Sarah's Summer

This is my first attempt ever at a story so please go easy.

This is a story about a fictional girl and her family.

Hi my name is Sarah; I live in London with my mum. I’m six but I am small for my age at just under 4’ Tall and I’m pretty skinny. My Mums name is Anne and she’s 34, but don’t tell her I told you she’ll kill me!


“Beep – Beep - Beep - Beep” 8.30am on the first day of the school summer holidays “Ye Ha!!!”

I threw back my Bedspread and was about to get up to go watch cartoons but quickly noticed something was wrong, I felt wet. I put my hand down to my pyjama bottoms and sure enough to my horror they were soaked and so was my bed. I’ve not wet the bed since I was 3 ½ what’s going I thought to myself.

I jumped up and stood looking at my sheets wondering what I was going to tell my mum when my bedroom door swung open. I turned and there she was standing behind me, I started to cry I –I - I’m sorry mummy I didn’t mean to wet the bed.

My mum bent down and gave me a hug and said Sarah it’s all right honey, Mummy’s not mad at you, it was just an Accident lets get you cleaned up. If you take off your wet Pj’s and go take a shower, I’ll deal with your bed okay?

I looked up at my mum and gave her another hug and said thank you and pulled off my wet Pj’s and panties and run to the bathroom for my shower.

Once I had my shower I wrapped myself in a huge Baby soft Towel and run to my bedroom to find that my bed now had my favourite bedspread on it. It’s pink and has Barbie on it, I love Barbie.

I pulled on my panties, T shirt and little pink dungarees and run down the stairs to watch my cartoons.

When I reached the Kitchen my mum shouted breakfast is ready Sarah, I could smell bacon, my favourite. MMMmmmm. I sat at the table and ate my bacon and eggs with fresh orange juice and Toast. When I was finished breakfast I then asked my mum if I could go watch TV. She said yes, but told me to remember Katie is coming this Afternoon.

Katie is my 5 year old cousin, she’s cool and she is coming to stay to the 6 weeks of the holidays because her Mum and Dad, my Auntie Jane and Uncle Pete have there own business and have to work, so there would be no one to watch Katie and my mum kindly offered to help.

It was 4pm when the doorbell rang and in came Katie jumping up and down happy to see everyone quickly followed by my auntie Jane. She saw my mum in the hallway and said hi Sis how’s it going? I asked where is my Uncle Pete? Aunt Jane looked at me and said don’t worry Sarah he’s coming, he’s bringing in Katie bags.

Katie looked at her mum and asked, mummy can you sort my pants?

My Aunt said to my mum, I’m just going to take Katie to the toilet Anne, she had a little accident in her pants on the way over. I quickly glanced at Katie’s jeans as she walked past with her mum but they were dry, how could that be I wondered.

Uncle Pete walked through the door carrying Katie’s bags and said hello to everyone, I run up to him and gave him a hug. Uncle Pete is cool; he makes me laugh so much.

Katie and her mum came back down stairs and I asked Katie if she wanted to go out to the garden to play. I have a swing set, chute and seesaw to play on as well as a big wooden Barbie house.

Katie wanted to play with my Barbie’s in the Barbie house so off we went.

After we had been playing for a little while i said to Katie, can I ask you a question?

What do you want to know asked Katie?

Earlier your mum said you had an accident in your pants on the way over here but your jeans looked clean to me. How did you manage that?

Katie turned bright red and almost started to cry, if I go out in the car on a long journey my mum makes me wear a nappy she said looking at the ground. I can’t hold on very long when I need to pee and we got stuck I traffic, I tried to hold myself and not wet but I soon felt the warmth of my pee through my plastic pants spreading across my nappy.

I looked at Katie and seen a little tear run down her cheek I felt so sorry for her, I gave her a hug and said don’t worry about it.

Katie said you won’t laugh at me will you?

I looked at Katie and said, I’ll tell you a secret; I wet the bed last night.

Katie looked up at me and said you did? I wet the bed most nights and you might as well know my mum puts me in a nappy for bed too.

Do you wear a nappy Sarah?

To be Continued.

Sarah’s Summer

Interesting start…nothing really different but I’ll keep reading.

Sarah’s Summer

Nothing earth-shattering, as above stated, but I’ll be curious to read on.

Please use more ''s

Sarah’s Summer

Hey, they just invented this thing called punctuation! It makes everything so much easier. Best invention ever!

Sarah’s Summer

I am sooooo sick of stories starting where someone wakes up in the morning to a wet bed/diaper. Its so ridiculously overused. Please please please, never do it again. Come up with a more original way to open a story.

Sarah’s Summer

more please!

Sarah’s Summer

I agree with seventyeyes. I’ve read a story involving an wet bed more times than I can count. Honestly, this is something that causes me to lose interest in a story almost immediately.

Call it harsh if you’d like, but I’m a writer, so I dislike the cliche plots. If you’re going to continue this, please make it something that we can really enjoy without saying “I’ve seen this before!”

Sarah’s Summer

Just carry on going, if only because the discipline is good.

Sarah’s Summer

I will not be following this story if it continues, as you have given me a chapter without any characters. Yes, there are names that are supposed to represent people, but I see no people there. That’s all they are to me, just names. None of the characters have any sort of personality to them to me.
All I see is a 6 year old girl who loves Barbie and has a cousin. That doesn’t really make her any different than any other 6 year old girl out there to me.

I will however check out the beginning of your next story, assuming that there will be another story, to see if there has been improvement. I hope that there will have been.

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Sarah’s Summer


sarah’s summer

Thanks for your input everyone.

Part two is coming real soon for those who would like to read more

sorry for the delay.

Sarah’s Summer

Keep it up, weeboy, I’ll read it.