Scenes Updated 11/14/2022 with Scene #7

We all love the scenes written for “I am not a little girl.” That seems like fun to write so I am doing one scene and maybe I will make it more.

Scene 1

The doorbell rang which surprised me since I wasn’t expecting anyone. I approached the door opening it thinking it might be a package being delivered or someone soliciting something. Upon opening the door stood a very beautiful middle age woman named Tiffany. Tiffany and I had been dating off and on for about 4 months and weren’t supposed to hang out tonight so I wasn’t quite sure what she was doing here.

“Hey Tiff. Whats up?” I asked.
“Hey Tim. Just got off work and came over to have dinner like we planned” she told me.
“Umm… when did we plan that?” I asked her.
“We talked about it this weekend and you told me to come on by after work and we would have dinner and some drinks” Tiff said.
“Oh shit! I completely forgot” I told her.

Tiffany laughed shaking her head. She walked in the door heading to the couch and sat down.

“I guess we are ordering takeout. Mind getting me a beer?” She asked me.
“Sure.” I told her.

I walked in to the kitchen and grabbed a beer pouring it in to a frosty mug for her. I brought it over to her on the couch and returned to the kitchen to start looking in the fridge to see if there was anything I could cook.

“I completely forgot you were coming today. I have to be honest I am caught completely off guard” I told her.
“No problem. Lets just have a few beers, order some food and have a chill night.” Tiffany told me.

I bent down further in to the fridge to try to see if I had any beef to do burgers. In doing so I felt my shirt ride up a little bit and I quickly nonchalantly tried to push it down.

“We will probably just order as it looks like there is nothing good in the fridge” I told her. “What are you in the mood for?”

I pulled my head out of the fridge to see Tiffany intently examining me from the couch.

“What” I asked her.
“Nothing. How about we just order Chinese. I will do Sesame Chicken”
“Great” I replied “I will order it now”

I pulled out my phone from my pocket and quickly ordered food from the GrubHub app.

“45 minutes” I told her.
“Great” she told me.

I started to walk out of the kitchen heading to the bathroom when she stopped me.

“Hey Tim” Tiff said.
“Yea?” I asked her
“Where are you going” She asked.
“Just to the bedroom for a quick second”

I started to continue to the bedroom but before I could get there Tiff stopped me with a question.

“Umm…Are you wearing a diaper!?!” Tiffany asked me.
“What!?!” Don’t be ridiculous" I told her
“Are you sure? It sure looks like it. She told me.
“That is a ridiculous question Tiff.” I told her.
Come here” she demanded.
“What!?! No. I need to get something from the bedroom real quick” I told her.

Tiffany got up and walked over to me.

“What are you doing?” I asked her.
“Checking something” she told me.

Tiffany gave me a pat on the butt and then pulled back the waistband on my sweats before I could push her hands away. I tried to walk off but she held the waisteline of my sweats only further exposing the diaper. It didn’t help that the diaper was a Safari Rearz which was very thick with animals all over it. She let go of the waistline and the sweats quickly closed around my waist yet still exposing the top part of the diaper since my shirt wasn’t fully down from the assault on my sweats. She stood there looking at me not saying a word.

“Ummm… I can explain” I told her.
“Ok. Please do.”
“I have a bladder infection and the doctor recommended I just get some protective garment in case I have an accident” I told her.
“Really!?!” she asked me. “You sure?”
“Of course!” I said. “But if it makes you uncomfortable I will go change. No problem.”

I turned to rush to the bedroom but felt Tiff grab gently grab my hand.

“Tim, that is an incredibly thick diaper. I heard it when you walked in the kitchen. You could also tell you had a diaper butt just by looking at you when you were bent over. It looks to me like an oversized baby diaper with those animals on it. You’re really going to lie to me and say the doctor recommended those”
“Umm. Well not specifically these but this was all they had at the store?” I stammered.

Tiffany shook her head at me and frowned.

“Tim, generally speaking, whenever I have been lied to by someone in a diaper they get to spend some time in the corner or across my knee” Tiffany told me. “You want to try again?”
“How did you even know?” I asked her. “You have only been here for 5 minutes and I was supposed to in to the bedroom and change!” I practically cried.

Tiff smiled and laughed.
“Don’t change the subject. But I would usually respond to this type of question with a joke about how I have been babysitting kids since you were in diapers but in this case that would be true”

I didn’t smile. I just wanted to get out of there. Tiffany looked at me looking for an explanation. An explanation I wasn’t prepared to give. I let the silence hang for what felt like an hour but was actually probably just a minute or so.

“Can we just pretend this never happened? Let me go and quickly change and we finish our night?” I pleaded with her.
“How about you just tell me what is going on.” Tiff said gently. “Just talk to me”

Tiffany gently pulled me to the couch and sat me down.

“Stay there. I will get you a beer” she told me.

Tiffany walked to the kitchen, grabbed a glass and poured the beer in to it. She brought it back to me and I took a big pull of it.

“I completely forgot you were coming over tonight. I answered the door thinking it was a package that was delivered. Then when I saw you there I just tried to play it cool and was planning on quickly going in to the bedroom to change. But before I could do that you cleary noticed somehow” I said.

Tiffany said nothing. She just kept looking at me.

“Aren’t you going to say anything?” I asked her.
“You haven’t said anything Tim” she said in a scolding tone. “You just keep saying stuff I already know and stuff that is just ridiculous. That diaper is super thick and loud. It is completely obvious you are wearing a diaper. Its not like I was expecting to walk in here and catch you in a diaper but it was so obvious how could I not.”

I looked down and didn’t say anything.

“Why are you wearing a diaper?” Tiffany asked me. “And don’t lie. It really pisses me off when I am lied to”
“Wearing a diaper helps me relax. I had a long day and I figured I would just wear a diaper and some comfortable clothes. There that is all” I told her.
“Can I ask some questions?” she said in a gentle tone.
“Umm… yea I guess” I told her.
“Do you use them?” she asked me.
“Not very often. I tried peeing in it a few times but the diaper leaked”
“That is because you didn’t put it on very well” Sasha informed me. “As a matter of fact I am pretty sure it isn’t on properly right now.”
“Ummm. Ok. Any other questions?” I asked her.
“How long have you been wearing them?” TIff asked.
“I just put this on right before you got here” I told her.
“Come on Tim. You know what I am asking. How long have you been wearing diapers?” Tiff asked me firmly.
“A few years. I have always had an interest in them but didn’t order anything until a few years ago.” I told her.
“So it is just wearing a diaper and occasionally wetting it or is there anything else to it.” she asked me.
“Thats it. I promise.” I told her quickly.

Tiffany looked at me and shook her head. She knew I was lying and I could tell she wasn’t happy about it.

“Lay down” she ordered.
“Why?” I asked
“Because I just told you to. I am going to fix your diaper” Tiffany told me.
“That’s ok. I am going to change anyway” I told her.
“No. You’re not. Let me show you how to properly do it.”

Tiffany pushed me down on the couch and pulled my sweats down to my ankles. She adjusted the diaper on my hips, undid the bottom left tape and retaped it. She did the same with the bottom right take. Then she undid the top left tape, repositioned the top part of the diaper taping it to create a snug fit doing the same on the other side.

“Stand up” she told me.

I stood up and Tiff started tugging on the top part of the diaper and then ran her fingers across the leg seam of the diaper where the leak guards were.

“There. If you wet this diaper you won’t have any leaks.” Tiffany informed me. “Ok. I am leaving. I will see you later”

Tiffany started walking towards the front door. I quickly pulled up my sweats and ran to stop her from leaving.

“Why are you leaving?” I asked. “I answered all your questions” I told her.
“You lied to me when I asked you if you were wearing a diaper and you just lied to me about what else you like about it. I don’t want to hang around with or be with anyone who will blatantly lie to me.”
“I didn’t lie to you about wearing the diaper! I never said I wasn’t.” I told her.
“Great! Even better. So you were just being deceitful” Tiffany said sarcastically.

Tiffany continued to the door and I grabbed her hand to try to stop her from leaving.

“Tiffany, wait please!” I told her.

Tiffany pulled her hand out of my grip.

"Tim, I HATE being lied to. It triggers me. I mean I tried to show you I was open minded and cool about all this by making sure you’re correctly diapered since you clearly didn’t know how to do it. And you STILL lied to me. Honestly, All I want to do right now is put you over my knee and give you a spanking.
“Please Tiff. Don’t leave. I will do anything!”
“What other stuff about the diaper are you in to?” she asked me.
“I have always fantasized about someone diapering me as a punishment, forcing me to wear, and maybe spanking me. Ok.”

Tiff looked at me, nodded and walked in to the kitchen grabbing a wooden spoon. She then went over to the couch and sat down.
“Come here” she told me.
“Why. What are you doing?” I asked her in a scared tone.
“I told you. Anytime someone in a diaper has lied to me they have been over my knee. You’re no exception. Come here” she orderd.

I walked over there and Tiff any pulled me across her knee. I felt my sweats being pulled down and taken completely off me leaving me in nothing but a diaper below the waist.

“It is important you understand why you are being spanked. So tell me” Tiffany asked.
“Because I lied?” I said.
“Correct” she answered.


Even though this was humiliating, and a fantasy I always wanted, I was very thankul for the thick padding because what was otherwise not in the least painful would of been very painful if not for the diaper. However as I was thinking this, I felt the diaper being pulled down to my feet as well.

“Hey what are you doing?” I asked her.


I almost jumped out of her lap as I felt her hand come down on my backside. Out of instinct, I moved my right hand to try to cover my butt from her assaults.

“I don’t think so Mister” TIff said as I felt her grab my hand and firmly place it against my back. I saw her in my peripherial grab the spoon in her free hand.


“Please Tiff. I am sorry. Please stop” I cried.

I kicked my legs ripping the diaper apart wrapped around my legs.


“I suggest you calm down Tim. Otherwise I will make it even worse”

I remained as still as possible across Tiff’s lap.

“Two more and then we are done” TIff said.


Tiff helped me up across her lap as I rubbed my butt. Tiff led me to the corner of the room and turned me to face it.

“Put your hands behind your back above your butt and don’t move until I say so.” She ordered.

“What is this!” I exclaimed.


I jumped nearly 10 feet.

“Ok Ok. Just stop spanking me” I cried.

“Where do you keep your spare diapers” she asked me?
“what!?! Why?” I asked Tiff
“Because you destroyed the tapes on the other one and we need to put you in a fresh one” She stated matter of fact.
“I am good Tiff. I don’t want to wear one anymore today” I told her.
“Do you want to end up over my knee again? Last warning, where are your spare diapers?”
“In the closet in the trunk” I said.

I heard Tiffany go in to my bedroom and in to the closet. A few minutes later she came out with a diaper, some baby power, and a blanket she found in my trunk.
“Come here and lay down on the floor.”

I left the corner and gently sat down on the blanket and lied down.

Tiff grabbed both my legs and lifted them up as she slid the diaper under my butt. She liberally started applying powder when the doorbell rang.
“Don’t move” she told me.

Tiff got up and went to answer the door. It was the food which she brought in to the kitchen and came back. She pulled the front of the diaper to my chest and taped all for 4 tapes. She pulled me up to a sitting position.

“How does that feel? Better?” She asked me.
“Yes” I mumbled.

Tiff stood up, grabbed the spoon and went to the kitchen. She put the spoon back in the bowl of spoons and put the food on plates. I got up and went to grab my sweats by the couch and put them on. I walked to the dining table and Tiff placed the food on the table. When I sat down my butt was on fire but the soft padding of the diaper and the baby powder helped assuage the pain. I started eating not saying anything. Tiffany ate her food in silence and sipped her beer.

“What do you want to talk about?” I sheepishly asked her.
“I can think of quite a few things.” She said coyly. “Anything you want to talk about?”
“You spanked me really hard” I said. “If it wasn’t for this diaper I wouldn’t be able to sit down”
“The whole point of a spanking is for it to be uncomfortable. Timeout and a sore butt should allow you to reflect on what your behavior” Tiff said. And half of the spanking you had a diaper on!
“This wasn’t the first time you have spanked someone is it?” I asked her.

Tiffany looked up at me and smiled.
“If you’re asking me are you the first adult I have spanked, then the answer is no. However, I have never had to put an adult in timeout while I go search for a fresh diaper for them and change them after spanking them”
“You didn’t have to do that” I mumbled.
“I can’t understand you when you talk like that.” Tiff said.
“I said you didn’t have to do that!” I exclaimed.
“I have changed thousands of diapers. I could care less about changing another one. But what I wasn’t going to allow is for you to just pretend none of this happened” Tiff explained.
“I still can’t believe you noticed so fast” I said.

Tiff laughed.

“Tim, I don’t know how you could of been any more obvious. I heard the crinkle as soon as I walked in. Also when you bent over it was glaringly obvious. Those diapers are the thickest diapers I have ever seen. Discreet they are not honey”

I blushed. She had a point. I always made sure to buy the thickest diapers I could find.

“You had a lot of interesting things in that trunk of yours” Tiff coyly mentioned.
“Yea you weren’t really supposed to see all those things.” I said.
“You want to talk about it” She asked me.
“Not really” I said.
“Ok honey. Was this your first spanking?” she asked me.
“Yes” I stammered.
“How did you like it?” she asked me.
“Umm…” I started to say.
“It is ok. This is a safe place. Just you and me sitting here eating dinner” Tiff cajoled.
“Ok. It was great. I have never been spanked before. It Really hurt but I kinda liked it a lot. I have also never had anyone diaper me so two fantasies in one night” I said.

Tiff smiled.

“Glad I could help you out. Who knows. Maybe we can make this a regular thing.”
“The diapers or the spanking?” I asked her genuinely curious.
“Yes” Tiffany responded.

We finished dinner and it was time for Tiffany to go. As I was walking her out, we kissed and she gave me a swat on the butt and left thus concluding a very interesting night.

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I finished the prep for the fish and closed the foil. The oven had finished preheating and I slid the fish in the oven setting a timer for 45 minutes. Tim was coming over and I wanted to cook him a good dinner. The plan was to just have dinner, netflix, and chill. Who knows…maybe have a little fun in the bedroom if things work out. It had been about two weeks since the whole incident at his apartment. Since then, it had been almost a dance where we didn’t talk about it but we talked about it. The word spanking and diaper never came up but Tim has made multiple comments on how he wouldn’t lie to me ever, or he would express almost like an insecurity on how he hoped I still found him attractive. The honest truth… I was a bit confused as well. On one hand, I am very kinky and to say I didn’t enjoy having Tim across my knee would be an untrue statement. On the other hand, I was honestly very surprised about the whole diaper thing. I played it cool that night but it was definitely confusing. Since then, I have done a ton of research on it and it only brings up more questions. I even bought some diapers since I had only seen an adult diaper for about 20 seconds before I spanked and diapered Tim.

I went to the fridge and grabbed a beer as I waited for Tim to show up. I couldn’t stop all the what ifs going through my head. I want this night to be fun, relaxing, and chill yet I also wanted to address the elephant in the room. I just needed to get Tim to relax a little bit and open up. We had only been dating a few months and he always seemed like he was on edge and couldn’t relax. Maybe I could get him stoned. That always helped me relax.

I took another sip of my beer as I processed everything when I heard a knock at the door. I opened the door to let Tim in. He was wearing a nice solid gray button down shirt and a pair of skinny jeans. What I would call casual but I am sure if you asked him he dressed up for dinner tonight. I gave him a hug at the door and then he walked in to the living room.

“You want a beer?” I asked Tim.
“Yea a beer would be great.”

I pulled a beer from the fridge and poured it in to a glass handing it over the counter to him.

“Thanks” I said.

He took a long pull from his beer and then sat down on the couch.

“Long day?” I asked him.
“Yea” he replied. “I had a lot of client calls today and they were just tense. Nothing crazy but just every call seemed to be filled with tension”
“That sucks!” I tried to say with a lot of empathy.
“It is fine. It is part of the job” Tim said.

I heard the oven beep and leaned over to pull out the fish.

“What did you make?” Tim asked me.
“Fish and chips” I told him. “Baked though, not friend”
“Yum” He responded.

I plated the food and added the fries and brought it out to the table. Tim came over from the couch and we sat down.

“Cheers” Tim said as we clinked glasses and started eating.
“Tell me about your day” Tim said.
“It was fine.” I said. “You would think being an executive assistant to the CEO and CFO would be an interesting and challenging job, but it honestly feels more like babysitting than anything else. Lately, it is all about making sure they are fed, always have something to drink, and if they are cranky do whatever needs to be done to assuage their mood. It is crazy sometimes”
“Sorry to hear that TIff. Are you thinking of finding another job?” Tim asked me.
“No. It is still the best job I have ever had. Just some days I wonder if it was really worth going to college just to be a babysitter to two grown men. At least with babysitting, when there is a tantrum I can send them to their room.” I joked.
“Ha. Never heard that before.” Tim said with a smile.

I watched Tim eat and could see he was still really tense.

“Tim honey. You just seem stressed. What can we do to help you relax” I asked him?
“I am fine Tiff. Dinner is great. The beer is good.” Tim responded.
“You sure? You seem stressed or like something is wrong” I told him.
“I am fine. It isn’t you. Just a stressful day. For real, I am not lying to you” he responded.

I looked at Tim and couldn’t help but laugh. He was clearly not fine but he wanted to make sure I didn’t think he was lying. We needed to clear the ice and I guess the path to relaxation wouldn’t start until we hashed it out.

“I didn’t think you were lying honey. Why would you say it like that?” I asked him making sure it came out sounding nothing but sweetness.
“I just know you don’t like lying is all. I wanted to make sure you knew I wasn’t lying” he said.
“Ok…so it was entirely because you know I don’t like lying or was it because you also don’t want a repeat of the spanking you got for it?” I asked him. “Or maybe you do, I honestly don’t know”

Tim almost jumped out of the chair. I was just tired of the dance we were playing and really just wanted to lay this out in the open. I waited for Tim to answer but it had been about 30 seconds and he still hadn’t managed to pull his jaw from the table.

“I think we should just speak candidly about the other night. I really want to enjoy tonight. I really want you to enjoy tonight and relax and it isn’t going to happen until we actually talk about it.” I told him. “So lets just lay it out…ok?”
“Um ok?” Tim stammered.
“So did you say it like that because you really wanted to just get things out in the open?” I asked him.
“Yes” he responded.
“Good. Now we can talk about it. How about I do a question and you do a question?” I asked him.
“Ok. Is that your first question?” he asked me with a shit eating grin on his face.
“Ha smartass. Sure. What is yours?” I asked him.
“You mentioned I wasn’t the first person you have spanked. How many other people have you spanked?” he asked me.
“I have spanked two other adults” I told him.
“When did you start wearing diapers?” I asked him.

Tim took another bite of his food and swallowed. He took another sip of his beer and looked at me.
“Ok. I guess we are doing this. I first tried wearing a diaper two yars ago. I always had an interest but found a website that sold them and ordered a starter pack. I remember when they arrived I was so nervous and I put on one. I really liked the feeling. So now I occassionally wear one to relax”

“You said you spanked two other people. How did that end up happening and who were they?” Tim asked.
“One was my college roommate and the other one was an ex boyfriend. The roommates name was Tina. I was a junior in college and I came home on night and saw she was awake. I went to say goodnight and walked in on her watching a video of a girl spanking another girl. She was embarrassed and apologized. I jokingly asked her if I should spank her for it. She said yes so I did. That was my first introduction to it. Then after college a guy I was dating mentioned that he was in to kinky stuff. Apparently, one of them was spanking. We dated for about a year and we would occassionally spank each other”

“What do you do with the diapers beside wear them. You admitted to wetting them. How many times have you done that and have you also pooped in them.” I asked.
“Oh god no!” Tim exclaimed. “The most I have ever done is pee in them and it was only once or twice. And they leaked both times so haven’t ever done it again.” he said.

I laughed.

“They leaked because you clearly have have no idea how to put a diaper on!” I exclaimed.
“I don’t have a ton of experience on the subject” Tim said.
“Clearly” I said with a laugh. “Lucky for you, I have been babysitting for years”

Tim didn’t say anything but I could feel him softening up. I think our light hearted banter was helping.

“So are you a DL or an ABDL?” I asked him.
“How do you know about that?” he quickly responded.
“I did some research. Answer the question” I responded.
“I am a DL. I am not in to the baby side of it. I just like to wear a diaper on occassion. Thats it.”

I looked at him and smiled.
“Is that it? Didn’t you tell me the other night you wanted to be diapered as some type of punishment?” I asked him. “I think there is more to it. Don’t forget, I got to look in your trunk the other night”

Tim finished up his beer.
“Hold that thought” I told him.

I got up and went to get him another beer. He sat at the table fidgeting as I poured another beer in to the glass and brought it over to him.

“In for a penny, in for a pound I guess” Tim said. “Yea, so I have always had fantasies about punishment and when I stumbled on to the diaper fetish the whole diaper punishment idea is a fantasy of mine. So the idea of being forced to wear a diaper and maybe even being forced to wet as a punishment is something I have fantasized about.”

“Interesting” I smirked. “So what I hear you saying is that I have alternatives to spanking when you’re a naughty boy?” I teased him.

Tim about jumped out of his chair. The way he shifted in his chair I could instantly tell he was getting an erection.

“I wanted to talk to you about the other night though.” Tim interjected. “It is important to distinguish between real and fantasy. I don’t want to be in a relationship where I have no control”
“You had absolute control the other night.” I told him.
“How Tiff?” he asked.
“When I tried to leave you stopped me. I told him. You said don’t leave. You said I will do anything”
“Yea” Tim replied.
“Then you told me you fantasied about being spanked. So I spanked you.”
“So it was all fantasy and role play? You didn’t really spank me as a form of discipline.?” Tim asked.
“Of course I spanked you as a form of discipline.” I said laughing. “If you lie to me there are going to be consequences. In this case you got your butt spanked.”
“You didn’t just spank me, you put me in the corner too!” Tim said.
“You have to understand. I did not walk in to your apartment with the notion that I would be pulling down your diaper, spanking you, putting you in timeout, and then diapering you. I put you in timeout to give me a second to process everything. I also needed a minute to figure out where you kept a spare diaper since you ripped the one you were wearing. You could of said no at any time and I would of left”
“Yea but I didn’t want you to leave!” Tim responded.
“And I didn’t. But for me to stay I felt you needed to know how serious I was about lying to me. And Tim, you loved it. You were hard as a rock. When I diapered you after the spanking you loved it”

Tim blushed. It was cute.

“The point I am saying is it was consensual and will always be. If at any time you dont’ like something in our relationship, or I don’t, we end it. That is how relationships work”
“Yea” Tim responded. “I guess I just didn’t like being put in the corner.”
“I don’t like being lied to” I responded.
“Fine. You spanked me for it. That should of been enough!” Tim said exasperated.

I looked at Tim in surprise. He had never spoken to me like that ever before. It was quite surprising how worked up he got. I reached out and touched Tim’s hand. Instead of relaxing him it caused him to tense which was exactly the opposite of what I wanted.

“Tim honey…” I said in as gentle a tone as I could. “As I said already, I needed a minute to process everything. I went in to babysitting mode. I put you in timeout so you could calm down think. I mean for crying out loud Tim, I caught you wearing a diaper and then you lied to me about it. I feel like I handled it pretty damn well. I didn’t freak out on you. I didn’t shame you. If anything, I tried to be cool about it and even went so far as to rediaper you since you clearly have no idea how to do it yourself”

I looked at Tim. I could tell he was processing what I said but didn’t fully agree with everything I said.

“What was so triggering for you when you were put in timeout?” I gently asked him.

Tim looked down and I gently put my hand under his chin and push up so he would look at me. I smiled at him hoping he would just tell me.

“It made me feel small.” He said. “Its hard to describe. I never thought about something like timeout as a punishment that I would be subjected to in my wildest dreams. I felt humiliated after you spanked me and then to have to stand in the corner with my hands behind my back. It was just a lot”

“I am sure honey” I responded. “You told me you had never been spanked before, you forgot I was coming over, the shock of getting caught in a diaper was clearly a lot. I get it” I told him.
“I don’t want you to do that ever again” he told me.
“What specifically?” I asked him.
“I don’t want you to ever put me in the corner like you did the other night” Tim said.
“Ok Tim.” I responded. “I wasn’t planning on doing that anyway. Something just triggered inside of me when I saw you in your diaper that made me treat you like I would if I was babysitting. Do you plan on wearing diapers regulary when you’re with me?” I asked him.
“No.” Tim whispered.

He seemed embarassed. Shy. It was quite endearing and bringing out a maternal instinct. But I still had questions. The diaper wasn’t really my thing but it wasn’t a big deal either. I didn’t want to be a full time babysitter but I liked Tim and if dating him required me to occassionally see him in a diaper it wasn’t a big deal at all. Hell, I already changed him once.

“Tim, I need to understand this here. If we are to get serious I need to understand this side of you.”

Tim looked at me, took a long sip of his beer and and sighed.

“This is just a lot.” He said. “I don’t want to freak you out. I want you to see me as an equal. I don’t want this relationship to be some dom/sub thing. But I loved when you diapered me. It really turned me on. I enjoyed the spanking. It was too hard and it hurt to sit the next day. But I also liked that it wasn’t my decision. I have all these emotions and feelings and I don’t have all the answers to it. I mean I have a fantasy where you spank me, diaper me, and force me to wet. But it is just a fantasy. What if reality isn’t the same. What if it completely messes up our relationship” Tim said.

I rubbed his cheek affectionately and smiled.

“Sometimes it is about the journey Tim. Relationships are give and take. I am not saying I will do any of this. But at least I know even a little more about you.” I told him.
“So you aren’t leaving screaming thinking I am a freak?” He asked me.
“I invited you over, cooked you dinner, and trying to come up with ways to help you relax. So No” I told him. “I just want you to relax a little is all.”
“I am relaxed!”

I laughed. He wasn’t. But whatever.
“What about you? You got any secrets or stuff you like”
“I am a kinky girl Tim.” I told him. “I like lots of stuff. You already know about spanking. I also have a great vibrator collection. A little bondage is always fun. I can be a bit of an exhibitionist. Humiliation is fun too.”

Tim had finished his dinner already and I took my last bite as I finished my sentence. I got up taking both plates to the sink turning on the faucet.

“You cook I clean” Tim said.
“You sure?” I asked him.
“Yea Tiff. I am sure”

I went with my beer and sat on the couch as I watched Tim do dishes. One big turn on for me is acts of service. So Tim doing the dishes for me so I didn’t have to do them was probably my biggest kink. I watched him scrub every dish before putting them in the dishwasher and making sure to hand clean the pan that held the fish. I sipped my beer while he worked away and after about 10 minutes he finished.

“What do you want to do now?” Tim asked me.
“Movie and chill?” I asked back.
“Yea that sounds great”

Tim came over to the couch and sat down right beside me. I went to rub his leg and he tensed real quick before he started rubbing my leg too.

“The last part of that was chill Tim” I told him. “We are going to get you to relax if it is the last thing I do” I told him.
“I am relaxed”
“You’re not. So don’t pretend to be” I told him. “How about we smoke a bowl? Will that help?” I asked him.
“I don’t really smoke pot” Tim told me. “For my job I can sometimes get drug tested so I don’t do it. But if you want to I am completely cool with it”
“I am good. Just trying to get you to relax”

We started looking at movies and we couldn’t seem to find anything. The only thing we found was a movie with David Spade called The Wrong Missy. Well when I say we I mean Tim said no way but I love David Spade.

“Can we PLEAAASSSSEEE watch The Wrong Missy” I pleaded with him.
“No way!” Tim laughed. “It looks so stupid.”
“Exactly. We can just drink some more, watch a stupid movie and relax” I told him.
“Tiff it just looks so dumb” Tim explained.
“There has to be a way for me to convince you” I told him.
“I can’t think of one” Tim explained.

As we were talking I had an idea. He said he wore diapers to relax. I bet if I agreed to diaper him he would be agree to it. It seemed a bit dicey after all our conversations earlier. We still had a lot to unpack and I didn’t think we should spend the whole night doing it. Tim looked at me watching the wheels spinning in my head.

“What are you thinking?” he asked me.
“Nothing.” I told him.
“You don’t like lying yet you’re lying to me” Tim said. “You’re thinking something”
“Fine.” I said. “I was thinking of proposing that I would put you in a diaper if you agreed to watch the movie. You had said wearing a diaper relaxes you so it would kill two birds with one stone. You relax and I get my way.” I told him.

As soon as the word diaper came out of my mouth Tim had a visceral reaction in his lower body. He clearly liked the idea.
“Maybe some other time” He said nonchalantly. “Besides you don’t have any diapers”

I stood up and went in to my bedroom. During my research I learned a lot about ABDLs and about diapers in general. I had ordered some diapers called Bambino from Amazon and they had arrived earlier this week. They looked exactly like the diapers I used when I babysit with clouds all over them. I was pretty sure I had Tim’s size right so I grabbed one and some baby powder from under my sink and came out of the bedroom. When Tim saw the diaper he immediately was hard. His skinny jeans looked great but it also made any bulges pretty obvious.

“Well someone looks a little excited” I told him.
“Tiff Why do you have those?” He asked.
“I did some research and I figured I would order a pack just to see.”

I placed the diaper and powder on the table and started untying his shoes.

“For real Tiff we don’t have to do this.” Tim said.
“I know we don’t have to do this.” I told him. “But I want you to relax and watch the movie. You’re clearly excited about this”

I removed both of Tim’s shoes and started with the button on his jeans. His hands moved down to gently stop me but I pushed them away and finished unbuttoning his jeans. I pulled his jeans down to his feet and grabbed one of the pant legs and completely pulled it off doing the same with the other leaving Tim in nothing but his underwear from the waist down. As I was reaching for his underwear I could help but notice a big wet spot on his underwear. Tim saw me notice it and blushed. I smirked at him.

“If you needed a diaper earlier you should of told me” I teased him.

I pulled the underwear off and laid him on to the carpet. I grabbed the diaper from the coffee table and unfolded it. It was a very thick diaper with unicorns and clouds covering the entire diaper. I slid the diaper under Tim and grabbed the powder.

“I don’t need any powder Tiff. I am not going to use the diaper” Tim said.

I put my finger to his lips and shushed him. I liberally applied the baby powder before putting it back on the table. Ensuring that his penis was pointing down I brought the fold of the diaper up to his chest and taped the diaper close on each side making sure it was snug and ensuring no potential leaks. If I am putting him in a diaper I might as well do it right. I got off my knees and pulled Tim up off the floor. I checked the fit of the diaper around the waist and legs to make sure it didn’t need to be adjusted. Confirming he was good to go I gave him two patts on the butt causing him to jump.

“Sorry. I can’t help it. I have to patt a diapered butt” I told him.

Tim blushed and grabbed his jeans and attempted to put them on. However, try as he might, the diaper was so thick he couldn’t get his jeans to button with the diaper on. It was hysterical to watch him try to fit the jeans around the diaper but it was obvious the jeans were too tight and the diaper way too thick.

“You might as well give up. Skinny jeans and a thick diaper don’t mix very well” I told him.
“What do I do?” he asked.
“Nothing” I told him. “Just watch the movie in your shirt and diaper.”
“Umm…Are you sure? I mean no way.” He said.
“Yea. I just changed you. why would I have a problem with you in just a shirt and diaper when I am the one who put you in the diaper”.

He pulled his jeans off and laid them next to his underwear. He sat down on the couch and I could hear the diaper crinkle as he moved around on the couch. I turned on the movie and had Tim lay on my lap. I started playing with hair during the movie and I could see Tim starting to relax. The movie was quite funny and I was laughing really hard. After about 30 minutes of the movie playing I was laughing so much Tim sat up on the couch because everytime I laughed I shifted my body making him uncomfortable.

“I am glad you’re enjoying the movie Tiff but this is just not that funny” he told me.
"I am enjoying it. I told him.

Tim shook his head and rolled his eyes.

“Fine. Go get me another beer if if you’re not going to watch it.” I demanded.

Tim got up from the couch. In doing so he put his well diapered ass right in front of me. I slapped him on his diapered butt which caused him to jump.
“Come on, get going” I jokingly told him.

He looked at me with an expression of surprise and went in to the kitchen grabbing two beers. He came back to the couch handing me the beer while sitting on the couch. I took a swig of the beer and started rubbing his leg while I watched the movie. While rubbing his leg though, I couldn’t help but notice a certain appendage trying to stand up but was being blocked by the diaper. I patted the front of his diaper and smiled at him.

“My my. Someone is feeling rather trapped aren’t they?” I teased him.

Tim blushed and didn’t say anything. I kept watching the movie but let my fingers wander as we watched. After about another 30 minutes I saw Tim start shifting around on the couch every 20 or 30 seconds…and it wasn’t due to him laughing.

“Why are you fidgeting so much?” I asked him.
“I am not!” Tim said.

I patted the front of his diaper and felt his penis pushing on the diaper. Tim gently pushed my hand off the diaper.
“Is someone turned on?” I said in a teasing manner.

As I said this, I shifted on the couch, pushing Tim down on the couch and mounting him. I could tell Tim was incredibly turned on so I took my finger and started tracing his arm in a seductive manner.
“I am turned on but I really have to go to the bathroom Tiff.” Tim said in what sounded like sheer desperation.
“Man! And here I am sitting on top of you.”

I took my finger that was tracing his arm and moved it under his armpit and gently starting tickling him under his right armpit.

“NO TIFF! Stop.”

I took my other hand and started tickling him on his other armpit. He started struggling which was caused me to smile.

“How long can you make it?” I teased him.

Right as I said it I saw a sheer look of panic on his face and felt his body relax. I looked down at his waist and could see the diaper expanding. I looked back at Tim and could tell he was close to tears. I quickly got off him and sat back on the couch. I gave him a few seconds to finish peeing and then he immediately sat up looking for his pants.

“Tim I am so sorry!! I was just playing around.” I told him.

Tim looked like he was about to cry. He was clearly embarassed and not sure what to do.

I moved in and hugged him. He was initially very stiff but after I held the hug for an akward 15 seconds he finally hugged me back. I rubbed him on the back and broke the hug after about a minute.

“I know you’re embarassed but this isn’t a big deal. The diaper held it all and you didn’t leak.”

Tim looked down in surprise.

“I can’t believe it. It leaks for me every time” Tim said in a surprised tone.
“That is becasue you have no idea how to change a diaper. Honestly, it isn’t that hard!” I told him in a light manner trying to break the tone. “Here let me get you another beer”

I got up and went to the kitchen grabbing a few more beers. Tim got up and started to walk towards me. However, his walk had become a waddle due to the diaper increasing in thickness. I walked over to him handing him the beer. I reached my hand down and squeezed the back of the diaper to check if a change was necessary. Tim jumped again and looked at me.

“Relax, I am just checking your diaper to see if you need a change” I told him.
“Tiff, I am not going to just sit in a wet diaper” he told me.
“Well technically you’re not sitting, your standing” I teased him as I took another sip of my beer. “That diaper can definitely handle more. And lets not forget you’re dependant on me to change you since you don’t know how.” I said in a playful manner.
“Come on Tiff! this isn’t funny at all. Tim pouted. I don’t even want to wear a damn diaper anyway” Tim muttered.
“Let me make sure I understand this. I offered to put you in a diaper which is a fetish of yours. Doesn’t really do anything for me but I love you so I participate. You like the idea so much you stained your underwear. I then rub you, give you drinks, and play around with you only asking you watch a stupid movie with me in return. You have an accident and then throw a tantrum like a toddler because you want your diaper changed and you don’t find it even the slightest bit funny?” I asked him. “I find this hysterical especially since you don’t actually need to be changed yet”
“You…Love…Me?” Tim asked while holding back the tears

My heart melted at that point. I definitely liked Tim. I liked him even with his moddiness, uptightness, good looks, work ethic, arrogance, and whiniess but I liked him… diapers and all. I guess I knew I loved him, but having said it made the connection in my brain and my heart sync.

“Yes Tim. I love you.” I told him.
“I love you too Tiff” he told me.

Tim and I embraced and held it for close to two minutes. It was magical, emotional, heart warming, and pretty fucking funny all rolled in to one. I was even crying at the end of it.

“We have to come up with a better story of the first time we said we love each. I don’t think telling people it happened when you were demanding I change your diaper would be appriorpiate” I said in between laughs and cries.

Tim wiped the tears from his eyes and shook his head.
“No. There better not be any mention of this or you might be the one across my knee”

I looked at Tim and smiled. He was trying to be funny but it didn’t come out as funny. But at least he tried.

“Promises promises” I teased him. "Now ask me nicely to change you or I can change you when you actually need it.

I gave him a firm swat on the butt and grabbed his jeans and underwear from the floor.

“Hey what are you doing!” He exclaimed.
“This is disgusting. I told him. I am washing your clothes. Even the jeans have a stain” I told him as I put his underwear and jeans in the washer turning it on.

Tim is stubborn. For the entire two months we have been dating he can be infuriatingly stubborn. But I can be stubborn too. If I am going to change a grown man’s diaper he needs to ask me nicely. Normally, when I change diapers I at least get 20 bucks an hour for crying out loud.

“Fine! I guess I have no choice.” Tim fumed. “Go get another diaper”
“If you think I am going to change you with that response you have something else coming to you Mister” I said in my best babysitting voice.
“Ok Ok” Tim said. “Would you please change me!” Tim said clearly exasperated.
“Sure” I told him. After the movie as long as you behave and not interrupt.

We finished the movie as Tim sat on the couch constantly looking at his diaper and moving around. The crinkle of his diaper was so loud due to how thick it became after he wet it. I smiled as I went in to the bedroom and retrieved another diaper and some wipes. I quickly changed him and gave him a few patts on his diapered butt. I can’t help it. Although pretty soon after I changed him, the diaper got taken off due to a physical expression of love we were keen to show each other.

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I looked up from the couch as the door to my apartment opened and in walked Claire. No knock, no phone call, no notice what so ever that she was coming over. She just showed up. It is one of the reasons that I love her. She is her own woman, does what she wants, doesn’t care about what any one else thinks, and yet is a deeply kind caring woman. She is my soul mate. She is my person. She is my best friend, my trusted confidant, and the person who can bring me to orgasm faster than anything or anyone. The only problem is, she doesn’t believe in exclusive relationships, monogamy, or anything that ties her down.

Hey Tiff!! Claire said as she walked in.

Claire walked to the fridge and grabbed two beers. She popped the top of them both and came over to the couch handing me one. She reached in to her purse and pulled out a perfectly rolled joint. She held it up to me, looked at me and smiled.

“Interested?” Claire asked.
“Of course” I told her.

We grabbed the beers and went out to the balcony. Claire lit the joint and inhaled deeply holding the smoke in her lungs for a few seconds before exhaling.

“Whats new? How is the boy you’re dating?” She asked me.

She handed me the joint and took a sip of her beer. I took a hit on the joint passing it back to her.

“That boy has a name. It’s Tim which you know.” I told her. “And to answer your question We are still getting to know each other but so far it is good.”

She took another hit on the joint and passed it to me.

“Come on Tiff. Good. Get to know each other. Fuck that. Give me the details” Claire demanded. “How is he in the bedroom? Better than me?”

Claire hit the joint waiting for me to respond. I laughed at her and her blunt pointed questions that I was rather fond of.

“No one is better than you!” I told her. “But relationships are more than just sex.”

Claire burst out laughing. I wasn’t sure if it was because she was stoned or she genuinely believed I was stupid but she was laughing pretty damn loud.

“Relationships are whatever you want it to be.” Claire told me. “They don’t have to fit what the world says is a relationship. One of manogamy, dinner ready for the man when he walks in, along with 2.5 kids and the white picket fence”

I finished off the joint feeling a good buzz.

“Perhaps. But they require commitment. Something you’re unable or unwilling to give” I told her. “Besides, do I sense a bit of jealousy?”
“Absolutely not” Claire exclaimed. “We have a good thing going on. Casual and fun. No way Tim is giving you multiples like I do” she said with a smile."
“So it wouldn’t bother you what so ever that we said the “L” word?” I asked her

Claire spit her beer out in surprise.

“Oh my god! Moving kind of fast don’t you think?”
“It wasn’t exactly planned. It just kinda came out” I told Claire.
“You have got to tell me the story” Clarie demanded.
“It is certainly an interesting one” I told her with a stoned laugh

“Tim came over to dinner last weekend. Things had been a little weird for us lately so I wanted to clear the air”
“Wait. Why were things weird?” Claire interrupted.
“It isn’t relevant to the story” I told her.
“Yea it is. I am your person. You can tell me anything. I am your Kristina Yang and you’re my Meredith Gray” Claire said.

I looked at Claire thinking it through. She wasn’t vindictive. She was pretty open minded and I really wanted to tell someone. Claire looked at me and smiled.

“If you tell me I promise you will love my show of appreciation… Besides you’re going to tell me anyway”

“Fine. So I went over to his place a couple of weeks ago. The plan was we were supposed to have dinner together but he completely forgot.” I told her.
“Always a good sign when they forget they made plans with you” Claire said with some snark.
“Do you want to hear the story or not?” I told her in a terse tone.
“Geez. Sorry” Claire told me. “Just making jokes”
“Anyway… when I walked in he was in sweats and an ugly t-shirt. He was clearly was planning on lounging around on the couch all night. He was very apologetic about forgetting. I went to go sit down while he grabbed beers from the fridge and I thought I heard something as we walked by me. So I sat on the couch with my beer as he was rummaging through the fridge to see if he could cook anything. Well, as he was bent over, his shirt rode up a little.”
“Is he ripped? Did he have a six pack?” Claire asked.

"I at first didn’t believe what I was seeing and he caught me staring at him and became very self conscious. But as he was bent over it was glaringly obvious. He told me that he needed to go in to his bedroom for a second. Before he could go though, I got up and gave him a swat on the butt to check. That was enough confirmation but I also pulled his pants waist out and sure enough.

“Sure enough what!?!” Claire said. “You aren’t making sense!”
“He was wearing a diaper” I said.
“Excuse me!” Claire said in surprise.
“Yea. I heard the diaper crinkle when he went in to the kitchen. Then I saw the waistband of the diaper sticking out when he was bent over in the fridge. The dead giveaway was the diapered butt. It was just too obvious”
“Why the hell was he wearing a diaper?” Claire asked.
“Well at first he wouldn’t tell me. In fact he lied to me about it which really pissed me off” I told her.
“Oh I know how you feel about lying” Claire responded. “How do you go from catching a guy in a diaper and lying about it to I love you?”
“I would tell you but someone keeps interrupting me” I responded.

Claire looked at me and made the hurry up and tell me motion with her hands.

I asked him why he was wearing a diaper. He told me he had a bladder infection and the doctor recommended it. But it looked exactly like baby’s diaper. It had animals on it and was one of the thickest diapers I had ever seen. I told him there is no way a doctor recommended for you to wear that."

Claire started laughing out loud. I mean really loud. It took her a minute to stop laughing before I could continue.

“So he then tried to put it back on me asking how did I even notice. But it was a stupid question because how could it not be so obvious.”

Claire started laughing again. Probably a bad idea to get her stoned before telling her this story.

“So I asked him again why he was wearing a diaper. He told me it helped him relax. I asked a few other questions but it was clear he was lying to me. It was also clear he had no idea how to put on a diaper either”

Clare almost fell out of her chair laughing. It was getting a bit annoying.

“So he didn’t even have it on right?” Claire asked in between breaths of laughing.

“No! As a matter of fact he didn’t. He told me when he peed the diaper would leak.”

Claire was almost in tears.

“I am going to stop telling you all this if you don’t quit” I told her.

Claire pulled it together and stopped laughing.
“Sorry. Even if I wasn’t stoned this is a pretty fucking hysterical story”

“So I had him lay down and I fixed his diaper so at least it was on right”
“Why would you do that?” Claire demanded. “Of all the reactions that isn’t the one I would expect”
“I am honestly not sure. Maybe it was the babysitter in me or some neurosis… who the hell knows but it really bothered me how poorly he was diapered. Then I tried to leave”
“Good for you!” Claire responded. “That must of been weird.”
“But he stopped me and told me he didn’t want me to leave. I told him I HATED liars and usually when someone in diapers lies to me I put them in timeout or over my knee.”

Claire smirked but held it in this time.

“So he admitted he liked wearing them, had some humiliation and punishment fantasies involving diapers and would do anything for me not to leave. It was a bit overwhelming”
“Yea…sure TIff. One second you’re getting dinner, the next your changing your date’s diaper. So what happened?”
“I spanked him with a wooden spoon and put him in timeout.”
“No you fucking did not” Claire said.
“I absolutely did. I felt like I was in babysitting mode so I spanked him and put him in timeout”
“He just let you spank him?” Claire asked.
“I mean once I had him over my knee…”
“You’re making this up!” Claire demanded.
“100% true. The diaper ripped while I was spanking him so I put him in timeout so I could think it through and go get him a new diaper.”
“Oh my god” Claire said.
“Yea so afterwards, I got him in a fresh diaper, we talked a bit, finished dinner and then I left”

Claire just looked at me speechless.

“You’re sure this is all true?” She asked me.
“Yes all true.”

Claire just stood there shaking her head and smiling in lieu of laughing.

“Where during this whole event did you profess your love to him?” She calmly asked me.

“That was last week when he came over to my place for dinner. I needed to give you context first”
“Ahh…So that entire story is what we call context…got it”

“So he came over last week for dinner. Things were a bit weird for us so I was hoping to clear the air with him” I said.
“Was he wearing a diaper when he came over?” Claire asked.
“Nope.” I responded.
“You sure?” Claire giggled
“Yes I am” I responded. “So he came over and he just couldn’t relax and was stiff. So I forced him to talk about what happened, his kinks, desires, and all that. I also told him some of my stuff.”
“Does he know about me?” Claire asked
“He does not.” I responded. “I also got to learn more about his diaper fetish, as I did a lot of research on them before he came over. So we just talked it out and ate some food. Then we decided to watch a movie. We couldn’t agree on the movie and I wanted to watch the new David Spade movie.”
“Of course you did!” Claire interjected.
“Tim wasn’t having it. So I offered to put him in a diaper if he agreed to watch the movie with me”
“This is all bullshit Tiff. I know you’re fucking with me” Claire said.
“I am not. Anyway, he said no but he was hard as a rock when I asked him. So I got him to agree.”

Tiffany looked at me and then smiled.
“Ha. I knew you were fucking with me. Where did you get a diaper if he wasn’t wearing one when he came over?” Tiffany asked me.
“I ordered some.”
“Bullshit!” Claire said. “There is no fucking way”

I gave a death glare to Claire.
“Quit being such a brat!” I scolded her. “None of this is bullshit”
“Ok Ok… This is just almost unbelievable.” Claire told me. “So you diapered him so he would watch a movie with you. Totally makes sense” Claire said in a sarcastic manner.
"Yes. So we started the movie and of course were flirting a bit. He was rubbing my leg and I was rubbing his leg. Well his jeans wouldn’t fit over the diaper so he was sitting on the couch in just a shirt and a diaper. I could see he was getting turned and having a good time with that. Well he started fidgeting and moving around. I asked him why he was fidgeting so much.
“He had to pee” Claire exclaimed.
“Yup.” I confirmed. “So I sat on him and started tickling him as a joke.”
“He peed the diaper” Claire said rolling her eyes.
“Stop interrupting!! Last warning” I told her sternly
“You going to spank me too?” Clare asked in a mocking tone.
“I am thinking about it” I told her coyly. “But yes, I didn’t think tickling him would actually cause him to have an accident. But I guess I tickled him too much and he wet his diaper”
“Do you really think it was an accident?” Claire asked.
“Yea babe. He was so fucking embarrassed” I told her. “He was mortified. As soon as I realized what had happened I hugged him and told him how sorry I was and how this wasn’t a big deal”
“Not a big deal!?!. He pissed himself in your apartment” Claire said.
“He had a diaper on. It wasn’t a big deal at all” I told her. “I went and got him a beer to try to calm him down.”
“He drank a beer while sitting in a wet diaper?” Claire said.
“I checked his diaper and it was fine.”
“How could it be fine? He just peed it?” Claire said.
“It was a thick diaper. He was fine. It wasn’t going to leak.”
“I would not be ok with that!” Claire said.
“Well apparently neither was he. He threw a bit of tantrum. In an attempt to calm him down I explained how the diaper doesn’t really do anything for me but since I love him I indulged his fetish. I emphasized he was clearly enjoying it since he messed up his boxers when I asked him if he wanted a diaper to watch the movie. And that now he was throwing a tantrum over wanting his diaper changed when it wasn’t really necessary yet. I made him ask me nicely to change him.”
“Hold on. He spewed his underwear when you asked him if he wanted a diaper?” Clare asked.
“Yes. But anyway. He focused on the I love you part of the talk. We hugged and he professed his love for me too.”
“And this is all true?” Clare asked me.
“Yes Claire! It is all true!” I said exasperated.
“Prove it!” Claire demanded.
“How do you want me to prove it?” I asked her.
“Show me one of the diapers” Clare said.
“What is that going to prove?” I asked exasperated.
“That this is all false because you really don’t have any diapers” Claire confidently responded.

Claire was looking at me all smiles and snark. It really pissed me off. Really really pissed me off. I was trying to tell her about Tim and she was making a big joke about it.
“So you really don’t believe me” I asked her?
“No I don’t fucking believe you. You’re pulling my leg” she exclaimed.
“Fine. If you insist. But I am going to show it to you with you across my knee and then you’re going to end up wearing it. And the diaper isn’t coming off until you manage to get me off.”
“And if I call your bluff? Then what?” Claire asked me.
“It isn’t a bluff Claire.” I told her.
“Sure it is. When you admit that this was all a scam then same thing” she said.
“You want to spank me, put me in a diaper and have me rock your socks off?” I asked her.
“No diaper obviously. But yea sounds good to me. And boy are you going to get it for pulling my leg like this” She said.

I got up and grabbed Claire’s arm.

“Come along!” I ordered.

I pulled her up and walked her in to the apartment.

“Stand in the corner while I get the supplies” I demanded.
“Come on. I already called your bluff.” she told me defiantly.

I lifted the back of her skirt and gave her a spank on the butt


“Ouch!!” She said.

I walked her to the corner and put her nose in it. I then placed her hands behind her back above her butt.
“Don’t move” I ordered.

I went in to my bedroom and grabbed a diaper from the closet, some baby powder from under the sync, my hairbrush from my purse, along with a pair of handcuffs and a butt plug from the bed side table. I carried everything back in to the living room. As I walked in I saw Claire moving her head to see what was going on.

“Keep that nose in the corner and those hands above your butt” I ordered.

I grabbed a chair and placed it in the middle of the living room. I placed the diaper and baby powder besides the chair. I grabbed Claire by the arm and walked her over to the chair. I sat down and pulled her over my lap giving her a great view of the diaper and baby powder.

“Oh fuck!” Claire said.

I lifted her skirt up and pulled down her underwear clear off.

“You won’t be needing that for a while” I told her.

I gave her 3 medium spanks on her butt with my hand.


Her hands immediately came up to cover the attack on her butt placing all her weight on my lap. I quickly secured the handcuffs to her wrists leaving her no defense for what was to come.
“Hey!! No fair” Claire said.

I grabbed the hairbrush and gave her 5 good spanks on the butt


She made every attempt to cover the assault on her butt but the handcuffs did their job and she couldn’t do much.

“Ouch Ouch. Too much!” she cried.

“We aren’t done yet.” I told her.

I gave her an additional 10 spanks with the hairbrush.


By the end of the spanking Claire was profusely apologing and promising to not be such a brat next time. I am sure she would of agreed to anything to stop the spanking.

I pulled her up off my lap and laid her on the floor. I slid the diaper under her butt and grabbed her legs.
“Lift up” I ordered her.
“Come on Tiff.” Claire said.

I gave her a hard spank on the inside of her butt which caused her to life up enough for me to slide the diaper under her butt. Before she could sit down I also inserted the butt plug in her.
“What!” Claire explained.

I liberally applied the baby powder and quickly diapered her. I helped her up since her hands were still cuffed giving her a few patts on the butt. I can’t resist doing that to a diapered butt.

“I can’t believe you actually put me in a diaper Tiff”
“I seem to be doing that a lot these days” I said coyly. “Well that and spanking people for their bad behavior”

Claire looked down to get a closer look at the diaper but her skirt did concealed the majority of the diaper. She was able to lift up the back of the skirt a little bit but the handcuffs were effective in severely limiting the movement of her hands.

“Are you wanting a better view of your diaper?” I asked her.

I grabbed the top of her skirt and pulled it completely off her leaving her in nothing but a shirt and a diaper.

“There much better” I told her.

I grabbed the hairbrush and powder and took them back in to my bedroom. Claire followed me. Every few steps I heard her moan as the butt plug stimulated her.

“How long are you going to leave me like this?” she asked me.
“Until you rock my world and I decide to let you out.”
“How do you expect me to do that without the use of my hands.”
“Guess you better be resourceful” I told her.

I took my pants off leaving me in nothing but a shirt and underwear. The next 45 minutes were mind blowing as I watched Claire on her knees in nothing but a t-shirt and a diaper absolutely wreck me with her tongue. I could barely move by the end of it I was so exhausted.

“OMG that was amazing!” I moaned. I don’t think I can move!

I helped her up off her knees and went in to the bedroom to retrieve the key to the handcuffs. I came out to the living room and quickly uncuffed her putting the cuffs on the table.

I plopped down on the couch in exhaustion and euphoria. Claire went to the fridge and got a few beers and sat down next to me her diaper crinkling very loudly. She handed me the beer, we cheersed and both took a sip.

“You planning on staying in that diaper for a while?” I asked her.
“You’re the one who put me in it.” Claire said.
“Yea just to humiliate you a little. Teach you a lesson for doubting my story” I told her. “I am sure your butt appreciates the extra padding”
“God damn you spanked me hard” Claire said. “I must of really pissed you off”
“If you had really pissed me off it would of been a lot worse. Just know next time I threaten to spank you that I mean business” I warned her.
“I don’t get it?” Claire said.
“Get what?” I asked her.
“The diaper. You said he was hard as a rock at the mere mention of a diaper. I have been wearing one for the last hour and it really isn’t doing anything for me.”
“I don’t fully get it either” I told her. “But as long as it isn’t all the time then it really isn’t that big of a deal. Besides I can’t resist patting a diapered butt”

I patted Claire on her diapered butt as I said it and we both laughed. She took another sip of her beer.

“But still. I mean diapering your potential boyfriend has to be a bit weird” she said.

I looked at Claire and laughed.

“Claire, I put you in a diaper. I still had some mind blowing sex afterwards. Seeing you on your knees with your hands cuffed behind your butt is super hot. The diaper not so much. But it wasn’t a big deal”
“Yea but you’re also not having to change me” she said.
“Changing a wet diaper isn’t the end of the world” I told her.
“Ok…so if I wet this diaper you have no problem changing me”
“I would prefer you didn’t but yea if I had to change you it is what it is”
“Weird. Ok” Claire said.

Claire got up grabbing her underwear and skirt and started heading to the bathroom. I have her a hard swat on the butt as she left the couch. A few minutes later she came out dressed and ready to go.

“Ok. I am out. Love you bitch!” she said.
“Love you too.” I told her.
“I want to meet Tim. He needs to know about us too” she told me.
“Don’t worry. We aren’t getting married tomorrow or anything.”
“Better not!” she told me.

Claire came over and gave me a kiss on the cheek and left. I sat in exhaustion and exhilaration on the couch for over an hour recovering from our love making session before calling it a night and going to bed.

Scene 4

I looked up as Tiff came in the door. She looked as good as ever wearing a simple red top and a black skirt. Her athletic gate as she walked in was really hot. She placed her bag on the kitchen counter and walked to the kitchen immediately grabbing a beer.

“Want one?” she asked me.
“Sure” I told her.

Tiff grabbed two beers pouring them in to frosty mugs that were kept in the freezer. That was one thing I learned about Tiff. She preferred frozen glasses to drinking out of beer bottles but wasn’t willing to put the effort of constantly remembering to put glasses in the freezer. So I made sure to do it at my place. I think she really appreciated it. Tiff came and sat down on the couch handing me my beer. We clinked glasses.

“Cheers” she said.
“Cheers” I responded.

We both took a sip and sat back on the couch.

“Tell me about your day?” I said.
“It was pretty good. I had to tighten up a presentation for the CEO and he loved it. I spent two hours on the phone with Delta fixing some flight issues for the CFO but in the process I got him upgraded to Delta One for his trip to London. He was very appreciative about that. He sent me a $50 dolla Amazon gift card for it.”
“Always nice where you get him a two thousand dollar upgrade for free and he shows his gratitude with something worth 2.5% of the value you got him” I said in a sarcastic manner.
“This is the first time he has ever done that. Normally, he is yelling and screaming and having full on melt downs. This is a huge improvement” she told me.
“Yea I get it.” I told her.
“How was your day?” she asked me.
“It was ok. Lots of meetings. They are talking about sending me onsite so that should be interesting” I told her.
“London funny enough. Maybe I could grab a beer with the CFO” I joked.
“I think a colonoscopy would sound better.” Tiff joked.
“God I hope they really aren’t that bad” I said.
“Depends on the day. Depends on the mood. But it is a job” she said.

Tiff took another sip of beer and I gazed at her. I was definitely head over heels in love with her. I know we had said we love each other already but I wanted her to really know. Not something that was said during an argument but something that wasn’t forced.

“I just want you to know Tiff I really love you” I blurted out.

Tiff just looked at me and smiled.

“Love you too.” She casually responded.
“No like I really love you Tiff. You’re an amazing woman and I love you” I told her.
“Ok. That is sweet I think. Are you ok Tim?” She asked me in a concerned voice.
“Yes Tiff. It is just last time I told you that the circumstances weren’t great. Now things are calm, nothing out of the ordinary is going on so I wanted you to know.” I told her.
“You mean like you sitting in a wet diaper demanding to be changed” Tiff asked me with a smirk.
“Yea…something like that” I mumbled.

Tiff took another long swig of a beer. I wanted to say more but that last comment took the wind out of my sails a bit.
“Oh come on Tim. I am sorry I was only joking” Tiff said.

Tiff came in and gave me a hug. I hugged her back and I felt the back waistband of my jeans being pulled back.

“Hey!” I exclaimed. What are you doing?
“Just checking is all” Tiff responded. “I didn’t want any surprises later on.”
“I am not wearing a diaper Tiff. You could of just asked me” I told her.
“You weren’t exactly 100 percent forthcoming about it” she told me.
“I was just trying to tell you I love you Tiff. And that I am glad we are together” I told her.
“Me too hun.” She responded.

This was not going exactly as I wanted or intended. I wanted to talk about our relationship and let her know I was committed. Instead this was happening.

“Why did you do that?” I asked with great frustration.
“Do what?” Tiff asked.
“Come on Tiff. You know. Check the waistband of my pants”
“You mean check if you had a diaper on?” She asked me.
“Yea” I told her.
“Because the last few times you got emotional like this you were diapered. So I was just curious” she told me.

I shook my head. I felt like this was going horribly.

“Do you not take me seriously?” I asked her
“Of course I do. What is the problem Tim. Just spit it out” she demanded.
“Ok. Fine” I said. “I know you like honesty.”
“I not only like it, I demand it” Tiff said.
“I wanted to tell you that you’re the only person for me. I really just wanted to say I am not interested in anyone else. I want us to be exclusive” I told her.

I took a sip of my beer and let the silence hang. Tiff seemed to embrace the silence as I could see the gears turning in her head.

“Tim, I love you I really do” she told me. “This is a big thing. There is still lots we don’t know about each other.”
“Sure Tiff” I said. “But I know enough to know when I have a good thing in front of me”
“There is a lot you don’t know about me Tim. There is a lot that I don’t know about you” she responded.
“Then lets fix that” I told her. “If you love me, then why don’t you want to be exclusive? What is holding you back?”

Tiff looked at her beer and looked at me. She sat a bit on the edge of her chair.
“I was hoping for a relaxing evening Tim. I am not sure I really want to do this now” she told me in a whisper.
“Please Tiff. It is important!” I told her.
“Ok. Fine. One thing you don’t know about me is that I am bi” she said.

I had no idea. I don’t think I care that much but I definitely had no idea.

“That isn’t a big deal” I told her.
“I am not done” she responded. “I have a friend of mine. Her name is Claire. She is very important to me. Our relationship is…unique”
“What does that mean?” I gently asked her.
“It means we love each other dearly but she doesn’t believe in monogamy, traditional relationships, and does whatever she wants”
“Oh” I said.
“I am looking for a something more. But I am not willing to walk away from her either” Tiff said.
“Oh” I said. “Is there anything else?”
“Does it matter?” Tiff asked.
“Yes. To me it does Tiff” I said gently.
“Ok. I am also still confused about the diapers. I saw the other stuff in your trunk Tim. We haven’t talked about it but I know what most of that stuff is.”
“You told me you were ok about it all” I told her.
“I am. But I also don’t want it to be the defining thing in our relationship.”
“Why didn’t you say anything?” I asked in an almost hurt tone.
“Because I thought I had time Tim. We have a good thing going. I didn’t know you would want to progress this so fast”

I was a bit overwhelmed. This was a lot to take in. But it was also my own fucking fault. I pushed too hard and too fast and now this was the result.

“So what are you saying?” I asked her.
“I am saying that right now I can’t commit to an exclusive relationship” Tiff said. “I am not out actively dating anyone else. But Claire is my best friend. I am not willing to give up seeing her. And I want to know you better”

I should of just kept my fucking mouth shut. That much was obvious. We had a good thing and here I was fucking it all up.
“I am sorry Tiff” I said. “I don’t know when to keep my mouth shut”

Tiff looked up at me and shook her head.
“Don’t apologize. I want honesty. Hell I demand it. I spanked you for not being honest for crying out loud. How could I demand honesty and then get mad when you were” she said.

I nodded.
“Do you mind if I ask some follow up questions?” I asked her.
“Sure” Tiff said.
“This Claire woman. Does she know about us?” I asked.
“Yes. She came over the other night and I told her all about us”
“Everything about us?” I asked.
“Not everything but most things. She is like my soulmate. We don’t keep secrets from each other” she said.
“So she knows about the diapers?” I asked.
“Yes” Tiff responded.

I tried to be calm. I didn’t think she would just tell people about that.
“I was hoping that would stay between you and me” I told her as gently as I could.
“She is the only one I told” Tiff responded. “I don’t keep secrets from her. Besides you either trust me or you don’t. I would never do anything to intentionally hurt you or cause you harm”
“I trust you Tiff” I said. “I also want you to know that the diapers don’t define my life. I wear occasionally. But if you want nothing to do with that I am ok with it.”
“Tim, I don’t care about the diapers. I just don’t want to be mommy or a babysitter to you. Once in a while is fine whatever. I just don’t want it to end up being something that happens all the time.”
“It won’t Tiff. I promise.”
“Ok. So tell me about the trunk” she said.
“What about it” I said coyly.
“I am not doing this bullshit again Tim.”
“Sorry Tiff. Just not something I am used to talking about”
“So tell me about the trunk” she repeated.
“Well I keep stuff that I always wanted to try in there. So apart from the diapers I have a locking diaper cover in there.”
“So does that mean you want someone, presumably me, to lock you in a diaper?” I asked him.
“Umm…Well it is a fantasy of mine” I told her.
“Ok what else?” Tiff asked.
“Well, I have a pair of bondage mittens and a few pairs of handcuffs” I said.
“And what are they for?” Tiff asked me.
“Well the mitts would mean I can’t use my hands. So I would need help for anything. And the handcuffs are obvious” I said.
“Are the handcuffs for you or me?” Tiff asked.
“Either.” I said.
“Ok. What would I use them for?”
“To secure me to the bed, or hands behind my back so I would be more compliant. I don’t know Tiff. Whatever you wanted” I said.
“What would you use them for?” Tiff asked.
“In the bedroom. Maybe cuff you to the bed and tease you a little bit” I told her.
“Ok. What else is in the trunk?” she asked me.
“You have to understand I haven’t used most of this stuff Tiff. So some of it was just to see it. Not necessarily use it” I told her.
“Ok. What else is in the trunk?” she asked me.
“A strap on” I said in utter horror.
“So you want to try pegging?” Tiff asked me.
“It is a fantasy” I said. “But not something we have to do”
“Anything else in there?” Tiff asked.
“Yea there is also a ball gag” I said.
“For you or me?” she asked.
“Honestly not sure. Just wanted to see what it was” I told her.

She nodded her head and drank some more of the beer.

“So you’re essentially pretty submissive” she asked me.
“Yea. But on some stuff I could see myself as a switch” I told her.
“How?” she asked me.
“I mean I wouldn’t mind putting you in handcuffs during sex” I told her.
“Ok. And what do you think about the fact that I have a girlfriend who I am not willing to give up?” She asked me.
“I am not sure Tiff. I don’t love it. But I also need time to process it.”
“Do you want me to leave?” She asked me.
“God no Tiff” I exclaimed.
“I am glad to hear that Tim. I was worried when I told you about Claire that was going to be it.” She said with worry in her voice.
“Sometimes you do things or put up with things for the person you love. You’re being clear up front about it. I just need to make sure I am ok with it. But that doesn’t mean I want you to leave”

I got up and gave Tiff a hug.
“Thanks for going there with me” I told her. “I really wanted you to know how I felt about you”
“I am glad we aired it out.” she told me.
“Any chance I can meet Claire?” I asked her.
“I can talk to her about it. I am sure she will want to meet you. Although she is her own person. There is no telling how it would go.” she warned me.
“Whats the worst that could happen Tiff?” I asked her.
“I have no idea with her. But think of a crazy scenario, say you diapered, gagged, and cuffed to the chair while she makes you watch her give me the best orgasm of my life. That wouldn’t even be the craziest scenario I could come up with”

The thought of that was actually kind of interesting. Kind of hot.

“Oh my god Tim!! You’re getting turned on” Tiff exclaimed.
“I am not!” I countered.


I jumped and quickly moved my hands to my butt and stepped back to fend off any additional spanks.

“Don’t lie to me Tim.” Tiff demanded.
“Ouch. Ok. Yea it sounds a little hot” I said.
“Why couldn’t you just say that?” Tiff asked me.
“I don’t know.” I told her.
“Are you embarrassed?” She asked me.
“Yea. Maybe. Sure that makes sense” I told her.
“Fine. Just don’t lie to me like that.” Tiff said in a stern voice that I like to call her babysitter voice.
“Ok” I softly mumbled.

Tiff finished her beer and put the glass down on the counter. I grabbed it and walked in to the kitchen.
“Want another one?” I asked her.
“Yea that would be great!” Tiff responded.

I went in to the kitchen to grab her beer.

“You seem tired tonight?” I told her.
“I am!” Tiff said. “Just a long day. I don’t want to do anything but just relax and hang out”

I finished pouring the beers and took it back to her and we clinked glasses.
“Cheers” I told her

I took a sip and Tiff took a long pull. She looked tired and worn out.
“What are you in the mood for as far as food?” I asked her.
“Just pick. I don’t want to make any decisions tonight” she told me.

I pulled out my phone and ordered us some burritos. By the time I was done Tiff was already half way through her beer. She looked tired. I knew exactly how she felt. There were days where I just wanted to relax and not do anything.

“Netflix and Chill while we wait?” I asked her.

I turned on a movie and Tiff layed down on the couch with her head in my lap. We started watching the movie while I rubbed her hair and back. Within 10 minutes she was out cold. The burritos showed up about 30 minutes later but I didn’t want to wake Tiff. She woke up a few hours later apologetic for falling asleep. We ate a late dinner and called it a night. While the night didn’t start out normal I rather enjoyed the normalcy of the girl I love falling asleep in my lap while I rub her back and hair.

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Scene 5

I put the finishing touches on my makeup as I prepared for a fun filled day with Tim. I am sure our last date wasn’t super fun for him considering I fell asleep almost as soon as I got there. So today, we are planning on spending the day together. The plan is to do brunch, hiking, and then dinner and a movie at an actual movie theatre. I haven’t been to a movie in the theatre since before COVID. Needless to say, I was excited. I looked at myself in the mirror and not to toot my own horn, but I liked what I saw. My hair was in a simple yet elegant pony tail with a tight dry fitting top with a Nike logo on it, and a tight sexy Lulu lemon high rise hiking skirt. The outfit screams casual hiker, yet shows that I am a woman with an amazing body. I was quite proud of myself.

I texted Tim to tell him I was leaving my apartment now and I would be there in 20 minutes. I grabbed my purse and started walking out as my cell phone started ringing.

“Hey Claire!” I answered.
“We are hanging out today honey. I need me some Tiffy time” she told me.
“Tiffy time. That is a new one.”
“You like it?” she asked me.
“It’s fine. But I am hanging with Tim today.” I explained.
“For the whole fucking day?”
“That is the plan” I said.
“Did I not do it for you last time? I even let you put me in that stupid diaper”

I thought back to the night where I had Claire on her knees pleasuring me for 45 minutes. Just thinking about it was turning me on.

“You definitely did it for me babe” I reassured her. “But I already have plans.”
“Total bullshit Tiff” Claire informed me.
“You know…it is possible to do things like call in advance or tell me prior to the day you want to hang out so I can make sure I am available.”
“Whatever. Let me come with you. I want to meet Tim anyway. You told him about us didn’t you?”
“Not this time.”" I said. “Yes he knows about us”
“What is his number? I will call him and inform him that I am coming along too.”
“Not this time Claire. Maybe next time. He does want to meet you though so don’t worry” I told her.
“This is bullshit!” Claire exclaimed.
“Love you baby. Chat soon!” I told her.

I hung up the phone and left the apartment. Twenty minutes later I pulled in to the parking deck for Tim’s apartment. I quickly got out and went to Tim’s apartment and let myself in.

“Hey Tim!” I shouted as I walked in.

I didn’t get a response but I heard the shower going. I let myself in and went to the fridge to get some orange juice while I waited. As luck would have it, I found an unopened jug sitting on the middle shelf. I poured myself a glass and went to throw away the plastic piece that sits under the lid when unopened. Upon opening the bin, I couldn’t help but notice a diaper on top. The interesting thing about it though, was it was a pink diaper with unicorns on it. Even when I went through Tim’s trunk the first night, I never saw any pink diapers. They were all traditional white diapers with some type of design on them. I closed the trash bin and opened the cupboard. I started looking for a cup for my orange juice when I noticed a pink plastic sippy cup adorned with unicorns.

“The hell is this” I wondered out loud.

I found a normal glass, poured the orange juice and sat down on the couch waiting for Tim to finish his shower. As I waited for him to get out I couldn’t stop wondering what was going on. Why a pink diaper? Why a sippee cup. He specifically told me he was not an ABDL just a DL. If so, why the sippy cup? I was just so confused. I heard Tim hop out of the shower and walk to his bedroom.

“I am here babe!” I yelled.
“Hey Tiff. I will be ready in 2 minutes” Tim yelled back.

About 5 minutes later Tim showed up in a pair of comfortable looking jeans and a dry fit polo that hugged his trim body. He was wearing an underarmour baseball cap and looked pretty good.

“You look great Tiff. Ready for brunch?” he asked me.
“Sure.” I said with a fake smile and little enthusiasm

Tim looked at me and frowned.

“Whats wrong Tiff?” He asked me.
“I was getting some orange juice while I waited for you to finish up showering. I couldn’t help but notice a pink diaper in the trash and a sippy cup in the cupboard” I said.
“Can we just talk about this later? Can you pretend you didn’t see anything” Tim asked me.
“No I can’t!” I said with exasperation. “Damnit Tim. I need to trust you and feel comfortable with you. When I ask you a question I shouldn’t get responses pushing it off or not answering me”
“It is just embarrassing Tiff. I don’t like talking about it.” Tim responded.
“Well it feels to me like you’re hiding something, lying to me, or at best just not being completely honest with me. What have I done to make you not trust me?” I demanded.
“Nothing Tiff. I just don’t like talking about this all the time”
“Trust me. I don’t want to talk about this all the time too either. But that doesn’t mean you can just not ever talk about it.”
“Fine. I promise you we can chat about it at brunch.”
“Now” I demanded.
“Tiff, we will lose our reservations. Please! I promise.” Tim pleaded.

I shook my head and stood up.
“Fine. Let’s go. But this is warning number one. When we get to the restaurant you better start talking about this and nothing else.”
“Warning number 1!?!” Tim exclaimed. “What does that even mean”
“Usually it means at warning number 3 you go to timeout for 10 minutes. But in your case it could be a whole gambit of thing which you won’t like”
“Come on Tiff. Be serious” Tim said.
“I am being completely serious”

I said that with a tone that I haven’t used with Tim before. Even when he lied to me I wasn’t this frustrated and upset. Just answer the damn question and lets go on with the day. Now we are dragging it out. It makes absolutely no sense to me. I grabbed my purse off the table and started walking towards the door with Tim following me. We arrived at brunch and were seated almost immediately. I looked around the restaurant. There were all of 10 empty tables with all of zero people waiting. Thank god we made the reservation and got there on time or we would never have gotten seated. Also, a public restaurant is far superior to talk about your secret diaper fetish than the privacy of your own apartment. This really pissed me off.

The server sat us down and informed us that the waitress would be with us in a moment to take our drink order.

“What would you like to drink Tiff?” He asked me.
“Talk!” I demanded. “Don’t put this off.”
“Don’t you want to at least order drinks first?” Tim asked me.
“No I don’t” I responded.

Before I could continue our waitress came up.

“Hey yall. I am Brittany. I will be your waitress today. Can I start you out with any drinks? A mimosa, coffee, tea, or water perhaps” Brittany asked.
“I would like some orange juice” Tim quickly responded.
“And you Miss” Brittany asked me.
“Coffee.” I said. “Could you please bring his orange juice out in a kids cup please. And make sure it has a lid. He has a tendency to spill his drinks and I would like to avoid a mess. We didn’t bring a spare change of clothes for him and we are going hiking after this”

Brittany paused for half a second.
“Sure thing! I will get those drink orders in and be right back to take your food order” Brittany responded.

“Tiff!!!” Tim exclaimed. “Why did you do that?”
“You promised me we would talk as soon as we got here. Not after we ordered drinks. I wanted to do this at your place but you insisted we do it in public place.”
“Ok. Ok. I am sorry.” Tim lamented.
“So whats up? Why was there a pink diaper in the trash and a pink unicorn sippy cup in the kitchen? Am I going to find a pacifier soon?” I asked him.

Before Tim could say anything Brittany came back with our drinks.
“One coffee for you” she said as she placed the coffee in front of me.
“One orange juice in a kids cup” she said as she placed a plastic cup with dinosaurs on it and a green lid with a straw sticking out.
“Are you ready to order or do you need a minute?” Brittany asked.
“Can you give us a minute please?” I asked.
“Sure thing.”

Brittany left us and Tim grabbed his menu and started glancing at it.

“Do you know what you want?” Tim asked me.
“What I want is to put you over my knee right now” I told him bluntly. “But since that will have to wait until later I want you to honor your word”

Tim put down the menu and looked at me. He took my hands in his.

“Fine Tiff. I am sorry for dragging this out. The reason you found the diaper and cup” he started.
“You mean the pink diaper with unicorns all over it and the pink sippy cup with unicorns all over that too” I interjected.
“Yes.” Tim said. “The reason you found those is last night I wore a diaper.”
“No shit Tim. That was obvious from the rolled up diaper in the trash. But why was it pink with unicorns when all the other diapers you had were white with designs on them” I asked him. “I am not stupid. I know that there are different types of diapers out there. And it doesn’t explain the sippy cup.”
“Tiff, let me explain! I did it as a humiliation slash punishment fantasy.” Tim whispered very quietly
“Please explain a little more” I said.
“I don’t normally where a diaper like that. I ordered some and pretended I was being forced to wear them as a punishment.” Tim told me.
“That doesn’t explain the sippy cup.” I told him.
“Remember those gloves you saw in the trunk?” Tim asked me
“Yes” I told him.
“Well I put those on. I didn’t lock them so I could get them off. But with them on I can’t grip anything. My hands become essentially useless. So if I want to drink anything I need a sippy cup or something that won’t spill if I drop it” Tim told me.

Before I could ask Tim anymore questions, Brittany came up to the table.

“How are things so far?” Brittany asked. “Are you ready to put your order in?”
“Sure” I responded. “I will do two scrambled eggs, some hashbrowns, and a biscuit. He will do the kids Mickey Mouse pancakes”

Tim turned bright red. I couldn’t tell if he was mad or embarrassed but at this point I didn’t really care. I was so tired of having to push him to get simple answers to simple questions.

“Sure thing. That was two scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, and a biscuit along with an order of the Mickey Mouse pancakes. I will get that order right in” Britany told us.

Brittany left the table and Tim looked at me.

“Fuck Tiff. Why did you do that?” he asked me.
“Warning number 2” I told him. “You do not want to get to 3 Tim.”

Tim looked away and then back at me. He was clearly frustrated.
“Tiff, this is really hard for me to talk about.”
“Fine. I get that. But instead of actually talking you always push it off then don’t follow through. What is the point of a relationship if you can’t even talk to me?” I asked him.
“I do talk to you about it” Tim said.
“After I spank, diaper, or embarrass you. And then it is only because you don’t want things to escalate. Or maybe you do. I honestly don’t know!”
“It isn’t like that” Tim said.
“Really!?! I am giving you warnings like a toddler and having to embarrass the shit out of you at a public restaurant before you start telling me things” I told him.

Tim looked down for a moment then looked up.
“Fine.” he whispered. “I am sorry. Are we good now?” he asked me.
“I have questions.” I told him.
“Ummm…ok. What are they?” he asked me.
“What was the scenario you did last night? Specifically” I asked him.
“Does it matter?” Tim asked me.
“This is your last chance Tim. Do this again and it is warning number 3. You will not like it”
“Ok. The fantasy was I got in trouble. You were upset with me. So because you know I am not a AB but just a DL you put me in the girly diaper and locked the gloves on me. Then you made me drink out of the sippy cup since that is the only thing I could grasp.”
“Is that it?” I asked him
“Well…You were going to make me actually wet the diaper but since I can’t ever put them on right I didn’t actually use it because I didn’t want the diaper to leak!” he told me.

I started laughing. I couldn’t help it. This was just all incredibly ridiculous. He could of said all this in 30 seconds at his apartment but instead we spent the last hour dragging this shit out.

“Why are you laughing?” Tim asked me.
“For one, you don’t even know how to put a diaper on properly without it leaking. It really isn’t that hard Tim. Second, you could of just said all this at your place and it would of been fine. But you dragged it out. Was that your plan? Piss me off to see what would happen?” I asked him.
“Absolutely not!” Tim said way too quickly and not believably enough.
“Me thinks though protest too much” I said quoting Shakespeare
“Now think about this long and hard Tim. Your next answer decides if we salvage this day. Did you do this in part to see what my response would be?”
“Not really” Tim whispered while looking away at me. “I don’t like talking about this. I really don’t. But I would be lying if I didn’t like the punishment”
“Tim look at me!” I demanded. “Cut this crap out. I promise the punishment won’t be fun”
“I know Tiff. I am sorry” Tim said.
“Yea you definitely will be” I told him.
“I am sorry Tiff.”

I looked at Tim and I could see remorse in his eyes. I was pissed. I didn’t like this crap but he was really sorry. I needed to find a way to make my point that this can’t keep happening.
“Fine. Here is how this is going to go. First, after the hike we are going back to your place. You’re getting a spanking”
“Tiff!! I am not a child” Tim mentioned.
“And after the spanking you can stand your butt in timeout for 20 minutes and think about all this” I told him.
“No way Tiff!” Tim said.
“Fine, have a nice day. I am out”

I started to stand up

“Wait Tiff!” Tim exclaimed. “Fine.”

I sat back down. Before I could say anything else Brittany came out with the food order.

“Two scrambled eggs, some hashbrowns, and a biscuit for you” Brittany said as she put my plate down. “And the Mickey Mouse pancakes for you” she said with a smile as she placed it in front of Tim.
“Do you need anything else?” Brittany asked.
“Not right now. I think we are good.”

Brittany nodded and walked away.

“We good?” Tim asked.
“For now I guess” I told him. “Now eat your food. All of it. We have a hike ahead of us and then a movie.” I told him.
“I don’t even like pancakes.” Tim whined.
“I don’t like dragging things out and not communicating.” I told him

We ate our food in relative silence. The morning was not going the way either of us planned but as upset as I was, I am sure Tim was frustrated and upset in his own way. To Tim’s credit, he ate every bite of the pancakes. I am not even sure why I told him he had to eat his breakfast. I honestly didn’t care what he did. I think I was just pissed. Brittany came and cleared the table and brought the check.

“I got it” Tim declared.

Tim pulled his card out put it on the check. Brittany came and picked it up.

“Do you want me to invite Claire to the movie with us tonight?” I asked Tim.
“Seriously?” Tim asked.
“Yea. I figure she can meet us at your place before the movie and then go with us.” I told him.
“Umm…What about…you know.” Tim asked.
“Your spanking and time out?” I asked him.
“Yea that” Tim said sheepishly.
“She knows all about you Tim.” I told him.
“I know but you aren’t going to have her there when you do that?” Tim asked.
“Why not? You always talk about how you like humiliation and punishment. What could be more humiliating than have someone watch you spanked and put in timeout” I asked him.
“Come on Tiff. No way.” Tim said.
“If you don’t want her to watch then we can take care of it before she gets to your place” I casually told him.
“Fine. She can come to the movie. I want to meet her anyway.” Tim said.

I pulled out my phone and texted Claire.

“You want to join Tim and I for a movie tonight?” I texted Claire.
“Yea. Is Tim going to wear a diaper?” Claire texted back.
“It wasn’t in the plan but since he was really bad he is getting spanked and put in timeout before the movie.” I told her.
“Make him wear a diaper to the movie. He will never be bad again” Claire texted me.
“I don’t think I could do that. That might be a little much” I responded.
“No one will know. It will also teach him a lesson.” She responded.
“Let me think about it. Be at Tim’s at 7:30pm. I will text you his address”
“See you then!”

“Claire is in” I told him.

Tim finished paying the bill and as I texted Claire Tim’s address. We headed out to the hiking spot. The plan was to do a 5 mile hike to the waterfall and then a 5 mile hike back. I was excited. Tim and I were both athletic, competitive, and this should be a good time for us to bond over athletics. We arrived at the trail head ready to go.

“What do you say we make a fun wager on this?” Tim asked me with a smile on his face.
“What are you thinking?” I asked him. “You’re already getting a literal spanking tonight. Are you sure you want figurative spanking as well?” I playfully asked him.
“How about if you stop to rest first then no punishment for me at all” Tim suggested.
“No way Tim.” I told him.

I thought about it for a second and decided we could negotiate though.

“How about no spanking” I said. “And trust me. This is high stakes because you deserve one really badly”
“Fine.” Tim responded.
“What if I win?” I asked.
“Name it. I will do it” Tim said.
“Anything?” I asked incredulously
“Yea anything Tiff. I can easily do this hike without stopping” Tim said very proudly.
“Ok…Then if I win I am taking you to the movies diapered” I told him.
“WHAAAAT” Tim said. “No fucking way”
“Language please. You said anything. Honor your word” I demanded.
“Fine. Whatever. You’re not going to win anyway”

I popped Tim on the butt and took off at a jog on the trailhead.
“Keep up Tim.” I told him.

Tim started jogging and kept pace with me as we started to jog. This was a hike to a waterfall so this was 5 miles uphill. What Tim didn’t know about me was I routinely go out and do a 10 mile run every other weekend. I may not be able to do a 6 minute mile but I am absolutely capable of doing 10 miles at an 8 minute mile. And this specific hike, I routinely trail run it. For the first 24 minutes Tim was right at my side smiling and we were carrying on a fun banter. But at the 3 mile mark I noticed Tim start to struggle. He started dropping a step behind me. I did most of the talking and he would just respond with one word answers. At mile 4 he looked like he was about to drop.

“Do you want to call it now and we can do a leisurely walk back?” I asked him.
“No way Tiff. I am … good” He said in a raspy voice.
“You sure? I am enjoying thinking of you in a nice big think pink unicorn diaper tonight at the theatre” I teased him. “Help to fix that smirk and arrogance you had earlier”
“That isn’t going to happen!” Tim exclaimed.
“Maybe I will let Claire change you before we go” I said.
“Tiff!” Tim yelled.

I speed up the pace just a little bit and Tim kept up. About a minute later it was obvious he couldn’t maintain the pace. I decided to sprint the last half mile to the waterfall. Needless to say I left Tim in the dust. I reached the waterfall a full 3 minutes before Tim did as I watched him walk up to me. I smiled at him and gave him a hug.

“You gave it a valiant effort” I told him.
“How were you able to do that?” Tim asked me incredulously.
“I do a 10 mile run every other weekend. This is also a trail run I do sometimes. I went harder than I normally do this time but I run this quite a bit.”
“Wow. You set me up” Tim said.
“Set you up? You were the one who wanted to bet. You dug yourself in a hole, tried to get out of it and made it worse” I told him.

Tim didn’t say anything but I could tell he wasn’t happy about how everything went down. We hung out at the waterfall for about 30 minutes and leisurely hiked back to the car. It was actually a lot of fun. We chatted about work, dreams, desires, and the words spanking, diaper, and time out never came up. I actually got to hear about his love for fitness, how competitive he is, his love of college football, and travel. I got to tell him about my college experience, my love of art, how I met Claire, and how I am a lover of bad movies. It was a wonderful 2 hour hike back. We got back to the car and headed to Tim’s apartment.

We talked in to Tim’s and I immediately went in to the fridge to grab some water. I grabbed a bottle out of the fridge and chugged it down while still standing.

“Want some?” I asked him.
“A beer would be better” Tim said.

I reached in to the fridge and grabbed two beers and two frosty mugs out of the fridge. I poured the beers and walked over to the couch. I looked at my watch. It 6:45pm. We had to get a move on. I handed Tim his beer.

"We have 45 minutes until Claire gets here. We both have to shower, you have to spend some time over my knee, in the corner, and we have to get you diapered before we leave. So unless you want Claire to observe some of this we had better get a move on.
“Can we please discuss this?” Tim pleaded.
“The only thing we can discuss is logistics. I am serious Tim. We are not leaving for the movie until all these things are accomplished. It is up to you if we get it all done before Claire gets here”
“Fine!” Tim muttered.
“Watch that attitude” I scolded him. “Do you want to shower first or do you want me to?” I asked him.
“You can go first” Tim said.

I took my change of clothes I had in my purse and went in to the bathroom. I started the shower, took my clothes off and hopped in. The water felt amazing on my tired muscles. When I was done washing my hair I quickly got out, dried off and put on some fresh clothes. Nothing too crazy. A nice top and a pair of jeans. We were just going to a movie after all. I quickly dried my hair and did my make up. I walked out of the bathroom to Tim waiting at the door.

“Tiff honey. It is 7:10pm. Claire will be here in 20 minutes.” Tim said.
“Then you better hurry up and shower and hope she is late” I told him.

Tim ran in to the shower and was out in 5 minutes. He quickly changed in a pair of loose jeans and a button down shirt. I went in to the kitchen to grab the wooden spoon I spanked him with last time and pulled a chair in to the middle of the living room. Tim came in to the living room.

“Come here please” I told him.

Tim walked up to me and I quickly unbuttoned his pants.
“Take them off” I told him.

He took them off and placed them on the table. I grabbed his arm and put him across my knee.
“Why am I spanking you?” I asked him.
“Can we just get this over with!” Tim demanded.

I brought the flat part of the spoon down on his butt hard in two rapid successions.


His back immediately arched while his hands came up to protect his butt. I grabbed both hands by the wrist and help them together with my left hand. I spanked him two more times.


“Why am I spanking you?” I asked him.
“Because rather than just telling you about the diaper and sippy cupp I avoided it.” Tim said.
“What else?” I asked him.

I brought the spoon down on his butt two more times


“Owww” Tim cried.

Tim was almost in tears but trying to stay strong. I intended to get my point across to him.

“You are also being spanked because you were being a brat. You wanted to get in trouble just to see what I would do to fulfill some fantasy. We can have fun and fulfill fantasies but behaving like a brat to get in trouble is not ok. There will be nothing fun about this!”

I started spanking him on each cheek 5 times each


By the end of that Tim was crying across my lap.

“I am sorry Tiff. I promise I won’t do this again!” Tim cried.
“I know baby. I know” I told him. “Now I am going to give you 3 more spanks and then you’re going to the corner for twenty minutes.”
“Ok” Tim cried.


I let Tim up and walked him over to the corner. I placed him nose first in the corner and made him clasp his hands behind his back above his butt.

“If you so much as move an inch I will add another 5 minutes to your timeout.”
“Claire will be here before it is over” Tim said.

I popped him on his butt and he must of jumped 10 feet.

“No talking. Face the corner. You better hope she is running late then” I told him.

I looked at Tim’s butt as he stood in the corner. I had really done a number on him. He would be feeling that for a few days. Truth be told, he was probably lucky he was going to be in a diaper tonight because he probably would have a tough time sitting down. Tim stood in the corner while I went in to this closet to look through his trunk for some supplies. I found the pink diapers and some baby powder in the trunk. I grabbed them both and went out to the living room placing them on the table. I looked at the clock and it was right at 7:30 and Tim had another 10 minutes of timeout. I was curious if Claire would be early or not. I really didn’t want Claire to see Tim like this but sending a clear message to him was more important. I don’t mess around and I mean what I say.

I went to the fridge and grabbed a beer, poured it in to a frosty mug and sat down on the couch. I took a sip of the beer and started looking at stuff on my phone.

“How much longer?” Tim asked in a sniffle.

I got up and gave him two hard swats on the butt.

“No talking. You had 5 minutes left. Now it is 10” I told him.

I sat back down on the couch and continued looking at my phone. 5 minutes later, at 7:35pm I heard the doorbell ring. Tim didn’t move or say a word but I saw his whole body tense up. I got up and went to open the door. Claire walked in

“Hey honey. Where is the infamous Tim” Claire asked and she walked in. Within about .5 seconds she saw Tim in the corner. Before she could say or do anything I held up 1 finger to her. She stopped.

“This is not a scene” I whispered to Tiff “I spanked him and he is currently in timeout. Please don’t make a big deal about it or really say anything.”
“Ok. Sure” Tiff whispered.
“Want a beer?” I said in a normal voice.
“Please” Tiff said.

I poured her a beer and looked up at the clock. I went in to the living room and picked up the diaper and baby powder. Claire’s eyes went wide when she saw me but to her credit she didn’t say anything. I grabbed Tim’s arm and walked him in to the bedroom.

“Lay on the bed. We need to do this quick or we will be late” I told him.
“Oh my god Tiff. She saw me, she saw the diaper. Oh my god Tiff” Tim said in almost tears.
“Tim, pull yourself together. I want to see this movie and we need to go. Lay down on the bed and lets get this over with.”
“I don’t want to do this” Tim complained.

I reached around and gave Tim two smacks on his already well spanked butt.
“We can do this in here privately or in the living room in front of Claire” I told him.

Tim laid down on the bed. I put the powder down on the floor and unfolded the diaper. This was the first time I was really looking at the diaper. It was solid pink with white unicorns all over it. The diaper was really thick. It was perfect for a two year old little girl yet here I was diapering my adult boyfriend with it.

“Lift up” I told him.
Tim lifted his butt up and I slid the diaper under him and watched his butt come down on the diaper. I grabbed the powder and went to apply it.
“Can we please not do the baby powder?” Tim asked me.
“I thought the whole point of this was the humiliation?” I asked him.
“But I have never worn outside of the house. I have never worn in front of others. This is too much!” Tim said.
“First time for everything Tim.” I told him.

I liberally applied the baby powder to his groin area and brought the diaper up making sure his penis was pointing down. I taped the left side first, then the right side ensuring a snug fit. I then taped the bottom tapes as well making sure it was done properly so there would be no leaks. I grabbed Tim’s jeans and slid them his legs.

“Stand up.” I told him.

Tim stood up and I pulled his jeans up to his waist and buttoned them up. I made sure the waistband of the diaper peaked up over his jeans. I gave him a patt on his butt.

“Ok let’s go.” I told him.
"What if I need to go to the bathroom? Tim asked.
“I will grab a spare diaper and put it in my purse.” I told him.
“No Tiff. That isn’t what I meant.” Tim said.
“I don’t care what you meant. Go and chat with Claire while I get a spare diaper and some wipes.” I told him.

I smacked Tim on his butt to get him moving as he walked out of the bedroom. I quickly retrieved a spare diaper and some wipes and carried them out of the bedroom. As I walked out I saw Claire drinking a beer and staring at Tim’s butt and Tim pulling his shirt down. I walked over to my purse and put the spare diaper and wipes in and turned around to them both.

“Not exactly how I imagined you two would meet.” I said with in a light fluffy tone.
“Claire, this is Tim. Tim this is my dear friend Claire” I said.
“Hi” Tim said.

Claire went up and gave Tim a hug.
“It’s lovely to meet you sweetie. Tiff has told me a lot about you.”
“I bet” Tim muttered.
“Relax Tim. She spanked me too last time we got together too. I also got put in a diaper. The only difference is she wouldn’t let me out of the handcuffs until I ate her pussy raw!” Clare said.

Tim looked at her and then at me in confusion.

“We need to get going or we are going to miss the movie.” I told them.

I grabbed my purse and Tim’s hand and started walking out the apartment. Claire followed us out of the apartment as we headed to the car. I turned around and saw Claire looking at Tim’s butt as he waddled to the car due to the thickness of the diaper. Claire came up and whispered to in my ear.

“That diaper must be thick. He can’t even walk properly.”

I smirked as we made it to the car. Tim got in the back and Claire got in the front beside me. I pulled out and headed to the theatre. The drive was pretty much uneventful except for Tim constantly shifting in the backseat. Every time he did I could hear the crinkle in his diaper. He was definitely not happy about this.

We pulled up to the theatre and saw there was a big line.

“Tim why don’t you hop out and get in line. I will park the car with Claire and we will join you in a minute.” I told him.

Tim hopped out of the car and got in line. I continued on in search of a parking spot.

“Oh my god babe. What did I walk in to!” Claire exclaimed.
“You weren’t supposed to see any of that. We were running late. Tim got in trouble this morning and he earned himself a spanking and a timeout. We couldn’t get it done before you got there” I told her.
“I thought you weren’t going to do the diaper tonight?” Claire asked me.
“I didn’t want to. The last thing I want to deal with is changing diapers tonight. I wanted to go out for drinks after the movie perhaps. Instead I have to deal with this” I told her.
“Then why did you do it?” Claire asked me.
“We started the hike and he started talking shit before we even got to the trail head. Saying I would be the first to have to stop. He was so confident he wanted to make a wager I would have to stop and rest first. I figured this would teach him a lesson” I told Claire.
"He will certainly think twice next time.
“Good I hope so!” I said.
“So I know your wager but what was his?”
“He wanted to get out of timeout. He HATES being put in the corner. He doesn’t really like the punishment spankings but there is something about timeout that he can’t stand.”
“Weird” Claire said.
“Yea I am not sure. He won’t tell me whats up.” I told her.
“Well if you want to go out for drinks afterwards I will change him for you” Claire said.
“Lets see. My bet is he is going to do everything in his power not to wet that diaper” I told her. “He is scared of wetting his diaper and he gets really mad if he has to sit in a wet diaper for even a second”
“Why is he scared?” Claire asked me.
“Because he doesn’t know how to put a diaper on properly and the few times he wet the diaper it leaked”

Claire started laughing hysterically. The laughter was contagious so I started laughing also. I parked the car, grabbed my purse, then Claire and I got out. We started walking up the line to find Tim. We found Tim in line. I snuck up behind him and grabbed his shoulders

“Boo!” I yelled.

Tim jumped and flailed his arms causing his shirt to rise up over his jeans for a hot second exposing the pink waistband of his diaper. He quickly calmed down and pulled his shirt down.
“I hate when you do that!” Tim exclaimed.
“But it sure is funny” I told him.

Tim glared at me but smiled. As he was looking at me though, I saw a look of panic come across his face.
“What is wrong honey?” I asked him.

He leaned in to ear and whispered.

“There is a diaper sticking out of your purse” He said.
“I know. I didn’t know I would need a diaper bag for tonight or I would of brought one with me this morning” I said in a casual normal voice.
“Tiff!” Tim said. “Please keep your voice down!”
“Relax Tim. You’re the only one who is paying any attention” Claire said.
“Can’t you arrange it so it isn’t sticking out?” Tim pleaded.
“Relax Tim. Just because there is a diaper in my purse doesn’t mean everyone knows its for you” I told him.

The line had moved since we started the conversation so I gave him a soft patt on his padded butt to get him to move up the line. We finally got to the window.

“Three for Top Gun Maverick” Tim told the cashier.
“That will be $45.00” the attendant replied.

Tim paid cashier and we walked in to the theatre. We gave the tickets to the security guy at the entrace and went and got in line for the concession stand. As we waited in line I saw that Tim kept looking at the bathrooms and couldn’t stop wiggling.
“I will be right back” Tim said and started to walk off.

I grabbed his arm and gently pulled him back.
“Where do you think you’re going?” I asked him.
“Umm…no where.” Tim responded sheepishly.
“I know you wouldn’t dream of lying to me Tim” I warned him. “I know you don’t want me to pull your pants down right here in this theatre and give you a spanking”

Claire started laughing.
“I would like to see that!” Claire said.
“Fine. Yea. I wanted to go and take this diaper off real quick” he said.

I shook my head at him.
“A bet is a bet Tim. You’re wearing the diaper for the movie and for drinks afterward” I told him.
“That wasn’t part of the deal!” Tim whined.
“A bet is a bet” I told him. “Next time your arrogant ass is running your mouth think of the pink unicorn diaper you’re wearing”

We got up to the concession counter.
“What do you want Claire?” I asked her.
“A coke and some Reese’s Peanut butter cups.” Claire responded.
“And you Tim?” I asked him.
“Nothing. I am good.” he said.

I turned to the cashier and gave him my order.
“She will take a medium coke and some Reese’s. I will go for a medium coke and some popcorn. He will take a large coke.”
“I said I didn’t want anything!” Tim said.
“Next time don’t try to run off and get out of the bet” I told him.

We got our drinks and started walking to the theatre.

“I have to go to the bathroom real quick” I told Claire. “Think you can keep an eye on Tim and make sure he doesn’t mess with his diaper at all?”
“I think I can manage” Claire said.
“Great. If he acts up at all you have my full permission to spank him” I told her.
“Tiff! That isn’t funny” Tim said.
“I don’t think she is joking” Claire said.

I gave my drink and popcorn to Claire and went in to the bathroom. The line was 5 deep so it took about 10 minutes for me to come out. When I came back out, I saw Tim & Claire right where I left them. I walked up to Tim, pulled his shirt up while pulling on the waistband of his jeans. He still had a diaper on.
“Damnit Tiff. This isn’t funny” Tim said.
“Just making sure. You clearly aren’t trust worthy at times” I said.
“Don’t worry Tiff. I kept an eye on him. Didn’t even have to spank him” Claire said.

We walked in to the theatre and took our seats. The movie started almost immediately after we sat down.
“You better drink that whole drink before the end of the movie” I whispered to Tim.

The first half of the movie was rather uneventful. The movie itself was great and I was loving it as I was a big fan of the original. However, about an hour in to the movie, it became very hard for me to focus on the movie. First, Tim started to squirm like a toddler does when they have to use the potty. This made me very happy. While I didn’t really want to change a diaper tonight, I wanted Tim to feel the full humiliation of wetting his diaper in the movie. I was also seriously contemplating letting Claire change him.

While I watched Tim squirm, I also felt a hand discretely slide in to my pants as well. I looked over to see Tiff smiling as she casually leaned in. I shook my head at her and she just laughed and started using her fingers to do the fucking itsy bitsy spider walking down to my crotch. I looked to my other side to see if Tim was noticing anything but he was too preoccupied. I handed him his drink.

“Drink this!” I told him.

Tim took a drink and put it back down in the cup holder. He kept shifting his butt on the chair. I gently poked him in his side and started laughing. As soon as I turned to focus on the movie I felt the itsy bitsy spider enter my sensitive regions. Claire could teach a masterclass on how to give someone an orgasm with her tongue but she wasn’t bad with her fingers either. Within about 30 seconds Claire had achieved what she set out to do. I looked over at Tim and saw that he was no longer fidgeting.

“You wet your diaper?” I whispered to him.

He nodded like someone who’s puppy had just been kicked.

“You finish your drink?” I asked him.

He shook his head.

“Finish your drink. And don’t worry. That diaper can hold a lot”

I smiled at him and went back to watching the movie. The movie lasted another 45 minutes and it was excellent. I am not sure if it was the movie, the thought of Tim wetting his diaper which I knew was humiliating, or Claire’s finger but it made me want to go to the movies more often. The credits started rolling to Lady Gaga’s Hold your Hand anthem as we got up.

“You finish your drink?” I asked him.
“Most of it” he said.
“Finish it all” I told him.
“I drank most of it” Tim said.
“The longer it takes you to finish that drink the longer it will be before you get changed” I told him.

Tim picked up the drink and finished it. We walked out with Tim in front and his already thick diaper had almost doubled in size. Any parent or babysitter would of recognized that waddle with the imprint of a diaper on his jeans. I don’t know why but god did it make me happy. I am sure Tim is mortified right now. We got out of the theatre and both Claire and I had to go to the bathroom.

“Ok Tiff. You go first and I will keep an eye on Tim for you.” Claire offered.
“This is not necessary ladies. Can’t you just both go so we can get out of here!” Tim asked.
“No. Because you’re acting like a fucking toddler who can’t be trusted not to take his diaper off” I told him.

I turned around and walked to the bathroom. After about 5 minutes, I came back and then Claire handed Tim off to me and went to the bathroom.
“I know you’re pissed Tiff. I am sorry. You’re right. I am not acting right. I lost the bet I need to own it” Tim told me.
“Thanks Tim. That helps” I answered him. “You have been a bit of a brat tonight but I appreciate you apologizing.”

I went in to hug him.

“I love you” he whispered.
“Love you too.”

As we separated the hug I did a quick diaper check. His diaper was in need of changing.

“The plan is to grab drinks next door” I said.
“Please don’t make me go get drinks in this diaper” Tim said.
“Relax. One of us will change you while the other goes and gets a table” I told him.
“One of us!” Tim said calmly but not quite as nice as he intended.
“One of us what?” Claire said as she came up.
“Someone is in need of a new diaper before we go get drinks next door” I told Claire.
“Yea no problem. Just give me the spare diaper and wipes and I will change him in the car and then we can head on over” Claire said.

Tim looked like a deer in headlights. He didn’t say a word but he was clearly uncomfortable with this all.
“Its fine honey. Go get us a table and I will go change him real quick. We will be there in 5 minutes.” I told Claire.
“Tiff, I am fine with changing him. It isn’t a big deal” Claire said.
“I got it. Go get us a table” I told her.
“Ok. Whatever” Claire said and sauntered off to the bar.

I took Tim by the hand and we walked out to the parking lot. I had an SUV so I popped the hatch and had him lay down. I quickly changed him rolling up the soiled diaper and placing it to the side. I applied way too much baby powder intentionally before taping him up. I pulled his pants back up and handed him the diaper.

“Go throw this away” I told him.

Tim sheepishly took the diaper with him and tossed it in the trash as we went in to bar. As we walked in, I saw Claire wave us over to the table.
“Feel better Tim?” Clare teased.
“Ha ha. Yea.” Tim said sarcastically.

I came and sat down at the table. Right as we sat down our waitress came up.
“Hey all. I am Brittany. What can I get for you?” she asked.
“Your the same waitress from this morning at the brunch spot” Tim said.

Brittany looked at us and I saw the light bulb go off in her head.
“Oh yea. Sippy cup and Mickey Mouse pancakes” Brittany said. “I remember you both”
“What!” Claire asked.
“She ordered for him and it was a sippy cup with Orange Juice and Mickey Mouse pancakes. Sorry to tell you but we don’t have any sippy cups here” she said.

Brittany started laughing again. I started smiling myself.
“I think 3 blondes will be fine for now” Tim said.

Brittany looked at me seeking confirmation. I nodded my head and she left to go put that order in.
“So Claire, tell me how you met Tiffany” Tim asked her.
“College. We were in Econ together. This hot little bitch walked in with her tight ass and runner’s shorts and I just had to meet her. We hit it off and have been friends since.”
“You ran in college?” Tim asked me.
“I wasn’t on scholarship or anything. But I was in running club.” I told him.
“So I really didn’t stand a chance.” Tim asked.
“I could of easily turned right back around and ran the entire way back.”

Claire started laughing again.
“Man you need to learn more about this amazing girl you’re dating” Clare said.

Brittany came back with the beers and placed them on the table.
“Anything else I can get you for right now?” Brittany asked.
“Your number would be awesome” Claire said.

Brittany looked at Claire, licked her lips and leaned in and whispered something in Claire’s ears. Claire nodded and Brittany left the table.

“What was that all about?” I asked.
“Nunya” Claire said.
“What?” I asked.
“Nunya business” Claire said.

“Tim laughed and drank some his beer.”
“Tim, how did you meet Tiff?” Claire asked.
“At the grocery store believe it or not. I saw her over in the deli section and I couldn’t believe how gorgeous she was. So I went up and asked her if she would like to grab a beer sometime.”
“Cute” Claire said.

We finished the first round and Brittany came up.
“Another round?” She asked.
“Yea” I told her.

This time Claire whispered something in Brittany’s ear and she left.
“You’re really not going to tell us what you two are chatting about?” I asked her.
“Yea” Clare said.

After a few minutes Brittany came back 3 beers and a shot glass full of a dark brown liquid. She placed the beers in front of us and the shot in front of Tim.
“It looks like you had a rough day. Shot on the house” Brittany said and left.
“What did you tell her Claire?” Tim demanded.
“Nothing! Relax.” Claire responded. “Now drink your shot and calm down you whiny baby”

Tim took the shot to his lips and tipped it back and chased it with his beer.
“I love me some Makers” he said.

Claire and I took a sip of beer.

“Brittany is getting off in 10 minutes. Her and I are going back to her place” Claire said.
“What!” Tim and I both said in unison.
“Oh yea.” Claire said.
“Does she want to join us for a drink before you two go?” I asked her.
“I will ask.” Claire said.

We finished the second round and Brittany came up to the table.
“Last call. Another round?” Brittany asked.
“Sure.” I said.
“Come join us” Claire said.
“Sure. Let me cash out my last customers and I will bring over the drinks.”

It took about 10 minutes but Brittany came over with the drinks and one for her.
“Cheers” Tim said.

Tim held up beer and we all clinked glasses.
“So you have a day job and a night job?” Tim asked Brittany
“I also occasionally do side jobs during the day” Brittany said. “Need to save up some money.”
“What are you saving up for?” Claire asked Brittany
“School and a better car” she said.
“Do you have the school uniform yet? You would look sexy as hell in it” Claire said to Brittany.
“I will dress up as a school girl for you tonight if you let me do one thing and answer a question of mine” Brittany said.
“Sure. What is it” Claire said.

Brittany turned to face Tim and gave him a swat on the butt and pulled the waistband of his jeans out. Tim turned ghost white and I am almost 100% sure started saturating his diaper.
“Thought so.” Brittany said. “He wasn’t in a diaper this morning. I would of noticed it. Why is he in one now.”

Claire started cracking up laughing.
“Claire I can’t believe you!” I told her.
“I didn’t say a word. I swear to god.” Claire exclaimed.
“She didn’t. I smelt the baby powder and saw the waistband of his diaper earlier. It was bugging me.”

Tim regained his composure. In part, because I think he was done peeing himself.
“Tim want to tell Brittany why you’re in a diaper?” I asked him.
“I lost a bet” Tim tried to say as casually as he could.
“So was the whole thing about the pancakes and kids cup part of the bet?” Brittany asked.

I looked at Tim and he didn’t say anything.

“You want to answer Tim?” I asked him.

Tims hook his head.

“Oh god.” Claire said. “This is taking too long. Tiff found a pink diaper in the trash this morning along with a sippy cup in the cabinets. Tim didn’t want to talk about it and it boiled over at breakfast. Tiff was doing that to fuck with Tim. Then at the hike, Tim kept talking shit about how Tiff was going to get tired and need to rest first so a wager was made. Tim lost. So Tim got his ass spanked and diapered for the evening.”
“Well he needs a change” Brittany said casually.
“He will be fine until we are ready to leave. Besides I don’t have any more spare diapers.” I told her.
“I am right here!” Tim said.

Brittany and Claire laughed. Claire chugged her beer and looked at Brittany.
“Ready to go?” Claire asked.
“Yup.” Brittany responded.

Claire came up and gave me a peck on the cheek. She gave Tim a hug.
“Have a great evening you two. This was definitely fun” Claire said.
“Nice meeting you two. I babysit on the side for extra cash. Let me know if you need a babysitter” Brittany said.
“Haha” Tim responded.
“I will get your info from Claire. Have fun you two” I said.

Brittany and Claire left. I finished up my beer and we headed to the car.
“You weren’t serious about the babysitter were you? I am not an adult baby” Tim said.
“Sure could of fooled me. I seem to be doing a lot of changing diapers, spanking, and putting you in timeout. Sounds like you might need a babysitter every now and then.” I said in a joking manner.
“Whatever Tiff. Let’s just get home so I can get out of this diaper.” Tim told me.
“The only way you’re getting out of that diaper is after all my energy is zapped out of me from multiple orgasms. Then I will let you take off that diaper” I told him.
“I think that can be arranged” Tim said with a smile.

Scene 6

I turned the key in Tiff’s apartment and walked in. As usual with Tiff, the apartment was spotless. I placed my bags down on the kitchen table making sure to put the borrowed key in the silverware drawer per Claire’s instructions. I only have a few hours before Tiff gets off work and I wanted everything to be perfect.

It’s Tiff’s birthday today. The plan is to surprise her with a fun little party. The catering would be here in about two hours. I ordered from Tiff’s favorite thai place. She loves her panaang curry, rotis, and Thai coconut soup. That, along with with spring rolls and miso soup, comprises the whole menu. I also made sure to order a lot of beer and I even made sure Claire had some pot for her if she was so inclined.

I started preparing in the kitchen putting 10 or so beer glasses in the freezer. I then pulled out the decorations and quickly started putting streamers all over the living room and kitchen. I grabbed the packet of balloons and started filling those up as well. The package had 100 balloons in them and now that they were floating along the ceiling maybe I got too many of them. But whatever. It is the thought that counts.

I went in to the bedroom and started putting rose petals all along Tiff’s bed. Following that, I grabbed a bunch of candles and strategically placed them all over her bedroom and bathroom. I realized I didn’t have a lighter handy so I started looking around for one.

I first looked in her bedside table. Apparently, her bedside table was where she kept a lot of her toys. I found multiple pairs of handcuffs, a silicon butt plug, a blindfold, a few vibrators, and a paddle. I pulled the paddle out and examined it closer. The paddle appeared to be made of a dark chocolate wood. It was about 10 inches long and 3.5 inches wide resembling the shape of a hairbrush. It was a beautiful paddle, one that I hope not ever to be on receiving end of.

I continued my search for a lighter in the bathroom. I looked in the drawers and underneath the sink. Once again, I didn’t find a lighter. I found some diapers, baby powder, tampons, and other items you would expect to find in a bathroom. The interesting thing to note is there were two sets of diapers. The ones she originally had when I first went over there but also an unopened pack of pink unicorn diapers. I guess she bought some after we went out to the movies. I continued searching and finally found a lighter in the kitchen in one of the drawers. I put the lighter in my pocket for later and continued finishing up the decorations.

It took me close to two hours but everything was finally set. The food arrived about thirty minutes later and it was beautifully set up on the kitchen table. In the center of the table was the custom cake I ordered for Tiff. It was a double chocolate cake with a layer of strawberry that said Happy Birthday Tiff in white chocolate frosting.

I looked up as I heard the door open to see Claire and Brittany walk in. It had been about two months since Claire met Brittany the night of the movie. I had heard from Tiff that they were getting really serious…or at least as serious as Claire would ever allow a relationship to get. Claire was dressed in a pair of skinny jeans and black top. Brittany was dressed in a black leather skirt and a blue button down. Both girls looked gorgeous. We exchanged hugs between the three of us and then congregated to the couch. As we were sitting down I saw Brittany shake her head at Claire and mouth the word no.

“What?” I asked.
“Nothing sweetie” Claire said. “I just got off the phone with Tiff. She will be here in twenty minutes”

I stood up and walked in to the kitchen.

“Really not going to tell me Claire?” I asked. “Brittany, what was the exchange about?”

Brittany looked at Claire and glared. Claire laughed.

“Fine!” Claire said. “Brittany wanted to know if you were going to wear a diaper tonight for the party. We were talking about it on the way here. That was her not so subtle way of telling me you were not diapered”
“That was a one time thing.” I said. “I pissed off Tiff and that was her way of getting back to me. Why does it matter?”
“Just find it interesting is all” Brittany responded. “It’s an interesting fetish and one I had never been directly exposed to”
“Well if you find it so interesting, why don’t we put you in a diaper for the evening?” I snarkily responded.
“Tim!” Claire said. “Relax. She didn’t mean anything by it.”
“Sorry Brittany” I said. “I guess I can get a little sensitive about it.”
“Its ok honey.” Brittany said. “But you seem to get yourself in a lot of trouble with that mouth”

No one said anything for a minute. The silence was deafening.

“You ladies want a beer?” I asked.
“Sure” they both replied.

I poured them both a beer and brought it out to the couch.

“Anyone else coming to this?” Claire asked.
“No.” I said. “I don’t know any other of Claire’s friends” I told her. “At first I was just going to do something special for just us but I figured she would appreciate this more. I want to get to know her friends better”
“She is definitely a girl who rather have just a few close friends rather than a hand full of acquaintances” Claire said.

I heard someone at the door and heard the lock start to turn.

“When she walks in make sure you scream surprise!” I whispered.

Tiff opened the door and walked in.

“SURPRISE!!” we all screamed as she walked in.

Tiff looked at us in astonishment. She was dressed in a very smart button down top and a medium black skirt. Her purse was strung over her shoulder and in her other hand was a satchel of some sort. She stood there for about 3 seconds before recovering her composure.

“Wow” Tiff exclaimed. “You plan this Claire or was this you Tim?”
“It was all Tim” Claire said.

I smiled at her and came up and gave her a big hug.
“Happy birthday Tiff.” I said.
“Thanks babe. This is really nice” she said.

Tiff put her stuff down by her bedroom door and came in and gave everyone a hug. While she was doing this I went and grabbed her a beer with a frosty mug. When she was done greeting Brittany and Claire I handed her the beer. She leaned in and whispered in my ear.
“This really is amazing Tim. I had no idea” Tiff said.
“I have more plans tonight after everyone leaves.” I told her.

Tiff grinned and kissed me on the cheek. She took a sip of her beer and placed it on the table.

“Let me go get in some more comfortable clothes and I will be right out.” Tiff said.

Tiff went in to the bedroom and came out about 5 minutes later. She was in a orangish maxi skirt and a casual gray lose cotton top. Even in casual clothes she looked stunning as her toned body filled the shirt. She walked out of the bedroom looking at me with a smile.

“Roses were a nice touch.” She told me.
“Lets get some food.”

We all got food and then sat down on the couch. We all caught up since we hadn’t really all gotten together for about two months and no one really knew Brittany very well. After about 30 minutes everyone had eaten and cleaned up. I made sure everyone refreshed their drinks so we could kick off the festivities.

“First we need to sing Happy Birthday to the birthday girl!” I said.

I got up and put 31 candles on the cake. I quickly lit the candles and we all gathered around the cake.

“Ok. Let’s sing.” I said.

We all sang happy birthday in unison to Tiff. At the end of the song Tiff blew all her candles. We all cheered while I cut the cake and served everyone a piece.

“Time for the birthday spankings!” Claire exclaimed.
“Can I do it?” Brittany asked.
“Yea babe. Do it!” Claire responded.

Brittany got up from the couch and grabbed Tiff’s arm. She walked her over to the couch, sat down and pulled her across her lap placing her left hand across the small of her back. Tiff half heartedly tried to stand up but Brittany wasn’t going to make it easy for her.


Brittany popped Tiff on her butt with no real force.

“Stop struggling or maybe we make this for real” Brittany teased

“She is turning 31 today so I believe that means she gets 31 swats” Claire said.
“Now 30” I said laughing.
“Your birthday is next month Tim. Payback is a bitch!” Tiff said.

Brittany started spanking Tiff and counting out loud.


“Two” Brittany counted.


“Three” we all counted.



This continued on until right at thirty. The spanks, if you could even call them that, were not hard and overall people were laughing and joking during the whole thing.

“Ok. Now for 31” Brittany said. “This one is for good luck!”


Brittany came down hard and firm right on Tiff’s butt. She then let Tiff up off her lap.

Tiff made a big show of rubbing her butt and sitting down next to me.

“Now that she is properly spanked, I figure we could all play a game to help make this party a little more fun” I told everyone.
“LAAAAAME!” Claire exclaimed.
“I promise it will be entertaining” I told her.
“Yea right!” Claire said flippantly.
“Lets give it a shot please” Brittany said and placed her hand on Claire’s knee.
“It will be fun.” Tiff said with little enthusiasm.
“Listen. Be skeptical. But at least try it. So the game is Never Have I Ever. But in this case if you have done something you have to take a sip of beer. Everyone got it?”
“Yea” everyone said in agreement.
“Cool” I said. “Let’s start”

I pulled out my list of questions.

“I am just going to go down the list.” I told everyone.
“Never have I ever dressed up as the opposite sex” I said.

I took a sip of beer. I looked around and no one else did.

“Tim!!” Tiff exclaimed. Tell us the story.
“When I was in college, I wore a female cheerleading outfit for Halloween” I told her.

Everyone laughed at that.
“Do you have any pictures?” Claire asked.
“No. It was back in college and I don’t know of any pictures.” I said. “But I thought I looked great as the sexy cheerleader. Ok next one.”
“Never have I ever been sent to the principal’s office” I said.

Tiff, Brittany, and Claire all drank. I did not.
“Bunch of really naughty girls here” I joked.
“That bitch had it coming to her” Claire joked. “I was in 8th grade. There was a girl named Suzy Bennett. She tormented me for half the year so on the last day of school when she went to sit in a chair I pulled it out. She feel on her ass and broke her arm.”
“Damn girl” Brittany said. “That is pretty harsh. I was a rule follower. I was accused by my teacher of cheating on a chemistry test in high school. I got 100% on the final and she didn’t think it was possible. I went to the principals office and told him I didn’t cheat.”
“Mine was in 4th grade.” Tiff said. “I pushed a girl in the playground for being mean. This was catholic school so the principal spanked me for it” she said.

Brittany and I were both laughing at the story. Tiff blushed a little bit but it was all in good fun.
“Ok. You three take a drink” I told them.

They all took a drink and we continued on.

“Never have I ever wet the bed after childhood” I said.
I took a sip of beer and so did Brittany.

“When did you wet the bed Brit?” Claire asked.
“It was a few years ago. I got completely wasted, went to bed and woke up with wet sheets”

Claire smirked.
“What about you Tim?” Tiff asked.
“I guess since everyone knows my little secret I can share.” I stammered. “I tried diapers for the first time as an adult a few years back and decided to go to sleep wearing one. I woke up in the middle of the night needing to pee. I decided to just use the diaper and it leaked.”

Everyone started cracking up.
“Was it the same type of diaper you had on the night of the movie. It was so thick. How did it leak?” Brittany asked.
“For some reason, which I still don’t quite understand, Tim still doesn’t know how to properly put on a diaper. Every time he puts a diaper on, it leaks. Yet when I diaper him, there are no leaks.” Tiff said.

Brittany started laughing.
“It really isn’t that hard” Brittany said.
“That is what I said too!” Tiff exclaimed.

Everyone started laughing at that point.

“I think we beat this dead horse.” I said. “Next question”

I looked at the question and decided I would skip it. I guess I was too obvious about it because Tiff interjected.

“Tim no skipping!” Tiff exclaimed. “What is the question you were trying to skip.”

“Never have I ever laughed so hard I peed my pants” I said.

No one drank except for me.
“I am sensing a trend here” Claire snarkily said.
“It’s my fault” Tiff said. “He needed to go to the bathroom and I mounted him and started tickling him. He ended up peeing himself”
“Was it here? On the couch?” Claire asked.
“He was in a diaper.” Tiff said.
“Did it leak?” Brittany asked.
“No. Because I was the one who diapered him” Tiff said in gest.

Everyone was howling with laughter by this point.

“Never have I ever used a fake ID” I interjected probably a little too loud.
Everyone but myself drank.

“Never have I ever shoplifted from a store” I said.
Everyone but myself drank.

“Never have I ever broken the school dress code” I read aloud.
Everyone but myself drank.

“Never have I ever lied to my parents about where I was going” I said.
Everyone but myself drank.

“Damn!” I said. “You all were a bunch of naughty kids” I taunted.
“But I bet if we asked when was the last time one of us got a spanking or a timeout you would win” Tiff teased me.

Everyone laughed.

“Lets do a few more. This is fun” Brittany said.
“Yea a few more is fine” Claire said in agreement.

“Never have I ever been in handcuffs” I said.

We all took a sip of beer.

Everyone laughed at that.

“Never have I ever had a one night stand” I said

Everyone took a sip of their beer but me.

“College?” I asked everyone

Everyone nodded their head.

“Ok. Last one.” I said. “Never have I ever had a three some.”
All three girls drank. I didn’t.

“I have had a ton” Claire said.
“I have had a few” Brittany confirmed.
“Only one. And it was with Claire” Tiff said.

I got up and went to get more beers for everyone. We had all had a bit to drink and I was definitely a bit tipsy. I looked around the room and it seemed like everyone else was too. I brought the beers over and passed them out.

“Whats the next game?” Tiff asked me.
“Lets do Truth or Dare” Brittany said.
“I don’t know” I said. “We have all had a lot to drink.”
“Don’t be such a wuss” Claire teased.

I looked at Tiff and shrugged.
“Your birthday babe.” I said. “Your call”
“This will be fun. I am in” she said.
“Ok. Since you’re the birthday girl you go first” I said.
“Fine. Brittany, Truth or Dare” Tiff asked.
“Truth” Brittany said.
“What is the kinkiest thing you and Claire have done” Tiff asked.
“Wow!” I said. “Just going for it right out of the gate” I joked.
“Hush.” Brittany said. “Let her answer the question”
“Pegging I guess.” Brittany said.

My eyes went huge. I don’t know why this shocked me but I was definitely surprised. I had never met anyone who admitted to doing it.

“Who pegged who” I blurted out.
“Tim!” Tiff said in a scolding manner
“It’s cool. Part of the game.” Brittany said. “Besides, turnabout is fair play.”
“She pegged me” Claire said with a laugh.
“Ok. My turn.” Brittany said. “Tim. Truth or Dare?”
“Truth” I said.
“LAME!!” Tiff yelled out.
“Boring!!” Claire said in agreement
“Fine” I said. “Dare”
“I dare you to wear a diaper for the rest of the night” Brittany said.
“Who didn’t see that one coming” Claire giggled.

I gave Brittany an incredulous look. I wanted tonight to be special for Tiff after everyone left. I didn’t want to derail all that with diapers. Why the hell is Brittany so interested in it.

“I don’t think so” I said. “Tiff help me out here” I said in desperation.
“This is between you and Brittany.” Tiff said. “It is my birthday. The only thing I am doing is drinking, maybe getting stoned, and whatever you have planned in the bedroom tonight.”
“Oh well.” I said, “Sorry”
“I will diaper you” Brittany replied. “Where are the supplies? We don’t want any leaks after all”
“What!?!” I exclaimed.
“In my bathroom underneath the sink” Tiff said while giggling. “There is already an open pack of diapers but I also bought him the pink diapers he loves. Feel free to open that pack if you prefer”

Claire got up and walked in to Tiff’s bedroom. Tiff and Claire were giggling.
“Want to get stoned while Brittany diapers him?” Claire asked.
“Yea!” Tiff said.

Claire and Tiff got up and walked out to the balcony.
“Tiff!!” I said. “What the hell!”
“This is between you and Brittany.”

Claire and Tiff went out on the balcony and closed the door. Brittany came out of Tiff’s room holding a pink diaper in one hand baby powder in the other.
“This is bullshit” I said out loud.

“Come on Tim. Be a good sport about it” Brittany said.
“I really don’t want to do this” I told her.
“A dare is a dare. Now lay down on the floor” she ordered.

I begrudgingly laid down on the floor as Brittany unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them right off leaving me in my underwear. She proceeded to pull my underwear clear off leaving me naked from the waist down. She looked at me and laughed.
“Someone is clearly enjoying this” Brittany said.

I was at full attention. Brittany slid the diaper under me as I lifted up my hips. She applied a liberal amount of baby powder to my groin area, then got up and went to the fridge and came back. Before I knew what was going on I felt something cold on my penis instantly killing my erection. Almost immediately, Brittany folded the diaper over my groin coming up to my waist and taped the top left tape. She adjusted the diaper ensuring a snug fit and taped the top right tape. She then taped the bottom left and right. Adjusting the fit ever so slightly she retaped the top tapes.

“All done!” She told me in an overly dramatic and happy voice.

I stood up and felt the ice cube shift in the diaper a little. I went to retrieve my pants but Brittany smacked my hands as I reached for them. She picked up the pants, folded them and put them under her chair. She gave me a couple of patts on the butt and told me to go sit down.

“The fuck Brittany” I said a little perturbed
“Careful now Tim. I already spanked one person tonight.” Brittany teased. “How else are we going to make sure you don’t take off your diaper?”

Claire and Tiff came back in from the porch. They were both clearly stoned and happy. As Tiff walked by, she also popped me on the butt and sat down.
“I can’t resist not patting a diapered butt” she joked. “Not bad Brittany. Maybe I will have you babysit some time. I didn’t think you would actually get him in a diaper. I usually have to spank him before he will sit still enough to get him diapered”
“Tiff!!” I exclaimed. “What the fuck!”

All three girls started laughing.
“I did have to threaten him with a spanking” Brittany said. “I took his pants away to make sure he stays diapered for the night”
“He has a locking diaper cover at his house.” Tiff said. “I thought about buying one but it is just as easy to take away his pants!”
“I am right here you two!” I said.
“Has he ever just tried to take his diapers off” Brittany asked.
“Yea he tried at the movies a few months ago.” Tiff said.
“I hope you spanked him for it. Perhaps you should think about getting one” Brittany said.
“Maybe. I don’t really diaper him all that much. I think a grand total of 3 times since we have been together.”
“Can we just continue the damn game” I asked rather petulantly.

Tiff and Brittany started cracking up.
“He really does take on the bratty toddler role when he is wearing a diaper doesn’t he” Brittany lamented.
“Oh yea. Now that I think about it, usually the only times I have had to spank him is when he is in a diaper because he starts acting like such a brat” Tiff said.
“Have you tried alternative punishments?” Brittany asked.
“Like what” Tiff said.
“God damnit you two!” I exclaimed.


I jumped more out of natural reaction as opposed to avoiding any pain.
“Stop interrupting and definitely don’t speak to either of us that way” Brittany scolded.
“I love timeout. Washing the mouth out with soap is a good one. Vinegar on his pacifier” Brittany said.
“I don’t have a pacifier” I said.
“Maybe I should get him one” Tiff joked.
“Can we please get back to the game” I asked.
“Ok. I think we have teased you enough” Tiff said.
“Ok. My turn” I said. “Claire, Truth or Dare”
“Dare definitely” she said.
“I dare you to put Brittany over your knee and paddle her” I said.
“Hey!!” Brittany said.
“My how the tables have turned” Tiff laughed.
“Tiff, do you have a paddle?” Claire asked.
“Of course I have a paddle!”

Tiff got up and went to her bedroom. Almost immediately she came back with the paddle I found in her bedside table handing it to Claire.
“Come here Chika!” Claire said to Brittany.

Brittany got up without saying a word and walked over and laid across Claire’s lap. Claire pulled up her skirt exposing her underwear.
“The last few times it has been me getting spanked so this will be fun!” Claire said.


Brittany didn’t make a sound even though Claire was actually putting some force behind the paddle. Claire rubbed Brittany’s butt and let her up. Brittany sat down and gave me a fake smile. I swear she would of stuck her tongue out at me if she could of gotten away with it.
“Tiff, Truth or Dare” Claire asked.
“Of course I have to do a dare” she said.
“I dare you to strip down to your bra and panties for the rest of the night” Claire said.
“Aww come on.” Tiff said.
“I am stuck in a fucking diaper” I said.
“I got paddled” said Brittany
“Fine” Tiff said.

Tiff stood taking off her shirt and jeans. She was wearing some very sexy red undergarments.
“Damn girly” Claire said. “Expecting to get some tonight it seems”
“Try to contain yourself” Tiff teased.

Tiff looked hot. I was getting hard looking at her, but fortunately for me, the diaper was keeping things in place. I also had to pee. I had 5 beers over the course of the night and hadn’t peed yet. I got up and started to head to the bathroom.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Brittany asked.
“I have to go pee” I told her.
“Your dare was to stay in a diaper for the rest of the night” Brittany said.
“Here we go again” Tiff said in a dramatic fashion
“What!?!” I said in exasperation.
“You get diapered. Then you have to pee so you make a big production of trying to get out of your diaper. You aren’t allowed. Then you wet the diaper. Someone changes you. You say you hate it but you’re hard as a rock whenever I change you”

Brittany and Claire giggled. Tiff was definitely tipsy allowing her to be a little more free with her words. Nothing she said was factually incorrect though.
“It isn’t like that. I don’t like actually using the diaper” I said.
“You don’t like being left in a wet diaper. There is a difference” Tiff said. “I HAAAATE arguing about when it is time to change a diaper. If I diaper you then I fucking decide when I will change you.”

Brittany and Claire were howling with laughter.
“Maybe the diaper cover is necessary after all.” Brittany said. “Tim, I will change you when you need it.”
“I don’t want to pee the fucking diaper” I exclaimed.

Tiff and Claire, stoned, and tipsy if not drunk looked up.

“AWWWW Damn” They said in a giggling fashion.
“You going to take that Brittany” Tiff teased.

Brittany stood up, went in to the bathroom and came out with a wet bar of soap. She grabbed me by the ear and marched me to the center of living room.

“Open your mouth” Brittany demanded.
“The fuu” I started to say.

Without warning, a bar of soap was inserted in to my mouth. I tried to spit it out but Brittany held it there. After about a minute she removed the bar of soap. I was gagging and she marched me over to the corner and popped me on my diapered butt moving my hands right above the waistline of my diaper.

“10 minute timeout. Don’t move” Brittany ordered.
“No way!” I said as I gagged on the soap in my mouth.


I almost burst out in tears as I felt Brittany’s onslaught of spanks to the exposed part of my backside that the diaper didn’t cover. It also caused me to flood my diaper as I couldn’t hold it anymore. I stood in the corner in horror as I filled my diaper and felt it expand.

“Is he peeing?” Claire asked.
“Yes” Brittany said.

I finished filling my diaper. I was pissed. This was supposed to be a fun birthday for Tiff and somehow I ended up humiliated. This was bullshit. I wanted to scream!! But I also didn’t want to get spanked again.
“I want out of this diaper” I said as calmly as I could.
“I can change you when you’re done with your timeout” Brittany said.
“Tiff!!” I called out.
“I told you I was not changing diapers tonight. Brittany diapered you. She can change you” Tiff said.

The girls went about chatting, laughing, and drinking while I sat in the corner almost choking on the fucking soap in my mouth. After what felt like an eternity, Brittany came up and let me out of the corner and led me to the hallway. She had a diaper, wipes, and babypowder waiting there. She quickly changed me rolling up the soiled diaper and taping it shut almost like a little soccer ball.

“Ready to join us again?” She asked me.
“You fucking washed my mouth out with soap Brittany” I said.
“And if you keep talking like that I will do it again. I might even spank you.” She warned me. “Hell I might just leave you in a wet diaper. There are a lot of punishments outside of spanking so watch yourself mister”

She grabbed the soiled diaper and threw it away in the trashcan in the kitchen. I went to the kitchen to clean out the soap in my mouth. I grabbed another beer and rejoined the girls in the living room. Tiff leaned in and whispered.

“You were a good sport about all this. Thanks for making my birthday fun and memorable” she said.

I immediately went from being pissed off to happy. I was worried I ruined her birthday and instead it turned out she was having a good time. Why though, I wasn’t entirely sure. Was it because she watched me get humiliated? I didn’t know the answer. Something to explore another day.

We had a few more drinks before Brittany and Claire announced it was time to leave. As they were leaving, Brittany came up and grabbed the back of my diaper and loudly announced
“No diaper change necessary before we leave”
“This diaper is coming off as soon as you leave!” I told her.

Brittany shrugged as her and Claire left. Tiff came up and hugged me.

“I love you babe. Thanks for a fun and interesting evening”

With that she swatted me on the butt.

“Theres more babe”

I led Tiff to the couch and sat her down. I quickly went in to her bedroom to light all the candles. I took the diaper off and threw it in the trash recovering my jeans along the way. I walked out to the living room, gently grabbed Tiff’s arm and led her to the bedroom. She was still in just her bra and underwear.

“Lay down on the bed.” I told her.

She complied and I quickly mounted her. I reached in to her drawer and grabbed two pairs of handcuffs.

“Hmmm…” Tiff said.

I cuffed her left hand and secured it to the headboard. I repeated the same step with her right hand.

“Don’t go anywhere” I teased as I got up.
“Wouldn’t dream of it.” she said.

I reached in to the drawer and grabbed the blindfold as well. I gently put the blindfold over her eyes and kissed both her nipples. She arched her back in response. I got up and went to the kitchen and grabbed some ice. I brought it back in the bedroom and remounted her. I took her bra off and took one of the ice cubes and gently rubbed it down the front center of her body.

“mmmmmmmmmmm” Tiff moaned loudly.

I took the ice cube and circled both her nipples and then gently started sucking her nipples.
“Oh my god!” she moaned as I heard the cuffs rattle against the headboard.

I started kissing her from top to bottom. I started with her lips and slowly worked my way down her body. I gently kissed her clitoris and then using my tongue started licking down by her G-spot. Her moaning got louder and I could tell she was on the brink of orgasm. I stopped and went up and started kissing her breast again.

Her hands moved from the headboard but were very quickly stopped as the handcuffs restrained her. She moaned really loud.

“Don’t stop!!” She moaned.

I kissed her nipples and sucked on them more and then repeated the work with my tongue on her clitorus. Right as Tiff was about to cum I again I stopped and then took my nails and traced the outline of her breast and nipples. Again, the cuffs restrained her hands as she reached out in frustration.

“I swear to god I will make you pay.” She moaned.

For the third time I went back down on her with my tongue but this time not stopping until she reached an orgasm. She cried out in ectasy as she reached peak orgasm and then I saw her whole body loose all its tension. I removed the blindfold but left her cuffed to the headboard. I gently kissed her while still on top.

“What should I do with you now?” I teased.
“Do your worst!” Tiff exclaimed.

I reached in to the bedside table and pulled out her vibrator. I turned it on and used it to stimulate her clitoris and then maneuvered it to hit her g-spot. I again heard the handcuffs clank against the headboard and her screaming.

“Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!” she screamed.

I kept it up for about 5 minutes before Tiff just collapsed and couldn’t move.
“I think I orgasmed like 4 times” she moaned.

I turned off the vibrator and put it on the bedside table. I grabbed the key to the cuffs and uncuffed her. We laid beside each other spooning as Tiff and I drifted off to sleep. Tiff, from sheer exhaustion and I knowing that I helped the woman whom I love enjoy her birthday.

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Scene 7

I looked at Tim sleeping and I became overwhelmed with love and sadness. He slept so peacefully, looking content and happy. Last night we had pre birthday sex and it was amazing. It was surprising vanilla too. We just held each other, did some intense kissing, a little petting, and a lot of penetration.

Today is Tim’s birthday. We are supposed to go out hiking, then dinner and drinks. That is what he wanted to do. I had planned out an amazing hike, dinner reservations at a rooftop bar overlooking the water. It was going to be fantastic. Then my boss texted me demanding I come in for a few hours. This is where the sadness comes in.

How do I break it to him that I am going to miss the hike? He went above and beyond for my birthday yet I am skipping out on half of his. I know he will be upset. I know a way to make it up to him so it won’t suck as much, but do I really want to do it? I am just not sure.

After my birthday, we had a DTR. A DTR stands for “Defining The Relationship.” We were pretty much on the same page. We loved each other. He was not seeing anyone else. He was the only man I was seeing and Claire was the only other person I was sexually active with. We also talked about limits and kinks.

I had apologized for Brittany’s antics during my birthday but he told me he didn’t care. He liked the humiliation if he was being honest. He also talked about certain fantasies he would like to fulfull. One of them being diaper punishment or diaper bondage. On one hand, we kinda already did it. I did force him to wear a diaper to the movies. But I also liked that diapers weren’t a significant part of our relationship.

I watched him sleep as I worked through my options. Option 1 was essentially wake him up, give him his birthday spankings, then break the bad news and leave for half the day. Option 2 was to wake him up, diaper him, give him his birthday spankings, put his locking diaper cover on him, potentially even the mittens, and leave him in his apartment while I went to work. I know he would love it, but then would he expect it again. He already intentionally was a brat at times to get a reaction. I didn’t want it to get worse.

I looked in Tim’s closet and quietly opened up his trunk. Right on top was his diaper cover. At first glance, it just looked like a pair of pink shorts. However, unlike a normal pair of shorts, these had a heavy duty strap looped through the waistband, with holes to connect the heavy duty crotch strap, and a weird looking black lock that secured everything together. In addition, each pants leg had a heavy duty strap to ensure a tight fit that also was designed to be secured with the small circular black lock. There was also a d-ring on each side of the waist. I picked up the diaper cover to reveal a pink unicorn diaper underneath it. Damn, Tim really loves pink.

I grabbed the diaper cover and diaper and placed it to the side of the trunk. I quietly searched the trunk until I found the mittens also. These were made of similar material to the diaper cover. They also had the same lock. I put my hand in to the glove just to see what it felt like. The first thing I noticed were the gloves forced my hands in to a fist. All my dexterity was gone. I now understood what Tim meant when he said said he had to use a sippy cup when wearing these.

It was decision time. I had about an hour to get to the office. That was more than enough time to wake, diaper, spank, enforce, kiss, and leave. But it also didn’t leave a lot of time left either. Fuck it, Tim made my birthday special and I was going to make his special as well. Or at least as special as I could since I couldn’t get out of work.

I grabbed everything from the trunk including the keys to the lock along with some baby powder and brought it all in to Tim’s bedroom. I placed everything in the corner of the room and put a pillow in front in an effort to hide the items. I got on the bed and mounted Tim. I gently started kissing him and rubbing his hair.

“Wakey wakey birthday boy” I gently cooed.

Tim slowly opened his eyes and looked at the clock.

“It is 7:00am” He said in a scratchy voice of someone who clearly didn’t want to get up.
“You can go back to bed in a few” I told him. “But first get up and go brush your teeth.”
“Huh?” Tim said.

Tim did a kipping motion throwing me off him and rolled over in an attempt to go back to sleep. I remounted him and started tickling him since my most recent attempt was unsuccessful.

“Stop that!” Tim moaned. “Ok. Ok. I am getting up.”

Tim got out of bed wearing nothing but his boxers. He stumbled in to the bathroom and closed the door. I heard the toilet flush along with his electric toothbrush buzzing before he came out about four minutes later.

“What’s up?” He asked.
“Lay on the bed, no talking or arguing” I told him.
“Ok” he said still trying to wake up.

Tim laid on the bed. I went over to the corner and retrieved the diaper and baby powder. I walked over to the bed, pulled off his boxers and unfolded the diaper.

“Hips ups” I told him.
“What are you doing?” He asked me still a litle bit groggy
“What does it look like. I am diapering you.”

He lifted his hips up and I slid the diaper underneath him. He lowered his hips on the diaper. I picked up the baby powder and liberally applied it all over his groin area. I folded the diaper to his waist taping the bottom left and bottom right tapes to the landing strip of the diaper. I adjusted the waistband of Tim’s diaper and taped the top tapes to the landing strip as well.

“Tiff, don’t get me wrong. This is great and all but whats up?” Tim asked me.
“Whats up is you’re getting your birthday spankings” I told him. “I figured you would appreciate a little padding”

I sat down on the bed and positioned Tim across my knee.

I spanked him 33 times. 32 because that is how old he was turning and one to grow on. Every spank made a loud oomph sound as I hit the diaper. The diaper was so thick I honestly don’t think Tim felt really anything as I used my hand and not a paddle. I let Tim off my lap and looked at him as he stood in front of me in nothing but a pink diaper.

“Now I want you to do a few things without arguing…ok” I asked him.
“Umm…ok” Tim replied.

I went in to the corner of the room and grabbed his pink mittens. I walked over to him and slid it on his left hand tightening the strap. I secured the lock to the mittens.
“Why are you doing this?” he asked with nervousness in his voice.

“Shush. Remember. No arguing. Keep it up and I might have to buy a pacifier” I teased him.

I did the same for his right hand making sure the mittnes were on nice and tight. I looked at my boyfriend standing in a pink diaper and pink mittens. I had mixed feelings. On one hand, this is what he wants and I hope he was enjoying it. On the other hand, it was a bit surreal. I went to the corner and got the diaper cover. I loosened the waist and pants legs.

“Come over here and step in” I told him.
“Tiff we don’t have to do this” Tim nervously said.
“You’re going to do it Tim. Quit arguing with me on this.” I told him a bit frustrated as time was ticking away.

Tim reluctantly came over and stepped in to the diaper cover as I held it out. I slid it up his legs and tightened the waist strap. Before locking the waist strap I made sure that the waistband of the diaper peaked out from the diaper cover. I then tightened the leg straps and locked those as well making sure the leak guards peaked out of the diaper cover.

While I was positioning the pants legs I felt pressure on the front of the diaper cover. I rubbed the front of Tim’s diaper and gave it a gentle pat.

“My my someone is obviously turned on.” I told him.
“Let me out of this and I will show you how turned on I am” Tim said.

“So about that.” I said. “I have to go to work” I started.
“But I thought we were going hiking!” Tim asked.
“We were. But I can’t help it. So instead, you’re going to sit here all hot and bothered for a bit while I go and get some work done. I promise I will make it up to you when I get back” I told him.
“You can’t leave me here like this!” Tim said.
“Sure I can.” I told him. "The only question I have is do you want me to clip those d-rings together on your mittens so your hands are behind your back or connect the mitten d-rings to the diaper cover d-rings keeping your hands side by side.

Tim didn’t answer me for thirty seconds. I made an executive decision and secured each hand to their respective d-ring on the diaper cover. I gave Tim a few patts on the butt and started walking to the door.

“Tiff I don’t want to be left like this.” Tim said as earnestly as he could.
“Tim I have to go to work baby” I told him. “I am trying to make lemondade out of lemons.” I told him.
“I know Tiff. But I can’t be left alone like this” he said.

I didn’t know what to do. I had to go but Tim was telling me he wasn’t comfortable with this. I had to salvage the day. I sat there thinking for a minute and came up with an idea.

“I will get you a babysitter!” I said.
“What!?! No!” Tim said.

I picked up my phone pressing Claire’s contact on my phone.

“Sup Chika?” Claire answered.
“Is Brittany there?” I asked.
“Yea she is right here”
“Can I speak with her” I asked.
“Sure” Claire responded.
“Hello?” Brittany answered.
“Hey, its Tiff” I said.
“Oh hey Tiff. What’s up” Brittany asked.
“I am in a bit of a jam and was wondering if you could help me out.”
“Sure what do you need.” Brittany asked.
“I need someone to babysit Tim for a few hours while I go to work” I told her.
“You’re asking me to babysit Tim. Seriously?” Brittany asked.
“Yes. I will pay you of course.” I told her.

I heard Brittany’s voice perk up.
“Really!?!” She asked.
“Yea how much” I asked her.
“$25 an hour is what I usually charge for babysitting.” she said.
“Great I will pay you 30” I told her. “Can you come over to Tim’s apartment? I need to leave right now so you will have to let yourself in” I told her.
“Sure. Is he in diapers?”
“Yea. He has a diaper on. Just keep him entertained. If he has an accident change him. Nothing too crazy”
“Tiff!! Come on. This is not what I meant” Tim whined.
“Hold on Brittany.” I told her.

I put the phone down while looking at Tim. I had the pissed off look on my face.

“If you don’t shush Tim, I really will get you a pacifier. Now calm down or I will have her spank you” I told him.

I put the phone back up to my ear.

“Sorry Brittany. I had to work something out with Tim” I told her.
“Get a pacifier and spank him if he is naughty. I got it” she said. “I will be there in twenty minutes”
“Great. I will leave the door unlocked”

I hung up the phone and went over to Tim. I kissed him on the cheek and gave him a patt on the butt. I still can’t resist a diapered butt.

“I will be back in a few hours. Brittany should be here in less than twenty minutes. Happy Birthday and I love you!” I told him as I walked out the door.

I stood in shock as Tiff walked out the door. I didn’t think she would actually go through with this. On one hand, this was the ultimate fantasy. On the other hand, what the fuck! I can’t do anything. I tried to move my hands but they were securely fastened to my hips. I also had to pee again.

I was hungry, thirsty, and cold. Tiff left me in a nothing but a diaper and a diaper cover. There was nothing I could do about any of it. I was completely helpless. I went over to the couch to sit down. I tried to turn the TV on but with the mittens and my hands not moving it was impossible. I just sat on the couch focusing on not peeing my diaper.

After about 15 minutes, I couldn’t hold it anymore and just peed. I felt the warmth of the pee as it was absorbed in the diaper along with the diaper getting even larger. This was just fucking great. To top it all off, now I am sitting in a wet diaper. I looked down to see if the diaper leaked but of course it didn’t. Tiff knew how to effectively diaper someone and this was proof.

I sat in the wet diaper for about another 10 minutes when I heard the door open. I looked up as Claire walked in. Claire came in and put her purse and bag on the kitchen counter and stared at me wiht this big shit eating grin.

“Wow!! Tiff wasn’t joking when she said you need a babysitter!” Claire said. “You lok totally helpless”
“Not funny Claire!” I said. “Let me out of this! I am freezing, hungry, and I wet myself.”

Claire walked over to me and started examing the diaper cover. She tried to reach her fingers down the waistband but couldn’t. She grabbed one of the mittens attached to the diaper cover and examined them. She also gave me a patt on the butt as she assessed my diaper.

“You really love pink don’t you!” she joked.

Brittany looked me over again.

One thing at a time I guess" she cooed. “Where are your clothes and a fresh diaper?”
“Just let me out” I demanded.
“It’s up to you. Brittany told me. You can sit here shivering in a wet diaper or you can answer my questions”
“Diapers are in the trunk along with the key to let me out.” I told her. “I can show you what clothes I want.”
“Nope. I will take care of it.” Brittany firmly told me.

Brittany left the living room and went to the closet. I heard her moving stuff eventually coming back after a few minutes. In her hands she was holding a diaper, some baby powder, and onsie. Oh god! She found the onsie! She was going to put me in a damn onsie. I started struggling. What I was going to do, I had no idea. But it made sense at the time.

Brittany came back to the living room and placed everything on the ground.

“Come lay on the ground” she said.
“I don’t want to wear that!” I exclaimed. “I want to wear other clothes.”
“It is too much. It makes it easier to change you” Brittany said. “Besides you dont’ really have a choice. Please don’t make me ask again”

I laid down on the floor. Brittany unlatched both my hands from the diaper cover’s d-ring. She pulled the red magnetic key to the diaper cover out of her pocket and unlocked the waist strap along with the leg straps. She proceeded to pull the diaper cover completely off. She unfolded the new diaper.

“Hips up birthday boy”

I arched my hips as she slid a fresh diaper underneath me. She quickly and efficiently untaped the soiled diaper and pulled it out from my hips. She rolled it in to a ball and taped it closed. Brittany grabbed a wipe and cleaned my groin area and applied close to a pound of baby powder to my groin. She folded the diaper up to my waist and taped both sides.

“Whats the point of the diaper cover if you’re wearing the gloves?” she asked me.
“I guess Tiff wanted to be extra caution. I don’t fucking know” I said.

Brittany looked at me and frowned. She grabbed the onsie pulled it over my head as I struggled to fit my arms through the sleeves with the large mittens. I eventually got it though and Brittany snapped the bottom snaps on the onsie. She grabbed the diaper cover and left me lying on the floor.

“Where are you going?” I asked her.
“To put this back” Brittany declared. “There is no point. It will just make it that much harder to change you. Besides, if you mess with your diaper at all you will regret it.”
“You mean you’re not going to let me out of these!?!” I said while looking at the mittens.
“Of course not Tim!” Brittany said. “I was hired to baby sit you. I have to listen to Tiff’s demands.”

Brittany came back in to the living room. She walked in to the kitchen and grabbed something from her purse. It was a long piece of ribbon with a clip on one end and a pacifier on the other.

“Fuck that!” I said. “No god damn way” I said.
“Tim, while I am watching you there will be no cussing.” Brittany warned me. “Tiff already told me to spank you if you misbehave.”

Brittany walked over to me and clipped the pacifier to the onsie. She then put the pacifier in my mouth.

“Leave that in there until I tell you otherwise” she told me. “Now we need to get some food in that belly”

Brittany walked in to the kitchen and started going through the fridge and pantry. She pulled out some eggs and toast and quickly made some scrambled eggs and toast. She brought two plates to the kitchen table and motioned for me to come sit down.

I sat down next to her.

“How do you expect me to eat?” I asked her
“I admit it is easier if they are in a high chair but I know how to feed a baby” Brittany said. “Do you have a bib?”
“No I don’t have a f” I stopped in mid sentence. I didn’t want to push Brittany.
“Lucky for you I have one” Brittany laughed. “And a bottle”

Brittany got up and retrieved a bib and bottle from her bag. She filled the bottle up with juice from the fridge and brought it over to the table. She put the bib around me and placed the bottle besides me. Brittany took a bite of her food. She then scooped up some egg on a fork.
“Open up for the airplane!” she teased.

She brought the fork to my mouth. I was starving so I opened my mouth as she deposited the food inside of it. She continued to feed me like a baby for about twenty minutes. We finished our breakfast with about 90% of the food in my stomach and 10% on my face. As much as I hate to admit it, the bottle was handy because I was able to drink it on my own. Brittany got up and came back with a wet wash cloth and cleaned my face. She remmoved the bib and motioned for me to go to the couch.

“I am going to put on a show for you while I clean up in here” she told me.

I walked over to the couch while Brittany turned on some cartoon.

“I am not a fucking baby!!” I screamed.

Before I could even realize what was happening I found myself over Brittany’s knee.


My butt was on fire. How the hell did she do that. Even when Tiff paddled me it didn’t hurt this bad.

“I was hired to watch you. You better figure it out or things will get even worse” Brittany warned me.


I started crying. I couldn’t help it. My butt was on fire.

“Please stop. I promise I will be good” I cried.


I flailed across Brittany’s lap sobbing. She finally let me up and walked me to the corner. She grabbed both my hands and put them behind my back. I heard a click as I heard her attach the mittens together securing my hands behind my back.

“Keep your nose in that corner and your hands above your butt. If you so much as move a muscle the next spanking will make the first one seem like a picnic.”

I heard Brittany go back in to the kitchen as the sink turned on. She spent what felt like 20 minutes cleaning up the kitchen and doing dishes but I had no idea. I didn’t dare look at the clock or move. I could not handle another spanking. I heard her come up to me and felt her stick her finger in between the legs of my diaper.

“Hey!!” I said.
“Just doing a diaper check” Brittany told me. “You have a tendency to pee your diaper when you get a spanking”
“No I don’t!!” I whined.
“You ready to come out and try again to be good.” She asked me.
“Yes” I mumbled.

Brittany let me out of the corner and I went and sat on the couch. Brittany walked over and turned the cartoon she originally selected back on. This time I didn’t say a word. She handed me the bottle.

“Can you behave while I go to the potty?” she asked me
“Knock yourself out” I told her.

Brittany left the living room. My butt was on fire and as such I kept shifting. Even diapered, that was the worse spanking I had ever received. I would feel it for at least a few days. I watched the cartoon and drank the bottle. It was filled with gatorade from the fridge. I drank heavily from it not realizing how thirsty I was from all the drama of the day.

Brittany walked out of the bathroom a few minutes later and came over to me. She grabbed the bottle and shook it.

“Almost empty. Let me top you off” she said.

She went in to the kitchen and refilled the bottle. She brought it back to me and I drank that as well. I knew it was going to result in me filling my diaper but I couldn’t help it. I was very thirsty.

“Do you want me to put on a movie?” Brittany asked.
“Yea. Anything besides these cartoons” I told her.
“Since it is your birthday I will let you pick” she told me.
“Monty Python. It is on Netflix” I told her.

Brittany turned on the movie while I sat on the couch. Rather than joining me for the movie she sat at the table reading a book. About half way through the movie I couldn’t hold it any more and wet my diaper.

“I need a change” I told Brittany.
“After the movie” she told me.

I wanted to argue with her but I knew it was a lost cause. Whatever. I love Monty Python and it means I wouldn’t have to pause it anwyay. I continued watching the movie and right as it finished I look up to see the door opening and Tiff walking in.

I walked in to the apartment. I don’t know what I was expecting but what I saw was Tim on the couch watching a movie and Brittany reading a book in the kitchen. That wasn’t all that odd. What was odd was Tim was wearing a different outfit. I looked closer and saw that he was wearing a onsie. A full on onsie with the snaps at the crotch for an easy diaper change. He also had a pacifier clipped to it as well. I definitely didn’t leave him like that.

“Hey Brittany” I told her as I put my stuff down in the kitchen.
“Hey Tiff. How was work?” She asked me.
“Bullshit. I never should of even had to go in” I replied. “How was Tim?”
“He wasn’t too bad.” Brittany replied.
“Really!?!” I responded in surprise. “I am shocked”
“He definitely tested his boundaries in the beginning. I spanked him and that seemed to clear up any issues” Brittany responded.
“Why is he dressed like this?” I asked.
“He was cold and needed clothes. He had the onsie so I put him in it to make diaper changes easier.”
“I didn’t realize he had this.” I told her.
“Yea. I gave him the pacifier but the onsie is all him” Brittany responded. “Speaking of diaper changes, he probably is due for one”
“Ok. I will change him after I take a shower.” I told her.

I reached in my purse and pulled out $90 dollars. I gave it to Brittany and she pocketed the money and stood up to leave.

“Thank you!!” Brittany said. “Please let me know if you need a babysitter ever again?”
“You sure?” I asked. “You were ok doing this?”
“I changed two diapers. Big woop. Keep me in mind next time”
‘Will do’ I said.

Brittany left and I turned my attention to Tim. I walked over and gave him a hug on the couch. He turned to look at me but only partially. He was clearly engrossed in his movie. I turned off the TV and finally got his full attention.

“You have a good time?” I asked him.
“Not exactly how I planned today to go but it wasn’t that bad” Tim replied.
“Brittany told me she had to spank you.” I said.

Tim looked at me a bit sheepishly. He nodded but didn’t say anything.

“Want to tell me what happened?” I asked him.
“These mitts make it where she had to feed me!” Tim exclaimed. “I got mad and started cussing. She warned me about it but I guess I didn’t pay attention”
“Not good Tim” I told him.
“Trust me. I payed for it. She spanks HARD” he told me.
“Good to know.” I said. “I am going to go shower and change. Then we can spend the rest of the day together”
“Good!” he said. “Let me out of these damn things so I can change” he told me.

I looked down at his onsie and noticed he wasn’t wearing his diaper cover.

“Where is your diaper cover?” I asked him.
“Brittany took it off since I couldn’t do anything about the diaper with the mitts on”

I unsnapped his onsie and felt his diaper. He could use a change but he wasn’t going to leak either.

“I am going to take a shower real quick and then we can figure out what to do about you”
“What the fuck Tiff” he whined.

I glared at him. I grabbed the pacifier hanging off his onsie and popped it in to his mouth.

“Suck on this and think carefully about how you speak to me.” I warned him.

I got up and went in to the bedroom. I stripped out of my clothes and hopped in to the shower. I was in a bad mood. I needed to get over it. I was supposed to be my day off but instead I went in to work. It was all pointless just a powerplay from the CFO.

The hot water hit my body creating a calming effect that was much needed. I applied the soap all over my body and washed it off hopefully washing off all the baggage the day had brought. I was determined to give Tim a good birthday. Hopefully he enjoyed the time with his babysitter. I couldn’t believe I actually hired a babysitter for my boyfriend.

I hopped out of the shower and dried off. I felt refreshed and excited to spend the rest of the day making sure Tim knew how special he was. I looked at my watch and we could still do a small hike before we went to dinner. I quickly dressed and walked out to the living room. Tim was sitting on the couch. He had taken the pacifier out so hopefully that meant his attitude and deameanor would be a little better.

“We still have time to go for a hike. Would you like to do that?” I asked Tim.
“Yea that would be amazing!” He responded.
“Ok. Be honest with me.” I told him. “I can keep you diapered and you stay that way for the rest of the day or we just go back to normal for the rest of the day. You decide”

I saw the wheels turning in his head and the uncertainty. If I was reading him correctly, he wanted to stay diapered but he was worried what I was thinking. I figured I would make it easy for him. I grabbed the pacifier and put it in his mouth.

“If you can’t even answer a simple question, guess I will just have to decide for you.” I cooed to him in a sing song voice

I walked over to his closet and grabbed a fresh diaper, some baby powder, and the diaper cover. I stood up to go back to Tim remembering I would need the key to actually get the diaper cover on him so I retrived that as well. I walked back to Tim and guided him to the floor. I unsnapped the buttons around his crotch on the onsie. I unfolded the diaper and slid it under his butt. I quickly untaped the soiled diaper and cleaned him up with the available wipes. I rolled the used diaper in to a ball and taped it shut. I then liberally applied a lot of baby powder to his groin area and pulled the diaper over his groin and taped it shut. I grabbed the diaper cover and slid it over his diaper. I made sure it was a snug fit and secured the lock to the diaper cover. I got off my knees, unlocked the mittens pulling them off his hands.

“Go get some clothes on. We leave in 5” I told him.

I gave him a swat on his well padded butt as he ran in to the bedroom to get some clothes.

“We don’t have to do the diaper cover Tiff.” Tim said as he walked in to the bedroom.

While Tim got dressed I filled some water bottles up for the hike and got ready to leave. I threw a few diapers in my purse along with some wipes. As I laid my purse down by the door I noticed the pacifier and clip sitting on the table. I threw that in my purse as well. Tim walked out a few minutes later all dressed and ready to go.

“Can you take the diaper cover off now please” Tim asked me.
“Nope.” I told him.
“Why not!” Tim said.
“I don’t want to argue about it Tim. Let’s go” I told him.

Tim stomped his foot down. I gave him the look.

“Do I need to go get the paddle?” I asked him in a firm tone.
“No” Tim said very quietly.
“Then lets go” I told him.

Tim turned and walked out the door. I grabbed my purse and followed him out.