Sarah's Summer chapter 2

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Sarah’s Summer Chapter 2

Me!! Wear a Nappy? Not me.

Last night is the first night since I was three that I have wet the bed, I’m sure it was a one off accident.

Katie said “I hope you are right Sarah, can we go play on the swing now?”

We played out in the garden for a while until my mum shouted for us to come in for dinner, after dinner Aunty Jane and Uncle Pete got ready to go home. Katie was upset that her parents were leaving but excited about the summer we had ahead together.

We helped Uncle Pete and Aunty Jane out to the car with their stuff and waved them goodbye, I could see that Katie was near to tears, her eyes were full, I leaned over and gave her a hug and said “It will be okay Katie the summer will be over before you know it and your mum and dad will be back to get you, Let’s go and have some fun while we still have the chance. Want to play bowling on the Wii?”

Katie looked at me and a little smile started to come on her face, she started to run and shouted “Race you to the Wii”

We played the Wii for a while and before we knew it I heard my mum shout on us, “Sarah, Katie Supper is ready its 9 o’clock.”

We raced down the stairs to the kitchen and sat at the table where we were greeted by Tea and Toast that my mum had made.

While we ate supper my mum said “When you girls are finished supper we will get you ready for bed with lights out a 10pm tonight as we are going out tomorrow.”

After supper Katie and I went up to my bedroom where my dad had built a new single bed for Katie to sleep on while she is here. I started to get ready for bed and stripped down to my panties and pulled on my Pink P.J Bottoms and Barbie top while Katie sat on the edge of her bed. Just as I was gathering my clothes from today to put in the laundry my mum came into the room and said “Katie lets get you ready for bed honey, Sarah can you go and watch TV for five minutes to give Katie some Privacy?”

Katie said “Its okay Aunty Anne, Sarah knows about my nappies and she is going to see them sooner or later, might as well get it over with now.”

My mum looked at Katie and said “Well if you are sure honey, let’s get on with it”

My mum stripped Katie down to her panties and asked her to lie down on the bed while she went and got her bag of supplies.

My mum arrived back a couple of minutes later carrying some terry nappies and a pair of pink hello kitty plastic pants. She folded two nappies together and laid them on the bed and asked Katie to lift her bottom, she slipped Katie’s panties off her bottom and the nappies under it and told her to let her bottom down again, she then pulled the front of the nappy up between her legs and put two nappy pins in either side.

This was the first time I had watched someone getting a nappy on, let alone someone Katie’s age, I was fascinated.

My mum placed Katie’s feet through the leg holes of the plastic pants and asked her to stand up as she slid the plastic pants up her legs and over the nappies, Saying “There honey that should keep you nice and dry”

Katie thanked my mother for helping her and then pulled her night dress over her head and down to cover up her cute nappies.

Once my mother left I looked at Katie and said “what do they feel like? Can I touch them?”

Katie giggled and said “Soft and cosy, come and feel them then.”

I walked over as Katie lifted her night dress and slid my hand across the plastic panties; I was fascinated how wonderful and soft they were and just wanted to keep touching them.

My mother shouted up stairs “Come on girls get into bed and get the lights off, it’s after 10pm”

We both got into bed and fell asleep.

I awoke to a noise in my bedroom, my bedside clock showed 2.17am. I turned around to see Katie dancing around the middle off my bedroom holding herself.

I looked at her and said “what’s wrong Katie?”

Katie said “I’m Bursting Oh, Oh I can’t get this nappy off it’s too tight, can you get your mum to help me Sarah?”

I jumped up and went to get my mum who came running through to my room and said “Oh Katie honey I didn’t know that you sometimes get up in the middle of the night to go to the potty or I wouldn’t have put that nappy on so tight, do you still need to go potty?”

Katie looked at my mum with tear filled eyes and said “Yes, yes oh, oh hurry please, its coming”

My mum lifted Katie’s night dress and slid her hand inside her plastic pants and said “Oh Katie, have you been dribbling, your nappy is a bit wet.”

Katie looked at my mum and said “I’m sorry I dribbled a few times, please take me potty quickly I can’t wait much more”

My mum looked at Katie and said “Sweetie, your nappy is quite wet, I think it will take longer that you can hold on to get you to the potty and get your nappy off, Just finish going potty in you nappy and go back to bed, I’ll change you in the morning.”

Katie was holding the front of her nappy now with both hands and her legs tightly crossed she glanced at my mum and said “But I don’t want to pee myself Aunty Anne”

My mum was just about to say something back to Katie when she suddenly bent forward and Said “Oh No, Oh No, Please Aunty Anne, I’m Peeing……I’m peeing myself.”

I looked at the front of Katie’s plastic pants and could see the pee spread across the nappy inside and felt so sorry for her. My mum gave her a little hag and said “its okay Katie, it’s too late now. Just go back to bed and I’ll sort you in the morning.”

Katie climbed into bed and my mum said “see you in the morning girls” as she left.
I looked across at Katie and said “So what does your nappy feel like now?”

Katie looked at me, “Warm and wet” she said quietly.

I sat on the edge of her bed and said “Katie, it’s okay; you don’t need to be embarrassed. I won’t tell anyone you wet your nappy, I promise. Can I feel it now it’s wet?”

Katie lifted the front of her night dress again and said “okay, go on then.”

I placed my had on her crouch and felt the warmth beneath the plastic pants and said “Oh, Katie that does feel warm”

Katie giggled at the look on my face and said “good night Sarah see you in the morning”

I jumped into bed and pulled the covers over me, I said goodnight to Katie and drifted of to sleep dreaming about how warm Katie’s nappy had felt.

Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep

I woke with a Jump as the alarm clock went off, as I moved to get up out off bed I felt that feeling I had dreamed about last night only it wasn’t the front of Katie’s nappy I was touching it was the front of my P.J Bottoms. I gasped in realisation of what had happened and just then heard Katie ask “Are you okay Sarah?”

I looked around at her and said “Oh No I’ve done it again, I’ve wet the bed Katie”

Katie got up and came over; she sat on the edge of my bed and said “don’t worry Sarah! Your mother will not shout at you. You don’t need to be embarrassed either as I wet myself last night too and when I woke up this morning I needing to pee again but decided not to bother your mum as I was already wet and just went potty in my nappy again”

I looked up at Katie with a smile and said “You peed yourself again this morning?”

Katie said “yes just a few minutes ago”

“Cool, is your nappy still warm?” I said “Can I touch it again?”

Katie laughed and said “Oh okay come on then”

I reached out and touched the front off Katie nappy but this time it was squishy and warm, you could tell she had really peed herself a lot. I said to her “Wow that nappy is real wet.”

She looked at me and said “so is your bed Sarah lets get the sheets off”

Just as I jumped out of bed my mum came in my bedroom door and looked down at my P.J bottoms seeing the large wet spot and said “Sarah did you wet your bed again last night?”

I looked up at her tears now running down my cheeks and said “Yes mummy, I’m sorry”

My mum smiled and said “its okay honey, what am I going to do with you?”

To Be Continued.

Sarah’s Summer chapter 2

I’m afraid there’s nothing here to keep me reading. No characterization, no plot originality, nothing. Sorry.

Sarah’s Summer chapter 2

yeah this is a bit poor, first thing i noticed is that theese girls dont seem young, they seem like teenagers who speak like six year olds. i think you need to go back to the drawing bord. figure out your characters think about what you want them to accomplish in you story. its okay to be cliche at times cos face it, in this genre there is only so much you can write about, but with that said you are going to have to give us strong characters to make us want to read. ill probally keep reading but you really need to re think your story

Sarah’s Summer chapter 2

ima have to agree with the others here. Your characters are cardboard cut outs at the moment more or less, no personality really no emotion other then if you count crying……darned near nothing. thoug you do have what could become a good story with a lot of work as it stands now i dont feel that its all that good. you need to embelesh(SP?) on events draw tins out more, and pleas dont make te one girl a one answer machine…….fine go for it or what ever……drives me nuts mix up the conversation.

on a good note though you did do a much better job with quotes this time around.

Sarah’s Summer chapter 2

i say run with it it it pretty good it intrags me still if that counts for anything

Sarah’s Summer chapter 2

Intrag??? What the hell does intrag mean?

Bad English Translator

As a translator of bad English I do believe he meant to say “intrigue.” That is all for now. Be here next week when we learn that when we learn that when people say “appy” they really mean “nappy,” next week on The Bad English Translator, goodbye.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman

Sarah’s Summer chapter 2

Hmmm…… your right that gives me something to think about he he

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman

Sarah’s Summer chapter 2


Sarah’s Summer chapter 2

and here i thought that appy meant happy , as in i’m so appy