Settling, a Diaper Dimension Story

Settling, a Diaper Dimension Story
By Ulthernon

[left]A dingy apartment on the sixth floor of a large housing complex overlooked the city that seemed to ever outsize it. Out there, gazing upon the cityscape, one could see the larger office buildings and high density housing made for the Amazons – the tall people of the world. A Little – a person half the size of an Amazon or smaller – found living in the middle of the city to be perilous. This apartment building housed mostly Littles, and Little-friendly Amazons, perched just on the edge of the city, bringing the amenities of the city closer to the Littles that lived there and keeping a healthy distance away from the bulk of the Amazon population.

Despite being so removed, evidence of dominant Amazon culture could be witnessed just from the apartment windows. Tiny adults being paraded about as children could be seen waiting at the bus stops with their adoptive “parents”, being pushed in strollers and helped into cars, and on this unfortunate afternoon an altercation could be seen taking place between an indignant Little and an Amazon. Treating Littles as the children they proportionally resembled was in no way an uncommon sight or practice. Even then, right there in the street, the argument between the Amazon and Little had devolved into an all too common result; the larger woman had hoisted the young Little over her lap for a spanking, presumably for talking back or some other such excuse. Amazons frequently used their physical dominance to assert their authority over Littles.

Audrey looked down on it all from her protected position on the sixth floor of the relatively large building. She would do this often, sitting by the window and safely looking out onto the world she feared so much. It had been hoops and more hoops to jump through to get through all her education up to now, her sophomore year in college, without ending up like friends she had to leave behind. At least, that’s what she told herself. She had to leave them, Audrey reasoned, if she had fought the Amazons or stood up for her friends where she knew it was right then she would no doubt be in diapers right alongside them… or worse. Better to keep her head down, Audrey reasoned.

Audrey choked back a sob at bitter memories and at her prospective future. That was the life of a Little. Constantly berated and untrusted by anyone taller than they, which unfortunately turned out to be almost any Amazon – child or adult. The world was ruled by Amazons, and infrastructure designed for people their size was the status quo. Some utilities and buildings accommodated Littles, but rather than supply more adult appropriate and size appropriate solutions, Amazon society deemed it better for Littles to be where their size fit.

Being only five feet tall, compared to Amazons averaging ten feet or taller, Audrey knew all too well where any given Amazon would put her. If she were to be out in public and say the wrong thing in front of the wrong Amazon, she had no doubt she would be in diapers at the bottom of an appropriately sized crib by the end of the week. It was ingrained in the psyche of nearly every Amazon; Littles looked like children, and so they were.

At least, Audrey mused, some were nice and didn’t condone the allegedly forced adoption of Littles.

Some of Audrey’s teachers and professors had been kind enough to cover for her during some close calls in class, college especially. Just last week in her introduction to business programming class, Audrey had excused herself to the bathroom and upon her return a fellow student, an Amazon, had offered to diaper her after class so she wouldn’t “miss any more big girl lectures.” Her professor had distracted the student after he had pressed a couple more times by calling him to pick up an assignment. After class Audrey thanked her professor for the rescue, to which they smiled and said they saw the whole thing. Despite being one of the good ones, Audrey blushed at the memory of her professor turning right around after their moment of grace and offering her a pull-up instead, purporting it as “more appropriate underwear.”

Tearing her gaze away from the window Audrey began to boil some water for tea. She knew it helped her to look on the more positive side of things when she wasn’t staring at the city and obsessing over the injustices she faced every day. But it wasn’t just her. Audrey’s roommate Maylene had it worse than she.

Maylene was one year Audrey’s junior, a freshman in college. The poor girl had had a rough time of it from what she had opened up about. Apparently some aggressive Amazon couple had adopted Maylene’s family en masse; her father, mother, brother, and herself when she was only twelve. Audrey hadn’t pressed for too many details, but found that her adoptive parent’s conditioning ran deep in the girl’s mind. They had circularly coerced each member of the family into obedience by threatening to shrink, hypnotize, and or forcibly regress the others if each did not submit. In the end, they had. Audrey still shuddered at memories of Maylene’s stories, sitting with her mom or dad all in diapers and running about on a playground pretending they were happy or content. Maylene said she escaped when she had turned sixteen, though she would not divulge any of the details. Audrey never pressed further.

The hot tea warmed Audrey’s body as she gingerly sipped it, careful not to burn her mouth. Forcing herself to think of happy thoughts, she thought of how well she and Maylene had it. They shared the rent for the apartment and utilities, barely scraping by on funds from Audrey’s parents and their part time jobs. Money and living space were tight, but it was well worth it to live off campus to avoid being under contractual care of Amazons that ran the university. Audrey had been warned by her parents about the dangers of the Amazon world, and she heeded their sagely advice. Their way of life had bought them time enough to raise Audrey in relative seclusion and live a comfortable life themselves. If her parents could do it, Audrey hoped she would get to that point one day herself. She prayed that she could, but all the stress and paranoia had her doubting and no longer asking herself if it would happen, but rather when.

The door to the tiny apartment creaked open, and Maylene meekly shuffled through. Audrey could immediately tell something was wrong.

Maylene had been crying. Closing the door quietly behind her, she sniffled, seeming barely able to compose herself. “Audrey…” She croaked.

Immediately Audrey went over to the other girl and hugged her for comfort. They had become something like sisters since living together, though they looked nothing alike. Audrey was older, but Maylene was half a foot taller than her, making the hug not quite enveloping but welcome nonetheless. Through the hug, Audrey puzzled out just what was wrong. Maylene was clearly wearing a thick diaper under her jeans, and Audrey suspected she was about to find out why.

“Maylene, Maylene,” Audrey said soothingly, shushing the girl, “You’re okay here, you’re safe here. Tell me what happened.”

“I…” Tears started anew. “I had an accident today.” Each syllable was strained and her voice cracked in humiliation and agony.

Audrey embraced her roommate again, tighter, and allowed the taller Little to sink to the floor and bury her face into the comfort of Audrey’s shoulder. She said no words, and knew there would be more explanation once the other girl calmed down. Her heart sank as she looked down at Maylene’s sobbing form, knowing an accident and being diapered by an Amazon may as well have been a death sentence. It appeared that three years of being out of diapers and readjusting to society had not been enough for Maylene. The Amazons had her beat the day they took her the first time. Wistfully again, Audrey could only imagine when even her own defenses would not be enough.

Minutes passed and Maylene allowed herself to cease her crying.

“It was that bitch from English class.” Maylene said with a huff, a pout, and a sniffle.

Audrey knew the person in question without needing a name. Every class had one or four Amazons that would bully Littles. She had seen it happen all too often, bitterly swallowing the consequences of her hiding in safety; seeing her friends dragged off to public restrooms and empty offices where diapers were always conveniently on hand one way or another.

Continuing, Maylene unraveled the story. “The accident was real… I’ve been so good for almost two years now. But she caught me before I could hide it. She made me admit what I did, and took away my panties.” Tears threatened again, but the young woman held them back. She then pulled out her backpack and opened it up for Audrey to see inside.

Among the binders, folders, papers, and a couple books, Audrey could still clearly see the items Maylene was referring to. Three particularly thick looking diapers were squished between the contents of the bag. She let Maylene speak.

“After she put my diaper on and got me dressed, she said I had to wear these from now on. And she said she would bring more and take care of me.” Maylene returned to her distressed state and blubbered into her palms as she used them to cover her face.

Audrey couldn’t help but see herself and her frustrations in the other girl, feeling as though she were witnessing an out of body experience. She merely continued to silently comfort Maylene. What reassurances did she have to offer anyway?

Maylene ventured to speak again. “I thought I was done with this. Nineteen years old and I’ve spent seven of them in diapers as a baby.” Her words were bitter to say and hear.

“You’re not a baby-” Audrey began quietly, trying to keep her friend from falling into the mantra Amazons wanted them to.

Exasperated, Maylene scoffed through her tears. “You don’t know what it’s LIKE, Audrey! You’ve never had to sit in your own urine and feces and play blocks with other adults who are doing the same! You’ve never felt the helplessness of being dependent on people who kidnapped you! You-” Maylene cut herself off as she realized she was raising her voice and pointing towards Audrey accusingly.

The words were a slap in the face to Audrey, worst of all because they were true. That truth frightened Audrey more than she could know or express. She was again reminded of her cowardice and the price she paid for it, and so Audrey allowed Maylene to lay into her with those words. Let her have an outburst here, and not in public. “I’m sorry.” Was all she could offer.

“I think I’m done.” Maylene whispered. “I give up.”

Concern rose in Audrey’s mind. “Maylene, you can’t mean…”

“Suicide? No. I’m just done running. I can’t fight it anymore. The next Amazon that takes me can have me. At least being a baby is easy.”

A thought struck Audrey. An idea had been running through her head for some time. She didn’t want to admit she would like to put it in action, but if there were anyone she wanted to take the plunge with… it was Maylene. She took the other girl by the wrists. “You can’t give u –”

Again Maylene interrupted. “I’m tired Audrey. Just let me-”

It was Audrey’s turn to cut her friend off. “Let me finish,” She said more gently. “You can’t give up… yet.” The shorter girl gulped as she realized her own conviction in her new idea.

The silence allowed by Maylene permitted Audrey to continue.

“Lately… I feel like I’ve given up too,” Audrey admitted, to which Maylene only offered a confused look. “But we can’t be stupid about this. If we’re going to be wetting our pants for the rest of our lives, we might as well find some good ‘parents’” The last word came out of her mouth strained, and she knew her own regression would be difficult. “We just have to make sure to find some that aren’t too crazy. Listen, I have a knack for avoiding Amazons and staying relatively safe, you have some firsthand experience with some of the… worse Amazons. What do you say we work together and find the lesser of evils?”

There was a moment of silence as Maylene considered the idea. “Our case is hopeless, but I have heard of some Littles living good lives despite all the baby treatment. Alright, I’m game for your idea. You keep us from getting snatched up, and I’ll give you perspective.”

“Then we’ll start looking tonight.” Audrey said a bit solemnly.

The two women ordered dinner by delivery that night, deciding to splurge for the occasion. They had gone into discussion about planning for the time up until their eventual adoption. Part of that planning had been an agreement to be free with their expenses since money and savings would hold no bearing for them soon. It was a bitter, but begrudgingly freeing notion; at least they would get to enjoy good food without cooking for a while.

The better part of the evening and night had been spent looking online for personal ads featuring Amazon couples and aspiring parents-to-be seeking matching Littles. Audrey was surprised to find any personal ads at all, though after reading through the ones they found she realized how slim the pickings were. Much of the advertisements were what the girls had been expecting. Nearly all of the personals had requirements that did not thrill them: “24/7 diapers required”, “no adult privileges”, “no advanced vocabulary”, or worst of all “must attend reform school”.

“It’s… bad” Audrey remembered Maylene saying about the schools. Maylene’s parents had been sent to a reform school for obedience, she told her roommate. Audrey grimly wanted to know more, but Maylene wouldn’t share. That denial had been enough to know that reform school was on the definite “no” list when searching that night.

There were a handful of suspiciously decent ads that suited the girls’ limits. It seemed that many prospective parents were expecting some of the Littles they adopted to be rather low maintenance, at least compared to actual toddlers and babies. Audrey mused to herself and wondered if Amazon parents loved to adopt Littles because they didn’t require the intensive care that real infants did. It probably held elements of truth.

Marking down the contact information and details of the adoptions, Audrey and Maylene reviewed their choices.

One couple had no children, and were seeking to be first time parents. They required diapers unfortunately, and insisted on hypnosis for bladder and bowel incontinence, but at least they made no mention of behavioral expectations. The girls agreed that that sounded hopeful.

Another couple proudly purported an adoption streak of nine Littles. They made mention of how Littles were well ingrained into their large and extended family. Many well taken pictures showed scores of people at what appeared to be a family barbecue in a public park. Amazons in the pictures frolicked with several children, and upon close inspection Audrey and Maylene could see most of the children were in fact Littles dressed as children. At least, the two women agreed, that family would be lively and loving, if not a bit humiliating as well.

Other profiles and short, predictable ads were all much more of the same, but one couple in particular caught the eyes of the two Littles. It almost seemed too good to be true. Audrey and Maylene looked to each other, silently seeming to understand what a good opportunity it seemed. Audrey resolved to write and email straight away in case they were contacted by other Littles with the same idea.

Maylene remained more skeptical. “It could be a trap,” she warned as Audrey sent the message.

“I have a good feeling about these people.” Audrey said quietly. Her heart was aflutter thinking where she might be in one or two weeks’ time. In truth, she had no idea what they would be like in person, but their details and expectations were all within her and Maylene’s acceptable range.

Only time would tell.

“You must be Audrey and Maylene!” A tall Amazon woman stood in the frame of the open front door of the residence. “Please come in girls, we were just expecting you.”

Timidly, Audrey more so than Maylene, they allowed themselves to be ushered into the large home, the Amazon woman’s hands on their backs patting them in the right direction.

The taxi ride over had been tense. The pair of Littles had spent all day negotiating with Amazons about being adopted, which had put the two tiny women through the emotional and mental wringer. Twice out of three homes the Amazons they met with tried classic tricks to get the girls into diapers right away. Audrey spotted the barely disguised attempts right off the bat and helped herself and Maylene from falling into them. One Amazon tried to give them drugged tea - Audrey switched her glass with the Amazon’s, Maylene didn’t drink hers. The next parents offered to help the girls into diapers as soon as they were in the door, to “help them realize what they were signing up for.” Audrey admitted to herself that the offer seemed genuine, but knew she and her roommate could not take that chance.

Their final stop was the couple that had sounded most promising - where they were presently. They had been very hospitable and offered to meet the girls at their leisure. Audrey scheduled to see them at the end of their tour of adopters, hoping to end the day on a higher note.

“My name is Karen, girls.” The large willowy woman informed them as they followed behind. “Max and I are so excited to meet you both, Vanessa too!” Karen voiced with restrained cheer. Their exchanged emails had mentioned Vanessa to be their Amazon daughter.

Audrey responded politely, “It’s nice to meet you too. We’re excited to meet you as well.” Maylene mimicked the sentiment.

Karen smiled back over her shoulder with a face that seemed to say ‘how adorable.’

The three women came into a modest living room furnished with a cozy looking L-couch flanked by coffee tables across from an absurdly large television, a storage chest topped with children books and miscellaneous knick knacks, and a plush rug sprawling from corner to corner covering much of what would otherwise be a plain hardwood floor. A thin, rail of a man sat comfortably on the couch while reading his newspaper.

“Max,” The Amazon woman addressed her husband, “Audrey and Maylene are here to meet us.”

Quickly folding up the newspaper and looking over to the trio with a smile, Max rose to walk over. Max wore thin framed glasses and a classy turtle neck that made him look a bit geek-chic. He crouched down onto his haunches to bring himself eye to eye with Audrey and Maylene. “It’s lovely to meet you, girls.” The Amazon man reached out to shake the hands of the Littles.

It was a fact of life that Amazons were all considerably larger than Littles, something Audrey and Maylene had grown begrudgingly accustomed to, but both Max and Karen were rather tall even for their designation. The even greater discrepancy in height made Audrey a bit more than nervous as she timidly reached over to return the handshake. His hand easily eclipsed hers. Maylene did the same, though Audrey could not detect if she was feeling the same intimidation.

“Why don’t we all get comfortable and sit down?” Karen offered.

The party agreed and sauntered over to the couch. There, Audrey and Maylene were again met with the barriers of Amazon society, the girls had to hoist themselves up onto the couch with a touch of difficulty. Neither of the Amazons made any move to help the girls, though they did let their gaze linger a bit as though they wanted to say something. Audrey internally admitted she was surprised at their restraint. The Littles settled into a seated position with their backs against the couch and feet outstretched, barely dangling over the seat cushion. Karen and Max were seated on the lounge portion of the couch with no backing so the two parties could face each other more easily while talking.

“So…” Audrey awkwardly ventured, daring to speak first. “We’ve already gone over and read the things you mentioned in the ad. We felt the need to ask though because it wasn’t specified, and no offense meant by asking this, it’s just that -”

Max interjected. “Just that this is a big decision?” He finished for Audrey. His smile was sympathetic and encouraging. “Please be as candid and forward with your questions as you like, girls. We want to be on the same page as well.”

Agreeing, Karen added her sentiments. “Worst thing that happens today is we find ourselves incompatible and you girls walk out of here never seeing us again.”

Audrey could have sworn she heard a hint of sadness in the latter part of Karen’s quip. Nonetheless, she continued. “Right, thank you. It’s about your daughter. You and Max seem very… progressive. Are you raising your daughter similarly, in how she treats Littles?”

Karen answered happily. “I see what you meant before, and no offense taken at all! Yes, we are teaching Vanessa to be mindful that Littles are people too, just that they might need some extra… help, like kids do.” Audrey and Maylene disguised their feelings on that. The woman continued. “Max and I think it’s just terrible the way so many Littles are abducted against their will, or worse – the hypnotism and robots, oh!” She was animatedly exasperated. “It’s why we’re looking to adopt by will. It’s a fine line to tread, knowing your real ages but treating you as a… younger role.” Karen finished gently looking to both Littles.

The Amazon couple looked at each other lovingly. Max took Karen’s hand. “Ever since Vanessa grew out of the toddler phase, we have been missing the feeling of taking care of a baby. Or in this case, babies.” He emphasized the plural, smiling over at the young women.

Maylene apologized preemptively. “That’s another thing we wanted to touch base with you on. Audrey and I were looking to be adopted together, would both of us be too much?”

“True, we weren’t expecting two of you, but Audrey was upfront in the email. And we’ve though it over. We are new to adopting Littles, but… Perhaps you’d like a tour of the house before deciding any further?” Karen offered, standing.

Audrey and Maylene slid off the couch carefully, deciding a tour would be good. The young Amazon parents led the pair of Littles through the house. The bottom floor hosted the living room, foyer, kitchen-pantry, and a lovely dining room. The upstairs featured “Mommy and Daddy’s” room, Vanessa’s room, a playroom, an office computer room, a communal bathroom, and the last room down the hall was everything all parties expected.

Of course the starry eyed parents beckoned the Littles into the final room and showcased it longer than all the others. It was a nursery, specifically for Littles. There was one large crib, a playpen, changing table, walk-in closet, toy chest, and plush dolls scattered just about everywhere. After just a few minutes in the room, Audrey and Maylene began to look visibly uncomfortable. Taking the cue, Karen and Max led them back out of the nursery.

The four of them sojourned to the kitchen, where Max offered to make them all a snack while they talked more. Maylene and Audrey knew they had to keep their eyes open at this point.

“Girls, do you want help onto the stools?” Karen voiced from behind as the women were looking for a seat.

The stools seated at the kitchen island were the tallest vantage in the room, both girls knew.

Maylene declined and began to carefully climb the stool that outsized her.

In a twisted moment of curiosity, Audrey answered almost without thinking. “Yes please.”

“So polite,” Karen praised. She bent down and gently held Audrey under the armpits and hoisted her up and neatly on one of the stools.

Blushing furiously, Audrey couldn’t believe she was brave enough to just do that. She had never been held by an Amazon like that before. The girl tried to rationalize her decision. Of course I needed help, this stool is huge! Oh man… I must be seven feet off the ground. I was never that athletic anyway, what if I fell? Through all her reasoning, the sensation and memory of being picked up by the massive Karen burned through all other thoughts. Maylene reached her seat on her own after a short time. She cast a glance over at Audrey, seeming to question the other girl’s actions.

Snack was served; trail mix in one bowl and apple slices with caramel on another dish. The young women reserved themselves and waited to see both Max and Karen eat from eat dish before partaking themselves. Maylene had warned Audrey about food tampering with Amazons beforehand. The conversation continued.

“This all seems very nice, but I think we should all be very forward here.” Audrey put all her cards on the table. She trusted these two to an extent, and hoped for the best. “So I want to ask, what will a typical week consist of for Maylene and me? Please,” Her tone was serious, “be as descriptive as possible.”

Maylene looked a bit surprised at the forwardness herself, but then turned to watch for Max and Karen’s response.

The couple looked to each other, silently communicating. “Well,” Karen answered first. “If I had to say some general things…”

“Monday morning we will wake you kids up, get you dressed for the day, get some breakfast in you, take you to school with Vanessa, you both do your classes until 2:30, then either Max, myself, or Lance our neighbor who babysits will pick you up. From there it’s homework and or playtime for a few hours, dinner and TV time, you’ll get baths before bed, then pajamas and bed by 9:00.” Karen explained, taking appropriate breaks for breath.

“Repeat that all the way until Friday. With me so far?” The Amazon woman stopped for comprehension check. Both Littles nodded silently.

“Then we do family fun things on the weekend. We go to the beach, eat out at restaurants, order pizza for movie night, Vanessa sometimes has sleepovers, Max meets with clients for special orders, I have friends over for wine.”

“As for your behavior; you’ll be treated like toddlers or children of Vanessa’s age. We expect you both to mind us like your real parents. We can talk, but in the end everything is up to the adults to decide. You won’t dress yourselves, you won’t buy your own clothes. You won’t cook for yourselves, but you may feed yourselves when we allow. You can’t go anywhere alone, an adult has to take you there. Basically, be as children are. Have fun, and let adults take care of you, but also listen to whatever they say.”

Silence allowed the winded, honest words to sink in. None of what Karen had stated had been too outrageous. Audrey had expected worse. She knew they made mention of missing having a toddler to take care of. There was just one more important detail she had to ask about. There had been an obvious changing table in the nursery. Just thinking about it, Audrey could feel the heat of her blush on her face.

Looking over, Maylene could see Audrey’s discomfort, and gathered what she wanted to ask. “One last thing we need to know.” She opened up, getting the giants’ attention. “You haven’t said anything specific about… toilet privileges.” the taller Little ventured.

The Amazons gave each other another look that seemed to say “how do we say this?

Max took the initiative this time. “We will be honest. We were planning to start you both out in diapers right away.” He could see their crestfallen faces. “I understand it’s a big step, but one that will be ultimately necessary to make you into children of this family. It’s the qualifier to all other qualifiers for adulthood; the bottom brick, so to speak. You’ll have to give that up, I’m sorry.”

Diapers came to the forefront of Audrey’s thoughts. She had never worn a diaper since her own infancy, but seen her friends forced into the humiliating underwear. The memories of their cries of protests inspired fear in the young girl. She had nothing but dread and trepidation over the idea.

The proverbial sentence phased Maylene little. She had expected it from the start. At the very least, Max and Karen seemed genuinely sympathetic. Though they couldn’t be too much, it was their final say after all. “I think we’ve heard all we need to hear. Thank you for your time Karen, Max.” Maylene thought it a good time to excuse themselves and discuss their options.

Audrey mutely agreed, her mind still buzzing.

The parental pair looked disappointed but acquiesced. The Littles found their way back to the foyer and the Amazons followed behind.

“We hope to hear from you, Audrey, Maylene. Thank you for visiting.” Max said as he showed them out. “Can we call you a cab? Or drive you home?”

“We can get a taxi, thank you.” Audrey deflected, finding her voice at last.

Karen got onto her knees and hugged both girls goodbye. “We will be waiting for your call. If you have only the slightest doubts, please do call. We could have you for just a weekend, meet Vanessa. Think of it as a sampler.” She directed the suggestions at Audrey, who seemed meeker than shifty-eyed Maylene.

Karen had leaned in slightly too close for Audrey’s comfort with her last words. “W-we’ll think about it. Thank you again.”

The taxi fortuitously arrived soon after, and the pairs parted paths.

They made it back to their lofty apartment in good time and without incident.

“What do you think?” Audrey asked as soon as they were alone. Of course she didn’t need to specify which home or who she was referring to.

Maylene suppressed a scoff. “I can tell you like them.” She paused to confirm Audrey’s blush. “I’m hopeful. Maybe we should take them up on their offer.”

Audrey played devil’s advocate. “I’m worried about the…” the Little struggled to say the word, “…diapers. And school too. Will we be in the same class as Vanessa? I think they said she’s in the fourth grade.”

“We were never going to get to wear panties.” Maylene asserted coldly. Her expression changed as she forced a smile to lighten her demeanor. “Look on the bright side, this will be a nice break from college.”

“If we ever get to grow up that much again.” Audrey countered darkly.

Starting to get tired of the back and forth, Maylene demanded. “I thought you liked them? What’s with all this hesitation?”

Audrey bit her lip. “I’m scared.” She admitted. She didn’t want to give up her life, but Karen and Max had been sweet. Sweet enough to entice her to compromise, even. Perhaps she should just settle, she had always wondered. This may be just the time and opportunity.

“It’s not the end of the world.” Her roommate reassured the smaller girl. “It will take some getting used to, but we’ll have each other. I will be there for you.” Maylene embraced Audrey and comforted her. “I have a good feeling about them too. I trust you Audrey.” Maylene’s tone was sincere and heartfelt.

Audrey could tell Maylene was still a bit wary, but trying to calm her down. She appreciated the physical comfort more than she could know.

Two weeks later.

The apartment was empty. The Littles had spent the last week cleaning out their possessions and figuring out what to do with their property. It was agreed that the girls would sell what they could and donate the rest. It was the right and sensible thing to do.

With the good bit of money they made, Audrey and Maylene paid the severance fees for their apartment, as well as a little extra for themselves. The girls had taken a night to brainstorm all the ‘adult things’ they wanted to do that week. The extra cash they had for themselves combined with a nihilist’s spending habits made for an entertaining few days.

There was plenty of drinking, wherever they went. Both of the littles knew that being treated as children, despite how accommodating Max and Karen seemed, would most likely be devoid of wine. They went to a chippendale-type club, where they were met with more than a few mixed glances, The employees hardly paid them any mind though, and treated the girls with the respect of any other patron; it seemed that money was the universal bridge that recognized neither Little nor Amazon in higher regard.

By the time the day to meet Karen and Max came, Audrey and Maylene had had their fill of debauchery and indulgence.

They were ready.

“This is it.” Audrey said quietly, grabbing for her friend’s hand as they looked on at the unfurnished living space they were about to leave behind.

“But it’s not the end.” Maylene promised. She had advised Audrey that they not throw away every last one of their possessions and spend all their money. They had kept a joint bank account open with their remaining money. “For just in case,” Maylene had said ominously.

Audrey nodded. “Right.”

They took one last look over their shoulders, and closed the door on their way out.

The ride over to what would be their new home was tense. Audrey was visibly more nervous than Maylene, and understandably so. In support, Maylene alternated holding Audrey’s hand and squeezing her shoulder. The poor girl was a mess.

The taxi arrived at their destination. There was no luggage, so the driver made sure that Audrey and Maylene didn’t need any help getting out before speeding off to find their next customer. The Littles were left standing there, dressed in plain clothes, nothing in their hands or pockets, staring at the door leading to their new lives.

“Let’s go.” Maylene said, waiting for Audrey to nod her affirmation before they walked shoulder to shoulder up to the porch.

They didn’t even need to knock or ring the doorbell. Apparently they were expected, as Karen opened the door as soon as the girls walked up.

The Amazon woman was clearly suppressing her excitement. “Hi girls! So good to see you again!”

“Nice to see you again too, Karen.” Audrey answered shyly for them both, feeling Karen’s all-too-tall eyes upon her. Just thinking about what was to come made her feel incredibly small.

As if sensing the trepidation, Karen extended her hand for Audrey to grab.

Maylene grabbed Karen’s hand and extended her own for Audrey to join the chain. If Karen was offended, she made no show of it. Feeling somewhat better for Maylene’s protection, Audrey took the hand and followed the women as they filed into the spacious living room. Max was there waiting with an Amazon child, who the girls knew to be Vanessa.

The young girl seemed cheery and friendly enough, but Audrey was already on edge just upon seeing her. Her own smaller than average height made herself quite comparable to Amazon children, and she had had some bad experiences in the past with them. The once independent Little steeled herself and reeled in her nervousness. No sense in getting worked up over it.

Vanessa came over as soon as the women entered the room, bounding with childlike energy. “Hi, I’m Vanessa! I’m so excited to meet you!” she said, looking between Audrey and Maylene. The little girl was half a head taller than the Littles, looking down on them and smiling radiantly.

The girls introduced themselves and reciprocated the feeling, however reluctant. Max and them all exchanged greetings as well.

A silence settled in as everyone took a seat and looked to each other.

Audrey desperately wanted to say something to ease the tension, but was at a loss of how to approach the awkward situation. She was also still scared over what happened next. In the next few moments, she would be officially surrendering herself over to these, essentially, strangers. No matter how much information they had shared over email. No more making decisions for herself. No more asserting her wants and opinions. No more using the toilet. It helped having Maylene there right beside her, but only a little.

“Well,” Max began, breaking the silence. “I think we’ll just dive in head first, then play it by ear from there. Karen, will you take Maylene if I get Audrey?”

The Amazon woman agreed wordlessly.

Adrenaline pumped in Audrey’s blood. She didn’t exactly know what Max was saying, only a vague idea, making her feel more like a child yet again. She figured it out a moment later as Karen bent down to scoop up Maylene in her arms. Her attention was back to herself as she saw Max lumbering over to her. Audrey stared up and felt the blood rush to her cheeks as the Amazon man smiled downward, reaching for her. His enormous hands nearly encircled her waist as she was plucked from the ground. Max hoisted Audrey up and rested her head on his chest. Max was a thin but tall man for his size, but the Little could feel his muscled chest as her new caretaker held her up by the bottom and patted her back.

The parents took their new children down the hall to the nursery, Vanessa all but skipping behind excitedly.

Audrey kept her eyes closed until she felt herself being laid down. Upon opening them, she was greeted to the light pastels of the nursery and finding herself on the changing table. Looking over, she saw Maylene being laid down by Karen onto an identical table right next to her, only separated by tiny guard rails. Apparently Max and Karen had bit the bullet and acquired duplicates of all the appropriate furniture.

This was it.

“Can I be the first one to change her?” Vanessa piped sweetly.

Max smiled without looking over at his daughter. “Sorry sweetie, but I think we should just have mommy and me do this for your sisters until they get used to it, okay?”

Vanessa let out a pouty sigh of acceptance. “Oookaayyy.”

The thought of Vanessa, a little girl less than half her own age, changing her into a diaper reddened Audrey’s face further. But nothing could compare to the feeling of helplessness she felt as Max reached for the button on her shorts. She was about to be undressed by this man, as a woman, then redressed as a toddler. Audrey again closed her eyes in an attempt to ignore what was happening.

The distress was clear on her face as the man gently went to work. He began by unbuttoning the Little’s shorts. The sensation was bizarre and unsettling as Audrey felt giant thumbs hook their way into the leg holes of her shorts and underwear, then drag the pair down the length of her little legs. Next came her plain shirt, revealing Audrey’s bra. As the shirt was removed and Audrey could see again staring down at her own chest, knowing with a sinking feeling that her bra would be taken away too and she may not be allowed to wear one again for a long, long time. The thought made her lips quiver, even as her prediction came true. Last were the young woman’s socks and shoes, though their removal barely registered in comparison to the shock of losing all else. Max said nothing the whole time, and only offered sympathetic and piteous looks at the appropriate moments.

Audrey lay naked on the changing table, not knowing how she could continue to feel more vulnerable by the moment, yet knowing the worst came next.

“It’s almost over, honey.” Max reassured.

Still not opening her eyes, Audrey swallowed in acknowledgement. She realized she could not hear much of anything from Maylene or Karen. Her roommate must have been taking the process much better than she. Audrey dare not look anyway.

Familiar crinkling plastic teased Audrey’s ears, and she felt its presence as it was set near her feet, its edges tickling her skin for but a moment. Surprise stirred Audrey’s thoughts as she felt Max lift her legs high above her head and her bottom being lowered again onto the dreaded diaper. Audrey hated to admit to herself that she expected something different; the diaper wasn’t half as uncomfortable as she imagined - physically, anyway. Her pride and dignity were in tatters by the time Max began sprinkling baby powder onto her nether region and rubbing it in, his hands never straying. It was nearly over as the Amazon man pulled the front of the diaper into place. The Little felt the tapes tugged over and firmly stuck on - 1, 2, 3, 4.

It was done.

The largeness of the plastic garment felt engulfing on Audrey’s form; the waistband rode up just above her bellybutton, the snug leg cuffs tickling her inner thighs, and the thickness of the whole thing were a sensory overload. Its every touch, noise, and scent were impossible to ignore. Audrey could not resist any longer and opened her eyes to view the offensive object. The sight was strange beyond compare. She stared down at her petite form, past her tiny breasts to the foreign object wrapped around her hips and waist. It was mostly white, with a large strip of smooth plastic featuring cute and colorful shapes, and the four tapes she felt hugged that cartoon strip with pastel pink grips on the tabs.

Her eyes now open, Audrey looked about, her surroundings coming into focus as she dared tear her gaze from the diaper she had been sentenced to. She looked up at Max’s looming face; he smiled back warmly in a way that made Audrey feel somewhat better, relatively. On the changing table next to hers, Maylene was already sat up, and letting Karen help her into some new clothes. Audrey could not help but stare at her best friend’s waist, seeing the unfamiliar diaper there.

Max softly tapped Audrey’s thighs to get the Little’s attention. “Up we go!” He quietly said, scooping Audrey up by the armpits for just a moment to set her up in a seated position. The diaper followed her hips as she was displaced, and the embarrassing feelings with it. Audrey’s caretaker produced a pale purple shirt, and some bundle of denim Audrey could not immediately identify. She complied as Max instructed her to raise her arms. The color was childish, but Audrey was grateful to finally be able to cover her breasts again. Darkly, the young woman remarked how much flatter she looked without her padded bra and thought the diaper T-shirt ensemble was fitting. Unfolding the last piece to her new play outfit, Max revealed a denim jumper that appeared rather short from Audrey’s vantage. Without asking permission nor needing to, Max went to finish the job by pulling the jumper over Audrey’s head and straightening the hem, confirming Audrey’s fears as she saw her diaper would only just barely be covered… while standing still.

But who did she have to hide her state from anyway?

“You took that very well, Audrey. I’m proud of you.” Max praised the little girl he had just diapered. The man picked her up and gave her a quick kiss on the forehead before setting Audrey down on her feet far below the changing table on the floor next to Maylene.

Looking to her friend, Audrey saw that Maylene was similarly dressed, except Maylene’s top was a pastel yellow and her jumper ended in shorts that accommodated her diaper - to a surprisingly fitting degree. The taller Little seemed to be testing out her new clothing, tugging at the leg holes of her jumper and squeezing her legs together to test the feel of her own diaper. Both girls stood there, occasionally fidgeting with a fit of crinkles, Maylene looking only mildly uncomfortable and Audrey looking bewildered and humiliated.

The family was awkwardly silent once again.

Vanessa was the one to act first. In a show of genuine compassion, the young girl swooped in to hug both of her new sisters tightly. “It will be okay. I know you’re sad and missing adult stuff, but we can have a lot of fun as a family too!” She innocently exclaimed.

“Let’s go into the living room,” Karen suggested once the tension was broken. “Shall we?”

Everyone wordlessly acquiesced. Before Audrey or Maylene could think to walk out of the room on their own, they were respectively picked up by Karen and Max and carried out similar to how they were carried in. Both girls put up no fights as they were snuggled up against the chests of their new adoptive parents.

Once in the living room, Vanessa took the lead and went straight for the TV remote. “Let’s watch Tooney Friends!” The young Amazon girl suggested.

Not thinking to rebel against the childish activity, the Littles were deposited on the ground, flanking Vanessa and sitting back onto their diapered bottoms on the floor in front of the TV. Audrey embarrassingly noted that no matter how she positioned her legs, her jumper would not cover her diaper, whether it was the back riding up because she tried to tug the front down, or the crotch of her diaper bulging out where she could not close her legs. Maylene looked over at Audrey and smiled weakly, pity clear in her eyes. Audrey was grateful for the silent compassion.

Audrey looked back over her shoulder as Vanessa sifted through the channels. Max and Karen had seated themselves on the couch to look over their children and the TV they were perched before. Karen gave a friendly little wave, wiggling her fingers and smiling sweetly over at Audrey. The Little blushed at the gesture, but a new sensation made itself known this time. The treatment was less so humiliating to Audrey, but rather more tender and loving. Strange emotions swirled in the pit of Audrey’s stomach as she sat in the diaper she would soon be wetting, watching the cartoons she would grow to love, and worst of all – not entirely hating the feelings.

The cartoon was understandably dull, to Audrey, as it was definitely meant for the intelligence level of actual children. Still, she had to admit she got a bit invested in it though, much like any TV she used to watch. Even Maylene had appeared sucked in too. Audrey would have suspected it was one of the hypnotism shows she had heard of, if it weren’t for Vanessa, Max, and Karen in the room with them. It was easier to imagine that rather than thinking herself legitimately interested in a children’s cartoon.

After cartoons had been snacks, where Audrey and Maylene got a sampler of how their meals would be proceeding in the future. A pair of high chairs awaited them. Audrey had been thankful that Max and Karen at least let them feed themselves. That small amount of dignity was a boon to Audrey as she was seated in her high chair next to her best friend, her diaper still making itself ever present to her senses. As the girls ate their carrot sticks and crackers, and drank juice from their sippy cups, Audrey struggled to ignore the building pressure in her bladder and concentrated on avoiding the inevitable. For what reason, even she didn’t know.

After snack time, Vanessa insisted on giving Audrey and Maylene a tour of the house. Not wanting to correct the eager girl by saying they had already had a tour, the Littles entertained the girl and toddled behind her throughout the house. Vanessa had the perspective of the house that only a child could. She took time to show her new sisters her favorite toys as well as their own, some even had quick stories to go with them. The young Amazon girl also loved to mention rules; Vanessa was really taking initiative in her new role as older sister.

“This is Mommy and Daddy’s room.” Vanessa had said in one instance. “But we aren’t allowed to play in there, or we’ll get in trouble.”

The reminder of punishment made Audrey nervous again. She imagined herself, helplessly heaped over Max or Karen’s lap, getting a spanking. The Little knew she would be on her best behavior at all times to prevent that fate, but she had seen others Littles get their bottoms warmed for proverbial peanuts. Her paranoia felt well justified.

Maylene appeared to be more relaxed than ever. Since the incident at University two weeks ago, she had been looking visibly stressed. The adoption process and house hunting had curbed some of that, but sitting there in a thick disposable diaper and in a home much too large for her, she looked eerily comfortable to Audrey. The young woman played with bouncy balls in the backyard when Vanessa brought them out there, had laughed at the silly antics on Tooney Friends, and even stealthily wet herself shortly after Vanessa’s tour. Audrey hadn’t had a clue either, until Max took the liberty of check her and Maylene’s diapers just before afternoon turned to twilight.

“I’m not wet!” Audrey squeaked in automatic protest at the invasive fingers. Her personal space would be the hardest to give up in this new life, she knew.

Rather than enforce their dominance with cliché brainwashing as Audrey expected Karen and Max to, Max replied simply. “You will be.” He smiled apologetically and patted Audrey’s diaper on the underside and gave it a quick rub to drive the feeling home, succinctly dismissing her.

Audrey was unable to protest.

Taking Audrey’s stunned silence for compliance, Max similarly checked Maylene. The other girl made no complaint, and only hung her head in shame preemptively. Max announced, “Looks like we have one wet girl at least! It’s almost bath time, so we won’t change you just yet, pumpkin.” Maylene made no comment, her expression impossible to read.

Based on Maylene’s history and the events of weeks past, Audrey had expected Maylene to ‘backslide’ quicker than she, but she still looked over with bewilderment and concern at her best friend who had apparently willfully wet herself.

Maylene only returned the look with an annoyed shrug.

The now-children played and toddled about the house, usually following Vanessa’s lead, for a while longer before their parents announced it was bath time. Vanessa complained, but was appeased when Karen explained that Audrey and Maylene would be bathing first, giving her more time to play. Karen looked to the Littles expectantly and Maylene went forward almost instantaneously, followed closely by Audrey, who was grateful for the opportunity to continue walking rather than be carried.

Just being in the bathroom and hearing the familiar sounds of ventilation made Audrey’s bladder complain all the more. Maylene noticed her friend’s discomfort. While Karen began preparing the bath, Maylene reached out.

“Just get it over with.” She genuinely suggested. “The quicker you get used to it, the easier it will be.”

It was difficult for Audrey to respond. “Tell me something I don’t know.” She whispered back, though subtlety was futile with Karen standing over them, “I… can’t.”

“You have to, sooner or later.” Maylene answered with only a hint of empathy.

Words never rang so true. With an embarrassing acceptance of her fate, Audrey closed her eyes and focused on the sounds of rushing water coming from the tub faucet. The urgency made the act slightly easier, but years of toilet use and training were difficult to ignore. After some time of silence and concentration, it began. The flow came like a bursting dam, Audrey’s inhibitions emptying with her pride. All that was left was the radiative heat from the now swollen diaper, and Audrey’s burning humiliation.

If Karen had heard any of the whisperings from the Littles, or witnessed Audrey’s shame, she said nothing and remained respectively quiet. The giant woman had finished filling the bath - she had even added bubbles - and turned to the girls who waited patiently by the side. “Let’s get you girls all clean!” She said in a sing-song voice as she reached for the snaps of Maylene’s jumper.

Soon Maylene was dressed down to just her diaper and stood waiting awkwardly for Audrey to join her. Audrey awaited a reaction from Karen for when she would finally notice or acknowledge the state of her diaper.

As the Amazon woman sat Audrey down and turned to remove her tiny shoes, the last items save for the diaper, Karen spoke reassuringly. “I know it’s hard. You’re both being very good. Max and I are proud of you.” Audrey’s shoes were off, and Karen punctuated her sentence by tickling the Little onto her back.

Being pushed onto her back, Audrey was hard pressed to feel more vulnerable and humiliated as the larger woman tickled her while she lay naked but for her wet diaper and giggling to boot. Even that didn’t compare to the bath, it proved. Karen removed Audrey and Maylene’s wet diapers and helped the tiny women into the tub.

Resolving to go limp, Audrey let Karen do whatever she pleased, however reluctant. The bath water was warm and deep; nearly a jacuzzi to the Littles. On their knees, the water came up to Audrey’s breasts and just under Maylene’s. Bubbles added to the bath hid the girls’ anatomies. One or two tiny toys were floating around as well. From her vantage, Audrey could see how Amazons like Max and Karen could so easily view Littles like her as children. And how Littles like her could accept Amazons as their caretakers… and parents.

Knowing, to any degree, what would happen next did nothing to ease Audrey’s nerves. Karen’s hands were nimble and her touch was quick. Audrey could not even remember the last time any person had washed her. The sensations were alien and a little more than invasive. The soapy hands wrapped around her waist, rubbed across her breasts, dug into her armpits, lifted her, squeezed and groped her thighs, and scrubbed gently between her legs. During the process, Audrey risked the occasional glance over at Maylene as Karen switched between them. Maylene looked as uncomfortable as she did - understandably so. When Karen moved to scrub Audrey’s nethers, the young woman tore her gaze away from her friend in surprise, finding herself staring up in paralyzed shock at Karen’s face. Nothing was said as Karen’s hands worked over the Little. Her face was unreadable.

That final barrier of personal space had been broken down, and Audrey had just allowed it to happen. Though, she could not deny the experience thus far had not been entirely as bad as she thought. Some of it, even, was an unexpected reprieve from the adult world. It had been her decision in the end, anyway. She decided to live with it, whatever the outcome. She continued her routine of stupefied compliance as the tub was emptied and she and Maylene were taken out to be dried off. Feeling small was always a familiar concept, but now Audrey was really starting to get used to it. Karen wrapped both of them up tightly in separate towels and cradled the both of them in the crooks of her arms. Audrey stared at the ceiling, her only vantage. She could hear the bath being filled again and the whining protests of Vanessa. Maylene was quiet as ever.

They were in the nursery. The bindings of the bath towel fell away at Karen’s expert touch and removed leaving Audrey on the changing table naked as Eve. Instinctually, Audrey moved to cover herself, her body scrunching up.

“Don’t cover up honey.” Karen instructed as she reached under the table for what was certainly a diaper. She made no move to physically force the girl.

Slowly, Audrey gulped and slowly did as her caretaker bid. She eyed the giant diaper like it could kill her as Karen shook out the disposable undergarment. Her legs were lifted in tandem and settled back down onto the plastic and cotton. Closing her eyes, Audrey shut out the feeling and sensation as Karen lathered her privates in oil and baby powder. Suddenly, it was over, and Audrey’s eyes cracked open to stare down her torso at what looked and felt like a much thicker diaper than earlier. Tiny moons and pink butterflies decorated this one.

A new and unfamiliar item was produced from under the table. The foreign clothing item was slipped up onto Audrey’s feet and up her legs. Next were her arms being guided into what appeared to be some kind of one-piece? She recognized moments later as Karen began to zip it up that it was a footed sleeper, complete with covered mittens. The realization came slowly that with her hands covered, zipper to the sleeper on her back, and put into a crib, Audrey would not be doing much of anything on her own.

Once the sleeper was on, Audrey was lifted and let down into the crib with a crinkle to watch Maylene be changed. But rather than stare at her roommate in the humiliating and compromising position she was just in, her attention was captured by the crib. It was spacious, even for a bed for two, with a slew of pillows and stuffed animals at either end. The bars stretched high above Audrey’s head, farther than she could even reach with her hands - not that she could grasp anything even if she wanted. There was no way she would be able to squeeze through them either, and the bars felt like a glassy, heavy plastic or thickly painted metal. No way out without outside help. It was a prison with a delightfully cuddly and cute aesthetic.

Maylene was similarly dressed and deposited in the crib next to Audrey.

“Okay girls.” Karen said, looking down at the two in the crib. “I’m going to go check on Max and Vanessa. Be good for me for a few minutes.” With a quick wave goodbye, she left the room.

The Littles were alone for the first time since they entered the house. Audrey shifted uncomfortably, the tiniest crinkle from her diaper the only noise in the room.

Venturing to interrupt the silence, Maylene broke it. “So, everything you expected?” Her voice was genuine.

Just thinking back on the last several hours threatened Audrey’s cheeks with a blush. “It’s actually better than I expected.” She breathed the words. “Doesn’t meant I like it. But it’s not all bad.” The shorter Little took a seat on her padded and flannel bottom.

Following suit, Maylene sat the same. “I think so too. We got lucky.”

Audrey’s thoughts wandered back to Max and Karen’s hands all over her body. “Is this normal?” Her question was phrased generally.

“No, it’s not.” Maylene answered confidently. “It’s better than normal. Get used to it and count your blessings.” She was not harsh, but mentor-like in her advice.

“It’s going to be hard getting used to the diapers…” Audrey sat literally in her lie. Having just been changed and sealed into the dry diaper, she neither could nor would admit that it actually felt something reminiscent of good hugging her waist.

“It will be hard getting used to everything… but you will.” Maylene grabbed Audrey’s mitted hand with her own. “We both will.”

“Thank you for being here with me, Maylene.”

“Of course.”

There was a rapping at the door as Karen announced the sound. “Knock knock.” Her voice was soft. She strode over to the crib and peered down at Audrey and Maylene, who in turn gazed back up. The crib helped elevate the Littles, and it was large enough to come up to just below Karen’s chest. It was the tallest Audrey had felt all day, but she was still acutely aware of what tall Amazons Karen and Max were; they still were able to reach over the larger crib and grab the tiny adults inside.

Audrey reached up to help herself into Karen’s arms when the woman reached down wordlessly. To her relief, she was deposited onto the ground, and Maylene followed similarly. The two looked up expectantly at the mother.

Motioning to follow, Karen spoke as she led the way. “It’s almost bed time, but Max and I thought it would be nice to stay up just a little later.” A friendly wink punctuated her sentence.

Moments later, the family was all gathered on the couch. Max had Audrey and Karen had Maylene, both laid their heads onto their respective caretaker’s laps. Vanessa was seated between her parents; she occasionally cast a gleeful smile over at her two new sisters, straining to hold in her mirth. The TV buzzed and filled the otherwise quiet room.

Max nudged Vanessa with his elbow. “Vanessa, sweetie. Would you go get the bottles from the microwave? They should be just about ready for your sisters.”

The young girl didn’t need to be asked twice. She bounded off without a word.

A bottle didn’t sound too bad to Audrey. She reasoned that compared to everything else, being fed was not a big deal. The day had made Audrey exhausted, and with every passing humiliation it became easier to sink into submission. A bottle feeding would be the easiest thing in the world at that point.

Vanessa returned with two identical bottles filled with a white liquid. Both Max and Karen took one bottle each. Being laid on Max’s lap, Audrey had the unique perspective of the bottle as it was lifted in front of her face and lowered to her mouth. The action was so quick and fluid that she had no time for trepidation or fear, only the automatic reaction to open up and accept the nipple of the bottle. Audrey was rewarded with sweet milk, she realized, rather than formula she was expecting as she chose to suckle. The action was so automatic, uninhibited, that Audrey tuned out all else. The noise from the TV and awareness of her surroundings all faded out as she emptied her mind and only experienced the bottle feeding for what it was.

A haze lifted from Audrey’s senses as she squirmed to fight off the sensation. Time seemed to escape her attention as she felt the familiar call of sleep to wash over her.

Glxfrbrmmbbaby. Did I wake you?” Max asked, his voice calling through the fog of Audrey’s mind.

Slowly becoming aware of her surroundings, the Little realized she was being carried in Max’s arms as they moved down the hall presumably towards the nursery. She must have fallen asleep while she was being fed the bottle. Fear of the unfamiliar, mixed with a rush of memories from the day’s events, triggered a response from Audrey causing her to writhe with renewed vigor. The tightness of her crinkling diaper, the inescapable onesie, and the enveloping grip of the tall Max fueled Audrey with a sharp dose of adrenaline.

Max’s invasive grip only tightened. “Audrey, Audrey! Stop squirming, you’re okay!” He insisted. “You just fell asleep during your bottle.”

Not trusting anything but her own instincts, Audrey continued to fight, fear overwhelming all else. She had to escape this Amazon’s grip! She couldn’t be taken! Who knew what would be done to her? Her struggles yielded no progress, and she accented her frustration with a horrified cry. “Let me go! I’m not a baby!” Visions of her old friends and acquaintances being taken by demon-faced Amazons flashed before her.

Audrey nearly broke free at some point, but Max repositioned himself and caught her. By that time, the Amazon had stopped and lowered himself to the ground while trying to contain the squirming mass he held. He tried to shush the tiny woman. “Shhh shhh shhhhhh, Audrey, please. You’re safe, you’re safe.”

At last Audrey came to her senses and allowed Max to reestablish his grip on her, and felt it simultaneously loosen as she ceased her struggles. All at once, she sheepishly realized her outburst had been unfounded as she began to shake off the jitters and recall how she had come to be in the new house. How she and Maylene had ended their apartment lease, how they had left behind their possessions, how they had been pushed by the world into the decisions that now led them to be diapered children deprived of freedoms. The thought made Audrey start to sniffle, and before she knew it she was crying again.

“I- I don’t want to be a baby!” The Little openly and honestly wailed. This time, however, rather than trying to free herself from Max, Audrey desperately threw herself onto his lap and grip his shirt with both hands as she cried into his chest.

Max was quietly supportive, hugging the little girl closely, stroking her hair and back. Karen came into the hall from the nursery after hearing all the commotion, and Audrey felt Max move to make a shushing motion.

Calling from the nursery, Maylene had apparently heard Audrey’s cries as well. “What’s happening out there? Where’s Audrey?!” The other Little demanded from down the hall.

“It’s okay,” Karen reassured, “We’re here. Audrey just had a little scare is all.”

By then, Audrey had finally ceased her tears and dared to stare up at Karen and Max. She knew despite her cries, her wants for freedom, and desperation, she would only be met with diapers and treatment unbefitting her age. Karen and Max returned the gaze, looking at the woman with nothing but love and warmth.

Squatting down beside Audrey, Karen spoke sweetly. “Do you want to go see your baby sister? Will you let me put you to bed in your crib?”

It took Audrey a split second to realize Karen was referring to Maylene as her sister, rather than Vanessa. She was about to acquiesce, but bitterly realized her opinion didn’t matter at all as Karen plucked Audrey from the ground and brought her into the nursery with Max following close behind. Maylene appeared visibly relieved to see teary-eyed Audrey being brought into the room. Audrey forced back a smile to reassure her roommate and friend… and now sister.

Being set down in the crib, Audrey was subjected to one final humiliation for the night as Karen took the opportunity to slip her fingers between the butt-flap of the onesie and into the Little’s diaper to check her for wetness. Audrey bristled at being checked, but made no protest. Maylene was similarly checked before their new parents were satisfied.

“Goodnight girls.” Max said quietly and gently.

“Call for us if you need anything.” Karen added as they turned out the lights and left the nursery.

Audrey and Maylene sat silently in their shared crib, barely able to see each other but for the soft glow of a sea green night light in the corner of the room.

“Did they hurt you?” Maylene asked once Karen and Max had been gone for a minute. Her voice trembled with worry, but was still kept low. Audrey followed Maylene’s gaze to what she assumed was a baby monitor on the dresser, and understood the hushed tone.

“No, I just…” Audrey began, seeing the other girl’s anguish ebb away, “I just had a bit of a breakdown. I’m… scared, I’m scared! Of this!” She tore at her sleeper with difficulty. “And this!” Her mitted hands pressed uselessly but crinkly into her thick diaper. “And… this.” Audrey quieted and stood to grip the bars of the crib that kept them there. The Little’s size relative to the towering bars said everything.

Maylene said nothing for a moment. “I know. And I know that you don’t think I do, but I really do.” The taller Little stood up and embraced Audrey from behind. The sensation of both girls swathed in diapers and flannel sleepwear proved for an awkward comfort,

“I don’t mean to guilt you, but hear me out. I was taken when I was twelve. Me, my brother, my mom, and my dad. We had it bad. But here, there’s a chance at something good. Max and Karen seem like good people, if a bit coddling and overbearing. Better to be treated as children than toys by worse people. We were never adults, so we should make the best of what we can as children.”

Tears had begun anew for Audrey during Maylene’s monologue. She could barely formulate a response. “But we aren’t children! We are adults!” She protested despite understanding Maylene’s point.

Tears threatened Maylene’s eyes as well. “No… We aren’t.” Her voice cracked as she spoke the truth they both now believed.

“Maylene…” Audrey sobbed, turning to face her new sister. She didn’t deny. She didn’t argue. She didn’t contest her independence, intelligence, or maturity. Audrey only cried. She was finally beginning to accept her fate.

“I’m here Audrey” Maylene reassured. “I’m here.”

The two girls embraced each other. They wrapped their flannel covered arms around each other, unable to ignore the distinctly different feel of the diapers beneath their flannel sleepers compared to just 24 hours before.

Sleep began to take hold of the girls. A silent comradery fell over the pair as they shifted in the dark, becoming more and more comfortable. Audrey found herself being the little spoon to Maylene. She stared forward at the bars of the crib, trying to process all that had happened during her first day living as a child again.

Her first two diapers since infancy. Leaving her and Maylene’s apartment behind. Submitting her will to Max, Karen, and even Vanessa. The lack of decisions she had been allotted. Except the decision to submit. That, she had done for herself.

Her thoughts like disordered film reel, Audrey let the static of her day’s struggles sweep her into blissful sleep as Maylene hugged her tighter.

Act I end

Thank you for reading. I have ideas to expand this to up to two more parts or chapters, but may end up leaving this as a one-off. Please critique and help me improve my work.


Re: Settling, a Diaper Dimension Story

You have MORE? OMG YES PLEASE! Normally, first chapters are too short to critique but this is stuffed and pushing out of every conceivable hole. I really love the diaper dimension’s setting. It’s so incredibly flexible and you really showed a level of nuance to the amazons that we rarely get to see. That is true to life and a classic example of how to scale something as “realistic” as opposed to how the word is normally used. I applaud you. Please write more.

Re: Settling, a Diaper Dimension Story

I loved it, and if you feel like finishing here I would still be happy I read it. You are a very good writer and if you keep it going I will surely follow.

Re: Settling, a Diaper Dimension Story

This is amazing. Depressing. Beautiful. The original DD story was a wacky love letter to most all genre’s of ab/dl lit and a be careful what you wish for thing.

Since then I’ve read simple “Day in the life” scenarios for Amazons and Littles.
I’ve read very clever actiony-mind game- escape and rescue scenarios as Littles try to avoid being babied or rescue a loved one from that fate.
I’ve also read some very intelligently and well written stories of taking this concept and applying it to semi-real-world logic, where there are Little advocacy groups and Little’s violently rebel when given the opportunity.

But I don’t think I’ve ever read a story where the little goes “I give up. I’m not going to win. Time to just decide how badly I lose and lose on my own terms.”

This reads almost a meta-contextual story of a self-loathing closeted ab/dl.

A very smart person told me a few months ago that some ab/dl stories are, at their heart, the story of the ab urges that we have and the revulsion that we have them and how ashamed we are because we see ourselves through society’s lens for what is acceptable behavior for an adult; but ultimately, the urges are too strong to fight off forever, so they win and the person ends up babied into a kind of forced acceptance/indulgence. Think every Long Rifle Story ever. Because it’s a fantasy, the urges and revulsion take literal physical shape and physical conflict.

This is someone deciding to skip to the end because they know they’re doomed. But there’s still conflict, and I love that. Now it’s just inner conflict, instead of outer conflict.

I won’t tell you how or what specifically to write, or write at all. But if you choose to continue this piece, please keep the conflict to keep the story going and not devolving into simple wish fulfillment.

Like the most powerful seen is the main character’s breakdown and second thoughts and panic attack. She’s put herself in a prison of her own choosing, but it’s still prison to her right now. And that’s an amazing concept which I love. It doesn’t read like “We give up, let’s just be babies,” and I feel and identify with the guilt and mixed emotions and hating yourself for enjoying something you know you’re supposed to hate.

Audrey is like Andy Dufrane and Maylene is her Red.

It’s telling and profound to me, even if you didn’t intend it to be, and regardless if you expand this story to show Audrey’s continued adjustments while settling, or not, thank you for sharing what you’ve written.

I’m also extremely envious that I didn’t think of this concept first.

Re: Settling, a Diaper Dimension Story

What they said… just what they said.

The first few paragraphs set a different tone from the rest, it’s a day in the life of a little with no hint of giving up but weighed down by life. Without jumping to conclusions from the title the moment when Audrey gives up hits us very hard and the story fundamentally changes.

Some part of me wants to see the story promised at the beginning: just the life of Littles living in a big world. And I was skeptical about the story’s new direction - I still am since regression acceptance stories often lose conflict and fizzle out - but you’ve earned the benefit of the doubt.

You’re a good writer and you seem to have a good story. Not much else to say but “carry on”.

Re: Settling, a Diaper Dimension Story

I could go on for paragraphs praising this, but other people have already done a more than adequate job, and I agree with everything they said.

In a lot of ways, the tone of this story almost reminded me of a Lover’s suicide, where they both accept their fate, make peace with the world, and then choose their manner of death, helping each other follow through with their choice, finding comfort in not having to carry out the task alone.

Re: Settling, a Diaper Dimension Story

Everything good I can say about this has already been said.

I have nothing bad to say about it.

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This is one of the pet theories that I’ve had for awhile, though I also see flaws in it too. In that, people into entirely acceptable things also crave domination, and, willing ageplay doesn’t do much for me in the first place, whereas the dominationy kind usually does. :wink: It could be related to all sorts of things, such as past excitement attachment to punishment, etc.

Also, fun story. :smiley: I hope there’s more. I’d actually written a pair of characters in a somewhat (initially) voluntary diaper dimension situation as part of a larger story I’ve been working on for a year, and not yet released, though nowhere near this in-depth. One thing which I’ve come to realize about stories set in this dimension, is that littles etc probably shouldn’t conceptualize things in the context of slavery, sexual assault, etc, since to them, being diapered and babied is a regular part of culture and life, not some foreign thing to be put into the framework of other things. But, I think you stayed away from those sorts of perspectives in this story, so, good job. :smiley:

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[quote=“Personalias84 link=topic=6834.msg68347#msg68347 date=1463843785”]

A very smart person told me a few months ago that some ab/dl stories are, at their heart, the story of the ab urges that we have and the revulsion that we have them and how ashamed we are because we see ourselves through society’s lens for what is acceptable behavior for an adult; but ultimately, the urges are too strong to fight off forever, so they win and the person ends up babied into a kind of forced acceptance/indulgence. Think every Long Rifle Story ever. Because it’s a fantasy, the urges and revulsion take literal physical shape and physical conflict.

This is someone deciding to skip to the end because they know they’re doomed. But there’s still conflict, and I love that. Now it’s just inner conflict, instead of outer conflict.

If I understand correctly, what you mean is that most AB’s have this kind of urge, but because they know that it would be looked down upon, they think of it as being forced, as if shifting the blame?
I say this because this is something I’ve thought for a while. There are certainly a lot of reasons why someone might want to do this sort of thing, but this is something that keeps coming up. I noticed a few people who initially thought of this stuff more out of curiosity, or comfort, cuteness, etc. However, as they couldn’t think about it without being embarrassed, that became ingrained into it.
The originally Diaper Dimension story could be an example of this. The main character admits to having these kinds of desires but is still embarrassed by them. Eventually she is put in a position where they are forced onto her, despite her embarrassment. It seems by the large number of people writing in this ‘world’, a lot of people identify with that.

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Well, I can’t really add much that hasn’t been said, but great work. The original story was so lighthearted and fun, but has so much behind it that could really create emotional stories like this one. To see people give up on themselves, going into something terrible to escape something worse is shocking but at the same time understandable, and something you see versions of in real life.

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Yeah it’s one theory that I’ve had for some time, though it also may be completely wrong. I mean, perhaps people just like demotion and punishment - power games etc.

Re: Settling, a Diaper Dimension Story

Credit given where credit is due, TallDarkandDiapered22 is the one who phrased the theory to me in the first place.

And like all things in this kink, I don’t think it’s universal; but also like all things in this kink, I think there’s truth to it for enough people to justify its existence.

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Thanks for the comments, everybody. Haven’t started part II yet, but I know the direction I want to take this. I have no time frame on when that may be, and appreciate everyone’s patience.

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I really enjoyed this story so far. I can also probably credit it for getting me interested in the wider works of the Diaper Dimension.