Saturday Night Maintenance

Just a short little one-shot I’ve been working on the last few days.

Mandy was staying with her college roommate, Amy, and her family during spring break. The dorms had kicked them out for the week and she wasn’t able to afford a plane ticket to fly home or a hotel to stay in. Thankfully, the Peterson’s had graciously offered to let her stay with them for the week.

Things were completely normal her first night there. The second night, however, was when things got weird. At nine o’clock that night, Amy’s mother entered the room they were sharing unannounced. She took a seat on Amy’s bed and looked at the two girls. Mandy was confused, even more so when she looked over and noticed that Amy was staring at the floor with a red face.

“Alright girls, it’s Saturday night. Amy, you already know what that means. Mandy, I’m guessing by your confused face that Amy has never told you about Maintenance Night. Amy, explain what Maintenance Night is.” Mrs. Peterson ordered her daughter.

“Maintenance Night is the night of the week when I get my maintenance spanking. It’s where I am disciplined for any bad behavior, so that I can go into the new week with a fresh start.” Amy explained, incredibly embarrassed.

Mandy was shocked. Her roommate, a full adult in college, got spanked by her mom every week? She wondered if that was why Amy went home every weekend? Mandy enjoyed the alone time it gave her, but knowing this it now made her feel guilty.

“That’s right. Come on Amy, let’s get started.” Mrs. Peterson said. Mandy watched in awe as her roommate grabbed a hairbrush off of her dresser, handed it to her mom, and then started undressing. Not just to her underwear either, Amy kept undressing until she was completely naked. After discarding her last article of clothing, she bent over her mother’s lap and raised her butt in the air.

Mrs. Peterson quickly raised the hairbrush and smacked it down on her daughter’s bottom. Mandy stared in a shocked stupor as she watched her adult roommate receive a spanking. Amy’s bottom quickly began taking on a red hue that deepened in color as the spanking progressed. Before long, tears began flowing down Amy’s face and she was bawling. She was repeatedly apologizing and telling her mom that she was going to ‘be a good girl’. Her mom continued spanking for a little bit afterwards before finally stopping.

When the spanking was over, Amy stood up on her feet and embraced her mom in a hug. The hug lasted for about half a minute before Amy was ordered to get dressed and go to the corner. Mandy stared at Amy’s glowing red bottom while she walked to the dresser. She was pulled out of her stupor by Mrs. Peterson addressing her.

“Come on Mandy, your turn.” Mrs. Peterson said, patting her lap.

“W-what?” Mandy responded, confused.

“It your turn for a maintenance spanking. Undress and lay down on my lap so that we can get started.”

Mandy’s first instinct was to outright refuse. The Peterson’s were letting her stay with them for free for over a week though. She didn’t want to be rude and insult their traditions, even if they were weird as hell. There was a part of her that curious about it too. Amy was a straight A student who always finished her homework early. Could this be what made her like that? Hesitantly, Mandy approached Mrs. Peterson and began stripping. While doing so, she glanced over to Amy, who was in the middle of working a pull-up diaper up her legs.

“Amy has trouble holding her bladder after a spanking. To prevent any accidents, she wears a Goodnite until morning. Now come on, finish undressing.” Mrs. Peterson told Mandy.

Mandy continued stripping until she was completely naked. While undressing, she watched Amy finish putting on the diaper and get dressed in a childish set of pajamas. Once finished dressing, Amy walked over to the corner of her bedroom and planted her nose in the corner.

“Once your spanking is over, you’ll have some corner time to reflect on what you did wrong this week and what you’ll do better next week.” Mrs. Peterson explained as Mandy finished undressing.

Mandy covered her breasts with her arm while she slowly lowered herself down onto Mrs. Peterson’s lap. Once in position, Mrs. Peterson rested one arm on the younger girl’s back and raised the hairbrush into the the air with the other. With no warning, she brought it down hard and began Mandy’s spanking. Mandy yelped as pain rushed through her bottom. She had never received a spanking before, and Mrs. Peterson was not going easy on her.

It didn’t take long for Mandy to start begging for the spanking to end. She had involuntarily began thrashing around, causing Mrs. Peterson to have to restrain her with her leg and free arm. Not too much longer later and Mandy was bawling worse than Amy had been minutes earlier. Mrs. Peterson kept spanking her for another minute though, until she was certain that Mandy had been thoroughly punished for whatever naughtiness she had committed that week.

Mandy was only given a few seconds to compose herself before being guided back onto her feet. She was still crying and trying in vain to rub the pain out of her butt cheeks.

“Okay Mandy, go over to Amy’s dresser and pick out a Goodnite and pajama set. Both are in the second drawer.” Mrs. Peterson instructed.

“A G-Goodnite? I don’t need that!” Mandy said through tears.

Mrs. Peterson, not satisfied with that answer, stood up, pulled Mandy’s hand away, and delivered two more spanks onto the poor girl’s butt. Mandy cried out and tried to loosen her hand, but couldn’t break free of the bigger adult’s grip.

“Mandy, this is the kind of naughtiness that maintenance spankings are supposed to prevent. Unless you think you need more spankings, I suggest you go grab yourself a Goodnite and pajama set.” Mrs. Peterson threatened.

Mandy, desperately wanting to avoid further spankings, conceded this battle and walked over to Amy’s dresser. Inside the second drawer were several sets of matching, childish print pajama tops and bottoms. Sitting next to them were two stacks of pull-up diapers, exactly like the one Amy had just put on. Mandy groaned internally and grabbed one of them, examining the butterfly prints on it as she did so. She also picked up a white set of pajamas that had a pink trim and strawberry print design, which was the least childish one she could find.

“Good girl. Bring them over and I’ll help you get changed.” Mrs. Peterson instructed Mandy. By this point, Mandy didn’t have any fight left in her. The sooner she could get this over with, the better. Here she was, an adult, being spanked and made to pick out a diaper for herself. Anything from here on couldn’t be any worse.

Mandy brought everything over to Mrs Peterson. The older adult grabbed the Goodnite from the pile and held it out for Mandy to step into. Once she realized what was expected from her, Mandy stepped both legs into the garment and allowed her roommate’s mom to pull it up her legs. Mandy, now diapered, was at least thankful that her vagina was no longer exposed. Mrs. Peterson then helped Mandy into the pajama set as well.

“Okay Amy, corner time is over. Go finish getting ready for bed while Mandy has her turn. Mandy, go take Amy’s place in the corner and reflect on your naughty deeds.” Mrs. Peterson ordered.

Mandy had forgotten Amy was even there. Still lacking any fight, she silently obeyed her roommate’s mom and walk into the corner. She stood there for what felt like an eternity. She wasn’t thinking about any ‘naughty deeds’, but instead how absurd this entire situation was. She was thankful that Amy’s mom couldn’t tell what she was thinking.

That night, Mandy slept on her stomach. The diaper she was wearing was making it hard for her to sleep, despite how exhausted she was. The padding was much thicker than the thin panties that she was used to. She woke up the next morning to Mrs. Peterson entering their shared room and telling them that breakfast is ready. The first thing Mandy noticed was the dull pain in her bottom, the second was the thick, cold padding between her legs.

Mandy shot up in surprise at the realization of what she had done. She hadn’t wet the bed in over thirteen years! But here she was now, wearing a soaking wet diaper. Mrs. Peterson, likely already knowing what had happened, walked over to Mandy.

“Did you have an accident, Mandy?” She asked.

“U-umm.” Mandy tried to answer, having trouble articulating an appropriate response.

“It’s okay if you did. I’m sure Amy’s Goodnite is soaked too.” Mrs. Peterson responded.

“Y-yes.” Mandy answered, meekly.

“Did you leak at all?” The older woman asked.


“Did your Goodnite leak?”

Mrs. Peterson, not liking Mandy’s lack of an answered, bent over and pulled the girl’s covers off. She grabbed Mandy under her armpits and hoisted her onto her feet. Mandy, mortified by this, stood in shock and just let it happen. Mrs. Peterson then pulled down her pajama pants and exposed the wet diaper she was wearing. The padding of the diaper had expanded a good amount and was sagging between Mandy’s legs. It hadn’t leaked, but it couldn’t hold much more.

“No leaks. Let’s go down stairs and eat. You can get changed after breakfast.” Mrs. Peterson said, going over to her daughter to finish rousing her.

After breakfast, Mandy was able to shower and change back into her normal clothes. The rest of the week progressed as if the events of Saturday night and Sunday morning had never happened. No spankings, no childish pajamas, and no diapers. Not even a mention of any of the three. That was, until Saturday night came around again. Mandy had spent all of Saturday dreading it, hoping that last week had just been a bad dream.

It wasn’t a dream though. That night, Mrs. Peterson enter the room and gave both girls a hard, hairbrush spanking. Just like last week, she made both change into a Goodnite diaper before dressing them in childish pajamas and sending them to the corner. Also like last week, Mandy woke up the next morning to a still-sore bottom and a wet diaper.

That Sunday was the day they were able to go back to their dorm. Mandy couldn’t wait, she was ready to get far away from this house and hopefully never come back. As they were loading up the car, Mrs. Peterson stopped them for a chat.

“Mandy, it was great having you over this week.” She said.

“Thank you for letting me stay, your home is lovely.” Mandy responded.

“I wanted to talk to you about something before you go. I was talking with Amy, and she said that she’s noticed you acting different. She believes that you’ve been kinder and more patient. We both think that the maintenance spankings are really helping you, which is why I want you to come back here with Amy every weekend from now on.” Mrs. Peterson said, making it sound more like a command than a request.

“O-oh, u-um, I don’t know if…” Mandy tried to answer before getting interrupted.

“It’s settled then. I’ll see you and Amy next Saturday.” Mrs. Peterson said, enveloping Mandy in a hug.

Mandy didn’t know what to say. The last thing she wanted was a weekly spanking by her roommates mom. She thought about outright refusing, but she knew that it probably wasn’t going to be that simple. She had a suspicion that if she didn’t show up with Amy that Mrs. Peterson would come to their dorm to collect her or worse, administer a spanking there. There wasn’t really an easy way out.

“R-right.” Mandy said nervously as she placed her bag in the car.

This was going to be a long spring term.

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