Sharing ideas and (hopefully) inspiring each other

I don’t know about you other writers here, but if you’re anything like me, the writing process is a bit like shooting with a sawn-off shotgun. Lots of ideas spray out, but only a few hit the target (and turn into actual stories). All those other ideas just end up on post-it notes or stuck in the back of a notebook somewhere and never really go anywhere.

I know we tend to feel possessive of our ideas, even the ones we’ll probably never use, but how about we share them. That way, an idea that may not work out for you, could inspire someone else to write a story. And that benefits everybody. To get us started, here are a couple of ideas that will probably never go anywhere with me. Feel free to use them.

1: The protagonist is abducted by aliens who are using humans as navigators on their spaceships. (For some reason we’re really good at it.) They only use people who agree to come along. Those who don’t want to have their memories wiped and are put back on Earth. The flight times are really long and require constant attention, meaning the navigators can’t take any breaks, so most of them have to wear diapers.

2: The protagonist has invented a time machine which has an interesting side effect. When he/she goes back to a point in time when he/she is still alive, he/she pops into his/her own body at that time. After returning from a week as a two-year-old, the protagonist finds that he/she wants to be diapered and taken care of even as an adult.

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Come on people, am I the only one willing to share my toys? ;D

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So, a diaper fanfic of Flight of the Navigator? -

So, Butterfly Effect with Infantilism?

Just teasing, the second one is a little more of a stretch. I have a bunch of ideas which all result in 1-2 chapters of stories. If I think about them enough to formulate a plot, I’ve written them out. I guess I could publish all my writing scraps on the site but I get the impression people hate the half-finished stories and I’m not currently in the mood to finish all those one-two chapter works.

It looks like what you want is a little more fantasy in your diaper stories… It’s tough. We really want to identify with the characters so there’s an uber-realistic, plausability vibe for this site’s diaper stories. It prevents any break in the suspension of disbelief. Fantasy could break that; then again, if could lead us down more interesting avenues. I’ve tried a sci-fi story once, eh, I dunno. It just didn’t interest me enough to keep it going.

Re: Sharing ideas and (hopefully) inspiring each other

I always wanted to try to recapture some of the reiterative and thematic power of fairy tales. It adds some indescribable, almost primitive force to a story that I’ve always found stunning.

A form of depth through simplicity. But it’s murky stuff, I’ve made several attempts without posting them, but I can’t seem to catch the Lightning in a bottle.

Finally, I admire the your idea but style and themes running through a work seem to overshadow the actual narrative.

I would love it if we could wrangle several authors to write the same story with their own styles. That would be facisnating.

Re: Sharing ideas and (hopefully) inspiring each other

I suppose there are similarities to Flight of the Navigator (or, to be honest, any other alien abduction movie), but I don’t think it would necessary end up as fanfic (not that there’s is necessarily anything wrong with fanfic.)

As for the Butterfly Effect, I not familiar with that so I can’t really say.

And as for wanting more fantasy in my stories: Maybe, maybe not. Perhaps the slightly out-there nature of these ideas are why I never managed to get them off the ground. But then again, real life is often boring and I like a bit of escapism. I don’t know.