Search functionality

I noticed that the new forums hijack ctrl+f (at least in FireFox), and use the built in search.
Is there any way to disable this (even if it is just within my own profile settings)?

If you really want to use your browser’s search which is mostly useless here, press CTRL+F a second time. Be aware that when I say it is useless I mean that. Except for very small threads (less than 5 posts) Discourse does not load the entire thread at once. It uses lazy loading/unloading of posts as you scroll to minimize memory usage so you really need to use the forum’s search function. If you did the tutorial with Discobot he would have shown you how to use it to search within a topic.

If you have not done so, I strongly recommend doing the tutorial with @discobot.

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I’ll keep that in mind (and take a look at discobot), thanks.