School Nurse Blues- a very short story

Hi everyone, I thought I had posted before, but I guess not! I don’t fancy myself as much of a writer, but sometimes I’ll have a cute idea I’ll feel like expanding into a few paragraphs. I’m not creative enough nor do I have the time to write novels, so know that before you read anything I write.

I had an idea for a little story I thought was cute, so this is that. It only took about an hour to write, and even then I’m a pretty slow writer. I do have a few more ideas for stories in a fairly similar vein, so let me know if you like my story.

School Nurse Blues

Ms. Smith sighed to herself as Chris waddled his way into the nurse’s office. She had been having a frustrating day so far, and dealing with Chris wasn’t going to make it any better.

“The usual?” she asked before he could even say anything.
“Uh huh. I’m wet,” answered Chris with a nod and a smile as he plopped himself down on the medical examination table.
“Of course you are. Ok then, let’s get you changed,” muttered Ms. Smith with an audible sigh as she readied the diaper changing supplies.

Ms. Smith absolutely hated changing diapers. It was easily her least favorite part of her job, and it wasn’t even something she thought she should have to deal with. She was a nurse at an elementary school after all, not some caretaker at a daycare. And yet despite Ms. Smith’s objections Chris had a note from a doctor saying he needed to wear diapers to school and needed to be changed at lunchtime. Ms. Smith couldn’t argue with a doctor’s note, even if she hated it and even tended to doubt the notes legitimacy.

Chris’ parents were doctors at the hospital, and Ms. Smith thought they were probably too busy and too lazy to properly potty train Chris. Chris’ doctor’s note was written by his father after all, and no one at the school knew what Chris’ actual condition was, just that he needed to wear diapers. In Ms. Smith’s opinion Chris’ “medical conditions” equated to Chris being stubborn and having overworked parents. He was clearly quite attached to his diapers, and Ms. Smith figured Chris’ parents had decided to just let him keep wearing diapers as opposed to fighting the inevitable battle that was potty training. Besides, Chris’ parents were doctors, they probably dealt with all kinds of gross medical stuff and didn’t get phased by dumb things like changing diapers. Ms. Smith was not a doctor, and Chris’ diapers grossed her out, even the wet ones. In her opinion Chris was WAY too old for diapers, and she didn’t want to deal with it anymore.

“Don’t you ever get sick of taking so much time out of your lunch just to get your diaper changed? You’ve only got thirty minutes. You have to come to my office every day and wait for me to get everything ready. You probably barely even have time to eat,” said Ms. Smith in a more persuasive voice as she untaped Chris’ soaking wet Pampers size 6. She didn’t want to take out too much of her frustration on Chris since she knew his parents were probably more to blame than he was, but she still wasn’t happy about changing his diapers every day.

“Not really. I guess I’m used to it,” replied Chris as he tried to keep still. He didn’t really like the feeling of the cold baby wipes against his body, but it was just part of wearing diapers and a fairly small price to pay. He was practically a pro at getting changed at this point.

“Yeah. I guess you don’t really know any difference since you’ve always gotten changed at lunch. Okay, what about friends? I always see you sitting at the lunch tables all by yourself. Don’t you think it would be easier to make friends if you didn’t wear diapers?” asked Ms. Smith in a coaxing voice as she taped a fresh diaper around Chris’ diaper area. She had argued with Chris about his diapers a million times, and he didn’t seem to care about being a “big boy” in any traditional sense. These days she was trying more age appropriate methods of persuasion, such as friendship and lunchtime privileges.

“I have lots of friends!” exclaimed Chris
“Oh yeah? And who are these friends? I never see you with anyone in the cafeteria” replied Ms. Smith. as she helped Chris put on his shorts.
“I’m best friends with my neighbor, he goes to a different school, and my brother! They’re my friends!” said Chris happily.

“Okay… your neighbor and… a brother? A little brother?” She asked curiously. She knew most of the children at the school, and she was almost sure she would know if Chris had a brother who attended. She had been taking care of Chris for quite a while at this point, so she was a little surprised she was just finding out about him having a brother.

“Yep! He’s in preschool, but Daddy says he gets to go here next year! I’m really excited!! He has even better Pokémon cards than I do!! He has a Charizard” exclaimed Chris excitedly as he hopped off the medical examination table.

“Preschool huh?” asked Ms. Smith as she thought about what he was saying.
“Chris… Does your brother wear diapers too?” asked Ms. Smith in a forced calm voice as she began to realize the gravity of the situation.
“Yep! We both wear diapies! Daddy says we can,” said Chris in a happy voice. “Thank you for my change. I’m going to go eat my lunch now,”

“Great… that’s just God damn great,” thought Ms. Smith to herself as Chris left the nurses office. She knew Chris wouldn’t potty train between now and then, and she absolutely hated the idea of having two sets of diapers to change everyday. She supposed she could probably complain to the principal since all the kids at school were supposed to be potty trained, but she knew her hands were likely tied. Chris’ diapers weren’t a secret among the school staff since he had a doctor’s note. Everyone from the principal to Chris’ teachers to Ms. Smith knew Chris got his diapers changed in the nurse’s office at lunchtime.

Ms. Smith was sure Chris’ little brother would have a note from his Daddy saying he needed to wear diapers for undisclosed medical reasons, just like Chris did. She was sure his medical reasons would be identical to Chris’ and equally as bogus, but she knew she had no power to question a doctor’s medical orders.

Ms. Smith groaned to herself and buried her face into her hands. She knew it was cliche for the children of doctors to get special treatment, but she had never expected that special treatment to mean changing diapers.

“Oh well, at least I have good benefits,” grumbled Ms. Smith to herself as she contemplated her job. “I guess I can deal with one more diapered brat, but I am so out of here if there are any more brothers and sisters after this kid. Someone really needs to whip these kids into shape and get them potty trained,” thought Ms. Smith as she put away the diaper supplies.

The life of an elementary school nurse wasn’t always the most glamorous. Stil, a job was a job, and Ms. Smith was grateful to have one, even if it meant doing things she didn’t like sometimes.


if the principal heard that chat he may insist through any way he needs to to have the nurse wearing adult diapers at work for a week to give her a better sympathy for the poor children.