Scott's Remote

Scott’s Remote
By Horatio Husky

Chapter 1

Scott could hardly contain his giddiness as he turned his steering wheel to make a left at the intersection. After several weeks of careful planning, scheming, checking, and rechecking, he finally had a free weekend for himself. He had spent those weeks ordering discrete packages filled with supplies of a particular nature and tinkering in his garage on a device that he hoped would be able to fulfill his wildest fantasies. He could feel his heart pound in his chest as he put his blinker on and changed lanes, wanting to get home as soon as legally possible. Scott had had a great week at work, his boss had been admiring the white leopard’s progress for a while now. He had recently designed a filing system that, according to his calculations, had increased the company’s data storage system by a whole 12.4%. The subsequent increase in efficiency had also increased his paycheck to a much sizable amount, which he had recently been putting to good use.

Scott was a brilliant engineer and computer programmer, his passion for creation had brought him to work for Sky-TEC industries, a company that specializes in creating computers whose processing power and ability to complete tasks in incredibly low amounts of time had brought them up to one of the best technology companies in the world. But as brilliant as this company was, Scott was just a little bit more brilliant. Scott had quite unmistakably come into contact with a piece of technology that was top secret and incredibly powerful. Many would use it for great evil, while some might use it to achieve near indestructibility. Scott however, wasn’t particularly interested in any of those things.

Scott had some very private tendencies that he had never shared with anyone since he was a child. Specifically, he loved indulging in infantile fantasies, imagining himself just like a little kid again. From feeling the warmth of a freshly soaked diaper, to the pleasurable struggle of being put in bondage whilst wearing a soiled diaper, unable to do anything about his current predicament, to the wonderful childlike freedom of just wearing a diaper and t-shirt whilst watching children’s shows on TV. Scott had spent a good amount of time imagining exactly what he’d love to do to or by himself if he had the time and resources to fulfill his fantasies. Fantasies that he hoped would be fulfilled very soon.

Scott pulled into the driveway of his comfortable little home. It wasn’t anything special, he had little furnishings to decorate it with, but it had what he liked to consider an “aesthetical amount of space”. He turned off the engine, grabbed his shoulder bag, and exited the car, walking into his garage. He flicked on the lights, and as the light bulbs blinked awake the device that he’d spent months on putting together sat on his workshop table. To put it bluntly, Scott had been programming a device that would essentially stop time itself. Through a combination of biotechnology, an improbability-engine, and a calculator that essentially worked on the whimsical nature of the polarity of electrons whirling around in titanium atoms in the contraption, the device was able to access the particular genetic code of the user and ignore all cells with the sequence, then continue to all other organic matter and inorganic matter and “freeze them in place”.

Scott didn’t fully understand it, but he knew how to put the parts together and calibrate the machine. One might think that experimenting with such a device would be incredibly risky, but Scott had that figured out as well. He had coded in a fail-safe into the device. If a large amount of cells of the individual who had activated the device began to shut down at a rapid enough pace indicating possible death, it would essentially reverse the freezing process restoring reality to normal. Scott picked up the device with baited breath. It didn’t look like anything special, like a TV remote except with fewer buttons and what looked like more volume controls. He connected his phone to the remote and fed it information about the current time, position of earth relative to the sun, and relative temperatures around the world.

He hoped that the device would be able to send out the proper frequency into the molecules around it, setting off the time freezing reaction properly. He knew that if it failed, it may fail spectacularly, possibly even harming him despite the fail safe. A green light on the device shone, indicating that it was ready to be activated. He closed his eyes, pressed his eyes shut, and pushed a large red button with his finger. A loud rushing sound echoed through his ears, he fell backwards sputtering and coughing, he felt as if everything in a single part of his body was getting lightly tickled with electricity, he yelled in alarm, but before he could yell for more than a second it all stopped.

Scott looked around. Everything looked. . . normal. He went over to the garage switch and pressed it, a whirring sound came from the door as it opened. He padded outside and his jaw dropped. Birds hung eerily in the air, much like bricks don’t. Leaves stood stalk still, frozen as a gust of wind was blowing through it. Scott fanned himself with a paw experimentally, looking at it as he felt the air particles against his whiskers and fur. He had done it. He had created a device that stopped time. It stopped time for everything and everyone! Everyone, except him.

Scott hooted and hollered! He started running down the street, passing cars with passengers in them halfway through a sip of coffee, forming a word as they talked on the phones, or smiling jaws and maws agape as they sang to their favorite car songs. Scotts saw planes and clouds, unmoving in the sky, felt the warmth of the sun on his fur as it peeked behind a cloud, permanently, until adjusted by the remote of course.

Scott stopped running in the middle of an intersection and turned around and around, taking in the view. He laughed, joyous that he had achieved something that most thought was only possible in sci-fi movies and fantasy novels. Suddenly, he remembered why he had gone so ridiculously out of his way with his invention. He turned tail sprinted back to his house and got quickly inside, closing his door, not bothering to lock it. Who would try bothering him now if every ‘who’ was frozen in time? He walked inside his sparsely furnished living room and opened one of the brown boxes he had sitting there.

A fresh waft of baby powder and ointment met his feline nostrils as he admired the contents of the box. Within it lay several large, fluffy adult diapers, each themed with little cartoons of various baby animals wearing diapers. Some looked sleepy, others laughed in joy, while still others were too busy with a toy to do anything else. Scott shuddered with excitement and let out a shaky sigh. Finally, I can unwind like I’ve always wanted to. He thought, as his tail twitched in anticipation. He looked at the other boxes, knowing that what they contained would only increase the amount of fun he was about to have. He grinned, and speaking aloud to no one said, “It’s going to be a good weekend."


Chapter 2

Scott grinned to himself, his tail twitched in excited anticipation. He decided that he would start slow, after all, he first had to figure out how things felt as well as his tolerance before he would see if any of his other inventions could become potentially useful in making his weekend just that more relaxing. He took out a package of diapers labeled, “playtime diapers” ripping the packaging open and inhaling the smell of baby powder, he slipped a paw inside the package and extracted a diaper unfolding it. Sliding his paw pads through the soft, absorbent interior of the diaper, he took a moment to admire the craftsmanship. He imagined in his head how comfortable and secure his jewels and behind will feel when he’d allow himself to put it on. He thought about how his movement would be just slightly hindered and how the diaper would constantly remind him of its presence as it pressed up against him with every small and subtle movement he made. Scott had read many stories about this exact feeling on the internet, he had seen many pictures and videos of others just like him indulging in their secret pleasures. The only difference was that Scott now had an opportunity to actually experience it himself.

Scott turned and walked up the stairs, taking two at a time, and opened the door to his bedroom. Diaper still in paw, he closed the door behind him, grabbed a towel from his bathroom and placed it on his bed to make a makeshift changing table. He quickly stripped from his work clothes, hanging his shirt and tie on a clothes hanger and throwing his pants and buckle on a chair. Finally, he took off his underwear, and stood completely naked in the middle of the room. He looked over into a mirror, admiring his feline body. Although a little on the scrawny side, Scott was pretty happy with the way he looked. Not crazily attractive, but attractive enough to get the occasional appraising look from the men and women at his workplace. He brought his mind back to the task at paw, he let his soft bottom drop onto the towel, and rolled onto his back. His excitement could hardly be contained, and anybody looking into the room would have seen it as Scott unfolded the diaper. Expertly lifting his bottom up he slid the backseat of the diaper underneath himself. Then, he deftly pulled the diaper over himself, pushing down on his crotch to get a comfortable fit and then taping himself up snug on both sides.

Scott grinned and groped the front of his diaper, relishing the feeling between his legs. The soft, tender touch of the absorbent, almost thirsty lining of his diaper made him feel incredibly comfortable. The tension caused by work and adult responsibility in his brain slowly eased and melted away as he knew that he could relax his body completely and not worry about a single thing, not even having to get up and use the bathroom. Why would he have to? His bathroom was right where he was, he didn’t have to go anywhere or do anything. Scott pushed himself off the bed and drew himself up, looking at himself in the mirror and testing the flexibility of his padding and admiring how the diaper wrapped itself around his midsection, giving perfect security to any accidents the leopard might have now that he was in a more infantile mind-set. Grabbing the front of the diaper again the cat groaned in pleasure, he turned around and admired his now much cushier, pattern backside. He gave it a slap, and giggled in pleasure as the slap made a plastic, crinkly noise against his paw.

The cat exited his bedroom, shutting the door as the sun moved down the horizon amidst frozen clouds in the sky. As he descended he listened with glee to the swish and crinkle of his new under garments. They’re much more suitable for me, he thought to himself, a baby needs his diapers just in case he might have an accident! As he spoiled himself with babyish thoughts, he glanced at the boxes still in the living room. “I think I’ll take it slow,” he said aloud to himself, “One thing at a time.” He padded over to his kitchen, his tail floating smoothly in the air as light as a feather, protruding from his well padded behind. He walked over to a cabinet, making sure to push his cushioned crotch against the bottom drawers as a reminder to his current state and opened up a cabinet door. Behind several bottles of cooking wine he had stashed some pharmaceutical grade diuretics.

“Hydrochlorothiazide is a chemical substance that causes your body to increase production of urine in order to rid itself of excess dihydrogen monoxide and various salts,” Scott mused aloud, "Or in cases like me make sure that little babies make proper use of their special underpants.” Putting the jar of diuretic pills and a jug of milk on the kitchen counter, Scott padded back over to the living room to fetch one of the oversized baby bottles and nipples in the big brown boxes. Returning to the kitchen, he poured the milk into several glasses and put them in the microwave to warm up. “After all,” Scott announced to nobody but himself, “Little babies like me couldn’t drink cold milk straight from the jug, could they?”

Shortly after, the microwave dinged, and Scott extracted the glasses of milk, absentmindedly taking a sip from one of them to test its temperature. Scott grabbed the jar of diuretics and shook out a few pills. He took out four of the pills and plopped one neatly into the tall glasses of milk, after stirring each with a spoon he poured them into the large baby bottle, and snapped the lid on. Shaking some out onto his wrist just to check the temperature again, Scott licked up the drops off of himself and smiled broadly. “I think” he said aloud once more, “That this will be one of the most memorable weekends of my life!”

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Chapter 3

The tip of Scott’s tail happily twitched as he descended downstairs into the den. Plopping himself down on an oversized bean bag with bottle in paw he leaned over to grab the remote and began flipping through his collection of children’s tv shows. Finally settling on a personal favorite of his childhood, Dexter’s Laboratory (unsurprisingly), he happily settled down in his comfy seat. He lifted the tip of the bottle to his lips and closed his eyes, as he began to suckle on the bottle. As any other feline, he loved to spoil himself with whole milk. The warmth of the liquid along with the additive he had put in caused his body to tingle as the warmth of the liquid seeped into his insides, making his belly feel nice and comfortable. Padding the front of his diaper, he grinned around the nipple of the bottle as he sucked, knowing that all too soon he’d be putting the fluffy underpants around his waist to good use.

After finishing a little over three quarters of the bottle he began to feel full, but he continued until he had finished the entire bottle. Scott wanted to be sure that his padding would be used as intended after all. Placing the bottle next to him on the floor, Scott settled back down onto the beanbag and began to doze lightly as he barely paid attention to what was occurring on the television. He began to think about how brilliant the remote design he had found was. It worked on a very basic algorithm based on Newton’s law of inertia, essentially setting the inertia of all objects on the planet to zero while still maintaining proper ratios of molecular vibration, that being the emission of heat. After around twenty minutes however, his thoughts were brought to a more pressing matter, that pressing matter being his bladder.

He decided that he’d try and ride it out as long as he possibly could instead of just letting go. After all, he thought to himself, I need to know if Dexter will be able to get himself out of the predicament he had gotten himself into. The reflexive thought of needing to go to the bathroom crossed his mind, but he shook his head with a mischievous grin on his muzzle. I’m too busy to go to the potty, he thought, TV is so much more important than silly things like potty training, after all what would my diaper be for if I didn’t need to use it? Slowly but surely the pressure began to build. Finally he decided that it was time to release once the pressure was beginning to get uncomfortable. Scott let out a deep breath, closed his eyes, and relaxed completely.

At first his body resisted, unused to being allowed to release in a situation where normally he would be concerned with wetting the chair. But incrementally, he was able to relax completely, and he could see a warmth spreading throughout the front of his diaper. He slid down a little bit, forcing the absorbent insides of the diaper against himself as an incredibly vulnerable feeling washed over him. He let out his breath in huffs and grabbed the front of his diaper as his stream began to relax. He looked down to see that he had quite thoroughly soaked the padding around his legs. But even as he watched the yellow faded from the front, indicating that the diaper had much more potential. He could still feel the warm wetness in the front of his crotch. He moaned in ecstasy and happiness. Scott had finally done what he’d spent his entire life dreaming of since he had been a child. He had returned to being a helpless baby who could do little else than sit and diddle in his diapers.

He pushed his legs together, wanting to fully experience the feeling of having a warm, wet diaper. He rubbed his chest fur gently as he slid a paw down and onto the front of his padding, gently squeezing it around himself. Letting out a sigh the leopard leaned back and dozed for what he imagined couldn’t have been more than an hour, for as he awoke he looked at the time on the television to see that it was 5:00 P.M. He yawned and stretched, moving around to allow himself to feel the slightly colder and heavier diaper around his waist. As he did so he inadvertently let out yet another warm stream of urine. “Wow” Scott said aloud, “those pills are pretty darn effective to be causing me to wet almost uncontrollably. Good thing I had my diaper on!” Once he had finished he squeezed the front of his diaper again, noticing that it had grown to a much larger size, now slightly hindering his ability to walk without a waddle.

Grabbing his bottle, he decided that he’d make his ways upstairs in a much more fitting fashion than simply walking. Holding the nipple of the bottle in his teeth, Scott crawled towards the stairs and started to walk up them on all fours, waving his wet and padded tush in the air as he did. He giggled to himself, feeling incredibly childish for doing such a thing. As he reached the top of the stairs, he reached up and opened the door. He almost fell back down the stairs as he saw what waited at the top of them.


Chapter 4

Scott’s bottle dropped to the ground as he yelled in surprise. Awaiting him at the top of the stairs was a kindly looking blonde, grey rabbit wearing a long plain dress with an apron at the front with her paws cupped in front of her. It took a second to realize that the robotic nanny he had purchased was standing right in front of him. “How on earth did you get out of your box?” he said aloud, to nobody in particular. And once again he started, because a voice came from the direction of the figure, while the figure’s lips remained still, “I have been animated because you have pressed the activation button on my remote.” Scott furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, and then a realization dawned on him. He went down into the den again and quickly returned with the remote. The nanny still hadn’t moved from the original spot it had been, it stood completely still, yet still looked incredibly lifelike. Like she might scoop me up into her arms at any instant and begin feeding me with a bottle, Scott thought to himself, as his insides squirmed in happy excitement at the idea.

Pressing the start button on the remote, he watched as the voice came from the nanny once again, this time stating, “Rebooting in progress. . . process complete.” Scott chuckled to himself, whoever had designed the robot to work on the same frequency as your common TV remote must really have an interesting sense of humor. Scott hadn’t even gone through the manual of the robot, so he decided that he better read up on her before he went any further. Walking into the living, he raised his eyebrows in dry amusement as he said that the nanny had somehow ripped through the plastic of the box and escaped her brown, cardboard prison. “I certainly hope she isn’t that crude with her users” he said quietly to himself. Reaching into the large brown box he retrieved a plastic bag containing a complicated looking remote, some wires, and a manual.

Ripping the plastic open he realized that the remote had a small display and ports on it allowing it to be plugged into the robot for calibration. He opened the manual and was blown away by how incredibly intricate the bot’s programming actually was. Inside the manual was a long list of things that were able to be precisely calibrated, ranging from whether the automaton served as a nanny, mother (or mommy), mistress, girlfriend, dominatrix, and it could even play the role of baby sister or just plain baby. Not only were there various roles to choose from, but there were options on how to calibrate the extremes to which the nanny played out its roles, from being exceptionally strict and maintaining incredible lengths of bondage (Scott could already see several buttons of his that he could calibrate the robot to push) as well as whether the nanny saw the subject she was interacting with as an adult baby, an actual oversized baby, the gender that the nanny was to see the subject as, and the relative things the subject was comfortable with as well as a safeword.

Scott saw that he could calibrate the robot to use a variety of bondage items and that the robot even had several options on putting certain attributes to change, such as having the robot learn through trial and error what caused the subject the most amount of pain or pleasure (or both at the same time) as well as probabilities as to what it would do. Such as whether it would treat the subject a certain gender, age, or to a level of bondage on a particular day. Scott could program the robot to interact with him on a certain schedule (i.e. 3:00 snack time, 5:00 P.M. naptime). And to his surprise and sheer delight the robot was able to breastfeed the subject and lase the milk with various chemicals that would make the subject sleepy, incontinent, and even cause moderate to extreme muscle weakness reducing the mobility and control of the subject’s body to the robot’s mercy. In addition to all those settings, there were a few much more intimate settings available that were possible with the bot. These settings however, Scott decided to experiment perhaps after he had fully experienced the nanny bot’s ability to take care of him as an infant.

Scott grew more and more in excitement as he read through the intricate possibilities in programming this bot into the perfect caretaker, he looked down at his diaper and blushed as he saw his excitement was quite visible to anyone that might have seen him at that moment. But nobody can see you, or even know this is happening right now, he thought to himself, nobody, except… mommy. He glanced over at the robot still standing in the main hall, her back to Scott as he stared at the closed basement door. Scott smiled to himself, perhaps he wouldn’t go as slowly as he had originally planned. After all, he had all the time in the world. Might as well try out what the nanny bot could do. He walked over to the nanny bot and inserted the wires that had come with the manual and remote into a panel in the small of the nanny’s back.

The logo of a baby bunny grinning around a pacifier with its eyes closed in glee briefly appeared on the screen of the remote as the device registered being connected with the nanny bot. He decided that he’d start with the nanny bot setting, scrolling through the various calibrations he decided that the nanny bot would know that he was an adult baby but would treat him and interact with him as if he were a normal baby. In addition to that she would perform various unannounced diaper checks, have feeding times at 8 A.M. 12 P.M. and 5 P.M. Nap Times would be between 11 A.M.-12 P.M. and 3 P.M. to 4 P.M. Before naptime there would be bottle/breast feedings with a 10% probability of there being breastfeeding. If there was a bottle feeding, a small dosage of a sleep drug would be administered into the bottle. If there was breastfeeding, a significantly stronger dose of a sleeping drug would be mixed in the mixture. Within all feedings there would be moderate doses of diuretics. He decided to hold back on the muscle relaxants just in case he decided he wanted to have full control of his body.

He came across an option that dictated her intelligence, he thought a moment before selecting the option that allowed her to have the full intellect of a person. Next, he went through various clothing options. Seeing how the boxes were stocked with a large assortment of baby furniture and baby clothes, he saw fit to program them into the nanny bot as well. He selected the option of being changed out of his diapers in the morning, after lunch, and before bedtime into much thicker, nighttime diapers. He left a few settings on the default nanny settings, such as her interactions with him when playing with him and allowing him to watch TV and the like. He then came to the category of settings called, ”Bondage, Restriction, and Punishment.” Scott grinned, this is where the fun would start.

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Chapter 5

Scrolling through the options for the naughtier settings Scott squirmed and pressed a paw to the front of his still wet diaper. Whoever had programmed the nanny bot really knew what audience he was creating the product for. Everything Scott could possibly imagine was listed in the settings panel, from locking plastic panties, to sissification, cock cages, butt plugs, mittens and booties, straight jackets, locking onesies and pajamas, and a few other things that Scott didn’t even know existed such as punishment for using one’s diaper without asking permission or help from the nanny, as well as forcing the subject to “pleasure” the bot itself. Scott’s head whirled with possibilities. He decided that he’d leave these settings for later and first allow himself to simply be pampered as the proper baby he was.

Completing the settings, he clicked confirm, detached the remote from the bot’s back, and clicked the activate button once again. For the first time the nanny bot moved from her previous motionless position. She turned around and smiled at Scott, standing just a little bit taller than he did (as he requested when designing her) she walked over to him and cupped his chin in her paw, her motions impressively fluid and natural. “And what’s your name, little one?” she asked, her voice warm, an incredible sense of motherly tenderness emanating from her posture and tone. “Scotty” he replied, smiling shyly at her. She smiled at him, the warmth of her facial expression perfectly proportional across her entire face, Scott marveled at how incredibly life-like she looked. If he hadn’t known she was a robot and that he had just removed several wires from a metallic panel in her back, he would have sworn she was a real person.

“What a cute name for such a cute, little baby leopard.” she said, she glanced down and extended a paw downwards towards the leopard’s soaked diaper. Instinctively he moved away, the nanny looked up and saw that the leopard looked a little bit uncomfortable, after all, it must have been very difficult to be completely comfortable sharing such an intimate secret with another person, even if that person was synthetic. Taking the leopard’s paws in her own, Scott looked up into her calm, brown eyes, and her loving facial expression. “It’s okay baby” she said in a soft, reassuring tone, “Babies wet their diapers sometimes, it’s only natural. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.” This time when she extended her paw to slide it underneath the plastic leak protection in his diaper, Scott did not withdraw. A deep sense of calm, yet melancholy swept over him. And with a sob, he allowed himself to be caught up in the rabbit’s warm, loving embrace.

The nanny knew exactly what was going on, as expected, revealing one of one’s deepest desires to another person, even synthetic, was a little too emotionally overwhelming even for someone as talented and hardworking as Scott. She patted his padded bottom reassuringly as she lifted him up and cradled him in her arms, lifting him up as if he weighed no more than an actual infant. “It’s okay, little one, I’m here to take care of you” she whispered in his ears. Scott sniffled as he pushed his muzzle into the rabbit’s soft chest fur. He couldn’t believe himself, he was crying like an actual baby. But at the same time, an enormous wave of relief and calmness swept over him as he felt just like a child again, cradled in his mother’s arms as he fussed. After he had cried himself out to the rabbit’s soft humming noise, Scott found that he was actually quite tired.

He looked up at the rabbit and yawned, unable to contain it. “Awww, looks like our little one has tired himself out a bit” then the rabbit announced, her motherly tone covering Scott like a warm, fuzzy blanket. He closed his eyes, and felt the rabbit’s warmth and heartbeat as she carried upstairs into his room. She laid him down gently into his bed and tucked him in. Gently caressing his head, she kissed him on the forehead. Just before she shut the door, she turned off the lights and quietly whispered, “Goodnight sweetie.” That was the last thing Scott remembered as he faded into a deep, and exhausted slumber. Scott, at that moment, felt a feeling of incredible content that he hadn’t felt since he’d been an actual child, getting tucked in by his mother at his old home. Scott, engineer and tech at Sky-TECH industries, felt loved.

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Chapter 6

Scott woke up drowsily, he felt incredibly warm and comfortable. The covers covered him perfectly, and he felt incredibly secure in his pajamas and diaper. “Wait a minute” the leopard thought as he frowned, still not opening his eyes, “I’m pretty sure I wasn’t wearing pajamas last night.” He then realized that there was something round, and smooth in his mouth. “I’m also pretty sure I didn’t fall asleep with my bottle either.” Then he remembered what had occurred just before he fell asleep the previous day, and he finally opened his eyes. As his eyes readjusted and focused, he saw a row of horizontal bars in front of him. Lifting his head, he saw that the bars in fact were not horizontal but vertical; he was in a huge, white crib… He looked under the covers and found to his surprise that he was clad in a purple, flannel footed sleeper. He reached up to touch whatever was in his mouth and found that it was a large, adult pacifier, which was attached to a strip of cloth clipped to the front of his footed sleeper. Moving his legs he found that he was still wearing the diaper he had been clad in yesterday, except it was much, much thicker and still very damp. He realized he must have wet it as he had slept through the night.

The memories from the previous evening came flooding back as he remembered how he had cried into the nanny’s arms and how intimately she had assured him and gently put him to bed. He marveled at the incredible empathetic care the bot was able to exhibit. It truly was the emotional intelligence of a person. He pushed the covers off of him and looked around his room. The pacifier fell from his mouth and bounced off his torso, thankfully being suspended against his chest by the clip, as he saw that his room had been housed to perfectly accommodate your average adult baby. The room was painted to look like a cheerful, clouded sky, with incredible detail. Huge cumulonimbus clouds floated across intricately detailed green fields filled with bright summer flowers and grasses. The room looked as if it was taken from one of the many animated, japanese movies that Scott had watched in his childhood. Straight from Howel’s Flying Castle, he thought to himself.

A large changing table caught his attention, the table was stocked full with baby powder, baby wipes, baby oil, and all sorts of diapers. Trainers, night-time diapers, infant diapers, play-time diapers, diapers with little baby furries on them, and to his surprise, lockable diapers, and locking panties. Below the table Scott was also able to see an intricate array of restraining straps that could be pulled on top to completely incapacitate anyone on the table, in addition to leg cups and straps that could be attached to the ceiling. In another corner of the room a huge toy chest with lego sets, plushies, and baby teething toys piling out of it. Scott saw to his surprise that a stuffed, black wolf with wings perched atop the pile of toys. It was an exact copy of his favorite stuffed animal that he had lost in London when he was 3 on a family vacation. How on earth had it ended up here?

In another corner a baby bouncer hung from the ceiling, to his astonishment he saw that it had been installed with the ability to add a straightjacket component that he hadn’t noticed when he ordered it online. Besides a large, red, fluffy and circular carpet on the floor, the only other object of notice was a large, brown closet. Scott could only imagine what other surprises were contained there. Scott stood up in his crib, to his surprise the height of the bars went three feet above his head, leaving little room for him to be able to get out of the crib. He gripped the bars and tried moving them, they wouldn’t budge. Looking down, he saw the locking mechanism keeping the bars in place. Reaching through the bars he unclasped it, and slowly lowered the bars down to the floor until he was able to get out of the crib. Smiling to himself he decided to land on his padded rear, just like a real baby getting out of the crib without permission would do. The wet padding pressed up against his bottom as he landed on it, making him feel especially kiddish. Getting up from the floor, he walked over to the door to his room and opened it.

A delicious smell hit his sensitive nostrils, as he padded downstairs, walking into the kitchen he was confronted with a large, adult-sized high chair and the nanny, with her back turned, flipping pancakes at the stove. Scott was very surprised by the sight, not only had he remembered that he hadn’t calibrated the nanny bot to cook but he also hadn’t ordered the adult sized high chair, he remembered specifically that that was one of the things he wasn’t able to afford just yet. Hearing his paws tapping against the kitchen floor, the nanny turned around and smiled sweetly at him. “Now look who woke up and already escaped his crib! I really ought to make that thing more secure, shouldn’t I?” She padded over to him and enveloped him in a warm embrace, kissing his forehead gently, much to his subsequent blushing. “Want some breakfast, puffy pants?” She inquired, as she glanced at the very prominent bulge in his pants. Scott smiled sheepishly, ”Yes please” he replied sheepishly. Popping the pacifier in his mouth which Scott instinctively began sucking on, the nanny lifted him up effortlessly and brought him over to the highchair. His feet dangled several feet above the ground as she pulled the straps onto Scott, locking them in place snuggly and clicking the feeding tray in place.

She walked back over to the stove and began pouring maple syrup on the pancakes she had prepared. Walking over with a knife and fork, she cut up the pieces into small chunks, speared one on a fork, and turned her attention back to Scott. “Open wide!” she said sweetly, to which Scott obliged, and she steadily began to feed him with little bites of sweet, syrupy blueberry pancakes. Scott happily chewed the delicious pancakes as syrup and blueberry juice gathered on the corners of his mouth and whiskers. The rabbit smiled and said, “Aren’t we a happy little kitty today, looks like we’re a bit of a messy one to boot!” Taking the bottom of her apron she lovingly wiped away the syrup from his muzzle, causing his blush to return once more. Turning around she disappeared into the living room and quickly returned with a large bib, on the bib was the company logo for the nanny bot, a smiling baby bunny with a pacifier in its mouth and eyes closed in glee. Reaching around Scott’s neck she placed the bib on him and returned to feeding him little pieces of a delicious breakfast.

When he had finished all of his pancakes, the rabbit placed a large, adult-sized sippy cup on Scott’s feeding tray. “Drink up sweetie, this’ll help the num-nums go down easier!” Scott obediently began to suckle on the sippy cup. He wondered how the rabbit knew that blueberry pancakes were his favorite breakfast food? Not to mention his absolute love for cranberry juice, which he found to his delight was what the sippy cup contained. As the rabbit tidied up the kitchen and left the room. Scott let his mind wander with bliss. This. Felt. Amazing. His dreams and fantasies had come true! Scott was being treated like a helpless, cute, little baby by an adoring and wonderful caretaker. As Scott finished the sippy cup, he set it down on the tray and attempted to slide the tray out from the high chair. It wouldn’t budge, he looked at it from several angles, craning his neck in order to try and see how it detached from the chair. He looked down at the straps holding him in place, and attempted to release them. For some reason, the release button didn’t work at all. As if on cue, Scott began to feel a rather unfamiliar pressure in his stomach. His mind racing, he realized what the rabbit had meant when she commented on the ‘num nums’ going down easier.

The first cramp hit Scott suddenly, he strained his torso but couldn’t hold it in. Releasing a loud fart he felt his stomach gurgle as the pressure on his bowels suddenly grew urgent. Scott clutched his stomach, but before he knew it he was leaning forward and raising his tail skywards. Unable to control himself a warm, mushy mess erupted into the seat of his already soaked diapers. The restraints held him fast in place, his backside was pressed firmly against his diaper and the seat of the chair, forcing the mess against his bottom. With another cramp he continued filling his diaper, the mess spreading into the front of the diaper and throughout the seat of the diaper. At last with one final cramp and release, Scott finished filling his diapers, as he additionally wet again into the already soaked padding, Scott panted with exhaustion. Whatever the rabbit had put in his pancakes and drink had completely incapacitated Scott and left him no choice but to release the contents of his bowels into his waiting diaper. As if one cue, the rabbit came back into the kitchen, she lifted her nose and crinkled it slightly,”Uh-oh” she said, as she smiled knowingly over the bridge of her nose at the now violently blushing Scott “Looks like somebody left me a little surprise in their diapers!”

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Chapter 7

With apparent ease the rabbit unlocked the feeding tray and undid the straps with a click. Lifting Scott she placed his messy behind on her hip with one arm around his bottom and began her way up the stairs to his room. Scott tried his best not to move so as to not spread the mess further, but found it was futile. Having been securely strapped in the high chair he had little room to lift his bottom from the mess in his diapers, and he was thoroughly covered in his own didies. Walking into his room the rabbit placed his dirty bottom, to his dismay, on the rug and told him to stay there. Turning her back on him she opened the closet just wide-enough to take out a blue t-shirt with the baby company logo on the front, a pair of plastic pants, and a jar of mysterious pills. Scott strained his neck but couldn’t see any of the contents inside the brown closet besides that which she retrieved.

She turned around, lifted him up once more and placed him on the changing table. Lifting one of the many straps she placed it over his chest and fastened it. Placing a paw on the front of his diaper, causing him to feel giddy with excitement and vulnerability, she began to unbutton the footed sleeper he was in and removed it. The sleeper had been doing a decent job holding the smell in but now that it had been removed the room was quickly filled with the scent of the contents of Scott’s padding. “P.U.!” the rabbit exclaimed in mock disgust, as she held her nose closed dramatically. Scott blushed, but she smiled reassuringly, “Not to worry! We’ll get you in nice, clean diapers quickly enough.” With expert movements she untaped his diaper and began to gently wipe his various sensitive areas with baby wipes. Scott moaned with pleasure as his content grew and announced itself. Paying no heed to the leopard’s obvious pleasure the rabbit finished wiping up the mess off of the panther and threw away the wipes and messy diaper into a diaper pail adjacent to the changing table.

She reached down under the table and rose up holding a thick, play-time diaper in her paws. With the other paw she grabbed some of the baby lotion and powder, setting to work on the leopard, rubbing the cream on his diaper area and powdering the places afterwards. Expertly she unfolded the diaper and gently prompted the leopard to lift his bottom, to which he obliged in response. Suddenly, Scott felt the leopard slide her hand between his buttocks and swiftly tuck what must have been a pill into his bottom. He jumped and yelped softly but the rabbit gently scratched him on the stomach to quickly reassure him, “Good boy, that wasn’t so bad was it?” The leopard was a little surprised at how quickly she had administered the suppository, and he didn’t get a chance to protest because the rabbit began sliding the diaper underneath Scott’s furry bottom soon after. She lifted up the front and tightly taped it together, pressing down on the landing zone to make sure he was comfortable. Grabbing the pair of plastic pants she slipped them on as well and clicked them into place. She then undid the strap across the leopard’s chest and helped him into the t-shirt,”One arm at a time, little kitten of mine,” she rhymed to him softly, as she pulled the shirt onto him and transferred the pacifier and clip from the sleeper to his t-shirt. Scott beamed at her through his pacifier, she had done what would have probably taken Scott an hour in under five minutes. She had expertly cleaned up him and put him into a fresh new diaper without the slightest hitch. Although feeling quite comfortable and refreshed he couldn’t help but squirm slightly, feeling the medicine beginning to set to work.

“All better?” she asked, picking him up in a loving embrace and standing him up on the ground. He nodded, replying through his pacifier, ”Fank wew mommy”, and then blushing a deep shade of crimson as he realized how incredibly babyish he must have sounded speaking through it. The rabbit laughed openly, something she had done for the first time since he had switched her on. Scott stared at her in awe as a beautiful laugh escaped her lips, like sunshine cascading between the leaves of a tree. The rabbit was a gorgeous thing, a being of such grace, love, and kindness that Scott had never encountered before in his life. She smiled at him warmly, and offered her paw to him, “Come on now my little crinkle butt, I’ll read you a story.” Scott grasped her paw and she gently led him over to a rocking chair next to the crib, one that he hadn’t noticed before. Picking up a book from a pile next to the chair, she cradled Scott in her arms and opened up a copy of Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr. Fox. Since the author was a fox himself, Scott had always admired as a child how Roald Dahl had captured the mischievousness and craftiness of the fox perfectly in the children’s book. Settling down, he allowed his mind to doze as the rabbit read through the book, stopping to show him all the illustrations in the book as well.

As she concluded a chapter, leaving Mr. Fox, plotting on how to feed all his animal friends, the rabbit looked down at the snow leopard, who lay softly dozing in her arms, contently suckling on his pacifier. Oh how adorable he looked, she thought to herself, her child was incredible darling, how lucky she was to get such a cutie to take care of. Setting the book aside, she began to unbutton the buttons at the collar of her dress down to her breasts. Revealing one of her breasts, she gently removed Scott’s pacifier and replaced it with her right nipple. The leopard opened his eyes in slight surprise and tensed up apprehensively, but as he saw the rabbit’s reassuring smile and warmth emanating from her eyes, he relaxed once more and began to feed on the rabbit’s milk. It was sweet, warm, and incredibly comforting. Scott began to relax deeply, a warmth spread across the front of his diaper as he began to wet himself uncontrollably, a fact that he would have paid more attention to had he not been enamored with the milk flowing across his tongue, down his throat and settling comfortably into his stomach. . His mind, however, was too preoccupied with the delicious nectar he was suckling from the rabbit’s breast. Scott drank and dozed, as the rabbit closed her own eyes and sighed quietly. After a few minutes of feeding, Scott finally drifted off to a content slumber. For years after that moment, Scott would never remember feeling more safe and loved, than in the loving arms of the rabbit.