Shattering Siberia

Hello. It’s been a while since I’ve written anything. For those of you who read my last story I posted: I’m not done writing for the Utter Loss of Words of the Awkward Teenage Girl but I’m taking a break to relieve my writers block for that story. I will eventually get back to updating it in the future, I’m very sorry to those of you who were very much into it.

This story is a long one and is not a generic ABDL story by any means. I know the first two chapters aren’t very promising but hold in there and it will get very in depth soon. I loved writing this story and have just about a third of it written; however, it’s not fully proofread so I will be posting a chapter or two here and there as I proofread them. I’ll stop rambling though, I hope you all enjoy this story as much as I did writing it. Here are the first two chapters and the next few will follow soon. c:

I thought I’d write a lame synopsis for those of you who like to know what you’re getting yourselves into by beginning a story. It’s a very vague one but it gives a good idea what will be coming your way.


All Dakota Siberia ever knew was working within the government sector of the Phoenix. The Phoenix had an enemy called the Hybrid Institution. Dakota will do whatever it takes to make sure the Hybrid Institution is halted from experimenting on kids, incarcerating her friends, and hurting people she loves.

However, a guy named Derek changes her game plans, well, almost entirely. They have one little secret that makes the two of them inseparable.

Dakota finds herself in a maze of confusion. Every wall of defense that took so many years to build up come crashing down ever since she met Derek.

Dakota finds herself in a sticky predicament. Her mind is in a catastrophe as she has to choose between Derek or the Phoenix. What will she end up choosing?

Shattering Siberia

Chapter 1

“Flight 34 boarding passengers.” I took out my headphones and walked over to the line of passengers. You would think that there aren’t much people who travel at 4 in the morning from Atlanta, Georgia to Denver, Colorado I guess, but you would be sadly mistaken.

I watched as the family in front of me walks onto the plane’s entryway. The weary father carried his daughter onto the plane. The girl was decorated in pink from head to toe. Her head bobbed awake with a yawn as her dad carried her down the narrow hallway before entering the door on the plane. Jealousy betrayed me as I walked behind the sleepy family.


I was shaken from my daze, “Dakota.”

The flight attendant looked annoyed as if she regretted her job after talking to me, “Last name?”

“Siberia.” I narrowed my gaze in almost a glare as I went onto the plane, trying to ignore her attitude.

I found my seat of B23 and saw the family I walked behind sit a few rows in front of me to the right. I sighed and shoved my bag into the luggage compartment above the seats. I plopped down in my chair and waited for the plane to take off. My eyes kept drifting to the father as he patted his toddler’s back and cooed her. My eyes traveled to the Disney princess pull-up peaking out of her pink sweat pants. The mother caught my glance and I looked away in embarrassment.

Over the speaker the flight attendant told us that the flight would take off in a few minutes. I looked to the empty seat by me and then looked out the window. The plane began rolling. I took a slow breath and prepared for this lonely ride. It’s not like riding in a plane alone was a stranger to me, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a thought that doesn’t sting me.

Being alone, without any relatives, was something I was accustomed to. My parents passed away when I was only 7 years old. The only relative I had was my uncle who lived in Scandinavia and is currently still working at a botany lab. He rather study rare plants in Scandinavia than be with his remnants of a family. From what I heard, he’s a dedicated hermit. Bottom line is, he insisted on sending me to an orphanage when he found out that he was the last left to take care of me.

I could have very well been sent to an orphanage, but my father had a strong bond with one of his childhood friends. Daniel was truly a genuine friend to my father. Through third wheeling it for five years with my mom and my dad, the marriage, and the birth of their child, Daniel has been there. After my parents passed away, he was officially my guardian. I don’t treat him like he’s my dad or anything, but he did save me from growing up in an orphanage and that’s something I will always be grateful for. He is the only person that I can call part of my family.

However, Daniel a secret. From the age of 12, Daniel had been part of a silent war that had been going on for years. This war was between two government sectors. That’s the part I didn’t get when I was first recruited. How did the government approve both sectors without investigating further into what they did? Yet the government still funds both sectors to this day? Then I found that it was all a lie. Both sectors, owning hundreds of locations and counting, were lying to the government.

The sectors originally began as operations. These operations were more like research on children and teens. It was for advanced children and teens. Adolescents who were physically and mentally stronger and faster than others were gathered into these operations. There were two huge groups of research which were the Hybrid Institution and the Phoenix. They may seem similar on paper but in actuality, they were strikingly different. Surprisingly, both operations were once a whole.

Once upon a time, a group of psychologists, scientists, and federal agents came together to create one operation; this operation was called Phoenix. Calvin Smith and Wilson Earl were the two leading people within this group who originally founded the operation. Both men shared on the main dream of one day being able to progress adolescents mentally and physically so that they would be molding, basically, what you would call a ‘super human’.

In 1985, the Institution of Development was founded, with a staff of 19 people. The first group of adolescents of 50 students was admitted into the institution. After the first year, 8 of the original students remained. It was a disaster. Operation Phoenix was almost terminated. Only 8 students progressed significantly and the other 42 were ranked as average. Wilson Earl and Calvin Smith fought for Operation Phoenix to continue. However, after the first year, Wilson was changing his perspective on the whole operation. He began arguing to enforcing punishments and stricter guidelines. Calvin didn’t agree with Wilson. Calvin thought that the results of the first year were not due to that but rather the fact that all 8 remaining students had one thing in common: they all had high intellectual rates and a special frame of mind that couldn’t be explained. It was not the fact that they were naturally smart that they were remaining; it was because they all had a natural sense of determination.

The Institution of Development tested on mental ability, strength, and speed. If you failed any of the requirements to stay at the institution, you would be sent home immediately, hence why only 8 remained. Through looking at all the research, Calvin saw that it was not that they must inflict punishment; it was that they would need to gather up the ‘special’ adolescents. These special teens and children would already have to be mentally and physically advanced in order to take them and mold them into a more complex type of human. The proof was within the 8 remaining students and Calvin knew it. His idea bloomed into searching and testing the adolescents around the country to find more special teens.

Wilson disagreed strongly with Calvin. This led to a long feud between the two. Even though they disagreed strongly with one another, they pushed the government to grant another year at the Institution of Development and an extra building. They were given access to another year but not the extra building. Wilson ended up leaving Operation Phoenix to create his own building of the Hybrid Institution in 1987. The Hybrid Institution was funded by the government but instead for medical advancement with adolescents. It was not considered to be under Operation Phoenix. By 1987, Operation Phoenix was hardly considered an operation anymore.

Calvin renamed the Institution of Development into the Phoenix in 1988. Calvin began pulling his idea of ‘special’ adolescents from around the United States. The results were so significant that the Phoenix was funded continuously. The 8 original kids grew up into incredible soldiers, federal agents, doctors, and spies the country has ever seen. The results led to the usual admitting age to be around 12. Most of the regulations practiced at the Phoenix were also practiced at Hybrid Institution. However, as the years went by, the two sectors slowly rose into a silent war.

The silent war began with stolen research. In the mid 1990’s, Calvin and Wilson had moved on, but the people under them had not. Constant murmurs of hatred between the groups rose and the Hybrids ended up stealing vital information from the Phoenix. Years rolled by with students fighting other students that brought on an almost controlled chaos; a certain chaos that could be kept under wraps without anyone outside of the two sectors finding out. The Hybrid Institution would even kidnap teens from the Phoenix and punish them. The punishments weren’t too harmful, but they were rigorous. The Phoenix would have to break into multiple Hybrid Institution centers to retrieve the stolen students.

As of the year 2015, the Hybrid Institution was now known for its painful programs with children and teens. They regulate cruel punishments within their strict facilities. The medical procedures and examinations they practiced were scathingly drastic. The only good news is that no one has died or has had any serious medical mutation, yet. They have developed multiple medical advancements through the years. Sleepers have resulted through the medical testing that has gone on at the Hybrid Institution. Sleepers are small vials of milky white liquid with a small syringe at the end. One stick and you will fall into a deep sleep in under a minute. Unfortunately, that’s only one innovation out of hundreds that have been made in Hybrid Institution.

The Phoenix is still a whole different sector. They push teens and children enough to progress incredibly. There are never any terrible punishments or any testing on its adolescents without consent. The Phoenix practices heavy physical exercise and mental challenges. The results are just as incredible as they were in the beginning.

The Phoenix has been continuously trying to shut down the Hybrid Institution for many decades. It has been an impossible task as the Hybrid Institution has been growing every single day. The Hybrid Institution has around 340 facilities and counting. As Hybrid Institution grows, so does the Phoenix. The Phoenix has 267 facilities and we are still trying to grow. Thousands of people are invested into this silent war that still rages on between the two groups.

Daniel originally did not want me to be anywhere near involved with the Phoenix. I was fragile to him and he felt it was his job to protect me. However, as I grew up, I was exceptionally intelligent. He couldn’t neglect the gift I was given and eventually had to bring me into the whole movement. The Phoenix needed kids like me more than we knew. The Phoenix needed as many people as they could get.

The only issue that I faced coming into the Phoenix was that I had a behavior issue. I paid for it on multiple occasions and I still do. Usually I just would get small punishments of cleaning the bathroom or running a couple more laps during training but they didn’t really phase me. The punishments have been worse because I just can’t keep my mouth shut sometimes. Daniel’s scolded me several times for it because my trainers and leaders have talked to him.

Daniel almost didn’t let me take on my new assignment in southern California even though Daniel was going to be traveling there in a few months. I was transferring to Colorado for the summer to go into a training program.

California was the top ranking most heated spots within the silent war. One third of Hybrid Institutions are scattered in California, along with its head quarter in southern California. One seventh of Phoenix’s buildings are amongst them but thousands of members are living within southern California. Students were constantly being stolen and there were hundreds of fights happening there. I was being transferred there to be a sneak. A sneak was usually the idiot person that goes into a Hybrid Institution to steal information or be a decoy. I was the idiot person. I honestly didn’t care about going in. I was missing out on a lot of the action in Atlanta, Georgia anyways.

I originally was supposed to leave in September to California with Daniel but I left earlier to go to Colorado so I could join a special summer training camp, called Knights of Phoenix, only for the top ranking in performance between all the teen members of the Phoenix. Out of around eight thousand teens considered, only about one hundred are hand selected each summer to join the camp. During the camp, if you fall under requirements, you can be sent home. I’ve been offered the past two summers to go to the camp but Daniel wouldn’t let me. I still had about two weeks to wait out since it was only the end of May and the training begins on June 16th. This year I at least had a place to live in and a job lined up for the summer to have a little extra cash on hand.

I snapped out of my daze as the plane rolled onto the ground. My eyes flicked over to the toddler napping and then back to the sun peaking over the trees in the distance. I was so tired but I had to stay up a few more hours to get to the apartment. I yawned as I stretched. I walked sluggishly out of the airplane as I threw one more glance as I passed the toddler in the father’s arms.

Chapter 2

Three hours later I opened the door to the apartment. Sun peaked through the shades and I sighed. I threw my luggage on the floor and passed out on my bed.

I woke up to an obnoxious ring tone. I groaned and picked up my phone, “What?”

Daniel’s voice took on a concerned tone, “Hey kiddo. Are you at the apartment all in one piece?”

“Yes, Jesus Christ, can I go back to sleep?” I said, a little pissed off.

“Do you know what time it is?” I rolled my eyes, he knew I stayed up over 30 hours. I didn’t reply; I just laid there.

“It’s 3 PM. Get your ass up and do something.” I huffed on the phone and hung up on Daniel.

I got up and threw my phone on the naked bed. I was so lazy when I got back I didn’t even bother to put a cover on it nor any blankets. Thankfully the apartment had a homely feel with many bits of furniture complimenting it. It was just lacking a few pillows and blankets. The apartment I was staying in was Daniel’s friend Luke’s apartment. Luke was on a long business trip and Daniel talked him into letting me spend the next few weeks in his apartment.

I threw a cover and my warm, fuzzy purple blanket on the bed along with a few pillows. I stretched and groaned. I still had to go to the store to get groceries and I was feeling a bit lazier than I’d like to admit. My mouth was dry and my stomach rumbled obnoxiously.

I tossed my beaten up, sun bleached green backpack over my shoulder and went to the apartment garage. I fiddled with my keys until I found the garage door key. I walked into the parking garage and found the bike rack. Daniel said Luke had a bike I could use. I saw the light blue, deteriorated vintage bike at the end of the rack. As I thought it would be, the bike’s seat was way too high but I was lucky enough to have some sort of transportation, so how could I complain? I shrugged and attempted to adjust the seat. Being 5’2 could be a struggle sometimes, but it did have its benefits. I was guessing that Luke must be around 6 foot from his bike seat. I eventually got the seat down to as low as it could go and walked it out of the garage.

I hopped on the bike with a grunt. My feet were barely touching the ground so I began pedaling. Granby, Colorado had a small little downtown area on the outskirts where I was living. Near the apartment was a group of stores and restaurants to easily travel to with trees shadowing the roads. I biked down the roads with the sun light falling over my shoulders. Cars breezed by me as I turned the corner into the down town area. I rolled down a slight decline falling into the downtown.

The Lantern Restaurant Bar and Grill passed me as I rode onto the grocery store. I took a long glance at the place as I passed. The restaurant was built in with rustic dark wood and chipping white windows framing it. From what I could see, the inside had fully covered walls of pinup model pictures, coke collectibles, and other vintage pieces lining the walls. The room was well lit with lanterns glowing among the tables and walls. I looked away with less anxiety for my first work day. I would be working at the Lantern for a few weeks, starting tomorrow, and I didn’t know what to expect of the place. From what I just passed, the place looked very warm and inviting. It was only the first day of June and only 15 more days until camp begins. Camp was an hour or two away from Granby and near a lake where parts of the training will take place.

A few minutes later the medium sized Foodmart came into view. The wooden planks of the store looked bleached by the sunlight as I came closer. I jumped off of my bike and fit it into the bike rack. I felt a light breeze ruffle my long messy mahogany-ish-black hair as I walked into the store with a door ring following my entrance.

“Hello, welcome to Foodmart.” A guy at the counter said in a monotone voice as he looked over a magazine with a bored expression placed on his face.

I ignored him, grabbing a red shopping basket, and walked into the depths of the store, passing a few strangers pushing carts. I wanted to get my items that I needed and then leave. I hated wasting time grocery shopping so it was better if I got as little as possible. I grabbed some milk, bread, Cheetos and a few other items that I could thrive on for the next two weeks. After I was done, I was all the way at the back of the store. I began walking towards the front as something caught my eye in the row I was in.

I looked around to make sure no one was around. The store seemed vacant. I scratched the back of my head nervously as I looked at the shelves. Baby diapers to toddler diapers to adult diapers to infantile items showered the aisle. I searched for the GoodNites. My eyes fell upon a few sets of them in different patterns and sizes. I grabbed the large size ones with butterflies and zebra prints. I looked on it wondering if I could still fit in them. I hadn’t worn a diaper in more than a few years. I didn’t need to wear diapers but I wanted to wear them for many years on end. My obsession only lived within my dreams because I was too scared Daniel would find out. The package said ages 8-14 and sadly, I was 16 turning 17 soon. The package did say weights from 60 to 125 plus. I was only 120 so it must be able to fit me. I had to admit I had a small worry that it may not fit and it might be a waste to get them. I shrugged it off as I stared at the package with anxiety building in my mind.

“The Tinkerbelle ones are more adorable, wouldn’t you agree?” I jumped, dropping the package, and turned around. My cheeks warmed up in embarrassment.

My eyes found the man with the warm voice. Sea blue eyes watched me carefully. A crooked grin dawned on his face as if the situation was humorous to him. Light hazel brown, medium length hair fell over his forehead in a careless way. I had a small urge to brush a piece out of his eye but I resisted. His face was very, not to be vague, handsome, which only brought more embarrassment to my situation.

An awkward silence of staring made me shift as the guy reached down near me to pick up the pack of diapers. I couldn’t help but gawk at his muscular build and how tall he was. He had to be 6 foot something judging how much taller he was than me. He looked to be around 18 but he looked like he spent a bit more time than most in the gym. I blushed deeper shades of red as he looked at the package and turned it in his hands with a small smile. His eyes shifted towards me and then back down to the package, as if he knew I was about to buy them for myself.

I felt a little helpless and for once, I didn’t know what to do. Should I continue to stand there with the mysterious guy? Or should I run out of the Foodmart as fast as I can?

“Are these for you?” He looked up at me, with a serious expression.

My words betrayed me, “Yes.” I looked at him and then down in humiliation.

I shifted, once again. For some reason, I wanted to be honest, even though I could get away with a lie if I wanted to. But that was it, I didn’t want to. Something changed in my mind and in this moment, I wanted to be completely honest with just one damn person for once. And it happened to be this mysterious, damn fucking attractive, stranger that stood in front of me.

I closed my eyes, waiting for a repulsive response from him. I opened them to find him with a crooked grin planted on his face.

“That’s-” I waited for the vial words to spill from his mouth, “adorable.” I cocked my head at him in shock.

“What?” I blurted out. I was completely taken aback. My whole life, I thought no guy would ever think diapers on grown girls would be ‘adorable’, especially this stranger who looked like he’d rather have some sexy blonde than a geek who had an obsession with diapers. It’s not like he knew if it was for medical reasons but even the idea of him accepting it was incredible to me.

He chuckled at my response. “I said that’s adorable.” His eyes studied me and I blushed.

“But,” He places the package of GoodNites with the butterfly and zebra designs back on the shelf and exchanges it for the GoodNites with Tinkerbelle designs. He hands me the package, “those are your best pick. You like Tinkerbelle, right?” He smiled warmly.

I blushed again and nodded, “Yeah, I guess.” I looked at the pattern on the package of diapers. He stood there, as if he were thinking of something to say.

“You know, I’ve never seen you down town before. Are you new here, by any chance?” He cocked his head in question.

I nodded and shifted my feet awkwardly, “Yeah.” I placed the package in my shopping basket.

He was searching for something in his pocket and found a pen, “May I have your hand?” I was taken aback for the second time in five minutes.

I shrugged and his proximity became increasingly closer. He took my hand gently in his and began writing his number on the back of my hand.

“There.” He said with a warm smile as his eyes were dancing.

“My name is Derek, by the way. I think I forgot to mention that.” His smile widened and he revealed his almost perfect white teeth. Derek was a bit too close to me as I stood in front of him.

“Hi, er.” I took a step back and accidentally hit my shopping basket on the ground behind me, “I’m Dakota.” I stuck out my hand.

He looked down at my hand and chuckled. I blushed in embarrassment, once again, I was being severely awkward. I was being, well, not my usual self towards him. Derek shook my hand. His gentle caress as he pulled away lingered on my hand.

I picked up my shopping basket, “I have, uh, to go. Sorry.” I looked down at the Tinkerbelle GoodNites in my cart. I didn’t want to leave but I was having a weird feeling surge through me that I wasn’t familiar too. I’ve never really been good with holding crushes or liking someone but I was already developing a small crush on Derek yet I only talked to him for ten minutes. I had to leave before I could let myself think of even the possibility of having a crush on someone I didn’t even know.

“Okay, I understand. But, when you’re not busy, call me sometime soon. I’m not a fan of texting so don’t bother. I’m kind of old school. I’m just lame like that I guess.” His blue eyes were still studying me. I shifted, with the heavy shopping basket in my arms reminded me I should go.

“Yeah I guess.” He flashed another smile at me with a ‘oh really?’ look placed on his face. I giggled lightly in response. Wait, was I flirting? I had to leave. I couldn’t even consider a relationship with the training camp I would be in soon.

Derek was slowly backing up, “Well, I’ll see you again, won’t I?”

I shrugged, “Maybe.” Derek cocked his head at me. His eyes dancing as if he were a lion and I were his prey.

“You are a little brat, aren’t you?” I cracked a mischievous smile at him. I was a bit off guard from his comment, but I tried to not let it show. He crossed his arms as he looked down at me.

“Bye, Derek.” I turned around, tearing my gaze from his. I could feel his eyes watching me as I walked to the front of the grocery store.

“See you soon, Dakota.” I heard behind me.

Re: Shattering Siberia

Oh yes folks! It seems we are bound to have another entry into the great category. I cannot wait to see more!

Re: Shattering Siberia

Why thank you Storytime. :slight_smile: But here’s another addition to the story for you guys. I’ll post chapter 4 later today after I proofread it. I know these are shorter chapters but they will get very much longer soon so I won’t be leaving you all hanging for too long.

Chapter 3

I put the groceries in my back pack and carried part of the other groceries in my hand as I rode my bike back to my apartment. A geeky smile kept trying to tug at the corners of my mouth. My mind kept musing over what just happened. It was almost as if it were a dream. It was an unbelievable moment. I’ve never ever had anyone confront me like that about anywhere near my infantile desires.

I got home and put my groceries in the fridge and in the cup boards. I jumped on my bed with a squeal. I shook my head with a sigh. I bit my lip as I took out my phone. I put Derek’s number in it as a contact. I had to think about if I was going to call him or not. I didn’t know if it would be a good idea to call him. If I got into any type of relationship, I’d have to end it soon. It’s not like I have a chance of being in a relationship with Derek, nor will I ever any day anyways. I huffed as I sat on my bed and rubbed my temples in deep thought.

That night I couldn’t stop thinking about Derek. Butterflies kept fluttering in my stomach and I couldn’t stop the geeky grin that kept transforming my face. I eventually fell into a deep slumber.

I woke up to my alarm buzzing and I turned it off. I woke up feeling happy. I forgot why for the first few minutes and then I remembered the day before. I smiled, with a blush touching my cheeks. I shook the silly feeling off and got up. I had my first long day at work today. I pulled on black pants and a black t-shirt. I pulled my hair back in a bun and biked to work.

I biked to the back of the Lantern and set my bike down. It was too early to function for me as I walked sluggishly to the doors. I wasn’t used to waking up at 9 in the morning, nor would I ever really be.

I walked up to the counter where an older woman with blonde hair greeted me, “Hello, welcome to Lantern Restaurant Bar and Grill. I’m Cindy, how may I help you?”

I put on my best smile, “Hi, I’m Dakota. I’m here for my first day of work.” I stuck out my hand and we shook hands. A small embarrassing memory of the day before shadowed our hand shake. I shook it off as I followed my new general manager, Cindy, to the kitchen.

The whole day went by in a wave of training. I was to be a bus girl for the next two weeks and possibly a waitress if they were short staffed. The whole day I cleaned up tables. It was pretty simple and wasn’t difficult to keep up at all. It was possibly the easiest job I could have received. By 5 in the afternoon my feet were swelling from being on them all day.

I got home and took a long hot shower. Steam filled my bathroom as I wrapped myself in a green fluffy towel. I looked into the mirror and my forest green eyes looked back at me. I brushed my hair and my eyes flicked to the Tinkerbelle GoodNites. I tore open the package and slipped one on. I smiled as I felt the extra padding between my legs. GoodNites weren’t my dream diaper, but they were the only things I was willing to go as far to get my hands on.

I pulled on a loose tie-dye shirt and plopped on my bed with only a diaper and t-shirt on. Working all day kept my mind off of Derek, but as I lay on my bed, I couldn’t help but think of him. He did want me to call him but I didn’t know if I would annoy him or not.

I picked up my phone and looked at the, almost washed away, scribble of his number on the back of my hand. I stared at his number dialed in my phone. Fuck it. Why not?

The first ring echoed in my head. Nervousness that he might not pick up made me sit up. The second ring went and then the third ring. The fourth ring was cut off and butterflies tickled my tummy.

“Hello?” His deep voice asked.

I lost my train of thought for a moment, a few seconds passed and I said shyly, “Hi.” There I go, being awkward on the phone now too.

I heard his smile on the other end and a cough, “Sorry it took me so long to answer, I was working out. You called at the perfect time though; I’m done working out now.” He was really polite which made me crush a little bit harder on him.

“It’s fine I guess.” I shifted on my bed as I bit my lip.

Derek chuckled lightly, “You guess?”

“Yeah.” My voice was small. I touched my cheek and it was warm.

“Mhm. What are you doing tonight?” I blushed as I looked down at my diaper. I couldn’t dig myself an even deeper hole this time.

I said, “Nothing. What about you?” It was an honest response, besides the fact that I’d probably be laying around in a diaper, watching television.

“Hmm. Let’s see. Well, I thought that I had a cuddle date with someone tonight but I’m not so sure.” His words lingered in my ear.

“Is that so?”

“I believe it is so.” His invitation was teasing, to say the least.

“Well, I guess I should get back to doing nothing, it is pretty time consuming you know.” I was too awkward to invite myself over to his cuddle date.

“How about you can do nothing with me and you can join the cuddle date. It’s multitasking at its finest, you know.” His attractive voice was baiting me in.

I shrugged, “Maybe.”

“How about I pick you up?”

“Maybe.” Derek’s chuckle rumbled over the phone.

“Where do you live?” I told him my address.

“I’ll be over in twenty minutes after I take a shower. Okay?”

“I guess.” I heard his light chuckle and I let out a giggle.

“See you soon, little one.” I was caught off guard as he hung up with the words ‘little one’. Maybe he already had an idea of what my soft spot was from the diaper encounter. I could admit that I would melt into someone’s hands if they babied me but I could never let that happen.

I pulled on shorts with nervousness making me make myself look better. I replaced my tie-dye shirt with a maroon v-neck. I pinned back my medium length fringe and applied some mascara. I sprayed a light, sweet scent on me and heard my phone ring. I picked it up.

“I’m here.” I looked at the time, he lied. He must have taken a really quick shower because that was almost 10 minutes.

“Be down in just a second.” I hung up and picked up my satchel.

I locked the door and ran down the stairs. I slowed my pace as I walked out of the doors to find a silver Honda waiting for me. Derek’s eyes followed me as I got into his car. An evergreen scent bursts through my nostrils as I entered the car. I was guessing it was his cologne and it smelled incredible. It was such a tempting scent that I wanted to nuzzle my face in his shirt and become lost in the scent.

“Hi.” I said as I sat down.

“How was your day?” Derek said as he rolled out of view of the apartments.

“It was so repetitive that it hurt.”

“Hmm. And why’s that?” His voice was so teasingly deep. I tried to calm down and not be so flustered.

I shrugged, “Just boring work. How was your day?” I tried to sound as nonchalant as possible.

“I had to deal with boring work as well and a few bad customers.” He paused as he turned right onto another street, “But I have a feeling my day will be much better.”

My words betrayed me, “What if it’s not?” I regretted the words after I said it but my rebellious mind couldn’t stop sometimes. I snuck a glance at him and he smiled.

“Just hearing your voice made my day better, so how can it get worse if I have you in my grasps?” I shifted in my seat with a blush hinting at my cheeks.

A few minutes passed in silence, and I watched out the window as we passed multiple houses. The car slowed in front of a white one story house. Derek got out and I slowly stepped out. I froze in place with horror spreading across my face. I forgot to take off my Tinkerbelle GoodNite. I was so nervous that I totally forgot I was wearing it. I can’t believe I could be so oblivious.

Derek glanced over to me, “Is there something wrong?”

I tried to settle my composure, “No, I’m fine.”

Re: Shattering Siberia

Chapter 4

Derek held my door open and I tried to shake it off. I walked down the drive way to Derek’s house. He opened the door for me and I went in. I was happy that GoodNites were easily concealed with clothing but I still had a small nagging thought that my butt could be a little puffier. There was no way Derek would be able to tell anyways. I just knew his eyes were watching me walk into his house and that thought set me on edge.

He led me through his kitchen and living room towards a hallway. At the end of the hallway he went into a room and flicked the light on. I followed him in and he closed the door behind me. I looked around his almost barren room. He had a queen sized bed with a blue plaid cover with a few pillows, a television with an Xbox attached to it and an oak dresser with a few items placed on it, but besides that, his room didn’t have much in it.

I brushed my hands over the top of his dresser. Derek laid back on his bed and picked up his remote. I looked at him as he caught my gaze. He patted a spot next to him. An awkward pause of thought passed and I crawled onto his bed , laying down by him. I sat there uncomfortably and looked at him shyly. I was not good with these types of situations. I’ve never really had a boyfriend and my lack of history wasn’t helping me much.

There was a hand space between us and Derek shook his head with a laugh, “Come closer, it’s not cuddling if we aren’t touching, little one.” He pulled me into him with one arm and my head fell softly on his chest as his arm wrapped around me.

I let a small sigh of awkward tension out. My body could act without a conscience thought as I nuzzled my ear into his shirt. I hid my face in embarrassment. I felt his chest lift as he chuckled and the scent of an evergreen forest fluttering passed my nose. I dared a glance at his face and his eyes were studying me, as if he didn’t take his eyes off of me since I got on his bed.

“So what do you want to watch?” His eyes cast to the television in front of us. I watched as he scrolled passed multiple movies and shows on. I wasn’t really paying attention to the titles. My mind was on his hand gently caressing my back and slightly moving down. The caresses were so sweet and I didn’t want him to stop. I don’t think anyone has ever touched me so gently.

“How about Finding Nemo?” I flushed. I didn’t know if he was purposefully treating me like a little kid or if he was just too polite to turn on something else with action or adventure.

“Yeah.” My voice was smaller than I wanted it to be.

“Yeah?” His voice was teasing me. I smiled as he turned on Finding Nemo. It seemed to be a quarter of the way in.

I felt his eyes cast down to me once again as he set down the remote. I glued my eyes on the screen, trying to ignore his stare. One thing I was terrified of was kissing, especially on the first date, but I guess it doesn’t really matter. I just knew I was utterly awkward and kissing would just humiliate me further.

I felt his hand on the small of my back, still drawing small circles through caresses. I could tell he was going lower on purpose. I don’t think he was going lower to touch my butt, as most guys would do. From the sticky situation I was in yesterday, I think he wanted to know if I was wearing the pull-up. I didn’t want him to know because I don’t know how I could deal with the reaction. He’d most likely be surprised and I doubt he’d be surprised in a good way. I just couldn’t have that.

The tips of his fingers almost brushed the edge of the Tinkerbelle GoodNite as they slipped under the back on my shirt. One more sweeping circle of a caress and he would know. I sat up and turned around to face him in an Indian position. His eyebrows shot up in question as his sea blue eyes danced in excitement.

I let of small smile and a puff of breath. I had a good excuse, “Wanna play the question game?” I asked innocently, knowing that I dodged his failed attempt.

He sat up and crossed his arms behind his head as he leaned on his headboard on the bed. I couldn’t help but flick my eyes from his lean arm muscles to his face. If he wanted to, he could pin me down and there would not be a chance of escaping. I was pretty good at squirming out of being pinned down from multiple fight practices but I don’t know about Derek.

“Okay, fine.” He sighed as if he rather watch Finding Nemo. I knew he just wanted to try again to find out what I was wearing. I don’t know why he did but I shook off the thought.

“You know how to play, right?” I said with a smile I was trying to suppress.

“Refresh my memory.”

“I ask you a question, then you ask me another, but it can’t be a repeated question.”

“Okay, go ahead.” His waiting eyes were watching my every move, my every blush. My face must have been red, because his eyes kept drifting to my cheeks.

“What’s your favorite color?”

Derek’s face took on a humorous composure, “Red.”

“Your turn.” I said as I shifted my legs so I could wrap my arms around my knees.

His eyes fell to my legs and feet. “How’d you get that?” His hand lightly touched the white scar on my left foot.

This game went from light-hearted to serious in an instant and we only just began. I regretted choosing the game. My face changed composures. I was trying to figure out a way to tell him without giving up anything about the Phoenix.

He was waiting for my response in the silence, “I-” I was searching for an explanation as I looked at my foot, “I was running and I tripped.”

“You were running and you tripped?” Derek smiled but something flickered in his eye that seemed to not believe me.

I remember two years ago I was with a group of 6 Phoenix members and we were to go into a Hybrid medical building in Missouri. We were to retrieve a folder that contained certain top secret information about the studies going on and also, if we could get our hands on it, the new developed sleeper formulas.

I was supposed to stay outside, 200 feet away from the building, and over the headset one of my closest friends, Merissa, who was two years older than me, was inside with Felix, who was 18, to get the folder and formula. I was only supposed to be outside to make sure the coast was clear. Usually, only the older members were allowed to perform the hardest tasks which included going inside where it was easiest to get caught. I was one of the youngest, only 14, at the time so I had to stay outside.

It was 4 in the morning and I remember feeling the morning dew wet on the ground as my hands brushed over the grass as I was in a crouched position behind a bush. The white, block-like, Hybrid Medical Facility was a sprint away as I waited for Merissa to come out the west wing of the building.

Five minutes passed after they got the folder and formula. They were on the way out. I heard a silence over the network. Merissa and Felix must have been in trouble. I whispered into the mic to Merissa’s ear piece, “You okay?”

“I think we’re caught.” Her voice buzzed into my headset, almost inaudibly.

“No.” I said into the mic.

“What?” Merissa was confused.

“There will be a clearing at the east wing. When the alarms go off, run through the East 2 hallway. Run hard and fast.” I said, this time to the whole group’s network.

Everyone began asking ‘what’ and ‘why’. I tore off my headset and began sprinting across the grass. The two other group members watched in shock in their crouched positions as I pulled a spontaneous, ridiculously stupid I must add, idea. I was for sure not going to return to the dorms this morning.

I slipped into the west wing. I knew security was on guard but if all of the security was on the west wing then a few hallways would be cleared for Merissa and Felix to get out. I stumbled in the dark. I regretted walking into the facility right as I was in, but I knew that it would be worth it later.

I began sprinting, pounding my feet into the ground, my adrenaline pumping through my body. From researching the facility, I knew where the motion receptors were to sound the alarms. I just had to make it to one. As I was running in the dark, I knew I was close to one as I was coming close to a glass wall. I’d just have to pass it.

As I passed the glass wall, the panic inducing alarm sounded, repeating the words, “WEST WING BREACH WEST WING BREACH.”

The fluorescent lights in the whole building brightened. I stopped in my tracks and stood in the middle of the hallway waiting for a security guard as I tried to catch my breath. My breathing slowed as I put my hands on my knees watching with peripheral vision for anyone in a black uniform. To my left I heard footsteps. I turned to the noise and walked to it. I knew I was fucked, but the only thing that could save me is weaseling my way through. The smallest sliver of hope was slowly shrinking as the alarms kept wailing. A tall structured man appeared with a sleeper gun in one arm at the end of the hallway.

“Shit.” I mumbled under my breath.

I did, what at first seemed like a stupid idea, but the first thing that came to mind. I began sprinting towards him. He began to point the tip of the sleeper gun at me as I lunged towards him. He turned the gun as he saw me jumping towards him so he could properly swing me onto the ground. However, he was too slow. My legs crashed into his gut, pushing him back into the wall. He reached into his pocket, for what I suspected would be a sleeper syringe. I fell onto the ground and got up. As he pulled out the sleeper, I kicked him in the crotch. He grunted while lunging forward with the sleeper. He was too slow as I dodged the sleeper and instead kicked him in the face. I heard a snapping noise, and by the pain in my calf I can guess that I broke his nose.

As he tried to reconsider his situation by touching his nose, I ripped the sleeper from his hand. I stuck him as horror masked his face. His grey eyes shot up in shock, as he fell back onto the ground. I let out a half breath half laugh in surprise that I actually took someone down. I’ve never been in head to head combat before with an actual Hybrid so this was ridiculously surprising. I was in practice fights and tons of defense classes but never actually been in a real fight up until that moment.

I looked at his slouched form on the ground and heard more footsteps behind me. I looked over my shoulder and two men, probably both two times my size, running towards me. One had a sleeper gun in his arms. I knew I didn’t stand a chance in a fight with two so I took off running away from them. I began sprinting toward the east wing. I ran past a huge room where two more security guards were talking by the window to the far right. I caught there glance as I passed them; they looked shocked that the situation wasn’t contained yet. They got up from their seats and I looked in front of me. My hope was dwindling as now, not only two, but four security guards were following me with sleepers. The only thing propelling me through the halls was my adrenaline rush.

I heard a crash to my left and saw a sleeper buzz passed my arm. I turned the corner as another sleeper crashed into the wall. East wing signs were coming towards me. I turned a sharp right into the east wings hall. I was barreling down the hall as I heard footsteps from far behind me. Even though I was small, I was one of the fastest in group runs. Obstacles always were my advantage whenever we had group runs and all these hallways could help more than hurt me.

I turned left at the end of the hall and then through the exit door to the set of stairs. I saw the exit sign and the door ajar with a brick in between it. Merissa must have left it there just in case. Maybe the van hadn’t left yet and they may still be waiting for me. I flew down the stairs. Just as I got to the exit door I heard the stairway door burst open behind me. I lunged out, just as the top of my foot crashed into the brick. I grunted as a fell out the door. I crawled up and began sprinting with a little limp at first. I blocked off the pain and sprinted towards the gate. I didn’t look back as I climbed quickly over and jumped off the top of the fence to the ground. I hit the ground hard, with pain vibrating through my legs. I saw the red lights of the back of our white van. I saw their heads turn through the vans windows and I sprinted as the door opened. The van began rolling and I jumped into it.

The sun began peaking over the trees as we headed back to our Phoenix dorm rooms.

“That was possibly the most brilliant slash ignorant idea you have ever had.” Felix said as he was speeding down the road.

“Thank you though.” Merissa said to me with a smile. She looked down at my foot as I removed my shoe, “Jesus fucking Christ, that must hurt.” I looked down at my foot. It was a bloody mess with a medium sized gash almost leading up to my ankle.

There was a video capture of that night of me running through the Hybrid Medical Facility which, unfortunately, made me one of the most wanted teens out of all of Phoenix to be taken and incarcerated in one of their facilities. When the Hybrid takes members from the Phoenix, they usually put our members with their own and punish us through hardcore training and many other unthinkable punishments. It’s ridiculously hard to get a member out when they have one of our members in their grasps. As much as everyone is scared of being taken, I’ve always secretly wanted to get taken and thoroughly piss off members of the Hybrid.

I was shaken out of my daze as Derek brushed his thumb over the scar, “I tripped over a brick. It hurt a lot.”

He smiled with a concerned expression, “I’m sure it did. I believe it’s your turn.”

“Hm. How old are you?”

“18. How old are you?”

“You can’t ask the same questions.” I smiled mischievously at him.

He stretched and his black no sleeve shirt showed his stomach, “You don’t even know how many times in two days I’ve had the urge to-” He cut off his sentence as he was stopping himself from saying something a bit out of context. I didn’t know what he was going to say and was curious. I really wanted him to finish the sentence.

Derek crossed his arms with a playful look on his face, “I don’t even know why I asked that question, you act like a three year old anyways.” My tummy tickled with butterflies after he said that. I tried to stop myself from blushing but failed.

I stuck my tongue out at him, “It’s still your turn.”

“Hmm.” He brushed his stubble of an almost beard. “Why did you move out here? Out of all places, why here?”

He stumped me again but I was still trying to be honest, “I have a summer camp to go to around the area.”

I looked over to Finding Nemo still playing on the television. “Where do you work?” My eyes found his again.

“At Foodmart.”



“You weren’t in uniform yesterday though.”

“I was getting some food for the house. My brother keeps eating everything here.”

“And you happened to be stalking a girl?”

He smiled, “That was luck and I was merely helping someone who didn’t know much about the diaper section.” His eyes danced playfully. I think he secretly liked humiliating me. Or maybe it wasn’t a secret.

“So if you asked two questions then I get to ask two questions, don’t I?”

“Well then you already used one question.” I said with a stupid grin slapped on my face.

Derek shot me the ‘oh really?’ look, “That’s it.” He got up on his knees as he was lunging at me. I began feeling intimidated that I probably didn’t have a chance of getting out of this one.

I squealed as he look my arms and threw me on my back on his bed. One arm pinned down both my forearms as his hand began tickling my armpit. I was squealing and laughing. I could have gotten out of his grip but I think I secretly wanted to stay under it.

I squirmed with giggles, “Stop! Not fair!” He laughed as he tickled my sides. A few minutes later he stopped and his face was a hands stretch away from mine. With his free hand, he brushed my hair behind my ear. I watched as his eyes traveled from my face to my exposed stomach from my shirt rolled up a little. Under my bellybutton, my pull-up peaked out of my jean shorts.

My face was already red, but it became very hot.

“May I?” He asked softly. I was confused by his question as his hand brushed my button on my shorts. I just stared blankly back. Derek smiled warmly. His hand unbuttoned my shorts. I made a whimpering noise.

“What’s wrong?” Derek said as he let go of my arms.

I shook my head as I stared at his white ceiling, “Nothing.” I couldn’t decide if I wanted him to see the pull-up or not but I didn’t protest.

I felt a tug on my shorts as they were slid over my knees to my feet and then they were off. I covered my face with my arms.

“The tickle monster may come back if Derek can’t find where Dakota is hiding.” I felt his hand caressing my side.

I peeked out of my arms to find Derek grinning at me, his eyes twinkling in content. All I had was a diaper and a shirt on and there was no way to hide my shame.

I mumbled, “Why are you smiling?” I took away my arms from my face as I laid there. Derek was sitting up and watching me.

“You are absolutely beautiful.” My mouth tugged at the corners to form a smile.

“You’re a butthead.”

He chuckled and shook his head, his eyes drifted to my diaper.

“So, my next question,” I groaned as I laid there in embarrassment, “why do you wear diapers?”

I covered my face with my hands in humiliation and mumbled, almost inaudibly, “Because I like to.”

“I didn’t hear you.”

I whimpered, “Because I like to.”

“Then why are you ashamed of that?” I took away my hands and snuck a glance at him. I thought he would be disgusted or offended but he looked calm.

I shrugged, “People are usually repulsed by the idea.” I felt so downgraded. There was no chance of ever having a relationship with him now.

“Do you tell a lot of people?” He asked curiously. I looked at him and sat up in an Indian style. I pulled down my shirt in attempt to cover the pull-up. Derek smiled as he watched me.

I shook my head, “No, you’re the first person I’ve ever told.” I looked down sadly.

“Look, I’ll leave.” I reached for my shorts across the bed. Derek reached for them and got them before I did.

He tossed them to the other side of the room, “No you won’t.”

I huffed and crossed my arms, “Yeah I will.”

His eyes danced playfully as he gave me a crooked grin, “If you even try to leave, I will tickle you again. Don’t try me.” We sat there in silence as I waited for him to say something.

“I never thought I’d meet a girl like you.”

“Not many people do.” I said.

“You don’t understand.” I met his awaiting eyes.

“Huh?” I asked in confusion.

“I’ve always had this inclination for wanting to care for someone. You know, treat them like a toddler or a baby. I always had dreams of it and I always shook them off because I thought it just meant wanting to have an actual child, you know?” I sat there waiting for him to continue. I tried to keep my composure. It was hard to believe what he was saying.

“But yesterday, I realized that I wanted to take care of you. The urge was so strong. But I had to step back because I didn’t want to scare you off.” Derek grinned in memory. His eyes flicked from the wall back to me.

“That’s weird.” I said blatantly. I meant that the chance was so ridiculously unimaginable yet it happened. It’s as if years of dreaming that one of my wishes came true.It seemed almost too good to be real.

We both laughed loudly and as we went silent, Derek replied, “It is weird, I guess. But I never would have thought I’d meet you.”

It was only the second day I knew him, yet I was already becoming attached to him.

Re: Shattering Siberia

Okay, I shall be done posting I believe for today. I’ve just been proofreading these passed two days and I haven’t really written anything new. I’ve posted half of what I’ve written so far and I just need to proofread the rest before I post the next chapters. So I’m going to spend a lot of time on writing more for the story and I’ll post the next chapter in the next few days. Feel free to give feedback, I love hearing what everyone has to say about the story. ^–^

Chapter 5

I woke up the next morning to my alarm. I had a smile placed on my face from the night before. I had an uplifted mood for the second morning in a row. I got up and got ready. I was kind of sad that tonight I probably wouldn’t see Derek since get out of work at 5 and he starts work at 3 but I would at least get to possibly see him tomorrow. To say the least, it was going to be a bland Wednesday.

The day was extremely slow at work and I was waiting to leave since I got there. I wasn’t one to be social so I didn’t really talk to anyone the whole day. I kind of just kept myself busy with sweeping and wiping down tables. Thoughts of Derek kept shifting through my mind and I tried to ignore them so I wouldn’t start blushing at work.

“Hey Dakota.” I looked up from my sweeping towards Tasha, one of the waitresses, “Lexy called off for tomorrow, would you like to work as a waitress for the day?” I shrugged and nodded. The past few days I’ve been getting a crappy small fraction of the tips but I could get a good amount of tips if I work on a Thursday. I had money from Daniel for only necessary supplies but besides that I was absolutely broke. A little bit of money would be nice for the rest of the summer. It’s not like I’d really get a chance to go anywhere when I start the Knights of Phoenix training.

That thought stabbed at me. What happens when I have to leave for the training? I mean, I’ll be able to call Derek, but will I be able to see him? Then what happens after Knight’s of Phoenix when I have to move to southern California for my sneak assignment? I shook it all off. One thing I’ve learned is that little moments with people can be the most meaningful and sometimes it’s better to live in the moment and not worry. It’s just hard to not think of the future sometimes.

On Thursday I went to work, kind of sad that I missed out on another opportunity with spending time with Derek. He was working about 3 AM to 11 PM again and I was working another 9 AM to 5 PM. At least Friday we were both for sure to be free.

My day of waitressing started off rocky. I was a bit socially awkward and sometimes I came off the wrong way to people when I was that way. I got a nice apron to wear with some pockets for a pen and paper pad. Around lunchtime, a girl named Gina called for me.

I walked over to her, “What’s up?” I asked.

"A group of guys said they wanted you as their waitress. " I gave her a confused look. She pointed to a table on the other side of the room. A few guys looked at me. One familiar set of sea blue eyes met my gaze.

I gave a shy smile to Derek. I knew I was extremely awkward as a waitress but I guess I wasn’t allowed to turn down a request. It was so slow that hour that I had no tables I was currently waitressing so I guess it wasn’t that much of an inconvenience.

I walked over to the table with three strangers and one familiar face, “Hi, I’m Dakota.” This was awkward already, “What do you all want to drink?” Derek had a crooked grin on his face as I was talking. I tried to ignore him so I wouldn’t get flustered.

I went to get their drinks. I came back trying to straddle all four drinks on one hand. I was a fail of a waitress. I set the tray on the table next to them and handed them their drinks.

“Are you ready to order?” My eyes looked at Derek’s and he winked at me. I rolled my eyes.

“Maybe.” Derek replied. His flirting was killing me.

I wrote down everyone’s orders. They all basically ordered the same thing but when I got to Derek he decided to annoy me.

His eyes scanned over his menu as I stood there waiting, “Hmmmm. I don’t know. This is a hard pick. What would you recommend?” I flushed as everyone’s eyes turned to me.

I shook my head with a smile, “Maybe spaghetti.”

Derek chuckled, “Spagetti for lunch?”

“Of course.” I replied.

“Fine, I’ll have the spaghetti.” I gave out a little laugh in surprise and turned around to put in their orders.

Their table was a bit loud for my comfort and I was intimidated to walk back over to their table. I eventually came back to check on their drinks and Derek asked, “Do you have any plans tomorrow night?”

“I was really planning on doing nothing. I have a lot of nothing to catch up on, you know.” I said, teasingly. I think we had a few inside jokes going on already.

He gave a warm smile, “Well, you know you can always do nothing with me. I was thinking of catching a movie, maybe?”

I grinned, “Maybe.”

One of Derek’s friends with blonde curly hair asked, “Derek, why don’t you ever ask me on a date? It’s a bit insulting.” Everyone began laughing. I cracked a smile as I turned around.

As I was walking away to get another drink, I heard in a hushed voice, “Does she have any friends she could hook me up with?”

“Well she just moved here so I doubt it.”

I brought them their food and refreshed some of their drinks. I still couldn’t believe Derek actually got spaghetti for lunch. I had to giggle to myself when I saw him eating it. He was so different from any guy I ever met. It was a twist at every turn. I thought I knew how guys worked up until I talked to him.

Before the group left, Derek told them to wait for him in the car. He walked over to me, “Well, I have to go. I have work in about an hour. But can I pick you up around 3 tomorrow?”

I tucked a piece of hair behind my ear, “Yeah, sounds fine.”

“Okay, see you tomorrow then?” He asked.

“Maybe.” I gave a mischievous smile.

He shook his head with a laugh, “Okay, bye, little one.” I blushed and went back to work.

The next morning I woke up with a stupid smile plastered on my face. I took a shower and tried to scrunch my hair so it would at least dry in waves. I applied some eyeliner and mascara then rolled my fringe to the side. I looked at the clock; I still had 5 more hours until Derek came. I plopped on my couch with an impatient huff.

I was diligently watching the clock for about 4 hours while I watched old reruns of the Regular Show and other cartoon shows.

My phone began ringing, Derek’s name was on the screen. It was only 2 so I was a bit hopeful that he was picking me up earlier.

“Hi.” I said awkwardly. I hit myself in the forehead for that one. I had to stop being so awkward.

“Hey there.” He paused for a moment, “So I was thinking. How about you wear a pull-up just in case? I’m a bit scared you may have an accident.”

“I mean, maybe.” I said quietly with a mischievous smile.

“Maybe? No maybes. I’ll put one on you if you don’t have one on tonight. Hmm?”

I said, “I don’t wanna wear one though.” I did want to wear one, but I felt the need to rebel against his controlling nature.

“What’s your room number?” He sounded somewhat infuriated.

“103. Why?” I didn’t get a reply. He hung up on me. I called him back and he didn’t pick up. I had a bad feeling he was coming up to my room. A regretted telling him that I was living alone for two weeks a few days ago.

I watched the Regular Show as I sat there musing over our conversation on the phone. I curled my legs up to my chest and wrapped my arms around them. I placed my chin on my knees as I kept flicking my eyes from the television screen to my phone. I was waiting for him to call back.

I heard a brisk knock on my door. A nervous spine tingling feeling ran through me as I got up. I was, admittedly, a little intimidated by his determination to come up to my room. I opened the door and he walked in shutting the door for me.

His eyes were dancing playfully, but almost mischievously. Before I knew it, I was lifted off the ground. Derek picked me up under the hollow of my legs and behind my back.

“Eeeep! Derek, let me down!” He laughed at my squeal. I wasn’t a fan of being picked up. He sat on my couch with me in his lap. His eyes swept my face as I looked up at him.

Derek’s free hand poked at my tummy. I giggled and squirmed to get out of his hold. He shook his head.

“Is my little one wearing her diaper?” His fingertips brushed under my shirt. He frowned.

“Well, we can change that. Where is your stash?” Was he offering to change me into one?

“I’m not telling.” I crossed my arms.

His eyebrows shot up in question, “Oh?” He paused a few seconds, waiting for me to tell him.

Derek moved me to the end of his couch and both his hands so both his hands were free. He lunged on top of me and began tickling. His electric fingertips tickled my arm pits and sides. I kept trying to squirm away but he kept pulling me back. It was the most rigorous tickling I’ve ever had. I almost wet myself because he wouldn’t stop.

Between laughing fits I begged, “Stooooooop. I’m-” I couldn’t suppress my giggles, “I’m going to-” I almost said ‘wet myself’ but I stopped. He may not stop if I told him that.

“I’m not stopping until you tell me where you keep them?” He paused for a second, waiting for a response, then continued. His slender fingers tickled the poor sides of my stomach. I was almost crying with laughter.

It wasn’t like I was hiding them anyways, “The-” I coughed between my laughs, “bathroom.”

He smiled, and then kissed my forehead before getting off of me. I was tired out from laughing. I coughed and my breathing was still trying to catch up with me.

I got up to get a bottle of water. I heard behind me, “You don’t have any baby powder?”

I turned around and shook my head, “No.” Derek stood with a Tinkerbelle GoodNite in his hand. I couldn’t help but be flustered as I knew he was going to slip one on me.

“Come here, little one.” He sat down on my couch as I grabbed a water bottle out of my fridge. I drank a gulp of water and shook my head.

“No.” Derek’s eyebrows shot up as if he were asking ‘oh really?’. I giggled at his silly reaction.

“Do you want a spanking?” I thought he was just trying to scare me but his face was dead serious.

I walked over with a slight pout on my face. I stood in front of him as he pulled down my elastic shorts. Then my underwear came down. I blushed. My mind was spinning with embarrassment. I felt like I dropped thirteen years in one moment. I’ve never been butt naked in front of anyone except my parents when I was younger. I couldn’t believe such an attractive guy would be even the slightest bit comfortable in this type of situation, yet here Derek was.

He held the pull-up open for me to slip into. I got one leg in and steadied myself with a hand on his should as the other leg went in. He slipped the pull-up on. His fingertips brushed the leak guards by my bottom.

“There.” Derek’s eyes glowed in content, "I wish you had actual diapers though, you know, the ones that are actually made for you."He was hinting to actual adult diapers. I fit well enough in pull-ups but online they made more cushioned, well fitted diapers, specifically made for adults.

He stood up, but his hands didn’t leave my sides. His fingertips brushed the edge of my pull-up. Derek picked me up once again but his arm was cradling my bottom. My face was just inches from his as my arms wrapped around his neck.

My lips parted as I gazed into his eyes. The natural light came in from the window, reflecting from his sea blue eyes. Small specs of light gray hinted in his eyes as I saw myself in the watery reflection. His face inched closer to mine. My eyes closed as our lips were centimeters away from each other. A sweet, light kiss fell on my lips. As he pulled away, my eyes opened with a burst of emotion.

I knew, at that moment, that I was inevitably falling for Derek and the day I’d have to leave, I would lose a small part of me with him.

Re: Shattering Siberia

You’ve got a fine yarn going on here. It reads easy, and there’s a nice balance between the “bad-ass superkid chick” and the shy TB.

One criticism I would offer, however: Careful about redundancy in your verbage. I see a lot of things like “My feet hurt because I’d been standing on my feet all day,” and most recently, “…I was coming close to a glass wall. I’d just have to pass the glass wall. As I passed the glass wall…”

Re: Shattering Siberia

That was one of my main concerns when I was proofreading. I tend to become extremely redundant after writing for so long that I don’t even realize how many times I repeat things. I eliminated most of the issues but thank you for pointing them out. I know how annoying it becomes when their are silly errors like that. :slight_smile:

Re: Shattering Siberia

Not annoying, but certainly disruptive to the narrative flow.

Re: Shattering Siberia

Ah, what can I say that I haven’t already said? Loving the way you write character interactions, as always. This seems, at least as far as characters are concerned, similar to Utter Loss, but in a good way, and with enough new points to differentiate itself as it goes on. Can’t wait 'til the Phoenix stuff takes center stage; that should be most interesting.

Re: Shattering Siberia

Thanks Mirko! I always love hearing your feedback. :slight_smile:

I finally have a longer chapter to share with you guys. This is one of my favorite chapters to write so far because it gives a good dose of the characters. The plot will come into focus eventually but for now I hope you guys are enjoying the sweet little moments that have been very fun to write. I know that some of you really love ABDL aspects, but, just as a hint, pay good attention to the flashbacks, because they will be important later on. I’m going to be gone for a bit soon so I’ll try to get some more chapters out tonight. Thanks for reading guys. :slight_smile:

Chapter 6

After we got popcorn and sat down around the middle row of the small theater, I felt Derek’s arm slide behind my back. His hand fell on the side of my hip. From anyone else’s point of view, it most likely looked like a normal position for a guy with his girlfriend. However, I knew he just wanted to touch the edge of the pull-up. He seemed to really like to caress the edge. It tickled every time, but it was sweet with a hint of embarrassing. It was like he wanted to remind me that I was wearing a pull-up and that he knew.

Derek’s head moved closer to mine. His lips brushing my ear as warmth tickled it, “I don’t think I mentioned this before but, you’re my baby girl now.” My breathing hitched, “Understand?” His voice was low enough for only me to hear, but it held an air of confidence. I blushed and hid my face in his shirt. Derek chuckled as his hand that was on my hip slipped to the back of my shorts as me putting my face in his shirt pulled the back of my shirt up. His hand didn’t pull my shirt down, like I thought he would. His fingertips lightly brushed the edge of the pull-up sticking out.

I looked up at the movie, trying to distract myself from his lingering hand. I still leaned towards him while hugging my knees as the movie previews ended and the ‘please silence your cell phones’ screen came on as the lights dimmed. I could feel Derek’s eyes on me and not the screen. I snuck a glance at Derek and he was smiling warmly at me. I stuck my tongue out at him and went back to waiting for the movie to start.

I kept drinking from our large coke that we were sharing. I knew I’d regret it later but I was so thirsty and a bit nervous which made me even thirstier. I don’t know why I was so nervous. Maybe it was because I still wasn’t used to the whole flirting/almost girlfriend stages or maybe it was because I was scared of this relationship of ours developing which most likely included my increased feelings of humiliation. I guess it was a mixture of both because I didn’t know how far this would go before he would drop it.

Some parts of the movie I wasn’t really watching. I couldn’t stop being in a euphoria of his hand tickling the edge of the pull-up. In the middle of the movie, I shifted and he pulled the back of my shirt down. I thought he was done caressing. I got a bit sad but I felt stupid because no one wants to caress someone all night of course. Derek took a sip of our drink and sat up a bit. He stretched and then his arm wrapped around my back once again where it seemingly fit perfectly.

At the end of the movie, I really had to use the bathroom. I really wasn’t feeling like using the pull-up I had on because I didn’t want to get into another awkward situation. Also, I was scared that the pull-up would leak so I didn’t want to chance it.

As we were walking out of the dark room with the end credits reeling, I looked over to Derek who winked at me. I laughed with a shake of my head. We walked out into the popcorn area where the bathrooms were placed at the end corners.

“Is it alright if I go to the bathroom real quick?” I asked innocently. I stole a glance at his face. His eyes were dancing playfully and I knew his answer before he even spoke.

“No.” He said with an intimidatingly serious voice. He raised his eyebrows and cocked his head at me as if he were surprised I even had to ask that. Derek took my hand and led me outside of the movie theatre. He seemed to be on a mission of some kind.

Once we got in the car I tried to get out of it still, “Bu-but, Derek.” I looked over to him as he pulled out of the parking spot.

“I don’t have wipes or anything so can I when we get back?” I was hoping he’d understand.

“We’ll go to the store then, baby girl.” He looked over at me, I met his eyes. I was attempting to give him the puppy dog eyes. He ignored my stare as he looked back to the road. I huffed and looked out the window at we went down a winding road with a few cars we were behind. It was beginning to get dark as I shifted as I sat.

He broke the silence with a random question, “Do you have your license yet?”

I opened my bag and pulled out my wallet. I got out my license, “Just in case you don’t believe me.” I showed it to him.

He laughed, “You look so sad in the picture. You know you’re supposed to smile in pictures, right?” I looked down at my license. My lips were in a grim line and my eyes looked weary. I smiled a little but the day I passed my driving test I was absolutely exhausted. The day before, I went on a plane around 11 PM to make it back to Atlanta from Omaha, Nebraska. I was on another assignment the few days before. It was one of the most fulfilling operations I’ve ever been on.

A year ago, I was assigned to a new division of the Phoenix. This division was called Rescue. Thousands of Phoenix members were being captured and kept in Hybrid Institutions for medical practices, punishments, and information. Hybrid’s began kicking into trying to take over Phoenix facilities. The silent war was beginning to set into high drive.

The worst story was when a month earlier before I was brought into the Rescue, Zone 242, a training area where 390 members were kept, was taken over by surprise. A Hybrid member snuck into the security area and put the zone on lock down. Everyone in the enormous building, made of dorms, gyms, a food court, and many other recreational areas, was locked into the building. Two hours after the alarms began; thirty buses were waiting outside Zone 242 to collect all of the 390 members, comprised 7/8 of teens and 1/8 of adults, waiting inside the building. Out of 390 people, one teen went on a nighttime run around the trees surrounding the building. Who was this idiot teen running outside? That idiot teen was, yours truly, me.

I remember the night as if it were crystal clear. I got out of my bed that morning around 1 AM. I didn’t feel even the slightest bit tired. It pissed me off as I stood there. I decided to slip out of the door and go down the flight of stairs out to the back door. It was chilly outside, but it was a good time to go for a run. I thought that if I ran, then maybe I’d be tired enough to go back to sleep. I usually ran a few times every week at night. It wasn’t anything unusual for me that night.

My feet hit the wet grass as I ran through my regular trail. As I was jogging back, I heard an alarm going off. It was the lock down alarm. I was confused for a moment but as I jogged closer to the opening between the trees and the building, there were buses lining up around the building. I knew from one glance, that the Hybrid’s were taking over Zone 242, my old home away from home.

My mind swarmed in ways to help the people inside. My trainers, teachers, and friends were left inside the building. Panic seeped into me as I knew that almost everyone in the building was done for. I sat behind a tree as more buses began rolling in and men in black uniforms stepped out with sleepers in their arms. I did the math as I counted eighteen buses. Each bus can fit 24 people if everyone takes a seat. They probably had a few extra buses just in case but they were here to leave no one behind.

I was trying to listen into a conversation as a few people brushed passed me. I heard a man with a scratchy voice speak into a microphone to, what I assume, the group of people infiltrating, “Well, Lyell’s putting sleeper gas into the adult rooms right now, but the more difficult teens we need to be put to sleep next. Rooms for sleeper gas after the adult ones are to be room 6, 12, 35, 67, 71, and 90.” I gasped as he said room 67 which was the room Merissa and I were sleeping in. “After those, this should be an easy sweep of taking the teens to the buses. We can threaten the rest to lead them down to the buses since all the fighting teens and adults will be in a deep slumber. I think the most meticulous part is going to be carrying everyone on the fucking buses.”

The other woman beside him said gloomily, “This is going to be a long night.”

I sat there until the coast was clear. My mind was tearing me into pieces as I knew I had to leave. There was no way to save anyone but myself. There was a chance of me getting out, but there was no chance of helping anyone. There were too many Hybrid’s walking around to do anything.

That night I took a steady jog to the nearest town. I found a police car waiting in a parking lot for some type of action. I walked up to the man in the car as sweat was soaking up my clothes from the long run.

I coughed as he rolled down his window, “Isn’t it passed you’re curfew, young lady?” He said with a deeper voice than I was expecting.

I nodded, “I ran away and I miss home, sir.” Later that day, Daniel picked me up. He was absolutely in shock that somehow I wasn’t taken, but all over Phoenix news were about 389 members being taken that morning.

Later that week, I had to go into the Atlanta Phoenix Headquarters to explain what happened and what I saw. The president of the Recovery Sector, Al Green, called me into a meeting after I explained what happened. I had a feeling I may be requested for another assignment, but not that soon.

“Miss Siberia, I know you must be flustered these past few days, but would you like to go on a few rescue missions? We need someone like you for this. However, it’s extremely risky, but I’ve never seen so much luck with one person in my goddamn life.” He shook his head and laughed, “It’s all up to you, in the end.”

I agreed immediately; I was done standing by, watching people take my friends. Daniel freaked out when I told him but I eventually convinced him that I would not do anything stupid, which I probably would do anyways. He was on edge about it but he understood how it was when someone took one of your friends. First you become sad and then you become enraged. After a while, you’re still mad but it settles down a bit. However, if the chance presented itself to be the one to throw it back in their face, you grab onto the chance and you run with it.

A month later, my rescue team brought back 78 teens and adults without being caught. We were one of the most successful rescue teams in the Phoenix. Our next assignment was in Omaha, Nebraska to infiltrate one of the most guarded facilities. I was a bit intimidated by some of the stricter people that ran the place. I faced some of them before, and I feared they would take it personally if they saw me. As I looked over the papers, my eyes flicked over multiple names with recognition.

Chills went through me as I came across the profile of the infamous, Shawn Walters, or what everyone knows him as ‘Slender’. He was nicknamed after the video game because he’s extremely intimidating in person. He’s ridiculously tall, with dark eyes, and a muscular build. He’s 20 years old and, quite obviously, loathes the Phoenix. Shawn began as a Phoenix member six years ago. He was captured and was put into a Hybrid Institution. Mysteriously, he was back at the Phoenix. He told everyone that he slipped out and made it back. Little did we know, in his half a year stay at the Hybrid Institution, he became one of their most prized possessions and turned sides on us.

Shawn leaked information to the Hybrid Institution for a whole year. The Phoenix eventually found out that someone from the inside was a traitor after a few months of leaking information. Shawn took on a new strategy of trying to keep anyone from finding out it was him. He began pointing fingers at a few other people. Those people were discharged for being traitors. After a year of lying, Shawn was absolutely disgusted and wanted to return where he felt at home. He went out with a ridiculous show.

Shawn hacked the system and every computer monitor, television screen, and electronic device in the facility played his video of him telling the Phoenix that he was resigning and that the Phoenix was so ignorant that it couldn’t even detect the true traitor. It was a bit dramatic but everyone got the message. It made him infamous between Hybrid Institution and the Phoenix. Almost anyone and everyone knew who Slender was. At the Hybrid, he was one of the greatest members. For the Phoenix, he was one of our worst nightmares.

Four years later, he is now considered the worst trainer you can possibly have. People have came back from Hybrid Camps telling stories of how he would throw teens in lakes as they were sleeping or make them run ten miles when someone didn’t answer a question to ‘his liking’. There also have been rumors of him using shock bracelets. Shock bracelets were metal cuffs that were placed on the ankle or the wrist. They would have a remote to them with power modules and a red button that delivered the shock to the person. The shocks weren’t killer, but they stung. Being stung multiple times made it even worse. There have been other rumors of the ‘Slender List’ which was comprised of teens that he came across that he went on his own missions to collect. He disliked Phoenix teens, but if you got on his bad side, then he would do anything to get you in his grasps. Unfortunately, the day I met Shawn, there was no doubt in my mind that I made the Slender List.

I remember a year and a half ago; we were on an interception assignment. It was to take important documents and a flash drive before it was delivered to a Hybrid Institution. We were in a Chicago airport waiting for the switch.

I stood there with my empty suitcase, acting as if I were just a passenger waiting for my family. I was standing there listening into my ear bud as I watched for the distinctive men to come into view. I studied the profiles for hours the night before and it wouldn’t be hard to recognize them. I was a bit nervous because I knew Shawn was one of them, and, up until that point, I had never met him before.

I waited as I looked at the exit line of the plane filter out it’s passengers from San Diego, California. My eyes scanned the faces as I brought my mic on my sleeve up to my lips.

My eyes met a pair of dark ones. I hurriedly looked away, “Shawn is at the back of the group. He’s carrying the suitcase.”

“Okay. Matt, go.” I saw Matt get up from his chair as Shawn passed him.

“Dakota?” I squinted my eyes.
“What?” I asked Merissa in confusion.

“There’s no way Matt can do this without a distraction. Go do something stupid.” I scratched the back of my head. I was notorious for that but there was no visual distraction that would change Shawn’s guard on his suitcase. There was only one way to go about this. I sighed and pulled off my sweatshirt.

Shawn and the group were headed towards the escalator.

“I’m going to regret this, god damn it.”

I began bolting towards Shawn as he stepped closer to the escalator. Matt was one step behind him. Shawn turned as he saw me approach. Confusion shadowed his face as he looked at me, a small 15 year old, running towards him. Shock betrayed Matt’s eyes as I lunged at Shawn.

Shawn dropped his suitcase as he saw the lunge. His arms already guessing how to rebound me off when I would hit; I was scared this would happen. My legs pointed at his chest as I impacted. His hands grabbed my ankles and flipped me on my back. I groaned as my back was in pain.

“Hey!” Shawn’s voice boomed as he saw Matt taking off with the suitcase. His fellow group members began running after Matt.

I squirmed up as his attention was on the chase. His eyes fell back to me as I kicked him in a spot guy’s shouldn’t be kicked. To my surprise, he didn’t lean over; he just closed his eyes in pain. I took his set back to kick him in the ankle as he opened his eyes. He grunted in pain, then swiftly reached down, grabbing my ankles and throwing me on his back. I looked as I could see, upside down, Merissa’s face in shock as I was carried on Shawn’s back.

He brought me into a family bathroom, throwing me on the floor, and locking the door. The ceramic tiles hurt my shoulder as I impacted them. I looked over at Shawn and he was smiling as he pulled out a syringe with milky liquid in it. He was planning on putting me into a good five hour slumber. If he stuck me, I would probably be another victim in his training programs. Horror shuttered through me as I thought about the possible future.

I crawled back as I tried to get up. Shawn’s foot pressed on my chest and I was on the ground again.

“You’re a tricky one, aren’t you?” He asked as he cocked his head, staring down at me.

“I wouldn’t bring a sleeper into this, because I can guarantee you’ll be the one stuck.”

His grin was hinted in malice and a laugh escaped him, “You’re telling me that somehow a little girl, like yourself, thinks they have the slightest chance against me?”

I grabbed his foot on my chest and twisted. He groaned as he fell into the wall and pulled his foot off of me.

“You little shit.” He grunted. I squirmed up and backed up to a wall in a crouch.

Shawn shook his head at me as I said, “Everyone talks about how scary you are, but no one mentioned you’re a conceited asshole.”

He made the first move, which in my defense class is always the wrong thing to do. He lunged at me with the syringe as I hoped he would do. I ducked under him as I kicked the wrist with the syringe. His hand released the syringe as it fell on the floor behind him. He turned around in shock as he reached for it. I crashed onto the floor under his reach and grabbed it.

Shawn tried pinning me down with my back facing him as I held the syringe in my hand. I rolled over onto my back and tucked in my knees quickly to begin kicking his face. He backed up, knowing how this could end if he stayed. I could knock him unconscious if he kept his face near my feet long enough.

We were both out of breath and recovering. He had more energy than me as he lunged once again to get the syringe back. That’s when I stuck him in the forearm as I saw his hand grab for it.

Shawn’s face looked at me in awe, “How the fuck? Who are you?”

I got up as he looked at me, “I guess you will never find out, fucking asshole.” I flicked him off as I left.

I heard him mumble before I locked and closed the door.

“One of these days, you will regret this.”

We were waiting in the car ride to the Hybrid Juvenile Center to approach the building’s gateway. The only way in and out, was over a gate. If any sensors were hit, signals would be sent to the security room and, if the situation looked suspicious, alarms would go off to wake up every single person on campus. The plan was to go in, find the rooms where the teens were kept, lead them out, and leave without any alarms going off. We were planning on taking as much as 72 people tonight if possible and about 10 people who could stand in the middle aisle if needed. Even 10 people would suffice but we were hoping for as much as we can possibly get. One of my main personal missions tonight was to get Merissa out; she was in the center for about a month and it was time to leave. This is the strictest facility out of all of the Hybrid Institutions and the teens inside were waiting to escape.

The lights of our vehicle turned off as the gate was a thousand feet away. The bus following our car turned it’s headlights off as well. Both vehicles backed into an off road dirt area where trees would hide them.

Felix turned to me, “Show time.”

I nodded with a sigh. I got out of the car with four other people. We all began jogging around the gate up until we came across a tall chain wire fence. I climbed up over the fence. I jumped down after half way and waited for the rest of the pack.

“We meet back here. If you have all the people you need, bring them to the bus and then come back over here to wait on the other side of the gate. If alarms go off, we will wait three minutes, and then the bus and car will take off. The car will wait if anyone thinks they can make it out. If not, you all were a great team to work with. I appreciate everyone’s efforts.” Felix said to us all. He was the captain of the assignment for the past month. He kept saying that this was a mission set up for us to get caught with a .01% chance of success with all of us somehow getting out. Everyone in the group still stayed in it. We made it this far and it was time to show the Hybrid that they weren’t as great as they thought they were.

We all split up. I was assigned with Felix to go to the West Wing dorms. Cassie and Philip had the East Wing dorms. Ariel and Frank were collecting people in the lower level dorms, which happened to be the easiest place to collect people. In between the East and West Wings were trainer dorm rooms. The East and West Wings would be the trickiest to get out of if the alarms went off.

Felix began scaling the wall. His height helped him as he climbed up the window sills. I followed as my grip gloves kept me up. As I was on the third floor window sill, my foot slipped as I reached for the ledge at the top of the building. Felix was waiting for me as I struggled. One hand had a good grip on the ledge as my feet dangled.

“Grab my hand, Dakota.” Felix held his hand out. I grabbed it as he pulled me up.

“Thanks.” He nodded. We moved to the ventilation shaft.

Felix said, “Ladies first.” He looked scared to slide down. I laughed.

I propelled myself into the dark ventilation shaft. My gloves skidding on the wall sides as I slowly went down. I hit the leveled out area and brought out my miniature flash light. I crawled forward as I saw the vent opening. I heard a scaling noise as the fold up ladder was hooked onto the top of the ventilation shaft for when we leave. I heard a thump behind me as Felix made it down the shaft.

I heard in my ear bud as Felix told everyone through the station, “We’re in. Freeze the cameras, Henry.” Henry was possibly the best computer technician in the Phoenix. He could easily hack a system’s security in less than five minutes. He would freeze cameras and loop videos on just about every assignment.

Felix took off the vent and I was the first to go out. I jumped down and crashed onto a few wooden boxes in the dark. I whimpered as I got up.

“You okay?”

“Yeah, I just hit something and I’m in agony, but sure, I’m okay.” I said in pain.

“Hey, when did I say you could be a smart ass on this assignment? Move over, I’m coming down.” I laughed in the dark as I moved the boxes.

“You’re clear.” Felix fell down.

We needed to hurry, the moment the security guards find the cameras are looping or frozen, they will sound the alarms. Felix unlocked the storage closet door we were in and led the way out. I followed him silently down the West Wing corridors to room 8B. This is where Merissa would be in, if we were correct that is.

Henry’s voice came through the station, “If I have this right, all dorm room doors should be opening in 3, 2, 1.” We hear a click on the doors. I looked around the hallway at all the rooms.

Felix ordered, “I’ll get everyone up on the left, you take the doors on the right.” I nodded, opening the door.

Light cascaded into Merissa’s room. I walked over to her and shook her arm. She groaned. This was definitely Merissa. We shared the same hatred for being woken up.

She squinted at me, “Dakota?” Her face lifted in excitement as she got up and leaped on me with a hug.

“We have to go. Now.” I whispered to her. She nodded as we walked out of the room, closing the door silently.

“Open all the doors and wake everyone, okay?” I told her.

We were opening doors and waking everyone up. Guys and girls wearing grey t-shirts and grey sweat pants were lined in the hallway. Felix went to the storage closet and propped open the door with a wooden box I fell on earlier. Felix began lifting everyone through the vent. We had about twenty people to get up there as fast as we could and then back down the wall. Hopefully no one was scared of heights.

I was watching out for any security guards at the corner of the West Wing. From the East Wing I could see they were almost done. As the last person went into the East Wing’s storage closet, Phillip turned to me and gave a thumbs up. I nodded as I stood there. I looked behind me and saw we had 4 more people left.

I heard through the station from Ariel and Frank, “We’re boarding thirty on the bus right now.”

I heard Cassie say, “East Wing vent closed, everyone’s almost down from the wall. I counted 24 people for us. We’ll be at the bus in 5.”

I nodded, anxiety building as I was going to be the last one in the building. I looked back and the last two were going in the storage room.

I looked down the hallway to the right of me. Then I looked over to the stairway. All I saw was the top of a head with dark brown hair. Then I saw dark eyes meet mine. I gasped.

I said into my microphone, “Hurry up, Felix, Shawn is here.”

Felix sounded confused when I said ‘Shawn’, “Wait.” It took him a second, “Slender?” Everyone called Shawn ‘Slender’ but that was the issue. Shawn liked being called Slender, why would I give into that?

Shawn’s eyes locked on me as his deep voice said, “Miss Siberia. It’s a pleasure to see you here.” His smirk plastered his face as he walked towards me. His eyes shifted to the storage door locking.

His eyes settled back on me, “Don’t tell me.” His eyes flicked to the door and back to me in confusion.

"78 teens, Shawn. " A smile formed on my face as I gloated about how many teens we managed to rescue.

He nodded, disgust hinting his eyes, “I really didn’t know who I was facing last time I met you.” His jaw shifted in anger, “You know, me and you have a lot in common.” His dark brown eyes flared in rage.

“How so?” I cocked my head as I watched him. His hand reaching into his black sweat pants pocket.

“Because I used to be a little brat like you.” Another mischievous smirk formed on his face, “Maybe you got 78 out but there’s no way in hell you’re leaving tonight. You’re mine, sweetie.” A lion’s grin spread across his face. His sharp two teeth poked out under the corners of his lips.

I laughed, “And you think I’m even the slightest bit intimidated?” I was more than intimidated, but it was all about the bluff at this point.

“I can smell you’re fear.” His eyes studied mine.

Felix said over the station, “Dakota, run. Henry’s going to open the exit doors to the right of the flight of stairs. Get you’re ass out. Everyone’s climbing over the gate now.” The flight of stairs was what Shawn was standing in front of - this would be fucking tricky. Just in time, the alarms went off two seconds after Felix said that.

I lunged to the right of Shawn as the alarm began. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the silver of the syringe’s head as his arm went to stick me. I twisted my body as I missed it by an inch. His foot stuck out and he almost tripped me but my feet skipped over it. I darted to the stairs as Shawn followed, close behind. I flew down the flight of stairs as I heard Shawn a step behind. As I made it down, a security guard was waiting to the left with a sleeper gun as I darted to the right where the exit sign was at the end of the hallway.

“Don’t shoot, she’s mine.” Shawn yelled behind me.

A moment into running towards the exit, I felt weight crush me down onto the ground. I whimpered as air was hit out of me. I tried to squirm out of his grip. I rolled on my back as he let up for a second. I saw he was trying to take out another syringe out of his pocket. The other syringe must have fallen.

His hand was clamping my forearm onto the ground as I laid there squirming. I took my other arm and punched the hollow of his inner elbow. He grunted as he lost hold of my forearm. I squirmed up to sitting as he tried gripping my ankle while he pulled out his next syringe. I began kicking at his face with my free leg. I got a good hit on his face, possibly his nose.

He let go of his hold on my ankle and mumbled, “So that’s how we’re going to play this?” I got up as the security guard behind him pointed the sleeper gun at me. I whipped around and darted to the exit. I heard a whizz of a syringe fly a few inches away from my arm. I was waiting for a sharp sting to hit my body any moment as I pushed the door open.

I heard Shawn order, “Throw me the gun because you can’t shoot for shit.”

I could hear Shawn’s feet pounding behind me as the door closed. I began sprinting towards the gate, shifting right and left to miss any syringes pointed in my direction.

My proximity was closing in on the gate and I could see a set of eyes waiting for me on the outside of the gate. Once I got close enough, I found it was Felix. He motioned for me to go faster as his eyes shot up in shock as he saw who was following me.

My feet pounded and I lunged onto the chain linked fence. I climbed fast while reaching as high as I could with every muscle in my body screaming. I felt a sting on my calf and whimpered. I kept climbing as I was only one hop away from over the fence. I felt the fence shake as Shawn reached for me. I hopped over the side before he could grasp my foot and began climbing down. I fell the rest of the way down as my leg began numbing up. Felix was already running. I began limping into a sprint as I followed.

“Felix, I’m stuck!” I cried for him. He turned around as I began sluggishly walking towards him. The last thing I remember was him running with me in his arms to the car.

I fell into a deep slumber and woke up five or so hours later. I got up with a jump. I looked around and I was in a bed in a hotel room. I looked around and heard noises in another room. I got up and walked into the living room area of the hotel room. Cassie, Frank, Merissa, and Phillip were on the couch and Ariel and Felix were on the ground laughing as they were watching something on the computer.

Felix turned his head and smiled, “You’re going to want to see this video of you and Slender, it’s hilarious.” I sat down and heard my voice on the screen.

“We’ve watched this twice already, but it gets better every time.” Merissa said.

I was a bit confused, “How’d you guys get this?”

“Henry.” Felix added, “Also it’s on the Phoenix site.” My mouth dropped in shock. The website comprised of collected recent news happening between the Phoenix and the Hybrid. It had detailed information about every single Hybrid Institution on a map along with many of Hybrid’s members. Of course you had to have encrypted codes to get in, but every single Phoenix member checks on it almost daily. It was basically the Facebook of the Phoenix. We had about 127,700 members and counting as of 2015. More than half of the members use the website including Daniel.

My eyebrows shot up, “You’re joking.” Felix shook his head and I laughed.

“Oh and Daniel called, he said to call him once you wake up.” Merissa said.

It rang once and Daniel picked up, “You’re a damn lucky kid, you know that?”

I smiled, the usual Daniel response, “I’ll be back in Atlanta soon for that driver’s test. Don’t worry.”

“If you somehow fail, I will be shocked. You’re luck streak somehow keeps lasting. One of these days that luck might just run out, kiddo.” I shook my head with a laugh.

I smiled with a sigh as I looked at Derek.

Derek pulled into Foodmart’s parking lot, “Do you usually space out a lot? Or is it just with me?” He joked. I guess I spaced out a bit more as I realized how much I was ignoring the urge to tell him the other side of me. I wanted to tell him about the stories but that would intercept my confidentiality contract I signed when I was first admitted. It’s not like that would stop me, but I didn’t want to have to explain the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of it all. He just wouldn’t understand the point.

I gave a smart ass reply, “No, just with you.” I smiled at him.

He shook his head with a laugh and patted my knee, “Let’s go get you some baby wipes, little one.”

I blushed as he took my hand and led us into Foodmart. We went to the infant section and I couldn’t help but feel so little. I was embarrassed and it didn’t help the urge to pee. Derek stroked his patchy almost beard as he looked at the supplies in front of him.

“Are you growing a beard?” I asked, trying to ignore the reason why we were there.

Derek’s eyes shifted to me as he smiled then back to the wipes he was looking at, “Maybe.” I huffed at his reply and my eyes drifted over the infantile items in front of me. My eyes fell on the pacifiers. I never have tried a pacifier before but I wanted to.

He patted my padded bottom, “Pick out one, baby girl.” He said as he grabbed the Johnson’s baby wipes and powder. It caught me by surprise when he picked up the powder. This was going to be an embarrassing diaper –no, pull-up- change. It was an obvious choice as I got the Eeyore pacifier. I had to squee with joy in my mind.

We walked up to the counter and one of Derek’s coworkers asked him, “You guys having a baby or something?” From his monotone voice I remembered him from the first day I arrived and met Derek.

“No, it’s for my little cousin.” He winked at me and brought out his wallet. I felt bad, because he was buying this stuff for me, along with the movie, drinks and food. Small traces of guilt pulled at me as I stood there.

On the ride back to his house, I couldn’t help but be quiet. I shifted, with my full bladder making me squirmy. I was a bit nervous about what would become of tonight. I trust Derek, but I still didn’t know as much as I should about a guy who wants to change me in and out of pull-ups. It’s a bit hypocritical since he doesn’t know as much about me either. I haven’t even told him about where I grew up, my family, or my friends.

We walked up the stairs to my room. I unlocked the door and we walked in. I locked the door and put my bag in my room. Derek plopped on my bed and laid down. His placed his arms behind his head, waiting for me.

Before I could crawl on my bed, he said, “Take your shorts off.” His eyes watched me carefully as I slid them down and crawled onto the bed. I laid my head in between his head and shoulder. I smelled the evergreen scent on him and smiled.

"Are you wet?"He didn’t have to ask as his hand slid towards my bottom. I squirmed because I was, admittedly, close to wetting myself. He reached over to my nightstand to grab the remote. He turned on the television.

A half an hour later as we were watching a Spongebob rerun. I really don’t think Derek was watching. Maybe he was or maybe he was just paying attention to my squirming the entire time. His hand would drift to the bottom of the pull-up every time I was still for a few minutes.

I tried to calm myself and just let my bladder go. As full as my bladder was, my will to release control was much stronger. I tried to just breathe as I closed my eyes as my head was nestled on Derek’s shoulder. My stomach tickled as the first few drops of warmth seeped into my pull-up. It felt good to some extent, and I wanted to let go some more. Before I knew it, a wave of warmth flooded into the back seat of the pull-up. I shifted in embarrassment and moved my head on Derek’s shoulder. My fingers brushed my face to feel how hot it was.

Another wave of warm liquid fell into my pull-up and I tried to stop but it wouldn’t stop. I felt relieved after but also a bit helpless. It made me feel as if I were only three once again and I just couldn’t do anything but lay there in a wet pull-up.

I did, at one point, fantasize about Derek changing me, but in that moment, I was terrified. Did I have, well, bits of social anxiety with relationships? I guess I could admit to that. I was so used to doing things by myself for so long and never showing anyone my vulnerable side. I wasn’t scared to show anyone a vulnerable piece of myself, but I was scared that I’d become too attached. I didn’t want to become attached.

Emotional strings pulled at my eyes. I was not going to cry here. I felt the familiar sneaky Derek hand caressing the small of my back. His hand slowly moved to the soaked area of my pull-up. Water fell over the waterlines of my eyes. I hid my face into his shirt as tears fell in streams down my face. I didn’t know why I was crying. Maybe because I hadn’t cried in months? Maybe it was just an unfamiliar situation? Maybe I wasn’t used to being this vulnerable? Or maybe, just maybe, it was a mixture of it all impacting me at once?

His hand patted my bottom as his other hand brushed my hair. His lips kissed my hair, “Shhhh. Shhh. Let it all out, my baby girl.” His words didn’t stop the tears. I cried for a good few minutes in his arms.

I wiped my face and was still sniffling, “I’m sorry.”

He began chuckling, “Why are you sorry, little one?”

I said with a scratchy voice, “I dunno. I just am.”

“Okay, well, let’s get you changed.” He got up. I laid there not knowing what to do. I crossed my arms over my chest in an awkward fashion. I could smell the pee filled pull-up I was wearing. It didn’t smell as bad as you would imagine. It smelled light but kind of like popcorn. I blushed at the stupid thought.

Derek came back with a towel, pull-up, powder, and wipes. I avoided his dancing eyes and playful smile as I looked up at the ceiling.

“Lift your little butt.” Derek said with a warm smile. He held out the towel and slid it under me as I lifted my lower torso.

He kneeled on my bed as he ripped the sides of the wet pull-up. I gasped lightly to myself in surprise. Cold air invaded my private areas as he pulled it off. My eyes shifted to him and then back to the ceiling. I heard the rip of plastic on the wipes and the click of opening the package.

I squirmed as a cold wipe gently caressed my private area. I heard Derek’s low chuckle as he wiped me and I squirmed. He patted the underneath of my leg and I instinctively lifting my legs a little bit. I looked at the ceiling to not flush any deeper shades of red.

I began lowering them and Derek scared me, “No, no. Not yet.” A little string pulled in me. The feeling was different than I’ve ever felt before. It was as if I didn’t want to disappoint him.

When I was around the age of 5, I spilled my fruit punch Kool-Aid on the white tiles in the kitchen. My mother scolded me and told me to wipe it up before it stained. I cried and said I was so sorry. I felt the need to make her proud of me, not disappointed, to a sense. When Derek yelled at me, that feeling resurrected. A feeling you only really get when you were younger and you did something bad. It was a belittling feeling, but it made my tummy tickle.

The scent of baby powder bursted through my nose as a felt a light sprinkle on my bottom. His hands gently patted the powder on. It tickled but I tried to not giggle. A small smile kept betraying my face.

I lowered my legs as he got both of my feet through the leg holes of the pull-up. I lifted my bottom a bit as he slid it all the way up. My eyes snuck a glance at his face. He had a crooked smirk painted on his face as he looked at me. His eyes met mine and they were glowing in content.

A playful expression was written all over his face, “Who’s the cutest baby girl?” His hands tickled the sides of my stomach. I giggled shaking my head.

I saw his face approach my stomach and I yelped, “Derek, nooooooooooooooo!” He gave me raspberry kisses on my belly button. I couldn’t stop giggling.

After a few minutes of him tickling and giving me raspberries on my tummy, he scooped me up into a cradle and sat on my bed. His eyes were studying mine as I looked into his. My face fell from happy, from the cute moment, to sad. A thought kept poking at me every day since I met him and it was hard to ignore.

Derek caught my sudden change in emotions, “What’s wrong?” He asked quietly.

“In 11 days, I have to leave you.” I said as I looked down at my toes.

Derek sighed and kissed my forehead, “We can still talk on the phone, can’t we?”

My eyes met his once again; I was thinking hard, “I think I can. I just, I dunno.”

“Trust me, we’ll make it work. We just have to trust each other. Okay?” I felt my eyes stinging at the edges with water, “Dakota, people make long distance relationships work all the time. You’re only going to be an hour or two away. It doesn’t scare me.” He sounded confident.

“I won’t be back after the camp.” I said as my eyes watched his. I was waiting for his reaction. His face looked blank for a moment.

He shrugged, “Then I’ll find a way to get you back in my arms.” He smiled warmly.

“I wish it were that simple.” I said sullenly. My thoughts poked at ways to get around seeing him in the next year. There were only a few options. Next summer, if I’m not busy on an assignment, would be the only other way to see him.

Derek sighed, “You don’t understand, do you?” I shook my head, wondering what argument this would stir up.

“I don’t care if I don’t see you until a few months or a year from now. There’s no doubt in my mind that I will still be dreaming about a life with you.” I nodded in a weary state. I would still be dreaming of him too. It would be hard to let go, but there was some connection between us that I couldn’t describe. It wasn’t just the secret we shared, it was also the chemistry flowing between us. I wanted as much as I could get of it. I couldn’t deny that there may not be another person that I would find in the next year that I would feel so strongly about as I do about Derek. I was only a few days into this complex relationship and the bond was strengthening with every day we saw each other.

I searched his eyes for any doubt, there was none.

“Pinky promise?” A crooked smile formed on his lips.

He chuckled as he held out his long pinky, “Pinky promise, baby girl.”

Re: Shattering Siberia

Chapter 7

Derek slept over that night. We cuddled the whole night and when I woke up I found it was already 8:48. That meant I would be late for work. I scrambled up and got my work clothes out. I pulled off the pull-up as Derek stirred awake. His morning smile was the most attractive thing I could have ever seen.

I giggled but hurriedly pulled on underwear and black pants. I threw on my black polo shirt.

“You have work today?” He asked as he tussled his hair.

I nodded, “And I’m going to be late as fuck.” It was a Saturday, after all, and it would be extremely busy.

I pulled my hair into a ponytail as I looked over at Derek. He was watching me with sleepy eyes.

“Sorry, I forgot to mention I was working today.”

“It’s fine. We’ll cuddle again another day. Hey, I’ll take you to work though, you won’t be late.” He cracked a smile as he stretched and stood up. I was pinning back my stray hairs as I watched the hem of his shirt rise. His back muscles showed and I couldn’t help but enjoy the sight.

I got my keys and my name tag, “Okay.”

Derek looked down at the pull-up on the ground, he cocked an eyebrow at me, “Are you sure you’re not going to have an accident at work?”

I stuck out my tongue, “Come on, let’s go.” I walked to my door and he followed, grabbing his keys on the table.

He drove me to work and I arrived with a minute or two to spare, “Do I get a kiss?” Derek asked, fluttering his eyelashes at me. I shook my head with a laugh and kissed him on the lips.

Before I closed the door, he asked, “Want me to pick you up after?” I looked at the sun beaming down on me and felt the humid breeze of air.

I said, “No, I can walk home. Don’t worry about it.” It was a hot day out, but I could walk home easily.

“I’m not letting my baby girl walk home alone. I’ll be there before 5.” I rolled my eyes at his new protective instincts.

“Okay, see you then.” I closed the door and went to work.

It was a hot summer day which meant that the Lantern would be stuffier than usual. I was sweating the whole day as I cleaned tables. A film of sweat stuck on my forehead and I couldn’t wait to go home and take a shower by 5. This Saturday we were packed with people and I was happy I only had to deal with the beginning of the dinner rush.

I walked out of the Lantern to the parking lot looking for Derek’s car. I saw his silver Honda as it began backing up out of its parking lot. I tried to wipe the sweat off of my face to mask my after work grossness but I failed miserably.

I opened the door and sat in his cool car, “Hi.”

He smiled, “Long day at work?”

I nodded, “We were really freaking busy today.”

“Well, I have good news.” I looked at him and cocked my head.


“You can now take a shower and cuddle with me the rest of the night.” I laughed with a shake of my head.

I said sarcastically, “Oh, great.” He chuckled. I was really trying to act like I wasn’t head over heels falling for Derek and I was semi-decently covering that.

I took a shower and spent a quiet evening cuddling up to Derek. I told him I didn’t want to wear a pull-up and he was a bit on edge about it but he let me go without one since I worked all day. He ended up leaving because he had to wake up early the next day and didn’t want to wake me.

I worked 3 PM to 11 PM the next day and didn’t get to see him. The next day I had off and I needed to get some errands done. I woke up groggy that morning to the rain pouring. I was already in a bad mood for some reason. I think I had a nightmare last night, but I could care less to remember it.

I got up and pulled on some elastic shorts. I slept in only a shirt and underwear because the room was sweating hot last night. I changed my shirt into a dark grey tank top. I waited until it stopped raining to go down to the garage to get my bike. I slung my backpack over my shoulders and went down the stairs.

I rolled my bike out of the garage door and began pedaling. I was headed to Foodmart to get some more milk and chips. Two minutes into riding I remembered my nightmare and I almost stopped pedaling. The worst nightmares are the ones taken off of real memories and this one just happened to be one of them.

I remember that morning Daniel picked me up from my house at 5 AM. He didn’t say anything the whole ride. He told me we were going to the hospital, but he didn’t mention anything else. He didn’t want to freak me out, because he truly didn’t even know what was going on.

I was so young, and the memory is becoming cloudier as years go by, but I still remember the doctor’s bags under his eyes and mournful face.

“Miss Siberia, your mother passed away at 2:50 this morning. Your father passed away at 4:27 this morning. There was only so much we could do. I’m sorry.”

All the air in my lungs let out. My little 7 year old mind couldn’t understand what happened. I cried for days after. I was so depressed that when I remembered it was my birthday that day I really didn’t care anymore.

Almost everything else from the memory blurred out. I just remember Daniel talking to the doctors about what happened. A few years later, Daniel told me that it was because of a drunken truck driver. The truck driver was found brain dead after the accident.

I was absolutely disgusted. I still am.

Tears fell down my face as rain began pounding the ground and thunder rumbled. What were the odds? I rolled to a spot underneath a few trees. Wind was tugging at trees as I stood there. Tears stained my face as I whimpered. The nightmare felt so vivid and almost real. It was about me and how I was the reason my parents died. It wasn’t the case but the nightmare still stung.

I waited for the rain to stop or at least slow as I waited, trying to settle down. I needed to leave before the storm got worse. The memory racked my body as another stream of tears fell. The tears wouldn’t settle as I felt helpless standing there in the rain. Panic seeped into me as I crouched on the ground and crossed my arms over my head while looking at the muddy grass.

I heard a car slow on the road in front of me as I was crouching there. A door opened and I looked up, wondering what was happening. A tall guy with a hood over his face was coming towards me. I got up and backed away from the stranger. The more I looked at him, I found he looked familiar. It was Derek.

“Get in the car.” He said over the rain.

My voice was scratchy, “My bike.” I looked down at it. Derek brushed passed me and picked it up.

“I got it, go in the car, you’re going to get sick.” He sounded urgent for me to get in the car.

I walked over to the passenger’s side and got in. I looked at my clothes, wondering what I could do to wipe my tear-stained face but my clothes were absolutely soaked. I tried not to look back as he shoved my bike into the back seat of his car. He closed the door and sat in the driver’s seat.

He took off his sweatshirt and gave it to me, “You’re crazy to be riding a bike out here in a storm, you know that?” He said with a chuckle as he put the car into drive.

I pulled on his sweatshirt and looked down trying to avoid looking at him. I just wanted to be depressed alone.

Derek took a long look at me then back to in front of him, “You okay?” His voice was filled with concern.

I ignored his question and pulled the hood over my head and looked out the window. His sweatshirt smelled of forest and I appreciated that at least.

“Hey, it’s supposed to get bad out there, want to go to my house? Luke’s making tacos. I promise it’s good.” He was trying to cheer me up with tacos.

His hand rubbed the back of my neck, “Come on, baby girl. I have a surprise for you, too.”

I shook my head with a small smile forming, “Okay maybe.” I guess he was okay at persuading me.

When he parked in front of his house he waited for a moment. I snuck a glance at him. His eyes met mine and he brushed the hood off of my head.

“What’s wrong?” He sounded genuinely concerned.

My voice was still a bit scratchy, “Just a nightmare, it’s nothing.”

“It’s not just ‘nothing’. Tell me.” He cocked his head at me, “I won’t let you out of this car until you do.” Thunder roared as water fell on his car. I just wanted to go inside.

My eyes narrowed on the oak tree to the right of the car, “I just had a bad dream that I was the reason my parents died. That’s all. I don’t know why I cried so much. I know it isn’t my fault. It was some drunk truck driver’s fault.” I shrugged, trying to act like I didn’t care anymore.

I looked at Derek’s face and regretted it. His eyes were watery and his lips fell into a grim line. His only reply was quiet, almost a whisper, “How old were you?”

“7.” His finger tips brushed his dark, patchy almost-beard in shock.

“I’m sorry.” He paused, “I really can’t understand the pain you went through. I’ve never dealt with something like that. But that’s incredible how you still seem in one piece.”

I wiped my face with one hand, “It’s fine. Really.” My stomach rumbled, “But, tacos sound really good right now.” I gave a shy smile. Derek gave a weak smile at my sudden subject change. I didn’t want to make it a pity party today nor any other day.

I felt guilty that I told him and also that I was wearing his sweatshirt while it was still pouring. As he held out the door and I stepped in as the smell of taco meat invaded my nose.

I walked in to find his brother. Luke nodded his head at me, “Hey, just in time. You must be this famous Dakota that Derek won’t shut the hell up about.” He smiled. He didn’t look like Derek but they did share the same blue eyes. Luke was a bit taller, surprisingly extremely built, and had dirty blonde hair.

I raised my eyebrows at Derek, he shook his head at me with a laugh, “Shut up, Luke.”

“I thought he was doomed for any relationship. At least he’s not sulking around lonely anymore.” Luke said. I wondered if he ever had any girlfriends in the past. I shook it off because it really didn’t matter.

We got some tacos and brought them on plates to his room. I sat down on his bed as I felt hideous. My hair fell damp and limp. My eyes were puffy from crying. I usually didn’t wear makeup but I could always use some when my eyes were puffy. Derek closed the door and handed me a water bottle.

“Thanks.” I said.

I had a feeling Derek wanted to know more, “So, who do you live with back at home?”

I took a bite of my taco, “Daniel.” I swallowed and explained, “He was my dad’s best friend, basically an uncle to me.” I ate some more of my taco as we sat there in silence. Derek was on the edge of his bed as he was thinking of the next question.

“Where’s the rest of your family?”

“Well. My uncle lives in Scandinavia to study plants.” Derek’s eyebrows shot up in question. I understood the reaction; it is a strange place to randomly move away to. “The rest of my family has passed away and he was the last person to turn to.”

He waited for me as I took another bite of the taco. After swallowing I continued, “I obviously didn’t end up living with him. My dad was very close to one of his friends- they were basically like brothers- and that was Daniel. Daniel is like the uncle I never had.”

He nodded, “So, you and Daniel have a strong relationship?” Derek asked curiously.

“Yeah, of course. We get along well. He’s just ridiculously protective at times.”

Derek smiled, “Well, I can be ‘ridiculously protective’ too.”

“Trust me, you don’t want to have that responsibility. I somehow always find myself in really fucked up situations.”

Derek laughed, “I doubt that.”

“You’re mistake to doubt it.” I chewed on my taco.

“What type of situations could you ever even get yourself into?” I dug a hole for myself now.

I shook my head in silence trying to find a way out of the question. I didn’t want to lie to him or make anything up. I wanted to tell him everything about myself, but he wouldn’t understand why I do what I do.

“Well, there once was this guy who caught me buying diapers for myself. That ended up terribly. Now he stalks me constantly.” I cracked a mischievous smile towards him.

He shook his head with a chuckle, “Oh really?”

I set my plate on his bed side table, “Really.” I sighed to myself as I dodged a sticky situation.

An awkward pause set in and Derek spoke up, “Guess what, babygirl.”

I looked up, “What?” I was confused for a moment on what he was excited about. Derek got up and went to his closet.

“I kind of ordered something for you a few days and got it shipped in first class. It just arrived today actually.”

“Huh? Wh-” I watched as he brought out a cardboard box from his closet.

“Lay down and close your eyes.” I looked at him suspiciously and then I laid on my back, closing my eyes.

I heard a tear of plastic and instantly guessed what it was. Derek began tugging down my shorts along with my underwear.

“Lift up your little bottom, honey.”

I felt him slide the soft diaper under me, “Can I open my eyes now?”

“Maybe.” I giggled and opened them.

I watched as Derek carefully taped the diaper on both sides. After the diaper was snugly fitted on me his fingertips brushed the leak guards as he laid next to me, propped up on one elbow.

“I can’t believe you got them.” I glanced at his face. His eyes were twinkling in content. I sat up in an Indian position and looked down at the diaper. It was a soft white with teddy bears dancing across the diaper. It felt incredibly thick compared to the GoodNites I was wearing. I felt so little as I sat there. I just wanted to cuddle up into Derek’s arms.

I crawled into his arms and nuzzled my head into his chest. I laid there cuddled into his arms feeling secure. I felt comfortable to be with one person who understood that one part of me I could never tell anyone else.

Derek kissed my head and his lips caressed my ear, “Dakota?”

“Hmm?” I mumbled as I was breathing in his evergreen scent.

“I think I’m falling for you.” As my nose was nestled in his shirt, I wanted to tell him something else but I held it back.

I mumbled, “I think I’m falling for you too.”

I lied, I had already fallen.

Re: Shattering Siberia

Chapter 8

The next morning I woke up wrapped underneath Derek’s arm. I untangled myself and looked at his alarm clock. It was 9 AM and I had work in two hours. I groaned as I realized I had to leave Derek. I just wanted to cuddle with him all day.

Derek’s deep breathing stopped as he woke up. The bed moved slightly as he stretched and opened his eyes. He met mine with a smile placed on his face.

“Good morning, little one.” He gathered me into his arms and kissed my forehead.

I nuzzled my head into his chest and pulled away. I brushed a hair away from his eyes as I sat in his lap.

His eyes studied mine, “What’s wrong?”

“I have work today.” I pouted.

He sighed, “I do too, unfortunately. Don’t worry, baby girl, we’ll be together soon.” Derek kissed my lips.

Three days passed without seeing Derek. We talked on the phone every night before we went to sleep but I still wanted to be held by him. The days were dwindling and I wanted to spend every hour I could with him.

“Good night, Dakota. Get some sleep, hmm?” His voice teased me with warmth.

“Okay, maybe.”

“Baby girl, you have a bedtime. Go to sleep.” He kept trying to enforce this bedtime policy but I wasn’t having it.

“I dunno.” I giggled lightly to myself. I paused, “Good night, Derek.”

“Good night, Dakota. Love you.”

My breathing hitched; what do I say back?

“Yeah, er, you too.” That was the most awkward response I could have ever given. I face palmed myself.

I heard Derek chuckle, “Is that so? Hm?”

I giggled in reply, “Okay, good night. Love you too, maybe.”

“Goodnight, baby girl.”

After the phone call, my mind mused over the end of the conversation. Do I really love Derek already? I did love him, but being in love with him was another story. I knew I fell hard for him but I was scared to be in love with him.

I woke up the next morning to my door bell ringing. I groaned as I slowly got up. I looked into the peephole in my door. It was Derek.

I opened the door and he walked in with a smile spread across his face.

“Why are you here so early?”

“It’s only 9 in the morning, sleepyhead. And I recall you were supposed to go to sleep at 10 last night?” He cocked his head at me and his eyes studied me. I huffed at his intimidating stare.

I crossed my arms, “Not fair.”

His serious expression cracked as a smirk appeared, “I guess I’ll let it go for today, but,” He picked me up with one hand supporting my bottom and the other supporting my back, “someone needs a diaper.”

He tickled my bottom with powder and taped on a diaper to a snugly fit. I smiled at Derek as his eyes traveled from my diaper to my red face. Diaper changes were still embarrassing to me.

Derek moved onto the bed and sat next to me. I crawled onto his lap and wrapped my legs around his waist. My face was inches away from his as my fingers traced his beard. Derek kissed me lightly, while his tongue tickled my lip.

I pulled my face away from his. He gave me a confused look back.

“I’ve never, uh, made out before.”

Derek gave me a lion’s smile, “Then I’ll teach you, baby girl. Don’t try too hard, just let it be, okay?” Anxiety about something as little as a kiss tugged at me as he inched closer to my face.

Our tongues tickled each other in an unfamiliar way. Even though it was awkward for me, it was, well, nice. It was sweet as it continued for a few minutes. Butterflies tickled my stomach as Derek’s hand played with the edge of my diaper.

“Hmm. Not too scary, was it?”

I smiled shyly in response.

“You’ve never had any boyfriends before?”

“Nor any girlfriends.” I smiled mischievously in an attempt at a joke.

He laughed, “That’s incredible.”

I shrugged, “I’m sorry I’m so awkward.”

He cocked his head to the side in question as he brushed a strand of hair behind my ear, “I love that you’re awkward. I can’t get enough of it, to be quite honest.” He gave me a crooked smile.

I felt the need to explain, “It’s just, I’ve never been this awkward until I met you. It’s confusing, that’s all.”

He smiled, “That means you like me, baby girl. You know that, don’t you?” His hand tickled my stomach.

I giggled as I sat in his lap. My face fell as I remembered something that I didn’t want to think about.

“What’s wrong now?” He squeezed my side.

I squinted as I looked at my pillow, “We only have four days together, Derek.” My eyes drifted back to him.

“You shouldn’t count the days, Dakota; you should count the moments.” I searched in his eyes for some sliver of sadness but he seemed content in this moment.

I nodded and said, “I guess we should change the subject then.” I looked around my room.

“Hmm. So. What grades do you get in school?” He was always good at changing subjects when he wanted to.

I let out a laugh, “Okay ones I guess.”

He cocked his head to the side in question, “A’s? B’s? What was your GPA?”

“Let’s just say I’ve been on the A honor roll for a long while. Daniel gets ridiculously mad if I have anything lower.”

Derek asked, “That’s insane. Why would he be mad?” He seemed bewildered.

I shrugged, “Because academics come naturally to me and if I get a B that means I didn’t do my homework.” I paused for a moment, deliberating if I should tell him a story, “Also I’ve had a bad run with my teachers throughout the years.”

A year and a half ago I was in my third hour class of trigonometry taught by Mr. Dillons. As most students know, Mr. Dillon was a very biased teacher and was very opinionated. He seemed to like the boys in our class more than the women and always tended to pick at the women continuously. I did not like him as a teacher at all and found him to be extremely hypocritical.

Mr. Dillon was writing a few simple trigonometric proofs on the board as I looked out the window to the field. My eyes were twitching closed at I tried to stay awake in his class.

Mr. Dillon’s voice boomed through the classroom, “Miss Siberia, since you never pay attention in my class, how about you teach the class how to do these two proofs?” That was a lie, I listened to him every single day I was in his class; I just didn’t look in his direction. I knew everything he taught and my tests showed it.

Silence filled the room. I sat there and blinked at him trying to keep myself from talking back.

“That wasn’t a suggestion; that was a command.” He stood in front of the white board in his hideous khaki pants and a light blue shirt. His bushy dark brown eyebrows furrowed at me.

I got up and went to the board. I took the blue marker sitting on the ledge. I turned around to face the class as I watched Mr. Dillon take a seat at my desk.

A spark set off in my mind, “In order to understand how to do proofs you need to learn how to relate the identities to something interesting.”

I turned around and wrote:

Mr. Dillons=Voldemort’s asshole^2 + Hitler^2

“In order to solve this, you must use the Pythagorean identity-”

Mr. Dillon’s voice screeched, “Miss Siberia go to the-” I heard a silent laugh float around the room. I looked across the room to everyone’s faces and the students were trying to hold their composures to not laugh or else they would be sent to the office as well.

I turned around to see him getting up and I spoke in a raised tone to cut off his, “But what about teaching the class, sir?”

He pointed to the door, his face bright red with rage, “To the office!” I cracked a smile at him as I grabbed my items and left.

That night Daniel showed up at the Phoenix Academy Boarding School to have a parent teacher conference. I was happily transferred to another trigonometry class as Mr. Dillon insisted on kicking me out of his class. After that year, I heard Mr. Dillon resigned to teach at another school. It was too bad that I had him on his last year teaching at the Phoenix.

“You really did that?” Derek’s eyes were wide open.

I laughed, “Yes. He was a terrible teacher. He was a dictator, not a teacher. He would individually degrade every student when he checked homework. I could make my homework flawless and he would still find a way to tell me I’m wrong.”

“Or maybe you were just grumpy and needed a good spanking.” He flashed his lion’s smile at me.

I stuck my tongue out at him, “Nuh-uh.”

I changed to a more serious tone, “I mean, I guess sometimes I ask for it, but other times, they deserve it. It’s just-” I paused as I picked a hang nail on my thumb, “I don’t like bullies and I don’t like anyone getting away with picking on others.”

Derek looked at me under his eye lashes, “Is that so, baby girl?” He light heartedly said. I looked down at my hands and stopped talking. I wanted to tell him everything in that moment to explain why so it didn’t seem so stupid to mention what I just said. Instead I just said nothing and blinked the thought away.

Re: Shattering Siberia

Chapter 9

“All of your luggage is in the trunk.” Derek said as he stood next to me.

I nodded slowly, trying to not talk. If I talked, too many tears would betray me and I needed to not look like a wreck when I left Derek.

I couldn’t believe this was my last day already. These two weeks took me by surprise. I thoroughly enjoyed every single day. Derek made me feel that life was much simpler than I made it out to be most of the time. He affected me in ways I could never imagine.

“Hey.” Derek’s hand guided my face to look into his sea blue eyes.

“Hi.” I said awkwardly, attempting to blink away my depressed thoughts.

Derek gave me a crooked smile, “This isn’t the end of us, I promise. Okay?” He held his arms out to hug me.

I gave him a small smile as I went in to hug him, “Okay.” A tear fell down my face. I wiped it away as I took in his evergreen scent.

“I love you Dakota Siberia, and I will never forget you.” Derek said as he pulled away.

“I love you too. I just wish we had more time.” I said softly. I looked at my phone to check the time. I knew I had to leave soon in order to get to where the buses were going to pick up everyone.

My eyes tried to take in the sight of him. From his hazel brown beard to his always playful blue eyes to his crooked smile, how could I just leave him? I would miss his forest scent and his relentless caressing hands that tended to like touching diaper edges.

“You have to go, little one. But, hey, we’ll keep in touch. Whenever you feel out of place, just call me and I’ll pick up.”

I nodded, “Maybe.” I cracked a weak mischievous smile at him.

He shook his head with a chuckle, “I’m going to miss my little brat infinitely.” I saw a sad flicker in his eyes, “Good bye, Dakota.”

“Bye, Derek.” I said as he bent down and we kissed for the last time.

I could still feel the ghost of his hand that caressed my back as the taxi pulled away from the apartment. I waved at Derek as I went on my way to the camp.

A half an hour later I found myself being dropped off near a diner where the buses were waiting. There were three black buses waiting for all the Phoenix members to arrive. We all had to meet to go on the buses because they didn’t want any outsiders knowing about the camp, such as a taxi driver in my case.

I pulled my green back pack on, swung my duffel bag over my shoulder and rolled my suitcase over to the buses which were lined up on the side of the road. A man in khaki shorts and a green t-shirt, who looked about 40, stood in front of the luggage area on the bus.

“Name?” His eyes scanned me as he held a clip board in his hand.

“Dakota Siberia.”

“Aha! One of the people who are late.” He said with an irritated tone.

He nodded to my luggage, “Here.” He threw my suitcase and duffel bag into the luggage compartment.

I almost tripped up the metal steps as I walked onto the bus.

A familiar voice caught me by surprise, “Dakota! Hey, over here!”

I looked over the twenty people who were already seated to find someone waving at me. I found Merissa waiting to get my attention. I nodded to her as I walked to the middle of the bus.

I gave a small sigh of relief that at least I had a friend at the camp, “Hey, how are you?”

“I’m doing okay.” Her blue tinted grey eyes went wide, “I have so much to tell you.”

I nodded, I had a lot to tell her too, but for some reason, I didn’t want to talk much anymore.

“What’s new?” I asked courteously. My eyes glanced at her hair. Her medium length dark brown hair fell in warm spirals on her shoulders. She must have dyed it since the last time I saw her. It had been almost a year from the last time we spoke.

As we sat there waiting for the bus to start, Merissa went on to tell me about some girl I never met who back stabbed her and about some guy she had a crush on. After five minutes of listening, the bus began on its course through multiple stretches of pine and oak trees.

I gave Merissa nods and 'uhuh’s as I watched out the windows as we passed houses upon houses. I was tuning her out until she mentioned something that caught my attention.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe I forgot for a moment what was really important to tell you.” I looked at her.“I was trying to get a hold of you these past few weeks because I have some things you should know.” I nodded because I did get a phone change recently which was probably why she couldn’t contact me.

I met her eyes as she sparked my curiosity, “What happened?”

She shook her head as if it were serious, “You know how I’ve been working with the File Information Bureau?” I nodded slowly.

“Well, we got into the Hybrids core system. We found they were actually keeping tabs of our own members. It really wasn’t surprising, but what was, was that they had certain documented plans for some of us.” I cocked my head in question, “I searched for mine first just to see what they were saying about me.”

She threw her hands up as if it were nothing, “I wasn’t even flagged. I was a bit insulted, honestly.” We both laughed. Out of anyone in the Phoenix, Merissa loved stirring up trouble with the Hybrids.

Merissa’s tone changed to a serious one in an instant, “But then I decided to search for your’s because I was curious.” She looked a bit uneasy to tell me what she was about to say, “Dakota, it’s not good.”

I blurted out, “Just say it already.” I was becoming frustrated and worst of all, I could feel as if a few people were listening in on our conversation.

“Your profile was flagged. They have an assignment currently being followed to find you. They want you, specifically.”

I mouthed ‘what’ at her in a gasp. I was absolutely bewildered. One of the guys sitting in front of us turned their head in my direction. I tried to ignore his stare.

“Hey, aren’t you that girl who attacked Slender in that video?” I met his dark brown eyes looking curiously at me.

“Yes.” I was flustered and I really just wanted to understand why the hell there were people looking for me and I could honestly care less about my past accomplishments.

“Cool.” He nodded and turned back around as he noticed he was asking at the wrong time.

Merissa caught my attention again, “That’s not all of it.” There was more?

“Shawn is leading the assignment. There was an attached file to your profile but we didn’t have the passwords to look into it. All I know is he had special plans for you.”

My mouth gaped open in shock.

Re: Shattering Siberia

I have this sneaking little suspicion that a common ABDL trope is going to rear its ugly head in the near future…

Either way, the winding path you took to get us there earns you an immediate reprieve if it happens. :wink:

Re: Shattering Siberia

I knew it! I knew something was up. I’m not gonna say what exactly for those who don’t see it. This story reminds me of “The Caretaker’s House” in that the plot is completely believable, the characters are well realized and it’s just a good story about a girl who just likes diapers.

Re: Shattering Siberia

i am relay enjoying this story cant wait to read more

Shattering Siberia

I’ve had the plot mapped out for the whole story for a long time now and some of you may be content with it and others not so much. I love the curiosity for where the story is going and it’s truly motivating me to crank out a chapter at least once a week. Unfortunately, I will be having school and work taking up most of my time in the near future but I promise I will continue to write when I have free time. The next post will be a few chapters, to make up for when I will be gone, which will be after I get to proofreading them. And why thank you for the feedback guys, it’s really quite lovely and it keeps me writing. :slight_smile:

Chapter 10

“I call top bunk.” Merissa yelled behind me as we entered our cabin.

I dropped my duffel bag on the bottom bunk and sighed as I sat down on the stiff mattress. I looked around at the other bunk beds. There would be a total of 8 girls in one room, hence why there were 4 bunk beds lining the walls, one for each wall. The room had mahogany horizontal panels covering the walls and a light hazel floor. In the middle of the small room sat a wooden table with chairs around it. In one corner by the bathroom there was a miniature refrigerator. It smelled like hotel in the room with a hint of cotton.

Merissa began unpacking her items and shoving them in her drawer to the right of the bunk beds. I followed suit and took out my items, putting them away. I made my bed with a fuzzy blanket on the top. I laid down as Merissa continued to unpack.

A few girls walked into the room. One was a familiar face with ginger hair and dark green eyes.

“Hey Ariel.” I said.

Ariel looked surprised, “Oh my god! Hey guys! I missed you two.” She came over and hugged Merissa. I got up and hugged her. I laid back down on my bed and closed my eyes, trying to dodge socializing with anyone else today.

Merissa poked my leg, “Hey, want to go explore the camp?”

I opened one eye, “I’m not really feeling it. I didn’t get much sleep and I think I’m just going to nap. I’m sorry.” I didn’t really want to nap either but I rather sleep than think.

“Okay, well, have fun napping.”

A few hours later, I woke up from two people talking near my bed. I kept my eyes shut and acted like I was still napping as I listened in to the conversation.

“I don’t know. She was really quiet today on the bus. Have you talked to her recently? She seemed weirdly depressed. I didn’t want to ask her because, you know, she doesn’t really like opening up. But still. It’s so different for her.” I heard Merissa say in a hushed voice to what I assume was Ariel.

Ariel replied, “No, I haven’t seen her since the last mission in Omaha. Who knows, maybe she’s just homesick.”

“Dakota? Homesick?” Merissa said as if she was taken aback by the thought, “You know she never stays in one place. I highly doubt that’s it.” Merissa knows me too well. She said quickly as an afterthought, “It could be the whole Slender situation though. I knew it might stress her out but she had to know.”

There was a silent pause in their conversation. “Well, its whatever.” Ariel said with a sigh, “So do we really have a spare bunk bed in the room? No one else is coming in?” They launched into another conversation that I could care less about.

A few minutes later I got up and stretched. I looked at my phone to check the time. In the back of my mind, I was secretly hoping I’d get a call from Derek. I sighed and tried to block out the thought of Derek. I had to get myself together for the next two months without him.

“I am starving, I heard today is spaghetti night.” Ariel said. I winced at the painful reminder of Derek. I guess anything and everything was going to remind me of him now.

“Let’s go to the dining hall, I haven’t eaten in hours.” They both got up.

“Come on Dakota, get your ass up and do something.” Merissa said.

“No, I’m going to pass. Spaghetti isn’t my cup of tea.” I waived them off. Merissa gave me a suspicious look and then nodded. They left as I laid there. I was a diehard fan of spaghetti but I really wasn’t hungry, and for some reason, I just didn’t want to do anything.

After a few minutes after they left, I found myself alone in the cabin. I decided to take a run because I hadn’t in a few weeks and needed to get back in shape as soon as possible. I got up and changed into a red tank top and grey elastic shorts. I threw on my beaten up converse and tied them tightly on my feet.

The sun was slowly going down as I left the cabin. I began with a brisk jog towards the forest area. There was a path already carved out so I decided to take it. I passed gigantic trees and a moss covered forest lining the pathways. There was a small stream running under a bridge I ran across. The path curved towards the lake and ended at the trainers cabins. I ran around the edge of the forest back to where the path began and ran around again. The path was probably about 3 or 4 miles. I was planning on running until I could throw up so I decided to run it again. By the end of my run, it was dark out and I stopped when I saw the end of the path. My back was embellished in sweat and my face was bright red from the run.

As I got closer to the end of the path, there was a small trail to a building sized opening of gravel. In the area, there was a camp fire and a bunch of people sitting around it on logs. As I was walking passed it, I noticed that the people sitting around it looked to be the trainers and leaders of the camp.

“Here’s to another year of Knight’s of Phoenix. I’m proud to have such an inspiring team every year.” The camp director, Pete Ferguson, was speaking to everyone. From what I heard, he acts as if he’s laid back but he can bring down harsh rules to certain people. The only time people actually meet him is in huge group functions or one on one when something bad happens. You never want to see him one on one because that usually means you did something really bad or you’re getting dropped from the camp.

I caught a few people’s attentions as I passed and accidentally stepped on a few twigs, creating crunching noises. It was so dark they could hardly see me but I could see their faces from light of fire cascading on them. I looked away and began jogging to get back to my cabin.

My cabin was lit up in the inside as I walked up to the door. I walked in with my clothes stained in sweat. Hopefully no one was taking a shower because I needed one badly.

“How was the run?” Tiffany asked. Tiffany was one of Ariel’s close friends. She was a bit taller than me with some curves. She had long strawberry hair with freckles splattered on her face. I talked to her a few times when I first began in the Phoenix so we knew each other a bit.

“Bland. But I’m going to take a shower real quick.”

As I went to get my shampoo and conditioner out of my bag I gasped quietly to myself. Derek gave me the diapers he bought for me and I forgot I put them at the bottom of my duffel bag. I hurriedly got my supplies and closed the bag, kicking it under the bunk bed.

I took a shower, and when I got out I felt incredible. The endorphin kick was helping me feel better along with feeling squeaky clean. I changed into my pajamas with penguins on them and went into the main room. Everyone was sitting around getting ready to play some game at the table. I sat down in my bunk bed.

“Dakota, want to play truth or dare?”

I rolled my eyes as I laid down on my bed, “Not really. I’m going to sleep.”

“Oh come on, Dakota. Pleaaaaase.” Ariel chimed in.

“No, I don’t feel good.” I mumbled as I wrapped myself in my blankets.

“Liar.” Tiffany said.

I ignored them and laid in my bed, turning away so they couldn’t see my face. I checked my phone for any missed calls. There were none, but there was a text message.

I said quietly to myself, “I thought he didn’t text.” A geeky smile transformed my face.

I opened the message:

I was thinking of you tonight. I should have given you a spanking while you were still here.

A flush of embarrassment shadowed me while butterflies tickled my stomach. I giggled to myself as silently as I could. I texted him back:

At least now I can be as bratty as I want without any consequences. >:3

I closed my eyes with a smile. My phone vibrated in my hand:

Isn’t it bed time, little one?

I shook my head in defiance:


I sent the text and then decided to send another after a pause of thought:

Fine, Goodnight. :stuck_out_tongue:

The phone’s light cascaded over my face. He replied in less than a minute:

Goodnight, baby girl. I love you.

I fell asleep an hour or two later after listening to the truth or dare game.

The room alarm went off for a good ten seconds until someone got up to turn it off. I was a bit saddened by the thought of Derek when I woke but I shook it off. I stretched and hurriedly changed into black elastic shorts and a grey shirt. We were required to get up, go to breakfast, and then head to training every week day morning. Every weekend we were allowed to sleep in and do whatever we wanted, at least it followed the guidelines.

Eight in the morning was still way too early for me to wake up. We all walked towards the dining hall. It was a quarter of a mile away from our cabin. We walked on the gravel path towards the dining hall. I pulled my hair into a ponytail as we walked. My legs were incredibly sore from the run the night before. I regretted running but I could survive today’s activities.

We walked up the sets of elongated, horizontally, steps into the stone build dining hall. Mahogany wood decorated the floors with multiple long rectangular wooden tables with attached benches were placed around the room. The room was incredibly huge with a small podium to the left of it.

I followed Merissa in the line for breakfast. I grabbed some cereal and we all sat down in one of the middle rows of tables. My eyes scanned the room to take in the people accompanying it. The rows of tables to the farthest right looked to have the younger teens sitting at it. The tables all the way to the left held the trainers and leaders. The middle groups of tables had a mix of cliques. My eyes fell on the trainer table in curiosity. I saw Felix sitting there. I met his bright eyes and he waved at me. I smiled back with a wave.

The girls surrounding me began having small talk. I was trying to stay out of any social situation around me as I concentrated on eating my food. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the option to close my ears.

“Today we get judged by the trainers.” Vanessa said as we ate. She was one of the girls who had gone to the camp three years in a row; this being her third year. I wasn’t much of a fan of her because she came off a little too arrogant for my taste.

She continued, “The first day is easy because all you have to do is try to not impress the trainers.”

I have pulled out of my antisocial mood, “Wait.” I interjected, “Why would we try to not impress them?”

“Because you don’t want to be in the advanced or elite groups. They get terrible training sessions. It’s rigorous, cutthroat training.” She said simply, “It’s not something any amateur can be part of.”

Vanessa’s eyes scanned me, “But you shouldn’t worry, usually short people don’t make advanced or elite.”

I glared at her, “Really?”

“I mean, it’s not like that. It’s just the facts, sweetheart.” She paused, trying to make another approach, “Anyways, I’ve never made it. You have to have some type of superpower to make the cut.” Vanessa said.

Merissa seemed offended, “Well, Dakota’s fast. I wouldn’t underestimate her.” She gave the death stare towards Vanessa, “Also, her fuse is short, so I wouldn’t try to step on her feelings.” She winked at Vanessa. Merissa tends to be a bit overprotective of me sometimes and, not to mention, she loves a good fight.

I heard a mic being tapped for attention over the roar of chatter throughout the room. A man cleared his voice, “Excuse me, I have an important announcement.”

Heads turned to the right where Pete was standing behind the podium, “After breakfast everyone is to report to the field. We will split you into four groups that you will be tested with for the day. Now I need everyone to remember their groups numbers sorted alphabetically by last name so listen closely,” He paused for everyone to take in what he just said, “Group 1 will be letters A-G, group 2 will be letters H-M, group 3 will be N-R, and group 4 will be S-Z.” He repeated that three more times and then he added one last thing, “Remember, report to the field after breakfast. Everyone must be there by 8:45.”

“Some of the trainers are so dreamy this year. Ugh.” Tiffany said as she looked behind me towards the trainer’s table with her face gawking at the sight.

“Too bad the hottest are training the advanced and elite.” Merissa said gloomily.

“Then I’m going to try for the advanced this year.” Tiffany said as she bit her lip.

Merissa elbowed me, “Maybe you can find yourself a boyfriend this year.” She winked at me. I shook my head and my mouth fell into a grim line.

Merissa gasped, “That’s why you’re so sad! Why didn’t you tell me you had a boyfriend?!”

I shook my head again, “This is why I didn’t tell you, because you’d freak out. It’s not a big deal anyways, he’s not here.” I bit my thumb nail as I sat there.

“Is he handsome?” She raised her eyebrows at me as we got up to walk to the field.

I smiled and bit my lip, “No, he’s hideous.” I said sarcastically.

Merissa laughed, “What’s his name? When did you meet him? Tell me everything.” I couldn’t tell her everything, but I’d tell her maybe a couple of things.

I said quickly, “His name is Derek. I met him two weeks ago.” I mumbled, “I rather not talk about it right now.” I tried to get out of talking about Derek.

We stood with a pack of other teens and Merissa squealed, “I’m so happy for you, you finally have a boyfriend. My Dakota has finally grown up!” I think the opposite has happened but I’ll let her be happy for me. Merissa hugged me in joy.

“Okay, I’ll stop bothering you about it for now. Promise.” I gave her a weak smile.

The sun’s rays warmed my arms as I did some routine stretches. The trainers were lining up twenty feet away from the group of about a hundred teens. The pack of trainers divided up into four separated groups, far away from each other. I looked at the grass while I focused on my stretching in the middle of the huge group of teens.

A guy, who looked about 21, with dark brown hair and moss green eyes blew a whistle, “Hello. My name is Chris. I’m going to tell you where your groups are.” He pointed at each section when he said the group numbers. When he said group 4, he pointed to the farthest group to the left, closest to the tennis courts.

“Break up everyone.” Chris yelled. All of us scrambled towards our designated spots.

I began walking towards the last group as my eyes scanned the trainers that would be watching my group. My eyes met a familiar set of sea blue eyes.

I was confused, “Derek?”

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Oh, this’ll be interesting! I’m calling it right now: either Derek saves Dakota from Slender when/if he catches her, or he’s a mole & will take her to him himself. If, of course, that’s really Derek she saw and she isn’t imagining things…

Also, if you’re in need of a proofreader, I’d gladly oblige; I have a fairly solid grasp on grammar, and if it means I get to read your work a little early, then who am I to complain? :stuck_out_tongue:

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My theory about derek is a bit different but I’m gonna keep it under wraps.

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i have my own pet theory as well. every chapter i read twice once for pleasure, once for evidence!! ;D ??? :police: