Save Yourself [Diaper Dimension] - Chapter 6 (Updated July 14)

I’m back, friends. This story has been whispering in my ear since I was writing the last few chapters of “Little Choices” and I had to write it. If you are a fan of my writing because I have so much gentle love between characters, this story may not be for you. This is the first story I’m writing that is not a love story. I don’t foresee it becoming a love story, it’s a thriller novel. If you liked the Wendy arc from “Little Choices” and the Bella arc from “Best of It”, this is your story. We’re going dark right from the start. Ready? Here we go.

Chapter One

“Hey, your favorite customer is back,” Daniel laughed as he jabbed Alicia playfully in the shoulder.

“Ugh,” Alicia groaned, “Get back to the front, you butt. I hope that old lady who wants to climb in your pants visits today and just won’t be seated.”

“You’re awful,” Daniel stuck his tongue out at her, smoothing a wrinkle from his work uniform and walking back to the front of the restaurant. He couldn’t help but steal one more glance as he walked away. Alicia was gorgeous… not in a super model way, she was curvy in all the right places and her breasts were round and not too big. Her soft brown hair framed her narrow face, and her upturned nose sat above full, perfect lips. One of her eyes was just slightly higher than the other… but what really stood out was her heterochromia. She had one sparkling blue eye, speckled with green and one brown eye that shined with beautiful yellow flecks. She got very uncomfortable when people stared at her eyes, she actually wished they’d just stare at her chest instead so she wore low-cut tops often, but Daniel thought her eyes were her most beautiful trait. Those eyes were so expressive, her emotions could be read in those eyes, they twinkled when she smiled and they clouded when she was angry.

Alicia groaned again, looking out at table five. Sure enough, there he was. The asshole had been in every day during her shift for the past eight days. Thankfully she got two days away from him, her days off, but he was back and waiting for her as soon as she came back to work. The jerk’s name was Sergio Marin-Gil. Upper class, business type, always ordered the same thing exactly the same way. She had seen the Black Card in his wallet, he could afford to eat anywhere he wanted. No, she thought to herself, he’s fucking stalking me. I hate him.

“Welcome back, Sergio,” she smiled, she had gotten in trouble with the manager for being rude to him three days ago. One thing was for sure, he tipped amazingly when she played along. And all it cost was her dignity. She did have an extra month’s rent saved up from the past eight days though, that was nothing to sneeze at. “What can I get you today?”

“You, to go,” he smirked. He’d used the line twice before, but there was an extra $50 in the tip if he got to say it. Sergio ran a hand through his thick, curly black hair. He had perfectly bronzed brown-gold skin, and his charcoal grey suit was obviously tailored just for him. His teeth were blindingly white, though Alicia had never seen what she’d call a kind smile on his lips. His nose was slightly too large for his face, otherwise he could probably work as a male model… she had no idea what he really did for a living. His dark brown eyes never left her chest… she honestly didn’t care what he did. She wished he’d just go away.

“Maybe one of these days, Sergio… how about the usual for now? One-third kilo steak, rare, side of loaded potatoes, Crema Catalona for dessert, cola light ice and a coffee?”

“You’re the best, Alicia,” he smiled, staring into her eyes. “It would make me very happy if you joined me for lunch, anything you want.”

“Sorry Sergio, I already ate lunch again. I didn’t think you’d be coming in today, I’m sorry.” She quickly started walking back to the kitchen to put in his order when his voice called after her.

“You know Alicia, you’d be happier if you just gave in,” Sergio oozed confidence, he was used to getting everything he wanted. He didn’t know why he wanted this waitress so badly… she wasn’t even a ten, but he did. Maybe it was just because she didn’t leap at the chance to ride in his Lambo, he always did have a thing for hard-to-get. There weren’t many challenges in his life anymore.

“Sergio wants the usual,” Alicia grumbled as she put the ticket up on the wheel.

“That creep is back?” Irene, the head daytime cook groaned on Alicia’s behalf, “When the hell will he get a clue? Do you want me to go hit him with a spatula?”

“No,” Alicia laughed, “But I really appreciate the offer. He’s just an asshole who isn’t used to girls saying no to him. I’m sure he’s banged half the staff at Ruby’s.”
Irene laughed heartily at these, ragging on their top competitor was their favorite pastime. It was a friendly rivalry, they didn’t actually dislike anyone at Ruby’s, it was a fine restaurant and she was friends with one of the servers there… she knew for a fact they made the same jokes about Top of the Town, where she worked.

“At least he tips well, right?” Irene said cynically.

“Yeah, I’m sure that’s all it takes to make a girl’s clothes fly off in his mind. What a jerk,” she grumbled and went to take care of her other tables.

Twenty minutes later, his order was up and she was serving him… and he reached forward and grabbed her butt as she set the plate down on the table in front of him.

“I always get what I want, sugar,” he smiled his slimy smile, making Alicia’s skin crawl. “Let’s stop this game, I’m going to have you one way or another. You know that, right?”

“Look Sergio,” she said with a little more heat in her voice than she intended as she took a step back and looked him in the eye, “I’m not interested in you. You may be used to getting what you want, but you can’t have me, okay? There is no chance of me ever going anywhere with you. Enjoy your steak,” she said flatly as she turned to go find the manager. The tips weren’t worth this…

Yes they are
, she told herself, just keep your distance from him, don’t let him grab you again. You’ve made an extra month’s rent off this douche, just keep taking his money and turning him down. It’s not like you’re going to suddenly cave.

She talked herself out of going to the boss. She refilled Sergio’s drink when he needed it and otherwise kept the chatter with him to a minimum. He tipped more than the other three tables she was waiting combined, even the couple with the Little that she managed to keep from melting down by tickling his bare feet and kissing him on the forehead. She had a knack with Littles, you just had to understand that they were babies who thought they should be adults. If you could keep that in mind, they were pretty easy to manage. A little ego-stroking, a little praise, and a little love and they were just fine. Their brains were so addled from the regression formula that they were easy to manipulate if you just knew the right buttons to push.

If only creeps were as easy to handle.

When Sergio finished his meal, he paid with his Black Card like always, she ran it like always, and he gave an enormous tip… like always.

But as he turned to walk away, he caught her eye.

“So, what time can I pick you up tonight, beautiful?”

“A quarter past never,” she answered quickly, “I’m not interested in you Sergio. I don’t care that you’re rich. You’re going to have to learn to deal with it.”

“Will I?” he smirked, “You’ll be mine, Alicia Vinyes. Mark my words.”

“Not a chance, Sergio. Thanks for the tip, though.” It probably wasn’t wise to taunt him about the tip, but Alicia couldn’t help it. She looked at the signed check and sure enough, it was even higher than usual. Sergio more than doubled what she made in a day since he started coming in.

“This is your last chance, Alicia. If I walk away without you tonight… well, you’ll be sad.” Something about the way he said it sent a chill down Alicia’s spine. There was a hint of the sinister in his voice, but it wasn’t a threat. At least, Alicia didn’t think it was a threat.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Sergio. Same as always,” Alicia said softly, “With you leaving alone and me taking your money.”

Alicia looked up at the blackboard in the room, “Homecoming Game Tonight” was scrawled in chalk in fancy lettering. She looked around at all of the familiar faces in the seats near her.

No. Not this again.

This dream, her mind always went back to this day. She knew how it would end, this was the day she was assaulted by Trent, the rich kid. The bell rang and the students started filing out to the field for the pre-game celebration. Trent would find her in a blind spot near the field and pin her against the wall…

Not again!

She ran the opposite direction from the students, trying to avoid the field. She ran toward the chemistry lab, heading directly away from the stream of students. But just as always happened with this dream, no matter what direction she ran in the school, she turned a corner and ended up running straight into Trent.

“Hey Bright Eyes,” the voice said as she slammed into his body. But it wasn’t Trent. Trent was the captain of the swimming team, a pretty-boy, tall and lithe… she was staring at a grown man in a charcoal grey suit, his thick, black curly hair bouncing as she ricocheted off him and found her back against the wall. It was Sergio, invading her dreams - as if this dream weren’t bad enough already. He pressed his body against hers and slid his hand down her pants. It was still Trent’s words, Trent’s actions… but with Sergio standing in for him. “Shh, I’ve seen you staring at me. I know you want this.”

He silenced her shout with a forced kiss, his hand finding her delicate places. She tried to scream and twist, but he was too strong, he was always too strong. She felt his fingers force their way into her at the same time his tongue forced its way between her lips. She slapped at him, pushing…

And woke up, covered in sweat. Again.

She hugged her pillow tightly and cried.

The alarm clock read 2 A.M., she needed to go back to sleep. She dragged herself from the bed and shambled to the shower, needing to rinse the sweat from her body before she’d be able to find sleep again. She cursed Trent for the millionth time, and added Sergio’s name to her swearing as well. So many men in Catalon were pushy, aggressive. She wished for the days of old, when the matriarchy was strong. The pendulum had swung over the past couple of generations, and the males were much more forward than the history books spoke of… so many things had changed as everything became so Little-focused.
Alicia sighed heavily as she laid back down, hoping sleep would come easily… dreamless sleep, the best kind.

Sergio hadn’t been in the past 3 days and her bank account showed it. She had spent the extra money already, her car had broken down and needed repair… she didn’t know enough about cars to argue, she could only pay - and it caused her to miss a shift on top of it. She cursed herself for wishing he’d come back in. He had been awful, and those last words he had said to her were unspeakably creepy… but the money had been nice. It was worth it, or at least that’s what she decided now that it was gone.

Daniel and Irene had celebrated with her when he didn’t show for 2 days in a row, but she had grown to like having that extra cushion in her account in case something happened… like a car breakdown. Now she was back in her usual spot, where one major unfortunate incident would make things really hard on her. Sure, she could give up waitressing and go take a job as a nanny somewhere, the Little care businesses made much more money, but she honestly didn’t want much to do with Littles. She had the minority opinion, but she felt that they had some intelligence, that they weren’t just mindless pets. She had been mocked for her beliefs, but she felt that they didn’t deserve the hand that fate dealt them.

“Um,” Daniel sounded nervous as he tapped Alicia on the shoulder, "You should… you should go home, Alicia. Go out the back. Just… "

“What are you talking about?” Alicia turned. Daniel moved to block her view, but she saw Sergio sitting in his usual spot, “Oh, he’s back. Fantastic. I’m not that unhappy to see him, I could use a little extra money.”

"No Alicia, you don’t understand… " he started to grab her by the elbow, but she jerked away. He swore under his breath, he knew she had a thing about people grabbing her. "Wait… "

Alicia strode over to the table, where Sergio was grinning widely. He glanced to the seat across from him…

And Alicia came face-to-face with a Little. Her face was puffy and swollen, probably from crying, a Silencer pacifier was stuffed between her lips and over-inflated, her cheeks bulged a bit. She was strapped down into a Little-seat, her hands secured to the railing on the front of it. The Little was naked except for an absurdly huge, pink diaper that extended from nearly to her knees almost to her breasts, straining under the buckles of the chair - and had a terrible smell coming from it. She had shiny, soft brown hair… and two different colored eyes, a sparkling blue one and a shining brown one. Alicia was staring at a Little version of herself… she stammered in shock, and by the look in its eyes, the Little was just as surprised as she was.


Re: Save Yourself [Diaper Dimension] - Chapter 1 (Updated July 7)

It was obvious he was going to do something.​ But WTF did he do? (Intriguing!)

Re: Save Yourself [Diaper Dimension] - Chapter 1 (Updated July 7)

Time to find out!

Re: Save Yourself [Diaper Dimension] - Chapter 1 (Updated July 7)

Chapter Two

“Oh, Alicia, it’s so good to see you,” Sergio’s smooth tones were even more predatory than usual, “Meet Alice, my Little. I just got her today, isn’t that exciting?”

“Wh-wha… how?”

“I told you, I was going to have you one way or another, Alicia. In a way, Alice has you to thank for this.”
Alice struggled in her seat, tears streaming down her face, a muffled grunt came from behind her pacifier, and a rumbling fart erupted from her backside. She blushed a deep crimson.

“Oh my, something isn’t agreeing with Little Alice’s tummy,” Sergio reached over and popped the pacifier from Alice’s lips, “Tell Alicia thank you,” he said menacingly at her, “I only got you because of her, after all.”

“You have to help me!” she screamed the second her mouth was free, “Please! Please hel-” Her plea was cut short as Sergio stuffed the pacifier back between her lips and inflated it. Alicia stood there in complete shock, dumbfounded, unable to say anything at all.

“Ah ah,” Sergio said jovially, “Looks like that will be another 3 days on your medicine. You’d think that since you already know you’re only getting one change per day, you’d avoid the medicine. Oh well,” he grinned at Alicia again, “Do you know how hard it is to find baby formula that won’t regress their minds in this town? I want her to stay nice and sharp for me.”

“You sick fuck!” Alicia finally came to her senses, “What is wrong with you?”

“Manners, manners!” Sergio said with a laugh, “Alice will get a beating for that. I bought a paddle that leaves the words ‘Bad Girl’ on the backside when you spank them, your naughty mouth is the perfect reason to use it on her.”

Alice screamed behind the pacifier, thrashing violently, kicking her feet. She looked up at Alicia, begging, pleading for her larger self to save her from this torment.

“Sergio… let her go, this isn’t right. I turned you down for a date, so you’re torturing a person?”

“Littles aren’t people, Alicia. You know that. They’re playthings, pets. They don’t have thoughts worth considering,” he smiled, reaching over and stroking Alice’s cheek. She started to recoil from him but stopped, closing her eyes and submitting to his touch.

What has he done to you already?
Alicia wondered, looking down at the tiny version of herself.

"How is this even possible… "

“Anything’s possible for the right amount of money, Alicia. I don’t know what it is about you, but it really hurt my feelings that you wouldn’t have dinner with me. I’m going to be spending lots of quality time with Alice to try and figure it out… I’m sure you guessed already, Alice is you from another dimension. She’s going to be my baby, because you wouldn’t be my babe… although I might get tired of her and turn her into a cat or a dog or maybe even a bird, whatever tickles my fancy. I may even make her pick.”

Alice stared up at Alicia, snot dripping from her nose, tears running freely, a wail coming from her throat.

“We already took a trip to the pet store, I made her say hi to every Little animal there, we spent some time petting them. You don’t seem to like dogs so much, Alicia.”

Alicia’s mind flashed back to herself at 4 years old, pinned to the ground by a snarling dog… a real one, not a Little dressed like a dog. It belonged to one of her parents’ friends… she couldn’t stand dogs ever since.

Did this Little have the same experience?
she wondered. If she had an aversion to dogs already, and she looks like this…

“I’ll go out with you,” Alicia spat, “Just… send her home.”

“Do you know how much I paid for Alice, girl?” Sergio sneered. “Do you know how many dimensions my broker combed through before she found another you with those same eyes? The same upbringing? No, you can’t buy her freedom with a date. You had your chance. Alice and I are going to get to know each other very, very well. I just wanted her to meet you, so she’d know exactly why she was here. I want her to think of you every night while she sleeps in her crib, her messy diapers a constant reminder that all she had to do, all you had to do, was go on one little date to avoid this. I said you’d be very sad if you told me no… it just wasn’t YOU who would be sad… it’s you,” he gestured to the Little.

"You’re a monster… " Alicia gasped, not believing any of this.

“I’m not a monster,” Sergio’s grin was practically a rictus, “I’m a daddy.” He looked over to Alice with that evil grin, “Now, we’re going to try this again. I’m going to remove your paci and you’re going to say, ‘Thank you Alicia for helping me find my daddy. I love my daddy.’ If you can’t follow this one simple instruction, you won’t get a diaper change at all today or tomorrow. Do you understand?” He pulled the pacifier, and the sobbing Alice looked up at Alicia.

“Thank you Alicia for helping me find my daddy,” the girl looked as though she were going to be sick, “I love my daddy.”

“What a good girl, maybe you do deserve a fresh diaper.”

"Sergio… you can’t do this… "

"Please… " Alice sobbed, "please… "

“I can’t?” Sergio’s voice was raised as he took his feet, stuffing the pacifier back into Alice’s mouth and pumping the shield until her cheeks bulged out again, “I CAN’T? Really, because it looks like I can. I OWN you now, Alicia… or at least this version of you, and I’m going to enjoy every moment of it. Nobody tells me no, Alicia. Nobody.”

He scooped the Little out of the highchair, roughly unbuckling her and releasing her hands. He gave her three sound swats on the seat of her giant diaper before settling her on his hip.

“Little Alice has to take her medicine again soon, and we’re going to stop by that Fill-Your-Little place that opened up down the street. We’re going to pump her nice and full of fiber for her first night in the crib. Thank you, Alicia. I had no idea how much I’d enjoy being a daddy. We both owe so many thanks to your stubborn pride.”

He turned and strode away, Alicia stared at the discolored back of the diaper that Little she damned to this fate wore.

“Sergio… wait,” she called, walking after him. “What… what can I do to help her?”

"Hmm… " he smiled, “I do need a nanny. I’ll double your pay - including what I was tipping you - if you come help me take care of Little Alice.”

Alicia reeled at the prospect… she’d be responsible for changing what was essentially her own diapers for this awful man. But if she didn’t, someone else would… she’d be able to protect the girl, at least somewhat. Doubt spread across her face. Alice sobbed behind her pacifier, her face flush and puffy.

“Decide right now,” Sergio said firmly, “Quit your job right here, right now and say you’ll work for me. Or don’t, I think I want to find a nanny who specializes in punishment.” Alice screamed behind the shield of the pacifier, but didn’t fight back, didn’t strike him, didn’t try to escape… the look on her face said she was already too afraid for that. He turned and started walking again.

“Okay,” Alicia said, taking off her nametag and throwing it on the floor, “I quit!” She shouted to the back of the restaurant. “Please… just… don’t hurt her.”

“Well now,” Sergio smiled broadly, producing a black business card with a flourish and holding it out to Alicia, “You start tomorrow.”

“I’ll start tonight, I’ll… I’ll follow you to your place.”

“Oh, so eager,” Sergio patted Alice’s diapered bottom rhythmically, roughly. “I like that in my employees. Come Alicia, we need to get lunch into Little Alice. I want her so full she cries.”
Sergio strode out of the restaurant with the Little, all eyes were on Alicia. Daniel’s helpless expression hurt to look at, he watched as Sergio walked right by him. Alicia felt Irene’s hand on her shoulder.

“Call me,” she said softly, “I’m here for you.”

Alicia nodded, swallowing roughly, a lump in her throat.

What the hell have I done?
she wondered, What the hell can I do?

She shuffled forward in a daze, following Sergio out of the restaurant. They walked over to a very phallic car, a Jaguar by the emblem… a convertible. The car cost what Alicia paid in rent for several years, easily. She helped him strap Little Alice into a carseat, a horrible thing with inflatable compartments… the buckles wouldn’t fit over her massive diaper, so he settled her in and pressed some controls. Alicia watched in horror as the grooves her tiny duplicate’s hands and feet rested in expanded, pinning her limbs. She stroked the girl’s hair, a tear escaping her own eye.

“Go get your car, I’m heading to the Fill-Your-Little, I’ll meet you there,” Sergio swung around to the driver’s seat of his expensive car and drove off, leaving Alicia standing there, her heart torn in two.

She still wasn’t processing everything very well as she shambled to her car, buckled in, and drove toward the “restaurant”. She parked next to Sergio’s Jaguar and walked inside… to find that Sergio already had the Little strapped into a force-feeder… the “quick fill” seat. This restaurant was a place people took fussy Littles who wouldn’t eat, the menu was horrific to anyone who saw Littles as more than toys. Alicia looked over the choices, all the various drugs they would pump into your Little upon request… paralysis drugs, sleep aids, muscle relaxers, regression chemicals, aphrodisiacs… the place had seemed bad before, but now she was watching a miniature version of herself struggle and scream in the seat as the robotic tube entered her mouth, guiding itself down her unwilling esophagus. Once the tube was in place, the pump started up… Alice could do nothing but sit there, her mouth held wide open, her tongue pressed down by the flexible invader. She could turn her head, but it didn’t matter, the other end of the tube was all the way in her stomach. Alicia thought she might be sick.

“Oh, how adorable,” the attendant cooed, a tall Amazon woman with her hair up in a bun, “You two altered your Little to look just like mommy! Oh, that’s incredibly precious. I was just telling her daddy here how wonderful those eyes are! I had no idea they were altered to match yours, she looks exactly like you! Mommy, come over here with your baby.” The woman gestured for Alicia to join them, she turned to face Alice before continuing, “You must have a very naughty girl to get the super fiber fill.”

“She told her mommy that she hates her this morning, the little ingrate,” Sergio said crossly, “And yes, aren’t they a wonderful pair? I’m the luckiest man in Catalon. Little Alice will learn to give daddy what he wants, and always be nice and sweet to her new parents.”

Alicia couldn’t take it… she felt like she couldn’t breathe herself, like she was suffocating. She turned and ran out of the restaurant, falling to her knees and vomiting in the parking lot.

He’s a monster,
she said to herself, What have I done?

She sat down on the curb, holding her stomach… Sergio brought the Little out after a few minutes, forcing the girl back into the carseat. She had the pacifier back in her mouth, her body shaking with sobs.

You have to save her,
Alicia told herself, You have to do everything you can to help her… that’s you!

“Come on, Alicia, let’s take Alice home,” Sergio grinned as he tweaked the Little’s nose, “I don’t want her making her big poopie in the car, after all.”

Alice stared at the giant version of herself, silently pleading, begging for help. Alicia couldn’t turn away.

“Come, Alicia,” Sergio repeated as he fired up his car, “Follow me, you’re coming home with me after all, aren’t you?”


Re: Save Yourself [Diaper Dimension] - Chapter 2 (Updated July 8)

I’m beginning to think maybe you’re a monster, Kimmy! :slight_smile:

Holy crap! Could this be the same girl who wrote such beautiful, sweet love stories that filled the DD with hope just a few weeks ago? I’m currently trying to read all extant DD stories—at least those written by competent writers—and I’m actually getting to the end of the search, I think (there aren’t all that many), and this may be the single most horrifying opening I’ve read yet. (OK, maybe “The Little Mermaid” has it beaten, but still…)

BTW, and not for nothing, but someone should compile a list of DD stories with links. It sure would be helpful. :slight_smile:

As to here: I’m terrified for Alice, of course. But I’m terrified for Alicia too, and she’s an amazon…at least at the moment…

BTW again: judging from what we are seeing so far, maybe the title should be “Saving Yourself”? Just a thought…

Re: Save Yourself [Diaper Dimension] - Chapter 2 (Updated July 8)

[QUOTE=kerry;69870]I’m beginning to think maybe you’re a monster, Kimmy! :slight_smile:

Holy crap! Could this be the same girl who wrote such beautiful, sweet love stories that filled the DD with hope just a few weeks ago? I’m currently trying to read all extant DD stories—at least those written by competent writers—and I’m actually getting to the end of the search, I think (there aren’t all that many), and this may be the single most horrifying opening I’ve read yet.

BTW, and not for nothing, but someone should compile a list of DD stories with links. It sure would be helpful. :slight_smile:

As to here: I’m terrified for Alice, of course. But I’m terrified for Alicia too, and she’s an amazon…at least at the moment…

BTW again: judging from what we are seeing so far, maybe the title should be “Saving Yourself”? Just a thought…[/QUOTE]

Me?! I’m a sweet and gentle soul full of love and kindness!

After this trip to Catalon we’re going back to Gaule. I’ve given myself a challenge: I’m going to write a love story with ZERO evil characters, zero hidden psychopaths. It’s about a consensual Amazon woman and her Little girl who have been “married” for 5 years happily, and they have saved up to go on vacation. The challenge lies in this question: can I write a touching love story with no evil and still make it as compelling and interesting as my other stories?

Someone is keeping a list of DD stories with links: Sir Spankalot's Emporium of Frivolous Erotica: Guide to the Diaper Dimension It’s a little out of date, ausdpr is on hiatus from the fetish at the moment, but I had a brief conversation with them a couple of months ago and they mentioned they were enjoying “Making the Best of It”, so I hope I make the list. I highly recommend anything by KWOceans, she’s my favorite writer (and was my partner in a Bedtime Tale).

You should be scared for Alicia! Remember, she’s the primary target! Sergio literally spent multiple thousands of dollars just to get under her skin, and it worked so much better than he imagined. As for “for the moment”, I never liked the shrink ray. It’s a thing Amazons would have an intense, visceral fear of - even the most powerful citizens would have a hard time getting their hands on one, it’s worse than death for them. So you’ll rarely see those mentioned in my stories, they don’t make sense in my vision of the world. You’ll also never see Little breeding facilities, it’s too horrific for me - I draw the line there.

As for the title - I have a really hard time with titles, I need a title to post the first chapter but the title may not fit the finished work… but by then I’m loathe to change it. I’m not sure if I want “Save” or “Saving”, I’ll definitely think about it.

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Chapter Three

Alicia had prepared herself for a large, lavish house… but nothing could have prepared her for Sergio’s palatial estate. Large, iron gates barred the way but parted before their cars as Sergio pulled up. He followed the drive through the grounds and she followed him, slightly distracted by a robot servant pruning a topiary. They stopped the cars in front of a grand entrance to the estate in a circle drive, a beautiful fountain in the center of it. Alicia was shocked by the grandeur of the estate. The house was three stories tall and enormous, her entire apartment building could live in this house.

“Bring Alice in, I’ll show you to her nursery. I had it installed yesterday,” Sergio said dismissively, walking toward the entrance to the home. Alicia stepped quickly over to the convertible and manipulated the seat to release her tiny duplicate, grimacing at the smell of the diaper. She hoisted the girl up on her hip and started walking in, Alice clinging to the giant version of herself for dear life, all cried out. She had no more tears to give.
Girl? Alicia thought to herself, She’s not a girl, she’s a woman. She’s me. I can’t think of her as a Little, she’s a person. She forced herself to look into Alice’s tiny, puffy, mismatched eyes and her heart broke. All this because I wouldn’t give in to a spoiled brat.

The interior of the house was no less impressive, though she didn’t get to examine it much as she hurried to catch up to Sergio, climbing a flight of stairs and turning a corner.

“Here we go,” the smiling man held open a door on the right side of the hallway, and Alicia stepped into an enormous, fully-stocked nursery. “You get to give Alice her next shot.”

“Shot?” Alicia echoed, the Little trembling in her arms.

“Yes, shot. She earned 3 more days on the medicine from her disobedience in the restaurant. Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt much. It aids in digestion, Littles aren’t terribly efficient, and has the delightful side-effect of making her void her bowels rather quickly, after the medicine has helped her retrieve the nutrients. Then we’ll fill her back up again. She won’t get changed until bedtime, I think.”

“That’s horrible!” Alicia gasped, “You… you’re making her mess herself just to fill her up again and repeat it? She smells terrible, how many times have you done this today?”

“This will be her third injection… the first one with the fiber fill though, I’m really curious what it does to her. You’re not supposed to mix the two,” that evil grin was back, Alicia realized that Sergio was enjoying this way more than a mentally healthy person should. “Strap her down to the changing table, face down. Oh, and release her pacifier… let’s let her stretch her jaw for a bit.”

Alicia release the valve on the pacifier, giving a soft shushing sound to the Little. She didn’t make a move toward the changing table.

“Sergio… I think we should change her, this is really bad for her skin.”

“Oh really, you do? Is this your professional opinion as a nanny? She was a bad girl, Alicia. She didn’t use her manners and say thank you to you for bringing her here to her new life.”

A wail erupted from the girl as he said that, the sound of a broken heart.

"Please… please, I want to go home… " Alice sobbed, burying her head in the giant woman’s neck, fresh tears wetting Alicia’s skin.

“You are home,” Sergio smiled coldly, “This is your room. That is your crib. Those are your diapers. Say it, tell me that you love your diapers. You’re a Little, Littles love their diapers.”

"Please… I’m not a baby. I’m not… I’m an adult… "

“Seems that every version of you is stubborn and obstinant,” he sneered, “Strap her down. Time for her to make a big mess.”

“No!” the Little screamed, thrashing in Alicia’s arms.

“Wait, Sergio… please… What can I do to convince you to let me change her and skip the medicine?” Alicia had taken a step back, holding her smaller self close.

“Ah, you want to take her punishment? Very well. Sleep here tonight, the guest room just across the hall is free. Agree to sleep here and you can pick one or the other - a clean diaper for Little Alice or no medicine.”

“Fine, I’ll stay. Let’s… give her the medicine and then I’ll change her.”

“No, please! No more medicine… Please. It’s horrible!” Alice begged, looking up at her Amazon self, "Please… "

“I’m sorry,” Alicia frowned, “But if it’s one or the other… you’re going to make a mess eventually, it might as well be in this full diaper - that way you’ll be clean in the new one.”

"Take me to the toilet, don’t you have toilets? Please… I’ve already shit myself twice, it’s awful… "

Alicia looked to Sergio, but she already knew what the answer to that question would be. She silently carried her smaller self to the changing table and laid her face down, strapping her down with the restraints. She pushed Alice up onto her knees, her cheek pressed to the table. Sergio handed her the needle…

“No no, please! Please!” Alice screamed, kicking her feet helplessly, “Please! I’m you! I’m you! Don’t do this to me! Ow! No!”

Alice cried out as Alicia administered the shot, pumping the cold liquid into her. She tossed the needle in the bin nearby and wrapped her arms around herself, watching. Sergio’s grin hadn’t faded a bit as they watched the Little struggle, his and Alicia’s reactions could not have been more different.

"No… no… it hurts… no! Please… no more… " she groaned, the nanite-infused medicine working its way through her system quickly, “No… No! Ohhh it hurts!” She howled in pain as her bowels contracted, a horrible burbling sound coming from her innards, "Nooooo… " Her cry was long and drawn out as the back of her diaper ballooned outward. "It hurts… help… " She sobbed loudly, unable to move as she helplessly filled the diaper again.
Sergio laughed cruelly, wrapping an arm around Alicia’s shoulders.

“Aren’t Littles the best?” he asked rhetorically. “You change her, I’m going to go fix myself some dinner… I didn’t get my usual today, after all.” With another laugh, he slips out of the nursery.

“I am so, so sorry,” Alicia rushes over to the changing table as soon as Sergio is out of the room, “I… I thought it would be better this way.”

“It’s awful,” the Little wails as she’s rolled over onto her back and strapped down again, "No… don’t… "

“Shh, I just don’t want you to fall,” Alicia says, stroking the girl’s hair gently, “I’m going to clean you up.”

“No more diapers,” she begs, "I’m not a baby… "

“I know you’re not a baby, you’re 24 years old and you work a waitressing job at Top of the Town where you’ve been for two years. But you’re a Little, and that means you have to wear a diaper. I’m sorry.” Alicia spoke as she set to work, opening the tapes of the fouled diaper. She nearly gagged at the mess, but started cleaning the small girl right away. They were both silent while the cleanup was in progress, Alicia too grossed out and Little Alice too embarrassed to say anything.

“What’s a Little?” Alice asked as her larger self started unfolding another ridiculously thick diaper. “Please, I don’t want to wear that… I wouldn’t do this to you!”

“You would,” Alicia frowned, “Because I am. There are two major kinds of people living in this world: Amazons, people my size… and Littles, people your size. Pretty much everyone who comes here from another dimension ends up as a Little, although I’ve never heard of anyone meeting themselves before. I’m really, really sorry about all of this.” As she apologized, she lifted her tiny self’s feet in the air, powdered her, and taped up a new, fresh, thick pink diaper.

“Why diapers?” Alice asked, wiping tears from her eyes, “You know I’m an adult.”

“It’s just the way it is, Littles wear diapers. Yes, we have toilets… but you’re much too small to use them, you’re the size of a baby. Most Littles can’t control their bladder at all anyway,” she continued as she unbuckled Alice, “It’s not a fight you can win. There are lots of Littles on Catalon… all of them wear diapers.”

“Catalon… that doesn’t even sound like a real place. Last thing I remember I was walking to my car and this woman jumped me, she hit me over the head and I woke up in a diaper with that psycho.”

“Shh,” Alicia looked behind her, she leaned down and whispered, “He’s probably listening to everything we say, you really don’t want to make him mad, you’re a Little, you belong to him.”

“How is that even legal? What kind of barbaric place is this?”

“I don’t know… it just is, I’ve always lived here.”

“And you think keeping tiny adults as slaves in diapers and making them shit themselves is okay?”

“I hadn’t given it a ton of thought,” Alicia said defensively, "It just is… I mean, I always thought it was wrong, but I never really talked to a Little, you know? Littles aren’t considered intelligent… "

“What!?” the Little hissed, “I’ve been begging and pleading, how could I not be intelligent? I speak your language!”

“Most Littles protest,” Alicia was still on the defensive, defending her whole world, “it’s just a thing they do… nobody pays them any mind.”

“You’re all sick, even I’m sick here, apparently… this place is terrible! I want to go home!”

Alicia’s heart broke for the girl, she scooped her up and held her close, patting her diapered bottom and rocking her… not even realizing how patronizing the action was, it was just an automatic reflex.

“Put me down, please,” Alice asked softly, her head hurt a bit from all of the crying. It was good to be out of the foul diaper, however. When Alicia set the girl down on the floor, she immediately tried tugging at the tapes of the diaper, but they wouldn’t budge. “Please… help me take this off.”

“I can’t do that,” the giant woman frowned, “I’m sorry, the diapers have to stay. We can get you some clothes, though. I know I wouldn’t want to be standing around in just a diaper.”

“You’re right there,” Alice agreed grudgingly. Alicia pulled open the doors to the closet. The native Amazon saw exactly what she expected in a Little’s nursery, a closet full of baby clothes - onesies, shortalls, dresses, short t-shirts. No pants, no adult clothing. “What? Are you kidding?” Alice demanded, obviously expecting something different. “It’s all baby clothes! Do Littles wear baby clothes too?”

“The lucky ones,” Alicia said gravely, “You’re lucky Sergio didn’t decide to turn you into a kitten or a puppy already.”

"What? He was serious about that? Your people turn humans into animals? At least I wouldn’t have to wear a diaper then… "

“Well,” Alicia corrected, “Little pets still wear diapers. And Littles aren’t considered human… they’re Littles.”

“We’re exactly the same!” Alice shrieked, “The only difference is you’re fifteen feet tall!”

“I know… this is weird for me too, and I’m just over ten feet… you’re about four feet.”

“I shrank!?”

“Alice,” Alicia sighed, “You can’t scream about everything, he’ll just silence you with the pacifier again. Calm down. I’m Alicia Vinyes.” She grabbed a light blue onesie as she gave the formal introduction and started dressing Alice.

“I’m Alice Carmen,” Alice tried to help guide her limbs into the garment and frowned as Alicia snapped the crotch closed, “And I’m actually a server at Applebee’s.”

“So… you’re really me,” Alicia sat down on the floor, looking at the Little closely. Alice was indeed a tiny version of herself, what she might have looked like if she were born a Little, “And you have thoughts and feelings, you’re really a grown adult?”

“Of course I am,” Alice said crossly, “I’m you, dammit.”

“What’s my favorite color?” Alicia asked the smaller girl.

“Blue,” Alice answered, not pausing to wait for a confirmation, “Did you ever tell anyone your first crush was on a girl?”

“Yours too?” Alicia asked, shocked. She never had told anyone that. It was weird to think of a Little having a crush… almost as weird as talking to herself as a Little.

“Why did you give me the medicine?” Alice asked suddenly, accusingly.

“I had to,” Alicia laid down on the ground frowning, “If I refused the first task, he’d just fire me and I wouldn’t be able to do anything at all to protect you.”

“You… want to protect me?”

“Wouldn’t you?”

“Obviously I would,” Alice smirked, “Because I am. Man, this is weird.” She plopped down on her diapered bottom, poking the padding. “Of all the strange things in the universe, why did it have to be diapers?”

“Girls!” Sergio called from down the stairs, “Come get dinner!”

“Let me guess,” Alice said flatly, “I’m going to end up in a high chair, eating baby food.”


Re: Save Yourself [Diaper Dimension] - Chapter 3 (Updated July 9)

Pretty much right on the money, Alice…

Re: Save Yourself [Diaper Dimension] - Chapter 3 (Updated July 9)

Chapter Four

“Here comes the airplane,” Alicia said in a sing-song voice, swinging a spoon down to the open mouth of her tinier self, who played along but looked entirely unimpressed. Alicia had told her the best way to make it easier would be to relent. Sergio thrived on her resistance, any excuse to punish her. If they both just submitted, he would get bored and maybe Alicia could talk him out of things… she had mentioned adoption, but that didn’t sound very promising to her, honestly.

Sergio sat, eating the burger his robots had prepared for him… it was just as good as the ones he got at Top of the Town before he had switched to steaks, and now he got to ogle Alicia even more while he enjoyed it. Watching her feed her alternate self was fascinating… but he needed more.

“Okay,” Sergio smiled, “For her next jar, I want you to pick one from the special shelf in the pantry.”

“I’m full,” the Little complained.

“Then go poopie and make room, silly Little,” Sergio laughed, “Or we can give you more of the medicine to make room. Are you still full?”

“No, I’m hungry,” she said quickly, fearfully, “May I please have more, Nanny?”
Alicia frowned, moving over to the pantry where Sergio had fetched the first jar of food. The next shelf up had specially marked jars… these were all laced. She browsed through the labels:

[monospace]- Powerful laxative

  • Will cause a lisp
  • Removes use of legs
  • Causes random uncontrollable crying
  • Causes random uncontrollable laughter[/monospace]

The list went on… she was stuck with another hard decision.

“Sergio… is there another choice?” Alicia asked, not wanting to inflict any of these on her smaller self.

“Hmm,” Sergio pondered, wondering what would entertain him more than watching the woman who spurned him force-feeding herself a reprehensible drug. "We can skip all that food forever if… "

“Yes?” Alicia asked, turning to face him, happy to look away from the litany of terrible choices.

“If you agree to breastfeed Alice. I’ll up your pay to compensate you for the wet nurse duties, of course.”

“No!” Alice looked horrified at the idea.

“Alice… these foods, they-” Alicia started to explain.

“Ah ah,” Sergio cut her off, standing and walking over to Alicia, “We don’t ask the Little what her preference is. She doesn’t get a choice. A Little doesn’t know what’s good for them, you know that. You will choose, Alicia. This offer is only open once, save Alice from these jars or don’t, it’s up to you.”

Alicia felt torn, she wished she could explain to Alice… she’d just have to explain later.

“I’ll do it,” she agreed after a moment’s contemplation.

“No! I don’t want to breastfeed!” Alice wailed, “I don’t want to suck on your tits!”

“Language!” Alicia scolded the Little instinctively, realizing how strange it was to be telling herself that. “You would want it if you could see-”

“Shhh,” Sergio hissed, "You make the choice, Nanny Alicia, not Baby Alice. And she’s being fussy, she must still be hungry. Let’s give her… " Sergio reached up and grabbed a jar, handing it to Alicia, “this one, until your medicine comes in. I’ll put the order in now and have it delivered.”

[monospace]Makes baby laugh at stimulation.[/monospace]

At least she’ll appear to be happy, Alicia told herself as she carries the jar of food back to the Little.

“Be a good girl, like we talked about,” the Amazon woman said as she popped the top of the jar and started feeding the plum flavored mush to Alice. “That’s a good Little, eat it up.”

Alice blushed furiously, but obeyed. Alicia was kind, it wasn’t so bad with her. I can always trust myself, right? she thought. The jar was gone quickly, she honestly didn’t mind this one. Fruit was tasty, though she felt quite full now.

“I need to go to the bathroom,” Alice whispered to the Amazon woman, “Please, can you help?”

“Sorry, you’re a Little - you’re wearing your bathroom and there’s nothing I can do about that,” Alicia replied in quiet tones, “Don’t try to hold it, just go.” She returned to a normal volume, “All done!” She moved to toss the jar in the recycling, and Sergio took her place in front of the high chair.

“Let’s see if it works. Your burger looks to have gotten cold, I recommend reheating it a bit before eating it. I’m going to play with Little Alice,” he settled down in the chair in front of the messy girl, plum puree on her face and bib. He covered his face with his hands for a moment, and popped out from behind them. “Peek-a-boo, messy girl!”

A peal of laughter erupted from Alice, giggles that came from the belly, a delightful sound to Amazon ears. They subsided quickly, and a look of horror spread across Alice’s face.

“No… why did I laugh at that?”

“Because you’re becoming a baby,” Sergio lied. He shot Alicia a warning glance not to contradict him, “You wet yourself and mess yourself and now you giggle like a toddler. I’m going to slowly take every piece of your supposed adulthood until you’re just a drooling preschooler, sobbing over a scraped knee and begging for treats at the store.”

“No!” Alice screamed, the look of horror never leaving her face, “I don’t want this! I didn’t do anything to deserve this!”

“Peek-a-boo!” Sergio popped out from behind his hands again, causing Alice to giggle once more, her protests cut short. “Alicia sold you into this, she could have just had dinner with me… you’ll just have to console my wounded pride. Peek-a-boo!”

The giggles lasted much longer this time, she just couldn’t stop. Sergio swept her from the highchair and tossed her in the air, she laughed and squealed at the stimulation. As he cradled her in his arms, tickling her exposed tummy, she laughed uncontrollably… and lost control of her bladder, wetting the previously clean, fluffy diaper. She felt the hot urine flow between her legs, pooling for a moment before being absorbed by the thirsty padding, causing her diaper to swell between her legs. The moment Sergio stopped tickling her, she started wailing, overwhelmed.

“I don’t want to be a baby!” she blubbered, “I don’t want to laugh at stupid games! I wanna be an adult!”

“Peek-a-boo!” he popped out at her again from his great height, and she stopped crying to laugh… only to resume bawling as soon as the laughter passed. “Uh oh, I think baby Alice is tired. Being a baby is hard work, isn’t it?” he asked condescendingly, “Nanny, can you take baby Alice to her nursery and read her a bedtime story? The first night in a crib for a new Little is supposed to be tough, so we should get a nice, early start. Be sure to read her a nice story about how wonderful it is to be a diapered Little. Your bed is right across the hall from hers. I have some work to do. I’ll see you in the morning, precious baby girl. Oh, and I need your car keys, Alicia.”

“Why?” she asked defensively. Alice continued to bawl on the ground, unable to stop herself. Her emotions felt completely out of control.

“Because I can’t have you running off with my Little, now can I? The gate is locked and the robots have been instructed to raise the alarm if you try to leave early. I’ll give you back your keys when you need to leave… but you already agreed to stay the night. There is a robe in your bedroom and I will provide some night-clothes for you. I have female guests often, after all.” Sergio thought he sounded smooth and suave, to Alicia it just came off as slimy.

She walked over and picked up Alice, removing the bib and laying it on the table, snuggling the Little to her chest. Alicia decided she’d eat after Alice was asleep, she dropped her car keys on the table and carried the sobbing Little up to the nursery, carrying her with Alice’s head on her shoulder, stroking her back softly.

“I don’t want to go to bed,” Alice sobbed as her Amazon self carried her away, “I want to go home!”

“You are home, my precious Little,” Sergio said darkly as they ascended the stairs, “And you’re going to be mine for a long time.”

He pulled out his phone and started ordering supplies… not for Alice, but for Alicia. The thought of forcing the snobby waitress to breastfeed her tiny self was incredibly arousing. This is much, much better than a one-night stand, he smirked to himself, We’ll get her the addictive milk hormones… ah, we’ll make it addictive for both of them. Sure, it’s less than legal… but who’s going to stop me?

“It’s not permanent,” Alicia whispered in Alice’s ear as they climbed the stairs, “The laughing thing will wear off, it’s a drug.”

"It’s awful, I can’t control it… "

“Shh, it’s okay,” Alicia consoled the tiny girl, “I’ll do my best to protect you. Littles can’t control their emotions here, it happens often. It’s not your fault.”

“I don’t wanna be a Little,” she sobbed, “The diaper is wet… I couldn’t control myself when he was tickling me, it’s not fair!”

“Shhh, shh… we’ll change you into a fresh diaper, everything will be okay.”

“I don’t want a fresh diaper!” Alice wailed as they entered the nursery, “I want to go home where I can use the toilet when I want to and eat what I want to and wear my own clothes! This is horrible!” Alice continued to escalate, and Alicia started to panic. Soon the girl was wailing loudly and sobbing uncontrollably, Alicia wasn’t sure what to do… if she kept this up…

Sure enough, Alice started to vomit all over the changing table.

“Oh no,” Alicia frowned, "Alice… "

The girl heaved her guts out, spewing purple mush everywhere. Alicia grabbed a towel and started wiping up, toweling off the girl first, then the table. She rubbed the Little’s back, cleaning at the same time when Sergio came storming in.

“What in the world was that? Ugh, all over the new nursery? What happened?”

“I don’t think the plums agreed with her,” Alicia lied, “I’ll clean it all up. She didn’t do anything wrong, Sergio.”

“Argh,” he groaned, “I need to get you a communicator. I can hear you two on the monitor, but I can’t communicate with you. We need to fix that. Clean her up, she should probably take a bath and drink some water. I’ll get some cleaners in here to take care of the stains. Well, I knew Littles made messes, this is no big deal. No need to punish her… this time.” There was emphasis on this time. He turned and walked away, headed back to his work…

“Are you okay?” Alicia asked softly, “Let’s go clean you up.” She grabbed a fresh diaper and the powder and went looking for a bathroom… which she found reasonably quickly. The hallway had a dead end, Alicia guessed it was mostly guest rooms on this hall, most doors were closed and locked. The bathroom was the only door other than the room she was staying in that was open. She ran some water, warm but not too hot, not too full. She took the still-quite-dry diaper off of Alice and set her in the water. She was finally starting to recover from her crying fit. Alicia balled up the diaper and taped it closed, tossing it in the trash can in the bathroom. When she turned back, Alice had slipped and was struggling in the bathtub. “Shit!” she cursed, grabbing the small girl and helping her up, “Be careful!” she scolded.

“I didn’t do anything! The tub is slippery! Is your water different in this dimension?”

“Why did you cry until you got sick?” Alicia asked, ignoring the silly question about water. “That’s never happened to me, is that normal for you?”

“No,” the Little frowned as Alicia started to wash her body, “Can I do that myself please? I’ve never thrown up because I was crying before, that was awful. I wonder if it’s another medicine.”

"Well, we need a way to calm you down when you get that upset. I didn’t want to pull the peek-a-boo trick on you and force you to laugh, but that seems better than letting you throw up. If you were a Little in my restaurant, I would have… "

“You would have what?” Alice asked, uncertain, trying to grab the washcloth away from the giant and succeeding only in hitting her head on the hard tub.

“Stop that, hold still. You’ve already slipped and bonked your head, just let me clean you up and we’ll be done with this,” Alicia said, frustrated, “If you were in my restaurant I would have tickled your feet and given you a pacifier. I just… you can’t be a normal Little, you’re me!”

“Littles are just fine with people babying them? Stuffing their mouth with a pacifier when they’re sad?”

"Well, they’re not fine with it but they… " Alicia stopped herself for a moment, "Don’t know what’s best for them… "


Re: Save Yourself [Diaper Dimension] - Chapter 4 (Updated July 10)

Ooo…paradigm shift much?

Nice chapter as usual, Kimmy. Seriously, though: do you just sit around at night chatting with KWOceans or someone, devising new tortures to use on Littles? :slight_smile: (I hear maniacal “BWA-HA-HAs” coming from the vicinity of your home…

Re: Save Yourself [Diaper Dimension] - Chapter 4 (Updated July 10)

[QUOTE=kerry;69896]Ooo…paradigm shift much?

Nice chapter as usual, Kimmy. Seriously, though: do you just sit around at night chatting with KWOceans or someone, devising new tortures to use on Littles? :slight_smile: (I hear maniacal “BWA-HA-HAs” coming from the vicinity of your home…[/QUOTE]

Actually… that’s not far from the truth. The “Bedtime Tales in Eire” roleplay is ongoing, another Little character was introduced and KWOceans is doing terrible, terrible things to the poor Little and I’m loving every moment of it.

She’s not writing this story with me though, this is 100% Kimmy. I’m super, super, super submissive and my hard limits are really far out there, so my brain has traveled to some dark places in this fantasy-scape. The idea of having the freedom to giggle like that, a laugh an adult person has a really hard time finding… it’s very enticing to me. Littlespace is sacred to me, it’s all about submission and the counterintuitive freedom you get from that submission. When you give your partner total control, you are free to enjoy yourself in a way you can’t otherwise, things that adult sensibilities keep you from admitting you like. If Sergio were a loving partner, I’d submit to his torments :wink:

But that makes for a less interesting tale, so I need my antagonist to be cruel even though under different circumstances I would love that treatment.

I know that a lot of the Little-play in this one is standard fare (although I don’t think anyone else has used the giggles the way I did there, I could be wrong though), I plan on taking us places I don’t think any other story has gone before.

Re: Save Yourself [Diaper Dimension] - Chapter 4 (Updated July 10)

I’m following this story with great interest. Sergio is (obviously) a poor excuse for a human being. I’m really wondering what big Alicia’s role is ultimately going to turn out to be; the comment about mutually addictive lactation hormones is interesting. We’ve never had a scenario quite like this.

Re: Save Yourself [Diaper Dimension] - Chapter 4 (Updated July 10)

My initial reaction is that Sergio is a bit cartoonish, like some evil mastermind in a 60’s Batman episode. Then I remember the merry adventures of a famous RL trust fund baby from recent memory, and I think, “I’ve never met this type of person in RL, it’s entirely possible that they act like this even over something as insignificant as a date.”

Re: Save Yourself [Diaper Dimension] - Chapter 4 (Updated July 10)

Yes… to me the mental image of anyone named ‘Sergio’ includes a mustache of a length sufficient for twizzling between the fingertips.

Re: Save Yourself [Diaper Dimension] - Chapter 4 (Updated July 10)

My goal every time I sit down to write is to do something no one has ever done before.

“Best of It” goals were: a realistic transperson / willing Little character; a genuinely loving story between Amazon and Little; the way Albion Littles arrive
“Little Choices” goal was: A willing Little and an unwilling Amazon

I have a goal for this one, but I can’t tell you what it is yet :slight_smile:

This is very valid criticism, he is a bit cartoonish. Even vindictive rich people tend not to spend a lot of money harassing someone… they usually spend clout. They do tend to get crazy over perceived slights, I have amplified that stereotype to a cartoonish degree for my antagonist… but I’m hungry to get to the juicy parts!

It’s actually a popular name in Spain, which Catalon is supposed to be an alternate-universe version of. Hmm… maybe I should have given him a mustache…

Chapter 5

Chapter Five

Alicia had finished cleaning her smaller self and got the girl in a fresh diaper. All of the pajamas were back-zipping mittened punishment-type garments, she picked one that seemed looser and comfortable, and started working the girl’s arms into it.

“I don’t want to wear that!” Alice protested, “I won’t be able to use my hands.”

“I think that’s the idea,” Alicia frowned, “But that’s all you have for PJs, and Sergio probably did that on purpose.” She didn’t pause, she just grabbed the Little’s limbs and forced them into the garment. She zipped up the back, trapping the Little in the outfit.

“Stop it!” Alice fussed, “You’re me! Why are you doing this to me?”

“Because if I don’t, Sergio will do something much worse. You may think this is bad, but this is nothing. If I hadn’t stepped in, you’d still be in that awful, messy diaper. Sergio does not care about your comfort, Alice. I do. Please trust me, I live here.”

“I’m just supposed to go along with it? Diapers? Baby clothes? Baby food? Carseats? Don’t you see how insane this is?”

"Well, to me it’s not insane… Littles belong in diapers, it’s just the way it is. Believe me, it could be much worse. You still have all of your teeth, he hasn’t removed your ability to speak or walk… "
Horror spread across Alice’s face as the giant woman continued. It was like the whole dimension centered around torture.

"I have to get out of here… "

“That’s a tall order. I can’t take you to a waystation, you’re chipped I’m sure. I’d end up in jail and you’d be worse off. I’ll do my best to keep the worst away from you… just please, try to work with me. I’m on your side, I’m looking out for you. Trust me.”

“If I can’t trust myself, who can I trust, right?” Alice asked, a sad laugh punctuating her words.

“Okay girls, daddy has a break from work,” Sergio’s voice announced as he entered the nursery, holding a large wooden paddle in his hands, “Time for Alice’s punishment.”

“What? What did I do?” Alice scrambled backwards, until her back was against the changing table, her hand resting on a tall stack of fluffy diapers. “Please… don’t hit me.”

“Sergio… she’s had enough for one day, hasn’t she?”

“No, she hasn’t. I said back in the restaurant that she had earned a spanking with her new paddle. I want to see the words ‘Bad Girl’ on those butt cheeks, and you’ll be delivering the spanking.”

“Me? No… I can’t hit her… she’s me!”

“You can and will, Alicia. It’s your duty as nanny to carry out her punishments.”

“But you’re punishing her for what I said… she’s already been through so much. Please, Sergio.” Alicia picked up the Little who was close to hyperventilating, she rubbed Alice’s back softly with circular motions, “She’s already comfy in her PJs, please… forgive me for what I said and don’t make me punish her.”

“One of you is getting spanked tonight,” he said sternly, “You can take her punishment if you’d like, or you can go home and see if the restaurant will take you back. But you’ll be done here.”

“Fine,” Alicia said flatly, setting Alice down in the crib. The Little grabbed the bars and watched helplessly as Alicia dropped her jeans and pulled her red panties down, bending over with her hands on the changing table. “Go for it.” She spoke without a trace of fear in her voice.

Sergio grinned as he wound up, taking a stance like a baseball player before swinging the paddle hard. Alice winced at the SMACK from the crib. Alicia gritted her teeth but didn’t cry out while Sergio fiddled with the paddle for a moment before giving another mighty swat to the other cheek. Sure enough, Alice saw the word ‘Bad’ on her left cheek and ‘Girl’ on her right. The letters were Alicia’s normal paler skin tone, standing out in the angry red flesh around them. She watched Sergio take a picture of it with his phone, a smug grin on his face.

“Oh, that was satisfying,” he purred, “I’m sure watching you spank her will be even better. I have no doubt that one of you two will give me good reason to put this to use again.” Sergio hung the paddle on a hook on the nursery wall, the implement of violence standing out drastically against the soft colors and happy animal characters on the walls.

Alicia pulled her panties and jeans back up, rubbing her backside… it stung a great deal, but she was glad it wasn’t Alice that got hit. The poor thing had already gone through so much, Alicia couldn’t bear the thought of striking her with that paddle. Sergio hit hard, but two swats were easy to absorb.

“May I resume Alice’s bedtime? We were just about to read a story,” she says, her face not betraying any pain or discomfort, which robbed a little of Sergio’s joy.

“Yes,” he said, grabbing a book off the shelf of stories, “She’ll like this one. I put your dinner in the reheater, it’s waiting for you to activate it. I’ve got some things to take care of, I’ll see you in the morning. Help yourself to anything in the fridge and have a good sleep.”

Alicia takes the book as Sergio walks out of the room. It’s heavy, leather-bound. She turns the book to look at the spine.

“Bedtime Tales from Eire,” she reads off. Eire is an awful place for Littles, this will no doubt bring nightmares to the small girl, but she knows she’s being listened to and Sergio picked this book specifically. “Lay down, Alice. I’m supposed to read you a story now.”

“Alicia… I’m not tired,” the Little protested, like Littles always do, “the sun is still out and we both know we’re night owls.”

Alicia sighed, it was true. She had a hard time getting up in the morning and could never seem to fall asleep before midnight. She knew that Littles generally had an earlier bedtime though, their tiny bodies got tired out much more quickly than an Amazon, she hoped Alice was wrong.

“You had a big, emotional day. You must be tired by now. I am,” she lied, "Just… lay down and listen. Try not to think too much about the story though, okay? Once upon a time… "

Alicia told the tale of a Little Princess on Eire who was terribly burdened by watching over her people. Food was scarce, clean water was difficult to find, and the King had recently died and left the village in her care. There were talking animals and brushes with danger, but in the end the Little Princess met a kind Amazon who convinced her that her village would be happier as babies and the Amazon babied the princess to prove it. The princess was convinced and the entire village was adopted after the Princess told of their hidden location. They lived happily after after, the Amazons made them forget about their old lives forever and they were happy in diapers for the rest of their days.

“That’s horrible!” Alice fussed from the crib. “The princess betrayed her people and sold them all into slavery! What is wrong with this world?”

“They were happier not having to fight for food,” Alicia defended, she had picked one of the nicest tales in the book to read to her. “Littles in Eire have it incredibly hard… You should probably get some sleep.” She stood and activated the mobile, which was a set of diapered teddy bears that floated above the crib, each one spinning slowly as the mobile itself spun and played soft music with an unrecognizable tune.

"I’m not tired… " Alicia protested, “Please don’t leave me here… Alicia, please!”

“I’m sorry,” Alicia frowned, laying the Little back down in the crib. “Please don’t make this hard on me. Most Amazons would strap your limbs down at this point. I… I don’t want to make things hard on you either. I didn’t get to eat anything and I’m hungry. I’ll go eat, you rest here and I’ll come check on you when I’m done, okay?”

"Please… " Alice whined, but didn’t get up again, even as her only hope walked slowly from the room, closing the door.

Alicia sighed deeply as she walked down the stairs, feeling terrible that she abandoned her smaller self to the crib. She headed down to the kitchen, turning to a robot servant as it rolled by. It seemed to be some kind of cleaning bot, low to the ground and squat on wheels with hoses popping out of it. She hoped it could communicate, as not all bots could.

“Cleanbot,” she addressed it, hoping it would respond, “Please inform Sergio that I need the baby monitor to do my job.” The bot paused for a moment, listening to her before rolling off. She really didn’t want to go searching through the house, Sergio had leverage on her and her backside still stung from the paddle. She knew she had a limit to the pain she was willing to go through for the Little, but Alicia couldn’t help but feel quite responsible for the situation. With a sigh, she began using the reheater to warm her dinner, hoping Alice was okay in the crib… and not crying herself sick again.

Alice had watched her larger self leave, trapped in the crib. She shook the bars impotently, calling after the Amazon woman.

“Please, Alicia… don’t leave me here,” she begged futilely, “Please… I’m not tired. I don’t want to be in a crib!” The door had shut, she hadn’t come back. Alice looked at the top of the crib bars, the railing… it was so high above her head. She could have grabbed two of the bars and started pulling herself up if she had her hands… then she could get a grip on the top railing and might have been able to swing a leg over, but falling down the other side would hurt.

Where would I even go if I got out of the crib?
she asked herself, The doorknob will be just as hard to reach and it’s not like I can drive away. She sighed in frustration, I’m stuck.

She sat down on her diapered bottom, feeling like she was sitting on a pillow, her legs splayed out, staring at her mittened hands. She felt the tears well up again as she thought about the events of the day. She had started off with a morning walk around the block like always… the woman, the dark-haired woman with the short cut, really tall, really athletic… she had hit Alice over the head with something and dragged her off… when she regained her senses, she was tiny in the woman’s arms and being stripped of her clothing and unceremoniously taped into that first awful, diaper and had a pacifier stuffed between her lips which she couldn’t get rid of.

Then she had met Sergio and things had gone from bad to worse, he had been cruelly happy to see her and had started forcefeeding her a thick formula right away through a tube that went into the pacifier… she shuddered at the memories of being forced to mess herself over and over, crying for mercy. She hated being grabbed, she had ever since that day… and that’s all today was, people forcing her body to do things she didn’t want, over and over and over. She broke down at that realization and cried her eyes out, looking out of the bars of the crib, the bars of her prison. She laid down, her chest heaving with sobs when the lights of the mobile caught her eye.

She felt calmer immediately, tired… the sounds it played, that wordless melody… it was so soothing. She lay there, transfixed, her crying stopping right away as she watched the bears, the three little bears in diapers, dance around her head… each holding a pretty, twinkling light that seemed to fluctuate with the music. The diaper felt so comfortable, the pajamas felt so comforting… and before long, she was asleep.

When Alicia had finished her meal, she checked on Alice and found the Little fast asleep.

Just like a Little,
she frowned to herself, What if she’s just been modified to look like me? Alicia wondered, But she knows things, has had similar experiences… can she really be an alternate me?

She was puzzled by the question as she checked out her room across the hall. It was a good sized bedroom, bigger than the one in her apartment and was tastefully decorated. Soft, dark colors - greys and maroons - with actual paintings framed on the wall. There was a large TV at the foot of the bed across the room on a table, much nicer than the one Alicia owned. A surprisingly tasteful nightgown was laid out, waiting for her next to a soft terrycloth robe. She went to the end of the hall, taking the nightclothes and took a quick but quite hot shower before donning the comfortable sleepwear. She laid down in the bed… and decided to call Irene.

“Hello?” her friend’s voice answered, “Alicia? Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” Alicia said softly, “I’m okay. It’s been a weird day. Changing the diapers of a tiny version of yourself is bizarre.”

“Are you home now? Are you going back there?”

“I… I’m staying the night at his place.”

“You’re what?” her friend shrieked into the phone, “Are you crazy?”

“I’m not crazy… I had to. If I didn’t, he wasn’t going to make her sleep in poopy diapers, it would have been horrible for her.”

“Is she really you?” the question sounded so strange.

“I… I’m not sure. She acts a lot like a Little,” Alicia pondered to Irene, “lots of arguing and pleading, can’t control her emotions, falls asleep easily… If she were me, she’d be able to reason with people instead of just complaining, right?”

“That’s the thing about Littles, they just can’t control themselves,” Irene agreed, “So you’re really a nanny now? How long are you going to do this?”

“I don’t know, I’m hoping he’ll get bored of the both of us, I’m nothing special - just a waitress. He’s some hotshot, you should see his house, it’s enormous. He has robot servants all over the place, it’s crazy. There’s no way he’ll be interested in me for long, and hopefully the novelty of it will wear off. I’m hoping I’ll be able to adopt her off of him when he gets bored and things can go relatively back to normal.”

“Sounds like a pretty good plan to me. And you only have the one Little to take care of, right? He didn’t have a room full of alternate dimension girls of past exes or anything?”

“No,” Alicia laughed for the first time since all of the madness began, “Just the strange copy of me.”

“Well, keep in touch, okay? I’ll be there in 5 minutes any time you call. I’m here for you, okay?”

“You’re a good friend, Irene. I may need a lift tomorrow to go pick up some clothes for my place.”

“No problem,” Irene agreed happily, “I’m happy to help. Hey… hang in there, all right? I’m sure everything will work out.”

“Yeah,” Alicia replied, uncertain, “I hope so.”


Re: Save Yourself [Diaper Dimension] - Chapter 5 (Updated July 11)

I’ve always thought DD was a dimension full of sadistic fucks, but so many people frame it as cute. Bravo. I’m disturbed and intrigued.

I noticed a couple of slip-ups with tenses which I assume weren’t intentional - they break the flow a bit, but nothing major.

I’m also intrigued by this multiverse lore. How does it work? How alike are Alice and Alicia really?

Re: Save Yourself [Diaper Dimension] - Chapter 5 (Updated July 11)

Goodness knows there is a lot of cuteness going on in the DD. Some of it is even consensual. But there are also a shitload of “sadistic fucks” and Sergio seems to be up there with the best of them. Wendy (at least before Aimee) was another. And of course there is the architect, Dr. Bremer herself. I’m trying to think… Hey, Kimmy: who would be your Top 5 or 10 DD sadistic fucks?


As to this chapter, it seems to be more or less a conclusion of the previous one. The only new thing, really, was Alicia taking the punishment for Alice: a nice touch. And maybe we can count her pondering whether Alice can possibly really be her doppelganger. (Those darned mobiles.) She did eat the dinner Sergio prepared…I wonder if that​ was a bad idea…

Re: Save Yourself [Diaper Dimension] - Chapter 5 (Updated July 11)

[QUOTE=satyr;69910]I’ve always thought DD was a dimension full of sadistic fucks, but so many people frame it as cute. Bravo. I’m disturbed and intrigued.

I noticed a couple of slip-ups with tenses which I assume weren’t intentional - they break the flow a bit, but nothing major.

I’m also intrigued by this multiverse lore. How does it work? How alike are Alice and Alicia really?[/QUOTE]

I don’t plan on going into it too deeply - in a lot of DD stories, there are only the 2 dimensions. I think that’s really silly. If you go with the infinite multiversal theories, there’s a dimension out there where everything is exactly the same, except your favorite color is green and not blue. This gets into weird physics, but one theory says that 3D space as we know it is actually on the surface of a 4D hypersphere (don’t try to picture it in your head, it hurts), which could mean that there’s (an incalculable to us) spatial relationship between our “dimension” and others. So the DD can only “reach” certain dimensions with their technology. In my world, there are waystations which are like airports, where fixed portals between dimensions can be used… but that’s not how Alice got here and I won’t say any more than that because it’s relevant to the plot.

The tense slip-ups infuriate me, I write in present-tense when RPing with KWOceans but past tense when I write my story. If I’m doing both at the same time, I slip. I try to catch them all when proofing, sorry I missed some :frowning:

Alice and Alicia are actually quite similar. Not exactly the same, but they have a lot of shared experiences, which I hope to explore a bit more.

[QUOTE=kerry;69912]Goodness knows there is a lot of cuteness going on in the DD. Some of it is even consensual. But there are also a shitload of “sadistic fucks” and Sergio seems to be up there with the best of them. Wendy (at least before Aimee) was another. And of course there is the architect, Dr. Bremer herself. I’m trying to think… Hey, Kimmy: who would be your Top 5 or 10 DD sadistic fucks?


As to this chapter, it seems to be more or less a conclusion of the previous one. The only new thing, really, was Alicia taking the punishment for Alice: a nice touch. And maybe we can count her pondering whether Alice can possibly really be her doppelganger. (Those darned mobiles.) She did eat the dinner Sergio prepared…I wonder if that​ was a bad idea…[/QUOTE]

I’ll have to think about the Top 5 - Chloe from Exchanged is definitely on the list. It would be vain of me to list my own characters, I think… so I’ll have to get back to you. Chloe alone is what makes me believe that Sofia is evil, by the way.

Satyr, if you want sweetness, check out my story “Making the Best of It”, “Little Choices” has a lot of sweet to it too, but it is darker.

Yes, this chapter is sort of the conclusion to the previous one. I tend to cut a chapter around 2k words unless it’s absolutely necessary to keep going to finish a scene. This way I can give out a chapter every single day, and end with cliffhangers more often :wink:

Thank you for the compliments and commentary… the food that Sergio served was safe. This time.

Re: Save Yourself [Diaper Dimension] - Chapter 5 (Updated July 11)

Oh, one thing I forgot in the previous response:

The draw of the DD is that it allows you to jump right to “the juicy parts”, you don’t have to explain why diapers are involved, they’re already implied. This lets you get straight to whatever you wanted to do. I like it because it allows me to try out a lot of different premises without needing to build an entire new framework.