Sandy's diaper punishment

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This isn’t really a story, just a series of descriptions of a girl messing her diaper. Read at your own risk.

[spoiler]Hey guys! My first story, so dont be mean. By the way i am 13 years old and have had a diaper fetish for some time, i think since i was 9. If you like this story, try out Just click login without eneting a password or username, and your in!
Also,I am posting from an ipod touch, so sorry i couldnt start new paragraphs properly and thoughts arent in different font, so just do your best to understand. And as for the stars, that just means time has passed and im on an ipod, so cant put exactly how many stars will fit across your computer screen.
I have been working on this for 2 days, and i plan on continuing, and making new and better stories, so tell me what i need to change. Thanks and enjoy!

She lay in a crib, with no way out as the man was standing directly over here, hand places on the seat of her diaper, firmly squishing in the poop, moving all around her cleanly shaven pussy.
“this is what you deserve,” said the man. “and im loving it.”
This had been going on for about an hour now, and he refused to change her diaper.
She had blonde hair that ran down a third down her back. She had tears filling her eyes. She couldnt see a thing, but she was glad she couldnt. Whenever he left the room, she tried to fall asleep, but it was only about 2 minutes that she had, and she couldnt fall asleep fast.

After she was taken out of the crib, he placed his hand on her bottom, rubbing the mess around further, and carried her down the hall to her room.
When she went in to get dressed in a fresh new diaper, she only found a short skirt that would not cover the diaper at all and a T-shirt.
“Whats this??” she cried, “dont i get a new diaper??”
“Like i said,” the man boomed out, “you have been a bad girl, and you need to be punished.”
Reluctantly, she put on the clothes. She looked at herself in the mirror.
Man. She thought. I hope we arent going anywhere populated well.
“Come on, Sandy, lets go!”
“w-w-where are we going?” asked sandy sheepishly
“to the store, then the mall, then the fair. Lets go, we cant be late we have errands to run!”
Sandy walked towards the van, as a fresh new batch of poop came spilling out of her into her diaper. Upon smelling this, the man opened Sandy’s door and put both hands on her diapered butt and pushed, squishing the mess all over her diapered area.
As she sat down, her poop shifted and moved around in an uncomfortable way in Sandy’s diaper.

“Here we are!” beamed the man.
As Sandy stepped out, the man took her hand and rushed her through the parking lot of the supermarket. Sandy pulled away and tried to run, but the man grabbed her, looked at her, angry now, and told her to turn around. She did so and the man pulled off her skirt, exposing her heavily soiled diaper.
Sandy whipered as hands came down and pressed squishy poop all over her. Then came the spanking, then back the rubbing the mess in.
Sandy’s face was red as the man popped a pacifier in her mouth, but did not give the skirt back, and took her into the supermarket.
Sandy got many stares and soiled her diaper again out of embarrasment. The man sniffed once, turned to her while both were standing still facing the shelves of food. He returned his attention to the shelves, without doing anything this time.
As they moved to the checkout counters, the man gave Sandy the groceries and told here to purchase them as h ran out to the car “for a second.”
Sandy stood in line with a messy diaper, almost leaking. As She payed for her things, a man behind her asked if baby wanted a diaper change while laughing. She ran out to the car to get away from it all for a while.
When she reached the van, however, her face lit up wih joy.
The man was holding a fresh new diaper! For her! She layed down, but he did not undo her old diaper,just put the new one on, spreading the mess around further.
She looked at him with plea in her eyes, but he did not return the gaze. Instead he said “its just to keep you from leaking everywhere. Now lets get moving!” and hoppes into the van. Sandy, tears in her eyes, got in the van and they drove off.

In the car, Sandy shifted uncomfortably as the poop mushed around in her diaper. The man saw this laughed, and told her her to stand with her butt just off the seat. He placed his hand under her diapered messy bottom, and mushed and squished all the poop around and around.
He told her to sit down, his hand still under her bottom. She complied, and when she sat down, he even still pushed around the gooey mess, and it didmt stop until they reached the mall.

Sandy let out a sigh of defeat as they entered the mall, as she still did not have her skirt back.
As they moved through the mall, he second diaper became wet.
“i need a diaper change.” said Sandy quietly to the man.
“Well,” the man didnt even look at her. “i want you to know that i dont like my son having sex at only 19, Sandy. So im punishing you, and you wont like it, but i will enjoy it, especially when he sees you in the same diaper as today after a week.”
Sandy groaned as another wave of poop came dropping into her messied diaper. The new load of mess squished around every time she took a step, and the man made her take large ones.
When the mess had settled in, and stopped moving when she stepped, the man saw a look of relief on her face. He then proceeded to firmly push the newer mess around and keep it moving.
Sandy cried when they entered the video game store. She didnt really like video games, but the person working there was so cute. But looked so familiar, even with his work suit on.
The man turened around, and Sandy froze, her muscles locked by fear. It was Jake. Her boyfriend
Jake looked at her. “S-Sandy?” he managed to say.
This was to much. Sandy broke down into a world of fear, hate, and misery. She sat down and the poop in her diaper smeared farther over her. The man said nothing. He just smiled, and walked out of the store.
Jake stared for a long, long time.
He then took her by the arm to the back room, where luckily there were no employes.
“Sandy,” he said softly and quietly. “why are you wearing a messy diaper?”
Sandy just cried.
“It’s okay.” he told her. “some of my friends have this fantasy to.”
“What fantasy?” she whipered through a haze of tears.
“To wear diapers, poop in them like little babies, and sometimes be punished.”
“N-No, you have it all wrong!” cried Sandy. “that was your dad back there, wasnt it?”
“Yes…” Jake said suspiciously.
“He was the one that did this to me!” she cried again. “he put me in a crib like a baby, made me shit myslelf, and then rubbed the damn stuff all over me!”
Jake looked down at her dirty diaper, at her face, then at the dirty diaper again.
“Well, he always has his reasons…” Jake thought. “So im going to take his side on this one. Sorry Sandy but to do this he must have a really good reason. When was he going to change you from this poopy diaper?”
Sandy just gaped, then without thinking replied, “He wasnt.” She tried to shut her mouth a little too late. Jake came by and looked at the back of her diaper, and pulled a note from it. It read:
Dear Jake, my one and only son,
As you can see, Sandy has a very messy diaper. Do NOT let her out of it. Just keep replacing the second diaper, so she doesnt leak. Dont give her anything to wear but what you see now. Rub the mess around occasionally, keep it moving and uncomfortable. Finally, you may use her diaper as your “bathroom” if you like.
Love you,
Jake gave one look at her, then started to undo his pants. He whipped out a fully erected dick and placed it just down the back of her diaper, and let go his urine.
Sandy felt this, and started to cry.
When he was done, he mushed around the poop in her diaper a bit.
Just then Sandy doubled over, held her knees, and soiled the already very messy diaper.
Jake kept squishing it around, for about 5 minutes, then went back to his work, leaving Sandy in the back room, the poop settling in.

They sat in his car, with both windows open.
“So…” said Jake. Sandy snorted. “I was wondering, since your dressed like it an all, do you, uh, wanna be my baby girl for a while?”
Sandy looked at him, disgusted, but then the look changed to hopefullness.
“Do i get a diaper change?” she asked.
“No,” said Jake. "The letter said i wasnt allowed to.
Sandy was heartbroken. Her own boyfriend wouldnt even change her into a new, fresh diaper. She looked away, disheartened.
“Last chance.” said Jake.
She said no.
“Okay then.” Jake said, his face grim.

They drove in silence for the rest of the way.
But once at my house, he thought, looking at her messy state, that diapers gonna be put to work.

The door to Jakes house opened and Sandy rushed inside, to get away from the people staring, even on his quiet street.
“Okay; lets get this party started!” Jake said enthusiastically.
Sandy went up to the bedroom as commanded, and as Jake entered, he closed to door behind him. He told her to lay down on her back, and she did so, hoping fot a change.
But Sandy’s hopes were crushed when he tied her to his bedposts, and Sandy screamed as he rubbed her poop in, pushing it around.

After an hour, he stopped, and Sandy seamed to have run dry on tears. She farted, and Jake looked down just in time to see the bulge in the back of her diaper expand.
Jake smiled and just pushed it in, but didnt rub. He then untied Sandy and made her stand up. He once again whipped out and erected dick and shoved it just down the back of her diaper, so it wouldnt get covered in her poop.
As he urinated, Sandy whipered. She thought she was going to die of pure embarrassment, but to what she didnt know.
Jake left the room, and Sandy took the time to just try to relax. He returned 20 minutes later, but she still hadnt calmed down.
Jake then took out a fresh diaper, and Sandy’s face beamed. She lay down, only to find that he only undid the second diaper, and replaced it, leaving the first one untouched.
Sandy looked at him and said " This diaper is going to leak poop soon, you know."
Jake said yes, but dad sent me an email saying we still have to do one thing: the fair!"
Sandy took a look of horror on her face, sandy looked down to find that the first diaper was the color of poop, right at the top of the front. She shuddered as she could only imagine the back and under.
Jake took her around under the knees and her back and carried her out to the car. He put her inside and she instantly felt the mushy mess in the back of her diaper move around. She felt sick.[/spoiler]

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