Searching For Michelle - Chapter Seven

It’s a bit shorter, but it had to be so I can switch views again… hope you enjoy!

[i]The next morning Shell crawled into my bed. “Paula?”

I opened my eyes and yawned, “What time is it? Why are you up so early?”

“I had an accident again. Daddy is going to be so mad at me.” She said nervously.

“Shell, you didn’t get the bed wet though. That’s why daddy made you wear a diaper last night. It’s ok, he won’t be mad.” I reassured her.

I lifted up her nightshirt and sure enough the front was swollen and saggy. I pushed my hand onto it to be sure.

“Don’t worry sis, it’s ok.” I said once again.

Michelle laid down next to me and closed her eyes. I guess I must have dozed back off too.

I woke up to Daddy and Michelle talking. He didn’t seem upset at all when he was notified of Michelle’s state. He just lifted her down and handed her some clean clothes and a pair of underwear. I watched as he untaped the diaper and it fell to the floor with a squish. Michelle pulled her underwear on and proceeded to dress herself. Daddy rolled up the soiled diaper and left the room.

“See Shell? He wasn’t mad. I think he was happy that he didn’t have to do more laundry today.” I said.

Michelle, although still embarrassed, just nodded. “Wanna go play with me?” She asked.

The next few days and nights were of the same procedure. I helped Michelle into a diaper at night and Daddy would come in to find a well-used diaper in the morning. But he seemed ok with it. I knew I was. The smell was beginning to fade, and I felt that I had more of a place in the family. I felt more like Michelle needed me.

It wasn’t until a week later of this routine, that I noticed a change in Michelle. I woke up one morning earlier than usual to use the bathroom. As I slipped down from my bunk, I looked at Michelle. She was the cutest thing ever with her Bubba in one arm and her thumb in her mouth. She reminded me of the older days when she was little and mommy was alive. I giggled quietly and left the room.

Later that morning Michelle came downstairs for breakfast, still in her diaper. That was unusual for her, she usually had it off the instant she was awoken by daddy. She made her way to the table and sat down, all smiles. “I didn’t have an accident last night.” She proudly stated.

Daddy came down moments later and repeated what she had told me. I clapped and told her how proud of her I was. Daddy told us that we would be going into the city for breakfast today in honor of Michelle’s accomplishment. Michelle and I looked at each other in excitement and dashed upstairs to get dressed.

Michelle pulled out a pair of jeans from her drawer and began to pull them up.

“Shell, aren’t you going to take off your diaper?” I asked, while giggling. I figured she just forgot about it.

Michelle shook her head, “It’s not wet. I can still wear it.” Her face began to blush. “I want to keep it on right now.”

I just shrugged and got dressed, it didn’t bother me any.

We took off in daddy’s pickup and headed into the city for breakfast. It had been so long since we went out to eat. This was a special treat.

Once we arrived to the diner, we all sat down and looked through the menus. When the waitress came, we all ordered.

While we waited for our food, we exchanged our usual smalltalk. [/i]

“I don’t know what to say Shell. After everything happened, I figured I had ruined you. They were not happy about the way things were going, they said that it was abuse.” I explained, trying not to be too detailed.

“I waited Paula. I cried everyday there was no letter or call.” Michelle said quivering.

“It took me awhile for them to let me know where you even were. By that time, they said that you were doing well with your new family, and in school. I didn’t want to shake things up for you. You were about to go into high school, and I figured that the last thing you had wanted was for me to show up and make things different.” I said.

Searching For Michelle - Chapter Seven

Keep it going. This is incredible.

Searching For Michelle - Chapter Seven

Enjoying it. Keep it up.

Searching For Michelle - Chapter Seven

This is very, very well done.

I DEFINATELY want to


Searching For Michelle - Chapter Seven

Vickie- The baby is coming. The flashback on her being pregnant was when they were older. I’m sorry if the timeline gets confusing… I tried to explain that it was an unwanted flashback. It happened right before their father died. And with the past memories we haven’t quite caught up to that time. Hope that helps or at least makes sense.
Thanks for commenting though!! And more feedback is appreciated!!