Senior Vacation.

Ok, timing on things is a bit awkward, but it is longer and explains more and progresses further.

“Brian! Stop it!” She squealed, trying to escape the larger boy on top of her.
“Not until you say it.” Came his reply, as he continued his assult.
“Ok, ok! Kirk was way better than Picard!”
“Was that so hard?” Brian said as he stopped tickling his twin sister, Megan, and stepped back.
She stuck her tongue out at him and responded, “You made me wet myself.”
He laughed at that, “Well, you better go change then. Its a four hour ride to the cabin and the others could arrive at any minute.” She stood up and started up the stairs, “Hey, grab our bags while you’re up there.” He called after her, plopping down on the couch.

She stepped into her room and kicked off her denim skirt reveling a yellowed disposable diaper underneath. She pulled off the double tapes on each side and let the sodden garment fall to the floor. She was pulling a clean diaper from the top drawer of her dresser when she felt two arms snake around her exposed waist. Hot breath ghosted across the back of her neck, accompanied by a sultry voice saying “You want me to help you with that beautiful?” She turned, smiling, and caught the descending lips of her long time girlfriend with her own. She pressed the garment against the older girls chest, and sauntered sexily over to her changing table, enjoying every second of this.

As his sister walked up the stairs Brian heard a car pull into the driveway, and sighed as he got up to open the door. Jessica’s arm was raising to knock, and he smirked, jerking his thumb at the stairs. She smiled and snuck up them, hopeing to surprise her girlfriend.

“Hey, thanks for agreeing to come with us,” Mike said, pulling onto the road his best friend had lived on for the last six years. Debby, his girlfriend of almost a year now smile shyly from the passenger side. “No, I’m serious Deb. Its one thing to agree to humor me when we are alone, but this is two months with my best friend, his sister, and her girlfriend. All of us wearing diapers, the entire time. Its a big step.”
She had turned beet red by this point, and he hoped he hadn’t changed her mind, when she said “Just don’t embarrass me Nailsmith, or your not getting any the entire time we are up there.”

Mike and Debby pulled in shortly after Jess disappeared from sight, and Brian pulled his best friend since they were born into what is commonly known as a ‘bro hug,’ and turned to the woman at his side. “Glad to see he convinced you to join us. Megan and Jess are upstairs getting in a quick change before we leave. Hey!” He called up the stairs, “Mike and Debbie are here, hurry it up.” He turned back to the others smirking and said, “If I don’t remind them, they might take a bit longer than intended. Know what I mean?” Mike coughed, embarrassedly and his girlfriends cheeks had colored slightly, both knew the feeling and had been guilty of it a few times themselves.

“Hey, Mike and Debbie are here. Hurry it up.” Brian shouted up the stairs. Megan had been enjoying the little show she was putting on for her lover and huffed, pouting as Jessica giggled behind the diaper held up to her face. “Don’t worry babe, we will have plenty of time for fun at the cabin. Let me get this on you, and we can get going.”

She was cleaned up quickly and, after being assured by her love that she didn’t need to return the favor, grabbed the bags by the door, and the sodden diaper next to them. She tossed the garment into the garbage by the curb as everyone’s bags were loaded into the van her brother rented, and they were off.

The four hour drive went quickly with Mike driving the first half and, after a quick stop for lunch, Jessica driving the second. Their destination was a large, two story cabin, ten minutes outside of the small town of Millshead in the Adirondacks. The twins parents had spent the early years of their marriage in the cabin, but had moved to the city when their older sister had been born. These days their grandparents payed for the upkeep, and it was a popular family vacation spot.

Brian unlocked the door and sunk into the couch while the rest unloaded the van. His sister walked in carrying a bag over each shoulder, and shot him a worried look. She walked into the kitchen and returned, minus the bags, with a glass of water and a pill bottle. She handed them to him and went out to continue helping. He took two of the pills and lay back, relaxing.

Outside Megan saw that Debbie looked awkward and rather uncomfortable. Mike was talking quietly to her, and she was biting her lip nervously. Taking in her position, hunched over and clutching her midriff, Megan deduced that the girl had to pee and, despite being diapered like the rest of them, had refused to let it go the entire car ride. This was not unexpected, Debbie’s only prior experience in diapers since her early years had been in private with her boyfriend. Thinking to help the suffering girl, and show that it was no big deal Megan stopped in her tracks and calmly, but rather obviously, unloaded the results of lunch into the seat of her diaper. Jessica, coming out after dropping some things off in the house, watched the display with a grin on her face. She snuck up behind her girlfriend, looped one arm around her shoulders, and with the other groped her beautiful, messy behind, mushing the poop against her lovers backside. “Come on,” She whispered in her ear, "Lets get the last of this stuff inside and get you changed into something a bit more comfortable. Megan smiled and leaned back momentarily before grabbing the last of the bags and heading inside.

Debbie watched in awe as Megan rather blatantly pooped her diaper without any hesitation. Five months ago, when her boyfriend of half a year had told her of his secret desires she had agreed to humor him, but at her own pace. Three months ago she had worn her first diaper since infancy and, while she had wet many times since then, it had always been in private, when it was just the two of them. The pain in her abdomen told her she would be going, one way or another soon, so she grabbed her bag and her boyfriends hand and followed the girls into the cabin. Brian was asleep on the couch and the girls led them up the stairs. The cabin had four bedrooms and one bathroom with a shower. The two couples took bedrooms across the hall from each other, leaving the one closest to the stairs for Brian to make things easier on him.

Debbie pulled Mike into their bedroom, red faced from holding in the large drink she had with lunch, and from the imminent release of said beverage. Mike smiled reassuringly at her and led her further into the room. He loosened his belt and dropped his baggy jeans to the floor, showing his slightly yellowed diaper. He took her hand and pressed it to the moistened material before releasing a jet of pee, letting her feel as the garment warmed up again and got wetter. “See, its not so hard. You are going to wind up hurting yourself if you keep this up.”
She smiled gratefully at him and dropped her own jeans next to his. She breathed in and out a few times before bending her knees slightly and relaxing. The garment darkened quickly and the change in color from her wetness indicators was unnecessary as her piss was audible and long. It was a full minute before she was finished, and her diaper sagged heavily. By the finish she was folded almost in half in relief and he moved in to hug her, but was stopped by her outstretched hand. She belt her knees more and strained, red faced and grunting, as she pooped her diaper for the second time in fifteen years.

Across the hall Jessica grabbed some important items from her girlfriends bag, while she took off her skirt and situated herself on the changing mat on the bed. Megan was a bit different from the rest of the group in that, in addition to liking to wear diapers, she also liked be babied at times. It came as no surprise to her that, when Jessica lay down the supplies to change her diaper, a pacifier was slipped into her mouth at the same time. She happily sucked on it as her lover removed her messy diaper and cleaned her up. Slipping into her two year old persona, she cooed happily when she felt the cottony softness of a clean cloth diaper being slipped under her, and the change was completed with a pair of pink, flower printed, plastic pants. She quickly returned the favor, changing her girlfriends wet disposable for a dry, before grabbing a dress that could hide her larger diaper out of her bag.

After changes all around, everyone returned to the living room where Megan shook her brother awake, and he went into the downstairs bathroom to change himself. Though his sister had offered to just do it on the couch, he saw that the groups newest member might be a bit uncomfortable with that still and declined. His legs were hurting more than usual, and he knew the others would not want to cook, so he suggested they drive into town and find someplace to eat. The group decided to try out an italian place they had passed on their way in, and once again piled into the van.

Next time: A beautiful girl catches Brian’s eye. The problem? He has never dated before, and a part of him tells him he shouldn’t change that now.

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I would seriously like this to continue. What little you have provided was written well enough that I would truly enjoy seeing where this goes. The causal way everyone treats her diapered state intrigues me. Please continue

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It’s a decent snippet. That said, that’s all it is. It’s not long enough to even be considered a chapter.

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The shortness of this first ‘chapter’ was a point of annoyance for myself as well, but longer drafts paced wrong, much going up and down of stairs, greetings and introductions that fouled the flow of the story. These people are already her friends, why does she take so much time introducing them to the viewers in her head sort of thing. After much debate I decided their qualities and personalities could be told as the story progresses. I am not much a writer of normal lives, much proffering stories with an element of the unnatural or fantastic, but this idea begged to be written. This story has not been reviewed by my editor, my wife, and thus pointing out of spelling and grammar mistakes would be greatly appreciated, as well as would critiques.

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I think it is way to generous to call your little story snippet a chapter. I don’t see anything wronmg with what you posted, but it is not a chapter. It’s not even one page of text. At least we should get a concept of who the character’s girlfriend is.

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I thank you for your honest feedback. I shall endeavor to fully lengthen chapter one, most likely using multiple viewpoints, and post it when finished.

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I do agree. This is well done so far but really short. Is there any reason this could not have been merged with the next chapter? It doesn’t look like it needs to stand alone. All it is is them getting packed and leaving, the trip itself is probably more interesting and self-sufficient. There’s just nothing about this “chapter” that stands by itself. I really think this should have just been merged with the next chapter to make a bigger and more complete chapter.

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With my own experience, just posting the first portion was a big commitment. It was sort of a promise to myself to continue what I started, to try something I hadn’t before. So good for you sandy, most people don’t have the balls to write this much. I will be even more impressed, regardless of the result if you have th bravery to write more.

Awaiting the next chapter,


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Posted a modified and lengthened chapter 1one in the original’s place.

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I like the revision, that said, you need to show the change in view points, like

This. Other than that there was just a few minor grammatical issues, which is to be expected, you did a fairly well job, keep it up

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Very impressed. Awaiting more.

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The flow is, once again, not perfect, but I can only write this in short bursts, which plays havoc with it. As always criticism and comments are welcome.

Dinner was a simple affair and, if anyone noticed, no one made mention of the padded nature of the young patrons. After a quick return trip to the cabin, everyone quickly sank into their dreams after the long day of travel.


Soft sunlight filtered into Brian’s room and slapped him awake. For some reason he had neglected to close the blinds before going to bed, and now it came back to haunt him. He popped two pills from the bottle on the bedside table and gulped down the water he had put there for that purpose. It had that stale taste water gets when left out all night, but he was used to it by now. He grabbed a fresh diaper from the table, and preceded to change himself while waiting for the meds to kick in. He tossed the soiled diaper into the garbage can, regretting once again that he had never been able to play basketball in school. After a good fifteen minutes he concluded he could probably stand without falling, and rose from the bed to start his usual morning ritual. He opened a cupboard in the kitchen, and his face went pale, “Oh, crap.”


Last night had been wonderful. The food had been delicious, and afterwards Megan wore her out so badly that they almost fell asleep before replacing their diapers. She released her morning pee into the garment, where it joined the small bit she had gone at around one, just after they had finished having their fun. Megan was sound asleep beside her, and a quick check with her hand revealed her lovers thick cloth diapers to be soaked, and recently as a hint of warmth could still be felt with her hands on the plastic covering. Deciding against an immediate change, she decided to help Brian with the all important morning chores as she heard him start moving about. She was just heading down the stairs when she heard his outburst of “Oh, crap” from in the kitchen. He burst from the room and almost ran her over, “I forgot to pack it.” He said, rushing back upstairs to slip on a pair of pants, “If she wakes up I need you to keep her distracted. Seduce her, or something, but keep her attention glued to you and do not let her into the kitchen, or we are all doomed. I need to head to the store.”
“Are you ok to drive?” She asked, “You just got up.”
“The meds kicked in a few minutes ago, so for now I am perfect, its only a few minutes into town and back, I should return long before it could be a problem.” He responds, grabbing the keys from the table. “Remember, no kitchen.” He reminded her, as if she needed it, before closing the door. She took a deep breath and let it out. Sure, he takes the easy part. She’s the one that has to keep her coffee addicted girlfriend distracted while he goes out to grab it.


“Hello, hot stuff. Three o’clock,” Emily’s best friend and coworker Cassandra said, softly as the two stocked aisle five.
She turned to look where her friend had indicated and huffed in mock annoyance. "That is definitely not three o’clock, that is ten o’clock, and you could have just said ‘front door’ Cassy rolled her eyes and motioned for her friend to go help the obviously lost young man. “Hello, may I help you find anything?” She asked, coming up behind him.
He turned swiftly, and said, “Yes, please. I need to find coffee, quickly.”
He seemed a bit off, but she could be a bit strange first thing in the morning as well. And Cassy had been right to call him hot. “Ok, its right this way. I’ve never seen you around here before, you just passing through town?” She asked.
“No, my family ownes one of the cabins just north of here, and a couple of friends and I are staying there over the summer.”
“Oh, really? That sounds fun.” Definitely going to take the chance to see him more often then, “Well, here is the coffee, so lets go get you checked out.” He grabs a large can of dark roast and follows her to the checkout. “My family own this shop, so if you need anything else while you are here, come on in and I will most likely be here to help.”
“Thanks, I would love to stay and talk, but if I don’t get this coffee back before my sister wakes up, I am a dead man.” He says as he pays.
She laughs and hands him his receipt, but not before taking the chance to write her name and cell number on the bottom. As he exits, she walks back to where her friend has progressed to the next aisle, “Your right, he is cute. He’s got a nice butt too.”


“Hey, baby.” Jessica said, as Megan opened her eyes, a minute or two after Brian left.
“Morning.” She mumbled back, or at least something close enough.
“Do you want to start the morning off with a bottle?”
Megan looked at her as if she had three heads, before responding “It would melt, and I don’t want to have to have to buy another one.”
Jessica changed gears quickly, hopeing to keep her lovers attention, “Well then, how about I get you out of that soaked diaper and we have a little fun?” She asked, putting on a smirk. Its not that she didn’t want to make love to her girlfriend, but they had satisfied that itch last night, and she would much rather just spend a pleasant morning with her.
Megan just laughed it off. “Looking for a repeat of last night? I love doing that for you dear, but I am no where near fully awake. A change would be appreciated though.” Jessica made sure to take her time, trying not to act like it, but Megan saw though it quickly. “You’re stalling. Why?”
“No, I’m not.” Jessica lied, rather obviously, she never had been good at keeping things from her. One more look from Megan was all it took before she blurted out, “Ok, its the coffee, he forgot the coffee.”
Megan bust out laughing at that, and pulled her lover into a hug. “Why would you think that was such a big deal?”
“Well, last time you got really grumpy for most of the day. We are here to have fun, we didn’t want that again.”
"Last time it was finals week and I was knee deep in hormones. Come on, lets get cleaned up, and then we can head downstairs to wait for him.

Mike and Debbie were already downstairs, Mike was content around his friends in a tee shirt and diaper, like the girls, but Debbie was fully dressed, and the others could only tell of her padded state from years of experience. They had just settled in to a breakfast of the muffins they had bought the previous day when Brian burst in the door, and dashed to the coffee maker. He placed the keys, his wallet, and the receipt on the table, and started the machine. Mike was the first to notice, and picked up the receipt, exclaiming “Dude, you got digits?”
“Let me see that.” Jessica insisted, grabbing it from his hand. Soon the piece of paper had passed around the table, and everyone heartily congratulated the young man, who had been unlucky with women previously, despite his good looks.
“So, going to call her?” Mike asked.
“I don’t know. Its kind of sudden, besides I hardly know her, and we were planning on relaxing and unpacking today. If we are going to spend the entire summer we need to inventory, and make sure we don’t have to do something like this again.”
“Come on Brian, a cute girl who lives in town gives you her number, and you aren’t even going to give it a shot?” Jessica said.
“No, look there are reasons I never really hit the dating scene in high school, and those reasons still apply.”
“What reason could you possibly have for not wanting to give this a shot?” His sister retorts.
By now he had gotten rather exasperated and he pointed at his lap angrily, “Its these damn things ok? The rest of you can move on, live normal lives, even you Meg, though it would take longer. Me? I’m stuck in these things for life. Once she finds out about that, she will be like every single one of the girls I approached in school.”
This tirade seemed to take a lot out of him, but for once Megan did not look worried for his health, instead she looked royally pissed off. “You hypocritical ass.” She screamed, slapping him.