


Re: She Won’t Change (plus some info about me)

This is a very well written story. A bit predictable in a few spots, but overall, a very good read. I enjoyed it.

Well done.


Re: She Won’t Change (plus some info about me)

Thanks, I appreciate the feedback. If it’s not too much trouble, could you maybe point out an example of where it felt predictable?

Re: She Won’t Change (plus some info about me)

What happened to the Erik character, it was easy to see that he would end up as a baby. Making him a baby girl was a twist though. I wouldn’t worry about it though, your writing is excellent.


Re: She Won’t Change (plus some info about me)

Thank you very much!

Re: She Won’t Change (plus some info about me)

It was well written. I could have done without the inability to have her diaper changed. I can’t wear a messy diaper for ten minutes, let alone a month. I tend to not mess my diapers because I don’t like the feeling.

Re: She Won’t Change (plus some info about me)

It’s a preference thing, I get that. Can’t please everyone. My other two stories don’t have anything like that though. The longest they’re in the same diaper is maybe a day.