Seems Too Good (Diaper Dimension) (Complete)

Recently I’ve been really impressed with the steps that the admin team has taken on this site. I’m grateful to see some major progress happening! I’ve realized I haven’t posted all of my works on this site, and wish to correct that oversight!

All of my Diaper Dimension tales have been interconnected in some fashion. This particular story has a brief intersection with some information from Undercover Tour (and Diamond Tours), but they’re not necessary to read in advance of this tale. If you haven’t read this before I do hope you enjoy! I’ll post a few chapters every few days until this work is completely up. Following that I’ll post my recently completed work ‘In-Between.’

This novel takes place in the ‘Diaper Dimension’ inspired by PrincessPottyPants. I am very grateful that she invited others to play in her sandbox!

Chapter 1:

I WALKED OUTSIDE as the automatic doors of the hospital swished open. Pausing for a moment to zip up my jacket tighter against the cold of winter, I walked to the parking garage spot that I had left my car. I was leaving from one of my longest shifts in a while; two surgeries that had been planned, and then an epic long fourteen-hour emergency surgery to attempt to save the life of a little girl. She had been in a car crash and was just arriving via halo flight as I was supposed to leave and got the call to report to trauma. Five of the best surgeons in the hospital had worked on the girl, we’d restarted her heart nine times before it just wouldn’t pump any more. Even as detached as I’d long learned to be as a surgeon, I felt my own eyes filled with tears as I walked out to inform the girl’s mother of our failure. She had barely been two years old, and it crushed me that we failed to save her! I learned as I left that her father hadn’t even lived to leave the scene of the accident.

I hated moments like that, and did my best to not have them at all. I felt that I was a damned good surgeon who avoided losing many patients by being at the top of my game! The hospital had one of the best teams of surgeons in the region - so at least it meant we lost fewer than most.

Today though no teamwork or skill was good enough to stave off the grim reaper from taking that little girl.

I sighed and looked at my salt covered car in the lot. Even though I could afford better, I still drove a seven-year old, small SUV that I bought not long after my residency finished. I had been excited to buy it and finally begin to pay off my massive student loans with my first real paychecks! Eight years of undergrad and med school, an additional two years of schooling for my specialty, and three years of residency meant I didn't have much money for a long time. Even with my paychecks doing well seven years later, I knew it would be a long time before I had my student loans paid off. Everyone assumed doctors made a ton, but malpractice insurance took up a sizeable amount of my earnings, along with that student loan debt and the normal deductions on paychecks… well it didn’t leave me living the lifestyle of someone rich. I’d also been trying to be frugal to allow some options if and when I was ever able to settle down and have a family.

Closing the door to the cold I adjusted the rearview mirror to look at a stubbly face. I couldn’t seem to shake the haunted look it wore most days. It had been over thirty hours since I had woken up, and I was looking forward now to finally being able to head home to my apartment in a neighborhood not too far away from the hospital.

Pulling up to the complex I was annoyed that all of the spaces closest to my apartment were taken. Searching around, I had to drive to the furthest side of the complex. There I found one lone parking space underneath a tree burdened with ice and a bit of snow. I shrugged my heavy coat back on, zipped it, and locked the door, before trudging through the cold to my apartment. The cars dashboard had said negative three, and that was something I could believe as the icy wind prickled at my face! Climbing the stairs up to my second-floor apartment, I unlocked the door and felt a great sense of relief now that I was finally home!

Closing my front door and locking the deadbolt, I finally felt like I was able to lock away life from interfering with me. I hopped into the shower and nearly fell asleep before putting on some pajamas and passing out on my bed.


THE NEXT MORNING there was no alarm - as I hadn’t needed to set one. A look at the clock on my cell phone showed that it was nearly one in the afternoon and I groaned at how sore I was. Thankfully I had three days off before going back to my scheduled surgeries - but I felt like crap. Emotionally and physically I felt like the weight on me was enormous as I rolled out of bed and stood up. My back complained over the long time in my bed, and my head joined in complaining with a massive headache that told me that I hadn’t stayed hydrated the previous day. The headache meant my first step was to stagger into the kitchen and pour a glass of water. I guzzled it down, then another followed the second one with some ibuprofen, before I refilled it a third time.

I carried the glass of water to my desk and turned on my computer. A quick scan of news sites said that things in the world were still insane, world leaders were still making despotic decisions, other leaders standing were still behind them or against them. I shook my head in disbelief at it all! My friend Jill had gone into politics and was working for one of the major campaigns this election cycle. I told her multiple times over the years that I thought that she was nuts!

Seeing nothing immediately Earth shattering there I checked my emails, but pointedly ignored my work account. Normally my personal email was pretty much just filled with spam, but occasionally I would get a couple of occasional messages from friends. Today was just the spam though, and I quickly closed out of that and moved onto social media. The pictures of my friends’ babies, kids, and even a few teenaged children brought smiles to my face that usually turned into a distinct frown. There was no likely near-term future for me to have my own family. I hadn’t even been on a date since I started my residency, and by now most of the nurses and doctors I worked with were already married - they were the ones posting the cute pictures. With another sigh I looked at the clock and decided I couldn’t sit at home all day.

After a shower and a shave, I felt a little better as I braved the cold and left to go hit the local Walmart for groceries I needed. Things like toilet paper I’d learned were essentials you never wanted to be without! Picking up some frozen dinners I filled the cart with meals fit for the bachelor I was, before heading to the checkouts. I looked at the magazine rack as I waited in a long line behind someone with a packed cart. Reading one of the magazines on the stand that was known for being overly sensational I saw, ‘Human Trafficking? The REAL truth behind the Dimensional Portals, Pg 5.’ Normally someone to avoid things such as this, I was moderately curious enough to pick it up and thumb through it while I was waiting in line.

Seven years ago, our universe changed as we learned that other dimensions not only existed, but that we could travel to visit a new world! Tales of technology that far exceeded our own, better lives, and practically hearing the streets were paved with gold meant scores of people lined up for the various tour groups that began offering their services, or just went on their own to explore the dimension. While some visitors have come back with fantastical stories of huge people and amazing technology on the other side, many others haven’t ever been heard from again…

“Sir are you going to buy that?” The lady at the check-out asked.

I blushed, “Sorry,” and added it to my pile of items as she scanned it all. Totaling it out made me grimace and hope that my account was good for that amount. I hadn’t checked before I left, but I used my debit card anyway and pushed my full cart out to the car thinking I must have lucked out when it went through.

Driving home I got stuck behind an accident and was at a standstill beside an electronic billboard, ‘Life got you down? Debt sky-high? Health problems? Just needing new scenery? Visit Portal Relocations on the web to learn of your chance for a new life!

I thought back to the magazine article and noted that this was one of those offers for a trip to the other dimension. ‘I can’t lie and say that doesn’t sound enticing…’

As I sat in traffic, I thought about how little I really had to lose with such an offer. My parents had both tragically passed away in the last four years. My mom died painfully from a rare cancer, and my dad was in a car accident not long afterwards. With no siblings, and only aunts and uncles that lived far away, I was about as alone as a person could be. Sure, I had some good relationships with friends at work, but it wasn’t the same and I still desperately missed calling my mom during the week.

When I finally made it home, I put all of the frozen and cold food away before going back to the magazine.

Government sources and representatives from the other dimension have been telling us for years it’s just because those people have found new lives that they’re happier in. “They don’t want to come back home because their new lives are so much better!” One government official recently stated on CNN.

That made us wonder - was that actually true?

In order to determine the truthfulness of this statement we sent ten of our staff members, along with five private detectives we’d never before had contact with before through the portal on tours, or on their own without any guides. Out of those fifteen... only one returned. This person was one of the private detectives we had hired out for. As a former Navy Seal, he had a number of extra advantages in his elite training over the years that he claimed were the only way he escaped.

Yes, escaped…

I was just about to continue reading when there was a knock on the door. I walked over to find one of the apartment managers standing outside. I sighed and opened up the door, “Can I help you?” I asked the lady while groaning about the cold coming into the room.

She gave me a grim smile, “Well I guess it’s more I’m going to need your help Doctor Benning… We had an inspector from our insurance company come by today, along with a city inspector, and I’m afraid your building has failed a structural inspection. Because of the safety concerns it is being condemned for habitation.”

“What?” I asked nervously.

“Remember that storm last month?” I nodded while thinking back to the rare freak winter storm that had winds exceed a Category 2 Hurricane, “We noticed that there was a lot of soil that left the area around the edge of the building. On one side of the first floor we found some significant cracking. We’ve been watching it and noticed that there are some large cracks on the other side of this building in the brick too… The inspector decided it’s not safe for anyone to habit this building. We think between the wind and the freezing and thawing of the soil there’s been a lot of shifting of the foundation and it’s possible it will collapse.”

“Umm… What am I going to do?”

She sighed, “We’re returning this months’ rent and your deposit, we’ll pay for movers to move your stuff, and we’re paying for a week of a hotel right now, but we need you out of this building in the next six hours.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me?!?!” I said angrily. “I just got done with a thirty-hour shift at work, an epic long surgery, and now you’re telling me I have to move out now?!?”

“We’ll compensate you as we’ve said…”

“Compensate me? Where do you think I’m going to find an apartment on a week’s notice?” I seethed, “I’ll have my attorney call you. It’s going to be more compensation than you expect!”

I slammed the door and looked around my apartment and felt tears prickle at my eyes. The way it sounded the whole building could go at any time and I knew I didn’t have much of a choice to immediately move. I had a law firm on retainer as part of my job that I immediately called up. The law office focused on medical malpractice suits, but they were just a part of a larger practice that also included real estate and personal injury law. Within thirty minutes, the manager was back at my doorstep with a scowl on her face.

“Who the hell do you think you are?” She asked me.

“Someone who feels like they’ve been screwed over?” I told her bluntly. “What do you need now?”

“The owners of the complex will have the movers here to help you pack in ten minutes. Be ready, I’ve been told to give you this check.” She handed me a check with five-thousand dollars listed on it.

I grabbed my phone and called the law office and told them about it. Per their instructions I handed it back, “I’m wanting considerably more than that for endangering my life with shoddy construction and a sudden move disrupting my housing. Come back when the check says twenty thousand.”

She scoffed at me and walked away cursing, ‘jack-ass.’

They had a ten-member crew that frustrated me as they helped box everything up pell-mell in no particular order. I knew I would never be able to find anything until I unboxed everything, and that a number of things would probably be broken by that time too. By six pm all of my possessions except a couple suitcases of clothes, a laptop, and a few other odds and ends, were all in a climate-controlled storage unit across town. I found myself pulling up to a local hotel where I knew I would at least get a good breakfast each day.

“Good evening sir,” the clerk said, “Do you have a reservation?”

“No… it’s a long story, but do you have any availability?”

“For how long?”

“At least a week?”

The lady typed at her computer and said, “I do have a room available,” and proceeded to give me the information on the rate. Emotionally I was spent as she ran my debit card. “I’m sorry sir, but the card was declined?”

“Damnit,” I swore and dug out one of my credit cards that I knew had nearly its limit maxed, “Try this one?” To my relief it ran, but I knew my time would be short if I didn’t get a settlement from the apartment complex quickly.

Inside the room I sat down in the desk chair and just put my head in my hands since I was so frustrated. I had worked ridiculously hard to reach the pinnacle of a dream, to become one of the top surgeons out there, but so far all I had accomplished was to just be a good regional surgeon. My debt was sky high and I was now officially homeless! I looked in my bag for something to distract me and found the magazine I read earlier in the pocket next to my laptop. Somehow, I’d thought to put it in my laptop case... I almost turned on my laptop, but instead decided to open the magazine up for a third time and try to finish reading the article. I sat back in the desk chair and found my place.

Escaped,” were his words when he contacted us after his return. He had joined a tour group with a highly rated tour company for his trip, and in his words, literally had to fight for his life to get back home to the port. We know from the governments arrest warrant, and attached wanted information, that there is an extradition request currently issued for him if he is apprehended in our dimension. As such he is currently in hiding, and we are hopeful he can avoid being arrested until the mess is cleared up by our attorneys. In the meantime, this is his harrowing tale.

‘I went through the portal with twenty other adults of various ages and was stunned by the process. It literally takes your breath away as you step through the amazing technology that is the portal! On the other side I proceeded through customs with the rest of the group, and at the end we were introduced to our enormous guide! Being a six-foot seven combat veteran who is solidly built, with strong muscles, not much intimidates me! But our guide easily towered over even me at ten and a half feet tall! I felt like I was a kindergartner again or something compared to her! During the ensuing walk to the bus I learned I’d shrunk to just barely an inch over six-feet, and had lost half a foot in height during the trip. That was still taller than most of my fellow travelers. I quickly learned that meant I could still sit in the regular bus seat - unlike most of my fellow tour group members.

Nearly everyone else was placed into a mixture of children’s styled booster seats, toddler car seats, or even infant style rear-facing seats before we pulled away from the portal. Well… most of the travelers were. I immediately witnessed one altercation of a man who refused to ride the bus in the infant style seat they mandated he sit in. It foreshadowed later events as he was forcibly taken away by tall Amazons outside the bus before he could go back inside the portal to return home.

Right away I noticed there were a lot of babies in the arms of the large Amazon women as we toured the city sights. The problem was that upon a closer look I realized that most of them weren’t actual children… they were full grown adults! (The locals call them ‘littles’) The first real sign of problems with our tour company happened when the barely eighteen-year-old daughter of one couple went missing at a mall we were shopping at. Her parents were frantic with worry as I wondered how she had gotten separated from our tour group who was very emphatic that we stay with them at all times.

The next day three more members of the tour group were gone without explanation after a visit to a local zoo. I decided to stay close to the distraught parents as we visited the police station to file a missing person’s report. This was the kind of problem I had been asked to keep an eye out for. The way the police department took their statement made me suspicious. Because of that, after we returned to the hotel that night, I decided I needed to go investigate the police department. As I left the hotel, I stalked calmly down the street having been explained that I was considered a ‘betweener’ or a ‘mid,’ and somewhat less likely to be kidnapped than if I was less than six-feet tall. I strongly suspected that was what had happened to their missing daughter.

The police station was a busy place even at night, but I was a SEAL first and foremost, and so it didn’t take me too long to penetrate their building and its security. Once inside, I was able to sneak into an empty office to use one of their gigantic computer terminals. The keyboard was enormous so I had to finger peck to type in the huge computer keyboard. I was grateful some careless person hadn’t locked their screen. It took me about four minutes to discover the unattended and abandoned ‘little’ girl had been taken to an orphanage, and then after being reported missing, the police had closed the case without contacting her parents. A note said that they knew she had been part of a tour group, but as she’d been separated, they turned her over to the orphanage per department policy. I did some more digging and discovered this was quite the little financial racket for the department. The girl had resulted in a ten-thousand dollar ‘donation’ to the departments ‘charity’ fund. I was about to log out when the door knob jiggled, and I knew that I was out of time. I did my best to exit the screens and dived behind another side desk in the office as a tall police woman came in.

She looked to be a detective and seemed suspicious something was wrong. I was going to wait her out, but she spotted me in my hiding place and came after me.

I used all of my training to disable her and ran. I’m sorry to say that she probably won’t be working for the force anymore… At least she was alive when I left her! I managed to avoid cameras as I left and returned to the hotel without being found or identified.

The next day we got my information to our embassy and they helped facilitate a rescue through the ‘Bureau’ that is in charge of littles there. After I watched a tearful reunion of the girl with her parents, they got into the vehicle we arrived in. I was told there wasn’t room for me, so I was told I would follow in a second vehicle – or so they said. My vehicle followed them for a little bit and then turned another direction. When I pointed it out, they held me down and restrained me. Apparently, my efforts had pissed off the wrong group, and so they took me to another of those so-called ‘Little Academies.’ There they do everything they can to ‘break’ littles.

When they took me out of the car I again attempted to escape, but only ended up receiving about one hundred and fifty abusive slaps to my rear in a spanking for my trouble by one of my abductors. Their staff then took over and placed me in a futuristic machine that removed all of my body hair, bathed me roughly, and then dressed me like a baby in a diaper and infantile clothing. Over the next couple of days, they only fed me disgusting pureed baby food concoctions, breastfed me, and kept me locked in a crib for ‘nap time’ and bed. While there, I saw it would only get worse as I looked at adults that were completely mentally broken and in near vegetative states. Many of them couldn’t even flop off their back any more… It was like they had their motor skills rewound all the way back to their first months of life!

In case I doubted my absolute need to escape, it was demonstrated with one girl who slept in a crib next to mine. She was a fighter and tried everything she could to not submit to them on every little thing. On my third morning she disappeared with that team for the same procedure they were supposed to do to me. She came back barely able to physically sit up, had all of her teeth removed from her mouth, and was barely able to say the simple word ‘mama’ from what I could tell when they made a sick game of asking her to speak. I don’t know if the procedure is permanent, but it certainly would be considered criminal here in our dimension!

Just as they were talking about performing those procedures on me though, I managed to take advantage of a lapse in security and eliminated the two night-workers - and escaped. Luckily, I found my passport and information that I knew I needed to go back home inside their offices!

I met a contact who helped me get new clothing after I removed their chip for tracking escaped littles. Clothed appropriately, I managed to walk into the portal, purchased another departure, and thought I was home free. Just before I was going to walk through the portal there was a sudden alert about me reached the gate worker on their side. I disabled him and jumped through the portal there, and managed to escape through a chaotic scene at our own side of the portal when word reached them.

Our detective shared the photographic evidence that appears on these pages that he bravely managed to still get out with him. It verifies the tale and a few other ‘off the record’ accounts from visitors around that time that line up with his story. (Including the kidnapping and rescue of the girl) What is our government doing with this other dimension? What agreements are in place? Is this nothing but a way of participating in the next level of slavery?

Is our dimension just another Africa?

I looked at the photos of adults in diapers, being breastfed, spanked, and even some futuristic looking hands attacking the camera. ‘Could be photoshopped,’ I thought as I looked through them. Eventually I fell asleep before reading the rest of the articles, wondering more about the new world and if it was really that bad...



Chapter 2:


THE NEXT WEEK was hell! I had one day off to look for an apartment, and managed to find one, but I had no way to pay enough for their deposit without the settlement agreement from my old apartment. My lawyers had finally resolved that though a couple days later while I was stuck at work. They said that I would soon have the payment in my hands, but the apartment I had found was rented by someone else - also from my old building - days before I got back there! Unfortunately, since then I had been stuck in seven surgeries per day even if I had been able to have the money. Not difficult surgeries, but it was still a long day by the time I did the prep, did the surgery, sewed the small incisions back up, and moved onto the next… What had once been a fun and exciting challenge, was just mundane and stressful anymore.

A couple days later I still hadn’t received the check. That evening the hotel front desk called to say that my credit card had been declined for that night. They were sorry, but I’d have to pack up and leave. I spent that night in an uncomfortable bed at the hospital that was available for us after long surgeries. 

The next day I showered at the hospital before I finally managed to pick-up the settlement check for fifteen thousand dollars. I did feel my stress go down a little as I deposited it into my bank account before going back to the hospital. After another long day of six surgeries, and twelve consults, I was finally able to leave to get another hotel room! I fell fast asleep on the bed as soon as I walked in!

Several weeks later I was still in the same hotel room, and didn’t know where I was going to find an apartment or a house at this point. There was a severe shortage of housing in the city due to a booming job market. Since I was working so much it was really hard to find time to look for a new place. The hotel was kind enough to give me a weekly rate, but it was still significantly more expensive than my rent had been. I knew eventually I’d run out of the settlement, and even with some good checks coming in from the hospital, it was definitely not a long term solution!

It was on one of my more exhausted and down days that I clicked on a web ad that took me to the website I had seen on that electronic billboard weeks before. I’d seen it again multiple times in the last few weeks driving back and forth and was morbidly curious about what they offered.

The site had a survey they asked interested users to take that they claimed was ‘100% anonymous.’ Seeing nothing that could harm me at this point, I shrugged and began doing what seemed like one of the many psych profile tests I had dealt with in my psychology coursework in college. I humored it though, and answered truthfully, including to my homeless status and my career. A moment after clicking submit after question one-hundred a screen showed me, ‘You are a perfect candidate!’

A popup texting screen showed up with someone live texting, ‘Hi, I’m Patricia and I’m a real live person with the agency. Would you like to make an appointment to discuss the exciting possibility of relocating to the new dimension?’

I started to type ‘yes…’ but held back. Instead I typed a question, ‘I’ve heard it’s not all it’s cracked up to be?’

‘That’s because not everyone has our agency behind them… We guarantee your satisfaction and that we’ll bring you home if you’re not 100% satisfied.’

‘What would I do there?’

‘They need surgeons your size there,’ she said, ‘I know I could find you a work placement easier than anyone else I’ve ever worked with.’

I grimaced, ‘sure they could…’ I remembered back to my dad’s favorite saying growing up, “Son, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is…”

I looked around the hotel room then with the dirty laundry that I was going to have to again find a laundromat to do and sighed, ‘Can I make an appointment but not commit that I’ll sign up?’

‘Of course! I would want to meet you in person to verify your profile anyway before we could move onto anything else. When would you be available?’

I thought about my scheduled procedures and said, ‘Friday at one?’

A short pause later, ‘We’ve got you down Nick, see you Friday!’

It was only as I pulled the covers of the hotel bed over me an hour later that I thought, ‘Wait, I didn’t tell her my name…?’


FRIDAY CAME BEFORE I knew it and I was a bit on edge as I met with patients for pre-surgical consults all morning. The nice thing about those consults though, was that they were fairly straight forward appointments. It was mainly explaining the procedure to the patient, presenting risks, reassuring them that I knew what I was doing, and having them sign some mountains of requisite paperwork with the staff downstairs. All of the blood testing and everything else we needed was done elsewhere so I could do one every fifteen minutes, and had done my fourteen appointments for the morning by noon. Soon I was heading out to my car, and on the road to the office building I was set to meet with Patricia.

I knew it was nuts to even meet with these people after what I’d read and seen in the magazine… I’d even done some additional research that seemed to make me believe it wasn’t a typical sensationalist news story - but likely to be at least partially true. But life just seemed to be spiraling constantly out of control for me, and I really wasn’t sure what I could do to get back on track.

Something drastic might just be the answer - if I could still have my career…

I arrived and pulled into the large parking lot adjacent to a beautifully designed forty story office building. The building sparkled had been just completed two short years ago to a great deal of fanfare for its architectural design. Instead of a typical rectangular building, it was a work of art with several mind-boggling shapes, that intertwined to somehow support the upper structures - all while seeming to defy gravity itself with holes in the middle of the structure. It reminded me almost as if you took a pair of thick chain-link and stood it up vertically in the air. The entrance area that I walked through was well appointed, with gratuitous amounts of marble and dark hardwoods being used to lend itself a level of class that was luxurious. Just visiting the building was worth the trip I had made! A few receptionists sat at an imposing desk at the back of the lobby to guide visitors.

“Good afternoon, welcome to Portal Relocations, how may I help you?” A tall blonde woman asked. She must have been well over six-feet tall, which made my five-feet seven inches feel short.

“I’m Doctor Nick Benning, I’m here to see a lady named Patricia?”

She looked at her screen and smiled, “Yes Doctor, I have you down here in her appointment book. You’re going to take that elevator to the thirty-eighth floor. Right across from the elevator there’s a secretary that will help you find Patricia. I’ll let her know you’re on your way up.”

“Thanks,” I told her with a smile.

The elevator bank had an impressive number of elevators and I waited patiently for all of about three seconds, before a door opened and I was able to press ‘38’ on the panel. Far faster than I would have believed, the door opened to the thirty-eighth floor. I was surprised on the trip up how unnaturally fast I made it up there, yet I never once felt the feeling of acceleration that I was used to with elevators on high-rise buildings. I looked back at it suspiciously for a second but shrugged it off and walked into a receptionist’s area on the floor.

Another woman, this one only towering over me by about four inches asked, “Doctor Benning?”

“Yes ma’am,” I said politely.

“Patricia is expecting you right this way,” she directed me down a hallway and to a large office that I saw ‘Patricia Lawrence, Chief of Recruitment.’

Another tall woman, definitely near six-and-a-half feet tall stood and greeted me. “I’m Patricia, and you’re Doctor Benning I presume?”

“Please, just Nick, it’s nice to meet you.”

“You as well, please have a seat,” she said. She directed me to a more casual setting of plush chairs around a rug and coffee table on the side of her enormous office. They were set next to huge curved glass windows that opened up the sides of the curved wall, to a great view of the city. The view out her window was truly impressive!

“So Nick, before we begin I want to tell you that we’ve already done a more thorough background check on you. From that I believe you would be a great candidate for relocation by our company!”

“Why do you believe that?” I asked her hesitantly. ‘Just how much background checking did they do after I did that simple survey?’ Given the article I’d read, plus this invasion of privacy, I was getting a bit nervous as alarm bells clanged loudly in my head.

“I know that you are currently living in a hotel instead of your apartment building. By the way, did you hear that old building actually collapsed yesterday?”

I nodded, “Yeah, I’m more than a little glad I wasn’t still living there…”

“I can imagine! But that makes this opportunity even better because you’re already mostly packed and ready to relocate!”

“Just what kind of services do you provide?” I asked nervously.

“Well we have found that the best thing to do is to try and match up our clients with a homeowner that is willing to rent out a room in their house. You then have a built-in guide who can help you get settled into your new job and life there on that side.”

“And if it’s not all roses?” I asked.

“Well when is life ever all roses?” she asked with a smile. “There’s a two-year contract that you sign on the lease with the homeowner. If at the end of that contract you don’t have a mutually beneficial situation then you can choose to come home.”

“How many do that?” I asked.


“How many choose to come home?”

She looked thoughtfully, “Since we opened this building up three years ago, I can only recall one. It was a tough circumstance because the homeowner there passed away unexpectedly. The woman decided that rather than find another place there, she came home.”

I nodded at that, “So people are happy once they go over?”

“Of course!” she smiled, “Why wouldn’t they be?”

“I don’t know, why would they?” I asked, “I still don’t know what else you’re offering here? Why should I feel I want to go?”

“Oh, I guess I should get into that. In exchange for your contract here we’ll be taking ten percent of your earnings in the other dimension during that two-year contract. Once the two years are up, we no longer need to do so. As part of the deal we will pay off any credit card debt, student loan debts, etc. and leave you financially stable for the move.”

“This sounds too good to be true,” I told her.

“I know, it really does, but I promise you it’s the truth.”

“So, I’d be able to practice medicine over there in the new dimension?”

“That’s part of why I’m pushing so hard to get you in all honesty Nick, I have a homeowner who’s a doctor and is looking for a tenant that can go to work with her each day.”

“What’s the process like for getting my medical license recognized there?”

I spent another hour asking questions before I got to my final ones. I opened my briefcase and handed her the article from the magazine, “What about these allegations?”

For the first time I saw a bit of hesitation but she just grabbed it and nodded, “I heard about this story. The person involved seems to have been with a disreputable company, unlike ours, who was involved in some illegal trafficking.”

“So it’s true then?”


“That these people are giants and like to baby adults and travelers just because they’re smaller?”

She shrugged, “Yes it happens.” I was in shock she’d admit it, but she shook her head and shrugged, “It’s not every person who ends up like that though! It’s only people who aren’t mature enough to be careful, mind their manners, or not be situationally aware. There are plenty of people, like most of our clients, who happily live normal lives there.”

“Without diapers?”

“Most of them,” she said.

“And what if someone gets treated that way? Can they still come home?” I asked pointedly.

“We always honor the contracts from adults here,” she told me.

I looked down at the pamphlet in front of me silently for a few moments thinking.

“So, what do you think?” she pressed.

“Let me get back to you? When do you have to know?”

“Well the one homeowner will probably only be available for a few days if I had to guess, so if you want to get in with a fellow doctor who can get you into her hospital I’d recommend signing up by the end of the week.”

I nodded and stood up, “Thanks for your time, I’ll let you know”

With that I walked down to the elevators and left in my car.


PATRICIA LOOKED AT her screen and the face on the other side of the video conference. “Well hello, don’t tell me you already have a match for me? I only signed up for your services yesterday?”

“Hi Doctor Nickerson, as unbelievable as it sounds, I believe we really have! Well... mostly, he’s a fellow doctor, a surgeon,” she said to the woman.


“I know you wanted a girl, but he’s perfect in every other way,” Patricia told the woman.

The conversation went on for an hour, including showing a video from her interview, before the woman said, “I’m sold, get him to sign up and I’ll take care of everything else on this side.”

“You’re okay with the agreed upon price?”

“He’ll be perfect, and definitely a bargain!”

The screen went blank and Patricia Lawrence stood up to head away for a well-earned dinner. Her commission from this guy was going to have her eating at fine restaurants for quite some time!


I SPENT THE next couple of days looking for apartments since I was off of the rotation for the weekend. I couldn’t find anything that seemed like home - or more importantly available. I was sitting in the hotel room trying to figure out what I wanted to do about my housing situation when there was a knock on the door.

I walked to the peephole and saw to my surprise it was Patricia.

“What do I owe this pleasure?” I asked her politely while talking to her through the open door.

“I wanted to let you know that the lady that would be the homeowner you would rent from sent you a video message. I have it here if you want to view it?” She held up a thumb drive.

I shrugged, “Why not just email it to me?”

“I try to have a more personal touch with my clients,” she said with a smile.

Not knowing what else to do, but be polite, I let her in and logged into my laptop. I didn’t make it obvious, but I didn’t log into my regular account on my computer. I had a special sandboxed account in case of something like this drive that I didn’t trust security wise being put in my computer. I loaded it and found a simple video file in the directory.

A woman wearing a doctor’s white coat, with bright red hair, showed up on the screen. Without anything to show the scale of the video she could have been in this dimension, and perfectly normal sized if she stood next to me. “Hi Doctor Benning, I’m Doctor Lillian Nickerson, and I’m sending you this to introduce myself to you. Patricia told me all about you and I think we would get along great! I could even help you get into the hospital where I work so that we can commute together each day. A few things about me…” She spoke for about fifteen minutes and I did learn a lot about her that made me think we would get along well. She specialized in Pediatric Surgery, and like me had music as a hobby that she liked. She even demoed her ability to play piano on the video. It was clear that she or the company had spent a fair amount of time making the video look professional.

“I understand that you’re becoming a respected surgeon yourself in your dimension? I would love to work with you and have you on our team!” I learned a bit more about her from the video, including that she was single, but lived in a large five-bedroom home she had paid for in a nice neighborhood. The camera switched to a view of an impressive and beautiful looking one-story home with a large fenced backyard.

“I hope to hear a ‘yes’ from you soon! Please send your own video if you can!”

The screen went blank after a logo showing Portal Relocations with their traditional overlaid ‘P’ and ‘R’s.’

“So, what do you think Nick?”

‘Almost like it’s just a PR company?’ I noted to myself.

I sighed, “If I could believe it was one-hundred percent legit it sounds amazing Patricia, the problem is that I have this niggling suspicion that it’s not completely truthful?”

“What can I do to make you believe in us?”

I shook my head, “The problem is there’s nothing you can do… I’m just in disbelief that anything could be that perfect.”

She nodded, “Would you at least think about sending your own video response back to her? Maybe if you two had a dialog back and forth?”

I bit the inside of my lip with my teeth knowing it was a bad idea for some reason, but I just nodded, “I guess I could do that…”

“Great, do you think we could have a crew come follow you at work tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow?” I squeaked out, “I have several surgeries scheduled… I’m not sure that the hospital…”

“I’ve already checked with the administration; we’ve done the paperwork and I promise you won’t notice us.”

I shrugged, ignoring the warning sirens in my head, “Okay.”

She smiled and then moved to shake my hand, but hugged me instead, “You won’t regret this!”

As she left the door and I did the deadbolt and chain I thought, “I probably already do…”

I noticed as I logged out of the account there was a program slowing everything down… I finally ended up manually turning the computer off to get it to unfreeze. It worked fine when I logged back into my normal account though, so I just shrugged it off as the large video file eating up memory.


IVY NICKERSON ANSWERED the door and found a well-dressed lady outside that she recognized from the little adoption company she had contracted. “Hi Ashley,” she greeted her and waved her inside.

“How are you doing Ivy?” she asked.

“I’m tired, it’s been a long day of procedures today. Tell me you have good news?”

“Well, it’s a mixed bag. If you want this little, you’re going to have to court him so to speak. He’s a little nervous about some of the information making it back from this dimension to their world.”

“Like what?”

“Diapers, forcible kidnapping, you know… the truth,” she acknowledged.

“I wouldn’t be like some of those mothers though!”

“I know that, but I think you’re going to have to work a bit to reel this one in. I do think he’s possible though, so I’d recommend you watch the video he sent back to you, and you send another. Make it a regular pen pal relationship and in six months I all but guarantee he’ll be curious to come!”

“Six months?” she cried. She could feel her biological clock ticking away already!

“Who knows? It might be less! Watch the video, you’ll know why I think he’s worth it. If you decide you can’t wait for him, let me know and I’ll get another one on the line for you to pull in.”

Ivy looked at her and shrugged, “I may do that... but I’ll watch the video first.”

Ashley walked to the door after handing her a small thumb drive. She turned as she left, “Trust me, you’ll want this one. It might even be worth some temporary concessions to get him here.”

‘That’s an odd statement,’ Ivy thought as she closed the door behind Ashley and watched her walk to her car through the peephole.

She walked to her large TV in the living room and plugged the drive into a player to watch it. Sitting down on the couch she grabbed a throw pillow and clutched it like a teddy bear as the video started. ‘Oh my god you would never know he’s a little!’ she thought to herself with a smile as she watched the video.

“Hi Doctor Nickerson, I’m Doctor Nick Benning, but you can just call me Nick. I’m a surgeon here in our dimension, focusing mainly on pediatrics, but some general procedures as well. I’ve still not really settled on one or the other completely. I did extended residency time so that I could be well qualified in both fields.”

The camera view faded to a view of him in a surgical theater working on a little girl. His gloved hands worked a device that looked like an old antique endoscope they used to use forty years before. It was clear he was very skilled with the device though, as she watched the camera alternating zooming in on his monitor view, and him using tools to cut and suture. Oddly it looked like they were removing an appendix.

She started at that, ‘They still remove appendixes?’

He actually explained the procedure in a voice overlay right then, “I was operating on this young girl for an inflamed appendix that wasn’t responding to antibiotic treatments that were tried. Concerned that the organ was likely to burst it was decided to perform the emergency procedure. Fortunately, the procedure went smoothly and the girl should be up and running around in a week or so.”

The view shifted to another surgery and she recognized some urgency going on in the theater even though calm was present just like she would expect in her world. “Nick, what do you think?”

She watched him think something quickly over, “There has to be another hole we missed. We have to open her back up,” he told the other surgeon and immediately she watched nurses provide him a scalpel and after another team member sterilized the area he began cutting back open what looked like a recent incision. “Blood pressure is falling,”

“Give her another pint,” another doctor said.

She watched in fascination as Nick worked an absolute miracle on the patient who looked to be tiny even compared to him. The video kept going and she watched him grimace and say, “There was another of those damn pellets here!”

‘Such language,’ she thought for a second before she watched him hold up some small thing that reminded her of a shotgun shell pellet. To her horror she realized that was exactly what it was. He began tracing back the wound and stitched carefully as he manipulated the little girls’ organs. Finally, someone said, “That must have been it, she’s stabilizing.”

She let out the breath she hadn’t realized she had been holding in, ‘I’m not sure he should come here… that was amazing…’

The video shifted back to Nick in his scrubs, “That was a long surgery. The poor girl was hanging out with her older brothers who had taken a gun they weren’t supposed to have. They fired the shotgun and she ended up with what we thought were four of the pieces of shot that ricocheted into her that we’d already removed. We missed one piece though that we didn’t see initially on the x-rays. Hopefully there aren’t too many long-term effects for her, but we won’t know that until at least when she wakes up in a few hours.”

The video shifted again and Nick was now in what looked like a hotel room, “Like my place?” He asked sarcastically. “A few weeks ago, my apartment manager barged in to tell me our building had been deemed unsafe and I had to be out in a very short time. Due to the huge boom in jobs in the area I’m still trying to find another apartment. I’m going to be honest; I wouldn’t even consider this Portal Relocation scheme if it wasn’t for this making it seem like maybe it’s fated to do so.”

She squeezed the pillow, ‘If he wasn’t a boy, he would be absolutely perfect…’ she thought to herself.

“I’m not sure about this, but I am willing to at least follow the relocation programs suggestion that we send some messages back and forth. Now that you’ve seen surgery in my world, what’s different there? Any chance you can tell me more about what I would expect in your world? You mentioned getting me a position at the hospital there, what would I be able to do?”

The screen went blank after a few more questions and Ivy sighed to herself as she hugged the pillow. Ashley was right, he was worth waiting for. She just hoped he wouldn’t hate her when she was done getting him ready to be the perfect little that she wanted…



Chapter 3:


OVER THE NEXT month messages flew back and forth between us on a near daily basis. I was kind of beginning to believe that going to the other dimension might actually be the right move for me to make. About four weeks after her first message the hospital I worked at was unexpectedly sold to another company. The talk around the building made it seem certain that the new owners were going to be making some staff cuts to save money. Everyone was constantly whispering and talking about what they had heard in the rumors... and I was nervous. Per our contracts it was just like many other jobs, last hired was first cut… I’d been there a few years, but the reality was that I was still a junior surgeon compared to most of my much older colleagues who had been there for decades!

Soon the day came that I received the inevitable message to report to HR. The HR head was apologetic, “Nick, we don’t want to lose your skills here, but the truth is we’ve been ordered to cut ten surgeons. With our last hire policy… well even if we were only cutting four, I’d have to cut you.”

I nodded and kept blinking to keep the stinging tears out of my eyes, “Will you at least provide me with a good recommendation letter so I can find another hospital to practice at?”

“Absolutely, Doctor Twinning has already written a stellar recommendation letter for you. If we had a choice you would have been the last person to be let go Nick, I’m sorry.”

I just nodded, “When’s my last day?”

“You have procedures scheduled through tomorrow that we’ll have you do. After that you’ll be able to stay for a week for any post-op care that’s needed before we transfer your cases to other doctors.”

I nodded and stood to leave. ‘Fate just doesn’t seem to want to give me a chance here…’ I noted to myself.

I was beginning to drive to my hotel after the last procedure, but instead found myself driving to the Portal Relocations office instead. I called on my way, “Patricia Lawrence please?” I told the receptionist.

“May I ask who’s calling?”

“Nick Benning,” I told her, wondering if I should be doing this right now.

“Nick? Is everything okay?” Patricia asked.

“No… not really, but that’s kind of why I’m calling. What do we need to do to get me signed up to be relocated?”

“You’ve decided to go ahead?”

“I just found out my position was cut at the hospital I work at,” I forced back a sob that I refused to let anyone else hear, “so now’s probably as good a time as any to go on an adventure to a new world.” I tried to force myself to act happy at that opportunity.

“Great! When do you want to leave?”

“Well I’m driving to your building right now; can we discuss this in person?”

“Absolutely, just let the receptionist know I said for you to come right up,” she told me.

I hung up with a push of the button on my car stereo and wondered, not for the first time why I would do this. I had done more research over the ensuing months and discovered that it seemed almost normal that adults my size regularly got treated as babies, or at best as children. When I’d sent questions to Ivy point blank asking about it... she’d dodged the questions. Patricia seemed to suggest that it did happen, but the incidence rate was lower than reported by sensationalist tabloids. She said that those who ended up in those states often asked for it due to their own wish fantasies, or showed they weren’t mature enough to be treated as an adult through some truly stupid and dangerous actions. Given my education and life experience, she was sure that wouldn’t be a problem for me.

‘Right…’ I thought to myself. I had my doubts that it was that rare, which made me think I was crazy to even consider going. I gave myself about a ten percent chance of actually being treated like an adult in the other dimension…

The ultimate reason I hadn’t just run away though was I had watched videos of several more of her procedures on patients. I was fascinated with the way they had taken endoscopic procedures and advanced light-years ahead of us, with the use of what she called nanite clusters. She’d shown me a couple of impressive videos taken with some high-tech microscopes that showed the nanite clusters able to do some miraculous work at the cellular level to injuries. There was still some amount of skill needed to ensure that the small cluster was programmed right, and inserted precisely where it was needed, but major cutting and suturing seemed to almost be a thing of the past for them. The diagnosis of the issue didn’t even normally need much interaction from the doctors involved thanks to the AI diagnostic tools they had available.

My curiosity peaked so much that I didn’t know that I could stand to not take the risk! Their procedures were at least twenty to thirty years ahead of our own... and I wanted to learn more than I could via watching the videos. ‘No home, no job, why not?’ I said to myself as I took the elevator up to Patricia’s office.

Inside she had me sit down and brought me a bundle of forms. “Okay Nick, first, when would you like to make your move?”

I shrugged, “I’m working for another week. I really should stay through then for my patients, after that I get a nice severance package... and then I’m jobless. So… maybe Monday after next?”

She nodded, “That should be enough time to let Ivy be ready for you to arrive.”

“How exactly does that work?” I asked nervously.

“Well, Portal Relocations is a large enough company that we have our own portal we maintain on both sides to allow for smooth travel between dimensions.”

“Wait, I thought there was just the one at the IDP?” I asked incredulously.

“There are a few others that you probably don’t know about. In our case we license the technology from Bremmer Industries and it lets us be a bit more caring with our approach to relocation,” she stated.

“Okay, so how does this work then?”

“Well our system is a little different than the main port. You’ll be placed into a transport vehicle downstairs that will pass through the portal with a group of others that are relocating. Basically, it’s almost like a rail system that goes back and forth as needed as a train.”

“Can I only go back through this portal? Or am I able to use the main one?”

“That depends on your documentation. I’ll try and make it possible for you to have access to both,” she said. Something in her eyes made the warning bells go off again, but I just didn’t care anymore at this point. No home, no job, no family… really even if the worst I’d heard about would happen came true… I probably wouldn’t be any worse off than I was right then. ‘Even though I really do hope it’s as much nonsense as she’s led me to believe that everyone ends up as nothing more than a drooling living baby doll...’ I thought to myself.

“Okay, so what happens once I’m in the transport?”

“You’ll end up being asleep by the end of the trip. Our version of the portal technology is a variation on the other Bremer Portal Technology. It usually results in you being out for a couple hours on the other side too. They will use the time to do a quick health screening before you wake up. Ivy will be waiting for you when you are through the processing,” she told me.

“Why wouldn’t I stay conscious? The other portal lets you just walk through?”

She shrugged, “The eggheads have explained it to me but it’s all over my head. It’s perfectly safe though, in fact they claim it is even more so than the other portal for the purposes of long-term relocation.”

I stared disbelievingly at her, but decided to ignore that likely lie and said, “Okay, so what paperwork do we need to do?”

She handed me what I would consider to be a fairly advanced tablet device. It was so thin that I thought it had to be from the other dimension. ‘I thought it was illegal to bring technology back,’ I thought for a moment. In the end I shrugged and figured that they must have had some exceptions in the laws specifically for their company. I signed, initialed, signed, initialed, and signed and initialed, more electronic forms than I had ever done in my life! My training as a doctor meant I knew that I should look through fine print, but after the hundredth page of signing and initialing, I began to waver on that. I went through several dozen more boxes before I noticed the new pages were essentially looking like I was being adopted like a child.

“What’s this about?” I asked, pointing to the text that said my homeowner would have the right to assess and agree to medical treatment.

“Oh, it’s for emergencies when you might be incapacitated. Especially since you don’t have any next of kin there; we need someone who can make decisions for you in that event.”

I nervously read the rest of the page and carefully read the next few. I was done not long after though and wondered what was on the pages I skipped over. “Can I have a written copy of that please?” I asked.

“Sure, it’ll take me a day or so, but I’ll get it dropped off at your hotel?” she told me with a smile.

“Okay…” I told her, “So now what?”

“Well - I will need you to give me the information about your storage locker you have your things in. We’ll go ahead and have those items shipped over this week and the two of you can figure out what you want from there to be used in her house.”

That made sense as I was sure Ivy would already have her house fully furnished. “Okay…” I asked a lot of other questions and felt a little more comfortable with things as I walked out to my car. I drove ‘home’ to the hotel and looked forward to having something like a real home again soon.


IVY WAS OVER the top excited that she finally had a little of her own coming! She could have adopted long ago an injured little at the hospital, or even skipped her medical career and joined her sister in running her daycare, but it just hadn’t seemed right to do so. She worked so hard in her career to become a top surgeon that it didn’t leave a lot of time for a personal life. Let alone the time it took to take care of a little who needed love and attention.

She smiled as the delivery truck unloaded the small boxes of stuff sent over from her new little into the garage. She squealed in delight when she saw the tiny couch! It would go great in the playhouse that was getting delivered that day. ‘It’s the nicest playhouse I’ve ever seen,’ she smiled thinking about it. It even came complete with a working air conditioning and heating system… really it was almost like a miniature house really! ‘Probably more for an amazon child…’ she shrugged and looked through more of the pile.

She looked at the bedframe and frowned, unless Nick came through a lot bigger than most there was no way that she could let her sleep on a bed without rails for long...  Even if it was nearly on the ground where the fall wouldn’t be far! To her surprise the mattress looked clean and unstained. Not seeing a plastic cover in the boxes she wondered if it was true that Littles didn’t actually have the bladder problems in their dimension like they did here.

Without a doubt she was well prepared for those problems here though! Her new littles real room was already stocked with all sorts of options for protection! Ivy couldn’t help but wonder which of the cute options she should start with when she got her to that point!

‘I hope that isn’t a big problem for her…’ Nick had definitely expressed concerns over that treatment… but she had apparently read and agreed on the forms that she was okay with the many drastic changes her mommy wanted. ‘I triple checked the forms myself just to be safe…’ she thought. 

From that point forward she’d stopped worrying about her as she had been, and began trying to come up with a better name than her old one. ‘Nichole, or little Nikki would be close to her old one - and let her have a cute nickname.’ Ivy wasn’t set on a name yet though, but knew she needed to be soon! Unlike most bigs, she did intend to take things slowly though just in case Nick didn’t understand what he had really signed up.

As she went through the boxes, she was shocked at the tiny size of the items enclosed, and also how haphazardly they had been packed. Nick had told her about the movers when he left, but she couldn’t help but wonder if it was just another sign of the littles not being able to take care of themselves. The clothes in the boxes were fairly boring, but miniature, versions of adult clothing that amused her. Other than some sets of scrubs that she found to be adorable, the white doctors coats, and some tiny stethoscopes and other medical paraphernalia that fascinated her…  she put most of it back into the boxes since they would never need them. Some photo albums of Nick’s dead parents and other family members and obvious friends were placed in a keep pile. No way would she ever try and remove the memories of someone's biological parents!

She couldn’t help but smile as she looked at the pictures from when Nick graduated Medical School and others as he finished his residencies. Awards that Nick received over the years made their own pile as she debated if there was anywhere to put them. She ended up shrugging and deciding they could go up in the temporary room. She figured that would help Nick begin to feel more comfortable.

She paused and wondered again if she was doing the right thing with Nick. He was obviously not an ordinary little to adopt – he was a talented surgeon! With a shake of her head though she reminded herself that she definitely was a typical little in other ways. The poor thing was homeless, jobless; and even though as skilled as it seemed he was, clearly he needed her help. She couldn’t wait to receive the call from the portal that her little was there and ready to be picked up!

‘I need to ease him into it gently though,’ thought as she assembled the small bed and belongings in the bedroom. She knew it would again be the guest bedroom after his first few weeks. It felt like a lot of extra work, but she wanted to save the real bedroom for once she had fully adjusted to the new situation...


I FINISHED UP with my last patient’s post-op appointment and then signed out of the hospital for the final time. HR made sure that I turned in my ID, phone, and tablet that I’d been given with a sigh. I was escorted out for good measure by a security guard who smiled and was friendly, but the implication was clear that I was no longer an employee with the ability to freely roam the hospital. As much as it hurt... I knew that I’d actually had a pretty friendly send-off there. Three of my colleagues that had been let go had been basically allowed to clean their office spaces out and walked out the day they’d been told. I genuinely believed they hadn’t wanted to let me go!    

I buckled my seatbelt and drove to the hotel for what I knew could very well be my last night ever in this dimension. Once in my room I made sure my suitcases were packed with everything I had left in there, set out clothes for the next day, and made sure I was ready to go to the portal first thing in the morning. All of my other possessions had already been taken by PR, so I had very few things to deal with in the morning. At that point I decided that if any of the rumors were true, it might be my last night to go off and get drunk. The downstairs bar was quiet still, but the bartender was more than willing to take care of me on my initial trip and the one after dinner.

I barely remembered setting my alarm on my phone before crashing that night.

The next morning, I was definitely paying for my stupidity of drinking too much alcohol - and not enough water! I began rectifying that as quickly as I could in the bathroom. The pounding headache would serve as a definite last negative memory of this dimension as I got moving!

‘Maybe I’ll be better off not being able to drink,’ I mused to myself.

On the way to PR I bought two large Gatorades and guzzled them down quickly. I’d been instructed to pull my car up to the front of the building and let the Valet that I had never noticed before handle parking it. They would hold onto it for the two-year contract. I had been told that if I chose not to come back, they would sell it and donate the funds to charity.

As I handed over the keys to the man, he looked at me with a worried and frightened set of eyes. ‘Great…’ I thought to myself, ‘what if it really is that bad…?’ I thought but shrugged it off.

I walked into the main entrance pulling a large suitcase and carrying a backpack on my shoulders. To my surprise I immediately found Patricia talking to the receptionist, “Hi Nick, are you ready to go?” She asked.

I nodded, “As ready as I’ll ever be,” I tried to laugh.

“Hey, I just found out they never remembered to send you your paper copy of the agreement. Why don’t you put it in your bag and you can read it on the way there?”

I looked at her suspiciously, but took the large envelope and stuffed it into an already full backpack. When I was done, she smiled and directed me to the elevator where she inserted a card key into a slot and a new projected display suddenly showed up in front of us. She selected ‘Departures’ and suddenly my stomach fell out of my body for a moment as this time I did feel the elevator accelerate, but in the opposite direction I expected. We clearly descended a long way, very rapidly, before the door opened and my stomach met my body. “Okay?” She asked me.

I nodded with a grimace, “That’s quite a ride down here.” I shouldered my bag tighter and pulled the other suitcase along with me as we entered a high-tech looking area of steel walls and electronic displays. It reminded me of the special effects of Star Trek, or the old Star Wars Star Tours ride at Disneyland I had gone on as a kid! In this case though the displays seemed to be real as there were people walking back and forth and were pressing things on them here and there.

“Come along,” Patricia said to me and I followed her down the hallway. The door led to a small room that could have been a pre-op room at the hospital I’d been working at.

“What’s the exam room for?” I asked.

“We have doctors that look you over before you go, and then you’ll have another check up on the other side,” she told me.

I nodded and noticed the hospital gown waiting on the bed, “I assume I need to change into that awful thing?”

She smirked, “I do believe you know the drill.”

I groaned but did as she asked after she left the room. Like everyone in my profession we knew just how awkward and uncomfortable the gowns were. Truthfully though if you needed to have medical care, they were a godsend to get out of the way quickly to work on your body. I noticed they had a set of the booty socks that I slid on my feet in case I needed to walk around. My clothes were carefully folded and placed in my backpack then before I laid down in the bed and covered myself with the blanket they had provided. ‘They need the heated ones…’ I griped.

A few minutes later a very tall nurse came by, “Doctor Benning?”

“Yes ma’am,” I responded politely.

“Great, I need to get a few things checked before we have our doctor finish the pre-trip check-up.”

“What’s first?” I asked her.

“Well let’s get your height, weight, and vitals first,” she told me.

I nodded and stood up to get onto the scale she had, as well as stood while she checked my height. “Five feet eight inches seem right to you?” She asked.

“Yes ma’am, never grown past that. Somehow, from what I’ve heard I don’t think I’ll be taller than that on this trip either,” I said with a thin grin.

She giggled, “No, I doubt you will. Once in a long while someone will grow on the trip, but we’re not sure why they do. It’s about one in a thousand cases… who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky?” she suggested.

I shook my head, “with the way everything has been going for me I doubt that!”

She checked my blood pressure, pulse, and temperature before saying, “Well it was nice meeting you. Our doctor will be here in a moment to finish up.”

“Thanks,” I said to her cordially with a smile. I had long ago learned nurses run healthcare, so I truly meant that!

I waited for maybe two more minutes, before a taller man walked in, “I’m Doctor Spalding,” he said. We spoke for a few moments before he checked me over carefully. He and I had a quick chat about shared colleagues and college experiences before he signed off and said, “You’ll be staying in that gown through transport unfortunately. Here is a robe that you can put on top until you reach the pod.”

I nodded and wondered about this whole pod system. Something seemed off to me that the portals were supposedly so different from each other if they were based on the same technology. I shrugged the white robe on though just as Patricia came in to guide me down the hallway in my uncomfortable attire. “Why don’t you all at least use scrubs instead?” I asked as we walked.

She shrugged, “Not sure. I know they give you another check up on the other side while you’re still unconscious, so it may just be easier?”

I nodded, even though it sounded like it was most likely bullshit.

We came to the end of a ‘T’ at the end of the hallway, turned right, and entered a room where I saw a group of people similarly attired to myself already sitting in chairs awkwardly. A man in a lab coat looked up at Patricia and smiled, “He’s the last of the departures, right?”

“That’s correct, we can get this orientation going,” she told him.

“Great!” He said before pressing a button and activating a large futuristic display behind him. “I’m Randy Smith, and I’m the orientation coordinator on this side of the portal. The Portal Relocations version of the Bremmer Dimensional Portal Technology is very safe, but we believe in safety first! So, per our corporate lawyers, we do have to do this safety presentation before we begin!”

I nodded, somewhat relieved that we were going to be briefed more about the process, “In a few minutes each of you will be guided to one of these travel pods for your journey to the other dimension.” I looked at the screen and the ‘pods’ reminded me of glass bubbled cockpits of a small helicopter or something. The glass popped away from the cockpit area and you could see a rugged seat like out of a race car inside. “Your luggage that you’ve brought can go in the compartment below,” he said as a highlighted door opened and an actor or someone placed their bag inside. “Once that’s placed you will need to give your robe to the technician assisting you before you climb into the pod. Inside they will help buckle you into the safety harness and give you some final instructions. Once the pod closes you will depart soon after. In the event that something seems wrong there is a communication button that you can toggle,” he said pointing to a green button, “to speak with the control room. Should that fail and something catastrophic happen you can abort the procedure by pressing this red button on the console.”

He paused, “We do advise that you be careful with its use though - if it’s not a true emergency your participation with Portal Relocations will end. Should you change your mind up until the last minute that is the button you would need to press.”

“Any questions?” He asked.

“What happens on the other side?” A woman a little bit younger than me asked.

“The procedure you’ve undergone today will basically be reversed. You’ll be taken to a room, given a check-up, allowed to get dressed, and then introduced to the homeowner you’re staying with.”

“Okay,” the girl said with a bit of a shake to her voice.

“Any other questions?” the man asked, “Okay then, let’s get you all situated.”

Patricia reappeared and guided me to the next doorway. Once through I felt my jaw drop as I looked out into a huge cavern. I could see the large set of energy poles at the other end of the room that were responsible for generating the energy field that opened the portal. On our end of the cavern sat a few dozen of the pods sitting apart from each other on rail tracks. I numbly and nervously followed Patricia and the techs instructions as I approached.

“Nick go ahead and put your bags in this compartment,” Patricia told me.

I nervously did as she said and watched her close it shut and latch it. “Okay, go ahead and use the ladder to climb up,” a waiting tech in white coveralls told me. As I settled into the seat I couldn’t help but note that it looked different than in the video presentation. It really seemed more like an oversized child’s car seat than it did the race car seat shown.

The tech pulled at my right arm, “We need to put your arm through here,” he told me and had me slide my arm through a shoulder harness strap. “Now this one,” he said, and before I knew it two straps held my arms and were buckled to another belt point between my legs. I felt awkward as a moment later the tech had his hand so near my groin! The gown offered zero privacy as the harness was then brought together with another clip at my chest level and then tightened with the straps and some sort of pull strap below my legs.

“This really is more like a car seat for a toddler…” I noted aloud to Patricia who smiled at me.

“Same technology is used in a lot of safety applications. Our technicians didn’t see a need to reinvent the wheel?” She reassured me with a smile.

“Good to go,” the tech told her and Patricia stepped nearer the pod.

“It was nice working with you Nick! Who knows I may see you again? But really, I hope not! I hope you have a happy new start there!”

“Thanks for your help,” I told her with a smile and watched as she pressed a button on the side of the pod and the glass came down in front of me.

As soon as the cockpit was closed, I felt my stomach sink, and my gut told me that suddenly something just didn’t feel right. Just as I was debating the merits of the red button, I noticed the air smelled and felt different. I tried reaching for the green call button but couldn’t reach it due to the tight harness holding me to the seat. I frantically attempted to press the buckle button but nothing happened. Just then I looked out and saw the girl who had asked the question earlier trying the same things.

I tried to reach the red abort button, but it was out of my reach by several inches. I finally could stand holding my breath no longer and let the contaminated air into my lungs. As soon as I took a breath I blacked out.


IVY WAS BESIDE herself with anticipation as she drove to the PR headquarters to pick up her little traveler. She knew she’d have about an hour to wait once he’d been cleared by medical upon arrival, then they’d do the procedures she requested to make him her perfect little… It would just be another two more hours after that before she could make the trip home with her new bundle of joy in hand.

She knew without a doubt that she was ready at home. Between the years of mentally planning the nursery, the little shower her mom and sister had thrown her, plus the many gifts from colleagues at the hospital; she knew she would be good for quite some time on basics. Many of her colleagues had thoughtfully given her gift cards instead of clothing items because no one ever quite knew what size a little would be when they came through the portal. She knew her new addition wasn’t far off of betweener height in his home dimension, but it was to be expected that some shrinking would occur. It happened the other direction too, which let this company staff their offices in the other dimension with Bigs and Betweeners themselves. From what she understood, only a few staff members there were ever actually from that dimension. Not that they would ever tell the people there that!

There were of course a number of options when you wanted to adopt a little. You could pick one off the street that hadn’t been claimed yet - something her sister had done twice. With those you would get to break them yourself into their new life and expectations. If you wanted an easier option you could do an adoption through an etiquette school where the little you received would more or less already be a willing baby for their new mommy or daddy. Ivy had always felt those littles in particular got a raw deal though! She had seen some of the results of the more intense schools and she didn’t have a desire to support them in any way!

More recently these portal centers had popped up and ‘exchange’ programs had become a viable way of adopting a little. Most of them just basically had the littles come over and you did as you pleased after that like you would one off the street. PR though was special because they offered a number of extra services to help make families really bond faster. For some extra fees she had easily insured that she would have the little she had dreamt of since she was a little girl playing with her dollies.

She wasn’t initially planning to take Nick all the way right away, but with the menu of special services they handed her… well it seemed like it was almost easier to pull the Band-Aid off quickly on at least a couple of the changes she wanted.

Ivy reasoned that she wanted to try to be humane about her decisions; after all she definitely wasn’t going to muddle his brain down to an infant level… She certainly wasn’t going to keep him from walking or talking like her sister... but there would definitely be some steps backwards for him in other endeavors. Those steps backward would help assure that he would quickly need extra ‘help’ from her.

The parking lot at the PR center was nearly packed as she walked in and checked in at the front. “Doctor Nickerson?” the lady called a short while later.

“Yes?” She said as she stepped up.

“We wanted to let you know that Nick has arrived. Have you picked a new name for the adoption certificate?”

“Holly Anne Nickerson,” she told her, “But, please put a note not to call her that until I’ve handled her? In fact, if she does if you could please play along with the idea of the changes being a mistake?”

“Certainly, Doctor Nickerson, no need to worry. She’s being put into the adjustment program right now. You should be able to go back and hold her in ten minutes while we keep her under observation for an hour. After that you can take her home. Due to the procedures you selected she probably won’t wake up for another five hours from now,” she added.

“How tall did she end up…?” Ivy asked her and continued getting new information on her new charge before being allowed to finally see her.

Her heart melted right away as she looked and finally held her new little a while later. She made the best of that hour of observation knowing that when Holly woke up at home things would not be this calm! It would be a long road before this would be normal to cuddle her like this.



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This is one of the few stories I’ve read of this type and it’s very good. I’m curious, is there a story that explains how the diaper dimention came into existence and gives the backstory of it’s history in the grand scheme of time?

The original story is Princess PottyPants ‘Alisa’s Adventures in the Diaper Dimension’ Alisa’s Adventures in the Diaper Dimension – Chapter 1 – The Princess's Castle

From there, Ausdpr and a number of others began writing in their own version of the tale. It’s evolved to a pseudo set of rules on Bigs, Mids, and Littles - though there’s not anything else that we can say is truly ‘canon.’

Chapter 4:

I WASN’T QUITE sure where I was when I regained consciousness. I’d had surgery a few years earlier while I was doing my residency, and remembered thinking ‘this must be what my patients feel like as they come out from under anesthesia.’


I opened my eyes and my jaw dropped as I looked at a woman with the biggest head I had ever seen! I attempted to scramble away but strong hands held me tight and said, “Nick, it’s okay, you’re safe. You’re at your new home,” she said, “Remember me? I’m Ivy?”

I looked at her and put things into context. The subterfuge of the portal though made me realize things were probably not as they should be. There was no legitimate reason to knock us all out in those pods before coming through the portal. We’d definitely been fed a line of bullshit!

Suddenly a strand of long red hair moved in front of my eyes. I figured it must have been hers and reached to bat it away from my eyes. As I reached for it though I discovered some weird feeling at the top of my head. I felt something knotted in the back of my hair and pulled the strand closer and winced as my head seemed to be attached to it.

‘My hair isn’t red…?’

‘This looks like a pigtail…?’ I thought as I realized a bundle of hair was really attached to my head, and was braided at the back.

I tried to jump down to look at myself but Ivy grasped me tighter and brought me close into her hold. “Nick, you’re okay, you’re safe, and you don’t have to worry about anything more. I’m here and I’ve got you. Some things… just didn’t go according to plan,” she said grimly.

I looked back up at her as she squeezed me tightly in her arms. “I guess this is the part where I learn that everything that’s ever been said bad about this dimension is true?” Something about my voice seemed odd as it was higher in pitch than I was used to. ‘Because I shrank?’ I wondered

“Well, they probably are, but it wasn’t my intention to expose you to that truth so soon…”

“What happened to me? I always had brown hair before… Why do I have long red hair now?” I asked. I had a bad feeling I was going to learn that some of the more extreme stories I’d come across were true.

She grimaced in a manner that I couldn’t read if she was acting or not, “Something went wrong in the paperwork that the portal had. The system showed that there were supposed to be no modifications to you when you came through, but your file got corrupted somehow.”

“Modifications?” I asked nervously, groaning that I had fallen hook, line, and sinker here for the company's crap.

“Look… Nick, I'll level with you… when you agreed to come through I was given a questionnaire of what I would like to have changed about you when you arrived.”


“Pretty much any trait that a human can have I could change about you. You could be given large breasts, have no sex characteristics like a doll, have no eyebrows, be unable to walk, talk, have no teeth… probably made purple skinned with yellow eyes and pink fur for all I know…”

I felt my eyes widen and I gasped. As she said each of those I unconsciously reached up and touched my chest, my eyebrows, my teeth with my tongue… “Why?”

“Because it’s kind of normal here Nick.” She hesitated, “We have a reproduction problem and it’s become the new norm for us to get people from your dimension to come and fill our needs.”

I mulled that over for a second, “What kind of reproduction problem?” I asked curiously.

She looked sad then and said, “At least sixty percent of our adult women cannot have babies.”

My mind did the math in my head, “Sixty percent?” I gasped, “That means your population is shrinking?”

She nodded, “Sort of… With you all coming in from the portal we’re able to push that off some.”

I nodded and thought back to my hair. “You said you had a questionnaire... What did you ask to have modified?”

“Honestly Nick I only asked for one thing… and that was for your body hair to be removed for care purposes. I’m not a big hairy body person…” she told me.

I looked at my arms and saw they were bare now with very short sleeves in an odd pattern I’d never worn before. Before I could look lower, she grabbed me a bit tighter. “So… if that’s all you asked for why do I have a feeling something more happened? I never had hair that was this long before?”

She squirmed a bit in her seat and said, “Well like I said your file got corrupted... and you got modified quite a bit…”

“What did you do to me?”

“It wasn’t me, remember that please!” She pleaded. I felt like she must have been being truthful with the tears streaming down her face.

“Okay, so you didn’t do it, what did THEY do to me,” I asked again.

“Well the body hair is a pretty standard setting so that happened. But they also ended up taking my hair color from my profile and giving that to you, along with making it long to go with the… the other changes.”

Her arms had been holding me tightly enough I couldn’t see my lower body. Right then she loosened them a bit though and I noticed the material I was wearing wasn’t the hospital gown from earlier like I’d initially assumed… it was a….

“Why am I wearing a dress…” I asked as the pieces of my hair fell into place including the clothing. It was tough to see myself fully, but I figured out I was wearing a blue gingham dress that looked to have flowers embroidered along the bottom of the skirt. “Wait… did you…?” I gasped.

“They accidentally turned you into a girl,” she confirmed.

“But how…?” I asked. “Can they fix me back…?”

She looked at me sadly, “They might be able to as you return through the portal – but… I really don’t know. Definitely doing so anytime soon would be dangerous as your body just got done with changing the DNA in every cell.”

“How?” I asked again. Both horrified and curious.

“Those nanite clusters I showed you? We can use them system wide in addition to being targeted,” she told me.

“Why is that even an option?” I asked.

“Some women like sweet little girls better than stinky boys,” she said with a shrug. “I’ll be honest if I didn’t respect your abilities as a surgeon, I would have requested that modification.”

I glared at her and mulled over her reactions and everything. She might have been lying about all of it, but it wouldn’t matter… I could see I was stuck. “So…” I breathed deeply trying not to hyperventilate as I thought about this next question, “how much of a girl am I?”

“You have a vagina just like any other woman,” she told me with the face I would give a patient I was getting ready to operate on. “Someday you might even be a mommy, depending on if we gave you the hormone stimulants you need to enter puberty.”

Right then I couldn’t help myself, I felt my stomach twist and before I could warn her, I threw up all over her.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry,” I said as I looked at her covered in my vomit. At the same time the remnants were so foul-tasting in my mouth that I bit back another urge to repeat.

“You’re a doctor, you should know this isn’t a big deal… stuff happens…” she said without concern. “We do need to clean ourselves up though…” she said.

She picked me up gingerly and stood up to walk deeper into her house. As she stood, I realized we were in an enormous living room. The TV in her living room looked to be almost four times the size of an average TV back home. She kept moving down the hallway and walked into a huge bedroom that I presumed was hers based on the vanity full of cosmetics and jewelry. She walked into an attached bathroom off to the side of the bedroom, and then stood me up down on the floor.

It was only then that I really got the true perspective on our size differences! As I stood next to her, the phrase ‘knee high to a grasshopper’ came to mind. My head was just barely above her knee! My head didn’t even reach her waist! I noticed a mirror up high above the cabinet and sink, but I couldn’t see my reflection from the ground.

Now that I was free of her arms I looked down at the dress I had been put in. There was a clear stain of vomit on the top of the dress that hadn’t landed on Ivy. It made my stomach nauseous again and made me feel dirty. I looked down at the skirt where a continuous embroidered pattern of pink and yellow flowers with green stems circled the bottom of it. I nervously pulled up the dress and found a pair of bloomers covering…

“Why am I wearing a diaper?” I asked nervously.

I looked up to see Ivy had taken her shirt off and was only in a bra. Years of studying the human body basically numbed me to the sight of breasts, but I couldn’t help but note just how big hers were in her bra. She was well proportioned, certainly not a Barbie Doll figure, but to me the breasts were gigantic! I felt my mouth open but forced myself to stare at her face.

“Because the portal put you into it. It’s normal for the first day to be a bit rough on your urinary and bowel tracts. I personally think it beats using catheters and colostomy bags on someone your size?” She leaned over and picked me up to set me on the counter. She ran water over a washcloth and handed it to me, “Here you can clean your face off,” she told me.

I started moving the washcloth up and down over my face to get rid of the remnants of vomit. I looked up then into the mirror and did my best not to vomit again, but failed. It all fell into the sink at least, before I looked back at the reflection. Not only had they made my hair red, long, and apparently altered my gender... I looked at the face of a baby in the mirror. A real baby from the proportion of the fat on the cheeks, the lips, and everything else… it would have made a textbook picture in a medical book for a healthy toddler girl around twenty-four months old.

“Oh hun,” Ivy said, “I guess I should have avoided you seeing yourself a little longer.”

I kept staring at myself in disbelief and said, “What else did they do to me?”

She sighed, “you’re seeing the last of the parts I hadn’t told you. Your face and body proportions were altered to match your height.”

I took an offered cup and rinsed my mouth out with water before spitting the remaining chunks of vomit out.

I decided to bite the bullet and asked, “How tall am I now?”

“The nurse that measured you at the portal said you’re fifty-one inches tall now.”

I turned and looked up at her, “I lost a foot and a half of height!”

“Yes…” she sighed, “you are a lot smaller than I expected, you lost a lot of weight too… You’re only a bit over forty-seven pounds now.” I felt my jaw drop then at that as she continued, “It’s part of why I had to get that dress from the center. None of the clothes I had bought would fit you.”

I looked back at her from my perch on the counter, “How tall are you?”

She smirked, “A bit over ten feet, my family tends to be tall. My baby brother is almost eleven and a half feet tall.”

I gasped at her imagining someone taller than her! “This is going to take some getting used to…”

“Yes, it will,” she said.

“As tall as you all are… how tall are your children?”

She smiled, “Pretty tall,” she paused, “honestly we call you all ‘littles’ for very good reason,” she told me. “Look let’s talk some more after we get you changed into something clean?” she suggested.

I nodded and tried to remove the dress like a t-shirt but found I couldn’t. “Why won’t it come off?” I asked.

“Silly, it’s got a zipper in the back,” she told me. I started to reach for it, “I’ll get it, you’ve obviously not grown up needing to do the contortions to get out of clothing that girls do.”

I nodded at that and let her move a zipper I couldn’t see down, and then she said, “Arms up,” before she pulled it off of my body. I blushed now that I was naked and could see the frilly white top of the disposable diaper sticking out above the bloomers.

“Do I have to wear this diaper?” I asked as she put the dress into a hamper against the bathroom wall.

“Until we go to the store you will. Is it still dry?” she asked. But apparently it was a rhetorical question because she quickly pulled the bloomers down and put her hand on the padding and squeezed. “Still dry, you might be able to get out of those already. But we’re going to have to go get something in your size for underwear. All I have are the six diapers they gave me at the portal and one other outfit in your size.” She paused, “Unfortunately the clothes you brought in your suitcase and sent beforehand didn’t shrink as much as you did, so they’re way too big too.”

“What size am I?” I asked.

“In littles or bigs?”


She sighed, “I forgot you’re not from here. Most of the time we do sizing based on bigs - our - sizing. Not much market to just make clothes for independent adult littles since they’re a small part of our population.”

“Oh…” I swallowed some more vomit that threatened to come out, “I guess that makes sense. How does that work?”

“Well we usually just figure out the little’s height and compare it to the age that the bigs are at that size.”

In my head I mentally tried to figure out how tall I would be compared to them if being ten-feet wasn’t an abnormal height.

“What age does that put me by your scale?”

She looked down at me with a look of debate but shrugged and said, “Between nineteen and twenty-one?”

“So, I only lost about seventeen years…” I said aloud, relieved. Happy for a moment that I was at least still a young adult!

She laughed, “Months.”

“Months?!?!” I gasped.

I was so in shock as I stood there and examined the diaper closer. “This is a regular baby diaper?” I said hesitantly.

“What else would it be at your size?” She asked me.

I shook my head, “I guess I just assumed it would be a medical one like we use with adult patients.”

“We have those here, but they’re big enough for me… they would be comical on you!” she giggled. “Now I hope you don’t hate me too much for it, but I only have this one other outfit in your size… it’s definitely not going to make you feel like an adult. We’ll go directly to the store and get you some other underwear and at least a little bit more mature clothing if we can find something in your size.”

I nodded and wondered how bad the new outfit would be. She picked me up and carried me to the bedroom we had walked through. I became self-conscious more then as I realized I was basically naked and she was topless. Her skin was warm and I felt myself turn red at the proximity, along with the fact that I was being carried like a baby. She carefully sat me down on the gigantic bed and said, “Stay there for a moment please?”

I nodded, “Nowhere else to go,” I commented as I looked around in shock. I looked over the edge of the bed and noted that even it was taller than I was. All around the room everyday items like mirrors, door knobs, and hair brushes looked to have grown out of some sort of monstrous proportion.

She giggled at my response and wondrous gaze, as she walked to a closed door. She opened a huge walk-in closet door. She didn’t take long to find another top that she pulled on over her bra. Just before she pulled it over her head, I had an odd thought, ‘Is that a nursing bra she’s wearing?’ I shook my head, ‘She doesn’t have any kids, she said. Must just be some weird style,’ I told myself.

She walked to another corner of the room and picked up what looked to be a large purple messenger bag, or a really large purse. Being so proportionally small to the world, to me it looked like a large backpacking pack sized bag from back home. I watched her open it on the other end of the bed where I couldn’t see inside and dug out the other outfit that she’d warned me about. All I could see at first was a bundle of pink fabric.

She came closer and opened it up to let me see it was some sort of romper type outfit. “I’ll probably need to help you with this,” she told me. “It’s really designed for an infant…”

I groaned and watched her pop open the entire front which snapped closed all the way down to snaps at the crotch. “I could probably get it…” I told her.

“Here, if you want to try,” she told me handing it to me.

I blushed as I held the pink outfit and looked at it closer to see there were prints of unicorns and rainbows all over it. Two little decorative bows were attached below the first and second buttons for some reason. I asked, “Nothing else to wear?”

“Not unless you want to just go in that diaper? No one would think anything weird about that…?”

I blushed deeply at that, “That’s okay… I’ll wear this.”

I put my arms through the two sleeve holes that barely covered the tops of my arms just past the shoulders. I found the first button and put it together from the top to the bottom. For the very bottom of it I was trying to bend over to get the three crotch snaps when Ivy said, “Here, let me help you with those…” and she had them done in two seconds. I blushed as her hands were on my crotch again.

“It’s not that bad I guess,” she told me looking at me.

I could just see myself in the vanity mirror and shook my head, “It is that bad… Can we go get something else already?”

She nodded and picked me up gently before she sat me down on the ground to let me stand next to the bed. I couldn’t see the top from the ground and knew I would struggle to climb it on my own. She began walking with a huge stride that I struggled to keep up with down the hallway. The bag she’d pulled the awful outfit out of was slung over her shoulder. I guessed it must have been her purse because she dug out her car keys and said, “Okay, this way to the garage,” she motioned for me to follow her.

Inside the garage I noticed that it was quite warm. I realized I’d never asked what the climate was like here. If it was like it was when I left home I was not nearly dressed enough. “What temperature is it outside today?” I asked.

“High is eighty?” she told me.

“Ahhh…. Sooo much better than back home!”

“What was it there?”

“The high was supposed to be twenty-eight yesterday,” I told her. “Coldest winter on record I think… It was negative digits for about three weeks straight.”

I walked to the passenger side of the car and stared at the behemoth in front of me. It could have served as a tank or something in my home dimension! I knew without a doubt I couldn’t reach the door handle to open it. I waited patiently for her to open the front door, but was a little surprised when she opened the back door of the four-door sedan. My eyes bugged out a bit when I saw the rear-facing car seat sitting well above my head. I felt myself picked up as I said, “What…?”

“Sorry Nick, but as long as someone is your size they have to ride in car seats. The law says that anyone under eighty pounds has to sit in a rear-facing car seat.”

“Eighty pounds?” I asked… “Even with as big as you all get, that’s kind of big, isn’t it?”

She nodded as she lay me down in the car seat. “Lots of people are complaining about the new law, but your average kid would never know the difference if they grew up with it. It’s about preschool or kindergarten now that they’ll be able to face forward.”

I allowed her to maneuver my arms through the straps and I was quickly strapped in just like I had been in the pod earlier. “Listen, I know you may not want to hear this, but you do look adorable like this.”

She closed the door before I could respond and went to her side of the car. I looked at my feet and realized that I didn’t have any shoes on. Just a lacy pair of socks that hadn’t even been noticed with everything else being thrown at me. As she sat down, I asked, “Do you have a pair of shoes I can wear in the store?”

I realized then that a mirror was available for me to look at her forward and see her sort of out of the reflection of the rearview mirror. “Sorry Nick, I wasn’t given any at the portal….” She paused, “Don’t take this the wrong way, but if you want to shop quickly, you’re going to probably just need to ride in the cart where we’re going so you won’t need to walk anyway.” She paused and I could see a sympathetic look, “Besides, because you’re so little it’d look really out of place for you to be walking beside me.”

I could see myself in the reflection and guessed that was probably true. “How far is the store?”

“About ten minutes if there’s no traffic… Right now, it’ll probably be about twenty.”

I nodded and lay back in the seat and looked around me. The straps that held me down seemed bigger to me than the seat belts back home. There was a middle piece that connected the straps and I guessed it would be difficult to get out of the seat with it buckled. The buckle itself was visible to me with a red release button, but I didn’t think it was a good idea to play with it while we were driving. I really couldn’t see much from the seat and I must have dozed off as she drove.

IVY WAS BESIDE herself with how adorable Holly was! She intended to take things slowly with her, hoping that the girl would actually grow to like her. ‘I don’t want her to fear me like Katie’s littles do…’ So far, Holly seemed to be in shock though. She had expected her to fight her a lot more, try to run away, or at least cuss or bite her like she had seen in the hospital before with other dimensional littles. She feared the outfits and the diapers would have pushed her over the edge, but didn’t see a choice at the time.

It was normal for a traveler to have a wet diaper or two after coming through the portal as their body adjusted. She had intentionally not told her about the one she’d changed when she first got her home. It was probably best for both of them if she kept that one a secret indefinitely. She’d also not asked her if she needed to potty before they left in the hopes that she’d have another wet diaper to change while they were out at the store.

She had plenty of diapers in the diaper bag, but no spare outfits. She hadn’t been lying when she said she came smaller than she expected! Her mom was going to come pick up all of the clothes that had been bought before her arrival. She was going to get them from the nursery while they were out and go get the smaller sizes. With Holly being in eighteen-month size clothes she was going to have so many more cute options to pick out than she’d hoped for! Based on her height back home she had really planned on her being a 3T. An infant sized little was an amazing surprise, since she’d refused to intentionally intercede on that part of her new little.

For now, she was going to behave herself in the store. Maybe she could buy a few dresses if Holly seemed agreeable on this trip, but extremely babyish onesies, rompers, and extra frilly dresses seemed like salt in the deep wound of the new girl. But of course some cute pajamas would be necessary, as well as some short sets and shortalls. She’d try and push the dresses as being easier to reach the pull-up for the potty… She was going to buy one of those little potties too while they were out.

‘So many things to buy, and so little time.’ She smiled, ‘The potty’s going to almost be a waste though, since I don’t plan on using it with her for a long time. I’ll just try and pick out a cheap one…’

She already knew that reusable training panties were also on her shopping list, but she suspected that there was no way Holly’s small waist was going to hold up the ones at this store. She was skinny as a rail and might even need some clothing in 12-month sizes depending on the brand. Her intention was to also buy some disposable training panties that would just barely be small enough for her. When they started getting used too often with accidents, she’d go back for more cute diapers like she had her in now.

For now, she planned to let her little girl at least mostly pretend to be a big girl…

She grabbed the diaper bag from the front seat and walked over to Holly’s side. She was so cute sleeping there that she took a quick picture and sent it to her mom. Once she put her phone away, she couldn’t help but check her diaper in the hopes that it was already wet!


Chapter 5:

“WHAT THE HELL???” I said as someone touched me in a very private place! It jolted me awake!

“Shhh…” Ivy said with a horrified look on her face and looked around like she was afraid of something, “There are going to be a lot of new rules you’ll have to get your head around this dimension as a little here, but one of the first is to watch your language!”

I looked up at the giant, looked at myself locked into the car seat, and finally remembered where I was. “Ugh…” I complained, “Sorry, I’m not used to anyone being in my personal space though. Especially down there... What were you doing anyway?” I asked.

She blushed, “Just checking your diaper,” she told me.

“I don’t need them - you do know that, right?”

She shrugged, “A lot of littles say they don’t when they come through, but it ends up not being the truth for many. The trip does something to a lot of you causing at least temporary incontinence.”

I noticed then that my bladder was calling for some attention, “I do need to go now though. Could we please stop by the bathroom on the way in?”

I looked at her face as it twisted through several emotions that I didn’t know her well enough to read. She began undoing the car seat harness quickly and said, “Of course, let’s get you to the potty,” she said.

She freed my arms from the straps of the car seat, and then placed me on her side like a mom would do with her baby, while she slung her bag on the other side like a… ‘Like a diaper bag,’ I realized suddenly. ‘How I miss that earlier?’ I blushed, it was beyond embarrassing to realize that all anyone would likely see was a mom carrying her cute baby girl. She bypassed the carts and carried me into a door that had the universal skirted figure on it. I blushed even more as I realized another part of what being a girl really meant for me now. She looked around the large bathroom room of ten stalls and pushed the door the rest of the way open to the only available one.

Immediately I think we both got a little green at the sight of the toilet sitting there. There was poop inside the toilet, poop on the seat, pee on the seat, and somehow more on the floor around it. I needed to go, but I wasn’t about to even consider using that one even if my body hadn’t been altered…

Without a word she retreated from the stall and held me while we patiently waited for an open stall. I could feel my need to go urgently growing by the second. It felt a little different where the sense of urgency came from, but I knew without a doubt what it meant - the urine needed out now! Time ticked on seemingly forever until a mom with a baby connected to her with a baby sling stepped out of a stall.

“All yours,” she said to Ivy, as she rushed me into the stall and shut the door. She sat me down for just a second and hung her bag from a hook on the door.

Knowing that I couldn’t wait much longer I clawed at the buttons at the bottom of the romper and did my best to untape the diaper. The tapes were so stuck on though that I couldn’t get them to come off!

“Let me do it,” Ivy said to me quietly and she opened the diaper without a problem. She pulled the romper up in her arms to leave my bottom exposed and gently held me under the arms, precariously balancing me on the enormous seat.

“I could fall in…” I said as I looked down and urine gushed nearly without control from an unfamiliar place in my body.

“I’ve got you,” Ivy said with a smile.

It was the first time I had seen for my own eyes what had been done to me, and I felt tears stream down my face as I realized my life was completely changed now. ‘Maybe it can still be better though…’ the optimist in me tried to push in. I mentally slapped that voice as I watched the urine pour from my new vagina for a few more moments. Right then I felt a more familiar rumble and pushed my bowels open too. A log joined the urine in the bowl and there was silence for a moment before Ivy asked, “All done?”

I nodded, “Could you pass…?” I was going to ask but she already had a wad of toilet paper in her hand. I expected her to hand it to me but instead she took charge of wiping my new vagina and then my butt. It was a very odd and uncomfortable sense while she did both firmly, making me blush more.

She picked me back up and said, “What a big girl you are!” and hugged me. She grabbed the diaper and walked over to a trash can where she placed it inside. Then she pulled down one of the infant changing tables and hung her purple bag from an attached hook. She opened it and I confirmed there was no doubt that it was definitely a diaper bag, and not a purse. The matching purple changing pad that she pulled out left my stomach twisting. I watched as she placed the mat down on the table, before placing me down on it.

I was pushed down onto my back quickly before I knew what had happened. She whispered in my ear, “I know now that you can use the potty, but we don’t have any panties for you. You’ll need to keep wearing a diaper for the rest of this trip.”

I blushed, but nodded, as she easily picked up my ankles in one hand like one would a real baby. She slid a new diaper under my bottom like an experienced mother. She quickly fastened it closed without putting any powder or anything on me. I hoped that meant that she really believed that I didn’t need it. She fastened the snap buttons on the romper, picked me back up, packed the changing pad back in the bag, and then walked to the sink where she washed her hands, and then mine, in the sink. Just as she gathered me back up there was a commotion at the doorway.

“You bitch, you can’t do this to me! I’m a free little!”

“Correction, you were a free little. With those wet pants I have all the evidence I need to know you’re not ready to be a big boy on your own.” A tall Amazon woman was holding a struggling boy’s arm as she dragged him inside the room. As he kicked her shin and tried to make a break for it she yanked his arm again and pulled him over her knee. I gasped as she proceeded to rip his clothing off and spanked him. ‘That’s… a man… it’s not a boy!’

He was probably a foot or more taller than I’d ended up and looked like he had been a bodybuilder or something with his muscles impressively bulging. There was a heavy beard about his face that became covered in slobbery drool, as he began crying and begging for the woman to stop.

“Now then, if you’re done with your temper tantrum let’s get you in your diaper and we’ll go get you all registered and adopted legally.” The lady looked at us as we were passing by, “Look at that baby girl, you’ll think she’s a big girl here in the next few days!”

Ivy carried me out to the cart area and whispered, “Sorry you had to see that…”

She sat me down in the cart seat and buckled the safety strap across my lap.

I found myself staring at the rest of the sights around me as she began pushing the cart. All around me adults were being pushed around in carts, carried on hips, placed in infant carriers, and even pushed around in strollers. Diaper bulges were the first sign that things weren’t right for them. One would think they might have just been amazon babies, but one look at the naked breasts of one girl told me that they were… or at least had been adults. That girl had a set of plastic teething keys in her mouth dripping with slobber, while snot poured from her nose onto her face. Her ‘mom’ didn’t seem to notice or care as she pushed her by us.

As Ivy pushed the cart down the aisles, I couldn’t help but notice that there were a lot more of those adults than there were actual babies and kids. Some of them were obviously being forced to behave, while others had an almost vacant drugged out gaze on their faces. Maybe two had something that looked like a genuine smile on their faces.

I was now sure that everything I’d heard about the place was true, and that it might not have gone far enough in the descriptions! Ivy pushed the cart to an area that I recognized as the baby section by all of the pictures and signs of smiling babies. She started walking right into the diaper aisle much to my horror.

“Let’s see…” she said and kept pushing the cart down until she reached a small section that had cloth training panties. I watched her thumb through a couple racks before she whispered to me, “I don’t see any small enough for you…”

“Can you get the smallest size and maybe they run small?” I suggested.

She looked at me oddly but shrugged and threw in a pack that I saw was marked ‘24 months’ for the size. I groaned when I realized I probably was too small unless they shrank a lot. She pushed the cart back to the disposable diapers and I noticed that the brands were familiar and different at the same time. The Pull-Ups packages were in obvious boy and girl designs, but the characters were unfamiliar to me on them. She reached down and dug through before pulling out a large box I saw was labeled ‘12-24 Months’ for the size.

I grimaced, but it would be better than diapers at least. Maybe we would find some real underwear somewhere else. ‘Surely other stores might have a better selection?’

A mom pushed a cart with an adult little inside, and a larger Amazon toddler walking beside her hanging onto the cart. “Oh, such a beautiful baby girl you have. Looking to potty train her already?”

Ivy shrugged, “She’s really smart and keeps telling me when she needs to go potty. She’s made it a couple times when I’ve held her over the big girl potty, so we thought we’d go ahead and see if she’s ready…”

“I bet Mommy’s not ready though, huh?” she told Ivy with a laugh. She patted the head of her toddler and said, “I waited a little extra time with Hannah here, I just couldn’t bring myself to have a big girl yet! We finally trained her late a few months back…”

“I’m a big girl, I’m five!” the little girl said to us. “Baby!” She pointed at me.

“Yes, she is a baby compared to you Hannah, but it looks like she’s going to be a big girl like you before long!” The lady then patted the head of the little in the cart. “I adopted little Meggy here to take care of my mothering needs after I trained Hannah.”

I looked at the woman who squirmed in the cart seat. She tried to hide behind her hair, and I could tell she didn’t like the attention. She was only dressed in a t-shirt and a swollen diaper that was yellowed with her urine. Her head ended up closer to her ‘mommies’ body and she said, “No Meggy, it’s not quite time for that yet,” and the girl jolted backwards as far as she could in the seat.

I didn’t get it… The mom said, “Well we’ll let you get back to your shopping. We need some more diapees for Meggy, but they’re out of the little ones we like.”

The poor girl looked at me some more and for some reason I waved at her. I had kept quiet the whole exchange and as Ivy pushed me away, she whispered, “Good girl!”

She went down another aisle and I realized we were at the training potties. She dug around for a few minutes without asking my opinion. I was turning red at the thought of having to use something so babyish, but remembered the insecure feeling on the toilet a short while ago. ‘It’s probably a good idea,’ I admitted.

She placed one she decided on in the cart and asked, “You ready to be a big girl?”

I noticed several moms walking by and played it safe by saying, “Big girl!” back to her.

She smiled and walked to the clothing. She dug through the racks and threw in some shorts and t-shirts that were honestly the least offensive of the options. As she came to some sets, she showed me, “These all have snaps to help change your diapees… I figure you don’t want that.”

IVY COULDN’T HELP her glee as she shopped in the clothes section. Holly was the perfect size to wear either infant style clothing, or toddler appropriate clothes. Though she’d prefer to keep her in the infant side of things, she knew Holly wasn’t ready for that yet. Her reactions to the littles she’d encountered so far were better than she’d expected, but clearly, she was scared and still in shock.

She held up the first dress and whispered to her, “If you’re wearing a dress you don’t have to worry about all of those snaps to pull down your panties.”

She’d blushed, but nodded and she’d taken that as permission to throw in six more dresses before deciding she’d gotten a bit more carried away than she planned to. This store was the perfect place to shop for baby clothes because the babies wouldn’t stay in the size long – the quality of the outfits didn’t matter as much then. Unfortunately, with a little they needed better quality clothes to last longer since they didn’t grow. She definitely needed to take her shopping somewhere else for most of her new wardrobe. Glancing at her watch though she saw it was already almost four and she needed to get Holly home for a nap before taking her to dinner to meet her new grandparents.

Ivy pushed the cart and looked down at Holly who was looking everywhere. She looked like a normal toddler needing to get up and do something because she’d been cooped up and bored too long. She knew that there were probably less-shocking stores to have taken her to for her first outing, but she wasn’t going to hide the truth of her eventual fate from her all of the time.

Sure, she was going to let her try and use the potty… but after a couple weeks she knew that Holly was going to begin to fail at that. Then she would introduce her to the rest of her new life. ‘I hope that by doing it gradually she’ll accept it quicker…’

‘Although I wish I wasn’t being so kind,’ she thought to herself as she felt her breasts ache. ‘I’ve been pumping for a week already even before I saw her in person…’

The pile of clothes and baby gear in the cart was larger than she would have liked on this first trip, but unfortunately, she’d planned on having a much bigger girl! She’d expected her to be about the size of a three-year-old when she came through, but she’d shrank a lot! She looked around at several mothers with littles that were small enough to be held in the chest carriers they wore, and smiled knowing that her little was smaller than many of them!

Ivy grabbed a hair brush and some hair accessories before she moved to the checkouts. Standing in line for a cashier, a teenage girl bent down and waved at Holly, “Hi!” She gave Holly the type of smile reserved for real babies.

Holly looked to Ivy for a second before saying ‘Hi,’ back to her with a shy smile. Her acting skills were impeccable as she leaned her head into Ivy to hide from the scary stranger. ‘I hadn’t told her anything else on how to act because I was going to let her decide how fast or slow, I took her down the road.’ she thought. ‘Maybe faster is going to be the plan!’

“She’s adorable!” The girl cooed, “How old is she?”

“Twenty-months,” she found herself saying and winked at Holly hoping that would clue her in.

“And already getting a big girl potty and big girl underwear?” she asked.

Ivy nodded to her, “She’s been following me to the potty for the last few months and when I’ve held her over it, she’s gone… The second she wets or messes she comes to me for a change… I think she’ll train quickly.”

“Aren’t you going to miss having your sweet baby to depend on you?” she asked.

‘Yes… I am…’ she thought to herself but said, “She’ll still depend on me in other ways. I’ve read studies that if you don’t encourage them when they want to train though that you end up having a harder time later. Lord knows I don’t want to have to deal with her pooping her diapers at age six or seven like a little.”

The girl nodded, “I think my child care teacher said something like that last semester.”

Ivy nodded, “She’s right.”

“Say, she’s adorable… if you ever need a sitter I do babysitting on nights and weekends?”

Ivy looked at her and the protective mother in her wanted to say ‘no’ curtly, but the teenage girl seemed to be dressed appropriately and held some school supplies in her basket. The shirt she wore was for her school’s cheer squad and she guessed she was probably a pretty good student. A little on the shorter side of only about eight feet tall, but she’d still easily be able to manage a little her new daughter’s size. “What’s your number?” Ivy asked and noted the confused and scared expression on Holly’s face.

They traded information just before they reached the front of the conveyor with her stuff piled on it.

I BLUSHED AS Ivy talked with a girl less than half my age about possibly babysitting me! ‘I didn’t need a babysitter!’ I thought to myself, annoyed. I was even more embarrassed a few minutes later as the cashier rang up the training potty and training pants. “Oh my, this little thing isn’t ready for potty training already, is she?”

Ivy nodded and said, “Believe it or not I think she’s ready to be a big girl.”

“Wow… she’s so tiny, I can’t imagine that!”

“And that’s why we have the smallest training panties we could find,” Ivy laughed and put her arm around me protectively.

The whole trip through the store could have been a horror movie. I saw one poor little getting yelled at about walking instead of crawling, the mom had shoved him down aggressively. It had shocked me that no one stepped in. Not ten seconds later his ‘mother’ had smacked his butt for not crawling fast enough. I hadn’t seen one person my size walking around freely on their own, and I was coming to a fast realization that I had been sold a bill of goods…

Truthfully, I was scared of how I would deal with being mistreated like any of those littles that were in there. I was small enough that I didn’t stand a chance of defending myself! The lady finished ringing up Ivy and I noticed across at the next register a bit of a commotion.

“Awwww… Are you buying baby her first diapees?” The cashier asked a woman holding a college aged girl with a big unmistakable wet spot going down her legs. A large box of diapers, wipes, and a changing mat sat in front of her on the belt.

“Yep, she thought she was a big girl going to college, but she couldn’t keep her pants dry in my class. I had permission already to adopt her if she made another mistake. We’re going to get her into the nice thick diapees she needs, and then we’ll go get her registered with the state today. Tomorrow I might even let her still go to class if I can find a playpen to hold her. Her classmates can coo and play with her,” she said as she squeezed the poor girl and kissed her on the head.

“You can’t do this to me!” The girl shouted.

“Do you want this pacifier to plug her up with?” The cashier asked her.

“Good idea!” the woman said happily.

I watched in horror as a pacifier was ripped from packaging and shoved in the girls’ mouth. The odd thing was she did a twist to the shield and then let go. The girl tried to pull it out of her mouth and began crying more as she looked to be in pain and couldn’t get the pacifier to come out.

“Thanks, those locking pacifiers are such a godsend with new littles! I figure we’ll give her a week and see if she settles in before we think about taking her teeth. If she’s a good girl and doesn’t bite Mama I might let her keep them!”

“Well if you like your teethers you better be a good baby girl for your mama…” The cashier was saying as Ivy pushed me away from the scene.

I felt several tears going down my face as we reached her car. She looked down at me and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“I’m scared,” I told her honestly. “That was horrifying!”

She hugged me before she sat me down in the car seat and began buckling me up, “I promise I’m not ever going to threaten you or treat you like that woman did that girl.”

“Why can…?”

“Shh…” she said to me, “this isn’t the place to have this conversation. When we get home, then we can talk some more.”

I nodded as people walked around like everything in their world was normal. I began to think that it wasn’t normal to allow someone like me to even consider to use the potty. Sure, it was going to be a baby’s potty, but given the size of the adult ones I didn’t think I had a lot of options. She wasted no time in turning on the car with the air conditioner running while she unloaded the bags of items into the trunk of her car.

When she was inside and buckled in she asked, “You okay?”

I shrugged and said, “I honestly don’t know.”

“I promise you I’ll never abuse you like you saw them all doing. Not every Amazon is like that,” she added. The car began moving and I once again found myself bored as I had nothing to do. I knew the information from the article definitely wasn’t just sensationalist garbage… this was real, and I was an idiot for coming!

‘Is she just saying she’s not like them…?’ was the question I was asking myself.

The trip back to her house didn’t seem as long then, and I waited patiently while she backed into the garage before coming around to my side. I was curious and tried the buckle on the harness myself, but even though I figured I was doing it right I just didn’t have the strength to undo it. Ivy saw me trying and to my surprise didn’t scold me, “I doubt you’ll be able to get it. They have it designed to where the occupant can’t really get at it from the right angle, and your strength is a lot less than mine.”

As if to prove it she reached in and undid the buckle with minimal effort. She grabbed me under my armpits and helped me down to the ground. I followed her around to the trunk and she said, “Here, you want to help me with these two bags?”

I grabbed the bags she handed me that had the cloth training panties and another with a half-dozen outfits inside. She had the other bags in one hand and the large box of pull-ups in the other. I watched as she managed to open the door to the house from the garage and I followed her inside.

As I walked through the kitchen, I looked around more than I had before and noticed that there was a neutral colored high chair sitting beside the table. “Let’s take this all to your room and I’ll go back for your potty,” she told me as she led me further into the house. So far, I’d only been in the master bedroom where I’d woken up, so it was the first time I was going to see the room that I was to have at her house.

When she opened the door, I smiled at the sight of my bed from home in a corner against the wall, my computer desk, and my desk chair were nestled on an adjacent wall too. I could tell they had shrunk down some as the room seemed huge for them, but I still felt like a kid compared to the items. ‘At least it’s not a crib…’ I thought to myself, ‘At this point I expected her to open a door to a nursery…’

“Just set this all down on your bed for now,” she told me.

I did as she asked and noticed that I was going to have to work a little harder to get onto the bed now. It wasn’t any worse than a kid climbing onto their parents’ bed, and definitely more doable than her bed had been, but it was much taller to me than it had been before my move. I set my two bags on the bed and pulled myself onto it. I noticed an odd sound and wondered if she had put some different mattress protector on it… ‘I’ll have to check later…’ I thought.

“Why don’t you start pulling out everything from the bags, and I’ll go get your potty,” she told me.

“Then can we get me out of this diaper?” I asked.

She patted me on the head, “Of course!”

I quickly helped her and felt like I was going to get an overload of sugar as I pulled out each item. They really were some of the least frilly and most mature options in the store… but that didn’t say much. I found the cloth training panties and struggled to open the plastic package. I hated that this was the most mature article of clothing we could find for me with underwear at the store. ‘I wonder if I could special order smaller panties?’

Just as I managed to open the package Ivy came back in and asked, “shall we see if those fit?”

I nodded and started to try and pull myself from the outfit.

“Do you mind if I just go ahead and help you get undressed?” she asked me.

I shrugged and said, “It might be quicker. I’m not a fan of this for getting in and out of it…”

She smiled and pushed me on my back on the bed and started popping snaps from the bottom of the outfit up. “Here, let me get your arms out of this,” she said and pulled the romper out from underneath me and off my arms leaving me naked but the diaper. As she went to untape it she squeezed it and said, “Still keeping dry, you’re doing much better than normal littles,” she told me with a smile.

I blushed and felt a bit of foolish pride at the same time. “I’m not exactly from your dimension?”

She tugged on one tape, “No, but normally portal littles aren’t that much different,” she pulled the other tape, “either.”

She pulled the diaper out from underneath me and balled it up before helping me stand on the bed. “Okay, let’s try these cloth ones first…” she told me. “Here you go,” she said.

I looked at the training panty she handed me and felt a nervous feeling. It was such a babyish item, just as much as a diaper, but it felt large to me. I pulled the purple and pink padded underwear up to my waist and let go. I then watched them promptly fall down to my knees. “Awwww…” I cried out.

“More than a little too big for you I’m afraid….” she told me.

“Do you think they’d shrink if you washed them in really hot water?”

She shrugged, “Maybe, they are cotton. I guess we can try it. It’s just one pack so it’s not a lot of money wasted if they don’t.”

I grimaced, “I guess I should try on the disposable ones?”

She nodded and I watched her use a pair of scissors she’d brought in with her to pierce the tape and open up the box. She pulled one of the plastic packs of diapers… pull-ups… out of the pack and soon handed me one. The pink and purple garment felt anything but mature, but I bit my tongue and pulled it up my legs and was happy that it stayed up.

“That looks better,” she said and without warning used a finger to check the waist band, “still almost too big, but I think it’ll work if you don’t have any accidents.”

“I’m not intending to…” I reminded her.

“Let’s make sure the potty will work for you…” she said. I looked at the box and felt like groaning. It said ‘Princess Potty’ on it and was touted as working as a step stool too. She pulled the pink potty and the pieces out of the box, and removed the plastic wrap. “Let’s put it in the bathroom so you can get to it,” she said. I climbed down from my bed and followed her down the hallway, wearing only the pull-up. I was cold from the air conditioning, and more than a bit self-conscious as I walked. In a hallway bathroom adjacent to my room she sat it down across from the gigantic toilet. “Need to go at all?”

I shrugged, “I haven’t really drank much of anything today…” I paused, “I’ll try though.”

“Once you do, we’ll get you dressed and something to drink… we can’t have you not drinking anything and getting dehydrated! I didn’t even think about that earlier.”

“I wasn’t thirsty,” I told her honestly. “I drank a little after I threw up though.” The potty was clearly meant for toddlers in height, but I had to admit it looked almost too big to me sitting there. A juvenile white crown was inlaid against the pink back seat of the potty, and I imagined many wannabe princesses probably loved the look of it. In my case I just sighed… I put my back to it and pulled the pull-up down to sit down. I pushed for a couple moments before a tinkle came out and I peed for a few seconds.

As soon as I started to do so the potty made a musical sound that startled me. The flow stopped as it scared me. “What was that?”

Ivy was laughing, “I guess it’s meant to make you feel good about using the potty. You done?”

I pushed for another moment and restarted the stream for a second before saying, “Okay I’m done. Can you hand me some…” I tried to say but she already had a wad in her hand that she handed me.

“Wipe really good between your lips and front to back.”

“I’m a doctor… I do know that…”

“Sorry, it’s easy to forget,” she admitted.

I stood and pulled the pull-ups up my legs and stepped away. I watched her pull a small bowl of my urine out of the potty, and flushed it and the toilet paper I’d dropped inside. She rinsed it and then picked me up to help me reach the sink to wash my hands. “Let’s get you something else to wear,” she told me once she washed her own hands and set me back down on the ground.

I nodded and followed the tall giant back to my room. For every step she took I had to practically run three or four to keep up. “I told you earlier dresses probably make your life easier… That work for you for tonight?”

I shrugged, “I guess….?”

She held up a short sleeved pink dress with butterflies printed on it, “This one?”

“Would you hate me if I said it’s horrible?”

She laughed, “I think it’s cute!” I made a face, “Okay, maybe a little horrible, but it’s soft and I think it’ll work for you right now?”

I motioned for her to hand it to me and I pulled it over my head. She was right, the material was a knit material that was very soft. As I pulled it down I was grateful to see it nearly reached my knees, and fully covered the babyish Pull-Up.

“Perfect size!” she told me. “You look adorable!”

I looked down and blushed, “I guess so…”

“Let’s go get you a drink,” she told me.

I nodded and followed her down the hallway to the kitchen. From my perspective on the floor I couldn’t really see anything she was doing other than when she opened the fridge and asked, “Milk alright?”

I shrugged, “Juice or tea maybe?”

She nodded, “Okay, we can do that.” A second later she handed me a cup that looked like one I’d seen around some of my patients. It didn’t have a spout, but it was a sippy cup all the same that was designed to drink from any angle of the cup.

“A sippy cup?” I asked nervously.

“Prefer a bottle?” she asked.

“No…? A regular cup?” I suggested.

She knelt down and looked at me from my level, “Nick you’re going to have to trust me here… If I don’t have you at least drinking from this - which is the least babyish option by the way - you’re going to get a lot of stares and people are going to know you’re a little. When they know that… well you saw at the store how some can be?”

I groaned but nodded, “Okay… I guess this is fine.”

“Good, because I can always go buy you some baby bottles instead if you change your mind!” she patted my head and said, “Why don’t you bring that with you to your room, I’ll gather up your stuff, and then as soon as you’ve had some of that to drink take a nap?”

“A nap?”

“You can’t tell me you’re not tired after everything today?”

My body betrayed me with a yawn right then, “I guess… But I’d probably be good for another six or seven hours honestly.”

“That might be true, but we’re going to meet my parents for dinner tonight… I think it’d be a good idea for you to be rested for that.” She paused, “Also our days are longer than you’re used to, so it would be a good idea if you want to stay alert tonight?”

I looked up at her and decided she was probably right, “I guess I could sleep for a bit… I’ll at least try. At least it’s my own bed. I haven’t got to sleep on it for weeks thanks to that move!”

She led me back down the hallway as I took some tentative drinks from the cup. It really wasn’t that bad, and I knew they’d come up with some adult versions of the cups too. My friends with kids claimed the kid’s ones worked better though! I drank about half the cup as she gathered the clothes and left my pull-ups right in the open by my bed. She pulled back my covers and patted the bed.

I took one last long draw from the cup and handed it to her before I curled up under the covers. “I’m glad you’re here,” she told me with a smile.

“Thanks for having me,” I told her, wondering if I was being honest. I tried to get comfortable with my pillows. I grabbed one and hugged it like a teddy bear like I always did as I turned to face the wall away from her. She was right, I was tired, and I was out pretty quickly.



Chapter 6:

IVY WATCHED FROM the doorway as her new daughter slept in the bed that she’d brought with her from her home dimension. She’d nearly thrown it out when it arrived with her stuff… but she really wanted to bring her along slowly to the idea of being cared for as a normal little. Her hormones were absolutely messing with her head and that plan though! She’d had to pump as soon as Holly had gone to sleep due to her breasts being painfully full.

‘Holly’ still didn’t know that was her new name… she’d have to get around to telling her that when she woke up. It was a little impressive that she’d made it through the trip to the store without needing that bit of information shared! ‘She’s so adorable sleeping there! I can’t wait to be able to move her to her real room!’

She left the sight, slowly closing the door, and called her mom, “Hey Mom,” she said.

“Hi Ivy, how is she doing?”

“Napping right now. We managed to get her some clothes and some panties in her size.”

“You’re kidding? They don’t even make panties that small, do they?”

“Just diaper covers,” Ivy found herself laughing lightly. “We tried the smallest size of cloth training pants they had, but they just fell right off of her. I’m going to humor her and wash them in the hottest cycle of the washer, and dry them as hot as I can… maybe they’ll shrink to fit her, but I doubt it. For now, I have her in Pull-Ups.”

“I didn’t know they made those that small either?”

“They have some twelve to twenty-four-month ones they sell. It’s only in the ones that change color when she wets, but at least she can feel like she has the freedom to pull her own underwear up and down for the moment.”

“I can’t believe you haven’t just kept her diapered and put her in that beautiful nursery you put together!” her mom told her.

“Mom… I’ve seen how it is with so many other littles and their mothers… I want us to have a good relationship, not just one brought on by fear of a spanking, or worse punishments.”

“You could just use hypnosis you know…”

“Well… I really don’t want to have her bright brain melted away. She honestly is a hell of a surgeon… I wish she came through bigger so that maybe I could have kept my end of the bargain with her.”

“I don’t know why you even care, baby? If I had ever adopted a little, I sure wouldn’t have stopped to worry about her feelings there - she needs to just accept as her mother you know best! I was just lucky enough to be able to have kids the normal way.”

“I wish I could…” Ivy told her mom and decided to change the subject. “Were you able to make those exchanges of clothes and diapers?”

“Yes. Everyone knows how it goes with adopting an unknown new little, so no one batted an eye.”

“If you can hang onto everything until we can get out of the house again another day, and then you can sneak it all back into the nursery.” Ivy responded to her mother with a sigh.

“You know the sneaking is just a waste of time if you’re going to put her back in diapers like she should be anyway…” Her mom sounded a little exasperated then.

“Just give it a shot with my plan! I think we’ll all be happier later!” Ivy told her mom, “Anyway, are we still good to meet at Egberts?”

“Seven o’clock, right?”

“Make it Seven-thirty. She just went down for her nap at 4, and I know it’ll take a little bit when we get her up to get her ready.”

“She’ll be in one of her pull-ups?”

“Yes Mom… please just treat her like a regular granddaughter. No pushing buttons with her because she’s a little please. Encourage her as a big girl?”

“You take the fun out of things sweetie, but as long as she behaves, I’ll behave.”

“Thanks Mom, tell Dad the rules too please. We’ll see you in a bit! Love you!”

I WOKE UP to Ivy moving about the room. My bed made for a comforting anchor to my reality back home, but her hand flipping up my dress without warning broke that.

“What are you doing?”

“Seeing if your stars are still on your Pull-Up?” she told me with a smile.

I looked down, suddenly scared that for some reason my potty training would have left me. Fortunately, the stars she referenced were still there and the Pull-Up was dry. “You could just ask?” I told her.

She shrugged, “Might as well get you used to this fact. No adult here will ask, they’ll check for themselves because littles and babies don’t always know, or tell the truth.”

I groaned and sat up, “You said we’re going to dinner with your parents now?”

“As soon as we get you changed into another dress and I do your hair,” she told me.

I looked at her with a bit of shock that I was changing into yet another dress, but I looked down and saw some wrinkles in the one I was wearing so I shrugged, “What’s the next dress?”

She held up a yellow dress with lace that edged very puffy sleeves, and the bottom of the skirt. It ballooned out from a tall waistline and I knew that it was definitely designed as a baby styled dress. ‘Girls don’t wear these after they turn two…’ I don’t know if she expected me to put up an argument, but I knew that was pointless. The way I saw it was that there was no physical resistance possible from someone my size against her or any other full-grown Amazon. Oh, sure I might be able to make a quick sprint away like a toddler would, but just like that toddler I’d be caught eventually. I had a feeling the result would likely be complying with whatever they wanted… after who knows what punishments were doled out. I definitely had guesses based on what I had already seen that day and heard about from that article...

That’s what the time in the store had shown me more than anything. It was a hard and scary lesson to learn that the article was just the tip of the truth of the dimension. ‘I don’t think the author got out to some of those places on his tour…’

I crawled off the bed and pulled the dress off over my head like a t-shirt. That left me once again standing mostly naked in only my crinkly Pull-Up.

She handed me a pair of what looked like weird frilly shorts, “What are these?”

“They’re bloomers, you usually wear them over a diaper, but they’ll work with a Pull-Up just fine too.”


“So that little girls don’t show off their real panties in their short dresses,” she smiled at me. “Normally you try and have something else on a little girl to give them a little more discretion.”

“Oh…” I said with a blush. I pulled the yellow bloomers on over my Pull-Up like a pair of shorts and noted that they ended well above my belly button to fully cover the larger missing diaper. There were three layers of really frilly lacy ruffles on the butt, and lace lined the bottom of the leg holes. “Arms up again,” she told me and slid the yellow dress down over my shoulders, zipping it up and tying a bow behind me. Short lacy socks and some black shoes were handed to me to put on. I sat on the edge of the bed to do so, and realized the point of the bloomers as the dress was too short and would have fully shown the Pull-Up in almost any sitting position. I noted that they were definitely juvenile looking socks and shoes. Once I was done, she held out her arms and said, “Come with me to the living room.”

I sighed and put my arms out so she could pick me up. She carried me out to the living room and sat me sideways on the couch in front of her with my back to her. “What are you doing now?” I asked.

“Your hair Silly!” She told me. “It may not have been intended that you be a girl… but you’re not a little boy anymore that can just show up to meet your grandparents for the first time with unkempt hair!”

“Grandparents?” I turned and asked.

“Sorry, kind of a figure of speech?” She said.

“Just so long as I’m not calling you Mommy...,” I told her.

I turned with my back to her as she untied the braids in my hair and began brushing through it. “About that…”

I turned back, or tried to, but she said, “Sit still so we can multi-task here.”

“What about that?” I asked with a sigh.

“When we’re out and about... it might be better if you did call me some version of Mommy or Mama.”

“Why?” I asked really wanting to face her for this conversation, but she had my hair tight in her hands as she brushed out a couple snags.

“You saw how most littles are normally treated earlier… I don’t ever want to demean you, or be cruel to you like that.” She paused, “But the truth is others will treat you that way if they realize you aren’t really the baby you appear to be.”

“So what? You want me to pretend to be a year-and-a-half old baby?”

“You sort of were earlier?”

I sighed, “I’m not stupid, I kind of guessed the rules of the game as soon as we started moving in the store. If I don’t act like that though… What will people do?”

“Well teasing or taunting you is a pretty normal thing. Finding ways to humiliate you… In a restaurant they might insist that you have soft pureed food, or formula, instead of normal food?”

“Eew…” I said, “So what do I have to do?”

“Small words and simple sentences,” she told me.

“Twenty-one months is how old I look, huh?” I paused and thought back to the pages of textbooks from my child development classes, “So two-word sentences, and pretend I have about fifty words I can say?”

“That’s about right,” she told me.

I groaned but said, “Okay you’re Mommy - but only when we’re out!”

“That’s perfect,” she told me.

“By the way… I’m guessing my name is going to have to change?”

She froze for a second and said, “I kind of had to take care of that after the accident at the portal,” she told me.

I sighed, “What’s my new name?”

“Holly Anne?” she said tentatively.

I rolled the name over my tongue and shrugged, “It could have been worse… I guess it’ll do.”

“I thought it would be a pretty name. It’s another flower like my name,” she added quietly.

I really was surprised she was letting me even pretend to be a ‘big’ girl at this point. You could tell in her voice that she wanted nothing more than to treat me like the other littles I’d seen. I felt a little like I was living in a bad horror movie with a vampire who wanted to suck my blood, the viewer knew they wanted to, but we both were pretending that she didn’t...

I felt her brushing end, and before long felt the addition of something on my head that pulled on my hair.

“What’s in my hair?” I asked.

“A pretty bow that came with the dress,” she said. “Want to see what you look like?”

I sighed, “Probably not... but I guess… please.”

She picked me up and carried me on her side like a toddler again and walked to the bathroom where my potty sat. The reflection in the mirror was that of a really adorable baby made up for some sort of special occasion. There was no sign of the man that had looked in the mirror this morning back home.

I sighed, “Well at least I’m not an ugly baby…”

She smiled at me in the reflection, “Definitely not ugly! We could probably enter you in some pageants or do some modeling with the way you look.”

“No thank you,” I told her. “Somehow I don’t think they would want me to be potty trained for those…”

“Probably not,” she agreed. “Speaking of that, why don’t you use your big girl potty while I use the other one and then we’ll get going to the restaurant.”

I sighed but stood on the ground once she sat me down. I reached under the dress and pulled the bloomers down, then my Pull-Up, and sat down on the potty. Ivy did the same and it was a bit disconcerting really. I managed to get a stream going and ignored the annoying congratulatory sound. She finished up after me and said, “Good girl!”

IVY LOOKED DOWN at her new little and grabbed some toilet paper and wiped her front and back.

“You know I could do this myself?” she told her.

Ivy laughed, “If you could reach the toilet paper! Besides, you better get used to this… you’re small enough most people here will believe you shouldn’t even be allowed to use the potty. More importantly, while you’re getting used to your new body parts I don’t want you getting a UTI.”

She watched her frown and it tore her heart apart, “I’ll try and give you some more space… just know that it’s tough for me to do so.”

Her frown lifted a bit and she felt her heart flutter. ‘I just want to put her straight into another diaper and put her to my breasts… but that’s not the way I’m going to do this…’ she reminded herself. Looking at her watch she saw time was short and quickly tossed the contents of Holly’s potty into the real toilet, rinsed it out, and then put it back down. Knowing she didn’t have much time she quickly washed her hands and then picked up Holly and held her for her to do the same.

“Dry your hands on the towel, not your dress,” she found herself scolding as Holly’s male habits seemed to make her just want to use her dress.

Holly blushed, “Sorry… habit.”

“Time to break that one,” she told her. “Let’s get going,” she added and quickly grabbed her and put her on her hip, grabbed her diaper bag, and headed to the garage.

“Give me your arm,” she told Holly as she did one strap at a time and then tightened down the harness for her car seat. She watched Holly squirm as she pulled the center strap tighter and knew that it must be an odd feeling for her. The blush as she was stuck inside the babyish seat was adorable, but she couldn’t take it in for long since they had to get going. She quickly closed the door and walked to her side.

The garage door rose and she began driving towards the restaurant she’d agreed to meet her parents at. ‘I hope Mom behaves herself!’ She’d never had a little of her own, but she’d always teased and babied her friends and her grandchildren and grand-littles non-stop. Having explained her plan to her mother, she hoped she didn’t blow it, but knew that she would have to deal with it if she did.

‘At least Holly hasn’t fought me on anything yet…’ she thought, ‘hopefully she won’t notice the next plan until it’s too late. More importantly, hopefully she won’t blame me for the problems she’s going to have!’

IVY DROVE LIKE an overcautious new mother…. Something I had decided she probably intended to be. I wasn’t fooled by the idea of calling her ‘mommy’ just to hide my age like she had talked about earlier. So far she was at least being nice about it all. I didn’t know if she had my gender altered intentionally… But I really wanted to believe she was being honest on that part.

My gut was beginning to think she was lying about that though.

The expression in her eyes at dressing me, and wiping me after going to the bathroom, told me she definitely wanted more control. I would definitely be on the lookout for more signs of danger, but I wouldn’t be able to do anything about it even if I saw them. So far this felt like it might work out okay; at least I wasn’t looking for an apartment or a job right this second!

‘Maybe that’s the bright side of the fact I look like a real baby girl instead of a miniature adult… if that helps me avoid some of the scary things, I guess I’ll take it… even if it means Pull-Ups are the closest thing to real underwear that I can fit into.’

“Ready for this?” She asked me as she unbuckled me and put me onto her side to carry me. The purple bag was then put over her older shoulder.

“As ready as I can be,” I told her. I looked again at the bag and sighed, ‘It could be worse… with that diaper bag she’s carrying I’m guessing she’s fully prepared for me to be having accidents.’

I blushed with that thought for a second as we heard, “Ivy!” from across the parking lot.

I looked to see two older giants sitting on a bench in front of the doors. A number of disinterested giants walked into the restaurant around them, while they stood and waited for us to approach. These two bore a striking resemblance to Ivy, and I could have guessed they were her parents without being told. Ivy looked exactly like a younger, and more fit, version of her mother. I guessed they were definitely getting older in age, figuring them to be around seventy, which made sense with the place Ivy was in her life.

“Hi Mom, Daddy,” she said as we got closer.

“Oh my, she is so precious!” her mom said, “Can I hold her?”

She gave me a quick warning look before I was passed over and said, “Hi Granny,” to her.

Apparently, that was the right move because she cooed and said, “She’s perfect!” and squeezed me, “I’m so glad to have you in our family Holly!”

Her dad looked at me a little less obsessively as her mom said, “And this is your Grampy!”

“Hi,” I said shyly.

That brought a shake of his head and a smile to his face as he said, “Shall we go eat?”

We went inside to a fairly nice restaurant that had a stereo-typical Italian design to the decor. I noticed a few other littles in there as I glanced around. I knew that wouldn’t seem that odd for a baby to do so I kept looking around as I was placed into a high chair next to where Ivy hung the diaper bag. I wanted to whine that I didn’t need to sit in one, but that seemed likely to have consequences... That meant I sat like a ‘good girl’ and let Granny strap me in. Ivy sat down next to me while her parents sat across from us.

“Would you like some crayons for your daughter?” the waitress asked Ivy as she came up.

“Please,” she told her.

“What can I get you all to drink?”

“Water,” Ivy said, “and would you please fill this with some juice for her?” handing her a sippy cup.

“Sure,” she said and smiled at me. “She’s adorable, how old is she?”

“Just hit the twenty-one-month mark,” Ivy said with a smile.

“Oh no, she’s going to grow up and be a big girl before you know it!” the waitress said.

“She sort of already has! She started using the big girl potty today!”

“No way!” the waitress said, turning to me, “You’re already using the big girl potty?!?”

I nodded, “Uh-huh, big girl!”

“Sounds like she’s growing up faster than you’re going to know. She’ll be dating boys before you know it, then be off to college, and then having her own babies!”

Ivy laughed, “We’ll enjoy her being a baby still some while it lasts! Even if she does use the big girl potty she’ll always be my baby!” she tickled my side and said, “huh?”

I couldn’t help but giggle and said “stop!”

The waitress and my new grandparents all laughed at me as Ivy kissed the top of my head. Her parents gave her their orders and I soon had a refilled sippy cup, along with a coloring sheet and crayons in front of me. I sighed and looked at Ivy who had opened the crayon packet unasked and I began scribbling on the page. I had made certain to not use colors that made sense or to color in the lines so it looked like a genuine toddler creation.

“Ivy, I thought you weren’t going to alter her mentally?” Her mom asked.

“I didn’t,” she said quietly, “I told her if she acted like her age when we’re out we can just treat her like that, and she won’t get picked on.”

As if to emphasize that was a good thing, I heard a commotion a few tables away that I looked at. “No!!! I won’t eat that god damned mush!!!!!!” A woman little dressed in a short romper shouted at her ‘mother’ trying to spoon feed something from a jar of…. ‘Baby food?’ I could tell she was an adult because her breasts were clearly well developed for her size. ‘Why would you feed an adult baby food?’

I winced as the little was picked up out of the high chair, her clothes and diaper ripped off and she was spanked on her bare butt right there in the restaurant. By the time I had counted twenty spanks the small woman was bawling for her to stop. Between the next five she began peeing on the woman’s lap and her ‘mom’ got even angrier. “You little bitch!” the woman said.

“Excuse me ma’am,” a manager walked up to her, “I can understand your need to discipline your misbehaving little, but you risked that potty accident when you took off her diaper?”

The lady sighed, “You’re right, I should have known better. Of course, this little girl was telling me two hours ago that she hadn’t had an accident in years and didn’t need a diaper.” She put another diaper on the woman but didn’t bother putting more clothes on her. “Guess we know that wasn’t true, huh?”

The waiter gave her a grim smile and said, “If you can keep it reasonable you can stay, but anything further and I will have to ask you to leave so you don’t disrupt the rest of our guests.”

“Of course, sir.”

Her food was delivered right then and she returned her little to the high chair. I saw her wince as she was set down on her red bottom. I couldn’t help but continue to stare at her naked upper body and that not a single person thought that her breasts being exposed was strange or obscene!

Right then our own food arrived at the table and Ivy asked, “Excuse me, can I get a small plate so I can put her food on it?”

“Sure thing, ma’am,” the girl said.

I found myself thirsty again and reached for the cup. I had the cup at my mouth when she returned with a smile and said, “There you go cutie!”

Ivy had ordered some sort of fried fish. The crazy thing was that the two filets had to have been twenty inches long a piece! She cut up just a small amount of it for me and put it on the plate. She added some gigantic fries that she pulled apart with her fingers onto the plate too, before reaching into the diaper bag and grabbing a bib.

I turned red again as she tied it around me, but I didn’t argue. The dress I was wearing couldn’t have been cheap and I thought it was probably reasonable to protect it. She placed the plate in front of me, but didn’t give me silverware. I looked up at her and she said, “I know you like eating yourself with your hands, go ahead Princess,” she whispered to me.

I looked back up at her and sighed before reaching for a piece with my hands and sticking it into my mouth. The fish was really good, and so were the fries. The flakes were much bigger than any fish I’d had before, almost more like a shark steak in texture. As much as I hated the fact that my food was cut up for me, and cooling down way too fast, it was pretty good. I noted that there was no way I could ever eat even a quarter of the plates of food they had. By the time I had three pieces left on my plate I was already feeling full and slowing down.

During a moment when I paused my eating, I looked up and around and felt my eyes widen at the sight of the ‘problem little’ from earlier. Her ‘mom’ had her shirt pulled down, her breast exposed, and the little appeared to be breastfeeding from her!

I heard her say, “Don’t worry, I know now you weren’t ready for baby food, we’ll just stick with breast which is best.”

I noticed the little wriggled a little but never came up off of the breast as she nursed. A moment later though the little was pushed off and the mom looked at her, “Bad girl!” she wagged her finger, “No biting! One more time and we’ll just remove those teeth. You’re not going to need them anymore anyway.”

I looked in horror at the scene.

IVY LOOKED AT Holly and noticed her gaze towards the abusive mother in the corner. If that little was a real baby, she would be legally obligated to report the mother to child protective services. As it was Little Protective Services might get involved - but she doubted it.

She noticed that Holly wriggled uncomfortably and realized it was probably due to her watching her feed her little from her breast. There was no doubt she could feel her own breasts were already past full again, but she intended to ease her little into that. A sippy cup or two in the next couple days should be enough to get her liking the taste of it. She knew that without a doubt from studies and experience in pediatrics that littles quickly became addicted to the effects of it. She would pump for the near future until the moment was right, and then she’d switch her little girl right to the source like that mother had.

Holly had three bites left on her plate and she decided to get her attention, “Holly, can you take three more big girl bites for Mommy?”

Holly looked down at the fork that had speared the fish and resignedly opened her mouth for the bite. Two more later and she said, “All gone!”

“All gone,” Holly agreed like a real baby would.

She really had been doing a great job of behaving like an actual baby. If anything, she was a little too good of a baby. She’d have to get her to understand squirming and looking properly bored with sitting. For now, she reached over and wiped her face with a baby wipe, removed the tray, the bib, and held her in her lap possessively while her dad kept eating. ‘He always eats so slow!’

I LOOKED OVER at her dad eating still and was actually kind of surprised how comfortable Ivy’s lap was. The way her heartbeat pounded next to my head was oddly soothing. She grabbed the cup she had put on the table and handed it to me to drink the last few ounces. I guessed the cup had been filled with about half-a-liter, and I was actually a little surprised to finish it a moment later.

“Still thirsty?” She asked me.

I shook my head, “No.”

I heard a loud burp and looked over to see the little that had been my focus over the back of her ‘moms’ shoulder being burped. I blushed at that for some reason. A bit of spittle landed on her mom’s shoulder which was bare and she grumbled, “You did that intentionally you little brat…”

I watched her gather her and carry her out of the restaurant. I smirked that you could still see the pee stain on her pants from her daughter’s accident - I couldn’t help but think that was a little bit of karmic justice!

“Good riddance,” Ivy’s dad said aloud, “I can’t believe that there’s no law against that kind of treatment.”

“Now Trent we don’t know the full story of how that all came to be. It’s possible that little had been bad all day long and that was the final straw…” Granny said, making me feel less inclined to like her.

“I’m with Dad here,” Ivy said. “But no arguing right now. Thank you for dinner, we’re going to go ahead and get home as it’s been a long day for us both.”

“I can understand that dear,” her mom told us.

She came around as we stood up and felt my pull-up under my dress. I stiffened at the feeling of the finger there, “Still dry?” her mom asked intuitively.

“Yes, and that reminds me... I should take her to the potty really quick.” She paused as she shouldered the bag on her shoulder, “We’ll be right back out.”

I didn’t really feel a big need to use the bathroom, but I wasn’t going to argue against it. She carried me into the bathroom and opened a larger stall. “Can you pull down your bloomers and panties like a big girl for Mommy?” she asked aloud. I knew that the other two women in the bathroom had to have heard it.

I blushed but pulled them down like she instructed me to. She picked me up under the arms and held me over the huge toilet then.

“Go ahead sweetie, be a big girl and go potty for Mommy!”

I turned redder and grimaced, but forced the awkward feeling muscles to open up and released a stream of urine into the bowl. When I stopped, she asked, “All done?”

“Yes Mommy! Big girl!”

“Yes, you are!” She smiled at me with a wink, “My big girl Princess!”

Ivy’s mom was standing at the sink and said, “Were you a big girl Holly?”

“Big girl!” I said with a smile.

“She’s adorable,” another lady at a sink said, “How old is she?”

“Twenty-one months,” Ivy told her.

“And already potty training?”

“She’s going to be a bright star like her mother,” Ivy’s mom said. “She actually was completely out of diapers by the time she had her second birthday!”

“Wow… I don’t think I’d want to do that yet. There’s something so great about having your baby depend on you to change them…” the lady said with a wistful look in her eyes.

“To each their own,” Ivy said, “I’m ready to be done with stinky diapers at least!” She held me up to the sink, “Wash your hands really good!”

When we were done in the bathroom, we walked out together to the parking lot.

“It’s so nice to meet you Holly!” She kissed me on the forehead and hugged me in Ivy’s arms. “Bye-bye Holly, you are such a cutie!”

Grandpa gave us both a hug at the same time next and said, “Welcome to the family Holly,” quietly to me. “Be a good girl for your mommy,” he said a little louder.

Ivy carried me to the car and sat me in the car seat. “Let’s go home and get you into a bath and then bed,” she told me, with her own kiss on my head before she closed the door.

I sat in the car seat on the way home and tried to process exactly what was going on. The woman that had been spanked in the restaurant for not eating that disgusting mush was at least a foot taller than I was now. I knew that Ivy would have zero problems physically being able to do the same things to me if she wanted to. The fact that the woman had… actually breastfed her! I blushed at the thought of doing that!

Once when I was doing my residency, a few of us were bored late at night in the pediatrics wing. It was a truly rare quiet night that you didn’t say anything about it - you didn’t want to jinx it! One of the jokers among us dared everyone to try some breast milk that was going to expire if it wasn’t used in the next hour. I had tried to stay away from the fray, but with five of us working in that area, once three had done it I couldn’t get out of it without looking like a wimp. I took a few sips out of the baby bottle that had been found somewhere and fought the gag reflex thinking about where it was from. I had been surprised when it was kind of sweet though, and while I’d never feel a need to repeat the experience, it wasn’t the barf fest I had expected.

I squirmed a bit at the thought of Ivy giving me the same milk directly from the source like that little. I was definitely smaller than the other girl had been, and I had no doubts that as small as I was it would seem even more normal to the Amazons. ‘The only thing that Ivy and her parents even thought was off about the situation was how forcefully she spanked the little after she peed on her….’


Chapter 7:

I SIGHED AND fidgeted with my fingers and legs a bit since I couldn’t move much in the car seat. When we finally reached her house I sat patiently she backed into the garage, before she opened her door and came over for me.

“Well, so… how was your first day in this dimension?” she asked me as she picked me up out of the seat.

“Honestly? Terrifying…”

She squeezed me into a hug, “I am sorry about that,” she told me before carrying me inside the house and setting me down on the kitchen floor.

I followed her as she sat the diaper bag down on a counter in the kitchen, before she continued to walk into the living room. “Why don’t we have a chat?” She suggested. I looked up at where she had a seat on the couch and took a bit of a hop up to pull myself to the top of the couch and planted myself cross legged a few feet from her. I blushed as I realized the dress definitely exposed the bloomers and tried to smooth the skirt back down. ‘I wonder if that will become normal…?’

As I looked up into her face, I couldn’t help but be aware of the discrepancy in our sizes. There was no doubt in my mind that she was physically able to do whatever she wanted with me. Clearly it was a normal and acceptable behavior from her kind to treat us ‘littles’ like babies instead of adults. It definitely wasn’t an outlier event like I’d been told back at Portal Relocations - everything I had seen that day made that point very clear! What I couldn’t quite figure out ,were her motives and her ultimate goals. Well… maybe her ultimate goals weren’t so hard to figure out. The diaper bag and the high chair in the house were obviously bought before she found out my height.

“What are you thinking?” She asked me.

I sighed, “Trying to figure out what you’re really doing with me… I’m guessing there’s no way I’ll be working at the hospital like this?”

She grimaced… “It’s going to be complicated,” she told me.

“How complicated? All I’ve seen with adults my size is one after another being abused as surrogate babies today?” I felt a tear from my eye, “I really am the biggest idiot on the planet for coming here…”

I watched her stop herself from reaching out to me, “No you’re not,” she said.

“How? I threw away a career and a good life… What’s here for me?”

She looked taken aback further as more tears fell silently down my face, “Me?” She said softly.

I looked at her and noticed her own tears. She reached tentatively for me and sat me into her lap gently facing her.

“Look Ho… Nick…” she paused, “I’m sorry that this has been the day it has. I was hoping we’d be able to go through and have a few days before the realities of this world came crashing down on you…”

I grimaced and shook my head, “You didn’t exactly allow for that by taking me outside the house?”

She shook her head, “No, part of it is a certain blindness to how my kind acts…” She sighed, “Look, I’m not going to lie and say that I didn’t invite you here without any intentions of being able to maybe have a relationship with a ‘little.’” She paused, “But I also need you to understand the way things work in this world and that I don’t want you to regret your trip… or hate me.”

I looked at her skeptically. She’d been lying to me and maybe this was my chance to get the truth, “I’ll give you a chance, but let’s get the record straight now though. You chose the modifications to make me into a girl, didn’t you?”

She looked at me in shock, but nodded, “I’m sorry I did.”

“Why?” I asked.

She sighed, “For that I need to really give you the full truth… I told you earlier about the reproduction problems we have?” I nodded, “Well I’m one of the sixty percent who can’t have babies.”

“Why not just adopt…?” I asked.

“Adopt who?”

“An unwanted baby?” I suggested.

She laughed, “There’s no such thing here in this dimension. Those lucky enough to have babies always keep them, cherish them, and raise them. The government even provides subsidies for mothers to help out with the few natural births that occur.”

“What about teen pregnancy?” I asked curiously.

“Not a thing here like I’ve heard it is in your dimension as much. Parents tend to keep their teenage daughters on a pretty tight leash. The few too young teens that get pregnant often end up back in diapers after delivery and end up being re-raised due to their immaturity…”

“Re-raised?” I asked.

“I want to get back on topic here… but some are raised from the beginning again themselves in their current size, or even shrunk to baby size if their parents are wealthy enough.”


I was going to ask but she said, “Let me continue?” I nodded impatiently. “With no real babies to adopt, there really is no other option for my species than to adopt littles.”

“Why do you have to do so?” I asked, “I mean in my dimension there are lots of people who go their lives without having children?”

She grimaced, “Contrary to what our bodies want to do, those of us who can’t have kids have this… super mothering compulsion?”

“Super mothering compulsion?”

“It’s like you have to have a baby to take care of yourself…?” she looked pained as she thought about it, “Just having you sitting in my lap right now is making me the most content I’ve been in years? I don’t know that I can explain it any more than that.”

“So, is this a psychological or a physical issue?” I asked clinically.

“Both,” she said sadly, “It manifests it both in behavior and in body functions… Hard to explain though.”

“Huh,” I said thoughtfully.

“So, it’s a pretty big issue,” she said, “and there’s really only a few ways to take care of getting a little.”

“Kidnapping one off of the street I guess was one?” I asked her. “That’s what had happened to a couple of them today?”

She nodded, “It’s less common now though, since there are fewer and fewer free littles for one to grab.”

“I’m guessing from an article I read back home there are some sort of orphanages that you also can adopt from?”

She grimaced at that one, “That’s the worst way in my opinion,” she said.

“How so?”

“Those littles are altered through surgery, nanites, and other ways to be the best most compliant littles they can be for their new mothers.”

“I take it they’re not gentle with them?” I saw her arterial vein on her neck throb a bit with her anger.

“No… I’ve had to clean up more than a few messes from them at the hospital,” she said.

“And the last is to find some sucker that will agree to come here from my dimension?”

She looked pained, but said, “To a degree that’s correct…”

“And in my case?”

She sighed and blinked away some tears, “I guess my mom was right, I should have just thrown you into the deep end, diapered, put you in a crib, and generally just babied you… but I can’t do that to you.”


She smirked, “Well, definitely could, nothing’s stopping me. Certainly nothing you can do.”

“What about the contract I have with Portal Relocations?”

“The one that says I determine if you’re an adult and capable of using that clause to come home?”

“That’s probably why she kept it out of my hands after that…” I moaned, “I’ll be honest towards the end I worried about fine print but I’d been signing and initially so much after one-hundred pages I got sloppy for a few pages… She claimed she’d get me a hard copy but didn’t give it to me until I was already there to leave.”

“Normal,” she told me, “otherwise smart people like you wouldn’t come…”

I sighed, “So what happens now?”

“Good question,” she told me to my surprise.

“You don’t know?” I asked.

“I know what I want to do, I know what my heart wants me to do, and I know what I think is right…”


“So, first of all let’s be honest here, you are my adopted daughter legally as of now. I am your mother and have all rights to decide what you do…”


“Not fair?” She finished. “No, I admit it’s not, but it’s the way life will be for you now.”

I grimaced, “Okay, so you’re my mommy now… that’s weird, but you’re right, nothing I can do about it I...” I thought, ‘I saw more than enough beatings today to know arguing won’t help…’

She actually smiled as I used that word, “So as a new mommy I have six weeks of paid maternity leave,” she told me, “and... during that time let’s figure out if we can have a good relationship?”

I stared at her for a moment and shrugged, “It’s not like I have much of a choice here.”

She looked at me, “You may not now - but you did before… Why did you come? I mean you’re obviously shocked to see what you’ve seen today, but you clearly weren’t totally surprised by it?”

“There was enough information out there that no… I’m not surprised by it. It was always a possibility after what I’d read… Just more the shock of seeing it… well really the shock of everything today. It’s a wonder I haven’t lost it completely…” I admitted.

“So, why come here? You yourself said you had a good life?”

“Except it wasn’t a great life. I’ll admit I’ve been lonely… Same as you with your career. You don’t make it as far in medicine as both of us have, without a lot of work. It’s easy to forget to have a relationship while you are still young enough to meet people.”

She nodded, “I do understand that, so…?”

“So, I’ll be honest, with everything going to hell in my world… I took one look at you and thought maybe I’d find someone I could connect with.”

“You came…”

“Because of you, and the obvious care you have for your patients. I came to learn and practice medicine here …” I gave a small smile, “but also something about you fascinated me more than any other woman has… and I guess I gambled.” I paused, “Guess I lost…”

She grimaced at that and shook her head, “Maybe not?”

“I don’t see how this cannot be a loss?”

She looked at me, “Look, I can’t lie to you and say things are going to go according to the plan we might have told you… but I will promise you that I will care for you as my own daughter in every way I can… And if that means maybe letting you be a bit more grown-up than some littles, well I can live with that.”


“So how about this, we use this six-weeks and figure out where our boundaries can be? Maybe you could be willing to try a few things out… and I’ll do my best not to smother you completely?”

“Like what things?” I asked.

“Well for one I’ll let you use your potty as long as you can make it reliably? Let’s say no more than three wet accidents or one poopy one per week?”

I looked at her a little incredulously, “I don’t have accidents?”

“I know you didn’t have them back in your world…” she paused, “Even though we have a hard time believing that - but, I could see by your mattress being clean that you are being honest. That being said, most littles who come through the portal don’t maintain as good of control here?”

“And if I do have those accidents?”

“Then there’s no use pretending that training panties will do any good? As it is, I think any accident will leak badly through that pull-up because it fits you so loosely.”

“So, I’ll…”

“So, at that point it’ll be back to diapers,” she told me. “Tell you what to make it fair I’m not going to count sleeping accidents against you either though.”

“You expect me to wet the bed?” I asked a little incredulously.

“Maybe not, but if you do, I can hardly fault you on something that would be completely normal at your size? No one should ever be punished for bedwetting in my opinion.”

“Okay I guess… deal…” I looked up at her, “What else is expected of me?”

She sighed, “Well we already talked about my name in public… and I’m sure you’ve figured out that the car seats and high chairs are going to be normal. I’ll probably also alternate between using a stroller and maybe a harness or sling to carry you sometimes when we’re out.”

“Probably safer that way,” I admitted, “Every one of you are that crazy about needing a ‘baby?’” I asked.

She nodded, “pretty much, it goes away a bit in intensity after menopause.”

“So… how safe am I from someone picking me up and running off with me?”

“Depending on where you’re at that could vary, but I did have a microchip implanted in you to help identify you as my daughter.”

“Like a dog?” I hissed a little angrily.

She nodded, “Sorry, but it’s the only way to make sure you stay safe if someone takes you to an orphanage or tries to illegally adopt you out. It’s also law that any portal littles have one inserted upon adoption.”

“Where’s it at?”

“The fatty area in your right butt cheek,” she told me. “I made sure they put it in while you were still out earlier. A lot of people wait until you’re conscious so you can be aware of the pain, but I didn’t want to do that to you.”

“Thanks… I think,” I said while rubbing my butt. Not that I could feel it through the diaper cover and the Pull-Up. “What about… what can I do during the day?”

“Well for the next few weeks let’s figure that out. I was honest though that I will be taking you with me to the hospital… Just that I’m planning on leaving you in the daycare while I’m working…”


“It won’t be that bad. You won’t be the only little there… and I’ll make sure that I send some activities for you to do that will keep you busy.”

“I doubt that… but I guess let’s see what your time off brings…” I yawned then.


“Sort of but not… My adrenaline, and flight or fight response is definitely active right now,” I told her honestly, “I’m sure I’ll crash eventually, and hard, but right now I’m pretty alert.”

“I guess if I was confronted by giants and told everything you have, I probably would be the same…” she told me. “How about we get you into a set of pajamas and ready for bed… but sit here on the couch and watch some TV?”

I nodded, “I guess that could work.”

She picked me up and gave me a hug, “I’m sorry I lied to you, but I hope we can make this work Holly.”

I sighed and squeezed my arms back as much as I could, “I hope so too.”

She carried me back to my room and watched as I dug through my belongings and found my toothbrush and toothpaste. The rest of the stuff I had brought to shave and the deodorant didn’t really seem appropriate then. I was sure she wouldn’t want me to smell like a man like the shower gel I had brought and just decided that was enough. “Got your toothbrush?” She asked.

“Yes, could you help me reach the sink?” I asked with my face red as she followed me to the bathroom.

A second later she was holding me to make sure I didn’t fall over as I brushed my teeth over the sink. My toothbrush didn’t feel the same in my smaller mouth and I think she must have figured that out. “That toothbrush too big for you?”

I sighed, “I probably need a smaller one,” I admitted as I spit out the toothpaste.

“We’ll find you one tomorrow,” she told me. “It’s actually odd to me that you all still use that antiquated method of cleaning your teeth…”


“I’ll show you tomorrow.” She gently held a small cup to her that was like a large solo cup to me to take water and rinse my mouth out. “Why don’t you use the potty really quick and then we’ll get you in your jammies.”

I sat down and used the potty to go pee before standing up and washing my hands with her help. She cleaned out the potty really quickly and then after cleaning her hands led me down to my bedroom. “Let me go get some of your new pajamas,” she said before leaving the room.

As I was left alone, I couldn’t help but notice she’d put some work in making the room look like home with my diplomas, awards, and even pictures of my deceased parents hanging by my bed. I looked at mom and felt a tear go down my cheek, “I’m sorry you’re probably disappointed in me Mom… I just had to try something…”

A knock on the door reminded me of Ivy’s presence. I looked up at her and saw she had the diaper bag with her too. “What’s that for?” I asked her as she knelt down next to me and laid out the changing pad.

“I told you I wouldn’t count nighttime accidents, right?” she asked.

I nodded.

“Well if I’m not counting them, I’d at least like to know if you do have them… well that you’ll not get your bed wet?”

I sighed, “So that’s what the Pull-Up is already for?”

“I really don’t think it’ll work that well with it sagging like it is already? Would you consider wearing a regular diaper at night… at least for a week? I won’t make you wear them at night after that if you can stay dry?”

“Not like I’d have much choice if I wanted to say no,” I huffed, but went ahead and walked over to her. She undid the bow and zipper on the dress before lifting it over my head.

As she sat it to the side I asked, “Umm… why do most littles seem to have breasts…”

“And you’re as flat as a normal toddler?” She asked while pushing me to lay on my back on the pad and kneeling on the ground in front of me. “Because I have seen a lot of people pick on littles to get a rise out of them… but if they think you might be an actual baby, they’ll treat you better… So, I had them make your body look like an actual baby in appearance.” She paused, “Well mostly - you’re a bit skinnier than you should be, but I imagine that’s either genetic or will change after a few weeks of diet changes.”

I looked up at her as she lifted my legs and pulled the Pull-Up and diaper cover off in one go leaving me completely naked and vulnerable as she sat them to the side. She reached into the bag and pulled out a baby diaper and flipped it outward to open it up before lifting my legs and setting it under me. I thought she would go ahead and close it but she reached instead for some baby powder that she sprinkled on my groin and rubbed into me.

The feeling of someone touching me down there made me squirm and cringe. I was ticklish and as she rubbed it in there and my bottom I couldn’t help but giggle and twitch. She smirked after lifting my legs up to powder my butt too and taped the diaper. A baby wipe in her hands, she immediately asked, “You’re ticklish aren’t you?”

My eyes were as big as saucers as I tried to lie, “Na...Na… No…”

She took that moment to let her fingers dance around my stomach for several moments and I couldn’t help myself but laugh uncontrollably until she stopped. “Please…”

She laughed, “It’s nice to see you smile and laugh, even if I had to tickle it out of you,” she told me. She pulled a nightshirt over my head that said ‘Princess Adorable’ and was covered in castles and princess caricatures. I looked at it and felt really weird wearing it and a diaper.

“Well, would you like something to drink while we watch TV?” She asked.

I shrugged, “Some water?”

“Water coming right up,” she said and I followed her out of the room and to the kitchen where she filled up the sippy cup I’d used earlier and then led me to the couch. She picked me up and sat me in her lap as she fiddled through channels before settling on some sort of medical drama that reminded me of Gray’s Anatomy. There were littles being treated at times, but absolutely none that were doctors I noted sourly. During two commercial breaks I watched three diaper commercials in a row that were specifically about diapers for littles. I noticed as I watched something felt a little off for me, but I couldn’t place it. I managed to stay awake for most of the episode, but must have fallen asleep before the end as I couldn’t recall the details later.

THE NEXT MORNING Ivy watch as her little Holly slept, not quite ready to get her up for the new day. Her cute little snores as she slept with her mouth open just made her heart melt. She wanted to fill that mouth with a pacifier, but was going to hold off for a while on that step... She was going to try and bring her little girl from adulthood to babyhood one step at a time to avoid the shock of everything overwhelming her.

Quietly she closed the door and walked across the hallway through the living room and to the master bedroom side of the house. She’d loved the open floor-plan of the five-bedroom ranch style house when she bought it. The best part to her right now was that the master bedroom was on the other side of the house from the guest bedrooms, and adjacent to it was Holly’s real room - her nursery. Quietly she unlocked the door and closed it behind her, before getting set up for draining her full breasts.

She sat down in the rocking chair and made sure everything was clean before pressing a button on the pump to begin. She watched as a bag of milk filled slowly before replacing it with another empty bag and switching sides.

For now, she was just stock-piling and freezing most of her milk since Holly would need a supply at daycare, or if she was being babysat. ‘Although I know I nursed more than a few of the littles I babysat…’ she admitted to herself. The ‘Bigs’ lactation reflex was something that had been studied for a long while by doctors. She personally hypothesized that it had to be inversely proportional to the possibility of having their own kids. Her mother and others who had children naturally never seemed to struggle as badly with leaking breasts outside of childbirth!

For Ivy, ever since she started puberty at age twelve, even looking at a cute little sitting in a desk across the way meant leaking breasts. She blushed as she remembered a science class one time. One of her little classmates had just been forced to wear diapers again due to some made up accident by a bitch of a girl she herself hated. Not allowed to use a bathroom anymore he’d wet it for the first time in class and begun crying. Almost instantly her milk had let down for the first time and soaked her bra and shirt… She sighed as the pump pulled milk out and dreamed of the day sometime soon it would be Holly sucking from her instead of the pump she’d had to use frequently ever since that day.

She looked around at the beautiful nursery she had prepared for her little girl. She noticed she could probably bring the crib level up a bit since Holly was so much shorter than she had expected. The closet and the diaper stacker were empty at the moment, since her mom hadn’t had a chance to bring the replacement clothes and diapers yet. ‘That reminds me, I’d better buy some more diapers for nighttime while we’re out, I only have a few left…’

The pump finished with her second mammary and she began cleaning up before taking the two new bags to the pantry room and adding them to her stockpile in the small deep-freezer. Looking inside she could see nearly thirty of the bags already inside and made a decision that these two would just go into the fridge instead. ‘Maybe at lunch tomorrow?’ she thought to herself, ‘It’ll be good for a few days there…’

She returned to the nursery and made sure everything was back as it should be. She ran her hand over the pretty pink and green blanket was neatly folded over the crib rail. ‘Soon,’ she thought to herself. ‘I have Holly, and now it won’t be long before I have her in here…’

I WOKE UP and stretched out on my bed. I loved the mattress set I had splurged on last year. ‘So much better than that hotel bed!’ I was grateful that the journey to storage, and then the new dimension, didn’t seem to hurt it any! I rolled over and looked around for something to show me the time. Finding nothing obvious I walked to where my backpack was and dug out my phone. It uselessly displayed that there was no signal and I groaned with the 3pm time it showed since I forgot the days in this dimension were longer and that clock would just get more wrong every day.

‘What’s that make it, nine in the morning?’ I wondered as I rolled over and took the larger jump down. The bed had shrunk some on the journey, but definitely not as much as I had. I looked back at how it stood higher than my waist and shook my head. ‘Whatever the native options are in my size, I’m sure an adult style bed isn’t one of them.’ I walked to the door and noticed that it had been shut last night. I strained to reach up to the door handle and couldn’t grab it without jumping. I was just about to do so when the door handle turned and the door opened inward, almost hitting me.

Luckily, I just stepped back quickly enough, “Good morning Holly, I wasn’t expecting you to be standing there!”

“Morning,” I muttered back and tried to smile. I had never been a morning person, so I struggled to maintain it.

“How did you sleep?” she asked as she bent down to talk to me at my level.

“Good, I’m so glad I finally have my own bed back!” I told her with a smile, “Those hotel mattresses have been terrible!”

“I can imagine…” she said, “I can barely take a couple days in a hotel, let alone the time you’ve been in them!”

With that she unexpectedly pulled up on the front of my nightgown and exposed the diaper I was wearing. “What are you doing?” I asked with a yelp.

“Just checking to see how you did through the night Holly,” she said as she let the nightgown go back down. “All dry!”

“Of course, I’m dry,” I grumbled, “I haven’t given you any signs of not being potty trained, have I?”

“Other than your size? No,” she smiled at me, “but I’m guessing you do need to use the potty from how long you slept!” She led me to the bathroom next door to the room.

I went to pull down my underwear but was reminded by the impossible tapes on the diaper the second I tried one. “Can you please take this off?” I sighed.

“Of course!” she said with a smile and easily undid the tape on each side so I could sit down on the training potty. I began releasing urine as I watched her ball the dry diaper up and placed it in the bathroom trash can.

I really did need to urgently go. It was an odd feeling of my new parts letting out urine that lasted for quite a while. “Really needed to go, huh?” she asked as she invaded my space and wiped my parts for me.

I blushed but nodded, “Yeah, I guess so.” I stood up and watched as she completed the ritual of cleaning it out.

“Why don’t we get you dressed and then you can have some of the pancakes I just made!” she smiled at me.

“Never let it be said I turned down food,” I genuinely smiled back. We walked back to my adjacent room. I put on the offered Pull-Up and then looked at the clothes options she showed me. Anything that wasn’t a dress looked like it had snaps everywhere that would have to be undone when I needed to go to the restroom. As much as I was most certainly not happy about my new status as a girl, I sighed and pointed to a short-sleeved dress that was blue with white stripes. There was a small butterfly on the chest, but otherwise was one of the least juvenile options she showed me. I was able to just pull it on like a t-shirt since it didn’t have a zipper.

“You want the matching bloomers?” Ivy asked me.

I nodded, “Please,” I told her and soon had them on in an attempt to hide the faux underwear I was wearing.

“Ready for breakfast then?” she asked.

“What about my hair?” I asked and for the first time realized it had been pulled back into a braid. “I guess now that I have long hair something will have to be done with it?”

“I’ll help you with it after breakfast,” she told me with a smile. “You slept right through me putting it in that braid last night.”

I ignored the implication that I could sleep through things happening to me and instead looked at the high chair she sat me down in. There were shoulder straps that she guided my arms into, “Do I really need these?” I asked her as I soon felt like I was just as trapped as I did in the car seat.

She sighed, “Look there are some rules we sort of went over last night, but one thing you need to be aware of is that the adoption agency will send out people to inspect your care. They told me that one of the things that sets off flags is if littles are being allowed to just sit in furniture without the safety features being used.”

“What would happen if they saw you weren’t?” I asked as she slid the white tray in place over my lap.

“Well I’d probably get a warning to begin with, then they might demand I treat you differently… or they might even remove you from my care.”

“And send me home?” I asked, trying not to sound hopeful.

She shook her head, “Usually it means to another family that’s contracted their services… or I’ve heard it can be a placement at an etiquette school.”

I gulped while thinking about that conversation about them we had the night before as she brought a bib over. She velcroed it around my neck without asking to do so. “You know I’m not really a baby?” I told her as she was cutting up a huge pancake in front of me a moment later. “I could cut up my own food…”

“For the same reason I just mentioned that wouldn’t be a good idea,” she told me, “but also… well hold this knife for a second,” she told me as she put the large butter knife in my hands. As I held it, I couldn’t help but note that it was like holding a large machete to my small frame size. It even felt pretty heavy to me. “Not exactly an easy thing for you to use now?” She suggested kindly.

“Do they make little size silverware?” I asked as I handed the knife back.

She held up a plastic spork in response, “Mostly sporks or spoons in sizes you can use,” she answered me as she placed the plate on my tray and handed me the spork. “You want syrup?”

“Duh?” I said with a smirk. “You can’t have pancakes without it, can you?”

She shook her head, “I suppose not, plus from what I understand you littles have a bigger thing about sweets than we do…”

I watched and encouraged her to pour enough syrup on the plate and began to stab the pieces with the spork as best I could. It was a terrible utensil to eat a pancake with… and it was a good thing the bib was on because I definitely slammed two pieces into my chest as they fell from it. I did my best to eat neatly, but inevitably had syrup around my mouth and on my hands as Ivy asked, “Done?”

“Yes, that was really good!”

A moment later I was annoyed as she had a baby wipe in hand and pretty forcefully cleaned at my face and hands. “I could just wash in the bathroom you know…” I told her.

“This is easier though,” she told me with a smile. “Make sure you drink at least some of that juice there,” she told me motioning to the sippy cup that I had barely touched.

I sighed but sipped from the babyish sippy cup while she moved about the kitchen cleaning the dishes. I couldn’t identify the fruit in the juice, but it was sweet and tasted sort of like apple juice. When she was done putting the plates and everything in a dishwasher she came back and removed my bib. “Let’s get your hair done?” she suggested as she pulled the tray off the chair.


“You know this chair is probably as easy of a place for me to do your hair as any, I’m going to go grab a brush and some other things. I’ll be right back.” I watched her turn and leave, and then looked down at where the harness gathered the five points into a buckle. I didn’t mess with it even though I was curious if I could unbuckle it myself. As I looked down at my bare feet, I noticed the skin on my feet and legs definitely looked smoother than they had before I came. The skin itself looked like a young baby’s so much that I curiously pulled my foot up to look at it more. I couldn’t help but be amazed by the flexibility I had now. I could bring it all the way up to my head and noticed there were no calluses or any of the little scars I had gotten one summer from cutting my feet open on some shells on a beach vacation.

I was still looking at my foot as Ivy came in with a small box of things and a large hair brush. “Your foot interesting?” She asked curiously.

“Noticing that all my scars are gone,” I said pointing to clear skin, “when I was seven, I cut my foot badly here with a shell at the beach and had two curved scars here before I came.”

She nodded at me as she sat the box down beside me and turned the chair to run parallel to the table, “One of the treatments I asked for was a skin renewal… I hope you don’t mind?” She asked tentatively.

I sighed, “The scar wasn’t something that defined me, so it’s fine.”

She stepped behind me and fiddled with whatever tied the back of the braid to get it loose. She was gentle as she took a wide comb and a brush slowly through my hair. It actually felt nice as she did so and I closed my eyes for a moment nearly purring. She stopped for a moment and I noticed that my hair was brushing my shoulders, “If you asked for my face to look like a baby’s… why is my hair so long?”

She came around and blushed, “Well… I always dreamed of having a little girl whose hair I could play with?”

“You know they make baby dolls if that’s all you needed…” I groaned.

“I know… but do you really want to have hair that’s barely covering your head still?”

I shook my head, “No… but aren’t I going to stand out as a little in spite of everything else you had done?”

“No, I can just say that you have faster than normal hair growth. It happens occasionally!” she smiled at me. “Now, Pony or piggy’s today?”

I stared at her blankly for a moment too long as I tried to interpret her odd question before she said, “I guess I get to pick piggy’s then!” The look on her face was one of indescribably joy… like a little girl whose biggest dream of a doll had come true at Christmas time. My hair was soon being gathered and tied back behind my head. Something else felt odd that she attached and I guessed I had matching ribbons tied into my hair. She finally stepped back around and asked, “Ready to see?”

I shrugged, “Okay,” I told her as she unbuckled the harness and lifted me into the air. A walk to the bathroom was made and I stared at the image in front of me in disbelief.

‘Not only do I look like a girl, but I probably look like I belong on the cover of some magazine about pretty toddlers…’ I thought to myself. My hair wasn’t all that fancy with the two loose pigtails at the top of my head popping up and hanging down. The large bows that she had tied around the bases of the pigtails were blue and white, with stripes, that matched the dress I wore. I couldn’t help but note that the bows seemed to be perfectly tied and made me look like the girliest little toddler on the planet.

“Don’t you look adorable?” she asked me.

I nodded, “I’m not sure that I like it, but adorable definitely fits the image in front of me.”

She frowned a little but said, “While we’re in here why don’t you go potty really quick?”

I nodded as she sat me down and I pulled my underwear down and did my business. Cleaned up with her unwanted help I stood up when she was done. “I guess I never showed you the house before?” She said.

I shook my head, “No, it wasn’t on the list yesterday I guess.”

“Can I pick you up and give you the tour?” She asked.

I sighed, but held up my arms to her. It was quickly becoming apparent that she really did just want a little to be her living baby doll - the same as every other crazy person here. I wasn’t sure what was restraining her from just treating me like those other littles yesterday, but I wasn’t going to rock the boat and make my situation instantly suck more! She held me underneath my padded butt on her hip a second later, and walked down to the door next to my room. “This is my office,” she said with a smile revealing a room with a huge desk, computer screen as large as I was, and shelves of books.

Most of them looked like medical books and I really wanted to read all of them. “You have an impressive collection,” I said in awe.

“Well one of my foibles has always been that I like a real book in my hand… and I read way too much. I have just been collecting non stop since before college,” she said with a bit of a blush.

“Can I read them?”

She laughed, “I don’t see why that would be a problem, but please be careful with them.” I looked at the titles as she stood near them for a second before she walked back out to the hallway. She walked to the next door and showed me inside, “Just a guest bedroom in here in case I have guests… it never happens really since my parents live so close, but occasionally I’ll have a college friend visit or something.”

I looked in at a nicely decorated, but otherwise pretty spartan bedroom with a bed as gigantic as her own taking up the middle of the room. She closed the door and pointed, “You already know that’s the garage there.”

I nodded quietly, “You have a big house for one person.”

She squeezed me then, “I HAD a big house for one person, now I have a big house for two people!”

I did smile at that as I looked up at her. She walked back to the living room and dining area. I noticed for the first time the massive piano that was probably a baby grand to her. “I like your piano,” I told her. “I enjoyed your playing on the first video you sent me.”

She smiled at me, “Well I’ll have to play some more for you sometime! I don’t see any way you would be able to play on it with your size or I would teach you,” she told me sympathetically.

I shrugged, “It’s okay,” and watched as she turned towards her bedroom. There was a door to the left of her room, “What’s that one?” I asked.

“Just a storage closet,” she said a little oddly. Seeing as how she didn’t open it for me I didn’t necessarily believe her, but I kept it to myself as she finished showing me her huge bathroom.

“What’s the outside like?” I asked curious.

“Let’s go see,” she said and carried me through the front door. Her yard was nice with neat flower beds lining the walkways of the house, and a couple large trees towards the front of the expansive yard. I found myself losing track of the height as I stared upwards at the immense trees.

“Is this big by your standards?” I asked her.

“It’s comfortable, most people would be quite happy to live in a house this size,” she said, “including me. You want to see the backyard or do you want to get our shopping trip out of the way first?”

I didn’t really care about her backyard so I said, “get shopping out of the way I guess?”

“Let’s go use your potty really quickly and then we’ll go.”

“You’re going to use it too?” I joked to her.

She looked a bit stunned at the joke, “well… umm... I am cleaning it after you use it?”

I sighed and let her carry me to the bathroom. She sat me down and I went just a little bit before saying, “That’s all I have.”

“That’s fine,” she said as she wiped me and stood me up. “Go meet me by the garage door, I’ll be there in a sec,” she told me.

I looked up at her as she walked away and just decided to follow her direction to wait for her.

‘I don’t know what game she’s playing,’ I couldn’t help but think to myself. ‘It’s almost worse that she’s trying to pretend to treat me nicely... I feel like I’m going to be forever waiting for the other shoe to drop right now! She’s already changed my gender, I would be considered a child's height even back home right now. I already know there’s no way I’ll be practicing surgery here…’

I sighed, ‘I like her though… There's something about her that I really do feel comfortable with, and it's not like I had a job to be practicing surgery back home right now either…’

IVY GATHERED A spare outfit, a couple more pull-ups, and a spare diaper for Holly’s diaper bag. She also made sure she threw in her sippy cup with the juice that she had for safety while they were out. ‘Can’t be too careful in some places…’

‘I want Holly to regress… but I don’t want a mindless drooling little…’

She made sure again she had her list of things they needed and found Holly waiting where she’d told her to. “Upsy daisy,” she said as she picked her up and then opened the garage door.

The car seat she initially bought was a really nice one, but she hadn’t planned on a little small enough to need a rear-facing infant seat. So instead of the nice toddler car seat she’d bought, the day before she had to settle with what PR had on hand. ‘We should get another nice one today,’ she thought as she lay her back down and quickly did the harness buckles around her to lock her into the safety of her seat.

“You good?” She asked Holly.

“Yes,” she said with a squirm, “I guess… this is really embarrassing.”

Her face was such a beautiful red as she said that and it matched her hair nicely. She laughed, “I know, but you’ll get used to it – and everyone else is only going to think about how adorable you are! We don’t have to go far,” she said as she closed the door and walked to the driver’s side to get in. Soon they were off towards town and she debated on where to go first. ‘Probably should wait to go to Fionas until after she’s in diapers full time…’ she mused. ‘I guess we’ll just go to LS, we can get everything we need there.’

She looked up at the backseat through the rearview mirror at the stoplight she was at and instantly added something to list, ‘Need to switch out that mirror for a video screen to look at her in the back… probably would be good for her to be able to see me too… I know Mace has something for her little like that!’

I SAT BORED while Ivy navigated through the city streets, and I contemplated just what my future was going to be here in this world. There was literally nothing for me to do as she drove, and I realized for that again my feet had still not been covered in shoes or socks.

“Umm… Mommy?” I almost gagged on calling her that.

“Yes Holly,” I heard her respond.

“I don’t have any shoes or socks on again…”

“That’s so you can blend in better Holly,” she told me. “For your safety I’m not going to be putting you down to walk in the stores we’ll be in today,” she added.

“Will I ever be able to wear shoes?” I asked, a little annoyed.

“Sorry, I only picked up that one set of dress shoes you wore yesterday. They’re pretty, but I don’t think you’d want to walk around in them. We’ll look for some better shoes today.”

Right then a light dinged on in my head. “Oh… why didn’t you have any clothing for me? You had done everything else for me already in my room though?” I decided to see if I could get some more intel from her right then.


“You knew you were changing me into a girl after all,” I pushed with as neutral of a voice as I could use. ‘Pissing her off is not wise,’ I reminded myself.

I heard her sigh, “You’re right, I did have a whole set of clothes for you, but unfortunately even though I had a range of clothes for you I missed by six months even on the smallest of sizes I guessed on.”

“Oh,” I said.

“My mom took everything back for us yesterday to most of the stores, but today I figured we’d start trying to fill in those gaps some more.”

“Where at?” I asked as I felt the car come to a stop and heard her turn off the engine.

“Here at Little Superstore first,” she told me. “Give me a second and I’ll be around to get you out,” she told me.

I didn’t wait long and I was on her hip as she carried me into a store that seemed to span an endless block like an IKEA store back home. I felt her feel my Pull-Up right then, “You’re dry, do you need to go potty before we go shopping?”

“Umm… I just went?” I said.

“It’s a big store,” she told me.

Thinking about the limited three strikes that I had I decided to play it safe, “I don’t think I need to go, but I’ll try?”

“Good girl,” she said, giving me a small hug. I sat patiently on her hip as she walked straight into a women’s restroom. It was unlike any I’d ever seen before as I looked around though and saw a huge row of twelve changing stations immediately as we walked in. ‘Free Diaper Samples’ with bright advertisements were given in cabinets next to the stations. I looked and saw a half dozen adults in various states of being changed into new diapers.

One little was screaming his head off, “I’m not a goddamn baby, or a girl!!! Let me go you fucking bitch!!!!” at the lady that was manhandling the screaming little.

“You should spank the daylights out of his and be done with it,” one mother snarked nearby while holding her little girls’ ears closed against his tirade.

“Or at least stuff a lockable pacifier in his mouth?” Another added.

The lady responded, “I don’t believe in spankings, but believe me he’ll be punished as soon as we get this dress on him. I’m going to take him to the clinic and we’ll get rid of those teeth and immobilize his tongue there.”

At that I saw the man stopped struggling, “Please no…”

“Then we’re going to remove that ugly thing…” I heard the man sob then.

Ivy carried me at that point though further in and I looked agape at four tiny toilets sitting out in front of me along the wall.

There were no stalls or barriers around them, but they were mini toilets complete with handles to flush. “Let’s try just to be safe,” she told me. She shocked me as she just pulled my underwear down and sat me on the small potty. I could feel eyes from several moms standing around looking at me. I blushed but pushed out a surprising amount of urine right then into the waiting bowl. As I sat there, I couldn’t help but notice that the seat was still a little high for me and my feet still didn’t reach the ground. It wasn’t nearly as tall as an adult toilet here though.

“Good girl!” Ivy practically sang to me as she wiped me and pulled my pants back up.

“Isn’t that adorable,” one lady said to her little. “How old is she?” she asked Ivy.

“Twenty-months,” she responded as she brought me to the sink to wash my hands.

The lady looked at her adult little she’d just sat on the changing table, “Twenty-months and already a bigger girl than you, huh? You couldn’t even make it an hour without pooping those panties you claimed you normally wore!”

The poor woman just sobbed right then and I put my head into Ivy’s chest to hide from it. “You are training a little early with her though, aren’t you?” the woman asked as Ivy turned on the water and she pulled a skirt out of her way.

“Maybe, but she’s been telling me when she needs to go and been dry at night a couple times. We’re going to try the Pull-Ups for a couple weeks. If she gets it great! If not, we’ll go back to diapees again for awhile.”

“Well we’re going to be back in diapees with this little girl for a looong while,” the lady cooed at the woman as she exposed a poop covered rear end by cutting away a pair of panties she was wearing with some scissors.

“Have a good day,” Ivy said and carried me out of there.

Once back at the entrance way, and when no one was around, I whispered, “She thought I…?”

“Yes, she thought you were a regular baby, not a little. As far as anyone is concerned today, we’re just shopping for my adopted niece.” I was placed into a cart with a simple belt around me. I noted that there were many carts with far more elaborate restraints that she could have chosen. She found an elevator and pushed me inside with the cart and we rode to a second story.

As she exited I saw to my left was a massive map of the store that seemed to take a long journey through an elaborate route like an IKEA store. ‘Different though… since it’s instead a journey through a massive over the top giant baby land…’ She pushed the cart forward to the first area which demonstrated different styles of nurseries, playrooms, and even large-scale outdoor play equipment. Everything an Amazon would need to design their perfect fantasy nursery was present in dozens of little model showrooms. I saw as we passed that there were options to buy full rooms, or just scan the individual items with a phone as we traveled. I could tell that one room in particular caught Ivy’s eyes.

The walls were painted in a pale green color with pink and purple butterfly decor used around the room. A crib, that seemed massive to me, dominated one corner of the room along with a changing table loaded with diapers. I could see from the way that Ivy lingered that this would likely be the decor for any nursery she put together. ‘Assuming she hasn’t already bought it all,’ I admitted to myself. As we continued, I watched a woman sit down in the rocking chair in one room, and pull her breast out to nurse her little who was crying. Her high pitched cry sounded just like a newborn babies, even though the woman looked closer to thirty. ‘That didn’t sound like acting…’ I thought to myself and wondered again about the procedures the article mentioned had nearly happened to their source.

She wound further into the maze, and I found the next section featured displays of robotic caregivers being used to give demonstrations. ‘Parents’ were using their real littles with them to test the machines in front of other potential customers. One such little’s eyes were opened wide in terror as we passed, and I heard an almost realistic woman's voice say, “constipation detected, treating…”

I turned and watched some weird mechanical octopus arm come forth and dart towards the little man who screamed ‘no!!!’ even as it slid underneath his diaper. What made it worse was the woman saying to her husband, “Look, you won’t have to do anything when I’m gone for next month now, it’ll take care of his every need…”

I found myself wanting to get away from there as quickly as we could! The section continued with mechanical cribs, crazy swings, and even more of the full-size robotic nannies were on display. I was so glad when Ivy pushed past that section of insanity a few moments later without even stopping to glance at any of the items. She seemed to sense my distress because she patted my head and said, “I know those things are scary huh? Don’t worry we won’t be buying any of that stuff for your niece.”

If I’d hoped it would be better in the next section, I soon learned I was most assuredly wrong.

IVY LOOKED AT Holly in the cart and wished she knew she could get her to take a pacifier or something right then. She was so nervous, and obviously terrified, by the robots in the previous section of the store.

‘Not that I blame her…’ she shuddered.

One time in medical school three rivals of hers had played a nasty prank on her. They had lured her to the mechanical nursery part of the pediatric ward saying one of their professors needed to show her something unusual. Somehow, they had programmed one of the nannies to think that she was a little under her charge. They’d laughed and watched the video from a distance as she had endured two hours of the torture the nanny had inflicted. Out of all of the things she walked by just now, the worst was probably the enema she’d seen the one poor little getting. Her own gait shifted uncomfortably right then at the memory of one being stuck inside of her during that time.

Luckily for her a professor had caught onto what was going on and released her from the nursery. She’d had to wear diapers for nearly three months afterwards though, due to the treatments the nanny had given her to weaken her bladder and bowels!

Her rivals hadn’t been so lucky though. The three of them had gone before the ethics board and were stripped of their spots at the school. Immediately they were ordered ‘shrunk’ and to attend ‘remedial’ schooling down the road at an etiquette school. Last she knew all of them had adopted parents that took them to a mechanical nursery every day for daycare!

Not that she’d ever gloat about it…

The next section of the store was one she wished didn’t have to be right after the mechanical section. It didn’t help that it was a larger section of the store than it had any right to be.


Chapter 8:

I DID EVERYTHING I could not to shake in terror at the sights around me. The store that had begun with displaying mockups of the most beautiful and loving nurseries that could be dreamed up. Now it had quickly moved to someone’s nightmarish fantasies.

Those displays proudly featured different types of ‘restraints’ as we walked under an arch that separated this part of the store from the mechanical section. Everything from handcuffs, straight jackets, leashes, and even dog collars. The color of lighting was adjusted now with lots of red spotlights tinting all of the shelves and products red. I saw one woman was trying those terrible things on a shaking woman there as Ivy pushed through. The little cried as she kept trying different sized collars on her! My stomach lurched then at the thought of something like that around my neck. Another row featured paddles, canes, super-sized spoons, ‘weighted’ hair brushes, old fashioned stick ‘switches,’ and to my horror, even whips and cattails were proudly displayed as demo units. Gags and other ways to truss someone up, hang them up, and… it took everything for me not to throw up.

To her credit Ivy moved faster through that section than any other so far!

When she finished there was a massive color change to white for the décor and lighting, and everything became about nursing mothers. From a large section of maternity bras, to pumps, to pillows, there was nothing but breastfeeding products for the next large section of the store. Thankfully Ivy skipped that area as well and pushed past a section of baby bottles, pacifiers, and other feeding accessories. There was a whole selection of high chairs lined up in multiple aisles across the aisle from them. I recognized the one at her house, seeing the advertising that it came with two covers and colors of their choice. I noted it could have been purple or pink instead as she passed by.

She stopped on a nearby aisle with colorful plastic plates, bowls, and cutlery. “See, no knives,” she whispered to me, “but let me get a few forks?” she suggested when she saw some silicone forks in a package with cute characters on the handles.

I smiled as that would help at least a little with not making as much of a mess! One aisle over she grabbed a few more sippy cups like I had been already been using. I noticed she took a long stare at the baby bottles and pacifiers on the rows too, but she continued past them to where there was a small selection of electronic baby toothbrushes. She grabbed one of the main units, two different sizes of head attachments, along with two types of toothpaste. She threw all of that into the cart before walking on.

I was greeted with walls of diapers on both sides of me. The store the day before had a large selection, but it had nothing on this place! Ivy didn’t stop long enough for me to really look, but it seemed like there was an endless selection for ‘parents’ to decide on. The first shelves had ‘crawler diapers’ that I would have thought at first just meant they were designed to move and protect crawling babies from leaking.

A look at some large digital signage set me straight though. ‘Little Superstore has the BEST crawler diapers to ensure that your Little one will be crawling safely just as a good baby should.’ A video of an adult woman in a short t-shirt and one of their diapers was shown crawling on the floor after several attempts to stand and walk on her legs. The diaper looked gigantic and forced her legs into a wide stance, and apparently blocked her from gaining her balance when she attempted to stand. Her toothless drooling face was all smiles though as her ‘mommy’ watched her continue to crawl to her instead. The mom picked her up and was all smiles as she hugged the poor woman. Clearly it was guaranteed to sell to someone…

Thankfully Ivy continued past those without a glance as my stomach engaged in flip flops over the idea. Of course, it was just getting warmed up as I then saw diapers that ‘rewarded’ littles for wetting or pooping with extra features. There were others that promised to zap a little if they went without the parent giving them permission by turning the function off… Past all of that though was a smaller wall of genuine baby diapers that even looked identical to our dimensions. She grabbed one box that looked identical to Pampers back home, and placed them in the cart. At my glare she said, “While we’re here I figured we should get you some more nighttime diapers, huh?”

She kissed the top of my head and tickled my belly before whispering, “Relax, you’re okay.”

The next section of the store was a collection of strollers, playpens, and other baby gear, followed by a large area of cribs and bedding.

At the car seat aisle, she stopped. I was confused that she looked to be buying a new car seat. ‘What’s wrong with the one I have already?’ I wondered.

The more I looked at what she was looking at, I figured the one in the car must have been meant for a bigger baby than she felt I was. These seats had the handles to carry an infant in them if you wanted to leave them in the seat when you went somewhere. I kept my mouth shut as she browsed and eventually put the large box of a purple one inside the cart. I couldn’t read a lot of the writing on the box from my seat, but ‘Infants up to 55 pounds or 24 months’ was clearly visible.

I didn’t have long to really dwell on my being able to be defined as an infant though as she stopped on the other side of the aisle. This side featured a whole section of car accessories for babies. I saw carrier handle bead toy attachments, sun shades, and some mirrors for mothers to see their rear facing babies. She searched for a moment before finding the one item she seemed to obviously be looking for. It was a set of video screens; one was placed on the seat above the baby's car seat and the other mounted on the car dashboard for the driver. It let both the baby and mother see each other like a FaceTime video. They were pitched as also able to play movies and cartoons for the baby too. Ivy didn’t look at it long before tossing it into the cart with everything else she’d grabbed so far.

She passed up the stroller and playpen aisles, and kept moving until we finally came to the part of the store that she had actually claimed we were there for - clothing!

To my confusion she didn’t stop in the first girl’s section labeled ‘Little Girl’, or unsurprisingly the boy’s section that followed, instead she kept moving until we came to a second girls section labeled ‘Infant Girl.’ I looked around the section and wondered what the difference was here. She pushed me along for a moment before coming to a rack of dresses, “These are so cute!” She cooed.

She held several up to me, but mostly just piled the outfits she chose into the cart. She cooed at me and spoke to me like a toddler during the trip, but to my relief I was never taken in a room to try any of the dozens of outfits she picked out. ‘Maybe by not having me try them on she’s reinforcing I’m not a little to the others?’ I wondered. Several store clerks checked on her every now and then, but she declined their help each time.

The clothing she picked out was made up predominantly of dresses, and the rest seemed to accommodate easy diaper access. I blushed at the idea of being dressed in several of the onesies and rompers that she had tossed into the cart. Footed sleepers and several sets of pajamas, joined the casual shorts and t-shirts that seemed more appropriate given the warm temperatures outside. A couple of frilly one-piece swimsuits were tossed in for good measure before she started to leave. There was a shoe section that she had me try on a few pairs as she bought sneakers, sandals, dress shoes, and slippers that she liked without ever once asking my frustrated opinion.

Finally as she was moving to leave the clothing areas, I saw packs of panties on a wall just down from the shoes. ‘Maybe…’ I tugged at her shirt as I thought quickly.

“Mommy, big girl!” I said quietly to her and nodded to the wall.

“Hmm…” She said, “let’s take a look.”

HOLLY HAD MANAGED to behave in a way throughout the trip that Ivy couldn’t help but admire. She didn’t cry, scream, or react to all of the crazy things around her. This store truly claimed to be a one-stop shop for new parents, but that unfortunately meant for the kind of parents she despised too. When Holly grabbed at her shirt and pointed out the panties, she had wanted to ignore the clothing that she didn’t want to buy, but she wanted Holly to come to believe she needed the diapers and the babying. She wanted her to willingly accept it. Not believe that she was going to be forced into it without reason...

If that was the case then she really had demonstrated she could probably handle real panties at least while they were home. The problem was that real panties would make her accidents a much bigger deal when they began to happen… She’d already forced a box of diapers into the cart though, ‘why not give her some hope?’ she thought.

She looked through the small selection of panties and was surprised to see they went all the way down to twelve months at this store as regular panties. The character covered panties she picked in her size made her say “Aww… how cute!”

Featuring some cartoon princess characters on the front and back they had lace around the leg and waist bands and a little bow in the middle of the front. To her surprise they weren’t even padded! She grabbed a pack of twelve that they came in and put them in the basket. “We’ll see if Holly can be a big enough girl to wear these cute panties,” she told Holly with a smile.

“Pwincess!” Holly said with a smile.

‘Damn she’s a good actor…’ she couldn’t help but note.

“Yep! Just like Holly!” she tickled her belly just to make a little giggle happen. Holly’s face lit up as she tried to run from her but had nowhere to go.

She came to the elevators and rode down with the full cart of clothes and diapers to the first floor. This store made a large part of their money on the showrooms you began with, and this was where you picked up any big furniture or gear packages. She was fully ready on that front though in the nursery when she got to use it, so she just pushed to the checkouts.

“Did you find all you needed to ma’am?” an employee asked as she piled her purchases on the short belt.

“Yes I did,” she said, “thank you!”

“Your daughter is adorable! How old is she?”

“Twenty-months,” Ivy responded.

“For real, or is she a little that age?”

“For real,” Ivy told her with a smile.

“What’s with all of the clothes? Baby clothes are cheaper?”

“Actually, other than the diapers and the panties that are in that stack, the rest is all for my sister who just adopted!” she said with a smile.

“Wow, someone sure is getting a great shower!”

“She’d better appreciate it too!” Ivy told her with a smile.

The checker began ringing up her purchases and Ivy was actually shocked by how little she’d spent on this trip. Her previous trips there had been a lot more expensive! Out at the car she opened the new car seat box and unbuckled the one that was installed already. She put that one in the trunk while Holly watched dutifully from her seat in the cart. It was a major pain to install the base of the new car seat and latch everything in, but she was able to secure it after a bit of whispered swearing. Once everything was loaded into the car except her little girl, she looked at Holly and asked, “Need to use the potty before we go to lunch?”

“As long as I can go when we get there, I’m fine.”

“Okay,” she said with a smile as she buckled her into the new car seat. Her dress was in the way a bit so Ivy pulled it free of the buckle which exposed her bloomers. Ivy couldn’t help but check by pulling the bloomers down a bit to see all of the wetness indicators still showed dry on the Pull-Up.

“Good girl!” she said and closed her door before continuing around to the driver’s side.

‘Hopefully I won’t be giving her too many more of those compliments…’ she mused.

I HAD BLUSHED as Ivy checked my Pull-Up, but was glad it was dry. Even while we were leaving the store, I’d seen some horrific things being done to some littles. I shuddered every time I saw one of the ones that gave me a toothless grin with slobber going down their chests. ‘It’s probably one in ten that have that done…’ I thought in shock about it.

When she closed the door I asked, “What was the point?”

“What do you mean Holly?”

“Why buy me clothes from a littles store if you’re going to say I’m a real baby to everyone while we’re out?”

She sighed, “Baby clothes are meant for less wear than little clothes…”


“Babies don’t usually wear out their clothing before they outgrow it. They might only wear an outfit or a dress six or seven times before they can’t squeeze in anymore. Littles don’t grow, so the clothing is better made most of the time, since it needs to last longer.”

“Oh…” I replied. ‘That actually makes a weird amount of sense…’ I admitted to myself. I looked down at my bare legs and couldn’t help but play with the skirt of the dress at that moment since it had ridden up easily within my grasp.

“I don’t normally do fast food Holly,” she said from the front seat, “but I figure this place will work? Would you rather have chicken nuggets or a hamburger when I order?”

I thought for only a second and said, “Chicken please.”

Just as I answered, she pulled to a stop and turned the car off. A moment later she came around to carry me inside.

“Potty?” I reminded to her. I was beginning to feel the urge and didn’t want to have any problems avoiding those strikes.

“Potty first,” she agreed as she grabbed the diaper bag that was also acting as her purse and carried me inside. I only got a quick glance as she carried me to the women’s room, but I could see this place was like McDonalds back home with a massive play area.

As she opened the door, I reminisced a bit in my head about when I had been small enough to play in them…

She quickly opened a stall and helped me with the diaper cover and Pull-Up. “Good girl! All dry still!” she said as she carefully balanced me on the toilet. She never took her hands off of me as I forced myself to pee with the still new parts and was rewarded with an uneven stream of urine going into the bowl. Feeling a bit of a need to poop I grunted while turning red from embarrassment and was rewarded with a small log that left as well.

“What a good girl!” Ivy cooed to me. She reached for tissue with one hand leaving me and then wiped me carefully before setting me on the ground. I grimaced about my still bare feet and the bathroom floor. She didn’t seem to think anything of it though as she said, “Let’s get your panties all back up now too!”

As we walked out of the stall after she picked me up there was a mother and her giant little girl waiting for the stall.

“Was that you that was a big girl?” The woman cooed at me. “Isn’t she a bit young to train?” she asked Ivy.

“I wouldn’t if she wasn’t showing she was ready… She’s been showing the signs so I decided to try.”

“How old is this princess?”

“Twenty months,” Ivy said with a sense of pride.

“Hmm… Maybe that’s where we went wrong,” the woman said looking at her daughter. “Evie here is five and still doesn’t make it to the potty on time most of the time. It’s about to the point of just admitting she’s going to be in diapers like the littles in her class for the rest of the year.”

“No Mommy!” The girl I noticed was crying. “Not baby!”

“Well then we need to be making it to the potty! This little baby is a bigger girl than you!” her mom said, “Let’s try the potty and then we’ll change your Pull-Up like a baby since you wouldn’t stop playing to use the potty,” she told her as she pushed her into the stall and closed the door.

Ivy used the sink to wash her hand and mine. As we were walking out the door, “Seriously you poopied too?!?”

I sighed with relief that it wasn’t me blowing my strikes as Ivy carried me to the counter.

“Welcome, what can I get for you?” the giant teenager behind the cash register asked Ivy.

“I’ll do a chicken salad with ranch, and a large drink to go with that.”

“Very good, and for the cutie?”

“If we can just do your small kids nugget meal with the toddler toy option?”


“I’ve got juice for her.”

“That’ll be $11.38” the girl said as Ivy sat me down on the counter sitting on my butt so she could dig inside the bag for her wallet. I looked up at the board and realized that instead of just being kid meals and adult meals, there was also a separate ‘Littles Meals’ listed. It looked like the same thing as the kid’s meals for the first few options before disappearing into insanity with four pureed baby food versions of those meals next. Even as Ivy used a card to pay for our meals, I watched a tray with a plastic tub of ‘Littles Pureed Nuggets and Fries’ get picked up by a lady.

I nearly wanted to vomit thinking about it as Ivy picked me up and walked over to some high chairs and grabbed one to bring where we could look at the play equipment area. She pulled the high chair in place and placed me down before using the simple seatbelt to prevent me from getting out.

‘Why the hell did I do this?’ I asked myself as she sat down and dug through the bag to hand me my sippy cup.

“Here’s your cuppie,” she told me with a smile as she sat down.

I looked around at the play area and had to admit it looked like a place I would have loved as a kid. Of course, meant for giant kids I could see the sign of requirements with a tall mascot holding a large ruler, ‘Kids 3-9 must be under 7’ Tall to play on the playground.’

“Number 242” I heard from the counter and Ivy left me for just a second to go grab our food.

I got a look at one adult little male moving around on the playground while I waited. I could tell he was an actual adult by his huge biceps, even though his clothes and haircut looked more appropriate for a toddler. You could just see the frilly edges of the diaper he wore sticking up over the top of his pants as his shirt rode up. He seemed to be working on timidly climbing up a clear section of tube while a nearby ‘mother’ watched him. A moment later my focus quickly turned back to Ivy who had arrived with my food.

“Let’s get your bib on,” she said as she unfolded one from the diaper bag and velcroed it behind my head.

“Let me open up your sauce for you,” she said, and then presented me with a sweet and sour sauce dipping container, and nuggets, that were huge!

There were only four of them in the box, but they looked like they were each the size of my palm! She placed some apple slices that were even bigger in the top of the little box and said, “I’ll give you your toy after you eat.”

I shrugged, “Thanks Mommy,” and began attacking the first nugget. I dipped the tip of it in the large sauce container and bit a chunk off the end of it before carefully chewing and swallowing. It took me a while to finish the first nugget and my hands were already getting greasy and sticky, not to mention my stomach was filling!

I made it through two nuggets before attacking a gigantic apple slice and some of the juice. Ivy ate her salad while watching me, and I blushed as I realized she had literally been just staring at me eating the whole time. Another Amazon mother came in with two girls, “Go play for a bit while I get your food ordered.”

She saw me look at her and smiled, “Hi precious!” she said with a coo as she walked up to order.

I grabbed another apple slice figuring I was about done eating when I heard a shout from the play area. “Baby come here! You’re stinky and need a new diapee!” the biggest girl, who looked about seven from her face to me, but still stood over six feet in height. I watched as she dragged the shorter little out with her through a slide. “Where’s your mommy?” she asked the man who was red faced and scrambling to escape from the girl.

“Mommy’s right here,” the lady watching out for him said. “Did he make a boom boom in his diapee?”

“He’s stinky,” the little girl told her in affirmation.

“Well thank you for your help, we’ll go change this stinky boy.” The woman stepped away holding the boy's hand and walking him to the bathroom.

The two girls made eyes at me and I just hoped they’d leave me alone. Luckily enough the girl's food just arrived, “Come on girls let’s eat your food and then you can play more.”

I looked back at the apple slice in my hand and finished it before looking at the chicken nuggets and saying, “Done Mommy.”

She smiled at me, “Look at you my good little eater!” She pulled the travel wipes out of the diaper bag and proceeded to wipe my sticky face and hands with it before pulling the bib off. “You need to potty before we go home? Maybe you’ll get a nap on the ride home?”

I nodded my head to the potty while thinking, ‘I don’t need a nap.’ I did have to admit I was getting tired though. She carried me to the bathroom after throwing away my leftover food and repeated the potty process without any more incidents. Once we both had clean hands, she carried me out to the car and buckled me into the car seat.

“Did you get enough to eat? You didn’t eat that much…”

I looked up at her, “That was a ton of food for someone my size! Those chicken nuggets were practically half of a chicken breast in relation to me in my old dimension…”

She cocked her head a little thinking before nodding, “I never really thought about it before. I guess you’re right.”

She closed the door and jumped into the driver's seat, closing her door. “Umm… What time is it?”

“One in the afternoon, or 1700 Hours,” she told me.

“How many hours are in a day here?” I asked, “I remember the days are supposed to be longer, but don’t remember the actual length?”

“Thirty-two hours in our days sweetie, it’s part of why most of your kind need naps and longer sleep time here.”

“Why don’t you?”

“Our bodies evolved with the days here and can go twenty-six hours without sleep pretty easily. That’s longer than a full day for you back home, right?”

I nodded even though she couldn’t see me, “Yeah it is… So… I guess we just passed our equivalent of noon back home,” I noted to myself.

“Which is lunch time,” she said back to me.

“Thanks, I was curious,” I said, feeling a bit sleepier. “Another question… Why did the menu have kids’ menus and little menus separately? I noticed that you ordered for me off the kids’ menu?”

“The littles menu has items that have been… ‘enhanced’ for littles. They can be a bit addicting and I’d rather not have you eat them if we can avoid it.”

I nodded, that made sense. “How have they been enhanced?” I asked, yawning.

“Extra nutrients and they’re sweeter,” she told me while turning on the radio to something with classical sounding music.

That was what finally did me in as I closed my eyes and forgot any other questions I had.

IVY COULD HEAR the soft snores coming from the back and knew that the music had been enough to lull Holly to sleep. She was too bright for her own good and she worried if she started thinking about her food as being unsafe for her that it might complicate her next steps.

‘I wish I had gotten that video screen set installed so I could see her sleep, but that’ll be something to do at home,’ she thought.

Throughout the drive home she couldn’t help but dream of having Holly in that beautiful nursery that she’d put together for her! She’d based it on all of the best things that store had to offer. Well, except the robots. Once she’d seen Holly’s initial reaction, she knew that she’d been right to not mess with them. Holly would be best off in daycare with humans at the hospital, she didn’t need to be taken care of by a robot!

She navigated through the city streets until she came to her suburb and backed her car into the garage with the auto parking feature. She opened Holly’s door and just wanted to scoop her up and start fully babying her right there… but knew it wasn’t time yet. Holly hadn’t had a true freak-out on her yet - and it was really kind of disconcerting.

‘Not even yesterday when I diapered her…’ she noted as she picked up the sleeping little and carried her inside. Deciding her bed would be the best place for her to finish napping since she didn’t stir, she deposited her on it and pulled up the sheets over her little girl noting that the bed really was too big for her since she shrank. ‘Well, the crib is not that much smaller,’ she had to admit looking at her bed before heading out to the car.

She had lots of clothes to launder, diapers to put away, and that video monitor system to get setup. She smiled knowing that the moments her little girl napped, would be the best times to do the motherly chores that would only grow as her new baby settled in.


Chapter 9:

THE NEXT THING I knew I realized I was somehow in my bed and needed to pee really badly! I slid out from the bed and hurried to the bathroom where I found my potty sitting. I had just pulled down the training panties and sat down when I started peeing nearly out of control.

‘That was close…’ I said to myself, ‘Good thing I went before we left the restaurant, I wonder how long I was out?’

I had just stood up when Ivy walked in, “Did you make it alright?”

“Yes, but I needed to go really bad when I woke up. How long was I asleep for?”

“Not too long, it’s still a couple hours until dinner time.”

“You carried me in from the car?” I blushed nervously.

“Out like a light!” She told me as she closely watched me pull the Pull-Up back onto my waist. I knew she was looking for the symbols that were thankfully still on them. “Why don’t you put on one of your new outfits?” she suggested to me.

“Okay…” I said thinking, “then can we maybe see if my laptop still works in this dimension? Umm… dumb question… do you even have Wi-Fi?”

“Sure! I even made sure to buy a wireless router that should work with your computer,” she told me with a smile.

“Thanks!” I said and followed her to my room. She had managed to launder and hang up all of my new clothes in there without me waking up. ‘How did I not wake up?’ I wondered.

“How about this outfit?” she suggested to me holding up a red shirt, and what looked like a blue skirt with a multicolor confetti pattern on it.

I shrugged, “sure, to be honest I have no clue about girls’ outfits… so I guess feel free to pick.”

I swore at that moment I was talking to one of those little girls in the restaurant playground for a moment as her eyes lit up with delight. “Here then,” she told me. “Oh, and let’s grab…” she said before pulling out, “one of your new panties!”

I didn’t know whether to smile or not on that one, but at least the panties were real underwear. I stayed silently pissed off about the fact she’d changed my gender making panties my new underwear of ‘choice.’ Deciding to keep the peace with the giant who would be able to do anything she wanted to me - and get away with it - I pulled down the diaper cover and Pull-Up. Standing there naked I grabbed the panties from her and pulled them up.

It felt so good to pull on something thinner than the fake underwear! The panty fit snuggly, and as odd as it was versus normal male underwear, I was just happy to be in something other than a glorified diaper! I remembered the dress I had on just pulled over my head, so I pulled it off like a shirt and took the new top from Ivy. The shirt was immediately weird to me as I pulled it on, readily apparent that it definitely was not a simple boy's shirt. The sleeves weren’t really ‘sleeves,’ instead they were just little pieces of ruffled fabric extending just past my shoulder blades. The shirt had a band of elastic that tightened it just slightly right below my non-existent breast line before flaring it outwards a little.

As she handed me the skirt, I discovered it wasn’t a regular open skirt like I expected. “What is this?” I asked as I looked at it. There was a pair of built-in panties inside the garment.

“It’s a scooter,” she told me as I pulled it up, “it’s got the extra shorts in there to keep little girls modest.”

“Oh…” I said, “probably not a bad thing for me either,” I smiled.

She laughed, “probably not, you’ve flashed your bloomers at me a lot today!” She handed me a pair of white lacy socks that I pulled on. The lace was hung down over the white sock and I couldn’t help but think this was about as girly as I could be dressed. After I stood up, she looked at me, “You look so adorable! Do you mind if I take a picture with my phone?”

I shrugged, “I guess not.”

“Say cheese!” she said as I stood with my hands at my side and smiled at her the best I could. She took a few and then sat down bringing me into her lap, “Selfie time!” She took a few selfies of us before showing me the photos, “You’re not smiling!”


With that she began tickling me without warning until I was forced to have a grin. Still out of breath she took several more selfies with my forced laughter on my face.

“That was mean!” I told her, out of breath. She squeezed me in a hug lightly though while I continued to stare at myself. “I don’t look like myself at all.”

“Well you do in your face still,” she told me. She sighed, “You look like you’re a blend of the old you and me to make you look like my daughter,” she told me.

As I looked at myself, I admitted that was the truth, “So I’m my own father?” I asked awkwardly.

She laughed nervously and changed the subject, “Where’s your computer? We’ll get it connected with the Wi-Fi. I also put in an adapter surge protector over there,” she told me, pointing to my desk from the other dimension that she had set up in a corner of the giant room.

I walked to my backpack and pulled out my laptop and power cord before walking to my desk and chair. Both seemed bigger to me now. While they had shrunk some when they came through the dimension, they definitely hadn’t shrunk as much as I had. I seemed like a kid even compared to them, but at least it was better than feeling like an infant compared to the Amazonian furniture!

I plugged my cord into the power strip she pointed out, finding myself grateful that there was something that would fit the plug. “Do objects shrink at a defined rate coming through?” I asked her wondering how the strip would be the right size for my cord.

“Inorganic objects have some constant shrinking rates. Electronics shrink ten percent, so it’s enabled power strips to be used for things like this without custom builds every time,” she told me.

“What about me? What’s the normal rate of a person?”

“There is no normal for some reason with living organic objects. The average is probably around twenty percent from what I understand, but occasionally someone can grow instead. That is a huge range all the way to I know of one case where they shrank fifty percent.” She looked like she was thinking something before saying, “You shrank twenty-five percent.”

“I wonder why that happens?”

“Scientists think it’s something to do with how living organic matter, versus inorganic or dead matter, interacts with the quantum energy field. It’s an active research topic that will probably make someone very rich someday!”

My computer screen lit up and I logged into an account with the password I had setup for specific uses like this. I opened my Wi-Fi connection and found just one wireless popping up, NanoH was the name. “This one it?”

“Yes,” she said and typed in the password.

I pressed enter and knew I would have to go back to my keylogging software to snag it. I’d have to put the router in on my actual account since this one was under a special sandboxed account. She didn’t need to know that though!

I opened my internet browser and asked, “what search engines work here?”

Over the next twenty minutes she showed me how to use a few of their native search engines that were like Google and Bing. She also showed me how I could make a connection via a bridge to my dimension's internet before she said, “I’m going to go work on getting dinner ready.”

“Okay,” I told her.

Once she left and I heard pots clanging I picked up my laptop and sat down with my back against the wall next to my desk. I looked around the room and spotted at least two hidden nanny cameras, so I thought the smart thing would be to at least cover what I was doing from cameras. ‘I don’t think she can have one behind me over there,’ I thought to myself.

I had to rearrange myself a second later as even though I knew that the ‘scooter’ covered my panties, I still needed to not flash them at every opportunity. The garment was pretty short though, so that wasn’t easy! A moment later I was sitting crisscrossed with my back to the wall, and found her password in my software log.

‘BabyHollyABC123’ made my blood turn to ice.

‘I’m screwed…’ I couldn’t help but think. ‘I wonder why she even bought these panties for me?’

I shook my head and logged into my actual account and activated the Wi-Fi for that account. I decided to search around and see what more information I could learn about. I had just come across some website for littles with information on ‘avoiding slavery’ when I was presented with a warning, ‘You Are Being Warned/Blocked from Visiting this Site due to Inappropriate Adult Content.’

‘Great…’ I thought to myself. ‘I’m sure this is like some NetNanny thing… I wonder if I can log into that…’

I spent the next hour hacking my way into her controls. Fortunately she used the same password for the software, and I could soon see that was correct that it logged items deemed ‘inappropriate.’ I cleared the viewed items since she wouldn’t have gotten any alerts yet from what I could tell. Once done, I visited enough sites to make it seem like I had a full history on the system. I logged out of everything and was just looking at a news article. It was from their dimension about a foreign country who somehow gave even less rights to their littles than where I was now at. She came in shortly later as I could smell the scents of dinner wafting into the room.

“Holly, what are you doing on the ground?”

I shrugged, “For some reason I’ve always kind of preferred to sit on the ground sometimes?”

“Weird,” she smiled at me, “Dinner’s ready,” she told me. “Why don’t you go potty and then I’ll help you wash your hands?”

I nodded, logging out and closing the computer before I reached up to put it on my desk. She followed me to the bathroom where I pulled down the scooter and my panties and sat down on the potty. I turned red as she watched me and I still wasn’t used to the new parts. She handed me some tissue, “Wipe from front to back and dry your vagina,” she reminded me.

I turned redder but followed her directions, glad that she was letting me do it myself at least! I put the wet tissue into the potty and pulled my panties and scooter back up. Ivy dumped it all in the toilet and flushed it before picking me up to help me reach the sink and wash my hands. She kept washing my hand with hers it seemed anytime we did so. She soaped up her hands, and then used her hands to soap mine up, before she rubbed them for a good amount of time. Eventually she rinsed off both of ours at the same time.

She turned me around, so I could sit on the counter with my butt, while she handed me a towel to dry my hands. “All clean, let’s go eat!” she told me with a smile. At the dining table I noticed she’d changed the high chair padding to the pink option I had seen in the store.

‘I guess she decided since I already knew it was her fault…’ I thought. ‘I’m pissed about it, but nothing I can do about it. I guess it doesn’t matter that much, but if I ever go home, I don’t know how I’ll function without my ID matching me. Based on her comment earlier I doubt my DNA would match my old self either…’

I shook it off as she buckled me into the high chair and brought a bib over to me. “Need this?” she asked me.

I looked at the meal of roast beef and mashed potatoes and figured I didn’t, but knowing her plan had to involve getting me to be more and more of a baby like those other littles I shrugged, “Probably not, but whatever...” I sighed as she came up to me.

She was smiling as she velcroed the bib around my neck. I looked down and saw this bib went down to just past my waist with a little pocket at the bottom to catch missed food. It featured large butterflies outlined on it in a couple shades of pink and purple that just screamed, ‘it’s a girl!’

She attached the food tray and brought me my new fork with a kids’ plate of food. It was probably covered in too much food still for my small stomach! The colorful plate had three sections, with a bigger section having lots of small pieces of cut up roast beef on it. Mashed potatoes were in another smaller section covered in gravy, and something I couldn’t make out was in the other small section. “What is that?” I asked, pointing towards it.

“Asparagus?” she told me.

I looked at it again and went, “Wow that grows big here… I didn’t even recognize it…” The spears had been cut up for me in length, but they were the width of a fat carrot!

She laughed, “or they just grow small in your dimension like you!”

I shook my head, “I wonder what else is out of proportion even with the difference in sizes?”

We talked as we had dinner. I was happy to see that the fork worked much better than the stupid spork she’d given me before. I alternated with the spoon for the mashed potatoes and felt I was having an almost normal dinner talking with her. I picked her brain with medical science questions in their dimension, and she likewise picked mine. There were actually a few things that we had advanced a bit further than them due to their reliance on nanites. Anti-viral drugs that were just coming on the market back home weren’t a thing in their dimension.

“So, you actually have a somewhat effective treatment for flu?” she asked me.

I shrugged, “Not full proof, but if it’s taken soon enough it definitely diminishes symptoms and shortens infections in most people…”

One of the many areas they were light years ahead of us was in cancer research. Their nanites were capable of seeking out the bad cells and eliminating, or correcting their mutated DNA strands, to make organs function correctly again in minutes without any radiation or chemotherapy.

By the time we finished dinner, I felt like I had completed a semester of an undergraduate course! “How about you go potty and then we’ll watch some TV before we get you a bath?” she suggested.

“A bath?” I asked, “Why not a shower? That’s what I took at home.”

She smiled at me, “Give it a try? Besides, I want to help you wash your hair tonight,” she added.

“I can do that…”

“Have you ever had this long of hair before?” she asked me.

I made a face, “No, I guess not…”

“And remember when I talked about being prepared for inspections?”

I nodded, “They wouldn’t at night, would they?”

She nodded, “They do about seventy percent in the evenings due to work schedules.”

“Oh…” I said. Turning red I finally shrugged, “I think you’ve seen me naked enough, I guess it doesn’t matter.”

She smiled, “I have definitely seen you in your birthday suit and, as my mom says to me, I even changed your diapers!”

I blushed brighter and walked to the bathroom in front of her and sat down on my potty. She did the same on the toilet and I couldn’t help but stare at her very large form above me. Two days ago, I would have probably thought this would be a way to get in her large pants with a relationship of some sort… ‘Instead she changes my pants…’ I groaned while turning my view to my panties. They were covered in characters and obviously meant for a toddler at best, but at least they were the best alternative there. ‘Can’t believe I’m excited for big girl panties…’ I thought to myself.

I finished and took the paper that Ivy passed me to wipe before standing up and we repeated our now routine of her cleaning out the potty and then washing my hands with hers. Instead of putting me down she carried me to the couch and grabbed a brush on her way. “I’ll get your hair down so we can wash it,” she told me at my quizzical look.

She sat me down on her lap and turned the TV onto a crime drama TV show that reminded me of Criminal Minds. They were investigating the disappearances of five littles, four of whom had been found dead. I was shocked a bit during the parts where they showed the autopsies. The images were impressively gruesome in detail for a TV Show. I had never seen anything like that in anything that was not an R rated movie!

While we watched the episode, she brushed my hair and I quietly paid attention to a lot of the… ‘racist?’ ideas in the show. Littles shown at daycares seemed happy just being babies, everyone was smiling and giggling in those places. The littles who were getting murdered though weren’t ‘adopted,’ and were actually functioning adults with jobs and stable homes. Every time an adult little witness was questioned though, something seemed to go wrong for them. Once in the episode it showed one of them having a small wetting accident when she wasn’t allowed to leave the interrogation room to go to the bathroom while being questioned. I watched as it showed a police officer telling her supervisor she was adopting her and disappeared offscreen with her.

“Wait, what was that?” I asked curiously during the commercial break.

“What was what?” She asked me.

“That adoption part? She was taken away just because she had an accident? She had no way out of that room and that was somehow her fault?”

“Well… yes…”

“Like as in that lady is now her ‘mommy’ and she had no say in it?”

“That’s normally how it works when you adopt a free little,” she told me. “The law states if you find a little that’s not well taken care of, or fails the maturity laws, you may adopt them.”

“What does that mean?”

“Well… making a mess by urinating or defecating on yourself, spilling something on your clothes badly enough, being homeless, having a public tantrum… those are the main ones,” she said.

“And how long…?” I asked nervously.

“Until either the parent believes the little has earned the right to grow up, or they die of old age,” she told me honestly.

My stomach turned to ice at the thought that there might truly be no way out of the trap I was in myself. The show came back on and I watched as the detectives tried to solve the crime and continued investigating. At one point I thought it might have been a little committing the crime, but after the last commercial break of gratuitous diaper and ‘little’ store ads, it turned out it was a ‘betweener.’ He was seven feet tall and unhinged because he had been babied himself for a couple years as a teenager until just before he graduated high school. The mutilations were an attempt to make them more of a baby than him… somehow the fact that there was a line which seemed bad to these people reassured me a little at the end. Unfortunately, while the last victim was spared being mutilated or murdered, the closing scene showed them in the arms of their new ‘mommy’ who adopted her at the hospital.

“Let’s get that bath,” Ivy told me.

She dropped the ribbons and hairbrush off on the kitchen counter on the way by, and carried me to the bathroom. I was just tall enough to see into the tub and watched as she checked the temperature and pulled a stopper close. She added something from a big bottle.

“Bubble bath?” I asked.

“It’s not a bath without it, is it?” she asked me. “I take bubble baths at least a couple times a week,” she added turning a little bit red.

‘Something can embarrass her!’ I mused, but chose not to comment. I looked at how the tub came up to my chest in height, ‘There’s no way without something like a pool ladder that I could get in and out of this on my own…’

“Let’s get those clothes off,” she said to me and had my shirt off without my participation pretty quickly. She reached down and pulled my panties and scooter off in one pull too, along with my socks. I turned red and hated being completely naked in front of someone. Before I could ask for a towel or something to cover up with, she lifted me up and over the edge of the tub and set me down.

I found myself surprised as the water was up to my armpits when she turned off the taps. “I can’t believe how big this bathtub is,” I told her as I extended my legs out in front of me and found the back of the tub to lean against. My feet didn’t even make it a quarter of the way down the tub, and I could probably float on my back if I thought Ivy wouldn’t panic.

She laughed, “It’s a larger Amazon soaking tub, but you’re right - it’s a swimming pool when you’re the size of a baby!”

I blushed, “That’s really weird you know…” I told her.

She smiled at me and was soaping up a large loofa. I looked at her and watched her face turned red, making a face that I was beginning to understand was her nervous one. “Umm… You know how I came clean last night… and mentioned I kind of wanted to have a little.”

I looked at her and tentatively said, “Yes…”

“Well… would you mind if I washed more than just your hair?”

“You mean a beautiful woman wants to take her way with me and my naked body?” She looked confused for a moment before I laughed and said, “Of course this is the only time this would happen to me…” I grumbled.


“Go ahead,” I sighed. ‘Not like I could stop her if I wanted to…’

She was careful about getting herself wet for a moment before I accidentally moved an arm as she pulled away and splashed her. “Holly…” she grumbled.

I looked up and saw her shirt had a big wet spot.

“Sorry,” I told her with a bit of a grin.

She sighed and kept scrubbing me, including having me kneel on my knees for a second so she could clean my rear. I thought she was being a little too thorough though as I was having some rather odd feelings as she finished. Her final step was my toes that she held above the water as she cleaned them with a rag.

“This little piggy went to the market…” she joked as she played with them a second later, “This piggy stayed home, this little piggy had roast beef, this little piggy had none.

‘What was the point of that rhyme,’ I wondered thinking back to my own mother doing this to me when I was little. ‘What was the last line…?’ I wondered for a half a second before she informed me.

“And this little piggy went ‘wee, wee, wee,’ all the way home!” she giggled as she proceeded to tickle me.

“Stop…” I giggled to her. “Not fair!”

I inadvertently got her wet again and she shrieked, “no water outside the tub!”

“You were tickling me,” I answered back as I got my breathing back under control.

She stuck her tongue out at me, “Let’s get your hair next,” she said to me.

“Okay,” I told her and let her manipulate me to where I was facing the wall with my back to her. My small size meant I still had plenty of room to fully extend my legs out as she worked. I felt a cup of water suddenly go down my head and a very weird feeling as the amount of hair I now had was fully soaked. I noticed how much it weighed then as my head felt like it got heavier.

I felt her let go for a second and turned my head to see her pour in some soap out of a bottle labeled ‘No Tears Baby Shampoo.’ I closed my eyes even with the supposedly tears free formula and sat there as she massaged my hair and scalp for several moments. It felt really good and I almost felt like purring as she gently rubbed my head.

Then she dumped water on my head and I screeched in surprise, “aah!”

“Serves you right you little water monster,” she laughed at me and said, “you don’t have to keep your eyes closed with this stuff you know.”

“Habit,” I said as she dumped another cup of water on my head.

It was several minutes before she pronounced, “Done!”

I opened my eyes and a strand of wet hair blocked my view. I used a hand to push it back to the back side of my ear and huffed a little. “That was weird,” I told her as I turned to face her.

“Bad weird?” she asked nervously.

I shook my head, “No, being naked is worse weird,” I told her.

“Well… I can’t fix that one. There’s no way you’ll be able to avoid that one sweetie,” she said.

I sighed, “I know.”

“Done and ready to get out?” She asked me.

I shrugged, “Okay.”

“Can you pull the stopper for me?” she asked.

I practically swam over to the end and pulled it out for her with some effort. With the weight of the water compared to my size there was a fair amount of suction holding it down!

Once it had drained a bit and I watched the little whirlpool start its spin into the drain she said, “Okay stand up, and let’s get you dry!”

I let her rub the gigantic towel over me before she carried me to the counter where she pulled out what I guessed was a cordless blow-dryer. When she turned it on there was no doubt what it was. I sat there patiently while she ran it through my hair along with a brush for a while. I gripped the towel tightly around me for modesty as she worked and finally turned it off. “Let’s brush your teeth and then we’ll get you in your pajamas,” she told me.

I nodded and accepted the new electronic purple toothbrush with toothpaste on it that she offered me. It fit much better in my small mouth as I turned it on. To my shock it scrubbed everything to a level of polish like I’d been to the dentist. That comforted me some, ‘The last thing I want is for them to say a cavity means we need to just take her teeth…’ I thought darkly. ‘I think I’ve lost enough of my life already with this stupid trip,’ I added to myself.

When I had rinsed my mouth out, she said, “Done?”

I nodded and yawned, suddenly sleepy.

“Let’s get you ready for bed then,” she told me and carried me down the hallway to my bedroom. The changing pad she had been using somehow was already on the bed. Without warning she pulled the towel away and lay me down on it.

“Do I have to wear a diaper?” I asked, embarrassed. “Could I just wear a Pull-Up?”

She shook her head, “Come on now, you already agreed to this and it’s a lot less likely to leak if you start to have problems staying dry at night.”

“But why would I? I haven’t had an accident at night since I was probably three or four?”

“Remember this dimension is different, I don’t know if it’s something about solar radiation or something, but most littles who are from your dimension start to have problems in the first few nights.”

“That’s weird…” I said.

“Yes, it is, but humor me? If you stay dry at night for the next week you can wear your big girl panties to bed.”

“I get to wear them tomorrow morning no matter what though, right?” I asked.

“As long as you don’t have your three strikes in one week, while you’re awake that’s what you’ll wear. I promised you that.”

I sighed and let her grab my ankles with one hand. Having worked in pediatrics I had patiently watched more than one mom or nurse change a diaper, and I couldn’t believe that I was small enough compared to her to be manhandled in the same way. She lifted my butt off the pad and placed a diaper underneath. “I’m going to put some powder on you to help keep you from chaffing,” she told me as she sprinkled a bottle over my groin. As she rubbed it in it felt really good… almost oddly good. It wasn’t a sexual feeling, but it seemed like it was something almost as intense. My legs were brought up in the air again as she dusted my butt cheeks and made sure they were covered too.

The right and left tape were closed and she said, “Done.”

I grimaced but looked down at the object that seemed to damn me to being the baby she had made me look like. ‘I just don’t get why she’s even pretending to let me be a big girl if she’s just going to get me back into these as soon as she can…’

“Would you like a footie pajama, nightgown, or this shortie set?” she asked me a second later.

The footie pajamas stirred a feeling of memories in my head and a longing to wear them again. I remembered when I was little, I was so disappointed when my mom told me you couldn’t get them in my size as I got bigger. Later on, they became normal for teenage girls, but I had never managed to build the courage to order a set for my adult self. This set was pink with blue and purple hearts scattered all over the fabric.

“Footie?” I suggested tentatively.

Her smile grew even bigger and after she sat the others down, she brought them over. “Oh… I didn’t realize this was like this.”

“Like what?” I asked.

She pointed to a flap and the zipper that crossed from the collar down to the right foot. “You may need my help here…”

I just nodded as she undid it and said, “feet in here… and now arms…” leaving me in the pajamas with the front door wide open. She reached down and grabbed the zipper at my foot and brought it up to my collar. A little piece of fabric was then snapped over the top of it. “Let me pull your hair back,” she said and tied a scrunchie to the back of my hair in what I would one day learn was a low side ponytail. My hair came across my front shoulder a little and I reached up to play with it a little.

“Ready for bed then?” She asked me.

I nodded, “Yeah, just so I know what time is it?” I paused, “I didn’t see a clock in this room or in any other actually.”

“You’re right… never really thought to buy one since I look at my watch or phone for that.” She looked thoughtful, “It’s 2800 hours,” she told me. “Past time for most littles to be asleep,” she added.

“What time do you usually go to sleep?” I asked as she pulled the covers of my bed up to my chin.

“Most Amazons stay up until 3000 or 3100,” she told me.


“Enough questions,” she said laughing, “you’ll still be here in the morning to ask them. Get some sleep.”

“Okay,” I said and rolled over. I played with my hair for a few minutes after she left and turned off the light before falling asleep like she said.

‘HOLLY WAS SO adorable in that sleeper!’ Ivy cooed to herself as she got a glass of water.

She walked to her room and snagged a nightgown before going into Holly’s nursery to pump some more. She sighed with relief as she did so, as it was so needed! She’d managed before Holly woke up that morning, and again while she napped, but her boobs demanded more frequent relief than that!

‘I don’t know that her stomach would be up to that though,’ Ivy admitted to herself. Even at dinner she hadn't eaten all of the food she’d been given. She could tell that Holly was more than full, so it was a matter she figured of discovering the right portions of food for her new daughter.

As she placed the bags she’d filled in the fridge, she made sure to keep track of the ones from the previous night so she’d use them the next day. ‘Holly needs her mother’s milk as soon as I can convince her to go along with it!’


I know many of you on here will have read this elsewhere, but if it’s your first time please share your thoughts with me! I always appreciate comments and discussion!


This story is absolutely amazing it’s truly awesome I love the story I always love a diaper dimension story they are my favourite and especially in this style as well keep up the awesome work

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Thanks for commenting! :slight_smile:

Chapter 10:

MY MIND STARTED to become aware of a voice calling, “Come on Holly, time to wake up…”

‘Who’s Holly?’ I thought for a second before opening my eyes and realizing I was still in the middle of my ill-thought adventure.

“Come on sleepy head,” I realized Ivy was saying.

I opened my eyes and looked down at the sleeper I was in. As I rolled out of bed and she said, “Come on, let’s use the potty and then we can get you moving for the day with breakfast,” she told me.

I stood and sort of followed her half-asleep still and tried to pull the footie I was wearing off, but couldn’t get the flap that was hiding the zipper loose. “Let me get that,” she told me and unzipped the sleeper.

As she did it my mind fired several thoughts at once. ‘Why does my underwear feel cold? Why am I in a diaper?’ and then a second later, “What the hell? I wet the diaper?!?!”

I looked down and it was soaked and bulked up. “That’s why the diapers,” she told me gently as she knelt in front of me. “I’m sorry sweetheart, but this happens.”

“But I’m not a baby…” I complained, a tear rolled out of my eye before I could stop it.

“It’s okay sweetie, let’s get that wet diapee off and see if you need to do any more on the potty,” she told me while pulling me free of the footie. I stood in front of the potty in the swollen cold diaper and tried to pull on the tapes myself. I couldn’t make any progress to loosen it, no matter how hard I pulled on the tab. “Let me sweetie,” she told me, pulling the diaper loose and gathering it in her hands.

I sat down on the potty and managed to pee a little still, but couldn’t deny that I was now the bedwetter that she’d told me I might become. I began crying, ‘What the hell was I thinking?!?!’

Ivy gently patted my shoulder, “It’s okay Holly, it’s okay!”

I sat there sobbing on the potty for a few minutes before she said, “Are you done?”

I slowly breathed, and got my composure together, before nodding and standing up with tears still streaming from my eyes. She held a baby wipe in her hand and reached down to make contact with my skin. The wipe was cold and I felt more embarrassed as she cleaned my groin like a baby who needed a diaper change… ‘Like I needed…’

“Shhh…” she reassured me when she was done and gathered me in her arms in a hug, “It’s okay, we knew this could happen and that’s why you were wearing protection. That’s the only thing that got wet, so it’s okay!” She bounced a little like with a baby and kept trying to soothe me. I was so embarrassed by this, but her rocking and soothing comments eventually made a difference I guess as I calmed down.

“I’m sorry,” I told her.

“For what?”

“For being such a baby?” I said.

She hugged me tighter, “It’s okay, I would be upset too! Now how about we finish drying that face, put on your big girl panties and move on from this?”

I looked at her and nodded.

She carried me to my room and sat me down on the ground next to my dresser. She reached in and handed me a pair of panties we bought the day before. I looked at them skeptically, “You’re really still letting me wear these?”

“I told you I would let you wear them until three strikes Holly. I also told you when you’re asleep doesn’t count. So as far as I’m concerned your daytime track record is still perfect.”

“Thanks,” I told her, still shaken.

“Let’s get you dressed, what do you want to wear today?”

“Are shorts and a t-shirt an option now?” I asked tentatively. I noticed most of her choices of clothing had leaned towards the girlier side of things.

“Sure,” she said, digging for a second to find me a pair of jean shorts that had rhinestones and an applique unicorn on them. She found a baby doll style t-shirt to match that she handed to me. I dressed in the clothes and felt a little bit better as I padded after her to the dining room. When I stood beside the dining table, she picked me up and sat me in the high chair.

“Toast or oatmeal this morning?” she asked me.

“Both?” I suggested.

“Cinnamon in your oatmeal?”

“And a little brown sugar if you have it?”

She smiled at me, “give me just a minute.”

My eyes were drawn to a medical journal sitting on the table just out of my arms reach. It looked like it was similar to the New England Journal back home, something I had always enjoyed reading to discover the latest research. I looked up to see Ivy had just pulled a small bowl out of the microwave. She stirred it for a second and then brought it over to sit it on the tray in front of me. A second later she put a small plate with a giant piece of toast she had cut up into four triangles.

I looked at the oatmeal and noticed from the color that she’d used milk as its base, instead of water like I grew up with. I made a bit of a face, “What?” She asked me.

“I normally just use water to make my oatmeal… it’s the way I grew up.” I added

“Try it?”

I nodded and took the spoon she gave me and tried a bite of it. I quickly took another bite of it, and another, “This is a lot better than any oatmeal I’ve ever had before!” I told her honestly as I found myself quickly guzzling the contents of the bowl down.

She patted my head, “Glad to hear it,” she smiled at me over a cup of coffee.

I briefly thought about asking for my own cup, but instead just continued on with the bowl of mushy oatmeal. ‘Why does this taste so good?’ I asked myself. ‘Is it the cinnamon?’ I wondered… ‘Maybe it’s their brown sugar?’

I couldn’t help but finish the entire bowl before I even considered a drink from my sippy cup. I decided the juice inside it was enough instead of coffee, and began munching on a slice of toast even though my belly was feeling bloated from the oatmeal.

“You really liked that huh?” She asked me.

“It was really good!” I told her.

“Well I’ll try and make it for breakfast for you fairly often then!” she told me with a smile.

“You know I can make my own food too.”

Ivy just smiled in reply, “Maybe some other time, but I like spoiling you.”

I managed two of the quarters of the one slice before my stomach said, ‘no more.’

“That’s all for me I guess,” I told her after wearily looking at the last two pieces.

“You don’t have to eat everything I put down,” she told me with a giggle. “It’s going to take us a while to figure out what portion sizes you actually eat.”

I nodded, “So what are we doing today?” I asked her.

“I figured we could just have an easy day here and get you settled in the rest of the way. Maybe you can read one of those books you were eyeing yesterday in my office?”

“Yes please!” I said enthusiastically.

She came and picked me up out of the high chair and carried me over to the sink so I could wash my hands. I wiped my face off a second later with the damp paper towel I had used to dry my hands. Ivy carried me into her office and asked, “What do you want to start with?”

I looked at the massive shelf and asked, “You’re in pediatrics, right?”

She nodded, “That’s my main focus.”

“What was the first pediatrics specific text you had in med school?”

She smiled at me when I asked this before scanning through the shelves, “Here, I think this is it,” she told me. ‘Academy of Pediatrics Guide to Pediatric and Little Care - Eighth Edition’ was the label on the cover. Just the cover alone reminded me of a text from college in my home dimension as she handed it to me.

“This feels like a concrete brick!” I said as I hefted the large book in my hands. I guessed it was probably twenty percent of my new weight! I remembered that my books in medical school weren’t light books either.

She laughed, “It’s definitely not light reading! Why don’t I carry it to the couch and you can lay on it and read?”

“Sounds good… but maybe I’ll visit the bathroom first?” I suggested nervously, “I’m feeling a little paranoid after last night.”

She squeezed me tight as she carried me and the book to set it down on the couch, before carrying me to the bathroom. “Don’t worry so much, it was one time and it was at night. I don’t think you’ll have any problems while you’re awake.”

“I wish I shared your optimism,” I told her sadly. “I’ve never had any problems before…”

She squeezed me again and sat me down on the ground next to the potty. I pulled down my shorts and the dry panties and urine piddled out in the potty for a while. ‘I guess that I really needed to go more than I thought…’

As she washed my hands I said, “Hopefully that keeps problems from happening…”

She hugged me and sat me on the couch where I flopped down on my stomach and flipped open the textbook. I began at the beginning and started skimming through the text, noting that most of the information paralleled my own dimension. Every now and then though ‘littles’ got small notes speaking about different care that should be given versus the normal pediatric patients. I was in one section and felt my bones chill at a note there:

Little digestive systems are often negatively impacted by their feeding habits. Littles may face severe chronic constipation or dehydration due to poor dietary choices (especially unadopted littles). Many full-grown littles have been shown to be much healthier when their diets have been simplified to pureed foods, or with breastmilk/formula only. Research shows that littles who are healthiest are almost always fed a diet consisting primarily of breastmilk. For those littles under the care of adults who prefer to have them remain eating the same diet as the parents are, it is strongly recommended that the food be pureed before feeding them. Or, at the very least ensure that a rectal suppository is used at least twice a week for their bowel health.

‘What the fuck?!?’ I thought to myself. ‘This is an accepted medical text… and it basically says I should be eating baby food and breastmilk? Or sticking suppositories up my ass twice a week?!?!’

That little messed up paragraph started me on a hunt for all of the little oriented comments in the book. Some made sense to me as they addressed adolescence, menopause, and other adult health issues. The difference with skeletal issues since ‘full-grown’ littles bones were already fused and done growing, versus a genuine kid who was still growing was well documented. Other sections though dealt with far darker issues, including the validity of teeth removal, breast removal, gender change operations, and worst of all - ‘mobility therapy.’

I had nearly vomited when I read of a ‘standard’ procedure that involved cutting and shortening tendons to prevent the little from walking. Another went even further and even affected the arms to prevent a little from even crawling - it was suggested as a more invasive procedure for serious cases of littles self-harming or running away. My face must have been showing just how awful I thought it was because Ivy asked, “What are you making that face for?”

I sat up and looked at her, ‘How much can I say…? She’s been relatively kind to me so far, but she forced a gender change on me without asking… and I haven’t exactly seen her going off on the atrocities I’ve been seeing…’

Deciding, ‘what the hell?’ I told her, “I’m reading about a procedure of shortening tendons so that a little can only crawl?” as neutrally as I could.

She grimaced, “That book is a little dated now… the procedure has changed…”

“But they still do that to littles?” I paused while she nodded, “Why would you do that to any living being?”

She sighed and came to join me on the couch sitting on the opposite side. “Look, I was honest with you the other day and I’m going to continue to be. Amazons really do want their littles to be their babies… right down to the details,” she said looking at my face. I felt at my own morphed face, and she looked uncomfortable, “As a culture it’s become normal that moms want their littles to behave like they are at a certain stage of development. For some a preschooler who’s at least partially potty-trained works for them. That might be especially true for those who don’t like changing dirty diapers all the time. Many others want a toddler who can still walk, uses diapers as their bathroom, but normally gets fed the same things a normal toddler eats.”

“What’s the point of a little who can only crawl?” I asked.

“Well, if you want a little who’s the stage of a nine-month-old infant - or younger, it destroys the illusion of them being a real baby if they’re running around like an adult.” She paused, “Most often I see that procedure used when a little has made too many escape attempts.”

My eyes widened and without filtering asked, “Is that something you think is appropriate? Would you…” I nervously paused and trembled, “Would you do that to me?”

She scooted over and scooped me up without warning and gave me a hug. I shook even more in the hands of this giant who clearly held my fate in her hands, looking up at her big green eyes, “No, not in a million years would I do that to you or anyone. I’ve turned down requests to perform that procedure every time I’ve ever been asked.”

I found myself believing her in that one instance. I guessed this was her real truthful face because it looked different and more passionate. “Promise?” I asked.

“Promise,” she said and squeezed me in a hug.

“I still don’t get the point of you all babying everyone,” I told her as I now found myself balancing on her knee with her hands behind my back holding me.

“I told you it’s pretty much genetic…”

“I get that you all would want to maybe start with them as a baby doll or something, but year in and year out… Most parents I’ve known, and parents of patients I’ve had, have always been thrilled to be done changing diapers. They might do the chore, but most sigh with relief when they’ve been able to throw the diapers away… How could they want to change diapers forever?”

She looked at me thoughtfully and said, “There are some that will try and potty train their littles after a while.”


“Some succeed… and sometimes after that they might even release them and nullify the adoption letting them ‘grow up’ and leave the nest.’”

“What happens then?”

“Well for the population's sake it usually results in them connecting with another free little, and that’s where most of our natural births of littles will occur in this dimension.”

“Are there any that don’t end up being adopted at some point?”

“Rarely…” she said, “Most littles end up adopted… some manage to escape even... but some when they get old enough, usually in their forties when they begin looking less like a child, will be released if their parents don’t have treatments done.”


“Do you have face lifts in your dimension?”

I nodded, “lots of plastic surgery options. I think a couple years ago I saw a statistic saying it was about a Sixteen Billion Dollar industry for that year. If all you care about is money, it’s the specialty to go into.”

“Wow… It’s probably the same or more here, but that is insane! Ours is more focused on rejuvenation tech with nanites. We can make an elderly littles face and skin morph back into that of a newborn if we want.”

“Seriously?” I asked. “Does the same work on internal organs?”

“To some degree, but the tech is still maturing there. Heart failure, strokes, and organ failure have tended to result in the fatalities of most still. Bone disorders and muscle breakdown are up there too.”

“How much older do they live?”

“Average lifespan for an unadopted little is probably 75-85 years old. Non-rejuvenated littles tend to live a bit longer, about 110 with the better medical care they receive.”

“And the others?”

“Rejuvenation has only been out on the market for about ten years, but early studies are showing a life extension of at least another fifteen years.”

“But… one-hundred-and-twenty-five years of being a baby… Is that even a life worth living?” I posited.

She looked at me thoughtfully, “For some it might be. No bills, no job, no stress of work, just hours on end of relaxing and doing nothing while every need for them is taken care of.”

“But sitting there doing nothing but defecating on yourself, being forced to eat food that’s inedible for no real reason, and mutilated…?” I paused, hoping I wasn’t pushing it given the changes she’d made to me, “How can that seem like a living? Surely if it was so great… wouldn’t your kind be putting themselves into diapers?”

She sighed, “Look… I’m not perfect… and I’m sorry if you feel like I mutilated you…”

I sat and stared at her waiting for the next words, hoping it wasn’t a massive ‘but…’

“I… can’t say that I regret that as you sit here… but I do promise I won’t make any other modifications to your body like that. I will never do anything to you with your teeth or mobility…”

“I’m going to have to hope you’re telling me the truth,” I told her sadly. “So, from what I read though, pretty much all littles see pediatricians even though they’re adults?”

“Some pediatricians specialize in geriatric little care too,” she told me, “but for the most part that’s correct.”

“How many things are misdiagnosed because of that?” I asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Well in my dimension there are certain conditions that just don’t happen normally under fifteen years of age or so, let alone age two - so we have a misdiagnosis every now and then when a rare case comes up. If you have a fifty-year-old being treated with the same assumptions as a two-year-old…?”

“You know… I honestly don’t think we’ve ever researched that,” she told me.

I continued to ask her questions and quizzed her about every relevant medical topic I had read in that book. One of those was more about the teeth, “Why do so many littles have their teeth removed?”

“Your teeth can’t pierce our skin, but it still hurts like hell to be bitten with them,” she told me honestly. “Also, it helps make little speech patterns more babyish without the teeth to use your tongue against.”

I squirmed at that thought even though she promised to leave me alone. Eventually she looked at her watch and said, “I guess we should think about lunch here soon. How about grilled cheese sandwiches?”

I shrugged, “That’s fine, you don’t have to go through that much trouble,” I added.

She smiled as she scooted me to the edge of the couch and sat me beside her, “It’s not that big of a deal,” she told me with a smile.

As she stood, I realized I had no idea how long we’d been sitting there and decided to hit the bathroom. I sat down on the potty before I realized I was going to be short on toilet paper. Her roll of toilet paper hanging next to her adult toilet was hanging down enough though that I was able to quickly grab a few pieces before sitting back down. Urine tinkled into the potty and generated the stupid congratulations sound effect. ‘I should find the batteries and rip them out,’ I thought.

When I was done, I wiped myself and pulled my shorts and panties back up. I had no way of reaching the sink and was contemplating how I could wash my hands when she came in, “Need a lift to the sink?” she asked with a smile.

“Please,” I told her.

She picked me up and held me so I could wash my hands before setting me back down on the ground and emptying my potty into the toilet. She rinsed it out really quickly and washed her own hands. “Lunch is almost ready,” she told me and followed me out of the bathroom to the dining table. Without asking she picked me up and sat me in the high chair, moving my arms into the harness straps and buckling me in securely.

Soon she brought over a set of large triangles of grilled cheese sandwiches on a plastic plate to set down on the tray in front of me. “Here,” she told me before adding, “here’s some milk to drink too,” she added setting the sippy cup on the tray.

I made a face.

“Milk is good for you,” she smirked at me, “you can’t just drink juice unless you want to be a fat little.”

I groaned, “Water is fine too,” I told her.

“True, but the milk really is needed while your body acclimates to this dimension,” she told me.

I looked at it and took a tentative sip from the cup.

It didn’t taste like any milk I’d ever had before! I took a second sip and debated downing the whole cup, but restrained myself. “What kind of milk is this?”

“Tabers milk,” she told me.

“What is that? Some animal like a goat?” I asked.

“Bit larger creature,” she told me with a smile, “but kind of I guess.”

I took a bite of the grilled cheese and soon found myself in a rhythm of drinking the milk and eating the grilled cheese. I noticed that the milk was filling me up quicker than the bites from the sandwich I was eating. I also noticed that I was getting kind of tired as I finished the last of the cup.

“Want more?” she asked.

I shook my head, “It’s good, but I think I need to lie down for a while. These longer days I guess are getting to me.”

She smiled, “Nothing wrong with admitting that. Why don’t we take you by the potty first?”

I nodded and watched as she pulled the plate half-eaten off the tray, pulled it free, and then made quick work of the release of the buckle on my harness. Freeing my arms I held on as she carried me to the bathroom. She was wiping me gently when she presented me with one of the Pull-Ups from the day before, “why don’t we put a pull-up on you just in case?”

“You think I’m going to wet during a short nap too?” I asked nervously.

“It’s possible,” she told me. “Nothing to be ashamed of if it does though, I’ve told you this dimension has its effects.”

I nodded and reluctantly pulled my shorts and panties off of my feet and took the offered item. I sighed and pulled it up and then the shorts. She had already grabbed my panties and said, “Just in case,” to me.

“And sleeping doesn’t count, right?” I verified.

“Right,” she reassured me.

I walked down the hallway to my room and couldn’t help but note it felt like I’d just had as much alcohol as I had the night I left. Something seemed off and I had no idea what it was. I laid down and she kindly pulled a blanket over me. “Good night,” she told me with a smile.

“It’s not night…” I mumbled but gave up the attempt to stay awake.

IVY STAYED AT the doorway for a long moment before closing the door and walking away. ‘She’s too adorable!’ she told herself. ‘I just want to give up this charade and carry her to the nursery…’

She opened the door and got set up to pump her breasts in the rocking chair. Soon they were draining and she daydreamed about soon it being Holly doing the draining. ‘She seemed to like the Tabers milk just fine,’ she smirked. It took her about twenty minutes to get through her supply before she bagged the results. She made sure she had some in the fridge before placing the fresh milk into the freezer. Holly’s daycare supply was definitely going to be fine when her maternity leave was up!

She smiled as she got back to work doing some other things around the house. Cleaning up after lunch didn’t take long and she started surfing some of the best little clothing sites. Several dresses ended up being purchased before she heard a gasp from the baby monitor that she was monitoring on her tablet.

Holly was sitting up and seemed upset about something.

‘Not that I’m surprised,’ she admitted.

The half-moons around the crotch of Holly’s shorts were visible even through the camera lens. ‘Guess diapers are going to be justifiable for nap times too!’ she smiled.

Hearing Holly call, “Ivy?” With a sad voice she turned off the monitor and walked to her daughters’ temporary room.

“What’s wrong?” she asked as she opened the door.

“I wet the bed again…” Holly sobbed sadly.

“It’s okay sweetie,” Ivy said and reached down to hug the little girl.

“But what’s wrong with me?” Holly asked, “An adult shouldn’t go from not wetting their bed to having two enuresis incidents within less than a day?”

‘I almost feel bad for letting her try…’ Ivy said to herself.

“I don’t know that it’s something that’s wrong with you Holly. Remember you’re very small compared to even what you left your dimension.”

“But… even when I was this size in my dimension, I never wet the bed! I was this size when I was eight or nine and didn’t have a problem!”

“What about when you were nineteen months old?”

“Well of course I wet the bed then - I was still a baby in diapers,” she said with a bit of exasperation.

“Well… I’m not saying you are that age, but you are that size compared to us. Like I told you, naps don’t count… and for good reason.” The tears were streaming down her face and Ivy couldn’t help but hug her tighter, ignoring the wet clothes that were soaking her own, and kissed her on her forehead. “It’s okay,” she said soothingly.

“So, does this mean I’m going to be like those other littles and have to go back to diapers?” Holly asked.

“That’s up to you Holly, you really don’t even have one strike at this point - while you’re awake you seem to be doing just fine,” she told her. ‘For now,’ she thought, hiding the smile. Holly smiled a bit at that statement and she decided it was time to take care of getting her cleaned up. “Let’s get you cleaned up and then you can read some more,” Ivy suggested.

Holly for her part just nodded and wriggled free of Ivy’s arms. She looked down at her shorts embarrassed at the wet spots and began pulling them off, “Go ahead and take your blouse off too,” Ivy told her, “now hand me your wet Pull-up.”

As Holly handed her the Pull-up she said, “I guess there’s a reason you wanted me to use a diaper last night… this didn’t do any good…”

Ivy smiled, “No it didn’t. I know a lot of parents that don’t mess with Pull-ups during the night for that reason - they just don’t hold up as well as diapers.”

Holly nodded, now standing naked awkwardly looking up at her. Ivy set the wet clothes down on top of a dresser, with the soaked Pull-up on top of it, and reached over and found some wipes she’d left in the room. Taking a couple out she asked Holly, “Do you want to wipe yourself up, or me to do it?”

Holly blushed a bright red and Ivy went ‘Awww… please say I can,’ in her mind.

“You…” Holly said quietly.

Wasting no time, she bent down on her knees and began using the wipes all over her diaper area, back, stomach, and legs where she knew pee had connected. ‘I wish I could just say this is it and put her in her diapers now… but I want her to decide she needs them as much as the three strikes to tell her she needs them,’ she sighed internally. ‘I want her to go into diapers without hating me…’

Once she was done cleaning her up, she reached in and grabbed a pair of her panties and handed them to Holly to slide on. She watched as she stared skeptically at them before pulling them up her legs. Ivy asked her, “Another pair of shorts? Some pajama pants? A dress?”

Ivy was looking forward to dressing her down the road, but planned on letting her lead the way even when she was in her nursery. Holly furrowed her eyebrows for a moment before saying softly, “A dress?”

She hid her surprise well, but smiled as she walked to the closet and grabbed four options for her. She pointed to a yellow plaid one that she hung onto while putting the others back. It was a bright yellow with wide plaid colors, sleeveless, and the top had fake bows as straps holding it together. Ivy took it off the hanger and undid the buttons before holding it above Holly’s head, “Arms up,” she said with a smile.

Holly complied without much of an expression on her face. Settling the dress over her Ivy bent down and did the three buttons on the back would hold it on. “Why the dress?” Ivy asked curiously.

“Easier to pull down my panties in a hurry…” Holly blushed.

“Yes, I guess it is, just make sure you keep them from showing to everyone,” she smiled at her. “Actually, if we go anywhere, I have a pair of white leggings we’ll put on you,” she added.

She nodded and seemed lost in thought, “Do you mind if I keep looking through your textbook?”

“Sure, but why don’t I also give you an updated one since you were seeing some rather outdated medical advice on littles…”

I SPENT THE afternoon skimming through the original textbook, and the one she brought over to me as well. The newer book did seem to spend some time arguing against the use of the tendon shortening surgery. The authors of the newer book suggested if a parent really wanted their little to be unable to walk, that they should use hypnosis instead. They claimed it was safer because it was possible to later train the little out of that state. If a parent still wanted a more permanent solution the usage of nanites to rewire the connections of the brain to the nerves was now the recommended procedure. ‘So basically, disconnecting all of the programming from the brain to your muscles that you do as a baby…?’ I had wondered in horror. The only good thing was that according to the text it too could be reversed…

When dinner came that night, I enjoyed the homemade pizza that Ivy had made, along with a cup of water that I requested. At her suggestion we sat down to watch a movie together on the couch. “You want a drink?” she asked me midway through the movie.

I debated giving my enuresis issues, but nodded, “Please?”

“Some of the Tabers milk from earlier?” she suggested.

I shrugged, “Sure, it’s weird but it does taste really good.”

She left me on the couch with the movie paused. It was some superhero movie and I was enjoying that one of the superheroes in the movie was a little. It was a little disheartening every time that they reached a stopping point of plot, that the little had to have their diaper publicly changed on camera. I was more than a little shocked at how much of the changes the movie kept showing. ‘I’m not sure if this is something that should even be legal…’

She returned with a glass of water for herself and a sippy cup of the milk for me. I took a sip as she restarted the movie and was again blown away with how great it tasted. ‘It’s like a latte… but without the coffee obviously…’ I tried to describe it to myself. ‘It tastes different than regular milk…’ I thought as I did less sipping, and instead found myself quickly gulping the cup. As a result, it was empty far faster than I was ready for it to be.

I sloshed the cup a bit and Ivy noticed, “Already drank it all?”

I nodded, “It’s really good!”

She smiled, “Do you want more?”

My stomach felt rather full, and I suddenly burped right then, “Maybe later,” I said as I settled in to watch the movie with her. I found my eyes getting heavier and heavier. By the fourth time I’d shaken myself awake I worried I would fall asleep and have a problem without protection on the couch.

“Maybe I should get ready for bed…” I told her.

“Too sleepy?” She asked me while pausing the movie.

“Just worried…”

“Oh… well… how about we get you into your night clothes and then we can come back and finish the movie? That way if you fall asleep the worst that’ll happen is that I’ll need to carry you to your bed?”

I blushed, “I guess…” and yawned then too.

She smiled and carried me to my room and undid the buttons on the back of my dress. “Pull your dress off while I get your pajamas,” she told me.

I reached down to the hem of the dress and pulled it off over my head. My hair was coming loose and got into my eyes so I swiped it clear with my hand and held the dress protectively in front of me as a little bit of cover.

“Panties too,” Ivy reminded me.

I blushed but slid them off and ended up simultaneously handing her both my dress and panties. Soon I was nervously standing there completely naked. I was feeling a little more alert then and wondered if the milk was making me sleepy sooner. She laid the changing pad on the end of my bed and patted it. I groaned but climbed up there and lay where she wanted me to. A short second later a diaper was being shaken open and she lifted my ankles with one hand to pull my butt off the pad enough to situate it. A bottle of baby powder appeared and I blushed more as she shook some into her hands and began rubbing it all over my groin and butt. She wiped her hands with a baby wipe and then taped it shut.

She held out a long nightgown to me, “How about this tonight?”

I stared at the purple garment that was covered in cupcakes and shrugged. “Okay,” and held my arms up so she could pull it over my head. The bottom had a ruffle to it that brushed my ankles as I stood up a moment later. The fabric felt soft and I liked that it covered my arms with long sleeves.

“Shall we go watch the rest of the movie?” She asked me

I nodded feeling some of the sleepiness returning, “sure.”

“Some more milk while I’m up?” she asked as she deposited me on the couch and picked up my sippy cup and her empty glass.


‘I forgot to go potty…’ I thought to myself, ‘I’ll have to remember before I go to bed.’

I took the refilled sippy cup from her. “Sit on my lap?” she asked.

“I guess,” I told her and let her position me in the crook of her arm as the movie restarted. I brought the sippy cup to my mouth and started drinking. “This milk tastes so good!” I said again and found myself with an empty cup again. It wasn’t long after that when my eyes finally stopped trying to stay open.

IVY SAT THERE to finish the movie, but mostly stared at Holly who she had shifted in her arms to a more traditional infants cradle. ‘I couldn’t believe she stayed awake after the first cup…’ she thought to herself. ‘I’m not sure that she should have had that second one yet…’ she admitted. As the credits began to roll, she gently stood up and lifted the hem of Holly’s nightgown.

‘Already wet, huh?’ she thought with a smile. ‘I could tell her this counted as a strike, but I won’t. Let’s see if I can change her without her knowing I did…’

As she lay her down on the changing pad and opened the soaked diaper, she noted that there was also some small amount of loose brown stool in the diaper. ‘Hmm… probably not ready for that much milk in one day yet…’ she thought as she gently wiped the sleeping girl. Once she had her in a clean diaper, she pulled the covers back and gently tucked her in, “Good night princess,” she whispered as she kissed her forehead.

Holly never stirred though as she turned out the lights and walked to place the diaper in the nursery disposal. Washing her hands she looked in the fridge and realized she only had one pouch in there for the next day, ‘better start making sure I have four or five in there if I’m going to keep doing her oatmeal, lunch, and a bedtime snack…’ She walked back to the nursery and prepared to pump some more, ‘Between now and before breakfast I should have enough for her for tomorrow…’

Chapter 11:

THE NEXT MORNING, I woke up wet again and had the nasty surprise of being told there was some stool in the diaper too! I had turned red and was unable to avoid a stream of tears down my face from that knowledge.

I began to settle in though with Ivy, and our days began to swiftly pass by. I soaked up as much knowledge from her and her textbooks as I could during the next week. During that time, I grew annoyed that I couldn’t seem to help waking up wet every time I fell asleep, whether it be nighttime or a nap. I continued to really enjoy the Tabers milk that she kept giving me to drink now that she knew I liked it - it was like having one vice like a coke or a beer available. I figured she would need to go to the store for more soon, but she didn’t usually go to the grocery store - preferring to usually just take a delivery. I offered to help her unpack the groceries when they came but she just shooed me away.

Other than the first time of finding stool in my sleep though, I didn’t have that as a recurrence at least. After breakfast the second week of my stay she handed me a yellow set of shortalls that matched with a white top that had little yellow ruffles on the ends of the short sleeves. The shortalls had a pink heart in the middle of the bib. “I need to go shopping today,” she told me with a smile.

“What for?” I asked curiously, “I thought you said you have everything delivered?” I thought back and even remembered a box of diapers in the last delivery.

“I do, but I’d like to look for some other outfits for you, as well as maybe take you to look for a tablet or something you can use instead of that dinosaur you call a computer.”

I grimaced as she called my computer a dinosaur, “It was actually pretty current in my dimension,” I told her as I pulled the straps of the shortalls over my shoulders.

She just laughed, “What was it you said last week? You’re not in Canada anymore?”

“Kansas,” I sighed.

“What’s that supposed to mean anyway?” She asked.

“I take it you don’t have the Wizard of Oz as a movie here?”

She looked at me blankly, “No…?”

“It was originally a book written over a century ago in my dimension… very odd story. The premise is supposedly a young girl gets swept from her home by a tornado into the land of Oz…” she continued to look at me blankly, “Anyway… at one point she looks at her dog and says ‘I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore,’” I sighed, “it became a very common idiom to say back home.”

“I wish I could see it,” she said.

“If you have all of my boxes, I should have a DVD of it somewhere.”

“What’s a DVD?”

I sighed, “It’s what we used for about fifteen years for movies back home. It’s a round disc that a laser reads.”

“Oh, we used those about fifty years ago... My grandparents still had them when I was growing up. Was there a player in there too?”

“Should have been?” I said, “We could look for it later?”

“We’ll have to do that!” She told me, “The more I think about it I remember seeing a box of a bunch of weird plastic cases and those discs inside. I can get them from the storage shed later.”

“Great,” I said, happy that maybe we could have a bit of a cultural exchange.

I was dressed and carried to the car where she buckled me again into the rear facing car seat. We hadn’t gone anywhere in nearly a week, so I hadn’t seen the video screen she’d installed on the head rest above my car seat. As she turned the car turned on it came to life and displayed a view of Ivy and the view out the window beside her.

“That’s kind of cool,” I said to her.

She waved at the screen, “yes, it is, I can see you now too. If you want, I can also play movies on it for you.”

“I just like the idea of seeing outside right now,” I told her.

“Okay then,” she said and began driving.

I enjoyed the view of the streets and really finally got a feel for the neighborhood that Ivy lived in. It seemed to be a pretty upscale neighborhood with large yards and distance between houses. It was apparent she definitely had a larger house than many of the others she passed by driving further into town. Growing up I had once heard driving through the Midwest best described as ‘cornfield, cornfield, cornfield, porn shop, cornfield…’ Here I would say it was more, ‘Little Store, Little Store, Little Store, Daycare, Little Store…’

“Do littles basically drive your entire economy?” I asked Ivy from the back seat at a stoplight next to a large daycare that I could see littles moving around on outdoor play equipment. Most of them had just a t-shirt and a diaper on, while quite a few only wore their diapers with chests and breasts exposed to the world.

I saw her look down at her screen and she nodded, “A good chunk at least…” she noted as the light turned green and she started again. Eventually she pulled into the parking lot of an enormous mall.

She got out of the car but didn’t immediately come to my side of the door. Instead she was doing something in the trunk. I twiddled my thumbs literally for a moment while waiting for her. I decided to try and pull at the latch myself but couldn’t get the right grip on the buckle apparently. She finally opened the door and picked me up, letting me see the reason she’d been slow to open my door.

“I don’t need that…” I whined as I looked at the purple stroller that she had sitting next to the door.

“You think that now,” she told me, “but with your size just walking from one end to the other and back is going to feel like several miles to you.”


“Less than it will be because I’ll be stopping in stores,” she whispered as she buckled me into the stroller.

I frowned, “But I want to walk around…”

“Remember the other part of our deal the last time we went out?”

I groaned, “Blend…” I sighed. “But don’t toddlers sometimes get to walk around?”

“And you may too,” she told me with a smile as she stepped behind me.

I looked in front of me at a bar that had a space for a cup or a bottle. Above me was a canopy that looked like it wasn’t fully opened. The inside of the stroller was a weird color that somehow felt like both a purple and some sort of purplish fuchsia. It was kind of an ugly color to me… At least the seat was well padded and I felt comfortable as my legs dangled over the edge of it. I leaned forward a little, well as much as the harness let me, and could see a foot rest that my feet had no hope of touching. ‘If anything, this stroller almost feels too big for me…’ I shuddered, ‘What would be right for my size…?’

She pushed the stroller to the entrance of the mall and a nice teenage girl held the door open for us. “Thank you,” Ivy told her.

“No problem, have fun shopping cutie,” she waved at me.

Not knowing what else to do, I waved back to her. Ivy found her first store pretty quickly and soon had me out of the stroller and in a dressing room to try on some dresses and rompers she found. I sighed but participated as a well-behaved dolly as she ended up picking out a half-dozen outfits before putting me back into the stroller. We were leaving the store when I felt the twinge, “Mommy!” I said.

She looked around the front and looked at me, “What sweetie?”

“Potty Mommy!”

She smiled and said, “Just hold it sweetie, we’re not too far from a restroom.”

I found myself squirming as the urge increased faster than I remembered a few days ago even. I hadn’t been far from my potty at home though so it hadn’t been a big deal. She pushed through a door of a small family bathroom and locked the door before coming around to me.

My bladder felt like it was about to explode so as soon as she sat me down on the floor I hurried to the gigantic toilet. I tried pulling at the straps of my coveralls frantically to pull them down. I managed to get one of the buckles loose and then was working on the second one when I felt a drop of urine make it past my clenched muscles.

I struggled some more as Ivy said, “Let me help you,” and reached to get past my hands I lost the battle.

I felt tears in my eyes as the urine pooled down my shorts and began dribbling down my legs and onto the bare part of my feet around my sandals. “I’m sorry,” I told her.

In response she knelt down and hugged me, “It’s okay sweetie, you tried.” She gave me a moment while urine continued to drip out of me, before she said, “Let’s get those wet things off of you.”

I nodded and let her finish getting the buckle I couldn’t get undone. A moment later I was just in my shirt with the dripping shortalls and panties sitting on the long counter inside the room.

“Were you done going?” she asked me kindly.

I shrugged, “I don’t know?”

“Let’s try the potty just in case?” She suggested.

I dumbly nodded and let her hold me on the edge of the toilet and forced myself to go even though I was mortified from my accident and the woman holding me naked above the toilet. I managed to push out just a little bit of urine before some logs of poop followed. I was blushing bright red as she wiped me first with some toilet paper and then carried me to stand on top of the counter that I could tell was really just a nice permanent changing table. The diaper bag she had been carrying last week came out and I grimaced as she brought out baby wipes and cleaned me up without asking for my participation. They were cold and with the air conditioning blowing I felt goosebumps up and down my skin.

“We’ll get you dressed in just a second,” she told me.

I watched as she dug inside and feared I was going to move from panties to diapers already from this one incident. ‘One?’ I asked myself. ‘Every night time and nap too…’ I felt my stomach doing somersaults as she finally pulled her hands from inside the bag, she unfolded a bundle of cloth that contained a dress and a pair of my panties.

“Here,” she told me with a smile handing me the panties.

I quickly pulled them up my legs and then let her pull the dress over my head. It was one that just pulled on so I didn’t have to worry about buttons or a zipper. My sandals were soon back on my feet and she had me wash my hands before buckling me back into the stroller. I watched from my position as she pulled out some bag from inside the diaper bag to put my wet things in and secured it all underneath my seat.

“I need to go potty too while we're here,” she announced.

I sighed and just sat there thinking about the fact that I had just wet my pants. As she finally pushed me outside of the bathroom she said, “Holly this does count as strike one,” I felt a tear down my eye, “but remember I said per week. So, if a week from today you haven’t had two other strikes it’ll reset to the last time you have an accident.”

I breathed a small sigh of relief, ‘okay… don’t have two more accidents in the next week… should be easy!’

I couldn’t help but have a feeling of doom with those thoughts though as she pushed me past a pair of women breastfeeding their little girls on a bench. The breasts pushing their babyish clothes out made it obvious they were not actual real babies.


IVY SMILED ABOVE the handles of the stroller as she pushed Holly deeper into the mall. When they got to the mall, she had intentionally not asked Holly if she needed to go to the potty in the hopes this would happen. Shortalls were another gamble that had also paid off when Holly couldn’t get the hook off the button fast enough in her panic to go. The look on Holly’s face though as she lost control had just about broken her resolve to not put her into diapers then and there forever more.

Luckily for Holly she had intentionally left the diapers at home, but brought two sets of clothes, an extra pair of panties, and a couple of Pull-Ups. ‘If she goes through all of that… well it’ll be over anyway,’ she thought to herself.

As much as she wanted to just diaper Holly, she couldn’t deny that she was the smartest little she’d ever encountered. Her understanding of medical texts she read was at least as good as the medical students she had gone to school with… maybe better. That part made her feel really guilty about adopting Holly, but it didn’t matter now that the act was done. Holly was a minor and would never be allowed to practice medicine by any hospital board. ‘There’s no harm in humoring her though and letting her continue to learn,’ she thought to herself. ‘Even if she never again performs a surgery or even performs an examination.’

Ivy pushed Holly’s stroller through the mall for another hour looking at clothes before deciding it was time to go for lunch and then their next stop. “Holly, do you need to go potty before we go get some lunch?” she asked as she leaned over the canopy.

Holly had been uncharacteristically quiet this whole time, and just gave her a small nod and a quiet, “Please…”

She made her way to a bathroom on the way out to the car and chose to just go into the women’s room with the stroller this time. Parking it beside the entrance she unbuckled her from the stroller, and carried her to an open stall, setting Holly on the ground. Holly pulled her panties down and her dress up before Ivy leaned down to pick her up to place her on the too large potty.

‘I hate holding her like this,’ she thought to herself as a tinkle of water began coming from Holly. ‘She could fall in so easily…’

When she was silent Ivy asked, “Are you done sweetie?”

A nod was the only answer so she grabbed a wad of toilet paper while holding her in place with one hand to wipe her gently dry. Just to be safe she wiped her butt too, but found it clean. She sat her down on the ground so she could pull up her panties and said, “Good girl,” to her.

Holly blushed bright red and didn’t say anything.

Ivy began to get a bit worried then, ‘Did I go too far?’

She helped her wash her hands and then buckled her back into the stroller. “How about pasta for lunch?” she asked Holly as she buckled her into the car seat a few minutes later.

“Sure,” Holly answered her. “Sorry if I’m quiet… I just can’t believe I wet my pants… I’m not a baby for crying out loud, but my potty training seems to be disappearing faster than my height when I arrived here…”

“It’ll be okay,” Ivy found herself reassuring Holly. “I don’t think any less of you,” she added.

With a sigh Holly nodded and she closed the door and drove the short distance to a chain restaurant.


IVY PULLED ME from the car seat and carried me into the restaurant on the right side of her body, and the diaper bag on her left. She took care to pull my dress down under my bottom to cover my panties while she checked in at the hostess stand, “How many?”

“Just us,” Ivy told her.

“High chair or booster?” She asked looking at me.

Ivy looked down at me and I just leaned into her, I didn’t care much at this point. “Let’s do the high chair,” she told her.

The lady spoke to a waitress who led us back to be seated, “Aren’t you just an adorable little princess?” she said to me as she put a high chair right up against the table.

I just smiled in return.

“How old is she?” the waitress asked Ivy.

“Just turned twenty months the other day,” she told her in response.

“And wearing big girl panties already?” she asked as Ivy sat me down and flashed my panties.

“Yep, she’s doing pretty good with her potty training. Had a little pee pee accident this morning, but that’s the first daytime one in a week!”

I wanted to dig myself a hole in the ground and crawl into it, ‘Really? She has to announce that to the world?!?’

“What a big girl!” The girl cooed at me. “What can I get you to drink?”

“I’ll take water, I have a sippy cup for her - can you bring me some juice to put in it?”

“Sure thing! Plapple work?”

“That’ll be fine,” she said and I watched the peppy young woman walk away.

Of course, being an alleged twenty-month-old meant no menu for me. I kind of expected to share with Ivy given my smaller appetite anyway, but I sat in the uncomfortable restaurant high chair - kind of bored while we waited for the waitress. She brought back a glass of juice that Ivy poured into a sippy cup while she ordered, “If we can have the chicken alfredo,” she said to her.

“Soup or Salad?”

“Soup would be great,” she told her.

“Be right out in a bit,” the waitress said with a smile, “Oh, almost forgot, here’s a set of crayons and a placemat she can color on.”

Ivy put it in front of me and I looked at it skeptically for a moment before taking one of the proffered crayons. The picture in front of me was a plate of pasta with meatballs… I started scribbling all over it the way I figured a real kid my age would. Time managed to pass enough that the soup came out and Ivy said, “Holly let me get your bib on you…”

I groaned at the ‘Mommy’s Little Princess’ lettering on it, but sat still while she velcroed it behind my neck. After that I watched as she blew on the soup spoon for several moments before bringing the large spoon to my mouth. “Open up!” she said to me.

My face turned red at being fed like a baby, but I opened up to at least try the soup. It was still a little warm but not too bad. The soup did taste really good! I smiled at her and felt a dribble go down my chin. She alternated taking a few spoonfuls and then giving me a spoonful until the bowl was empty.

“What a good little eater she is!” The waitress cooed as she brought a plate of food for Ivy over. “I brought you a small plate if you want to let her eat on her own too,” she told Ivy.

“Thanks, but it’ll be cleaner if I use my plate!” she told her with a wink.

I wanted to groan but I just chose to sit in more silence. A family with a big set of three daughters had just come in. They were carrying a little woman dressed in a frilly pink romper. As they passed by, I could smell the odor of a used diaper just as Ivy put a fork up to my mouth. I wrinkled my nose from the smell mixing with the forkful, but took a bite, glad they passed by quickly. Luckily the pasta tasted okay so I took my turn eating even as Ivy tried to engage me to smile or talk or something.

I wasn’t very talkative though, instead I stared at the sight several tables over where the poopy little was sat in a high chair. “Aren’t you going to change her Mommy?” the second oldest of the real kids asked. I guessed she was around ten or so.

“No sweetie, when you get a new little, they say it’s best that they get used to sitting in their poopies for a while. If you don’t, they’ll get spoiled and expect a change immediately anytime they just barely piddle in them.”

“Please,” I heard a quiet sob around the pacifier.

The lady looked at her and smacked her hand, “No! Not until I think you’re ready little girl. I still can’t believe you thought you were a big girl and could work at that grocery store! How you could wet yourself right next to the produce we were going to be eating, I don’t know! Nope that wasn’t going to work, but we’ve got you all fixed up though now sweetie!” the lady said with a menace in her voice that made me nervous.

I took another bite of pasta then just as the lady pulled out a jar of baby food and began spooning it into the poor girls’ mouth. We were waiting for the check when the woman pulled the little out of the high chair and put a bottle of milk in her mouth. “Don’t worry, Mommy should have milkies ready for you by the end of the week. We’ll just have to use some of my sisters’ milk until then…”

I was grateful when the check was paid and Ivy carried me to the restroom. I sat on the potty and did my business before she wiped me clean. “Holly?”

“Yes Mommy?” I asked a bit nervously.

“You know you normally take your afternoon nap right about now?”

I nodded, “I am kind of sleepy,” I admitted.

“Why don’t we put you in a Pull-Up in case you go to sleep? It’s going to be a while until we get to the next store?”

I looked at the panties I had just pulled up on my hips. They weren’t exactly adult underwear, but they at least weren’t diapers… a Pull-Up basically was a diaper. I decided to double check, “If I fall asleep it doesn’t count, right?”

“Right,” she told me quietly.

I just nodded, “Okay.”

She reached into the diaper bag while I pulled the panties down and we traded items. I pulled the purple garment up my legs and noticed once again that it wasn’t the snuggest fit. ‘If she really felt like I was going to sleep she should have brought a diaper…’ I thought to myself.

Ivy helped me wash my hands and I found myself carried to the car and once again buckled into my car seat.


IVY LOOKED AT the monitor of her sleeping little girl and smiled. ‘Pasta will do it every time…’ she thought to herself. ‘Well milk more so… It would have been weird to bring it with us.’ Of course, that brought a bigger smirk to her face as well as a grimace. ‘I’d better find a place to change these pads out before she wakes up. I really need to pump at lunch time…’

It was a pretty long drive across town to get to the electronics store she wanted to go to. When she opened up the passenger door she saw that Holly was still out like a light. She decided to use one of the better features of her stroller. It doubled as being able to unlatch the base of the new car seat from the car and just place it into the stroller as is with an infant. ‘No need to wake Holly up, and then maybe I can do something about these leaky boobies…’ She pulled a light blanket out of the trunk and laid it over the now mounted car seat to let Holly have her best chance at staying asleep a little longer.

‘She’s been napping for about two hours in the afternoon and it’s only been about thirty minutes,’ she thought to herself. ‘I should have time…’

Walking in through the doors of the big electronics store she couldn’t help but smile. A nerd at heart, this place had dangerous toys everywhere she looked! ‘Bathroom first…’ she said to herself. Making her way into a handicap stall she parked the stroller next to her and opened the diaper bag to find some nursing pads she’d left in there. ‘As much as I want to pump I don’t want her to know I am lactating yet…’

She pulled the damp pads out that she was wearing and quickly used a baby wipe to clean the nipples off before placing the new pads in place. ‘Better double them just in case…’ she thoughtfully added to herself. She took the time to use the toilet and washed her hands before looking in on Holly. Her little girl was fast asleep and clearly it was a good idea for the pull-up as she could see the learning designs already mostly faded away.

‘I hope she doesn’t leak…’ she worried, but knew her clothes and the car seat cushion would wash easily if she did. She walked down the aisles to the Little’s accessory section of the store and found something she was looking for. It was a ‘LittleProtect’ watch that she could put on her and make sure she was safely able to track her. There were even some panic modes available to contact her or others via video if she needed to. ‘Maybe I should get something simpler…’ she thought for a moment but shrugged and took it. ‘If someone figures out that she’s a little, she’s so cute, she’s a prime candidate for kidnapping,’ she admitted to herself.

The watch was purple and she knew it would work well for most of her wardrobe. Pushing her stroller bound little down the aisles she looked at the various other gadgets for littles they sold and shuddered… ‘Not happening to my Holly…’ she thought as she walked towards the tablet section of the store. This company had just finally been granted exclusive access to sell Melon Corps latest tablets. One was small and thin enough that she thought it would be ideal for Holly to read on. ‘She certainly is a voracious reader,’ she had noted on multiple occasions. It wasn’t that she had read every word of the seven textbooks she’d gone through in the last week, but it was clear that Holly had been looking for differences from their physiology and medical practices standpoint. Holly seemed to be able to mesh that information with her own knowledge very easily to clearly understand and remember anything she studied.

‘She’d already make a better professor than most of mine were!’

She ended up picking up a ten-inch version of the tablet that seemed almost like a phone in size to her. Just as she was getting to the register, she noticed the feeling of movement going on under the stroller covering. She pulled it off and smiled at Holly who was wiping her eyes, “Well hello there, did you have a nice nap?”

Holly’s expression went from sour, to shock, to fear, to tears in about two seconds as she felt and realized she was in a wet Pull-Up. “Wet Mommy,” was all she said to her.

“It’s okay Holly! Mommy’ll get you all dry once she checks out here.”

Holly for her part grimaced but nodded while closing her eyes again. ‘I can’t wait until we get her past being embarrassed over a silly wet diapee!’

The checkers moved quickly and she had the devices put in a bag to carry out to the car in no time. “Holly, do you want to go back inside to change or just do it in the car?” She asked her softly at the car.

At her shrug and red face Ivy decided here it was.


I WAS IN shock that my indifference generated a different outcome than I expected. Grabbing the stroller, she parked it next to her car and quickly undid the buckle holding me into my seat. She pushed my dress up around my armpits then and ripped open the sides of the training pants before grabbing my ankles in her hand and pulling out from underneath me.

My naked bottom was exposed to the world in the parking lot, and I felt some tears going down my face as she smiled broadly and wiped me with a baby wipe with my butt held in the air. She then lay my legs down for a second. “I’m going to put another Pull-Up on you just in case you fall asleep again on the way home,” Ivy said.

I just nodded hoping she’d get me dressed sooner rather than later. She pushed a Pull-Up up my legs and I helped lift my butt and hips for her to slide it into place. She buckled me back into the seat before unlatching it and placing me into the car. ‘I was in my car seat this whole time?’ I thought to myself.

‘Why is she even fooling around with me?’ I worried. ‘Clearly this plot doesn’t end with me wearing adult underwear…’

‘Maybe I should just confront her…?’ I wondered. ‘But that might just set off whatever she has planned sooner? I don’t want to be eating baby food like that poor girl.’

The drive home was pretty long, but I never fell back asleep. I think Ivy was a little surprised that I hadn’t when we reached the house and she pulled me out of the car seat. “Why don’t you go use the potty and then I’ll show you the new toys I bought you,” she told me as she sat me down inside the house.

I nodded and walked towards the bathroom with a growing need to go pee in side of me. I made it with plenty of time to spare though this time, and used the toilet paper she offered to wipe, before wordlessly exchanging my dry Pull-Up for the panties that she held out to me.

“Are you okay?” Ivy asked me gently after helping me wash my hands and picking me up.

I shrugged, “Define okay?”


“Kind of hard to define, huh? I’m in another dimension where I’ve not only shrunk to the size of a young child in my home dimension, but here I’m the size of a baby. I’ve been having problems staying dry in my sleep for the last week, and today I didn’t make it to the bathroom during the daytime. I’ve watched around this place and noticed everyone my size I see is in a diaper and most of them are being treated like they’re the age of the size I am…”


“If it wasn’t for the fact that I was living out of a hotel and jobless in the other dimension I would say I was completely stupid to come here… as it is, I just think I was an idiot for coming here,” I sighed.

She hugged me then, “I’m sorry…” she said.

I sighed, “Nothing to help this mess, I guess… I agreed to come here for two years. What new toys did you want to show me?”

Her eyes held excitement then and she sat me down on the kitchen table and brought over a bag. “Two things,” she told me.

She opened a small box that looked like it contained a watch, ‘LittleProtect+’ it said on the outside of the box. I read the box and felt a bit of a shiver at the descriptions:

LittleProtect+ Serves as Protection for your little against being lost or kidnapped.

Features include: Uncuttable/breakable wrist band (36 Digit Parent Password Necessary to release), GPS Locator, Video Calling to Four Preset Numbers, and Emergency Alarm Function

Also includes toy pet function rewarding active little with in-game credits based on active steps and exercise movement. Watch face displays and reads the time and to little.

“So, this is supposed to what… keep me from being kidnapped?” I asked nervously. “Does that happen a lot?”

Ivy sighed, “I doubt it’ll be a problem for you since you’ll be with me or another big, but yes it can be a problem. I figured you would at least like to be able to know what time it is too?”

I nodded, “Thanks I guess,” and held out my wrist for her to fasten it. She had me hold it out for a few minutes while she connected it to her phone somehow and password protected it. When she was done, I looked down and gratefully noted that it was a really comfortable wristband. I pressed the blank watch face and was rewarded with the time of ‘17:23’ and the voice of the watch saying it aloud. It was a voice perfect for a toddler TV series like Sesame Street... I groaned at it, but I knew I could be stuck with worse Amazons.

“This is the other thing,” she told me as she pulled out a thin rectangular box and began unwrapping it. She pulled from it what seemed to me to be a clear transparency sheet for an old fashioned classroom projector.

“What is it?” I asked as she pressed on it and suddenly it became obvious it was a screen.

“A tablet?” She paused, “Do you have those?”

I nodded, “There’s one in my bag actually… but how do they have any components in this thing?” I asked as I held out my hands to hold it. It wasn’t much thicker than a piece of poster board and was completely flexible. I pressed on the screen and it began asking setup questions.

“Here let me get this setup for you…” she told me.

I watched from the edge as she set up an account and linked it to her own bank accounts. Limits on what could be spent or done without passwords were set, and I couldn’t help but note that child friendly search protection and limits were turned on as she swiftly set it up. Her final act was to link it to some of her accounts so I could have access to her textbooks.

I could see fifty books listed on the library she showed me and smiled, “This’ll be a lot easier to read with!”

“I hope so!” She told me with a smile.

“Thanks,” I told her.

“You’re welcome… Why don’t you mess around with those and I’ll get to work on some things I need to get done?”

I nodded and let her take me off the table and sat me down in the living room. I found myself climbing onto the couch like a mountain climber and soon laying on my stomach exploring the contents of her library. I had just begun skimming through a medical ethics and law textbook when she said, “Ready for dinner?”


The rest of the evening passed as much of the last week had. I had some more of the Tabers milk along with my dinner, before we watched a couple TV shows together on the couch. Eventually I found myself in a diaper for the night, and drifting off to sleep in my bed.


Thanks for those of you who have commented so far! It’s nice to know I’ve reached a couple of new readers with this one! I’ll post a few more chapters up tomorrow night or Saturday!

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Fair Enough! :slightly_smiling_face:

Chapter 12:

THE NEXT MORNING Ivy found herself waking up the little girl from her deep sleep. She again found a diaper that was completely soaked - almost to the point of leaking. ‘This is the fourth day in a row she’s almost leaked… I may have to start waking up and changing her in the middle of the night,’ she noted to herself. ‘Or maybe just change her before I go to bed… she’s starting to sleep earlier in the evening.’

“Good morning,” she said brightly to Holly as she saw her eyes finally open.

“Ugh…” Holly griped, “I don’t believe in mornings, can I just go back to sleep?”

She laughed, “Nope, come on I have a few things I want to get done later and they don’t involve letting you sleep in.”

She carried the sleepy girl to the changing mat on her floor and began thinking about how much nicer the nursery would be to change her in. The changing mat of course worked, but it would be nice to not bend over all of the time! She made sure to wipe Holly’s diaper area completely clean with the wipes before handing her a pair of panties to pull on.

“What do you want to wear today?” she asked her.

A shrug, “I don’t care?”

“I pick?” She said with a smile, “Okay!”

Holly looked a little alarmed as she stood in her cute little panties, but stood patiently as Ivy looked in the closet. She found a romper that would probably result in protests from anyone over the age of two, but Ivy thought it was adorable! Since Holly made the mistake of saying she could choose, she’d finally get to see her in it! She pulled the green romper off of the hanger and pulled it open for her to pull over her head, “Arms up,” she told Holly and watched the little girl follow her directions.

She couldn’t help but go ‘awww’ as she pulled the green romper over Holly’s head and knelt down to snap up the crotch snaps. She picked her up and carried her to the mirror so she could see herself.

The green romper was adorable with small yellow and white butterflies flying around all the way around the fabric. A single larger butterfly on the front of the left bottom part of the romper included pink wings and little hearts inside of them. Clearly meant for a baby still in diapers, and a mommy who wanted to be able to easily change her, the snaps went all the way up the front to the collar and would let it be pulled in half to make changing messy diapers even easier.

“I look ridiculous,” Holly said a second later with a frown. “I shouldn’t have told you that you could pick.”

“No, you shouldn’t, but I think you look adorable!” Ivy replied and tickled her side for just a second, before she hugged her tighter. “Let’s get some breakfast in that stomach and we’ll do your hair,” she added as a growl emitted from Holly’s small stomach.

‘Okay, I’m getting tired of waiting for this control to finish going,’ she thought as she prepared her breakfast after securing her in the high chair. ‘She already shouldn’t be able to control her bladder or bowels at all…’

I LOOKED DOWN at the babyish garment as Ivy finished putting together my oatmeal and toast that had become my normal breakfast. The romper screamed ‘baby’ and let me know that it seemed likely to be my fate. ‘Why has she let me continue to be a big girl this long…?’ I had begun asking myself.

From everything I could see, and find out through my clandestine internet research, there were very few adopted littles living out of diapers. Maybe thirty percent of the little population was free, and only ten percent were brave enough to go outside without at least a Pull-Up on. For me the watch she had given me the previous night had sealed any of the secret hopes that I wasn’t really adopted already. The box had clearly stated that legally a little had to be adopted to wear one!

I ate the oatmeal before drinking the milk and noted how I couldn’t really bring myself to stop eating or drinking either once I began. Neither lasted long before I had them in my stomach! While I ate Ivy put my hair into two loose pigtails and tied bows in them with some yellow ribbon that matched the butterfly on the front.When I was done eating Ivy helped me down and over to the bathroom.

“Need help undoing those snaps?” She asked me.

“Let me try?” I said curiously.

Like too many things I’d encountered so far in this dimension it seemed unreasonable that I couldn’t undo them. Babies regularly manage to get out of these things on their own and go streaking in the nude, but no matter what I tried I couldn’t get any of the snaps to open.

“What’s the deal?” I asked as I let her take over and she easily undid them.

“What do you mean?”

“Why can’t I undo them?”

“Probably a strength or dexterity issue?” she suggested.

I nodded, “But why? It’s weird that I can’t undo them…”

“Well it makes sense actually. You don’t really want a little getting access to their diaper and able to take it off and poop everywhere?”

I blushed, “But I’m not in diapers…”

“Thus, the potty,” she smiled at me as I began tinkling.

I went until I was out of urine, wiped, and then let her re-snap the outfit shut before washing our hands. “Why don’t you go turn on the TV and find something to watch? All those books will warp your brain?”

I laughed at that, “You know that’s the opposite of what it should be…”

She laughed too, before she patted my head and I followed her request to watch something on the TV. The large remote was pretty straightforward, and I quickly found myself channel surfing through a limited number of channels. I was really surprised by how few channels there were until I discovered the parental locks were in effect. With a sigh I discovered at least a channel that looked like the Discovery Channel was allowed. I soon found myself engrossed in watching some sort of bizarre robotics competition. The couch was a bit too big to get comfortable on for some reason, so I found myself sitting on the wood floor in front of the coffee table.

In the first episode I watched, they were given a challenge to build a robot that could pack and ship items quickly into boxes without human interaction, in just five days. I was reminded almost of the old Monster Garage show that had once been on Discovery. It was interesting to watch them tackle the mechanical and programming parts together in their five-person team. Their technology was so much further advanced than ours that it blew my mind! The second episode was a house building robot challenge. The winning team basically built a three-dimensional concrete and steel printer that built a huge elaborate mansion in three hours!

When that episode ended, I noted that Ivy had set down a sippy cup that I’d been oblivious to. Thirsty, I began drinking out of it, unsure of what was in it since it was in an opaque purple sippy cup. I smiled when I tasted the Tabers milk and turned my attention back to an episode where they built a robot for changing diapers. I was both disturbed and intrigued as they threw in dolls first, and finished the episode with a daycare full of littles that needed changed.

When it was over, I saw Ivy standing over me looking concerned. “What’s wrong?” I asked.

She pointed down and I felt dizzy as I realized I had somehow wet my pants and never even noticed it!

“But…” I felt tears go down my face, “I…”

I found myself crying right then as Ivy picked me up and carried me back towards my bedroom and lay me down on the changing pad. “It’s okay sweetie,” she told me as she began unsnapping the romper from the top down and pulled my arms free of it with its massive wet spot. My panties were pulled down my legs next and she wiped me clean with some wipes before hugging me, “It’s really okay sweetie,” she reassured me.

“But… that’s… that’s…” I hiccoughed in between words, “strike… two…” Tears streamed down my eyes still “I… never… felt…”

IVY HELD THE naked and very upset little girl wrapped in a towel for a long while before the hiccoughs became slow steady breaths, and she fell asleep. ‘Probably best to just let her sleep…’ she thought to herself, noting it was only about an hour until lunchtime. Not wanting to upset her further when she woke up, she decided to risk just putting a Pull-Up on her, along with buttoning her in another romper.

Using what willpower she had left, she lay Holly down on the bed, and partially closed the bedroom door. She would have to wake her up at lunch, but it would do her some good to sleep. ‘I hope she adjusts okay in the end,’ she thought to herself. As she walked away she looked down and noticed that her bra and shirt were suddenly quite soaked.

‘Damn… her crying must have made my breasts let down…’ Ivy sighed and walked down the hallway to her room and grabbed another nursing bra and blouse. ‘Might as well pump at this point…’ she added to herself as she walked to the nursery.

Sitting in the rocking chair to pump she smiled knowing that soon she would be able to skip pumping most of the time and let Holly do the work. ‘I’ll have to move the pump to my bedroom or the kitchen when I start having her use this room… don’t want to wake her up if she’s sleeping!’

To her surprise her milk production seemed to have doubled suddenly and she ended up filling an extra pouch. ‘I may still be pumping if she can’t drink this much…’ she thought. ‘She’ll need her bottles at daycare though, might as well make sure we stay ahead on that front.’

‘Do I give her more at lunch? Or give her a little longer to be a big girl?’

It wasn’t that she was sadistic with her desire to have her little in full baby mode… She didn’t want to just do the instant ‘hey you’re a baby now!’ to the girl. ‘You’re a girl now!’ was bad enough she thought guiltily. ‘I think it would seem less painful to be put into diapers if you need them than if it’s just because it’s what Mommy wants,’ she justified to herself. ‘I can’t wait though! One more accident will do it!’

“HOLLY TIME TO get up and have some lunch,” I heard as I realized I must have cried myself to sleep.

My eyes opened and I looked up at a concerned Ivy, “How long did I sleep for?” I asked as I realized she had put a Pull-up on me… and it seemed damp.

“A bit over an hour,” she told me as she pulled the blanket off of me and gently picked me up. “Do you need to go potty before lunch?” she asked.

I blushed, “I think I went in my sleep?”

A hand suddenly invaded my crotch and she nodded, “Feels a bit damp down there, but not too bad if you want to eat first before we take care of that?”

I looked at her wondering why I would want to stay in a wet Pull-up? “All the same, could we get some new underwear for me? Maybe I’ll try going anyway?”

She smiled and nodded, grabbing a pair of panties out of the dresser before carrying me quickly to the bathroom. Before she sat me down, she pulled at three snaps at my crotch and revealed the damp garment that had definitely lost its wetness indicator pattern. I blushed at that, but as she sat me down pulled the shirt like garment up and the Pull-Up off my feet before sitting down on the plastic potty.

I went more than I would have expected, so I was glad I went, but more importantly I was disturbed that I didn’t realize I needed to go that much. ‘Something is going wrong in the processing of my bladder to my brain…’

When I was done, I stood up and Ivy wiped me thoroughly with a baby wipe, “Let’s make sure you’re not still sitting with pee on your skin,” she said.

I blushed but let her do her thing, pulled on the new panties, and let her do the snaps up. She cleaned up from my potty and had the Pull-Up thrown away before leading me to the dining room.

“What’s for lunch?” I asked.

“Quesadillas work?”

“Sure,” I said with a shrug.

She picked me up and sat me in the high chair before putting a quesadilla on the tray that had been cut up into bite size squares. Seeing no utensils, I just began picking up a bite at a time with my fingers. I preferred eating with a fork, but she was eating hers with her hands too.

‘I only have one more strike left,’ I thought to myself as I ate. ‘I have to make it a week before that restarts…’ I chided myself internally during lunch. I pretty much sat in silence and barely responded to Ivy throughout lunch as I dwelled about the precipice I was perched on. ‘I hope I can make it… but it’s not going to be as easy as it should be.’

After we both finished lunch, I went to the bathroom and tried taking the romper snaps off. This one was just as impossible to unsnap as the other one and I began to feel the need to go grow more and more. “Ivy!” I called out, “Can you please come undo this?”

I hopped from foot to foot and held my hands over my crotch in some vain attempt to keep everything inside my bladder. She came just in the nick of time to unsnapped it, and I had just barely pulled my panties down and sat on the potty, when the stream quickly began coming out.

“That was a close one, huh?” She asked me.

I blushed, “Yes it was… can I wear a dress or something instead of this?”

“Sure,” she said as she helped clean me up.

‘A week?’ I thought to myself, ‘Something is definitely making this harder for me.’ As she helped me change into a dress instead, I wondered how responsible Ivy was for my bathroom problems.

IVY WAS BERATING herself internally, ‘Two more minutes - if that - and she would have had her third strike.’ She sighed as she watched Holly lay on her stomach on the ground in front of the couch with her new tablet. She was probably reading through yet another textbook. ‘I’ve never seen anyone devour medical information as quickly as she does. I swear she must have an eidetic memory because she asks me about some things I can barely remember!’

She watched her for a moment and then went back to responding to some emails on her laptop that she had sat on the kitchen table where she could discreetly watch Holly. A serious surgery was planned in the pediatrics unit in the next couple weeks, and the CEO of the hospital, Bob Clark, had emailed her to see if she could come in to be the lead for that procedure. He was apologetic for asking, but felt the five-year-old girl had a better chance if she was leading the team. ‘You can have an extra two weeks of paid maternity leave if you want, plus double your normal pay for the procedure.’

‘I can’t turn that down…’ she thought to herself looking over at Holly. ‘I can have my parents watch her or maybe just bring her to the daycare. It would give her a trial run at what it’ll be like when I go back to work…’

‘At the rate she’s gone these past two days she should be in diapers full time by then… and I’ll have her nursing by then too…’

She wrote a quick reply that she would do the procedure, but asked if she could bring her little girl with her to the Pre-Op appointment on Friday of next week. ‘I don’t want to put her in daycare yet’ she both thought and wrote to the administrator.

I SAT GLUED to the article I was reading discussed the ‘necessity’ of feeding littles a diet of only breastmilk. The credentials Ivy held for the hospital gave me access to the local Emerson University Medical Library Catalog. Online they held hundreds of medical journals that you could view, and I’d been going through several of one pediatric journal’s last decade of publications over the last six days since my accident in front of the TV.

Many close calls later I had managed to make it seven days past my first accident without having another. Ivy had reminded me that morning that I had gained another strike to have, since a week had passed since my first. Having two chances available again didn’t make me feel a whole lot better though that morning. Not long after I ate breakfast I had just about crapped my pants before getting to the toilet. For some reason my bowels were feeling looser every day. That was in addition barely any warning on needing to pee from my bladder! I had myself on a strict alarm of trying to go every thirty minutes to make sure that I didn’t have accidents. ‘Sort of self-potty-training boot camp,’ I had thought when I started.

Looking back at the article I wondered if I hadn’t identified the reason for my continence issues.

Dietary Studies for Best Practices with New Littles

Dr. Mark Nimitz, Professor Emerson University, Director of Little Care at EU Children’s Hospital

As more Littles begin to travel from the other dimension to ours, we are seeing an influx of littles that are way more independent than our native littles. The effects of our adult food upon their digestive system seems to have negative consequences of severe constipation, allergic reactions, and poor weight control.

This study compared four hundred newly arrived littles from a dimensional relocations agency who were split into four groups, a control group, pureed food, formula only, and breastfed only. The Formula and Pureed groups were given the same brands and volumes each feeding, while logs of the control groups’ meals were kept and analyzed for nutritional information. Regular reporting of urine and bowel movement data, as well as analysis of the consistency of fecal movements were made daily for twelve weeks. Daily weight and body temperature values were also collected. Caregivers were asked to also report on their littles apparent continence, or lack thereof, as the study progressed. Data was analyzed with a chi-squared test.

Overwhelming results demonstrated that Breastfed littles were better adjusted in using their diapers as they lost their continence and reported far fewer cases of Constipation (Charts below).

Conclusion: Littles arriving from the new dimension are far healthier, better adjusted, and ready to be cared for if they are breastfed. Care should be taken when using Formula as a substitute for Breast Milk due to a significant increase of cases of constipation. Regular laxatives and suppositories should be administered if a little is Formula Fed. Pureed baby food is also considered a better value for dietary needs over regular adult table foods.

I found myself moving past the abstract, and began pouring through the data of the study. As I did so I had a sickening thought, ‘What is this ‘Tabers’ milk she’s been feeding me?!?’ I mentally considered the name and realized that if you rearranged the letters in ‘Tabers,’ breast was an obvious anagram!

When I mentally charted out my visits to the bathroom, and the growing lack of control on my part, it fit in far better with the breastfed littles than it did the formula fed littles. Given I’d been eating regular table food I should have been more in line with the data of the control group - but clearly I wasn’t.

Before accusing Ivy of what now seemed obvious, I delved into several more studies on their breast milk. It seemed that it acted as a powerful sedative on littles, which would also explain my sudden fatigue I usually experienced whenever I’d had that milk. The more I read about the milk the more I also discovered that the Amazonian women had for some reason developed a crazy overwhelming lactation reflex. Study after study showed how quickly they began producing milk upon adoption of a little. In most cases medication wasn’t even required to cause it! On average a woman could just pump her breasts a week before adopting, and have her milk in before arrival. Or, if unexpected, within less than a couple days of having a little around they would also lactate. I came across a babysitter training website for teens while I was searching terms and found it was even quite common for teenage babysitters to suddenly produce milk and need to feed the ‘kids,’ they were babysitting to relieve their breasts.

Apparently, this was as much of a rite of passage for teen girls here as having their first period!

‘I’ve been here over a week and a half, and based on these studies there’s no way she’s not producing…’ I thought to myself. With a sigh I remembered that she had given me the Tabers milk after a timeline that would fit with those facts too.

‘I’m being fed breast milk at least two or three times a day…’ was my thought before my potty alarm went off and I got out of the screen I was in and headed to the potty.

I reached it in time to realize I really needed to pee and just barely had myself planted on the potty in time to make it. I went quite a lot, and wondered what the solution was to the mess I was in. ‘It would help if the milk tasted awful… instead it’s more addicting than alcohol!’

IVY WATCHED HOLLY run to the bathroom, and couldn’t help but feel exhausted as she found herself again emptying the little potty, washing it, and making sure Holly washed her hands in the sink. After her second accident she had figured the little girl would have had her third strike within the next day! Instead she figured out how to set an alarm on her watch to go off every thirty minutes while she was awake.

‘I just want to diaper her already,’ she admitted to herself. Every day at naptime and bedtime she loved the time she could spend carefully putting Holly into the adorable diaper after rubbing baby powder into her skin. Her milk production had also seemed to take off to new levels in the following days and she really wanted to get on with nursing her directly already! ‘The pump isn’t the same…’

She made lunch for them and decided that maybe the answer would present itself if they went out somewhere again. Holly had a voracious appetite for reading… so maybe the library?

“Holly, what would you think about going to the library after your nap?”

Her eyes lit up and she said, “Please?”

“Okay, let’s eat lunch and get your nap in before we go,” she told the little girl who seemed to suddenly bounce with more energy. ‘I won’t ever take her ability to read away like my sister would. It’s amazing how she’s far more interested in reading than anything else. Actually, I wonder what she’s been reading today? I’ll have to check during her nap…’

Lunch didn’t take long to make or eat because she just made up some soup for both of them. Holly managed feeding herself just fine with only a few drops more than Ivy dropped on herself. She noticed her take a skeptical look at the sippy cup of milk, but still drank it like an addict once she took her first sip.

“Let’s get you diapered for your nap,” she told Holly when she had stopped eating.

“Okay,” came the girls’ tired response.

The cup of milk seemed to have done its job just fine on that front. She undid the buckles holding Holly in the high chair and carried her to the bedroom where she lay her on top of the dresser. She’d managed to get Holly to be okay with her putting the changing pad on top of there. It made a make-shift changing table so that she didn’t have to bend down as far. She pushed the skirt of her dress back and underneath her to expose her panties that were somehow still staying dry.

Lifting her ankles in one hand, she gently lifted and pulled the panties off of her and sat them on the cabinet next to her head. She quickly flipped open the diaper and placed it underneath her bottom. She loved the smell of baby powder and generously sprinkled Holly’s skin with it, rubbing it into her diaper area and a little above and below. She smiled at Holly who looked like she wanted to be anywhere else but there right then. A quick tickle to her stomach though made the smile come that she loved seeing come out.

‘I am going to make her diaper changes so much fun when she finally ends up in them!’ The changing table in her nursery had several toys set next to it to help her keep a happy little girl. ‘And a pacifier once the thumb sucking really takes hold.’ Several of the tv shows she’d been watching with Holly should have already had her doing that nearly all of the time, but she’d only seen her do it once in her sleep so far! ‘She’ll get there,’ she reminded herself as she taped the second side of Holly’s diaper closed.

She picked her up and hugged her, “Have a good nap,” she told the girl who was almost already asleep.

“Night,” the sleeping little yawned and seemed to be out.

‘I have to go pump now…’ she told herself with a sigh and walked out of her room and closed the door. Her output really had surprised her as she stored away bags daily into the freezer. Her freezer had enough milk to solely feed Holly on expressed milk for a few weeks - even if she gave her seven or eight bottles a day!

Once she had herself cleaned up, she debated about asking Holly to wear a Pull-Up on this trip just to be safe if she had that accident. Instead she just made sure the diaper bag she was taking had a few spare diapers this time, a single Pull-Up, wipes, and two rompers that would be good for the warm temperatures that day. ‘I’m surprised though with how much Holly willingly dresses in dresses. I had expected that to be more of a problem…’ In fact, she changed out one of the rompers for a sun suit styled dress instead. It had a skirt that covered a one piece snapped bottom that would cover a diaper quite adorably when she finally ended up in them!

I FOUND MYSELF waking up to the sounds of Ivy moving around my room. “Awake now?” she asked me.

I felt my thumb was wet for some reason and realized it had been in my mouth while I slept. I blushed and quickly wiped it dry on my sheets as I sat up. The skirt of my dress had hiked up and I could see the diaper was very swollen and wet, “How long was I asleep?” I asked.

“Two hours, pretty much like normal,” she told me. “You still want to go to the library?”

“Please!” I said with a smile and scooted off the bed and walked to her. “Can you get me out of this diaper first though?”

“Of course!” She said with a smile and picked me up to sit me on the cabinet.

She pulled at the tapes and made a concerned face then, “This again… you have some stool in your diaper.”

“I pooped myself in my sleep?” I asked concerned. “Sleep doesn’t count still, right?” I asked.

She smiled, “No, sleep doesn’t count. But I’m a little worried about leaving you in a diaper overnight if this becomes normal…”

She used a baby wipe then to wipe my butt excessively clean. I felt her wipe my anus firmly and blushed red. The wipe was pretty brown when she finished and wrapped the diaper into a ball. I was given my panties and walked down the hallway to the bathroom to go again before we left.

“You good to go now?” She asked me when I was done tinkling just a little bit.

I nodded, “Yes, please.”

I let her gather me into her arms and watched her put the diaper bag on one shoulder, and soon we were in the garage. She wasted no time buckling me into the babyish car seat and driving away. I kept my eyes open and watched the road next to her as she drove. I believed we were going in the opposite direction than we had been going to shop and do anything else so far. “How far is the library?” I asked her.

“Not far, just a few blocks,” she answered.

Sure enough, she quickly came to a large building that had a public library sign on the outside of it. As she lifted me onto her side she asked, “Can I just carry you inside?”

I nodded just as my watch beeped, “Can we go to the bathroom first?”

She said, “Sure,” as she carried me towards the building and asked, “can you silence that for while we’re in here?”

I understood libraries needed to be quiet so I turned the alarm off for a bit while she carried me inside. ‘I’ll just have to turn it back on when we leave,’ I told myself. She carried me to the restroom and held me over a smaller toilet that was clearly designed to be more accessible for young children. I was embarrassed that I was still a little small for it, so she held me just to be safe. After such a short drive I didn’t really need to go much, but I wasn’t taking chances!

Out of the bathroom I was excited to see the rest of the building as we walked through a large circular entry way where the circulation desk sat. The outside of the building had been covered in a complex geometric pattern of glass and steel. Inside the building seemed to be a Twentieth-Century artist’s painting with the vibrant colors that emphasized the odd designs and angles throughout the building.

“Where to first?” She asked me.

“Non-fiction?” I suggested.

“You have enough of that at home, how about something fiction wise?”

I sighed, “Mysteries?”

She smiled, “That sounds good!” and carried me to a wall of titles.

It was tough to pull the big books down and hold me, so Ivy said, “Here, why don’t you point out six or seven titles and I’ll carry them over to a table for you to look through.”

“Okay,” I told her with a smile.

I browsed the covers and titles and tried to remember the last time I had been in a physical library… ‘Med school,’ I admitted. ‘And that wasn’t for fun…’

After a while we had a stack that I wanted to look through. I followed behind her as she carried them to a corner of the room that had chairs and couches. I sat down on some plush carpet next to a chair she sat in to look through them, while she did the same with a few others she was curious about. I was engrossed in checking the covers and just speed reading through the first chapters to see if I did want to check them out. Without my alarms, time passed by quickly before I decided on two of the books to check out. Just as I stood up to walk over to where Ivy sat, I felt a sudden urge and dropped the books, “Iv…” was all I got out before it happened.

My stomach cramped and I froze as a slimy mess went passed uncontrollably through my sphincter, and began piling up in my panties. Simultaneously my bladder began trickling urine out. I could feel my legs become wet as the trickle became a flood, and soon a small puddle formed at my feet. Right then I felt more poop come out, and I knew without a doubt that my panties were ruined. Ivy looked up at me and quickly walked over to me. I could tell by the brightening of her eyes that my strikes were up!

Chapter 13:

I BEGAN SOBBING since I knew my days as an adult were over. The mess inside my panties felt sticky and uncomfortable as I heard, “Oh dear, you weren’t really potty training her, were you?” from a woman standing next to us.

“We were,” Ivy said with a finality that confirmed my belief she would hold to her rules.

“Definitely not ready to be a big girl, yet was she? Such a small cute thing, I would never have even tried,” the woman said.

I looked at the condescending bitch in front of me and managed to barely hold in my tongue as Ivy told her, “She’s my little girl, not yours, I believed in giving her a chance. I need to get her cleaned up now - could you ask someone to help clean up here?”

I looked back appreciatively at Ivy who grabbed my hand and said, “Let’s go find a bathroom and get you cleaned up.”

I was red with embarrassment and noticed that apparently she didn’t even want to carry me. We began walking and the poop began to drip out of my panties and down my legs. My tears fell faster and I could barely see as she pulled me along, taking me by the wrist like a misbehaving toddler.

Along the way I had more than a few little kids laughing at me and making fun of the baby who couldn’t make it to the potty. One teenager said, “Ooh… did the big girl discover she needs her diapees?” as we passed her going into the bathroom.

“That she did,” Ivy said, “Now please move so I can get her cleaned up.”

Like every bathroom I’d been into in this dimension there were multiple changing tables inside. I tearily looked up at the one she pulled down and hung the bag on. She dug inside and pulled out the purple changing pad, a diaper, wipes… and I watched my life effectively end!

I stood next to her just wanting to get clean already though. Once she prepared the table, she turned to me and pulled the dress off over my head leaving me standing only in the poopy panties that continued to drip at my feet. “These panties just need to be cutoff now,” she pulled out a small pair of scissors from somewhere and did just that. Two snips and she kept as much poop wrapped in the ruined panties as she could as she tossed the mess in the trash can.

I was now naked and could both see and feel the poop smeared on my butt and legs. I watched in detached fascination as one piece crawled down my leg like a worm for a moment before it plopped down on the ground beside my foot. I shifted my body over a little to avoid it. Ivy left me standing on the floor and began using several baby wipes to clean me up. I felt tears down my face and sniffled as her hands firmly, but hurriedly wiped the poop off of my butt, groin, and legs. She also used another wipe to quickly pick up what had fallen off of me, before she threw the disgusting brown wipes in the trash. “Come on, up on the table,” she told me as she lifted me on the pad. I began crying out loud, unsure of what my fate was now.

‘Am I only going to be treated like a baby? Only be fed like those littles?!?!’ I was convinced my life would now be over and had moved to a full on panic attack and struggled to breathe. Suddenly something invaded my mouth and I realized she had shoved a pacifier inside my mouth to try and quiet me down. I tried to spit it out, but for some reason my mouth couldn’t get it out. As Ivy wiped me up with yet more wipes, my face streamed with tears worse than when my parents died. She even thoroughly wiped my feet that she had now stripped off my sandals.

“There, you’re all clean now,” she cooed at me, “Let’s just get your diaper on you, a fresh outfit, and then we’ll get you home,” she said in a soothing voice.

She wasted no time flipping a diaper open, grabbing my ankles, and lifting my now clean and cold butt into the air. The lady that had commented on my potty-training ability walked in just then and said, “Good, I see you were prepared at least. I wanted to tell you a staff member cleaned up her mess. I left the books you two had out right outside this bathroom. Enjoy your nice clean diapee!” The woman irritatingly taunted me with a waggle of her fingers, and then walked out the door.

I felt more tears as my butt was sat down on the dry padding and she brought the front of it closed, taping the diaper closed. “It’s okay Holly,” Ivy cooed to me. “There’s nothing wrong with needing your diapers, you’re just a little. It’s normal here!”

I shook my head as she dug into the diaper bag and brought out a pile of cloth that she pulled over my head. At first, I thought it was a dress, but she lifted my legs in the air a little again and pulled a piece of fabric like a romper closed. I realized it was like a dress, but had a onesie underneath to conceal my diaper.

‘My diaper,’ I teared up more. Wearing them when sleeping had been bad enough, but now I was going to be wearing them all of the time. ‘Can I still use the potty?’ I wondered, but knew that wouldn’t even likely be an option. I’d had almost no warning before pooping my panties this time.

I was in a word, screwed!

IVY COULDN’T BELIEVE it had finally happened! She had her baby girl for real! Dressed now in the cute sunsuit, and sucking on the pacifier, she was the perfect picture of an adorable baby girl! ‘I hadn’t planned on using that pacifier… but she was making too much of a scene,’ she thought to herself while noting she was still crying. Maybe she wasn’t quite a perfect picture right then.

She could see that Holly knew that changes were here, and she had no intention of letting them go back to the way they’d spent the last two weeks. Holly would be using her diapers now like a good baby - all of the time – and she believed it was finally time to introduce her to her nursery when they got home! For now, she cooed to her and bounced her, “It’s okay Holly, Mommy loves you and will take care of you so you don’t have to worry about the potty anymore. You won’t have to get up every thirty minutes to use the potty and can instead just keep doing what you want to!”

Holly frowned around the pacifier shield and she just hugged her tightly, “Let’s grab those books, check out, and go home so we can talk.”

She held onto her newly diapered little girl tightly as she walked out the door of the restroom. True to the ladies’ word, those books they had both been looking at were stacked neatly. “You still want these books?” she asked Holly.

She heard a mumble behind the pacifier that she interpreted as a shocked question, “I can still have them?!?”

“Yes, you can still have them. Just because we’re taking a couple steps backwards doesn’t mean I’m going to let you be bored to death.”

The frown around the pacifier turned up to almost a smile and she felt something inside her warm. She knew it was the right choice to not completely infantilize the little girl. ‘Changes are coming though,’ she thought to herself with a wide smile.

At the checkout desk the lady working behind the desk asked, “Oh, so is this the little baby who thought she could wear big girl pants already?”

She bounced the upset little up and down and said, “Well she tried at least. Now we know that diapees are the only thing she’s meant to wear, huh?” she looked down at Holly and squeezed her, hoping she’d understand she wasn’t completely making fun of her. The tears trailing down her face didn’t show that understanding being present though. She sighed and handed her library card to the lady and soon had their books checked out and headed to the car.

Buckling Holly in she kissed her on the head, “It’ll be okay,” she promised her.

WHEN WE HAD been on the road for a couple of minutes, I tried spitting the pacifier out again but couldn’t. It was like it had inflated and wouldn’t leave my mouth. I tried pulling it out with my hands and couldn’t get anywhere, but began to panic. I found that it twisted and suddenly felt more pain as it inflated even more in my mouth. My jaw spasmed because of how much it was being forced open. I whimpered.

“Don’t mess with your paci,” Ivy warned. “It needs an adult to pull it out. If you keep messing with it, you’ll not like the results.”

“I hate you!!!” I screamed through the pacifier but knew it wouldn’t be interpreted as anything but a garbled mess. At that moment I felt a need to go pee again and tried to hold it, but before she had even pulled into the garage, I found I had wet the damn diaper.

‘What the hell was I thinking?!?!’ I yelled at myself.

She came around to get me and I fought the urge to hit her, instead pointing to the pacifier and trying to say ‘please.’

To my relief she did something and it came out of my mouth. “How could you put that in my mouth!?!?,” I cried and rubbed my jaw.

“If you behave and don’t scream, I’ll only use regular baby pacifiers from now on,” she told me.

I didn’t trust myself to speak then, so I just gave a small nod before asking, “What now?”

“Now we need to go sit down and talk about what happens next.”

I shuddered and shivered as she carried me to the couch and had a seat with me on her lap. She turned me to where I was facing her, but held me firmly with her hands to straddle one of her legs. “So, the milk finally did me in?” I asked as tears had mostly run out of my eyes.


“The Tabers milk, or just call it the real name, your breast milk,” I told her.

She looked at me with surprise, “What? How?”

“I’ve spent the last week researching, but I’m an idiot and didn’t figure it out until this morning when it was too late. Why do that to me?”

She sighed, “Okay…”

“I mean it, stop beating around the bush, I know you want a baby! Why me though? You know I’m not a dumb baby! I’m a great surgeon!”

“I always wanted a little girl of my own… but my career got in the way. When I went to PR for a little, they surprised me by showing me you instead of a girl. Something about you though… I knew I had to have you as my little girl.”

“But why a baby? Why can’t I be a potty-trained preschooler? You said it yourself that some can live like that!”

She shook her head, “You’re much too small to be a preschooler for one,” she sighed, “two I like the idea of babying you. Every day when I diapered you for your bedtime and naps, I fought to not just keep you in them.”

“Why not just do that?”

She looked uncomfortable, “I wanted you to realize that your body needs diapers before I made you wear them.”

“But if I stopped drinking your milk…”

“Then you might be able to make it with an accident every other day. Unless you return to your dimension though you will always have accidents now.”

I looked at her with a look of hate, “So what now?”

“Well… now I guess we stop pretending you’re an adult. You are going to be in diapers from here on out for everything. I’ll go throw away that potty today as you won’t be needing it.”

“I can’t even use it to…”

“No, there will be no more potty training attempts. Everything you do goes into your diaper from now on. You won’t get enough warning from your body to use one anyway.”

“But…” I said until the pissed off mom look stopped me. I sighed, “What else?”

She sighed, “Well I think we’re going to stop beating around the bush. You’ve been drinking my milk from your sippy cup; you’re going start drinking it from the source.”

“That’s disgusting!!!” I told her.

“If you agree to nurse from me, I’ll let you keep eating adult food too.”

“And if I don’t?”

“Well I could force you, but instead I think we’ll plan on you eating baby food and drinking formula instead if you won’t.”

“You can’t do that to me,” I shuddered.

“It’s your choice,” she told me.

“No…” I said angrily back.

“Well I can definitely tell you’re cranky and it’s time for your afternoon nap. We’ll figure out your decision later when you’re a little calmer. As of right now though I’m also going to stop pretending that old room is your real bedroom.”

She stood up suddenly and carried me to the locked door she had told me was a closet. I thought back to the first day when I had joked it must be a nursery… It turned out I was right, as she opened the door up. Behind the door was the most girly and beautiful nursery that I imagined a parent could put together for a new baby.

Three of the four walls were the lightest shade of purple… almost white, with the fourth wall being darker, but still a lighter lavender color. All along the lightest walls were hand painted dragonflies and butterflies flitting about them. Some of them were even three-dimensional pieces that stuck out from the wall. Along the side of the darker wall were flowers that the butterflies were flitting around, with a huge white crib backed against the wall.

My eyes flew to the crib and I felt my diaper warm with urine as my fear paralyzed me.

A large white rocking chair sat in the corner with a light pink blanket on it. Nearby a large dresser with a changing table was set between the crib and a window that looked out to the backyard. All around the room there were shelves filled with toddler and baby toys, picture books, and all the things you would expect a baby to have in her nursery.

‘My nursery…’ I thought as I looked around. ‘My prison,’ I amended as she carried me to the changing table.

“You really planned this all along,” I said aloud, even as she had already told me that.

“I began putting your nursery together the day I saw your first message,” she told me as she lay me on a cushioned changing pad that was surprisingly comfortable. A strap came across my chest a moment later and she buckled it closed before tightening it down to be the right fit to keep me from sitting up or falling off the table. “Let’s change your diaper and get you a nap,” she told me.

I grimaced as she pulled the snaps free on the underside of the sunsuit and then proceeded to nearly cover my head with the skirt. I figured she’d just rip the tapes and get to work but instead she began tickling my feet and side. “Stop…” giggled uncontrollably and felt a little more urine shoot into my diaper.

“All the pee-pee out of you now?” she asked.

I looked at her, “You just wanted to make me pee myself?”

“Saves changing a diaper sooner,” she admitted. “Besides, your smile is pretty, and I love your laugh.”

I forced myself to frown at her even though a part of me appreciated the affection. I was so pissed off at her though! This room gave light to the full lie of everything she had ever told me. I had figured out bits and pieces, but somehow, I had blinded myself to the fact that she fully planned this… and was this prepared. ‘And I fell for it hook, line, and sinker for some stupid reason,’ I said to myself.

She pulled the tapes of the diaper free, then lifted my ankles up in the air and cleaned me with a wipe. A different diaper came out than those I had come to know as normal. It was purple with butterflies all over it to match the nursery. As she placed it underneath me, I could tell it seemed thicker than my old ones. As she taped me in and it was noticeably thicker. “Why’s this one thicker?” I complained.

“You’re going to be making all of your pee-pees and poopies in your diapees now, so I want you to be comfortable. That’s one of the best diapers on the market,” she said, like I should be proud of the Porsche’s of diapers being wrapped around my waist. “It’s supposed to be good for eighteen hours of protection.”

“You won’t leave me in this for…”

“No, I’m not a monster. But it does mean I don’t have to worry about you leaking if we’re out and not near a place to change you.”

I sighed in relief as she snapped the crotch snaps back. She undid the buckle holding me down and picked me up to place me in the crib.

I looked up at her as she set me inside the prison and looked for any way to easily climb out. The top bar was well above my head. ‘Maybe if I leap I can grab onto it?’ I thought to myself.

“Holly,” Ivy said to me, redirecting my attention back to look at her.

“Yes?” I said angrily.

“Look, I would prefer if we took the easy way for this transition to your new life. But before I leave you for your nap, I want to make sure you understand there are rules that you will now have to follow.”

“Like what?” I asked, growing nervous.

“When I put you in your crib or your playpen - you will stay in it. This one should be tall enough to easily keep you in, but I don’t want you getting any ideas of getting out either.”

“What happens if I start getting out?”

“They make straps that I can tie you in there,” she told me.

I gulped, “You wouldn’t?”

“Not as a first choice. Be a good girl and don’t make me have to do it.”

I nodded and sat down on the mattress. She used her large hand and pushed me onto my back and produced another pacifier.

“No, please not that…” I cried and pulled myself as far from her in the crib as I could go.

She sighed, “I’m sorry I used that one on you, I promise I won’t again. This is just a normal baby pacifier, not even meant for littles. I know you’re sucking your thumb in your sleep now, instead of risking your teeth I think this will be less hard on them.”

She teased the teat between my lips for a second before I relented and let it in. I turned over on my side and faced away from her. The crib wasn’t slatted on that side, instead it was a solid piece of white wood, and I attempted to ignore her. She pulled a blanket over the top of me and leaned down to kiss me, “Have a good nap,” she said.

I couldn’t believe how my fortune failed again so rapidly. I had managed to reset one of the strikes, and would have been back to three tomorrow… instead I had gone poop and the charade she had been presenting of allowing me some independence was shattered. I closed my eyes and hoped that maybe this was just a bad dream, but the pacifier in my mouth belied that point completely.

After a while I felt myself drifting to sleep for real.

IVY WAS BESIDE herself with both glee and anger. She was so mad that the day had gone downhill! She had hoped the day she put Holly into diapers would be a beautiful day filled with showing her the beautiful nursery, and then finally ending the pump as her main way of emptying her breasts. Instead she had screwed up, and worse yet, she’d stupidly drawn a line in the sand and dared Holly to cross it…

She immediately did a quick order through a local grocery store for some baby food and formula. ‘I have to stick to my guns if she chooses that route…’

She avoided the little food and stuck with genuine baby food meant for those babies under a year of age. Pureed chicken and rice, oatmeal with apples, peas, and some apple prune pouches were added to her virtual cart. She also added just one small container of poorly rated formula. Ivy hoped that the flavors would be enough to win this battle after one meal… If Holly conceded, she’d only make her have part of the meal and switch her to her roast beef for the rest after she nursed.

Ivy looked in on the nursery cams and saw that Holly had finally fallen sound asleep, and her pacifier was bobbing in her mouth as she suckled on it involuntarily. A couple of TV shows she had watched the other day had some ads that had inadvertently started that process. ‘I don’t mind if she’s a thumb sucker, or wants her paci though one bit!’

She quietly grabbed her breast pump and the accessories from the nursery and took them to the kitchen. Looking around the nursery she moved a few things around, before going and taking a few more bibs to the kitchen from where she had stored them. Bottles were moved out to an easy to reach area of the kitchen, as well as the baby spoons, plates, and a bottle warmer. She quietly got the playpen setup in the living room, before adding a few toys and a soft blanket in there for when she needed to set her down inside. She smiled as she pulled the really nice swing that she had bought her from the closet in her office. She placed it in the living room next to the piano. Her final bit of baby gear she added was a pink walker with a bar of toys across it that she placed in the corner of the living room. ‘I don’t know how much she’ll use that…’ she was honest with herself, ‘but it’s so cute when a baby uses one!’

Baby gates came out next and she took care to set one across the hallway to Holly’s old bedroom, the kitchen cooking areas, and also across the other side of the living room to her nursery and bedroom. ‘If I let her run around in here, she’s not going to be able to get into much,’ she mused after her quick but thorough babyproofing. She’d already put socket covers and cabinet latches in before Holly had arrived. Remembering some door handle child locks she had bought, she installed them on all of the doors as well.

The doorbell rang and she discovered the delivery was already there. She took the two bags of baby food and formula and unloaded them onto the counter. Looking at the time she started putting Holly’s meal options together. A bottle of formula went into the warmer and she prepared a pouch of the chicken and rice puree. It looked and smelled nasty to her, and the formula had a weird fishy smell to it too. She placed a plate of real food together too and decided it was time to wake Holly up and get her decision.

The baby monitor in the nursery gave away that her new baby girl was already waking up though and didn’t sound happy.

I COULDN’T BELIEVE it as I rolled over waking up. Something smelled bad in my crib! It took me several moments to realize it wasn’t something… it was me! I had pooped in my sleep again! I started crying as Ivy came and gathered me.

“What’s wrong?” she started to ask but then made a face as she picked me up. “Never mind sweetie, let’s get you cleaned up and all beautiful again before we eat din-din.”

I grimaced at the gooey mess on my rear as she sat me down on the changing table. I was once again strapped in and just sat still hoping she would change me quickly. “Oh, this isn’t too bad,” she told me. “You’re poopy, but this is just a little poopy!”

“That doesn’t make me feel any better about shitting myself,” I told her.

She glared at me and took a light swipe at my thigh, “You will not be swearing any more sweetie. I don’t believe in taking your tongue from you, but there are other punishments we can do. Next one will be soap in your mouth!”

“Sorry,” I cried out. The swat hadn’t hurt much physically, but it reminded me that I was truly at her mercy. She could spank my bottom red and no one would say a thing about it from what I had seen.

“Don’t do it again, I’m sorry that you’re poopy, but it’s just something we’re going to have to get used to.”

“We’re?” I asked angrily, “Since when do I see you wearing your own poop filled diaper?”

She sighed, “I don’t, but I’m the one wiping your icky butt.”

“It didn’t have to be like this,” I cried.

“Shh…” she said and proceeded to finish wiping me up and taped a new diaper on. Dressed, she carried me to the kitchen. On the way through the living room I could see a ton of changes had been made while I slept. Tall baby gates were set up to block my way into just about anywhere she didn’t want me, a playpen, a swing, and a walker in the living room made it look like there was a very young baby now being cared for here. I felt my stomach knot as I realized that young baby was me, ‘She obviously has carefully planning this,’ I noted with anger.

Setting me down in the high chair she buckled me in and for the first time really tightened the straps of the harness down to restrict my movement away from the back of the chair. I could see two food dishes on the table. One had a delicious slab of roast beef and mashed potatoes plated up, the other was a bowl of mush next to a baby bottle of milk that looked off color wise.

“So, which is it?”

I looked at her defiantly, “Seriously? What’s so important about shattering the rest of me?”

“If you agree to nurse, I’ll let you eat roast beef and potatoes with me, if you don’t then it’s the pureed chicken and this bottle of formula.”

I glared at her… I was so mad at her and apparently choosing the punishment version would make her angrier. It didn’t leave me much choice, “I’m not drinking any more breast milk! Especially not from your breast!”

She sighed and brought a bib over and tied it around my neck before putting the tray on and setting the bowl of mush and the bottle in front of me. As she stirred the concoction my stomach did some flip-flops, ‘That looks awful…’ I thought to myself.

“Open up for the choo-choo!” she told me a second later and brought a spoon up to my lips.

I started to say, “ne…” and it was a mistake as the spoon went in and I winced at how awful the texture and flavor was. Another one followed, then another. I reached for the baby bottle, and hoped that maybe it would taste better and wash it down. I tentatively put the large teat into my mouth and sucked on it, being rewarded with liquid entering my mouth. My stomach wretched though as it seemed like it was some weird awful flavor too. There was a weird smell that lingered in my nose after I swallowed the little bit in my mouth. I forced myself to suck a second time and set it back down deciding I didn’t like the aftertaste it left in my mouth. There was a bit of a grit to the formula too… It was awful!!! Before I could think to ask for mercy another spoon came at my mouth, followed by another, and another.

I began to cry, “Okay… okay…”

“Okay what?” She asked, pausing with a spoonful of the disgusting mush by my lips. I could smell it and felt nauseous.


“You’ll what?”

“I’ll nurse… just please don’t feed me any more of that…”

“Two more bites,” she told me, “I want you to remember this.”

I groaned but nodded. The two spoonfuls were awful, and the taste that lingered in my mouth lacked any salt or good flavor. It seemed like I had been almost eating some sort of weird vomit and my stomach was not happy about it.

I sat there and watched as instead of taking the bowl and bottle away she just sat down at the table and began eating from the plate of real food. When there was just a little bit left on the plate, she came back over to me, “If you’re good, and nurse, I’ll let you have the rest of that plate.”

I just nodded, not trusting my mouth anymore since it had only gotten me in deeper through most of the afternoon.

She put the bowl of nasty baby food and the still full bottle on the table, before taking the tray and setting it next to them. I was unbuckled from the harness and she carried me to the nursery and sat down in the rocking chair. Her top was stretchy and she pulled it down below her breast to expose a nursing bra.

I watched as her hands pulled at a catch of a flap that pulled down, exposing her nipple to me. I stared at the large orb of flesh that was whiter than the rest of her skin. In the middle a darker areola sat that our size differences made seem larger than any I had seen while practicing medicine. The nipple in the middle pointed out a remarkable distance and was already dripping a drop of milk. I looked up at her for a moment and she said, “Please at least try it?”

“Why are you so insistent?” I stalled.

She sighed, “I’ve been pumping six times a day to relieve my breasts… and I want the time to bond with you.”

I looked at her, “If I don’t like it?”

She groaned, “If you really don’t like it, we’ll talk, but at least give it a try tonight? I know you’ve liked the milk I’ve expressed.”

I didn’t say anything instead looking back at the drippy nipple and opening my mouth I leaned forward and she supported me as I put my mouth around it and began to suck on it. Milk began pouring from her breast faster than I would have expected as I nursed, forcing me to swallow faster than I would have expected.

I wanted to hate it. To instantly just puke it all up in disgust…

The taste of it was so good though! Better than it had been in the cold sippy cups. Her heartbeat seemed loud and comforting too as I nursed, making me feel safe and comfortable – hypnotic in a way. I couldn’t help myself as I kept sucking at her breast continuously until it just stopped producing anything. I felt drugged and mentally off, as I began getting frustrated that sucking got nothing else out! Ivy used her finger to break my suction and sat me upright. “Ngnngh,” I complained since I wanted more! She took me and placed me with my head against her shoulder and a burp cloth I hadn’t noticed. ‘Wait, she’s not going to…’ I thought for a second as she began lightly patting my back. A moment later she was rewarded as I belched as if I’d been drinking a large coke, but grimaced as spit-up flew from my mouth. She just wiped my mouth with the cloth and pulled down the other side to let me have access to it.

I didn’t hesitate as I just wanted more… it was like a carnal instinct that I couldn’t quite understand. I just had to have it! I continued sucking while she rocked the rocker back and forth, and soon began humming a lullaby. I closed my eyes as I attempted to get every last drop of the sweet tasting milk.

IVY COULDN’T TAKE her eyes off Holly as she sleepily suckled at her breast, that she figured was pretty much empty by this point. The second Holly had taken her nipple into her mouth she had felt herself shudder in pleasure. ‘So much better than the damn pump!’ she said to herself.

‘I think she’s asleep now,’ she thought to herself. Even though Holly continued to suckle, it had slowed down and felt different. Her hand had pretty much been grabbing onto her breast as she suckled, but now was still and open. ‘Let’s see what happens here,’ she thought as she used her finger to again break the girls strong suction and placed her again on her shoulder. A few light pats made her belch without seeming to wake up. Carefully moving her to a cradled position she gently teased a pacifier into her mouth.

Holly seemed to nurse on the pacifier as eagerly as she had been nursing her breast, so she was sure she remained asleep. ‘Let’s get that wet diapee changed,’ she thought as she stood up and lay her down on the changing table. Undoing the snaps from the sunsuit she pulled the whole outfit gently off of her. The milk had done its job and knocked her completely out. She quickly changed the wet diaper before dressing her in a footed sleeper without her showing any sign of stirring.

Not wasting the chance to put her to bed in her crib without her waking she gently placed her inside and put a blanket gently on top of her. “Good night,” she whispered and lightly kissed her forehead before turning the light off, leaving only the glow of a couple butterfly nightlights around the room going.

Closing the nursery door, she headed to the kitchen to pump some more. ‘Hopefully I can pump afterwards and have some additional milk past what she nurses…’ she thought to herself.

Not much was generated as she pumped, but she knew it would train her body to increase her production - so she kept at it for another fifteen minutes. It was less than a couple ounces that she had left, so she just placed it into the fridge before leaning up the dinner mess. She looked at the remnants of the baby food and felt bad about feeding it to Holly, but the point had been made and she would probably be a good girl now and nurse from her. She put the rest of her plate away in case Holly woke up before she went to bed hungry still. ‘Of course, I’ll probably just nurse her more then…’


Still one of my favorites of your stories. I really like Ivy. I go by Guilend on the other site.


Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

Chapter 14:

I FOUND MYSELF waking up sometime in the night based on the nightlights that glowed in the room. I stood up and looked through the bars along the walls where probably a couple hundred butterflies glowed with some sort of phosphorescence in various patterns. Hearts, stars, and my name were all outlined with the glowing butterflies… Three butterfly nightlights dimly lit the lower walls of the room to make it seem a little bit less… scary too. Well at least if I wasn’t in a cage… I felt the rectangular slats in front of me blocking my escape and realized my hands were so small in comparison that I couldn’t even get my fingers around a slat to grip it fully. When I extended my hands up, they were still just short of grabbing onto the rail to attempt to pull myself out. I reminded myself it wouldn’t be worth it anyway.

I startled myself as I brushed my hand by my mouth and realized I was unconsciously nursing a pacifier. Panicking, I quickly pulled it out of my mouth to make sure it wasn’t a locking one like earlier! I was very relieved when it came out willingly. Not really wanting to lay something on the bed that would probably be put back into my mouth, I held the slobbery pacifier in my hand.

‘Why did I wake up?’ I wondered. I felt at my diaper and felt that it was squishy and wet. ‘I guess that’s it?’ I thought.

Right then though something else was making its presence known - I needed to poop! ‘No…’ I thought and tried to hold it in. I found myself sitting down on my butt trying to keep it from coming out. I bounced up and down and did everything I could to avoid it, but it was an impossible battle to win. I found myself on my hands and knees moments later unwillingly pushing poop into the diaper.

It felt really watery and sticky at the same time, and I immediately began to smell it.

‘It’s night time and she’s not in here for me to ask to be changed,’ I panicked. I was soon sobbing with despair at the thought of remaining in the diaper all night. “Mommy?” I cried out tentatively.

I found myself sobbing more as I sat there. ‘This is disgusting, and I’m going to end up with a rash… or a UTI or something…’

Suddenly the door opened and Ivy came in, flipping the light on. My eyes complained at the sudden brightness, but I was so grateful to have a way out of the mess.

“What’s wrong sweetie?” she asked as she picked me up. Her nose wrinkled though and she said, “Never mind, Mommy knows what’s wrong. Let’s get that icky diapee changed,” she said soothingly.

She carried me gingerly, like a grenade about to go off… well it already had, I needed her to clean it up! “Why don’t you put your paci back in your mouth?” she asked me as she placed me down on the changing table.

I shook my head, “No… just get this off of me,” I cried, “It’s gross!”

“Aww, it’ll be okay,” she reassured me. She got to work undoing the zipper on the sleeper she had put me in after I fell asleep. With the zipper undone all the way to my foot she pulled that foot out first, then the other side and lifted me up to push it all back almost above my chest. She fumbled for a moment with the tapes and soon managed to expose the gore inside the diaper.

I watched her face and realized it must have been bad because her nose wrinkled too. ‘Of course, she hasn’t changed that many messy diapers yet…’ I thought to myself. ‘You’ve fully crapped your pants now twice today… so at this rate she’s going to get plenty of practice!’

I tilted my head forward and watched as she used the front of the diaper to wipe as much of my bottom as she could. I watched as she wrapped it in on itself and tossed it into a disposal. She began a bunch of wipes on my bottom, enough that I thought maybe she had used the whole pack! She finally felt like I was clean, but something made her stop before putting another diaper on me.

“Do you want a bath before you go back to bed?”

I looked up at her and nodded since I felt disgusting still. “Come on then, we’ll go to mommy’s bathroom,” she said while pulling the rest of the sleeper off over my head. She wrapped me in a blanket and carried me out of the nursery and through her room to the massive master bathroom. She sat me down next to the massive toilet, and I watched her turn on the faucets for a massive tub inset in the ground. She added bubble bath that began foaming immediately before she set some baby shampoo and soap next to the tub. I was a little surprised when she began to strip off her own clothes. A moment later she was naked, and in the process of unwrapping me from the blanket.

“Come on Princess, let’s get a nice relaxing bath in so we can both go night-night,” she told me.

I looked at her body nervously and realized there was nothing she felt she needed to hide from a baby girl. If I had still been male, I was certain I would have been aroused to no end, but now I just felt ashamed by the fact I was so tiny compared to her. Her breasts and the hair on her crotch were just a few of the ways that I wasn’t just less ‘mature’ by size alone. She stood me up in the water as she got comfortable in the tub.

“Come on, let’s wash you clean,” she told me. A loofah appeared and she began scrubbing every part of my body, but especially focused on my diaper area. My cheeks turned red and I grumbled a bit, but a part of me appreciated the effort because I did feel cleaner than I had a few minutes before. She turned her attention next to my hair, dampening it with a flexible shower spray nozzle before massaging in the baby shampoo.

I closed my eyes as she massaged my head and washed my hair. For all that I was mad about her doing this all to me, I at least appreciated the nice treatment right then. She used the same sprayer to rinse the water out of my hair.

“Better?” She asked me.

I shrugged, “Cleaner at least.”

“Give me a minute, I want to scrub some too… and then maybe we can talk.”

I sighed, “What’s the point?” I muttered.

She looked hurt, but just focused on using some gel on her own loofah that she rubbed her body down with while I walked to the other end of the tub. If I wasn’t standing, I could easily swim in the huge whirlpool style tub. It was a good thing it wasn’t completely filled because it would have extended the water to above my head actually…

I turned and watched as she cleaned herself and obscured her body with the soap that foamed as she did so. Her breasts invoked a series of emotions for me, not least of which was my stomach growled. ‘Damnit,’ I yelled at myself, ‘you’re addicted to that stuff…’

I thought back to the research I had read and was sure that I was also most likely nearly, or completely incontinent by now, having been drinking it for over a week. As if to prove the point I felt myself peeing in the tub right then and looked sheepishly to find Ivy watching me.

“It’s okay, it’s not like you can control it now,” she told me. “Look… can we talk?”

“What’s there to talk about? I read all about the research on the effects your milk has on us this morning. I know it’s why I’ve been wetting at night, now in the daytime, and now I’ve lost control of my bowels too. You obviously have your baby now to keep locked in her crib, feed her whatever you want, and can get your mothering kicks at the price of my dignity and freedom!”

I looked at her and was surprised to see tears in her eyes, “I’m sorry…” she said. “This isn’t what I imagined at all…”

“What did you imagine? That the talented doctor you lured here with the promise of learning new techniques would be so happy to become a baby locked away in a crib pooping in his diaper? That I would be happy to have my gender changed? That I would happily just begin cooing affectionately for you every time I saw you bare your breasts?” I felt my face turn red as I realized I was really probably pushing the line here. “What am I going to DO now? Sit in a playpen all day? Play with those toys you have spread about the room? Go to daycare while you get to perform the surgeries that I would have done myself back home?” I paused, “And all of that while I have to sh… poop my pants without having any control? It is soooo humiliating and disgusting!!!”

She looked more ashamed then and I almost felt bad.

“I’m sorry… I can’t undo the damage… I screwed up. I was trying to take things slowly and get you to actually like me as a mommy before you needed me to be one… and I guess I should have just ripped the Band-Aid off first,” she told me.

“What do you mean?” I asked hesitantly.

“Do you know what happens when most of the littles come through with the company you did?”

I shook my head and felt my stomach drop, “No?”

“The new parents select everything about you - I told you about that. Most of those parents choose to remove their littles ability to walk, and remove their teeth, so that it’s breastmilk only for food… or pureed baby food if they’re feeling nice.”

“You’ve basically done that to me…” I reminded her.

Tears leaked out of her eyes, “I’m sorry about the baby food and the formula earlier… I was so hurt when you rejected me, I wasn’t thinking straight…”

I could tell this wasn’t an act, she genuinely felt bad, “Please promise me you won’t feed me that stuff again?” I told her.

She nodded, “As long as it can be avoided, I won’t feed you that.”

“What does that mean?”

“Certain daycares or restaurants might force the issue…” she told me nervously.

“You obviously plan on me going to the one at the hospital where you work, what does that one do?”

“At your size breastmilk, formula, or baby food,” she told me.

“No way!!! Every day?!?” I screeched.

“No, not every day,” she told me, “Most days I will come and get you and feed you something else at the cafeteria or the staff lounge.”

“When will that not be?”

“You’ve been a surgeon… you know there are times that we get locked up in a surgery and can’t get away… it’ll be mostly those times.” She paused, “I can tell them just breast milk if you want… I know you at least like the taste.”

“But it loosens stools so much!” I complained, “You’ll have me pooping most of the day…”

“They’ll change you,” she told me.

I glared at her, “Not the right answer.”

“Well… I don’t have another answer.”

I glared at her, “Isn’t there any way I could just stay with you?”

She shook her head, “Would you allow a baby into the O.R. with you?”

I looked at her and felt a tear streaking from my eye and down my cheek, shaking my head, “No…”

“Look I’m sorry…” she said and after thinking for a second, “I had a request today that I participate in a surgery on a five-year-old female patient next week. I’m supposed to do the Pre-Op appointment with them on Friday and do have permission for you to come with me to that.”

“I’m supposed to be scenery though, right?”

She sighed and grabbed me from the opposite side of the tub and planted me on my bottom on her criss crossed legs facing her. “I guess yes, but it’s the best I can do? Unless you do want to go to the daycare already?”

I made a face, “Not until I have to…” I paused, “Couldn’t you like hire a babysitter, or a nanny instead?”

“I could… but do you really want to nurse on some teenagers’ breasts because you’re so cute she instantly starts lactating?”

“That really happens?!?”

“I did it with at least a couple dozen littles I sat myself,” she told me. “I nursed pretty much all of them when I babysat all the way through undergrad.”

The mention of nursing brought my eyes to her nipples in front of me. Both were dripping small drops of milk and I forced myself to look at her face. “The nanny option?”

“You do not want to be treated like an infant, right?”

I shook my head.

“Most nannies prefer to keep littles locked in their playpens and cribs, feed them, change them, and repeat.”

“School?” I asked out of morbid curiosity.

“Preschool is about all you’d be allowed into since you’re adopted… Maybe some allowance could have been made if you were already admitted to Emerson when you arrived - that’s the local university - but coming pre-adopted would kill that chance. Besides, you already have a doctorate?”

“The preschool option… it might not be as bad?” I suggested.

“With you not being potty trained it would be… not to mention the big kids in Preschool are all at least a foot or two taller than you. Littles end up being picked on really badly at all of them,” she told me.

“This sucks!” I told her. “So, what can I do?”

“Look… most littles get by since they don’t know anything else. They get mentally regressed so that they’re happy being a baby. They don’t know any better…”

“That almost would have been better,” I admitted. Adding, “almost,” again to it.

“So… here’s what I propose. You can still read anything you want, use the tablet, your computer, watch TV, do some sort of craft - whatever you want. It’ll be like a vacation where you don’t have to worry about doing anything.”

“Permanent one though?”

“Well… Look, no other big will offer this… but I’ll make you this promise… if you’re still miserable at the end of the contracted time they said you would be here I’ll send you home.”


“It might be possible to train you again?” She suggested.

I sighed, “It’s not like I have much choice.”

She hugged me, “I’m sorry, I know you think your life is over… but maybe this will be a better life?” She paused, “I really do love you Holly.”

I just nodded, definitely not about to say ‘I love you too’ in this situation. Feeling awkward I found myself looking down at her breasts again. The nipples were dripping little droplets every now and then, it was tantalizing and my stomach growled right then.

“You want a midnight snack before you go to bed?” she asked me, seeing where I was looking.

“No…” I paused, “Maybe…” I sighed, “It’s weird…”

“Not at all baby,” she told me. “Do you want to nurse here, or after I dress you?”

I began peeing right then some more, “Maybe after you dress me… I keep peeing…”

She laughed, “If that’s the only reason you want to wait, I don’t mind a little pee.”

I blushed, “I do though?”

“Okay,” she said to me and sat up. I watched her reach over and unplug the tub before standing up with me in her arms. She dried us both off with a towel before laying me on my back on top of a thin soft cloth on her bed. Apparently, she had stashed some diapers in her room because she quickly had me taped in the new diaper and began manipulating folding the blanket around me. It took me a few moments before I realized she was swaddling me tightly. I felt helpless when she finished because I was unable to move my body or my hands.

“Do you really have to do this to me?” I asked her.

“Shush…” she told me, “give it a try, you may find you get the best sleep you’ve ever had. Swaddling is supposed to be very comforting even to adults.”

I would have grumbled more but a pacifier was plunked into my mouth then.

Sighing I couldn’t do much more than turn my head and watch as Ivy grabbed a pair of her panties from the dresser. I watched her slide them up over her butt before she wrapped a thin robe around her body. I blushed as I realized she wasn’t putting any other clothes on.

‘Is there really a point if you need to pull your boobs out anyway?’ I admitted.

She came back for me, gathering me in her arms like you would a newborn, “Come on princess, I know you’re not thrilled with me today, but at least you can enjoy some comfort from me?”

I grumbled a bit around the pacifier, “I would have if you hadn’t wrapped me in this…” I tried to say.

She got the gist of it, “Really, just give it a try,” she told me. Back in the nursery she sat down in the rocking chair and moved the robe out of the way for her left breast before bringing me up to it. With my arms bound tightly in the swaddling there was no way I could hold myself up there, so I just latched on and began sucking on her nipple.

The warm nipple began gushing milk into my mouth with every suck and I found myself contentedly filling my stomach. By the time she burped me and switched me to the other side I was already fading back to sleep.

IVY WASN’T QUITE sure how to label the day now. ‘Not a complete disaster,’ was her best guess.

Holly had fallen asleep quickly while nursing her second breast and didn’t seem like she was pulling any more milk from her. She could feel that she was still full though. She gently used a baby wipe on Holly’s face to get off the slobber and milk that had made it onto her chin, before she lay her down in the crib. ‘Better go pump the rest,’ she thought.

She ended up getting nearly a bottle worth still out of her right breast, and another little bit out of her left breast that seemed to understand it needed to do more. Cleaning up she found a pair of comfortable satin pajamas to put on before checking on Holly.

Sound asleep she closed the door again and made sure she had the monitor turned up as she lay down in her own bed.

‘I hope she can get over hating me…’ she thought as tears streamed down her face. She listened to soft snores coming over the baby monitor, ‘At least we got over the hump with nursing from now on…’ she thought as she looked one more time at the clock. It was already forty-five minutes into the next day. ‘Ugh…’ she thought, ‘I definitely will have to feed her regular food. I don’t think I could do the three am feedings that I would have to do if she’s only on breast milk.’

She closed her eyes and smiled, ‘I finally have my little baby girl!’

WHEN IVY WOKE up, she looked at the clock and saw it was still relatively early. ‘I should call Mom sometime today,’ she thought. ‘Maybe I’ll make sure that Holly sees the backyard today.’ She’d been keeping her from seeing the elaborate playhouse she had built for her until she felt like she was ready. ‘I don’t know of many other littles that have their own mini-house,’ she thought.

Her breasts felt full so she decided she needed to do something about it. For a second she started walking towards the pump in the kitchen, but then suddenly veered off to the nursery. Holly was still sleeping and looked so adorable, all bundled up in her swaddling. The pacifier had never left her mouth and she watched it bob with each unconscious suckling. She reached down and began undoing the swaddling around Holly figuring she would wake up, but was surprised she stayed asleep. ‘She can sleep through just about anything,’ she thought.

Wanting to nurse her skin-to-skin when she woke up, she carried her over to the changing table and began pulling the footie pajamas off of her. The diaper she wore was soaked and beginning to leak around the legs. She opened it up to begin changing it and Holly finally began to stir.

“Where am I?” Holly asked sleepily, wiping her face with her eyes.

“Just getting your wet diapee changed,” Ivy soothed.

Her eyes came straight open then and she tried to move, but the belt held her down.

“Just a moment sweetie, I’m almost done,” she told her as she moved to wipe her down with some baby wipes. There was a bit of loose looking stool in her butt that she wiped carefully. Some red spots were beginning to form so she grabbed rash cream and applied it to her butt.

“What’s that?”

“Rash ointment,” she told her as she lay her butt down on the new diaper. “You’re looking a little red back there,” she added.

Holly’s face turned red to match, and looked like she was biting her tongue from saying something else. Since she didn’t say anything, she proceeded to finish changing her into her new diaper. Finishing up, she wiped her hands with a baby wipe before she picked Holly up and carried her to the rocking chair.

“You’re nursing me again?” She asked Ivy, sounding more than a bit testy.

She looked down at her and realized she probably was tired of liquid meals, she hadn’t had real food since lunch the day before. “Please? I’ll make you bacon or sausage for breakfast afterwards?”

She looked at her and held out her pinky, “Pinky swear?”

Ivy felt a bit incredulous with her sometimes, but took her tiny pinky in my own and said, “Pinky swear.”

“What if I just go back to sleep because of your milk?” She whined as Ivy settled down and moved her robe away.

“I’ll wake you up for food, promise.” Ivy told her.

“Why are you naked?” She asked before she could get her up to her breast.

Ivy blushed at that, “Skin to skin contact is supposed to make bonding easier?”

“Horse-crap,” Holly said, “nothing is going to make this easier…”

Before she could say anything else to ruin her morning, Ivy put Holly’s face to her nipple and watched her latch on. The feeling as her tongue and mouth sucked on her nipple was amazing. She couldn’t help but feel a bit aroused as the little girl nursed until the breast would give no more.

“Come on, let’s burp and go to the other one,” she told Holly.

Ivy pulled her mouth away from her breast and placed her face towards her shoulder. A few pats to the back resulted in a big belch, “Guess you have piggies in your tummy, huh?” She said in her mommy voice.

In seconds she had her on her other breast and noticed that once again she was becoming heavier and obviously sleepy in her arms. ‘I may have to wait to feed her until after she’s eaten solid food in the future,’ she told herself. ‘My milk put her out like a light…’

Sure enough, she was fully asleep as she pulled her away from her breast and cuddled her for a moment. She hadn’t been lying about the bonding through skin-to-skin contact - even if it didn’t affect the littles it certainly did her. Holly felt like she was her own biological child and she would protect her at all costs. Feeling a bit sticky from Holly’s mouth being on her nipples she decided to get up.

A quick check of Holly’s diaper revealed she was already pretty wet, so she changed her and then dressed her in a simple pink onesie with ‘Mommy’s Girl’ on the front of it. Little hearts popped up at random in the design and made her heart flutter. ‘I think I’ll put her in the swing…’ she thought and carried her to the living room and strapped her into her new swing. She programmed in a pattern that mimicked mommy rocking her baby, setting it in motion while it played a soft lullaby. She had been sure to buy a swing that was for a baby, not a little, so that she could be sure it wouldn’t do anything else to the girl.

‘I’ve already done more than enough,’ she thought as she wiped herself off with some baby wipes and then hooked up the breast pumps. ‘I’d better get the last out of my one and keep working on increasing my production. If she’s going to be eating breast milk only when I can’t get to her, they’ll need a lot of bottles!’

She cleaned up after pumping, pleased to see another full bottle worth remaining in her breasts after nursing, and got dressed before working on cooking some sausage and bacon on the stove.

I COULDN’T BELIEVE that the events of the last couple weeks had happened. Nursing for the third time from Ivy left me feeling the need to really pee as soon as I woke up. I was able to hold that in for just a single moment before it left me involuntarily and made its way into the diaper. I smelled bacon and hoped that meant that she was keeping her word to me. I wasn’t overly hungry after nursing, but the smell was heavenly. I looked down at myself and saw she had dressed me in a onesie t-shirt that appeared to have a cutesy ‘mommy’s girl’ saying on it. I groaned wondering about how bad the messages on onesies could get. ‘So help me if she puts me in a ‘filling diaper’ shirt with a battery full indicator on it I’m going to scream…’

I sighed and looked at where I was. I was rocking and figured I must have been in a swing. It was a soothing motion, but I really didn’t want to stay in there, “Mommy?” I called out after spitting the pacifier out.

“Just a minute Holly Bear, I just need to get the rest of this sausage out of the pan.”

‘Holly Bear?!?!’ I groaned. ‘If you’re a baby to her I’m sure there’s going to be a whole lot of worse nicknames,’ I complained.

I looked down and saw that I was in another of those inescapable five-point harnesses that were on my car seat, my high chair, and anything else they could come up with. I thought about trying to manipulate the buckle to release me, but I knew it was a waste of time to try. Whatever the Amazons had done with the buckles had effectively childproofed them from me.

‘I wonder if there are any how-to guides online…?’ I wondered to myself. ‘If she even really lets me use my tablet still…’

Ivy finally clanked the pan down and walked over to me. “Did you have some good extra sleep?” she cooed at me.

I sighed, “I guess.”

Fingers suddenly intruded on my diaper and I gasped, “What are you doing?”

“Seeing how wet your diapee is,” she told me. “It’ll hold through breakfast at least.”

I growled but kept my mouth shut as she placed me into the high chair and at least placed a plate of bacon, sausage, and toast in front of me. A baby bottle filled with juice joined the food. “May I at least have my sippy cup?” I asked as politely as I could.

She looked at me for a moment, “It’s already in the bottle… drink that and I’ll give you your sippy cup later?”

I sighed, “I guess that’s reasonable… Thank you for the food,” I added. After last night’s horrors I never wanted to be fed baby food again. ‘The breast milk isn’t that terrible,’ I admitted to myself, ‘but I wouldn’t want to only have it…’

I wasn’t given any utensils so I just grabbed a piece of bacon with my hand and noted that the piece was as large as my arm! The patties of sausage on my plate were smaller, while the couple I could see on her plate would have made great large hamburgers for me! I looked at the bottle skeptically, but was thirsty enough I picked it up and took a tentative swallow.

Sweet juice entered my mouth, but I couldn’t identify the fruit. It was sweet and tasty after everything from dinner last night. I found myself drinking for a long moment on it before I sat it down. I noted I’d guzzled nearly a third of the bottle in that one drink!

I grew suspicious at that, “what is this?”

“Plapple juice,” she said, “it’s a hybrid fruit that is mainly used for making juice. Seems to be a favorite of young children and littles. I find it too sweet personally, but I thought you might enjoy it? I’ve given it to you quite a bit already?”

“How young of children?” I asked suspiciously.

She shrugged, “Usually preschoolers or under?”

“Why don’t older kids drink it?”

She looked nervous, “It increases urine output and sometimes is a little too helpful on the bowels.”

“So, it’s a diuretic and a laxative? Is it safe?” I asked nervously while wanting more.

“Perfectly safe, I promise I won’t give you anything that’s not.”

“Your milk might be considered otherwise,” I told her. “It definitely had a negative physiological effect on me.”

She sighed, “I’m sorry you’re upset about it, but it was a matter of time no matter what.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Finish your breakfast first?”

I sighed and grabbed some more pieces of bacon and sausage. I stared at the bottle, ‘Should I?’ I asked myself. Right then I felt my diaper warm with more pee and felt something else needing to exit my bowels. I did my best to hold it in, but knew it was a losing proposition. ‘What the hell?’ I decided and grabbed the gigantic bottle and brought the nipple to my lips. I noticed it was sort of like the shape of Ivy’s nipples, but not quite. ‘Avoiding ‘nipple confusion,’’ I shook my head as I sucked in a mouthful of juice into my mouth. My self-control was going as quickly as my continence, because I found myself nursing it empty before I went for the final piece of bacon.

“All done?” Ivy asked.

Right then I felt the need to fart and knew I couldn’t hold it in long.

“Mommy, I need to use the potty,” I cried out. My gut cramped and it was really painful.

I looked over at her and she shook her head, “You’re wearing your potty from now on. Remember our deal? You got your three strikes, so that means you need those diapers. I’m not going to waste attempts trying to toilet train you since we both know that’s not an option anymore.”

I stared at her and felt tears stream down my eyes. It had already happened to me too many times and I was past my breaking point. I tried to let some gas out gently, but instead ended up cramping and pushing a mess into my diaper and smushing it against my butt. “Not again…” I cried out.

Chapter 15:

“WHAT?” SHE ASKED. Then I saw her take a sniff, “Oh, is my baby Holly Bear messy and needs a change?”

I glared at her, “Yes I have a sh… poop filled diaper. Please get me out of it!”

“When I’m done eating and cleaning up,” she told me.


“But you need to get used to being poopy for short periods of time, it’ll just be a few minutes. Besides, smart mommies don’t immediately change a poopy diaper.”

“Why?” I cried.

“Because… there’s probably more to come.” She took a few more bites of her food as tears streamed from my eyes. The stickiness of the mess combined with the knowledge of having shit all over my skin didn’t sit well with me. As she stood up to start cleaning up, I began to smell it too, and wanted to gag.

As she turned on the sink to wash the dishes I felt another cramp. Not knowing what else to do, I lifted my butt off of the seat as much as I was able to, as more sticky mess came out of my butt and into the diaper. I watched through tear filled eyes as she wiped down the tray of the high chair, took the empty bottle and washed it out, and finally came back over to me. “See, we would have wasted a perfectly good diaper changing you right away.”

I just sobbed as she picked me up. I felt torn from wanting to hit her and push her away, and just wanting to be comforted and have the icky mess gone. I decided discretion was the better part of valor, and obediently complied with sitting in her arms. Her hand pushed up into my diaper for a moment lightly and she said, “Pee-ew! You really did a number on this one.”

In the nursery she put me down on the changing table and strapped me down before getting to work.

IVY COULDN’T HELP but both feel a little bad and elated at the same time. Her new baby girl had been clean all the way through yesterday, but had already messed herself several times. ‘I guess my milk finally got through to her system.’

Holly looked so upset sitting there on the table that she decided to try something after she had pushed the pink ‘Mommy’s girl’ onesie up past her chest. ‘Hope she doesn’t go tell me to just go to hell…’

She started poking at her belly lightly with her fingers,

“Spots, Spots, Spots, Spots,” she sang a walking bass line in her best calm mommy voice, “Spots, Spots, Spots, Spots,” she was rewarded to see Holly had at least stopped crying as she looked at her like she was crazy. “A leopard has lots of spots, one less spots she’s got,” she began singing a lightly raking her hands down her body, “A tiger’s stripes are always nice, but leopards have lots of spots, spots, spots spots,” she began poking her lightly with her fingers on her belly again, “Spots, spots, spots, spots,” she sang and then added, “Tickle, Tickle, Tickle,” and began tickling Holly mercilessly until she cracked a smile.

‘I think it worked?’ She thought as she went to pull the tapes on the diaper.

at Ivy completely out of breath after her evil tickle attack. As much as I hated to admit it, it was kind of cute what she had done to me. I was huffing heavily still as she opened my diaper and unfortunately got a good whiff of it. I nearly vomited as she said, “Definitely a stinky girl today,” Ivy said to me.

I swallowed and blushed, “Not exactly my fault,” I breathed out.

“Nope, you can’t help it, and that’s why it’s my job as your mommy to take care of you now,” she told me.

I lay still while she attacked the disgusting mess that was my butt with wipes. With as bad as it had felt I assumed it would take her forever, but she was done pretty quickly. A new diaper was soon taped securely around me and the onesie was snapped around my crotch.

“Can please I have pants, or shorts, or something?” I asked her.

“Not today sweetie, I want to keep an eye on when you need a change,” she told me while she carried me into the living room to sit down on the couch with me turned around on her lap. “Okay, today we need to talk, before I let you do what you want.”

“Can we talk about me not being in diapers?” I asked.

“No, that’s not on the table, I’m sorry sweetie. You’re already mostly incontinent from my milk, and that’ll fully set in by the end of this week at the most.”

“I could stop drinking…?” I shirked back at the glare she gave me.

“Not an option, you agreed last night, correct?”

“What about less often?”

She shook her head, “You’ll be nursing from me at least after breakfast, dinner, before bed, and before your afternoon nap every day.”

“What about when you’re not around me?”

“Well at daycare I’ll leave you plenty of milk. If you’re with a sitter they’ll have that available, or they will probably be happy to use their own breasts.”


“Unless you want to go back to the baby food and formula that isn’t up for negotiation.”

I glared at her.

“This is where you say ‘Yes, Mommy.’”

I sighed, “Yes, Mommy.”

“Good girl,” she told me and kissed my forehead. “Okay, so rules we need to go over. Number one, you do not mess with your diapers. You can ask me nicely for a change, but I may tell you to wait like I just did. You will not throw a tantrum if that happens. I promise you I will change you as soon as I can.”

“Yes, Mommy,” I said as she paused looking for a response.

“Second, if I place you in your crib, high chair, playpen, swing, or anywhere else you will stay in there. No climbing out.”

I nodded, “Yes, Mommy.”

“I know it’s normal for you to begin thinking that maybe you could run away, but remember you look like a baby and you wouldn’t get far based on that alone.” She held up my wrist that still had the LittleProtect watch on, “And this would tell me where you were at all times anyway.”

“I couldn’t just take it off?” I wondered aloud.

“It’s designed to be impossible to cut. You would have to cut off your hand to slide it off,” she told me honestly. “Even then you have the tracking chip in your butt.”

“Okay… I won’t try to run away…”

“As far as the law is concerned you are my adopted baby and I’m allowed to discipline you in any way I see fit. I will spank you if you break the rules,” she told me. “Also, you should already remember this, but no swearing at all!”

“I’ll do my best.”

“The last rule is this one, remember that anytime we are anywhere else you need to behave like a good baby. Here at home if you want to whine and argue that’s one thing, doing it out of the house will result in a much quicker spanking. I will have that inflating, lockable pacifier when we go out, so if you really don’t behave you will be using it.”

“Yes, Mommy,” I told her at her glare. Before asking, “So what can I do?”

“Well you get to play all day sweetie!” she told me, “Or you can still read. I’ll even let you use your tablet and that dinosaur of a computer still. You can watch TV, but you will have to ask me first.”


“Well Mommy wants you to stay like this… She doesn’t want you to be regressed more.”

“What does TV have to do with that?”

“Some of our children’s shows are meant to remove more than just potty training with hypnosis and brainwashing,” she told me honestly.

“But you said they’re children’s shows? Don’t they affect bigs too?”

“Most don’t watch those shows after they’re about three. Parents know not to let their potty training toddlers and preschoolers watch those shows anymore. Occasionally you do get some teenagers that start watching them… One series, Naomi and Oliver, has a large teen following. Most of those teens end up wearing diapers at least part time too.”

I just stared at her, “Willingly?”

“I guess,” she shrugged. “It’s also not uncommon though for an unruly teenager or child to be given the little treatment if they’re misbehaving badly enough. I know of a few patients I’ve seen that the courts have even ruled they need to go back and be re-raised.”

“Normal, big sized kids?” I asked incredulously.

“Yep, but more often inbetweeners - they’re not that much bigger than you all after all. If the caregiver, or the courts, really doesn’t want them to be that big though, they get nanite treatments to shrink them to normal baby sizes.”

I just stared at her, ‘What the fuck?!?’ I thought and prayed her censor wouldn’t detect my swearing in my thoughts at least. “You all are crazy,” is what came out of my mouth.

She shrugged, “Maybe… Anyway, there’s one other thing you can do, or place you can play and I want to show it to you. I’ve been waiting since you arrived but didn’t want to spoil it until you were little enough.”

“What do you mean little enough?” I asked as she stood up and placed me on her hip.

“Diapered and in your nursery,” she told me.

I had kind of wondered why she still hadn’t shown me the backyard in all this time. There was a backdoor with a window high on it that had a curtain keeping light out from the glass. She opened it for the first time for me. On the other side I could see she had a huge backyard.

The first thing I noticed was the huge concrete wall that encircled the large back yard. It was at least fourteen feet tall, and might as well have been the Great Wall of China to me. Not far from the fence sat an elaborate wooden swing set that seemed to take up half the backyard. Some foreign spongy material had been placed to create a soft-landing spot if you fell from it. It featured a rock-climbing wall that led up to one of the two large playhouse platforms, two regular swings and a baby swing, two tall slides, monkey bars, and several ladders and climbing pieces to get around on it. It honestly looked a little bit larger than someone my size should be playing on. I had a feeling with the practice I would no doubt be forced to have, I would probably be able to use it all.

“Is that for me?” I asked curiously as she sat me down into the grass she stood on. My naked feet felt the soft blades of grass and I felt like I was going back in time to when I was a kid and ran around without shoes all of the time.

“Yes, but you’ll have to be careful since it’s a little too old of a design for you. You are only to be on the monkey bars if I’m there with you.”

I looked at it not entirely hating its presence, before noticing the other large backyard feature next to it. A large shed-like building was contained within the spongy material too. It was painted baby pink with white trim, and seemed to have both a smaller door for someone my size, and a larger Amazonian size door around it. A covered porch deck extended from it with an overhang just above the door. A window at the peaked roof was heart shaped. A few plants hung from planters along the rails of the deck.

“What’s that?” I asked her.

“Let’s go see!” She said excitedly as she reached down for my hand and led me over.

‘Why’s she so excited?’ I wondered.

excited to finally have Holly see her playhouse! She hoped she would enjoy it as much as she should. She was offering her a type of retreat that no other Big would ever offer to a babied little. In fact, she’d had to make sure that there was plenty of camera coverage inside so no one could ever declare her neglecting her little by leaving her in there alone. It was also possible for her to lock the door to keep her penned safely inside.

‘If I had this given to me when I was a little girl I would have been in Heaven,’ she thought to herself. ‘It’s big enough I would probably have run out here to get away from my parents at least until I was in high school.’

They walked up the big steps onto the porch carefully for Holly’s smaller legs. The deck was made of a synthetic material that was guaranteed to last for fifty years according to the company, so no splinters to worry about with Holly’s bare feet. As they approached the doors she said, “Holly you can just use that door, if I go in, I’ll use mine here. Why don’t you go ahead and use your door and take a look inside?”

‘I can watch on the camera recording later,’ she told herself. Wanting the little girl to realize she really did mean for this to be her space.

the first normal sized door to me since I’d left home! It was inset of a gigantic Ivy sized door that was probably around twelve or thirteen feet tall. Mine was only about five feet tall, and I could easily reach the door handle that I turned and pushed open. Inside I was shocked to see I was in a really realistic and cute little house. I looked around in amazement and realized the couch was mine from back home! I excitedly ran over to that wall and plopped down on the couch. It still was a bit larger than me since I’d shrank more, but it was comfortable since it was one of my rare splurges to buy the light-colored gray sofa! It even featured two reclining sections on either side and cup holders. ‘I figured it had been trashed,’ I thought to myself and turned around to see that across from it was my flat screen TV from back home, along with my electronics hooked up.

‘What?!?!’ I thought to myself. I walked over and saw that everything was there with my large old Blu-ray and DVD collections in some white shelves that were built into the walls around the TV. Everything was accessible at my height and I experimentally turned it on and saw that it worked. She even hooked up the game console I bought before I left. I smiled since it had been the latest system. It sat there ready to go with the large collection of games I had bought.

Just inside the doorway there was a white dining room table that was not from back home. The table would comfortably sit me, and probably littles and smaller kids under five. It sat next to a brightly colored play kitchen that looked to have my old pots, pans, and spoons sitting next to it. I looked at the burners and could see they were definitely fake. ‘Who would let a baby play with a real stove?’ I admitted to myself.

I was surprised when I opened what looked like a fake pink refrigerator that there was a large real mini-fridge inside. It held a couple of baby bottles of juice, another of water, and a sippy cup that I guessed probably had juice too. Another bottle looked to maybe have milk in it, and I blushed. ‘She thinks that I would willingly just go the milk route…?’ I closed the cold refrigerator and looked above the counter of the fake stove and saw an elaborate play microwave. I was surprised when I opened it that it looked like it really worked too. A few feet of countertop extended before coming to a sink that I experimentally turned on and saw water pour in. To my surprise it seemed even the hot water worked!

I turned and saw a smaller room was walled off from the main one. Inside I found a play nursery of doll sized furniture, dolls, bottles, fake baby food, and everything else a little girl would need to play ‘mommy’ for her baby dolls. I felt my face flush at the thought that I would want to extend my own treatment to those poor dolls… I quickly walked out of the small room and back into the main area. There was a colorful rug with some bookshelves featuring my own books from back home, as well as what looked like a small preschool’s library of picture books. There were a couple of pink bean bags spread about the little area too. Combined with the different color scheme it felt like it was almost another room. I noticed another door that went to a room on the opposite side from the nursery.

I walked over to it and entered and saw a mirrored vanity, a folding changing partition screen, and about fifty different dress up outfits hung on a bar I could reach. I raked my hands through what were mostly princess dresses, but also had some sort of animal costumes like a rabbit and a kitty, a doctors’ lab coat, and even a space suit. The vanity looked to have some combs and hair accessories that I wouldn’t even begin to know how to use. It looked like there was plenty of child’s play makeup too.

I shook my head and left the room and looked around the walls. They were painted very much like my new nursery, but with pinks and white instead of purple. I was startled when I realized familiar pictures hung on the walls. All of my family photos that had been packed away, or in my ‘old’ room, were now hung along the new living room area. I smiled at the picture of my mom and dad and felt a tear go down my face as I wondered how badly they would think I screwed up. I looked away and realized that in addition to some side sconces, there were two large crystal looking chandeliers hung about the open space. I looked above the entrance and saw that a ladder was placed along one side that led up to another lofted space.

I climbed up it and discovered a large mattress with cute bedding laying directly on the floor of the second level, along with a window seat with a view into the yard. I lay down on it curiously and discovered it was quite comfortable. A tall secure railing made it almost like a crib with the walls on the headboard, and the wall on the other long side. I heard the door open so I sat up and climbed back down the ladder.

“What is this place?” I asked her.

“This is your playhouse. It’s one of the places I’ll let you play without me hovering over you. I figure when you make some friends eventually you can play with them here and you’ll be the coolest girl ever.” She looked at me with a big smile, “It’s also nice because it has air conditioning and heating, so you can play here in the winter or summer comfortably.”

“Why?” I asked nervously.

She knelt down then and I realized that it was probably the size of a big ‘she-shed’ type building, but converted to the playhouse design for me. “Look… I know I’m taking a lot away from you. I’m not going to lie to you there. I’m making you take a step back in life that you didn’t want to make. Most parents would just let you have a small playset, keep you inside playing with the fake kitchen, and everything else in one room…”

She paused, “I am going to baby you in just about every other sense of the word, but I want you to have a space of your own for your own well-being.”

“I can come out here whenever I want?” I asked.

“You need to ask me for permission, and I may say no. If I do you will not back talk,” she told me.

I nodded, “Can I nap out here sometimes?”

“Not right now, maybe down the road,” she told me. “And at some point, I want you to introduce me to the movies you had packed with you. I hope I hooked everything together right.”

My eyes caught the photo of my parents again and I found myself doing something unusual then, I walked up to her and wrapped my arms around her, “Thank you Mommy,” I told her.

tightly in the hug for several moments and tried to hide the tears in her eyes. ‘After everything from the last twenty-four hours, having Holly willingly give me a hug and call me Mommy is the best feeling in the world,’ Ivy thought to herself.

“Why don’t you play and explore more in here, and on the playset until lunch,” she suggested to Holly.

“Okay,” Holly said with a genuine smile on her face.

Ivy walked back out of the door and into the house where she pulled her tablet from its normal home and turned on the camera monitoring app.

Holly was going through every little nook and corner of the room and she saw the smiles when she would find something else from her old home. She had seen this idea on a web forum for adoptive parents a month before they had connected, and thought it would be amazing to give her more of her things. The bedroom set she had been using for the first couple weeks would now be disappearing to the dump most likely. She had better furnishings in her nursery and no need for a big girl’s bed anymore! She smiled as the fridge was opened up and after staring for several moments, before to her surprise she grabbed the bottle of juice and carried it to the couch.

Seeing that Holly was fine and settling into her new place in the world she decided to go ahead and get a few things done around the house. She cleaned up the kitchen and began a load of laundry before starting the oven to make some chicken nuggets and fries for lunch. She only put a few nuggets in the oven for Holly, and a handful of fries, with the rest being for her. Given she would be nursing Holly afterwards before her nap she wanted to make sure she was still hungry then. ‘Going to be a delicate balance,’ she thought to herself.

When lunch was just about done, she looked back at the monitors and saw Holly had moved from the playhouse out to the playground and was experimentally climbing up the rock wall. The sight kind of made her heart stop with worry, but the little girl managed to make it up the wall with no problems and used the slide to get down. Ivy watched her then climb into the lowest child’s swing and began swinging back and forth gently.

A look at the timer told her it was time to get her inside.

Ivy asked me as she strode towards me.

I shrugged, “I guess. I don’t really remember the last time I was little enough to be playing on a playground. I know it was at the end of elementary school, but that was a long time ago…”

“You won’t have to worry about outgrowing this set,” she told me with a smile.

I shrugged, “Guess not.”

“Lunch is ready,” she told me.

I nodded and followed her inside the house. As she picked me up to go into the high chair she said, “Someone is a soggy princess, huh?”

I blushed at the intrusion of her hand but nodded, “Yes.”

“We’ll change you after lunch,” she told me as she finished strapping me into the high chair and brought the tray over.

A smaller than normal amount of food was placed on the plate. Only three nuggets and a small to me number of fries made me look at her suspiciously, “Why only this much?”

“You’ll have the rest of your lunch after we have this,” she told me.

I blushed, “What if I’m still hungry?”

“You won’t be after I nurse you.”

I sighed and enjoyed that at least she was letting me have this much. ‘The baby food last night was a warning shot, but I can’t help but notice there’s still a few jars sitting out on the counter…’

Three chicken nuggets and the number of fries she gave me did not last long, particularly with the amount of energy I had expended exploring my new playhouse earlier. My plate was quickly cleared and I quickly drained the half-filled bottle of juice that she had placed on the high chair tray.

I found myself daydreaming of ways that I might convince Ivy to let me grow up, but nothing seemed remotely doable. ‘I’m sure that she was telling me the truth on not being able to get away from the tracking devices.’

Finally, after a while of being bored Ivy put her last fry in her mouth and stood up. “Let’s get you changed and ready for your nap,” she told me as she unbuckled me.

“Do I have to take a nap?” I asked.

“I guess I should have mentioned that rule, but you’ve been taking them so I didn’t?”

The warning look made me say, “Yes Mommy, sorry…”

She squeezed me to let me know she wasn’t mad and carried me to the changing table. “What a soggy little girl!” she told me with a smile as she pulled my onesie back up and away from my diaper.

I remembered earlier and wondered if she was going to do another babyish song again. My question was answered quickly as she grabbed both of my feet in her hands and began singing and moving them. “Lift one foot, and then the other,” while she lifted them back and forth, “Lift one foot, and then the other. Lift one foot, and then the other - lift them both together,” she sang as she lifted my legs up. She suddenly grabbed my arms next, “Lift one arm, and then the other,” and kept singing until she sang, “Lift them both together!”

With my arms away from my belly she suddenly took the opportunity to tickle my bare belly mercilessly. “Stop,” I giggled out uncontrollably. Simultaneously I felt myself pee more into the already soaked diaper.

She kissed me on the forehead and undid the tapes on my diaper. She lifted my legs again and I felt the cold wipes being used. I squirmed a bit because it still didn’t feel comfortable having someone touch me down there. “Such a squirmy baby today,” she told me, apparently thinking the same.

I sighed, still trying to get my breathing under control from the tickle attack. ‘She’s probably just trying to get the rest out of me since she doesn’t believe I have any control left…’ I sighed in my own head, ‘I don’t have much, that’s for certain.’

Luckily for me with it just being a wet diaper, the change went quickly and I was soon snapped back into the onesie. I was unbuckled and she carried me to the rocking chair, “Ready for the rest of your lunch?” she asked me.

I shrugged, “I guess,” I sighed.

She looked concerned but just pulled her shirt opening down, unlatched her nursing bra flap and presented me with the dripping nipple. I stared at the nipple for a long moment. Several weeks ago, I would probably have gotten horny while thinking about this, but instead the nipple just stood out and existed. I sighed as I leaned forward and put my mouth around her warm skin and nursed. If there was one thing that I didn’t mind about this, it was that there was something comforting about her body temperature. The milk came into my mouth with each suckle and I was soon on autopilot.

‘I wish this tasted nasty,’ I thought while admitting I probably was getting addicted to the stuff.

Holly to sleep twenty minutes ago, but just couldn’t bring herself to put her down yet. Deciding she’d rather be able to watch her she placed her down in the playpen in the living room. There were a few toys spread about the playpen for her if she woke up before she noticed.

Just as she was finished cleaning up after pumping a little bit more her phone rang, “Hi Mom,” she said as she looked at the caller identification.

“Hi Ivy, how is it going? You texted that you put her back into diapers yesterday?”

“Let me move to my office,” she told her in a whisper. When she was done, she answered, “Yep, my little Holly is all snug in her diapers and no more chances left for her to wear big girl panties.”

“How exciting!” her mom squealed. “Is her diet normal now too?”

“Well, I’m still feeding her table food, but I’m also nursing her equally,” she added. “Research shows it’s a good combination.”

“How’d she take realizing she’d been drinking your milk…?”

“She’s smarter than you’d expect, she knew it before I forced her to nurse from me yesterday…” she proceeded to fill her mom in on the events of the last couple weeks. She’d agreed to not visit until Holly was a bit more settled, but that time seemed to be past.

“So how about dinner tonight?” she suggested to Ivy.

“Tonight?” She asked in surprise. “I don’t have anything in the house to cook for you all to come over?”

“We’ll go out to eat?” She pleaded. “Please? You finally gave me a grandbaby and I’ve not had a chance to spoil her yet.”

“How are you going to spoil her at dinner?” She asked.

“I have presents of course!”

She sighed, “I guess it’s time for her to see you all again.”

After they made arrangements she got off of the phone and hoped that she was right about Holly being ready to go out in her new status as a genuine babied little. ‘I’d better triple check that her diaper bag is all packed. Probably should grab the sling too in case Mom decides shopping is in order too. I hope she likes being held with it… not that she’ll have a choice,’ she sighed with relief at the knowledge that she didn’t have to tiptoe around the truth anymore. She knew that Holly was smart and had figured out the game moves before she sprung the trap, but it was like any relationship - she believed in taking things slow.

Chapter 16:

I WOKE UP in yet another unfamiliar spot, but with a growing familiarity with the wet diaper wrapped around my groin. I groaned and sat up to see mesh sides of the playpen she had placed in the living room not far from the piano. ‘I was really hoping she wasn’t going to make me use this.’

I stood up and found that the floor of the playpen was just spongy enough that I could see why she laid me down in there for the nap. I saw no signs of her right then, so turned my attention to examine what was inside the cage with me.

A baby doll dressed in a frilly dress sat along one side. Curious, I picked her up and discovered she had a diaper on that could be removed, along with a dress that was held on with velcro. I experimented with moving her arms and legs for a moment before hugging her to my chest because I had nothing else to do.

“Mommy?” I called out.

“Just a minute sweetie,” I heard from her bedroom.

I sighed and sat her down where she had been, and looked around at the other couple of toys that were left in the playpen. I noticed a weird shaped plastic creature with different colored and shaped blocks around the outside of it. I crawled over to it and accidentally pressed down on its head when I lost my balance trying to stand up.

Suddenly it began spitting the large plastic shapes out as it spun around while playing a nursery song. “Play with me!” it said. “Put the STAR in.”

I looked at it cautiously before looking to see if Ivy had reappeared. Not seeing her I shrugged and put the shape into the hole. “Yay!!!” it cried out, “Now put the SQUARE in me.”

Somehow the stupid baby toy captured my attention and I found myself placing each shape in until they were all back in. “What a good job!” I heard above me and jumped when I realized that Ivy had been watching me for who knows how long!

“Umm… I just…”

“Was playing with a toy like I expect!” She told me. “Do you want to play inside there longer or go back outside?”

“Umm… can I take my tablet outside?” I asked.

She looked at me in a way that made me think she was going to say ‘no,’ but she nodded, “That’s fine. How’s that diaper holding up?”

“I need changed please, Mommy,” I told her with a sigh.

She smiled at that and picked me up. It was a quick change of the diaper and I was soon let outside carrying my tablet and went to my new playhouse. Inside I noted, ‘I could actually just live out here if she would let me…’

I entered and felt like it was a bit safer as I sat down on my couch and turned on the tablet. I got to work on a new project that I was curious about - what rights did littles actually have?

I began diving into general websites and found myself soon looking in the databases that I’d gained access through Ivy at Emerson University. I learned there that littles could actually go to college after they graduated high school… assuming they were able to avoid adoption after crossing their high school graduation stage. I found a log of disturbing data as I dug further in though. Apparently it was exceedingly rare for those students to graduate from Emerson without being adopted first. Outside of the university I discovered the rules for adopting a little were a history of back and forth fighting.

Originally decades ago no littles in this country would live on their own without being adopted. At some point someone realized no free littles meant no free littles to kidnap, so then they made it difficult to legally ‘adopt.’ Work permits were available to students who had graduated from a university to prevent them from being adopted… unless they were fired, couldn’t maintain housing, committed a maturity violation, or were arrested.

It seemed even those littles rarely made it to age thirty without being adopted themselves. Once adopted you had no rights to complain about treatment, and no rights to go to school. I did find an obscure clause where an adopted little apparently could work under the supervision of an adult. The more I read through the language of that law, it seemed to just be a loophole to keep a potential little beholden to their new parent until they were swept away to the nursery that had been secretly prepared for them. ‘I can relate to that…’

Some little protest groups kept trying to gain traction on some new civil rights bills. One such little even made an appearance before congress trying to make the case for freedom. From everything I saw and read though, they stood no chance against the wealthy politicians and major corporations getting rich off the system. I had just about been ready to switch to a new line of research when I heard a knock on the door.

“Umm… come in?” I said while putting the tablet to sleep.

Ivy came in her large door and said, “My parents want to meet for dinner again, so we need to get you cleaned up and ready.”

I stood up, “Okay,” and carried the tablet inside. I watched as she did something with a keypad I hadn’t noticed and the doors locked behind us. “It has electronic door locks too?” I asked, surprised.

“It’s a pretty special playhouse in case you hadn’t figured that out,” she told me with a smile.

I decided I needed to take some advice from a page I read a little while ago, and be a bit more affectionate in the hopes of getting her to do what I wanted later. I reached my arms up to her, “Uppie Mommy,” I told her.

The smile on her face grew wider than I would have dreamed possible, and I was soon gathered in her arms as she walked inside. An intruding hand squeezed my diaper, “Hmm… not wet, did you drink something after your nap.”

I blushed, “I wasn’t thirsty…”

“Hmm… If I’m going to let you be out there in your playhouse, you’re going to have to promise to drink something. Otherwise you can stay in your playpen,” she warned me.

“Sorry Mommy, I’m still used to going hours on my rounds and not stopping to drink anything.”

I noticed her eyes open wider as I reminded her that I wasn’t just a normal baby, she squeezed me and said, “Well if you don’t need a new diaper you do still need a new outfit.”

I shrugged, “Okay Mommy.”

She carried me into the nursery and set me down next to my crib. I watched as she dug through the closet and said, “Perfect!”

Ivy walked back over to me and knelt down in front of me. She popped the snaps of the onesie I was wearing and said, “Arms up like a ballerina!” I groaned but did like she asked, “Keep them there for just a moment,” she told me as she slipped a dress over my head.” At least I thought it was a dress… It had a skirt that she pulled up into the air and said, “hold this for Mommy.”

I blushed since I was flashing my diaper now, but soon realized the dress was more of a romper with a snap crotch she closed. I felt it hug my diaper more securely and she said, “All done!” in her sing song voice.

She carried me to a tall mirror she had placed vertically in the nursery and I saw my reflection. It was a cute little dress with lacy pink flutter sleeves. It was the same color of pink for the bodice, and a white skirt featured large pink flowers printed on it. “Cute, huh?” Ivy asked.

I nodded, “Yes Mommy.”

“How about we do your hair? I have the perfect idea and just enough time to do it!”

I snuggled into her embrace more, “Okay.”

She carried me to the kitchen and buckled me into my high chair. “Be back in a second,” she told me. I watched her grab a bin of hair supplies that she placed on the table in front of my chair, before she went to the fridge and returned with a bottle of that plapple juice. “Nurse this while I do your hair,” she told me.

I made a face but her stern look had me putting the nipple into my mouth. The stupid drink was way too delicious; I couldn’t stop drinking as she worked on my hair. I had emptied the bottle a short while later and popped it out of my mouth. A big belch came from my stomach as she pulled something else on my hair tight.

“Some wigglies in your tummy?” she asked me in her Mommy voice.

I just nodded. ‘She’s using that stupid voice more and more,’ I noted. ‘It’s getting old in a hurry…’

I sat there for a long while before she said, “Done!” She reached for her phone on the counter and said, “Smile and say cheese!” I smiled and sat there while she took a few photos. “Let me take a picture from behind and I’ll let you see what I did.”

“Okay,” I said, fidgeting a little with my feet. I hadn’t really noticed before since the tray was usually in the way, but there was a foot rail below my feet to rest your feet on. Unfortunately, I was too small for my feet to reach it. I heard her phone snap a few more pictures before she brought it around and showed me first the pictures face on.

“I look cute…” I admitted aloud. I really did look like a model toddler, and truthfully her changes to my body meant I even had an adorable toddler smile. The pictures of my head showed she had braided two sections of my hair to make a heart that then hung down into a small ponytail at the end of the point. She had also placed a pink bow where she tied it, making it pretty much as sugary sweet as it could be. “Thank you for making me pretty Mommy,” I told her.

She kissed me on the forehead and said, “You’re welcome. Now I’m going to set you down in the living room while I go to the bathroom and then we’ll leave.”

“Okay Mommy,” I told her.

‘Just rub it in that you can use the potty…’ I thought while I waited. I pressed on my diaper after she left and was happy to see it was still dry. ‘That juice will probably change that soon,’ I thought. ‘There has to be something bad in it… But I doubt she would let me avoid it, so I guess I just keep drinking it…’

She returned a few moments later with my diaper bag on her shoulder. Reaching down she picked me up and placed me on her hip, “Let’s go see Grandma and Grandpa!”

I just lay my head against her and sat passively as she carried me to the car. Soon secured in the car seat she said, “How about a cartoon while we drive?”

I shrugged, “Whatever, you don’t have to…”

Soon though she turned on the cartoon she’d mentioned and I found myself completely locked into watching an animated show called, ‘Meggy and Lizzie.’ From what I could gather it was about a little and her ‘Big’ sister going on adventures with magical creatures in a forest near their home. I found myself so sucked into the show as they searched for a solution to a stolen pet, that I was startled when the screen turned off.

“We’re here!” she cried out to me as she came around and picked me up after gathering my diaper bag. She felt my diaper and said, “Still dry?” she felt my forehead, “You’re not getting sick, are you?”

I looked at her, “I shouldn’t be?”

“Weird,” she told me. “If you don’t go potty before we leave, we may have to go run some bloodwork.”

“Why?” I told her, “I used to go hours at a time without going and I went during my nap a lot.”

She made a face, “I guess you’re right. I still should see a wet diaper soon, you’re not holding it, are you?”

I shook my head, “Not intentionally?”

“Hmm…” she said. Her parents waved at us right then and she carried me over there. “Hi Mom, Daddy,” she said.

They gave her a hug and her mom reached for me and said, “Come to Granny!”

Ivy handed me over to her.

“Oh, who’s the cutest little?” she said as she tickled my stomach.

I giggled, “Me?”

“Not conceited at all?” Her husband laughed.

“Don’t listen to that old man, you definitely are!” she said, giving me a hug and a kiss on my forehead. “Let’s get some dinner,” she told us all and walked inside a restaurant that looked like it was a steakhouse.

“How many?” The hostess asked.

“Three adults and one high chair,” Ivy said.

“Little or baby high chair?”

“Baby,” Ivy said at the same time her mom said ‘little.’

“Baby,” Ivy reasserted.

“She doesn’t need the extra straps to behave?” Grandma asked Ivy.

“She’s a good baby girl,” Ivy answered her.

The hostess looked doubtful but put the information in her system, “It’ll be about ten minutes,” she told us.

Granny carried me to a seat where she turned me around to look at her. “I’m so glad your mommy finally started taking care of you right!” she told me with a smile. “You are so much cuter this way! And no more worrying about the big girl potty, huh?”

I just smiled as I didn’t trust myself to respond.

“Where’s her pacifier?” she asked Ivy.

“I forgot to grab one earlier, she’s not fully taken to them quite yet.”

“You should work on that, a good little should always want her paci,” she said to Ivy.

“I don’t have that, but do you want to feed her a bottle of juice Mom?”

“Ooh yes, I bet Holly would love that, huh?” She said tickling me, “would you like Granny to feed you your baba?”

I just nodded, “Please Granny,” thinking back to the article I’d read earlier. I didn’t want Ivy’s mom feeling like I needed additional things to convince her to do to me. A moment later I was laying back in the crook of her arm nursing on the bottle of that juice.

“She is so adorable,” she told Ivy. “You should let me babysit when you go back to work!”

“I appreciate the offer Mom, but I think she needs to socialize with other littles. If daycare doesn’t work out, I’ll think about it, but this way I’m also able to just walk downstairs for lunch and nurse her.”

I listened to them talk about me and realized that I really was just a live baby doll to them. Just as I was coming to the end of the bottle, I felt my bladder relax and it poured urine into my diaper. I sighed around the bottle and was glad Ivy would stop harassing me about the dry diaper. With the empty bottle being pulled from my lips I stood up on Granny’s knees. She reached under my skirt and said, “Looks like someone wet their diapee like a good baby!”

Right then a cramp came suddenly though and I found myself squatting on her legs.

“Uh-oh, someone has a poopy face,” she teased me.

I groaned but she was right. A mess of poop squeezed through my butt and sat warmly in my diaper then. The snap crotch of the dress outfit held it right next to my skin, and I crinkled my face up at the sticky feeling. Standing next to us was an Amazon family with a couple of daughters. One, who was probably just barely out of diapers herself, shouted loudly, “Stinky, that baby made a stinky Mommy!”

“Yes, she did, not like you, who’s a big girl, huh?” The mom said to her.

“Nuh-uh, I’m a big girl!” she flashed her Pull-Up right then for emphasis as her mom shoved her dress back down. “Big girls don’t show their panties, remember?”

I sighed as I stood there on her knees with the loaded diaper. The hostess chose that moment to call our party. “Mom, why don’t you hand me Holly and I’ll go change her and meet you back at the table?”

“Oh nonsense, give me the diaper bag Ivy and I’ll go change her. You’re going to have more than enough of these poopy diapees to change.”

“I’m not…” she said looking at me.

“Hush, I’m perfectly capable of changing my grandbaby Ivy. Take a break, you’ll have more than enough work when I’m not around.”

“Okay Mom,” Ivy said, giving me a concerned look.

“Let’s go change that icky diapee, huh?” she said as she transferred me to her hip and took the diaper bag from Ivy.

I watched Ivy and her dad walk the opposite way from us, and soon couldn’t see them when the bathroom door opened and she walked through. Another little was on the changing table right then so I just patiently waited in the sticky diaper, hoping things would get done quickly.

I couldn’t help but look down at the little girl being changed. Her ‘mommy’ was lifting her legs off of her own poopy diaper cooing at her, “Aren’t you being such a good baby now? I’m so glad I got you that treatment. Losing those teeth, you weren’t ready for, and only being able to drink mommy’s milk means you’re going poopy so much regularly now!”

I felt terrified as I saw the girl open her mouth and saw her toothless grin. I was surprised to see that her face wasn’t collapsed like a face without dentures, but thought back to one of the texts I had read the other day and remembered it was standard to put some sort of insert under the gum to give the mouth the shape it needed still. ‘Baby still can’t bite,’ the section had commented, ‘but she’ll have a normal looking face supported correctly.’

It seemed to take forever before the lady was done, “All yours,” she said to Granny. “Is she yours?”

“Grandbaby,” she told her with a smile.

“She’s adorable!”

“Thank you,” she said and began to work at getting the diaper changing pad out. I was soon strapped onto the table and the experienced grandmother got to work on my diaper. Her hands wiped me quickly with the wipes and I felt my bottom clean of poop much faster than Ivy had accomplished so far. Just as she finished, she showed where Ivy got her singing from. She began singing a little tune that sounded like Frere Jacques, “Changing Diapers, Changing Diapers, Lots of Fun, Lots of fun, You’re no longer Stinky, You’re no longer Stinky, Nice clean bum, Nice Clean Bum.”

She tickled me a little then before putting everything away in the bag. “You’re a great grandma,” another lady said waiting with her own little.

I realized with horror that the little boy had watched all of that and put my face into her side.

“Thanks,” she told her, “first time that I’ve gotten to change her though! Her mom is as stingy with her as she was with her dolls when she was a little girl,” she giggled.

I was soon carried out to the restaurant where we found them sitting at a table with a high chair. I was passed to Ivy who strapped me into the simple belt restraint of the restaurant high chair. “All clean now?” She asked me.

I nodded but didn’t say anything, feeling I was past the point of being mortified. She found a bib in the diaper bag and tied it around my neck before sitting down next to me. Dinner conversation happened around me, but none of them involved me. Questions were always asked of Ivy about me, never asking me directly. It both made me feel like the child they saw me as, and it infuriated me. Anytime I was asked a question it was a rhetorical question - never something they really expected an answer to! It pissed me off because they damn well knew that I was an intelligent adult!

When the food came, I played the good baby and took the bites that Ivy offered every now and then. To her credit the steak she had ordered was really good, and I felt pretty full by the end of the meal.

“Shall we order dessert?” her dad asked everyone.

I looked up and hoped the answer would be yes. “Sure, why don’t we just split a piece of this between the three of us?” her mom said and pointed to something.

“What about her?” he thoughtfully asked.

“She’ll have her own dessert in a moment,” came the cryptic reply from her mother.

‘What’s that mean?’ I wondered. As soon as the waitress took their dessert order I found myself being unbuckled from the high chair. I went willingly into Ivy’s arms though, kind of glad to be out of the uncomfortable plastic chair. She sat me facing towards her and I wondered for a second what was going on, but when she started pulling at her shirt, I knew I wasn’t going to be having the same dessert as them.

“Go ahead sweetie,” she told me as she pressed my face towards her naked breast, “enjoy your dessert!”

I was mortified to be doing this in public, but remembered from the article earlier that I should expect this. ‘At least it’s not my boob hanging out for the world to see…’ I told myself and took her nipple into my mouth. Autopilot went on and I just began nursing without a care in the world.

at her adorable little baby girl nursing from her breast and sighed contentedly. It was a little embarrassing exposing herself in the restaurant, but she knew it was seen as normal to do so to feed a little or a baby.

“I wish I could do that,” her mom said across the table.

“I suppose you could…” Ivy said guardedly, “but I’m not sure how she’d take it.”

“Don’t worry about me sweetie. Anymore I’d have to be around her for a few days straight before I’d lactate. The older I get, the easier it is to not have leaky boobs at the sight of a cute little.” She laughed lightly.

“I didn’t last two hours after seeing her on video the first time,” she told her mom.

“Must have been a painful couple of months trying to manage that?”

“Wasn’t easy,” she admitted.

“When she’s done you should put a pacifier in her mouth each time. That’ll get her to develop her dependence on them,” she told her.

She nodded, “I know… I just forgot her paci this time. Luckily she’s not addicted to them yet so I don’t have her crying for it.”

Her mom nodded, “So you’ll come for Sunday dinner this week, right? Katie is starting to get the impression you’re mad at her since she hasn’t met your little girl.”

Ivy sighed, “Yes, we’ll be there. I’ll tell her that I’m sorry… I didn’t want Holly to be quite exposed to her until she was a bit more of a baby. Now should be fine though.”

“You’re not regressing her anymore?”

Ivy shook her head, “I’m happy having Holly be somewhat independent. I really don’t have an interest in only having her crawl around or being stuck on her back or stomach all the time.”

“Careful how you word that around Katie,” she told her. “I’ll make sure Jonah and Janice come too.”

“Is Jonah still treating her the same?”

“Yes, and don’t you dare try and insinuate he’s wrong around him or Katie,” she warned.

“Even though it’s stupid as hell?” Her dad spoke up.

Ivy smiled, “Glad we’re on the same page Daddy!”

She felt a change in Holly’s suction so she picked her up and looked at her sleepy eyes. She fussed at being removed, but she just set the burp cloth on her back and gently patted her back until she burped. “Just a moment baby, let Mommy get her other booby out for you…”

Once she had her back settled her mom asked, “Once she’s done you want to go shopping for a bit? There’s a new Little store a few blocks away that I bet we could find some great things for her at.”

She sighed, “We’ll go, but you have to promise to be nice. She doesn’t need any punishment crap or regression treatments. I’m happy the way she is now.”

Her mom nodded, “I respect that sweetie.”

“Good…” she said and looked down at Holly nursing away at her breast and blushed at her father watching.

‘I guess I deserve some sort of problem in return for what Holly is going through…’

She did feel kind of bad at taking her independence away, she just couldn’t lie to herself though and say Holly could have been a doctor here. She was too small and adorable and as a free little she would be adopted in two seconds. ‘At least this way she can be happy someday,’ she thought.

in a weird position. My view was dark, but I could sort of tell that Ivy was next to me. I could hear her heartbeat and for some reason that reassured me that I was safe, but I couldn’t really move my arms or my head. I tried grabbing at something with my hand and realized I’d just accidentally grabbed her breast.

“Oh, someone woke up finally,” I heard next to me.

“Yep, here let me get her head uncovered,” Ivy said.

I blinked a bit as a fabric cloth was pulled from over my head and I realized I was attached to Ivy with a baby sling. She rubbed my back gently, “Did you get a nice nap?”

I blushed but nodded. I couldn’t see much from my view since I was mainly looking at her neck, but I could tell we were in a store. More baby stuff everywhere told me it seemed to be little oriented, and the cart being pushed by her mom next to us seemed to be quite full already. I couldn’t really see into it, but the top was covered in dresses and ‘cute’ onesies.

“Since she’s awake do you think we should try and have her try on some of these?” her mom asked Ivy.

“No, we know she’s a pretty standard size and if you look at her, she might be awake, but she’s still sleepy.”

‘It is so weird and degrading to be talked about like this…’

“Okay, anything else you need?” she asked Ivy.

“Mom I already had everything I needed; you were the one who wanted a shopping trip.”

I saw her mom shrug, “I don’t want to see any grandbabies being left out of presents.”

She looked at me and surprisingly asked me, “Do you have anything you want?”

I shrugged, “Not that I know of?”

“How about picking out a new stuffie?”

I decided to nod slowly at that, “That would be nice…”

She smiled and I knew I’d made the right decision. As we walked around, I noted that I felt very secure in the sling I was wrapped in. I knew that meant Ivy had her hands free, so she probably appreciated using it. ‘I’m light enough too she probably barely notices me…’ I thought to myself.

We came soon to the toy section and I found my mouth gaping open at the huge selection of gigantic stuffed animals. “You should let her out so she can walk around,” Ivy’s mom told her.

“You want that?” she looked me right in the face. It was kind of intimidating, but the tickle told me she was in favor of it.

I nodded and said, “Please Mommy?”

She kissed my forehead and then said, “Mom, can you help me?”

I was unwrapped and placed on the ground in the aisle. I could have just chosen the sloth that caught my eye right away, but I forced myself to walk down the row of bears, tigers, foxes, dogs, cats, and creatures I didn’t even recognize before walking back to the sloth. “This one please Granny,” I said with it in my arms.

“She’s adorable,” an Amazon woman said. She was pushing a cart with a little boy with a pacifier stuck in his mouth. The boy seemed agitated and kept trying to yell through it and remove it. His hands were bound up in mittens though and seemed to be just making himself more miserable. She ignored him completely and told Ivy, “She’s so polite, what’s your secret?”

Ivy answered, “No secret, she’s just the perfect little girl,” she said as she leaned down and picked me up. “Here, let’s put your new stuffie in the cart, then I’ll get you back in your sling here.”

“She’s even okay with a sling without a fit?”

“She’s pretty great,” Ivy said as she leaned back down on the ground and faced me away from her. A few moments later I felt the cloth beneath my legs and I was facing the same direction as her, but now high above the ground.

“Wish my boy would act like that… oh well, we’ll keep trying. There’s a new daycare center across town I heard about that seems to have more success with them accepting their proper position.”

“Good luck,” her mom told her. I found it odd to be moving forward held high above the ground by the sling. Every now and then Ivy would stop and look at something on the way to the checkout and I would involuntarily bend over with her. Frequently her hands rubbed my body in some way reassuring me that she was there.

Checking out was pretty smooth and we parted ways with her parents once everything was loaded in the car. I had a soaked diaper, but Ivy waited until we got home to change me.

“Oopsie,” she said as she unbuckled me.


“You leaked all over,” she told me.

Sure enough, I looked at my dress and saw a halfmoon on each side of where my legs had set. “Good thing we’re home now?”

“Yeah, but I’ll have to remember to wash your car seat out later…”

“Oh,” I said. “I’m sorry…”

“This isn’t your fault sweetie, it’s Mommy’s! Let’s just get you a bath and then to bed. Tomorrow’s going to be an unusual day with my appointment.”

I nodded, ‘I wonder how it’s going to feel to be furniture while it goes on…’ I thought to myself. ‘Kind of like being back at the beginning of residency actually,’ I thought in response.

I sighed and clung to her as she carried me inside, the soaked snap bloomer portion of the dress clung to my legs a little and was beginning to feel pretty uncomfortable. I didn’t have long in it though, because Ivy stripped me as soon as she got me inside the nursery. My bath was on my own and a much quicker affair that night before she sat down in the rocking chair with me, “Okay baby, ready for your num nums?”

I groaned, but didn’t fight the boob flung in my face a moment later. I clearly couldn’t - between the size of Ivy, and the sheer addictive quality of her milk, I was going to be along for the ride for the foreseeable future. ‘At least it puts me to sleep so I don’t have to think about it…’ I thought to myself before falling asleep.

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Chapter 17:

THE NEXT MORNING I woke up and found myself already on the changing table. “Oh, those eyes do open!” Ivy told me as she tickled my naked side.

I stuck my tongue out at her.

“Careful or a little birdie will bite that!” she told me.

I just stayed silent as she finished changing the obviously wet diaper and began dressing me for the day. She didn’t ask my input as she just chose to dress me in a cute and fluffy purple dress that would make any girl feel like a princess. The skirt of the dress was the longest I had worn, coming down to my knees and surprisingly past my diaper to conceal it! The dress somehow puffed out the skirt in a bell almost as far as my arms could stretch.

I found myself awkwardly trying to figure out how to hold my hands comfortably and not crush the dress as I followed her to my high chair.

“What’s with dressing me up so much?”

“The cuter you are, the less likely this little girls’ parents will mind you being in the room with me for her appointment.”


That kind of increased my trepidation about the whole thing. I had worked hard to become a damn good doctor, and today I was just going to be a child going to work with Mommy… Worse yet, a baby going to work with Mommy!

I sighed.

“Let’s get you fed and we’ll be on our way,” she told me as she picked me up next to my high chair and carefully sat me inside. She fussed with the dress for a moment before putting a very large bib on me. Almost as soon as it was on she began shoveling in oatmeal almost faster than I could swallow. I felt bloated from eating it so fast, “I ate too much,” I told her as she was about to put me to her breast a few minutes later.

The look on her face was one of annoyance, “Please try and get some milk in you?”

“If I throw up it’s not my fault…”

She looked at me, “That full?”

I nodded.

“I didn’t feed you any more than normal… in fact it’s less?”

“It was the speed,” I told her.

She looked thoughtful, “I’ll nurse you in my office when we get there. I should have enough time. That’ll give your stomach enough time to do something with your breakfast.”

I nodded gratefully as she buttoned her shirt back up and placed me on the floor in the living room. “I need to go add some pads really quick to my bra…” she said and stepped out.

I really had no desire to throw up! ‘Besides it’s her own damn fault I’m nursing from her in the first place…’ I really didn’t know how to sit in the puffy dress so I just walked around the living room examining all of the additions since she’d made me her baby. I’d woken up in the swing, but I hadn’t really looked at it.

‘It’s not so much of a swing as a stationary egg,’ I thought to myself. There were some buttons visible on the front but I couldn’t see the writing above them from the ground. It looked like they controlled the patterns of motion. ‘I did sleep well in it the other day.’

I looked at a pink baby walker that stood next to the couch, ‘She said she’s not going to take my ability to walk, so why even buy that?’ There was a front bar of bead toys, a mirror, a plush animal, and a couple other toys I couldn’t identify.

Ivy came out just then and asked, “Ready?”

I nodded and held my arms up to her. She gathered me, my diaper bag, another duffle bag, and carried me out to the car. Strapped in I asked, “How far are we from your hospital?”

“Only about ten minutes,” she replied, starting the car. “I didn’t want anything further out, so if I was tired from working, I didn’t have a long commute home.”

“I get that…” I told her.

Of course, I’d now have a short commute myself! Daycare to home would be a quick trip too. I was pretty sure I wanted to go to daycare far less than I’d ever wanted to go to work! ‘At least today I’ll be with Ivy…’ I thought, somewhat relieved by that.

In no time we were at the hospital and Ivy gathered a shouldered briefcase, my diaper bag, and me, before setting off to her office in the huge building. I was impressed as she walked through the door at just how massive and high-tech the hospital was. There was a robotic receptionist and a couple of nurses helping check in patients.

She wound her way through to an elevator, up towards the top, and finally down a long hallway before an excited voice said, “Oh my God, is this her?!?!?” Making Ivy turn.

“Hi Mace,” she said to her. “Yes, this is my new little girl Holly, Holly this is your Auntie Mace, the best nurse in the hospital and one of my bestest friends.”

“You’re soooo cute!!!” She said and pinched my cheeks.

I felt my face turn red and I wanted to punch her if I’d had better leverage to do so. Ivy had one of my arms completely blocked and there was no way for me to get free.

“Now Mace, we talked about this. Holly isn’t regressed… so she’s probably about ready to kill you right now. Maybe tone it down just a bit?”

“I think that’s a mistake…” she said.

Ivy squeezed me, “I promised her, and I intend to keep that promise.”

“To each their own. We have to set up a playdate with Ellie though!”

“That we can do… maybe next week?” she suggested.

“I’m off next Thursday?”

“It’s a date!” she told her.

“Great!” she said, “Now, why are you here again? You still have weeks of maternity leave left!”

“The almighty boss called and wanted me for a surgery. Offered me two extra weeks of maternity leave and a few other carrots to come in for it.”

“Can’t blame you for taking it. Are you taking Holly to the daycare today? She can meet Ellie?”

“No, I don’t want to be away from her quite yet. I was told she can come with me to the Pre-Op today.”

“Hope they don’t mind?”

“Doesn’t matter, I’m giving up maternity leave to be here - she’s coming one way or another,” she told her with a smile. “Anyway, we need to get to my office. We don’t have a lot of time, and someone here was too full to nurse when we left.”

“Oh, is that right, was her wittle tummy too full?”

I sighed, “Nice to meet you,” I told her.

Ivy squeezed me and carried me a bit further down the hallway and opened her office up. Her corner office! Just before we stepped inside, I saw the label that she was the Chief Pediatric Surgeon. “I didn’t realize you were that high ranking in the hospital?” I told her.

“Sometimes a person is in the right place at the right time to be lucky,” she told me. “Four years ago, I saved a board member’s daughter after she was impaled on a fence post. He was grateful to me and pushed for me to get the job when my predecessor retired.”

She sat the bags down that she brought on by a large desk. Now that she had a free hand she checked my diaper, before sitting down on a small couch she had, “Time to empty Mommy’s breasts!”

I sighed, “Okay Mommy…”

For some reason as I nursed this time, I didn’t immediately fall asleep. I was kind of groggy, but I wasn’t falling asleep like I normally did. ‘I wonder why’ I thought to myself. Unfortunately, that meant I was wide awake as I felt a sudden cramp, and my body contracted my bowels to begin pooping the diaper. I couldn’t stop nursing though, it was a compulsion to continue to drink the addictive liquid. Lili’s loud heart beat served as a tempo to keep nursing, though I wanted nothing more than to rip the damn diaper off my butt.

I heard her sniff, “Uh-oh, smells like I have a stinky baby,” she cooed.

I fidgeted and fussed, but couldn’t convince my brain to unlatch.

“It’s okay though, I’ll get you all clean after you finish eating.”

To my relief as her breast milk trickled to a stop, I was able to pull my face clear.

“Was that good?” She asked me.

I shrugged, “There’s something in it that’s addictive… Would you please change my diaper?” I sniffed and felt tears on my face as I asked for that.

“Of course, sweetie,” she told me.

She opened the diaper bag up and unfolded the changing pad onto a coffee table next to her office couch. I was soon laying on it having the disgusting diaper opened up when there was a knock. “Come in!” she called just as she lifted my butt clear of the dirty diaper.

“Ivy, I just wanted to let you know they reserved Room 3492 for your Pre-Op appointment. Reception just called to let us know they just arrived and are starting on the initial paperwork.” Mace, her friend popped into my view. She stared at me with a smile as my legs were suspended in the air.

“About twenty minutes or so then,” Ivy said as she used a wipe to get rid of the sticky glob of poop. “Thanks for letting me know. I’m going to finish getting Holly changed and I’ll head that way.”

“Sure you don’t want me to watch her while you’re doing the appointment?”

“No, I’m good. It was one of the conditions of me coming in, and she was a doctor in her dimension anyway. She understands patient privacy and confidentiality.”

‘Was a doctor,’ I sighed. ‘Talk about depressing…’

“Okay then, if I don’t see you again today, I’ll see you next week when we get our girls together!”

“Sounds good! See you later Mace!”

The new diaper was finally taped on and for the first time I wasn’t asleep immediately after nursing from her. I was more depressed though. She sensed it, “I’m sorry,” she told me.

“Are you?”

“Yes, I am,” she told me. “Look… they’ll just assume I’m letting you play dress up, but I brought something for you.” She reached into the duffle she brought and handed me one of my white doctors coats. The name tag read ‘Dr. Holly Nickerson.’

I held it in my hands, “It won’t let me practice medicine,” I told her without a question.

“No… but maybe being around…?”

I sighed, “Let’s just go see your patient,” I told her as she stood me on the ground. I did smile a bit as I pulled on the jacket over my dress. It seemed okay that it was bigger than it should be then. It laid down over the top of my dress just fine, but looked a bit awkward down where the poofy skirt flared out. She pulled my favorite stethoscope out from somewhere, and I saw it had shrunk a little closer to my size than some of my other things.

She donned her own coat and scope that were hung on her chair, and grabbed a thin tablet like mine at home. “Shall we go Doctor?” She asked me while holding her hand out.

“Okay,” I said, taking her hand. The examination room was in another wing of the building so it took some time to walk over there and take the elevator to the correct floor.

In the elevator one Amazon nurse looked at me and said, “Oh how cute! She came to work with Mommy and dressed like her?”

I seethed, “Yes I did, but I actually am a doctor.”

“How cute? She likes to play doctor?” she laughed, “You have quite the imagination.”

Ivy spoke up then, “She actually is a doctor. Med school degree, completed her residency, and has several years of experience as a very accomplished pediatric surgeon.”

I looked at the lady and wanted to gouge her eyes out right then as she assessed me like a piece of meat. “What person would let a little work on them?” She huffed as the elevator opened, “Stupid people…”

Ivy kept a hold of my hand as the nurse left on a different floor than our destination. When we were alone in the elevator and she hissed, “Careful, you DO NOT ever want to piss off the nurses!”

I sighed, “I know… I always made sure they knew I appreciated them back home… not sure I would ever be able to do that with that one.”

“She is a real bitch,” she said honestly to me. “But be careful… she’s the worst of them, but all of them usually take a real liking to putting smart littles like you in their places,” she warned me.

I nodded, “I’ll remember that…” I told her thinking back to her friend Mace I had just met.

As she led me down a couple more hallways the nurses stopped us and cooed at me several times. I was quite surprised that Ivy didn’t just pick me up and carry me, but for some reason she was letting me be the most mature she’d let me be in the last week. We soon came to the room that she’d been told and found the patient, her parents, and another gentleman.

“Hi I’m Doctor Nickerson,” Ivy said letting go of my hand and extending hers to the parents. “Hi Bob, what are you doing here?” she asked the other gentleman.

“I can’t be visiting patients in my hospital?” The man chuckled.

“A little unusual for the CEO to be out of the office?” Ivy pressed politely.

“Rachel and Jake are my sisters’ kids,” he told her. “And little Jade here is my great-niece.”

“That explains getting me out of maternity leave,” Ivy said with a smile.

“This by the way is Doctor Nickerson too,” she said patting my head.

The parents smiled affectionately at me, but the little girl looked at me more curiously. “You doctor?”

“I am actually,” I told her and found myself walking over to where she sat on the edge of the bed. “Hi, I’m Holly,” I held my hand out to her like I always did my patients back home. ‘Well, with a different name,’ I griped to myself.

“Cool!” the girl said with a smile.

“So, let’s take a look at what’s going on with Jade,” Ivy said. She picked me up and sat me on the bed next to Jade while her parents gathered looking at the screen of the tablet. I could just see the screen and a display of what looked like an extremely advanced version of a hybrid CT Scan and MRI. There was a level of detail on display that made it seem more like you were able to peel skin away on a cadaver to identify issues and plan surgeries. “So, the diagnosis from her cardiologist is that she needs a new heart valve. What we’ll be doing is going in laparoscopically and implanting a small batch of C32E Nanites. They will first create a connection to an external artificial heart. Once that’s done they will use the existing tissue to create the new valve, before reconnecting and restarting her heart.”

I watched as she pulled up a small video of the procedure displayed and looked in wonder. It was crazy how an open-heart surgery was done there. Ivy sat the tablet down next to me as she answered some questions and I managed to pull up the imaging of Jade again. Looking at it though I felt my heart drop, this was a major misdiagnosis! She was standing next to me, “Doctor Nickerson?” I asked her.

Hearing me call her name like that was weird, and she stopped. “I’m almost through here? Give me just a moment.”

“Please can we talk in the hallway just a moment?” I said to her in a voice that I always used when I needed to talk with a colleague about a disagreement.

I had never spoken to her like that, and she noticed something was up, “It can’t wait?”

“No Doctor,” I told her.

“Surely it can…?” Bob said.

“Let’s go outside together,” Ivy told him. She helped me off of the bed and I clung to the tablet.

When we were outside with the door closed Ivy bent down, “You’d better have a very good reason for interrupting me!”

I looked at her nervously, “I did. How closely did you actually look at the scans?”

“A little, but I mostly am going off of her cardiologist’s diagnosis?”

“Look at it again,” I said as I spun the model digitally around. “Vascular Ring… Unless all of the textbooks that I read in your house are wrong you have the same conditions as we do back home. She doesn’t need a new valve; she’s having problems because her aorta is closing on her windpipe.”

“What?!?” Ivy said looking at it. “Son of a bitch, that goddamned idiot didn’t see this?” She looked up at Bob. “Bob did you know about this?”

“What are you both talking about? Why are you even listening to your new baby on this?” Bob asked her. “I get letting her play dress up, but it’s not like she even knows anything about medicine?”

I sighed, “Sir, I was a doctor back home, AND a pretty good one. Your niece has a very rare condition that I only know of a few known people that live with it back home. What symptoms actually brought her into the hospital?”

He looked at me skeptically, “Is she serious Ivy?”

“As the death that could have occurred without this being noticed.” She paused, “I probably have noticed this later when I went in to study it more closely, but I would bet most of our doctors would have just done the procedure. Since we don’t open up patients for this surgery anymore it might not have been noticed until the nanites were already destroying what was good there.”

“So, what do we do?”

“Now Holly and I go in and speak with them some more, and I re-diagnose the girl.”

“You can’t take her back there…” He said looking at me.

“She probably just saved her life,” Ivy said and turned and opened the door. “Go in Holly,” she told me.

The parents looked at us warily before Ivy stood me on the bed. “I’m sorry about that, but Doctor Nickerson wanted to point out something to me and didn’t want to do it in front of you all. We have a few concerns about the initial diagnosis. Can you tell me exactly what Jade’s symptoms have been?”

We sat down in the room with them for an hour as we both listened to the symptoms and used the amazing scans to re-diagnose the problem with Jade. She did need surgery, but it wasn’t for a whole new valve. It was essentially a surgery to alleviate the pressure on her esophagus that she needed, but their world allowed for an organic fix with the nanites redistributing tissue. In this case she certainly didn’t even need to have the temporary bypass done of her heart that was originally planned. It was a much simpler surgery! Ivy went to listen physically to her with a stethoscope but the girl panicked. “Scared…” she clung to her mother. She was little, but she wasn’t incapable of detecting the distress in her parents at what they’d learned.

I looked at her and asked, “May I do it?” to Jade and Ivy both holding up my own.

Her parents looked like I had grown a third head or something, but Ivy nodded and I asked Jade, “May I examine you instead?”

The girl looked at me skeptically, but nodded.

I walked over on the bed towards her and proceeded to examine her like I would anyone back home. I thought her parents were going to stop me at first, but as I listened to her heart, lungs, and checked her out as the professional I was, they didn’t say anything. I reported everything sounded like we should expect with what I had diagnosed, and told Jade, “You’re going to be just fine. In a few days you’ll come back and Doctor Nickerson will take care of you so quickly you won’t even know anything.”

“I’m scared,” she told me.

“Trust me, you’ll be just fine!” I told her. “She’s one of the best!”

We were in there for a few more minutes before walking out. “Mind if I come to your office and visit with you?” Bob asked Ivy.

“That’s fine,” she told him.

I just held onto her hand as we reversed the journey to her office.

IVY WAS BOTH annoyed and very proud of Holly right then. She wasn’t surprised that she missed it with just the quick look she’d had at the girl’s heart scans. The truth was she just presumed the idiot had diagnosed things properly… ‘More importantly how the hell did someone think they were a cardiologist and miss the boat so far on something like that?!?!?!’ She planned to lodge a formal complaint with the board of the hospital against him.

She was also quite proud of Holly for somehow managing to make the issue known to her without it being unprofessional. ‘If I hadn’t already adopted her that might have been a good audition for Bob…’ she sighed, ‘I like having my baby girl though.’

We reached my office and I opened the door for Bob to step through after Holly went inside. “Come on in Bob, what else can I do for you?”

“First of all, what the Hell are you doing letting a little even consider a diagnosis?”

Ivy’ became a mama bear right then and was about to open her mouth when Holly beat her to it.

“Well first of all you jackass I just saved your niece from having an unnecessary procedure that would have endangered her life, AND not even fixed her symptoms!!!” Holly said from the ground. The little girl was nearly eight feet shorter than the tall man, but she pictured the little girl as a vicious bobcat right then.

“Would you please spank her? Or do I need to do it for you?” Bob began to turn towards her.

“You do that and I will have you charged with assault,” Ivy told him.

“No way some little baby is going to talk to me like that.” He fumed.

“I’ll be talking to her about her language later Bob, but let me be blunt. I always review cases before I do the surgery, but mostly I end up just doing the surgery and leave the diagnosis on something like this to specialists. In this case your specialist is an idiot and I’m putting a written complaint into the board on him.”

“And you’ll be getting your own for letting a little diagnose a patient.”

“She was just supposed to be with Mommy today playing doctor,” Ivy told him with her eyes narrowed. “That is after we came in because you needed me to cut my maternity leave - a law - short to help you out.”


“You were just saying you’ll honor the agreement and get out of my office so I can get ready for Jade’s surgery.” she told him.

“If she ever is involved with a patient again…”

“Don’t worry, she won’t be. She’ll be at daycare next time.”

“Good, keep her there! And change her diaper while you’re at it. That shit stinks!”

He walked out the door and slammed her office. She looked down at Holly who was red in the face and looked on the verge of screaming or crying. She leaned down and picked her up, “Well he was right about one thing, you do stink.”

‘What the hell am I going to do…?’

I LOOKED UP at Ivy and wondered just how far over the line I had just gone in the last hour. She sighed as she opened up a changing pad on a side table in her office and placed me down on it. She unbuttoned my coat and pulled my stethoscope from where it still hung around my neck. She placed it down and got to work pulling my dress up and working at the diaper cover.

I was growing more nervous as her face remained completely neutral through the process. Her silence as she didn’t say anything heightened my paranoia as she pulled the tapes of my diaper loose. That lasted all through her grabbing my feet and wiping the poop from my bottom and finally finishing my change. She sat me down on a long couch in her office before saying, “Stay there, let me go throw this in a trash can outside and then we need to talk…”

‘Shit…’ I thought to myself, ‘things were going too well today…’

When she returned, she sat down on the couch opposite of me and asked, “Why?”

“Why?” I asked in surprise, “Why what?”

“Why did you give up and come here?”

I looked at her, we’d had this conversation. “What do you mean? Honestly, I wasn’t giving up… I wanted to learn about your techniques… I knew the babying thing happened, but… I really had no idea it was unavoidable.” I told her.

“If you’d known, would you have still come?” She asked me.

I shrugged, “I don’t know… I knew it wasn’t a zero probability, but I would have been a boy still and been able to use the potty… I probably wouldn’t?”

She sighed, “I’m mad you know.”

I looked down, “I know, I’m sorry.”

“Not for what you think,” she told me.

I looked up in surprise, “Not for speaking up earlier?”

“No, you seem to have learned the same ethical codes that I did… I’m glad you spoke up! I may have researched the case more myself and found the misdiagnosis, but most likely I would have just done the procedure that was asked of me.”

I nodded, “I had a case like that once… Nearly cost the patient their life. I vowed to never do it again and always check everything myself.”

“Well you’ve taught me to watch my fellow doctors more myself. Like I said, I’m not mad at that.”

“Then what you mad at me for?”

“For making me be the one to take such a brilliant doctor from their world…”

I saw tears in her eyes, “What?”

I crawled over to her lap.

“You in two minutes correctly identified a serious misdiagnosis. You also managed to get me to look at it and re-evaluate it… and then you tell off the CEO of the hospital in, for the most part, a pretty professional manner.”

“Sorry about swearing at him…”

“He had it coming, but you can’t do that again sweetie.”

I nodded, “What now?”

“What now?” She asked herself. “Well I need to file some reports and do some paperwork. When I’m done, we’re going to go downstairs to the cafeteria and get lunch before I take you to visit the daycare.”

I blanched, “Do we have to?”

“Yes, especially now. There’s going to be a tightrope you need to walk now with Bob not happy with you.”

“So just go to daycare and be a baby…” I sighed.

“For now…” she told me.

“For now?” I tried to not get my hopes up.

“Until I can figure out some way to change things for you… Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as changing your diaper!”

She began to tickle me right then to where I wet the diaper some. I felt her hand reach down and check it afterwards, “It’ll hold for a while.” She reached into my diaper bag and handed me my tablet and a bottle of juice, “why don’t you go ahead and drink that, and play with your tablet while Mommy finishes work.”

She sat me down on the couch and I began doing some other research while I casually nursed the bottle every now and then. I looked into the doctor that had misdiagnosed the little girl. He had several complaints available from the medical board and as far as I could tell was a shitty doctor that somehow hadn’t been canned.

I then also started looking out of curiosity to see if any littles had ever become doctors here. The answer was the one I expected, definitely not… I found plenty of doctors that specialized in little care, but not a single one with a little as the doctor. ‘I think I’d be better as a doctor for them and children than these giants are…’ I thought sadly. ‘Not that it’ll ever happen.’

I felt a hand on my crotch having ignored Ivy the whole time. “Do you want to change before lunch or after?” She asked me.

“Umm… now?” I suggested.

“Okay sweetie,” she said as she took my empty bottle, “hand me your tablet, we’ll change you, and then get going with the rest of our day.”

I passively allowed her to manipulate my body again for yet another diaper change. She had me changed and dressed pretty quickly, and before I knew it was carrying me and the large diaper bag down the hallways again.

Signs directing us to the cafeteria became more numerous and we soon emerged into a very large dining area. “What do you want for lunch?” Ivy asked me quietly as we walked towards an area with several stations. Pasta, Stir Fry, Pizza, Burgers, Salads, and a LittleFood section were all clearly marked. Fearing what LittleFood was I pointed towards the stir fry sign, “Stir Fry?”

“Okay,” she said with a smile. “You okay with just eating what I order?”


She squeezed me and walked to the counter. To my relief she ordered something pretty normal with broccoli, chicken, some bamboo shoots, and other edible items. She sat me down on the ground so that she could carry the tray of food with rice, a drink for her, and one of my bottles filled from a juice fountain. The line for the cashier was a little longer than I’d like and I felt like I was a doll on display. Women kept looking at me and cooing as they looked down or walked past. The worst was the teenage girl stood behind us that kept trying to talk to me.

“Aww… she’s so cute!” she told Ivy as I just stood as close to her as I could.

“Thank you,” she told her.

“How old is she?”


“Do you treat her?”

“Between twenty months and three years depending on what you’re asking about.”

“I think if she was mine, I’d go down to ten months…” I felt my stomach twist as she went on, “Definitely no big girl food, only Mama’s milk, no teeth, and no reason to be able to walk…”

I found myself hiding behind Ivy then, “Well someday maybe you’ll have your own daughter to do that. For my part I love her being intelligent still. Yes, she drinks my milk, but it’s good for her to have real food too.”

“I’m a great babysitter…” she tried getting out just as the cashier started ringing Ivy up.

“Oh, we have a couple already, sorry,” Ivy told her as she paid for the food and then walked to a table that already had a high chair pulled up next to a chair. She sat the tray and my diaper bag down on the table.

Knowing what was coming, I compliantly held out my hands to her in the ‘pick me up pose.’ She lifted me gently into the high chair and buckled a simple seatbelt strap. A bib that said, ‘Mommy’s Mini Me’ was pulled out of the bag and I blushed as she tied it around my neck thinking of how we were dressed earlier. ‘It was nice to almost feel like a doctor again though…’ I thought sadly.

Ivy took turns feeding me and herself with the very tasty stir-fry dish. “I was worried this would be too spicy for you,” she told me as she fed me one of the last bites.


“Littles normally have no spice tolerance. Usually the only thing they want is sweet stuff…”

I thought about it and wondered if that would be my future. “Is that something that I’ll deal with later?”

“Maybe the sweet tooth, but none of them would be able to tolerate even this small amount of spice.”

“There’s spice in there?” I asked with a smile. “It tastes pretty bland other than the soy sauce.”

“We’ll have to experiment later then,” she told me. “Open up, last bite!”

I chewed it and still felt a bit hungry. Of course, she had eaten most of the meal, there’s no way I could have ever eaten the amount of food even on the kids plates I saw around. She was checking her phone for something when her nurse friend came over. “Hi Ivy, cutie,” she said to us.

“Oh, hi Mace!” Ivy said to her friend who sat down with a tray on the other side of the table.

“You two look like you’re just finishing?”

“The main part of the meal anyway,” Ivy said.

I blushed, ‘she doesn’t actually expect me to nurse here…?’

As if to answer that though she pulled me free of the high chair and I was soon squirming on her lap. “Here?” I whispered quietly.

She hugged me and whispered, “How many times do I have to remind you that you’re not the one with her boobies hanging out.”

I blushed but saw no way to refuse the dripping nipple that my mouth was guided to. I suckled and listened as they talked.

“So, how’d things go with the V.I.P. you got called in for?”

I felt Ivy’s diaphragm compress and release a large sigh. Her heart rate changed a little too and I could tell she was still agitated. “We almost had a major problem with treating the wrong thing.”

“What? Didn’t Doctor Crinfield send her your way?”

“Well actually it was Bob who called me in. I’m wondering if he knew something was wrong…”

“What happened?”

Ivy shifted a little, obviously checking to see who was around. “The patient was diagnosed with needing a new heart valve. It wasn’t the problem though; she has a Vascular Ring that’s causing the symptoms that she’s experiencing.”

“That was a good catch then Ivy,” she told her.

“It was, but I didn’t make it.”

“Who did?” I sensed one arm shift and my back was patted. All I could do though was keep sucking on autopilot. The milk was so addictive!

“Seriously?” She asked.

“I told you she was a pretty successful surgeon in her dimension.”

“Why’s she here then?”

“Wanted an adventure and circumstances pushed her to take the leap,” she passed along my thoughts just as her right breast was no longer producing much. She pulled me from her nipple instinctively and burped me before adjusting me down to the other side.

“You look so natural like that,” Macey told her. “You make a great mommy!”

“Thanks Mace,” she said.

“So how did she tell you about what she saw?”

“Just like I would do with any other doctor I disagreed with, she asked to speak with me in the hallway.”


“Very professionally, that’s how I knew something was really wrong. She’s been doing very good at calling me Mommy and behaving like a good little baby girl.”

“What happened next?”

Ivy filled her in about the rest of it, including Bob’s behavior. “Idiot,” Macey said. “So, surgery is scheduled…?”

“Tuesday,” she said.

“What’s little miss doctor going to do while you’re in surgery?”

“She’s going to go to daycare for the first time,” Ivy said, obviously feeling a bit clingy about me in the way her voice was cracking a little.

“She’ll be fine.”

“I know, but it’s still going to be tough on both of us.”

“She’ll get to meet Ellie though that day,” Macey said.

“She probably won’t be in the same room though?”

“Which room are you planning on having her put in?”

“I figured the pre-schoolers?”

“No Ivy, even if you’re not regressing her you want to at least put her in the toddler’s room. The crawler’s room where Ellie is would be safer, but the toddlers will at least keep the size difference between her and the big children to a minimum.”

I felt the milk dwindle in her breast again, but kept nursing because it was comforting to be able to spy so well. Again, I wasn’t falling instantly asleep… I was confused by the fact that my drowsiness was there, but it wasn’t like I’d experienced the previous week with her milk.

“Won’t they keep an eye out for her?”

Macey laughed, “I thought that once, but watched the room for a while before I left Ellie alone there. It was very apparent that the safest place for her was in the crawler room. I think she’d be okay in the toddler room though. It’s only up to three-year old’s in there, so they’ll only be a foot taller than her at worst. There are some preschoolers that are five, and already over six foot in the preschool room.”

‘Seven feet tall?? Five-year old’s?!?!’ I started. ‘I need to look at some growth charts when I get home…’

“You’re right… do they let walking toddlers in the crawler room?”

Macey didn’t answer for a moment, “I think the only ones I’ve seen were in ultra-thick crawler diapers.”

“So, no then?”

“Probably not,” I heard her respond.

“Well I assume Ellie is in the crawler room?”

“Most of the time… if she’s being extra cranky sometimes, she ends up back with the infants.”

“Well I guess I’ll have to make a decision soon. We’re going to go register her now,” Ivy said as she popped the suction from my mouth and burped me. I was drowsy, but still somewhat alert as she popped a pacifier in my mouth and used a baby wipe on my face and hands. She began taking the bib off, and soon we were standing up with her holding me on her hip. “We’ll see you Thursday,” Ivy told Macey as we left.

She put her hand under my dress and felt the padding in my diaper, “You probably need a change before we leave the hospital, but I’m guessing this diaper will last a little longer.”

I nodded and sucked on the pacifier.

“You’re still awake again… wonder what’s changed for you? You’ve been out like a light every time?”

I shrugged, “No idea… adrenaline?” I suggested and put my head against her shoulder.

I clung to her as she carried me through the hospital and into a very brightly colored wing. We approached a reception desk, “Can I help you?” A tall dark-haired Amazonian asked.

Ivy sat me down on the counter, “Yes, I’m Doctor Nickerson and I just adopted Holly here. I’m going to be bringing her in when I’m working.”

“Nice to meet you Doctor, I’m Janice Holder the director of the daycare.” the lady said. “We’d love to have little Holly here! Are you leaving her here right now?”

“No, I just wanted to get her registered and maybe get a tour of where she’ll be at?”

“Certainly!” the lady said. “It’s quite a pile of forms to fill out, do you want to just set her down in the room she’ll be in and she can play for a few minutes?”

“I don’t know…” she said looking at me. “I think she’s actually more likely to need nap time right now.”

“Well we just woke up our kids from nap-time, so I don’t know that she’d have any luck with that. You can always leave her in her future room and see what happens?”

‘Please don’t…’ I pleaded with a look.

“Okay… that’s one of the things though, I was trying to decide where we should place her?”

“Well she’s small enough I would only suggest the toddler room or younger.”

“My friend mentioned the crawler room would probably be her best match size wise, but do you take non-crawlers in there?”

“Normally no, but we will if a parent sends their little in crawler diapers that prevent them from walking. We don’t want a running baby trampling over the top of one that can only crawl…”

“Then I guess it’ll be the toddler room,” she said to her.

“Great, why don’t you follow me, we’ll drop her off and then you can get the paperwork filled out!”

“Thanks,” Ivy said.

I looked at her like ‘really?!?!?’

Showing no pity though she stepped forward and we received a tour as we went along. “This is the dining room,” the lady said as we passed through a large room with a ton of high chairs, long tables that belonged in an elementary lunch room, and a couple of other tables meant to let caregivers easily feed a number of kids in these little seats inset in the table around them. “For our littles, we provide pureed food for them at meal times. If she’s going to just be on a milk or formula diet, we just feed them their bottles in their rooms.”

“I’ll probably come pick her up for lunch most days,” she told her. “But otherwise we’ll probably just leave some of my milk here with you. I’ve been stockpiling it for that.”

I looked up at her not knowing that she had been doing that. ‘How much does she have saved?’ I wondered. ‘And where’s the freezer?’

“This is the infant’s room by the way.” I was distracted enough I almost missed the first room we came to that had rows of cribs and swings. The floor was taken up by littles and babies on their backs or stomachs, but clearly not able to even crawl. One woman had no top on and made eye contact with me. Her mouth was free of teeth as she smiled at me and drool dripped from her mouth. Something in her eyes said she was broken, and I shuddered to think of the girl’s fate as I noticed some scarring on her body.

They carried me quickly past there though, and came to another room with a large observation window along the hallway. “This is the crawler’s room,” the lady said. Based on Macey’s conversation this is where I assumed ‘Ellie’ must be. Most of the ‘babies’ were on their hands and knees or sitting. A few were inside of walkers or swings too. I noticed a few actual babies seemed to be mixed in, but the majority were clearly adults based on their breasts or muscles. I watched two littles arguing and pushing for a moment before a caregiver made it over there and spanked both of them until they were both crying.

“Do you spank all of the babies in here?”

“Only the littles, never the actual babies. Also, we only do it if you permit it. You are able to mark your preference on the registration forms.”

“If I say no?”

“Time outs and being placed in a crib for a nap are the normal tools we use, just like with our normal babies. They don’t usually work well as punishments on most littles though, so that’s why spanking is our preferred punishment. We can also use enemas if you would prefer that as an in-between measure.”

“I see,” Ivy said as I looked at her in horror.

We came next to the toddler rooms where I would be staying, “And here is Holly’s classroom,” she said.

I felt even more terrified as I looked around the room. Everywhere was loud and chaotic as babies and littles alike ran, wrestled, screamed, and played. I didn’t want to be put down and wanted to hold onto Ivy for dear life. “Be good, try it. I won’t be too long and you’ll get a chance to see what it’s like in this room. Try to make some friends,” she whispered to me. “Behave like a real baby and they will treat you better,” she added before leaning over and setting me down on the other side of a low wall.

“Go play Holly,” she told me louder.

I sighed but looked around for something to do. Activities were going on all around the room as I took the sight in. There were some littles crashing trucks together in one corner while making loud yells of explosions and ending noises. Another set played with dolls on the opposite side, while some others coloring and drawing on another. The ones smashing trucks together nearby were of no interest to me. I found myself walking over to the girls playing with dolls as I thought about what Ivy had said.

“I pway?” I asked in what I hoped was my best baby impression.

“Pway!” one little said and pushed a spare baby doll towards me. “Baby!” she told me.

I nodded and took the doll. I looked and saw some spare clothes and cloth doll diapers sitting nearby. I decided to play like I was her mommy and take care of her. I noticed the others watching me, but I took and changed her diaper and dressed her into a new dress. I cuddled with her for a few minutes and found myself feeding her a fake bottle. Toddlers normally don’t interact with each other much, so I wasn’t really trying to do so with the other girls necessarily.

Two of the girls were talking a low whisper, “I thought maybe she was a little, but she’s just a normal baby.”

“Weird, normally they don’t come in the middle of the day,” the other whispered.

I kept pretending to not understand as they began talking about how to deal with something coming up soon. They were whispering so all I really got was ‘plan’ and ‘resistance.’ Right about the time I had thought about saying something to ask what they were talking about, I felt my stomach clench and poop pushed out into my diaper again.

I wanted to just cry and get someone to change me, but I wasn’t even sure if they could change me without Ivy leaving them diapers. Because of that I just kept playing for a moment until a daycare worker came by and sniffed, “Uh-oh, someone made a boom boom!” she said in a sing-song voice. She looked at the two conspirators first, taking a turn and standing them up and pulling back their diapers. “Not you two…” she looked over at me, “It must be you, cutie?”

I didn’t say anything as she came and pulled my dress back and said, “Yep, we have a winner!” she picked me up and carried me to a changing table at the side of the room. I was mortified as I realized my poopy diaper was about to be opened in front of everyone in the room!

I lay still as she looked at me and scanned my face with some sort of wand. “Uh-oh, you’re not in the system…?”

I just smiled at her blankly.

“Okay, let’s get you changed into another diapee here anyway. What does your mommy have you in?” I just smiled at the rhetorical question, “Oh, we have an extra one of those right here…” she said and pulled out a matching diaper to the one I wore. “Let’s get you out of that icky thing, huh?” she cooed at me and tickled my belly for a second before pulling a pair of gloves on and opening up my diaper.

“Pee-eew,” she exaggerated, gagging for a moment but smiled. She was actually very kind to me as she changed me into a new diaper. The sensation of her using gloves on me was a lot different than the tactile warmth of Ivy’s hands, but she was gentle as she changed me. “There you go, all clean and dry, huh?” she told me.

I smiled and she gave me a hug before setting me back down on the ground. I was about to go rejoin the doll area when Ivy appeared at the wall and I ran over to her. The lady from earlier reached over and passed me to her saying, “See Mommy, she’ll be just fine here, huh?”

I put my head into her chest in response and just hoped it really would be okay.

“I guess we’ll see you Tuesday,” Ivy told her. “Thanks for letting her sit in for a little bit.”

“Happy to help you out Doctor! That’s what we’re here for!”

Ivy carried me out of the daycare center and headed for her car, “Let’s go home and rest - you’ve had a long day,” she told me.

I nodded and yawned as she opened up her car door and placed me inside the car seat. “You really were okay in there?”

“I wasn’t there long…” I searched for words and lied, “I guess it seemed okay. I didn’t act like a little though. I talked and behaved more like an actual toddler, so I think they probably thought I was one.”

“You’d get treated better that way,” she told me.

As she sat down in the driver’s seat I asked, “Mommy… what did you say about spankings?”

“I told them no Holly. I also told them no on the enemas. If they really ever feel you need punished more severely that will be my job, and I don’t think they’ll be needed, do you?”

I shook my head in terror, “No Mommy, I’m a good girl!”

“Good, now why don’t you close your eyes and take the nap you should have had several times today!”

I nodded and did just that.

Chapter 18:

for once without Ivy waking me. Stretching out inside my crib, I noted just how weird it was that I was more than small enough for a baby’s crib to be appropriate for my size. Even in my old height I would have been short enough to fit on the long mattress. I was pretty sure that it was a little longer than my old bed. ‘Well I knew I was coming to the land of giants…’ I admitted to myself.

I sighed as I noticed the soggy diaper under my footed pajamas, ‘Might as well accept that all potty-training skills are gone… probably forever…’

I found myself cuddling my stuffed sloth, who I had named Mindy. I played a little with her long arms going over my neck like she was hugging me. ‘We’re supposed to go meet the rest of her family today,’ I thought to myself while trying to motivate myself to call out for Ivy to free me from this cage.

Since Thursday at the hospital Ivy had mostly given me a lot more freedom than I would have expected. Days before she had decided I was officially nothing more than a baby… Since then I was able to be in my playhouse most of the time; reading or using my computer and tablet. She’d even sat down inside with me and watched The Wizard of Oz and all of the Harry Potter movies over the last few days. Of course, that was interspersed with being fed, changed, dressed, and treated as a living doll for much of the time too!

I did have to say through all of it Ivy had generally been kind to me. It was clear that she really had fallen in love with me… and I was leaning more positively towards her with my own feelings much of the time. I was still bitter at the gender change, the forced incontinence, and more so, not being able to practice medicine! I had to admit that at least I had nothing to worry about with finding a job or having a roof over my head anymore. I didn’t even have to clean or do laundry now… Dishes were a thing of the past too… I had realized that there was a little good to go with the bad.

“Mommy?” I called out after deciding the diaper was growing uncomfortable.

“Decided to finally wake up?” she asked me a moment later when she walked in. I was still holding onto the sloth and had the pacifier in my mouth as she suddenly had her phone out and snapped a quick picture.

“Don’t do that,” I said letting the pacifier drop from my mouth.

“But you look so adorable!” She told me and showed me the picture.

I blushed, “Not fair…”

She picked me up and tickled my side, “You’re right, it’s not fair that anyone can be sooooo cute!!!”

I giggled as she sat me on the table. I finally looked at my watch and was shocked to see how late it was. “You let me sleep in!” I said happily.

“Well if I knew how much better you do with mornings; I’d do it more often. Of course, right now it’s almost afternoon, so I’m more concerned about getting you to sleep tonight!” she said as she unzipped and pulled the sleeper off me.

I stuck my tongue out at her as she pushed me onto my back and pulled the belt across my chest. She responded by bending over and blowing a raspberry on my belly and then tickling me mercilessly. “Stop!!!” I cried as I knew I was peeing more and more into the diaper.

Enough that she said, “Uh-oh, you’re leaking!”

“Your fault,” I told her.

She just tickled me again before starting to change me. It still embarrassed me every time she opened up a wet or messy diaper, but it was beginning to be a routine that I accepted and dealt with. Her hands moved swiftly and surely as she opened the diaper up, wiped me down, balled up the old diaper and replaced it with the new one. Today she began singing the ‘leopard song’ as I had come to think of it. I couldn’t help but giggle as she poked me lightly, and then it felt kind of good as she ran her fingers down my belly. Before long I was dressed in a clean diaper and a frilly sunsuit dress. Ivy really liked dressing me in these things that were part onesie, part dress. The bodysuit helped hold up my wet diapers, while the ‘dress’ that was attached really did nothing to hide the diaper or the bottom of the onesie. I’d asked about it once and been told ‘the design let a baby crawl without having the skirt of the dress get caught up in her legs…’ Given the fact I didn’t crawl all over the place I wondered about that being an appropriate style for me, but just let her dress me in the lacy green garment without protest.

‘I think she’s done ‘regressing’ me…’ I thought hopefully.

“Let’s get some breakfast into your belly, and then we’ll get going to my parents so you can meet the rest of my family.”

I groaned a bit but found myself again at the mercy of tickling fingers as she carried me to the living room. She made oatmeal for me and for the first time I realized the milk she was using to make it, “You use breast milk in my oatmeal?” I asked as she sat a bowl down in front of me.

She smiled, “it worked to get it into you early.”

I groaned but let her stuff a spoonful in my mouth, and then another. We had gotten pretty good at coordinating these feedings so that only a little ended up outside of my mouth, and I was convinced that was usually intentional! When I had finished the bowl, she washed it out before coming back for me and carrying me over to a rocking chair that had appeared in the living room yesterday. She exposed her breast to me and I was again on autopilot sucking away. The rocking, milk, and a full belly had me feeling kind of sleepy, but again today for some reason I didn’t instantly fall asleep.

“Why aren’t you instantly nodding off anymore?” Ivy asked me.

I shrugged, “I don’t know. I mean I could sleep, but I don’t feel like I have to sleep.”

“Maybe your body adjusted for it? That’s not really normal…”

“Your milk is supposed to make us go to sleep?”

“Pretty much…” Ivy told me.

I shrugged, “Sorry, I like being not normal?”

She tickled my side for a second, “I’ll say!” She sat me down in the baby swing a moment later, “Why don’t you swing for a few minutes while I get everything together for us to leave.”

I sighed, “You’re trying to make me go to sleep…”

“Maybe?” she smiled, “Call it an experiment.” She placed a pacifier in my mouth then and set the swing in motion. It was a very soothing position mostly laying on my back. Combined with the motion and milk I did drift off to sleep again before long.

IVY LOOKED IN on Holly and was glad to see her eyes closed and her small chest moving up and down slowly as she slept. ‘It’s weird that the milk is not just knocking her out like it was…’ she shrugged a bit knowing that littles, like babies, often had weird things happen. If it continued another week, she might run some blood tests to see if they could figure out what was going on.

Needing to get going to her parents’ house, she made sure Holly’s diaper bag had extra diapers, a couple of bottles, a sippy cup, and a couple sets of clothes. She put Holly’s tablet inside too, just in case she needed something to occupy her. That was a last resort to her though, since she really wanted her to socialize with her family a little.

‘I have no idea how she’s going to take meeting Desmond and Julie…’

Katie had picked up Julie as her first little about six months after Ivy had graduated from med school. Katie was only a week out of high school herself when the little girl, Julie, had mistakenly wet her pants right in front of her. Katie felt like she had no choice but to help out the poor little who clearly couldn’t take care of herself. An epic amount of fighting ensued to get the little girl to behave, including several escape attempts, before Katie had finally begged Ivy to do the surgery to make her unable to walk.

Ivy refused at all cost to do so though, and then they hadn’t spoken for two years over it! During that time Katie found someone else to do the surgery and had adopted Desmond too. She just called him little ‘Desi’ and made sure he had the same surgery done so that she didn’t have to worry about anyone running away from her. Her life had revolved around the care of the two littles for a few years before meeting Devin, who was far less interested in them. He definitely favored their real daughter Kelly, who was just four, but already taller than both littles even if they could still stand up! Kelly would stand about a foot and a half taller than Holly, and she knew that she’d have to keep an eye out in case she decided to bully her.

She sighed; it was going to be interesting to see how everyone reacted. At least her sister had begun feeding both littles real food again in the past year. She’d stuck to breast milk for several years, and then pureed food and breast milk with them for over a decade. Recently though she got lazy on dealing with pureed food. She figured out it was cheaper and easier to feed them real food, and only cook one meal for the family. Julie and Desi underwent a surgery in which both of them had six teeth re-implanted on each jaw now so that they could eat solid foods again. Of course, there had been the threat that if either ever bit Katie they would definitely go away again…

Katie had tried to get Ivy to adopt her own little since before she had even graduated with her undergrad degree, but it just hadn’t felt right. She’d thought she’d find a husband and then adopt… but after many failed relationships had given up hope on that front too. ‘At least Katie should be happy I finally did it…’ she thought.

‘You know the real question is going to be how Holly will react to Janice…’

when Ivy was unbuckling my harness. “I guess we’re here?” I asked, taking my pacifier out of my mouth and leaving it in the car seat.

Her fingers pressed in on the diaper I was wearing as she picked me up and placed me on her side. “Yes, we are! And as soon as I introduce you to everyone, we’ll get that wet diapee changed.”

I groaned, but accepted that it would happen without input from me. ‘Most likely in the most public place of the house where everyone can stare at my naked body…’

Ivy had told me a little bit about her extended family, but acted cagey about some of them. I knew her baby sister had two littles and a real child. I also knew that she ran a daycare center that I was not going to be in… Given the fact I assumed a family discount would have been offered, I felt there was evidently something not right there.

Ivy’s brother wasn’t much younger than her, but he was the one I knew the least about. I knew he was married, but curiously nothing else was ever said about his wife, kids, or littles. I knew that something was up with him though because of the comments her parents had made at dinner the other night.

‘Time to find out…’ I thought as she opened the front door of a large two-story brick house.

“Ivy!” a red headed Amazon, a little shorter than Ivy squealed as she came quickly towards us and hugged us both.

“So, this is little Holly?” she said looking at me like a tiger and its prey, “She’s adorable!!!” She tickled my side, “I’m your Auntie Katie!”

“Hi,” I said quietly and clung to Ivy tighter.

“You look great Ivy!” She said, “See I told you that adopting would be good for you!” She looked towards another end of the room. “Kelly, come meet your new baby cousin!”

A rather chunky young girl looked up at us. I guessed she was about four from her face. Without a frame of reference she seemed pretty tall to me for a kid that age. She toddled, a bit like a preschooler, over from where she had been standing over two other littles crawling on the floor playing with some dolls. “Kelly, this is your baby cousin Holly,” she told her after picking her up and putting the much bigger preschooler on her hip like Ivy had me.

“New baby!!!” she clapped her hands together happily.

‘Why do I feel like she thinks she just got a new dolly?’ I wondered to myself. As she reached for me, I felt Ivy squeeze me reassuringly.

“Yes, but she’s Auntie Ivy’s baby,” Ivy told her. “Be nice to her please,” she told her.

“Yes, Auntie Ivy,” she told her. “Can I change her diapee? Mommy lets me change Juwie! I’m big girl, I’m this many now!” she held four fingers out in her hand.

“Sorry Kelly, I promised her I’d be a good mommy and be the only one to change her. You can watch though?”

I blushed and thought, ‘What the hell!?!’ but thought better of saying it aloud. Instead I glared at her and she seemed to get the message with a shake of her head. ‘What’s that mean?’ I fumed.

She carried me further in the house and I was greeted with her dad who said, “Hi girls,” and gave us both a quick hug and a kiss on our foreheads. The kiss was strange to me, but I knew it was normal in some families with little girls. With him was a tall brown-haired amazon that he introduced, “Holly this is your Uncle Jonah.”

I looked at him some more and noticed that he looked tall even compared to Ivy’s dad. He caught me staring, “Wondering how tall I am?”

I blushed, “Not going to lie… yes?”

“Not quite twelve feet,” he told me, “I’m considered tall even for here.”

He looked incredibly strong and like he’d been in the military. “Police officer?” I asked hesitantly. Being a doctor meant I knew the type.

“Mom said you were smart!” he said looking at me, “SWAT in particular,” he told me.

“I can see why…”

He laughed and looked over to a side of the room I hadn’t looked at yet. “Janie, sweetie, come meet your niece!”

I saw a woman… who wasn’t a little… I didn’t think she was at least? I guessed she was a betweener as I’d learned they were called. She easily stood well over two feet taller than I was based on where she came up to on Ivy. I’d guess that she was close to six-and-a-half feet tall, but she was still dressed in a juvenile dress that would not have looked out of place on a toddler. The bodice had thin horizontal blue and white stripes, while the skirt had vertical stripes. There was a nearly transparent organza overlay on top that featured big white and yellow daisy flowers embroidered on it. As she walked something crinkled, and I knew now what the conversation had been at dinner a few nights ago. ‘He babies a bigger adult?’ I wondered. ‘His wife?!?’

He picked her up like Ivy would me, and sat her on his hip easily. “Say hi Janie,” he told her like a toddler.

She blushed but said, “Hi Holly, welcome to the family.”

As she moved a bit her dress flew up and confirmed that there was a wet diaper underneath it. Her face turned red, but she didn’t say anything. “Umm… Hi Aunt Janie?” I responded.

Ivy squeezed me to indicate I was right. “I need to c-h-a-n-g-e Holly right now; you want me to take care of Janie too?” Ivy asked her brother while nodding towards where Kelly was staring upwards at us.

‘Hope she can’t spell yet…’ I thought to myself.

“Sure, I left her bag in the nursery. Kelly, want to help me pick out some toys for Janie and Holly to play with?” he asked as he put Janie down and her hand in Ivy’s hand.

“Sure!!!” she said excitedly.

Ivy carried me and led Janie upstairs to the nursery where she closed the door behind her and quickly let go of Janie’s hand. She reached onto a shelf and I watched her turn a knob on what must have been a baby monitor. “I can’t believe he’s still doing this,” Ivy said as she sat me on the changing table and looked at Janie.

She blushed, “At least I can still work as an adult.”

“But you’re his wife, not a little…” she sighed as my dress was pushed up to expose the wet diaper.

“No, but compared to him I might as well be,” she sighed.

“What’s going on?” I asked, feeling a bit emboldened by some open candor.

“My idiot brother likes having a part-time baby for his wife. She goes to work, but other than those few hours, gets babied just like you.”

“You have a problem with that for her, but not with me?” I asked annoyed. “Isn’t it the same thing?”

Ivy visibly bit her lip and shook her head, “It’s not… it would be like diapering your six-year-old first grader…”

“And me as a full-grown adult is different how?”

“You’re the size of an infant,” she reminded me, “Size wise you should be in diapers still. She should be potty trained… she’s big enough she can safely use an adult potty.” She paused, “Plus they’re supposed to be married!

“You’re right, it is the same thing,” Janice said softly. “But neither of us have much choice Holly.”

I looked at Ivy and hoped she wouldn’t punish Janice while my butt was pulled up from the wet diaper. She scowled but gently wiped my bottom with the wipe. It didn’t take her long before a new diaper was taped around my body and I was sat on the ground.

“Changing table or floor?” Ivy asked Janice.

“I don’t care,” she told her.

Ivy took that to mean the changing table and I realized just why Janice had her problems. Yes, she should have been too big for diapers, but other than her feet hanging off the changing table, it handled her just as well as it did me. “What do you do for changes at work?” she asked her with her feet in the air.

“Jonah comes and changes me twice during the day,” she told her.

“What if he’s busy responding to something?”

“I stay in the diaper… Sometimes my boss will offer to change me if I’m really stinky, but I’m afraid he would think I was changing myself… so I usually say no.”

I gasped, “That’s worse than terrible…” Janie squeaked and I heard a bit of a sob.

Ivy looked down on me, “No more comments little girl. If you have anything else you think, store it in your head and keep it there until we get home.” She went back to putting the new diaper on Janice and gave her a hug when she was done, “We’ll get him to realize you make a better big girl than a baby at some point I promise!”

“Thanks Ivy…” she said as she was placed on the ground. Janice held her hand out to me, “This is the first time you’ve been around littles, right?”

I nodded nervously, “except daycare the other day for a few minutes…”

“I’ll stay with you the entire time… but let’s go play with your cousins so I can make my da… husband happy.”

“Do I have to?” I said looking up at Ivy. “You said you would stay with me…”

“I’ll be right there in the room Holly - I promise I won’t leave you alone.”

I nodded and let the taller woman lead me by the hand out of the room. Janice was more than two feet taller than me, so I still had to reach up to hold her hand, but it was less than with Ivy. I felt more like I was a kid with a normal size parent than the baby with a giant. I was led back to the living room where two littles were sitting on their butts with their legs spread open, the soles of their feet together, a pose I’d seen many babies and kids do over the years. Drool ran out of the side of the girl’s mouth, while the boy had snot running down his lip.

I shuddered then as something else seemed off in their eyes. They both smiled at us as we walked to them. “Desi, Julie, meet Holly, your new cousin,” she said.

They waved, but something in their faces continued to seem vacant. Julie stuck the doll she held into her mouth then and sucked on the foot.

“No Julie,” she heard Katie come over and say, “we don’t suck on our toys, remember?” she asked as she pulled the toy from her mouth and replaced it with a pacifier. “Play nicely you all,” she warned us and stepped back out. “She’s probably getting hungry,” she told Ivy as she sat down next to her on the couch.

Before I could eavesdrop more, Kelly the giant preschooler appeared. As she walked towards us, I noted that she was a hair taller, and much heavier, than Janice. ‘No wonder she’s vulnerable to this…’ I thought to myself.

“Pway!” she said, pushing a baby doll in my arms.

I looked up at her nervously and said, “Umm… Thank you Kelly.”

“I not Kelly, I Auntie Kelly.”

“No, you’re my cousin,” I told her. “We don’t call cousins Aunties,” I told her.

“It’s okay Auntie Kelly,” Janice said nervously. “She’ll call you Auntie,” she told me with a warning look.

“Why?” I asked.

“Just go along with it,” she hissed at me.

“No, I won’t,” I told the petulant preschooler.

Nothing prepared me for how quickly the girl moved and pulled my fake dress up!

I stood in shock for a moment too long before her hand struck the back of my diaper far harder than I would have imagined a four-year-old was capable of! “Bad baby!!!” she yelled, preparing to strike me again before a hand stopped her.

“Katie, you don’t hit your cousin,” Ivy told her as I turned and backed away from them.

“She’s a bad baby though!” she complained to Ivy.


“She won’t call me Auntie Katie.”

“That’s because you’re not her auntie, you’re her cousin.”

“But she’s a little, she’s just a baby - she can’t be a cousin.”

Ivy sighed and made a quick grab of her and said, “That isn’t the way this works sweet pea. I think you probably shouldn’t play with them right now. Why don’t you go see if Grandma needs help?”

I watched her carry her away and rubbed my butt through my diaper for a moment. “Ouch…” I told Janice.

“I tried to warn you,” she told me. “Sit down and color with me here,” she said handing me a coloring book and nodding at some crayons.

“What about them?” I asked looking over where the two littles were sitting.

“They don’t know anything but whatever is in their own world of a mind now,” she told me quietly as she lay on her stomach and colored next to me. I matched her position on the floor and made sure I could see the room beyond us.

“What do you mean?”

“Katie broke them a long time ago,” she said. “I’m not sure where she sent them… at least I think she sent them somewhere, she may have broken them herself in her own daycare.”

I shuddered with that word.

“What do you mean?”

“Brainwashed, hypnotized, tortured?” She said as suggestions, “I don’t really know as I only met my da… husband two years ago.” She paused and I could tell that she bit back some other comment. “Anyway… they can only crawl and drool at this point. About the only way they’ve grown up in the decade since they’ve been adopted is Katie letting them have about half their teeth be implanted back into their mouths so she didn’t have to keep buying baby food anymore.”

I felt the color of my face fade more. “Why…?”

“Because… she’s a big, and they’re her littles,” she shrugged. “Just like I can be treated like this too…” she sniffled a bit then. “Is it really so different in your dimension?”

mom check the lasagna in the oven again and watched as Kelly played with a couple stuffed animals and a tea set in a corner of the room. She hated to see the girl separated from the other kids, but she’d suspected something like what happened was inevitable from the moment she wanted to change Holly.

Big mothers developed their nurturing needs at different ages, but it was pretty common for preschoolers to get their first hint of that. Clearly since Katie had been allowing and encouraging Kelly to help change her littles, she had reached that status earlier than most. ‘She’s probably one of the biggest bullies towards littles at the daycare I’d bet too…’

“So, you’re nursing Holly and babying her completely now, right?” Katie asked her.

She nodded, “Mostly at least.”


“I’m not taking her ability to move or her brain away Katie.”

“Well, be warned, I thought about being nice back then; but Julie and Desi both bolted every time they thought they could.”

“Different situation,” she told her. “Besides, Holly and I have a pretty good relationship at this point.”

“I hope so!” she told her. “At least you can just do the procedures yourself if you need to,” she added.

“We won’t be doing those procedures,” she told her. “I’m also not brainwashing her like you have done either.”

“Why not? They’re so much nicer when they just behave?”

“I like her personality, I don’t want it to change,” she told her.

“So, you going to let Janice babysit for you?”

“Well if she wasn’t being babied I probably would actually,” she told her.

“She’s too immature though! I’m glad that Jonah’s finally listening to me there.”

“He’s doing that because of you?”

“She needs it. You know when they got married, she still couldn’t make it through the night without peeing the bed? It wasn’t an every-night thing, but I got Jonah a star chart and helped him prove to her that she just wasn’t ready for big girl pants.”

“Nighttime isn’t daytime…” Ivy found herself saying.

“No, it isn’t, but her daytime accidents were happening too. Probably having some supplemental milk didn’t help that initially, but she didn’t seem to mind when I gave it to her.”

“You nursed her?” Ivy asked, surprised.

She shook her head, “No, but I have a whole freezer full of the good stuff at home. I got Jonah to start giving it to her at night in a babba. I also give it to her at lunch on weekends when they come over.”

Ivy was feeling torn between outrage and guilt. It was essentially the same thing she’d done to Holly after all, but Janice really was an adult! Wasn’t she? She went with Katie to get them for lunch and couldn’t help but note she looked more like Holly and the littles than she did an adult. As she colored on the ground her dress had pulled back, and she could clearly see the diaper she had changed her into was already wet. It didn’t help her think of her as a big girl anymore.

‘Maybe it is okay…’ she thought as Jonah scooped up his little girl and hugged her. It was getting harder for her to think of her as her sister-in-law right then.

talked and colored for a long while before Ivy came back with Katie and we were all gathered up. I learned a lot in that talk and hated it when it ended. “Time for lunch!” Ivy said as she picked me up. “Ooh, that’s pretty. We’ll have to take it back and put it on the fridge at home!”

I looked at her and rolled my eyes like she was nuts but didn’t say anything. Unlike the previous times I had been stuck coloring I didn’t pretend to be an idiot and stayed within the lines!

A brand new high chair awaited me at a long table. Apparently, all of the ‘grandchildren’ got their own high chairs to use at Grandma’s house. Mine was pink and purple, but somehow seemed slightly less girly than the one that Julie was sat in. Hers had extra frilly lace on the seat cover and a tiara design cut into the back of the chair that rose above Julie’s short height. Desi was placed into one that was more of neutral pastel tones.

‘What the hell?!?’ I thought as I watched Katie not only strap them in with the normal harnesses, but also strapped down their arms, legs, and put a strap around the top of their head. To my horror they were completely bound there, but it must have been normal because they didn’t fight it or seem to think anything unusual about it.

Thankfully for me Ivy just did the normal five-point harness to hold me in, but I couldn’t help but note that those other straps were present on my high chair too. She must have seen the fear in my eyes since she whispered, “I promise I’ll never use those on you.”

I just nodded and looked where her brother was strapping Janice into a booster seat. She had a bib on and a bottle of milk sitting in front of her on the table. I watched her make a face at it before nursing it rapidly empty. ‘Shit… I bet it’s breastmilk… I wonder if she knows?’ It would explain what she had told me about her story.

Kelly was already in her own booster seat with her own sippy cup and bib too. She glared at me from across the table, apparently still angry about not calling her ‘auntie.’ ‘Damn…’ I thought to myself. ‘Janice was pretty specific that the girl holds grudges…’

I sighed in relief as a normal meal of lasagna was put in front of Ivy and she began alternating between us with bites. “This is really good Grandma,” I told her while I was waiting for a bite.

Janice looked nervous, and even a look of concern came to Julie’s face.

“Thank you, sweetie,” she told me kindly from where she sat. “I appreciate your politeness.”

The others relaxed a bit then and I wondered if it was forbidden to speak at the dinner table. The other adults talked the whole time, but not once had even Janice said anything.

“Ivy you really should just bring Holly to my daycare!” Katie told Ivy.

“I want to keep her close to me though,” she told her.

“But I would do it for free for you?”

“The hospital is free for me too, Katie,” she told her. “You’re on the other side of town from the hospital. I couldn’t run down and nurse her at free moments if she was at your place.”

“I could always nurse her myself, or one of my workers could?”

Ivy laughed, “But I want to do it myself. I love when she’s latched on and nursing. It’s not the same thing as giving her a bottle, or a stranger nursing her.”

“I’m not a stranger,” Katie huffed.

“No, but you also have your own three babies to look after?”

“Kelly is almost weaned now,” she said.

I looked over at Kelly and realized that meant she still nursed at age four. I looked down at myself though, and knew that this society probably didn’t care about letting a boob out to any child if they needed it.


“I think the only reason she still wants to nurse is she’s still jealous of Julie.” She smiled at her normal daughter, “but that’s okay, we agreed as long as she wears her nighttime diapees she can keep nursing.”

“She’s still wetting at night?” Jonah, Janice’s husband asked.

“Every night and nap still.”

“Might be the breast milk?” I couldn’t help myself speak the words.

I got the glare again from everyone at the table and felt Ivy’s hand on my back. I looked and saw a shake of her head. ‘What?!?’ I thought to myself.

“Holly, I know you’re new here, so I’ll give you a nice warning. Littles are to be seen and not heard at the table.” Ivy’s mom said in the most patronizing voice I could have imagined.

“That being said, she’s probably right sis,” Ivy told her.

“Well, if that means I diaper her for naps and nighttime until she’s a teen that’s fine with me,” she told her with a wink.

I took the occasional bite from Ivy still, but I was getting full and she seemed to sense it. I was bored being unable to talk and just absorb what the ‘adults’ said. I caught little bits and pieces of things and noted that even Janice was not talking at the table.

“Mommy! Potty!” Kelly suddenly said and tried to undo the strap on her booster seat.

“Hold on baby, eat this last bite,” she told her, pointing to a piece of pasta on her plate.

“No!” she said in a fit, “Potty!”

I watched Katie take the piece and spear it on a fork, “Open up,” she told her, “then we’ll go to the potty.”

The girl opened, swallowed, then made a face and began to cry. I just figured she had wet her pants, but I could hear the fart and smell the poop suddenly as she shifted in her seat. “Kelly Elizabeth Curtis!” she scolded.

“Sowwy…” the poor girl wailed and I did feel bad for her.

“Well you’re going to be sorrier because I didn’t bring any spare clothes! You’re supposed to be a big girl!!!” I watched her slap her leg several times making the girl cry more.

“She can borrow one of Janie’s spare onesies? I only have diapers though,” her brother told her.

“You hear that Kelly?!? You can wear a diapee and a onesie like baby Julie now. I’m going to feed your sister and brother the rest of their food first though,” she told her. I watched as she turned from her and began shoveling in a few more bites into each of the littles faces. They were mostly out of it still from what I could tell, but Julie’s eyes said something else. She seemed worried for some reason and I wondered what could be made worse for her… She wasn’t the preschooler in the bad situation?

Ivy seemed to think things were going to go downhill too as she said, “I’m going to go finish feeding Holly in the living room.”

“Sweetie just feed her here, no reason to run away somewhere for her to eat. It’s the natural thing to do…” Her mom told her.

I turned to her and looked at her blushing face, “I’m just a little shy still Mom,” she told her.

“Well you better get over that now that you’re a mother. Just nurse her here, it’s not like any of us haven’t seen your boobies before.”

I wondered a bit at that as she blushed some more, but pulled me free of the high chair. Her hand pressed into the padding of my diaper and I realized I had wet it several times since I’d been changed. She gave me a hug before pulling her blouse and nursing bra out of the way to let me nurse. As she placed me up there her brother said, “I wish I could give Janie that bonding time.”

“She could come to my daycare,” I heard Katie say. “If you’ve decided she’s so immature at this point anyway there’s no reason she couldn’t. We’d take her for free since you’re my brother…”

‘Poor Janie,’ I thought as I nursed.

at Holly and was relieved that she was nursing her second breast with her eyes closed. The rhythmic suckling continued at a slower rate and she knew that the milk was again doing what it should have been doing the last few days. She wasn’t quite sure what was different with her not going instantly to sleep those times. Katie had finally taken Kelly and cleaned her up. She made a big production of putting her ‘baby girl’ into one of Janie’s diapers. A spare onesie from the same diaper bag fit her a little snug, but no one would think anything of it. Even as she sat down at the table and opened her shirt up to begin nursing Kelly she couldn’t see anything that far out of the norms. Their mother was feeding a bottle to Desi, and Katie’s Husband Devin was actually feeding Julie a bottle too.

It was surprising because her sister bitched all the time about the fact that he didn’t help change diapers or do anything! He had once confided in Ivy that he hated doing it to the littles, and if it wasn’t for his fear of what she would do to them if he was gone, he might have divorced her. To say the least the family was not one with a healthy relationship! It of course showed in her treatment of her littles, Kelly’s behavior, and Kelly continuing to have her own issues with potty training. She could see from her chair that the fresh diaper Kelly had been put into was already swelling with pee.

Of course, Janie’s diaper was filling with another mess as she nursed from the bottle that Jonah held for her. With his larger size versus her smaller size it didn’t look so wrong. Honestly, she looked like she was a lot smaller in his arms than Kelly was in her mom’s.

All of her siblings and her parents looked contentedly on the babies they fed. This had been the look for years, but Ivy and Jonah had used to look on, or occasionally taken one of the spare babies for themselves. She could tell that Jonah was much happier with Janice like she was, and wondered how long it would be before he stopped letting her work. ‘I bet she’s with Katie at daycare before the year is over…’

She pulled the now sleeping Holly away from her breast and lightly burped her. She placed a pacifier in her mouth and was rewarded when Holly resumed her suckling on it. She then began sorting herself back out. Holly had grunted and pooped a little while she nursed so she carried her back to the nursery and changed her gently. Jonah was changing Janice on the floor of the living room when she got back, also fully asleep. She gathered a few things her mom wanted her to take with her before hugging both parents gently with the sleeping Holly in her arms.

“Do you have to go so soon?”

“I’ve got some things I need to get done at home today and tomorrow. Tuesday I’m going in to do a procedure, so I want to make sure I have everything ready for Holly to be at daycare.”

“You really should take Katie up on her offer!” Her mom said insistently.

“I want to be able to go downstairs and nurse her. Yes, she could be like Janie drinking from her baba, but I prefer her to get the good stuff fresh from Mommy.”

Her mom sighed, “I guess…”

“My little, Mom,” she smiled at her. “I don’t know that we’ll be back next weekend, but I’ll let you know.”

“Okay, love you both,” she said as she hugged her and kissed Holly on the forehead.

She carried the sleeping little girl out to the car and carefully buckled her into the car seat.

“Gotta get you out of there before you get yourself into trouble little girl,” she whispered as she closed the passenger door. ‘I hope she shows more common sense at daycare Tuesday…’

Chapter 19:

and yawned as I felt my body being picked up by Ivy. “What time is it?” I asked as she placed me on the changing table to begin what was starting to feel routine.

“It’s six in the morning,” she told me. “I have to get you ready and checked into daycare before checking in myself to scrub in.”

I nodded but winced when she used a cold wipe on my groin. “Brrr…” I complained

She laughed, “Okay Princess, I’ll get you a wipe warmer later so you can stop complaining about the cold wipees.”

I smiled at that, “That would probably be really nice…”

She smiled back at me as she taped the diaper closed, “So what are we wearing today to daycare?”

I looked at her and realized she was being serious. Thinking back to my research from yesterday I suggested, “Can I wear that dress with those bloomers?”

She looked at the cute yellow dress I was pointing at that came with matching yellow bloomers she had clipped to it. “Sure, that will be cute!”

I nodded, ‘hopefully it’ll work too…’

After we got home Ivy and I had spent a couple hours just talking. That led me to understand I nearly got myself in deep trouble multiple times on Sunday! Yesterday I went into my playhouse with my tablet and researched everything I could find on how to fit in with regressed littles. I had actually found a handy guide that seemed to imply that as an adopted little I should avoid going to daycare at all costs! Unfortunately, there was no avoiding it in this case! I guessed I was safer at the hospital than with Katie at least… I figured at Katie’s daycare that Kelly would have been able to do whatever she wanted with me. I would have been calling her Aunty as she beat me up or something.

Having dealt with her Sunday, I was almost nervous enough to change my mind and tell Ivy to leave me with the crawlers instead of the toddlers. ‘Hopefully they’re not as bad as Kelly…’

I spent hours online trying to learn how to blend in with the other littles and babies. The last thing I wanted to do was get tortured day after day by some big toddler with a chip on their shoulder! I read about hundreds of horror stories yesterday – and I nearly cried as too many of them could have been about Julie and Desmond – or Janice. I researched her situation for a while too. It seemed that it would be perfectly legal for them to continue to act like they were, or Jonah could easily file a simple form and change the marriage to an adoption. Divorce wouldn’t even be an option at this point for her because he’d already started to show evidence of her having ‘maturosis,’ and needing him to be her guardian for her own good. Jonah would then be free to find a new wife if he wanted to, and she could become her new mommy. It seemed that happened sixty percent of the time once a betweener started being treated like that by their spouse.

Occasionally the big and regressed tweener would go ahead and have kids, and the big would let the mid grow up in order to care for the baby. Other times they were ‘re-raised’ alongside their own babies… It seemed truly messed up on so many levels to me. I’d been cursing my decision to come to this dimension almost non-stop yesterday with each sickening account I had read.

A spoonful of oatmeal in my face brought me back to the present. I opened my mouth and swallowed, repeating the step over and over. When I was done with the oatmeal, she gave me a piece of bacon to munch on while she ate her own breakfast.

“Done with that?” She asked me when I had made the bacon disappear.

I nodded, knowing what was next. Sure enough, I was removed from the high chair and placed at her boob while she continued eating. I was still tired, so the effects of her milk were nearly instantaneous that morning.

at Holly and sighed. ‘I wish I could just go back to sleep like her!’ She managed to coerce her to keep sucking long enough to finish her other breast before cleaning them both up. She placed Holly down for a moment in her swing while she did the few dishes. ‘Nothing worse than caked on oatmeal,’ she thought to herself as she washed out Holly’s bowl before it set.

She went to her room and donned the scrubs she wore on surgery days. ‘It feels nice to be back in them after the last few weeks,’ she thought to herself. ‘I wonder if I can find some in Holly’s size?’ she thought. ‘Normally we just keep patients her size in onesies or gowns…’

She shrugged and gathered up the extra pump she was taking to her office in case she wasn’t able to pick up Holly and have her nurse. She filled Holly’s diaper bag with three thawed bottles of breast milk, as well as a few frozen bags to leave for her just in case they were needed. ‘We already agreed it would be better if she just has my milk to eat there… I’d better remind her of that before we leave. Hopefully I’m done by one or so with everything.’

Holly had been right on the money with her diagnosis, which meant this surgery was actually really unusual for the hospital. They did a lot of replacement heart valves, which was a simple surgery with the nanites to bypass the heart to an external machine. They then reconstructed the tissue of the valve, before reattaching the heart to the patients circulatory system. This particular issue though was a one in ten-million case in their world. She’d have to ask just how common it was back in her dimension that she picked up on it so quickly. ‘Of course, it may be rare there too… She’s so damn smart!’

Ivy triple checked that there were about three days of diapers in the diaper bag, two spare sets of clothes, several pacifiers, wipees, bottles, and a bib… ‘That should be way more than what she needs…’

Nervously she shouldered her briefcase and the diaper bag before gathering her sleeping bundle of joy. A quick sniff said she needed changed, but a look at the time meant she had to get moving. ‘I’ll change her in the car before we go in…’

Buckling her into her car seat she was happy the little girl stayed sleeping. ‘Less time for her to be stressed…’

with my legs lifted in the air and was startled to see I wasn’t at home. “Where are we?” I asked Ivy.

“In the parking lot of the hospital.”

“The parking lot?!?” I blushed.

“Sweetie you needed changed. I figured you would prefer if I changed you one last time before taking you in?”

I winced but nodded. Blushing as a doctor walked by and said ‘Good morning Ivy!’ to her while her hand pulled away a brown wipe from my bottom.

She was quick and efficient in changing my apparently poopy diaper. ‘I hate having no control anymore…’ I grumbled to myself.

When she was done, she balled up the diaper and put it in a plastic bag to the side. I was redressed and she handed me the bag, “Here help Mommy, hold this,” she said.

I made a face, “eew…”

“It’s your own mess.”

“Your boobs are the reason for the mess…” I told her.

She actually had the nerve to giggle at that, “I guess you’re right there.”

I stuck my tongue out at her!

As she carried me inside, we passed by a trash can that I threw it into like a championship basketball player. “Nice shot,” she told me with a squeeze. As she walked, she whispered, “Now remember I’m leaving instructions that you’re only to drink my expressed milk for snacks or lunch.” I made a face at that and she responded, “Unless you want to risk mind-altering food?”

I shook my head, “No, your milk should be enough. When are you starting the procedure and how long does it take for you all?”

“She’s supposed to be under anesthesia and in the OR by nine. It’s not a real common procedure here… I’m guessing two hours.”

“Are you the lead?”

“Yes, but I’ll hand off the post care after I make sure she wakes up. I’m guessing it’ll be a few hours after lunch before I get back here. I might be able to sneak back for lunch if we’re just waiting for her to wake up.”

I nodded, “Good luck, she seemed like a sweet girl. I strived to stay objective with my patients like you’re supposed to most of the time, but kids like her were the ones that always tore at my heart the most.”

I received a squeeze in reward for that, “Me too.”

We arrived at the front of the brightly colored daycare check-in a moment later and the girl at the front said, “Can I help you?”

“Yes, I’m Doctor Nickerson, and this is Holly, I came by and filled out the paperwork last week to enroll her?”

We watched as the receptionist interacted with a touch screen and soon another lit up on the counter next to us, “If you’ll just sign her in on this screen please?” She asked Ivy. “You said you want her in the toddler room, correct?”

“Yes, unless she ends up needing to be placed into the crawler room because of problems with other kids.”

‘Other kids?’ I grumbled to myself.

“I’m sure she’ll be fine. I know mothers are worried about their littles getting bullied, but here we’re really good about keeping that from happening.”

“I hope you’re right,” Ivy said to her, still hanging onto me.

“If you’ll just pass her over to me, I’ll get her where she’s supposed to go,” the girl told her.

She squeezed me tight and kissed me on the forehead, “Be a good girl Holly,” she told me.

I rolled my eyes, “Yes Mommy,” I told her.

A second later a part of me wanted to cling to her and not be given to the woman. I could see a part of her wanted to not hand me over too. ‘Apparently being together and mostly alone with someone for a while messes with your head…’ I thought to myself. ‘Of course, nursing from her probably has too…’

I let myself be carried from the room and was soon deposited in the toddler room that I had been in the week before. It was a really large room, probably as big as many daycares were on their own back home… A room with cribs opened up off to the side for naps, while the main room featured several changing tables lined up along one wall. Another door revealed a bathroom with short toilets for any genuine toddlers that might be toilet training to get ready for the preschool class. From what I’d read though, many of the preschoolers probably still used their diapers as well, so that wasn’t the pre-req to advance here. That was simply being the age of two from what I could tell - or in my case just being the height of a baby…

I sighed as I walked around. Several littles sat watching a TV on the other side of the room. From the warnings Ivy had given me, as well as the ones I’d seen online yesterday, I steered clear of that end of the room. ‘I already did some damage that day I watched that building show…’ I shuddered a bit not knowing what I had exposed myself to. I knew that my accidents, thumb sucking, and pacifier urges had begun really taking hold not long after that.

A wall of bookshelves ran along the outer area of the TV area with numerous baby books and picture books placed neatly away. One little had a book out, but instead of reading it they were chewing on the corner.

Another sigh… I knew if I wanted to have a smooth time here, I needed to pretend like I was actually the twenty-month old toddler I appeared to be. Last time they didn’t realize I was a little because of my acting. I didn’t know if I could do that all of the time though! ‘Plus, they probably actually have my information now,’ I grumbled. ‘If nothing else it sounds like ‘regressed’ littles get treated better…’ I stuck my thumb in my mouth to try and help with that image while I kept exploring.

In one corner I found a few actual toddlers playing with some simple block toys, and a mixture of real toddlers and littles looked to be playing house. The real toddlers had the littles on the ground and were lifting their legs into the air pretending to change their diapers. It was unbelievable to me that a ‘toddler’ could still be eighteen or so inches taller than me! I quickly decided that was another corner to avoid after my experience with Kelly this weekend. The final corner of possibilities featured a couple of littles coloring on their stomachs. Somehow this seemed safer than the other options so I walked over there.

“Cowor?” I tried to speak babyishly.

“Knock yourself out kid,” the boy said.

I looked at him curiously. He wore a fairly plain diaper and a blue shirt with characters on it. The diaper was already drooping from what I hoped was only pee, while the shirt had splatters of goo from missed spoons of what I assumed was baby food.

Knowing that most toddlers just do their own thing I took the offered crayons and coloring book and began coloring. I made sure that my masterpiece was as terrible as it should be expected, grabbing onto the crayon wrong as I did so.

“When are we making the move?” one of the girls asked him.

“You can’t talk about this with a new person here…” the boy hissed.

“Look at her, even if she’s not a real baby, her brain is as mushy as your diaper.”

The boy sighed, “They’ve had some complications. It’ll be a few weeks still.”

“Few weeks?” the girl whined, “I’m so sick of pissing and shitting myself…”

“And you don’t think I am?” He asked as I heard a loud fart, “If we move too soon that’ll be permanent and your brain will be like hers,” he said towards me.

“Watch out, she’s coming,” the other girl said.

“Are you all playing nicely with our new baby girl?”

“Yes Nanny,” the girl said. “She’s not very good at coloring though.”

“Well, babies take a while to learn, don’t they?”

She nodded and I kept coloring. I had wet my diaper at some point and I felt the woman pull down on the bloomers to expose my diaper. “Looks like you can wait a bit longer for a change honey, but let’s pull these bloomers off so that Nanny can see your diapee easier,” she told me. I was flipped on my back and she pulled them off. I was not happy about it, but I pretended I didn’t care all that much. She tickled me for a moment, “What a good little baby girl!”

I giggled.

“Now you on the other hand Seth, it’s time for your change. You stinky!”

“Stinky!” He giggled back at her.

I started at that and looked up as she carried him away for a second before concentrating on my ‘masterpiece’ some more.

“I don’t know how he does that so well?” one of the girls said to the other.

“Sabrina it’s because he took his training seriously. I’m still shocked that you haven’t ended up getting mindfucked for your behavior,” she hissed at her.

I pretended not to understand the conversation, but I couldn’t help but wonder what was going on with them. Something seemed very off with the three of them.

I watched the room around me as I colored and tried to get a feel for everything else going on. After a little while I heard a commotion over where the toddlers had been playing house with the littles. One of the toddlers was wailing and I could see a short muscle-bound man standing there with nothing but his diaper on. I guessed his age at about twenty-three as he squared off to the crying toddler, “I told you not to hit me!”

A daycare worker swiftly picked up the crying real baby while another easily picked up the man and put him over her knee. I watched as the diaper was ripped off his butt and he shouted, “What the hell? He was punching me! I didn’t do anything but push the brat away!” Just as the large hand began forcibly spanking the man.

I could hear the slaps loudly from where I was, and the red palm prints on the man’s naked butt were visible even from the other side of the room. Ten fell before the man began to cry out loud for them to stop. Another ten fell and he was sobbing uncontrollably… but they didn’t stop. I morbidly watched on and counted until the number was past one hundred and twenty. The large woman finally stopped the beating, and from my vantage point the poor man’s butt was bruising blue and purple colors already.

In my dimension I would have immediately reported any abuse like that to child protective services. ‘And this is a fucking hospital daycare?!?’ I thought to myself. ‘Mandatory reporters would do this?!?’

He was blubbering incoherently as she carried him to the changing table. I watched her secure his wrists above him, the normal chest belt went across, and he was quickly rediapered into a diaper so thick it could have been a pillow. “I guess you’re just not cut out to be a toddler, we’ll keep you in this newborn diaper today and talk with your mommy about the further treatments you’ll need before we’ll let you back in this daycare. I don’t think we’ll want you back even as a crawler now. So, if you come back, you’ll be toothless, drooling, and having a great time on your tummy when we put you on it for tummy time! That’s definitely what’s best for our wittle baby boy if your Mommy decides to bring you back.”

The man didn’t respond in words, but wails formed in his mouth again before a pacifier was shoved in his mouth and inflated. He was hauled away to another room then as muffled wails faded.

I was glad I had followed my gut and went to color… I forced myself to turn back to the page I was scribbling on and went back to it. ‘What the fucking hell?!?’

when she could clean up from the surgery a few hours later. She looked at her watch and saw she was a little early and could probably collect Holly for lunch, but wouldn’t be able to waste much time if she did. She debated about what to do when Macey came out of a nearby room.

“Just get done?” she asked her.

“Yes, the little girl should be fine,” Ivy told her. “I just need to go out and update her parents and then I figure I’ll get a bite to eat before she wakes up.”

“Mind company?”

“Sure…” she thought for a moment, “I’d thought about getting Holly to bring her to lunch.”

“First day for both of you, right?”

“Yes…” she said nervously.

“Then let me give you a piece of mommy-to-mommy advice. Let her eat her lunch down there today. They’ll be able to put her down for her nap, and then you can pick up a happy little girl who is excited to see you save her from daycare. If you go down now, then you’ll both just have to deal with the separation issues you just dealt with this morning all over again when you leave her again.”

‘That makes a lot of sense…’ Ivy thought to herself. She sighed, “You’re probably right.”

“Of course, I am, that’s why I’m your best friend!”

They talked for a few more moments before Ivy went to the waiting room and found the little girl’s parents.

“How is she?” they asked immediately.

“Jade is doing great,” she filled them in before heading back and finding a spare set of scrubs to change into. Lunch with Macey would probably do her some good.

growing bored with faking interest in coloring about the time that the daycare workers decided it was time for an organized activity. One of them took my ‘snack’ bottle I’d nursed empty from next to me, while the other led me to a large colored carpet in another section of the room. They gathered us all into a circle and began singing songs and telling some stories to us. Next we were forced to play a game of duck-duck-goose, and in spite of my annoyance, I actually had fun running around. Midway through the game the woman who had abused the poor man collected me in her arms saying, “My you have a wet diapee baby, better get you all dry, huh?”

I tried to not shake with fear at the idea of this abusive stranger changing me. She put me down on one of the changing tables and strapped me across the chest with the attached belt. I noted the other straps that I had seen her use on the fighting little and others that morning. Each of them had seemed to antagonize her and fought with her though. To my relief since I lay still, she just used the normal chest strap and pushed up the skirt of my dress. She blew a raspberry on my belly and tickled me for a moment to make me giggle. ‘Another person trying to avoid changing my diaper again too soon,’ I thought cynically, ‘I really am tired of them all using that against me!’ I could feel the diaper grow wetter though as she tickled me so I knew it worked.

Obviously, a pro, she made short work of the diaper change. It felt gentle, just like with Ivy for the most part, except her gloved hands felt foreign as she touched me. She wiped me and had me back playing with everyone else very quickly. When I was back in the game, she grabbed another of my classmates. About the time that everyone was getting tired of playing the game another woman came in and started calling names out.

Most of the room’s occupants except myself and another girl were soon lined up and grabbing onto a rope with large colored plastic rings on it. I watched as they left us there, wondering what was going on and why I was left. “Okay you two, let’s get you your extra special lunches and tucked into your cribs for your naps!

She was so happy and smiling as she said that. She seemed to consider us both for a second before going to a counter and bringing back two bottles labeled with my ‘Holly’ and ‘Kylie’ on them. She put them down on a table next to a rocking chair before saying, “Come here girls so we can get you fed.”

I watched Kylie toddle over to her and slowly followed behind her. She picked Kylie up and sat her on her lap with her head cuddled into her right armpit. “Come on baby girl, you can come up here too,” she told me.

I didn’t want to get in trouble, so I walked over and with her help climbed onto her lap. She pushed the nipple of my bottle into my lips and I began nursing from it. ‘I guess Ivy couldn’t make it…’ I was annoyed, but also knew that it was unreasonable to assume she would have definitely been able to come get me. The bottle tasted like Ivy’s milk, but it wasn’t quite the right temperature… and the nipple didn’t feel right in my mouth. Still I continued nursing since I knew it was the only lunch I was going to get. Midway through the bottle I began feeling sleepy and decided it wasn’t worth fighting it.

had a great conversation over a quick lunch before she headed back to the recovery unit. She had been checking over her patient’s vitals for a few minutes before she began to stir. Once she was sure that the little girl was awake and reunited with her parents, she signed out of the hospital and gathered her things up to head downstairs to the daycare.

“Hi, I’m here to pick up Holly Nickerson?”

“Hi Doctor Nickerson, can you just put your ID here really quick to scan it and I’ll take you back there? The system shows she’s still in her crib having her afternoon nap. She was put down about an hour ago after her bottle… You can wake her up yourself and I’m sure she’ll be so excited to see her mommy!”

Ivy smiled at her, and let her ID be scanned before being led back. Holly was indeed sleeping in a crib sucking on her pacifier, the ballooned shape of the diaper told her she needed changed. She leaned over and picked her up gently and asked, “Where’s her bag? I should change her before we leave.”

“Her cubbies right over here,” a woman said. Ivy was able to gently change Holly’s diaper without her stirring a bit.

“How was she today?”

“She was a little sweetheart! If I didn’t know she was a little, I wouldn’t have thought she was. She was a good little artist who colored most of the morning before we played some games.”

“What do the others play with?”

“Well there’s dolls and a play kitchen, and of course a TV to watch their favorite programs.”

“Regression shows?”

“Well… we do have parents that like them to watch a few?”

“Please make sure she doesn’t watch those?”

“Somehow I think she already thought that, but we’ll make a note on that.”

Ivy looked around and thought that her brilliant little girl being here day in and day out would probably get more bored than she would like to admit. “Is there any way she could use her tablet here?”

“We really discourage parents from leaving their littles attached to games on their tablets. They don’t interact with anyone else that way… Hurts their regression too,” she told her.

“She doesn’t play games, mostly reads?”

“You still want her to be able to read?” The lady asked in shock. “Most of our parents have intentionally removed that ability. The way she acts I assumed she had been fully regressed?”

“I’m not most parents, and she’s not most littles,” she told her. “Is it possible?”

“I’d need to talk to my boss. Realistically I’m thinking we’ll have to say no. It would probably cause some fights and drama with the other littles in the room. There are plenty of picture books in our library she can look at though?”

Ivy sighed and wondered what she needed to do there. “If you can at least ask for me? We won’t be back for a few weeks since I’ll be finishing up my maternity leave.”

“If you’re on maternity leave why’d you come in today?”

“VIP patient that I was coerced into overseeing her surgery. I have a couple of extra weeks of leave tacked onto my leave in exchange.”

“That’s good,” she said as she walked with Ivy out of the toddler’s room. She looked inside the infant’s room as she passed and saw a man bound with mittens, a locking pacifier, and physically tied down in a crib. He looked positively miserable!

A part of her suddenly felt even guiltier of leaving her little Holly with these people. ‘I know I said they couldn’t do those things to her… but what could happen?’

She silently carried Holly to the front, but squeezed her just a bit tighter as she walked out of the main door to the daycare. ‘We’ll just have to limit her time there as much as we can…’ she thought to herself unrealistically. She needed to work, and it was apparent from the previous incident that Holly wasn’t welcome elsewhere in the hospital. She gently strapped the girl into her car seat and was just about to close the door when she stirred.

at least tried to when I realized I wasn’t in the daycare I’d last remembered. I looked up and saw Ivy and relaxed, “I slept all the way out to the car?” I was a little surprised by the pacifier in my mouth, but she seemed to understand me still.

“Yep, you just had a bottle about an hour ago?” she said with a shrug, “You were probably just still out from that. Let’s go home and I’ll find you a snack since you only had a baba for lunch.”

I stared at her as she closed my door and took off, wondering if she knew the Hell that she left me in earlier. ‘Probably not…’ I thought to myself. There was a part of me that could see where the amazon’s blind spot came in with us. I was the size of a baby, so therefore I should be treated as a baby… That would mean taking me to daycare just like you would a baby since she couldn’t possibly safely leave me at home by myself. ‘I wonder if there’s anything else I can do there… just coloring every day for the rest of my life is going to suck…’

I sighed as I realized that I continued to nurse at the pacifier pretty much on autopilot. It wasn’t a long drive home, so she soon had me out of the car seat and standing on the floor of the kitchen. “Do you want something else for lunch?”

“Is it that early still?”

“They do lunch an hour earlier at the daycare than we usually eat, so you still have several hours until we normally eat dinner,” Ivy told me while bending down to my level.

I shrugged, “I don’t care… a sandwich or something would work.”

“Grilled cheese?” she asked.

“Okay,” I told her.

She turned to make it and I walked over to the coffee table where my tablet was sitting. I placed it up onto the couch before climbing up it like a mountain climber. Settled down on the couch I found another medical journal to read and made it through about half of the abstracts of that month’s issues when Ivy came for me.

“What are you reading?”

I told her about the journal I had found specializing in nanotechnology. It was one she was very familiar with and we had a very cerebral discussion about it then. ‘Almost makes up for the day of coloring…’ I thought to myself. I was full after about half of the sandwich since the bread was so large.

“I don’t think I can eat the rest of this,” I told Ivy.

She looked at me and nodded, “You had a bottle earlier too, so that probably has you still kind of full. Do you need to take a nap?”

I shook my head, “I just slept like an hour or two!”

“Want to go play outside?”

“Can I go to my playhouse?” I asked her.

“Sure, I’ll bring you a bottle of juice in a little bit too,” she told me.

I grimaced but followed her to the back door and tried to go into my playhouse, but it was locked. “Mommy, would you please let me in?” I asked.

“Tell you what, why don’t you try the play equipment…” she started to say and I felt my face fall.

“What’s wrong?”

I sighed, “You remember I really am an adult?”

“You’re not here though,” she told me.

“Please? Just let me do my own thing for a bit? This morning I had my fill of ‘pretending’ to be a baby. The worst was watching one of the women engage in what I would term child abuse if it was a child! Just because some poor guy just tried to defend himself from a bully toddler a foot taller than him! I can’t take anymore pretending right now!”

She looked at me and I could see the expression in her eyes debating a response. Having been around her long enough I could tell she was one step from just turning around and leaving me there, but after a grimace she nodded, “Okay…”

She used the keypad and unlocked my playhouse. I opened my small door and watched her gigantic form go to the house with her shoulders slightly slumped. ‘Why do I feel like I just kicked a puppy?’ I thought to myself annoyed. I decided I didn’t give a shit, and walked to the small coffee table where I had left my laptop plugged in and charging. I liked the tablet, but I knew without a doubt it was being monitored. My internet usage on her computer could have been monitored initially, but I had since taken some steps to use a network someone else had setup for littles to safely use.

‘I hope it is safe…’ I thought to myself.

I was doing research on seeing if there was any hope of escaping my contract with her, seeing if there was any other option to avoid daycare, checking their sites to see if I could do anything other than just look cute and shit my pants…

None of it was good news. Just the stupid chip that I knew was implanted in me took any options of just running away and getting to a portal out as an option. Apparently, a scanner at the entrance would start blaring a warning about me the second I stepped in. ‘I wonder how that one man got away?’ I had thought about it more and more and couldn’t help but figure he had to have been chipped at one point himself. ‘Someone like that may have just cut the damn thing out of his skin.’ I could probably do that myself, but I had no clothing that would make me look like a free little at this point. Everyone would see an unaccompanied baby because of my face, and I was certain to be stopped.

I sat there for a couple hours trying to find a way out of the now meaningless life I was trapped into when I heard the handle of the door begin to open. Three pre-programmed shortcut keys later there was no trace of my online adventures and it looked like I was just playing a game I had installed.

She closed the door behind her and sat down in front of me. I closed the lid politely as she asked, “Can we talk?”

I sighed, “About?”

“About the fact that… Well… I get it.”

“Get what?”

“I get that you’re not really a baby… even though I want you to be.”

I snorted, “So why keep up the charade? There’s got to be something else I can do other than be a pretend baby in daycare all day?”

“Was it really that bad?”

I sighed and put my computer beside me on the ground, “I pretended the first part of the day that I was a baby who couldn’t color inside the lines so everyone would think I was either a baby, or at least a fully regressed little, so they wouldn’t pick on me. Then I played ‘duck duck goose’ with a bunch of regressed littles and babies running around in a circle before having my diaper changed and naked body exposed to everyone else in the room. Finally, I was given a bottle of your breast milk and put down for a nap… does that sound like it was a very stimulating morning?”

I looked at her and was surprised to see some tears in her eyes, “No, it doesn’t.”

“Then to make it worse some poor guy had the ‘nerve’ to push away an amazon toddler who was grabbing at him and hurting him. What happens to him? He gets beaten to within an inch of his life by one of the daycare workers! This is in a hospital daycare where surely there would have to be some mandatory reporting laws?!?” I was just getting going. “So, what happens after the beating? He’s immobilized and taunted that he’s going to be kicked out unless his mommy brings him back as a newborn without teeth and being unable to move.”

“I’m sorry,” she said with tears in her eyes. “I…”

“So… why? Why torture me by keeping me like this?”

“I can’t undo your adoption,” she told me.

“Could you send me home?”

She shook her head, “Definitely not before the two-year period is up,” she told me.


“Contracts… you signed one, but so did I. If I try to send you back before the two years are up, they won’t send you back. They’ll just place you with another family.”

I grimaced at that, I knew that as bad as things seemed, this was far better than another home would be. “Do I have to go to a daycare? Is there another option?”

“I could probably have my mom watch you some of the time, but I’m pretty sure she’d inadvertently regress you.”


“Put on a TV show, feed you little food, who knows…?” She told me. “Plus, if something came up that she couldn’t watch you, she’d just want to drop you off at Katie’s daycare.”

“And that’s definitely not a better option…” I told her.

“No, I don’t trust Katie any more than you do.”

“Kelly might be worse actually,” I told her.

She frowned but nodded. “Look, I did ask if maybe I could send your tablet with you…”

“What did they say?”

“They weren’t really in favor of it but promised to ask.”

I sighed and pushed on the front of my diaper. “Thanks for doing that at least… can you change me please?”

“Sure sweetie,” she told me and gathered me up in her arms. I was carried inside and changed before she put me in my high chair for dinner that was ready.

but feel like her world had turned upside down in one afternoon. Things had been like a dream – getting better every day! Then all of the sudden it was like the fake walls fell down and she was left with a guilty conscience. She had known how brilliant Nick had been in his dimension… ‘Why did I think he could be happy like this?’

She looked at Holly sitting across from her and felt her heart breaking. The little girl was eating the homemade chicken noodle soup carefully, even though she had a bib on. It almost made her smile as a noodle splashed back in the bowl, but the look in her eyes reminded her of a broken animal.

Everything she had done; she’d done it slowly in the hopes of never seeing those eyes on her own littles face. ‘I don’t even wish I’d ripped the Band-Aid off quickly,’ she admitted to herself. She’d done everything she could to be humane, but the problem was the larger world was anything but humane. She could do everything she could for her little girl at home… but the truth was she needed someone else to care for her if she couldn’t. If Holly was left alone by herself, LPS would get involved and remove her to a worse place. A nanny or babysitter wasn’t a better solution than the daycare either.

She wanted to grab her in her arms and just hug her and tell her it was okay… but she knew that because of today it wasn’t. They could pretend all they wanted at home, but it was unlikely to last past the door of the house.

The rest of the meal continued in silence and nothing was said between the two of them as she gave Holly her bath. She tried a couple times to say something, but the words just weren’t there. Ivy thought that maybe Holly had the same problem.

They ended the night together when she told Holly, “I won’t make you nurse tonight if you don’t want to…”

She watched her little shrug, “Might as well… it’s the closest thing to getting drunk and passing out that I get.”

Ivy wanted to shout at her about the inappropriateness of the statement, but didn’t entirely blame her after the day that she had. Sitting in the rocking chair she stroked Holly’s hair lightly as she nursed from her breast. It was the first time since she’d picked her up from daycare that she saw tension leave the muscles of the little girl at all. A simple lullaby came from her mouth as she watched her nurse.

She held the sleeping little long after she’d finished nursing and fallen asleep. It broke her heart to feel like she had broken this little girl so.

‘I wish I could honor the deal I first told her…’ she admitted to herself as she placed her into her crib. “I love you Holly,” she told her and leaned in to kiss the sleeping girl’s forehead.

If this is your first time please let me know what you think! I hope to post a few more chapters tomorrow night, but I have a busy week of work so it’ll be hard to plan if I’ll have that much time at home this week. Thanks for reading!


such an emotional chapter, I can feel the pain and heartache of both of them. One thing I am curious about is why are so many other mommies and caretakers in the diaper dimensionso cruel and heartless towards their charges? Maybe I haven’t read enough fiction of that universe but it seems that there’s so much intentional cruelty to the littles.

I think it plays up to a certain punishment trope. For me I drew a lot of inspiration to the encounters of Alisa in the original tale. There’s a lot more ‘forced’ aspects to the characters I guess? I try not to have my characters have too much to deal with the truly cruel ones themselves, but the universe has evolved to include that aspect a lot. (I tend to generally be a more sweet girl at heart, but sometimes you have to have a bit of villainy or opposition to deal with to make for a good story)

Thanks for the comment!:slightly_smiling_face:

Chapter 20:

THINGS CONTINUED TO be tough for us the next few weeks. Ivy did everything she could to try and make my life comfortable. Little things like never leaving me sitting long in a messy or wet diaper… Food was good - let’s face it, she was a great cook! And using her knowledge - and her library of books and journals she had access to - it was like getting a post-doc fellowship in.

I never played with toys though… and only once did she convince me to sit in one of the baby swings and let her push me. She tried to convince me to go to the park and play there, but I politely declined. For her part she politely declined the Sunday family gatherings those weekends too. We were at a point where we interacted… but I think both of us knew it couldn’t go on like this much longer.

I worried she would decide it meant it was time to use those hypnosis tools I’d heard and read about… or worse sent me off to an etiquette school for the conditioning I now knew way too much about from my research.

A part of me knew that I needed to engage with her in a positive way and not shut her out… but my own depression over the situation where I had suddenly found myself wouldn’t let me. Before I knew it, fourteen weeks of Ivy’s extended maternity leave with me had flown by, and it was time for Ivy to again drop me off at daycare in the hospital while she went to work.

“I’ll try to spring you after seeing my morning patients,” she told me on the way in.

I nodded and said, “Okay Mommy,” without any sense of emotion.

The lady was the same lady at the desk as last time. “Doctor Nickerson, right?” She said as we approached.

“That’s me,” she told her. “Just here to drop Holly off. She’ll be here at least part of the day most days now.”

“Very good! So glad to have this little sweetie back!” the lady cooed at me as I was handed over.

“Just a reminder please make sure that you all are following my care instructions?” Ivy told her.

“We’ll review them as soon as I set her down and she can start playing with all of her new friends,” she told me.

I pretended to smile at her as she tickled me. I took one last look at Ivy waving at me and turned to face my dim future in the daycare.

IVY WALKED TO her office feeling depressed. Things just didn’t seem to be getting any better with Holly and she wasn’t sure what the solution was. ‘About the only thing I can think of is hypnosis… and I promised her I would never do that,’ she thought.

The past few weeks had been hard for her as she was riddled with guilt throughout it. She thought that Holly and her were on their way to a great mother and daughter relationship… and then it was like that morning in daycare had destroyed Holly. ‘Well that and meeting the rest of my family…’

She had wrestled over the past few weeks with a desire to let the bright girl live as she would want, but trapped by the realities of her world. ‘I’ve already taken her gender and her continence,’ she had admitted to herself. ‘I’m not taking her mind with hypnosis… we’ll figure it out,’ she thought with a sigh as she walked out of the elevator.

“Welcome back!!!” several of her colleagues said as she walked back to her office.

“Missed you!” Macey told her as she came up to her. “I was bummed that our playdate with our girls fell through. Is everything okay?”

“No, it’s not,” Ivy told her. “I don’t want to talk about it right now though before I start seeing patients.”

Her friend looked a combination of worried and hurt and said, “O… okay… Well, you’re set up in rooms…”

I LOOKED AROUND my baby prison and tried to figure out what I could do that wouldn’t make me lose my mind. Before I could make a decision to go elsewhere one of the wardens said, “Holly, this is Sabrina, why don’t you play dolls with her?”

I recognized one of the suspicious acting littles from before and jumped a bit in horror. This wasn’t the same girl who I’d met before. Snot and drool literally ran down her face, and her body movements just weren’t… right. If I met a motor skills patient that moved like she did above a year of age I would recommend they be diagnosed for whatever was causing the deficiency. “Ga ba da go?” the girl asked me as she put a doll’s bottle awkwardly up to my face and pointed to her doll.

“Uh…” I said but found myself sat on my rear next to her and a doll placed in my arms by the worker.

“Play nicely girls!” the worker called to us as she walked towards a pair of littles that had spontaneously burst into tears nearby.

‘What the hell?!?’ I thought to myself. I sighed though and pretended to play with the damn dolls while watching Sabrina’s actions. A genuine toddler, Ashlyn, was soon playing dolls with us too and at her bossy insistence a ‘tea party’ was held for about an hour. She was especially pushing Sabrina around since the poor girl had nothing left upstairs. I decided she saw me as being a peer because she wasn’t as pushy towards me. Just before I could take no more, we were gathered up for snack time. I found myself in line with the other members of the class to be given our snacks.

“Okay Holly, here’s your baba,” the abusive lady from before, who handed me a mildly warmed bottle of breast milk from Ivy. I was grateful to see Holly Nickerson written on the bottle in Ivy’s handwriting, so I was reasonably sure it was safe to drink. ‘Getting only breast milk for food here is going to get old…’ I griped as I walked with my bottle to a bean bag and sat down.

The boy and the other girl who were with Sabrina sat down with the cookies and sippy cups they were giving everyone else. I watched them while I nursed on the bottle, noticing neither of them actually eating the cookie or drinking the juice.

“She’s really gone?” the girl asked the boy Seth.

“I’m sorry Cat, but there is nothing left of Sabrina anymore,” he told her sadly.

“They’re going to pay for this!” the girl said viciously, but quietly apparently intending only for him to hear.

“One more week, that’s all we need…” he told her.

I didn’t hear more because I found my eyes closing from the milk’s effects. ‘If I sleep most of the day, then I don’t have to pretend…’ I thought, depressed. ‘What are those two up to though?’ I wondered.

IVY FINISHED UP with her last scheduled Pre-Op appointment for the day before lunch. She just had paperwork to catch up with and a meeting with a couple of doctors that were going to be teaming up with her on an upcoming procedure in her office. Knowing no reason not to, she decided to go pick up Holly from daycare. ‘She can stay in the playpen I put in the office or wander around depending if I have anyone there…’ she thought to herself. ‘It’s got to be better than being stuck in the daycare…’

Ivy walked quickly, still wearing her coat and stethoscope, and was soon at the reception desk for the daycare. “I’m here to pick up Holly Nickerson,” she told the woman who was a different person from earlier.

“Hi Doctor Nickerson, if you’ll just scan your ID tag on this sensor, I’ll have someone bring her up front.”

“Thanks,” she said and anxiously waited for Holly to appear.

The girl was soon in another woman’s arms walking forward with her diaper bag over her shoulder. There was almost a hint of a smile in Holly’s face, but it sank before it reached her eyes and Ivy felt worse. “Here’s Mommy!” the lady said in a sing-song voice sure to make a toddler happy, and her Holly pissed off anymore.

Ivy took Holly and squeezed her gently, “Want to get some food?”

“Sure,” she told her with just a hint of happiness from being sprung from the daycare. ‘I guess it’s something,’ she thought to herself. “You okay with the cafeteria?”

“Beats just having milk, which is what I would have had in the daycare,” Holly told her honestly.

She gave her a hug and felt her heart tear more as she felt terrible once again. Ivy walked towards the cafeteria and soon the two of them were eating some more stir-fry together.

I WAS SO glad to see Ivy when she came for me! As pissed off as I was at her… it really did beat just drinking a bottle of milk for lunch! In the line she asked me if I wanted spicier this time, to which I’d responded definitely!

As I bit into the first few bites, I was disappointed though that it wasn’t hotter. “What do you think?” she asked me.

“Do you consider this to be spicy? I mean it tingles a bit… but it’s not even close to spicy?”

She looked at me incredulously, “You have one of the oddest sets of taste buds for a little. No, I don’t consider it to be ultra-spicy, but it does have a bit of a bite… Maybe tomorrow we’ll see if they can do an extra spicy bowl and see what you think?”

I nodded, “I miss spicy food, that would be nice.”

The meal was still mostly silent though when Ivy’s friend ‘Mace’ came to join us.

“Oh, look at you two! Mother daughter lunch date?”

I looked at Ivy for her response, “I’m done seeing patients this morning, so I thought I would spring her from daycare and get her some real food. She can hang out with me the rest of the afternoon in my office,” she told her.

“Aww… I think that’s a great idea!” she said cooing at me.

I was getting more than a bit uncomfortable as she stared at me. Apparently, Ivy could sense that because she tried to steer her attention off of me. At some point though she asked Ivy, “So what is up with you two?”

“What do you mean?”

“When I saw you last time things seemed stable… all of a sudden… It seems like there’s something wrong,” she said.

I sighed but followed the advice I’d read online and stayed quiet.

Ivy sighed as well, “we’re just dealing with some issues right now Mace, can you just leave it alone?”

“Nope!” she said to my surprise, “You’re my best friend and I’ve yet to have a playdate with your baby girl and mine since you cancelled on us. What’s going on?”

“No…” she started to say.

“We’re just dealing with the fact that she lied to me and did all of this to me without my permission,” I told her honestly.

“Why would she need your permission? You’re just a little,” she said to me. My jaw dropped in astonishment, she continued talking to Ivy, “So you haven’t used those hypnotherapy videos I gave you then?”

“No, and I won’t,” Ivy told her as she undid the strap around me and gathered me in her arms. “Look… I’m not just going to brainwash her to love me, I told you that to start with Mace.”

Ivy was sitting back down with me protected in her arms. I was still annoyed with her, but I appreciated that she at least was in a mama bear mode and was keeping me safe.

“Why? What’s the harm?”

“The harm would be losing any of her intellect, her personality, or her sense of self…” she said and gave me a squeeze.

I looked up at her and said, “Thank you…”

She squeezed me again. “I just have taken enough from her, I don’t know how to give enough back to her, but I won’t take any more.”

I leaned around and did my best to give her the small hug I was able to from her lap.

“Whatever floats your boat Ivy, you’ve always been the odd one…” Macey said to us.

“And proud of it,” Ivy said.

I was worried I was viewing the end of a friendship for Ivy, but she stuck around for ten minutes animatedly talking with Macey before looking at her watch and saying, “We’ve got to get back to my office. I’ll see you later.”

“Maybe really set that playdate up?”

“I’ll get back to you on it,” Ivy told her. She felt my diaper and said, “I guess we’d better get you changed too?”

I put my head into her shoulder feeling my face turn red. Even after fourteen weeks of diaper changes, I was still embarrassed when she talked about my used diapers in front of other people.

“Aww… she’s still turning red about her diapees…” Macey cooed at me.

I glared at her and felt a squeeze from Ivy, “Sorry, should have kept that in my head Holly.”

She turned and walked upstairs and stopped at a nurse’s station on what I now knew was her office floor. There was a changing table in there that she sat the changing mat down on and then lay me down. “Sorry about that,” she muttered to me as she lifted my legs up in the air.

“Which part?” I asked when she had a wipe in her hand.

She sighed, “All of it Holly, all of it.”

I looked up at her, “I’m sorry for being harder to live with right now too…” I told her as she taped my new diaper shut.

She hugged me, “Can we try and move forward here?” She asked then.

I shrugged, “We can try… I don’t think you’re the problem completely…” I nodded towards a set of little restraints sitting on the counter, “Society here is…”

She nodded and said, “Well… let’s see what we can do about it.”

I was carried back to her office and noticed the time on a clock sitting on her desk. She was going to just set me down on the couch in her office but I asked, “Don’t you need me to nurse?”

She cringed, “I can use the pump?”

I put my arms up in the ‘pick me up’ pose, “Look, I hate that your milk made me incontinent… but that horse probably isn’t going back into the barn. It’s awkward and embarrassing to suck from your breasts, but it does taste surprisingly good… There’s no need to make you stop nursing me.”

She looked at me with some tears in her eyes, “Okay… I should have about a half hour before my meeting here…”

With that I was propped in her arm accepting the nipple that I had grown to know way closer than I would have ever believed. Her milk was good though… too good…

IVY LOOKED DOWN at Holly and hoped that maybe the last hour meant there was a chance to mend some fences. She wasn’t sure what really brought it on, but wondered if maybe she had also been wanting to reconcile their relationship. She sighed, the feeling of Holly sucking on her nipples felt good on so many levels… ‘I’m so glad she wanted to nurse right now!’

She stroked Holly’s hair gently and wished that the picture of relaxation that she was right now could really be the reality for both of them.

The problem was she had lied to Holly to get her there… lied about the gender change… and while honest about her new status after putting her back into diapers… well she had still hidden her from the world at large. When she’d finally been exposed it hadn’t been a good thing. ‘I wonder how daycare went? I didn’t even get a real answer there yet…’

She felt a change in the sucking on her nipple and new Holly wasn’t getting enough milk now. She used her finger to gently break the suction and moved her to her shoulder to burp her. ‘Do I even need to do this?’ she thought to herself as she patted Holly’s back gently and was rewarded with a burp and a bit of milk coming out of her mouth that she quickly made a face about and swallowed back. A quick rearranging of her top and she had Holly latched onto her right breast.

Like clockwork she was done nursing that breast about ten minutes later. ‘She’s gotten a bit faster,’ she noted though as she burped her. She waited to see what her status would be afterwards and was surprised to see her still awake. She felt her diaper and told Holly, “You’re a little wet, but do you think you can make it until after I have a meeting?”

Holly shrugged and said, “Sure,” to her.

“I’m going to put you down in the playpen during this meeting, that way if you fall asleep, you’re a little comfier. I need the couch area for them to sit on…”

“Okay,” Holly said. “May I please have my tablet?”

“Sure,” she told her and carried her to where she had setup a playpen filled with a selection of little toys, a blanket, and a couple of stuffed animals. Holly’s skirt pulled up as she placed her onto the soft floor, so she just gently helped her straighten it before leaving her standing there. Her head was even with the top rail of this one, and she knew Holly could probably climb out if she really wanted to. She’d just bought a regular baby playpen for the office, not thinking it necessary to really lock her up like the slightly taller littles one would have let her. ‘I think she’d be a bit angrier and more concerned about the straps and body harness hooks that those have too…’

She walked to where she had left her own briefcase bag and handed Holly the tablet. She watched her sit down on her soggy rear and begin reading something just as a knock came on the door.

“Doctor Nickerson?” a male voice called as he opened the door.

“Peter!” she said happily.

“It’s good to see you back,” he told her as she gave him a hug.

“Good to be back,” she said with a smile, “Kandice should be here in a few moments.”

“Great!” he said looking over at Holly, “And that’s the new bundle of joy that had you skipping work for three and half months?”

Ivy smiled reassuringly at Holly who looked up with a measured look, “Yep, that’s my Holly Bear!” Motioning towards the couch for him to sit on, “I just couldn’t leave her in daycare all day yet…”

“I understand, my wife chose not to even go back to work after she adopted our first little boy.”

The two of them talked for a few minutes before being joined by an older woman with grey hair, “Welcome back,” she said to Ivy. She smiled at Holly, but didn’t seem bothered by her one way or another. Known as a very stern lady, Kandice Wegner was known as one of the best thoracic surgeons in the region.

Today’s meeting was scheduled as a way to hand off some cases and get a feel for how things had been going while she’d been out. While she hadn’t stayed completely out of the loop, she hadn’t micromanaged at all while she’d been out either. These two were her best resources for knowing what she needed to get to work on.

I STAYED IN the playpen and looked for some new research material on my tablet. I especially found some of the different nanotechnology procedures to be so cool, so I’d begun researching more into what made them tick. Ivy’s meeting with the two ended just as I had found a study published to a journal by a Dr. Amanda Westerfield. I had just pulled up the abstract as the three of them finished and the lady walked by my playpen with a sniff.

“Well, smells like someone left her mommy a present in her diapee!”

I stiffened and looked up at her before feeling the back of my diaper. I sighed… ‘Not surprised after the breastmilk and lunch…’ I did start a bit about the fact I didn’t know I’d done it. There was absolutely no memory in my mind of when I’d stopped and pushed out the log that was smushed in the diaper I was sitting on.

Ivy smiled at her, “Yep, well I guess I’d better get to opening it and getting her a new diaper.”

“Better you than me!” she told her. “I changed more than enough poopy diapers with my kids for the nine years I had three go through diapers. Never had any desire to change another!”

Ivy giggled, “I don’t mind now, but maybe after nine years I would. We’ll see…”

I felt a tear go down my face at the thought of nine years of this… ‘It could be a lot longer than that,’ I acknowledged to myself. ‘I really have absolutely no knowledge of when I’m going… If I was a true toddler, I’m no longer showing any of the signs of readiness you look for.’

She’d shown them out the door and set my changing mat down on the couch, “Come on stinky, let’s get you changed.”

I grimaced but let her handle me gently and sat me down on the mat. She opened up the diaper and made a face, “You usually try not to sit down on these diapers…”

“I didn’t honestly know I’d gone,” I told her.

“At all?”

“At all…” I said sadly.

She pursed her lips and got to work on changing me. The poopy diaper went into a bag that she tied and I was soon sitting on the couch with the tablet and a clean diaper. She said, “I’ll be right back,” and carried the bag filled with the messy diaper to the door of her office and quickly was back inside. “I’ll have to think about getting a diaper pail in here…” she said to me.

“Great…” I said, trying not to be too sarcastic in tone.

She pursed her lips at me but shook her head, “You want a bottle of juice before my next meeting? That one’s going to last a bit longer…” she said.

“Sure,” I told her while making myself more comfortable on the couch.

She brought a blanket and the bottle over and covered me, before giving me a kiss on the forehead. “Comfy?”

I shrugged, “Yeah I guess.”

I got back to the journal from this Doctor Westerfield, and the nature of what she was researching with nanites. The article was pretty recent and I noted she had supposedly made a number of new breakthroughs as to adjusting neural processes and pathways with the nanites. I never had a big cranial interest as a surgeon, but I read some of the specifics of her research and couldn’t believe what she was pulling off.

I was interrupted by, “Pretending to read Mommy’s journals?”

A sarcastic smirk on a man about my age looking down at me made me want to scream at him. “No, her specialty is of course pediatrics rather than neurosurgery,” I told him. “Normally so is mine, but I’m finding the processes for using nanites to correct neuro deficiencies to be fascinating in this dimension though.”

The man looked at me like I had grown a second head right then. He looked over at Ivy, “What?”

“She was a pediatric and general surgeon back home in her dimension.”

“Littles can’t possibly…” He objected.

“Even the littles here in this dimension could probably learn to be a doctor,” I told him in as measured of a voice as I could, “But we don’t have bigs and littles in my dimension. Everyone is one species of humans that try not to take race and appearance to be the indicator of potential growth and success.”

I enjoyed the bit of brain freeze he had before he looked at the article and me again, “If you really do understand any of that, tell me about the transport system…”

I actually rather enjoyed the next few minutes of him quizzing my understanding of what I was reading there. He reminded me of one of the Doctors who had been in charge of my residency. I answered every question he had and then ended up having a spirited discussion with him about the merits of that particular study.

“Where did you find her Ivy?” He asked her finally.

“Through an agency, PortalRelocations is their name on the other side of the dimension.”

“What’s it here?”

“Procuring-Relationships,” she told him.

I felt my mouth open as I realized yet another way that they were duping people to coming to this dimension. I sighed with that and bit my tongue. “Tricked you into coming I’m guessing?” He asked me.

“Basically,” I told him. “There are some crackpot publications warning of this… but generally we all think it’s probably not true.”

“Shame, I have a feeling your dimension lost a very capable surgeon.” He told me to my surprise, “Well Ivy, you asked me to stop by?”

“Yeah Jake, I need to talk to you about this surgery on Tilda Wilson,” she said as she handed over a case file to jog his memory.

I sat and watched their discussion for a minute before getting back to the study I was reading. I did keep an ear open for their discussion and noted how much further they were along with being able to deal with developmental disorders like autism. This particular case was a girl they were getting ready to use the nanites to reprogram the centers of her brain to essentially ‘cure’ her. The only downside from what I overheard was that there was a sixty percent chance that the child would remain her height for the rest of her life. At currently sixty-six inches she would be a little. There was some serious push from Ivy to recommend they wait until she had another growth spurt or two.

“If you wait that long she’ll miss developmental milestones anyway,” he told her, “Honestly it would be easier for her parents to take care of her in little form anyway in that case…”

In the end Ivy gave her blessing providing the lawyers had the parents locked in to prevent a malpractice suit. I personally thought it was a no-brainer myself, but she seemed to hate locking an Amazon into a littles life. ‘I guess she knows how much it sucks for me after all?’ I thought, once again annoyed with her.

When he left, he said, “When you finish reading that study you should read…” and gave me a half-dozen other studies that he thought would interest me. I quickly jotted them down in a notes app.

“Thanks!” I told him.

“You’re welcome! I wasn’t expecting an intelligent discussion to be possible with an adopted little. Usually their mommies have stifled all of that when I see them.”

He looked over at Ivy, “I approve of not doing that to her by the way. Don’t do anything to that brain - she’s smarter than most of the doctors here.”

As he closed the door behind him, I realized I was thirsty and began nursing on the bottle of juice she had left me. Ivy looked at me and I saw a small smile come to her face.

IVY COULDN’T BELIEVE that Holly had gotten Doctor Snider to act… well like a human. He was normally one of those very cerebral individuals who didn’t talk much to others. She personally found him really attractive, but nothing had ever clicked with them enough for her to make a move on him. ‘Maybe Holly is the ticket?’ she thought as she smiled at the sight of Holly taking a long suckle from her bottle.

She turned red though and put the bottle down and turned her face back to the tablet.

Ivy sighed, ‘I don’t have a clue what to do… maybe I should sign us up for therapy.’ She shook her head at that though, ‘therapy with a little means brainwashing or hypnotizing them to accepting their place in life…’

She turned to the clock and saw it was about an hour until it would be time to leave. ‘Need to get those reports done…’ she thought and turned to her computer. Not facing her, she didn’t notice the tear that streaked down Holly’s face as she continued to read.

I WAS FEELING even more emotional the longer I sat on the couch reading about procedures I’d never be able to do. The sad part was that because everything was based on directing nanites to their destination, I could perform all of these even with my handicap of my small size!

I sighed and began to wonder about taking a break and finding one of the game apps she had installed on the tablet when her door opened with a knock again. I looked up and saw it was the hospital CEO, Bob.

I tried not to groan at the sight of the man who I had gotten into an argument with last time. For this part he took one look at me, sneered, and turned to Ivy. “Bring your daughter to work today?”

“The law says I can,” she told him, “I’m not doing any procedures this afternoon and she’s being a good girl and reading her tablet.”

“You’re letting her learn how to read?” He said and looked at me in surprise.

I couldn’t help myself, “No, I’ve had that skill for about thirty-four years now.”

“Hmm… well perhaps in another twenty you’ll gain the basic skill of potty training,” he was a jerk, but I realized my skirt had ridden up and you could clearly see the ballooned wet diaper showing. I chose not to give him the satisfaction of reacting by pulling my skirt down.

“Perhaps,” I said with my eyes narrowed at him.

“Bob, you wanted something?” Ivy asked him.

“Yes, first of all thanks for working on my niece. She’s recovered well and seems to be symptom free now.”

“You’re welcome,” she said.

‘Yeah, you’re welcome…’ I thought from where I was seated knowing I was the reason for that.

“I wanted to let you know that the review board needs to meet next week on a couple of experimental procedures…”

I tuned it out after a while since I had nothing to do with those procedures. ‘So this is what discussions were like at the senior level,’ I couldn’t help but think as they talked and figured out some answers to some other problems. Budget issues were a concern and more than anything I could tell Bob was a chauvinistic jack-ass from the way he treated Ivy.

I waited until he left, “That guy is an asshole…” I said.

“Holly!” Ivy chided me. “Language!”

“Sorry, I don’t know of a set of words that describes him better.”

Ivy sighed, “I don’t disagree, but don’t say anything more directly to him. Last thing we want is him to have a reason to tell me I can’t bring you in here…”

I gulped and nodded, “Thank you for letting me be here instead of the daycare…”

“You’re welcome Holly. Tomorrow will be the same, but I have a backlog of procedures I’ll be doing Wednesday through Friday.”

“You’re off on the weekend though?”

“Rank hath some privileges,” she told me.

I nodded at that.

“Give me another twenty minutes and we’ll get out of here. Can your diaper hold that long?”

I pushed my finger into the padding at my crotch and felt the back of it, “It should?”

“Okay then, Ba… Holly, I need to get back to work.”

I stuck the bottle back in my mouth and found a news site on the internet and read about some of the problems this country was facing. It seemed like corrupt politicians were a universal thing in this world too. I was reading about some sting that had actually involved the governor of a state and an illegal little breeding ring. ‘Little breeding ring?!?!’ I thought to myself. I followed that news down the rabbit hole and jumped when I was touched on my foot.

“Let’s get that diapee changed and then we’ll go find some dinner?” She suggested to me as I turned the tablet off.

“Okay,” I told her as she sat the changing pad down next to me, and moved me onto it. As she untaped the diaper I asked, “I just read about a governor that was… breeding littles?”

Her hands froze for a second and she sighed, “Yes, he was a corrupt idiot. Unfortunately, he’s not the only one.”

“So, they breed us like dogs?” I said astounded.

“Some illegal rings are out there doing it. It’s not legal in any state though here in this country.”

“In other countries?” I asked as the wipe traveled along my groin.

“In other countries it is done,” she said honestly. “Those same countries automatically use chemicals and hypnotherapy on their littles too,” she added. “You can’t even trust the food there not to do things to Amazons.”

“What do they do to you?”

“I’ve heard of cases of women whose mothering instincts to baby littles gets amplified… Kind of scary actually.” She admitted as she taped the new diaper closed.

I shuddered, “Yeah…”

“What sounds good for dinner tonight? We had stir-fry for lunch… we could do Italian, Mexican, Indian, Thai, or a burger somewhere?”

I thought for a second, “Italian or Mexican, either sounds good?”

“Why don’t we do Mexican tonight? Explore what you actually think is spicy?” she asked as she packed away her stuff and my tablet.

“That sounds like fun,” I told her with a genuine smile as she picked me up. She put her briefcase and diaper bag on the opposite shoulder of me before grabbing the wet diaper and carrying it out with us. Her door locked behind her after she told it, “Door, secure.”

I was impressed as it responded, “Secured, good night Doctor Nickerson.”

“Why didn’t you do that last time we left?”

“Normally someone else locks up…” she told me, “they’re not here today.”


A walk down the hallway to a disposal for the diaper was quickly made, and she then washed both of our hands at a nurse’s station, before we walked to the car. Soon I was buckled in and watching our progress on the screen she had put in. I watched shops go by and felt annoyed at all of the little oriented shops that we passed by. I noticed one of the buildings was labeled as ‘Home for Wayward Littles.’

I had just enough of a moment to see a man attempting to wrangle a little in a business suit into the building. I sort of wished for instant replay, but was glad to see the sight gone. ‘That was probably one of those etiquette schools…’ I thought to myself. ‘Or an orphanage?’

‘This world is nuts…’

IVY DROVE THROUGH the streets and occasionally checked on Holly at stops. She noticed she was in deep thought again and hoped that the moments of sunshine they’d had could maybe get all the way through the morose clouds of the past weeks. ‘Rescuing her from daycare today was definitely the right move…’ she thought to herself.

‘Bob was an ass earlier… I’m not sure of what he would do towards her, but I do have to watch their interactions…’

The sign for her favorite restaurant, Casa del Lagarto, came up quickly and she was looking forward to eating. She had made sure she went plenty of times before Holly came because she didn’t really think she’d be back once she had her little. They normally couldn’t do spicy… Even the mildest stuff here was too hot for littles and she’d seen more than a few try it and give up for a meal of baby food or breastmilk. Lunch though had been as spicy as the medium at this restaurant, so she thought she might just be okay with Holly!

She pulled into a spot and gathered all you needed to take a baby inside a restaurant. Diaper bag, baby, and one of her newest purchases a cover for restaurant high chairs. She piled it into the diaper bag and gathered the most important piece, Holly.

“Now Holly I haven’t brought you here because even the mildest food is usually too spicy for littles… It’s less than what you had at lunch though so I figure it’s worth a shot with you?”

The smile from her face was worth it, “Yay! Something with some flavor!”

She squeezed her tightly to her side as she walked into the restaurant.

“Buenos Dias!” the hostess said brightly. “So glad to see you back here! How many?”

“Just the two of us,” she told her with a smile.

“High chair por la niña?”

“Please!” she told her.

“Follow me,” she told her and grabbed a high chair and replaced a chair while Ivy waited patiently. “Just a warning, our food is not usually a good match for little taste buds…”

Ivy sat Holly down on the floor for a second and put the high chair cover on. As she picked her up to place her inside, she said, “She’s not a normal little, she’s from another dimension. We ate some stir fry earlier that was hotter than your medium and she didn’t even break a sweat. I think she’ll be just fine!” Ivy said with a smile and kissed the top of Holly’s head before having a seat and pulling her high chair closer to her.

“Very good!” she said and left a menu in front of Ivy.

I TRIED TO peek over at the menu from where I was seated. I had always felt like parents that used these covers were being a bit ‘extra’ with their kids, but I had to appreciate the little bit of cushion that these plastic high chairs otherwise lacked! I could just make out menu items that sounded familiar to back home.

“How about enchiladas, a taco, and relleno?” she suggested.

“Sure?” I said, “I hope it’s good.”

“You really didn’t have a problem with lunches spice?”

I shook my head, “No… it was a tingle, but barely anything.”

She bent down and grabbed a bottle from my diaper bag and uncapped it just as the waitress arrived.

“What can I get you to drink?”

“Do you have some juice we can put in her bottle?”

“Sure! Plapple work?”

“Sure, she loves that.” Ivy said and handed her my bottle, “I’ll take just some water.”

“Great! Do you know what you want to order?”

“Yes, we’re going to get this combination plate here. If you’ll put some of your mild, medium, and hot sauces on the side?”

“Just to warn you even our mild is too hot for littles…”

“I think she’ll be okay, but if she’s not I will get her some of mommy’s milk,” she told her. I turned red as she talked about using her milk to counter the capsaicin.

“Okay then, let me fill her baba and I’ll be right back!”

A coloring mat came back at the same time as my bottle and I worked on it with the crayons carefully and methodically while I waited for our food. Most of the time I’d colored had been to pretend I was a baby; she knew I was a little and I didn’t care here. My skills actually seemed to be improving the more I did it for real.

When the food arrived, the lady brought a small plate too. “That’s not necessary,” Ivy told her though.

I had to wait patiently while she cut a piece of sauceless enchilada and fed it to me. I chewed it and it was okay, but nothing that great. “Needs sauce,” I told her.

“Okay, let’s try the mild first,” she told me. I was given another piece with mild on it that I carefully chewed.

“That’s better, but not hot at all,” I told her.

By then the waitress was standing by watching as she said, “Well, let’s try the medium…”

It had a little bit of taste, but not fiery like I would like, “It’s tasty, but not spicy.”

“Well then, let’s see if you like Mommy’s normal level!” she said and dunked another piece in the hot sauce.”

It wasn’t too spicy by any means, but a pleasant burn lit up my face. “Oooh, that’s good!” I smiled at her.

“Really?” she asked, still a little surprised. She had some herself and seemed to be watching me for a reaction. “I can’t believe you’re okay with it, it really is pretty hot!”

“I guess I have different taste buds than mortal littles?”

She laughed at that and dumped the spicy stuff over the rest of the food. The rest of the meal alternated her eating a few bites and me eating a bite. Early on the idea of eating off of someone else’s fork had really bothered me, but as time went on - especially since I began sucking milk from her breasts - I decided it didn’t matter. With as much breast milk as she fed me, I certainly had been exposed to pretty much every germ she carried.

By the end of dinner, I had actually enjoyed myself. The food was genuinely good and I was feeling the nice high that capsaicin always gave me.

“If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it,” a gentleman came up to the two of us in a chefs jacket. “I’ve never known a little who could eat even our mild food!”

I smiled at him, “It was really good!”

“Mama you must bring her back many times! It brings me joy to see a little enjoy my food!”

“I have a feeling we’ll definitely be back,” Ivy told him, “I was a regular before I adopted her. It wasn’t until recently that I realized she’s got different taste buds that can handle this.”

“Dinner is on the house for you two tonight, can I get you any dessert?”

Ivy looked at me and I shook my head, I was full.

“Not tonight, maybe another time. You don’t have to do that sir…”

“No, but I want to! Have a great evening!”

He turned and walked away and Ivy looked at me, “Well, your cuteness certainly has its moments!”

I frowned at that for a second, before giving her a smile “We do have to come back!”

She laughed and carried me to the car. That night she sat with me in front of the TV and we watched a show that she knew was safe to watch together. When it came time for my bath I tried to relax more as she washed my body. It still annoyed me that she felt like she had to do it, but I was accepting I didn’t have a choice on this part of my life.

Diapered, and dressed in a sleeper, she carried me to the rocking chair a bit later and sat with me cradled against an arm still sitting up to look at her. “Look Holly… I’m sorry I’ve messed everything up for you… I don’t think I had realized how much I had taken away from you until you started shutting me out after that first day in daycare.”

I looked at her and tried to decide how to respond since I’d wanted to bury the hatchet somehow, but I was still pissed off at being lured like I had been. “I appreciate the apology… but I don’t know what good it does?”


“Look, I’ve been wanting to try and make amends here too… I’m not going to lie to you and tell you I’m not still pissed - because I am. I do appreciate that out of all of the crazy Amazons in this world you are probably the safest one I could have ended up with… but…”


“Am I stuck here? I mean I look at some of these littles… They’ve been pooping their diapers for decades… Doing nothing but being in daycare, sucking from breasts, teased about their babyishness that’s been brainwashed into them…”

She sighed, “Unfortunately yes you are stuck here I think.”

“You can’t send me back?”

“Do you think they’d let you go free if I did?”

I thought about that for a second, “Other travelers come back…”

“Usually only a few of the tourists who end up being sworn not to talk about the baby parts.”

“They do talk… it’s just that no one would believe this,” I told her with my hand waving towards my nursery.

“Well… we can look into it, but I would hate to think I sent you home and then discover that they just held you and put you into an etiquette center and destroyed you instead…”

I grimaced at that, “They would too…” I had to admit.

“So… that leaves here.”

“Here…” I sighed. “Forever a baby…”

“Well… let’s see.”

“What do you mean?”

“I can’t do this anytime soon Holly, but sometimes parents do deem their littles worthy of growing up. Maybe we can say in a couple years that I decided it was time to potty train you and send you to school?”


“Maybe?” she said. “We’ll have to see… remember this would be tricky. But maybe I can help you become a grownup little that lives with her mommy still.”

“Why not do that now?”

“Home inspections?” she said.

“Oh…” I thought and remembered when they had come in the two times while she was on leave. Both times it was clear the inspector was happy I was diapered, confined in a playpen during their visit, and nursing from Mommy just fine. ‘I still can’t believe they insisted on watching me nurse to make sure I latching on correctly…’

“How long do they continue?” I asked.

“Two years,” she said. “Which is also your contract length, right?”

I nodded, “So after two years?”

“We’ll decide if you still want to grow up. If you do, we’ll figure out a way to do so.”

“I guess that’s the best deal I’m going to get. What’s your part of this?”

“Can you just be my baby for that time? Smile at me maybe? Indulge my instincts?”

“Don’t I already?”

“Sometimes… but more often you just scowl or have a neutral face. Try?”

I looked at her and held my hand out. “I’ll try if you promise.”

She shook my hand and said, “Deal.”

With that her top pulled away and exposed a large nipple with a drop of fluid just waiting to be drank. I latched on and thought, ‘Well at least this is one of the best tasting things I’ve ever had… still tastes good after doing it this many times too.’

IVY LOOKED DOWN at Holly and hoped they’d had a breakthrough moment. Her body always relaxed when she nursed, but today seemed to be more so. Her hands were so much like a newborn’s, in that her fist opened and closed as she got fuller. By the time she finished nursing from her second breast she had the most relaxed tiny hands.

Burping her gently she cradled her and sang a lullaby to her. She was probably already asleep, but she couldn’t help but want to sing to this beautiful little girl. Holly was so much like her that she hated to have done her wrong… but she had finally at least felt like they were honest with each other and maybe they would get past this. She softly sang the lullaby her own mommy used to sing to her even into elementary school.


Hush, my babe, and do not cry,

In your cradle now you swing,

Until you sleep, I’ll softly sing,


Chapter 21:

THE NEXT WEEK things improved for both of us. I really felt like Ivy was being more empathetic to the amount I’d been screwed over with this fake baby game. For my part I did my best to try and also give her some moments where I pretended to be more babyish than I wanted. I even played on the play-set outside for two hours on Saturday. It was more of a trade… she let me back inside my playhouse afterwards to play some video games on my TV. I also compromised by playing dress up, and pretended to have a tea party with her on Sunday with dolls and stuffed animals.

I tried not to think of daycare too much as she carried me in on Monday. While the weekend had been a back and forth of baby to… maybe being a teenager, and back… it was time to come back to the horrible reality that was daycare.

The lady at the front, who I’d finally found out her name was Carly, greeted us. “Oh, is Princess Holly back with us today?”

“Yep, I should hopefully be back for her before lunch,” she told her.

“Hopefully she can be a little cleaner through the day today?” Carly teased.

I tried not to blush, but failed miserably as I buried my head into Ivy’s shoulder.

Friday had been the most embarrassing day of all time for me… and that really was saying something at this point! They had walked ‘my class’ to the hospital’s playground with us all holding onto plastic rings on a long rope. I had been playing on the large play equipment along with a couple of other actual toddlers. I was just getting ready to go down a big slide when I felt my bowels telling me they were going to release. Not having much control anymore anyway, I just squeezed to get it over with…

The problem was I squeezed way more than I thought I would!

It was a watery mess as it squirted out my rear, and mentally I had wanted to cry from that alone. It was way worse than having a log to smush down! I froze in a squatted position at the top of the slide not sure of what to do. Right then though one of the genuine toddler girls impatiently pushed me to go down the slide so she could go down too. I fell on my butt with a sickening ’squish’ and slid down the slide, completely horrified by the disgusting feeling in my diaper. By the time I landed at the bottom of the slide my diaper had squeezed the liquidly mess out of my diaper, onto my clothes, my legs, and… unfortunately the slide. The potty-training toddler behind me that had pushed me down had wailed almost as loudly as I did about the poop running all over her.

I had flat out lost it and cried right then! I felt totally and utterly broken!

My dress had been removed right there in the playground area in front of everyone. I was then given a very public diaper change right there with an emergency diaper they had brought out with them. Unfortunately for me it had been one of those massive crawler diapers! I felt bad for the toddler, she had one affixed to her too because they didn’t want her staying in her dress. The pushy girl then had a genuine accident while she was wailing about the mess too, and bawled more when they told her that she’d have to wear diapers again for a week.

Back in the present I looked back up at Carly who smiled, “It’s okay Holly, no one will even remember it after a while.”

I just nodded and let my grip be transferred to Carly who carried me back to the toddler’s room. “Bet you’re happy to be back in a regular diapee after that thick crawler diaper, huh?” she said.

I flashed back to being completely unable to walk away from the playground. I had been carried back to the classroom and been forced to crawl by the damn thing until Ivy came for me. For her part she consoled me in an appropriate way without laughing at me. She’d also changed me out of the damn pillow right away!

The toddler girl, I’d learned her name was Emma, was changed straight away into a normal baby diaper when we got back to our room. She was still upset though because she had finally just earned her big girl panties! I hadn’t been changed because apparently I was a little who couldn’t be trusted in a regular diaper after that blowout. I’d been pissed, but kept my cool with the daycare staff. I’d seen too many beatings in there over the week to want anything to do with them!

Carly sat me down in the coloring corner of the room and said, “I bet you want to color?” before bringing me a bucket of crayons and a coloring book.

I sighed and said, “Thank you Miss Carly.”

“You’re so sweet!” She said and patted me on my romper covered rear before she left.

I played for a while and watched as littles and toddlers alike were dropped off. I noticed that boy Seth, and the girl Catalina, that had been acting so strange last week were talking in hushed whispers in the corner of the part of the room with the fake kitchen. I thought nothing of it and kept coloring until all of the sudden I froze at the sound of a loud bang!

IVY MADE HER way down to a conference room that she was meeting with the next patients’ parents. She could see through glass that the parents and their little were already seated with as she her colleague seemed to have arrived at the same time. The twenty-five-year-old little was dealing with something that didn’t compute with the adorable onesie and diaper she was wearing.

She was pregnant… though her ‘parents’ didn’t know anything about it yet. They had just brought her in because she was nauseous all the time. ‘Oh boy, this is always a fun one,’ she thought to herself. If Holly could get pregnant, she’d probably have her on an implanted birth control just to be safe. It was the main reason that Ivy had frozen her body in a prepubescent state at the same age of eighteen months… that and to avoid other hormonal issues and periods.

Because this could be a very delicate issue with a parent and a little, she had gotten the joys of dealing with the situation as the department head. Ivy walked into the room and nodded at her colleague who was an obstetrics specialist holding the door open for her. “Hi Fred,” she said.

“Good to see you Ivy,” he said. They both sat down and she looked at her patient’s family. The patient was sitting there diapered in a onesie being cuddled by her mother.

“Good afternoon,” she told the parents. “I know you were worried about Natalie here being seriously ill… but there’s nothing wrong per se about her.”

“Then why is she getting sick?” Her mom asked and cuddled her tightly.

“Well… let me ask first, has she been hanging out with any boys at daycare or the park or something?”

The lady’s eyes narrowed, “Yeah, my friends baby Caleb and her play all the time at each other’s houses.”

Ivy looked at Natalie, “Well… there’s no easy way to tell you this, but Natalie is pregnant.”

“WHAT?!??!?!?” The mom said and looked down at her and back. “She’s a baby!!! She can’t have a baby! It’s not possible! She doesn’t even know how to have sex?!?”

Ivy watched as the mom then asked if Caleb or someone else forced her to have sex. “Mommy… I’m sorry, Caleb and I love each other! It was only one time!” The lisp from her toothless face belied the seriousness of her condition.

Somehow Ivy doubted that it had been one time, but she chose to sit this one out. When the parents finally had some of the steam out of her system she spoke back up. “I asked Dr. Westerfield to be here today because he’s one of the best obstetrics doctors I know of. I can continue to see Natalie to some extent, but I think it would be better if we handed her care over to him.”

“To an adult doctor?!?”

“I promise I would treat her with every bit of care as I do my own two little girls,” he reassured the parents.

“So, what now…?”

This was the other thing that was always tough when this situation happened. Amazon parents who couldn’t birth their own children, didn’t have a clue how to deal with the birth of one of their littles babies. She personally would have hoped this would be a case of setting the littles free, but she knew with these parents that certainly wouldn’t happen. The little girl might be allowed to breastfeed her own baby for a year, but she’d probably still be in her diapers and breastfeeding and eating baby food from her own mommy the whole time. Fred would have a hell of a time getting the parents to feed her proper nutrition so that the baby grew correctly…

She was just leaving the conference room to go to the next patient when she heard alarm klaxons began to scream!

I LOOKED UP in shock at the sight around me. Seth and Catalina both had what looked like MP5 submachine guns that they were swinging around the room. I saw that the three nannies in charge of the room were all down on the ground, not moving or making any noise, while the two of them pointed at us to move next to the bookshelf area. “Get over there!” He screamed. The littles that had any sense left moved themselves and the genuine babies over as quickly as they could. I didn’t move with them though, instead I moved to the nearest of the nanny’s. Seeing a set of three bullet holes through her head I knew that she was dead.

I checked the next one just as Seth screamed, “You stupid bitch! Move with the rest of the damn babies!” He came and ratcheted a round in the chamber for effect.

“I’m a doctor,” I told him, “just let me make sure I can’t do anything for them…” I told him.

“No, you’re not, you’ve been here shitting all over the playground just like all of the other brain-fucked littles!” Catalina screamed at me.

“Yes, I am… I hate this shit, but I got sold a bill of goods from my dimension.” I told him and moved over to the last amazon. She too was dead. “Well I hope you’re happy,” I told him, “they’re all definitely dead.”

“Don’t care, the only good giant is a dead one!” Seth said to me, “Now go back with the rest of the diaper shitting crew over there.”

I nodded and sighed as I walked over and sat down next to the others just as an alarm klaxon began to go off in the building. “Armed intruders in building! Lockdown! Lockdown!” A woman’s voice repeated the line six times before leaving just the alarm and a flashing light in the corner.

I wished I could say the nannies were my first gunshot victims to see, but they weren’t. I would probably shake later about all of this, but for now my surgeon’s mask of a face was under control. The two of them were soon joined by another ten other littles all wearing body armor and carrying heavier weapons. One looked like he carried a heavy-duty machine gun like an M60, while the other nine carried a mix of MP5s and M16s.

‘Who the hell are these guys?’ I asked myself. All of the littles beside the two who had been inside were wearing thin ski mask coverings over their heads.

“Where’s the hostage?” One of the newcomers asked ‘Seth.’

“She should be in the newborn room I think…” he responded. “What about the robos?”

“Disabled, and jammer is activated in case they try to bring more. Let’s go get her out of there, she’s been here long enough. Two, five, nine, stay here and cover this room.”

“Yes sir,” I watched three of the members move to watch a combination of the entrances to the room and facing us.

I sat down in front of the rest of the group ‘of… what?’ I asked myself, ‘Babies? Hostages?’ Hostages were probably right and I nervously felt my watch on my wrist. I had been wearing it for a few months now and would forget about it when I wasn’t playing with it. Being able to know the time in daycare had been particularly helpful to pace my frustrations, but I rarely thought about it most of the time. As I sat there, I remembered the emergency functions it had and decided to risk using them.

IVY FELT HER phone ring just as she was about to try and force her way to the floor with the daycare to find Holly. She was about to say something to her on the phone when the video panned to show… armed littles?!?!?

She gasped but kept quiet as she heard Holly’s voice ask them, “So what’s going on? Why are there twelve of you? Are you here to kill us? Spring us?”

One of the gunmen came over to her and said, “Just shut up bitch. It’s your own damn fault that you’re a diaper shitting, pathetic excuse for a little! We’re going to get done with what we came for, and then you can go back to your mommy and be a good baby sucking on her titty.”

Ivy gasped at that statement and was relieved the view showed him walking away. Just as she was about to try and figure out what to say to Holly, she must have ended the call.

“I have to call the police!” She thought and dialed the emergency services number.

An operator’s face filled her screen, “What’s your emergency?”

“My name is Doctor Ivy Nickerson; my little girl is in the daycare downstairs at the hospital and just contacted me. There are little extremists that have stormed the daycare…”

I HEARD MORE screaming, and more gunshots, a loud thump, more gunshots, and then watched as all of the armed littles pushed their way back inside our room and fired off some shots to cover themselves. One was holding their arm in a way that told me it was probably broken, while two of them team-carried another little, and lay her on the floor a little way away from us.

I watched them all talk and argue. The one who had been in the daycare called ‘Seth’ seemed to be talking to the masked leader of the group, and deciding what to do.

“She’s gone man,” the leader said to Seth.

“There’s no fucking way! She was the strongest of all of us!”

“Why don’t we have Doc over there take a look at her?” The leader suggested.

“That diaper shitting failure?” Catalina said.

“She seemed to be pretty with it,” the leader said.

“I watched her shit herself and cover the entire slide in shit last week! There’s no way she’s not regressed!” Catalina said.

“Only one way to find out…” he said and moved towards me. He motioned to me with the gun, “Are you really still all there?”

“Except my damn potty training,” I told him. I added the expletive intentionally since I’d yet to see a regressed little cuss. These ‘free’ littles seemed to use expletives every other word.

“Sounds pretty damn with it to me!” One of the men watching the door said.

“Come look at her!” he ordered me and I walked over to the girl.

“What do you want me to do?”

“Examine her or something?”

“Depending on what they’ve done there’s no physical evidence,” I told him.

“Just check anyway!” He ordered impatiently.

I nodded and said, “Hi, how are you?” to the girl laying there. She was only dressed in a onesie and a diaper, so most of her skin was visible already. I started with her head and tried to get her to track my finger with her eyes. “You have a flashlight by chance?” I asked.


“You want me to check her out or not?” I responded.

“Here!” one of the masked littles tossed me a small penlight that I miraculously caught and turned on.

“Thanks,” I told him and proceeded to check her eyes out. They dilated fine, but getting her to follow the light wasn’t happening. I told her, “Can you open your mouth?” and got no response. I ended up using my thumb on her jaw and found the toothless gums I expected. They had put the gum implants in to keep her face shape, but there was no solid food in this poor girl’s future without more surgery.

I moved on and continued examining her. Without any real diagnostic tools, I was limited, but I found scarring on her wrists, her legs, and when I undid the onesie also on her stomach and under her breasts. ‘What a shitty surgeon…’ I thought to myself thinking that there was no reason to have this much scarring in this dimension. I looked up at the guy Seth had been talking to. “What do you want to know?”

“Is she recoverable? How much did they do to her?”

I looked up at him, “I just arrived in this dimension a few months ago, so I can’t say I know everything they do… I also can’t tell you what psychological triggers they’ve used…”

“Just get on with it!” the man seethed.

“Obvious things I can see - they took her teeth… It looks like they performed a surgery to sever the ligaments that would allow her to walk or crawl… and not knowing her medical history…”


“Do you know if she ever had a c-section?”

“She hadn’t,” the man told me.

‘It’s obvious this guy knew her… he was getting pretty pissed off with everything I said.’

I sighed, “I’m guessing they performed a hysterectomy and a breast reduction surgery.” I said as I snapped her onesie back closed over her wet diaper. The girl cooed nonsensically then and I squeezed her hand gently.

“Can any of it be reversed?”

“If you have the right person programming the nanites you can mostly fix the ligament damage. Teeth can be fixed by removing the gum implant, and putting dental implants in… My ‘cousins’ had theirs reversed when their captor decided she wanted to mess with baby food less…”

“The other parts?”

“I don’t know that there’s anything that can undo what they did to her reproductive organs. I also don’t know what they did to her mentally… She’s not tracking the light as I checked her. I would label her condition as a vegetative state in a hospital back home.”

“BASTARD!!!” He screamed.

I felt some urine leak into my diaper right then and wondered just what their end game was when I heard more shots open up from the doorway. “They’re coming!” one of them shouted.

The leader shoved me back towards everyone else and found myself getting as low to the ground as I could as bullets kept flying around!

Right then I saw Emma, the little girl who got all of my shit on her last week, standing up! I ran to her and tackled her to the ground. Unfortunately, I was a moment too late and she began wailing in pain from a bullet hole in her shoulder!

IVY HURRIED DOWN towards the daycare and could hear the gunfire open up as she closed in. A police officer stopped her, “Ma’am you can’t go in there!”

“My daughter is in there!”

“We can’t let you go in ma’am, please go back down the hallway!”

She heard a voice say, “We have six officers down!!! We’re bringing them out and pulling back!!!”

Ivy hadn’t moved still and soon saw the men coming out. Four of their wounds were instantaneously fatal, but two were moaning and losing a lot of blood. She helped for a moment to get pressure on the wounds and triage each of the patients. Twelve nurses joined her along with a half dozen other doctors. She figured only a couple moments had elapsed and she hoped they’d be able to save them all, then made her way back to the command area.

“Jonah!!!” she said. Her brother stood in the center of a makeshift command area. He was dressed in his tactical armor and she was both elated and scared that he was here.

“Ah shit… Ivy, don’t tell me that Holly is in there?”

Ivy’s surgeon face stayed stoic, but she wanted to just collapse into her little brother’s arms and cry. She just nodded, not trusting herself to answer.

“Damnit, I’m sorry Ivy. Which age group room is she in?”

“The…” She swallowed, “The toddler’s room… where the attackers are.”

“How do you know…? Look Ivy you can’t be here…”

“Jonah, I have information you need though!” she told him.

“What information?!?” he said tersely.

“Count of attackers useful?”

“What? How do you have that?” He asked her.

“I bought Holly one of those LittleProtect watches. She called me on it and let me know how many attackers there were before she turned it off.”

“Sir if she has one of those, we can activate the camera without activating the screen and watch with it!” another officer dressed in tactical gear too said. “That’ll help until we can get the daycare camera feed up too.”

“Can you do that?” He asked Ivy.

She opened her phone and pulled up the app and set it to show the camera without showing the screen. A little blood blocked part of the camera, but you could hear Holly shouting.

“You goddamned idiots!!! Shooting around real babies!!!” She heard her Holly call out. “Bring me two of those diapers!” She called out and she could see someone bring two large diapers into view. “You! Do you still have any brains left?” She called out to another little who nodded. “Come put pressure on this wound,” she said as she applied the diaper to try and stem the bleeding.

“Why’s she using a diaper?” One of them asked.

“That’s probably the best thing she has available. She doesn’t have access to a trauma kit, the kind of gauze she needs to pack the wound temporarily isn’t something you find in a daycare nursery either.” Ivy told him.

“Does she know what she’s doing?” Another officer asked.

“She was a damn good surgeon in her home dimension… so yes she does. Problem is going to be with that wound, she needs blood and some other supplies… and quick!”

“Press on that as hard as you can!!!” she heard Holly tell the little as she stood up and walked to someone away from the wounded toddler who was screaming her head off.

The view was hard to make anything out as the little girl walked up to someone and said in a very calm voice, “You either have to let me take this baby out of here or you need to get me some supplies. I can take care of that member of your team’s arm and leg then too. But if you do nothing, you’re condemning an innocent child to death.”

I STARED AT the leader of the group for several long moments. “They haven’t had time to break you apparently… I can’t let you go, you’re a hostage at this point.”

My gaze went deeper into the man’s skull, “Then get me a trauma surgical kit, and twelve units of universal blood…” I gave him a list.

I was pretty sure by now Ivy had been smart enough to activate the spy camera feature of the damn watch. I had been annoyed when I learned of the feature, but in this case, it could save some lives. Hopefully she was marking the items down and getting them down to us.

“I don’t…”

“Look you jackass, I’m not sure who this girl was that she was worth breaking into a hospital and shooting people - and I don’t quite frankly give a shit! What I do know is I’m a doctor and I’m sure as hell not going to have a little girl die because of an asshole like you. Get me those supplies or let me leave with her!”

Just then a video screen turned on a wall. “My name is Captain Nickerson of the police; I would like to speak please with whoever is the leader in there.”

IVY WROTE DOWN the items as quickly as Holly called them out and was in the midst of getting triple what she asked for. “Do we have any gloves in little size?” she asked one of the people she was talking to.

“Why would we need that?”

“She’s going to be doing surgery, that’s why!”

“Let me look…”

While they were gathering a small stretcher, supplies, and everything else she kept one ear open to the negotiations going on with the terrorists.

“We demand that we have a clear path outside and a vehicle fitting with hand controls available…”

‘Sounds like a damn movie,’ she grumbled. ‘What the hell was this about?’ She’d had to leave her phone with the police trying to plan a tactical incursion inside so she couldn’t keep as close of an eye on Holly. She thought she caught everything was about one little girl…

“Here you go Doctor Nickerson!” Mace ran up pushing the supplies and cart down to her attached to the smallest gurney they had. A step stool was also present there to help Holly reach if need be.

“Thanks Mace,” she told her.

“My baby… she’s still in there!” she called out.

“She’s in a room that they haven’t messed with,” Ivy told her quietly. “They’re going to try and get her room, the preschool room, and the infants room evacuated.”

“What about Holly?” She asked, now knowing why Ivy was worried.

“She needs this stuff to save a toddler’s life. I’ve got to go,” she told her and pushed everything forward. “We have everything she needs; can we get it to her somehow?”

An officer next to Jonah told her, “He’s working on it.”

“SEND THE SUPPLIES down to us by pushing it and leaving it. We will grab it once the hallway is clear. If anyone comes down the hallway armed, we will shoot hostages!”

“Absolutely, we’ll send someone in!”

“No cops!”

“We don’t have…”

“I’ll go,” Holly heard Ivy’s voice.

“Ma’am we can’t…” someone argued.

“She’s not a cop,” I told the person. “Please let her get me this. I have maybe five more minutes to stabilize the girl. She’s been bleeding too long already!” I told him as I heard her begin to cry less.

“Fine, send the doctor!”

I waited at the door as two of their men went outside with genuine toddlers clutched with the barrels to their heads. ‘I can’t believe this is really happening!’ I thought to myself. ‘Who was that girl?’ I thought to myself looking at the brain-dead little laying there. I heard a little bit of shouting and soon everyone was back inside the room and I noticed one of them began covering any cameras they could see. As soon as I had the supplies and stretcher I got to work. “Help me get her on this stretcher!” I yelled at the few competent littles who helped me. I used the straps to secure her and immediately gloved up and got an IV going into her.

I looked around and saw a full nanite set there. I wished that I had more time to learn how to do more than read about them in books. I climbed onto the stool they’d given me and chose to move to work on her the old-fashioned way. After quickly sedating her, I got to work on digging the bullet out. The poor girl was going to need some serious reconstructive surgery on her shoulder blade, but after an hour of working on my own, then another twenty using nanites, I managed to stabilize her.

“That was incredible,” one of the other hostage littles told me. “I had no idea we could do things like that…”

“We still need to get her somewhere else so they can properly monitor,” I told the leader as I pulled the gloves off. I looked at my clothes and noticed my diaper was leaking down my legs.

“I’m not letting her go, she’s one of our only ways out of here.” He told me.

“Look, she’s stable, but she still needs some more care. If you’re wanting shields as you leave, a baby in a stretcher is not what you’re going to want, is it?” I asked him.

“You’re some kind of helper spy, aren’t you?!?” He asked angrily and pointed his gun at me.

“Helper?” I asked.

“She doesn’t even know what a helper is?” One of the other masked men laughed.

“No, I don’t. I’m still new to this goddamned insane dimension!” I seethed at him. “If saving someone’s life means I’m a helper then fine, I am one. All I give a damn about is the oath I swore as a doctor!” I looked at the one terrorist who was still in agony with a broken arm. “How about this, I’ll fix your friend up over there and you let her go?”

“How about you help him or I shoot you?” He asked back.

“You know as well as I do what my hopes in life are now that I’ve been adopted. Do you really think a bullet scares me that damn much?” I asked him as I walked up to him and he placed the gun to my forehead.

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Chapter 22:

IVY LOOKED ON in horror at the screen as a gun was pressed to Holly’s forehead. The feeds from her watch, and two working daycare cameras, were shown on a screen side-by-side. The views showed the scene in all of its horror. ‘I’ve pushed her to the point where death is better?!?’ she thought miserably. ‘Please don’t shoot my baby…’

“Damn that girl has some big balls for a little!” one of the cops next to her said.

“Shut it man, that’s her mom - and my sister there!” Jonah said.

“It’s okay…” Ivy told him, “She does definitely have some big ones - I just hope she doesn’t end up dead from this.”

I WONDERED WHAT he was going to do as I looked down the gun barrel. My bladder had already emptied everything, so at least I couldn’t pee myself from nerves! I actually really just wanted a damn diaper change right then, but I knew I’d never be able to get the tapes undone myself.

“It’s not enough of an exchange,” the leader told me. “Let me see if they’ll up the trade out there.”

“You there? Captain?” he asked.


“I want the ‘Daddy’ of this little girl here. Her name was Zoe, but it was changed to Becky.”

“What do you want with him?”

“That’s not your concern. Get him in here or I start shooting hostages. I won’t start with the littles either, it’ll be Amazon blood that spills first today. You have fifteen minutes!” He shouted and hung up.

“Get busy on him Doc!” he pointed the gun at me and then at his injured man.

“DO YOU HAVE a list of kids in there?” Jonah asked.

“Yes, which room would she have been in?” Another sitting at a table with a tablet asked.

“She looks to be the only infant they removed…” Jonah answered.

“Found her!” the officer said, “Looks like her name is Rebecca Clark. Fathers name is Robert Clark.”

“Bob?!?!” Ivy asked in surprise.

“You know him?”

“He’s the hospital CEO. I’m actually surprised he’s not here yet.”

“I am, I’ve just been standing in the background,” she heard his voice and turned. “What do you need me for?”

“They’re demanding that Becky’s father go in.”

“What will they do if I go in?”

“They’ll release the injured toddler that just had the emergency surgery done.”

“If I don’t?”

“They say they’ll start killing hostages.”

“You haven’t gotten all of the others out yet, have you?”

“No, we’re working on cutting a hole through the side walls of the infant nursery now. Once we get them clear we’ll do the preschool room next.”

“Any idea why they want me?”

“I think she’s the reason they’re here, Bob,” Ivy told him.

He sighed, “Guess I’m going in.”

“You can’t…” one of the cops tried to argue.

“Same reason Ivy’s little couldn’t let the girl die; I too swore an oath. Maybe I can save my own little girl this way.”

He had been in a suit and tie, but pulled off the coat and had rolled his sleeves up to show his bare arms. Ivy watched him march through the door down to the hallway she had been in to deliver the supplies earlier. ‘Please come out safe…’ she thought towards Holly.

“HE’S COMING IN,” a voice called over the video and I watched the guy end the call with who I now realized was ‘Uncle’ Jonah. Three of his men fanned the hallways and two others held guns to toddlers’ heads in the hallway to prove they were sincere in killing hostages.

“You, Doc, can you push that stretcher by yourself?” The leader called at me.

I nodded, “It’s on wheels, I should be able to.”

“Go ahead and push it into the hallway,” he said and leveled a gun at my head.

I could practically feel his sights on me as I pushed the girl out to the hallway and passed by the man they’d asked for. ‘Bob?!?!’ I thought in my head. I groaned, of all the Amazons they had to bring into this mess…

“Stop right there, Doc!” he called out at me.

I froze and could see Ivy standing thirty feet away with tears in her eyes. I mouthed, ‘It’s okay,’ to her.

“Come on back Doc!”

I turned slowly and walked back behind Bob.

“Why do you want me?” He asked when he was inside.

“Many reasons… first one, Doc and the others need their diapers changed, get busy!”

“Why don’t you just have them…?”

“Because you all lock everyone in damn diapers that only Amazons can open asshole!” Catalina shouted at him.

“In fact, no, he’s not going to change them all, I just want him to open them for everyone. We’ll help the toddlers put new ones on, you just undo them.”

“Sure, just keep calm,” Bob said. He looked at me, “Doc, he called you?”

I nodded, glad he seemed to be smart enough to pretend not to know me.

“Come here and I’ll get that diaper off.”

I stiffened as he undid the snaps on my blood and piss-soaked romper, then he undid the tapes. I held it in place, looked at the leader, and then motioned with my head towards the cubbies, “Can I get a new one out of my bag please?”

“Knock yourself out Doc. You haven’t complained once - and you’ve been useful, might as well get you comfortable since we’ll be here a while. Feel free to go commando too if you want! Unfortunately I’m guessing you’ve lost your control?” He almost sounded sympathetic.

I nodded, “Damn Amazon breastmilk.”

“Addictive and makes you have accidents,” he acknowledged.

I made my way to my cubby and grabbed the diaper bag. It was on a lower shelf and easy enough to get to. I decided modesty was out the window anyway with all of these people, and just let the diaper drop to the floor. Wipes were inside and I used them to wipe myself before holding the diaper with my butt against the wall to tape it shut. I decided it wasn’t a terrible job and then looked inside the bag for any spare clothing options. Finding a pink onesie in there, I set it aside before I quickly wiped my upper body clean of blood. ‘Best I can do here…’ I thought to myself before pulling the onesie over my head and snapping it closed.

Bob was still helping to remove the diapers of each little and baby. When he was done, two of the little women helped the truly lost littles, as well as the genuine toddlers into new diapers. Unfortunately even the potty-trained toddlers had long since gone in their pants, so they helped the upset toddlers into spare diapers too.

I walked back to the medical supplies to take stock of what was left. I could probably handle two more gunshot victims in a series with what I had left. There was still plenty of traditional and nanite supplies in the kit they had put together. I had read, studied, and watched films with the nanites; but didn’t know that I felt myself ready to use them without someone guiding me. That’s why I had only used them after I finished the major work myself. I hoped she would have the same recovery time as with the nanites alone, but really it was just a hope that she lived that had driven me to play it safe.

I looked up and saw that one of the men was motioning to me with his gun, “Have a seat Doc,” he told me, motioning me back towards everyone else. I looked around and nearly everyone else had only tops and a diaper on then, or maybe just a diaper for some of them.

‘I guess I wasn’t the only one who leaked…’ I thought morosely.

The guy who was the leader had now tied up Bob, leaving him kneeling on the floor in front of the door. He paced around him a few times before using a knife to slash the back of one of his ankles and I figured he had gone through the same Achilles tendon cut on the little girl. Even though he was an asshole I felt an internal need to help him… but had to sit quietly knowing there was absolutely nothing I could do for him.

“What was that for?” Bob cried out.

The man sliced his other ankle next without saying a word, just pacing some more.

“What do you want?!?” He cried out in obvious pain.

“Zoe,” he said pointing towards the little girl who I now knew was his, “what exactly did you do to her?”

“Her name is Becky, not Zoe!”

The man leaped and sliced through the top of the Amazons earlobe and threw the large chunk of skin towards the hallway.

“What did you do to her?!?” He screamed.

IVY WATCHED THE scene in horror as Bob was attacked again. Holly’s watch was still picking up audio just fine, and the daycares cameras captured the scene perfectly. Too perfectly!

“We have to move in sir!” One of the SWAT members said.

“No, we were ordered to hold for a specialist team. They’re thirty minutes out…” Jonah ordered him.

“He’s going to be dead before that,” the officer told him.

“He might be… but we’re trying to save the babies. We bust in there the wrong way and we’ll end up killing half of the hostages. We just managed to get both the infant and preschool rooms cleared, so there’s three walls that can be accessed for a breach into that final room.”

“What kind of breach are they going to do through solid walls?!?” the officer asked. “I would have to use enough det cord that I couldn’t guarantee I would do the same damage to the hostages.”

“The order to hold came from the governor - we have to hold,” Jonah told him.

Ivy watched Holly on the monitor for any signs she was going to do something else stupid and heroic. For the moment she seemed content to watch and figure out steps later. She noticed she had been looking at the medical supplies earlier and wondered just what she had really been looking at.

I WATCHED IN a bit of morbid fascination as Bob finally began talking. “We sent her to Tippy Toes for training,” he said.

One of the still intelligent littles next to me gasped. I whispered, “Is that bad…?”

They nodded, “The worst…”

I guessed the leader was aware of it too because he took that moment to take the top of his other earlobe.

“What did you have them do!?!?”

“Do you really want to know?” Bob asked defiantly. “Can your wittle brain handle it?”

I looked at him in awe as I realized he’d decided he was probably dead either way, and was clawing back. A part of me could respect that, but the rest of me knew he was a despicable monster!

Another slice was made up his bound arm and a piece of skin was cleared to where you could see the musculature below. ‘That’s a damn sharp knife!’ I admired the knife cuts in a way. ‘How far is he going to go?’

“Tell me!”

“Fine, we had her Triceps and Achilles heel tendons severed to prevent her walking or crawling. Obviously, we took her teeth because I was tired of my wife screaming when she bit her trying to nurse her. We had her breasts removed since obviously there was no need for those on a baby, and since she wasn’t going to have babies we had a hysterectomy done…”

I felt my guts wanting to spew at this, and I could tell the masked leader wanted to just slice his throat and be done with him.

“What about her mind?”

“That’s irrecoverable unfortunately. We didn’t intend to do that to her… but she suffered a psychological break in the middle of the conditioning she was receiving. They told me with their process about one in five suffer a complete loss of cognitive function. I had her tested here in the hospital and the scans show no real neural activity. She’s essentially a living doll who nurses from my wife, pees, poos, and can cry when she needs something. Just like she and all of you sho…”

The man finally had enough and lunged at him, stabbing him straight into the heart and then twisted the knife. Bob gasped and fell over, dead within a few failed heartbeats as blood pooled about his body.

“Zoe…” the man cried over the top of the helpless little.

IVY COULDN’T HELP but have mixed feelings right then. She’d never been a fan of Bob… as Holly had said - he was a jack-ass! But she had worked with him for a long time - so it pained her to watch helplessly on the video as his body bled out from a wound that even an instant injection of nanites would do no good on.

That being said, he was a bastard for having done that to that poor girl! She’d heard of Tippy Toes before from parents of patients, and had never met a little who’d been through there that wasn’t seriously scarred physically and mentally from being there. ‘In any sane world it would have been shut down…’ she thought.

She watched in horror right then as the leader moved to gently kissed the girl who had been known as Zoe and stepped back and…

“No!!!” she cried out as the muzzle flashes showed and it was obvious the little girl was dead. He’d shot her straight through the heart and then the head.

The leader shook tears out of his eyes and moved back to the communication center. “How are you doing on our vehicle?”

“Why are we hearing gunshots?!?” Jonah asked, playing dumb.

“Don’t kid me Captain, I know you have cameras in here by now. You know as well as I do what those were. You also know I have no problems killing. You have just twenty minutes before I kill a hostage. I will kill another every fifteen-minutes after that. Again, I’m starting with the genuine Amazon toddlers here… I have eight of those, then another twelve littles. Your move,” he said.

“Damnit Captain! Let me move in!” The officer once again pleaded with him.

“We’ll take it from here Captain,” Ivy heard another voice say.

I WAS IN a state of shock when he killed Zoe… I didn’t blame him for killing Bob in a way, but for him to kill what I figured was at least a dear friend?

“Who was she?” I found myself asking stupidly.

He turned the gun nervously in his hands and walked over. “Why the hell do you care?”

“Because I just watched you perform what I assume was a mercy killing? Maybe because if by some miracle I make it out of here alive I want to know the full story?”

He shook his head, “How the hell did they get you?”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ll answer your question, but answer mine first.”

I shrugged, “I was a hell of a surgeon back home. One of the younger upcoming hotshots really. All of the sudden though I had a series of crappy events happen to me. First my apartment building was suddenly deemed structurally unsafe, which meant I moved into a couple hotel rooms for months… I was kind of feeling depressed with that and stupidly responded to one of the PortalRelocations ads online.”


“Apparently they go by Procuring-Relationships on this side of the portal…”

“Yeah I’ve heard of them… Anyway, you still had a job?”

“The hospital I worked at got bought out and they were cutting ten surgeons. I was one of the last hired, so first cut… I stupidly called the relocations office that day and finished signing my life away,” I pointed to myself. “It didn’t help that my new ‘mommy’ promised me she would find me a position at her hospital… Unfortunately, I was too stupid to realize she meant find me a position shitting my diapers in the daycare.” I snorted.

He gave me a small grin, “Zoe would have liked you.”

I watched as he looked over at the door, at his men, and then sighed, “Zoe Farthing was the leader of our movement - Littles Against Forcible Regression, or the L.A.F.R. as we’re known more often. We go through and spring littles like yourself from their kidnappers, and then help them get their lives back together. Most of the time we operate on the other side of the country, but ten months ago we found out there was a little behind held by a professor at Emerson University that we needed to free. Zoe took in a team of seven operatives that night. Unfortunately, the operation was totally FUBAR. One operative managed to make it back to our safe house, four were killed, and two were sent to etiquette schools that we’ve already rescued. Zoe though disappeared completely and it was a mystery where she went. It took us four months just to find her, and then another two months to get three of our operatives into this daycare with them.” He pointed towards Seth and Catalina who I noticed had been getting more silent.

“We have a pact with each other… if we should be turned into what they did to her we will put each other out of our misery. You seem like a decent woman; I can offer you the same pact?”

I looked at him and gave him a small smile, “I appreciate that… but I still have my own hopes for freedom down the road… not ready to give up yet. Besides in case you can’t tell, my Amazon still lets me be me for the most part.”

“Indeed,” he said. He looked at his watch, “Well Doc, I’ve appreciated this chat, but it’s time for me to prove to those outside that they really do need to take us seriously…”

“You don’t need…”

He gave me a cold glare, “You’ve proven you’re a good person, don’t make me take your life too,” he told me as he stood up and moved where a two-year-old girl sat. She was about an inch shorter than him and you could tell she was terrified of everything going on even if she didn’t understand.

At that moment I couldn’t help myself! There was no way I could stand still and let him kill her. I leaped from my perch and tackled him!

“BREACH, BREACH, BREACH,” Ivy heard and watched in horror as her little girl wrestled with the leader of these terrorists. The screen brightened to white for several seconds as explosions came from every side of the room. She lost sight of Holly on the overhead cameras as they went blank, but could see her rolling around and fighting still.

She gasped as a sudden spray of blood filled the camera of the watch and felt her blood turn cold. “No… No…” she said as the arm stopped moving completely, “Holly!”

Chapter 23:

WHEN I HAD worked with the medical kits earlier, I had carefully concealed a scalpel inside the padding of my diaper through a small slit I made. I hoped I wouldn’t need it, but when I saw him going for the toddler I couldn’t help but draw the sharp blade free and leapt at him.

The guns went off at the same time as our world exploded, but I continued wrestling with him even though he was a foot taller than I was. When he tried turning his gun back towards me, I decided it was time to end this and drew the blade across his carotid artery. He continued struggling as he gasped and blood sprayed everywhere, but I hung on for dear life.

“Freeze!!!” a voice yelled at me, “Drop the weapon!”

I carefully disentangled myself from the dead weight of the man, and then showed my hands. I had tunnel vision until then, and expected to look up at a large Amazonian SWAT team member like Jonah… But instead found myself looking at a little about six inches taller than me in full black tactical combat gear. He had his face hidden behind a mask.

“Identify yourself!” He called out to me.

“Doctor Holly Nickerson,” I told him.

“Clear!” He called out, “You’re Doc?” He asked with his weapon still pointing at me. He motioned with his head around the room, “Nice work,” he said.

Just then I heard a cry, “MEDIC!!!” from one of the men. Over on the ground I saw two of the members of the rescue team were suffering gunshot wounds.

“I’m a doctor, let me help one of them!” I told him.

He nodded and I grabbed the supplies that were left. I didn’t know that it mattered by then, but I gloved up anyway and got to work on one of the patients while the corpsman worked on the slightly worse case. “You know what you’re doing?” He asked me.

“I sure as hell hope so,” I told him and began working to slice away his clothing and the vest that hadn’t stopped the slightly off-center wounds. I counted three bullet wounds on my quick examination. Two were through and throughs in his side and right arm. More concerning though was another hole that was quickly filling with blood on his abdomen. I knew that was the bigger problem and focused on it. The trauma kits they gave me had some packing that I shoved into the wounds and ran a line with the universal blood they’d given me. I tossed a bag to the other medic too.

“Thanks,” he said and we were both working on stabilizing the patients. Several other Amazon doctors, including Ivy, suddenly appeared to help out.

Ivy began programming a nanite cluster and told me, “Get this to that first hole.”

I took care to maneuver it to the side of the spleen and said, “It should be there.”

“Get your hands clear,” she told me, “Activating!”

Over the next half-hour we did a procedure to save the little’s life that would have taken six or seven hours in my dimension. I couldn’t help but also think without the nanites that we would have lost him just as easily as the two-year-old the day before my eviction back home. With both of the patient’s vitals stabilized they were moved to an ICU unit for recovery.

“You can’t go with them…” I heard a doctor try and tell one of the uninjured team members.

“I’m a Hellcat, I go wherever the Hell I want! Don’t stop me!”

One of the nurses, who I remembered Ivy pointing out as a real bitch the first time I’d been at the hospital, tried to block him. In no time flat I watched her laying on the ground crying with an arm bent unnaturally in an open fracture. “You idiot!” one of the nearby officers said as she tried to get an assault charge filed, “They’re Hellcats! You can’t do that kind of shit! They are protected by International Law!”

I watched another young nurse follow the men, and thought that I may have heard her giggle. It was right then that I finally felt myself losing the rush of adrenaline that had carried me through the crisis. I looked up at Ivy, “Sorry, I probably did more stupid things today than in the history of littles.”

She smiled and hugged me tightly, “I’m quite sure of that. We’ll also need to talk about your potty mouth!” She looked stern before smiling with tears streaming from her face, “but I’m also quite certain you are the bravest person I’ve ever known!” She nearly squeezed me to death before pushing me away, “That being said, if you ever do anything that stupid again…”

“Just don’t send me to daycare again…?” I suggested hopefully.

She laughed and cried simultaneously while hugging me.

I looked up then and realized that her brother Jonah was standing there. He knelt down to where I stood and held out his hand. I let him envelop mine as he said, “You are the reason we only lost a few people today. You saved a lot of lives today… Thank you!”

I felt a tear go down my eyes, “I just did what I had to.”

He patted me on the head and hugged his sister tightly. “Ivy I love you to death, take good care of your little girl, she’s more special than I think you know.”

She hugged him back, “Thanks for all you did Jonah,” she told him.

“I really didn’t do anything. It was Little Miss Action Hero here and that insane little anti-terror squad. I didn’t understand why we were waiting, but now I know. The Hellcats are a legend in the Special Forces at this point. There’s not another unit that has the accuracy, speed, and tenacity to do something like that with no civilian losses. I know we couldn’t have made it in as cleanly just due to our needing bigger entry holes. Plus none of the terrorists expected to aim at their own height!”

“Well, thank you anyway,” I told him.

“You’re welcome Holly,” he said simply. “Ivy you had better bring her to Sunday dinner this weekend or Mom is going to kill all of us.”

Ivy sighed, “Yeah… we’ll be there.” She gave him another hug and then held her hand out, “Well Doc, shall we go borrow a staff shower here and get you cleaned up before we go home?”

I nodded and wondered at her not picking me up until I looked more at my body. I looked like I had been the one killed… ‘Good thing they have infectious diseases like STDs well under control here…’ I thought to myself. I walked beside her down the hallway and up a few levels. ‘Restricted Access Staff Only,’ was on the door that she swiped us through.

A few nurses gasped as we passed them, and one rushed over and asked, “Doctor Nickerson, what happened to her? Why isn’t she down in the ER getting checked out?”

She stepped in front of me, “Hi Kat… She’s fine, it’s not her blood. Doctor Nickerson here just saved a bunch of lives today, we’re just coming in here to get her cleaned up… you don’t happen to have a spare diaper and maybe some scrubs she can change into?”

I looked around her at the face of the nurse who was confused, “I can see if pediatrics has any scrubs her size… I can grab a gown or a onesie for certain?”

“We’d prefer scrubs, but otherwise what you can find works, we’re going to use the showers to get her cleaned up.”

“I’ll be there shortly,” she said.

IVY LOOKED DOWN at Holly who was aggressively ripping off her blood-soaked onesie. She used a pair of gloves to take it from her and put it in a hazardous disposal bin. Her shoes and socks soon followed, then finally the very well used diaper was removed and she wiped her bottom clean. “You’re getting a bit of a rash here Holly,” she told her.

Holly shrugged and told her, “Not surprised… my butt’s been covered in pee and poop all day long…”

‘I might have some cream in the office… may have to raid a nurse’s station,’ she thought before saying, “We’ll get some rash cream on it as soon as we can,” and turned on the faucet of the shower head far above Holly’s head.

Holly stepped into the shower and blood began peeling and making a gruesome pool on the tiled floor. She had been scrubbing herself for several minutes when Kat made it back out of breath. She whispered to Ivy, “Did she seriously perform two surgeries today? And, really take on the lead terrorist on her own?”

“Yes…” she told her, “How…?”

“She’s a good surgeon,” she told her back. “I took an important part of her life away when I adopted her,” she told her quietly. “What did you bring?”

“Oh, here is a diaper. They only had some toddler and newborn in her size. Since she’s walking, I brought the toddler… Here’s some soap, a couple surgical sponges, wipes, rash cream, and the smallest set of scrubs I’ve ever seen in my life… I didn’t know we even had that size!”

“I’m surprised we did,” Ivy told her as she looked at the purple scrubs that looked like they would only be half a size too big on Holly.

“Apparently, we keep them on hand for when a little comes in with their wife for labor…?” she shook her head, “Let me know if you need anything else. Everywhere I just went had everyone proclaiming her the most amazing hero they know of…”

Ivy gave a small smile at that, “That she is!”

“Is it… Is it true about Bob?” Kat asked her.

“Unfortunately, yes… they killed all of the daycare workers, Bob, and then his little girl.”

Kat gasped, “What about the terrorists?”

“All died in the rescue,” she told her.

“Make sure you get her some counseling,” she told her in a whisper again.

Ivy nodded, “Definitely.”

She nodded towards the shower, “I need to give her this.”

“I’ll see you soon,” Kat told her and left.

She opened the curtain and said, “Holly, here is some soap and a surgical sponge set… are you able to get yourself clean of everything?” she asked her.

A nod was her only answer as Holly took the items and turned to scrub every inch of her body she could reach.

I COULDN’T FOCUS from the moment the water turned on. It startled me when Ivy handed me the soap and the sponge. I found myself on autopilot as I scrubbed all of the blood off of me. I was glad as I did so that I didn’t find any open wounds for myself to have been infected easily through. ‘I’ll have to request a blood screening to make sure I don’t have anything…’

My eyes wouldn’t focus as I was on autopilot scrubbing myself. The fact that I had saved multiple lives was offset by my memory of killing a man… ‘I don’t even know his name…’ I thought as I kept scrubbing… and scrubbing…

“Here, I think you got everything but your back,” Ivy suddenly broke through my mind.

“Huh?” I asked as she grabbed the sponge from me and gently turned me around. She scrubbed at my back for a moment and turned off the water.

She wrapped me in a towel and picked me up in time for me to break down in tears.

“I didn’t want to…”

IVY FELT HER heart break as it was clear that the events had fully hit Holly. She would have gladly killed that man herself if she had the chance, but she knew she too would have been impacted. Here was her poor little girl… No little woman, she admitted - who had to kill when all she wanted in life was to save people. She hugged her tightly and kept her wrapped in the towel until she cried herself to sleep.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered to her as she laid her down and dressed her in the diaper and the scrubs. Carrying her out of the room dead asleep, nurses and doctors alike gave the pair a nod. She had no idea what was going to come in the future, but she knew that Holly would forever be respected at this hospital.

Everyone seemed to respect that she was sleeping and didn’t approach the pair, but she could tell that things had changed for Holly with the looks in everyone’s eyes. She wasn’t sure what was going to be the hardest thing to deal with to move on. ‘First thing once I get home is to take this soaked bra off and pump out the milk that I should have removed hours ago…’ she thought to herself as she carefully strapped Holly into her car seat.

As she drove home, the magnitude of the day began hitting her as hard as it hit Holly. Seeing her mom’s car in the driveway didn’t completely surprise her as she drove up. ‘Mom is probably going to give me an earful for not calling…’ she sighed. ‘When the hell would I have done that?’

She backed into the garage around her Mom’s car, and then walked around to Holly’s side of the car. The poor girl was still out cold, but that didn’t really surprise her much. Her own body was threatening to shut down due to the adrenaline she’d used, and Holly had a much smaller body in way more intense situation! As she opened the door to the house her mom looked at her expectantly.

“Mom, let me put her down in her crib first and then we can talk,” she told her.

The hug was impossible to dodge just then as she held onto her, “I love you so much sweetie… I’m so glad that you and Holly are alright!”

“I love you too Mom,” she told her. “Holly’s out cold though, let me get her to her crib. I’ll be back in a moment,” she told her.

“Of course,” she told her.

Ivy sighed as she opened up the nursery and took in the innocent sight of a room fit for a baby princess. It suddenly seemed wrong to her as she truly realized for the first time that Holly wasn’t just a misguided little that needed to be cared for like a baby. ‘I don’t think I can do anything else though…’ she thought morosely as she checked her diaper. It was dry as a bone, ‘I doubt she’s had anything to drink all day…’

She debated about trying to see if she could get her to nurse in her sleep for a moment when Holly stirred.

I LOOKED AROUND the room and saw I was being held by Ivy in the nursery at home. I hoped for a moment that the day had been some massive nightmare, but looking down at my body clothed in scrubs I knew it wasn’t. I felt tears come out of my eyes then and looked up at Ivy who likewise had her own tears showing right then too.

“You awake now?” she asked me.

I shrugged, “I guess… I’m still pretty sleepy. Adrenaline crash,” I told her.

“I’m not surprised, I’m dealing with my own right now. You want something to eat?” she asked me.

There was a… catch in her voice right then and I wondered what that was about.

I wasn’t really hungry, but I was thirsty. I saw that her bra was soaked and decided that I could help her and drunkenly land myself back to sleep where I could maybe forget about the last few hours.

“Just your milk?” I said quietly.

She looked surprised and I saw even more tears coming from her eyes, “Okay, we can do that.”

She sat me down on the ground for a second and pulled her scrub top off to reveal the bra that had massive areas around both nipples discolored from dried milk. She pulled it free and flung it on the ground before using a baby wipe to clean herself off of crusty milk residue. Once that was done, she bent down and picked me up, before sitting down in the rocking chair.

I was so thirsty - and so desperate to be asleep again that I practically leaped to her nipple and began sucking. Feeling the warmth of her breast, her teat on my tongue, and her heartbeat lulled me into a sense of comfort that I had not even dreamed possible a few hours before. Thoughts of everything faded away as the milk did its job and knocked me out.

IVY SAT THERE holding Holly for several minutes after she passed out from the milk just staring at her nursing in her sleep. It lacked the urgency of the first moments Holly had latched onto her, and she had wondered what had brought that on. ‘She’s never been that… enthusiastic before?’ she thought to herself. She managed to get her to latch onto her second breast before she went to sleep. She’d slowed to not really sucking anymore though, and there was still some milk she needed to get out. She sighed knowing that Holly definitely wouldn’t be waking up to finish the job anytime soon.

She felt Holly’s diaper, and found it was just a little bit damp. Normally she wouldn’t change her yet and risk waking her up, but with the bad diaper rash she had, she knew she couldn’t leave her in a wet diaper any longer than necessary. She laid her gently on the changing table and pulled her top and bottoms off as gently as she could. The top got caught slightly on her tangled hair for a moment, but miraculously Holly stayed asleep as she exposed her diaper. Gently she opened it, wiped her, placed a new diaper on her, and then dressed her in a light footless sleeper before laying her in the crib. Holly never showed any signs of waking up the whole time. Ivy skipped putting her soaked bra back on and pulled her scrub top on without it. She walked to the living room where her mom had sat down. “Dad’s not here, right?”

“No, he stayed home to do some work around the house,” she told her with a smile.

“Okay… I need to pump some milk and then I really need a shower before we talk.”

“That’s fine sweetie, but I thought maybe Holly would have nursed you dry?”

“She only made it through part of my second breast…” she sighed.

Walking to the kitchen she gathered her pump and hooked herself up. The pump was soon working and she couldn’t help but think, ‘It’s so much better when Holly nurses…’

Her mom walked over to the table and sat down next to her, “Penny for your thoughts?”

“Oh… I was just thinking…”

“Thinking what?”

She sighed, “It feels so much better when Holly does this.”

Her mom nodded, “I always preferred you all over the pump too… Well, at least until you started biting when your teeth came in… You were the worst one on that.”

Ivy blushed, “Sorry, glad Holly has never done that.”

“It would be karma though, huh?” her mom said with a smile.

They sat there quietly for a bit until she could tell it was okay to call it good and cleaned up without saying anything else. “I’m going to take that shower Mom,” she told her as she walked to her bedroom.

“Okay dear, I’ll work on making some dinner for you two.”

“I don’t know…”

“At some point Holly is going to wake-up and she’ll be genuinely starving. You just worry about yourself right now, I’ll worry about you and my grand-baby,” she told her.


“This is the part where you say ‘Yes, Mommy,’” she told her.

Ivy sighed, “Yes, Mommy.”

She did appreciate that her mother cared about how they were doing. The shower wasn’t long, as she couldn’t help but want to frequently check in on Holly. By the time she was out, had put on a comfortable stretchy top and yoga pants, she was convinced that Holly might have already woken up or something. However, when she checked in on the monitor in the nursery, she could tell that she was still soundly asleep in exactly the place she left her.

She sighed with relief as she walked out to the kitchen. Her mom had just put a casserole dish in the oven as she sat down. “What did you make?”

“Just a simple chicken pasta bake, it’ll be ready in about thirty-minutes,” she told her.

“Thank you… you didn’t have to do that.”

“Yes, I did, you’ve both just had a completely traumatic experience today from what little your brother told me.”

Ivy nodded slowly, “Mom… I…” And with that she devolved into tears and her own Mommy wrapped her in a tight hug as all of the emotional insanity of the day came out at once.

I SLEPT FOR a long while before I stirred. My room had blackout curtains so I couldn’t tell if it was still day or not outside, since the butterflies glowed either way. As I sat up, I could tell that I had been changed at some point into a sleeper… and I assumed a dry diaper. The one I had on didn’t seem to be wet, so I wondered ‘how recently?’ I stood up in my crib and stretched. I looked at the LittleProtect watch on my wrist and saw that it was about three hours after I last remembered looking at the time.

I looked around the room and the dichotomy of the odd day hit me like a ton of bricks. ‘I just performed two emergency surgeries, killed the leader of a terrorist group… and yet I’m still sleeping in a damn baby crib!’ I was feeling annoyed as the door swung open. It wasn’t Ivy like I expected, instead it was her mom who came over and quietly said. “Mommy is sleeping right now; I came to help you two out tonight. You hungry?”

My stomach chose that moment to grumble so I nodded, “I could eat…” I said nervously knowing how she always seemed one step from the crazy babying amazon type.

She picked me up and felt my diaper, “Doesn’t feel very wet at all. Your mommy said you had a bit of a rash though, so let’s go ahead and change you to be safe?”

I just nodded and went limp as she pulled open some crotch snaps that this particular sleeper had. The diaper was nearly dry, but I could see a bit of brown on the wipe as she did my butt. ‘Damn amazon breast milk…’ I griped. ‘Yet you went straight for the boob juice when you had the chance earlier!’ I shook my head.

She had me dressed in a new diaper and back in the sleeper before carrying me to the high chair in the kitchen and placing a bib around my neck. “Give me a few minutes, I’ll have to heat yours with the microwave. You slept way past dinner,” she told me.

I nodded, “It was a long day,” I told her.

She nodded, “That’s what your Uncle Jonah said… He called and told me I needed to get over here. He only told me a little bit, but not everything. The news claims a bunch of pretty crazy things happened?” She placed one of my plates of food down on the trail filled with more pasta than I could ever eat. “Here, your mommy said you’d be able to feed yourself with a fork.”

I stared at her in surprise and took the opportunity. I used the small fork I’d been given to stab the largest rigatoni noodle that could possibly exist and put it into my mouth. The pasta had an Alfredo sauce on it, and it was really good! “I guess that’s one way of putting it… what did the news say?”

“Well they said that a group of littles had found some guns and decided to bring them to daycare to play with, thinking they were just toys?”

I groaned, “So nothing about them being a terrorist cell?”

“What?!?” She asked. “Surely you’re kidding. They were just littles who got some things they shouldn’t?”

“Before I correct that idiocy, what else did they say?”

“Well… one thing… they mentioned a little girl that everyone was calling ‘Doc’ managed to save the life of one of the babies in there?”

I nodded, “Well that part is true… what else did they say?”

“Well… they claimed that a mythical special forces unit, made up entirely of littles, was the group to make the rescue?”

“The Hellcats I think they called them,” I nodded. “That part’s true.”

“They mentioned that same little helped patch up one of those who was injured…”

“Also, true,” I told her. “So, did they mention the body count?”

“Body count? They didn’t say that anyone died?”

I sighed, “You want to hear the true account?”

“You’re not just going to make up some big fairytale?”

I snorted and shook my head, “Believe me, if I were making up stuff, I would never come close to the reality of today.” I took another bite of the large pasta and chewed it before taking a drink from the baby bottle of juice she had sat on the tray.

“Go ahead then?” She asked. “Ivy… I mean your mommy couldn’t talk about it…”

“Things were going mostly okay this morning until all of the sudden two of the littles in the nursery pulled out some automatic weapons. They shot the three nannies that ran the room in the head, and then ten more of them came inside the room from somewhere. They had apparently run through and shot up the other nannies in the daycare on their way in.”


“Not kidding, it happened. Ask Jonah if you don’t believe me after this…” I shook my head, “I checked on all three of them really quick to make sure there wasn’t anything I could do for them before joining the hostages in a corner. After a while the masked leader had me examine this little that they had broken in for.”

“Was she shot or something?”

I shook my head and took another quick bite of food, “No, she wasn’t responding to any of them, and had been in the newborn room… He wanted to know what had been done to her.”


I looked at her curiously and decided to hell with it, I’d be honest about what I felt. “Someone had butchered the poor girl and sliced up her Achilles tendon, along with another set on her biceps to keep her from being able to walk or crawl. They pulled all of her teeth out and performed what I guessed was a hysterectomy. They’d also performed a mastectomy badly as well.”


“Most of the time surgery like that shouldn’t leave scars in this dimension… They had to have intended to leave scars…” I shook my head, “That’s really the only explanation for the massive scars I saw. I examined her and couldn’t get any signs of mental awareness out of her. I told them that if I had the girl as a patient back home, I’d diagnose it as a Persistent Vegetative State… He became beyond upset and I was worried he’d attack me for a second, before the police tried a first run at getting inside. The twelve of them pushed back and held them from coming in, but in the process a little two-year-old amazon girl was shot.”

“They shot a baby?” She said in horror.

“I’m not sure which side shot her, but yeah… I immediately began trying to stabilize her with what little I had in the nursery. Jonah and Ivy helped me out on the outside by getting me a few trauma kits and a stretcher for her. It was touch and go, but I was able to dig the bullet out and use the nanite kit they’d given me to get her back together.”

“By yourself?!?”

“I know you all have this blind spot to our height, but I really was a very good surgeon back home! Ivy was kind enough to let me study everything here to where I feel like I know more than when I left home even.”

“Sorry… continue?” She asked.

I took a few more bites of food to make her wait and fill my stomach some more. “After that they were negotiating and I pushed for them to let the baby go so they could care for her better outside. I pointed out that she wasn’t much use as a hostage anyway then… So, they made a trade for the CEO of the hospital who was the person responsible for the damaged little in the end…”

“That must be the guy they say was accidentally shot?”

I shook my head, “Nothing accidental there - and he definitely wasn’t shot. Once they learned of just how far the guy had gone with the poor girl, he was stabbed in the heart… Well, that’s after he had his same ligaments cut, and some of his skin peeled off,” I shuddered at the thought of it.

Ivy’s mom looked at me in horror then, “Please tell me…” she shook her head. “Never mind, you warned me in advance this would be too big of a tale to make up… So, how’d you make it out?”

“Well after that he shot the girl that they’d come for. He told me he did it to put her out of her misery. Then he really started pushing it with the negotiator again… I figured out that it was Jonah actually.” Talk about family connections! “He threatened to start killing genuine babies in twenty minutes. I distracted him a little bit by asking about the girl, and who was she? Turned out she used to be the leader of their faction until she was captured. Apparently, they had a pact that if this kind of thing ever happened to them, they would make sure they were never stuck living like that. He actually offered to include me in the pact…”

Her face blanched at that, “What did you say?”

“I politely declined…” I shook my head, “I like living! When we were done talking, I watched him moving to kill his first toddler hostage not far from me. That was when I did the dumbest thing of the day and leaped on him to try and stop him.”

“He had a gun?!?”

“Yep - like I said… dumb. I had hidden a scalpel in my diaper though and ended… end…” I hiccoughed from nerves and emotions coming back. “Ended up having to use it on him. I severed his carotid artery and held on until he was dead, while all hell broke loose around me with the rescue team of littles breaching.”

“You… killed him…?”

I nodded, “I had to… I couldn’t let an innocent baby die!” I felt tears going down my face then. “I’ve lost patients on the operating table before… but nothing prepared me to feel his life leaving him from a wound I made intentionally…” I choked back a full sob. I shook my tears back though then… “I was ordered to drop the knife and they held their guns on me until I identified myself. A few moments later I was working on one of the two members of their team who had beeb shot, while their corpsman worked on the other.”

“You saved another life?”

“Well for that one I had help. There were a number of doctors including Ivy that showed up to pitch in…” I told her.

“Don’t let her fool you Mom,” I heard Ivy and jolted in surprise. “This little girl is one of the best surgeons I’ve ever seen, and she is the reason two people are alive medically today. And, probably a lot more by her fearless actions. She’s an amazing real heroine…” she told me as she came and kissed my head and hugged me.

“You’re supposed to be asleep?” I suggested.

“So are you?”

I shrugged at that and took a few more bites of my food that was getting colder. “Is there a chance you could heat this up again?”

“Sure,” Ivy said and took the plate from me. It was steaming when she returned it a few minutes later.

I munched on the rest of it while the two of them talked a little until I was full. As much as I hadn’t eaten much real food that day, I still left a lot on the plate.

I burped and said, “Excuse me…”

“She is so much more polite than Katies kids…” Ivy’s mom told her.

I blushed but said, “Thanks…”

At that point she stood up and came for my plate, “I’ll do the dishes here if you want to get Holly cleaned up?”

I looked at my hands and face, wondering what there was to clean up, but just sat patiently while Ivy unstrapped me and wiped my hands with a wipe anyway and removed the bib I was wearing. She returned to her seat at the table with me in her lap. The warmth of her body was surprisingly reassuring and I leaned back into her shoulder and watched her mom do the dishes.

The bottle of juice I hadn’t quite finished was presented to me, “I’m guessing you’re still pretty dehydrated, drink this.” Ivy told me.

I nodded, “Probably…” I nursed it dry and commented, “I’m going to feel like I have a hangover when I wake up tomorrow at this rate…”

Her mom looked scandalized by my comment, “How do you even know what a hangover is?”

“Umm… Because I’m really an adult? And in my dimension from the age of twenty-one I could legally drink?” I giggled thinking back, “And I definitely had one the day I came here!”

“Oh…?” Ivy asked, ignoring her mom’s face. “You did?”

“Well… In case this was really how things went… I figured I might as well go out with a bang?”

Ivy nodded, “I don’t drink, but I could see it…”

“I didn’t really normally either, but in that case, it seemed like a good idea at the time.”

“Well… I got those dishes done for you Ivy… You should have enough leftovers for at least lunch tomorrow. I’m going to go ahead and get home and make sure your dad hasn’t destroyed the house.”

Ivy stood up then and placed me on her hip. She walked over to her mom where she was gathering her purse, “Thanks Mom for coming and looking after us.”

“You’re my baby, it’s just what you do,” she said with a smile.

Ivy gave her a hug with the arm that wasn’t supporting me. “I love you Mom.”

“Love you too,” she told her and then gave a peck on my forehead. “And I love this little grandbaby too! Be a good girl for your Mommy!”

We watched as she gathered her purse and walked out the front door with Ivy locking it behind her. She carried me to the large couch in the living room and sat me down next to her, “Can we talk?” she asked.


“About you? About whatever it is I’m going to do with you?”

“I thought you’d decided that before I even came to your world,” I told her tepidly.

“I had…”


“I could have picked another little you know?” She wiped a tear from her eye, “I told my adoption agent on this side I wanted a little girl. The one from your side was insistent though that I would love you to death. The idea of a little doctor was astonishing to me and she managed to convince me you were the one.”

I nodded, keeping my face passive. ‘Where is she going with this?’

“From the time I first saw the video of you performing surgery I fell in love with you. You were doing things in really outdated techniques there, but you were clearly incredibly skilled! Your calm and collective manner in the theater was amazing to me… and I almost decided you needed to stay there then…”

“So, what changed…?”

“I couldn’t help wanting you still… and you were willing to come.”

I nodded, “Not one of my brightest moments looking back.” She looked hurt at that. “Look… I forgive you for that part, I honestly have gotten some good out of it. No worries about finding a job or a new place to live… I just hate that I can’t do what I love here.”

She nodded, “I hate that too.” She leaned over and squeezed me in a hug, “I’m so proud of you for today. The way you saved that baby’s life! And then saving that other man too!”

“Well I wasn’t alone on the man…”

“He would have died if treatment had been delayed even one more minute - you know that!”

“Maybe…” I said. “All I could think of earlier was that I was glad I didn’t lose that little girl…” I looked up at her, “The day I lost my apartment back home was the day after I had lost a girl on the table…”


I nodded, “Car accident… We worked on her for like fourteen hours… I thought we had her stabilized multiple times only for another problem to come up. She had multiple places she was bleeding internally and we just couldn’t find them all.”

“I know the feeling,” she told me. “I’ve lost patients too…”

“It sucks…” I told her. “Days like today are always nice though.”

“They are,” she told me. “Except the whole terrorist part…”

I shuddered at that, “That…” I wiped tears from my face, “That part sucked…”

“Are you going to be okay?” She asked me.

I shook my head, “Not overnight, no.” I told her honestly. “I assume I’ll have nightmares for a long time about the whole thing… especially from when I… when I… when I killed him.”

She picked me up then and cuddled me as I quietly cried. “Even in your world it would have been okay to cry about this,” she told me and hugged me.

I nodded.

After a long while she asked, “So are you feeling tired right now?”

I shrugged, “I… I don’t know… not really?”

“Me neither,” she said. “Want to watch a movie or something?”

I shrugged, “I guess…?”

“Go watch one of yours?” she suggested.

I thought for a second, “You know… there’s one you might appreciate…” I hesitated, “And… we can watch it until we fall asleep because it’s a long trilogy…”


“You bring the popcorn?” I suggested.

“After a change?” she countered.

I made a face and realized that once again the damn diaper was wet. “That first I guess…”

She carried me to the nursery and changed me. “You want something else to wear?”

I shook my head, “This is pretty comfy actually,” I admitted about the sleeper.

She sat me down on the floor while she worked on popcorn and filled some drinks up. I watched her leave the room for a moment before coming back with a gigantic fuzzy blanket that was covered in the picture of a children’s show cartoon character from this dimension. I noted it looked older and asked, “Is that your special blankie?”

She blushed, “Maybe?”

I giggled at her, “Maybe, huh?”

“I’ve had it since I was in college…”

“And they didn’t give you a hard time…?”

“My roommate was just as bad…” she tried to excuse herself as she gathered everything and walked to the back door. She opened it up and led me out back to the playhouse. The night sky was dark and I could just see some stars peeking out even through the city lights. It was a quick trip to the playhouse where she opened up the Amazon sized door and motioned me inside.

I went to the TV and worked to find the cases I was looking for, and cued up the first Lord of the Rings movie.

“I thought you told me you don’t have littles in your dimension?” She asked confused.

I smiled at her, “This is fantasy… and they’re Hobbits…”

Somehow the surreal fantasy was truly a great way to deal with the day as the night wore on. The violence made my stomach cringe in light of the day, but there was something comforting in Tolkien’s tale. My favorite quote of it especially gave me hope.

Frodo said, “I wish the Ring had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened.”

Gandalf replied, “So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.”

That night I stayed awake until the White Ship set sail for the West.

IVY LOOKED DOWN at Holly and couldn’t help but think, ‘That was actually really good…’ She was surprised that both were still awake after the nearly twelve hours of the trilogy… She’d had to go to the bathroom and changed Ivy out of one poopie diaper. She was definitely wet now, having been given a never-ending amount of Plapple juice in bottles to try and rehydrate her. Actually, she noticed that she was leaking quite a bit. ‘Oops…’ she thought, realizing she was wet too.

“Come on you, let’s get you changed…” she told her.

“Yeah… I leaked…” Holly told her.

“Yep, but it’ll wash,” she told her while squeezing her reassuringly. She stood Holly up on her feet and was surprised that she was still standing without much fatigue showing. Gathering the blanket, she put the empty baby bottle and her own cup inside the popcorn tub, before opening up the door to leave her playhouse. They wordlessly walked to the kitchen where she deposited the items in the sink to deal with in the morning. Then she led Holly to her nursery.

“Let’s get you changed and then see if we can’t both get some sleep…” she told her as she picked her up.

She unzipped her from the sleeper and pulled her free of the garment that had a noticeable set of wet crescents around the legs. The tabs of the diaper made an audible ‘scrich’ sound as she pulled them open. Ivy grabbed Holly’s ankles with one hand and pulled her butt from the soaked diaper. She took the moment to grab a baby wipe and wiped her clean of all of the pee and a little bit of poo from her bum. Opening a new diaper up she sat Ivy’s butt on top of it and wrapped the old one in a ball to put in the diaper disposal.

‘Definitely need some more rash cream on her… oops…’ she thought. Her bottom wasn’t redder, but she shouldn’t have left her in a wet diaper that long again. ‘I wonder if I can get her to wander around naked for a while tomorrow…’ She shook her head, ‘I wouldn’t want to… I need to…’ she sighed and finished up the job of putting more rash cream on and then rubbed it gently all over her bottom and a little on the other red spots on her front. She closed the diaper and then dressed her in another sleeper.

“Would you like to nurse for a bit?”

Holly looked up at her and sighed, “You know I really don’t mind that part of it. I don’t like that I lost my potty training because of it…” she wriggled for a moment upright in her arms, “It’s comforting though, and whatever hormones your body produces in it makes me feel good. The dopamine or whatever it causes to release… I like that part…”

Ivy squeezed her, “If we stopped you might regain your control…”

Holly shook her head, “As long as I’m living with you though you’ll continue to produce your milk. It’s not worth you being miserable… or breaking my addiction with it at this point. Besides from what I can tell from the research it’s about a fifty-fifty shot at regaining control after eight weeks.”

Ivy felt even guiltier, “If you change your mind, I’ll do everything I can to potty train you.”

Holly sighed, “Just pull your boob out already?”

She smirked at that, “So all I am to you is a set of walking boobs?”

“Well… if the bra fits,” Holly stuck her tongue out at her afterwards.

She couldn’t resist tickling her for a second and sat down in the rocking chair. Ivy pulled the top of her pajama set she was wearing down and helped Holly latch onto her. It was a pleasant sensation for Ivy as Holly sucked the milk out of her breast. Too pleasant… she was just as addicted to the sensation as Holly was from the milk.

‘I can’t keep her as a baby though,’ she thought to herself. ‘Sending her back to that daycare is definitely not an option now… I don’t know what the hell I’m going to do…’

She burped Holly gently before switching her to her other breast. Ivy noted that while Holly was a little more flexible and relaxed from earlier, she was still really tense as she nursed the other breast. There was no sign of her going to sleep as she drained her right breast. She burped her and wiped her breasts with a wipe, noting the wide-open eyes still.

Thinking for a second, “How about you sleep with Mommy tonight?”

Holly looked at her and said, “That…” she could see her think for a second, the wheels turning behind her eyes, “That sounds good actually…”

Ivy carried her to her bedroom and left her on the bed while she went to the bathroom and pulled her hair back. Holly stared at her the whole time, really only moving to by one of her pillows and leaning on it. Done brushing her teeth she pulled the covers back and cuddled Holly to her.

“I love you,” Holly suddenly told her.

She was shocked and felt tears stream down her face as she squeezed her small body even closer to hers. “I love you too Holly Bear,” she replied.

Eventually both fell asleep wondering what the new day would bring. No matter what both knew their worlds had changed.

I’m going to be traveling the rest of this week on a business trip. I may or may not post a couple more chapters on Friday. With three more chapters remaining hopefully it also gives some of you a chance to catch up! If you haven’t read this before please consider leaving me a comment! Thanks for reading!


Yeah !!

Such a great story from you again. I think I saw it before in an other place but hadn’t read it at the time. What a fool I can be …

I really like the relationship between your main characters which are not completely abusive and with amazones who have some brain left concerning littles capacities.

If you have not read Exange please do yourself this pleasure before :

I also appreciate a lot the references to other stories like Exange : the Westerfields, hellcats, and spice tolerance were nice but Nimitz name made me shudder a little … By the way I’m now totally conviced that the end of Exange is just a cover up for Hellcats assignments but I know you can’t confirm or deny that information :wink: (please don’t throwaway my hopes :pray:).

Can’t wait to read more soon.

Thanks for your work.

Thank you for commenting! I very much appreciate you reading and letting me know what you think!

Chapter 24:

SOMETIME THE NEXT morning I became aware I was too hot. I felt Ivy’s strong arms squeezing me tighter as I tried to get loose from her gripping me like a teddy bear. “Morning Princess,” she told me and let me wriggle free.

I looked at my watch and saw it was after lunch time. “Wow… it’s late.”

“Yes, it is, we should probably get moving. Definitely need to get that diaper changed before you leak on Mommy’s bed!”

I sat up and stretched as she got out from the covers and picked me up. “Actually, Mommy needs to go pee, why don’t you go wait by the changing table?”

She sat me down pretty quickly and I wondered, ‘How close was she to an accident?’ I grinned thinking about the sweet justice of a Big having one! I followed her directions though and toddled my way to my nursery. I definitely needed a change! My diaper inflated enough that it made me waddle! I poked at it for a second and then wandered around my room wondering how long she was going to be.

She was quickly there though, and scooped me up to change me. “The rash is looking better already,” she told me even as she had applied more of the cream. I wasn’t a huge fan of it because of the weird odor, and it seemed to stick a bit to the fabric of the diaper.

She carried me to my closet and said, “What do you want to wear today?”

“Are we going anywhere?” I asked her.

She shook her head, “No, not planning to.”

I looked at the wardrobe options and pointed at a one-piece creeper outfit that I knew was pretty comfortable. It was pink and had a lacy top section by the collar. It snapped all the way down the front through the crotch. It provided a small amount of material, almost like an ultrashort pair of shorts at the end. It was really babyish… but it was also really comfortable.

Soon I was eating leftover pasta in my high chair. When I was done, she had cleaned me up, and I figured she was about to suggest nursing and a nap, when the doorbell rang.

“Who could that be?” Ivy asked and picked me up. She placed me on her hip and walked to the door. I leaned with her as she looked through the peephole, “There’s no one out there?”

She unlocked the door and we looked down to see the leader of the Hellcats wearing a set of BDUs. “Hi, what can I do for you sir?”

“I’m Colonel Jackal, may I come in?” the man asked.

“Umm… sure,” she told him.

“I was hoping to speak to you two…” he told us as he walked in the door and Ivy closed the door behind him.

I could feel him examining me from the top down as we sat down on the couch together and he sat on the opposite end after easily scaling the couch. I blushed at this ‘adult’ viewing me as a ‘baby.’

“Sure, what can we do for you?” Ivy asked.

“First I want to thank you Doc, you managed to save a lot of lives yesterday.”

“Not all of them,” I said sadly.

“If you’re thinking about the terrorist, I urge you not to feel guilty. He made his choice, and you made the only one possible to save that baby. We would not have been able to save the baby if he’d been left alone.”

I nodded, “Mentally I know that… Emotionally that’s going to take some time.”

“Well regardless of the next thing I want to talk about, we have some people we can put you in touch with to help you deal with that. PTSD is a real thing and I would be shocked if you don’t suffer from it at least a little bit after this.”

I nodded, “Thanks…”

“You wanted to talk about more?” Ivy asked.

“Yes… Look, normally I don’t come in and talk to adopted littles and their bigs about something like this. Usually we only recruit from free littles.”

“Recruit?!?” Ivy asked suddenly.

“Yes, recruit. Doctor Nickerson, Doc here is an incredibly talented doctor with a good head on her shoulders… We’ve done some checking and we think it’s a waste of her abilities to just leave her in a daycare pretending to be a mindless baby.”

I thought for sure with something like that Ivy would tell him to ‘get the hell out of her house…’

“I agree Colonel,” Ivy told him.

“What?!?” I said suddenly and turned my head up towards her.

“I agree, I’ve felt guilty about this for weeks… but I don’t have an answer. Holly you’re adopted and if I just free you, it is exceptionally likely you’ll just be adopted by someone else… Someone that would be more like Bob…” she choked up then. I looked back at the man. “What are you offering her Colonel?”

“Holly’s freedom. She would come with us and go through our boot camp… it’s all of the physicality of a normal military boot camp, along with intense potty training for a little like Doc. When she passes, she gets assigned to our hospital on the base, and she’ll have occasional deployments to be on scene for emergencies on ops.”

“What about her adoption?” Ivy asked.

“This agreement would render it invalid, and her credentials as a member of the Hellcats would prevent her from ever being legally adopted in the future.”

“What about Ivy?” I asked softly.

“Her claim on you goes away.”

I looked up at her and the tears streaming from her eyes and realized I really had grown to genuinely love her. With no family in the other dimension there was nothing keeping me there… but here? I looked at my clothes and over at his BDUs and wondered if I really wanted a military life. Yes, I would be free… I could probably even get my body set to have a puberty and become a full-grown woman with kids of my own there…

“How soon do you need an answer?” I asked him.

“Preferably in the next week since we’ll have transport in the area, but this will be an open-ended offer,” he replied.

“Length of my term of service?”

“Two years minimum,” he told me.

“Give me your contact information please?” I told him.

We traded information and he left. Ivy sat down on the floor to where she was closer to my level. “Why didn’t you just tell him yes?”

“Two reasons…” I told her standing at my height and realizing even then I wasn’t close to her shoulder. “One, making a snap decision led me here… maybe not the best of ideas…” I giggled.

She gave me a thin grin, “Maybe not…”

“Two… I’m not sure if that’s what I want…” I paused and sighed, “I’m… I’m also not sure I want to leave you…”

With that she gave me a big hug and asked, “why don’t we go ahead and give you some boob milk and then maybe take a nap?”

I nodded and waited for her to shrug her shirt out of the way. I was soon latched on and trying to figure out what I wanted to do.

IVY LOOKED DOWN at Holly sleepily nursing from her second breast. There was a different sensation when she was really asleep and auto-nursing as she thought of it. It was like when she was nursing a pacifier instead, and she had definitely reached that stage now.

‘Why didn’t she just take that offer?’ she wondered. ‘It can’t be as simple as me…’

She carried her to the nursery and changed the damp diaper before placing her in her crib to nap. She grabbed the monitor and walked to the living room. As an afterthought she stopped and grabbed her phone from her bedroom and took it with her to sit down. She was just about to turn the TV on to watch something when the phone rang.


“Hi, Doctor Nickerson?”


“This is Marcus Wethington, I’m on the board of directors at the hospital?”

She thought back to the fancy meet and greet fundraisers she’d had to attend and said, “Yes sir, I remember you. What can I do for you?”

“Well first, how are you and your little… Doc is her name? Today?”

“Her name is actually Holly… Mostly okay so far. Yesterday was a bit rough on both of us.”

“Of course, sorry the news is calling her Doc… When they interviewed some of the littles parents from inside the daycare, she was all they could talk about.”

“Oh? I haven’t watched any TV at all… I didn’t want to upset Holly if she saw it.”

“Well at some point you should probably at least get a copy of the newspaper. She is being considered the biggest heroine ever for littles.”

“Probably should be…” she told him, “I still can’t believe what she pulled off in there.”

“Neither can we to be honest. Look, myself and the board really need to talk to you as soon as we can. Is there a chance we could stop by your house?”

“Umm… I guess. If Holly needs something though I’ll have to take care of whatever she needs.”

“Of course! Would right now work?”

‘What the hell is going on?’ she wondered to herself. “I guess…?”

“You’re still at the address we have on file at the hospital?”

“Yes sir,” she responded nervously.

“Great, we’ll be by in ten minutes.”

‘Ten minutes?!?’ She suddenly realized she was still in her pajamas! She jumped up and ran to her bedroom and quickly put on some jeans and a t-shirt thinking that would be okay since she was at her house. She made a quick look around the house and saw there was too much stuff out for caring for a little… ‘No way am I going to have this house spotless…’ she thought. She did quickly move the swing, playpen, and walker out of the way to her bedroom. She had a few folding chairs she kept on hand for company, that she dug out in record time. She was just about to check on Holly really quick when the doorbell rang.

‘Good thing I soundproofed her room to where the ring doesn’t reach inside there…’ she thought as she hurried to the door. Standing at her door was the full board of directors… all eleven of them remaining after Bob was killed.

“Good afternoon Doctor,” Marcus Wethington said as he led the way into her house. She grabbed the kitchen table chairs to add to the others in the living room.

“Can I get you all anything?”

“No thank you Doctor, we’re not planning on taking up too much of your time,” an older woman she remembered was Sylvia Pinkerton, one of the wealthiest women in town.

“Well… umm… what can I do for you?”

“Well… it’s more what we want to do for you,” Sylvia said.

“Okay…?” she responded, ‘stop sounding like an idiot!’ She admonished herself.

“We’d like to offer you Bob’s position,” Marcus said.

“Me? Shouldn’t you be doing a search committee? CEOs are never just hired…?” She asked incredulously.

“Normally yes… but in this case we believe we already have the best candidate. You’ve been running Pediatrics very smoothly for several years now. We’re sure that you would do a good job with the hospital as a whole. Add in the fact that the staff loves you, from the other doctors, to the nurses, to the custodial staff – absolutely no one has a negative thing to say about you.”

“I’m sure there’s somebody,” she thought thinking of how many times she’d chewed out an incompetent person.

“Not really,” Sylvia added her two cents.

“Well…” she thought for a second. “I would have a condition…”

I WOKE UP and found I was in my crib. I sighed as I thought, ‘If I took him up on that offer at least I wouldn’t have to be trapped when I sleep…’

I sat there thinking about the offer some more until Ivy must have seen me awake on the monitor. She came in and asked, “Awake now?”

I nodded, “Change me please?”

“Of course,” she told me and had me laying down on the changing table and in a new diaper. “How about we have a movie marathon for the rest of the day?”

“Another one?”

“Did you have something else you wanted to do?”

I shrugged as she pulled my legs up into the air, “Not really…”

“You showed me one of your fantasy movie series from back home, how about I show you one of ours?”

“That might be kind of cool,” I acknowledged. “But… you like that genre?” with some surprise in my voice.

“I’m a bit of a geek at times,” she told me with a smile as she wiped me. When she was done putting on the new diaper, she dressed me in another one-piece blanket sleeper instead of my previous outfit.

“Pajamas already?” I wondered.

“Don’t worry, I’ll go put mine on too. Then we’ll order some Chinese food for dinner?”

I nodded, “Okay, sounds a bit like undergrad…”

She smiled, “Yeah it does.”

The night went by pretty quickly with a trilogy that would have been appreciated back home. Elves, dragons, and orcs were all enemies of humans in it. There was a love interest then with a human and an elf princess… Well, it was pretty good all things considered. My only issue with them is that apparently along with longer days, their ‘adult’ movie length was also longer. The trilogy lasted a couple hours into the new day and we were once again up waaaay too late!

I fell asleep nursing that night trying to think of what I wanted to do about that offer. ‘I have a feeling that if I want to do it the Hellcats wouldn’t let Ivy say no over it…’

‘I don’t know that I want to be in a military force though…’

THE NEXT MORNING came way too quickly for my tastes after the two consecutive late nights. Both Ivy and I looked like hell as she got us both ready that morning to visit her parents. She dressed me in a pretty, but really short, yellow dress with an attached onesie. I liked it for being able to hold up my diaper as it got wetter. ‘I’ve learned droopy diapers suck…’ I mused. Ivy liked it because it made me look like her adorable toddler.

In the driveway of her parents’ house I counted the same number of cars from the last time we had come a couple months ago. For some reason Ivy had avoided all of these gatherings since then… ‘Why?’ I wondered. The last time had been really awkward with poor Janice’s situation. And, Kelly being a brat… And, Katie being whatever she was… As she stepped through the front door it was obvious that a lot of changes had indeed taken place since we’d come last.

The biggest was a playpen in the middle of the room that held Janice sitting in a onesie and sucking on a pacifier. Her face looked all red, like she’d been crying. ‘He decided she would be a baby after all?’ I wondered. The person drawing my ire though was one of the first to greet us. “Hi Ivy, Holly,” Jonah came and gave us a hug.

“Hi,” I said timidly.

“How are you doing?” He asked me sincerely.

I shrugged, “So far I haven’t had the nightmares I expect to happen.”

“When they come, don’t be too afraid to ask for help,” he told me in a voice that was different than I remembered him using towards me on my previous visit.

“I’ll remember that,” I told him, “Thanks.

Ivy’s dad came over and greeted us with a kiss on the forehead. “There’s the hero!” he said to me.

I blushed, “I don’t know about hero…”

“I do,” Jonah spoke up. “The news definitely thinks you are…” he added.

“News?” I asked. I looked up at Ivy.

She shrugged, “We haven’t honestly watched it at all,” she told me.

“I have…” her dad said, “Somehow they got a video of the takedown you did.”

I felt my stomach turn a bit with that, “How much…?”

“How much did they show?” Ivy finished for me.

“All of it,” Jonah said.

“Even…?” I asked.

“Yes… most stations put up a blur over you two.”

“Not all?” I asked

“No, two local and one national just warned viewers,” her dad said.

I felt my stomach doing weird things and swallowed back the vomit that threatened to come out. I think Jonah sensed that and decided to change the subject, “You want to set her down with Janie for a little bit?”

“Why’s she in a playpen?”

“Kelly and Janie haven’t been doing too well together on Sundays, so I offered to bring her pen. She chose to sit in it instead of playing with Kelly today.”

I looked over at her again, then over at Kelly, who was bossily trying to get Julie to crawl by moving one hand and leg then another… Unfortunately, there was no way that would work thanks to the butchery Katie had done to the poor girl. Ivy looked at me and I nodded, “Sure for a little bit.”

She hugged me and whispered, “I won’t go far and I promise it won’t be long.”

“Thanks,” I whispered.

The ‘adults’ moved to sit around on the couch on the other side of the living room. I looked at Janice and whispered, “Janice, what happened to you?”

“Whadoyoumean?” she said around the pacifier.

“You’re an adult?” I suggested.

She shook her head and pulled her pacifier out. “Nuh-uh, my boss decided Daddy was right that I was just a baby… so she told me I needed to stay home with him.”

“She fired you?”

“Nope, I’m a baby! Babies can’t work! I get to go to Auntie Katie’s daycare now. It’s lots more fun! You should come! We could play and have so much fun together!!!” She smiled and moved the toy rattle she had up and down.

I shook my head, “Umm… I have my own daycare my mommy takes me to…”

Her larger frame meant that the playpen appropriate for her was a bit larger than mine at Ivy’s house. Even with the larger sized pen though, she was big enough that there wasn’t a ton of space in there. I ended up leaning with my back against the side of the mesh where I could look at her and also keep an eye out for Kelly. She was now talking to Ivy and showing her big girl panties off for some reason. It looked to me like she’d grown quite a bit just since we’d seen her. Her dad grunted as he picked her up and talked about how big she was getting.

I looked back at Janice, “So umm… what about being married?”

“Daddy adopted me, I can’t be his wifee no more,” she said.

‘So, he did do it…’ I thought.

I was debating what else I could do to kill time when Janice stood up and crouched in what I had learned from experience was a poopie crouch. “Umm, Janie do you need to go potty?” I asked.

“Janie goes potty in her diapees like all good girls,” she said with a giggle as she filled the back of the diaper.

The smell hit me and I wanted to gag. I looked over at Ivy and made eye contact with a motion towards Janice. She stood up and came over, “Peee-eeeew,” she said, “Someone over here is a stinky baby!”

She made a point of picking me up and sniffing me, “I know it’s not you,” she whispered, “I’ll get her changed…”

“Not my Princess,” she said. “Janice are you stinky?”

“Stinky!” she exclaimed and then happily sat down on her poop to smush it.

She picked her up and said, “Jonah, your baby needs changed.” She definitely emphasized the word baby in such a way I could tell she wasn’t really happy about it.

“She likes her poopies,” Katie said, “Just let her play in her diapee for a bit. It’s good for her to accept her place.”

“She’ll get a rash or a UTI,” Ivy said angrily.

“Well then you change her,” Jonah said. “I’m with Katie on this. If you want to change her, I left her bag upstairs.”

“Ugh,” she looked at Janice, “Well since they’re too lazy, I’ll get you to being a pretty smelling girl again.” She moved her to her right hip and then reached down and managed to grab me and placed me on her left hip. “Definitely glad you’re an only child…” she said as she made her way up the staircase. She sat me down in the nursery and went to work on the oversized baby.

“You knew?” I asked her as she undid the diaper.

She tickled Janice a little to get a giggle and nodded at me, “It’s why we haven’t been coming on Sundays. I can’t stand to know they’ve done this to her.”

“What all have they done?” I asked softly.

“Hypnosis, the potty training went with drinking breast milk several times a day… that’s it so far I think.”

“She’s that far gone from hypnosis?” I asked as she acted every bit as babyish as the brainwashed littles at daycare.

She wiped her bottom for a few moments before saying, “Holly, if I wanted to, I could make you behave like a little newborn with our hypnosis tapes alone… You’d forget you could walk, talk, or even crawl…”

“Thank you for not…” I told her as she balled up the poop filled diaper and put it in a diaper genie they had in the nursery.

She had to push her shoulders back down on the changing table, “Not done yet Janie,” she told her. I watched her dig into the pink diaper bag that said ‘Daddy’s Baby Princess’ on the side of it in large, glittery letters. A huge new thick diaper was pulled out, and I could tell it was different than the ones she had been wearing before.

“Is that a crawler diaper in her size?” I asked.

“Yes… it is,” she said as she did both tapes. She picked her up and sat her on the ground on her feet. Janie held herself upright for two seconds and then happily fell down on her bottom and giggled. “You need changed yet?” she asked me.

“I’m probably okay,” I told her feeling the padding.

She reached over and did the same, “Yep, I bet you can make it through lunch.”

“How long are we staying after lunch?”

“Not long,” she told me. “I think neither of us really wants to stick around, right?”

I nodded and looked over at Janice, “She’ll be like that forever?”

“A long time at least,” Ivy told me. “I would say until my brother gets tired of her poopy diapers, but it’s pretty obvious Katie is telling him just to leave her in them so he’s probably not changing them often.”

“Why is she so happy in them?”

“One of the first things that Katie does at her daycare is condition her littles to happily stay in poopy diapers for half a day or more.”

“How is that not abuse?” I asked.

“I don’t know… It’s one of many reasons why I won’t send you there.”

“What are we…?” I was about to ask when her dad came through the door.

“Your mom says dinner’s ready,” he told her.

“Okay. Can you grab Janice so I can carry Holly down?”

“I’ll be happy to grab Janie,” her dad said. He tickled her bare foot as he picked her up and proceeded to throw her in the air a couple times as we followed them downstairs.

Ivy carefully sat me down into the high chair and buckled me in the normal harness. I looked over at Janice being buckled into a high chair now just like Katie’s two littles were. Only her head was left free, her ankles and hands were both strapped down. That was the first time I saw some sort of mental recognition in her eyes as she looked at me with worry. ‘I’d guess she’s very close to being past the point of no return…’ I thought morosely.

During lunch I stayed quiet, remembering the rules from before. ‘Her mom doesn’t seem so bad on her own… I wonder why she’s like this on Sundays?’

They all talked around me, and in a way I was grateful for not being asked about the terrible incident. Towards the end of lunch her mom said, “Looks like everyone is ready for dessert?”

“Yep!” Jonah said.

She disappeared for a few moments and brought out a cake with ‘Congratulations Ivy and Holly!’ on it.

“Why does it say that?” I asked Ivy.

She sighed, “Well… It’s up to you still what you want to do about the offer you were given yesterday… but I have a counter offer for you.”

“Counter offer?” I asked hesitantly.

“While you were napping yesterday the hospital board of directors came by.”

“I slept through that many people coming over?”

“I had your room completely soundproofed before you came,” she said with a smile, “It’s why I always have the baby monitor… Anyway,” she said, extending out her syllables on ‘any.’ “They came by to make me an offer…”

“What offer?”

“Taking Bob’s place as the CEO of the hospital.”

“Wow! Congratulations!” I told her, “That’s huge, why didn’t you say something last night?!?”

“Because I wanted to surprise you with this - and I needed Jonah’s help to expedite it with the city.”

She handed me a greeting card envelope. ‘Congratulations to a Super Heroine!’ it said with a diapered figure that reminded me of Supergirl back home. I opened it and a document greeted my eyes, ‘Work Permit.’ I read through it and realized it was like a work permit for a teenager back home. This particular one was for any minor, including adopted littles, and with the signature of the judge who had signed it gave me permission to work any job for up to eight hours per day, six days per week.

“What’s this for?” I asked while I moved it aside and looked at the space behind it.

I looked up at Ivy as she said, “I refused to take the job unless they promised me something.”

“What?” I asked her.

“That if I could get a work permit for you, they had to let you join the staff of the hospital as a surgeon in the pediatrics unit.”

“I thought…”

“You couldn’t?” She laughed as she pulled the tray away and pulled me to her lap. “You couldn’t before… but when you saved the life of that baby - and single handedly probably saved half or more of the lives in that room? Let’s just say it gave you some bargaining power.”

“How does that work though?” I asked. “The Hellcats said I would have to potty train before I could join… wouldn’t I have to do that at the hospital?”

“They asked you to join?!?” Jonah interrupted from across the table.

I nodded, “Open ended offer…” I turned back to Ivy, “So…?”

“So, part of the deal is that the diapers are a non-issue. If we can’t retrain you - as long as you’re wearing a diaper - it’s fine. We’ll have some nurses who will certainly be willing to change you if I’m not around.”

“That’s kind of scary,” I admitted to her… “If I’m doing this… what surgical team would even listen to me?”

“The ones that were there that day for certain, but probably the whole hospital now.”

“She’s right,” Jonah said, “I heard more than a few comments about that while I was standing around there.”

“So… what… I become like Janice was?” I whispered so she could hear me only.

“Yes, you’ll do what Janice used to do,” she replied to me louder. “Only you don’t have to worry about me pulling you out of your job.” She hesitated, “Unless you start doing a bad job…”

I shook my head, “I wouldn’t… Will my degree and license cover certifications here?”

“As of this morning they will,” she said and nodded to her mom who brought over a gigantic wrapped package. I carefully ripped the paper while Ivy steadied it, revealing my medical school diploma next to a certificate to practice medicine there in this state.

I was crying by then, “Really?!?”

“Really,” she told me.

I hugged her as best I could after she sat the picture down. “Thank you, Mommy!” I told her.

“I can’t believe you think she can do surgery…” Katie said, “I sure as hell wouldn’t trust her…”

“Just shut up Katie,” Jonah told her.

“No, this is stupid… why in the hell would you let her work? You figured out that Janie had no business being a big girl… now you think that her baby should be doing surgical procedures?”

I watched as a surreal scene occurred then. Jonah stood up, grabbed Katie, sat back down, and proceeded to pull her dress up and started spanking her!

When she began crying, he kept going for a while longer and then pushed her from his lap. “That little girl may be the size of a baby, she may even piss and shit her pants like a baby, but I guarantee you she’s more mature than you sis. So just shut the fuck up.” He looked at Janie then who was crying, “I’m sorry sweetheart… Maybe this is a sign I shouldn’t be listening to sis anymore.” He picked her up and began rocking her back and forth while Katie stormed out of the room in tears.

“Jonah, next time let me be the one to spank Katie if she needs it,” his dad said. “That being said, she needed it.”

“So…?” Ivy asked me.

“I would really be able to do procedures? No daycare? Parents would trust me?”

“I guarantee it,” she said. “There may be some that will ask to have another surgeon… and we’ll respect that, but I think you’ll have more than enough respect once they know you’re the famous ‘Doc’ who saved lives last week.

I leaned into her and thought for a second, “Okay… but you promise? It almost seems too good to be true…”

She laughed, “I promise this time you’ll be working your butt off as a full-time surgeon on actual patients.”

“Shake on it??”

She held her hand out and I shook the massive hand of the CEO who ran my new workplace.


I LOOKED DOWN at the screen and continued manipulating the controls until I reached the planned zone. “Clear! Activating,” I said as I pressed a button on the controls and then began backing out the endoscope like device. Another screen showed the progress of the nanites repairing the intestines where a tumor had lodged on the intestines of the young five-year-old girl. The nanites went to town destroying the bad cells, and then rebuilt her intestinal wall to the way it should be. The excess material of cancerous cells was broken down into a fluid that her immune system would clear.

In a matter of minutes, the large tumor gone, I used a small pink princess Band-Aid to cover the remnants of the incision. I smiled knowing even that incision would disappear in half an hour. Even though it was unnecessary, I’d found that leaving a little cute souvenir bandaid for a patient helped reassure the that I had fixed their problem! I watched her vitals for a moment longer to make sure we were done before telling the nurses, “Okay, looks like we’re good. Go ahead and get her down to recovery please. I’m going to go talk to her parents and let her know she’s okay.”

“Not yet you’re not…” said a young nurse that I’d always remember from her giggling gleefully at the idiot nurse the day of the terrorist strike. I’d long ago learned her name was Haley Simmerson

“Why not?” I looked up at her.

“You need a change first,” she told me.

“Ugh… come on, let’s get it done quickly please…” I told her.

“Sure thing, Doc,” she told me. I followed her to a small room that was near the operating theaters that had been converted into a changing room for me. She lifted me onto the table and said, “You know, you’re one stinky doctor!” She pulled my scrub pants down and lifted me off of the messy diaper. “One of these days your mommy needs to potty train you!”

“I tried…” I told her as she wiped between my cheeks, “but even when we had me making it most of the time, I needed to move too fast to make it… I couldn’t chance that in surgery.”

“So, you just decided your pants make the best potty?”

I sighed, “Don’t they?”

She laughed. Haley finished changing me, “For you, maybe… It’s a good thing you have a mommy already, I would totally have adopted you myself by now.”

I blushed, “I can think of worse mommies actually.” I told her, “But my mommy and I are happy together,” I added.

“Then I’m happy being your favorite nurse and part-time babysitter!” she laughed and tickled me for a second before pulling my pants back up. The diaper was placed in a disposal and I was on my feet. I stopped via a quick hand wash station that had been modified for my short height.

“Mrs. Abernathy?” I said as I walked out to the waiting room where the young mother waited.

“Yes, Doc? Is she okay?”

“Everything went great! You’ll be able to go back with her in recovery in just a few minutes once they get her settled in there.”

“Oh, thank you Doc!” She said and wrapped her arms around me.

“You’re very welcome,” I told her as I managed to step away from her a moment later.

“I was concerned at first about a little being a surgeon… but then I found out you are the best there is for kids.”

“I just do the best I can,” I told her with a smile. “I’ve got to get going. I’ll check in on you two later this afternoon.”

I looked at my watch and saw that I had an hour for a break before my next appointment. I walked down to a familiar elevator. A nurse was in the elevator asked, “Hi Doc, what floor?”

“Thirty-five please,” I told her.

“Going up to see the boss?”

“Figure I’ll try and pull her away for lunch,” I told her.

“She is a bit of a workaholic at times, isn’t she?”

“Sometimes,” I agreed with a smile.

She stepped out at a lower floor and the elevator continued to the top floor where Ivy’s office was. Several business office personnel gave me friendly greetings as I drew nearer her office. Her secretary, Trisha, greeted me, “Hey Doc, here to see Ivy?”

I nodded, “She free?”

“For you she always is,” she reminded me for probably the thousandth time, “but she just had her last meeting end. Here for lunch I’m guessing?”

“Yep,” I told her and went through the door she opened for me.

“Hi Princess,” she told me with a smile.

“Lunch?” I asked.

“Sure, let me just grab my bag…” she told me.

‘My bag?’ I thought with a shake of my head… Sure she had her wallet and keys in there, but the majority of it was still made up of diapers and baby gear for me. I sighed and followed her down the hallway at practically a jog to keep up. We had decided early on that it was a better idea for her not to carry one of her surgeons around… ‘Lead by example,’ she told me. So, during working hours she was Ivy, and I was Holly. The only concession to her babying me was the obligatory diaper changes around lunch time.

Down in the dining area we picked up food from differing areas. She got her salad, while I went for the stir-fry station. I’d built up a good relationship with the cook there. Once he had seen that I loved spicy food, he never had any problems getting enough spice to satisfy me. I giggled as I walked to our usual table thinking about the time Macey had tried to say, ’it can’t be that spicy if a little can eat it…’ It brought a smile to my face every time I thought of her teary face and her rush for something to help take the edge off!

‘She’s a tough one to deal with sometimes,’ I thought to myself. She was one of those amazon nurses that strongly felt I should be at the daycare - even after a year and a half of building my solid reputation. Luckily, I had Haley, Kat, and several other nurses that I had impressed who flew cover for me with her and the two other problem nurses. Having my ‘mommy’ be the CEO of the hospital didn’t hurt either!

I let Ivy help me into the booster seat that I sat in for lunch and began carefully eating. “How’d that little girl’s procedure go?”

“Which one? I had four this morning?”

“The tumor?”

“She’s going to be just fine!” I said with a smile, “Even after all this time I’m still amazed every time that those nanites can take care of getting rid of those so easily!”

“I still can’t believe what you do in your dimension, still trying to do it by… cooking organs with radiation is just so…”

“Barbaric?” I asked with a laugh. “Well I did come here to learn for a reason.”

She smiled back at me then. “What do you have planned for the rest of the afternoon?”

“Six pre-consults… rounds with this morning’s patients… should be done by about three?”

“Good, remember come straight to my office - we’re taking off early today.”

“Why?” I asked.

“If you have to ask, I’m certainly not telling you,” she told me with a smile.

I glared at her but it did no good. ‘What is so special about today?’ I thought, racking my brain. ‘I’ve never been good about calendar dates…’

I shook my head, “I’ll be there.”

A few hours later I was in the last of my pre-surgery consults. The patient was a thirty-year-old adult little woman who was dealing with some rather large ovarian cysts. I’d reviewed the case before coming in that morning like I always did, and couldn’t help but wonder what this set of parents was going to want.

I grabbed onto the special door handle that had been attached on the four consultation rooms that I used in the hospital. I paused for just a moment to gird myself for the parent encounter I had a bad gut feeling about.

“Hello, I’m Doctor Nickerson,” I said as I walked in. The large amazon woman that looked shocked at my presence. “Everyone here calls me Doc,” I said to the little girl who was sitting on the short table that I had added to my rooms.

“You’re a little?!?” She said, “Littles can’t be doctors?!? Go get your mommy in here little girl! It’s cute to play dress up, but you need to be with your mommy!”

I sighed, “Miss…” I looked at the chart again, “Beale, I am a doctor. I am in fact the best surgeon in this hospital for pediatric and little patients. You specifically requested the best, right?”

“Wha…” she tried to backpedal. “You’re lying, right?”

I pressed a little panic button I carried and Haley was there a moment later. “Need something Doc?” She asked me when she came in.

“Keep an eye on the mother? Maybe get her to believe I’m as good as I say I am?” I laughed and turned to the little who was a few inches shorter than me. “Hi, I’m Holly,” I told her and held my hand out.

“Je… Jenny,” she said. I could see she still had her teeth, and it looked like she could walk, so her mom at least wasn’t one of the extreme cases.

“It’s nice to meet you Jenny! I’m sorry it’s under these circumstances.” I pulled up my tablet and a copy of her scan, “Okay, so it looks like you have two cysts on your ovaries that are showing large amounts of fluid retention inside…”

“They hurt,” she said with tears in her eyes.

“I’m sorry Jenny, I know that they do,” I told her. “You’re not my first patient with them,” I told her reassuringly. “Now it says here that you’ve been dealing with them for the past three months?”

“Uh-huh,” she told me.

“We’ve tried everything medication wise,” her ‘mother’ said.

“I see that… and it looks like your primary pediatric physician referred her to me to remove them.”

“I asked for the best…” the mom confirmed. She looked at Haley, “You’re really sure she’s the best?”

“By far she is… I always hate when parents decide to throw a fit to keep her from working on their children. Too often they regret it later.”

“Have you ever lost a patient?” The little woman asked me.

I looked at her, “I believe in honesty, so I’ll tell you yes I have. That was in my old dimension and we didn’t have the technology we have here though!”

She smiled, “So I’ll be fine?”

“You’ll go to sleep and we’ll get in there and remove the cysts with nanites,” I showed her a video of them working on another cyst as a stock run of the procedure. “You won’t feel a thing. It’s really a very simple procedure!”

“You’re just removing the cysts?” the mother asked. “I wanted the ovaries removed too…”

“Then you’ll need to find another doctor,” I told her.

“What?!?” She asked, “It’s no different of a procedure?”

“It’s an entirely different procedure. One is necessary and therapeutic in nature, the other would forever keep her from being able to have kids.”

“She’s my baby, there’s no way I’ll let her do that…”

I sighed, “I have a slot open for her surgery next Tuesday. If you want her full ovaries removed, you’ll need to find another hospital. I’ll lodge my report and we’ll note that you’ve refused care.”

“You can’t…”

“We don’t do those procedures at this hospital anymore,” I told her.


“Also, I will have to lodge a report with Little Protective Services just to make sure you do get her care. If you leave her in this pain they will have to act on negligence.”

“Fine!” She huffed, “We’ll go to another hospital!”

“Mommy?” The little woman said.


“Please let her do it?”

“But if we do the other way, you’ll never have to worry about yucky periods again…”

“Please Mommy?” The little girl begged with tears down her face. She had the cute baby girl face down perfectly!

She sighed, “Fine, what time do we need to be here Tuesday?”

“This packet has the full information,” I said, handing her a stack of forms. You need to complete the top stack that’s clipped together today and turn it in at the registration desk along with your payment.” I looked at my tablet again, “There will also be a prescription for some pain and anti-inflammation meds downstairs when you’re finished to get her through. She has to be completely off of them for 24 hours beforehand though,” I looked apologetically at the little girl.

“That’s fine…”

“No fluids other than water sixteen hours before too.”

“No breastmilk?” she asked concerned.

I shook my head, “We need her to be only on clear fluids. Breast milk leaves too much in the body still,” I told her. “It’s actually better if it’s longer than that, but we can make that length work.”

“Anything else we need to know?” She asked.

“Just make sure you bring a comfortable set of pajamas to take her home in. Extra diapers of her brand are always a good idea since the hospital selection isn’t great. Pacifier, bottle, blankie, and her favorite stuffie are nice touches for most of my patients. All of that is on the packing list in there. We won’t need her overnight though, so she’ll be able to go home about two hours or so after the procedure.”

“Thanks Doc…” the mom said and I followed her out the door and left down the hallway.

Haley caught up with me a moment later, “Should have known she’d be one of those…”

“They’re all one of those!” I told her with a giggle.

“Not all of them…” she told me. “Some of them pick you up before I get in there!”

I groaned thinking of a couple of them. The worst had been the one that had insisted she needed to look for my mommy after she forced me to nurse me from her breasts. I’d been really annoyed at that one and through the legal department forced her to get checked for infectious diseases…

I was soon in front of Ivy’s office again and made my way in as she was packing up. “All done for the day?” She asked.

“Yeah… sorry I’m running a bit slow. I had one of those mommies and had to finish up my rounds.”

She laughed, “At least you’re still in one piece. Is she letting you do the procedure?”

“Thankfully for the poor girl. Her ‘mommy’ wanted me to do a hysterectomy while I was removing an ovarian cyst…”

She sighed, “Well, at least you have backup from the CEO on those procedures not happening here.”

I smiled, “Yes I do! Thank you for that!”

I followed her down the hallway thinking about how much she had actually impacted this hospital in particular. At first things had continued along on status quo, but due to some reports that came to light she was able to move forward to more humane treatments of our little patients. Apparently that past fall one of the other pediatric surgeons had been maintaining something… best described as a little mill… that had resulted in a massive scandal at the University Hospital. About the time that Ivy took over the reports were just really finalizing and coming out from the police.

Here at General I had been worried Ivy would lose her job just as collateral damage from the report, but she hadn’t really been there that long on top – and it had taken place long before she took over. It also helped that it had been at the other hospital campus! The fallout let her have an excuse to implement some ‘anti-disfiguring’ policies. They forbid elective procedures on littles to remove teeth, the ability to walk, remove reproductive organs, etc. Little Rights Activist groups had cheered her decisions. Combining that with a great surgical team, the hospital was getting renowned as one of the best out there for pediatric care - and particularly little care.

When we reached Ivy’s car Doc left, and Holly surfaced. “Let’s get that soggy bottom changed,” she told me in a sing song voice.

She laid me down on the floor of the back of the SUV and quickly pulled down the scrub bottoms and changed me into a dry diaper. My top was off next and she produced a purple romper that she quickly dressed me in. Placing me into my car seat, a pacifier was pushed between my lips and I suckled on it contentedly. I looked at the electronic screen that soon showed the streets as she drove home.

A couple hours later I was dressed in a surprisingly mature dress, that wouldn’t have seemed out of place on a teenager if I had boobs. Several times I had debated about doing a nanite procedure on myself to induce puberty and grow my breasts. Having seen so many littles that had them though… I decided it didn’t make any difference in how bigs saw us. They almost all ended up in diapers anyway, and it wasn’t like I had met anyone who I wanted to have kids with yet. I still had enough of my male brain left that being with a man sounded weird… and women weren’t really on the menu either. I theorized my non-existent sexual urges had to do with the lack of hormones, but I was too chicken to experiment on myself. Really, I was content to just be with Ivy at this point.

I followed behind her into a very fancy restaurant still wondering what was going on. Her parents, Jonah and Janice, along with their baby boy sat along one side of a big table. On the other side Haley and her boyfriend were all sitting next to an empty chair and one with a booster seat on it. “What’s going on?” I asked again.

“It’s your birthday,” she said with a smile.

“No, it’s no… Oh… it’s my arrival day?”

“Now she gets it!” Haley said as I was placed in the booster seat next to her. Ivy sat next to me on the other side.

The dinner was a good one and I enjoyed being treated like a young woman rather than a baby. That had become more common after the terrorist incident, but we still went on like ‘normal’ much of the time outside of office hours too. I looked at Janice who smiled at me from where she was breastfeeding their one-year old son. I was so happy that after Katie’s spanking, Jonah had woken up and re-potty-trained Janice. Six weeks of therapy later she became his wife again with only occasional daytime accidents that she handled with her Pull-Ups. She’d confided in me that every night Jonah still had to diaper her since she was never dry at night, and the Pull-Ups leaked. Apparently, it had become an excuse for some extra attention though, so she didn’t mind much!

I was grateful that Katie wasn’t there right then… she hadn’t gotten any better! I had learned later she was heavily involved with that school ‘Tippy Toes’ that had caused the former terrorist leader to break. A year after that nightmare, some disturbing reports had come to light and Tippy Toes had been raided by the police and LPS. Jonah’s SWAT team had led the raid, and he still couldn’t bring himself to talk about it to anyone! Luckily for Katie there was no direct evidence of her involvement, but many littles I had as patients didn’t have anything good to say about her!

After we finished eating, a cake with a large number two candle on top of it was brought out and placed in front of me. The cake was decorated in the theme of a children’s show about a girl doctor that was geared towards toddlers. I groaned but said, “Thanks…”

They sang a weird version of happy birthday to me that was common in that dimension, and I blew out the candle. It was a fun night with gifts for both adult me… and baby me. The dichotomy had been weird for a long time, but I admitted to Ivy after a few months that I really did love the attention that she gave me. The biggest concession to my ‘adulthood’ was that I only nursed at night now on weekdays. On weekends I nursed three times a day - but to try and avoid having too many poopy diapers while I was doing procedures, or meeting with patients, we tried to avoid it too much on weekdays. Usually by Friday I even felt like I had some control over my bowels again… just in time to lose it on Saturdays!

“Here,” Ivy said handing me one last gift, a simple card.

I opened it and read the message from her.


I made a deal with you two years ago, that you’d have a choice to go back home or stay here. I honor that choice tonight! If you wish it, tomorrow I will drive you to the portal station. There I have arranged for permits and a ticket to transport you back home, along with legal assurances that they will get you there. Portal Relocations on your side will have your car and money for you as per the agreement. They will also provide you documentation for your female identity.

If, however you would choose to stay, I would forever love you as both my little ‘Doc’ and ‘Princess.’ I hope we can continue to be happy.



My eyes were filled with tears as I looked at the tickets behind the letter in the card. I shook my head, “No, I’m staying Mommy,” I told her.


I turned towards her, “But nothing… Nothing, that’s what I have back there. Here I have you, friends like Haley, and so many more things. Put it in your will if you want that if something happens to you that is to be my option… but I don’t want to leave you… ever…” I said and held my hands out to her.

She picked me up and held me, hugging me, “I don’t want you to leave either. You can be my sweet baby girl forever!”

“I love you Mommy,” I told her.

“I love you too,” she told me.

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