Scout's Honor


Holly Hector was the 9 year old daughter to Natalia Hector who was a proud Girl’s Scout not too long ago. This made it crucial for Holly to join the Girl’s Scout troop, the very one that Natalia had been a part of. Natalia was a rather young mom having her daughter when she was 20, and raising her little girl almost as if they were sisters.

Natalia and Holly had a very close relationship and always made sure to uphold the Scout’s Honor; to stand by any promise and to always tell the truth. To break the Scout’s Honor would result in a very serious punishment in the Hector household. It was always better to admit a crime right a way rather than wait and hide as the punishment became more severe the longer the truth was hidden. Even white lies were still lies. It had to be the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

The previous year was an important year and one that would change everything. After receiving complaints that the boy’s scouts always had the better activites, the Girl’s Scouts found it to be more and more necessary to change their activities in order to encourage members to join and stay a part of the troops.

Natalia was in charge of this particular activity as the girls all went out camping. They were on a camp ground so there were a few cabins and a lake just off to the path. Not too far from the campsite was the visitor’s center which was where the first aid station, the indoor restrooms, the showers, and other necessities were at. All of the campgrounds shared this area and many people would choose to hangout there rather than stay in the woods all day.

Holly was feeling rather mischievous this particular day as her mother told the girls she was to head off for the showers and that Holly was in charge until she got back. Holly was proud to be responsible but at the same time, she presented an evil little smile. “Before you go, Mom,” Holly said. “I want to make a deal.”

Natalia looked at Holly with a puzzled face unsure of what Holly was plotting. “Okay, what deal do you want to make?” she asked.

“I want to wager a race. You and me. If I beat you to the edge of the lake, you must strip completely naked here and walk to the showers in only a towel. If you beat me, I will let you give me a bare bottom spanking right in the lounge of the visitor’s center,” Holly proposed holding out her hand.

Natalia scoffed at the proposal, “Alright, you better warm your bottom up because you have yourself a deal. There’s no way you can beat me to the lake,” Natalia said confidently.

Holly grinned widely as she winked at Chloe who was her best friend in the troop. Chloe nodded as Natalia smirked oblivious to what was about to happen. Chloe stood behind Natalia as the two lined up for a run. The other girls all gathered around giggling as they knew either way it would be an exciting result for them. “On my mark,” Chloe said, carefully reaching for the waistband of Natalia’s skirt careful not to draw any attention to what she was doing.

“Get set,” Chloe continued as she carefully wrapping her fingers around the waistband. “GO!”

As soon as Chloe said the word, Natalia and Holly took off, but as soon as Natalia started to move, Chloe gave a hard YANK. Natalia was taken by surprise as her buttoned skirt was pulled down below her butt revealing her pink piglet panties as she tripped over her skirt and landed butt high in the air. Her skirt was trapped below her butt but around her ankles as the button and zipper held it in place. Holly took off as Natalia laid on the ground struggling to get up as she kept tripping. The girls all giggled loudly as Holly easily beat Natalia to the lake with a wide grin on her face.

“That wasn’t fair, you cheated,” Natalia said sternly as she finally stood to her feet as she finally undid her skirt and stepped out of it…

“I didn’t cheat,” Holly said innocently. “It’s not my fault you tripped over your skirt. I won fair and square and you know it, besides I only said I had to beat you, I never said it had to be fair. Time to hold up your end of the deal, mom. Scout’s honor.”

Natalia’s eyes widened as she never thought she would be stripping naked before her daughter’s troop. All of the girls gathered with glee as they smiled widely not daring to blink as they looked expectantly. Natalia gulped as she reluctantly pulled off her vest and shirt to reveal a small pink bra with a pretty pink bow in the center of it. The girls all giggled as she stood in just a bra and embarrassing panties. “I’ll tell you what, mom,” Holly said with a smile. “I’ll give you a choice as I believe perhaps you may have been cheated and I want to make sure that fair is still fair. You may either fulfill the original deal and walk to the showers in nothing but your towel, or you can keep your panties and bra on but you must walk to the showers holding your towel high above your head to ensure you don’t cover anything.”


Natalia thought for a moment, on one hand her panties were quite embarrassing to be seen in as she didn’t want to bring her good panties while camping. On the other while she would be naked underneath, she would still be able to cover herself completely with the towel. “I choose… to wear my underwear to the showers,” Natalia finally answered as she took the towel and held it high above her head with one hand and used the other to cover the front of her panties.

“No, no, you must hold the towel with both hands so that your panties are unobstructed,” Holly demanded. “If you let go or the towel with either hand, there may be some unwanted consequences.”

Natalia couldn’t believe her daughter was humiliating her in front of everyone, but at the same time this wasn’t exactly the first time they had made these kinds of deals. Natalia reluctantly took her hand off and held the towel with both hands high above her head. She then headed towards the showers at last. The girls all followed close behind to ensure Natalia held her end or the bargain. Natalia reached the door of the visitor’s center and it took everything in her willpower to not cover herself as the lounge was filled with at least 20 different people all hanging out. To Natalia’s horror, due to her hands being above her head, her legs straightened and her body held narrower than usual, her panties began to slip down. Natalia began to regret her decision to keep her undies as everyone was staring and some were giggling and others pulled out their phones to capture these embarrassing moments. Natalia began to quiver in fear as Holly teasingly placed her thumbs in between the waistband of her panties. At any moment, Holly could yank her panties down to the ground and expose her in front of all of these people and there was nothing she could do.

Despite being Holly’s mother, Natalia quickly realized she was absolutely powerless due to her own rules. Her own teachings. Her own daughter. Why did she make the deal with her daughter? Why had she been so confident? Why hadn’t she realized it was all a trick to humiliate her in front of all these people including the very girls she looked after.

Holly grinned widely as she knew exactly what her mom was thinking. She knew exactly how much power she had here. As Natalia inadvertently squeezed her legs together in hope it would stop her embarrassment. The showers were all the way in the back of the center which meant that Natalia had to walk through the whole lounge in front of all these people, in the middle of the whole room all the way across to the other side with her own daughter threatening to give a good ol yank. Natalia made one step at a time as she also realized that it Holly didn’t walk with her, her panties would get stretched and her bare bottom would be on display for everyone to see. Just as Natalia reached the middle of the room, just as Natalia was surrounded by a good amount of people, just as everyone had their phones out recording the whole thing, Holly gave a big downward motion.

With the towel held high above her head, and her hands holding the towel high above her head stretching up to the ceiling, with nothing to cover whatsoever, Natalia felt her panties wisk all the way down to her ankles. There she stood completely butt naked with her hands high over head leaving all of her naked glory on full display. To make things worse, Natalia had shaved all of her hair for Holly’s father leaving her nether regions completely bare and no modesty left. Natalia couldn’t help but scream as she dropped the towel and cupped her bare pussy with her two hand which had already been captured on multiple phones for eternity. Holly shook her head in disappointment. “You broke the Scout’s Honor, mom. You know what that means.”

Natalia’s eyes widened as the girls all worked together to pin Natalia’s arms behind her back and drag her over Holly’s lap as she sat in a chair in the middle of the room. “You’ve been very naughty,” Chloe tutted.

“Making deals and going back on them, not once but twice today,” Holly said. “I was lenient the first time. I will not be this second time.”

Holly wacked Natalia’s bare bottom as hard as she could causing the loud smacks to echo throughout the room. Natalia felt so much shame as she was being spanked bottomless over her own daughter’s lap in front of not only her troop but all these other campers as they took photos and filmed. Natalia couldn’t help but cry in humiliation. “What do you have to say for yourself?” Holly asked as her mom laid across with her red bottom sticking high in the air.

“I’m sorry,” Natalia sobbed. “I’m sorry I broke the Scout’s honor. It is unacceptable. I’m so sorry. I’m sorry!!!”

Holly continued to whale on Natalia’s bottom alternating between cheeks just as her mother would had the roles been switched. Holly gently caressed her mom’s bottom as she sniffled and cried. “Alright, get on up, and go shower,” Holly ordered. “Leave your towel and panties on the ground. In fact, give me your bra. It is only fair since you went back on the deal twice.”

Natalia’s eyes looked pleadingly at her daughter as she nearly begged for anything but that. But Holly gave her a very stern looking as it a warning that the next spanking would be even more humiliating if Natalia didn’t comply. She reluctantly reached behind her and unclasped her bra letting it fall off her shoulders and to the ground. Her small yet perky breasts were now on full display as she was forced to walk with her hands behind her head leaving her remaining clothing and towel on the ground of the lounge as she finally headed into the showers.

Holly wasn’t quite finished. She picked up Natalia’s panties and bra while Chloe grabbed the towel. As Natalia showered her body, Holly tied Natalia’s panties to the flag pole and hoisted them up high as they blew in the wind along with a familiar skirt and vest which clearly meant those panties belonged to a girl’s scout. As Natalia continued to shower, Holly took the liberty of taking all of her mother’s clothes from the cabin and tossing them all into the lake while making sure to keep all of her embarrassing panties for safe keeping.

When Natalia was done with her shower, she called out to the girls to get her towel back. Holly was waiting for this as she smiled. “We had a deal that you would walk to the showers with a towel and your underwear. We never made the deal that you would walk back with them.”

Natalia’s eyes widened. “No, please,” Natalia pleaded. “I can’t walk back… naked. What about all those people?”

“They already saw you butt naked and spanked, unless you want them to see another spankin, I suggest you comply. Also, no covering unless you want your hands tied behind your back,” Holly ordered.

Natalia couldn’t believe her situation. Reluctantly, she slowly walked out with her hands behind her head as everyone stared at her. She was now dripping wet from the shower which made it more embarrassing as the water was not warm at all meaning her nipples were completely erect and her pussy tightened up even more than before.

Needless to say, it was a long way back to the campsite as Natalia was paraded down the path all the way back. Holly smiled with satisfaction and held back a laugh when Natalia discoverer her clothes were either gone or ruined leaving her naked for the rest of the trip. But that was also not the end.


Natalia felt so humiliated as she was forced by her own daughter to spend the rest of the two days butt naked and without covering in the slightest. But all of it was not as embarrassing as the news she received when she was ready to head home. “Alright, girls, gather your things. Make sure not to leave anything behind,” she instructed just as her phone began to ring.

Natalia answered the phone. “Hello?”

“Congratulations, Natalia. You’ve been trending all ovet Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and more. You’ve singlehandedly doubled the girl’s scout membership this year,” said the woman in charge of the organization, Rachel McNair. “Because of this we want you to keep doing what you’ve been doing on this trip. We want you to attend every single meeting and event, naked. You’ll essentially be our naked mascot.”

Natalia’s eyes widened. “Wait… what do you mean I’ve been trending?” Natalia cried.

“Have you been living under a rock? Girl, you’re all over the place. Anyways, i’ve gotta go. We’ll discuss more later,” Rachel said as she hung up.

Natalia immediately went to Twitter to see what was going on. There she was right at number 1. #NakedScout. It was a picture at her at the lounge walking back to the camp. You could see everything. Her naked small breasts. Her erect nipples. Her bare pussy. She then saw there was a tweet linking a YouTube video called Girl Scout Mom Gets Stripped by Daughter. It started as she was walking into the lodge. Her daughter had her hands on her panties as she held the towel high over her head. She could see her body already beginning to shake, scared of the moment that was about to begin.

And then as she approached the center of the room, it happened. Her daughter dragged her panties down to her ankles leaving her completely bottomless and exposed. She heard herself scream in surprise as she went to cover herself. She saw herself being dragged over the lap of this little girl and being spanked hard. It was humiliating not only to know this was viewed by millions of people but also to see herself bawling over the lap of a little girl. The camera zoomed in to her butt so you could see every detail. Even her butt hole as her cheeks spread apart on their own while also being pulled slightly apart after each spank. Then she stood up and after a few moments she unclasped her bra leaving her completely naked not only in front of 20 or so people in the room, but now being viewed but millions of people around the world.

Natalia cried as she stood there naked still. Her daughter looked over her shoulder and smiled. “Oh yes, you’re famous now,” Holly said with a grin.

Natalia scrolled through the comments section.

“Damn she thicc”

“Wow the Girl’s Scouts suddenly seem better than the Boy’s Scouts”

“How’d she get stripped by a 5 year old? Has to be fake!”

“Dude this is totally staged, no way a mom would willingly let her own daughter spank her”

“Anyone know the woman’s name?”

“Her name’s Natalia Baker.”

“No it’s not you idiot. Her name’s Natalia Hector. She’s the mom of the girl that goes to my school, Holly Hector. She’s not five you idiots. She’s nine. She just looks younger.”

“Hey I read a story like this on Reddit, says she’s 5 if it’s true,”

“Who the hell cares about the daughter’s age? Look at that mom’s pussy. It’s completely bare!”

“Ikr she looking fine as hell. Whoever the dad is must be real lucky.”

Natalia couldn’t scroll any further as she just saw more and more comments. All judging her. All people who had seen her naked on the internet. And now according to the head of the organization, she had to remain naked on all meets going forward.

She finally finished loading the car as they drove to the pickup spot where Natalia was forced to meet all of the parents completely naked. She oarked the car and saw 20-30 people all gathered in the parking lot. Only 5 of them were parents picking up their child. Holly leaned over and whispered. “Don’t forget to smile for the cameras”

Natalia reluctantly got out of the car with her hands at her side as she approached the crowd with the girls. “Well well, if it isn’t little Naked Natalia,” a mom sneered as she approached. “I heard from my daughter that you were naked all trip, but I thought that was preposterous. Yet here you are. And famous too.”

Holly came up next to Natalia. “I think someone needs a spanking,” Holly taunted as she gave Natalia’s bottom a good loud smack drawing everyone’s attention to her. “She’s been very naughty all trip long.”

“I have a better punishment than just a spanking, my dear,” the mom said with a smile. "It will be so humiliating indeed. I’m Grace Lockwood. Mary’s mother.

She then grabbed Natalia from behind wrapping her arms around her body to secure her. As she did she brushed a light finger over her nipple. She rubbed ever so slightly as everyone watched and even pulled out their phones to record. With her other hand she reached down and rubbed her pussy spreading her legs wide apart and her lips. She inserted her two fingers in Natalia’s vagina as she moved in and out. Natalia blushed a deep red as she squirmed. She couldn’t help but letbout a soft moan as Grace continued to rub her clitoris and nipples which were extremely sensitive as she reached a peak of arousal. “Please, stop,” Natalia begged. “Not in front of all these people. Please. I’ll promise to behave. I’ll promise to do anything! Anything but this!”

Natalia squirmed and squirmed as Grace continued to rub. “Do you promise to do everything and anything your daughter wishes? Give her your Scout’s word that you will do so and I will stop.”

“I promise!” Natalia cried as her body shivered in humiliation and embarrassment as everyone stared. “I promise I’ll do anything! Just please stop.”

“For the next 30 days do you promise to comply with every single task your daughter and your troop asks of you?” she asked.

“I do! I promise! I’ll do anything? Just please not in front of all of these people! Please stop! Mmmmm,” Natalia begged and pleaded.

Grace finally let Natalia go but not before giving a final rub on her clitoris. Natalia cried in humiliation as she squirted all over the place. In front of 20-30 people cameras and all she just signed the devil’s contract and came in front of all of them. It was way worse than simply being naked and spanked. It was worse because it meant she was enjoying all of this which she didn’t. Holly smiled as Natalia cried. “As your first task, I want you to continue to rub yourself for the next 10 minutes. If you stop, you will be spanked and then your time will resume.”

Natalia’s eyes widened. “No, please anything but that,” Natalia begged.

“You promised. You gave your Scout’s word. And you know what that means,” Holly said.

Natalia cried as she bent down and began to rub herself but in a way where the view would be obscured.

“No, no,” Holly said as she smacked her mom’s bare bottom. Lay down with your legs spread wide open unobstructed. For that I will add another five minutes to your time."

By the time Natalia reluctantly laid on her back and spread her legs in humiliation, more people gathered at the spot to watch as she reached down and began to rub herself. Holly sat down next to her mother and began to rub her nipples. Holly nodded to a couple of the girls and they immediately understood. As Natalia was rubbing the girls came around and grabbed each leg and pulled them high and wide. Natalia was now even more exposed than before as her bare bottom was completely unobstructed and her hands continued to rub her clit. Her eyes widened when a bold photographer with a fancy HD camera came up close and from just inches away began taking pictures, zooming in on every little detail. Natalia couldn’t help but feel even more aroused as she rubbed herself and the others rubbed her nipples and one even began to rub her exposed butt hole. Natalia couldn’t help but arch her back as she came and moaned very loudly.

From that she pulled her hands away. The girls stopped rubbing as she came all over the pavement and in front of what turned into 50-70 people. Natalia had no clue of the real number of people. All she knew was that she just masturbated in front of all of them. It felt like forever had gone by surely more than 10 minutes. “Tsk, tsk. You stopped rubbing yourself. It’s only been a minute.”

Natalia breathed heavily at those words. She was already exhausted and it had only been a minute. It was certainly going to be a long day as her legs were pulled so her knees were at her breasts as if she was getting a diaper change. Holly then began to smack hard on her cheeks and even her exposed throbbing red pussy.

All Natalia could do was lay there and endure.


Finally, Natalia was able to go home with her daughter. She couldn’t believe the humiliation she had to endure. Videos of her were all over internet, but everything from the point forward was about to change. Natalia arrived at her home to find her husband sitting on the couch with a bag in his lap.

“Victor… what are you doing?” She asked as she moved to cover her shame.

“Natalia, I was at an important meeting today to discuss details with the company about how to move forward. As I went to pull up a video from YouTube, do you know what ended up on the screen?” Victor asked.

Natalia paled. “I…I’m so sorry, it wasn’t my f-”

“Do you know what it looks like to have my wife on the screen being disciplined naked by my 9 year old daughter?” Victor interrupted.

Natalia looked down in shame. “I’m sorry, Victor. But I had to keep my Scout’s honor.”

“I know you did,” Victor said. “That’s why I’m sitting here with this bag. You see, Holly approached me immediately asking me to do a few… favors for her. Since you promised you would do ANYthing she said, I have no choice but to inflict this uh task on you.”

“What task?” Natalia asked as she stood in the family room still naked.

Victor reached in the bag and pulled out a puffy white diaper designed for the younger girl’s scouts although this one was much bigger in size. “You are to wear this until you have fulfilled your promise. You are to use it as intended, and you are to wear it no matter where we are. If and when you use them, you will be changed on the spot. You will be given some clothes to wear as well, and you are not to wear anything that isn’t given to you by Holly or myself. Do you understand?”

Natalia’s eyes widened but she nodded. “I understand.”

“Good,” Victor said. “Let’s get you changed. Lay down.”

Natalia complied laying down on her back in the family room. Victor lifted her legs up toward her head as he slipped a diaper under her bottom. As he did, the door opened. Natalia, who was facing the door squealed and shrieked in embarrassment as Holly and the rest of the troop all filed in.

“Hello, mother. I see dad has told you about what is to be expected,” Holly grinned as the rest of the girls all giggled.“This is certainly going to be a very long month for you.”

Natalia blushed red as she saw her daughter pull out her phone as she recorded Victor putting the diaper on her.

This story is absurd and stupid:

I think it could work as a sort of farcical comedy though

It’s mentioned in the rules AND on the forum itself…yet people still get butt-hurt when the very thing they were told will happen…happens. Do they not read the rules/ read reminder on the forum? It is literally right under “board member stories”.

For the story itself:

I didn’t notice any problems with the grammar and punctuation. The author used paragraphs and a new line for each speaker, so that’s a good start.

However, content wise I can not disagree with Scootamunk’s conclusion. A prime example is when the 9 year old girl says to her mother: [LEFT]“I want to wager a race. You and me. If I beat you to the edge of the lake, you must strip completely naked here and walk to the showers in only a towel. If you beat me, I will let you give me a bare bottom spanking right in the lounge of the visitor’s center,” Holly proposed holding out her hand.[/LEFT]

The premise of the story itself is so absurd and illogical it breaks the suspension of disbelief.

ETA: One thing I want to add- a critique of a story is not a personal attack on an author- though sometimes I think some people misconstrue it that way. Pointing out the problems/ flaws in a story isn’t telling an author “lol u suk”- it’s commenting on the work itself and areas that need improvement. That’s how writers learn and grow. Hell, that’s why this board was founded many moons ago.

Yeah, I can’t disagree here either. A 9-year-old wants to see her mother naked? Not likely. The plot is ham-fisted and transparent, and it imparts a great deal more wisdom, cognitive reasoning, and general self-awareness to a bunch of 9-year-old kids than can possibly expected in a real-world scenario. At best, they’re behaving like teenagers (14+ range). And even then, daughter doesn’t want to see Mom naked. Ever. Maybe some other kid’s mom, but not her own.

The upside:

  1. You had the right idea trying to create a complex setup for your payoff (the diapers).
  2. I like that you were trying to turn a trope on its ear (camp counselor winds up diapered instead of the kid).

(Late edit)

While I think the post that you flagged was inarticulate and rather cretin in its assessment of the story, I also emphasize that unfiltered criticism is the way of this forum, and I as a writer appreciate the fact that people feel free here to say whatever a piece of writing says to them. I want that kind of criticism, the kind that isn’t tempered by decorum or a fear of aggressive responses from either the writer or their fans complaining that someone would dare criticize them for their writing.

I did not flag the post because I can’t handle criticism. I value feedback , but there is still a difference between constructive criticism and just plain being an ass. I took the short sentence the user posted without any added details or explanations as a means of simply trolling or being rude. Had the user gone in detail with what they meant, I would have been fine. The story in no way is meant to be realistic. I don’t do that. I mean the whole point of a story is that you can create a world in which the impossible is possible. This is also a story I had written for a different type of community, but I still wanted to share it and adapt it to the boards’ expectations. I never said that one couldn’t critique my work or comment on it, but I do think it is reasonable for me to be less welcoming and opening to comments that seem to be posted just to be rude. There is a difference.

Also the age part is something that a lot of people seem to be problematic, but it’s not really important. I actually increased the age from last time, but the point is I need the daughter to be young enough to actually be able to be in the Girl’s Scouts but old enough to obviously be able to make these sorts of conscious decisions. I also need her to be an age that makes sense for the mother to still be on the young side so it’s not like a middle age woman getting stripped that’s a no go lol. The point is the age doesn’t really matter. She could be 11 if it makes you feel bette. Actually the whole idea came from the critiques about the Girl’s Scouts never being like the Boy’s Scouts and the Boy’s Scouts always having more fun and adventurous activities, so I simply came up with a bit of a fun way to in an imaginary world make the Girl’s Scouts a little more interesting than they are in real life. My stories are never meant to be 100% realistic and they very much push boundaries but that’s just what I find fun about writing them in the first place.

Entitled to their opinion, yes. They are NOT entitled to be rude about it as was the case here.

Yeah, speaking of those tools I’d love to know why they weren’t used or even checked before you replied publicly. If you had checked the flagged posts reports you’d have seen I had already closed and removed the report because I was dealing with it… Flagged post reports should never be made public.

…you don’t have much experience with the Girl Scouts, do you? This will come as a surprise to you (apparently) but the Girl Scouts actually have a lot of the same activities as the Boy Scouts, and unlike the Boy Scouts they can be more adventurous considering they allow MTF transgender kids to join. Hell my wife (who was MTF FYI) was a member of the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts at various points in her childhood and she could have assured you that many of the activities she participated in with both were the same, or similar enough as to not matter.

No, I was never a Scout. The only knowledge I have is based on what other people have told me. Perhaps it’s different for some troops, but I’ve been told by people who were in the scouts that there is a significant difference between what the Boys and Girls do. Unfortunately I have no way of confirming that since none of my family were or are Scouts so I have to really just take their word for it.

I liked the story concept and disagree with some of the critique. yes perhaps the daughter’s dialogue could have been more age appropriate but …

I would like to see it develop and hopefully we will get to read more of what this troop get up to humiliating Natalie particularly now the parents and her husband are involved. Scouts have always found great uses for the neckers they wear; bondage, gags etc and I hope this troop will be no different and now that Victor has introduce a diaper we have a good story line developing.