School for Incontinent Kids - Story Two

Hello, ThatTeenInaDiaper. Thanks for your responses to my first story. I’ll try better with this one. Still might be a little bit amateurish. If I make the same mistakes I made before, please tell. I promise I’ll try and do better. Since I need to go to bed soon, this story will be split up into different posts. I’ll post chapter two soon.

Chapter 1:

Allan was a diaper lover. He loved diapers so damn much, but could not tell his mom because of how strict and unforgiving she was. He wished he could wear diapers without his mom disapproving. He wished he could wear diapers period, he had never been able to since he discovered his love for the things. What’s worse, he was thirteen and was horny as hell for diapers, which was making him really desperate.
Then one night, he and his mom were driving to their house right outside San Diego. They had just finished going to a formal party his mom had been invited to.
“That was really boring mom.” said Allan.
“Well I’m glad you were able to act well during it. And I don’t really care how boring it was to you.” she answered.
Unfortunately, Allan new he wouldn’t be given any reward for acting well. He was never given rewards, no matter what he did.
“Mom, why don’t you ever reward me for doing stuff like act well?” asked Allan.
“What!? Why would you ask me that?”
“Well I’m happy you’re glad I acted well, but, maybe once in a while I could get compensation.”
“I don’t see why I should waste money or anything like that just because you did something that made me mildly happy. I still love you like a mother, but I have my limits.” his mom answered.
Allan’s heart sank. “Five more years until I can move away from my bitch of a mom,” Allan thought to him self. “That may be a long time but it’s better than six or seven years.”
Suddenly are car drove in front of their car, and the two cars collided. Allan who never bothered to buckle in his seatbelt (his mom didn’t know that) slammed his head against the back of the driver seat. He felt dazed, but that’s all. He looked to see if his mom was okay. Thankfully she was. Suddenly he got a huge migraine, and passed out.

He woke up in a hospital bed. His head was throbbing. A nurse came over and asked, “Are you alright?”.
“My head really hurts, but that’s it.”
“You got a pretty big concusion. I’ll tell your mom you’re alright.” the nurse said.
Him mom came in. “Hun, why weren’t you wearing your seltbelt. You wouldn’t have this head injury if you had buckled up.”
“I just, forgot.” Allan lied.
“You get some rest. The doctors said your headache should go away by the end of today, and that you can leave when that happens.”

A few hours later, Allan’s headache went way and he and his mom where being breifed by one of the doctors. After that they could leave.
“Just give him this pill every few hours for the next few weeks and he should be okay.” the doctor said.
Just then Allan had an idea. If he could make his mom and the doctors believe he was made incontinent by the car accident, he could be put in diapers and not be criticized by his mom. How did he know the accident didn’t make him incontinent? Because he had to pee really badly at that moment. He decided to pee his pants and lie to him mom that he couldn’t control it.
A large wet spot started growing on the front of his pants. His mom of course noticed this.
“Allan! Why are you peeing your pants?” his mom questioned.
Everybody had always told Allan he was a good actor. He decided to put that to good use by acting surprised at the growing wet spot.
“I didn’t know I was peeing myself mom!” he lied.
“Well stop it.” his mom said.
“I can’t!”
“Oh dear,” said the doctor, “That car crash might have made your son incontinent.”
“But all he got was a concusion, right?” said Allan’s mom.
“It could be psycological,” the doctor suggested, “You really coundn’t stop it?” she asked.
“No, I couldn’t!” Allan lied again, “I can’t believe this, I’m thirteen!” he said, still pretending to be shocked.
“It’s okay dear. We’ll figure out something.” his mom reasured.
“Well, okay.” replied Allan.
“We’ll run some tests, see if it could be psycological.” said the doctor. Allan hoped they would say it was.
This unfortunately meant that Allan and his mom would have to stay at the hospital a little longer. Allan’s mom went home real quick to get him some dry underwear and pants and came back quickly too.
After the doctors scanned Allan’s head, they determined that it was possible that his incontinence was psycological, much to Allan’s delight.
He and him mom were told to wait a little longer while the doctors finalized their information. During this wait, Allan felt the need to poop.
“Hey, why convince your mom and the doctors that you’re now bowel incontinent too!” Allan thought. So he tried as hard as he could to poop his pants. He was eventually able to do it. The soft stuff mashed into his underwear.
“Uh, oh,” he said, still acting, “Mom, I hope you don’t get too angry, but I just pooped myself.”
“Oh great. Well, according to the doctors, it’s not your fault, it’s that head injury of yours. Come on, let’s go home and get you cleaned up. I’ll go ask the doctors if we can.”
They went home and got Allan cleaned up. He and his mom lived together alone, which was thankful in this situation. Then Allan asked the question that he hoped would get him into diapers.
“Mom, what are we going to do about this?”
“Well, since it’s psycological, I guess there’s no operation that can be done to fix it. I know, I’ll put you back into diapers!” his mom said.
“Yes, yes, yes!” Allan thought, though his face didn’t show it.
“Will you be okay with that sweety?” his mom asked.
“At my age it’s a little out of the ordinary for me to be wearing them, but if I need them, I guess it’s okay with me.” he said, his acting still fooling his mom.
“Good. Let’s go to the medical store to get you some. And because of how good you acted at the hospital, how about we get some ice cream afterwards?”
“Sure!” Allan replied.
“Wow! I get to wear diapers and my mom is taking me for a treat. This is great!” thought Allan.
“That car crash has made me realize how special you are to me. So I’m thinking about rewarding you a bit more from now on son.” said his mom.
“Okay.” replied Allan. He didn’t want to act too excited.

They went to the medical store to get Allan some diapers. Allan wasn’t surprised to see that they had some made for kids like him. He had heard of diapers like that on the internet.
After buying them, he and his mom went into the store’s restroom to put them on him. His mom insisted that he put them on himself from then on, and showed him how to. After getting the diaper on Allan, they walked back to the car to go get that ice cream.
Allan had never felt so good in his life. Wearing diapers was amazing. He could wait to get home to check them out in the mirror and fool around in them.
They arrived at the ice cream parlor and ordered their ice cream. After getting and paying for them, they went to one of the tables and sat down.
“So, how does wearing them feel like?” Allan’s mom asked.
“Weird, but okay.” he responded.
“Good,” his mom said, “Listen, I was talking to one of the doctors about your incontinence back at the hopital, and he mentioned a school here in San Diego that is specifically for incontinent kids like you. I planning on sending you there.”
“An entire school filled with kids in diapers? Super Cool!” thought Allan.

A week later and he and his mom were headed for the school to enroll him. His mom had got him out of his old school a few days ago.
Allan was impressed at how modern and nice the school looked. They went into the front office and told the desk lady that the principal was waiting for them. “I’m Sally Carter and this is my son Allan.”
“Good, she’s expecting you.” the lady said. Allan and his mom went to her office.
“So what’s your kid’s type of incontinence and how’d he get it?” asked the principal after the two had setted themselves.
“He’s completely incontinent and he got it by getting a concusion. The doctors say it’s psycological.” Allan’s mom responded.
“He’ll fit right in!” said the principal, “Here are the rules of the school.”
She continued on about the school rules which were pretty basic. What got Allan really aroused was the rules when it came to the diapers.
“All students are required to wear the school’s special diaper.” said the principal.
“Can he wear the diapers he wears right now at home?” asked Allan’s mom.
“Sure. But be sure he comes to school in the school’s diaper. We’ll give you some so you can do that. Secondly, your son has to go to the changing rooms when ever he needs a diaper change. If it’s during class, he’ll have to wait until recess, which there are three of. The recess room is inside. Your son doen’t need to worry about the smells, our classrooms are well aired out. And you don’t need to worry about the changers, they are trained and have no bad background. And lastly, the dress code. Your son can wear shoes, socks, our school’s special t-shirt, but can’t wear any pants to school.”
“What? Why not?” asked Allan’s mom.
“It will be easier to handle leaks if he doesn’t wear pants.”
“What do the t-shirts look like?” asked Allan. He hoped the diaper wouldn’t cover up his diaper too much. Not only did he want as many people to show off his diaper to, but he also wanted to see everyone else in their diapers too. “That will be so much fun!” he thought.
The principal showed them the t-shirt. It was white and had the school logo on it. And much to Allan’s delight, it looked like it wouldn’t cover up his diaper one bit.
“That won’t cover up my diaper at all, will it?” he asked.
“I’m afraid not.” The principal replied.
“Well, I guess that’s okay.” said Allan’s mom.
“Good. That’s everthing.” concluded the principal.
On the ride home, Allan felt the need to pee. He of course just relaxed and let it go into his diaper. The warmth of the pee spreading in his diaper was still so pleasing to him, even though he’d been doing it for a few weeks now. He couldn’t wait to go to the school, which he was sure would be even more pleasing.

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Re: School for Incontinent Kids - Story Two

Not bad. A few spelling errors here and there but it didn’t take too much to get around them. You’ve got better lead-in in this story which makes it easier to read and helps it flow better.

One thing: “Are car drove in front of their car, and the two cars collided.” Who’s their car? Also, you used the word “car” more than was necessary. You could have said: (and I’m only changing two words here) “Our car drove in front of their car, and the two collided”. It helps the flow and saves a little on word usage. Though I’m not too sure about that comma…

You’ve improved, which is good to see and you have me waiting for the second chapter. Keep it up. :slight_smile:

Re: School for Incontinent Kids - Story Two

I’ve decided to abandon this story so I can move on to other ones. Sorry about that.